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A guide to help you to do right


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B A REK RAFT This guide has been made possible through the project Bärkraft/Bærekraft, a collaboration between the destinations Visit Helgeland, Visit HemavanTärnaby and Gold of Lapland.



PUBLISHER: ©Gold of Lapland & Visit Hemavan Tärnaby EDITORS: Anders Sandström & Carolin Vallgren WRITERS: Anders Sandström, Elin Haglund, Carolin Vallgren, Cecilia Wallinder, Gunnel Enetjärn & Sofi Marberg ILLUSTRATIONS: Kim Jacobsson M N EN Ä R K E COVERPHOTO: Marianne Lindgren VA PHOTO: Photographer is specified next to photos. LAYOUT: Anja Sundberg, FRI reklambyrå PRINT: Original Tryckeri Trycksak RELEASE YEAR: 2021 3041 0995

Welcome – we are glad that you are here! In this guide you will find knowledge and inspiration on how to take better care of our place. The more people who visit us, the more the pressure increases on both our nature and the local community – therefore we want to make it easy for you to do the right thing. By doing the best you can for people, animals and nature, you contribute to an even better place for all of us.

The three dimensions of sustainability: • Social sustainability is the GOAL • Economical sustainability is the MEANS • Ecological sustainability is the CONDITION

PHOTO: Bea Holmberg


Content Västerbotten 6 Biosphere Reserve Vindelälven-Juhttátahkka


Sápmi 10 Västerbotten Experience


Shop locally


Local food


Parking 26 Wild and domestic animals


Reindeer grazing and the calving period


What to do with garbage


Social media and photography


Good tips for excursions


Vehicles in terrain


The right of public access – freedom to roam


Following nature


Participating companies and municipalitie


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Västerbotten Västerbotten is the second largest county in Sweden and covers more than one-eighth of its size! You can experience the plains of the Gulf of Bothnia and an archipelago with sandy islands.

Hemavan Tärnaby

The hinterland is characterized by forest, mountains and hills with varied coniferous forest, bogs and moors. In the mountain areas you will find majestic mountains and glaciers. Not to mention the rivers, lakes and streams that enrich the landscape! Did you know that Vindelälven is one of four National Rivers in Sweden?

Do you want suggestions on what you can do here? Contact the tourist information, Naturum, Infopoints and Visitor Centers or book a tour with our companies!



Malå Storuman

Vi n


Norsjö lv




Lycksele Vindeln

E4 Umeå


PHOTO: Felicia Morén


Biosphere Reserve Vindelälven-Juhttátahkka Large parts of Västerbotten are part of the Vindelälven-Juhttátahkka Biosphere Reserve. What is that you may ask? The area has been designated by UNESCO as a model area for sustainable development. This means that there is valuable nature and culture here, and that people work together to find solutions to make people and the environment get along better. We are proud to be in one of only a few biosphere reserves in Sweden! Get to know the biosphere reserve on Instagram: @vindelalven_juhttatahkka Website: vindelalvenbiosfar.se/en/hem-english/ 9

Sápmi When you are here, you are also in Sápmi, the land area where the Sami have lived and worked for thousands of years. The Sami are one of the world’s many indigenous peoples with the northern parts of Sweden, Finland, Russia and Norway as their original territory, long before these states existed. The Sami provided themselves for a long time with reindeer husbandry, hunting and fishing. During the 19th and 20th centuries tourism, handicrafts, art and music became new sources of income. The Sami still retain the traditional industries and languages but are also found in many other places and work in all kinds of professions.

Three quick ones about Sápmi


Number of Sameby in Sweden: 51 National Day: 6 February National anthem: Sámi soga lávlla, Song of the Sámi people, lyrics by Isak Saba and melody by Arne Sørlie, both from Norway.









Luleå Skellefteå Umeå

Sundsvall Söderhamn

Curious about Sápmi? Look up a Sami tourism company or read more at www.samer.se In Sápmi, several different Sami languages are spoken, some examples are listed below. On many road signs you can read the places name in both Swedish and Sami.




PHOTO: Aaron Burden


English Sami parlor In Sápmi, several different Sami languages are spoken, some examples are listed below. On many road signs you can read the places name in both Swedish and Sami. ENGLISH




Bürest, Buarajk!

How are you?

Guktie veasoeh?

Gukttie viäsuoh?

Do you want coffee?

Sijhth prihtjegem?

Sïjth káhvub?

Do you want blood dumplings?

Sijhth maelie- Sïjth gámsub? gaamsoem?

It’s warm outside Bijveles olkene Leä báhkkas ulgguone

Goodbye Nåå-nåå Guvnate


Sustainable experiences Do you want to experience good food, adventure and the genuine Västerbotten at the same time as you support companies that work for sustainability? Look for the green cross, the seal Västerbotten Experience! It is Västerbottens way of highlighting companies that work together for more responsible nature and cultural experiences. Accommodation facilities, activity companies and restaurants can receive the seal Västerbotten Experience. Read more about which ones at vasterbottenexperience.se

Ask the companies you visit what efforts they have made for more sustainability!


PHOTO: Forsknäckarna

PHOTO: Ida Eriksson


Support the place you care for!

Getting to know the p eople and the cu lture is pa rt of the experience .




I hav e: Bou ght loca lly pro duc ed sou ven irs

Hire d a loca l guide Ren ted equ ipment f rom a loca l com


pan y

Inte rac ted wit h the loca ls Got ten to kno w the loca l cult ure/

hist or y

By shopping and renting locally, and hiring local guides, you not only support the local community – but you also get a better overall experience. 17

Mervärde (added value) Development efforts require both commitment and resources. That is why several destinations are working with a financing model called Mervärde (Added Value)! As a guest, you can contribute to local development by buying selected goods and services from the companies that are connected to Mervärde. The money raised ends up invested in local efforts that increase the place’s attractiveness, both for you as a guest and for those who live here. Choose a product from Mervärde!

Mveärr-de d in Mervärde is foun mavan He å, al M Lycksele, sjö, among Tärnaby and Nor other places.


PHOTO: Cecilia Wallinder


PHOTO: Roaming Roads



cipes n find re ow a c u o y Here that all wledge and kno ce Sami xperien you to e ure: i.com food cult odsapm fo w lo .s www





Get a taste of Västerbotten Both your taste buds and our local producers benefit from you eating fresh and local produce that haven’t travelled around the world. When a food is in season, it is both tasty and nutritious. www.matkompassen.info

The digital service Matkompassen makes it easy for you to find local producers. Search for physical signs such as Lokal mat. Ask the local shop or restaurant where the food comes from!

I ha ve : Ea ten fla tb re ad

Ea ten loc all y gro wn po

Bo ug ht a loc all y pr od uce

d dr ink

Tes ted co f fee ch ee se

ta toe s

Vis ite d a fa rmer ’s ma rk

e t/s ho p

Ea ten a tra dit ion al Sami

me al

d me al Bo ug ht a loc all y pr od uce at a res ta ura nt


PHOTO: Malin Hedman

PHOTO: Bea Holmberg


How do you do things right?

To make mine and your experience better, we want to give you some important things to keep in mind when you are here.

“Call it the land of angels or the he avenly e arth if you will. The e arth we inherited and the grove, the green” (Translated from Swedish) This is how the national poet Evert Taube praised our nature in his famous song Änglamark. He was inspired by the river Vindelälven. The nature is beautiful and can provide a lot of energy and we are many who want to enjoy it.


Show consideration To other people and nature Sometimes we want the same experience as many others. When a place gets too full, the experience will not be as pleasant, and it puts a higher strain on the place. Make an optional plan and visit another place if you come somewhere where there are already many others!

Parking the car in someone else’s way or on someone’s property is not appreciated. Then it is wiser to have a plan B.


Norra ngen ri Parke

Västra gen n parkeri


istt:a: Ch ec kkllis ngata t th nomå nse så finar theere t int r deere s wh pla rcedä se tse Ch ljoopla Vä r re ebä mo inn t or pu le isk op nn pe mä ga ymä ånan MM op le. pe or. nyisk mann du ld a ou sk sh u ke yo ns be Ka . ay M tu ren nare. på tu reyconk na ssutr högre pre th e g r rin de du un s r ce tse pla pla d ta vis ite ll-sök welbe of vä t rt t oubo välja op anrna t e tott he til lan k for loodig d ta h le asgonocan son h se higgsä hö . t. stätellead ce iins plalle ulstä ron ulttif smau be

PHOTO: Gold of Lapland

PHOTO: Ricke Johansson


ed fin ni tint do no v Bu om naifti yo inne Bt tinaltmiernd nearapla Ha ve Pla . på era rk pa t at lle ahitsatafer pla stä. pa rk toert e t tcesäk

m,ris t ointut,ruTou Inft,opna op oin infan lp of heen lp eav hjäth Ta ke ellmer tu ru ter Na cen er, r nt ito Ce inf n, rvis tioito maVis tio n, mafor ortin tu ris ce s dra pla an at ta gre hit r t he at en dförot to fin als ing loc lkn albe efo lokth or a. kt i va gu ldk or n at t be sök vis it. at tra to

ted Find all protec ng nature with hiki ters at trails and shel naturkartan.se

PHOTO: Roaming Roads


PHOTO: Marianne Lindgren


When encountering wild animals – show respect and keep your distance. Step back a bit, stop and enjoy seeing an animal in its natural environment. Don´t feed animals in enclosures unless you have the permission of the owner. Remember that you are a visitor to the world of animals, not the other way around.

Wild and domestic animals Feel free to take your dog, cat, or other pets out into nature and remember that you are responsible for ensuring that your pet does not cause any harm. During the sensitive period between March 1st and August 20th, you must have full control of your pet. This is the period when mammals and birds are breeding. 31

Reindeer grazing and calving period You are now in the same mountains, forests and landscape where several Sameby are conducting reindeer husbandry. Reindeer are sensitive to disturbances from other land users and predators, for that reason it is important that you as a visitor know how to best behave when coming in contact with them.

Think of the following when visiting areas of reindeer grazing • Show extra consideration during the calving period (April-June). • Always keep your dog on a leash. • Do not walk towards the reindeer. • The more silent you are, the calmer the animals will be. • Using binoculars, you can observe the reindeer calmly from a distance. • When bigger packs of reindeer are in motion, sit down, observe, and enjoy. • During summertime the reindeer search for patches of snow that protects them from heat and annoying insects – avoid patches of snow when seeing reindeer in your surroundings.


Reindeer are even more sensitive for disturbance during the spring pasture and the calving season. If you see reindeer, it is very important not to disturb them by getting close to them and taking photos – sit down and enjoy the experience instead!



What to do with the garbage? Bring a bag to put your litter in. Pick up other litter that don´t belong in nature as well. Both yours and other’s experiences will be much nicer! Remember that food waste is also litter and should be taken care of. Don´t leave anything to the animals. Cigarette butts have no place in nature either.

Watch Håll Sverige Rents (Keep Sweden Clean) movie about how to get a litter-free experience and how a toilet visit in nature is done.


long now how k u o y o D r litter to it takes fo in nature? se decompo



6 weeks


5-100 years

200-500 years

Glass bottles Cigarette butts

1-100 years

Organic material 1 month

Plastic bottles 450-1000 years

Chewing gum 20-25 years

Plastic bags 50-100 years


1 million years

Social media Photography, geotagging and #hashtags Be responsible when checking in on social media. A fantastic place in nature can quickly be destroyed if exposed to too much activity if your post goes viral. It is nicer both for visitors, the local community and nature if the visitor impact don’t get too high. Please show that you are in the area, but don’t tag the exact location, so called geotagging. You are more than welcome to check in at, or tag, companies, and activities such as cafés, hotels, camping grounds and restaurants in your posts, that is highly appreciated!

Pssst: Think of who or what you are taking a photo of, ask if it´s okay for them to be in your photo or visible on social media...

PHOTO: Anja Sundberg

...this also applies to photos of someone’s house, property or private land that can result in unwanted attention from visitors!


PHOTO: Anna Israelsson

Remember to tell someone about where you are going – and notify them when you are back again! 38

Tips for an outdoor experience Always remember • Bring a bag to bring the litter home in • Water to drink, do not drink straight from a lake or stream. • Snacks for extra energy during the day • Toilet paper for different situations • Bring extra clothes for changing weather conditions • Medical supplies like band-aid

For longer trips, also bring • Comfortable and durable shoes with good traction • Rain-jacket or other extra clothing, there might be rain or other bad weather • Map or GPS for navigation and a compass • Fully charged phone battery • First aid kit

Enhance your trip • Bring some good fika (coffee/tea, sandwiches and snacks). Your appetite is always greater outdoors! •

Prepare some fun and games for the kids to make the experience even better. For example, a simple bingo of things to find in nature, like pine-cones, stones or moss. How many squirrels can the kids find in this guide?

• Use the opportunity to take a swim, even a cold swim increases the connection with nature • Take a break and enjoy the moment! 39

Cycling, with or without an engine To take a bike ride is wonderful. And how fortunate we are to be able to ride our bikes in nature and small roads. Remember not to ride over someone’s property or sensitive land and plantations that easily damages.

Ride carefully by doing the following • Avoid soft trails when it has been raining and the ground is wet • Avoid sensitive areas such as meadows and marshes • Avoid using rough-treaded tires on sensitive ground

One more thing! Do you want to ride on exercise trails and hiking trails? Remember to take it easy and share the trails with others. Show respect to others regardless of if they are riding a bike or hiking. In some places there might be local regulations that prohibits biking – find out what applies at the place you want to ride your bike.

Are you riding an electric bike? If so, you can read more about that here!


Vehicles in terrain Snow-mobile, ATV, quad bike, jet-ski How and where can you as a civilian drive a motorized vehicle? Different rules apply for different areas so make sure to find out what rules applies where you are. The rules are there to protect the nature, flora, and fauna but also out of respect for others. It can take a long time for plants and animals to recover at a place that has been destroyed by off-road vehicles.

Vehicles in terrain

Please drive but drive care fully not to disturb othe rs that are o ut enjoying n It is also imp ature. ortant to resp ect plants an animals tha d t exists belo w the surface the snow, w of ater or grou nd. Buy a tra and enjoy all il pass the wonderf ul summer a winter trails nd instead.

PHOTO: Louis Broskij


PHOTO: Bea Holmberg


PHOTO: Roaming Roads

PHOTO: Anna Israelsson

PHOTO: Bea holmberg


What is the right of public access? The right of public access is wonderful. A unique possibility to access nature and a possibility to enjoy the great outdoors that we all love. For the right of public access to work, we need to respect the limits and boundaries that comes with it. Do you know what rules apply when hiking in the woods, making a campfire, or riding your bike close to someone’s house? Thanks to the right of public access, you can hike in nature almost anywhere. You can temporarily, with respect, be on someone’s land without asking for permission. You are allowed to hike, bike, do horseback riding, swim or boating in nature according to the motto “Do not disturb, do not destroy”.

Remember this: • You are not allowed on plantations, fields or ground that may take damage • Keep your distance to private homes and properties • Show respect to nature, animals, plants, landowners and other visitors • In protected nature, specific rules and regulations apply – for protected bird- and seal areas, you are not allowed at all during certain periods • Find out what local regulations apply when going off road with motorized vehicles or electric bikes • If choosing to stay the night at a rest area, you can normally only stay at that place for 24 hours • You are allowed to pick flowers, berries, and mushrooms for personal use – but remember that some species are protected • Do not litter – take everything you bring with you back home • Always keep track of your dog and remember that dogs should be kept on a leash in most nature reserves 44

The Outdoor Access Rights

I will not leave any signs of human waste.

I will keep my dog under proper control.

I will only pitch a tent where I am permitted to.

I will not cause any damage to forests or countryside.

I will not light fires on, or near, rocks or on sites where there is a risk of a fire spreading.

I will always close gates.

I will be conscious about humans and wild animals when enjoying the nature of Sweden.

I will not pick endangered flowers.

I will only take a swim where it’s allowed.

I will not litter.

I will stay aware of the rules that apply in protected areas.

I will only operate a motor vehicle where permitted.

Illustrations: Johnny Dyrander

I will stay clear of private dwellings.

Following nature Reindeer follow the shifts of nature through eight seasons during a year. We could all get better at doing the same. To walk with nature and not against it. Through conscious actions and choices, together we can be a part of saving our natural resources. To move from being consumers to act more circular. By doing so, we can hand over a healthy place for future generations to live and prosper.

Experiences and raw materials

Consumption and production

Reduce, reuse, and recycle


PHOTO: Thea Holmqvist



PHOTO: Thea Holmqvist


Thanks for read ing our guide, now go outside and enjoy!


Involved in project Bärkraft Companies ABF mitt i Lappland Ambjörby svetstjänst Anders Nyström i Malå Anders. Bistro Aurora Borealis Adventure Biosfärområde VindelälvenJuhttátahkka Birka folkhögskola Boksjön Slow Adventure Cafe Utsikten Carolines naturguidning ESAM FICA Fjälldricka Fjälls Kitchen Forest Event Forsknäckarna Fridfulla Rännuddens camping Friluftsbutiken Kaffe, Skog & Rök Företagarna Lycksele Granö Beckasin Göteborgs universitet Hattfjelldal Vekst Hemavan Adventure Hemavan Alpint Horses of Taiga

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