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November / December 2019



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Shelly Lynn Hughes

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elcome to our Nov/ Dec Issue of FM, and the final issue of this decade!

Where did the last 10 years go? For myself, the time just flew by. I have seen so many changes, in both my business and personal life. There have been lots of ups and downs but ultimately, I am exactly where I am supposed to be as I prepare to enter the next decade. Do you have a word that sums up your last decade? Do you have a word that sums up your 2019? My two words are; "changes" for the last decade and "patience” for the last year. I am still working on my word for 2020, but one thing I know for sure is that I'm very happy and excited about what my future holds...maybe "happy" is my word for 2020…I like that.

You know what else I’m very excited about? I’m excited that I had the opportunity to spend some time with our current cover woman; legendary broadcast journalist, Coleen Christie. Four words come to my mind when I think of her... classy, intelligent, kind and beautiful. Check out our interview on page 30. Also, in this issue, we have exciting features on Napa Valley (yes please!), Christmas Table Inspiration, Wellness Trends for the New Year, and Beauty and Skin Tips! And did you know that a newly updated "Fresh" site will be launching soon? Be sure to keep an eye on our website www.! Our team has been very busy, and we cannot wait to share what's new. Sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out. Bye-bye 2019 - Hello 2020!

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contributors Holly Decker, Andreia McLean, Rebeccah Coleman, Crystal Jensen, Natalie Langston, Dr. Kelvin Mah

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The Art of Aging

Disgracefully By Estrellita Gonzalez


he inimitable Helen Mirren recently said that “it’s much better to age disgracefully!”. As the owner of a skincare clinic and wellness centre I have for years been extolling the ideas of aging gracefully but when I read this I thought, yes I love this idea! But what does aging disgracefully actually look and feel like?

Women like Helen Mirren are really creating a new reality in what getting older can look like. They are paving the way for women everywhere to define their own expectations on aging and to appreciate the wisdom that the aging process delivers. Age at its basic level is just a number; you can truly feel 25 if you are 45 as much of it has to do with your attitude and your commitment to self care.

We live in a youth-obsessed culture. With many women opting these days for botox, fillers and pouty lips, it seems our idea of beauty is aligned only with being and looking young. As I have gotten older (I am in my mid 50’s) I have become concerned with this direction. Western society just does not respect or acknowledge the female wisdom that comes with age. Many of our ancient cultures though do. Here, elder women are held in the highest regard as holders of knowledge gained through lived experiences with birth, death, life and beyond.

In living my own life I see many aspects of daily life that can affect our sense of wellbeing. One of the most insidious is stress. Stress is just not good for us. When you are stressing about a future event or something that happened yesterday, you are taking yourself away from being present. But when we are present we can train ourselves to be mindful of our bodies by checking in with them to see how we are feeling. Add in a dash of daily gratitude and our lives can take a dramatic turn to feeling better and thus greater sense of wellbeing and improved confidence. The reality is that our stress and “To Do” lists will mean nothing down the road. It is our commitment to ourselves and our relationships that will be our most important legacy. We also cannot worry about the idea of getting older. There are so many benefits that come with the years. How many of us in our 50’s would really want to be 25 again? Not me that is for sure. Well, only if I could take what I know with me! My advice? Live life big! Create your life every day, dream big, get excited by your daily journey through life and never forget how amazing you are! Coco Chanel once said that “nothing makes a woman look so old as a woman trying desperately hard to look young”. These are words to live by. Embrace your age, be bold and the confidence you exude will make you irresistible and desired. And isn’t that what a woman any age really wants? ;-) Estrellita Gonzalez owns and operates Derma Bright Clinic and Holistica Wellness, a Vancouver-based wellness centre and skincare clinic. She is also a single parent, author, speaker, politician and lifelong lover of chocolate, good books and friends whom she shares walks and laughs with. To learn more about Estrellita visit! FRESH MAGAZINE


"Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.� -Yehuda Berg



Photographed by J E N M O R R I S O N @ J E N M O R R I S O N P H O T O Model H A L L E N @ H A L L E L I N Hair by J U S T I N E @ H A I R B Y J U S T I N E D A N I E L L E Lashes, Makeup and Wardrobe by S A D I E @ L A S H I O N I S T A L A S H E S

“In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.” — Drew Barrymore FRESH MAGAZINE


“Don't live the same day over and over again and call that a life. Life is about evolving mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.” ― Germany Kent



“The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence.” ― Marianne Moore FRESH MAGAZINE


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Bold and Fierce Photographed by NICOLE ROMANOFF Makeup by HOLLY DECKER

Hairstylist Kara Firman Models Sara Woo and Brianna deGooijer Jewelry Oneiro Designs Clothing Two Fifty Two Boutique Hats Gigi Pip available at Studio HD Beauty Collective

Once you figure out what respect tastes like, it tastes better than attention. - PINK FRESH MAGAZINE









Cabern 20


net Season



ust over an hour drive from San Francisco, the Napa Valley is considered one of the most iconic wine regions in the world – and, it is also one of the smallest. The valley floor is just 35 miles long and five miles across at its widest point. Most don’t realize that the Napa Valley consists of unique and distinctive towns, including, from north to south, Calistoga, St. Helena, Rutherford/Oakville, Yountville, the city of Napa, American Canyon, and the outdoor recreation area of Lake Berryessa.

“Cabernet Season” (November through April) is considered the best time to visit, since harvest is over and the pace slows down -- providing visitors with greater access to winemakers, as well as “Cab Season” rates at Napa Valley’s more than 130 overnight accommodation options.

paddling opportunities for visitors of all physical abilities to enjoy.

What’s New in Napa Valley In 2020, The Four Seasons Resort and Residences in Calistoga will begin accepting reservations for its 85 guest rooms and suites and 20 residences. This past spring, The Estate Yountville unveiled its multi-million-dollar renovation and rebranding of Vintage House and Hotel Villagio, and St. Helena’s Wine Country Inn and Cottages completed an extensive renovation of all guest rooms. 1881, Napa Valley’s first wine history museum and tasting salon opened in June 2019. Housed in a landmark Victorian home, named after the year the house was built, the museum features a vast collection of winemaking artifacts, including decanters, vineyard tools

The season kicks off with the Napa Valley Film Festival, Nov. 13 – 18, 2019; followed by the Napa Lighted Art Festival Jan. 11-19, 2020; the Napa Truffle Festival, Jan 18 – 21, 2020. Napa Valley Restaurant Week, always the last week in January (Jan. 26 – Feb. 2, 2020) features more than 50 restaurants participating in prix fixe lunch and dinner options. The Napa Valley Marathon and half-Marathon on March 1, 2020, takes runners on the famed Silverado Trail from Calistoga to Napa, passing vineyards and some of the most world-renowned wineries along the way. Cabernet Season events conclude with “Arts in April” celebrations in April, including art fairs and exhibitions throughout the valley. Beyond its more than 400 wineries, the Napa Valley is also home to art, film, music, and architecture on both intimate and grand scales which provide visitors with a legendary cultural experience. As the country’s first agricultural preserve, the Napa Valley has more than 53,000 acres of protected land, and offers ideal hiking, biking and FRESH MAGAZINE


and wine labels from the 18th and 19th centuries. Visitors can explore photos and stories of the pioneers who first settled and planted grapes in Napa and who were instrumental in creating the landscape as we know it today. This past spring the owners behind Peju Province Winery opened the new Calmere Estate Winery and Tasting Room in Napa’s Carneros region. Set on a 100-acre estate, the name Calmere (pronounced cahlm-air) comes from the French words for calm (calme) and sea (mer), reflecting the calming views of San Francisco Bay. In March 2019, Louis M. Martini winery in St. Helena, originally built in 1933, and one of the first five wineries in Napa Valley to open after the repeal of Prohibition, unveiled its historic 10-year restoration, overseen by Napa Valley architect Howard Backen. And, in late 2018, the Cult label Prisoner Wine Company opened its first-tasting outpost in St. Helena. Salvaged iron and wood from the original San Francisco-Oakland Bay were incorporated into the retro-futuristic space, with accents that include a life-size skeleton installation and a diesel tank repurposed as chandelier.

Beyond the Wine While visiting wineries remains the most popular visitor experience in Napa Valley, craft breweries and tap rooms are also gaining steam, with nine breweries (and counting). The region’s winemakers, winery



workers and restaurateurs not only patronize these breweries and enjoy the brews, but many of these personalities are actually crafting the beers aside from their “day jobs.” At Mad Fritz Brewing Co. in St. Helena, Nile Zacherle and Whitney Fisher, each also accomplished winemakers, are creating extremely high-quality brews at Mad Fritz, including stouts, IPAs, lagers, porters, and more. For those who want a more “active” beer experience, Active Wine Adventure’s “Hike & Beer Tour” includes a moderate hike through hills and forests with breathtaking views of Napa Valley. Each hike ends with a visit to a

products; and a variety of more than 200 cheeses. Both first time as well as repeat visitors are encouraged to stop in the Napa Valley Welcome Center, located at 600 Main St. along the riverfront in downtown Napa. The Welcome Center is open daily 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and offers complimentary concierge services, Napa Valley magazines, maps, brochures, winery tasting passes, and a mercantile shop featuring locally sourced gift items. For additional information:

local microbrewery with a few glasses of Napa Valley craft beer, paired with lunch. There is also a new “Craft Brew Tour” which begins and ends in Downtown Napa, and features stops at three breweries. The tour includes a brew and food pairing; tasting flights; an in-depth tour curated by a local brew expert; and a personal growler.

Visit Napa Valley is the official tourism management organization for the Napa Valley, with a mission to promote, protect and enhance the region’s position as one of the world’s premier wine, food, arts and wellness destinations.

In October 2019, renowned BBQ Chef and Pit Master Adam Perry Lang opened Perry Lang’s in the historic Groezinger Estate House at The Estate Yountville and Gary’s Wine & Marketplace opened in the former Dean & DeLuca space in St. Helena. The New Jersey-based beverage and gourmet food retailer features more than 600 wine labels, focusing primarily on Napa Valley wines; 250 spirits and beer FRESH MAGAZINE


Wellness Trends FOR 2020 by Rebeccah Coleman

What a year 2019 was! The climate crisis (which was just declared the word of the year) came sharply into the spotlight, championed by the unflagging efforts of a 16-year-old girl. The meat-free revolution went mainstream this year, thanks to Beyond Burger being available now at most fast-food chains. Looking ahead, what are the wellness trends for the upcoming year and decade? Smart workouts: technology is increasingly taking our workouts from the gym or the yoga studio, and bringing them right into our living rooms. We’re seeing a focus on in-home workouts, based on the popularity of workout interfaces like Mirror or Peloton. Nintendo is about to release Ring Fit Adventure, an add-on to the Nintendo Switch that incorporates you physically into the virtual world of a video game, and delivers a smart workout to boot. You’ll be able to try this new interface at the 2020 Wellness Show.

Wellness Intensives: as science begins to keep pace with wellness trends, getting intensive doses of holistic care becomes more accessible. IV therapy is a pumped-up version of taking vitamins, infusing your body with a strong dose of B-Vitamins or Iron if you are feeling droopy. Intensive stays at spas, including massage, yoga, aromatherapy, healthy food and the naturally healing waters of hot

springs. Hollyhock on Cortez Island also offers immersive wellness programs, from yoga and meditation to mindfulness and Qi Gong. Female owned-and-operated Core Potentials will create a holistic wellness plan that includes food, exercise and mindfulness.

CBD-infused Skincare: CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived from the hemp plant, a cousin to marijuana. Unlike marijuana’s key ingredient, THC, CBD will not get you high. But it has been proven to have many health benefits; Hemp or CBD oil has been shown to limit oil production, making it a great treatment for acne-prone skin. It’s soothing for sensitive skin and is loaded with antioxidants, making it a great choice for anti-aging applications. It’s equally great for pain relief if you have arthritis, muscle or joint pain, and can be found in balms or even soaps! TnT Botianicals sell it in bath bombs, and Chii, a Canadian line of natural hemp oil skincare products, will be making their debut at the show.

Wellness from your Phone: As technology gets smarter, more and more wellness applications are being delivered to us through our devices. Earlier this year, Telus launched Babylon, an app that allows you to see a doctor through video chat. There are now a variety of tests that you can take via your smartphone, and a “smart sleep mask” that gently lures you to sleep and then wakes you up using red and blue light technology. Helthe Connect is an app created to connect people and organizations with wellness practitioners—kind of a matchmaking app—but for your health and wellness journey. Bios Medical offers blood pressure monitoring devices that send data to your phone to help determine your average blood pressure over a week, and to figure out how to manage it better.



Light Therapy: there is a growing body of evidence that light therapy is hugely effective—especially during these dark winter months when natural sunlight is increasingly rare. Light Therapy can be accessed both at home by using commercially-produced lamps that help mimic the effects of the sun’s rays. This therapy is quite effective in dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Other, more powerful forms of light therapy are thought to help with sports injuries and pain, relaxation and stress relief. Try the Helight (a woman-owned business) or get a Bioptron session at the Wellness Show.

water, that is not the case with Forest Bathing. And it’s more than just taking a walk in the woods. Based on the ancient Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, Forest Bathing is more like a walking meditation in the woods. It’s about mindfulness and observation, breathing and seeing, rather than cardio. Connecting with nature is proven to lower levels of cortisol, reduce blood pressure, and even increase immunity. Curious? Join in on a Bagua Walking Meditation, as demonstrated by Puti Meditation College. Participants in this group meditation walk in circles around a tree, focusing their energy on it, while holding various poses.

Sound Bathing: everything old is new again, it seems, and sound bathing, an ancient wellness practice, is no exception. Participants lay on the floor on yoga mats, and get comfy. Then the practitioner plays sounds on singing bowls made of crystal. The overall effect on your brain is much like meditation; it causes a state of deep relaxation. Sound bathing may have other positive effects, both physically and mentally as well. Pick up some singing bowls from Crafts of Tibet, and experiment.

Forest Bathing: though the name implies you’ll be submerged in

Healthy Convenience: what we put in our bodies is a growing concern for many, along with always feeling short on time. An increasing number of businesses are getting into the “healthy convenience” space. This includes pre-packaged “fast” foods, but created with health in mind. Bakerlita (a female-owned and run business), offers delicious, healthy baked goods that are Keto-friendly, so you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out. Naked Coconuts are offering a brand-new line of paleo and vegan-friendly energy balls, with such intriguing flavours as Pistachio Cardamom, Mocha, and Lemon Coconut. Vegan, non-GMO Maple Wellness Cookies are made with sprouted spelt for an extra nutritional punch, and come in 5 different flavours, including Crunchy Ginger.

For more information on emerging wellness trends, and to come sample some of these for yourself, plan on attending The Wellness Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre West February 1 & 2, 2020. The show includes 250+ exhibitors, 5 stages with 100+ demonstrations in fitness, celebrity chefs and more, tons of free samples, and loads of information. For tickets, and information, please visit FRESH MAGAZINE



Christmas Tablescape Article by Natalie Langston

Photography by Warin Marie Photography

I 26

t’s just about the most wonderful time of the year. And while I can’t wait to get a head start on all of my go-to holiday activities, the first place my mind goes is décor! Christmas décor is my favourite. It signals luxe, rich hues and cozy, inviting accents. I love that homes always feel full and warm around Christmas. And if you’re an avid hostess like me, that means starting to map out your Christmas dinner tablescape! Today I’ll share my tips on how to create an elevated setting to host in over the holidays that will have all of your family and friends buzzing well into the new year.


1. Think in Themes It can be challenging to maintain your personal style when it comes to Christmas. One minute you have a vision of crisp winter whites and the next you find yourself surrounded by a sea of red and green tartan! I always like to start my planning by choosing a theme and colour palette to work within. This keeps me on track when selecting everything from place settings to florals. This year I chose the word ‘elegance’ to guide me, incorporating rich hues of cream, greens, reds and burgundies with gold accents. The tree is always my favourite place to kick off the decorating process. It sets the tone for the rest of the living spaces and serves as a focal point. Not to mention we always have such a good time doing it (cue rum and eggnog)! I like to create consistency and tie our adjoining rooms in with one another. To do this, with the help of Maple Ridge Florist, we added a small tree to the mirrored nook in our dining room which echoed our larger tree in the living room. We also brought in elements that can be found on the tree throughout the dining room such as matching ornaments on the table settings and sprigs of fir on the dining room table. This can be a great way to create a theme throughout the house on a budget. Grab some seasonal bits from the garden, ornaments you already have, and disperse them throughout the house on consoles, side and coffee tables, and in the dining area. Another very exciting update I made to our living spaces going into the holidays was our drapery! We had beautiful custom drapery installed by Stylit Window Design who did such an amazing job. Our new drapes instantly brightened up the room and gave our living and dining rooms a dreamy feeling. Carmen from Stylit Window Designs says it best herself: “Drapery helps soften any room and creates that warm and cozy feeling”. The antique gold metal rods and airy cotton drapes fit in seamlessly with my holiday theme and I can’t imagine our spaces without them!

2. Tablescape Time Once I’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to start thinking about the tablescape! With the help of Maple Ridge Florist, we were able to execute a beautiful floral centrepiece. I like to start with a slightly taller centrepiece and

then work my way out. To create depth and levels we bookended the centrepiece with classic chandelier-style candles that make a statement but don’t obstruct your view of the person sitting across from you! We also incorporated lots of greenery and festive berries to emulate the tree’s palette. Valley Weddings helped me to create a timeless yet contemporary tablescape. With gold as our accent, we included it in the charger plates, cutlery and dishware rims. We chose

to forgo placemats which expose more of the table and gives the entire setting a more rustic feel. All of this were tied together with luxe burgundy napkins, semi-opaque burgundy glassware and little sprigs of greenery on each setting! My table, custom chairs, and bench are all from CF Interiors. All the dishes, flatware and beautiful gold cutlery were provided by Bed Bath and Beyond. Bed Bath & Beyond has everything you need to entertain – from FRESH MAGAZINE


order all my groceries online! No lineups and no endless browsing through aisles of busy shoppers. I find it hard to imagine how I ever shopped before...

table settings to seasonal decor. To complete the picture, I used a template found on Etsy to create the menus which always elevate the setting and are sure to garner compliments. No holiday gathering of mine is ever complete without a kids table. I love creating a space for the kids to be social and enjoy themselves while the adults catch up. We set out lots of knick knacks for the little ones to keep busy with like mason jars of pencil crayons, playdoh and gingerbread building supplies! We then brought the table together with festive pillows, champagne coloured glitter trees and peppermint candy in glass mason jars. While the kids table isn’t meant to be the focus of the dining room, it always attracts lots of attention and gets the kids so excited!

3. Time to eat! Preparing Christmas dinner can be the most daunting part of all – it’s all about timing! While everything else can be prepped well in advance, there’s only so much you can do ahead of time when it comes to the big meal. That being said, I always find the meal to be the most rewarding part of hosting. To make life a little easier on myself I do all my grocery shopping at Real Canadian Superstore. Their PC Express service is my go-to because I can



I love providing plant-based options for my guests and having an alternative to your usual meat-and-cheese charcuterie seemed like the perfect place to do it. We had our vegan charcuterie board made by The Daily Palette along with some of their new dips and sauces. One less thing to prepare myself ? I’m on board! I loved ours so much that I reached out to the Daily Palette for tips on how to recreate the perfect holiday board yourself.

Variety is key Have a selection of dips with different bases - A variety of colours and flavours will turn a basic Nourish Board into a show stopper! When it comes to cheese base your portions

on 1-2 oz per person - Think flavours and textures - Add in a plant-based nut cheese for guests that are vegan or have an allergy to dairy. Be sure to add in tons of local goodies such as olives, ferments, artisan crackers & fresh baked breads.

It’s all in the arrangement Organize your board by placing the dips and cheeses first. Start surrounding them with accompaniments that make sense - for example apples near the date caramel. Be sure to keep the dry goods away from ones that give off moisture, small bits of each item spread throughout your board rather than large clumps makes for a more aesthetically pleasing look!

Work with the season Include fresh local produce and work with what is ripe and full of nutrients. For example, pomegranates and figs in the winter season beautiful and tasty!

Add a touch of something sweet We like to add in our salted date caramel and chia jam paired with local preserves and chocolates.

Design brings it to life

able, festive and personal. Complete with a little gingerbread family to represent myself, my husband Gary and our son Pierce, these made our hearts melt! And our mouths water… The gingerbread setting tied in perfectly with our miniature tree and served as a little holiday vignette in our dining room. Hosting around the holidays can create a lot of pressure, but also a lot of fun. It’s a great opportunity to express your sense of style in the home while injecting a touch of elegance and festivity. Most of all, it’s an amazing chance to gather all the people you love most under one roof. Hopefully my guide has given you a head start on your holiday theme and some inspiration to jumpstart the season! Happy holidays!

Choose a color scheme and use a pretty platter that suits your event. Add in seasonal florals and foliage to really make your board pop! To finish it off garnish your dips with fresh herbs and dehydrated fruits. To satisfy my sweet tooth I had Nicole from Butter and Botanicals create a beautiful gingerbread house. These cookies were so FRESH MAGAZINE


Photographed by CHARLES ZUCKERMANN Photography Partner ZENNA WONG Styled by NICOLE HARVEY AND CRYSTAL Makeup and Hair by NICOLE HARVEY Clothing Provided by HOLT RENFREW



Coleen Christie Inte r vi e w wi th Le g e nd ar y B ro ad c as t J o u r nal i s t



Watching or listening to you, even briefly, it’s incredibly clear how passionate you are about journalism. When did you know that was the career you wanted to pursue and was there an ‘aha’ moment or inspirational event that drove you to this path? I’ve been interested in news since I was a kid. My mom was a big news consumer and very politically aware. It rubbed off on me. The proliferation of misinformation and disinformation only strengthens my commitment to my profession.

What does it mean to you to be a broadcast journalist? While the industry is being replaced by digital news, television journalists come into your home. That means viewers are more likely to connect with us as real people. I find that connection gratifying

-- especially so since I’ve been with Global News. Our viewers are very thoughtful and engaged. Also, recent research say most people don’t want to read all of their news. No problem. I’ll do it for you, and include video!

The public’s relationship to news media has seen a major shift over recent years, what is your take on public trust and the media’s role in this shifting relationship? I’ve spoken on this subject a number of times -- including in a TED talk in 2016. (its on Youtube) Social media has made our society very vulnerable to mis/disinformation and keeps too many locked in information silos. One result is all media – even legitimate outlets – are too often seen as biased and corrupt. It’s disheartening but I’m not without hope we can adapt and overcome. It’s going to take vigilance on the part of news consumers and providers. If you want a strong democracy you need a healthy news media. FRESH MAGAZINE








Your career to date has been full of major moments and notable stories. Was there a story you reported on or broke that stands out to you as particularly impactful for you? There are the obvious ones – 911, hosting network coverage in verdict of serial killer-- Robert Pickton, or covering the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. But the most recent broadcasts that really affected me were hosting live coverage of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash funerals – and the funeral of 14-year-old Carson Crimeni who was bullied and given a fatal dose of drugs. I couldn’t contain my emotions for any of those broadcasts. I can only hope our coverage of those tragedies helps to prevent more of them.

Life is short. Laugh as much as possible. Still, as a proponent of balance -- given the choice between an evening in -- versus a fancy night out – I’ll take the former almost every time. Also, born and raise on the west coast we’re all supposed to be so outdoorsy. Truth is…I’ve never been camping. When your parents come from poverty, the last thing they want to do for fun is “rough it,” so I never learned how. My idea of camping is a second-rate hotel in a foreign country.

How do you invest in yourself outside of work? I like to bake and cook. I’d be happy to spend most days in the kitchen. Truly.

What is the biggest risk or leap you’ve taken in your career and why was it scary or intimidating? How did you overcome it or push through?

I’m also a bit of a nerd. I love delving into history, science, politics, society, the arts. There’s so much I have yet to learn. Likely why I’m a journalist. And discussing it all is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Doing so over a glass of wine or a good meal makes it all the better.

I take a big risk with every broadcast. I’m not kidding. You never know what’s going to happen on live TV. But the biggest career risk I’ve taken was leaving a successful, secure and growing career behind the scenes as a Promotion Producer to work on air as a Reporter/Anchor. I was scouted for a few jobs in the States but chose the path-less-known and left my home town of Victoria to join a start-up television station in Vancouver. I had no idea if I’d even like reporting but I knew I wanted to try. I was terrified because I loved my old career and it was taking off. But I knew I needed a change so I just kept working hard and learning as much as possible. I’m still doing that.

All that combined with trying to work out regularly and get enough sleep. It’s a process. Next on my list? Tennis lessons and another go at skiing.

What would people be surprised to know about you? Lots. We think we all know each other through social media – but with all due respect, it’s a con. This is going to read like a dating profile but I love to laugh. I’m always looking for an opportunity to crack a joke.

So, you like to bake and cook. Where did that love come from and what’s your attitude towards food? For me food is like anything else in life. I love adventure and variety – but I also enjoy routine. I don’t eat out a lot and I’ll eat the same thing for lunch everyday (kale salad with avocado and a protein). But I love being decadent too and don’t deny myself anything. It’s all about balance. That attitude – and being fearless in the kitchen are two of the greatest gifts my mother ever gave me. FRESH MAGAZINE



Do you like to travel and if so, where do you want to go? I have Japan on my mind right now. I still remember the gifts my dad brought back from a trip to Japan when he was in the navy and I was a young child. My parents also had home-stay students for years when I still lived in Victoria. It grew my fascination with the culture. There’s something about the contrast between the serenity of the small villages and the wild, chaos of Tokyo that intrigues me. That, and I love the food!

I also feel strongly about anything to do with human rights – LGBTQ2 issues in particular.

I’d also like to go on an African safari, then maybe a side trip to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary. I love animals, all animals. Any trip that involves animals would be find by me. Rwanda for gorillas, Borneo for Orangutans.

For up-and-coming professionals in media, what is your top piece of advice you can give them to stand out and make an impact with their work?

After that, who knows. I’ve traveled to places that weren’t on my list and have found them fascinating. I’m pretty open to anywhere I haven’t already been.

Make sure you have a passion for news that supersedes your desire for money or fame. Be prepared to work long hours, late nights and painfully early mornings – often in uncomfortable conditions. You may also be exposed to stress, trauma and the risk of physical harm. You’ll have to work on holidays and weekends – and be away from your family for days, weeks or even years at a time. And there’s little to no job security in an industry where the pay-scale is going down as the work-load is going up. But you’ll also have a front seat to history and the inside track on what makes the world and the people in it, tick. Even the dullest day is more exciting than most other jobs. You’ll also get to be part of a team of kindred spirits. That in itself can make it all worthwhile.

Do you have a fashion philosophy? I’m not exactly a fashionista. I mean, I like how some clothes make me look and feel but I’m too frugal to make it a passion. I’ve been recycling my clothing for years. I have a dress I made in high school that I still wear on air. Shhhhh….

Are there any causes or issues you feel strongly about? Cancer research. I lost my mom to non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and my dad is now fighting Prostate Cancer. A dear friend had her life turned upside down by breast cancer this year. It’s so horrible and terrifying for the patient and their family.


Mental Health is another issue I feel we need to do more about as a society. I do a motivational speech about my journey dealing with anxiety. The more we talk about it, the more it helps everyone. One day we’ll have MSP coverage for counseling. But that’s a whole other discussion.




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MEET KATELYN! Medikate Founder + Creator THE MEDIKATE STORY IS A SIMPLE ONE . Katelyn had a vision to simplify your skincare routine, all while making your skin healthier and happier in the process. With her own personal struggle with acne it sparked an interest in learning more about why the skin reacted the way it did. After trying multiple products and treatments over the years that did not work she was determined to find out why.

After learning more about why and how certain key factors like hormones, diet, lifestyle, and genetics affect the skin only then could Katelyn truly understand the best way to approach the skin both in treatment and at home.

Katelyn has dozens of clients who have seen major changes from the Medikate routine and is dedicated to top notch customer service, and the long term health and vitality of your skin. She is here to help answer your questions and concerns about your skin, and be that person you can talk to when you feel like you’ve tried everything.


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The Power of Experiences



he transition from summer to fall brings with it many natural wonders, from morning fogs to tremendous color reveals on local plants. I love to experience these changes outdoors, walking with my family along the ocean and riding in the beautiful old growth forests of the UBC endowment lands.

Memorable experiences strengthen our connections and create stories that provide an enduring bond between us. There has been much talk lately of changing generations and rapidly evolving communication platforms - my belief is that we need to remember to focus on what mustn’t change - our commitment to mutually enriching experiences and authentic connection. I sense an erosion of connection in society, but more problematically, in the healthcare industry as a whole. Dentistry, my profession, is not immune. As more and more pressure on the limited resources available to public health care continue to rise, the industry has resorted to processing people through a system as efficiently as possible. This has led, in my opinion, to this depletion of the human connection between health care professionals and their patients. I feel that with the advent of “virtual providers” using AI (artificial intelligence), we are heading down a slippery slope in losing the fundamental component of healthcare, authentic connection. I have come to the realization that as a healthcare provider myself, and being self employed, I have the freedom to practice how I want. I feel that I can address the lack of human con-



nection in health care within my practice, and in doing so, reinforce our outlook on garnering meaningful relationships with our patients. Patients seek “health care” because at the end of the day, they are on a journey to feel “better”. A large part of feeling “better” is knowing that you have been able to express yourself freely and completely and felt listened to by the provider of your care. Like your voice has been heard. The initial face-to-face meeting with your provider is critical. There is only one opportunity to create a first impression, and this sets the tone of the subsequent relationship. I take this into consideration when meeting all of my patients for the first time. Placing your trust in a health care provider can be unnerving. It is my job to provide for you the best service I can, but it is my responsibility to listen to a patient's needs and desires. Do you hide your smile in photos because you are insecure with the colour of your teeth? Do you experience dental anxiety or have trouble maintaining your dental health? These are all things that I take into consideration while planning your treatment process. Each patient is different; therefore each treatment plan is different. When I met Robin for the first time, we sat down in a private consultation room and talked. I do this with all of my patients the first time we meet. This “New Patient Experience” is fundamental for me. Patients are not brought into a clinical environment until I am certain that I have listened to everything my patient wants to tell me. Often times, there are deeply personal concerns that are shared and it is not lost on me that my patient has just met me for the first time minutes ago. It is a privilege and needs to be honoured as such. My mission is “Enriching lives, one smile at a time”. I explain to my patients that for me to honour that mission, I am not there to treat teeth, I treat people.

happiest past with dentists, it can be a challenging experience at times,'' he told me. He notes parallels in how our businesses worked without teams and ‘customers’. He too wanted to focus on a unique experience for his customer that really differentiated his business from those within his industry. He felt, as I do, a strong philosophical connection with his business mission and with his personal vision and values. What I found interesting is that although Robin’s business revolves around an “online” model, and for all appearances is completely different from what I do, he shares the understanding that the recipients of his services are, above all, human. “As Dr. Mah and I chatted about topics of health care and providing a service to people, his focus on clients and dentistry, my focus on our players, I learned that there are interesting similarities and challenges that our industries share.” Robin, Co-founder and Chief Strategist for Phoenix Labs, developer of online game Dauntless, said to me: “As our industries evolve and as our world evolves, the need for a genuine connection is so important. Having trust and confidence that you have a voice and you are heard, and that your opinion matters is invaluable.”

Upon meeting Robin, I knew that my mission was to learn more about Robin the person, and what Robin the person wanted. This takes time and intention to create an environment where he can freely discuss his concerns. For some, this conversation can last thirty minutes, for others, it can last an hour. This is the most valuable time that I spend with my patient. Robin was intrigued by the process and my reasoning behind it. We started talking about his previous experiences with health care and lack of “connection” that he felt with the provider and throughout the entire process. His comments were consistent with all of my new patients; that this lack of human connection can be felt throughout most industries today. “I don’t have the

Speaking to Robin about his shared goal of building authentic connections resonated with my philosophy of treating people, not teeth. Building a connection with my patients is a humbling experience and a responsibility that I do not take lightly, which is why I was so thrilled to hear about Robin’s positive experience with our clinic: “Dr. Mah and his team were always so present. They cared about how I was doing in my experience. I really felt that it was accustomed to my individual needs and questions. Dr. Mah has done wonders for my happiness with health care and dental care. Your oral health is so important to your entire lifestyle. He has made a world of difference to me.” A very wise mentor shared a thought with me when I first started in my career: “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care”. I have always maintained this thought everyday as I strive to honour my mission of “Enriching lives, one smile at a time”, and look forward to meeting more people like Robin along the way.

Dr Kelvin P Mah believes in helping people – not merely treating problems – and takes a dedicated interest in the health and wellness of each individual patient. His award-winning Smile City Square Dental practice reflects a zen-like atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. He is also a graduate of UBC’s prestigious Dental School and is an instructor with the Frontier Institute. Discover the transformative possibilities of modern artisan dentistry at, and visit Smile City Square Dental on Facebook at FRESH MAGAZINE


: n o t h g i l spot Lori Burke Featured Artist


ori Burke is a full time International artist from a small waterfront town in Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada. She is a self-taught artist and her great grandmother was a well-known artist that continued to paint into her late 80’s. Lori draws from her intuition, guided by spirit she expresses passion and movement in every piece of her work. She has won several awards and has participated in many competitions. Her international exhibitions include opening night for NYA Gallery, 1stDibs Gallery in New York NY. She recently exhibited with Mona Youssef Gallery in Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris France.

Currently displaying at the following Canadian and US galleries: Laguna Art Gallery California, Gallery 104 NY, Raven Art Gallery On, Preston Gallery On and Roam Gallery in On. She sits on the board of the Fort Erie Arts Council and participates in regular studio tours. Painting a lifetime passion is finally becoming a reality. Instagram: Loriburke3667 Website: Email:

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