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YOGA FOR THE AGES Asanas Assure Vitality




Healing with vibrational sound therapy

PLANT MEDICINE Traditional Chinese Medicine 101

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13 The Power of Yoga:



tapping into the life-force

15 Yoga IS Therapy:

a local yoga therapist’s thoughts

16 Ways to Prevent Water Waste: waste not - want not

17 Biofield Tuning:

Healing with vibrational sound therapy


22 Traditional Chinese Medicine 101 ADVERTISING & SUBMISSIONS

Nature Is My Medicine

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Greetings! Life is full of rhythms. Some are related to

work or the school year. Some are related to the changing seasons and others are more internal. Here at The Cabin, Cindy and I are very conscious of how the changes in natural affect the plants outside in our garden and affect how easy or difficult it is to keep The Cabin a comfortable temperature inside. As publishers we are always aware of the rhythm driven by the monthly print deadline so that we can do what has to be done to get the magazine printed and distributed on time. It’s easy to forget that everyone has their own rhythms and that they are often different from ours. This month is no exception. As I put this month’s magazine together, I realized that there are a LOT more activities going on in the city this month and information about them has crowded out all those short little articles that usually fill the front of the magazine. That is part of the normal rhythm of Houston that activity picks up as Autumn approaches. The weather is cooling, vacation time is over and children are back in school. I also noticed that many of the activities are about the environment and sustainability. This too is normal as we respond to the coming Climate Crisis. All the articles that are not in this month’s print edition due to lack of space are posted on our newly designed website and are in the expanded digital edition. I encourage you to visit the website at and to subscribe to our digital edition by texting NAHTX to the number 66866. If you prefer to read the magazine on your phone, download the ISSUU app and subscribe to us there. As you become more aware of your own rhythms and those of nature and the people around you, it will be easier to move in what the Chinese sages call The Tao. No fight. No blame. Until next month… Blessings,

Mike & Cindy Hart


Cindy & Mike Hart

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affirming naturally

I Believe in Myself by Doyle Ward

You have more than 55,000 thoughts each day. Many are the

same thoughts over and over again. Every single one is an affirmation; this also includes everything that you say. By reducing your negative thoughts and words and increasing the positive ones, you can reshape your life. Expecting a better day helps to create a better life. The only place we have to take action or make changes is the present moment. Everything that is good and great starts with the belief in yourself and the belief that it is possible. Many of us have been conditioned to doubt ourselves. If that’s true for you, use affirmations to start retraining yourself to believe that you deserve all the greatness that the Universe has to offer. Being consistent is the key. Here’s my affirmation for this month:

I believe in myself. The only thing that you are guaranteed in life is this moment. Working with positive affirmations can radically change your mindset. Say them and write them repeatedly with the feeling that they are your truth. You have the power to make great changes in yourself and the world. I know this is true because I have made huge changes in my life by changing my thoughts.

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Doyle Ward, Blissful Quests ® Doyle Ward is a successful life coach, workshop leader and lecturer in the field of personal development. Listen to his podcasts on, Apple Podcasts or GooglePlay See Ad on page 10

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event brief

Earth Dance give peace a dance!

Saturday September 21 6:30pm

Join us for the most joyful synchronized

global dance for peace on the planet, a special day when conscious people in 600 locations in 50 countries come together to radiate harmony through music and dance in a culture of peace. Houston’s ecstatic Earthdance festivities take place from 6 to 9 pm at the beautiful 8-acre wooded Bhakti Urban Farm at 5415 Wheatley (Ella becomes Wheatley) about 2 miles from the Hare Krishna Temple & Cultural Center, just outside the Heights. The main program features the Synchronized Global Prayer for Peace and Spiral Dance plus drum circle, kirtan/mantra music and a complimentary vegan dinner catered by Govinda’s. Suggested donation: $ 10. Earthdance is co-produced by Earthdance International & the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) of Houston. It coincides with ISKCON’s annual World Holy Name Week, which aims to flood the world with spiritual sound (mantra) to achieve real unity. Book Online

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(713) 851-1271 | 2727 Fondren Rd Suite 5B | Houston, TX

This year’s theme is ”Collective Intellengence“. Earthdance is more than just an epic global party it is a proactive celebration to help heal our planet by brings people together to form a collective intellegence at a time when we desperately need to come together on the soul level.” Join hundreds of blissful Houstonians and thousands of kindred souls worldwide and experience the magic of Earth Dance 2019! For more information, go to Bhakti Urban Farm 5415 Wheatley Street Houston, TX 77091 Saturday September 21 6:30 pm See Ad page 19


We help your brain help you.

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Eng3's patented NanoVi™ technology produces the same biological signal your body makes to repair cell damage brought on by free radicals. For more info visit

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14520 Memorial Dr., Suite 110 Houston, TX 77079




event briefs

Join in a Climate Strike Event September 20th

2019 World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation Saturday, Sept. 7 at 10 a.m.

People have been conducting strikes as a method of demanding change for many years. With our climate on the brink of collapse and our communities already suffering from its impacts and the potential for effective action so uncertain, such a worldwide event to try to effect climate change action is paramount. On September 20, millions of people worldwide will walk out of their classes, jobs and homes as part of a Global Climate Strike, with many organized events taking place nationwide. “One day of striking won’t solve everything, but it will show those in power that we refuse to stand by in the face of climate crisis,” says Tamara Toles O’Laughlin, North American director of, a renewable-energy action nonprofit that is working to organize weeklong events. “It’ll show the world who the real villains of the story are. And if we’re numerous and loud enough, it will be the spark that helps turn the tide. And that’s all we really need.”

Join us for this year’s Ecumenical Observance of the 2019 World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation at the Villa de Matel, 6510 Lawndale St., Houston, TX 77023. This day of prayer offers an opportunity for Houston Christians of all traditions, members of environmental groups and local officials to join hearts and voices at a decisive moment for our natural world. Scientists, activists, the world’s poor and even children from across the globe are beseeching leaders in all areas of civic life to inspire moral action to address the current ecological crisis. This joint prayer service, hosted by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Houston, will be a time to give thanks, to repent, to plead for moral courage, and to bear witness to all of Houston of our unity in declaring that that climate change is an ethical imperative that must be addressed now. Please register for planning purposes on Contact Monica Hatcher at for additional information.

Visit to find the nearest event or to create one

Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world. ~George Bernard Shaw




The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it. ~Jean Paul

Get to the Root Cause of Your Health Conditions Specializing in: • Digestive Issues • Fatigue • Food Cravings • Mood Swings • Hormonal Imbalances • Fertility • Weight Issues • Auto Immune Conditions • Aches & Pains • and More Erin Thole,CNHP Reach Your TRUE Health Potential With: Food Sensitivity, Hormonal, Toxicity, and Nutritional Deficiency Panels Nutritional Programs & More Set up your FREE consultation by emailing: To learn how Erin has helped others just like you visit:


event briefs

Harris County Voter Registration Sunday, September 22nd 9:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

If you are not registered to vote, or if you

have moved & need to update your registration, you can do so at Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church in Houston on Sept. 22. To check if you are registered, and at what address, see https://www.hctax. net/Voter/Search. Bring your TX driver’s license, or state-issued i.d. to register. Or, if you don’t have these forms of identification, you can register using the last 4 digits of your social security number. Get ready to vote in September! Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church is located at 2353 Rice Blvd. Metro buses 41 and 27 stop nearby. For more information, contact Lisa Brenskelle at

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NAHTX Launches New Community Website

B.I.R.T.H. Fair

Saturday October 5th B.I.R.T.H. Fair 2019 is an awareness-raising event featuring speakers, films and booths; all focused on helping families better understand birth and their options concerning this life-changing event, as well as supporting healthy parenting throughout the years. B.I.R.T.H. Fair attendees include pregnant and nursing women, their family members and other people generally interested in birth options, women’s issues, and natural parenting. B.I.R.T.H. Fair is a fun, family-centered event, focused on the needs of families welcoming newborns and raising their young children. Visit our website or Facebook page for more information or to reserve your FREE tickets See Ad on page 27


plus: Natural Childbirth

life coach - : a partner/champion for your full potential helping with clarity, setting and reaching goals or overcoming challenges.

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Life Coaching gets you motivated!

Problem Solving • Self-Confidence Creativity • Sports Performance Weight Loss • Smoking AND MORE!


ef Rec over y

Hypnosis is a normal and natural state of relaxation that can help with:


hin oac Life C

Motivational Hypnosis

a brand-new, comprehensive online hub for all things healthy and sustainable in the Houston area. Partnering with iMatrix, the new website has many exciting features for readers and advertisers alike. The free online calendar will make it easy to share events and discover local happenings in the community. Business owners can list their natural health and eco-friendly products or services for visitors to discover in the free online directory. There are opportunities for advertisers to increase their online reach through a community sponsorship, premium online directory, featured event listings, display advertisements and more. Also, the articles and sections that readers have grown to love can be easily found and shared through the new website. Publisher Mike Hart says, “It’s been three months of intense work and long hours but I have had a lot of fun getting back in touch with my inner computer geek. I am very excited that Houston’s premier lifestyle of sustainability and health publication is poised to become Houston’s go-to place online for health and sustainability information and services.” For more information, visit: If you are interested in digital advertising opportunities with certain online placements available on a first-come, first-serve basis, contact

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Natural Awakenings Houston has unveiled

ri Mo •G s i tivati s onal Hypno

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For more information Contact Doyle today!

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book signing



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When America Fell Silent Book Signing by Houston On-Air Radio Personality Freddy Cruz Saturday, September 21, 2019 4:30 p.m. Murder by the Book in the Rice Village/University Place

SLEEP BRACELET Wearers have experienced:

· Falling asleep faster. · Increased quality sleep. · Waking up more refreshed. Recommended by

Freddy Cruz is a Houston author and on-air radio personality who recently published his first novel titled When America Fell Silent. Cruz’s novel, a fictional dystopian political thriller, is about retired Navy SEAL Hayden Randall who will do anything to defend his country and restore the nation’s freedom. Randall’s ex-girlfriend and current First Daughter Elizabeth stages a coup and takes control of the U.S. government after her presidential parents are assassinated. When she repeals the First Amendment and begins a campaign of public executions, Randall vows to put a stop to the death and destruction. Demonstrating that democracy is never bulletproof, the novel leads readers through a dark glimpse of possible futures to discover if a determined hero can lead the resistance and take down America’s first dictator before the country falls. When America Fell Silent will be available for purchase at Murder by the Book during the event. To order a copy online, please visit


Murder by the Book 2342 Bissonnet Street Houston, TX 77005

If you choose to return your Philip Stein goods, please do so within 60 days of receipt in perfect condition and in the original packaging.


crystals minerals

event brief

i for your home and body

Houston’s Air Quality Challenges & What You Can Do Sunday, September 29, at 6 p.m., online

Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church invites you to a monthly environmental education web meeting series whose theme in 2019 is environmental issues and what you can do. In September, Bakeyah Nelson, Executive Director of Air Alliance Houston, will discuss air quality issues in Houston & how you can take action. Air Alliance Houston believes that everyone has a right to breathe clean air. They conduct applied research, provide education, and engage in advocacy to accomplish their mission. Learn how, by working together, we can deliver cleaner air for a healthier future! Contact Lisa Brenskelle at with any questions about this talk. Please register for this talk on www.


mallott’s in old town spring

metaphysical & Geological specimens for healing and Beauty gifts • Palo Santo • Antiques

a unique shop located in a 102 year old bank come see the original vault

115 midway (713) 299 - 1062



18541 Mueschke Road Cypress, TX 77433 (281) 732-7833

Heights School of Yoga 547 Rutland Street Houston, TX 77008 (713) 301-9238

Spring Yoga

26315 Preston Ave. Spring, TX 77373 832-992-0250

Yin with Lin

5000 Montrose at The Museum 6th Floor Member’s Room 713.858.8595

Yoga MassTM

2nd Saturday of the month, 5 pm St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall 1819 Heights Blvd Houston, TX 77009

Yoga Pod-The Woodlands

6777 Woodlands Pkwy Suite 204 The Woodlands, TX 77382 936-270-8002

Yoga Pod-West Houston 10455 Briar Forest Dr #200B Houston, TX 77042 713-497-5397

The Power of Yoga Tapping Into the Life Force by Marlaina Donato Longevity is something most of us strive for, and increasingly, research shows that implementing a consistent yoga practice can be a fruitful investment toward that goal. Yoga is an eight-branch system of well-being that encompasses exercise, meditation, conscious breathing, diet and other elements, but how it effects mind-body fitness alone is proving to be a reliable defense against age-related loss of mobility, cardiovascular disease and depression. Its stress-busting capabilities help to support challenged adrenal glands and lower elevated blood pressure. Getting on the mat can improve insulin sensitivity in diabetics and also help balance immune response in individuals with autoimmune conditions or insufficient natural killer cells. Combined research from 22 studies by the University of Edinburgh reveals that yoga, compared to both sedentary lifestyles and other forms of exercise such as walking or chair aerobics, improved the lower-body strength and flexibility in individuals age 60 and older. The findings published earlier this year in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity also showed improved quality of sleep and fewer symptoms of depression.

Fewer Health Risks, Stronger Bones Yoga’s inverted poses increase blood circulation to vital organs, including the intestines, which facilitates assimilation of nutrients and waste elimination. Asanas like the shoulder stand, the bridge and downward-facing dog stimulate blood flow from the lower extremities to the heart and fortify red blood cells by increasing hemoglobin, guarding against blood clots, stroke and heart attack. Yoga can also strengthen the bones. A 2016 study published in the International Journal of Yoga shows improved bone mineral density in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis. “Much like a house that sits empty or a car left to sit unused in a garage, our human parts can age and rot without movement. Movement creates more energy,” explains Nancy Poole, a teacher at Clarksburg Yoga and Wellness, in Clarksburg, Maryland. Joints lose flexibility as we age, but yoga movement provides them with essential oxygen, blood and nutrients. Lisa Moore, owner of Free to Be Yoga, in Great Falls, Montana, underscores, “A joint needs to move through its full range of motion to function well.


Each time we show up on our mats, we show up for ourselves, an opportunity to nourish the body, our one and only temple. ~Carmen Ferreira Movement helps lubricate and cushion joints, provides nutrition and removes wastes.” Stretching Into Joy A 2014 hatha yoga study published in the Journals of Gerontology revealed increased cognitive function in older adults after eight weeks of yoga three times a week. Yoga’s super power lies in its capacity to reset the autonomic nervous system and ramp up mood-boosting serotonin while decreasing monoamine oxidase, an enzyme that disarms the effects of stress hormones like cortisol. Under the influence of yoga, the brain is bathed in calming neurotransmitters, combatting depression and anxiety, and instilling a sense of optimism. “Yoga also helps us to embrace the hard times and ride the waves. With the tools that yoga provides, we can swim toward the light. It also helps us to experience a more intimate relationship with body and soul, and in turn make better choices in all aspects of life,” notes Carmen Ferreira, owner of the Sunshine Barre Studio, in Rocky Point, New York.

Try This

Lisa Moore, owner of Free to Be Yoga, recommends:

Breath exercise:

brahmari, or humming bee breath

Benefits: reducing anxiety

How to do it: Close

eyes and gently plug ears with fingers. Breathe through the nose and hum softly upon exhaling.

Ferreira. “It helps us to live from the heart’s center and foster a better quality of life,” she adds. “Each time we show up on our mats, we show up for ourselves, an opportunity to nourish the body, our one and only temple.” Marlaina Donato is an author of several books and a composer. Connect at

Moore concurs, advising, “Yoga gives us powerful tools so we may age gracefully. One of them is to manage stress with equanimity.” The Breath of Life Conscious breathing is at the core of a dedicated yoga practice, and a lowered risk of cardiovascular and respiratory disease gives us another reason to inhale and exhale deeply. Poole observes, “Our general population does not breathe correctly, and many of us even hold our breath unconsciously. For my students, the hardest part of yoga is learning to take deep, full breaths. Old breathing habits must be unlearned. Once attention is given to the breath, tensions can be released.” “Yoga improves lung capacity and brings more energy to the cells, which in turn creates more energy and life force in our bodies,” says

September Is National Yoga Month

This marks the 10th anniversary of the designation by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. National Yoga Month was developed to raise awareness of yoga’s health benefits. 14

Tips for Vitality

“The most important yoga poses are the poses that you will actually do. The following asanas offer benefits that far outweigh the effort,” says Lisa Moore, owner of Free to Be Yoga, in Great Falls, Montana.

WARRIOR YOGA POD-THE WOODLANDS Strengthens the legs, opens the hips and chest and stretches the arms and legs.


For its upper body strengthening and spine-lengthening, goats optional.

Gives a powerful stretch and strength to the groins, quadriceps, and iliopsoas of the back legs.



Stretches the joints of shoulders, wrists, back, elbows, hips, knees, ankles and makes them more flexible

Opens up the hips, stretches the ankles and knees, and calms the brain. Excellent for meditation. An option if your knees and hips are not flexible enough for half or full lotus.


Tones and strengthens your abdominal muscles. Improves balance and digestion. Aids in stress relief.


circulatory system; nervous system; digestive system; musculoskeletal system; the connective tissues; neuro-chemical and hormone balance, as well as the reproductive and urinary systems. World-renowned Yogi Master, BKS Iyengar said: “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured, and to endure what cannot be cured.”

Yoga IS Therapy

by Certified Yoga Therapist, Lin Weiss, MH MHT

More than 5,000 years ago, yoga began its journey. An ancient

Indian science of exercise and healing passed along from teacher to student through oral tradition and physical practice. Yoga is one of the oldest holistic health care systems, and as a fundamental healing approach it provides endless benefits for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Whether you practice an ancient and traditional Yogic discipline such as Hatha Yoga or Yin, or you subscribe to a 20th century, modern evolution of the aforementioned philosophies, i.e., Anusara; Ashtanga; Bikram; Forrest; Iyengar; Power; Restorative or Vinyasa, The Law Of Cause and Effect will be at work in your practice. The five Yamas are the moral, ethical and societal guidelines for the practicing yogi. These guidelines are all expressed in the positive, and thus become emphatic descriptions of how a yogi behaves and relates to their world when truly immersed in the unitive state of yoga. The Yamas ask practitioners to avoid violence, lying, stealing, wasting energy, and possessiveness. Yamas and their complementary restraints, the Niyamas, represent a series of “right living” or ethical rules within Hinduism and Yoga, meaning, “reining in” or “to control”. The five Niyamas ask us to embrace cleanliness and contentment, to purify ourselves through heat, to continually study and observe our habits, and to surrender to something greater than ourselves. These restraints for proper conduct or moral and ethical living directly influence our health and wellbeing. They become a form of moral imperatives, commandments, rules or goals for any authentic yoga practice, and serve as a map written to guide you on your life’s journey. The Yamas and Niyamas are essentially interchangeable with The Law of Cause and Effect, as well as The Golden Rule . Yoga is a holistic science and has been so for millennia. It is not to be associated with or confused with western or allopathic medicine. While it can most certainly be an extremely healing intervention for any condition known to man, in its purest context it is not compatible with drugging the body (pharmaceutical therapy) and is considered a very effective option to cutting the flesh or “surgery” as a means of curing dis-ease or discomfort. Many conditions of the spine, hips, knees and shoulders have proof of cure with a consistent (3-5 times weekly) and traditional yoga practice. Illness is not a pharmaceutical deficiency. All disease is a result of blocked energies. Pharmaceuticals block energies to mask symptoms, often at the expense of debilitating side effects and conditions. From the Hindu perspective, Yoga works in the energy body by clearing and balancing the 7 major chakras. This opens meridian lines and the rivers of energy flowing to and from each chakra and through all the major organ systems facilitating union (Yoga) with the body, mind and spirit for deep and lasting rehabilitation. Yoga heals by opening the flow of energy, prana or chi. It is a proven modality of support for all body systems including but not limited to the endocrine system;

One of yoga’s clearest benefits to the heart is its ability to relax the body and clear the mind. Emotional stress can cause a cascade of physical effects, including the release of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which narrow the arteries and increase blood pressure. The deep breathing and mental focus of yoga can offset the stress. By virtue of a consistent practice, encompassing the full complement of traditional asanas one will experience the healing benefits of yoga and therapeutic outcomes. The healing effects are as infinite as the body itself. What distinguishes a Yoga Therapist from a Yoga Instructor is a Yoga Therapist credential, including advanced studies in Anatomy, Physiology and the subtle energy bodies including the chakra system, and a clear understanding of yoga’s effect on the limbic (emotional brain) body. Trauma Informed Yoga and Yin Yoga are becoming wildly popular in the west because they heal. A good teacher is defined by more than just education. It requires experience, a working knowledge of how yoga heals the physical and emotional bodies, the science of breath (pranayama), yogic philosophy and theory, and gentle guidance in the psycho-spiritual benefits of a regular practice to be an effective purveyor of the practice. Yoga therapy is a self-empowering process, where the care-seeker, with the help of the Yoga Therapist, implements a personalized and evolving Yoga practice. Healing requires a regular regimen that addresses the illness in a multi-dimensional manner, aiming to alleviate his/her suffering in a progressive, non-invasive and complementary manner. For more information contact Lin Weiss, Certified Yoga Therapist: • 713/858-8595 Lin Is a Holistic Healer, Life Enhancement Coach and Yoga Therapist living and working in Houston, Texas. She specializes in Bio-energetic Healing through Chakra Attunement; Homeopathy; Nutrition Therapy; Cognitive Reframing and Yoga Therapy. Lin offers weekly classes in Classical Hatha Yoga for therapeutic revelation & Yin Yoga for deep-tissue release. See website for class information: http://conscioushealingnow Private sessions available by appointment. See ad page 20

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think globally, act locally

sponsored by sunshine renewable solutions



Unlike our ancestors who dipped fresh

water from a spring, breathed clean air, ate home-grown vegetables, fruit and meat, we are now concerned about losing these precious jewels. Environmental issues are critical and everywhere we turn, we see suggestions as to how to improve the environment for us and future survivors. Are the suggestions falling on deaf ears? Will our children and grandchildren suffer the consequences of our non-interest? There are many ways of saving our planet and as with any saving plan, it takes conscientious baby steps. Let’s focus on ways of saving water and what we and experts can do in learning/accomplishing valuable techniques. Before we get started, a review of a few facts is in order. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), https://www., 96 percent of the water on the Earth’s surface is saline in the ocean. Freshwater resources (water falling from the sky that moves into streams, rivers, and lakes) provide us with everyday needs. But because it isn’t seen, a great many people don’t consider all-important water beneath us that feeds rivers for weeks without rain. In fact, there is more freshwater stored in the ground than in liquid form on the surface. Some water that flows in our rivers comes from groundwater seepage and our beautiful evergreen conifers are renewed from precipitation that constantly seeps into the ground. In 2010, in the United States, we used approximately 275 billion gallons of surface water a day and about 79.3 billion gallons of groundwater a day. Surface water supplies drinking water and irrigates crops while groundwater aides in filling rivers/lakes and provides water for people in dry desert towns of Western United States.

Now, to the nitty-gritty of how homeowners can prevent water waste. • Leaks are a common cause of water waste. Ten percent of American homes have leaks that waste about 90 gallons of water a day, causing damage around your home. Inspect visible pipes regularly. • Change appliances. Washing machines, especially older ones, use a lot of water. Switching old appliances for energy-saving models reduces water waste. The Energy Star approval is recommended. • Insulate pipes. This will keep heat within your system that prevents waiting for water to warm up. • Install a recirculation pump, which helps deliver hot water faster to faucets and showers – less cold water down the drain. • Switch to efficient toilets. Toilets use the most water in a home – about 1.5 gallons per flush for inefficient models – thus, wasting 40 percent of the water a day. Your plumber will most likely tell you that if your toilet uses more than 1.6 gallons per flush, it should be replaced. • Use low-flow showerheads. About 20 percent of indoor water comes from your shower. Replacing with a new model gives the same quality stream as standard showers. The average shower wastes about 10 gallons of water per use. Luxurious waterfall type showers use a lot of water, damage the environment and raises energy bills. Lessening shower time to around 10 minutes also helps. If tub baths are preferred, try semi filling the tub. • Installing a cost-efficient/effective faucet aerator, a device containing a screen that covers the end of your faucet, adds air to the water stream and breaks the water apart.

Sustainability Section sponsored by Sunshine Renewable Solutions

This still gives a good flow for washing and otherwise, while saving a lot of water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this can be one of the easiest ways to save water – reducing waste by up to 60 percent and cutting down the flow of water from faucets by around 50 percent. • Lower water pressure. High water pressure seems luxurious but can cause problems with your plumbing system, sometimes causing a big impact on water and power bills. It can also mean that tiny leaks waste hundreds of gallons of water each month. Changing to a low-pressure system saves money and protects plumbing Your plumber can offer other helpful water-saving points and as always, if in doubt, it’s best to hire an expert. Texan Beverly Johnson has a beautiful summer garden and one way she saves on her water bill is by not using a sprinkler, rather by hand hosing. “I learned the hard way that I would forget about the running sprinkler, which made my water bill sky-high. Also, before I found a dependable/reputable plumber, I asked friends for a recommendation. I expect quality work for quality time.”

Local Solar Resources Sunshine Renewable Solutions 4011 Valley Green Court Houston, TX 77059 832-2808838 Use Promo Code:: 400Sunshine for a $500 discount See ad on page 32


Biofield Tuning:

Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy by Laurie L. Maloney

What if there was an invisible energy field

around you, which had all of the information about your entire life encoded in it? And, what if there was a tool, a key, or a magic wand that was used to access this energy field and decipher where there are imbalances or disturbances in the field, caused by certain thought or emotional patterns or traumatic experiences in one’s life. And, what if this tool could correct and recalibrate the dissonance in the field, bringing it to its natural state of balance? It sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Well, I’m here to tell you that it certainly looks and feels like magic. However, this method is based on scientific theories, hypotheses, practice, and results. This invisible field is there and has been there since you were conceived. All living things have an energy field. The earth, the sun, and all of the planets have their own energy field around them. The term “biofield” was coined by a panel of scientists at the National Institute of Health to define the biological energy field around living beings. Eileen McKusick, a researcher and pioneer in the field of sound therapy founded a ground-breaking sound therapy method called Biofield Tuning. I’m sure by now you are thinking that this sounds like New Age woo-woo. Before you make any judgments, let me present to you the method by which this extraordinary therapy works. The tools that are used are tuning forks. For thousands of years, sound has been used to heal. Sound was used in ancient Egypt for healing, sound is used in ultrasound to detect and diagnose illness, and sound frequencies are used to break up kidney stones. Everything in the Universe has a specific sound, frequency, vibration. Our organs, bones, and blood all have specific frequencies, too, as do emotions. Each of our chakras resonate to a specific frequency on the musical scale. Do you


play a musical instrument? Let’s take a piano for an example. When a piano gets out of tune, tuning forks are used to get the notes to resonate back to their correct frequency. So, doesn’t it make sense that if our bodies, minds, and emotions have specific frequencies – that they could be balanced too? That if our bodies, or emotions become out of balance, introducing sound frequencies that resonate to our correct tones could correct, balance and bring us back into alignment? Biofield Tuning does just that. It is performed by introducing sounds from tuning forks into one’s biofield. The sound is used to correct, balance and bring coherence to any dissonant tones. Biofield Tuning is based on the premise that the human biofield is permeated with all of our life experiences. All physical, mental

and emotional disorders can be perceived as “dissonance” or “noise” in the Biofield. Biofield Tuning diminishes and resolves this dissonance and helps to alleviate and even eliminate the corresponding physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms. An accomplished practitioner can recognize areas of dissonance which directly correspond to a specific age, memory and thought pattern. Then, an activated tuning fork is held in the area of the traumatic memory or difficult time period. The tuning fork’s frequency and vibrations help the body integrate the unprocessed experiences. As the “noise” in the biofield is replaced with clarity in tone, clients generally report feeling “lighter” and a diminishment or resolution of their symptoms. A series of three sessions is recommended to begin with. Very often issues can be resolved or greatly improved within three sessions; however, there is no limit to how many sessions one can receive. Each session builds on the one before it; there are always deeper layers one can address. Working in the Biofield is like working in an area that is hidden in plain view. It is a powerful way to help you resolve mental, physical and spiritual issues that you have not otherwise been able to resolve. Laurie Maloney is the owner of Unwind Studio in the Upper Kirby neighborhood of Houston See Ad below.



SINUSITUS HELP....without antibiotics Try the products recommended by ENT specialists! Sinus Relief – eliminate bacteria & fungus Sinus Support – relax, moisturize & heal nasal tissues Congestion Relief – clear congestion & ease inflamation Super Neti Juice – deep antimicrobial cleaning Herbal Neti Soother – soothe & restore the sinus tissues

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Nature’s Virus Killer

sinuses. Attorney Donna Blight had a 2-day sinus headache. When her CopperZap arrived, she tried it. “I am shocked!” she said. “My head cleared, no more headache, no more congestion.” Some users say copper stops nighttime stuffiness if used just before bed. One man said, “Best sleep I’ve had By Doug Cornell in years.” ore and more people are He asked relatives and friends to try Copper can also stop flu if used early saying they just don’t get it. They said it worked for them, too, so and for several days. Lab technicians colds anymore. he patented CopperZap™ and put it on placed 25 million live flu viruses on They are using a new device made the market. a CopperZap. No viruses were found of pure copper, which scientists say Now tens of thousands of people alive soon after. kills cold and flu have tried it. Nearly Dr. Bill Keevil led one of the teams viruses. 100% of feedback confirming the discovery. He placed Doug Cornell said the copper millions of disease germs on copper. invented the stops colds if used “They started to die literally as soon as device in 2012. within 3 hours after they touched the surface,” he said. “I haven’t had a the first sign. Even People have used it on cold sores single cold since up to 2 days, if they and say it can completely prevent ugly then,” he says. still get the cold it outbreaks. You can also rub it gently on People were is milder than usual wounds or lesions to combat infections. skeptical but EPA and they feel The handle is New research: Copper stops colds if used early. and university better. curved and finely studies demonstrate repeatedly that Users wrote things like, “It textured to improve viruses and bacteria die almost instantly stopped my cold right away,” and “Is contact. It kills germs when touched by copper. it supposed to work that fast?” picked up on fingers That’s why ancient Greeks and “What a wonderful thing,” wrote and hands to protect Egyptians used copper to purify water Physician’s Assistant Julie. “No more you and your family. and heal wounds. They didn’t know colds for me!” Copper even about viruses and bacteria, but now we Pat McAllister, age 70, received kills deadly Dr. Bill Keevil: do. one for Christmas and called it “one Copper quickly kills germs that have cold viruses. Scientists say the high conductance of the best presents ever. This little become resistant to of copper disrupts the electrical balance jewel really works.” Now thousands of antibiotics. If you are near sick people, in a microbe cell and destroys the cell users have simply stopped getting colds. a moment of handling it may keep in seconds. People often use CopperZap serious infection away from you and So some hospitals tried copper touch preventively. Frequent flier Karen your loved ones. It may even save a life. surfaces like faucets and doorknobs. Gauci used to get colds after crowded The EPA says copper still works This cut the spread of MRSA and other flights. Though skeptical, she tried it even when tarnished. It kills hundreds illnesses by over half, and saved lives. several times a day on travel days for of different disease germs so it can Colds start after cold viruses get in 2 months. “Sixteen flights and not a prevent serious or even fatal illness. your nose, so the vast body of research sniffle!” CopperZap is made in America of gave Cornell an idea. When he next Businesswoman Rosaleen says pure copper. It has a 90-day full money felt a cold about to start, he fashioned when people are sick around her she back guarantee. It is $69.95. a smooth copper probe and rubbed it uses CopperZap morning and night. “It Get $10 off each CopperZap with gently in his nose for 60 seconds. saved me last holidays,” she said. “The code NATA12. “It worked!” he exclaimed. “The kids had colds going round and round, Go to or cold never got going.” It worked again but not me.” call toll-free 1-888-411-6114. every time. Some users say it also helps with Buy once, use forever. ADVERTORIAL

Copper in new device stops cold and flu




sponsored by Element 5 Om Acupuncture



Traditional Chinese Medicine 101 an interview with Sheri Davidson by Mike Hart

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine? How would you define it?

SD: TCM is one of the oldest healing arts in the world. It is based on 3,000+ years of medical practice. This medical system is still used today to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. It uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, gua sha, cupping, body work, exercise, meditation and nutrition to treat the entire wellbeing of a person - mentally, physically and spiritually. So they can live a healthy, vital life. MH: What drew you to TCM? How did you become a practitioner? SD: I always had an interest in health and wellness. My bachelors was in interior design. While in design school, I was intrigued with Japanese wooden houses and their connection to nature. The idea we are part of nature and everything is connected resonated with me. I started reading more on Eastern philosophy which opened me to the world of martial arts. Soon, I was on my way to getting a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin. MH: What is the underlying philosophy of TCM and how does it differ from western medicine?

SC: The underlying philosophy of TCM is life is dynamic and in a constant state of change. We are part of nature, everything is connected and a change in a part will affect the whole. Therefore, the entire wellbeing of an individual is is taken into consideration in diagnosing and treatment. When synergistic systems work together, there is optimal health and vitality. There is also an emphasis on prevention and wellness. Western medicine differs from Eastern medicine in several ways. It does not see the body as a dynamic whole or part of nature. It isolates systems to understand disease and treatment. Western medicine does not take in consideration the total wellbeing of a person - mentally, physically and spiritually. Also, Western medicine focuses solely on the treatment of diseases and not prevention. MH: How are herbs/plants used in TCM? SD: Chinese herbal medicine is a branch of TCM. Herbal formulas can be used alone or in combination with acupuncture to treat chronic and acute conditions. Acupuncture works on the nervous system (or energetic system) and herbal formulas work through the digestive system. It can be a powerful combination. We use classical formulas that date back 3,000+ years to treat modern day conditions. A practitioner might modified a formula but most are based on classical formulas. The right diagnosis with the right

Plant Medicine Section sponsored by Element 5 Om Acupuncture

formula(s) at the correct dosage can be very effective in treating many conditions. Also, it’s natural and easily processed by the body. As well as, they have a long list of side effects. Chinese formulas come in three forms raw, powders and patents. Raw is the best but has it’s disadvantages in convenience, taste and smell. Therefore, many people go with the patents because taking a pill is more familiar to them. MH: What are some of the conditions you treat? SD: I treat a wide range of conditions but mostly conditions related to orthopedics/ sports medicine and women’s health - pain, injuries, recovery, infertility, PMS, menopause, digestive disorders, anxiety, stress, headaches, insomnia, etc. As always, I focus on the wellbeing of every person that walks through my door. MH: Are there any other things you’d like our readers to know about TCM? SD: It’s an amazing medicine. TCM views healthcare through a different lens. It is a lifestyle medicine. It is wholistic, natural, safe and effective. With the rise in chronic disease and medication prescriptions, we need to find other ways to take care of ourselves. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a super star.


Sheri Davidson, Dilp. OM, L.Ac and owner of Element 5 OM, practices in a boutique-style clinic located in Houston’s charming Rice Village area. She has over 11+ years of experience practicing and perfecting the art of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.


Her modern approach is rooted in ancient tradition. She achieves this through integrating Western thought, integrative health coaching with the clinically-proven results of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in a calming, comfortable, professional environment.

321 W 19th St, Ste A Houston, TX 77008 Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm 346-701-8662 Packaged organic teas and herbal infusions, teawares, and drinks to-go. Mention “Natural Awakenings” for 20% off your order (limit one per customer) @teasiplife

“The only way to optimal health is to take care of ourselves everyday emotionally, physically and mentally.” Vision: A community in which all people achieve their full potential for health and wellbeing at all stages of life; and to be trusted by patients, a valued partner in the community and a creator of positive change.


What the HEMP is CBD? CBD has really exploded onto the Houston plant medicine scene over the past couple of years. There are so many products that it’s hard to know what or how to choose or even to know what questions you should ask. Hemp or marijuana? Domestic or import? Organic or chemical? Solvent or CO2 extraction? Full spectrum vs broad spectrum vs isolate. And as they say, much much more. October Plant Medicine, “What the HEMP is CBD: finding the right cbd product for your needs.” Check back to our Plant Medicine section each month to grow your knowledge of nature’s most versatile medicines. Pick up a FREE copy and pick up an extra to share with friends. Help spread the word about Natural Awakenings.

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. ~Josh Billings

TEAS Tea Sip

The Tea Mistress, LLC

Specialty teas, herbs, teaware, honey, artisan sugar, gourmet coffee, teapot jewelry. Try our tea of the month club! 832-405-9160

TRADITIONAL CHINESE HERBS Element 5 Om Acupuncture/Wellness

2503 Robinhood St Suite 120 Houston, TX 77005 Open Monday-Friday 9:30-6:30 713-942-7110 Chinese Herbal Medicine: Mention Natural Awakenings and get 20% off an herbal consultation. element5om.com9 S.

Phoenix Rising Acupuncture 1219 S. Shepherd Drive Houston, TX 77019 713-806-9927

PLANT BASED FOODS Superfood Village

10315 W Airport Blvd Suite 8 Stafford, TX 77477 281-733-2444 Spirulina Chlorella Moringa Sea Moss Bladderwrack

The highest quality hemp derived CBD 100% Natural USA Harvested

Seed to Source Zero THC

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World’s Best Superfoods

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Eat Vegan Without Compromising Stamina

For runners, food is fuel, and a new study

lays to rest debates about which diet is best. Researchers at Leibniz University, in Hannover, Germany, recruited 76 men and women runners, divided equally between vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. They had an average age of 27 and ran recreationally two to five times a week. The runners were asked to pedal to exhaustion on a stationary bike, and researchers found that all three groups had similar exercise capacity and power output, and similar lactate production during exercise. The researchers concluded that vegan diets were “a suitable alternative for ambitious recreational runners.”

Try Maqui Berry for Dry Eyes Maqui, tiny black berries that grow wild in

the rain forests of Chile and Argentina, are beloved by small birds. Now they are showing promise for computer-weary humans with dry eyes. In a recent study, Japanese researchers tested a standardized maqui berry extract on 74 people that suffered from dry eyes and eye fatigue that used computers, smartphones or video games for more than four hours a day. Half took 60 milligrams of the maqui berry extract and half took a placebo for four weeks. The maqui berry group showed significantly greater production of lacrimal fluid in both eyes compared to the placebo group, and also reported less eye fatigue and more relaxed shoulders.


Chiropractic Care

plus: Natural Childbirth

A Moveable Feast

9341 Katy Fwy, Echo Lane Center Houston, TX 77024 713-365-0368 Restaurant, Health Food, Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements & CBD

Deer Lake Lodge Spa Resort

10500 Deer Lake Lodge Rd, Montgomery, TX 77316 936-647-1383 We incorporate Blood Purifying and Liver & Kidney detox teas into our detox program, come check us out!

Houston Hemp Lab

238 West 19th Street Houston, TX 77008 Open 7 Days a Week 713-515-1399 edibles, vape-ables, topicals, pet CBD tinctures, skincare, drink-ables

Hydroshack Hydroponics 1138 W 20th Street Houston, TX 77008 Open 7 days a week 713-292-1921 Organic Soils, Nutrients, Coco, Foxfarm, & CBD.

Nature’s Way CBD

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Dine-In or Take-Out

Vitamins, Supplements & CBD LARGEST selection of bulk herbs in Texas MENTION NAT AWAKENINGS during September for 25% off one regular priced supplement. Limit one please

Serving Houston Since 1971

9341 Katy Fwy @ Echo Ln. In the Kroger Center


Plant Medicine Section sponsored by Element 5 Om Acupuncture

Pixie’s Intent

2727 Fondren Rd #5b Houston, TX 77063 Open Tue-Sun 11am-7pm 832-831-8405 CBD Oils and Edibles

Sacred Leaf CBD Heights

4721 North Main Houston, TX 77009 832-409-5790 You don’t have to get high to get help.

Smoke Envy/Better Days CBD

2425 Yale Street, #2 Houston, TX 77008 852-744-9944


calendar of events NOTE: All Calendar events must be received via email by the 5th of the month prior to publication. Email for guidelines and to submit entries.

September 2019 SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 1ST Bayou Bikers. 8:00 am. Meet at Market Square Park for 25-40 mile bike rides exploring the bayous of Houston. Rides are open to all. Mountain bikes or bikes with fat tires are necessary. This is an informal group whose purpose is to show Houstonians and visitors the beauty of Houston’s waterways. Market Square, 301 Milam, 77002. 713-845-1000 Half-day Retreat. 9:00am-12:40pm. Chan/Zen Meditation Classes guided by Ordained Zen Masters of Chung Tai Chan Monastery. Free. CHUNG TAI ZEN CENTER OF HOUSTON 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072 www.cthouston. org 281-568-1568 MONDAY SEPTEMBER 2ND Free Day of Yoga 2019 HOUSTON 10-11a.m. Join us for a free yoga class Celebrating Houston’s Free Day of Yoga from on Labor Day at ISKCON Temple in the Main Hall, followed by a wonderful lunch at Govinda‘s. Bring some extra cash and let’s enjoy a wonderful vegetarian cuisine together. Namaste’. ISKCON Temple 1320 W 34th St, Houston, Texas 77018. WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 4TH FRIDA. 8pm. We’re celebrating National Hispanic Month with a special screening of Frida (R)! Bring your blankets and lawn chairs and watch this incredible biopic of Mexican surrealist artist, Frida Kahlo (portrayed by Salma Hayek). Market Square, 301 Milam, 77002. 713-845-1000 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 7TH Marva’s Holistic Fair. 10:00am-5:00pm. Psychics, tarot readers, palmists, healers, vendors of all sorts. Admission Free. LaQuinta Inn-Galleria on 610 West Loop North between San Felipe and Post Oak, 77027. 713-4443581 SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 8TH Blessing Ceremony. 9:00am-3:30pm. Free. CHUNG TAI ZEN CENTER OF HOUSTON, 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072 281-568-1568 Vintage Vida. 11am. Got Vintage presented by Vida Antigua Vintage & Yoko Vintage bring the ultimate retro market! Come shop til you drop plus lots of other fun activities throughout the day. Market Square, 301 Milam, 77002. 713-845-1000 TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 10TH Body by Broadway. 6:30pm In partnership with Theatre Under the Stars and DEFINE body + mind, sing, squat and plank along to some of your favorite Broadway tunes. Enjoy a FREE, hour-long sweat sesh while unleashing your inner Broadway star at the park. Market Square, 301 Milam, 77002. 713-845-1000 marketsquarepark. com FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 13TH The Watters and Nakia & the Blues Grifters. 7pm. Join us for an incredible evening of live music! Our opener, The Watters, is an “Americana Soul” husband and wife duo backed by some of Texas’ best musicians from Band of Heathens and Shinyribs. Our headliner, Nakia, made a name for himself on the Austin club circuit with his full-throated, soulful performances. Market Square, 301 Milam, 77002. 713-845-1000

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 14TH Native American Drumming 11am. The Drumming is led by Daniel Antoon and Homer Garcia both Native American. The reason we drum is so that the Creator can hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Our events will be participatory and instructional in nature. We invite children and adults to join us in our drumming ceremony. Love donation of $5.00 is welcomed. First Spiritualist Church of Houston 2115 Turner Dr, Houston, TX 77093. 713-695-2550. Yoga Mass® 5pm. YogaMass® integrates yoga, breath work, meditation, and Holy Communion as a way to bring into self-awareness the body and spirit that is given to each of us by God, and to bring us into union with the divinity of Christ through a shared experience of body movements on our mats and the presence of Jesus Christ through a simple meal of bread and wine. Our vision is that we all come to know the Kingdom of God within that Jesus promises. St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall 1819 Heights Blvd., Houston 77009 THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 19TH Blanket Bingo! 6:00pm. $10 admission includes one bingo packet (approx 9 games). Additional games and daubers can be purchased for $1 each. 6-9 pm. Bingo begins at 7pm. Market Square Park, 301 Milam, 77002. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 21ST Yoga Mass® 5pm. YogaMass® integrates yoga, breath work, meditation, and Holy Communion as a way to bring into self-awareness the body and spirit that is given to each of us by God, and to bring us into union with the divinity of Christ through a shared experience of body movements on our mats and the presence of Jesus Christ through a simple meal of bread and wine. Our vision is that we all come to know the Kingdom of God within that Jesus promises. Hines Center for Spirituality and Prayer 500 Fannin St, Suite 100 Houston 77002.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR Earth Dance Houston 6-8pm. We will join together with all the other EarthDance locations, all over the world, in the synchronized Prayer for Peace. This year’s theme is “Collective Intellegence.” As always, expect fun for all ages, drumming and live performances, a spiral dance and a delicious dinner catered by Govinda’s - all this for only $10!!! Houston Jazz Festival 7:30pm. The Houston Jazz Collective presents an evening of Texas artistic mastery featuring heralded jazz musicians Hubert Laws and Shelley Carrol and the work of acclaimed Houston visual artist Jesse Lott. Free/ Ticketed Event. Miller Outdoor Theatre 6000 Hermann Park Drive 77030. SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 22ND Half-day Retreat. 9:00am-12:40pm. Chan/Zen Meditation Classes guided by Ordained Zen Masters of Chung Tai Chan Monastery. Free. CHUNG TAI ZEN CENTER OF HOUSTON 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072 www.cthouston. org 281-568-1568 TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 24TH Body by Broadway. 6:30pm In partnership with Theatre Under the Stars and DEFINE body + mind, sing, squat and plank along to some of your favorite Broadway tunes. Enjoy a FREE, hour-long sweat sesh while unleashing your inner Broadway star at the park. Market Square, 301 Milam, 77002. 713-845-1000 marketsquarepark. com

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 27TH Critical Mass-Houston. Assemble at 6:30 pm. Roll at 7:15pm. A casual bike ride starting from downtown Houston and going wherever. Cars rule the road every day, but one day a month we get together to celebrate our love for bicycles and have fun riding. Free. Guadalupe Plaza Park, 2311 Runnels St., 77003. criticalmasshouston. com SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28TH Native American Drumming 11am. The Drumming is led by Daniel Antoon and Homer Garcia both Native American. The reason we drum is so that the Creator can hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth.. Our events will be participatory and instructional in nature. We invite children and adults to join us in our drumming ceremony. Love donation of $5.00 is welcomed. First Spiritualist Church of Houston 2115 Turner Dr, Houston, TX 77093. 713-695-2550.

plan ahead SUNDAY OCTOBER 6TH Blessing Ceremony. 9:00am-3:30pm. Free. CHUNG TAI ZEN CENTER OF HOUSTON, 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072 281-568-1568 1000 Lights for Peace. 6pm. Come celebrate the 150th Birthday of Gandhi, Beginning with a 5K Walk for Peace at Miller Outdoor Theatre, the evening concludes with a ceremony where all present have the opportunity to light a candle representing their pledge for peace. Miller Outdoor Theatre 6000 Hermann Park Drive 77030. FREE/ Ticketed Event. SATURDAY OCTOBER 12TH & SUNDAY OCTOBER 13TH Bayou City Art Festival Downtown 10am-6pm. Houston’s largest art festival will transform the streets of Downtown into artistic avenues bursting with colors and culture as it spotlights 300 artists, representing 19 different disciplines. Adult Ticket Online: $12, Adult Ticket at the Gate: $15 cash; $16 credit card, Children 6-12: $5; children under five are free. Houston City Hall 901 Bagby St. Houston, TX 77002. info@bayoucityartfestival. com / 713-521-0133 / www.artcolonyassociation. org SATURDAY OCTOBER 19TH

MARK YOUR CALENDAR YOUniverSOUL Fest. 10am-8pm. YOUniverSOUL Fest is a one-day mindfulness festival empowering attendees to live their best lives through the 9 Limbs of YOUniverSOUL Fest – Yoga + Art + Enlightenment + Movement + Music + Healing + Community + Environment + Children. Kids 12 and under can attend for free. Midtown Park 2811 Travis Street, Houston, Texas 77006. For more information, please visit www.YOUniverSOULfest. com. SUNDAY OCTOBER 20TH Half-day Retreat. 9:00am-12:40pm. Chan/Zen Meditation Classes guided by Ordained Zen Masters of Chung Tai Chan Monastery. Free. CHUNG TAI ZEN CENTER OF HOUSTON 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072 www.cthouston. org 281-568-1568


SUNDAY OCTOBER 27TH Meditation Workshop. 10:00am-11:00pm. Open to everyone - especially for beginners to meditation. The master will give a brief introduction to meditation and guide the participants to do meditation. Free, donations welcome. CHUNG TAI ZEN CENTER OF HOUSTON, 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072 www.cthouston. org 281-568-1568

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MARK YOUR CALENDAR MD Anderson Boot Walk to End Cancer. 1pm. Put on your favorite boots and join us at the Boot Walk to End Cancer® on Nov. 9, 2019, in the Texas Medical Center. Every dollar raised brings us closer to our mission to end cancer. FREE. Texas Medical Center.

daily Houston Arboretum. 7am-Dusk. Walk in nature. Learn about native plants and wildlife. Free. Houston Arboretum 4501 Woodway Dr., 77024. Waugh Bridge Bat Colony. Every evening at sunset, more than 250,000 Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from crevices found in the Waugh Drive Bridge. These creatures are non-migratory and call the bayou home year-round. Free. Waugh Street at Allen Parkway 77019. https://bit. ly/1nPoGbg

monday Food Not Bombs. 8pm. Help provide free vegan meals for Houston’s homeless. Volunteer, donate or just come see what we do. Free. Downtown Library Courtyard 521 Lamar, 77002.

tuesday Grace2Go. 7:00-8:30am. On the go? Want a boost to the start of your day? Drive thru for free coffee, a breakfast bite, and prayer if desired. All are welcome. Grace Episcopal Church, 4040 W. Bellfort, 77025. Yoga at India House. 11:00-12:00am. Enjoy relaxing cardio work out at India House. Free. India House, 8888 West Bellfort, 77031. Go to the website, print out the form and email it to the address given.

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T’ai Chi Ch’uan. 5:45pm-7:00pm. This class concentrates on creating and moving Chi/Qi through meditation while moving. Jon Naylor teaches the traditional Yang Style short form with martial arts references. Beginners please arrive early. Free. First Unitarian Universalist Church, 5200 Fannin Street, 77004. Vegan World Radio. 7:00 pm. Hosted by VWR Collective. Telling the story of the vegan revolution that’s saving the animals, the planet and our health. KPFC: Community Radio 90.1 FM. kpft. org


wednesday Yin With Lin. 9:30am. If you are looking to reduce stress and balance your energy, while also improving your physical flexibility and self-healing power, you should definitely give it a try. Untie the knots that bind you! $20 Drop-in / Residents $15. 5000 Montrose At The Museum in the Party Room, 6th floor, 77006. Facilitator: Lin Weiss, Certified Yoga Therapist - 713-858-8595 Veterans Helping Veterans. 12pm–1:30pm. All military veterans are invited to participate with this weekly group meeting. Veterans also exchange resources with each other and request support. Lunch is provided. St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, 5501 Main St., 77004. Blissful Quests® with Doyle Ward-The Podcast. LIVE ON AIR: Wednesdays at 1:00pm.Are you looking for answers? Have you ever had a “hunch” or a “gut feeling” that came true? Are you wondering if you are intuitive? Maybe the real question to explore is not IF you are intuitive, but HOW you are intuitive. Doyle Ward is an experienced intuitive medium, teacher, grief recovery specialist, and life coach. Call in during the show at: 1-760-456-7277, access on-demand episodes or listen live! Urban Ride. 6:30pm. Route is 20 miles. Riders should be comfortable keeping a pace of 18-20 mph. Helmet, front/back light, spare tube, CO2 cartridges are required. Earphones not allowed. Speed may vary. Safety comes first. Free. Urban Bicycle Gallery, 4814 Nett St., 77007 judy@ Blue Line Bike Ride. 7pm. Multiple rides leave from the Heights location on Wednesday evenings. Each ride has its own route and pace, so come out and decide which works best for you! Free. Blue Line Bike Lab, 3302 White Oak Drive, 77007. 713-802-1707 People of Earth. 7:00 pm. Hosted by Jacquelyn Battise. A program created to provide Native American and non-Native people with timely news and information about culture, news and realities. KPFC: Community Radio 90.1 FM. Beginning Zen Meditation. 7:30-9:30pm. Feeling stressed? Want something to help you feel better? Try meditation with us. Free, registration required. Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston. 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072. 281-568-1568. Hellina Bucket Band 8:00 -10:00pm. Free dinner music. Last Concert Café, 1403 Nance St. 77002. 713-226-8563 Food Not Bombs. 8pm. Help provide free vegan meals for Houston’s homeless. Volunteer, donate or just come see what we do. Free. Downtown Library Courtyard 521 Lamar, 77002. Pot Roast. 10:00pm-2am. Late night music outside under the stars. Cover charge. Last Concert Cafe 1403 Nance St. 77002. 713-226-8563 www. Drum Circle at Midnight 12mn-2am $6.00 Last Concert Cafe 1403 Nance St. 77002. 713-2268563


thursday Grace2Go. 7:00-8:30am. On the go? Want a boost to the start of your day? Drive thru for free coffee, a breakfast bite, and prayer if desired. All are welcome. Grace Episcopal Church, 4040 W. Bellfort, 77025. Museum of Fine Arts-Houston. 10am-9pm. If you have not spent time enjoying the art exhibits at MFAH, what are you waiting for? Free. MFAH, 1001 Bissonnet, 77005. 713-639-7300 Yoga at India House. 11:00-12:00am. Enjoy relaxing cardio work out at India House. Free. India House, 8888 West Bellfort, 77031. Go to the website, print out the form and email it to the address given. Buffalo Soldiers Museum. 1-5pm. Buffalo Soldiers Museum is the only museum dedicated to preserving the legacy and honor of African American soldiers in the United States. Free. Buffalo Soldiers Museum, 3816 Caroline Street, 77004. 713-942-8920. Houston Museum of Natural Science. 6pm9pm. Roam the Serengeti, walk with dinosaurs and discover the world’s mineral wonders. Free. HMNS 5555 Hermann Park Drive 77030. hmns. org Free Family Thursdays at The Health Museum. 2:00pm-7:00pm. Free entry into The Health Museum to enjoy permanent and traveling exhibits (DeBakey Cell Lab requires a $3 fee) on Thursdays. The Health Museum, 1515 Hermann Dr., 77004. 713-521-1515 Children’s Museum of Houston. 5-8pm. Enjoy all the interactive exhibits at the museum with your children. Free. Children’s Museum, 1500 Binz, 77004. 713-522-1138 Meditation Class: Discovering the Awake Within. 7-9pm. Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien closely guides and interacts with students to realize Awake Mind is already within, they have the capacity to Wake Up, and how to apply meditation. Suggested donation $50/month. Pre-registration required. Universal Door Meditation Center, 15202 Dora Lane, Sugar Land, 77498. 281-565-9718

friday Children’s Story Hour. 10:00am-11:00am. Bring your little ones to listen to a story and after the reading, children are invited to participate in a fun activity like coloring a picture or planting a seed to take home. For more information, visit The Family Garden in the McGovern Centennial Gardens, 1500 Hermann Dr., 77004. 713-524-5876 Houston International Folk Dancers. 7:3010pm. Join us for a recreational folk dance group celebrating ethnic dances from around the world. Singles and beginners welcome. Dress comfortably. $5. First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston, 5200 Fannin, 77004. Additional info at Food Not Bombs. 8pm. Help provide free vegan meals for Houston’s homeless. Volunteer, donate or just come see what we do. Free. Downtown Library Courtyard, 521 Lamar, 77002. Dinner Music with Jimmy Deen. 6-8pm. Cover charge. Last Concert Cafe 1403 Nance St. 77002. 713-226-8563

saturday Beginning Zen Meditation. 10am-12n. Feeling stressed? Want something to help you feel better? Try meditation with us. Free, registration required. Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston, 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072. 281-568-1568. Children’s Zen Meditation. 10am-12n. Open to children ages 4-12. Parents must be present and participate. Free, registration required. Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston, 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072. 281-568-1568. Awake Tour. 10am-11am. Drop in for the grand tour of our Awake landscape at Universal Door Meditation Center! Everyone is welcome! Come and find out what is Awake, who is our Awake teacher Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien, and have a chance to touch with the Awake already within. Free, donations welcome. Universal Door Meditation Center - 15202 Dora Lane, Sugar Land, 77498. 281-565-9718*Please arrive 10 minutes prior as tours begin on time* Yoga at India House. 10:00-11:00am. Enjoy relaxing cardio work out at India House. Free. India House, 8888 West Bellfort, 77031. Go to the website, print out the form and email it to the address given. Recycling Saturdays. 11:00am-3:00pm. What sparks joy? Bringing your sorted glass, paper, plastic and aluminum to recycling stations provided by the City of Houston and iRecycle Glass, of course! Take advantage of this opportunity to tidy up your space and do good for the environment too. Check each week. Free. Discovery Green, 1500 McKenney, 77010.

Youth and Teen Program at Universal Door Meditation Center. 11:00am–12:30pm. For youth grades 1-12. This weekly program guided by Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien allows youth to have a chance to open their eyes to the Awakened happiness already within and discover the world of AWAKE. Registration required, call for more details. Universal Door Meditation Center, 15202 Dora Lane, Sugar Land, 77498. 281-565-9718 Awake Tour. 10:30am-11:30am. Drop in for the grand tour of our Awake landscape at Universal Door Meditation Center! Everyone is welcome! Come and find out what is Awake, who is our Awake teacher Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien, and have a chance to touch with the Awake already within. Free, donations welcome. Universal Door Meditation Center - 15202 Dora Lane, Sugar Land, 77498. 281-5659718 *Please arrive 10 minutes prior as tours begin on time* Food Not Bombs. 7pm. Help provide free vegan meals for Houston’s homeless. Volunteer, donate, or just come see what we do. Free. Downtown Library Courtyard 521 Lamar, 77002 Sunday Love Feast. 5:00pm. A free vegetarian meal for any and all. Free. ISKCON Temple 1320 West 34th Street, 77018. 713-686-4482 Whole Mother. 7:30 pm. Hosted by Pat Jones. A show that discusses the political and practical aspects of being a mother today. KPFC: Community Radio 90.1 FM.

sunday Sunday at Houston Zen Center. 8am-11am. We start with Morning Service followed by meditation, then work practice - mindful cleaning and straightening in the Meditation Hall and the Center’s grounds, then a dharma talk. Free. HOUSTON ZEN CENTER, 1605 Heights BLVD., 77008. 713869-1952. Christian Meditation. 9:00am-9:30 am. Experience meditation and contemplative prayer in preparation for receiving Holy Communion at the 10am worship service. All are welcome. Grace Episcopal Church, 4040 W. Bellfort, 77025. www. or 832-667-8601. Ecstatic Dance Evolution.10:00am-1:00pm. Freeform movement for all ages! Meet creative fun high vibe tribe and get a healthy workout! No experience needed, no steps to learn, no shoes necessary. Adults $12-$20, Kids $4. Planet Funk, 5731 Logan Ln. , 77007! ecstaticdanceevolution. com Samadhi 281-748-8080 Acoustic Jams. 11am. Easy listening music to brunch by. No cover charge. Last Concert Café, 1403 Nance St., 77002. 713-226-8563 www. Public Dharma talk with Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien. 11:30am-1:00pm. We welcome people of all cultures, religions, and backgrounds to attend the public Dharma talks with Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien. 15202 Dora Lane, Sugar Land, 77498. (Free, donations welcome. Optional lunch follows.) 281-565-9718


community resource guide

Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how to be included in the Community Resource Guide request a Media Kit. Email BEAUTY TRU AURA

Jill B. Denson, Founding Consultant Based in Cypress-Serving the Houston Metro 281-381-9085 A clean and effective line of skincare, anti-aging products and makeup that nurtures your skin’s natural balance. Contact us for a complementary skincare and makeup consultation. See ad on page 6

BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY MARILYN K. JONES, DDS Houston Dental Health Center 800 Bering Dr. Houston, TX 77057 713-497-1355

Natural Dentistry supports the body and the mind by finding the cause of dental problems. The dental examination includes noticing systemic and habitual influences. If you have dental issues or currently have silver amalgam fillings, call me today to schedule an appointment.


Galveston, Texas 409-599-7268

The Cereset™ Gavston location is part of a national network of client centers focused on next-generation brain wellness helping you relax your brain to managerestful sleep through patented BrainEcho™ technology, which empowers the brain to reset itself as it hears and “sees” its own reflection. To schedule an appointment call: 409-599-7268. See ad on page 8


4101 Greenbriar Dr. Suite 135, 77098 281-506-0105 9720 Cypresswood Drive, Suite 130, 77070 281-809-0100 HealthPro s dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. We provide a variety of treatment. Dr. Alayna Pagnani-Gendron focuses on woman’s health and paediatrics. Visit our website or call to schedule an appointment.

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COACHING BOOKS The Power of Awake


Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien easily engages people and helps them return to the Awake already within each person. You are not the voice in your head, or the emotions, or the stress... You are what can recognize the voice, the emotions, and the stress. You are Awake.” Available on Amazon. com

Are you looking for answers? Have you ever had a “hunch” or a “gut feeling” that came true? Are you wondering if you are intuitive? Doyle Ward is an experienced intuitive, teacher, grief recovery specialist, and life coach. Tune in to his weekly PodCast, Wednesdays at 1 pm on

by Thich Dieu Thien

Positive change starts now! 832-628-4113

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1308 James Street Rosenberg, TX 77471 281-232-7336 Established 1989. Call to schedule any of the following services: massage therapies, lymphatic drainage massage and facials, reflexology, infra-red sauna, ion cleanse foot or hand baths, Chinese cupping or colon hydrotherapy (prescriptions onlyyours or ours). By appointment only. Be well-Stay well. CALL TODAY!

CRYSTALS MALLOTT’S HARDWARE AND VARIETY STORE 115 Midway Street Spring, TX 77373713-299-1062 You can find furniture, home decor, accent items, gift items, framed butterflies and one-of-a-kind delights that are brought in daily to change things up and to keep a wonderful inventory for their customers. They have the best selection of geological treasures in North Harris County. Whether you’re a mineral collector or a metaphysical enthusiast, they can help. From thumbnail collectibles to gorgeous cabinet specimens to Chakra Stones and Healing Crystals, they offer a phenomenal selection. They also carry Palo Santo. Now that the weather has gotten nice, plan a short day-trip to Old Town Spring and drop by. See Ad page 12

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE ERIN THOLE, CNHP Get to the Root Cause of your Health Conditions. Erin has been working in the health and nutrition field for over 11 years specializing and working extensively with those suffering from: autoimmune, digestive, hormonal and inflammatory disorders. She works with each client’s unique biochemistry to determine what dietary, supplementation and lifestyle changes will work best for them as an individual. There is NO one-size-fitsall program. All appointments are conducted via phone! This makes it very easy and convenient to receive care from any location. If you want to reach your true health potential, Email Erin today to schedule your FREE 45 minute initial phone consultation. Hours until 5 pm Fridays.



361 West 19th Street Houston, TX 77008 713-868-4725 Venus and her staff can do any age with any style, from a trim to a Mohawk. She is a wizard at color! If you are in The Heights, drop by, check out her art car, The Hairse, and say Hi!

HEALING RESTORE YOUR LIFE Are you in pain? Are you stuck? Feeling lost? We help all people, adults, and children, with issues ranging from behavior modification, terminal illness, breaking addictions, to restoring complete health and happiness. Visit our website for more information and to start the process TODAY! See ad on page 9

HOLISTIC HEALTH PRIMARY CARE HOUSTON HOLISTIC HEALTH CLINIC “Better Health Naturally” Dr. Gracie G. Chukwu, ND, CTN 6776 Southwest Freeway, Suite 535 Houston, TX 77074 713-781-9991 Have you spent years in hope for finding answers to your symptoms or illnesses? We offer people an alternative solution to conventional medicine by determining the specific nutritional needs of your body so that it can to heal itself. Call today to schedule an appointment.

HYPNOSIS CLAUDIA AUTRY, HYPNOTIST (by appointment only) 281-849-4610

Want to stop smoking or lose weight? Looking for ways to relax or increase the joy in your life? Hypnosis can help you. Call TODAY to book your appointment. Let’s form a partnership for your growth!

MEDICAL HYPNOSIS HOUSTON 5927 Almeda Road #21316 Houston, TX 77004 713-866-4888 Medical Hypnosis is simply Hypnosis specifically for diagnosed medical conditions. While success is individual, results are objective, tangible, measurable, and guaranteed regardless of the condition. If Stress exasperates the problem or illness, then this will help by neutralizing the stress. Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY consolation TODAY! Call 713-866-4888. Doctor Referral Required. If you are not currently under a doctor’s care, we can refer you to a doctor who recommends Medical Hypnosis. See Ad page 3


3 Locations: Houston, Missouri City & The Woodlands 832-986-5144 HBOT America is Houston’s top recovery facility. HBOT is the breathing in of higher amounts of oxygen in a pressurized chamber. Whether its ADD/ADHD, sports injury, autism, diabetes, PTSD, migraine, Cancer, TBI’s, autoimmune disorders, or stroke we can help! Call to schedule your appointment today!


I’ll come to you! 713-492-1173 Subscribe to get info: Meditation is wellknown as a healing modality and labyrinths are one of the oldest forms of meditation. Join Sarah at her “Second Saturday Labyrinth Walk” at The Hines Center which includes a tour of the Center, an introduction to labyrinths, and a reflective art activity or email to schedule her mobile labyrinth service.

MASSAGE PHOENIX SCHOOL OF MASSAGE 6600 Harwin Drive Houston, TX 77036 713-974-0360

Reduce stress, relieve anxiety, muscle stress or pain. Get a massage! $35 an hour. Buy 4 massages get one free. That’s only $28 each. Call Today!

THE HEALING PATH MASSAGE 4151 Southwest Freeway, Suite 125 Houston, TX 77027 346-980-5907

Located conveniently off the Southwest Freeway, inside The Loop, and open 10am-10pm Monday-Sunday. Try our Introductory Thai Combo Massage (10 types in one) for Only $39.99. Call today and feel the difference a massage can make. License #ME3188 . See ad page 6




Dr. LaTronica Fisher, DNP, ANP, GNP, RN 4544 Post Oak Place Dr. STE #254 Houston, Texas 77027 713 520-8188 Services:

Through her WHOLE-istic approach, Lin weaves inspired wisdom with proven healing traditions for integrating mind/body & soul. ALL NATURAL, ALL THE TIME. Call Lin today to find out if she can help you.

nHormone Rejuvenation nVaginal Dryness nUrinary Incontinence nLow Libido nErectile Dysfution nLow Stamina nWeight-Loss nSexual Dysfunction(men & women) nHair Restoration nNatural Face Lift Visit the website for more information. Call today to schedule a consultation

DEER LAKE LODGE AND SPA 10500 Deer Lake Lode Rd. Montgomery TX77316 936-647-1383

Can’t lose weight? Feeling Sluggish? Let us help undo the damage from over-consumption and poor food choices. All natural, organic, resort and spa. Immerse yourself in personal attention from our staff. Call of visit our website to book your stay today! See ad on page 2

PAIN RELIEF AUNT ALBERTA’S REMEDY Homeopathic Pain Relief Cream 973-715-9097 info@AlbertasPainRelief. com

MEDITATION CHUNG TAI ZEN CENTER OF HOUSTON 12129 Bellaire Blvd., Houston 77072 281-568-1568 • zen@


12900 Queensberry Lane, Suite 201 Houston, TX 77079 281-794-5255

Chan/Zen Meditation Classes, guided by Ordained Zen Masters of Chung Tai Chan Monastery No fees. Donations are welcome.No prior experience required for beginners. Check the web site (event calendar) for the most current information. See ad on page 5

UNIVERSAL DOOR MEDITATION CENTER 15202 Dora Lane Sugar Land, TX 77498. 281-565-9718

Suffering from addictions, compulsive behavior patterns, unhealthy relationship patterns, anxiety, phobias, depression or feeling stuck? New Decision TherapyTM can help. Call Dr. Nettie Ramsay today to schedule your initial consultation.

Need Relief from Arthritis? Try Aunt Alberta’s Remedy to ease muscular aches and joint pain. Her Remedy is a homeopathic pain relief cream that penetrates deep into the skin and muscle tissues. Get beneficial relief from sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuralgia, gout, and more. All-natural ingredients! Do you want to feel a real difference from the nagging aches of arthritis? Feel less pain & have more range of motion? Use Aunt Alberta’s Pain Relief Cream! Get relief today! Great buy, get a 4oz jar for $15! See website for other options. See what people say about Aunt Alberta’s Remedy and Purchase Now on our website.


Awake teacher and founder of Universal Door Meditation Center, Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien, gives public dharma on Sundays from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM, to help everyone realize the Awake Mind that is already within, and that they have the capacity to Wake Up. We welcome people of all cultures, religions, and backgrounds! Free, donations welcome! Also drop in for the grand tour of our Awake landscape on Saturdays from 10-11 AM, and Sundays from 10:30-11:30 AM. Attend our FREE tour to find out what is Awake, who is our Awake teacher Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien, and have a chance to touch with the Awake already within you!




OPTICIAN FACTORY EYEGLASS OUTLET 7921 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024 713-468-5665

Factory Eyeglass Outlet provides the ultimate services for all your eyecare needs. Whether you’re looking for premium or standard eyewear, we have something for you. As part of our superior services we offer complimentary consulting and frame styling. Next time you need you need new eyeglasses or need a repair choose Factory Eyeglass Outlet. Better sight- Better Life.


Couples, Individuals & Family Psychotherapy D. Skeetz Edinger, LMFT Associate 823-731-4881 With offices conveniently located in Katy and in West University, Skeetz Edinger believes in empowering couples, individuals and families to be the expert in your own lives. Don’t suffer any longer. Call today to schedule a FREE 30-minute phone consultation and find out how Skeetz can help you and those you love.


SCHOOLS PHOENIX SCHOOL OF MASSAGE 6600 Harwin Drive Houston, TX 77036 713-974-0360

BEGIN THE CAREER YOU WILL LOVE TO PUT YOUR HANDS TO! As a Licensed Massage Therapist you can enjoy life as you work at a spa, wellness center, doctor’s office, or even begin your own practice. Begin today, the career that will change your life! Call the school for more information and to schedule a FREE tour.

SOUND THERAPY INTUNE ARTISTRY BIOFIELD TUNING Randy Becker 1907 Sabine St. #112 Houston, TX 77007 Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy modality that uses tuning forks on and around your body. Sound can help improve our ability to think clearly under stress and remove blocks preventing us from reaching our highest potential. Visit my website for more information.

See ad page 18 BIOFIELD TUNING with Laurie Maloney 3222 Mercer Street Houston, TX 77027

Biofield Tuning is sound therapy using tuning forks to bring well-being to your body, mind & spirit. All disorders can be perceived as “dissonance” in our energy field.By diminishing the dissonance, BT can alleviate & even eradicate physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms. Visit my website for more information. See Ad page 18

SOLAR ENERGY SUNSHINE RENEWABLE SOLUTIONS 4011 Valley Green Circle Houston, TX 77059 832-280-8838 sunshinerenewable. com If you’re a homeowner thinking about solar panel costs in the Lone Star State, then now’s the best time to make the switch to Solar! Installing solar panels can help you discover energy independence and enjoy unlimited savings. We’ll provide you with a detailed report tailored exactly to your home and your electricity consumption which will show you how you can pay off the cost of your solar system with zero net change in your monthly electricity costs. Call or visit our website to schedule a FREE Site Inspection. Use Promo Code 400Sunshine for a $500 Discount. Call TODAY! See Ad on page 32

SPIRITUALITY GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH 4040 West Bellfort Street Houston, TX 77025 713-666-1408

We are a welcoming, inclusive and affirming Christian community, committed to abundant, holistic living in the way of Jesus of Nazareth. Guided in our life together by the Episcopal Church tradition, we are committed a way of love. Come walk on our Tree of Life Labyrinth by appointment anytime. Grace: you are welcome here.

FIRST SPIRITUALIST CHURCH OF HOUSTON 2115 Turner Dr. Houston, Texas 7093 713-695-2550

Spiritualism is a common sense religion, one of knowing and living. We accept all truths and endeavor to prove their validity. Truths are found in nature, in other religions, in writings, in science, in philosophy, in Natural Law and are received through spirit communication. We are a growing family and would love for you to visit our Sunday services at 10:30 a.m. and our Wednesday evening service at 7:30 p.m.

UNITY SPIRITUAL CENTER OF GREATER HOUSTON “Grow Your Life!” 11131 North Eldridge Pkw., #700 Houston, Texas 77065 281-653-2007

Ours is a positive path for spiritual living, based on the teachings of Jesus - as well as other master teachers and the power of prayer. If you want to know God and experience God at work in your life, join us on Sundays!

THERMOGRAPHY Thermal Imaging Services 24550 Kingsland Blvd. Katy, TX 77494 713-621-4406 info@thermalimagingtexas. com Thermography views what cannot be seen by the naked eye using a high definition infrared camera. It senses temperature patterns and changes which provide information for evaluation. Offering Full Body, Health with abdominal and Breast Study at our Katy location as well as limited dates in our satellite offices. Visit us online at or phone us at 713-621-4406

See ad on page 7

YOGA YIN With Lin 9:30am Wednesdays 5000 Montrose At The Museum 6th Floor Member’s Room 713.858.8595 Yin Yoga is a slow, soothing, & meditative style of yoga that targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia, & ligaments in the body. The more we work our fascial system & deep tissues, the less dense & tight our bodies become as we age. Movement and stretching hydrate the fascia system and literally help slow the aging process. Small classes afford individual instruction making progress attainable and real. Lin’s knowledge & passion fo r Yoga are evidenced by her warm and personable teaching style. Visit conscioushealingnow.cin for more information. See ad on page 20


What can you gain from using solar? Energy Independence Environmental-Saving Financial Savings

Call or visit our website to request a FREE Site Inspection. Use Promo Code 400Sunshine for a $500 Discount Sunshine Renewable Solutions 4011 Valley Green Ct, Houston, TX 77059 832-280-8838

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