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FutureSense Foundation provides desks at the CAD Centre in Cambodia!


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Dear Supporter, I am extremely proud to share with you all our accomplishments over the past year. 2012/2013 was a year of impressive growth and expansion for FutureSense Foundation. Our worldwide hubs continued to expand, we partnered with new and exciting partner projects and the scope of our funding opportunities diversified. We continued to focus on The Foundation’s three main areas of attention – Education, Livelihood Support and Child Welfare. Our international hubs, particularly our newest in Cambodia, have flourished over the past 12 months with an increase in numbers of volunteers supporting our Foundation and diverse funding opportunities being proposed throughout the world. Without the support of all the volunteers who worked on the GapGuru, Inspire and Challenges Abroad Programmes and our hard-working worldwide teams our success would not be possible. With your continued support I am confident that we will be able to continue to expand and develop new and exciting programmes overseas that will benefit the local communities we work with and ensure that all the monies raised are put to good use. Arvind Malhotra Chief Executive

Charity No. 1132101 | www.futuresensefoundation.org | info@futuresensefoundation.org

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Mission Futuresense Foundation supports sustainable development through the placement of volunteers and carefully targeted funding, focusing on education, livelihood support and child welfare.

Values We are passionate and dedicated about meeting and listening to the needs of our community partners and volunteers, always acting with integrity, empathy and energy in creating innovative programmes that fulfil their visions and aspirations.

We support disadvantaged communities around the world to help them build a brighter future


Our Pillars of International Development


Futuresense Foundation is an international development charity registered in the UK FutureSense Foundation founded in

We have hubs worldwide across




100 local partner organisations





We served over

recipients at our partner projects worldwide MAIN AREAS OF FOCUS ARE


child welfare



The overall benefits of education are universally accepted. The right to an education is recognised in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, in many of the countries we work in availability to free, quality education is often difficult to access. Our three main goals in improving education are; to improve access, to improve the quality of education and to improve the personal development of the children and young adults we work with who are all from disadvantaged backgrounds. Without a free, quality education many of these children will remain in poverty for their foreseeable future and our aim is to assist with finally breaking this cycle. We work to provide expertise in relatively simple skills, such as, improving the quality of spoken English Language, teaching physical education and expanding vocational skills to more complex skills of updating curriculums and teacher training. All these skills are invaluable to our target demographic –children and young adults from disadvantaged communities.

Livelihood support not only teaches a person to become financially independent but the skills acquired more often than not improve the general self-esteem and quality of life for a person and their family. We have learnt through our many years of experience in livelihood training and support that the impact we make on one recipient’s life filters into the entire community as a whole. Our aims and objectives in our livelihood support programmes are to equip our recipients from disadvantaged communities or living with HIV/AIDS with entrepreneurial skills through business training. We empower the recipients to plan and establish their own viable income generating projects assisting with poverty alleviation. The key to our success is our professional volunteers who provide business training to our recipients, which greatly enhances their chances of success.



CHILD WELFARE Child welfare by definition states that a child is a human being with rights and dignity. Poverty, crime and disease can often hit children the hardest, with neglect and abandonment prevalent in the countries where we work in. Our main focus is to improve the emotional and personal well-being of the children and young adults in our specific programmes. All of the children we assist live in care home or shelters, often far away from their parents and sometimes orphaned. Our goals are to provide these children with a sense of stability, pastoral love and fun. By engaging these children with fun activities, extra-curricular education and human interaction we hope that their future will be brighter. It has been shown that children in care whom receive love and attention by a trusted adult perform better in adult life.

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In Asia we focus our volunteer skills and targeted funding on improving education, child welfare and livelihoods. Our partner projects all require volunteer skills, knowledge and our determination to improve the lives and prospects of their communities

200 Over

volunteers chose to participate in our Asia programmes

Our funding for projects

doubled in Asia since last year We assist communities in





Sri Lanka


Asia has a diverse and rich heritage. Each country has its own specific cultural identity. FutureSense Foundation partners with fantastic and unique partner projects in six different countries in Asia.

We renovated and improved the facilities at over


projects in Asia

Our aims are to improve education, livelihood prospects and child welfare in each of the countries we work in

In Asia our main hubs are in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia. In each of these hubs FutureSense Foundation focuses on all areas of sustainable development. In the past twelve months we have assisted with improving facilities at local schools, updating curriculums, assisting with the livelihoods of entire communities, teaching new skills to communities and training teachers and local NGO staff on the importance of capacity building and organisational expansion. In India, we have a new and exciting hub in Palampur where we intend to focus our input in educational improvements. In the summer, we had a group of Durham University students visit a local school and radically update the facilities for the students. The group spent 4 weeks, painting each classroom with fantastic murals whilst simultaneously holding a summer school for the students. Dhalhadur Convent School have noticed a considerable improvement in the enthusiasm of their students who now are excited to go to school. Staff also noticed the positive benefits that an interactive classroom brings to their students and next summer we will continue to renovate and incorporate new ways to engage the local students. In Bangalore at Annaswarmy School volunteers created the Skylight Centre, which is an activity centre, designed to enrich each student’s overall educational experience. Prior to this the students were being taught in an extremely formal environment that was rather curriculum focused. With the introduction of the Skylight Centre, students now have access to an interactive, fun and stimulating learning environment. The local teachers are enthusiastic about introducing nonformal education into the curriculum and utilising this new centre to incorporate music, English, reading and arts and crafts into the student’s education. The Skylight centre model is one which the Foundation aims to replicate worldwide.

In Cambodia, the FutureSense hub expanded rapidly. A livelihood programme was introduced at the start of 2013. This programme focuses on providing business training and business start-ups to vulnerable women directly or indirectly affected by HIV/AIDS. The women were selected by our in-country Local Coordinator, our partner organisation and an Inspire volunteer for their entrepreneurial skills and desire to become self-reliant. One of the main premises of the programme is to break the cycle of dependence on NGOs and build the self-esteem of the recipients. Each recipient was provided with intensive business training, ranging from interactive training in customer service, how to perform market research and skills in record keeping. Recipients could choose their own business model and completed a business plan with the assistance of volunteers. Once their business plan and training was completed they received the materials, equipment and stock or livestock to start their business. Local staff members and volunteers were on-hand to provide assistance whenever needed and supported recipients throughout their initial start-up. The women were all extremely excited about the opportunity to have and run their own business and their enthusiasm was clear to see by all. Out of the business funded by FutureSense Foundation 75% have been successful. The most successful business has quadrupled our initial capital and is expanding every month. A popular new project at our partner temple in Battambang, Cambodia is our ‘Community Garden’ at Wat Sam San. The fruit and vegetable garden will provide for the entire community when it has been completed. Phase 1 was finished in summer 2013 with the vegetable garden which will at first provide vegetables for the monks to eat. When the garden is completed there will be over 200 fruit trees and enough vegetables to supply the market. FutureSense Foundation is particularly excited about this project and we perceive community projects to be a positive step forward in sustainable development. At Children’s Action for Development, in Battambang, Cambodia we are happy to report that thanks to FutureSense funding the students now have brand-new chair-desks. Our ‘Desks for Diligence’ programme was a complete success and finally students no longer have to sit on the floor but instead have their own individual desks. The aim of this project is to encourage the students at CAD to take their supplementary education classes seriously and for teachers to utilise the desks to improve their classroom management skills.

Charity No. 1132101 | www.futuresensefoundation.org | info@futuresensefoundation.org

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65 Over

volunteers chose to participate in our Africa programme

In Africa we continue to focus our support in improving education, livelihood prospects and child welfare. Our partner projects are all based in the beautiful Arusha surrounded by spectacular landscapes and people

We renovated, refurbished and improves the facilities at over


FutureSense Foundation partners with exciting and diverse partner projects in Tanzania. projects in Tanzania

We assist communities throughout Tanzania

Our funding for projects in Africa

doubled since last year We focus our volunteer skills and targeted funding on improving education and livelihoods. Our livelihood programme is pioneering in its success and we have assisted over


families in running a successful business

Our work in Africa has been focused specifically in Tanzania. Tanzania is a country where access to quality education can be a struggle, women are often widowed by HIV/AIDS and face great difficulty in supporting their families and earning a decent wage is difficult to attain. Our Tanzanian programmes try and tackle these issues by assisting our partner projects in implementing methods to improve the lives and wellbeing of recipients on our programmes. Specifically, our current Grants Programme in Tanzania aims to provide those who are living with HIV/AIDS and in poverty with the means to sustain a livelihood for their families. This is achieved through providing individuals (typically women) with a small amount of capital, business training and ongoing support, for them to run a small business. To date, there have been roughly 300 grants recipients, with about 70 recipients having been supported by the FutureSense Foundation in the last 12 months. Almost all of these businesses are now thriving and the women can now provide for their families. This would not be possible without the dedicated support of our volunteers who provide the women with business training, confidence and knowledge to improve their entrepreneurial skills and understand the intricacies of business ownership. One of our most successful grant recipients is Anna who now has a successful vegetable selling business and can pay for the education of her grandchildren. Another exciting project that has been instigated in Tanzania thanks to FutureSense funding is the ‘Reading for Pleasure’ Programme. This programme tackles a pressing issue prevalent in the Tanzania government school system,

where reading for pleasure is not encouraged. Tanzanian students often only read from their textbooks so instigating a Book Club is an excellent way to practice reading in a more authentic context. This activity allows students to read and discuss storybooks in either English or Kiswahili. The idea is for all students present to be reading the same book, and engaging with the narrative of the book and their peers. So far the programme has been a huge success and the students at our partner schools in Tanzania are becoming increasingly more enthusiastic about recreational reading. We have seen the positive effects of our programme filter into their mainstream education where students’ academic achievements are improving and teachers have noted better concentration in classroom activities. We continued our ‘Water Harvesting Programme’ at Olbak School where we continued to expand the onsite facilities of the school. The previous year our volunteer group had completed the build of 2 water tanks to catch rainwater, however, there was still a major water shortage at the school. Students had to travel 5 miles each way to fetch water when the tanks were empty as they needed water to clean the school, water the plants and for drinking. It was estimated that after rains, the tanks were empty after just two weeks and, therefore, FutureSense decided it was a necessity that an additional tank was added. Now the students at the school do not miss out on their schooling to gather water and the entire school is thrilled with the improvement.

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Europe In Europe we work in Romania and focus our volunteer skills on child welfare, healthcare and education. We renovated over

12 250 100 care homes and support over

orphaned or neglected children Over

In Romania, FutureSense Foundation continued to run excellent summer camps throughout the Transylvania region. Alongside running programmes that kept the children living in care homes entertained and stimulated throughout the summer months, groups also renovated care homes improving the living conditions for all the children. Renovations to bedrooms and communal areas at over 12 care homes have significantly improved the living conditions of the children. The Foundation’s excellent relationship with DGASPC (Child Protection Services) continues to flourish and volunteer support has impacted the lives of over 250 orphaned and neglected children in the region. Romania continues to be one of our most popular and best supported programmes due to the enthusiastic nature of the children we assist and the significant difference our programmes make to the lives of orphans.

South America

40 Over

volunteers visited Peru in the first few months of FutureSense Foundation’s operation in the country

Peru is a new destination for the Foundation with fantastic funding opportunities.

In 2012/2013 the introduction of Peru to our programme was an exciting new development for the Foundation. Volunteers and university groups helped in improving educational and extra-curricular facilities in schools and childcare homes. Furthermore, a group from Challenges Abroad Australia made a significant impact by installing better and safer sanitary facilities at an orphanage. Volunteers, worked tirelessly at Sacred Valley Orphanage on building a waste water system that consisted of linking up the 7 drains already installed, but not in working order, on the road leading to the orphanage. This drainage system linked the wastewater in the orphanage to the one in town. The group cleared the drains of any water and rubbish and then levelled off the surrounding ground in preparation for the cement. Once this was completed they dug holes for the pipes to fit through by hand and transported the cement mix from the bottom of the hill to each drain where they flattened the surrounding area. The group prepared the lids for each drain by creating metal structures that the cement was poured on top off. The final stage of the project was to add the lids to each drain and ensure that the orphanages waste water safely flowed into the towns system. This project has ensured that all the children living at the orphanage are now safe from any dirty or contaminated water. This has made a huge improvement on their previous living conditions. A Challenges Abroad group volunteered within the community of Tankarpata at a project that provides shelter to between 20 and 25 children between the ages of 3 and 13 years. The children that attend tend to be from poor families where alcoholism, violence, unemployment and malnutrition are common problems. The team’s challenge was to address issues on environment and sustainable development through a construction project that utilised recycled materials to create a playground for the children. The finished result was a huge success and the children who attend the project were all extremely grateful to the Challenges Abroad team and FutureSense Foundation. These types of projects where social and environmental issues are addressed are a new way of thinking for the Foundation and an excellent method to promote our values worldwide.

volunteers chose to participate in our Europe programme Volunteers from Australia and the UK renovated playgrounds and improved sanitation at our partner projects

Our funding for projects in Europe focuses on improving facilities in care homes In

2013/14 will see many new and exciting funding opportunities for the Foundation

Charity No. 1132101 | www.futuresensefoundation.org | info@futuresensefoundation.org

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supporting community development in some of the poorest regions of the world!

Charity No. 1132101 | www.futuresensefoundation.org | info@futuresensefoundation.org

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TravelLING to teach Highlights included: A small group of teachers used the Skylight Centre in Bangalore for creative workshops. A group of teachers who visited Tanzania helped improve teaching methods at local schools. In Cambodia, a teacher completely updated the curriculum at one of our partner projects and held numerous teacher-training workshops.

Our Travelling to Teach programme has grown over the past year. During the summer we had


2013 -2015


qualified teachers visit many of our projects around the world.

Build the capacity among international staff and volunteer team members to work in collaboration with our UKHQ Staff and in our multi-cultural environment.

Objectives Enhance our standardised operating procedure processes Increase professional development opportunities for key international staff members

III) DEVELOP OUR WORLDWIDE PARTNER PROJECT FUNDING CRITERIA & OPPORTUNITIES The Foundation’s funding capabilities are expanding and growing at an exciting rate. We are planning to grow our funding worldwide by almost ten times and the strategic goals and priorities listed below will enable us to achieve this.

Objectives Identify clear criteria for new funding opportunities

Create an International Internship Programme which ensures a smooth transition among team members

Continue with supporting new funding initiatives with our main partner projects to ensure they are financially assisted

Recruit new and forward-thinking local staff

Increase the numbers of communities and individuals benefiting from our livelihood programme

II) INCREASE WORLDWIDE ORGANISATIONAL CAPACITY AND CAPABILITY In partnership with GapGuru, Inspire and Challenges Abroad we intend to expand our programmes worldwide. Expansion is expected most rapidly in our Latin America and Asia hubs. In response to this growth new procedures will be initiated.

Objectives Identify new geographical areas to work in

Develop our FutureSense Academy programme and FutureSense Library Programme in our main hubs Expand our funding opportunities into areas such as community agricultural programmes, community outreach programmes and social enterprises.


Ensure partner projects are carefully selected on their longevity potential

Diversify and expand our reach to communities where FutureSense Foundation programmes will have the most impact.

All worldwide teams to attend annual meeting and refresher training in Newbury, UK - Utilise local staff and their expertise wherever possible


Guarantee with the expansion of the foundation and international hubs our funding criteria remains focused on our carefully targeted funding

Create new selection procedures for future partner projects Increase adaptability to tackle specific needs of our partner organisations Utilise volunteers to undertake research in new and/or underfunded sectors of our programmes Expand the locations of our livelihood programmes to reach more recipients

Charity No. 1132101 | www.futuresensefoundation.org | info@futuresensefoundation.org

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“The best 2 months! I learnt so much in the school which will be very useful when I start my teaching degree in September. I also gained confidence and had so much fun. The children were great and so were all the other volunteers…GapGuru should be proud of their projects”

“The grant from FutureSense Foundation has been beneficial allowing me to expand my business enabling me to pay for my grand children’s school fees; food for the family and medical costs. I now keep records of my business finances and feel more confident following the Future Sense training to attempt this, as I had no knowledge prior to this.”

“In Cambodia, FutureSense Foundation has focused its attentions on creating a successful livelihood programme in Cambodia. Our first round was a huge success and all the women who received the training are grateful for the chance to break the cycle of relying on charities or family members and become proud business owners. The Foundation also created a library at a government school, built a computer school, created a vegetable garden at a monastery and volunteers worked tirelessly to create a fun and interactive environment for children of all ages to further their education. It has been a joy to work for the Foundation and see first-hand the tangible impact we are making in such a wonderful country”.

Rhiannon Jones, GapGuru Volunteer, Cambodia

Anna, Livelihood Grant Recipient, Tanzania

“I had an amazing time in Romania with the children, they were so sweet and so were the carers… I would definitely recommend this project” Anna Bettencourt, GapGuru Volunteer, Romania

“Had a great time in Tanzania, our in-country support was really helpful throughout and the family we stayed with were lovely. Beautiful place and a wonderful school to help out in”. Eve Thorburn, Gapguru Volunteer, Tanzania

“I had a fantastic time volunteering and I have been inspired, enthused and feel the four weeks may be about the best experience in my life to date, and I am retired. The children learned to work together and individually. They were energetic, enthusiastic and so motivated and always happy to learn. The rewards are seen from the positive participation of the children. The country is a really interesting place to visit and everyone makes you welcome. To be actively involved in a developing country was an incredible experience” Valerie Leung, Inspire Volunteer, Cambodia

LOCAL PARTNER “FutureSense Foundation has enabled the child protection agency in Transylvania to update and maintain our care homes. Volunteers provide emotional support to the children and also create beautiful living spaces for the children to enjoy their home life. The partnership between our agency and FutureSense has been only positive”. Joseph, Child Protection, Romania

“FutureSense Foundation has been working in Romania since 2008 and I have been working for the Foundation since 2011. The past three years have been the best three years of my life due to assisting with the running of our projects in Romania. We focus on education, childcare and healthcare in Romania and during my time volunteers have renovated 11 care homes and run summer camps and clubs for orphans. The endless support from the Foundation to our partner projects through volunteer placement and funding has improved the lives of many recipients”. Erno, Country Manager, Romania

Charlotte, Country Manager, Cambodia

“More recently in Tanzania, the FutureSense Foundation has largely centred its work on education and livelihoods. There has been a measurable impact in terms of partner development in both areas. Firstly, in education, partners have experienced improved teaching and learning methods, resource and infrastructure all aimed at increasing quality of education with a particular focus on improving numeracy and literacy. Similarly within the livelihoods programme, hundreds of marginalised community members have been targeted with effective business training and funding; regular M&E has shown a substantial improvement in their lifestyles and levels of self-sufficiency. It is a pleasure to be working for the Foundation at such a time as it grows more into itself, becoming stronger with regards to both quality of input and its capacity to reach more people”. Samina, Country Manager Tanzania

Supported by

Charity No. 1132101 | www.futuresensefoundation.org | info@futuresensefoundation.org

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WHAT IS NEXT? The next 12 months are about building our capacities in our overseas hubs and increasing our funding opportunities. The rapid increase in volunteer numbers and hours will enable us to reach further disadvantaged communities and diversify our selection of programmes. Specifically with the help of individual GapGuru and Inspire volunteers and the Challenges Abroad University groups our ability to increase our targeted funding will expand considerably. In keeping with our strategic goals for the next 3 years over the next 12 months we will focus our attentions on:


Expanding our major hub capabilities and developing our funding opportunities Focus our expansion in Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, Romania and Peru Increase our staff-capacity and strengthen our in-country team’s capabilities Expand our selection of partner projects in-country Increase the numbers of communities and individuals benefiting from our livelihood programme Initiate our International Internship Programme


Increase our worldwide organisational capacity


Expand outreach and effectiveness of our projects and develop current projects Implement a new selection criteria for future partner projects

Rapidly expanding our Thailand programmes working with hill-tribes and Buddhist monks

Continue with supporting new funding initiatives with our main partner projects to ensure they are financially assisted

Expand livelihood programmes to Thailand Building a school in Tanzania

Doubling our Challenge Abroad numbers which will enable more hands-on improvements at our partner projects

Develop our FutureSense Academy programme and FutureSense Library Programme in our main hubs

Initiating a specialised ‘Reading Programme’ in Tanzania partner projects

Renovating and building new bathrooms for children homes in Romania

Research new opportunities in Myanmar and Laos

All worldwide teams to attend annual meeting and refresher training in Newbury, UK

Providing annual support for Supplementary Education Classes in Cambodia

Besides these specific initiatives, we continue to seek support for our on-going activities and look to harness the skills of volunteers throughout GapGuru, Inspire Volunteering and Challenges Abroad programmes.

Charity No. 1132101 | www.futuresensefoundation.org | info@futuresensefoundation.org

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In the past 12 months the FutureSense Foundation has provided our overseas communities with over




78 35 400 17% 26% % % 25 ÂŁ146,000 5 % 4 % 10 %

hours of volunteer support through over


volunteers, and raised over

to support our overseas development programmes!






Child Welfare




For information on getting involved visit our website or get in touch on the details below.

There are various ways for you to get involved in working in partnership with FutureSense Foundation. Below are a few ways you can help:

WEBSITE www.futuresensefoundation.org TELEPHONE: +44 (0) 163545556 EMAIL: info@futuresensefoundation.org FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/futuresensefoundation

ADDRESS: The FutureSense Foundation, The Old Town Hall, Market Place, Newbury, RG14 5 AA

VOLUNTEER GapGuru, Inspire Volunteering and Challenges Abroad offer individual and unique programmes for all types of volunteers. If you are interested visit our foundation website and see which programme suits you.

DONATE Your support enables us to grow and to reach more communities and individuals that need our help. Please visit our website or our justgiving page: www.justgiving.com/futuresensefoundation

SUPPORT US Get involved, fundraise, promote our work at your schools, universities or work places and help us to continue to grow.

The trustees would like to thank all our volunteers, fundraisers and supporters who through all their hard work and effort made it possible for us to make progress in the communities where we work.

Our efforts have continued to focus on Education, Livelihood Support and Child Welfare and helped to improve the lives of disadvantaged individuals and communities in some of the most underprivileged regions of the world.


Charity No. 1132101 | www.futuresensefoundation.org | info@futuresensefoundation.org

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Thank you to all our volunteers... Alice Ford Kate Williams Yinka Akinloye Hanika Patel Ollie Omar Hamish Wishart Kimberley Jade Mitchell Kelsey Buesnell John Olbert Jon Robichaud Lara Nuchowicz Sophie Hammerbeck Rosella Soravia Anna Oerter Matt Hardy Agnes Hodi Gabrielle Roger Lauren Komarynskyj Rhiannon Jones Helen & Philip Cox Catriona Sharples Tony Arthur Alex James Noel Grisanti Lynda Rennie Tim Hanlon Conor Clancy Olivia Roberts Joshua Irish Alicia Logan Louise Sutton Elizabeth Wight Ian Tkach Joseph Chapman Nick Friedman Reuben Mansfield Alice Durrans Pauline Marlow Charlotte Grove Maureen Hunter Chantale Belkhiri Lizzie Scutt Lydia Matthews Gabby Long Ruthanne Fasanya

Imogen Hadebe Jimmy Graham Sian Fegan Shaun Winfield Cole Lutz Natalie Miles Manpreet Chahal Scarlett Rimingtonback Robert Edwards Nicole Philpotts Desiree Richardson Stuart Breese Mark Smith Alisha Patel Mark Farlow Katrina Bell Sophie Marquand Ana Catalina Arce-Clachar Tom Hueting Hester Koning Wendy Chen Sam Button Camilla Pumphrey Emily Nutbean Jeremy Jose Sidrah Sarfraz Misbah Sarfraz Amina Sarwar Kathryn Logothetis Corey Lucas Hannah Pitman Katy Taylor Stephanie Fehr Francesca Wright Hannah Birtwistle-Crossland Vinci Naruka Noemi Aegeter Jeremy Omar Lucinda Stump Alec Bronder Daniel Fitzgerald James Dunn Heloise Kleinwort Caroline Schaufelberger Stefanie Ochmanek

Anita Ryan Ursula Waring Elizabeth Peet Edward Pascoe Chloe Wolfe Alison Murray Josephine Gardner Marlin Valerie See Saphron Stapleton Grace Lyons Joshua Griffith Joshua Mookken. Michael Asghar Asheesh Moosapeta Victoria Danaher Althea Greer Viola Traem Kevin O’Shaughnessy Emma Hill Michael Clachers Martyn Foss Harriet Logan Rachel McGale Jodie Chaloner Alison Johnston Jacque Brownlie Kathryn Mcvicar Eve Thorburn James Paintin Elspeth Hunt Lydia Crussell Nikki Timney Brenda Doran Paul Williamson Euan Carter Harriet Standing Annabel Sen Rudy Appadoo Clare Cryan Helen Sargeant Mitchell Bennet Jazz Tatem-Harrison Pippa Loam Charlotte Fodder Emily Taylor

Annette & Kelly O`Brien Kathleen Morrison Daniel Redhead Hannah Brooks James Baguley Nikita Patel Sarah Horsfall Karen O’Brien Katherine Falcon Steward Sophie Dean Beth Gandy Lee Mills Justine Edwards Charlotte Naughton Bethan Davies Chris Spence Sophie Chapman Stuart Sanders Manisha Vadgama Kerry Ford Urska Blazic Manjula Gami Cody Davis Sam Guilfoyle Rebecca Burnham Seyed Hosseini Alice Taylor Nicole Hardy Lydia Riches KIBBLE Group Caroline Hill Laura Seagers Ayesha Akkari Alexi Akkari Timothy Anstey Alexander Anthony Alexandra Aspinall Stefanie Austin Laura Baker Jennifer Bartlett Thomas Bennett Jemima Benstead Victoria Berry Sarah Betts Joseph Bisatt

Jenny Blay Rachel Bowers Kirsten Bransfield-Garth Georgia Brooke-Hitching Jennifer Cannon Zoe Carter Bethan Charles Hong Ying Chui valentina Ciliberti Olivia Clarkson Natalie Clifton William Clothier Katherine Corfield Edward Coventry Christina Cozier Gemma Craven Amy Cripps Mahajan Pauline de Regt Anna Derrick George Dew Charlotte Dimmock Annie Dixey Anna Dixon Catherine Dransfield Marlene Wilkinson Poppy Adams John Reed Bronwyn Vonniessen Giles Bradford Sarah Bradford Russ Fearon Margaret Langton Claire Turner Isabel Howe Tania Toma Joanne Ridgley Nav Vestli Tom McCarthy Ellen Pickford Stuart Graveston Rose Cumines Evelyn Hamilton Adam Jamieson Rebecca Dwyer Sarah Easby Nadia Elkheir Iain Evans Natasha Evans Simon Farebrother James Flint Alys Freeman Eleanor Fry Peter Galea Katja Garson Simone Gelmetti Amy Gibbs Elliott Godman Joshua Goswell Georgina Graham Hannah Griffiths

Anna Hartley Alexandra Heselton Victoria Hesketh Matthew Hewitt Sarah Hiley Ella Hill Eleanor Hogg Natalie Holmes Philipp Horn Alice Huxley HARRY INMAN Edjona Ismaili Eloise Johnson Eisha Joshi Michael Joyce Anjuli Kaur Jessica Leech Robert Lewis Natalie Lucas Lauren Malloy Nicole Malpass Alexander Martinelli Mathilde Mastroianni Catherine Mayes Victoria McDonald Constantin-Alexander Mehmel Lisa-Elen Meyering Tristan Minihane Joshua Dormont Katherine Dormont Emily Nolan Emily Cooper-Evans Joel Ackerstierna Kiki Bustos Melanie Howell Jack Lightfoot Tom Flanagan Kevin Chang Aimee Oswald Holley Joseph Charlotte Mayhew-Goodwin Eloise Brown Camilla Brookman Jessica Dawson Claire Lillington Victoria Turner Phoebe Tang Ana Bettencourt Veronica Brewster Ann O’Connell Christopher Hoskisson Samuel Hoskisson Charlotte Bassett Sharvari Patel Valerie Leung Nicola Archer Victoria Turner Sarah Hunt Daniel Warren Lisa-Elen Meyering

Tristan Minihane Kathryn Mossor Kathryn Mundy David Napier Abigail Naylor Edward Noon Rachel Norris Emily Norwood Soreen Ohanees Kathryn Oldfield Grace Osborne Antonia Pagonis Grace Panter Carys Parkinson Lauren Payne Brigid Picot Nicola Price Jessica Quagraine Rebecca Rahi Charlotte Rawlins Hannah Readman Beth Reardon Claire Richards Hannah Rickards Lauren Roberts Rebecca Ronayne Bethany Rudd Susannah Russell Lucy Salmon Georgina Scholefield Laura Scott Jonathan Shave Emma Simpson Rachel Smith Zena Spanou Andrew Stewart Thomas Sweeney Christopher Taylor Jade Taylor Samuel Taylor Annabel Tickel Georgina Toft Mariette Trott Chloe Trott Natalia Tshikaya Victoria Turner Rachael Wainwright Natalie Walsh Grzegorz Wasilewski Aaron Waterhouse Robert Whitelaw Sophie Willis Nina Wollersberger Vanessa Wright Amy Young Uzma Zahid Xinyi Zhang

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