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EDITOR-AT-LARGE Crystal Carson

Convention Centre. There will be guest speakers, art tours and an opening night gala that is sure to entertain any and all who attend.


e would like to welcome you to our 46th

rendition of Fresh Magazine! This issue we were delighted to interview Boss Babe Courtney Watkins. Courtney is one of the Proprietors of Mine & Yours (, a luxury retail boutique, and she happens to be one of our favorite people! Courtney knows how to balance business with pleasure and doing so brilliantly with such a zest for living life to the fullest. This issue we also focus on Art Vancouver, Western Canada's international contemporary art fair that showcases the artwork of galleries and artists from Canada and around the world. This annual event takes place April 25-28 Vancouver

Canada's award-winning makeup artist Holly Decker and talented photographer Erin Crooks produce such beautiful imagery yet again! This duo never ceases to amaze us. We're sure you will love what you see in the issue of Fresh! If you would love to connect either send me an email or visit us on Instagram: @fresh_mag Instagram

Shelly Lynn Shelly Lynn Hughes Publisher

ART DIRECTOR Devon Adamson

national account manager Kristal Barrett-Stuart

cover photo credits Photographer: Caley Dimmock

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I t ’s more se rio us than you think


id you know that 6 million Canadians of all ages have arthritis? Did you know that arthritis is a life-threatening condition and the primary cause of work disability in Canada – costing the economy an estimated $33 billion per year?

“Research has shown that art adds to one’s well-being and is therefore a great element in managing chronic diseases on a holistic level,” Dr. Esdaile said.

Many think arthritis is a disease of minor aches and pains that people only get as they age.

To add an extra factor of excitement and depth to the annual event, the Soiree features a different art form each year. Arthritis Research Canada is thrilled that Mike Reno, lead singer of Loverboy, along with an all-star band, will give an up close and personal musical performance that is sure to include some of Loverboy’s greatest hits.

This is not the case. There are more than 100 types of arthritis, many of which can lead to complications like heart attack, stroke and hip fracture. “There is no mistaking, arthritis isn’t just a ‘normal part of getting older’ or ‘something that you live with.’ It’s the most expensive disease in Canada, responsible for 1 in every 10 hospital visits and 1 in 16 hospitalizations,” said Dr. John Esdaile, Arthritis Research Canada’s Scientific Director. ONLY ARTHRITIS RESEARCH SAVES LIVES Arthritis Research Canada is the largest clinical arthritis research centre in North America. Its team of research scientists is currently conducting over 75 studies to help people living with arthritis today. The organization’s research is aimed at arthritis prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, and improving quality of life. “As far as we’ve come, we MUST go further! We need to find new answers for the over 6 million Canadians, both young and old, who are living with this serious and debilitating disease,” Dr. Esdaile said. Why an ARThritis Soirée? Arthritis Research Canada’s annual signature event was created to build awareness and raise funds for life-saving arthritis research. It’s an evening that brings together Vancouver’s business and community leaders, philanthropists, doctors, scientists, healthcare professionals, and others who share an appreciation of art and a desire to support arthritis research.

2019 ARThritis Soirée

The 2019 ARThritis Soirée is co-hosted by Fred Lee, CBC Early Edition and The Province’s Man About Town, and Sonia Deol, Global BC Reporter and Anchor, and is presented as an elegant cocktail reception, allowing guests to circulate and network while enjoying fabulous hors d’oeuvres, champagne and wine, an amazing raffle, exciting live and silent auctions and more. “Arthritis research is a team effort and is the ONLY way to change the lives of millions living with this debilitating disease,” Dr. Esdaile said. For tickets and more information, visit:

FACT BOX 6 million Canadians have arthritis. Over 800,000 British Columbians have arthritis. Approximately three in 1,000 Canadian children has childhood arthritis. Arthritis is the #1 cause of work disability.




Photographed by ERIN CROOKS Makeup by HOLLY DECKER Hair by CHERYL REGEL



van Gogh








Courtney Watkins Photographed by CALEY DIMMOCK


ourtney Watkins is the owner of Mine & Yours Luxury Resale. At 17, she moved to LA to go to fashion school. Her experience in Hollywood ranged from trend forecasting to working as Paula Abdul’s personal assistant. After moving back to Vancouver in 2011, Courtney and her business partner realized that there was an opportunity in the Vancouver market for a new business that valued sustainability, interpersonal relationships, and luxury fashion. The dream was to foster a community of women who invest in themselves- and their closets. The business plan was a bright, vibrant, and welcoming luxury second-hand boutique in busy downtown Vancouver. Five years in, Mine & Yours has grown into a thriving business with a strong, kick-ass community of clients & employees. FM: Tell us about your first entrepreneurial venture: did you come up with the idea and how did you start your business? Courtney: My first “somewhat” entrepreneurial venture was buying and selling cars between Canada and the US when I was in high school. My Dad had been doing it with Harley Davidsons and I really wanted the James Bond BMW which I got a hard No to because of the price point. I realized that it was 5-10K cheaper in the US than Canada and with my Dads help, bought and sold my first car before I even had my full license. I then took a break from flipping cars and moved to LA to go to fashion school. Most of my 20’s were spent working in the fashion industry in LA and Vancouver and then when my Dad was in an

accident in 2011 I moved home to take over the family business, S&W Forest Products which was a Cedar Shake and Shingle Mill, and this is where I really put my teeth in entrepreneurship. FM: Tell us about Mine & Yours, how it started, and its future. Courtney: I was 2 years into running S&W when I met my former business partner. We both used to live in LA where they had a lot of these curated by sell trade stores, but there was nothing like it in Vancouver. We met and a couple months later we opened our first Mine & Yours. We started small by opening a 300 square foot boutique up in a live/work townhouse. From there we slowly grew our customer and supplier base into bigger and bigger locations to our current 1200 square foot boutique at 1025 Howe. From the beginning, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our clients to turn their closet into cash. We offer on the spot cash payouts, house visits for our VIP suppliers, and high consignment rates for coveted items. We created a luxury shopping experience with second-hand items. It takes a lot of first-time customers a couple of minutes to realize our store is second hand when first walking in and that’s because our products are in season, on trend and in new condition. The resale market is said to be a larger industry than fast fashion in less than 10 years and we are proud to be at the forefront of that in Canada. FM: What is the biggest challenge for you as an entrepreneur? Courtney: Being pulled into so many directions when you wear so FRESH MAGAZINE




many different hats it can be hard to figure out where to spend your time. Also the people! We finally have an amazing team with a work hard, play hard mentality but as we are growing quickly it can be a struggle to keep everyone happy and hire people with the right skill set and culture fit! So any applicants apply within! FM: What has been the most memorable moment of your career, so far? Courtney: I went up to this woman at a party (Tori Holmes) and told her that I loved her outfit. She then went on to rave about this little boutique called Mine & Yours and how you can find the best gems there. She was so enthusiastic about it, I thought for sure she knew who I was and was just F’ing with me… turns out she had no idea who I was, and was just a fan. Pretty cool experience and to see how happy and exited the store could make people. FM: What are the pros and cons of being a female entrepreneur in 2019? Courtney: I believe that there are so many opportunities for women entrepreneurs in 2019. There is FWE and so many women in business support groups. It’s like what Brunette the Label’s tagline is; Babes Supporting Babes. There are so many successful women out there that want to lift each other up it’s all about finding your tribe. FM: On trends in fashion. What's on the way out and what's on the way in? Courtney: Gucci anything, micro bags, mini backpacks, sparkly or funky sneakers are all super popular. Herve Bandage Dress and sky-high shoes don’t really move for us. And Sneaker Wedges are not on the way out, they are out. FM: How would you describe your personal style? Courtney: Girly with an edgy twist. FM: What are your favorite brands? Do you only wear name brands? Courtney: Zimmerman and Alexander Wang, FRESH MAGAZINE


Self Portrait, Celine. Mostly now that I have in my store but some of my most complimented pieces are Zara! FM: Do you follow trends, or do you make your own? Courtney: The best trend to follow is to be bold and own what you wear, that’s what is most important whether it is on trend or not. There are some trends that grow on you. Like the mini sunglasses and bike shorts I used to dislike and now I'm a fan. FM: If you could choose a celebrity closet to shop in, who's would it be and why?



Courtney: Olivia Palermo - classy and a little edgy. FM: What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time? Courtney: Travelling is one of my favourite past times. I love exploring new cities and really immersing myself into the culture… living as the locals live! Each year I do at least one solo trip. Sometimes solo travel can be a little intimidating at first, but when you are a bit out of your comfort zone that’s when you usually have the most fun. I planned to do only a couple of days solo in Mexico City and ended up having such a great time I stayed for 10 days. Also being single, apps like Bumble make it pretty easy to find a local tour guide ;)

FM: On your Instagram page (@itscourtwatkins) we see that you have been to a lot of different festivals, can tell us about these, they look like lots of fun! Burning Man is my favourite week of the year. It’s a playground with art EVERYWHERE. From amazing installations, to art cars with sounds and lighting equipment could blow your mind, to creative workshops (who knew I would make a stuffed animal totem pole) to costumes and more. It’s a choose your own adventure kind of place There is no judgement, everyone that is there has a similar mindset and is on a level playing field. Throughout this there are amazing thought leaders on almost any subject you could imagine and are always more than happy to get into conversation afterwards.

I’m also heading down to Art with Me in Tulum this week. This is 4 days of thought-provoking art, workshops, holistic wellness, culinary experiences and top musicians like Bob Moses. One minute you’re at an intuitive Healing Workshop, then Acros Yoga, then on the beach for a larger interaction art exhibit and then off to parties in the jungle… really fun parties! FM: When you think about the future and what's in store for you, what are you most excited about? Courtney: I am soooo freaking excited about our South Granville Pop Up. It’s kind of crazy how things work out. I did a pitch competition a couple of months ago and talked about my new store concept being FRESH MAGAZINE


2000 square feet of retail space on the bottom with 2000 square feet of our e-commerce headquarters on top. This is 2200 and 1600 so pretty close. It will be an incredible experience to be next to some of the most prominent stores in Canada selling second hand in such a beautiful space. We are going to be throwing a Party for our Launch on May 10th with an open bar and DJ to kick off the space. Being in such a prominent location is really putting our mark on the rise of second hand. It’s kind of insane the product we have been getting lately. I mean 15 Chanel bags at a time and sold out Louis Vuitton from this season kind of crazy. This is also showing the trend of resale, where before a lot of my suppliers would only sell to us and not shop, now many of them are my top customers My clientele who is buying from me isn’t only the women who need to shop second-hand, it’s women who could shop full price but choose to do it a more affordable, sustainable way. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in Canada and more and more consumers are starting to care about this. The second-hand market is on a crazy upswing. Our online and Instagram business is booming and after we are done our South Granville Pop up, we plan to do others in Vancouver and across Canada. So let me know if you have an idea on any spaces! Follow them on @mineandyoursco or visit their 1025 Howe location and 2762 Granville Street Launch May 10th.




EASTSIDE CULTURE CRAWL a visual arts, design & crafts festival november 14–17 2019





about Art Vancouver Download VANCOOLVER APP 想要了解更多Art Vancouver 下载 温哥华知道 VANCOOLVER




May 25 • 26 • 27 Visit over 50 exhibiting artists online



fresh magazine presents:

selected artistS of Art vancouver Sneha Desai My name is Sneha Desai and I am from New Jersey, USA. I am excited to present my artwork here in Vancouver. So, come check out my booth to soothe your eyes with elegant and attractive art.

Lonnie Pelleter OUTER SPACE EXPRESSIONISM is truly exciting in today’s universe! Confirmed exoplanets with unknown chemical compositions related to gases, liquids, mass and life, allows SPACESCAPES, an innovative style by Lonnie Pelletier - selected from over one-hundred works.

Nancy D. Wilson Art is fascinating from the viewpoint of duality between repetition and variation. There can be comfort in subtle patterns and joy from endless variations. It's like an ocean wave; always the same and always different.

Joy Peirson Joy Peirson paints vivid, colorful Vancouver and West Coast Scenes. E.J. Hughes is her muse. She captures the hustle and bustle of the port, the waiting water taxis on False Creek and the towering mountain scenery backdrop. Waiting water taxis on False Creek. Acrylic on canvas.

Dana Cromie Dana Cromie’s presentation with Pendulum Gallery focuses on his iPad drawings; works combining digital media with photography, drawing and painting techniques that recast art’s traditional subjects of landscape, still life and abstraction into contemporary forms.

Adeline Buenaventura Passionate for colours and graphics inspired by pop art, Adeline's signature style, combine character with voluptuous roundness and sensual lines with very elaborate glaze surfaced on her cheerful sculptures made of resin and fiberglass, that bring joy and amusement to the viewers.

jake bull fter graduating with a degree in Graphic Design, British Artist Jake Bull found his way into London’s advertising industry working as a design & art director. Having felt a need to find creativity away from his desk, he found an outlet in painting with acrylics on canvas in his tiny apartment. Keen to find a bigger canvas, Jake developed a fondness for the urban art scene, and was a regular at London’s famous street art spot – Leake Street Tunnels. These days, he feels most comfortable in the studio (away from the rain), blending graphic art techniques with acrylic painting to create images that provoke curiosity with symbolic motifs and bold pop-art colours. Finding ways to connect familiar imagery with self-exploration of the mind... and beyond.


Follow @jakebullart on Instagram to see more



MARCO FRANCESCO arco Francesco is a Vancouver-based award-winning lawyer, author and travel/adventure photographer. His photo projects and photography have been featured in a number of publications including locally within the Province News and the Vancouver Sun.


His current exhibit features a sampling of his travel photography from Myanmar (Burma) as well as his outdoor adventure photography from across British Columbia. Marco took his Myanmar shots on two different trips to the region in 2015 and 2016 shortly before the current escalation of ethnic violence in the country. During his time there, he not only visited the government-controlled areas around Yangon and Mandalay but also the areas controlled by the Shan Resistance Army, the Wa Resistance Army and MongLa, a quasi-lawless area on the border with China. He hopes his photography will raise awareness of the diversity of this region as well as the current issues faced by its peoples. When in the office, Marco is routinely asked to act as an advisor, negotiator, legal counsel, arbitration counsel, or arbitrator on a number of complex business disputes both in Vancouver and internationally. He also advises clients and companies on shareholder transactions, business sales, and acquisitions as well as shareholders rights and agreements.



Marco was born and raised in Tofino, British Columbia. After high school, he roamed around endlessly surfing and traveling where he developed a passion for travel photography, international development, human rights and the rule of law. He later obtained a degree in political science and international relations from SFU, a law degree from UBC, and a post-graduate diploma of international arbitration from Oxford University (Queen’s College). Prior to private practice and co-founding Francesco Grayer LLP, Marco worked from the Federal Department of Justice as Crown Counsel and Federal Prosecutor. He also studied under Justice Bruno Simma at the International Court of Justice and was awarded the prestigious Certificate of International Law from The Hague Academy. Marco is primarily based in Vancouver and lives with his 6-year-old son on Commercial Drive. He is currently working on a book called "Unbinding Yourself: Creating a Life Full of Passion, Adventure & Travel" which is due to be released by Amazon on Kindle on July 22, 2019. Marco defines “unbinding" as "the release from bonds or restraints” and adds that “we bind or restrain ourselves in a multiplicity of ways which greatly limits our potential.” Part self-development and part autobiographical travelogue, his book outlines how to release oneself in order to build and better enjoy a life flowing with passion, adventure, travel, and purpose.

He may be reached on Instagram at @marcofrancesco or via email to

laura noonan aura is a self taught artist and photographer from Ireland. In 2016, she formed the photography collective Meet Me at the Lamp(p)ost (MMATLP) in Vancouver with collaborator Tara Mary Paget. Through place-specific street photography, MMATLP celebrates the present and promotes contentment in self and place by focusing predominately on exploring the landscape, people and architecture that make up East Vancouver. This year MMATLP has exhibited in Massy Books, Calabash Bistro and Commercial Street Café in addition to participating in Vancouver Mural Festival, Shipyards Night Market, Art! Vancouver and RAW: Natural Born Artists.


Further to MMATLP, Laura also works as a solo artist, using fragmented, sometimes unsettling, images that depict society’s ever-changing masks and layers. Laura lives and works in East Vancouver and continues to draw inspiration from the mosaic neighbourhood every day. In a one-off 3-part series fashioned exclusively for Hollyburn Country Club, see Laura move outside the boundaries of urban life to depict the melancholic yet inviting establishments that form BC’s beautiful Okanogan Valley.

See or email for more.



taisha tea l aisha Teal is from Vancouver, British Columbia. Taisha identified a synergy between psychology and art and is excited to incorporate that unique perspective into her work. She’s currently studying at The Vancouver Art Therapy Institute to become an Art Therapist and her vision is to one day open a counselling centre that features Art Therapy to help individuals overcome traumatic events. This year’s collection was inspired by her recent trips to Colombia, Korea and Taiwan. This is her first abstract series and it was created with thoughts, experiences and shown with different colours, texture, lines and geometric shapes.


Art Therapy has given Taisha a whole new perspective on life. Creative expression can help so many people in so many different ways especially when ‘talk therapy’ is not an option. Healing can come through many forms but Taisha believes art therapy is the best way to express oneself, go through pain, anger and then grow from it and develop self-awareness. Art is a universal language and form of expression that everyone can understand. Follow @taishatealart on Instagram or visit to see more



kathy van gogh athy van Gogh has been an artist since 2001. Her formal training began in the USA and in Canada. To further hone her skills, she travelled to Italy and France to learn from the authentic Masters of ancient art forms including ornamentation, marbles, wood grains, gilding, plaster work and just about every other branch of what is generally referred to as decorative art. Initially, she opened her design company called FAKE IT, so called because her work includes making walls look 2000 years old or transforming drywall into beautiful jaw-dropping finishes. Kathy has completed hundreds of projects in some of Vancouver’s most prestigious homes. Her work has been featured in many publications including Home Makeover Magazine, Designer Baths, The Sun, The North Shore News, The Province, The Richmond News and many others.

GOGH. Now, as a recognized leader and innovator in the industry, Kathy has travelled all over the world teaching her methods and artistry to others.

In 2007, Kathy opened the only teaching studio for this art form in all of Western Canada, STUDIO VAN

Contact Kathy via email


The next natural evolution of her business and art acumen lead her to create a line of products called van Gogh Furniture Paintology. These are designed specifically to refinish furniture. Essentially, Kathy has taken all her knowledge from the once exclusive world of decorative painting and made it accessible to everyone with her Fossil Paint line of fun artistic products. These days, Kathy confines her work to canvasses, though many of them are quite large as a nod to where her training all started. Her work can generally be described as abstract impressionism and she works in acrylic, watercolour, plasters and inks. Leave your Mark!



ta l i n wayrynen orld traveler, Animator, Third Assistant Director – these are a few titles one could use to describe Vancouver, BC’s Talin Wayrynen. This year, we will be able to add a new one to the list: Artist. Having just shown at the Art! Vancouver 2018 show, Talin’s passions for film and travelling appear to have seamlessly come together in a collection of stunning images. Displaying his aptitude for aerial photography, Talin enjoys using drones to document his moments spent seaside. Last summer in Horseshoe Bay, he managed to capture footage of a group of killer whales swimming by the marina, which was later featured by the CBC. Talin was born into a family of diverse creative talent. His mother, aunt and two sisters are all active painters. “I haven’t touched a paintbrush in a long time, but still get paint on me all the time from bumping into wet canvases everywhere,” Talin laughs. Perhaps it is this background that has helped foster his photographer’s eye, but it is also clear that the emerging artist is forging his own path. “I plan on doing more travelling and getting as much footage as I can,” he says. We can’t wait to see what his future holds.


Follow @imtalin on Instagram or visit to see more



skyla wayrynen kyla Wayrynen lives in Vancouver, Canada. Skyla is passionate about life and expresses that through her art by using an abundance of colour, while working with a palette knife to create the texture. Skyla is constantly working towards improving herself and growing her comfort zone. On top of being an artist she is a holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, group, yoga, and spin instructor as well as an actress. Skyla believes that work and play should be one in the same. Skyla plans are to continue to take her art internationally while hosting wellness festivals.


Follow @artskylaa on Instagram or visit to see more.



PAUL YGARTUA reation and interpretation are Paul’s life. In painting he is at home in all mediums and prodigious. His styles include Realism, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Post Modernism, Surrealism and Abstract Surrealism. His continuous study and work on techniques and painting mediums are apparent throughout his vast body of work. Paul Ygartua is an artist whose versatility is reflected in his work. He is among those who lives elsewhere than their birthplaces. He was born in 1945 in Bebington, Cheshire (Liverpool) England. After graduating from Faculty of Arts Industrial Design, Liverpool Art College in 1965 he immigrated to Vancouver, Canada. From then on painting became his whole existence.

C 30


Ygartua is a painter and muralist with bases in Canada, France, Spain and England. He has single handedly painted some of the largest public space murals in Canada and the United States. His most famous works are his “Heritage Series” depicting North American Natives and other ethnic and cultural groups. He is renown world wide for his monumental murals commemorating historical events, speaking to ethnic pride and honoring local heroes. The most recent mural, United in History, commemorates the history of Bella Bella, B.C. Pauline Hilistis Waterfall and the Hereditary Chiefs of the Heiltsuk Nation, Bella Bella dubbed him The Mural Miracle Maker.

“NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION and every artist needs to change before crossing over and moving forward into another dimension. Sometimes to move forward one needs to reflect on previous work - this way I have a plan and a direction by which to head forwards with my imagination and dexterity, forging new paths in an ever changing landscape of paint and imagination. Throughout my lifetime, I have endeavoured to paint and express myself in many different styles and techniques, having taken each style to an ultimate conclusion. My latest endeavour is a culmination of every emotion and perseverance through the development of a free and uncompromising expression, the consummation of many techniques over the years; evoking a spontaneous execution a sub-conscious transformation challenging me when I am creating it becomes part of me. It is pure energy expressed in the shortest possible time to prevent retouching or controlled design. This spontaneous execution is so hypnotic, so much so, that it is almost impossible to be influenced by a previous work, achieving total originality every time. I haven’t changed a bit, I continue living with the same passion and the same energy as the artist who has just begun and has to place himself at the starting point in order to better see the horizon that he has to reach; for this reason, in each work that I am going to begin, I put all my passion, feelings and will, in order to conceive something new and create with my brushes a fantasy capable of stirring the imagination.” Paul will be at booth #510 at Art Vancouver, Convention Center East, April 25 - 28, 2019. You can also view his works on exhibit at: EAGLE SPIRIT GALLERY 1803 Maritime Mews, Granvile Island www.

UKAMA GALLERY 1802 Maritime Mews, Granville Island



visit the

ROAM GALLERY artists Savina Purewal’s artwork is created with spiritually inspired themes. Each piece is a message with reminders; “words create thought, thought creates insight, insight creates change”. She has been featured at ROAM Gallery, Kimoto Gallery & Port Moody Art Centre. After many years of painting, Golfo Tsakumis expanded her horizons by exploring with a bold mix of styles ranging from Impressionism to abstract. She brings a sophisticated feel to her paintings through a unique balance of composition, color, and texture. Hoai Dang-Lachance, a contemporary artist inspired by the ebb and flow of color, experienced through everyday life journeys. By combining mixed mediums and directional controlled methodologies, work extends from ethereal to abstract expressionism. Showcased at West Elm, corporate establishments, Art For Humans and available through commission. An emerging artist from the Sunshine Coast of B.C. Brent VandenBroek mixes abstract and photorealism to create bold, unique pieces where he emphasizes depth of field, contrast and motion whatever the subject matter. Janine Jones is a Canadian artist born in Goderich, Ontario residing in Vancouver, BC. She draws inspiration from ocean sunsets, the amazing Vancouver skyline, majestic mountains and incredible walks through Stanley Park.

Surrounded by mountains and the ocean, Laura Skuse grew up in Deep Cove and her 1st job out of high school was as a silkscreener. Laura studied Art History, Visual Literacy, Graphic Art & Advertising at Capilano College.



Denise Dupre: Touching on the serene and stunning beauty of our west coast waters is what I try to capture in my paintings of boats and life along our shores.

Westcoast Modern Artist Roman Rozumnyj. Influenced by West Coast Living, World Travel, and the Vibrant Chroma of Life and Surroundings. “IF I COULD EXPLAIN IN WORDS WHAT I AM FEELING‌ I WOULD NOT HAVE TO PAINT IT"

Lori Burke is a full-time artist from Ontario. She has won several awards and has participated in many competitions and international exhibitions. Currently displaying work at Canadian and US galleries, anticipating exhibiting her work at Le Carrousel du Louvre in Paris France this fall.

As an artist, Jan Rankin enjoys creating beautiful pieces with acrylics and mixed media. Her work is primarily expressionist or abstract. Jan creates at her studio in Ladner, British Columbia.

Working from her studio in Tsawwassen, BC, Kathy Swift has exhibited in numerous shows in the Lower Mainland. Her work is included in private collections across Canada, the US, and abroad.

Tammy Bailey is an Acrylic and Mixed Media Artist, wife, mother, grandmother and half marathon runner. Self-taught, my imagination and intuition guide me through my creative process while painting in my home Studio.

view their art in



Howe Street 331 Art Gallery

“Faith” by Carleen Ross “Eagle” by Wei Li


Wei Li is a great master in the painting of plant, animals and landscape. The expressions in each of his painting cover many aspects. His works are so vivid that animals seem to have their own souls on the paper.

“Wildflowers” by Lin Li


CARLEEN ROSS Carleen Ross loves the oceans and all the creatures within them. If she could inspire even just one person to see more of the beauty that exists within their world, then she has been successful with the art she creates.

Artwork by Cindy Zhuang



Lin Li is a female artist who loves to print flowers and landscape in ink, or elegant colors. Her painting style is a harmonious combination of freehand brush work in traditional Chinese painting and abstract art in modern western painting.

Even in the painting with seemingly fluttering leaves standing firmly in the wind, one can find a spirit of high hope, enthusiasm and passion for welcoming the next splendid and vigorous season. This is the magic of her wonderful art.

3 3 1 e St, Va n c o u v e r


how est r eet 331. c o m

Art Vancouver Café Crawl Art Vancouver is very happy to announce that we have teamed up with Canadian coffee shop chain, Blenz Coffee, to offer a second serving of Art this April! See the work of Art Vancouver exhibitors Geoffrey Feng, Kim Rosin, Jake Bull, Valerie Capewell and Elizabeth Cross on display at Blenz Coffee on West Hastings Street, Davie Street, Granville Street, the International Village and Yaletown during the month April.

The Café Crawl takes place on Saturday April 27th at 11AM @ Blenz on Davie Street.* The crawl will tour 3 locations and 3 artists’ work, giving attendees the opportunity to see the artwork on display across the Davie Street, Yaletown strip and enjoy delicious Blenz offerings. All work is available for sale at each Blenz location listed from April 1st – 30th inclusive. Please note that the crawl will only include stops at the Davie Street, Granville Street and Yaletown locations. AND IT’S FREE! But registration is required Please email to register for the crawl. Space is limited. *1203 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1N4 Curated by Laura Noonan FRESH MAGAZINE


Thank you for visiting Art Vancouver. Save the date for next year’s show!

2020 April 16–19, 2020 Vancouver Convention Centre For more information please visit