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UNDONE by Holly Decker








Shelly Lynn Hughes

EDITOR-AT-LARGE Crystal Carson

ART DIRECTOR judge on the CBC program Dragons Den! Manjit is full of positivity and class while still being a strong intelligent business person, we think you will enjoy our exclusive interview.


elcome to our summer issue of Fresh Magazine!

I cannot be more pleased with having entrepreneur extraordinaire Manjit Minhas featured on our cover. Our Fresh team was extremely fortunate to spend an entire day in our photo shoot with Manjit and let me tell you, this Canadian business icon is not only successful, but she is also graceful and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. I admit I was a wee bit nervous meeting her, she is one tough

This issue is also full of interesting success stories from more Canadian women in business in our Women Inc. feature section, plus artist profiles from, and beauty and fashion tips that will keep you inspired throughout the summer for self-care and self-love. Follow us on social media: Instagram @fresh_mag and Facebook @ freshmagazinecanada Now back to my summer cocktail ;)

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contributors Courtney Watkins, Shauna Dougall, Holly Decker, Andreia McLean, Karen Lee, Crystal Jensen, Christina Petry, Crystal Carson, Dr. Kelvin Mah

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UNDONE LAURA NEUFELD Co-Owner at The Better Good (Sustainable Goods boutique) "Feelings come and go like clouds on a windy sky, conscious breathing is my anchor" ~Thich Nhat Hanh


I repeat this quote to myself so often, to remind myself to fully appreciate joy when I feel it and to remember that low feelings will pass. Returning to the breath and the present moment makes even difficult times bearable.MAGAZINE Also, the mental image of the clouds moving can FRESH be so calming.

Photographed by KARYN KIMBERLY Makeup by HOLLY DECKER

SHAINA LYNDEN Co-Owner/Instructor Ryde YXE Cycle Studio, Police Officer: Saskatoon Police Service, Mom of 5 “Humble enough to know I’m far from perfect. Confident enough to know I can do anything I set my mind to.” ~unknown I believe that we always have choices and the ability to create what we want to be a part of. What we choose to give our attention to grows, develops and flourishes and when we are both humble enough to see the potential within ourselves and around us and confident in our abilities to pursue that potential, the possibilities in life are infinite. FRESH MAGAZINE


CHRISSY KUNY Founder of The Movement YXE; Pilates expert, cultivating connection through magnetic movement. "The body says what words cannot" ~Martha Graham



SARAH WARD Teacher; Co-owner of Three Treasures “We can only function so long in a culture that doesn’t value its traditional roots.” ~Brenda Feurstein We have a moral and ethical obligation to each other as humans to do better FRESH MAGAZINE


DANICA SLATTERY Meditation Teacher & Owner of Thrive Juice Co. "Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu" A Sanskrit mantra which translates to: “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all� I use this quote as an anchor to remind me that each and every interaction has an impact, and that when we intentional our thoughts, words and actions, MAGAZINE 12 areFRESH we can create less suffering in the world around us.

KRISTEN ANTUNES Meditation teacher; Spin instructor; Model; Pharmacist "Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different." ~Oprah This perspective has allowed me to let go, move forward and forgive some of the most difficult people, including myself. FRESH MAGAZINE


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: n o t h g i l spot Janine Jones: Resident Artist, Roam Gallery


By Shauna L. Dougall

his Resident Artist at ROAM Gallery may have gotten her start in Toronto over a decade ago, but her burgeoning creative identity has been fleshed out in the wild, oceanic splendor of Vancouver, utterly enmeshed with its natural beauty and cultural free spirit.

makes the viewer pause, think, experience a moment of feeling.” Other areas which continue to find their impression in her paintings: the spiritual gestalt of nature, including lately the Wood Duck, lichen textures, water flowing — an example of the latter manifesting in her recent dabbling with an alternative pour technique, capturing earthy images of crystals, geodes and aerial ocean views.

You may have seen Jones’ pour technique exhibited recently at ART Vancouver or if you had a ticket to the Arthritis Research Canada (ARC) ARThritis Society Soiree 2019 (and in 2018). If you weren’t able to catch either event, you needn’t be disappointed as the work continues to be available at ROAM Gallery, as well as in collections across North America. Jones likes to think of her pieces as evoking an essence of Vancouver no matter where they may travel.

Jones got her creative start with interior designers in Toronto, enabling her to showcase her work in condos and model homes and quite possibly why her pieces are continually received for their interior friendly nature. She then volunteered as a Curator, for a local resto lounge to represent 42 emerging Canadian Visual Artists, Photographers, Performers and Musicians; an experience that lends to her rare business acumen in a creative field.

With the spitfire of her sun sign, Leo, she raises her young son near the beach and paints whenever she can, whenever the sunset mood strikes, sometimes on a two-tiered easel with the preschooler at the bottom. Making art has proven next to impossible on days when mommying comes first, but her dreams keep her connected to her craft.

In late 2015, Ms. Jones returned to painting with her very first show at ROAM Gallery (Vancouver) and has remained with ROAM ever since. Promoting the inaugural Canuck the Crow show in 2016, Janine’s depiction of the famous crow was featured on the cover of Metro.

Janine has derived inspiration from those dreams, often very vivid and strange, attempting to capture the feeling of them each morning. Sometimes the work is abstracted, purely an application of colour and texture, other times it’s adeptly illustrative. “I hope my art

Looking toward to the future, Janine Jones intends to continue flowing in the direction of her inexorable spark, wherever her zest for life and for making beautiful things takes her — quite possibly as meandering as a vein of lava flow in her poured paint, however the earth’s pull and energy of spirit moves her.

By Karen Lee You don’t need us to tell you that CBD (Cannabidiol) is everywhere. You can eat it, you can drink it, you can vape it, you can bathe in it, you can use it on your skin for its skincare benefits.

plications allow users to go right to the source. Topical CBD can also work faster, since it doesn’t have to travel through the digestive system first.

Cannabis topical products are a great way to enjoy the benefits of THC and CBD without consuming cannabis. They’re useful for a variety of people because they offer localized relief from minor aches and pains without the heady, psychoactive effects of smoking or ingesting the flower.

An April 2016 investigation into topical CBD and cannabis by Medical Marijuana, Inc. summed up some promising research. “Topical application of cannabinoids allows them to be absorbed directly into the affected area for faster and more focused relief.”

While CBD oil, a non-psychedelic extract of hemp, seems to offer healing benefits when ingested almost any way, for some types of chronic pain, skin conditions, and other localized problems, topical ap-



One benefit, the investigation noted, was that even topical formulations based on psychoactive cannabis aren’t mind-altering, because they “bind to CB2 receptors near the skin, activating the endocannabinoid system, and are never ab-

"Even topical formulations based on psychoactive cannabis aren’t mind-altering”

ability than orally ingested compounds; this being because they are able to skip the digestive system. As with all CBD products, it’s important to investigate your source and make sure they have a proven track record of offering reliable supplements. Whether you have chronic pain, post-workout soreness or just want better skin, we hope you’ll give hemp and CBD a try. Then tell us how it worked for you!

sorbed into the bloodstream.” Beyond simple chronic pain issues, “the topical use of a combination of THC and CBD has been reported as effective against the ‘central pain of multiple sclerosis.’” It may also help with skin conditions, including “burns, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and skin infections.” Topical products are a fantastic option as they’re easily measured in terms of ingredient compositions, and are higher in bioavail-

Karen Lee is the Co-Founder and President of Ripped Femme, Clinical Hemp Health, and Glory Botanicals. Karen has not only created brands to benefit women’s health, she has created a network of support, education, and inspiration for women of all walks of life. FRESH MAGAZINE


ABOUT THE AUTHOR Courtney Watkins is the owner of Mine & Yours Luxury Resale. She is passionate about sustainability, entrepreneurship, and community building. In her down time, Courtney loves international travel, music festivals and new cultural experiences.





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Manjit Minhas



Photographed by KAROLINA TUREK Styled by KIM APPELT Makeup and Hair by SHANNON MANN Clothing Provided by HOLT RENFREW

On starting out in the alcohol business My parents used to own liquor stores and my dad was laid off back in ‘93 when the retail liquor industry was privatized in Alberta. He jumped on and opened 3 liquor stores and did very well. I was 13 at the time, so I really did have a background in the industry just by osmosis as a family business. I had just finished my first year of engineering at the U of C and the idea my brother and I had was to bring private label brands of spirits to their stores. We bought rum, rye, vodka, tequila, and Irish Cream and Blarneys Irish Cream did very well and so did our Alamo tequila and we expanded from there. In 2002, we were still in school, and we were really starting to see success, so we decided that this is something that we wanted to focus on, but we wanted to expand our offering and really get into the competitive beer market. That's where we really felt our mantra of “high-quality spirits but everyday low price” could transfer into the beer segment, and that beer should only have four ingredients in it, and be a buck a beer, which was absolutely unheard of in Canada never mind Alberta. So, we brought out our first beer Mountain Crest classic lager the summer of 2002. We did well in the rural areas. The city, we knew not to try to penetrate first because people are more brand-conscious in the cities, also there is much more competition, of course, with the big players paying attention to those markets. We had a rural-first strategy and we did well there for a little while, two summers, and then we built our following and we started expanding fully into other provinces; Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and B.C., and then in the United States. Now we sell in five provinces, 47 states and 16 countries. In Calgary, our hometown we have a craft brewery and we actually just announced that we have added a distillery and a winery also. So, business is good, business is growing, and that's kind of a quick snapshot.

On overcoming the first major challenge Definitely being a female in such a male-dominated industry, I was doing all of the pitching. Even just to begin with, you have to get a copacker because you didn’t start with an actual facility, that was tough. Nobody wanted to talk to a young brown girl. They all said, “What?” “Who are you?”, “No thank you”. It was definitely hard to just get somebody to even give me a quote for a product that might actually get my first line of spirits made.

But after we battled those hurdles, it was definitely a lot of dealing with buyers and them not taking us, or me, seriously, that we had not only product but a plan, and really getting to those retailers on board. Another big challenge I faced was dealing with our competition. A lot of garbage and fake news was definitely being told over and over about who we were, and what we were, and where we came from, and it was definitely disheartening and frustrating at times. But you know unfortunately, the only thing that breeds respect is success and so as we use that as a motivator. I definitely did build a thick skin and really was determined to prove everybody wrong and forge ahead. Then, once we had enough money in the bank, we bought our first brewery in 2006 in the United States, and that was definitely our first big accomplishment. That brought its own set of challenges. Up until that point we were just a sales, branding and marketing company, then we became one of the big brewers which definitely was not easy. I never regret a day in my life because I believe good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons and best days give memories.

On being a woman in business I still look around and I am very often the only woman in the room, never mind in the liquor industry, but especially when we talk about beer. One thing I noticed and realized very early on because it used to definitely bother me, for a variety of reasons, is not being taken seriously. Many gave the impression, “I expect you to pour the beer and walk away,” and so then, after some tears and frustration, I decided you know what, I'm going to have to use it as an advantage, not a disadvantage that I am the only woman in the room. I'm going to stand out, so stand out for the right reasons. I decided I'm always going to do the best research and it will be not only on my own product and company and industry but everything relating to it. Be a go-to to a lot of the powers that be and important people in the room, and to become an expert in a lot of different things, but everything alcohol-related, and that definitely helped. Over time you become a person that anybody who needs information comes to. I was always trained and taught as a teenager to always be professional, always be the best dressed, always be punctual, actually, always be early and you’ll still never still see me be late for anything in life (unless it's the airline's fault!). Confidence is built over time, and slowly, and all these things help bring the best ‘you’ forward every day. Early on in my career, I resolved that I would always be cautious and conservative, and yet courageously take on my competition and most importantly enjoy the journey. To me, courage FRESH MAGAZINE


doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid, courage means you don’t let fear stop you. I think it's really important for anybody who feels that they want to blend in, that it is an advantage to stand out, for whatever reason that is. In my case, I had three reasons; I was young, I was Indian, and I was a woman and there’s no hiding any of those. So, I think it has to be a mindset shift in order for you to actually not get that to be something that pulls you down constantly. I always tell women especially to “Invest in yourself. Empower yourself. Investing in yourself pays the best interest”.

Working with family My brother and I are only a year and a half apart, so we're very close in age. But when we grew up, we were also very close and that really did help with our relationship to work together. I think it's important that as individuals we get along and we like each other and because it is long days being an entrepreneur, it’s not nine to five, it is a 24/7 job. No matter where you are and what you're doing, you have to be able to also separate the personal from the business. It is really important because when you're at family events or, you know, just with your own family at home, or with friends, you have to be able to not take especially the negative and the animosity of something that didn’t go right with you home. So that's really important to have those boundaries. But as far as I’m



concerned, I can't imagine having any other partner. Definitely early on we knew that there would be some things that we wouldn't be able to convince each other of and agree to disagree. We have a mediator if we come to a junction and we can't come to a decision. Initially, that used to be my dad because we both trusted him, and he knew enough about our businesses that he could help us make a decision. Then over time, it has become a professional, but yes that is definitely important.

A typical day – or lack thereof There is absolutely no typical day in my life. Every day is different and that's what I absolutely love about it. I love that some days are great discoveries in research and development, and new beer products, and new spirits or wines, or new manufacturing facilities and training with team members. Some are on the front lines as far as actually being in those rooms selling, or at the individual stores or making partnerships. We have some new exciting partnerships coming from Hollywood and in the Fall. Some days are investing and giving my opinions on Dragons’ Den and dealing with those investments in my portfolio, which I have 31 were over the last five years, and some days are at home with my kids travelling or with my parents and family and such. I am scheduled to the hour in my life, and that's how I get the most productivity out of it. That really works for me. I am a very disciplined person also; I think that for any entrepreneur to be successful over time you have to be because not every day can you be motivated. It FRESH MAGAZINE




is important, I think, that that you take time out to be creative and to enjoy life, but it is also important to be the most productive with so many things going on. I'm not a big believer in multitasking. You have to choose one thing and focus on it and then move on to the next you can’t expect to do 3 things at a time and do them all well, that's why my life is like it is hour chunks at a time because I think that for me that is definitely the most efficient way to do things. I think the most fun thing about being an entrepreneur is that no two days are alike, and you never know the challenge and the monkey wrenches that are going to be thrown in in the middle of the day that you had planned. That always happens too, what disaster am I going to have to solve today or what success do I get to celebrate today? I definitely always believe that entrepreneurship is 350 days of hard work and 15 days of pure glory, so hopefully mix those days of glory in with the hard days and it all works.

Could there ever be a favourite hat to wear? No, it's definitely hard to pick a favorite. It’s like picking a favorite child! I can say some days I love working on my investments from Dragons’ Den, and all aspects of building a startup, and seeing somebody else flourish and follow their passion and their dreams and get that first big sale. And then it's really exciting sometimes when we're in our research and new product development lab, and we come up with a new product that is going to blow people away, or when we build a new retail partnership. Every hat I wear has a new daily challenge, experience, failure and success and all of those aspects are what make each so exciting and fulfilling for me.

we’re ten steps behind because if you don't, as soon as you start getting comfortable, you will be ten steps behind. It is definitely important that we continue to constantly innovate and grow and really look out for what alcoholic products we think is going to be next big trend.

We’re surprised to learn… Between Dragons’ Den for the last 5 years and the internet, Canadians know it all almost, but probably how seriously I take the power of negotiation and how early in my life I learned that skill and it's something that I really attribute a lot of my success to. I think that too many people don't learn that skill, and it's definitely something that I still take courses than twice a year. I continuously build that skill and change it up because I live by the motto that you don't get what you deserve in life you get what you negotiate, and I think that in this day and age when everybody thinks that life should be fair and I should get what I worked for and all of those things that we can build for ourselves. I learned very early on that life isn't fair. You don't always get what you think you deserve. Therefore, you have to fight for it, and in business, the way that you do that is by being persistent. I am definitely one of the most persistent people.

When grew up, I wanted to be… It changed many times throughout elementary and high school; a doctor, a teacher, but for the longest time, an engineer. Being born and raised in Calgary, if you’re good in math and science, which I was made to be good in math and science (I always say ‘made’ because I'm definitely constantly making my two little girls be good at math and science), you work in the oil patch because that is, my mom always said, a great steady job that you can build and it's got great benefits. It is definitely the career to be had here in Calgary.

The biggest risks can be the most rewarding I think first just to start. After that, I would say every step along the way when we decided to grow and not only in products but in territory, because it takes a lot of time, money and energy to expand. As a private company, all of those growth curves are very scary because you don't know whether or not you're dumping everything in into something that's going to work or not. It is scary every step of the way, but that's the most rewarding too. Big risk often means big reward but I’m a calculated risk taker. That's definitely the engineering education in me. There is definitely risk always being an entrepreneur. Nobody can predict consumer buying patterns, and we can’t predict regulation tomorrow. We're such a highly regulated industry and so there are just so many things that we don't know. There is still a lot of unknown risk but that's also the exciting part. Definitely, that's where you get a rush as an entrepreneur, that you're hustling and innovating all the time and never staying put. And I think that's the fun part is that we never are staying put, everything is always moving at a really fast pace because you don't want to get left behind. I always tell everybody in our team that we always act like FRESH MAGAZINE


Investing in yourself outside of work My kids are young, so investing in myself is spending time with them usually. I love to go to the spa, go to movies, a nice dinner and take time for myself when I can by myself, with girlfriends or my husband. Mostly, it's really enjoying family time and enjoying watching my girls and nieces and nephew grow and flourish and become kind people. I think that it's always important to put the phone down once in a while and just be with them. It's nice to just sit and relax and take it all in, but I think that that too has to be scheduled, which is OK because then you know that that's time that is not touched by other things.

On role models I believe there are role models all around us, I don’t like to put that all in one person or one category. I have and have had many mentors in my life. In my professional and my personal life, they've changed over the last 20 years of being an entrepreneur. I think that that's really important too, that as an individual you change, and you grow at different points in life. I believe mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and often when needed a push in the right direction. I think that there is not one individual, I like to take from lots of individuals and have the best parts out of everybody to admire and be inspired by constantly. I don't think it's right for anybody to get to say that one person can have all of that because everybody has flaws and people can disappoint you too.

Advice for 18-year-old me That is a tough one. Life is going to throw you some interesting challenges along the way. Be patient. You'll figure it out. But have fun, it'll be a fun journey. Definitely all the plans that you have, some will come true but there'll be a lot of new things thrown your way. And continue to say yes more than no more often. It'll be an exciting journey.

The first brewer in Canada to voluntarily put a Management Warning on all beer cans Being a brewer in this country is a responsibility that I don't take lightly. We have to be responsible as citizens and a responsible brewery, and to recognize the fact that there is a small portion of the population that consume our product that shouldn’t, and they can't do it responsibly is important to me. It is my job as much as I can to try to make sure that those individuals do not consume our product or anybody else's so as not to harm themselves or others around them, and being a responsible citizen is something that I take very seriously. I want to be able to put my head down every night to say that I’ve done some good in the world, changed the world for good, not let people harm themselves, and try to help them at the same time. Another reminder is accepting that pregnant women should not drink. I did not drink even an ounce both times I was pregnant because there's definitely a lot of research that proves Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is devasting and a real problem. You definitely should not drink and drive after any amount of alcohol, I do not believe anybody should. It can be absolutely devastating and



there are lots of unintended consequences that people don't necessarily expect. I really just think that that it is a good reminder. The more often that the industry can remind individuals to take care of themselves and be responsible with alcohol is important.

Meaning of a Dragon Well, it means a lot of things to me. It means somebody who, in a lot of cases as far as business and entrepreneurship goes, has had some successes but has definitely made mistakes and so is a valued, experienced opinion on products and services and business plans and with that also comes a checkbook for something that I believe in, that has a future. It means a mentor. It means an educator to our audience especially young people. It means role model to young minority women.

Three things all business pitches should have Well, they have to definitely be short, concise, and to the point. I have to be able to understand it within 90 to 120 seconds. If I don't understand the business, really there's no way I'm ever investing in it. Also, to bring that individual and their personality through, because in the end I'm investing in you I'm not necessarily always investing in that widget that you're making. I really want to see the person bring themselves into their pitch. That comes with answering the five W's which are really important too. Who, what, when, where, and why; it goes back to basics. Square one, facts, just explaining who you are, why I should be interested in this business, and why is it going to work. With the products or services you’re selling, what is it, where geographically are you and this product expecting to or hoping to be sold and make a difference in people's lives? Timelines are important too because everybody in their mind or in their portfolio has things that fit now or in the future. So, I think that any great pitch definitely has all of those facets and after seeing thousands of pitches over the years, those are definitely the ones that stand out, the ones that can tick all those boxes.

Any new industries to come? Not at this point. I've definitely invested in every industry from food to baby products and infant products, to tech, to home improvement products, to personal products, and maternity products, to fashion, it goes on and on.

Hopes for the future You know basically that I get to do what I love every day. That it continues to fulfill me and inspire other people to follow their dreams. I don't try to think about it too much because I think that the best things come our way that unplanned. FRESH MAGAZINE


FOR T H E LOV E O F A RT Bringing the Art Gallery into the 21st Century


riginally hailing from Sarnia, Ontario, Jennifer Angers-Daerendinger spent almost 26 years in Vancouver immersed professionally in all things creative. She began her career there at Chanel before moving into the beauty industry and finally on to visual art in all its many forms and me-dia. It was after putting on a charity art show in 2013 that Angers-Daerendinger realized her love of art had evolved and so, utilizing her wealth of experience, Jennifer undertook to feed her appetite for art by opening ROAM Gallery in City Square Shopping Centre, situated in the beautiful heritage district of Vancouver. The bricks-and-mortar gallery was but one half of Jen’s ambition however, to provide emerging local artists with the exposure and professional guidance they needed, to get their work out of their studios and into the hands of collectors. Since she was already providing a safe and supportive space in which to display the talent she was continually discovering, Jennifer decided that the perfect complement to ROAM’s physical space would be an on online gallery which would take full advantage of the far reach-es of internet technology! Five years and hundreds of member artists later, Jen closed the Van-



couver gallery to be close to family back in Ontario where ROAMS’s online gallery continues to gather and promote art-ists, new and seasoned, from all over the continent! Since its inception, the website boasts over 120,000 visits with sales reaching worldwide. A quick read through the testimonials on ROAM’s website reveals that not only has Jen encouraged many artists out of the confines of what they perceived to be “a hobby” and into the world of professional art sales, but that she has also fostered enduring friendships with her artists and takes a personal interest in the success of each one. One such testimonial even offers the assurance that, “(Jen) wants your piece to be seen as much as you do.” Others speak of her “passion for art,” “energy,” “en-thusiasm,” approachability and honesty, as just a few of the reasons why they chose to exhib-it with ROAM and still remain years later. What’s abundantly clear is that the loyalty and dedi-cation between gallery owner and artist is equally and unwaveringly matched. Why exhibit with ROAM? Where art on a gallery wall is there for the duration of that particular exhibit, ROAM’s online gallery offers a permanent exhibit for as long as the artist is a member. Assuming they are even local, a collector might return to a physical space more than once dur-ing a particular artist’s exhibit but with ROAM, the artists’

"Jennifer wants the artists she represents to feel confidence and pride in their work and she manages that by providing each artist her full and tireless commitment to their progress. "

work is at their fingertips 24/7 from anywhere they are! Angers-Daerendinger credits much of the success of her online art gallery to the creative forces of her website designer, Sandra Slingsby and her graphic designer, Nicole O’Keefe, both to whom she givtes her complete faith and autonomy to do what they do best. So what does ROAM’s online gallery look like? Imagine a website that provides a place where, for a membership fee of only $30 per year, each artist receives their own gallery page featuring their bio and photo; 20 images of the work they wish to sell; direct links to any social media pages and/or website they may have; a place to promote any upcoming exhibits they are par-ticipating in; a rotating art banner featuring their work; and the opportunity to add their own Youtube video. Any sales generated through ROAM present a hefty 70/30% split in profit in the artist’s favour. Add to that, ROAM’s founder/ owner/curator’s expertise and mentorship, network, enthusiasm and encouragement, and the true value of that $30 truly comes into fo-cus as value-added commerce!

regular group exhibits online and utilizing her vast networking skills, Jennifer gives each artist she represents an opportunity to further their exposure and even have fun by engaging in whichever theme Jen has chosen for the latest exhibit. There is no gamble to be taken when an artist combines their talent with Angers-Daerendinger’s, for each is in the game for the same reason: their love of art!

For the collector who has a specific vision for a piece of art in mind, ROAM’s resident artist, Janine Jones can create almost anything they can dream up. Boasting an art degree and comprehensive background in design, Janine has her work on permanent display at hotels and in private collections all over the Toronto area. Jennifer wants the artists she represents to feel confidence and pride in their work and she manages that by providing each artist her full and tireless commitment to their progress. By holding and promoting FRESH MAGAZINE



01. Super-Power-Packed-Punch Dermalogica’s got a new superhero when it comes to exfoliation. The new “Daily Superfoliant” works on a deeper level with its charcoal to help reduce the signs of aging and inflammation. With a little bit of water, this ultra-fine powder turns into a beautiful dark liquid that transforms your skin; leaving a protective barrier that protects your skin from all the things it has to defend against. Stop by

02. Oh Honey Honey With summer around the corner, it’s still important to keep my lips protected. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in “Honey” with SPF 15 nourishes and plumps my pout with real sugar and reparative oils. It has a warm nude tint and a fresh citrus scent, making this little baby a permanent resident in my purse. Available at

03. All Lathered Up My favourite kind of shampoo is one that lathers galore, smells great, and is ultra-moisturizing to my hair. “Luminous Reveal” Oil Reflections by Wella Professionals completely amazed me in the shower. I could actually feel how conditioning the shampoo was and my hair did not tangle like it does with some brands. This line is a great addition for us gals who colour our hair all year long. Suds up with

04. Beach Blonde Close your eyes and picture an ocean breeze, sea salt hair and the smell of coconut scented skin. That’s what you’ll get to experience with John Frieda’s “Sea Waves” Salt Spray. This awesome spray gave my short style definition and just enough texture for beautiful tousled waves. Get Beachy with

05. Whipped Souffle For those of us that are not natural makeup artists, playing with eyeshadows can be a little intimidating. Lise Watier’s innovative Ombre Souffle Supreme in "Sunrise Peach" is the perfect combination of a cream and powder all-in-one. It easily applies, smooths and dries to a perfect finished look and is great for using as a buildable base. The best part is you can touch up in seconds and can say goodbye to smudges. Visit to find your perfect match


Woman Inc: 10 Brands to Follow connects you with women-owned

businesses that you deserve to know about. World-changing, innovative, and conscious, these brands showcase the power of a woman in charge.


Darcey Diehl Lippy Girl: Success on Your Own Terms Being a high school chemistry teacher can be both “people want a 30 second answer about chemicals a blessing and curse. For Darcey Diehl, it allowed in cosmetics, and I go into chemistry teacher mode,� her to have the knowledge to create and maintain she laughs. her own cosmetics line. But there are also times


iehl launched Lippy Girl Cosmetics in 2012, after noticing a opportunity in the cosmetic market.

5, and still working full time as a chemistry teacher at a local high school, Diehl was faced with some tough decisions: take on investors and grow the brand, or stay as she was and be successful on her own terms.

She had begun to make changes in her life, starting with her diet, after becoming woke to the environmental challenges that a meat-heavy diet brings. It was a process; first she cut back on the amount of meat her family ate, then they became vegetarians, and eventually, vegan.

She took the road less taken, and has no regrets. “To compete with the big brands, there is so much pressure and competition to create something new every season. You spend so much time marketing. I still have 100% ownership of Lippy Girl. I’ve always chosen to stay authentic to what my vision was when we started.”

Until this point, Diehl (a former model) had been a die-hard MAC girl. But she wanted the changes in her skincare and makeup routine to reflect the changes in her diet. “There was nothing on the market at the time, however, that was that was organic, vegan, and most importantly, fun. I wanted to make a brand that was sexy, bright and fun but didn’t have parabens or preservatives.”

“We have a loyal base of people that always come back to try new things, but have their favorite products as well. We have our own little niche that I’m very happy with.”

So she started experimenting in her kitchen, and Lippy Girl Cosmetics was born. Like her diet, Lippy Girl was also a process. “We slowly became vegan in stages. Our first line of lipsticks had beeswax, but now everything is made with shea butter.” Diehl’s formulations, colours, and fun packaging clearly found their sweet spot. The business began to grow, and Diehl moved the base of operations out of her kitchen to a manufacturer first in Australia, but later in Winnipeg, where all the cosmetics are currently created. Lippy Girl was a success! “There was a peak where we could have gone bigger,” Diehl confesses. “But I was really worried about changing the way things were made.” At the time, Lippy Girl was in Whole Foods and other large stores. “I pulled it all back in. I like being the boutique space. It’s so hard to be in a big box and stay an indie brand.” A married mother of three, now 10, 7 and

Diehl has zero regrets at saying no to exponential growth. Lippy Girl is her passion, and it remains that way to this day. “I’m so happy to be the way we are. We provide bright, colourful, fun, flirty cosmetics which are ethically-sourced, vegan and organic.” Rather than risking it all competing with huge cosmetic companies with unlimited budgets, Diehl recognizes that the real exponential growth has happened inside her. “I can’t believe I did it, looking back. Women, we have this way of, when there’s stuff that has to be done, we just do it. We don’t ask how.” She has also met many other women in business, and that has been a blessing. “We wear many hats and support each other.”

The fans keep coming back, especially for Lippy Girl’s Vegocentric Lipsticks. They are organic, vegan, and chemical free, and come in a host of bright colours. The most popular shade is called Schmoopy, a universally-flattering nude mauve colour.

Her definition of success didn’t come from some external source, one that she’d likely never be able to achieve. Success for Diehl comes from within, and beyond a doubt, she’s already made it big.

Lippy Girl mainly sells out of their website,, but you can also purchase them at specialty boutiques and spas, like The Green Kiss in Victoria, or Euphoria in Squamish. Diehl also still sells at markets and expos as well.

For more information on Darcy and Lippy Girl Cosmetics, visit

Bullets N Beads: Creating Beauty from Pain It is a world that not many women venture into, but Paulena Gidda comes from along line of military professionals and first responders.


idda followed in the footsteps of many of her family members, and today, is a 24-year veteran of the Police Force. Exercise, as it turns out, was a powerful source of stress relief for her. She would work out 3 times per week, run, and play soccer. But 7 years ago, a motor vehicle accident put an end to all that. After recovering from her accident, she was reassigned to a less active job, running the Child Abuse and Sexual Offenses unit. As you can imagine, the kinds of atrocities she had to deal with on a daily basis were horrific. “There was so much going on,” she confesses. “The stress of what you’re dealing with at work and what you’re seeing on a daily basis--and I had no outlet.” It was at this time that she began to experience symptoms of PTSD; primarily nightmares and insomnia. According to a recent report by CBC news, first responders in Canada (Police officers, paramedics, EMTs) are experiencing “epidemic” levels of PTSD. One in four will develop PTSD over the course of their career, the report said, and suicide rates are five times the national average. Gidda was all too familiar with these statistics. While she herself suffered from PTSD, she also experienced the suicide of a close friend and co-worker. One night, unable to sleep, she found herself in her husband’s workshop in the bas ment, and started fiddling around with bullet casings. “It’s just a piece of metal,” she thought. “It can be used as equally to make something beautiful, as it can be to cause pain.” And that night, Bullets ‘n’ Beads was born. “I started making jewelry,” she laughs. “I had zero experience. In fact, if you asked my friends, they likely would have said it was the last thing I would ever have done.” Bullets‘n’ Beads, whose tagline is “Making Bullets Beautiful,” began as a way for Gid-

da to occupy her mind and hands during the nights when she couldn’t sleep.

olds who think it’s really cool, and older folks who want to wear something edgy.”

“Originally, it was just to keep my mind occupied, a form of therapy. I’m still not back to my normal, I can’t run 5 miles, but I’ve found a way of expressing the way that I feel through the jewelry. If I’ve had a rough day, you see it in what I create.”

You can find her jewelry online at https://, or at This is It Gifts in Langley, or the Su Casa Spa in Fort Langley.

She’d go to her local Elks for a drink, and retired cops and veterans would advise her how to solder and put things together. She’d go out and buy the supplies the next day, and then she’d try it at home. What began to grow out of Gidda’s PTSD was wearable art: bracelets, rings, and necklaces for both women and men, featuring fired bullets. Gidda sources her bullets from gun ranges from across the country. Most are fired by first responders. She hand-cleans and polishes each piece, then she makes them into something beautiful. “It fell into my lap,” she confesses. “but it’s one of the best blessings. It’s therapeutic and it has helped focus my mind.” Bullets‘n’ Beads launched about two and a half yearsago, and the experience has been invaluable to Gidda. Not only has it helped to channel her emotions and heal her PTSD, but it has also helped others. In addition to giving 10% of all sales back to organizations that help with PTSD, she has also donated to Cancer fundraisers, Wildfire and Flood Relief. “The more the merrier! What you put out is what you’re going to get back,” she recognizes. Her jewelry resonates with a surprisingly large audience. “People from 24 to 65 buy my pieces,” Gidda says. “I have 20-year-

“PTSD doesn’t have a face, occupation, sex or race. We all know someone who’s been touched by it. We’re all going to need assistance at some point.” And for that reason, sharing Suicide Hotlines, information and help for PTSD sufferers has also become a big part of her business. Bullets‘n’ Beads has been a real lifesaver for Gidda. “It has been the greatest therapeutic process that I have had in the last 2.5years. Not only in the making side, but also in the giving side, and connecting with and meeting others who are affected by PTSD.” “PTSD isvery isolating. You retreat. You find a lack of reasons to be out there. For me, I found the perfect balance with this business. I create what I need to create, and that’s therapeutic, but it also gets me out to meet and talk to people and have a reason to not be isolated and to talk to people.” What started as a way to channel her pain has become something so much greater for Paulena Gidda; it has become away to heal others as well, to create something positive from the hurt. “I consider all of this truly a blessing.”

Exquisite Spa Results, the Latest Science-Based Technologies


elaspa skincare brought to you by two passionate women who met in a yoga class.


la Drzazga’s journey began at the end of the communist era where she was the first Polish woman to enrol in a western MBA program. Growing up in the time that she did, luxury wasn’t at the top of affordability. This led her down the path to starting her own distribution company. In choosing products, Ela continued to make the discovery that there were many harmful ingredients in the beauty industry that didn’t measure up to supporting a healthy holistic lifestyle. This was the beginning of elaspa. The quest was for a professional skincare line that featured only natural and organic ingredients and delivered real, lasting results. 6 years of research and development bore OrganicSeries skincare line launched in Poland in 2009. Manufactured in France and Poland, the line is available in over 4000 medi-spas throughout Europe. Enter Iwona Kozak, co-founder of Holistic Brands Corporation. This journey began in 2010 when Iwona met Ela in Poland. Ela was a regular student in Iwona’s yoga classes and Iwona’s background in health and wellness as a holistic lifestyle teacher led to their developing friendship and desire to offer ecologically friendly products that delivered results. Iwona brought the line to North America where she is now the exclusive distributor. Products are created to offer the best results while respecting our environment

and your health. elaspa sources ingredients with bringing highly concentrated organic plant extracts from the most sustainable ecosystems around the world, mainly from cosmetic valley in France where all growers, manufacturers of botanical ingredients adhere to the highest environmental standards, including growing the plants, harvesting them, and processing. A key principal in developing elaspa products, next to their efficacy, is not to cause skin irritation or inflammation. Formulas are created using advanced laboratory methods to blend ingredients that will provide the most potent and active properties which work together to enhance their healing properties. Proprietary formulations are made to bring a boost to the skin at various layers and provide rejuvenating and anti-aging properties. A little goes a long way: elaspa products are extremely efficient. 'Less is More' is the philosophy when it comes to using high quality skincare. Products work in synergy with each other depending on your needs to bring unparalleled results. Biomimetic ingredients which mimic the skin function are carefully selected to ensure fast absorption and to aid the natural skins renewal process. Your spa experience allows for customization and the best recommendations for continued use.

orants and perfumes, nano-particles and materials derived from ani-mals. The vision behind the brand is expanded by its meaningful involvement in social change: not only providing products of integrity but also by supporting various charities helping women and children - for example Punarnava Trust in India and Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. Since its launch in 2015, elaspa products have been embraced by spas, integrated clinics, customers across North America and top celebrity makeup artists. Naomi Backstad used elaspa products on Rhianna, Julia Roberts, and Owen Wilson among many others. In her own words ” I’m loving elaspa. It’s the best skincare and it’s amazing how quickly I see the difference in my client’s skin”.

Elaspa packaging also comes with a commitment to health and the environment. Packaging is biodegradable and the airless system allows to deliver the highest results without harsh preservatives. This system ensures the efficacy of the product is not compromised which helps to extend the shelf life. Biodegradable bottles come with pumps which allows for exact measuring and there is no product contamination. elaspa products are 100% natural with 98% certified organic ingredients. They contain 95% active ingredients and are void of parabens, mineral oils, PEGS, GMO, synthetic silicon oils, radiated ingredients, col- FRESH MAGAZINE




Lessons for a Successful Business from 604Handyman Kristen Jooste was a first-time mom, at home with her two-monthold baby in a new house. Like many young couples, everything had happened at once; she and her husband bought a house and had a baby in a short period of time.

ith her husband at work full-time, and her hands full with a newborn, there were things around their new house that needed to be done, but there was no one to do them.

Kristen scoured the online ads looking for a handyman to come in and help out, but her search was fruitless. As frustrating as her experience was, she had stumbled across a business idea, and in July of 2017, she launched 604Handyman.

604Handyman fills is one that is desperately needed, and not filled by larger contractors. Many bigger construction companies aren’t interested in the small gigs that make up their daily work, but string enough of those small gigs together, and it has created a successful, thriving business. 2.

Speed. Their small size is a competitive advantage for 604Handyman. You don’t have to wait weeks to get your job done, they will be there the next day.


Focus on repeat business. Let’s face it: Craigslist and other online ad platforms can be dodgy. Almost everyone you know has a story about how they got ripped off by someone they hired online. “It’s a messy industry,” Kristen confesses. “It’s not trustworthy. Our main clientele are young moms and retirees, and our repeat customer base is huge. We go in, we do the service once, our clients are treated well. Karl, our handyman is super polite, he helps us to build those relationships and that trust. Some of our clients are lonely, and they just like having him around for company!”


Focus on excellent customer service. “When I answer the phone, I can hear this sigh of relief. First of all, we answer the phone. Secondly, I’m a woman, and I won’t talk down to them. It starts off the whole relationship the right way. We’re on a first-name basis with many of our clients!” Word-of-Mouth referrals (and repeat business) are the main source of their business.

The service allows for anyone to hire a handyman to come to their home and do odd jobs; the jobs can be short and sweet, like hanging a curtain rod, wall-mounting your television, hanging pictures, or they can be more complex, like re-caulking your bathtub or patching drywall. The idea had such legs that now, less than two years since opening, 604Handyman has half a dozen franchises across the country, and Kristen’s husband was able to quit his job, and now works on the business full time. In fact, within just the first month of launching their business, the response made it clear that they were on to something big. Kristen’s rapid success is nothing short of impressive, and we recently sat down with her to see what we can learn from her experience. 1. Recognize a need and find your niche. The niche that

It’s a challenge for a woman to run a business in a male-dominated industry, but for Kristen and 5 of her franchises owned by women, it’s actually a competitive advantage. She genuinely cares about her clients, and it shows. While she acknowledges that anyone can learn the technical skills to be a good handyman, what sets 604Handyman apart are customer service skills. For other women that are perhaps thinking of starting their own business (especially in a male-dominated field) she has words of encouragement: “It really is strange seeing what is traditionally thought to be a male business with so many women involved, but they are, and they are kicking ass. Seeing that a woman is in charge shows that you can do it too.”

Helping Entrepreneurs find Long Term Success If you’ve ever fantasized about leaving your 9-5 and starting your own business, you’re not alone.


report published in 2017 states that Canadian women are the most active entrepreneurs in the world. A full 13% of women in Canada run their own businesses, the highest percentage of all G20 companies. (https:// The reasons why vary; for some it’s about the flexibility self-employment gives them, for some it’s about breaking the glass ceiling. For some, it’s simply because they saw an opportunity and went for it! (https:// Susan Friesen, owner of eVision Media, a company that specializes in building websites, doing branding, SEO and digital marketing, has found immense personal satisfaction as an entrepreneur. A pioneer in her field (she started 20 years ago, when the web was young), one of the things that has given her the most satisfaction is “attracting other women entrepreneurs and business women. They felt comfortable working with another woman who gets them and understands what their brand positioning should be like.” Success For Friesen, being an entrepreneur has allowed her to be successful on her own terms. “Success,” she says, “is not about the dollar; I’m not here to become a millionaire.” Rather, her idea of success is multi-layered, and focuses on how much of a difference she is making. “I’m doing what I’m passionate about, and I’m living with purpose, confident that this is what I’m meant to be doing. I mostly help female small business owners and entrepreneurs to be successful in their business. I am supporting my team; the more business I can bring in, the more work they have. I am helping them succeed in creating an income and helping them do what they are passionate about.”

Long hours, hard work It has not, however, been easy. She confesses she works 16-hour days, 7 days a week, and that has sometimes been met with disapproval. “I am criticized when I talk about the number of hours I put in into my work. I’m judged; their perception is that I don’t have enough balance in my life. But that’s what it takes to create a successful business, you have to be prepared to put in the hours.” Working long hours while raising a family was certainly a challenge for Friesen. But she has no regrets. In addition to providing for her two kids (now adults), she also instilled in them a sense of responsibility: “both of them,” she says proudly, “have a solid work ethic.” As someone who has been successfully self-employed for two decades, Friesen has a wealth of experience and advice for new entrepreneurs. She generously shared some of her hard-earned knowledge with us. What makes you different? One challenge Friesen puts to new entrepreneurs when she begins working with them is to figure out their differential or unique selling point. In other words, what is the thing that makes your business different from all the rest in your niche? For eVision Media, it’s customer service. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, she has found that right-brained features like creativity and empathy make her business stand out. “What differentiates me from a lot of web developers out there is that I have bridged the gap between the creativity and the technology. I am able to bring our clients a much broader scope of all the different intricacies involved in creating a brand presence on line.” Additionally, don’t negate the importance

of good customer service: “our industry is notoriously bad for customer service. At eVision, we focus on customer service. It’s one of our biggest priorities. We work quickly, have a fast turn-around. We offer a speedy, reasonably-priced service.” Friesen loves working with women who are coming from the corporate world, and starting their own businesses. It’s gratifying to her to help women to create strong brands and an online presence, she gets immense satisfaction from seeing them succeed. Focus on what you know, invest in good people to do the rest “Know what you need first, and hire the right people to do it for you. The more you try to learn how to do things, then the less you are focusing on your own core competencies, and the less people you are actually serving and helping. Don’t spend so much time learning and doing and struggling and doing it yourself that you aren’t building the actual business and working with clients.” When you’ve been working for a boss for many years, the transition to self-employment is especially challenging. And there is no magic solution, no shortcuts. Hard work is the key; but not just working harder, working smarter, too. “Don’t get caught up in what the gurus are saying. My advice is to be educated on what you need in order to build a sustainable business, but not necessarily to educate yourself on how to do it all. Invest in your business with someone who can help you to build the right foundation. Build the right branding, the right website to do the kind of marketing that will accomplish your goals.”

Heather Day H & Co Academy and Daydreams Esthetics Spa For more than 30 years Heather Day has been a key player in the beauty industry. From a small 3 chair salon and scaling to an 18 chair salon/spa,


rom overcoming the challenges and obstacles that go with owning a beauty business came the desire to pay the knowledge and experience forward to other owners. This vision launched Heather into action and in 2014 the research began all over North America and Europe to combine not just local personal experience, but immersion in gathering best practices from other leading businesses. It became abundantly clear that the need to raise the bar in the industry was great, and propelled the birth of H & Co Academy. The very foundations of H & Co

Heather’s personal success as a hairstylist was transcended by the passion to provide leadership and education to other professionals.

emerged from the need to provide foundations for career development, a commitment to excellence and innovation and business growth.

timately produce a highly regarded salon and spa leaders wherever their path may take them.

The vision needed a physical location, and the work began from hand-picking buildings and extensive renovations, to planning and preparation of curriculums.

“If you want to go fast, then go alone

Beyond technical curriculums, Heather knew H & Co had to go further. Committing to excellence of the graduates meant things like personalized instruction, customer service training programs, management systems. Designed to combine the elements of success in this industry to ul-

If you want to go far, then go together" - Edward Lewis Collaborations with like-minded, aligned and inspired leaders was the next phase of H & Co Academy. Heather welcomed Sherry Hedley as a new partner at H & Co Academy hair & nails, bringing decades of experience as role of director, as well as compassionate and influential leader. January 4, 2015 H & Co Academy opened its doors for business at 603 Princess Avenue, Brandon, Manitoba. Where there is excellence, there is abundance. Heather’s vision was warmly embraced by the community- bringing awards and recognition for her and her growing team.


September 2015 H & Co Academy continued to raise the bar, opening its second location offering esthetics – the first esthetics training facility in Western Manitoba. This growth welcomed Director of Esthetics, Naomi Miller, to guide the program and bring her years of experience and excellence to the vision and running of H & Co Academy. Just 3 years of operating, the demand for H & Co Academy graduates became apparent, many gaining employment before completing their program. This meant the need for more space - bigger facility to educate more students. Dreams do come true, and timing aligned. A space Heather had set her sights on for years became available and the dream of owning her own spa came to fruition while also giving H & Co Academy esthetics a new, larger home. 6 months of renovations began on Daydreams Esthetics Spa – perfectly combining Heather’s last name and the culmination of a fulfilled dream. Daydreams Esthetics Spa opened January 2017, and said hello to Lindsay Day as Director of Sales and Service. Already established in the community for her expertise in 5 star customer service, she was the perfect fit to execute the dream for Daydreams. Together Lindsay and Heather Day expertly created more employment opportunities for H & Co Academy graduates with the large spa facility, but also a working spa environment for esthetic students to gain experience in.

Now running at full capacity (with a waiting list for prospective students) H & Co Academy offers so much more than just what the initial vision was. Now boasting the first fully accredited Advanced Esthetics Program, giving students an additional 575 hours above the required 1200 hours which is instrumental in confidence in the workplace post graduation. Not stopping with 2 educational facilities and a full esthetics spa Heather developed the Apprenticeship Pilot Project to continue education for beauty professionals. With great pride Heather added Jill Lenton to the team as the Director of Services and Education to add her skillset, enthusiasm and vision to the internship program. During this internship they will continue to be mentored and supported to develop skills to move into a professional environment. Heather’s passion for the industry to remain professional through licensing and guidance continually propels her to advocate for change to improve the structure of education systems. 20 years of dedication to this mission is the alignment of living in a way that exemplifies “ every obstacle has turned into an opportunity, or at the very minimal a valuable lesson”


Kadieann Tighe Urban Leaf Catering Discovering she was lactose-intolerant changed the course of Kadieann Tighe’s career. The twentysomething had already been a chef for five years, and, after working her way up though professional


fter not having dairy for 6 months, she realized that lactose was an issue for her, and it started her down the road to becoming a vegan.

She met Shani Cohen through mutual

kitchens, landed a dream gig as a personal chef to a family living and traveling on a yacht. The family was dairy- and gluten-free, so Kadieann had to adapt her recipes to fit.

friends. Shani was also a vegan, and at the time they were both working professionally in the industry. They partnered together to run a “Greasy Spoon” fundraiser, and at the end “we decided we should do that for good,” Shani says. “Working long hours with little pay in a male-dominated indus-

try, we were frustrated but determined to build our own empire.” Kadieann agrees. “I’d been cooking for 7 years professionally, and I just decided it was time to work for myself. While working as a private chef on a yacht, it was an

amazing experience, I got to do whatever I wanted, and I needed to figure out a way to do that all the time. I wanted to do something for me, create a safe space for myself to work, and then to also do that for others.” Disruptors Cohen and Tighe, still just in their mid-twenties, launched Urban Leaf Catering in November, 2018, and are rapidly growing a thriving, plant-based business. The timing couldn’t be better. Here in Canada, 10% of the population identify as vegetarians or vegans, and here in Vancouver, a full 40% of our residents under the age of 35 are choosing a meat-free lifestyle. Urban Leaf was originally started as a catering company, but the demand for their products caused them to create a product line. Now, just 6 months after launch, they do catering, have 4-6 products they are retailing, and are now creating their own long-table events, partnering with other vegan businesses in the city. When Tighe and Cohen opened the doors of Urban Leaf Catering, their goal was to create vegan food that exceeded people’s expectations. “We make products we miss eating. We are actively trying to change people’s minds about what vegan food is,” says Tighe. “We love being creative with our food, and dispelling myths about vegan food,” adds Cohen. “I feel like at this point we are unstoppable!” Today, they sell several unique products, including carrot lox (meant to mimic salmon), pumpkin seed pesto (dairy, soy and nut free, catering to those with allergies), vegan labneh (a thick creamy dip), garlic and chive chip dip, vegan pistachio butter, and a vegan feta. Products are available for purchase at Vegan Supply, The Soap Dispensary, Blue Heron Cheese, and online. But for Kadieann and Shani, running their own vegan business is not enough. They also need to be the change they wish to see in the world.

All of their events take place at a long table, served family-style. It forces strangers to get to know each other, to create connections. “We provide a unique culinary and social experience,” Kadieann says, “Our goal is to educate and promote a healthy and conscious way of living through the community. We’re dedicated to empowerment. Empowerment of our employees, empowerment of other people, empowerment of the community. We are giving back to our [vegan] community as much as we can.” Empowerment also, for Kadieann, extends to the animals. To her, there’s no difference between people and animals. “We’re all beings,” she says, acknowledging that her business has a political bent. “We want to be involved in bridging the gap between people who are oppressed, and also animals who are oppressed.” Shani shares these same values: “You are what you eat. If you eat something that comes from violence and suffering, that’s not good! Going vegan is the action in life that makes the biggest impact on the planet we live on.”

When they hire, they often work with marginalized people. “I want to create a culture for people to come and have a voice, to be able to express themselves,” says Kadieann. “If you fail, cool. How can we learn from that? It’s important to me to cultivate a growth mindset.”

They hope to see a major shift in the amount of animal products consumed over the next 1020 years. “Not everyone has to go vegan, but we need to start taking animals off our plates a little more often, to try alternatives.”

creating delicious, plant-based foods that they hope will change with world.

Through the events that Urban Leaf is creating, they are also trying to shift mindsets.

And that’s where you’ll find Kadieann Tighe and Shani Cohen of Urban Leaf;

And we’re pretty sure they’re going to do it, too.

Linda Cupples Galiano Island Soapworks Island Life brings Natural Beauty to the Masses Linda’s study and research in natural beauty and sustainability led her to discover that while consumers want choice in natural products, they also want less expensive packaging. Her goals have been to create highly effective natural skin care products that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Consumers are attracted to fancy expensive packaging and believe the packaging makes them better. It’s not so.


believe great healthy products should be made affordable so everyone can buy and use them. Our landfills are already too full – don’t waste your money on a pretty box.”




“Fresh is best” is one of

her mottos. Many of the

herbs and botanicals used in Galiano products are

grown on Linda’s farm on Galiano Island

“Fresh is best” is one of her mottos. Many of the herbs and botanicals used in Galiano products are grown on Linda’s farm on Galiano Island, just off the coast of Vancouver. On site plants are grown, harvested and processed into various extracts and oils before being used in products. Linda feels her extracts are superior because she harvests at optimal times in growth cycles and processes only the highest quality plant cuts. Many commercially produced extracts and oils have been stripped of a great deal of their potential benefits. Linda’s extracts and oils are in their purest form with all the benefits to skin included.

no surprise that she uses only natural preservatives in order to prevent health concerns regarding product decay and mold. A visit to her website ( will prove to be a place

where fabulous high performance beauty products can be found at reasonable prices. Use the code “happyyoucame” for a great discount.

Not only are these products healthy but they are also mostly vegan and cruelty free with certification from Leaping Bunny and Paws for Hope. Linda respects the environment and sustainability. Being committed to producing healthy products, it should be FRESH MAGAZINE




yéta founded Okoko Cosmétiques in 2016. She had some health issues, and ended up at a Naturopath. After following the advice the doctor gave her, she began to notice positive results, and decided to learn more by taking a naturopathic medicine program herself. Part of her course included a module on herbal medicine, where she learned to make ointments, healing balms and lotions. Oyéta was hooked! She began spending all her free time and resources experimenting with lotions, creams and soaps, providing them to her family and friends. She has been formulating skincare for over 8 years, exploring a wide range of ingredients and formulation methods. Her brand combines innovation, premium ingredients and eco-chic style to deliver high-performance skincare for her international clientele. Her passion soon became her business when Okoko Cosmétiques was born. Okoko is a green luxury skincare line that uses cruelty-free and certified organic ingredients in their products. All ingredients are sourced sustainably and ethically, and locally when available. And yes, a skincare line can change the world. First of all, Okoko is designed to help people solve their skincare issues using high-performance natural ingredients that deliver visible



Okoko Cosmétiques and the Power of the Ripple Effect

When you think about people who are changing the world, the first that come to mind are likely politicians and philanthropists. But Oyéta Kokoroko knows the power of the ripple effect: you don’t need to be big to make big changes. “As a small company,” she says, “we can do small things to help others.”

results. Whether it be acne, aging or dull skin, Okoko’s formulations are designed for results. And the results have a huge impact on the confidence of her clients. Beyond that, though, Oyéta, now 29 years old is trying to make a difference at every level of her business. Her ingredients are carefully sourced from companies that will have a minimum environmental impact. “We only buy from eco-friendly suppliers. When more people do that, it drives change.” Further down the line, they are trying to reduce their impact as well. “All of our products are packaged in environmentally friendly bottles which are recyclable and reusable. Our shipping packaging is recyclable, and we reuse all of our shipping materials. We are constantly asking ourselves, how can we reduce waste? My team and I are currently building a program to reduce even more waste by improving our shipping systems and materials used, more details to come this Summer 2019.” As much as possible, they source ingredients from local companies. Their purifying detox mask called La D’tox Noire, for example, contains glacial marine clay sourced from Nanaimo. What sets this luxury brand apart is how they use some of the most prestigious, premium and exotic botanicals from all over the world. When they can’t source them locally, they do always source them ethically. What Okoko does with its profits is also integral to its brand values of empowerment and collaboration. Giving back to the community is a huge part of their purpose. “We are a Canadian based brand using local ingredients, cruelty-free, organic, fair trade,” Oyéta says proudly. “But it’s also what we do with the profits—consumers are more interested

From right to left Oyéta Kokoroko and her colleague Natalia Lavaggi of Okoko Cosmétiques

in brands that have a social impact.” Okoko employees volunteer at Beauty Night, a local charity that goes into women’s shelters and treats them to a night of beauty and pampering. “Self-care,” says the Okoko team, “shouldn’t be just for people with money.” Additionally, they just launched Okoko Academy, a program to empower female entrepreneurs, especially those wanting to launch a beauty brand, through mentorship. “I learned a lot of it by doing it myself,” says Oyéta. “We hire interns who learn our business. They come work with us and use that experience to launch their own company in the future.” Small things do make a huge impact, and Oyéta and her company are changing the world, one facial mask and one serum at a time.

Okoko Cosmétiques can be found at, at the Trump Spa in downtown Vancouver and Canadian retailer

ZYDERMA Represents the Perfect Union Between “Nature & Science.” It’s a Family Affair Too! Partners in life and in business, Kelly Muciy & Rick Martin are the passionate couple behind the ZYDERMA brand, fulfilling an extension of their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. They are driven personally and professionally to help improve the quality of life for others, which originated with family and friends experiencing different dermatological issues. Their first goal was to create an effective, eco-friendly solution that distances itself from harsh traditional products and ineffective, medicated ointments.


rimum non nocere (First, do no harm) is the ZYDERMA mantra. Together, Kelly & Rick are committed to a forward-thinking, eco-scientific approach to daily skin care. Their signature product, the Clarifying Cream, is incredibly gentle and versatile. While formulated with a seemingly magical form of silver, it’s pure science. The nano-free silver in their proprietary formulation shuts down the life support systems of bacteria and its ability to reproduce. This cleansing activity prevents transient pathogenic organisms from colonizing the skin surface, allowing the microflora which reside within the stratum corneum to stabilize and gradually strengthen. The key benefit of this unique silver formulation is that it remains on the skin until rinsed away; providing long-lasting support while helping improve your skin’s appearance. Product positioning was initially a struggle. Kelly confesses, “Shortly after launch, the acne market swept us up, so we went with it. As people experience the product, many other benefits are being realized too.” Skin is your largest organ. ZYDERMA manages body odour partnered with your favourite natural deodorant and helps improve children’s delicate skin whenever issues arise. It's one perfect, value added product for the whole family. They emphasized, “The micronized silver

dry skin, a fluid, dewy foundation is recommended. Celebrity & Editorial Makeup Artist, Sheri Stroh says, “The Clarifying Cream is definitely a product I can count on. It offers a velvety-smooth, but almost imperceptible finish that makes it a fantastic primer.” ZYDERMA is your skin's best friend. *Results vary from person to person, depending on the level of bacterial influence. Those affected by bacteria often see a noticeable improvement within a week.

Visit to learn more and to discover where to buy, in Canada and the USA! creates an invisible mesh-like structure on the skin’s surface. The silver particles are too large to be absorbed by the skin, collecting instead in the small crevices of the skin. This ‘depot effect’ has a dual function. It cleanses away environmental microorganisms and creates a smooth, even surface for make-up application.” Professional make-up artists in the green beauty space create a lovely ‘mattifying’ effect with ZYDERMA. It’s the perfect canvas for makeup and well-suited for oily skin, under a variety of foundations. With FRESH MAGAZINE


ROAM GALLERY is a contemporary online art gallery showcasing the work of Canadian artists, both emerging and established. Linda Bickerton-Ross, a West Coastbased photographer focusing on Fine Art, Street and Documentary photography has exhibited at the Turnbull, Richmond, and Surrey Art Galleries. Check out her work at www., www., and lbrzen on Instagram. Breanna Halliday has been painting for over 15 years now in the beautiful Okanagan. Currently painting for ROAM Gallery, she learned many of her techniques from the Summerland BC Artist Diane Estabrook and her late grandmother Shirley Craig from Victoria. Courtney Powell is a muralist and painter residing in Vancouver, BC. She is drawn to the northern lights, fairies, and animals. Courtney enjoys playing with transparencies and layers in her work.

Painting in a realist and abstract style gives Denise Dupre the greatest sense of freedom imaginable to work with color and the textural medium of paint. My styles continue to evolve with the hope that I reach the ultimate artistic and spiritual expression which resonates with my inner soul. Hoai Dang-Lachance, contemporary artist inspired by the ebb and flow of colour, experienced through everyday life journeys. By combining mixed mediums and directional controlled methodologies, work extends from ethereal to abstract expressionism. Showcased at West Elm, corporate establishments, Art For Humans and available through commission. As an artist, Jan Rankin enjoys creating beautiful pieces with acrylics and mixed media. Her work is primarily expressionist or abstract. Jan creates at her studio in Ladner, British Columbia.



Joy Pierson lives and paints in Vancouver BC, inspired by the amazing scenery and vibrant cityscapes she sees every day. She uses acrylics and paints with sparkling colours to portray this beautiful place. Working with design and composition in abstraction has taught Kathy Swift a lot about the shape, size, value, and placement of each part of the painting. There is no area that just gets "left over". It all matters. The lighter shapes speak with each other, and create interest in the background, as much as the darker shapes converse within the whole. www. / @kathy_swift_artist Tammy Bailey is an Acrylic and Mixed Media Artist, wife, mother, grandmother and half marathon runner. Self-taught, my imagination and intuition guide me through my creative process while painting in my home Studio. Michelle Fedosoff is born and raised in BC. Her love of photography was born 15 years ago when she was on a wildlife viewing expedition. Her photography captures her view of the world, whether in locations around the world or close to home. She finds beauty in nature, people, and the everyday. Colour is Lauren Morris' passion. She enjoys working with reflections, shadow and light, painting predominantly in acrylics and mixed media. Lauren hopes to inspire thought and to evoke the viewers’ emotions through visual imagery. Her exhibits include 3 solo shows and 4 group shows. She's also participated in the Vancouver Interior Design Show. Her work can be viewed at Tamara Spence is a Mixed media artist living in North Vancouver, BC. She enjoys exploring abstraction in ink and water colour drawings, sculpture, and acrylic paintings. "For me Art is healing... lessons of personal acceptance."

Visit Roam Gallery online at FRESH MAGAZINE


SUMME RTIME state of mind Makeup Artist & Stylist Christina Petry, shares some of her fave things in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, and emphasizes to soak up the sun this Summer, and take as many adventures as possible!

Above: Seafolly Swimsuit & Vitamin A pants

Creative Director/Stylist CHRISTINA PETRY Photography by ANDREA HELLEMAN Property and Location NICK NEACSU & DJ DENNER OF




What's in my Bag Whether you’re off to work, meeting up with friends, taking off for the weekend, or heading poolside, you need the right essentials in your bag! I always have Sunscreen on hand for protection from sunburns, and preventing any damage to my skin. Nail Polish in a fun summer hue! Get your toes ready for sandals with a fresh pedicure and a new pop of colour. Hydrate! Single use water bottles are not cool…but reusable ones are! Find one that suits your style and take with you everywhere to hold your fave drink! Fragrance! To me no outfit is complete until a spray of your favourite scent is added. Switch up your perfumes to a lighter, more playful, fruity scent! Sunglasses! A must have Fashion accessory, and so many styles to choose from…so be savvy and find a pair that you can wear with just about everything. Refresh! After a long day in the Sun, your skin can feel hot, sore and even dry from exposure…so keeping the skin not only protected, but hydrated is key. Thermal water sprays are a great way to help soothe on the go!

Above: Jute Striped Tote by Seafolly

That Sun-kissed Look There is nothing more sexy than beautiful skin! Think less Makeup in the summer though…as you never want to have that thick heavy look. I have a pressed powder I really enjoy that contains SPF aswell, so throughout the day I can do touch ups and reapply while still getting protection from the sun. We all want that bronzed glow and it doesn’t haveto be accomplished by sitting in the sun for hours. Self tanners are made so great these days, and go on so naturally…so find one that’s right for you, then show off those legs. I also love adding a shimmer spray over my legs and arms, for that extra “summer glow”. I’m a personal fan of bronzers with soft gold tones that also work as a highlighter, lip gloss with pops of colour, like dark pinks or peaches that are easy to apply on the go and no lip liner required. I always keep my brows groomed and filled, and switch to a waterproof pencil for long wearing in the sun. I love cream blushes and apply just a dab on the apples of my cheeks with my fingers which gives a more natural look. Don’t forget to curl your lashes and apply some mascara which opens up the eye and creates a longer lash look. Right: Fenntessa Swimwear & Lovers Tempo Jewelry

By the Pool is where you'll Find Me Whether your toes are in the water, or lounging in the perfect chair…nothing beats being poolside with a cold beverage in hand. So pull out that cute one or two piece bathing suit and rock what ya got! Designers make it so easy to find the suit that suits you best! I always suggest to pick parts of your body you love the best and show them off! One pieces are on trend and

come in so many different styles, colours and fits…so don’t be shy! Pool parties are a great opportunity to make your swimsuit more of an outfit. Don’t be afraid to accessorize with hair scarves, jewelry, surrongs, and sun hats. Let the music fill the air, hear the beat, feel the warmth on your skin and the summer vibes all around you.

Below: L Space Swimwear

Living for the Weekends It’s been a long week, but when Friday comes it’s a whole new world of adventure about to take place! Whether you’re taking off on an adventure or doing some patio hopping at your local watering holes, having an escape is what we all need! Wherever you go, take your Fashion with you! From a Style perspective, Summer offers a whole new season to really showcase your personal style while you beat the heat. The way a flowy Maxi dress feels when you wear it, your go-to wedge sandals, cute Fedoras, sundresses so cute you never want to take it off! So many styles and trends to choose from! Dress like your going on holidays! Right: Finders The Label Jumpsuit & L Space Beach Weekend Bag

Entertaining I absolutely love to host friends at my home. Growing up Greek, all the energy and vibes came from inside our house and mostly around the the kitchen. My Mom loves to entertain and my father has owned many restaurants so you could say I was kinda born to continue that tradition in my own life. I love to create an experience that makes my friends and family feel happy and to make new memories. Entertaining doesn’t have to be a lot of work…just make it fun! Being a former Bartender and having worked in the fine wine + spirits industry, if you come to my house I will always have fun cocktails ready to sip! We love to cook and my husband is the BBQ Grill Master…so when we host, it makes us so happy to look around and see everyone being together. Thank goodness the days are longer so we can keep the party going! Left: Brunette Label Tee Dress & Maaji Headband

The Power of Transformation



he birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is finally shining. The long, dark days are over. When spring arrives we celebrate the power of change. There’s no better metaphor for the occasion than the cherry blossom. The appearance of cherry blossoms heralds the arrival of a new beginning. They are visually striking and emotionally vibrant. I truly believe that the same energy is encapsulated in a smile. It uplifts and empowers. A smile affects those around us and marks the presence of the human spirit. I’d like to share with you the stories of two remarkable people




who went through amazing transformations. When Matt first came to me his teeth were yellow, chipped, and crowded. He would stifle his smile because he knew that his smile ultimately didn’t belong to him in the sense that it was not a true representation of his spirit. Like the long days of winter, Matt went through a period of darkness. He came to me in search of change. As I do with all my patients, I asked Matt the only question that matters, “what do you want?” His response told me everything I needed to know, “I want all my teeth fixed up and healthy. I want a smile that I’m proud I can show off in pictures.” We began by taking the pertinent clinical information including x-rays and detailed photographs. The major concerns with


Matt’s smile were that his teeth were worn, chipped, and crowded. Because of the wear, Matt’s front teeth looked short and his smile disproportioned. The wear had not only compromised his smile but it also gave his teeth the appearance of looking aged. Matt was a young man and his smile was more appropriate for someone three or four decades older. Unfortunately, it had been years since Matt had a dental cleaning. This made his teeth severely yellow and gums inflamed. His smile looked drastically different than the man he actually was. It was understandable that Matt needed assurance that we could accomplish what he truly wanted -- a smile that was truly his. Matt’s upper and lower jaw were too close together, which made for a collapsed bite. The fact that it was “over closed” made it impossible for us to treat him in a conventional way. Matt’s entire mouth had to be redone in order to restore his bite. This required a complex treatment to attain the healthy, beautiful smile that Matt deserved. The results were amazing. Matt was not a new man but rather the man he always was inside. Matt no longer stifles his smile. His smile finally is a reflection of his spirit -- vibrant and full of joy. Like Matt, Shilan sought a new beginning. At first, Shilan did not want to show her smile in public and was adamant about her decision. She was sad but hopeful when she came to my office. I realized that her sadness ran deep because it had haunted her since childhood. “When I’m about to smile or laugh, I make sure to cover my mouth with my hands, scarf or just put my head down. In photos, I often look sad or serious,” she explained. “Ever since I was 13, I would stare at my face and teeth for hours in front of the mirror to see how I could fake a smile. I’ve always been hesitant to smile...It’s too gummy.” Shilan had all but given up on her teeth. Like the long days of winter, Shilan resigned to darkness. It was my duty to show her the happiness that she truly deserved.

Shilan’s childhood pain had had a profound effect on her. The inability to smile as a child and into adulthood held her back from living a full life. It’s my privilege to be able to build a smile from the inside out. Together, we embarked on the transformation through the minimally invasive gum reshaping. We completely changed the “gummy” appearance that had plagued her all her life. “This has been bothering me since I was a little girl! You’ve given me my smile,” she exclaimed. “Now, I simply smile without thinking about it anymore. I am more confident and I get more compliments about my smile. I don’t have to think when I smile or laugh -- I just smile!” The profound impact of our work is humbling. It is truly a gift to restore confidence and happiness. I am grateful to have experienced Shilan’s transformation and am ecstatic to bear witness to her personal journey. Like the arrival of the cherry blossoms in the spring, a new smile can mark a profound change in life. My job is more than restoring teeth, it’s restoring confidence and conveying possibility. It’s ensuring the human spirit springs forth and realizes its full potential. When things feel hopeless, only the human spirit can get you through the most difficult times. Like I always say to my team: “We’re not treating teeth, we’re treating people.”

Shilan was determined to turn over a new leaf and make healthier choices, lose weight, and embark on a journey of self-transformation. Her smile was the first obstacle she needed to overcome. Shilan originally wanted veneers but there was a less invasive option that was also cost effective. While Shilan wanted an immediate change, she also had a budget. Knowing this I suggested we reshape her gums to enhance her smile which would take no more than an hour. Shilan was overjoyed when we completed the painless treatment.

Dr Kelvin P Mah believes in helping people – not merely treating problems – and takes a dedicated interest in the health and wellness of each individual patient. His award-winning Smile City Square Dental practice reflects a zen-like atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. He is also a graduate of UBC’s prestigious Dental School and is an instructor with the Frontier Institute. Discover the transformative possibilities of modern artisan dentistry at, and visit Smile City Square Dental on Facebook at FRESH MAGAZINE



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TIMELESS DESIGNS OF MISS WOODS BESPOKE ELEGANCE & SOPHISTICATION Discover the beauty of our unique almost ethereal pieces. Miss Woods presents three key collections classic, gold and pave. Each collection contains timeless designed pieces, created from luxurious leather by Italian artisans, complemented with handcrafted gold and pave'd with precious stones bespoke to your individual taste.

Everything we do, is aimed to create a unique experience with lasting memories.



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