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November 2020 | Houston Metro-Edition | NaturalAwakenings-Houston.com

Is it Strep… or is it viral? One Throat Relief gets both! Stop the germs, stop the damage… STOP THE DISCOMFORT. Throat Relief™ utilizes a powerful, enhanced aqueous silver colloid delivered directly to the infected area to relieve discomfort and halt the damage caused by invading germs. The pleasant minty flavor and easy to use nozzle makes application simple and comfortable. The more you spray, the sooner it goes away! I’ve been using this product in my family, on my kids and myself for 20 years. It works faster and better than anything else that you can get. Period. I’ve studied it in the lab, in the field and in the clinic. This is the best-ever solution to a sore throat. Believe it.

Order online at MyNaturesRite.com or call 800-991-7088 20% OFF your entire order with coupon code THROAT20 2

november 2020

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We are enjoying the Texas autumn and getting ready for winter. Cindy has taken down the Halloween decorations and put up the Thanksgiving ones. The basenji’s hound heater is working so they will be toasty when it does get colder. The fall garden is growing nicely and the tomatoes that stopped producing during the summer are loaded with green tomatoes. I’ve floored in part of the garage and our oldest son has given us a washer and drier so no more pilgrimage into town to do the laundry. It’s been a tough year but we have a lot to be grateful for. We are safe and healthy and have published another issue of our magazine. Being thankful, gratitude is what this issue of Natural Awakenings is all about. When things are going great, we often take all the great things for granted. When things aren’t going so great, we often become so focused on what is wrong that we forget to be grateful for all the things that aren’t going wrong. It’s even possible to be grateful for the things that aren’t so pleasant since we can learn life lessons from them. When you are finished reading one of this month’s articles, take some time to begin to apply it in your life. If you find yourself going through the day not being expressing or feeling gratitude, don’t beat yourself up. Gratitude isn’t always easy. Just acknowledge that you have slipped in the gratitude department and take time to find something to be grateful for. With social distancing, most people won’t be having the large Thanksgiving Day gatherings that we enjoyed in the past. We plan

Cindy & Mike Hart


a quiet, down-sized celebration on our own here at The Cabin. It won’t be the same as in the past but we are going to enjoy it anyway. There are recipes and suggestions in this month’s issue for a lighter, smaller and healthier thanksgiving feast. We also won’t be doing a lot of holiday shopping this year but when we do, we’ll be taking the Shop Local Holiday Shopping Guide found on page 25 with us so we can support local businesses in the Houston area. From both of us, we wish you a thankful, happy and safe holiday season.

Cindy & Mike Hart

Cindy Hart

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Mike Hart


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november 2020

Feel Better-Live Healthier with Colon Hydrotherapy

affirming naturally

Serving Houston for 41 years We use the Closed System & Disposable Setups.

Visit our website for more information or to schedule an appointment

My thoughts are focused in ways that empower me.

by Doyle Ward You have more than 55,000 thoughts each day. Many are the same thoughts over and over again. Every single one is an affirmation; this also includes everything that you say. By reducing your negative thoughts and words and increasing the positive ones, you can reshape your life. Expecting a better day helps to create a better life. The only place we have to take action or make changes is the present. When you expect less than the best, you greatly increase the possibility that you will receive just that. Decide that you deserve the best simply because you exist and you will greatly improve your chances to receive it. Only the best comes my way. The only thing that you’re guaranteed in life is this moment. Working with positive affirmations can radically change your mindset. Say them and write them repeatedly with the feeling that they are your truth. You have the power to make great changes in yourself and the world. I know this is true because I have made huge changes in my life by changing my thoughts.

Barbara J. Ellis, Retired RN, therapist & owner Urban Colonics

5042 Briscoe St. Houston, TX.77033 713-738-8199 urbancolonics.com

Doyle Ward, Blissful Quests ® Doyle Ward is a successful life coach, workshop leader and lecturer in the field of personal development

Doors Are Open for Dining & Shopping 713-365-0368

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9341 Katy Freeway Houston, Texas 77024 amoveablefeast.com


Anthony Rios Shamanic Practitioner Traditional “Limpias” Energetic Cleansings

Pain, injury, chronic conditions, mind-body medicine LANCE WESTENDARP ND, LAc, BCR, CKTP, RYT200

Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/drlancehoustonintegrative/

Offering: Shamanic Extraction Restoration of Spiritual Power Limpia de Rosas ShamanSpirits.net Visit our website for more information or call us to schedule an appointment.

Galveston, TX 4 0 9-7 6 2 - 6 0 2 7

Natural Awakenings Houston Edition


healthy finds Take conTrol of your own healTh wiTh an aT-home TesT. Visit LetsGetChecked.com today. 20% OFF EVERYTHING Use Code NAHOUSTON20

Get to the Root Cause of Your Health Conditions Specializing in: • Digestive Issues • Fatigue • Food Cravings • Mood Swings • Hormonal Imbalances • Fertility • Weight Issues • Auto Immune Conditions • Aches & Pains • and More Erin Thole,CNHP Reach Your TRUE Health Potential With: Food Sensitivity, Hormonal, Toxicity, and Nutritional Deficiency Panels Nutritional Programs & More Set up your FREE consultation by emailing: thole.erin@gmail.com To learn how Erin has helped others just like you visit: www.ErinThole.com

DR. NETTIE’S HEALTHY FINDS November 2020 NEKTER Juice Bars by Dr. Nettie Ramsay, ND

I have a lovely and vivacious client who is 82 years young with a few health issues that could definitely be corrected with minerals, enzymes and healthy food. The problem? My client lives in a senior living facility and has no control over the food she is served. In my opinion she is being poisoned by carbohydrate overload! I thought carefully about using those strong words; but if she is not able to digest those heavy carbs (mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, starchy processed soups) and does not have the opportunity to eat live food with fiber and antioxidants, what else could I call it? Because my client is on a fixed income and already pays an exorbitant amount of money for food at the facility, she does not have a lot of money left over to pay for more food or transportation to go and get it. What to do? What to recommend? I was browsing on a food delivery service and found NEKTER Juice Bar. Healthy fresh juice in a variety of delicious combinations. (I did go to their web-site to make sure that it was not a place where they just added flavored syrup to their “juices”.) NEKTER is the real deal, their fresh ingredients are displayed behind the bar and you can watch as they juice the spinach, kale, ginger, apples ect. into the combinations of your choice. (I loved the Green Apple Detox.) I pulled out my “Encyclopedia of Healing Juices” written by the brilliant medical anthropologist, John Heinerman. Heinerman went from back-yard gardens to the jungles of South America and he stated that the healing power of fresh juices and vegetables are needed to maximize your immune system. AND, right now with all of the pandemic issues, we need to maximize each and every immune system in the world. Our bodies need energy to fight and win! Fresh and healthy fresh juice can only add to your immunity tool box. There are soon to be 6 NEKTERS in the Houston area. Download the Nekter app for locations. Please tell them Dr. Nettie sent you! nekterjuicebar.com


november 2020

Medical Thermography Center is Open

Joyce Long Wellness Institute: Still going strong!

Low Dose Naltrexone Book by Linda Elsegood

Dr. Gracie Chukwu of the Houston Holistic Health Clinic announces that they are curently open and observing all COVID protocols for your safety. Medical Thermography Center as a part of their practice at 6401 Southwest Freeway Ste. 250, Houston, TX 77074. In addition to its use in early detection of breast cancer medical thermography is also useful in the diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome and diseases associated with chronic inflammation.

Established 1989 Joyce is still going strong. Her practice is located Rosenburg which is not really that far from anywhere in the Houston area. Get away from the traffic, noise and hustle of the city and enjoy the peace and quiet of a small town. Detox and renew yourself. Call to schedule any of the following services: massage therapies, lymphatic drainage massage and facials, reflexology, infra-red sauna, ion cleanse foot or hand baths, Chinese cupping or colon hydrotherapy (prescriptions only- yours or ours). By appointment only. Be well-Stay well. CALL TODAY!

When Linda Elsegood was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS in October 2003, she was told there was nothing anyone could do to help her but she decided to take matters into my own hands, and started Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in December 2003. On her next check-up in February 2004, she was told she didn’t have secondary progressive MS, but, in fact, had returned to the relapsing/remitting stage. With the help of LDN, she now has a better quality of life and hope for the future.

Dr. Chukwu is a Doctor of Naturopathy and a Certified Nutrition Counselor in Texas. As Texas Nutritionist and Naturopath she helps her clients to improve their health with the understanding that they are unique and have individual needs. By combining the arts of Naturopathy and Nutrition Counseling, Dr. Gracie Chukwu is uniquely qualified to help her clients discover their nutritional needs and bring them back to optimum health. With the addition of medical thermography, she is able to serve her clients in a new and exciting way. If you have tried conventional medicine and are not satisfied with the result. If you have chronic pain and cannot get relief or if you have not had a breast thermography recently, contact Dr. Chukwu and schedule an appointment today. Houston Holistic Clinic/ Medical Thermography Center 6401 Southwest Freeway Ste. 250 Houston, TX. 77074 713-781-9991 houstonholistichealthclinic.com

Joyce Long Wellness Institute 1308 James Street Rosenberg, TX 77471 281-344-0095 See ad ons pages 27 & 29.


Coming Next Month

Spending Locally Plus: Creating Community

As medical professionals and researches alike have discovered, LDN holds the potential to help millions of people suffering from various autoimmune diseases and cancers, and even those with autism, chronic fatigue, depression, and many other conditions. Administered off-label in small daily doses, this generic drug is extremely affordable and presents few known side effects. Linda founded the LDN Research Trust and has written two books, The LDN Book Volume 1 & Volume 2, because she wants everyone to hear about the incredible healing potential of LDN. If you have been diagnosed with MS or autoimmune disease, she invites you to visit her website for more information and consider purchasing her books. They are available wherever books are sold. Find out more at ldnresearchtrust. org/ldn-book.

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Natural Awakenings Houston Edition


Green Hangover

Discarded Solar Panels Result in Toxic Pollution

Photovoltaic panels, used to produce renewable solar power, become complex pieces of electronic waste at the end of their functional lives. The International Renewable Energy Agency projects that up to 78 million metric tons of solar panels will be discarded by 2050, and that the world will be generating about 6 million metric tons of new solar e-waste annually. Recovering the silver and silicon inside them requires costly, specialized solutions. Many solar panels contain lead that can leach out as they decompose in landfills. Some panels are exported to developing countries with weak environmental protections. Most are rated for about 25 years of use, so a major influx is due to arrive shortly. Nonprofit PV Cycle (PVCycle.org) collects thousands of tons of solar e-waste across the European Union each year, where producers are required to ensure that their solar panels are recycled properly. Recycle PV Solar (RecyclePV.solar), one of the only recyclers in the U.S., where almost no regulations exist, reports reclaiming just 10 percent of the country’s solar waste. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is investigating new processes to recover all metals and minerals at states of high purity, with the goal of making recycling as economically viable and environmentally beneficial as possible.

Move to the Beach

AND DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL WITH YOUR LIFE! The Natural Awakenings in beautiful Charleston South Carolina is for SALE

5 Reasons to Move to Charleston, SC • It’s the friendliest city in the U.S. • Charleston is a historical haven • The weather is pretty much perfect all year • Charleston is a great place to raise a family • Getting around Charleston is a breeze Book Online


november 2020

Call 843-821-7404 or email Publisher@NALowcountry.com for more information!

Winning the Battle Against Stress!

Launch of KnoWEwell for Natural Awakenings

Stress affects everyone. There are effective ways to help manage it, even for trauma survivors. That is the message in Shanna Warner’s latest book - Easy Stress Solutions: How to Meditate Like a Master, Banish Anxiety and Kick Depression to the Curb. As a survivor with over 30 years of experience dealing with PTSD, depression, panic attacks, nightmares and negative situations, the author brings a practical approach to dealing with the problems of life. The book begins with her favorite free and easy stress-busting tools. It includes 7 simple meditations that anyone can start using immediately. She also recorded 3 guided meditations and made them freely available for everyone on her website.

KnoWEwell, a collaborative partner with the Natural Awakenings family of publishers since June, has launched a personalized, integrated, private, secure, community and marketplace platform designed to transform health care. The one online trusted destination for today’s Regenerative Whole Health knowledge, resources and community that inspires and empowers individuals to take control and make better informed health decisions to achieve WELLthier Living, KnoWEwell received the Top 50 Healthcare Companies award from the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare.

The book then details more ways to battle stress, from rescripting nightmares to using positive verbal anchors. Then the process of transformation begins with 21 days of in-depth questions, uncovering negative beliefs, rewriting personal statements and creating a framework for transformational growth. Shanna and her husband, Mark, live in Tulsa, OK where they publish the Oklahoma edition of Natural Awakenings magazine. The book is available in print, ebook and audiobook. For more information, including links to the guided meditations, visit ShannaWarner.com

KnoWEwell is an immersive, global online platform that connects the dots between lifestyle choices, soil, food, the planet and health. With vetted providers, evidence-based resources and peer-reviewed content, it’s a safe space to learn and share. Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp. Chief Operating Officer Joe Dunne says, “There is no simple way to describe KnoWEwell but to think big―WebMD meets Match.com, HomeAdvisors, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Indeed for Regenerative Whole Health, all in one place for the benefit of everyone. “Natural Awakenings is honored to give our dedicated readers the opportunity to be some of the first members to be welcomed into the KnoWEwell community. With gratitude for our 26 years of readership and support, through our mission-aligned collaborative partnership with KnoWEwell, we are pleased to gift both individuals and providers with free annual memberships. The new platform can be found at KnoWEwell.com.” For more information, visit KnoWEwell.com and see the ad on page 11, which includes free membership codes.

When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in. ~Kristin Armstrong

Natural Awakenings Houston Edition


Introducing: Barbara J. Ellis, Retired RN & Urban Colonics Barbara J. Ellis, retired RN and Urban Colonics have been here offering colon health solutions to those in Houston and S. E. Texas, also surrounding cities and states, since the spring of 1979, at the same l ocation. They continue to irrigate with State Of The Art Equipment (closed colonic systems cleared by the FDA). They utilize totally disposable colonic set-ups and sterile water. In addition they are able to use alkaline water as an additive. A prescription is required for this procedure. Their Medical Director at a different location will make an assessment and write a prescription for THEIR clients only. Ms. Ellis is pleased to provide this concise overview of colon hydrotherapy: This straight forward information which will help you better understand why and how colon hydrotherapy or colonics is beneficial as we naturally cleanse and detoxify the body to help restore the colon to optimal health. Colon hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method to remove waste from the large intestine. We guarantee a clean environment with outstanding professional service. The simple process is painless and sanitary. Colon hydrotherapy is a purely physical process, a steady flow of water in and out of the colon. This process achieves an inner environment resembling a gently flowing stream as opposed to a stagnant body of water. Your overall health will increase as stress is relieved from the body and proper digestion is restored. Colon irrigation addresses many physical complications and we view it as a most worthy consideration for anyone serious about good health. We are confident that you will share our views after exploring our web site. Afterward, we encourage you to make an appointment today. Urban Colonics 5042 Briscoe Street Houston, TX.77033 713-738-8199 urbancolonics.com See Ad on page 5


Do Aerobic Exercises to Improve Fatty Liver Condition Metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) is a common form of chronic liver disease affecting up to one quarter of the population worldwide. Associated with Type 2 diabetes and obesity, MAFLD is quickly becoming the leading cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer and has been linked to more severe COVID-19 outcomes. With no effective pharmacological treatments, the focus has been on reducing weight by 7 to 10 percent. But a new study from Trinity College, in Dublin, based on liver biopsies of 24 patients, found those that undertook 12 weeks of aerobics had significant improvements in markers of liver and metabolic health, even without weight loss, making exercise theoretically more important than losing pounds. The positive results were not sustained once the exercising stopped, leading researchers to recommend follow-up programs in community settings.

AlbertasPainRelief.com 4oz Jar


15 00

Plus $4.90 Shipping

Homeopathic Remedy Effectively Quells Pain

C. E. Smith introduced Aunt Alberta’s Remedy, a homeopathic pain relief cream, to the marketplace. The pain relief cream penetrates deep into the skin and muscle tissues. Several time-tested ingredients, petroleum jelly, oil of wintergreen, iodine, and castor oil are combined to bring effective pain relief results. What is Pain? Pain is a natural mechanism by which the body draws attention to a problem area. Pain indicates that the malfunction can no longer be tolerated or compensated for and that further derangement may become injurious per Ross Trattler, “Better Health Through Natural Healing.” What is Natural Medicine? Herbs that excite and arouse nervous sensibility and stimulate vital forces to action. They increase and strengthen the pulse and restore weakened circulation. Wintergreen is an old-fashioned remedy. Useful in chronic inflammatory rheumatism, sciatica, and diabetes per Jethro Kloss, “Back to Eden.” Castor Oil has been recommended by a massage therapist to cover the area of pain. Add felt on affected area and place a heating pad on the sore spot. Castor Oil applied topically has been reported to ease bruising. It’s impressive that it relieved the muscle pain per Joe and Terry Graedon, “The Peoples Pharmacy Quick and Handy.” To all pain sufferers: My dream is to share this natural based pain relief cream with the world. Continued use of Aunt Alberta’s Remedy will help alleviate your muscle aches and pains. This product has no offensive odor. This information is not intended to provide advice on personal medical matters, nor is it a substitute for consultation with a physician. CES For more information, visit AlbertasPainRelief.com. See ad this page.

november 2020


TRANSFORMING YOUR HEALTH CARE TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH & WELL-BEING Natural Awakenings is honored to give our dedicated readers the opportunity to be among the first members welcomed into the KnoWEwell community. With gratitude for our 26 years of readership and support, through our mission-aligned collaborative partnership with KnoWEwell, we are pleased to gift both individuals and providers with:


“There is no simple way to describe KnoWEwell but Think Big! WebMD, meets Match.com, HomeAdvisor, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Indeed for Regenerative Whole Health, all in one place for the benefit of everyone.” Joe Dunne, Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp., COO

Join for FREE at KnoWEwell.com INDIVIDUALS NATX360


(a $60 value)

(a $300 value)

A Top 50 Healthcare Company 2019

Natural Awakenings Houston Edition

The KnoWEwell Collaborative with benefits for all in the RWH and well-being ecosystem.


Awe & Wonder as an Approach to the Divine

Introducing: Karuna Whole Plant Juices & Smoothies

Kreat Day Botanicals: online & at the store

Join Sr. Damien Marie Savino, Dean of Science & Sustainability at Aquinas College, on Sunday, November 22nd at 7 p.m. as she explores Awe & Wonder as an Approach to the Divine. Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by a stunning sunrise, a rising moon, or the unexpected appearance of a bird or other animal at close contact? The experience of awe and wonder in such moments transports us out of the mundanity that can creep into everyday life and opens our eyes to the reality of a transcendent dimension. In this talk, Sister Damien Marie will explore the significance of awe and wonder as an approach to the Divine, and the special opportunity we have at this time of COVID-19 to recapture those experiences as a way of renewing our lives.

Karuna is a nutrient-dense and convenient grab-and-go drink option for those who are looking for a low-sugar, plant-based juice or smoothie option.

Kreat Day Botanicals offers buyers in the Houston area organic botanical goods including kratom, moringa, noni, rosella, butterfly pea, blue lotus, Tongkat Ali, and Akuamma. They are a one-stop source for herbal remedies, phytonutrients as well as mood enhancement, glucose and hormone support herbs. They offer a free consult free and delivery of their premium lab-tested products.

Please register for this talk on www. eventbrite.com. Contact Lisa Brenskelle at gcs.lrc@gmail.com with any questions.


Coming Next Month

Spending Locally

Plus: Creating Community


november 2020

Award-winning drinks that combine prebiotic & antioxidants using whole plant ingredients, Karuna is not just another “superfood” product. Each of Karuna’s recipe formulations are based on the ancient wisdom that Food is Better Medicine™ and backed by modern nutritional science. In addition to the musthave attributes such as no-added sugar and all-natural ingredients, these organic drinks have a low glycemic index which is essential to stabilize blood sugar levels and maintain sustained energy. Karuna is also high in prebiotic fiber and natural antioxidants, supporting digestive health and increased immunity. A pioneer in the industry, Karuna’s founder, Angela Zeng, created her own hydroponic farm to grow and harvest mung bean sprouts, an essential ingredient used in most of her drinks. She also reduces waste by using the whole plant. Each Karuna drink is produced in small batches at the company’s St. Louis, Missouri production facility. Karuna is available at your Houston area H-E-B. For more information about Karuna, visit their website: mykaruna.com See ad on pag 23

Check out their products on Instagram @Kreat.Day.Botanicals. Place your order 24/7 by calling 713-369-0946 or emailing Jvastola@ KreatDayBotanicals.com Kreat Day Botanicals 1907 W Gray, Suite 6 Houston, TX 77019 See ad page 24


Coming Next Month Creating Community & Connection Plus: Spending Locally


Giving Thanks

Meditation on Gratitude and Joy by Jack Kornfield

I offer this meditation that opens our hearts to gratitude and joy this holiday season.

Let yourself sit quietly and at ease. Allow your body to be relaxed and open, your breath natural, your heart easy. Begin the practice of gratitude by feeling how that, year after year, you have cared for your own life. Now let yourself begin to acknowledge all that has supported you in this care: With gratitude, I remember the people, animals, plants, insects, creatures of the sky and sea, air and water, fire and earth, all whose joyful exertion blesses my life every day. With gratitude, I remember the care and labor of a thousand generations of elders and ancestors who came before me. I offer my gratitude for the safety and well-being I have been given. I offer my gratitude for the blessing of this Earth I have been given. I offer my gratitude for the measure of health I have been given. I offer my gratitude for the family and friends I have been given. I offer my gratitude for the community I have been given. I offer my gratitude for the teachings and lessons I have been given. I offer my gratitude for the life I have been given. Just as we are grateful for our blessings, so we can be grateful for the blessings of others. Continue to breathe gently. Bring to mind someone you care about; someone it is easy to rejoice for. Picture them and feel the natural joy you have for their well-being, for their

happiness and success. With each breath, offer them your grateful, heartfelt wishes: May you be joyful. May your happiness increase. May you not be separated from great happiness. May your good fortune and the causes for your joy and happiness increase. Sense the sympathetic joy and caring in each phrase. When you feel some degree of natural gratitude for the happiness of this loved one, extend this practice to another person you care about. Recite the same simple phrases that express your heart’s intention. Then, gradually open the meditation to include neutral people, difficult people and even enemies, until you extend sympathetic joy to all beings everywhere, young and old, near and far. Practice dwelling in joy until the deliberate effort of practice drops away and the intentions of joy blend into the natural joy of your own wise heart. Jack Kornfield is a bestselling author, Buddhist practitioner and a key teacher in introducing and spreading mindfulness practices in the West. For more information about his teachings, podcasts and books, visitJackKornfield.com.

Natural Awakenings Houston Edition



eco tip

Chiropractic Guide Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center Dr. Jackie St.Cyr, DC 8100 Washington Ave, #210 Houston, TX 77007 713-521-2104 n8chiro.com HealthPro Chiropractic & Acupuncture Dr. Alayna E. Pagnani-Gendron, DC 4101 Green Briar Dr. #135 Houston, TX 77098 281-506-0105 9720 Cypresswood Dr #130 Houston, TX 77070 281-809-0100 healthprochiro.com Franson Chiropractic Dr. Brett V. Franson, DC 1652 South Dairy Ashford Rd. Houston, TX 77077 281-701-1596 fransonchiropractor.com


Repairing Can Prolong Life of Products With every Amazon delivery and late-night QVC purchase, the verdict is in: America is the Godzilla of consumerism, and far too many of the products we buy are disposable or designed to become obsolete. Tons of waste ends up in landfills or is incinerated, causing pollution. Plus, non-renewable natural resources like petroleum and heavy metals are depleted to manufacture new products and the non-biodegradable packaging they’re wrapped in. Awakening to the consequences of consumption addiction, a more sustainable choice emerges: repairing. When something breaks, don’t replace it­—fix it. By prolonging the lifespan of items, demand for new products is reduced, resources are conserved and money is saved. It all helps the planet.

A Repair Cafe Near Home

In concert with the do-it-yourself craze, there’s a growing interest in repair cafes and pop-up events where people can learn to fix things or have someone do it for them. It’s fun, and the camaraderie and guidance of knowledgeable neighbors makes all the difference. Visit RepairCafe.org to find a nearby location or for detailed instructions on how to start one.

How to Fix Anything

Whether it’s a faulty toaster, broken wheelbarrow or torn jeans, some common principles apply: Don’t panic. When the bicycle chain breaks, remain calm. Split the task into manageable steps. Anticipate the feeling of empowerment when the wheels are turning again.

Get informed. From hemming a skirt to rewiring a lamp, a detailed YouTube video awaits. Check online for product manuals that offer diagnostics and repair instructions. For an extensive collection of repair guides, visit IFixIt.com.

Use the right tool. To get the job done quicker, easier

and without possible injury or damage to property, the right tool is key. Local hardware store attendants can help. For one-time-use or expensive tools, consider renting or borrowing.

Visit a repair shop. A great way to support local business is to

patronize local repair shops for shoes, clothing, jewelry, computers, appliances and more.

Buying for Longevity

Choose quality products that are designed to last and easy to repair. To help evaluate options, iFixIt.com offers a list of repairability scores. In a perfect, sustainable world, the marketplace would be filled with beautiful, artful and clever products that everyone loves and can’t bear to replace.


november 2020

Who are you going to call to remove the Darkness? We, with the help of the Trinity, Archangels, and Ascended Masters remove darkness from individuals, homes, properties, possessions, and businesses.

Whisper of the Angels

We are here to help!

Call for your free initial consultation. Call Today!

713-526-HELP (4357) whisperoftheangels.com

Julie Hollingsworth, PhD., Intuitive Empath Kathleen Markham, ND, Intuitive Empath Kensey Payge, Intuitive Empath & Animal Communicator Natural Awakenings Houston Edition


conscious eating

Giving Thanks for a Healthy Feast How to Lighten Up Thanksgiving Fare by April Thompson

Due to travel restrictions, tighter budgets

and concern for family members that may be older or have underlying health conditions, Thanksgiving might be a smaller affair this year, but that’s no reason to give up on having a scrumptious, celebratory meal. With a little creativity and lots of flavor, our treasured American holiday need not suffer. Giant turkeys may not grace as many tables as usual, so it’s the perfect time to up the side-dish game, embracing healthier options and taking full advantage of an abundant supply of delicious, in-season produce. To right-size the Thanksgiving spread


november 2020

for carnivores, “Get a Cornish hen or another small bird from a local poultry producer, or consider turkey parts like breasts or thighs, instead of cooking an entire big bird,” advises Steven Satterfield, co-owner and executive chef of the Miller Union restaurant, in Atlanta, and author of Root to Leaf: A Southern Chef Cooks Through the Seasons. For sides that rate high in both nutrition and taste, the James Beard winner favors in-season veggies like brassicas and Asian greens. “Napa cabbage is great roasted, grilled or prepared raw as a salad. Brussels sprouts shaved on a mandolin and sautéed briefly with shallot and garlic, and

dressed with apple cider vinegar and diced apple, is another nice option,” Satterfield says. One of his go-to dishes is a root vegetable salad with shaved celery root, walnuts, apples and dried cranberries with a simple dressing of olive oil and lemon. Sweet potatoes and pumpkin offer a nutritional edge over white potatoes, giving them top billing at Satterfield’s holiday table. He suggests simplifying the traditional sweet potato casserole by first parboiling, straining, peeling and cutting the potatoes into thick chunks, and then baking with lemon juice, nutmeg and water. “The sweet potatoes will caramelize and form a natural syrup. It has a bright and refreshing flavor without adding the usual butter, marshmallows and sugar,” he explains. According to Satterfield, many nutritious bitter greens are plentiful this time of year, including chicory, radicchio, frisée and endive. “Last Thanksgiving, I made a chicory salad with dates, pecans, shaved parmesan and persimmon with a sherry vinaigrette with olive oil and shallots. The sweetness of the fruit balances nicely with the bitter greens, which add fiber and help with digestion and the circulatory system.” Thanksgiving offers a good opportunity to go meatless, according to Kim

Campbell, vegan chef and author of The PlantPure Nation Cookbook. “There is a substitute for every animal product out there, so it’s not hard to make traditional recipes plant-based,” says the Durham, North Carolina, native. Her recipe for a nutty or beanie loaf ramps up the flavor and health profiles by using fresh, rather than dried, herbs such as rosemary, thyme and sage, as well as natural binding agents like lentils, flax seeds or chia seeds mixed with water. “Guests will be amazed that whole foods can be so flavorful and satisfying,” she says. “Go the extra mile with quality ingredients for a special meal like this.” Campbell encourages people to enjoy the abundance of fresh produce and learn how to cook in season. Fruit-based desserts can be a great way to showcase what’s in season and still keep guests light on their feet. “You don’t have to use crust or a lot of added sugar for something like an apple crisp or cobbler,” she says. Annemarie Ahearn, founder of the Salt Water Farm cooking school, in Lincolnville, Maine, also suggests a healthful rethinking of traditional Thanksgiving dishes. “Instead of a green bean casserole, consider blanched green beans with almond and cranberry. Dried cranberries can go in a salad, rather than a sauce. You can have the same ingredients and keep the same focal point, but use less cream and dairy,” says the author of Full Moon Suppers at Salt Water Farm: Recipes from Land and Sea. Ahearn, who teaches a class on Thanksgiving cooking, encourages people to take a stroll after the main meal to let food settle before having dessert. She also suggests serving some dishes at room temperature to relieve the pressure of having everything arrive hot at the table. For those unable to be with extended family, Satterfield suggests trading recipes in advance, and then having a virtual Thanksgiving by sharing a visual image of how the meal turned out. “You can even send leftovers if you’re in the same vicinity,” he says. Connect with Washington, D.C., freelance writer April Thompson at AprilWrites.com. be used for scalloped potatoes, creamed corn or even on pasta. Reprinted from The PlantPure Nation Cookbook, by Kim Campbell.

Savory Thanksgiving Dishes Mushroom Gravy This rich, flavorful gravy is perfect over potatoes and veggie loafs. It’s easy to prepare and inexpensive. Yield: 4 servings 1 onion, minced 6 white button mushrooms, chopped 2½ cups low-sodium vegetable stock, divided ½ tsp minced garlic ½ tsp dried thyme ½ tsp dried sage ½ tsp crushed dried rosemary

1 Tbsp cooking sherry 2 Tbsp tamari sauce or low-sodium soy sauce 1 Tbsp nutritional yeast flakes ¼ cup whole wheat flour ¼ tsp black pepper Sea salt to taste

In a large skillet over medium-high heat, sauté the onions and mushrooms in one-half cup of the vegetable stock. Add the garlic, sage, thyme, rosemary, sherry, tamari and nutritional yeast, then continue to sauté for just a minute or two over high heat. Pour the remaining vegetable broth into a bowl and whisk in the flour until there are no lumps. Add to the pan with the onion and mushrooms. Simmer over medium heat, stirring until the gravy has reached its peak thickness, about 10 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Reprinted from The PlantPure Nation Cookbook, by Kim Campbell.

Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole readed Onion Rings: 1 large white or red onion, sliced into ¼-inch thick rings 2 cups whole wheat breadcrumbs 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp onion powder 2 Tbsp nutritional yeast flakes ½ tsp sea salt (optional) 1¼ cups whole grain flour 1 cup nondairy milk Sauce: 1½ cups nondairy milk ½ cup raw cashews 2-3 garlic cloves 1½ Tbsp cornstarch

1 tsp onion powder ¼ tsp nutmeg 2 Tbsp nutritional yeast flakes 2 tsp apple cider vinegar ½ tsp sea salt ½ tsp black pepper Veggies: 12 oz fresh mushrooms (any variety), sliced or chopped 2-3 Tbsp dry white wine for sautéing 24 oz frozen green beans, French cut or whole

Natural Awakenings recommends using organic, non-GMO (genetically modified)

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Yield: 6 servings


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Preheat oven to 425° F. In a small bowl, combine the breadcrumbs, garlic powder, onion powder, nutritional yeast flakes and sea salt. Place the flour, milk and bread crumb mixture into three separate bowls. Bread the onion rings by coating them in the flour, the milk and then the breadcrumbs. Several onions rings can be prepared at the same time. Place the breaded onions onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicone mat. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown and crispy. Place the sauce ingredients into a high-powered blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Set aside. In a large fry pan over medium-high heat, sauté the mushrooms using small amounts of white wine to prevent the mushrooms from sticking. Cook for 6-8 minutes or until tender. Place the thawed green beans and mushrooms into nine-by-13-inch casserole pan. Pour the cream sauce over the vegetables, distributing the sauce evenly. Top the casserole with the baked onion rings and cover with foil. Bake at 375° F for 20-30 minutes. Remove the foil and continue to bake for an additional 20 minutes. Chef’s note: You can soak your cashews if you don’t have a high-powered blender for easy blending. This creamy white sauce can be used for scalloped potatoes, creamed corn or even on pasta. Reprinted from The PlantPure Nation Cookbook, by Kim Campbell.

Cranberry Sauce with Maple Syrup JANUARY

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Delicious maple syrup, orange juice, cinnamon and cranberries are boiled down to a syrupy, slightly sweet and spicy sauce. The cranberries “pop” under the heat and give this side dish a gorgeous ruby color. Yield: 2 cups


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12 oz whole fresh cranberries or 1 package ¾ cup real maple syrup ½ cup water ½ cup orange juice freshly squeezed or store bought 1 cinnamon stick Take the cranberries and place into a large sieve. Pick out any berries that look damaged (black spots, mushy, white). Wash and drain. Pour the cranberries into a medium-large pot. Add the maple syrup, water and orange juice. Stir to combine. Place the cinnamon stick in the center. Heat the berries on medium-high heat until the mixture reaches a boil. Then, lower the heat to medium-low and simmer for 10-12 minutes or until syrupy and richly red. You will hear the cranberries “pop” as they cook; don’t be alarmed. Remove the pot from the heat and allow to cool to room temperature. Store in a covered container in the fridge.


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fit body

Body Gratitude Being Thankful Empowers Our Workouts

ing yourself, and then keep doing it.” Calling a truce with body imperfections can help us feel more comfortable in our skins, something that can go a long way. For Hunt, shifting perspective inward is key. “What if we all stop and imagine being on a desert island? What would your perfect workout, body and life be like if there were no outside influences?”

Pain and Compassion

by Marlaina Donato

Exercise is crucial to preventing and managing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, de-

pression and many other health conditions, but staying motivated to maintain a routine can sometimes be challenging, even for fitness devotees. Cultivating an appreciation for the way our bodies carry us through life can turn what may have seemed like a humdrum workout into something special. Research shows that a gratitude practice fosters patience, encourages self-care and nourishes self-discipline, especially when we’re tempted to reach for another slice of pie.

Appreciation in Motion

“When we’re appreciating ourselves, we open the floodgates to joyful movement and freedom,” says personal trainer Katie Hunt, in Milwaukee. “What if today were the last day I got to run? This question forces me to appreciate every little thing my body can do and minimizes the focus on what I dislike doing. Suddenly, running feels like a gift instead of a task.” During pandemic restrictions, a socially distant power walk with a friend can get the blood moving and shift perspective. “Something about feeling my heart pounding, a cool breeze after I first break a sweat and the ability to share authentically with a close friend at the same time reminds me of both my powerful mind and miraculous body. How can I not be grateful?” asks Andrea Stern, owner of the Satori Yoga Studio, in San Francisco. Her thankful intention is carried into each yoga session. “I encourage students to bring a sense of gratitude to the mat with them. Before the class begins, I ask folks to connect with the present moment and to check in with themselves.”

Motivation Through Affirmation Using daily affirmations—simple sentences written or spoken aloud—is a wonderful way to infuse exercise time with positivity. Leaning into a challenging asana or doing one more lap in the pool with self-affirming intention can snuff out self-criticism. “Moving your body is not a competition. You don’t have to prove yourself or your ability to anyone. Practice feeling grateful for how your body can move, starting with your heartbeat and breath,” says Sofia Angelina Marcus-Myers, an intuitive energy worker and portrait photographer in Portland, Oregon. Healing self-portraiture and dedication to daily affirmations propel Marcus-Myers through chronic pain and help her to see the body as a sacred vehicle. “Affirming your body is a practice, and sometimes it will feel awkward, absurd or tedious. Do it until you feel more comfortable affirm-

Living with discomfort makes exercising challenging, but learning to respect the body’s rhythms and limitations can be beautifully empowering. “I love the quote, ‘Unless your compassion begins with yourself, it is incomplete,’” says Stern. “Taking a class together (even virtually) gives us a sense of being in this together. When we breathe, stretch and grow together through our practice, it helps us to appreciate where we are on any given day.” For Loolwa Khazzoom, a Seattle-based author and musician, it’s all about surrender. “Don’t fight your pain; dance with it—literally and figuratively. Dance from your bed. Dance in your head. Dance wherever and however it’s comfortable.” As the founder of Dancing with Pain, a wellness company that teaches a natural approach to pain relief through movement, Khazzoom says, “Our consciousness naturally goes to the places in pain and overlooks the places that feel good. Those places are quite literally our pathways to wellness.” She recommends focusing on pain-free areas of the body with the joy, power, harmony and other sensations that come from moving to enjoyable music, noting, “As we inhabit those places with our entire beings, there is less and less room for the pain, to the point that it may vanish altogether.” Marcus-Myers brings the message home with, “It isn’t your body’s purpose to be anyone’s ideal. Your body is an incredible living thing, worthy of love and gratitude.”

Marlaina Donato is an author and composer. Connect at AutumnEmbersMusic.com.

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Take Vitamin D and Calcium to Reduce Vertigo When a change in the position of a person’s head results in a sudden spinning sensation, it’s a condition known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. For 86 percent of people afflicted with it, daily life can be interrupted, including missing work. Treatment usually involves a doctor or health practitioner performing a series of movements to the patient’s head that shift particles in the ears, but scientists in South Korea have found another simple solution: 400 international units of vitamin D and 500 milligrams of calcium daily. In a study of 957 people published in Neurology, 445 in an intervention group were given supplements if vitamin D levels were less than 20 nanograms per milliliter. The 512 people in the observation group did not get supplements. After a year, the supplement-takers had 24 percent fewer episodes, and those with very low vitamin D levels at the start experienced a 45 percent reduction.

life coach - : a partner/champion for your full potential helping with clarity, setting and reaching goals or overcoming challenges.

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ri Mo •G s i tivati s onal Hypno

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. ~Albert Einstein


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ef Rec over y

Hypnosis is a normal and natural state of relaxation that can help with:

hin oac Life C

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Sherri Mitchell on Indigenous Wisdom for Our Times by Linda Sechrist

Author of Sacred Instructions: Indigenous

Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change, Sherri Mitchell Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset) has been an attorney, spiritual teacher and indigenous rights activist for more than 25 years. Born and raised on the Penobscot Indian Reservation, she draws upon her ancestral knowledge to address environmental protection, social justice and spiritual change, offering a set of cultural values to help preserve ourcollective survival for future generations.

Why is a deeper understanding of the foundational laws of creation so important now? What people really need to understand about the laws of attraction and manifestation, which are foundational laws of creation, is that humans have been manifesting the reality they’ve been living in for a very, very long time. Connected by the laws of entanglement, whatever we are giving life to, whatever we are thinking, speaking and breathing out is creating the current that is manifesting the storm we are currently living. We are co-creators of this reality, and it is time to move beyond the kindergarten-level of the law of attraction and take conscious responsibility for what we are actively creating, whether we intend it or not, because we are creating and putting things into motion all the time. We, as spiritual beings having a human experience, need to begin taking grown-up responsibility and move beyond the childlike dependence that colonization has imprinted within us. Human beings have set in motion all the ideologies and beliefs that are currently

nial era. Colonization, like capitalism, reaches what appears to be an end point, and then it turns around and begins cannibalizing itself. For example, we’re seeing colonization of the commons—companies taking control of the majority of the Earth’s drinking and potable water and making a statement that human beings don’t have a right to that water. Water should be part of the commons and available to everyone equally. Cannibalization by ongoing colonization is also happening to our air through the Paris Agreement. Trading for shares of clean air through a carbon credit program is the greatest smoke-and-mirrors scam of our time. We are in the midst of the “Dance of the Cannibal Giant” with colonization and capitalism as key players.

What is the Dance of the Cannibal Giant?

governing and manifesting the reality that we step into, moment-by-moment. According to the law of motion, this is going to stay in motion until it meets with an equal or greater force. That force is us. We need to stand in the path of the energy we have created and actively stop its movement. We need to transform the energetic pattern of it and shift it in another direction.

What is colonization? It’s difficult to talk about colonization in sound bites because it’s a complex subject. With regard to history, colonization was about taking over lands occupied by an indigenous population. The romanticized myth of colonization, the settling of the Americas, was unsettling. The language surrounding colonization makes it sound as if it was a wonderful thing, when it was actually disruptive, destructive and filled with violence and domination. Moving into and taking over an already occupied area to gain and maintain control over resources is an act of conquest and domination. We are not living in a post-colo-

It’s an indigenous extinction story for the human species. There are a number of them relevant to the times we are living in. In the Wabanaki tradition, Giwakwa, the cannibal giant, lives deep in the forest and only awakens to the Earth mother’s distressed cry. This lets Giwakwa know that humans are consuming faster than she can produce and harming her faster than she can heal. Awakened, Giwakwa plays music on his flute that dances people into frenzied, mindless, faster and faster consumption until they consume themselves off the planet, giving Mother Earth the oppor tunity to heal and renew. These indigenous extinction stories are active now across the globe. The only way to put the cannibal giant back to sleep is for us to wake up fully to the fact that the Earth is being damaged at a rate far greater than she can heal herself, and that there are many species on the verge of extinction. We are one of them. People must be incredibly discerning now. They must get grounded in their center to listen and heed the direction of their inner compass that will guide them in a right direction. For more information, visit SacredInstructions.life. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings.

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Meditation for Transformation Online self-paced meditation courses by Claire Villarreal, PhD. focusing on bringing your practice into daily life. Start with the Free Mini-Course Essential Tools for Meditation ClaireVillarreal.com

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Avalon School of Massage 2990 Richmond Ave., Suite 200 Houston, TX 77098 713-333-5250 avalonmassageschool.com Student massages only $40 Call for an appointment today!

Stan’s Hands Massage & Wellness, LLC 2990 Richmond Ave., Suite 440 Houston, TX 77098 832-526-6520 stanshandsmassage.com

Full Circle Healing Massage & Bodywork Mask Required 281-460-8243 FullCircleHealing@massagetherapy.com fullcirclehealing.massagetherapy.com

The Body Genius 3707 Westcenter Dr., Suite 212 Houston, TX 77042 Call for appointments. 713-254-4857

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Healthy Tips & Hints

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Get B12 in a Vegan Diet from Dough Fermentation

Vitamin B12, an essential dietary nutrient typically derived from animal sources, poses a special challenge for vegans; its deficiency is linked to anemia and nervous system damage. Aside from supplements and foods fortified with cyanocobalamin or hydroxocobalamin, a new natural approach has been documented by University of Helsinki researchers: fermenting dough using Propionibacterium freudenreichii bacteria, commonly used to make Emmental cheese, along with Lactobacillus brevis to improve microbial safety, produced enough B12 to fulfill the nutritional need for vegans. During the three-day fermentation process, rice bran and buckwheat bran had the highest B12 production. “In situ fortification of B12 via fermentation could be a more cost-effective alternative. And as a commonly consumed staple food, grains are excellent vehicles for enrichment with micronutrients,� says study author Chong Xie.

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PLANT-BASED WELLNESS RESOURCES Present This Page To Receive Your Discount Be sure to call before you visit any of these businesses

Smoke Envy/Better Days CBD

2425 Yale Street, #2, Houston, TX 77008 852-744-9944 better-days-wellness-shop.business.site 20% OFF any on 1 Item

Hydroshack Hydroponics

1138 W 20th Street, Houston, TX 77008 Open 7 days a week 713-292-1921 Organic Soils, Nutrients, Coco, Foxfarm, & CBD. Hydroshack.com

Green Compass Global | CBD Leslie Shatto - Independent Advocate 832-791-2772 NaturalWellnessWithCBD.com

Kreat Day Botanicals

1907 W Gray, Suite 6, Houston, TX 77019 713-369-0946 Jvastola@KreatDayBotanicals.com Instagram @Kreat.Day.Botanicals

Try Rhodiola and Black Cohosh for Menopausal Symptoms The herb black cohosh has long been used to relieve menopausal symptoms, and a new study in Pharmaceuticals suggests that it’s most effective when combined with rhodiola, an adaptogenic herb known for balancing stress responses, as well as supporting brain, liver and heart health. Researchers from the Democratic Republic of Georgia Zhordania Institute of Reproductology divided 220 women into three groups. After 12 weeks, those given the combination of the two herbs reported 71 percent fewer menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, and 67 percent fewer psychological and physical symptoms. These were significantly better results than for those that received either a high or low dose of black cohosh or a placebo.


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A Moveable Feast

9341 Katy Fwy, Echo Lane Center, Houston, TX 77024 713-365-0368

Green Seed Vegan

4320 Almeda Rd., Houston, tx 77004 713.487.8346 greenseed.com

Green Vegetarian Cuisine

6720 Chimney Rock Rd Suite Y, Houston, TX 77081 832-649-4184 eatatgreen.com

Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine

1320 W 34th Street, Houston, TX 77018 832-831-9951 govindashou.com

Houston Sauce Company

3400 S Wayside Dr., Houston, TX 77087 832-649-8286 houstonsauceco.com

Coming in December The December Plant-Wellness issue will focus on Kratom. You may have seen signs or ads or heard people talk about it but what is it, what are it’s benefits, what things should you be aware of if you plan to use it? Next month our staff writer J. Garnett will give us his take on this herb. Don’t miss it.

Have a Kreat Day! Enjoy Kreat Day Botanicals Today kratom / teas / superfoods Find us on Instagram @Kreat.Day.Botanicals Place Orders 24/7 713-369-0946 or Jvastola@KreatDayBotanicals.com

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Connie’s Bath Shack 211 Midway Street, Bld. E 281-288-9595 conniesbathshack.com

Del Sol 2226 Strand Street Suite B 409-762-0194 delsol.com/stores/galveston

Creations Market & Workshop 311 Main Street 346-351-1107 facebook.com/creationsmarket andworkshop Crazy Mama’s Perfumerie & Boutique 2603 Preston Street 281-907-7131 This Peaceful Place 312 Main Street 346-382-3039 apeacefulplaceshop.com Xuxa Mystical Bazaar 315 Gentry Street, Suite B7 832-236-7200 @xuxamysticalbazaar

5 Good Reasons to Shop Locally 1. Local Economic Stimulus. When you purchase at locally owned businesses rather than nationally owned, more money is kept in the community because locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses, service providers and farms. Purchasing local helps grow other businesses as well as the local tax base. 2. Non Profits Receive Greater Support. Local business owners donate more to local charities than non-local owners. 3. Unique Businesses Create Character & Prosperity. The unique character of your local community is defined in large part by the business that reside there, and that plays a big factor in your overall satisfaction with where you live and the value of you home and property. 4. Environmental Impact Is Reduced. Small local business usually set up shop in the town/village center, providing a centralized variety that is much friendlier to a community’s walk score than out of town shopping malls. This generally means contributing less to sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution. 5. Most New Jobs Are Provided By Local Businesses. Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally. Plus the more jobs you have in your local community the less people are going to have to commute which means more time and less traffic and pollution. from The Local Good. thelocalgood.ca/

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calendar of events Novemberber 2020 MONDAY NOVEMBER 2

Discovery Green presents Xfinity Día de los Muertos Virtual Celebration 7 pm. The Day of the Dead festival is a Mexican holiday where families and friends gather to celebrate and remember those who have died. This year, Discovery Green is taking the celebration online to a virtual altar where Houstonians are invited to upload photos and write memories about their loved ones to share with the community. Online. FREE https:// www.discoverygreen.com/diadelosmuertos


COVID, Post-Hurricane, 2020 Online Stress Relief Workshop by Claudia Autry 10am12pm This workshop for anyone who has been experiencing stress related to COVID, hurricanes, and generally 2020. During this workshop, attendees will explore all the ways that COVID has affected all of us, gain an understanding of how stress affects us from a body, mind and soul level, receive practical stress relief tips and skills and experience a guided visualization to create a better state of being. Cost/investment for this workshop is $45. Call 281-849-4610 or email ca@claudiaautry.com to sign-up.


Exploring Health & Higher consciousness Through the Chakra System. A 9-week curriculum facilitated by Lin Weiss. Call or email for an application. linweiss@conscioushealingnow.com 713-858-8595.


Houston Ballet Virtual Nutcracker Market 9 am The Houston Ballet Nutcracker Market has pivoted to an online shopping event for the 2020 holiday season in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Online shoppers will be able to shop merchants from across the country, showcasing unique holiday items, home décor, gourmet food, apparel, jewelry, toys, accessories, pet items, candles and more. Support the Houston Ballet. FREE http://www.nutcrackermarket.com/


Coronavirus and self-healing lecture 11am-12:15pm. This is an introduction of an energy system of self-healing and its application to the issue of coronavirus. During the lecture, an internal approach to chronic illness via energy cultivation is discussed and you will learn how to use energy to reduce the chance of infection, speed up the recovery after infection and repair the organ and systemic damages caused by the infection. Please bring your questions relating to coronavirus infection, transmission and recovery to the lecture for discussion. Ching Chi Institute 10300 Harwin Dr. apt.208, Houston TX 77036. Since the class size is limited, reservation is required. Please call or email Dr. Wu at 832-654-288 chingchiinstitute@yahoo.com Visit the website for more information. chingchiinstitute.com Love donation of $10 is appreciated.


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Stages Repertory Theatre presents Buttons’ Sleeping Beauty: A One-Man Outrageous Unbelievable COVID Lockdown Panto 2 pm & 7 pm Ryan Schabach returns as Buttons in a hilarious all-new, one-man version of the hit holiday romp. While sheltering in place due to COVID-19, Buttons tells the story of Nadia, a courageous heroine battling a wicked fairy. Along the way he’s joined by a pandemically appropriate cast of quirky characters brought to life through puppetry, gadgetry and unique theatre magic.$25 & up. https://houston. culturemap.com/eventdetail/stages-repertory-theatre-buttons-sleeping-beauty/


Coronavirus and self-healing workshop We are in the middle of a pandemic. The health care system of this country is f ocusing on external methods. The Institute is developing an internal energy system to handle the pandemic. During the workshop, you learn the tools of energy cultivation system that would help you 1) minimize the effect of infection i.e you become asymptomatic and hopefully less infectious. 2) treat mild symptoms effectively to avoid a major autoimmune response which result in organ damage. 3) repair the organ and systemic damages caused by the virus. 4) prepare for the next pandemic. Ching Chi Institute 10300 Harwin Dr. apt.208, Houston TX 77036. 9am-4:30 pm. Please call Dr. Wu at 832-654-2885 or email chingchiinstitute@ yahoo.com. Go to chingchiinstitute.com for more information. The fee of the workshop is $80. Since the class size is limited, reservation is required. All the precautions ( ventilation and open windows) are taken for the in-door workshop.

wednesday YIN With Lin 9:30 am Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissues: fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones. It’s slow and meditative, facilitating the space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body. RSVP Required. 713.858.8595 Lin Weiss - Certified Yoga Therapist linweiss@conscioushealingnow. com Blissful Quests® with Doyle Ward-The Pocast. 1:00pm.Are you looking for answers? Have you ever had a “hunch” or a “gut feeling” that came true? Are you wondering if you are intuitive? Maybe the real question to explore is not IF you are intuitive, but HOW you are intuitive. Doyle Ward is an experienced intuitive medium, teacher, grief recovery specialist, and life coach. Call in during the show at: 1-760-456-7277, access on-demand episodes or listen live! blissfulquests.com/podcast/

Healing Meditation at First Spiritualist Church of Houston. 7:30 pm Livestream on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FirstSpiritualistChurchofHouston/ People of Earth. 7:00 pm. Hosted by Jacquelyn Battise. A program created to provide Native American and non-Native people with timely news and information about culture, news and realities. KPFC: Community Radio 90.1 FM. kpft. org

friday Brith Shalom 6:15 pm Shabbat Online https:// www.brithshalom.org

saturday Integrative Hatha Yoga 9:30amTherapeutic and flowing asana practice focusing on heart and hip openers, twists, postural alignment, the energetic subtlebodies and meditation.Lin offers the wisdom of many traditions to address each student’s goals, whether beginner or advanced. RSVP Required. 713.858.8595 Lin Weiss - Certified Yoga Therapist linweiss@conscioushealingnow.com

sunday Grace Episcopal Church & School. 10 am. Sunday Worship Livestream. https://www.facebook.com/GraceinHouston/ Unity Spiritual Center of Greater Houston 10:15 am Sunday Service. Facebook Live https://unityspiritualcenterhouston.org First Spiritualist Church of Houston 10:30 am Sunday Healing & Spirit Greetings Facebook Live First Unitarian Universalist Church 10:30 am Sunday Morning Worship Livestream. https:// firstuu.org/ Unity of Houston. 11 am Sunday Morning Service Livestreaming. https://unityhouston.org/ Creative Life Spiritual Center 11 am Sunday Celebration. Facebook Live https://www.facebook.com/creativelife.org/ Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism 12 noon. Sunday Meditation & Dharma Talk. https://www.youtube.com/user/dawnmountain ISKCON 5 pm Sunday Feast Class Livestream https://www.mayapur.tv/ Whole Mother. 7:30 pm. Hosted by Pat Jones. A show that discusses the political and practical aspects of being a mother today. KPFC: Community Radio 90.1 FM. kpft.org

healthy living guide 716 Chelsea Blvd. Houston, TX 77006 832-215-2039 facebook.com/drlance houstonintegrative

Whether you are looking to optimize your health or take care of an injury, pain or a chronic medical problem, let Lance Westendarp ND, LAc, BCB, CKTP, E-RYT200, help. Lance is a graduate of Bastyr University with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. He has also been teaching yoga and movement since 2003, is board certified in biofeedback and mind-body medicine. Follow him on Facebook and call him today for a FREE phone consultation. See ad on page 5

BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY MARILYN K. JONES, DDS Houston Dental Health Center 800 Bering Dr. Houston, TX 77057 713-497-1355 houstonbiologicaldentist.com

Natural Dentistry supports the body and the mind by finding the cause of dental problems. The dental examination includes noticing systemic and habitual influences. If you have dental issues or currently have silver amalgam fillings, call me today to schedule an appointment. See ad on page 27


Galveston, Texas cereset.com 409-599-7268 The Cereset™ Gavston location is part of a national network of client centers focused on next-generation brain wellness - helping you relax your brain to manage restful sleep through patented BrainEcho™ technology, which empowers the brain to reset itself as it hears and “sees” its own reflection. To schedule an appointment call: 409-599-7268. See ad on pages 5 & 20



ACUPUNCTURE Houston Integrative Health, Acupuncture and Mindful Movement


Green Compass Global | CBD Leslie Shatto - Independent Advocate (832)791-2772 www.NaturalWellnessWithCBD.com Excellent Line for Alternative Health Professionals... NEW Organic HempCBD Company expanding in Texas (and across the US)- Green Compass Global-Advocate Opportunity, NO Inventory Requirement, Advocate Websites - Direct Ships to Customers, Excellent Unilevel COMP Plan. Retail & Preferred Customer Pricing. 500-2500mg Full Spectrum & Isolate Formulas, Topical CBD Creams, Pain Patches, Bath Products, More! Ground Floor Advocate Opportunity. I have 30 years in the Direct Sales Industry, live in the Houston area, and would love to work with You! Please call me for more information... Check out my Facebook Group: CBD-Is It For Me? and Join the Green Compass Movement!


Positive change starts now! 832-628-4113 blissfulquests.com Are you looking for answers? Have you ever had a “hunch” or a “gut feeling” that came true? Are you wondering if you are intuitive? Doyle Ward is an experienced intuitive, teacher, grief recovery specialist, and life coach. Tune in to his weekly PodCast, Wednesdays at 1 pm on inflowradio.com See ad on page 20

1308 James Street Rosenberg, TX 77471 281-232-7336 joycelongwellness.com

Established 1989. Call to schedule any of the following services: massage therapies, lymphatic drainage massage and facials, reflexology, infra-red sauna, ion cleanse foot or hand baths, Chinese cupping or colon hydrotherapy (prescriptions only- yours or ours). By appointment only. Be well-Stay well. CALL TODAY!


Barbara Ellis, Retired RN 5042 Briscoe St. Houston, TX.77033 713-738-8199 urbancolonics.com Serving Houston and the surrounding area since 1979. We continue to irrigate with State Of The Art Equipment (closed colonic systems cleared by the FDA). We utilize totally disposable colonic set-ups and sterile water. A prescription is required for this procedure. Our Medical Director at a different location will make an assessment and write a prescription for OUR clients only. Please call us or visit our website for details or to schedule an appointment. See ad page 5


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CRYOTHERAPY DEFY CRYOSPA AND FLOAT 3800 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77027 346-571-5682 /www.defy-studio.com

School of Conscious Curriculums™ The Healing Arts & Self-Awareness

Chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety set hard limits on what our bodies are able to achieve. That’s why our expert team works 1-on-1 with each individual client to create a personalized wellness program tailor-made to defy those limits. We offer the combined benefits of cryotherapy, sensory deprivation float rooms, far infrared saunas, zero gravity massage systems, BEMER and a variety of other technologies. Visit our website for more information or call for an appointment. And be sure to mention that you saw us in Natural Awakenings magazine.

ENERGY MEDICINE Healing Solutions & Wellness Lin Weiss MH MHT CYT 713.858.8595 linweiss@earthlink.net conscioushealingnow.com

Healing is the restoration of balance in the Body with the integration of Mind & Spirit. While we have made many strides in western medicine, it’s becoming clear that we are in a perilous era of pharmaceutically-inclined bandages & bondages. Side-effects and the suppression of the body’s natural immunity only hide symptoms & are an epidemic detriment to our natural state of health and wholeness. Explore side-effect free options. Give your soul the support it needs to recover and your body the vitality it needs to thrive. Lin specializes in Holistic Healing; Bio-Energetic Balance; Brain Balancing; Homeopathy; Chakra Attunement; Nutrition Therapy; Life Enhancement Coaching. Addressing Adrenal Fatigue, Autistic Spectrum, Allergies, Anxiety, Auto-immunity, Depression, Digestive Solutions, Fertility, Focus Issues, & the human condition.Dwell in possibility! Contact Lin Weiss, today!



Expand Awareness, heal traumas, uplift your career, improve self-esteem, build better relationships, communicate effectively, sharpen intuition, strengthen your connection with your High Self and manifest your dreams, rapidly. Learn the wisdom of the ancients. Esoteric knowledge for a new age. Course offerings: Exploring Health & Higher Consciousness Through The Chakras, Intuitive Development, The Shadow & Archetypal Healing, Advanced Healing Techniques. Creator & Facilitator: Lin Weiss, Master Healer/ Teacher. Holistic Health Practitioner, Energy Healer, Homeopath, Medical Intuitive, Mind/Body Master, Life Enhancement Coach in private practice since 2003. Houston, Texas. FOR MORE INFORMATION & TO REQUEST APPLICATIONS: linweiss@earthlink.net conscioushealingnow.com

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE ERIN THOLE, CNHP ErinThole.com Thole.erin@gmail.com Get to the Root Cause of your Health Conditions. Erin has been working in the health and nutrition field for over 11 years specializing and working extensively with those suffering from: autoimmune, digestive, hormonal and inflammatory disorders. She works with each client’s unique biochemistry to determine what dietary, supplementation and lifestyle changes will work best for them as an individual. There is NO one-size-fits-all program. All appointments are conducted via phone! This makes it very easy and convenient to receive care from any location. If you want to reach your true health potential, Email Erin today to schedule your FREE 45 minute initial phone consultation. Hours until 5 pm Fridays. See Ad page 6


361 West 19th Street Houston, TX 77008 713-868-4725 venushairhouston.com Venus and her staff can do any age with any style, from a trim to a Mohawk. She is a wizard at color! If you are in The Heights, drop by, check out her art car, The Hairse, and say Hi! Now OPEN by appointment me only!

HAIR TISSUE MINERAL ANALYSIS DR. NETTIE RAMSAY 2900 Wilcrest St, Suite 220 Houston TX 77043 281-794-5255 Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is an elegant tool to help identify essential minerals that may be lacking or out of balance within your cells. A few snips of hair from the back of the scalp is all that is needed to find out exactly which minerals may be out of balance. We can then correct the imbalances within ionic minerals and food. You may think of this analysis as a three-month video of what’s going on in your cells nutritional make up. Mention this article and receive a free bottle of Probiotic (60) when you come in for and paid consultation. Call today to make an appointment.

HOLISTIC HEALTH PRIMARY CARE HOUSTON HOLISTIC HEALTH CLINIC & MEDICAL THERMOGRAPHY CENTER “Better Health Naturally” Dr. Gracie G. Chukwu, ND, CTN 6401 Southwest Freeway, Suite 250 Houston, TX 77074 713-781-9991 HoustonHolisticHealthClinic.com

Have you spent years in hope for finding answers to your symptoms or illnesses? We offer people an alternative solution to conventional medicine by determining the specific nutritional needs of your body so that it can to heal itself. We now also offer medical thermography useful in early diagnosis of cancer and chronic inflamatory pain. Call today to schedule an appointment.

november 2020


CLAUDIA AUTRY, HYPNOTIST (by appointment only) 281-849-4610 ca@claudiaautry.com claudiaautry.com

Want to stop smoking or lose weight? Looking for ways to relax, find balance and increase the joy in your life? Hypnosis can help you. Call SOON to book your appointment. Let’s work together to create the life you want!

INDIVIDUAL NUTRITIONAL PROTOCOLS LINDA ISAACS, MD 2500 W. William Cannon Dr., Suite 603 Austin, TX 78745 737-208-0831 DrLindaI.com For more than 20 years, Dr. Linda Isaacs and the late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez offered individualized protocols involving diet, nutritional supplementation, and detoxification for cancer and other degenerative diseases. They published multiple articles in peer-reviewed medical journals about their results. The work is based on that of the Texas orthodontist Dr. William Donald Kelley. Dr. Isaacs is currently seeing new patients.


1308 James Street Rosenberg, TX 77471 281-232-7336 joycelongwellness. com/ Health conditions can interrupt the normal flow of lymph, causing lymph fluid to build up in a particular area of the body, often in the arms or legs, where it can causing swelling. Lymphatic massage can reduce swelling and improve circulation throughout the lymphatic system. By appointment only. Be well-Stay well. CALL TODAY!


12129 Bellaire Blvd., Houston 77072 281-568-1568 • zen@cthouston.org cthouston.org


Creating Community & Connection Plus: Spending Locally

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Chan/Zen Meditation Classes, guided by Ordained Zen Masters of Chung Tai Chan Monastery Currently, due to corona virus outbreak. there are no events or classes scheduled. Check the web site (event calendar) for the most current information. See ad on page 4

Community Services • Charities Fair Trade Goods • Farm & Garden Co-ops Relationship Counselors Volunteer Programs ... and this is just a partial list!

Claire Villarreal: Meditation Instruction for Transformation clairevillarreal.com

Online meditation classes to help you bring your practice into your daily life. Whether you are an experienced meditator or just beginning to meditate, Claire Villarreal, PhD offers online classes to help you make a lifesytyle of Coming Home to Your Mind. The free mini-course is available on her website and the full course During this time of added stress when in-person meditation communities are closed, take advantage of this opportunity to receive timeless teaching and practice in the comfort of your home.


Holistic Hospital Care

Plus: Health & Wellness on a Budget

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METAPHYSICAL SHOP THIS PEACEFUL PLACE 312 Main Street Spring, TX 77373 346-382-3039 Like us on Facebook


Heart Health

Plus: Eco-Friendly Weddings

Take the short drive to Old Town Spring and visit the area’s newest metaphysical shop. We are all thing spiritual including...Incense, herbs, candles, books, jewelry, as well as guidance, teaching, tarot readings, palmistry, and so much more.



Contact us to learn about marketing opportunities email: mike@naturalawakenings-houstoncom

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Dr. LaTronica Fisher, DNP, ANP, GNP, RN 4544 Post Oak Place Dr. STE #254 Houston, Texas 77027 DrFisherRoad2Wellness.com 713 520-8188 Services: nHormone Rejuvenation nVaginal Dryness nUrinary Incontinence nLow Libido nErectile Dysfution nLow Stamina nWeight-Loss nSexual Dysfunction(men & women) nHair Restoration nNatural Face Lift Call today to schedule a consultation

NATUROPATH A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute Akua Gray - Naturopath 11201 Richmond Avenue, Suite A Houston, Texas 77082 832-303-3277 alifeofpeace.org drakuagray.com A Life Of Peace is a promise of nature, let’s work together to learn, live and teach the ways of wellness. Dr. Akua Gray, ND, a certified traditional Doctor of Naturopathy offering classes in wellness education.

NEW DECISION THERAPY DR. NETTIE RAMSAY 2900 Wilcrest St, Suite 220 Houston TX 77043 281-794-5255 New Decision Therapy (NDT) is an effective adjunct to natural health. How do you know if New Decision Therapy would be helpful to you? There are many conditions involving all levels of posttraumatic stress that can be overcome with the help NDT. If you had a lot of trauma and drama in your life, if there are things that you want to but something is standing in your way NDT may be your answer. There will be a NDT Practitioners Training on October 23-25, 2020.

If You Are Reading This, So Are Your Potential Customers.

Nettie Ramsay N.D. is a certified naturopath and New Decision Therapy Trainer and Practitioner. Her office is located on office is located on Wilcrest St. near Westheimer. Dr. Ramsay is available to speak at your conferences, retreats and groups as a speaker and a practitioner. Mention this article and receive a free bottle of Probiotic (60) when you come in for and paid consultation. Call today to make an appointment.

NUTRITIONAL MICROSCOPY DR. NETTIE RAMSAY, ND 2900 Wilcrest St, Suite 220 Houston TX 77043 281-794-5255

Check out our events in this month’s Natural Awakenings calendar.

Nutritional Microscopy allows you to see, in real time, the health of your red blood cells and white blood cells. This educational tool allows you to see on a monitor what Dr. Ramsay is seeing in the microscope. We then worked to improve the quality and viability of your red blood cells and white blood cells. The more active and moving your red blood cells and white blood cells are the more energy you have to run your body. Mention this article and receive a free bottle of Probiotic (60) when you come in for and paid consultation. Call today to make an appointment.

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713-927-6540 30

november 2020

OPTICIAN FACTORY EYEGLASS OUTLET 7921 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024 713-468-5665 factoryfineeyewear.com

Factory Eyeglass Outlet provides the ultimate services for all your eyecare needs. Whether you’re looking for premium or standard eyewear, we have something for you. As part of our superior services we offer complimentary consulting and frame styling. Next time you need you need new eyeglasses or need a repair choose Factory Eyeglass Outlet. Better sight- Better Life.

PAIN RELIEF AUNT ALBERTA’S REMEDY Homeopathic Pain Relief Cream 973-715-9097 info@AlbertasPainRelief.com albertaspainrelief.com

Need Relief from Arthritis? Try Aunt Alberta’s Remedy to ease muscular aches andjoint pain. Her Remedy is a homeopathic pain relief cream that penetrates deep into the skin and muscle tissues. Get beneficial relief from sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuralgia, gout, and more. All-natural ingredients! Do you want to feel a real difference from the nagging aches of arthritis? Feel less pain & have more range of motion? Use Aunt Alberta’s Pain Relief Cream! Get relief today! Great buy, get a 4oz jar for $15! See website for other options. See what people say about Aunt Alberta’s Remedy and Purchase Now on our website. albertaspainrelief.com. See ad page 10

SELF-HEALING Ching Chi Institute

Life energy education and research Kun Wu, Ph. D. Integral chi healer Chi H Wu, L. Acupuncturist 832-654-2885 .chingchiinstitute.com


CHI Do you want to learn how to use your body’s own chi energy to decrease your chance of becoming INSTITUTE ill, increase your chance of recovering more quickly from illness, prevent a minor illness from becoming a major one, and improve your overall health? We have live and prerecorded classes online to teach you the principles and techniques of self-healing. We will be resuming in-person classes this month. Look for our new offering on the Corona Virus. Visit our website for more information.

SHAMANISM Shaman Spirits

Galveston, TX 4 0 9-7 6 2 - 6 0 2 7 anthony@shamanspirits.net ShamanSpirits.net “Shamanism provides personal and spiritual healing with ancient, elegant and time tested methods. Shamanic healing opens new pathways for personal growth and spiritual awareness. If you’re looking for a way to connect with spirit without dogma, shamanism offers methods to access your healing spirits for transformation, guidance and teachings for a better way of living filled with love and compassion. Contact me at 409-762-6027 for more information.” See ad page 5

THERMOGRAPHY Thermal Imaging Services

24550 Kingsland Blvd. Katy, TX 77494 713-621-4406 info@thermalimagingtexas.com thermalimagingtexas.com Thermography views what cannot be seen by the naked eye using a high definition infrared camera. It senses temperature patterns and changes which provide information for evaluation. Offering Full Body, Health with abdominal and Breast Study at our Katy location as well as limited dates in our satellite offices. Visit us online at thermalimagingtexas.com or phone us at 713-621-4406 See ad on page 8


SPIRITUALITY GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH 4040 West Bellfort Street Houston, TX 77025 713-666-1408 GraceInHouston.org

We are a welcoming, inclusive and affirming Christian community, committed to abundant, holistic living in the way of Jesus of Nazareth. Guided in our life together by the Episcopal Church tradition, we are committed a way of love. Come walk on our Tree of Life Labyrinth by appointment anytime. Grace: you are welcome here.

FIRST SPIRITUALIST CHURCH OF HOUSTON 2115 Turner Dr. Houston, Texas 77093 713-695-2550 firstspiritualistchurchofhouston.org

Spiritualism is a common sense religion, one of knowing and living. We accept all truths and endeavor to prove their validity. Truths are found in nature, in other religions, in writings, in science, in philosophy, in Natural Law and are received through spirit communication. We are a growing family and would love for you to visit us LIVESTREAMING ON FACEBOOK Sunday Healing & Spirit Greetings 10:30 a.m. Wednesday Open Healing Service 7:30 p.m.

YIN With Lin 9:30am Wednesdays

Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissues: fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones. It’s slow and meditative, facilitating the space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body. Because poses are held for a longer period of time, Yin practice helps you stretch and lengthen those rarely-used tissues while teaching you how to breathe through discomfort and sit with your thoughts. Healing results are remarkable with a consistent practice! RSVP Required. 713.858.8595 Lin Weiss - Certified Yoga Therapist linweiss@conscioushealingnow.com

Integrative Hatha Yoga 9:30am Saturdays

Therapeutic and flowing asana practice focusing on heart and hip openers, twists, postural alignment, the energetic subtle bodies and meditation. Lin’s passion for Yoga is evidenced by her warm and personable teaching style. She is a long-time practitioner/instructor of classical Hatha Yoga; Pranayama breathing technique; The Chakra System; and Meditation. Lin offers the wisdom of many traditions to address each student’s goals, whether beginner or advanced. RSVP Required. 713.858.8595 Lin Weiss - Certified Yoga Therapist linweiss@conscioushealingnow.com

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Natural Awakenings Houston November 2020  

houston's only lifestyle of sustainability and health publication. Subscribe FREE. Text NAHTX to 66866.

Natural Awakenings Houston November 2020  

houston's only lifestyle of sustainability and health publication. Subscribe FREE. Text NAHTX to 66866.