New York, US

Founded in 2001 by GK VanPatter and Elizabeth Pastor, Humantific is a new breed of SenseMaking-based Transformation Consultancy. While today many innovation consultancies remain focused on new product creation by making sense of user behaviors, in contrast Humantific helps clients with a much wider range of change, innovation and transformation challenges. Humantific recognizes that many challenges facing organizations, societies and ultimately planet earth cannot be solved by creating more products and services. Humantific is already working on the other side of that realization that is rapidly emerging in the global marketplace. Humantific believes SenseMaking has become the 21st century fuel for ChangeMaking! To learn more about Humantific services email: programs (at) humantific (dot) com PS: Check out our new book: Innovation Methods Mapping: DyMystifying 80+ Years of Innovation Process Design