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Beauty is the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out. The Skin Spin Roller is the most effective and most diverse anti-aging skin care tool on the market. It doesn’t just improve the appearance of the skin but it also improves the health and function of the skin creating long term results.



Contents Issue 37 • September/October 2016




5 Fall Skincare trends by Leah LaVanway




Beauty Buzz 411


Crystal Carson: A modern Renaissance Woman


Dîner en Blanc Vancouver


NKPR: A Love Story


THERE AND BACK AGAIN: The Story of a Truly Magnetic Smile


THE Transformative Power OF Skin Needling


ON TREND: New VANCOUVER Lifestyle Event Focuses on the west coast woman






Fall Femme

by Liberty Craig

by Dr. Kelvin P. Mah

by Amanda Beisel

by Tess Lobmayr / Photographed by Matthew Chen

Makeup by Holly Decker


by Keri Lynne Hendry

by Crystal Jensen

Artist Profile: John Ferrie by Samantha Lenz

Women in Business


Publisher / Editor-In-Chief Shelly Lynn Nellis .......................................................................... EDITOR-AT-LARGE Crystal Carson .......................................................................... Art Director Flora Leung ..........................................................................

t is with great pleasure we welcome you to our Fall edition of Fresh. This issue is full of amazing fashion, beauty, and lifestyle choices for today’s glorious Canadian woman! Our cover story this issue explores the life of Natasha Koifman. Natasha is the founder of NKPR, an international PR agency that executes campaign, events, social media, and strategic partnerships for their clients. Natasha is known as one of the influential public relations people in Canada. Her beauty inside and out is very evident throughout her interview.

National Account Manager Kristal Barrett-Stuart .......................................................................... Contributors Leah LaVanway, Liberty Craig, Dr. Kelvin P. Mah, Tess Lobmayr, Matthew Chen, Holly Decker, Keri Lynn Hendry, Crystal Jensen, Samantha Lenz .......................................................................... Cover Photo Credits: Photographer: Liz Rosa Producer & Stylist: Crystal Carson

We have our regular contributors as well with Beauty Buzz 411 and our resident cosmetic dentistry expert, Dr. Kelvin P. Mah. This issue we also do an exposé on our amazing Fashion Editor-at-Large, Crystal Carson. Crystal’s Rolodex is unmatched and her style is all her own. She is one of Canada’s best up-and-coming stylist stars.

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: Jodi Urichuk of Plutino Group

Whether you are picking this up for the first time or are a long time reader of Fresh, we welcome you, we thank you, and we love you all

Natasha wears: Dress by Christopher Kane / Shoes by Alaia (The Room at Hudson’s Bay) ..........................................................................

Location: Thompson Hotel Toronto

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w w w. m a l a r y s . c o m




Dermaplaning: The New Beauty Secret you need to know about!

If you haven’t heard of this treatment, it’s about time you did! Celebs are raving about this treatment to remove facial hair, brighten complexions, and ensure that J.Lo glow we all aim for. Dermaplaning is an exfoliation technique that uses a small butter blade scalpel to very gently scrape the surface layers of your skin using precise light, feather-like strokes. So you’re probably thinking… why would I let someone scape my skin with a scalpel? Because it will give you an immediate luminous glow that will last two to three weeks. Plus, the light ‘shaving’ technique will remove the vellus hair (peach fuzz) and give you an ultra-smooth canvas to lay your makeup down on.

2. By Leah LaVanway

Hydra Facial: The Oscar-ready Glow

The HydraFacial treatment prides itself on a revolutionary application of antioxidant serums, hydrating hyaluronic acid, exfoliating AHA’s, clarifying Salicylic acid and anti aging peptides. The HydraFacial is appropriate for all skin types and targets congested/oily skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. This four-step treatment usually takes 30-45 minutes, can be targeted with a Booster, and includes anti-inflammatory LED therapy. The main benefits of this treatment include: • Can be done in 30 minutes (lunch break) • No downtime; no discomfort • Immediate visible results • Effective for all skin types (even the sensitive petals) • Targets specific concerns (sun damage, wrinkles, acne)


Picture-Perfect Pout: Lip enhancements

Lip enhancements have jumped a whopping 50% since 2000 and a 400% increase in male lip procedures! That’s right, lip fillers are no longer just for women. With an overwhelming amount of selfies being posted hourly the desire for the perfect pout is exploding with every Facebook post, Instagram like and self-made blogger feed. Lip enhancements generally taking 5-10 minutes are convenient, offer immediate results, and can last 12-24 months depending on the filler you choose. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016


DermaPen: Your Go-To Anti-aging Treatment!

With Micro needling making a major comeback, it is gaining popularity not only with our favorite celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Angelia Jolie, but also with our at-home dermal rollers, like our favorite Skin Spin Rolling System. Dermal rolling helps to achieve a radiant complexion by creating tiny micro channels in your skin to stimulate a natural repair process. These healing cascades promote new collagen formation, brighten sun damage, improve overall skin texture and dramatically improves acne scarring. For optimal results, a series of four to six treatments are recommended spaced 4-8 weeks apart.


Peel Season: The New Alumier MD Glow Peel

A brightening, resurfacing solution that improves the signs of aging and hydration with minimal to no downtime. This new physician formulated Glow Peel combines 7% lactic acid, 7% salicylic acid and 7% resorcinol, creating a multipurpose resurfacing solution effective in minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation issues like age spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone. This formula exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates skin renewal. To suit individual needs, Glow Peel can be customized in strength by the number of layers applied. A combination of Kojic Acid, Oyster Phoenix Mushroom, and peptides target age spots, blemishes, and sun damage revealing a brighter more youthful looking skin.

Leah LaVanway is the owner of the award winning Essence of L Medi Spa & Laser Clinic in White Rock. She is a medical esthetician specializing in acne therapies and skin needling. Leah is also the founder of Glow Clinical Skincare, a clean clinical line focused on acne prone skin. To learn more about Leah and Essence Of L Medi Spa visit You can also follow Essence Of L on Instagram and Facebook @eolmedispa. | FRESH MAGAZINE | 9

Dress and cape by Zuhair Murad (The Room at Hudson’s Bay) / Shoes by Sergio Rossi



By Liberty Craig PhotographED BY LIZ ROSA / Produced & STYLED by Crystal Carson Makeup ARTIST & HAIR STYLIST: Jodi Urichuk (Plutino Group) / LOCATION: Thompson Hotel Toronto


atasha Koifman is about as well-connected as they come. A high-profile style maven who is regularly featured in fashion magazines and invited to comment on celebs on Entertainment Tonight Canada, her career coalesces around her award-winning PR firm with offices in Toronto and New York. NKPR seems innately successful—with a clearly apparent work ethic—while Koifman appears effortlessly, wildly gorgeous and fabulously dressed. “Cool” is an understatement. So it is a real delight to discover that at the heart of all this fashion, beauty, and success is… heart. A lot of heart. In fact, Koifman’s entire life is governed by love and compassion for others. The most obvious facet of this might be her deep commitment to philanthropy—among other initiatives, Koifman acts as Chair of the (star-studded) Board for Artists for Peace and Justice Canada, and is a member of the advisory committee in the US. But her principles of selflessness seem to permeate everything from her PR approach to her worldview. Fresh Magazine caught up with Natasha Koifman as she and the NKPR team gear up for the Toronto Film Festival this September, where NKPR will host the IT Lounge for the eleventh consecutive year as a place for celebrities to escape, relax, and have a portrait taken—all in the name of charity. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016

NK before PR “I have always been surrounded by so much love and support. My parents are my inspiration. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine and came to Canada when I was very young. My parents worked hard to create a good life for us. They’ve been married 52 years—and still hold hands every day. Being surrounded by that kind of love made me want to give back to other people. It’s the reason I became involved in philanthropy: I knew I had to do something that would be meaningful to other people. “When I was 18 and in university, I had my son. Some people would say that having a child at 18 is hard. I look at it as an incredible blessing. I had to grow up quickly, but having him helped guide my life: I became me because of him. He was like a moral compass in my life that helped point me toward better decisions. I wanted to make sure that the choices I made would make him feel proud of me. “I think we should always feel grateful for our experiences, for making us who we are meant to be. My son is a big part of that. I have two tattoos on my arm. One says: Gratitude to the power of 26. My son’s birthday is 06/26, and it’s a reminder to always be grateful. The other one says: Be Brave.” | FRESH MAGAZINE | 11



The Meaning of PR “I never wanted to do PR for the sake of doing PR. There are people who do a lot of talking, who try to be more interesting than interested. For me, being interested is more important. That’s how you learn. What’s important is to ask questions, and to listen. This is our approach when it comes to creating programs that are truly meaningful to our clients—and that’s what really sets us apart. I believe that we can do anything; there are no limits. But it only means something if it’s pushing the needle forward on our clients’ objectives. We’ve had a lot of our clients for many years, and we’re a partner at the table; an extension of their team. We really understand what they need from us and how we can maximize every opportunity.”

A Borderless World “We have offices in Toronto and New York, and I do think it’s a borderless world now. I believe the world is our oyster. Because of the internet and social media, we have access to everything and anything, and we are inspired and motivated by so much. At NKPR we think this way. What’s going on locally continues to be important, but let’s not limit ourselves to what’s around us.”

Trendsetting: NKParlour “We were the first agency in Canada to have a showroom. On one of my trips to LA, where there are a lot of PR showrooms, I thought: NKPR is on the ground floor, in the epicentre of Toronto. We should create NKParlour to make it easier for stylists and producers to be able to pull. So we did. A lot of other agencies followed suit—and I’m glad, because it makes things easier for everyone. We see about 150 people at our previews, and up to a dozen media and stylists daily. Our job is to make it easy for them. If you think about others before you think of yourself, you have a formula for success, whether in your personal or business life. That’s always our mindset.”

Back in Black “I love fashion. I think fashion is an incredible way to express yourself without having to say a word. It expresses your confidence and your individuality. Black has been my favourite colour for as long as I can remember. It’s what I feel best in. It also helps pare down the decision process—my life is so busy, and not having to worry about red, green and purple makes it a lot easier. I will do a killer red stiletto or colour in accessories, but definitely not in my clothing.”

Thankful for TIFF “We’ve evolved a lot over the years, but TIFF is something we remain passionate about. TIFF was such a big initiative for us 11 years ago, and it continues to be an important part of who we are today. It’s a time in the city when there’s a huge spotlight on Toronto, and we are a part of all the activity and buzz. I love Toronto and I love the transformation that happens during the festival. The energy is palpable and I never get tired of it—even though I do get tired!

“We’re very excited this year about our partnership with the Scott Brothers, through which we’ve made the IT House a five-day destination, day and night, giving celebrities an opportunity to have their portraits taken by Caitlin Cronenberg and featured in W Magazine. The Scott Brothers are going to be hosting their annual Producer’s Ball. We are also doing an incredible art exhibit with Peter Tunney, a really cool pop artist out of New York City who is also on our advisory board for Artists for Peace and Justice. We’ll hang almost fifty pieces of his work, and fifty percent of the sales of his work will go to Artists for Peace and Justice.”

Artists for Peace and Justice “This is a cause that’s so important to me. We built the very first free high school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I go to Haiti twice a year, and on my last visit I watched the very first class graduate. I just sat there, crying, watching these kids. Because of every person who works at NKPR and all the people who support Artists for Peace and Justice, we’ve been able to give these kids a future, a life, an opportunity to create a better future for the next generation and have an impact on their country. That’s a huge part of what motivates me on a daily basis. Do more for others than you do for yourself. “NKPR hosts an annual gala for Artists for Peace and Justice. It’s such an important event for us as we often raise between $1.3 and $1.5 million for Haiti, which has a significant impact in a place where people live on a dollar a day. This year we’re so happy to be honouring Sean Penn at our gala. He’s done so much for Haiti and is such an inspiring individual, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that he’s receiving the Peace and Justice Award.”

Cause at the Core “Social responsibility is at the core of NKPR, and Cause is how we support a number of different charity initiatives. Our work promoting Artists for Peace and Justice during TIFF helped inspire a lot of this activity, like the 26 Hours of Kindness initiative we did last year. Instead of giving gifts to our clients, my entire team gave back to different charities every hour on the hour, for 26 hours straight. It inspired this year’s initiative, which is 26 Acts of Kindness. Throughout the year we’re creating acts of kindness—one of which is a scholarship for two individuals who want to get into the PR industry.”

“There are people who do a lot of talking, who try to be more interesting than interested. For me, being interested is more important. That’s how you learn.”

Top by Ellery (The Room at Hudson’s Bay / Bracelets by Links of London




“Where you are today should be an amazing experience. You are the creator of your life right now.”

Finding Bravery “You need to trust your instincts, because your instincts are never wrong. I’ve been fortunate in many ways. My son was my compass. My parents were my role models. But it’s your gut instinct that guides you. I function on intuition: it’s a huge part of the business decisions I make. Nothing is ever a mistake—you learn from everything, and it helps you become the person you’re supposed to become. You need to believe it. And just like we need to be kind to others, we need to be kind to ourselves, too. We are hardest on ourselves. “Be open to learning. Ask a million questions. Be patient with yourself. There’s a really great saying: Patience allows life to fall into place. I think it’s so important.”

The Journey of Age “I’m in my early forties, but I never look at age as a number. I think that with experience comes wisdom—and I think I’ve become wiser about some things. I learned so much in my twenties and my thirties, and I’m continuing to learn now. I didn’t feel anything when I turned forty—except gratitude; I was just happy to be me. My guiding principle is to be kind to others, kind to yourself, and to treat everything with love and kindness. “It’s about the journey. We might have a plan for five years from now, ten years, but we also have to enjoy the moment. Where you are today should be an amazing experience. You are the creator of your life right now.”

Looking Forward “I really just want to be happy in an authentic way. We often don’t understand what joy is. I was recently asked: what do you do for fun? And all I could come up with was, well, I love my work! It got me thinking. I think that’s why the relationship I’m in now entered my life. It’s pulled me out of my comfort zone, and I’m experiencing joy. My goals for the future are to really listen to myself and not get stagnant. I’m an introvert by nature, and while I’m quite innovative professionally, I can get stuck personally. I want to continue to embrace change, and seek out happiness and joy.” _______________________________________________________ Liberty Craig is a freelance writer and editor living and working in Vancouver.

LEFT: Top by Cushnie et Ochs (The Room at Hudson’s Bay) / Skirt by Simone Rocha (The Room at Hudson’s Bay) / Bracelet by Links of London / SunGlasses by Chanel RIGHT: TOP BY MUGLER / PANTS BY MARY KATRANTZOU / SHOES BY ALAIA





A G A I N :

The Story of a Truly


ife takes us places. Some good. Some bad. But no matter where you go, I truly believe that it’s your smile that leads the way. I have worked with many patients and am overjoyed when I can open new doors and broaden their horizons simply by transforming their smile. A lot of us are overly critical of ourselves and a lack of self confidence can be detrimental to both our personal and professional journey. It can become overwhelming knowing that your smile is the last thing you want to show people. Once you’ve resigned to never showing your smile, it’s easy to fall into a spiral of poor oral hygiene habits. Similarly, life may get in the way as your appearance becomes less and less of your concern. Whether they move, lose their insurance coverage, or go through a drastic life change, patients come and go; however, I pride myself in forging strong, lasting relationships despite knowing our time together may be fleeting. Joy first became my patient in 1999 and, as life usually does, our relationship took different turns through the years. Like many friendships tend to do, Joy and I lost touch, three years to be exact. While often times patients don’t care to divulge the details of their long absence, I am always happy to see them return and Joy was no exception. After three years, it was clear that there were some issues with her smile. While she came in for a routine cleaning, she also displayed broken teeth and suffered a few cavities. After her cleaning, Joy disappeared again for another two years. While it was disheartening to lose touch, I kept the faith that she’d return. When she came back, it was bittersweet to see her again. Joy found it very difficult to care for her teeth due to personal problems; in fact, she found it overwhelming. It’s true, dental care can be the last thing



on your mind when your life spins seemingly out of control. However, Joy knew that there was something about her past experiences with us and opines, “The office is very comfortable, inviting, and puts you at ease. I was surprised that I always felt at home there and still do. They have become like family over the years.” As the Lao Tzu adage goes: a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. I suggested that we proceed slowly at whatever pace she felt comfortable. The hardest part about transforming a smile is transforming one’s own perception of it. If someone has been ashamed or unhappy with his or her appearance for years, the thought of ever changing feels utterly impossible—patience and trust are paramount. Listening is fundamental but, beyond that, truly hearing what is being said is the key to transforming someone’s smile from the inside out. Joy felt like her teeth were already an issue and it was sad to hear her say, “I was always aware of my imperfect front teeth and tried to compensate by not smiling when I really wanted to.” Now, she had let her teeth go to such an extent that she couldn’t see how anything could be done. So Joy and I began one appointment at a time. It is very easy to become overwhelmed when you feel that your treatment options are insurmountable. I completely empathize with my patients when they feel hopeless and essentially give up on their teeth. We all consider time, effort, and cost as the biggest roadblocks to achieving our ideal smile. Shame can also be a huge hurdle to getting back into a regular routine of good oral hygiene habits. It’s my job to restore, not just the physical smile, but the emotional core of happiness and confidence that a smile brings. First, I completed a very thorough examination and collected detailed records that included high resolution images. These photographs were imperative in garnering Joy’s commitment to change. As I explained my findings, Joy was visibly disturbed by the photos. Sensing her unease, I asked my favourite question, “Joy, what is it that YOU want?” Joy was well aware of the functional concerns that included cavities and broken teeth; however, her biggest concerns were aesthetic—the colour and alignment of her teeth. I could tell by her expression when she looked at the photos that she—like every one of us—only focused on how her teeth looked. It was blatantly obvious that Joy wanted to transform her smile. I pride myself in creating a compassionate place and was elated to hear this sentiment echoed when Joy said, “The experience with Dr. Kelvin Mah made me feel confident and at ease—far exceeding my expectations.” So I devised a plan to proceed slowly so that she could see that time, cost, and effort could easily be overcome when planned correctly. We started by treating Joy’s cavities, which included the ones that were causing the discolouring at the front of her teeth. This immediately improved the look of her smile. Next, we began to execute the plan of redesigning her smile. This included the use of porcelain crowns and veneers to redesign her 12 upper teeth. We first needed to take models of her teeth and, working with my laboratory, produced another model of



Magnetic Smile By Dr. Kelvin P. Mah what we proposed her new smile would look like. Joy was excited at the prospect of her new smile and we proceeded with the aesthetic treatment. Like many of our smile transformations, we began with whitening Joy’s smile through a Zoom Whitening program so that her “new smile” could match the remaining brighter teeth. This only took a single visit and Joy began to feel her confidence grow with the instant visible improvement to her smile. “My life returned when I was not afraid to be myself—to laugh again,” Joy excitedly told us. In the following two visits, I reshaped Joy’s gum tissue. This procedure is often overlooked but it is a crucial part to ensuring that a smile looks proportional and natural. To put it in perspective, think of your gums as the frame and your teeth as the artwork. A poorly fitted or unmatched frame will detract from the artwork while a matching frame will enhance it. Each step of the way there was a full consultation with Joy because I always want to make sure that my patients feel like their needs are fully understood and that our team works in collaboration with them.

As Joy can attest, each and every one of my patients are treated with the utmost care and empathy. But don’t take my word for it, let Joy tell you herself: “I would tell potential patients of Dr. Mah that they are receiving the best possible care they could find anywhere with unmatched professional and state of the art treatment. Additionally, they have something you will not find anywhere else: Doctor Mah and his highly skilled staff. This exceptional group of people really care and have become like family to me. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Mah and his staff to anyone and have done so many times over.” We thank Joy for her resounding endorsement and hope that all prospective patients find their confidence in their own smiles. We truly believe in “enriching lives, one smile at a time.”

The results speak for themselves: “Firstly, I would have to say that my experience with Dr. Mah and his wonderful staff was absolutely amazing. My life has improved considerably since this experience. I smile more. I have greater confidence in my appearance. And I now feel that others look at me as a confident woman. I am a widow but have found a new relationship. There is love in my life! And this is due largely to my increased confidence and happiness... My outlook on life has improved immensely!” I have found hope, passion, and love again thanks to my self confidence. I found freedom in my new look and became more attractive to myself and those around me. While I never felt bad about myself being a wife and mother with a successful career, now I’m able to be who I always wanted to be—100% me!” We are always humbled by the gratitude of our patients and are ecstatic that we were able to restore the happiness and confidence lost to poor oral hygiene habits and self-doubt. The power of selfconfidence and genuine happiness radiates from every new smile transformation we are able to perform. We are so happy for Joy and her new found lease on life. I feel privileged to have worked with her. The experience of transforming Joy’s smile really highlighted for me the importance of what my team and I do—convey “possibility” and bring hope to otherwise overwhelming situations. This goes far beyond treating cavities and broken teeth. Transforming a smile is unlocking someone’s full potential. As I constantly remind my team: “We’re not treating teeth, we’re treating people”


Dr. Kelvin P. Mah believes in helping people—not merely treating problems—and takes a dedicated interest in the health and wellness of each individual patient. His award-winning Smile City Square Dental practice reflects a zen-like atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. He is also a graduate of UBC’s prestigious Dental School and is an instructor with the Frontier Institute. Discover the transformative possibilities of modern artisan dentistry at, and visit Smile City Square Dental on Facebook at

THE Transformative Power OF By AMANDA BEISEL

Transform the Look and health of your Skin with Skin Needling The most effective and safest skin rejuvenation treatment on the market is making its mark in North America. Medical Skin Needling has a long list of benefits without the negative side effects that often come with ablative lasers and the other aggressive heat based treatments. Medical Skin Needling and Home (cosmetic) Needling have been popular in the UK and Australia for over 10 years. When comparing Medical Skin Needling to other treatments available it is very similar to Fraxel but it is less invasive, and has less downtime making it a safe and effective alternative. Rapid developments in laser and skin treatment technology do not always have positive results. It is important to remember that this industry is often money driven and has neglected to do proper research and studies on how it is affecting the overall health of the skin in the longterm. These treatments all too often sacrifice the health of your skin in hopes of improving its appearance. An effective treatment is one that takes into consideration both the results achieved and the long term positive effects it has on skin health. Great looking skin can only be a result of healthy skin. What makes Medical Skin Needling such a safe and effective Treatment is that it does not use any heat nor does it remove the top layer of skin called the epidermis. Medical Skin Needling is a mechanical treatment that promotes proper skin healing, preserves the barrier of the skin, and improves skin health plus it has an extremely low risk profile when performed by a trained professional. Medical Skin Needling does not compromise the skin in anyway. Most importantly Medical Skin Needling results in the release of three key growth factors that promote natural, scarless collagen as opposed to scar collagen.

“When Angelina Jolie attended the Cannes Film Festival last year, she caused a stir—and not just on the red carpet. Beauty boards buzzed about her radiant skin, speculating on the recent transformation. Was it plastic surgery? A chemical peel? No, Skin Needling...” – LOS ANGELES TIMES 18 | FRESH MAGAZINE |

Skin Needling What happens during a skin needling session? Medical skin needling involves the use of a roller with 192 surgical grade stainless steel needles that range in length from 1mm to 2mm. The roller is rolled over the skin making micro-channels in both layers of the skin. Numbing cream is used for your comfort. After the treatment your skin will appear sunburned and this will subside over the next 4-24 hours depending on the depth of skin needling roller used. The redness can be covered with mineral makeup as soon as the next day. The downtime is very minimal. Two weeks post treatment you then use the Skin Spin home roller on a weekly basis to continue building healthy, vibrant skin. The SKN Spin home roller uses 0.5mm length needles that are safe for home use.

How does it work and why is it a safe alternative to other laser treatments? Rolling over the skin with a medical skin roller causes the release of key growth factors that promote scarless wound healing and triggers collagen synthesis leading to normally woven collagen. Medical skin needling does not cause a negative loss of dermal papillae, destroy the melanocyte, or form abnormal collagen like ablative lasers. The surface of the skin (epidermis) remains intact so the risks are very minimal, skin heals very quickly and there is minimal downtime. Re-surfacing lasers destroy the surface layer leading to substantial downtime, and higher risks. The needling does not damage the skin but rather leads to thicker, healthier skin. It is a cost-effective option compared to laser treatments. Full face treatment is only $299.

What can I expect from a series of Medical Skin Needling: • Stimulate the production of collagen tightening the skin • Reduces the appearance of crow’s feet and lip lines • Reduces the appearance of forehead lines and frown lines • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage • Treats acne scars and chicken pock scars • Reduces the appearance of scarring and stretch marks • Reduces the appearance of enlarged pores • Helps with Rosacea by strengthening the skin • Assists in the absorption of cosmetic products • Helps increase the absorption of hair growth products • Helps increase the absorption of cellulite and stretch mark creams • Improved skin tone and texture • Healthy, vibrant glow • Restoration of UV damaged skin

How many sessions does one need and how frequently should I have treatments? The number of Medical Skin Needling sessions required depends on your skin concerns and goals. This will be determined during your complimentary skin health consultation. The treatments are performed 6 weeks apart. Medical Skin Needling can be performed on the face, neck, chest, and other body parts.

Why it is great option for you Skin Needling is a great option for nearly everyone and is safe for darker skin tones.

It is an effective yet natural anti-aging treatment. It is also a great treatment to use in conjunction with injectables such as botox because it will increase the time between injections and will improve the look of the entire face. It works at the root of what is causing the skin to age making it a long term, health promoting skin treatment. It is not a quick fix but a long term solution providing you with healthy, youthful skin.

Skin Needling at home with the Skin Spin The Skin Spin is the highest quality skin roller on the market. Using the Skin Spin once a week provides great results when combined with great skincare products. The Skin Spin is a a high quality cosmetic roller that can be found at various retailers in Vancouver. Just visit to find out more about this roller and where you can purchase it. Adopting the Skin Spin into your weekly home care routine while greatly increase the effectiveness of your products, effectively exfoliate your skin, and boost the appearance of your skin. The Skin Spin Roller System will be featured at the Emmy Awards VIP Gift Lounge this September plus it will be in all the stars gift bags.

What to look for in a practitioner: Skilled, ethical, professional When searching for a practitioner don’t be fooled that really high prices mean more experience. Find a practitioner you trust that is ethical in both practice and in pricing. The SKN Clinic team are Vancouver’s Medical Skin Needling and Home Skin Needling Specialists. We are here to educate, and guide you on your journey to achieving healthy, beautiful skin in the safest and most effective way. Call SKN Clinic today to book your complimentary skin consult and begin transforming your skin naturally.

Amanda Beisel is the owner of the award-winning SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic in Yaletown. She is a registered acupuncturist specializing in Cosmetic acupuncture and medical skin needling. Amanda is also the founder of Skin Addix, a natural cosmeceutical line focused on skin restoration. To learn more about SKN Clinic and Skin Addix visit and


New Vancouver lifestyle event focuses on the modern west coast woman

S h a nn o n L o r e n z

new lifestyle event is happening this fall aimed at styling, connecting, and empowering real Vancouver women. TRENDVancouver is a boutique-style marketplace featuring 35 selected vendors from across BC, each showcasing the latest fashion, beauty, design, and wellness trends. The first annual event takes place on Sunday, October 2 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre in Yaletown.

“This event is a curated selection of what really appeals to today’s modern way woman and how they apply products and services to their everyday life,” says Shannon Lorenz, TRENDVancouver Executive Producer. “Visitors will have the opportunity to be inspired by a mentor or make valuable business connection. We are redefining the traditional women’s show.”


Executive Producer

TRENDVancouver visitors will be treated to well-rounded range of perks including makeup touch-ups by beauty powerhouse La Biosthetique, interior design tips from Vancouver’s Urban Barn, a serenity experience with Okanagan wellness hotspot Sparkling Hill Resort, top style trends from BCBGMAXAZRIA, and mini one-onones with Google partner agency co-producer Marwick Marketing.



C h ristin a P e tr y

Fiona Forbes

Partnerships & Creative Director

TRENDVancouver Ambassador

“We’ve sourced the strongest brands and businesses on the West Coast that will inspire and wow the TRENDVancouver visitor,” says Christina Petry, TRENDVancouver Partnerships and Creative Director. “We’ve also aligned ourselves with some of the community’s most celebrated movers and shakers, whom we’ve been working with an editorial series with Vancouver’s Fresh Magazine.”

As award-winning TV host and TRENDVancouver ambassador Fiona Forbes says, “This will be an amazing and inspiring day attended by incredible women that will benefit Dress For Success—it’s an event you won’t want to miss!” For more information visit

Shannon’s photo: Photography by Ainsley Rose Photography / Clothing by BCBGMAXAZRIA / Makeup by Anna Riese of La Biosthetique Canada (@AnnaRiese) / Hair by Christina Petry (@RCRBYChristina). Fiona & Christina’s Photos: Photography by Ainsley Rose Photography / Clothing by BCBGMAXAZRIA / Makeup, Hair & Styling by Christina Petry (@RCRBYChristina)


S h a d o w b o x i n g Stay strong and fit for fall with these high-intensity shadowboxing workouts. By Tess Lobmayr Photographed by Matthew Chen PRODUCED BY Eastwest productions / Hair & MAKEUP BY Cassie Leone / CLOTHING BY RYU / LOCATION: World Kickboxing xtrm GYm




s summer fades into fall, it’s time to start getting active indoors. Boxing is the perfect activity to pick up to keep that beach body strong. Not only is it a great physical challenge that helps improve your technique, speed, power, movement, and balance, it also stimulates the mind. It’s a type of meditation in which you don’t have to “find” mindfulness—it’s almost forced upon you. A great way to get into boxing is with shadowboxing. Below are three effective 15-minute shadowboxing workouts that you can easily fit into your daily schedule at home to get your metabolism humming and energy levels up. Men and women are welcome to join my class at Seacity Fitness (Suite 102-1500 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2N1) on Tuesdays at 7:10 p.m., or follow me on Facebook at Tess Fit or Instagram @Tess_active.

Boxing Butt Blaster Alternating between Jabs, Cross Punches, and High Knees, do 8 sets of 20 seconds with speed, taking a 10-second rest in between each set. Use the 10 seconds to get into your next position—don’t cheat yourself! You may also choose to pick up some weights to intensify the workout. Take a 1-minute rest. Repeat the following as many times as you can within 10 minutes:


• 30 sec Pulsing Squats

• 10 sec Rest

• 10 sec Rest

• 30 sec Jump Squats

• 30 sec Mountain Climbers

• 10 sec Rest

• 10 sec Rest

• 30 sec Lunge Kicks

• 30 sec Reverse Lunges

• 10 sec Rest

• 10 sec Rest

• 30 sec Side Lunges

• 30 sec Single Leg Squat

• 10 sec Rest | FRESH MAGAZINE | 23

Shoulder Shuffle Sprint Alternating between Jabs, Cross Punches, and Jump Rope, do 8 sets of 20 seconds with a 10-second rest in between each set. Take a 1-minute rest. Repeat the following as many times as you can within 10 minutes: • 30 sec Push Up

• 10 sec Rest

• 10 sec Rest

• 30 sec Lateral Raise

• 30 sec Tuck Jumps

• 10 sec Rest

• 10 sec Rest

• 30 sec Burpees

• 30 sec Tricep Dips

• 10 sec Rest

• 10 sec Rest

• 30 sec Shoulder Press

• 30 sec Mountain Climbers

• 10 sec Rest



Core Cardio Crush Alternating between Left-Right Uppercuts and Fast Feet, do 8 sets of 20 seconds with a 10-second rest in between each set. Take a 1-minute rest. Repeat the following as many times as you can within 10 minutes: • 30 sec Leg Lifts

• 10 sec Rest

• 10 sec Rest

• 30 sec Russian Twist

• 30 sec Burpees

• 10 sec Rest

• 10 sec Rest

• 30 sec Froggers

• 30 sec Plank

• 10 sec Rest

• 10 sec Rest

• 30 sec Supermans

• 30 sec Jumping Jacks

• 10 sec Rest

This routine works great combined with the Shoulder Shuffle Sprint to add an upper body workout. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 | FRESH MAGAZINE | 25


FEMME Photographed by Erin Crooks Makeup by Holly Decker

HAIR Stylist: RACHEL STANGE / Creative DIRECTOR & STYLIST: Jeanie de Deer (Cbf Advertising & Branding) / Model: Melissa (Edge Agency) / Clothing: Tonic



BERRY SEXY Dark berry lips and smokey, glossy eyes are quintessential to a fresh fall makeup look. Lightly fill in brows and keep them nice and tidy with a clear brow gel. Melissa wears Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm lipstick in “Lie to Me” and MAC Studio Eye Gloss.




BOHO BABE Just because summer’s over, doesn’t mean you can’t look sun-kissed. Apply Red Carpet Kolour’s Body Glow with a body blender to create that healthy J.Lo glow. Pair a nude lip with a dramatic smokey eye with false lashes and lots of mascara. Melissa wears MAC Cosmetics’ Haute & Naughty Lash in “Black” and Lipstick in “Creme d’Nude.” To create that beautiful messy boho beach hair, we used Kevin Murphy’s Antigravity Spray, Hair Resort Spray, Session Spray, Doover, and Shimmer Shine.


FEMININE EDGE After your makeup is set, lightly sweep a face powder on your cheekbones with a fan brush. Melissa wears MAC Cosmetics’ Mineralize Skinfinish in “Soft & Gentle.”






From the Woods to the World How I grew my Instagram from zero to almost 50,000 followers in less than two years By KERI LYNNE HENDRY


am no social media expert, but Instagram has changed my world and has opened up avenues that I never thought were possible. I grew up in a northern Canadian community of 50 people. We lived in the log home that my dad built from the trees on our property. We had no power, no running water, and we were homeschooled. We received mail once a week, and lived hours away from the closest city. It wasn’t until after I moved to Vancouver Island and started a family that I realized I wanted I wanted to be my own boss. I now do what I love. I have partnered with my favourite makeup company, plus I film and edit my own hair videos. I created my own dream job while being able to stay at home with my kids. It sounds cliché: a small town girl with big dreams trying to make it. But it’s not impossible to launch yourself into the social media world. If you’re thinking you could never use social media as a platform for your career, you’re wrong. So, how do you launch? If I can do it, so can you. I have come up with the top seven tips on how I successfully grew my Instagram.

1. Create a theme and know what you want to represent. I am a wife and have two small children, so it’s important for me to keep things classy and family-orientated. Even though my account is about lifestyle, hair, and makeup, I always keep my family in mind when posting. I ask myself if my content will make my kids proud of me when they are older. Know your limits and stay true to yourself. 2. It takes time, work and dedication. If you think you are going to start an account and get an active following without putting in any effort, you’re wrong. It’s all about reaching out to companies, connecting with other people doing the same thing as you, and networking with those big accounts you look up to. 3. Be real and authentic. Don’t be spammy. Other accounts won’t respond well if you aren’t building true relationships. This takes time and effort, but I have met the most amazing people doing the same things I am. 4. Change as your account grows. When I first started, loop giveaways and blogger giveaways were a great way to grow my account. However, my focus changed and I now create original hair videos. My videos get reposts from hair accounts all over the world, attracting millions of views every week as well as new and active followers.

5. Reposts are key. Reposts from big Instagram accounts will take your account to a whole new level. You need a vision and a plan. 6. Create your own hashtag and rock it! I have created the hashtag #hairvideomonday. Every Monday evening I post a new hair video. I never miss a Monday! Be consistent. 7. Don’t work for free. Set a rate and when companies contact you, let them know what you charge. Many companies will want to send you free product for a post, whereas others will have a budget put aside for marketing. Remember, there are thousands of companies willing to pay, so don’t sell yourself short. Growing up in the woods with a closeknit family taught me to take nothing for granted and to work for what I want in life. It also taught me how to be creative with the resources I have access to. Have fun, have a vision, and be yourself! People will respond when you are authentic and real. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @klynne_ love or visit me at my website for new weekly hair styles and fun makeup tips. Lots of Love, Keri Lynne photo by Serene Photography


Tips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen!

Contour Like a Kardashian I’ve never been adventurous when it comes to contouring. But with the latest craze and a little help from KISS Professional, I have all the tools for creating the perfect blend. With a step-by-step guide written right on the box, this three-shade system will have you contouring like a pro. Now sculpting and defining your features is a piece of cake, even for us simple girls. Start highlighting today at and

iams nnifer Will photo by Je

Ageless Beauty Nothing makes my skin more happy than being drenched in moisturizing goodness. I recently got my hands on a product that has taken my routine to a whole new level. “Age Smart Clarifier” correcting moisturizer from GLOW Clinical Skincare gives me all the benefits of a serum with the nourishment of a cream. This super-charged beauty find is keeping my skin’s health in excellent shape! Explore your glow at

A Fresh Reveal Keeping a fresh face is always a top priority and I’ve used scrubs to slough off a dull complexion. That was until a new exfoliant came to town by the name of “AHA Reveal”, a skin perfecting serum from GLOW Clinical Skincare. With one pump at night, the signs of aging disappear right before my eyes. This resurfacing complex keeps my skin youthful and bright. Make sure to pair with your favourite SPF. Discover your radiance at

Happy Hair In order to keep my hair healthy, I try to minimize added styling stress by opting to air dry my hair as often as I can. I always look for products that are versatile and work well with natural hair. OGX’s new O2 “Weightless Oil + Lifting Tonic” is a breath of fresh “hair”. First off, the scent is a Hawaiian ocean dream—I am ADDICTED! This light blend is great to use on wet or dry hair to add moisture and volume galore. For easy, breezy hair, 34 | FRESH MAGAZINE | visit

All That Glitters is Gold As someone with eyelids that make it very hard for shadows to stay in place, I needed all the help I could get. I have tried numerous primers and none have seemed to work. That was until NYX “Glitter Primer” came into my life! This light, creamy formula holds everything in place, even for us glitterobsessed girls. NYX makes your lips and lids sparkle like the stars. Get your glitter on at and

I Got You Covered Even though summer has come to an end, I am still welcoming the rays. No matter what time of year it is, it is always important to make sure you are sun-savvy. When it comes to protecting myself from head to toe, I know I can always count on Ombrelle “Sport Endurance SPF 50+” lotion. Not only is it water and sweat resistant, it is so absorbent that it soaks right in and allows your skin to breathe. No white greasy residue here! Keep UVA/UVBprotected with


A M o d e rn - D a y R e n a iss a n c e W o m a n


s Fresh magazine expands across Canada, Crystal Carson will be the new editor at large. From producing and styling Fresh’s cover girl photoshoots to covering all elements of women’s lifestyles, this was the perfect opportunity to share why Crystal is our goto “it” girl. This powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with. To get a better understanding of Crystal and everything she’s about, we got behind the scenes of her life and asked her to share part of her story.


“The moment you stop listening to ‘they’ and follow your intuition and dreams, you can do anything— so that’s what I’ve done.”

You have a diverse professional background. What motivated you to pursue more than one career path? My curiosity: combine that with an abundance of energy and the fact I love helping people. I simply get so excited about solving a problem, achieving a goal and making it happen. I have always found myself in the same role, as a visionary leader in every industry and project I have been involved in to date. From sales and marketing, event producing, image consulting (fashion stylist) and media, the reality is that I am passionate about creativity and commerce, I like to use both sides of my brain, and I get bored if I don’t. Literally an entrepreneur at birth thanks to both my parents for running their own businesses, I’ve only had a job for 33 days in my life. I had the “it’s not you; it’s me” talk with my boss when I quit. My true gift is being a connector, so diversity is key for my success.

Was there a moment that has defined your path?

that shaped my life. My face was literally destroyed at such a fragile age when I was already teased and bullied growing up. After having to learn how to walk, breathe, and not live in constant fear from post-traumatic stress disorder, anything seemed possible. It’s truly the reason I don’t limit myself in any way, shape or form in my career and professional pursuits. Humans are capable of a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. The moment you stop listening to “they” and follow your intuition and dreams, you can do anything, so that’s what I’ve done.

What are your current professional pursuits? This year has been all about rebranding and reorganizing, so I can grow into the international marketplace. “Divide and conquer” was my theory for Stylist Mindset, CNC Consulting Inc. and Crystal Carson Report. My freelance fashion styling is moving into a digital brand, Stylist Mindset, focused on image consulting, personality styling and education, with a few more exciting surprises I can’t share until 2017.

I’ve had a few key “Aha!” moments in my life that will forever guide me. All have been personal growth experiences that have affected my professional development. Not to sound overly dramatic, but I am always living in extremes. The good is epic amazing, and the bad is tragic. I have to constantly step back to look at these extreme moments knowing that the pendulum will sway the other direction, so be prepared but not afraid.

I’ve launched CNC Consulting Inc., which focuses on marketing and business development in the lifestyle and technology sectors, connecting and collaborating with a wide range of entrepreneurs and brands. I am most excited about leading the emerging industry as a connector. This is very different from networking, as connectors don’t just make introductions. Rather, they facilitate change through relationships that are mutually beneficial in business.

The pinnacle moment in my life was a car accident and near-death experience at the young age of 15. Having gone through a windshield, drowned in a ditch, then woke in a Vancouver General Hospital intensive care spinal cord unit where they wouldn’t let me look in a mirror—I would have to say that was a very defining experience

An interesting twist to the plot is my career path has been in the media industry. Initially ending up in front of the camera and in print as an expert has evolved organically over time. At the heart of it is my passion for storytelling and people, so I am launching my own blog and YouTube channel, Crystal Carson Report.


How do you manage to juggle your careers, a social life, etc.? (You must have some secrets for staying so organized!) My careers are very social so I am generally always working in some capacity. I like to think of myself as a multitasking ninja. Having high-pressure management roles at a young age made it natural to navigate multiple projects with a clear vision and goal. I am unmarried and without children, pets or plants so my schedule has a lot more flexibility than most people. It’s all about strategic alliances and letting people focus on what they are good at. You need to build a strong team around you while not getting consumed in managing people. Delegating is the key to success. I am a detail-oriented individual, but that’s not my purpose. I’ve found an amazing life coordinator Zoe Robinson combining executive and personal assistant services with her team at Life in Detail.

If you could host a ladies’ lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be? (Past or present) Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Margaret Thatcher, Coco Chanel, Michelle Obama, Anaïs Nin, Anna Wintour, Lady Gaga, Rachel Zoe, Cleopatra and my mom.

What is your Favourite Quote? “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Connect with Crystal Carson online: • Instagram: @crystalcarsonreport • • •

Page 33, 34 & 36: Photos by Aaron Aubrey Page 35, TOP TO BOTTOM: PHOTO by Liz rosa / Photo by Aaron Aubrey / Photo by Viranlly Liemena




Le Dîner


Le Dîner en Blanc Vancouver celebrated its fifth glamourous anniversary on August 18, welcoming a record 6,000 revellers to the grounds of Concord Pacific Place on the shores of False Creek. Over one third of last night’s guests were first-time participants, who joined a cadre of veterans to take in the pageantry and elegance of the largest Dîner en Blanc in Canada. Revellers were treated to dozens of roving circus entertainers and live performances by Canadian jazz gypsy jazz band The Lost Fingers. The first Dîner en Blanc was held in 1988 and was started by a man named François Pasquie in Paris. It took place in the Parc de Bagatelle in the Bois de Boulogne. Today, the secret picnic is held in over 70 countries across six continents. Jordan Kallman and Tyson Villeneuve—Social Concierge partners and presenters of Le Dîner en Blanc Vancouver—are also the presenters of TEDx Vancouver, The Deighton Cup, Harvest Haus, and Dinner by Design. For more information, visit PHOTOS BY Jonny Picture


Artist Profile

By Samantha Lenz


ohn has dedicated his life to being an artist. He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. He studied art at Emily Carr University of Art + Design of Art and Design, graduating in 1988. John still lives in Vancouver and calls this city home.

His love of Vancouver and life on the west coast is what truly inspires him. Images flow in whimsy—sweeping brush strokes, fearless colour choices, and intrinsic detail. John’s medium is acrylic paint on canvas, stylized and potent, with jewel-toned expression. He endeavours to give his subjects their own voice through organic shapes and mild deconstruction that evoke this ever-evolving part of the world. His passion for painting is what truly drives him. Each piece is a puzzle, and as the work flows through him, the complex equation unravels.



John has been fortunate enough to exhibit his work in many wonderful places, including Seattle, Hong Kong, Miami, New York and San Francisco. He has had more than 100 self-produced exhibitions in Vancouver. Travel has been a great influence on his work, and he has participated in Artist Residencies in Paris, Hong Kong and New York City. His work features in many corporate collections, including Robert Mondavi Winery, Intrawest, Earl’s, Sugoi, Skate Canada, Kiwanis, Umberto, The Canadian Fund, AIDS Vancouver, The Robson Street Banners, Vancouver Children’s Hospital and the Surrey Memorial Children’s Health Centre. His extensive local and national media exposure includes television interviews with Vicki Gabereau, Fanny Keefer and Urban Rush, as well as radio interviews with Shelagh Rogers on CBC Radio and John McMullen on Sirius. Feature articles about John’s work have appeared in The National Post’s “The One To Watch”, Good Life Connoisseur, The Globe and Mail, and Vancouver Lifestyles. John currently operates his own gallery at the Main Space Building near downtown Vancouver. A new collection of his work is shown here every year in the spring, and current and past exhibits are available for viewing on his web site. A hardcover book is produced in conjunction with each collection. Currently, John is preparing for a new show with Jock McDonald. Called “Native Sons,” this opens on October 20 and will take place at 350 East 2nd Avenue. Jock is an internationally recognized photographer from California. They have come together for the purposes of this exhibition. Jock has photographed Vancouver from a helicopter, and John has painted works inspired by these photos. The gala opening is on Thursday, October 20, from 6 to 9 p.m. Jock and John will both be in attendance. A co-interview with the artists will take place at 7 p.m. The show will run until October 30, 2016. To learn more about John and his work, visit


Inspirational women showing the world that passion drives success

Anna Shalal


Blair Kaplan

Anna Shalal has been working in the makeup and hair industry in Vancouver, BC, for over 15 years. She studied at the Vancouver Film School, New Image College, and the UK-based Mastered Val Garland School of Makeup.

Diane Taylor is an Intuitive Love and Relationship Coach who is passionate about helping you discover and unlock what is preventing you from experiencing the love you desire. You know: that really great, connected, and “forever” kind of love you dream of. It really is possible and Diane can help you get there.

Blair Kaplan is an ambitious public relations and social media expert based in Pemberton, B.C. She specializes in creating conversations and managing perceptions for both large and small companies.

She is passionate about allowing the absolute best in her clients to shine through. When she works with you, she wants you to feel like your “ultimate you”. She strives to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere wherever she is working, with outstanding luxury service. Some of her clients have included Jewel Staite, US Pro Women’s Soccer Team; the UFC’s Ronda Rousey, Benson Henderson, and Jon Jones; Lauren Berlingeri, Elysia Rotaru, ESPN’s Jesse Palmer, SEGA’s Relic Studios, RHOV’s Reiko Mackenzie, and EA SPORTS. She has worked on many Canadian and International brides and models. Learn more at and follow her on Instagram at @anna.shalal.


That’s because she gets it. Although she was a recognized leader in her 20+ year corporate career, for the first half of her life, love was her biggest challenge. More than anything, she wanted to be in a loving, committed, and connected partnership but energy blocks created from subconscious wounds kept getting in the way. It was through her personal struggles that things became crystal clear and the keys to unlocking love emerged. You too can create happily ever after in your life. Take the Your Key To Unlocking Love quiz at to start creating the love you desire.

Digital communications ignites her passion and her love for travel, music, and adventure keep her creativity flowing. Since 2008, Blair has been involved in the launch of multiple nationwide television shows. She’s also worked with several major global companies in the fashion, hospitality, beauty, sports, transportation, and entertainment industries. When she’s not working, you can find her biking, hiking, camping, or rocking out at a concert. Blair documents most of her adventures on her social media accounts and sees the world from a unique perspective. Get to know Blair Kaplan better by visiting




Kathy Nakhleh

Reema Rafay is an Entrepreneur Coach and Regional Vice President and Independent Consultant with Arbonne. Arbonne is a vegan certified, botanically based line of health and beauty products available in North America, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, and Taiwan.

Anne-Mari Morrison, founder of Empowering Within Yoga, is a teacher, coach, author, and facilitator dedicated to the empowerment of women. Using her expertise in holistic health, assertive communication, and personal development, she teaches women how to build healthy and joyful lives.

As a Rodan + Fields® Executive Consultant and Independent Business Owner, Kathy Nakhleh’s drive and commitment is to always to work with her customers to reach their goals.

Reema was once featured in Macleans’ Millennium issue, entitled “100 Faces of the Future”, for the growth of her recruitment firm.

As student of holistic health, she gained certifications in a wide variety of modalities, including aromatherapy, Reiki, and reflexology. She also trained in Desire Map facilitation and assertiveness coaching. Ultimately, yoga, which blends all elements of the healthy and self-realized woman into one seamless whole, became Anne-Mari’s principle passion.

Reema has a passion for working with appointment-based businesses such as spas, salons, and dermatology, fitness, and laser clinics. She helps these business owners create additional streams of revenue with the pure, safe, and beneficial products Arbonne has to offer. Via quick cosmetic touch up stations, skin care workshops, and client appreciation events, Reema offers the most creative ideas to help both clients and owners. She is often heard saying, “Our products can change your skin and our opportunity can change your life.” If you are an individual looking for ways to improve your skin and health or a business looking to create additional income, contact Reema via text (647) 992-7336 or by visiting her website at


As a survivor of abuse and profound tragedy, Anne-Mari brings a uniquely empathetic perspective to her work, whether that means leading a group in setting personal goals, or teaching a student to gain stillness and peace on the floor of a yoga studio. Anne-Mari’s new book Voice: Recognizing Emotional Abuse and Recovering Your True Self was an Amazon best seller. In it, she shares her story to enlighten, educate, and help other women going through similar situations. To learn more about Anne-Mari, please visit

Rodan + Fields® is redefining the future of anti-aging skincare. Founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, worldrenowned dermatologists and creators of Proactiv® Solution, it is a premium skincare brand built on a legacy of innovative dermatology-based skincare products backed by clinically proven results. Partnering with the doctors who created ProActiv® has been a dream come true for Kathy. She wants to empower women and men to gain confidence by getting the best skin of their lives. She believes everyone has the opportunity to make a difference in their own lives—and in the lives of others. That’s why she appreciates the unique business model of Rodan + Fields®: an unparalleled personal enterprise opportunity for individuals to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs connected via social networks. If you are interested in learning how you can change skin and change lives, contact Kathy at | FRESH MAGAZINE | 45


Monty Samuel


Samantha Lenz

Rachel Thexton is a public relations professional with Thexton Public Relations, a Vancouver-based firm specializing in creative and effective communications strategies using traditional, digital, and social media to build profile. She connects the dots between traditional news and social media with compelling stories that have everyone clicking the “share” button.

Monti Samuel is the owner and managing partner of Blush Bridal, Western Canada’s premiere bridal salon for exclusive high fashion wedding gowns.

Tricia Sedgwick is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and an entrepreneur at heart. She has mentored numerous others in business and the non-profit sector. She is the founder of TWIG (The World In A Garden), a multicultural urban farm project that educates youth and community on the cultural, nutritional, and environmental benefits of eating and growing food.

A big presence in a growing town, Samantha is a freelance writer based out of Abbotsford, BC.

Increasingly, Rachel incorporates digital strategy into communications plans and excels at generating coverage for clients in both mainstream media outlets and on the most frequented blogs. She enjoys coming up with fresh ideas and creative approaches to storytelling and media relations. Rachel works with her talented multilingual PR team to help clients create content and make connections with diverse communities across British Columbia. Having worked in PR for twelve years, Rachel`s experience includes strategic communications for clients such as Bosa Properties, Musqueam Indian Band, BC SPCA, and Starbucks Canada. A graduate of Indiana University’s School of Journalism, Rachel is a doting dog owner and devoted PR volunteer with the Vancouver SPCA and other BC animal rescue organizations.

Monti has been in the fashion and hospitality industry for 20+ years. She began in the hotel management world, and eventually transitioned to high-end villa property and private island management and marketing in the Caribbean. Monti is a first generation Canadian who moved here and started her first small business in Whistler in 1994. She gained Canadian citizenship through her businesses’ contribution to BC’s economy and employment—the true Canadian dream. You will instantly trust Monti to help you find your perfect wedding gown. A huge promoter of local wedding businesses in Vancouver, her goal is to create a supportive environment for all to succeed. Plus, coming from an international background, she brings a lot of experience and knowledge into the salon. Pick a location for your wedding and she has likely been, lived in, or planned a wedding there. Learn more at

Additionally, Tricia is trained in classical Yoga under her teacher Yogacharini Maitreyi. She completed the Arkaya Yoga teacher training in Chennai, India. With a love for the practice of yoga, she married her passion to create positive impact with her newest business, Becoming. Becoming is all about assisting others to be the highest version of their selves through yogic living. With simple daily practices and tools, they are able to shift their current situation to new levels as they learn to let go of their old ways of being. You can connect with Tricia to learn more about Becoming YOU and sign up for the free 4-day course at You can also find out more about TWIG at TheWorldInAGarden. com

In the past, Sam has interned for CTV News Vancouver, written for ValleyBuzz in association with VancityBuzz and other media outlets. Currently, she writes for Surrey604, is an Access Producer for Shaw TV in Chilliwack, a blog contributor for the SuperDate as well as the Honeybeemom blog, and works with many individual clients based on their specific needs. On a personal level, Samantha is a strong mental health advocate and believes it is extremely important to educate others on the stigmas behind depression and anxiety. Sam’s passion for writing began at a young age; through networking she would love to connect and collaborate with more like-minded individuals. She is currently working on launching her own single-mom’s blog and novel—stay tuned. To find out more about Samantha, get in touch with her via email at You can also connect with her through Twitter @SamanthaLenz or Instagram @snlenz

Learn more at




What are your magic words? Copywriting and ghostwriting services for entrepreneurs, speakers, and leaders building next-level brands.


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