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Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance. Ban Ki-moon

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leave your handprint on the world ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18 3

Our Vision Support disadvantaged communities around the world to build a brighter future for themselves.

I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that, then I realised I was somebody 4 ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18

Letter from the Founder Dear Supporter, It is my pleasure to present the FutureSense Foundation Annual Report for 2017-18 and dedicate the same to all our volunteers and supporters without whom none of this would be possible. As I reflect on the past year and our continued focus towards achieving the agenda outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, I feel absolutely convinced, as a team working together, we can build a fairer world! Since FutureSense was established in 2009 we have had over 5,000 volunteers work with our programmes overseas, not only making an impact on the lives of numerous communities but hopefully coming back home with a renewed sense of mission to continue to play a role in tackling some of the global challenges and making the world a better place. The agenda outlined in UN Goals and targets for 2030 seem daunting. When we think that there are over 800 million people who do not have food to eat or that 2.5 billion people in the world lack access to clean water and sanitation, it can sometimes feel like too big a task for any one of us to truly make a difference. However, when I look at the 650 university students who joined us this year to contribute towards making the world a better place, I am extremely encouraged and left with the belief that together we can! This has been a remarkable year for us. With the hard work of over 650 volunteers who raised nearly ÂŁ400,000 we were able to impact the lives of over 8,500 people worldwide. I would like to extend my gratitude to all our fundraisers and volunteers who joined the Challenges Abroad, GapGuru or Inspire programmes. Each one of whom have made a commitment to make a genuine change in the world and all the remarkable improvements we have introduced to our communities are attributed to their dedication. Whether it is developing the level of conversational English in Peru, supporting the children at the Tibetan Children's Village in India, tackling gender equality in Nepal or clean water in Cambodia, the support throughout was invaluable. I hope the experience gained working on our programme has had an impact on every one of our volunteers, and will last a lifetime. With best wishes, Arvind Malhotra Founder and Chief Executive

leave your handprint on the world ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18 5

Together A Fairer World

We Can Build

FutureSense Foundation has always strived to run community development programmes with long term goals at its core. The year 2018 has seen the FutureSense Foundation programmes and activities provide sustainable growth across our seven partnercountries. Through our programmes and initiatives, the FutureSense Foundation works towards achieving a ‘Fairer World’, a world in which each person across the globe is equal and enjoys the same rights, freedom and opportunities. Each country has seen unique and meaningful impact on the lives of several thousand people from some of the most disadvantaged communities around the world. The FutureSense Foundation programmes are designed to meet guidelines set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, follow them closely to achieve results and reach lives in every country we work in. The FutureSense Foundation has witnessed its own contributions towards a fairer world come into fruition over the course of 2018. This year saw each of our country hubs strengthen their programme focus to further include the UN SDG’s. Together, as the FutureSense Foundation, we focused on the top 6 UN Sustainable goals to shape our strategy and ultimate impact in the communities. Within our core focus of providing Education, Health, and Livelihoods programmes, we defined our scope in alignment with SDG No. 4 Quality Education, No. 3 Good Health and Well-being, No. 5 Gender Equality, and No. 6 Clean Water and Sanitation. SDG No. 1 and 2 supersedes these four goals and provide the base of everything we strive to accomplish: No poverty and zero hunger for everyone we work with. Keeping the top 6 as our core focus, we are also shaped by No. 13 Climate Action, No. 10 Reduced Inequalities, and largely on No. 17 Partnerships, because without our local partners we would be unable to have the same impact on our communities. We believe that our commitment to the SDGs is bringing incredible impact to the people we work with! We also believe that together, we can build a generation of leaders that continue this work and see the success of all 17 SDGs and even more. One of our core beliefs at the FutureSense Foundation is to build up Global Citizens through our programmes, both with the participants who come and deliver our programmes, and the young people our programmes impact. We truly believe that change lies in the hands of the next generation and we are dedicated to building the next generation of change makers. Together we can make the difference. Together we can inspire change. Together we can build a better world. Together we can.


Globally, more than 800 million people are still living on less than US $1.25 a day, many lacking access to adequate food, clean drinking water and sanitation. The FutureSense Foundation is committed to eradicating poverty in the communities we support through the creation of greater economic opportunities.

The SDGs aim to end all forms of hunger and malnutrition by 2030, making sure all people, especially children, have access to sufficient and nutritious food all year round. The FutureSense Foundation through education aims to enable the next generation to come out of the poverty cycle, while at the same time addressing issues around food wastage.

More than 6 million children still die before their fifth birthday every year. 16,000 children die each day from preventable diseases such as measles and tuberculosis. The FutureSense Foundation through its health promotion programme aims to raise awareness of health related issues and promote healthy lifestyles amongst communities.

Education is a fundamental human right and a public good. It transforms lives by driving economic and social development yet a staggering 617 million children and adolescents, nearly 60 per cent globally, have not mastered basic literacy or numeracy. The FutureSense Foundation sees education as the key to eradicating poverty, and through its education programmes enables children and young people to fulfil their potential. Ending all forms of discrimination against women and girls is not only a basic human right, but it also crucial to accelerating sustainable development. The FutureSense Foundation uses education as a means to drive greater gender equality in the communities we support.

Water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of people around the world with an estimated 2.4 billion people worldwide not having access to basic sanitation services like toilets or latrines. The FutureSense Foundation aims to provide access to clean drinking water in the communities we support while improving sanitation and access to toilets, particularly for girls in all the schools we work with. It is well documented that income inequality is on the rise, with the richest 10 percent earning up to 40 percent of total global income. The FutureSense Foundation through all its programmes focuses on creating greater economic opportunities for some of the most disadvantaged communities around the world.

The SDGs can only be realized with a strong commitment to global partnership and cooperation. The FutureSense Foundation relies on strong local partnerships to develop and implement all its programmes around the world.


Numbers and Social Impact leaving our handprint on the world


Mission We are committed to delivering on the UN Sustainable Development Goals through long term programmes, delivered by volunteers, focusing on education, health and livelihood support. PERU




people reached

impact hours

492 children at local schools with 2,475 hours of workshops with the help of 44 volunteers






157 children living in the care homes and at local schools with

4,975 hours of workshops and lessons to

1,425 hours

1,650 children with the help of

of workshop sessions delivered by

70 volunteers

30 volunteers in Romania


133 volunteers provided 7,850 hours of workshops to support

1350 children at local schools in Nepal




188 volunteers we supported 2,600 children and members of the community by providing


11,600 hours of workshop sessions



1,221 children with 1,200 hours

1,025 children at local schools to deliver

of workshops with the help of

17 volunteers in Tanzania

12,900 hours of lessons and workshops with the help of 182 volunteers



2018 Standout Moments

Our aim is to reduce inequalities in Thailand by partnering with local hill-tribe communities and villages in the Mae Hong Song Province. Our main areas of focus are on education and health both in Mae Sariang as well as five other hill tribe village communities in the region. By empowering, raising awareness and enabling access to quality education, clean water and sanitation, and universal access to health care, we aim to always foster collaboration and partnerships, gender equality and environmental sustainability.

Initiating on-going local fundraising through collection boxes, which will contribute towards continuing hub and program development.

2018 Reach

Increasing our core hub staff to 4 permanent members. Delivering first aid and safety workshops to local first responders, increasing their capacity and leading to successful results such as the effective rescue of a burns victim. Creating and successfully piloting 13 life skills workshops for students consisting of: resume writing, communication and effective communication methods, leadership, effective studying and teamwork. Establishing new Teacher Training sessions, which will include English pronunciation, teaching conversational English, English and teamwork activities, roleplaying and using flashcards. Creating and successfully piloting WASH and nutrition modules as part of our Health Program to be implemented by future health promotion groups.

10 ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18






classroom-based sessions delivered

direct volunteer impact hours

children and adults engaged


Helping the 1669 save lives

Thailand is experiencing a growing gap between urban and rural areas. 7.2% live below the poverty line, with this number being four times as high in rural areas we work in. This is partially due to limited educational attainment and a lack of livelihood and economic opportunities. With educational attainment dropping in rural Thailand, despite 15 years of free education, the gap is widening and the need for a more holistic, engaging and creative education is needed.

A group of 5 paramedic students working with the FutureSense Foundation Thailand’s EMR development programme in Mae Sariang delivered workshops on road accidents and burn wounds to the local 1669 first response team. This training was delivered only shortly before the first-response team was tested in real life with an incident caused by a road-accident explosion.

In 2018 we delivered 284 hours of conversational English workshops to 594 children across 9 schools in some of the most remote areas of Thailand. The Thai team was able to pilot a 13-session delivery of a new life skills curriculum delivered to 34 young students living in local dormitories, attending school away from their home villages. These sessions focused on a number of life skills outside the students’ typical education classes that allow them further success and access to more opportunities.

The first responders were able to offer first aid to the burn victim who was subsequently taken to and successfully treated in a hospital. Thailand has one of the highest road accident fatality rates first response availability and capability. The 1669 team shared their appreciation and success with us to demonstrate the direct impact our work has had.

Infrastructure projects play into our long-term partnerships and impact, as we support much needed improvements to create a more safe and engaging learning space. We delivered 960 hours of creative arts sessions to encourage creative thinking with 506 students across 5 schools.

Livelihood Our Social Enterprise program is looking to ensure we increase the economic opportunities in the hill-tribes while addressing social challenges in the region. We have initiated this long-term development program by conducting research and needs assessments in all our partner hill-tribes and have established connections with Payap University in Chiang Mai for collaboration on upcoming projects. In 2018 the Thailand team delivered 26 hours of life skills workshops to 34 students as a pilot program. Our impact is measured through our ability to contribute towards behavioural change, improve capacity, awareness and educational attainment, improve the learning and living environments of our beneficiaries, and contribute towards increased economic opportunities.

Health With 10 of Thailand’s most common causes of pre-mature death largely being preventative through life style changes and access to quality firstaid and health care building capacity and awareness is widely needed. Our health program opportunities have started expanding within the community of Mae Sariang as we continued the 1669 paramedic program this year. We delivered 284 emergency medical response workshops to 27 first aid professionals and 186 community members. We also utilized three long-term interns to advance our knowledge of health issues in the community and create necessary materials for volunteers to use in the delivery of our long-term health programmes. We delivered 416 hours of health workshops and activity based sessions to 689 children across 8 partner schools.

The Thailand Team The Thai team is led by the Country Operations Manager, Victoria Eriksson. Originally from Finland, Victoria has a Master's Degree in International Relations with a strong focus on child welfare and sustainable development linked to education. Joseph Waller, Programme Manager, his background is in Sociology as well as Science and Technology. He has previously worked as an English teacher in Thailand. His passion for sustainable community programmes lends well to the Thailand vision. James is the Thai team Hub Coordinator and works to ensure cohesive partnerships for programmes and operations for the hub. She comes from the Thai team's oldest hill-tribe village partnership Pa Pae, and brings a wealth of cultural insight. Mork is the Partnership Coordinator, with a Bachelor's Degree in sociology and anthropology from Bangkok she has moved back to her home town of Mae Sariang to help us in better support our partners' needs.

ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18 11


Our main programme objectives focus largely on early childhood development and bridging the gap between urban and rural communities. We see large inequalities when it comes to health and education and many of the children we work with, in our partner schools, are experiencing poverty.

2018 Standout Moments

2018 Reach

Renovations on the outdoor auditorium and playground allowed for a safer space to interact and now 150 students can use this space for sport and activity Gardening projects at two of our partner schools allowed a more inviting learning environment but also provided environmental and agricultural learning opportunities for students and volunteers




direct volunteer impact hours



Installed a water filtration system at Neelkamal School so that clean water is now available to children at the school Educational murals painted at one of our partner schools highlighted not only educational information such as geography and English, but also created a brighter and safer learning environment Installation of benches and desks for children at Neelkamal School who were sitting on the floor!

12 ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18

classroom-based sessions delivered

children and adults engaged


Case Study

This year saw many exciting and encouraging outcomes for the India hub and we are consistently seeing impact in the community and progress toward our goals. We engaged children in our partner schools with workshops and sessions focused on conversational English, health promotion focused on water and sanitation, nutrition, and first aid, as well as a variety of life skills sessions that brought new areas of learning such as sports, drama, music, and creative arts!

This year, the FutureSense Foundation volunteers participated in building a new water filtration system at Neel Kamal Public High School. This allowed 150 students and their teachers to access safe drinking water while at school. In order to achieve SDG No. 6 Clean Water and Sanitation, the India hub was able to secure funding for this filtration system and ensures that students at this partner school would have clean water to keep them hydrated and healthy. We believe this will directly link to the decrease of water-borne illnesses in these students and positively impact the overall health of the school!

This year's impact on children in our partner schools was tremendous. Children's knowledge of the English language has increased, and confidence levels have amplified. Awareness of personal hygiene and sanitation have increased, and our health-based workshops and activities were well received leaving a very good impression on the children. Hockey lessons, physical activities and cultural/music classes have all benefited the schools we work with. Overall, it was a great year where our volunteers did a great job and have left an everlasting impact on school staff and children.

The India Team The India team is led by Col Ravi Sharma who has now retired from the Indian Army. A science graduate from Punjab university and with a career in the army spanning over several decades, Ravi has a wealth of experience working with young people and in helping and guiding them with learning. In his role as Programme Director, he has overall charge of the programmes that are delivered in Palampur. With his knowledge of the local area and people, he can harness the skills of volunteers and use them in long term programmes that are of benefit to the community.

One of the highlights was when we could see a difference in the children after the first week or so, not only in English and Maths ability, but in their confidence too. Georgia - Royal Holloway University

ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18 13


The Peru Hub vision focuses on providing a brighter future for children at local schools through education. By engaging children in our partner school with Conversational English, we are directly working towards improving future prospects and livelihoods for children from the local community. The region we work in sees some of the lowest English proficiencies and is below the global average for English comprehension. Through education we firmly believe we will improve the livelihoods of the people we work with. Knowing English can make a big difference in accessing the work market in improved conditions.

2018 Standout Moments

2018 Reach

The construction of a new roof over the children's playground at Palccaraqui School which benefitted 120 students. Received our first Faculty lead Education group of teaching volunteers who helped us structure and guide the topics for our Modular English Programme to be delivered in our Partner schools. Initial research into the health issues within the community and the introduction of a health programme




classroom-based sessions delivered

14 ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18


direct volunteer impact hours


children engaged


Case Study

In 2018 the main focus for the FutureSense Foundation centred around conversational English and life skills workshops which encouraged critical thinking. Additionally, we ran media literacy workshops with the children and this encouraged creative thinking while also improving their English comprehension. We have seen great strides this year by creating and utilizing a new module based English curriculum that will enable the children that are currently in 2nd grade to have basic conversational English comprehension by 2022.

During 2017-2018 we developed the base of our Modular English Program. The Ministry of Education of Peru has among its goals to teach English at both primary and secondary schools, but there are no teachers available with the necessary skills to offer English lessons in the schools. The Future Sense Foundtion seeks to fill this gap by teaching on a regular basis from Kindergarten to 2nd grade at Palccaraqui School. Our aim is to engage all primary school grades with this curriculum by 2022. The results so far have been encouraging. The children chose English as their favorite subject and we see noticeable progress in their English communication skills especially while following instructions!

Health We have introduced health workshops in 2018 with a focus on improving nutrition, diet and promoting healthy lifestyle within the community. The workshops have been extremely successful and have been run in conjunction with a local partner school involving both the children at the school as well as their parents. We see ourselves building on this in 2019 with the introduction of health and hygiene workshops that focus on reducing the spread of infections by promoting better standards of hygiene and greater awareness within the community.

The Peru Team The team is led by Antonio Raunelli, who is a Peruvian national with extensive travel experience having visited England, Spain, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, China, Austria and Brazil among many others. Antonio grew up in Lima, Peru and Santiago de Chile, and spent several years travelling and living mainly in Europe. He is deeply passionate about helping people in developing countries to improve their quality of life while exploring new areas, trying local traditional foods and expanding his own thinking.

ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18 15


In Romania our long-term development programmes focus on providing life skills for children in schools and living in care homes. In 2018, we delivered activities such as conversational English, life skills including workshops in art, sports, and drama, as well as raising awareness of health, hygiene and nutrition to provide children access to important and helpful information.

2018 Standout Moments

2018 Reach

FSF volunteers promoted health lifestyles and habits to the children within care homes Renovated the children centre as a place for children in care for the summer camps Supported the local health and emergency rescue centre with paramedic students from Australia




direct volunteer impact hours


children and adults engaged

16 ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18


Case Study

Through the support of our partner care homes, we engaged the children in cultural exchange, mentorship, and even sessions surrounding recycling and the importance of taking care of the environment. We believe our participants who work toward our long-term development program goals are having a lasting impact on the lives of community members.

Imelda was 12 when a group of international students through Challenges Abroad, a pilot program of FutureSense Foundation, came to Romania to volunteer at the care home where she lives. However, she found that she faced an obstacle caused by the language barrier.

Health Programme participants are also able to further their own personal development and skill building through our partnership with SMURD Emergency Department, where they are able to observe and assist in the best emergency medical care in Romania. Our volunteers will have access to witnessing first class emergency medical procedures and will allow them to understand some of the medical issues facing Romania, limitations in care, and a deeper understanding of Romanian culture. We hope to see this partnership continually expand and develop as we grow.

Thus, to bridge the gap she quickly absorbed the language, today having one of the richest vocabularies in English among her peers from the care home. Moreover, she was determined to learn more and next to self-teaching she started to attend English summer camps to improve her grammar. After four summers of training, she was one of the three persons with the highest score to be selected for a weekly English training camp at ELC Eastbourne, in UK. Imelda’s skills were also noticed by one of the translators from the Challenges Abroad program, who recommended Imelda to take over her place. Since, for the second time, Imelda is one of the translators for Challenges Abroad Romania. Being a key individual to offer her personal insights into the care system, she can accurately connect the volunteers with children and with their real needs. Moreover, thanks to the mutual affection between her and the volunteers, she made several friendships by now all over the world. Imelda is 18 now and is studying Theology and English in high school and will be graduating next year.

The Romania Team Erno is our Country Operations Manager for Romania. Erno studied in Targu Meres at the Dimitrie Cantemir University where he went on to study Geography and History which has led him to teach the two subjects. After graduating from University, Erno worked in both Germany and Hungary and has now been working with the FutureSense Foundation since 2011.

ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18 17

Nepal UN GOALS WORKED TOWARDS In Nepal, we support rural communities by providing access to quality education and through promoting health, hygiene and sanitation. In 2018, we have focused on SDG 5 to improve gender equality working with teenage girls and young women in the community.

2018 Standout Moments

2018 Reach

Conducting 8 environmental and sustainability workshops among 450 children focusing on recycling, letter writing and environmental issues through creating 2 dustbins out of painted bricks, making 12 pot plants out of used plastic bottles. Improving schools’ infrastructure through painting murals in 3 rooms, 1 compound wall, 1 courtyard, 1 office wall, 15 windows and 2 indoor walls which will help to foster creative growth, promote an optimistic attitude and nurture emotional growth among 700 children in our partner schools. Conducting English workshops among 100 children to increase the confidence of Basic Communication in English focusing on essay writing, life-esteem, bullying, geography, vocabulary, dancing, listening and communication skills.




classroom-based sessions delivered

18 ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18


direct volunteer impact hours


community members engaged


Case Study

Conversational English and Life Skills are very valuable opportunities for children in our partner schools. In 2018, volunteers participated in a number of long-term development programme opportunities that pushed forward our objectives to reaching our desired community impact. Over 500 direct volunteer hours were provided by our volunteers to support our education initiatives including conversational English and a number of life skills opportunities such as classes teaching about art and drama, sessions focusing on sustainability, and even the creation of gardens to highlight different skills and environmental awareness.

In January, health practicum volunteers from Griffith University arrived in Dhulikhel to take part in some groundbreaking health research and the creation of valuable health materials for our communities to access and use. Volunteers conducted need’s assessments in two communities focusing on nutrition and Sexual Reproductive Health. In response to the information they gathered, they created and delivered interventions to bring more information and awareness to the issues facing the community. Among the interventions was a health fair bringing light to a number of myths surrounding sexual health and booths allowing students to interact with valuable health info. The largest impact was the creation of the Nutrition and Sexual and Reproductive Health Magazine that was distributed and allowed a visual and lasting resource for students to actively participate in their health and nutrition!

Small infrastructure projects at partner schools support our long-term programme goals through creating a safe and supportive environment for continuation of learning.

Health A number of health activities conducted in 2018 worked toward our long-term goals and objectives of seeing preventable illnesses reduced and healthy habits formed. Health based activities that support important topics such as hygiene, sanitation, sexual and reproductive health and nutrition work to improve community health and develop healthy life styles. We delivered over 100 session hours of health-based education in classrooms or workshops. Additionally, 1,200 hours were given to researching core health issues that allowed participants to develop materials to deliver in the community directly relating to information gained in their research. During their time in country, volunteers conducted two community-based needs assessments focusing on Sexual Reproductive Health and Nutrition, which allows the hub to continue to further develop our health activities related to these topics and have an even larger impact in our communities in the future.

The Nepal Team The Nepal team is led by Om Baral, who is the Programmes and Partnerships Manager for Nepal. Om has grown up in Pokhara, in western Nepal and has a diverse background with a Master's Degree in English Literature and Bachelor's Degree in Education. More recently he has completed a Masters in Community Development from Murdoch University in Australia following which he worked as a Support Worker in Darwin Australia. Om brings a wide range of experience to the role, having worked as an English teacher, before working for a Dutch NGO as a Community Development Worker supporting community schools.

Om is supported by Neeru Tuladhar, who is our Programme Coordinator for Nepal. Neeru has worked within the NGO sector and managed development programmes in various parts of Nepal before joining FutureSense. She loves working with young people and amongst other things loves travel and reading!

ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18 19


2018 Standout Moments Football program continues to serve all 1,221 children in our partner school, with increased focus on our female leaders. We promoted girls into leadership and captain positions to further drive gender equality and the value of girls in leadership! Daily after-school sports activities gained momentum throughout the year as each day more children participated. They learned about important topics such as team work and a variety of exercise styles Constructed a permanent netball pitch with the net concreted in so that all children could access the space and enjoy the activity. Built a new water tank for rain water harvesting to ensure regular availability of clean water at the local school

The Tanzania hub focuses our long-term development programs in Majenga Village near Arusha. Our main community partner is the Bukha Primary School, where we work with over 1,200 primary aged students focusing on a number of important topics to support and enhance their education and overall livelihood. Throughout the year, we ran activities that focused on several topics within our areas of focus in Education, Health and Livelihood. Our hub is dedicated to engaging students and seeing their success. We ran sessions focused on Clean Water and Sanitation, as water access is a large issue in the areas we work. Additionally, we engaged students in sports activities and sessions that not only gave them increased skills and personal development, but also acted as an avenue for health learning. A major focus for the Tanzania hub surrounds conversational English lessons and providing the confidence and support for our students to actively participate in their language learning. We believe this is a sustainable avenue for a successful future! We also focused on other life skills such as building school gardens and learning about rainwater harvesting!

Every day was full of excitement, fun and learning. After the first few days when we were all outside of our comfort zones, we quickly became fully immersed in the new culture and environment. Volunteering in the primary school was incredibly fulfilling in the primary school was incredibly fulfilling, and it was impossible not to grow attached to the bright, ever-smiling, energetic kids who we hope to never forget. Elisa, Durham University

20 ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18

Case Study This year marked the beginning of a large community project that The FutureSense Foundation will continue into next year, focused on the building of a Rain Water Harvesting system that will directly impact the community's ability to access safe drinking water. Currently our partner school does not have an adequate system for accessing water, and what they do have is very expensive. During the dry season, it is particularly difficult. The beginning of this project allowed us to set in motion the creation of the harvesting system, which will then not only secure an affordable clean water source, but also provide a learning space for the children as they further develop the Gutter system and create both a hand washing area and a mechanism that conserves hand washing water for vegetable watering and agriculture!

The Tanzania Team

2018 Reach




direct volunteer impact hours


children engaged

The Tanzania programmes are coordinated by Elizabeth Thomson, who is a local from the town of Arusha where are programmes are based. Elizabeth is a graduate from Dodoma College and has worked with community projects for over 5 years. Mama Deborah is our housekeeper and takes great care of our volunteers who all appreciate her Tanzanian cooking. The Team is supported by Mr Javes Sauni who is responsible for governance and administration at the hub.

ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18 21


This year, the long-term development programmes in Cambodia have made huge strides toward our goal of reducing poverty in the Ek Phnom District through education, livelihood and health-based initiatives. We believe in partnerships to drive our programs and establish opportunities for creating a fairer world.

2018 Reach

2018 Standout Moments Raising $1,800 USD for Clean Water projects through sales of reusable water bottles which will allow us to develop sustainable solutions for clean water access in 2019.



classroom-based sessions delivered

children engaged





Conducting 2-day FREE clinics in 2 villages providing free exams and medication for 470 people. $1,429 USD donated in medication and supplies. Culmination of Teacher Capacity and Skill Building course, which enabled 10 teachers through 40 sessions focusing on topics such as lesson planning, activity planning, lessons for English and Math, as well as classroom management and STEM!


direct volunteer impact hours

Building a NEW Kindergarten classroom for Supplementary Education Class supporting 18 kindergarten students. Culmination of Girl’s Health workshops and donation of 100 Menstruation Packs to young girls in our SEC programme.

22 ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18

community workshops

adults in the community engaged


Case Study: STEM

Our main objective is for children in the Ek Phnom region of Battambang, Cambodia, to successfully complete their high school education. In order to do this, we partner with 2 government Primary schools, a government secondary school, and run a free Supplementary Education Class (SEC) programme alongside our implementation partner NGO, Children’s Action for Development. Through our partnerships, our education activities reach 1,500 children, and directly support 370 SEC students. This year, volunteers supported the SEC programme through Conversational English sessions, arts and animation, sport and leadership, new STEM sessions, and began the development and delivery of a long-term Teacher Training curriculum. These activities continue to bring about further access to quality education in a sustainable manner that drives change and brings impact.

One major outcome from 2018 was the creation and delivery culmination of our new STEM module. This 2-part module was created in response to school partner and department of education interest in Cambodian children accessing education related to Science, Engineering, Technology, and Maths. The FutureSense Foundation responded with the creation of the module that allows the children to participate in a variety of activities encouraging critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving, and strategic use of resources. The activities and sessions conducted throughout the year saw high student engagement with the materials, problem solving with little guidance or instruction, and teamwork, especially when time constraints and activity goals were set. Our volunteers witnessed students pushing themselves and expanding their knowledge, all while learning in a low-resource setting. With only 66 STEM based sessions conducted so far, we are excited to see the continuation and development of these sessions within all the students in our programs!

Livelihood Our partnership with CAD also supports a Women’s Sewing and Handicraft shop with opportunities for women in the community to learn skills such as sewing, basket weaving, using a loom for making fabric, and other handicrafts. This year, 16 women completed a 6-week training session learning these new and valuable skills that will increase their family income and support their livelihood!

Health Cambodia has a major focus on our health-based programmes and our aim is to equip the community with in-depth knowledge and understanding so that they can effectively access health care, respond to pressing health issues and establish preventative measures for their families and themselves. Volunteers have been instrumental in this aspect through conducting needs assessments in the community, delivering focused workshops on topics such as female hygiene, water sanitation, first aid, and nutrition both with adults in the community and with children in our partner schools. This year, two free clinics were delivered in partnership with our local medical centre and over 470 patients accessed a free medical examination and went home with free medications.

The Cambodia Team The Cambodia Hub is directed and supported by the Country Operations Manager, Sarah Morgan. Originally from Washington State, USA, her background in International Development and Service has not only allowed her to travel and live in many countries and cultures, but also deepened her understanding of developing strategy and impact in community. Prior to joining the hub in 2016, she worked in the US in child welfare and education initiatives. Her passion for this work stems from a deep sense of global justice and equity and she hopes to see this in the outcomes of the Cambodia Hub. Khanchna Heng is the local Community Coordinator and brings cultural insight and context to the development and maintenance of programs as well as cultivating relationships with local partners. Her background in education and her recent graduation from university as a certified English teacher lends strongly to our education-based activities and how we can continually engage young students with quality education. Khanchna joined the team in 2017, has grown immensely in her time with the organization, and is bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to our long-term development programmes.

ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18 23

Financial Statement


Over the past 12 months the FutureSense Foundation has provided our overseas communities with around 650 volunteers who have contributed over 30,000 hours towards delivery of our long-term programmes. This effort is the equivalent of having had a full time team of 30 staff responsible for programme delivery across our hubs. In 2017-18 the Foundation has seen a decline in fundraising by volunteers as the UK has been grappling with the potential shape of a post Brexit Britain and markets have seen great uncertainty. With the support of a sizable contribution from the FutureSense group we have however continued most of our programmes with a significant spend on education. Cambodia remained our largest programme with by far our highest spend across the world. This was mainly with our Supplementary class Programme which has now been running for years and has provided annual funding to 1800 children over this period. The Board of Trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers, fundraisers and supporters who through their hard work and dedication have enable the charity to continue to make a difference to people's lives throughout the world!

Expenditure by hub Thailand













41% 0%

Expenditure by Programme type 2017-18:

24 ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18















Statement of Financial Activities for the period ended 31 August 2018 Resources from generated funds



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The Nepalese students had a big impact on me. Getting to know them in such a developmental phase of their life has taught me so much about their country and its culture, and about people in general. I am struck dumb by their energy and resilience. I take away from my experience an admiration for a difficult and beautiful country and its wonderful people, and a newfound respect for children.

In a few short words, my experience was impactful. Challenging yet transformative; exhausting yet worthwhile; heart-breaking yet heart-warming. I learnt not only a lot about the culture and the people within it but also a lot about myself. I built strong ties with the community as well as the group I lead, which looking back felt authentic the entire way. Jodie Quayle, ACU Brisbane LGL

Nyree Williams – University of East Angelia

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People Behind the mission

Our team, partners and recipients I love the twinkle in the eyes and the smile on the faces of our school children when they see and interact with our volunteers. Col. Ravi Sharma, Country Operations Director, India Knowing we are making a difference no matter how small. As Ronald Reagan once said, ‘We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.’ Alex Stafford, SVMPC, India Being part of a team and group of individuals where no act is too small, and no dream is too big means that we can build a network of dedicated people doing small daily acts all over the world to support disadvantaged communities across the globe. Victoria Eriksson, Country Operations Manager, Thailand I am driven to create programs that don’t just tick boxes but have a lasting positive impact on the community. I do not wish to be an outsider looking in, I am driven to work towards a world where there are no outsiders and we have a global community. Joseph Waller, Programme Manager, Thailand I love challenging volunteers to see life from a different perspective. Seeing their perceptions challenged and their thirst for global justice grow throughout the experience is life giving. It is really inspiring to see a volunteer really connect with our long-term vision and actively work toward achieving our goals in our communities. Sarah Morgan, Country Operations Manager, Cambodia By organising the work of participants in our projects, I feel my own contribution are enhanced and the wellbeing of the children in the Sacred Valley in Peru increased. Every day I am reminded by the children of how grateful they are for our work, and that makes my day a great one! Antonio Raunelli, Country Operations Manager Peru Students who go through STEM education, with the guidance of their teacher and the FutureSense volunteers, will be able to shape this world into a fairer and more equal place. Thy Bunrith (Racky), Director of Children's Action for Development From me as Director and from all the teachers and students, we thank the FutureSense Foundation who have dedicated their valuable time, contributed and continue to contribute to the betterment of all our lives. Mr. Sara, Director of Samanoas Primary School I want to say thank you to FutureSense because we get to work with volunteers at our school, and they have good hearts and exciting activities to improve our students. The students really like the activities and joining the volunteers. Supit Kaewta, English Teacher, Mae Kong Phae School

26 ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18

Our volunteers Thank you to everyone at The FutureSense Foundation who made our time in Tanzania so enjoyable! It was a fantastic experience that I thoroughly enjoyed! Matt, Durham University Volunteering in Thailand has been an incredible experience that’s helped me grow so much. Working at the Elephant Nature Park was physically challenging, but it was such a fun and welcoming environment. Learning the history of each retired elephant, including what they’re put through in the entertainment and logging industries, put into perspective how important our work was. Teaching at the Mae La hill tribe was daunting at first, but the children we met and the culture we experienced have made it feel exciting and worthwhile. I feel really inspired knowing that what we've done has contributed to a much wider positive impact. Ellie, Sheffield Hallam University While at Mae La hill tribe the first thing I remember noticing was a sign on a tree saying ‘where there is a will there is a way’ I instantly thought that was a brilliant phrase to sum up my Thailand experience. Hannah, Sheffield Hallam University The volunteering experience at the school in Dhulikhel was very difficult but also very rewarding. But by the end of our time spent at the school we all felt we had made strong connections with the students and they had understood the importance of keeping their school and environment clean and to stop littering. Overall, I think our group delivered our overall message and achieved our goals of improving the sustainability and environmental awareness of the students in the school. Shannon, Australia

Values We are passionate about meeting the needs of our community partners and volunteers, always acting with integrity, empathy and energy in creating innovative programmes that fulfil their visions and aspirations.

Together we are creating a fairer world ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18 27

Thank you to all our volunteers Aaron Closs Abbie Leadbitter Abby Hartmann Abi Brown Abigail Cox Abigail Sparrowe Abil Tebeje Adela Gokovi Adrian McCallum Aidan Lloyd Ailsa Johnston Aimee Wolstencroft Aimee Talbot Aimee Dwyer Alana Speir Alaura McRae Aleece Ross Aleisha Teske Alexa Lunario Alexander Paul Alexandra Allan Alexandra Jolly Alexandra Lyam Alicia Coventry Alicia Cora Alisha Hughes Alison Wiltshire Allysha Ryan Alyssa Carroll Amanda Seemann Amanda Wisenthal Amber Lloyd-Briscoe Amber Chapman Amber Saric-Skewes Amna Ahmed Amy Turner Amy Deveney Amy Allen Amy Dunne Amy Parikka Amy Teasdale Amy Skipper Amy Phillips Amy Grimshaw Amy Harris Andi Salamon Andrew Mudgway Andrew Mair Andy Webb Aneesha Kalia Angus Fuss Anillie Dodkins Anina Bernhardt Anisha Morjaria Anna Bannett Anna Webby Annabelle Attard Annjuliet White Anthea Belessis 28 ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18

Aoife McCann Apeksha Halasagi Arabella Doery Ashley Closs Athanasia Outsikas Audrey Duff Aurianne Mackney Ava Karuso-Thurn Bailey Elder Baylee Kendall Becca Johnson Ben Edwards Bernadette Sebar Bethany Davies Bethany Pescod Bianca Gleeson Billie-Jean Barnes Braden Kennedy Breannan Fewson Breelle Mackie Brianna Armstrong Brianna James Brianna Townes Bridget Sherrin Bridget Horsey Brier Menzies Brigid Walsh Brittany Sharman Brittany Cumming Brooke Townsend Brooke Santos Brydee Stephenson Bryony Jackson Cadence O'Reilly Caine De Ryke Caitlin Khaw Caitlyn Vesey Caitlyn Saltmarsh Callan Pyne Calley Innes Callum Baker Callum Langmaid Carina Ene Carina King Carissa De Sales Da Silva Carla Westwood Carly Barnett Carly Winser Casey Hogan Casey Williams Castello Stephanie Catarina Schamps Catherine Walsh Catherine Roberts Ceara Cronin Ceri Gallagher Charlotte Hoyle Charmaine Leow Chelsea Morrison

Chelsea Finayson Chelsea Tatton Chloe Marcham Chloe Hyland Chloe Schmidt Chloe Fox-Horn Chloe Winstanley Chloe Moore Chris Scott Christopher Rowling Cian Cattelini Ciara Louise Rooney Ciaran Ahern Claire Harding Clare Laurence Claudia McNamara Claudia Cuming Columbus Fong Connie Peach Connor Thorne Conor Watt Corey Dwyer Cory Holden Courtney Brown Crystal Austin Daine Stephenson Damian Williams Daniel Kapeen Daniela Berghofer Daniella Cho Danielle Garton Danielle Jones Danielle Mellish Danson Murimi D’Arcy Parrotta David Mitchell David Buteri David Axen Domonique Quinn Domonique Serginson DonJin You Douglas Connor-Webb Dounya Abdullatif Eboni Cameron Ebony Frost Eileen Izquierdo Ruiz Eilysh Websdale Eleanor Mackie Eleanor Thewlis Eleanor Wright Eleanor Sparrowe Elena Green Elisa Benham Elise Sturgess Eliza Kitchener Eliza Hansen Elizabeth Brown Elizabeth Cardarelli Elizabeth Glase

Elizabeth Jenkins Elizabeth McDermott Ella Sheridan Ella Birt Ellen Booth Ellen Brodrick Ellen Toull Ellie Waters Ellie Clark Elliot James Ellis Evans Elly Groves Elly Howlett Emily Cole Emily Hall Emily Phenix Emily Gibcus Emily Spender Emily Dee Emily Sewell Emily Lane Emily Andrews Emily Carroll Eminee Camplin Emma Cassidy Emma Wells Emma Thrower Emma Watson Emma Sutton Emma McShane Emma Kitchener Erica Li Erica-Mai Trent Erin Murray Esma Kolcak Ethan Pruss Evangeline Minns Eve Revill Evie Jennings Fallon Gould Fauzhan Azman Felix Booth Fiona Hunter Fiona Saxton Flavia Sofia Bernardo Matos Florbela Soares Teixeira Frances Hancox Francesca Germain Frankie Alexander Findlay Fransiska Bekti Gabrielle Fegan Gabrielle Tomlin Georgia Licence Georgia Bartlett Georgia Kosecki Georgia Hobbs Georgia Rummery Georgia Evans Georgie Crouch Georgina Payne Georgina Hirst Georgina Briggs Glenn Wilson Grace Keppel Grace Storey Grace Curran Greta Maria Ricci Habib Al-lawati Halina Potangwa Hannah Wheeler-Smith

Hannah Hills Hannah Kirsop Hannah Smith Hannah Mansell Hannah Stopel Hannah Terry Hannah Sheehan Hannah Winter Hannah Smith Hannah Littler Hannah Beighton Haotian Ma Hayden King Hayley Boxall Heidi Huang Helen Callister Radcliffe Helena Shivji Holly Green Holly Pickthall Holly Mulder Hugh Prescott Indiana Williams Indianna Croad Iona McCusker Iona Chisholm Isabel Detez Isabel Laszczak Isabella Hore Isabelle Schlegel Isabelle Hope-Jones Isabelle Mills Isbella Aroub Isher Saini Jacinta Naidu Jacinta Morson Jack Goddyn Jack Pryor Jack Sellwood Jaclyn Cleary Jacqueline German Jacqueline Gulle Jade Bligh Jake McCully Jake Murphy-Smith James Qureshi James McIntosh James Shea Jamie Noffke Jane Robertson Jane Casey Jasmin Jie Min Iyo Jasmine Blocksidge Jasmine Banks Jasmine O'Shea Jasmine Vo Jeannette Keser Jennifer Chai Jenny Li Jessica Walmsley Jessica Stride Jessica Hunt Jessica McDonald Jessica Nelson Jessica Hawula Jessica Finch Jessica Wright Jessica Rose Jessica Rann Jessie Picone Jessie Meagher

Jocelyn Barker Jodie Quayle Jody Walsey John Hooke John Halmi Jordan Fry Jordan Wright-Kemp Jordan Kallady Joshua Herbert Joshua Murchie Joshua Knight Josiah Seemann Joy Tabalujan Jules Jones Kaitlin Doyle Kaitlyn Meehan Kara Broadbent Kara Borthwick Karah Broad Karolina Solecka Kate Tilsley Kate Simpson Kate Shelton Kate Carmichael Kate Neilson Katherine Farrow Katherine Youssef Katherine Vikulov Katherine Tribe Kathryn Martin Kathryn Edge Katie Ferguson Katie McBarron Katie Macneill Katie Trenorden Katy Essex Kawsser Elhaje Kaylah Lynch Kayleigh Bolton Keeley Pearson Kellie Cheffers Kellie McCully Kelsey Noble Kelsey Wedding Kerri Scott Kerryn Thevar Kevin Gillick Kian Popat Kiani Triffett Kiera Huckerby Kieren Thompson Kim Lucas Kimberly May Kiran Kalsi Kirby Allen Kirsty Griffiths Kirsty Gray Kirsty Mangraviti Kit-Julia Elliot-O’Brien Koshalya Thevar Krishn Pamar Kristi Podlich Kyung-Jae Lee Lachlan Campbell Lachlan Glendenning Laine Taylor Lara Ingram Laura Gates Laura Andersen Laura Chartand

Lauren Degge Lauren Napper Lauren Effeney Lauren King Leah Murray Leah Brokman Leah Collins Leanne Hallowell Lee Lim Peru Lee-Anne Heaney Leighton Milton Leon Polychronopoulos Leyi Yang Leyla Hattabi Lily Glover Lily Barnes Linsey Cairns Lisa Russ Lisa Yaqoub Louisa Pettigrew Louisa Marmion Lucie Crystal Lucy Joyce Lucy Molloy Lucy Hall Lucy Hill Lucy Jones Luke Stamper Luke Harris Lydia Turtle Lydia Seed Maddie Wait Maddison Beattie Maddison Tinning Maddy Grace Egan Madeleine Bell Madeline Van Der Meer Madeline Jones Madison Veck Madison Nichols Madison Harding Madison Chee Maggie Campbell-Jones Maggie Pagliaro Maisie Anderson Maja Matwiejczuk Malinee Burge Mallory Walker Mandy Gu Mareena Hussain Marguerite Montgomerie Maria Linden Maria Aamer Marie Wilson Marie Campbell Marie Behrent Marta Falco Mary O’Callaghan Matteo Fernandez Leal Matteo Bonini Matthew White Meg Clode Meg Kent-Spark Meg Smith Megan Webster Megan Kerr Megan Topham Megan Thompson Melanie Evans Melanie Hull

Melinda Mo Melissa Cameron Melissa Picone Melissa Bishop Mia McLay Mia Johnston Micaela Burgess Michael McWilliam Michael Baskin Michael Gray Michaela Brady Michaela Mastroianni Mikaeli Howden Mikayla Coats Mikayla Hutchings Mikayla Flinn Milla Strano Miranda Ricketts Miranda Shepherd Miriam West Mitchell Jones Molly Williams Molly Haynes Monique Mair Montana Heinze Morgan Perry Munni Milton Moon Naidene Dorman Nancy Naylor Natarsha Whelan Natasha Ross Natasha Brimley Natasha McDonnell Natasha Hawkes Natasha Bruce Nate Wilson Nathan Cook Nathan D'Souza Nathania DaCosta-Hyman Nayaab Ali Neha Gangaram Nicholas Stephens Nicola Black Nicola Tsiambazis Nicole Bufi Nidhi Panchasara Nikeisha Vermulst Nikita Nadan Norhan Elkhauly Nyree Williams Olivia Norman-Walker Olivia Eastwood-Gray Olivia King Olivia Halpin Olivia Shipton Olivia Perazza Olivia Schmidt Orla McCann Patrick Moroney Patrick Turner Pauline Macdonald Peta Howie Peter Fox Peter Grainger Phevia Salise Phoebe Alderson Precious Tatah Qiao Si Tee Rachael Millar Rachael Michell

Rachel Perkins Rachela Amanamoi Rebecca Hurst Rebecca Blasdale-Smith Rebecca Cole Rebecca Swan Rebecca Chang Rebecca Freeburn Rebecca Dodds-Gorman Rebecca Neville Rebecca Donato Rebekah Grenfell Rebekah Zonneveld Rhiannon McLennan Ricardo Frias Fernandez Ricky Lam Riley Anderson Ripley Beck Robert Muscolino Rochyni Gwijangge Ronalto Antoniou Rosie Coulter Ruby Pettigrew Ruby Freer Rukayya Mamsa Rute Silva Ryan Piper Sabreena Grewal Sally Thomson Sam Oliver Sam Kirkpatrick Samantha Drilon Sandra Mansour Sannam Kerley Sara Roberts Sarah Moody Sarah McCrorie Sarah Gaylard Sarah Mallett Sarah De Bondt Sara-Jowa Monoja Sasha Platt Savanah Selleck Scarlet Sykes-Hesterman Sean Gordine-Gibson Sean Marken Serena Rossetti Shailendra Thevar Shailin Fitzgerald Shajarah Atchia Shanelle Gamble Shannen Sidoli Shannon De Alwis Shannon Scullion Shantelle Suarez Sharon Latimer Sharriah McCloy Shaun Clarke Shayla Rossetto Shazia Maqsood Sian Williams Sinead Delaney Siobhan Doherty Sommer Nicholson Sonia Boghossian Sophie Cathcart Sophie Storrow Sophie Manoury Sophie Dowling Sophie Coglan

Souraya Ellaz Stacey Wotherspoon Stephanie Nolan Stephanie Riggs Stephanie Harvie Stephanie Salna Stevie Snook Suhyun Park Suman Mahmood Susanna Ford Suzanna Frith Suzanne Wheeler Sydney Brown Taegan Speck Tahlia Rea Taine Jansen Tamara Bridgman Tanith McEntee Tara O'Sullivan Tara Goswell Tarryn Fisher Taylah Barnes Teagan Bickerdike Tegan Jones Tegan Ciappara Tegan Sutton Tess Lambourne Tess Forrest Thalya Schroeder Thi Mong Thuy Thach Thomas Coleman Tiffany Vong Tiffany Liu Tom Williamson Tom Murphy Tom Hissey Toni Bartley Tran Nguyen Travis Addison Trent French Tyler Evans Veronika Koprivcic Victor Mabiba Victoria Miles Victoria Raiti Victoria Waid Viviana Ciolac Wai Ki Chan Wanna Zhou William Hood William Wood Xin Hui Tan Xinman Lui Yael Linzer Yanan Wei Yolanda Flynn Yuxiao Zhang Yvonne Sutton Zachary Isaac Zeenia Gul Zoe Brown Zoe Patching Zoe Trembath Zoe Gregory Zoe Malone Zoe Ruscoe Zoie Jenkyns

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What makes us different? We keep are overheads, so over 90% of our funding expenditure is spent overseas. We are not just a funding organisation, so our focus is on running programmes to help local communities have a brighter future. We always work with carefully selected local partners to ensure we understand the community’s needs and can work towards meeting their aspirations. We focus on sustainability, so we run long term programmes supported by a permanent in-country team. All our programmes are delivered by volunteers, ensuring the money we spend goes further.

Get Involved There are a number of ways for you to get involved with the FutureSense Foundation:

Volunteer GapGuru, Inspire Volunteering and Challenges Abroad offer individual and unique programmes for all types of volunteers. If you are interested, visit our website and see which programme suits you.

Donate Your support enables us to grow and to reach more communities and individuals that need our help. To donate, please visit our website or our Virgin Money Giving page (search 'FutureSense on uk.virginmoneygiving.com).

Support us Get involved, fundraise, promote our work at your schools, universities or work places and help us continue to grow.

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There are no words to describe my experience in Tanzania with the FutureSense Foundation. You can physically see the sustainability of the projects and how far they have come. Being a part of a group that were able to be a part of the international development of this project was incredible and simply amazing. As a team, we aided in the creation of a water tank for the school in Arusha and the feeling on the last day of physically leaving our handprint, in terms of the tank and by using paint, was breath-taking. There were a lot of tears saying goodbye to students who we made true and genuine connections with, witnessing first-hand the impact volunteers can make through various workshops but especially through building confidence in girls who believe their boy classmates are superior and to see them take lead of activities was truly incredible! Abbie, Durham University

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01635 285 669

The FutureSense Foundation The Old Town Hall, Market Place Newbury RG14 5AA

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