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WHEN THE DAMAGE IS DONE: How Sun Damage Affects Us As We Age by Leah Lavanway BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYES by Holly Decker KAITLYN BRISTOW by Crystal Jensen SUCCESS + STYLE by Crystal Carson WOMEN INC: 12 Brands to Follow by Michelle Hughes SUCCESS WITH STYLE by Crystal Carson BEAUTY BUZZ by Crystal Jensen THE BEAUTY OF THE BOND: A Love Letter for Mothers and Daughters by Carmen Ganne A SMILE FOR THE AGES by Dr. Kelvin P. Mah SUFFERING TO BE BEAUTIFUL is Ancient History by Dr. Alibhai

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE PUBLISHER Steller’s Jay Mountain Jay Brut Cranberry Fizz Cocktail Recipe Serves 2 Ingredients: 1 cup frozen cranberries 3.5 tbsp. honey or agave 1 cup coconut water 1 bottle of Steller’s Jay Mountain Jay Brut Wine


elcome to another issue of Fresh Magazine. Our theme for this edition is "Women Inc", focusing on strong entrepreneurial women who know what they want and are not afraid to work hard for success. You will read their stories on how they reached success and their fabulous businesses. Speaking of Boss Babes, our cover story is the very popular and beautiful Kaitlyn Bristowe. Kaitlyn is an entrepreneur, the Host Off The Vine Podcast, and ABC's The Bachelorette 11. You will read there is much more to this beauty than just being beautiful! And this is the last month of 2018! Wow! I wish you all a safe holiday season and cheers to 2019! I've discovered this delicious recipe to ring in 2019: Steller’s Jay Mountain Jay Brut Cranberry Fizz Cocktail Recipe. CHEERS!

Shelly Lynn Shelly Lynn Hughes Publisher shelly@freshmag.ca




Directions: In a blender combine your frozen cranberries, honey and coconut water on high speed Rim sparkling glass with coarse sugar Place cranberry sorbet in bottom of chilled wine glass Pour Steller’s Jay Mountain Jay Brut Sparkling Wine over top Garnish with skewered cranberries Serve immediately

Shelly Lynn Hughes shelly@freshmag.ca

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cover photo credits Photographer: Sharla Pike Stylists: Kim Appelt Makeup Artist: Kaitlin Hargreaves Kaitlyn Wears: Black linen romper by Man + Woman, Coat by Aritzia, Hat by bcbgmaxazria Fresh Magazine publishes six issues per year. Please send all questions, comments and inquiries to: FRESH MAGAZINE Suite 451 130 - 1959 152 Street Surrey, BC, Canada V4A 0C4 Tel: 1-877-905-7771 Fax: 604-591-1989 Email: info@freshmag.ca www.freshmag.ca Fresh Magazine assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material. Opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and advertisers and do not necessarily reflect those of fresh Magazine Publishers, editors or staff. Readers are encouraged to consult with their health professional before embarking upon exercise, medical or nutritional changes. Contents of Fresh Magazine are copyright 2018, all rights reserved. Fresh Magazine may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any means without written permission of the publisher. To subscribe to Fresh Magazine and receive delivery to your home or office bimonthly, send $29.95 + HST = $33.54 Include your address and we’ll ship you our next issue. Single copies are also available for $5.95 plus HST = $6.25.

A new way to get your daily magnesium effervescent

Magnesium Glycine

An important mineral that helps maintain good health. Helps to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Assists in developing and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Plays an important role in tissue formation. Helps to maintain proper muscle function. Supports physical workouts and athletic pursuits. Vegan






WHEN THE DAMAGE IS DONE How Sun Damage Affects Us As We Age by LEAH LAVANWAY Aging sucks. There's no getting around this fact. As we get older, our skin changes. You might notice wrinkles, age spots, broken blood vessels and sun damage. Your skin also becomes thinner and loses fat, making it less plump and smooth. While you can't avoid this entirely, healthy habits can help minimize some of the effects of the sun as we age, especially on your skin.

What Is Photoaging? Photoaging is a term we use to talk about the long-term effects of solar radiation on your skin. Photoaging is caused primarily by exposure to UV light in the form of both UVA and UVB. When the sun's harmful rays penetrate your outer layer of skin and hit the smooth, elastic dermis, they start to wear down proteins and other key body building blocks. If your skin is a house, the dermis is like the interior walls. It may not be the foundation, but without a strong dermis, the outer layer (the roof) doesn't have anything to stand on. As a result, it develops damage over time. The specific forms that photoaging take vary. Signs that your skin has been damaged by the sun include wrinkles, saggy or droopy skin, broken blood vessels, dark spots, and odd colors, pigments, or textures. We usually associate these symptoms with smoking, too. If you have a friend whose face looks particularly "old," their appearance may be due to a mixture of photoaging and damage from cigarettes.

Preventing Photoaging It's tough to prevent photoaging altogether. However, you can slow its onset by taking appropriate precautions when it comes to sunlight. Use an appropriate full-spectrum sunblock that blocks both UVA and UVB rays as often as you can. Experts suggest that you want to use at least SPF 30. Sunscreen isn't the only answer here, however, and it should be layered with clothing and lifestyle changes. Try to avoid basking in the sunlight around noon, while the sun is hottest. Instead, stay indoors and enjoy the beautiful outdoors when the atmosphere deflects more

of the sun's rays. As far as clothing goes, use UV-blocking sunglasses, a hat and consider a shawl or light scarf when it's appropriate. These items aren't a substitute for careful sunblock use, but they will form a helpful extra layer of defence. One trick that really helps when it comes to protection is to actually find a sunblock that you like. At Essence of L, our current favourite is Elta MD Daily Tinted. It's a moisturizing product that offers plenty of sun protection while also adding just a hint of color. This means it can do the work of three inferior products, saving you both time and money.

Treating with Retinol Vitamin A can be used by our bodies as a building block to help reverse the effects of age. It's not a miracle drug or a cure-all by any means, but it will help increase the rate at which your body makes new cells. Retinol attacks wrinkles and other forms of sun damage in the best way possible. By encouraging your body to produce healthy new collagen cells, you can slowly fight back against photoaging and give your skin the healthy glow it deserves. Modern studies suggest that vitamins like retinol work best when they are paired with other anti-aging ingredients. Vivant's Vitamin A Exfol-A available at Essence of L's Glow online shop really cranks up the retinol levels and gives your skin a bouquet of help. The combination of mild exfoliants and Vitamin A delivers a sort of one-two punch by helping your body to slough off dead skin cells before giving it the boost it needs to replace themwith healthy new ones.

Leah LaVanway is the owner of the award-winning Essence of L Medi Spa & Laser Clinic in White Rock. She is a medical esthetician specializing in acne therapies and skin needling. Leah is also the founder of Glow Clinical Skincare, a clean clinical line focused on acne prone skin. To learn more about Leah and Essence Of L Medi Spa visit EssenceOfL.com

Another treatment that shows incredible results with sun damage is the BBL Photo Facial treatment. If you have recently noticed signs of skin discolouration in the mirror such as the appearance of brown sunspots or sun damage it is well worth booking a BBL Photo Facial treatment.

Why is Winter the Best time to Undergo BBL treatment? If you enjoy swimming, sun bathing and spending time in the great outdoors during the warm summer months, you will probably boast a natural tan. However, BBL treatments are far more effective on non-tanned skin, which makes winter the optimal time to undergo a BBL restorative treatment. Heat and sun stimulates not only brown spots to be hyperactive but also inflames blood vessels, making the warmer temperature a more risky time of year to treat these skin anomalies. When it comes to hair removal, tanning your skin puts you at risk in the summer months for hyper-pigmentation, or superficial burns. This includes the use of topical sunless tanners.

Don't Let Photoaging Ruin Your Face! While photoaging is difficult to avoid completely, it can be treated. We recommend taking rigorous precautions when it comes to UV light and incorporating products like retinol into your existing skincare routine. By taking these basic steps and understanding what the root causes of photoaging are, you can hang onto your youthful glow for many years to come.

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Photographed by ERIN CROOKS Makeup by HOLLY DECKER 10



Model: Hannah Audette Edge Agency, Next Models Canada & Brave Milano Hair by Kailyn Adamson at Guide Hair Salon

the beauty of a woman

must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

3 Audrey Hepburn freshmag.ca FRESH MAGAZINE


be aware

of what season you are in and give yourself the grace to be there

3 Kristen Dalton 12



what is that

you express in your eyes? It seems to me more than all the print I have read in my life.

3 Walt Whitman freshmag.ca FRESH MAGAZINE


Kaitlyn Bristowe by





Photographed by SHARLA PIKE Makeup and Hair by KAITLIN HARGREAVES Styled by KIM APPELT Clothing Provided by MAN+WOMAN and ARITZIA

You’ve come a long way since The Bachelor & The Bachelorette! You have your own very successful podcast, you’re crushing the Insta game, you released your scrunchie line Dew & you are working on your own wine label. Did you ever imagine having your hands in so many pots?

ing beyond my horizons and to go big. Go big or go home right? Life is about taking risks, and I’m ready to take bigger risks.

This has been a crazy wild ride, and I am loving it all! The platform I gained from the show has allowed me to be myself, while sharing my passions. I get to play to my strengths, and I get to choose doing things that make me excited to work every day.

SO excited for this, since I’m pretty sure wine flows through my veins. My wine, Spade & Sparrows, will be launching sometime early next year. I can’t believe that wine tasting hasbecome work! Talk about a dream job…

DEW edit has us reliving the 90’s and scrunchies. What inspired the launch and where is the brand going?

A podcast, a scrunchie line, an upcoming wine… anything else?

Where dew I even begin? I’ve been wearing scrunchies for years! I was insanely stressed out during and after the show, which unfortunately led me to loose quite a bit of hair. It was devastating, and I’ve been taking extra good care of my hair. I’ve been trying to avoid heat on it as much as possible and doing hair masks, but scrunchies were also a big part of it, since they don’t kink or break hair. I also love volume more than anything… and when you’re hair is up scrunchies give you all of the volume! The reason I thought of creating my own line is because there wasn’t a lot of options when it came to finding a big enough scrunchie with the right material & enough of it to give it the perfect scrunch. Those Dew’s are hot commodities! You’ve sold out within the hour or two every time you’ve launched a collection. How does it feel to get such an amazing response right off the bat? It’s been unbelievable, and has made me love and appreciate my community that much more! I can’t believe how supportive they are and it’s what keeps me wanting to share the things I love with them. I am determined to make sure everyone is happy with their Dew’s. Creating a product has been a huge learning curve, and I can’t believe how much goes into it… but it’s been great because I’ve been able to make the product I want to wear - and my scrunchie collection game is on fire!! What have you learned about launching your first product? I got a DM on the @dewedit account, and she told me I need to think bigger, and not be scared to order larger amounts since they’ve been selling out so fast. I thought I had gotten more than enough scrunchies produced, and did not think I’d sell out so fast! I am working on think-

You have a new brand of wine coming soon, can you tell us about it?

Maaaaybe. I may have a few other things in the pipeline, but you’ll have to wait and see! Your family is amazing and you post about them often. What has your strong bond with your Mom, sister, niece and nephew taught you most about life or yourself ? It’s such a combination from both my mom & dad. My mom has so much personality, strength & big heart...and my dad is such a humble, kind and loving man. My sister and I both get our strength & compassion from them which is now passed on to my niece and nephews. Both old souls! You post about #realstagram, what is the message you want to express to women in the real world especially the online world? That at the end of the day, who do you want to make happy? Other people? Or yourself. It’s to embrace who you are. Whether you colour your hair, wear make up, don’t wear make up, have a tiny frame, a bigger frame, big personality, or if you’re shy, you get Botox, you have wrinkles... it doesn’t matter. Do what makes you happy and stop comparing yourself to a highlight reel on instagram. Reel isn’t real. So mixing in some authentic posts is refreshing and a reminder that we are all worthy of love, but most importantly, self love. We’ve seen you at many awards shows like the Emmy’s recently, what has been your fondest or most memorable memory? In regards to attending an event, getting to be on the red carpet on the CMA’s and interviewing so many talented artists!

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It’s powerful to see the change that can be made when you use your platform for good in the world. #worldpeace 16



You have some strong, powerful, beautiful women in your life who are not only successful but inspire you to continue to give back. Why has charity and giving back been such a driving force in your life? I never realized the power of social media, and to use it for good is humbling & rewarding. It’s powerful to see change that can be made when you use your platform for good in the world. #worldpeace Clio is your bestie and manager, what does having her by your side mean to you? Clio is a rare breed. She is one of the most hard working, selfless, caring people I’ve ever come across, and to have that in a manager is rare and I am forever grateful. I pinch myself everyday that one of my best friends, is my hard working manager who actually cares about my well being AND my brand. She is invested in my happiness first and business second - which I believe is a reason for our success. We always believe in doing the right thing, and staying true to who I am as a person while navigating the world of social media. Clio is a big reason for where I am today. What was the inspiration for you home? I travel so much, so what I wanted most when designing it was to have a sanctuary to come home to. We wanted to make it cozy & unique with a Nashville vibe. I love it! Decorist Official & Jessica McCarthy really understood my vision and made it come to life! Your podcast office is a dream, what pushed you to create off the vine and what are your hopes for it? I love having a voice that can resonate with so many women in this world and love having a platform where I can be 100% authentic. My hope for my my podcast is to make people laugh & empower women wherever they are. You speak about internal beauty but still love taking care of your skin, what is your routine for keeping your skin in good health? I have quite the routine every morning and every night. Stay tuned on my blog for the full routine... it’s long! Favourite comfort food? Spaghetti

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You’re a wine lover, what’s your favourite? Pinot Noir & a dry Rosé You have a dancing background and are a dancing machine, has it always been a love? Yes! For as long as I can remember. My mom passed it down since she was a professional ballerina! Tell us something about you that only maybe your closest friends might know? That’s a tough one... I reveal most of my secrets on my podcast! What’s the one thing you want to be remembered for? Inspiring people to live an authentic life What would you tell your younger self ? You can get through anything, and you’re on the right path. Number #1 person you haven’t met that you would want to sit down and interview? Brene Brown If you could go back in life and do anything over would you and if so what would it be? No because all of my hard times has gotten me to where I am today. Maybe I would have tried a lil harder in high school ;) Would love to know about any charities that are dear to your heart. KIND campaign. I’ve been very vocal about anti-bullying whether it be online or in person. I love that KIND is spending their efforts educating kids in school about the consequences of bullying. That is where real change can happen, and hopefully reduce the bullying in the next generation! Also, as you know, I am obsessed with Golden Retrievers, and I’m looking to work with an organization here in Nashville, Adopt A Golden, that is a non-profit organization trying to find Golden Retrievers that have been rescued.




You can get through anything, and you’re on the right path.

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If one word could sum you up, what would it be? 20




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& Style by Crystal Carson

Photographed by A aron A ubrey Makeup by A na V Hair by C ourtney B rands Skincare by W hite O rchid R ejuvenation C entre


ourtney brings with her a wide range of experience and expertise. Her passion and skill for the hair industry has given Courtney the opportunity to work in a variety of situations. Salon to runway, from television to magazines, she has done it all. Courtney's eye for making every woman look and feel her best has been a huge asset to the bridal community as well. Her ability to understand what the

client is looking for, along with her kind and positive attitude, make it easy to see why Courtney is at the top of her game. Courtney is currently a Master Stylist at Brush salon in Gastown. @hairbybrands

create natural looking highlights that grow out without developing an obvious root. I love it because this technique can be used on all hair colours to add the perfect sunkissed just got home from your 2 week beach vacation look.

Why do you Love hair?

Are there any specific hair styles we saw on the runway that you think we can rock this winter the real way?

I love hair because it is part of someone’s self-expression. It transforms people and how they can feel. Who are your Celeb Clients? Tia Carrere, KJ Apa, Jennifer Valentyne, Lisa LaFlamme, Jaz Sinclair, Tanya Kim, Olivia Pierson, Jessica Mulroney, Tamara Taggart, Mi-Jung Lee. I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of amazing people during my career. What is the Fall hair trend you love the most? Balayage! Balayage is a customized coloring technique that is designed to




Shine! We saw designers going with soft waves and textured waves. Both are great ways to make you look more put together and polished either at work or a night out. Products to bring your hair back from Summer Fun? Hydration is key. To help with shine and moisture I love masking. My two favourite are Shu Uemura Urban Moisture Hydro Nourishing or Shu Uemura Silk Bloom. Check out Courtney's work @hairbybrands

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Do You Have



s the reflection of the mirror not reflective of you? You may want to improve the look of your face, but fear the unnatural look of fillers. Do you have filler fear?

It is not unusual to feel this way. We have all seen faces that look unnatural. Something catches the eye, something is out of place, and the brain is quick to take a second look. It can’t discern what is wrong but something is off. Unfortunately, beauty can be lost when this happens. There is a simple way to avoid this problem. Avoid filling your lines and the use of a dermal filler. What is Dermal Filler? Dermal filler is more than just a “wrinkle filler” – it’s used to fill facial folds and enhance various parts of the face such as the lips, cheeks and jawline. It can also be used for depressed or sunken areas of the skin caused by scarring. When you look in the mirror you may notice your lines, but the world is looking at your whole face. Line filling can start to make the face look bloated. This makes your facial proportions appear off so something looks wrong. When people look at you, they see facial shape and proportion. They will spot anger, sagginess, and tiredness. They don’t see your fine lines. I often redirect patients from looking at their lines to looking at their entire face. Your goal should be to try to decrease the tired and saggy

look. If you can focus on this, your face will start to increase in beauty and will become more feminine looking. Fillers focused in the sagging and tired areas give the face a lifted natural look. The practice often involves re-volumizing areas that are not often seen by patients, so it’s not obvious that these would be the areas to focus on. As we age, the middle part of the lower face often gets heavier and lax. This masculinizes the face. Filling this area on its own can exaggerate the fullness, but it often requested because if also has lines. Don’t focus your fillers here. By filling the sides of the face where the skin is more taunt, we can actually lift and make the face look thinner. And more importantly, natural. I implore you to reconsider fillers for your face. Everything comes with risk but thankfully fillers are done in office, as fast or as slowly are you like, the look is immediate, so you have some control. It can continue to improve with time. Fillers can be removed quite easily. There is a surgical option as well, but this comes with more risk, recovery, cost, and is irreversible. There is something magical about fillers too. They seem to stimulate the skin and so longevity seems to keep improving, letting your beauty shine through.

Dr. Marcia Fleming is one of the most accomplished and respected Canadian physicians in the field of cosmetic rejuvenation and has been practicing in the Vancouver area for over fourteen years. Dr. Fleming’s passion for aesthetic medicine led her to purchase Delta Laser & Skin Care Centre in 2004, and Lougheed Laser Centre in North Burnaby in 2007. Dr Fleming is a member in good standing of the BCAMA, CMA and the CPSBC (College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC) For more info visit deltalaser.ca or LougheedLaser.ca





Woman Inc: 12 Brands to Follow connects you with women-owned

businesses that you deserve to know about. World-changing, innovative,

and conscious, these brands showcase the power of a woman in charge. freshmag.ca by Michelle Hughes




CoCaBee Creates Powerful Skincare Products From Nature Frustrated that she couldn’t find an all-natural, cruelty-free, organic lip balm that actually worked, Amanda Lavery created her own. Her company, CoCaBee, has taken the cosmetic world by storm and was even featured in the 2018 Oscar goody bags.


manda Lavery is a self-admitted lip balm junkie. She loves almost everything about it the feeling, the texture, the moisturizing qualities, and of course the myriad of yummy flavours available. What she didn’t love were the ingredients in the lip balms she was buying. “I started reading more labels, checking the ingredients and researching the methods of how products we consume are created,” says Lavery. “To put it mildly, it’s a little scary to find out what we are really taking in.” As a result of her research, she changed many of her buying habits, but couldn’t find a truly organic option for lip balm. So she did what any industrious, tenacious, and determined individual would do, she started to make her own. Through lots of trial and testing, Lavery developed a lip balm recipe that was 100% organic made from raw, natural ingredients, like coconut oil. Not only did she feel better about what she was putting on her lips, the product she developed actually worked better than the non-organic lip balms she used to use. Hers were smoother, more flavourful, and lasted longer than anything she had previously tried.




Friends and family soon noticed and requested their very own batch of Lavery’s lip balms. It turns out there are a

lot of lip balm lovers out there! “From there, the idea of getting this wonderful, safe, 100% organic creation out to more than just my friends and loved ones was a natural progression,” explains Lavery. And that was when CoCaBee was born. With her lip balm recipe perfected, the only thing missing was an equally great container. She looked to nature for the solution, and found bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, making it fantastic renewable resource and the perfect vehicle for CoCaBee’s lip balms. “I think the packaging looks super cute, exotic, and totally unique,” says Lavery. CoCaBee Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm comes in delicious natural flavours like, peppermint, lime, coconut, and eucalyptus. Lavery has recently expanded her line of products to include creamy, indulgent hand cream, which is certified organic and cruelty-free, of course. CoCaBee Hand Cream soaks right into your skin and comes in four long-lasting scents, lotus, vanilla, sweet orange, and lavender, all packaged in an eco-friendly bamboo jar, just like the lip balms. “There’s no need to put harsh chemicals on your body when nature provides us with powerful skincare ingredients,” says Lavery. “Every CoCaBee product is handmade in Canada using natural ingredients, making them the perfect eco-friendly addition to your beauty routine.”

To purchase CoCaBee products, visit cocabee.com

Big City Advanced Skincare Treatments, Small Town Charm Katelyn Rousselle is a small town girl with a big passion for skincare. Her 14 years of experience lead to the creation of The Skin Room, a tranquil spa in Edson, AB, and her very own line of Canadian-made skincare products, Medikate Skincare.


atelyn Rousselle loves anything and everything to do with skin. When she noticed there were no options for advanced skincare treatments in the small town of Edson, AB, she leapt into action, opening The Skin Room, a tranquil spa specializing in healthy skin. “After all,” explains Katelyn, “we all want to look and feel good, regardless of where we live.” Katelyn’s passion for skincare is palpable. “I take pride in every treatment I do, and I consider all options when choosing the best skincare plan,” she says. “If I don’t have the technology, I will refer you to the nearest esthetician that can help.” Before starting The Skin Room, Katelyn spent many years learning the ins and outs of the trade. She gathered knowledge and experience in all types of roles; Spa Receptionist, Guest Coordinator, Esthetician, Team Lead, Clinic Manager, Esthetic Teacher, Laser Technician, Rebranding Manager, and an Esthetic School Program Developer.

One of her favourite offerings at The Skin Room is their Monthly Special Launch. Each month, The Skin Room features a different treatment and special skincare goodies for clients to take home. It’s a great way for clients to test the waters on new treatments and it’s definitely hit a chord with The Skin Room regulars. “The special has massive interest and often sells out in hours,” says Katelyn. Launching a super successful spa would be enough for most people, especially a busy mom of two young girls, but not for Katelyn. After opening The Skin Room, she noticed a gap in the skincare product market. “There are so many brands with false promises,” says Katelyn. “I wanted to create a product that was simple and effective. I believe you don’t need more products, you need less.”

What’s next for Katelyn? Keep your eyes peeled for a brand new serum from Medikate Skincare, launching by the end of this year. To find out about the monthly specials at The Skin Room, follow The Skin Room on Instagram, @the.skin.room or visit theskinroom.ca

Follow The Skin Room on Instagram, @the.skin.room or visit theskinroom.ca

That’s why she created Medikate Skincare, a luxurious high-performance natural skin care line that transforms the health of your skin. It’s made fresh in small batches right here in Canada and is exclusively sold at The Skin Room.

Needless to say, she was ready for the challenge of running her own business. “It’s exciting and gratifying to see how excited clients get to come in and see me. I run my business how I would like to feel entering another business,” explains Katelyn, “appreciated.”

The ultra-calming formulations of the Medikate Skincare line are designed for sensitive/rosacea prone and acne/problematic skin types. All Medikate products are free of perfumes, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and created in animal cruelty free labs.

“Since I am the owner and service provider at The Skin Room, I make each and every experience personalized and customized,” says Katelyn. “No two treatments are the same. I build a relationship with my clients and they get a service from a truly passionate skincare therapist.”

A favourite product of Katelyn’s Medikate Skincare line is Glow, a super nourishing skin oil that provides nutrients and antioxidants to keep your skin nourished while maintaining a healthy barrier against the environment. It’s her best seller for a reason, “I love seeing how one simple product can change the skin in so many ways,” says Katelyn.

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Every Woman Needs A Vagina Coach Kim Vopni is a self-professed pelvic health evangelist. She’s on a mission to break through taboos and redefine how we think about women’s health. And that’s why she’s known as The Vagina Coach.


im Vopni’s journey to becoming The Vagina Coach happened “accidentally on purpose,” as she puts it. While pregnant, she used a device called the EPI-NO, a multi-purpose childbirth preparation tool that enables you to connect with your pelvic floor during pregnancy and train for childbirth. It worked so well she decided more women needed to know about the product and became the Canadian distributor. The original plan was to distribute the EPI-NO as a side-hustle, but things took off. When she was laid off from her full time job in 2009, Vopni took that as a sign to focus on her business full time.

Vopni strives to increase awareness about proactive and restorative pelvic floor health for women. “I saw a huge void in prenatal education,” she says. “But I also had women who weren’t pregnant coming to me with challenges. That’s when my business expanded to include products and services for women in all stages.” She helps women optimize their pelvic health in pregnancy, motherhood, and menopause. She works in collaboration with pelvic floor physiotherapists - they handle the internal assessment and treatment while she handles the movement and fitness piece. “It’s an overlooked aspect of health and fitness for women and I want to change that”. Not only is Vopni a Restorative Exercise Specialist™, a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Pre/Post Natal Fitness Consultant, a Certified Fitness For Fertility Specialist, a Certified Pfilates Instructor, and a Hypopressive Method trainer, she is also a trailblazer in the kegel community, being one of the first to bring pelvic floor education into fitness and to use the principle of specificity to birth prep. With credentials like that, it is no surprise The Vagina Coach knows her stuff. And it shows in her work. A client Vopni worked with had reached a plateau with her pelvic floor physiotherapy. Her goal was to run without having to wear adult incontinence protection, and in four sessions over four months she was able to achieve her goal. Thanks to Vopni’s guidance, the client felt she became a stronger runner than she was before becoming pregnant. Aside from personal coaching sessions, The Vagina Coach offers a range of products and services from Vopni’s favourite

tool, the EPI-NO, to her newest release – Kegel Mojo - an online core and pelvic floor fitness program for women. What’s next for The Vagina Coach? “I am working on a membership program called The Kegel Club that will help bring consistency to pelvic floor exercise for women,” she explains. She’s also increasing her speaking engagements in order to help educate even more women about the importance of pelvic health at every age. Vopni is also excited to expand her much-anticipated annual event, Kegels and Cocktails™. It is a fun, offbeat, unconventional approach to one of the most important topics that never gets talked about: Women’s’ Pelvic Health. It’s not your average women’s health event and she regularly hears that they have changed women’s lives because of the information, the connection and the tips they have received. “Every woman needs a vagina coach and it is my mission to make that happen.”

For more information on Kim Vopni, The Vagina Coach, visit vaginacoach.com.

The Search For Better Collagen


Benesse Health grew organically out of a personal experience for founder, Stephanie Gust. “I remember going for coffee at a friend’s a few years back, when she began to mix in a scoop of white powder into her drink,” she recalls. “I was intrigued!”


hortly after the coffee date, Stephanie underwent prolonged levels of stress in her previous profession, which resulted in skin and hair issues. The very thing that fixed this was Marine Collagen. “I still remember being so amazed at the benefits, I even made my husband take it for his injured knee. He couldn’t believe the results,” says Stephanie. In love with the results she was seeing, Stephanie started to take Marine Collagen on a daily basis. She tried a wide variety of brands trying to find the perfect fit, but nothing seemed to tick all the boxes for her. Some didn’t dissolve fully; others tasted awful or were full of artificial ingredients. The most important box Stephanie was looking to tick, though, was the origin of the Collagen. “I was after a sustainable, pure, single source Marine Collagen, free of additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors. It had to be easy to dissolve and drink,” explains Stephanie. She was frustrated that she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for so she had a crazy idea - to create her own.

So that’s just what she did. Benesse Pure Marine Collagen provides the essential nutrients required to support optimal skin structure and promote health radiant skin. Benesse Marine Collagen is a 100% natural product, meaning it does not contain any soy, wheat, dairy, lactose, gluten, allergens, additives, preservatives, flavours, or artificial colours. It’s easy to digest and quickly absorbed due to its low molecular weight and high bioavailability. But all of this didn’t happen overnight. It’s been a long road for Stephanie creating Benesse Health from the ground up. In the midst of this journey, her son was diagnosed completely deaf, just weeks after being born. “It’s the most difficult, life altering thing I’ve ever gone through. We take such basic, but precious things for granted, and just when you think you have everything planned and calculated – your entire world can be shaken up, but for a reason. After finding out that my son would eventually hear with cochlear implants, it’s as if the black clouds blew away and the fuel and passion I originally had for creating Benesse Health was multiplied by a thousand,” says Stephanie. Stephanie is deeply involved in all aspects of the company, even when her hands-on approach is not always conventional. For instance, she personally designed all of the branding, from the logo to the labels on the jars. “I still have the 37 label renditions that led to the final, and the thought that each one of these was at least one all-nighter is kind of crazy, but that’s what it takes,” she says laughing. When it comes down to it, what excites Stephanie the most is that a wide range of people are benefiting from a clean, sustainable product that she created. What’s next for Benesse Health? Stephanie is currently working on a couple of new natural health products, which are also part of her daily routine.

To learn more about Benesse Health Pure Marine Collagen, visit www.benessehealth.com freshmag.ca FRESH MAGAZINE




aturopathic Physician, Dr. Allana Polo, had a big vision. She believed integrative medicine was the most valuable for the patient, and having various practitioners under one roof collaborating was what would benefit patients the most. That vision is what drove her to start Polo Health + Longevity Care. “We all have our limitations as physicians,” explains Dr. Polo, “and most patients benefit from the integrated approach having all bases covered with a Naturopathic Doctor, a Medical Doctor, and psychologists or clinical counsellors. I felt it was really important to support both mental and physical health, so I thought, why not make it convenient and house everyone in one place.” This approach has allowed Polo Health to create a dynamic team that truly makes the patient feel cared for. “The clinics where I worked prior to opening Polo Health helped shape the practice I wanted to run,” explains Dr. Polo. “Not only was I able to see first hand what worked and didn’t work from a business perspective, but more so what worked and didn’t work on the patient’s behalf.” She was constantly hearing frustration from patients who had bounced around from medical doctor to medical doctor. The patients didn’t feel heard or adequately cared for. They were sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. To bridge the gap she saw in the medical industry, Dr. Polo has created an amazing centre that fosters functional and integrative medicine. It’s a fresh take on the traditional medical model that paves the way for the future of medicine.

Preventative, Integrative Medicine Is The Best Medicine

Dr. Allana Polo believes that there are multiple approaches to one problem, and truly impressive feats are accomplished with the power of many voices. With that in mind she created Polo Health + Longevity Care, an integrative medical clinic that focuses on the whole health of an individual. The goal of Polo Health is to empower their patients. “That’s when the magic happens,” explains Dr. Polo, “when patients feel informed enough to grab hold of their health to make necessary changes to lead a strong and vital life.” Dr. Polo and her team work together to look at preventative medicine as opposed to reactive medicine. They try to find out why something is happening, instead of offering a bandaid solution to their patients. They pride themselves on getting to the root cause of a symptom, condition, or health complaint. Beyond medical services, Polo Health also offers many complementary services, like IV vitamin therapy, prolotherpy for pain, acupuncture, and cupping. They have a wide variety of aesthetic services too, because when you feel your best you also want to look your best. Patients love Polo Health because the practitioners take the time to listen. There is no such thing as a five-minute appointment. They are looking for dialogue. They want to know everything about you - all of the details. As Dr. Polo says, “it’s about support, encouragement, and empathy.” Her practice focuses on building lasting relationships and community, not on the number of patients they see in a day. “Using a balanced integrative and holistic approach we want to inspire, empower, and motivate you to achieve infinite health, vitality and longevity,” says Dr. Polo. If you are facing medical challenges or looking to change your life for the better, Dr. Allana Polo and the team at Polo Health + Longevity Care would love to meet you.

Visit polohealth.com for more information.

Autoimmune Condition Inspires All Natural Luxury Skin Care Line

During a lengthy battle with an autoimmune condition, Shannon Lifance decided to rid her life of all toxic products. She was shocked to find out her skin care was one of the products she had to toss. Unable to find truly natural, anti-aging skin care, she set out to create her own.


hannon Lifance has one goal: to create the most potent and effective skin care possible! As a result of past debilitating health issues, Shannon directed her energy and focus to cleaning up what she was putting on and into her body. Incorporating her BSc education with extensive training in Cosmetic Formulation and years of experimental trials, Shannon was driven to take luxury skin care in a clean direction and LIFANCE is leading the way. As the Clean Cosmetic Chemist, Shannon is thrilled to provide clients with the most powerful anti-aging skin care products available today. Shannon formulates with rare Phytonutrients and Bio-Actives such as Oils of Orchid, Caviar, Cucumber Seed, Plum and Acai as well as Botanical Stem Cells, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Collagen and Elastin. These are powerful Botanical and Marine ingredients that reduce redness, minimize pores and fine lines, gently exfoliate dead skin cells, nourish dry skin and enhance your skin’s elasticity. “It’s about pro-

viding your face with the love and attention it deserves!”, Shannon explains. At Lifance, we ensure that our clients experience luxury in each and every bottle. And it shows. We love hearing from customers who are ‘beyond excited’ about how Lifance transformed their skin or solved a skin issue. “As the formulator, this is truly rewarding,” she explains. “I have full control over the ingredients and their concentration levels”, explains Shannon. “Our focus is on powerful anti-aging ingredients.” As she writes each formula, she prioritizes the maximum percentage on luxurious ingredients that matter – LIFANCE products have no room for fillers or unnecessary ingredients. Today, there are lots of natural skin care products to choose from but few incorporate serious botanical and marine anti-aging ingredients. This is how LIFANCE stands out. When you look at a LIFANCE ingredient list, you will find these powerful ingredients

at the very top in the highest concentrations. “At LIFANCE we practice ‘Clean Chemistry’, perfecting ingredient combinations and respecting the unique properties of each one,” Shannon explains. “I found that certain ingredients were powerful on their own but extraordinary together.” As LIFANCE continues to grow, Shannon loves the opportunity to integrate new ingredients into her formulas. “We just received Orchid Oil and Orange Blossom Enzymes at the lab,” says Shannon, “it’s so exciting!” What is next for Shannon and LIFANCE? As the company continues to grow, she is looking forward to expanding distribution channels in Canada and into the USA. She recognizes truly natural high-end skin care is very hard to find and her hope is that woman and men who value quality, natural skin care, will have LIFANCE as a choice. LIFANCE is proudly Canadian and Cruelty-free. Keep your eyes open for LIFANCE Skin Care’s newest line, The Intense Collection, launching soon.

To learn more and to purchase LIFANCE Natural Skin Care products, visit lifanceskincare. com or find them on Facebook and Instagram @lifancenaturalskincare

A Passion For Whole Body Health Inspired The Best All-Natural Deodorant We are all striving for love, joy, and health in our lifetime; and not only health, but vitality. Experience has shown that the way to achieve this is by making conscious choices about what we feed our minds, our bodies, our souls, and yes, even our skin. DOM’S DEODORANT has created a chemical-free all-natural deodorant that’s good for you and the earth, lovingly made on Canada’s West Coast.


eet Dominica Sweet, the creator of DOM’S DEODORANT. In 2008, the universe sent her an unconventional gift that set her on a different life path - Hodgkins Lymphoma. Managing this disease for the past 10 years has taught Sweet to make healthier choices for her family and herself and to let go of things that no longer serve this purpose. “I became more aware of not only what I put in my body but also what I put on it,” explains Sweet. As part of a commitment to a more holistic lifestyle, Sweet consciously began to choose personal care items that contained simple, natural, organic ingredients. But when it came to deodorant, she tried nearly every ‘natural’ product on the market but none really seemed to work well for her. So, she began blending simple, natural ingredients from her kitchen that her body ‘understood’ and that really worked to

inhibit the bacteria that cause odour. And with that, DOM’S DEODORANT was born. Since your body is meant to sweat as a natural cooling and detox mechanism, Sweet did not want to inhibit that natural process. DOM’S is not an antiperspirant and will not clog your sweat gland ducts. The low baking soda plus dietary magnesium formulas ensure amazing irritation-free odour protection, all while allowing your body to naturally cool and get rid of toxins. Sweet is committed to using organic plantbased ingredients that have gone through the least amount of processing. By focusing not only on the ingredient but also on the processing of each ingredient, DOM’S DEODORANT helps you limit your exposure to harmful chemicals. DOM’S DEODORANT is not your typical ‘pit stick’; it’s a cream that comes in a pot and is applied by your fingers. But why a cream? “Why not?” asks Sweet. “We

moisturize the rest of our bodies, so why not give our underarms some deserved attention and get to know our anatomy.” DOM’S is also considerate of the environment - their glass jars are infinitely reusable or recyclable. Plus, Sweet has consciously chosen not to use beeswax in her formulas, a common ingredient in other natural deodorants. Instead they chose to stay vegetable-based, because the bees could use our help too. In a world where you can’t always control what harmful substances you are exposed to, why not take control where you can, like what you feed your body and your skin on a daily basis. With DOM’S you can make the switch to a natural, organic deodorant that really works while respecting your body and the planet.

For a list of DOM’S retailers, visit domsdeodorant.com.

Co-Creative Sex: A New Paradigm in Connection


An intense introspective journey to heal her own sexual energy led Julie Archambault on a path of healing and inspiration. This spurred a need to help others, which is why she started Co-Creative Sex, new paradigm in understanding the connection between sex, relationships, and personal growth.


ulie Archambault has a dream to bring consciousness to the world about what is really going on with sex and our sexual energy. “I’m excited about the impact this can have on people’s lives,” she explains.

“I think a lot more people struggle with sex than we think. Just think of all the people that give up on sex. Think of the people that find themselves in toxic relationships. Think about the people who can’t manage their sexual energy. Think about all the power dynamics that play out in sex, and all the insecurities that come with sex. It is huge. Most people experience some sort of stress because of their sexual struggles.” Archambault started down this path because she was determined to figure out why sex and relationship issues were such a huge theme in her life. What she found fascinated and inspired her to look to help others struggling with sex and connection. “As I worked through my stuff, I became aware that I was a highly sensitive person, that I picked up on a lot of energy from my environment and from the people around me. As I was processing everything, learning about better energetic boundaries, what became clear was that it was also a blessing. It meant that I had the capacity of tuning into

people’s experiences and help them find out what was holding them back.” Archambault became a certified Akashic Record Consultant, which allows her to read her clients soul life to understand what is getting in the way of a healthy and vibrant sexual energy. It was then that Archambault had an ‘ah-ha’ moment, “I realized that sex wakes up our unprocessed emotions. This is why sex has the potential of healing us. Once it comes up to the surface, you can actually process it and release those emotional blocks that lay dormant in your body.” She also realized that this processing could be fast tracked with the tool of the Akashic Records. The Art of Co-Creative Sex programs are designed to heal her client’s sexual energy, weed out the toxic programming, and help them embody their fullest human potential. Through one on one coaching, or group sessions, Archambault guides her clients to a new plane of understanding. “I equip my participants with tools to start seeing their sexual roadblocks and learn to process them,” explains Archambault. “When you learn to do this, your sexual energy flows naturally, just like a river.” Her specialty is to help people see beyond their blind spots. And it’s really resonating with her clients - they have been surprised and delighted with the results. Difficult dynamics completely disappear from their lives. Co-Creative Sex offers a really safe, very efficient, and fast solution to people’s issues. Clients wake up to what is really going on

for them and when this happens, so much potential is accessed simply from a place of consciousness. With programs being offered online, anyone in the world can participate in the Art of Co-Creative Sex. What does Archambault see for the future of Co-Creative Sex? “I am on the brink of publishing Fifty Shades of Connection: From Violently Disconnected to Blissfully Connected Sex,” she explains. “It’s a book that brings the reader across the sexual spectrum while learning about a kaleidoscope of sexual biographies and healing journeys with sex.” “My dream with this business is to contribute to the boosting of consciousness around what’s really going on with sex and our sexual energy. I think it can really change the landscape.”

For more information on Julie Archambault and her Art of Co-Creative Sex Program, visit cocreativesex.com


Sassy Shirts Encourage A Love For Mother Earth

During a yoga and meditation class, Henrietta Devine was inspired. You see, she always wanted to do something on her own; she just didn’t know exactly what that something was. Her yoga teachers unknowingly planted the seed that day to what would become TAGULAN, a Vancouver-based t-shirt company inspiring children and adults about agriculture in an urban environment. She knew then this was the something she needed to do. She saw most children living in urban areas didn’t know where their food comes from or that food like carrots and potatoes are grown in the ground.


enrietta Devine knew she didn’t want to continue with her full-time corporate job. She loved it, she was great at it, but she didn’t feel fulfilled. She wanted to do something more, something different, something with purpose. It was during a yoga and meditation class that she decided she had to do something that connected people. But what?

“I come from a long generation of farmers on both sides of my family,” explains Devine. “Both my parents left their home country to come to Canada to give themselves and their children a ‘better life’. But living in a city, I would never experience life on the farm like my ancestors; yet at the same time, I know that generational knowledge cannot be lost on me. It is with this purpose we support and create education about agriculture for children living in urban areas.” And with that, TAGULAN was born. Devine has created a line of super-soft t-shirts, tanks and comfies for adults and children with silly and sassy sayings about food, gardening, and Mother Earth. Sayings like, ‘Don’t Kale My Vibe’, ‘Peas Donut Squash Bugs’ and ‘Egghausted Spring Chicken’, are just a few of her favourites.

Not long after that yoga class, Devine was in her community garden, pulling carrots from the ground. A young kid toddled over and was disgusted that her hands and the vegetables were covered in dirt. “I told him there were buried treasures in the ground and he can put his hand in the dirt to dig around for potatoes,” explains Devine. “He seemed really excited and was well on his way to getting his own buried treasure when his mom came running over and yelled for him to stop. She didn’t want her son to dirty his clothes.”

For Devine, TAGULAN was such a natural connection from her childhood and how she wanted the world to be for her kids that all the pieces fell into place easily. And to this day, everything they do at TAGULAN happens naturally, organically, without haste, but with ease and intention.

This struck a chord with Devine. “How can we have become a society that doesn’t let our children explore, be curious, and feel nature around us?” she wondered. “How have we become so disconnected?”

“I’ve watched my children flourish in the outdoors and in community gardens. I’ve seen the joy on their faces as they plunge their hands in the dirt and the pride when they eat the fruits of their labour. I think

The printed t-shirts Devine creates are simply a means to TAGULAN’s bigger goal, to inspire young minds to understand and feel the importance of taking care of Mother Earth.

everyone could benefit from this connection to food. In my mind, it is the cornerstone of healthy living.” “The best part of doing my business is seeing the expression on faces when someone reads one of our shirts,” says Devine. “They will literally laugh out loud because they get the humour or sassiness of what we do.”

Check out TAGULAN’s super soft apparel for adults and kids at tagulan.com

Express Your Inner Beauty with LOLO Jewellery & Accessories LOLO Jewellery & Accessories designer and owner, Lorena Ponis, has a simple philosophy, “jewellery is an accessory that expresses one’s inner beauty without words.” This principle is what guides her business creating beautifully Canadian-designed pieces.


or Lorena Ponis, the urge to create has been part of who she is her entire life. “At a young age I always wanted to have my own business,” explains Ponis. “I started my first venture at eight-years-old, baking cookies and selling them to the teachers at my school. My goal was to raise money for hungry kids. I always loved creating new things to share with others.” While she pursued a career in international business, the desire Ponis had to create and run her own company never left. “I started making children’s jewellery for fun,” she says. “A few friends carried the pieces in their store, and then people started asking if I made jewellery for adults. Before I knew it, things took off. I quit my full time job six months later to focus all my attention on LOLO Jewellery & Accessories.” The style and designs of LOLO are subtle, yet bold, fashionable, timeless, and always cool and classy. LOLO is a mixture of current

and classic designs that can be worn as everyday pieces and into the elegance of an evening. “All of our pieces are designed locally in Vancouver. Most of them are made in Canada as well.” Ponis also works with a talented team who handcrafts some of her designs in their workshops in Mexico and India. Beyond being beautifully designed, a number of LOLO’s pieces incorporate healing properties, or carry a special meaning. The striking Blue Chalcedony Oval Hoop earrings, for example, restore balance and stability in times of stress. Or there’s the stunning strawberry quartz bracelet that signifies intensions of love, gratitude, and generosity. “I love working with stones that have their own meaning and purpose,” explains Ponis. What’s next for LOLO? Ponis is excited to introduce leather handbags to her collection. They are on-trend, yet classic, and a great everyday piece to add to any wardrobe. Keep an eye out for jewellery pieces with a pop of

colour and a bolder design too. “I love designing with metals and creating simple yet eye catching designs. The leather handbags are another passion of mine. Working with new materials reenergizes and motivates my already existing passion for design,” she explains. “Creating accessories for a new season is exciting knowing that LOLO customers will have the latest additions to add their collections.” She is also working on exiting new collaborations and has goals for giving back to the community. As Ponis puts it, “I believe when our business grows we need to share and give back in every way - small or big - that we can.” “We all admire beautiful things. To be able to create something that is beautiful and share that with people is so rewarding to me and I am forever grateful”.

Find LOLO’s jewellery and accessories at LOLO.ca.

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How a Grateful and Loving Heart Promotes Healing and Wellness in Others Daniela Fisher has always followed her heart. In fact, everything she does comes from a grateful and loving heart. Her company, Naturally Given, is no exception.

stones of different vibrational rates onto the body in order to effect healing and change.” Fisher has expertly selected special combinations of healing crystals. Looking for some grounding? Try setting your intentions by holding tight to the Root Chakra Pouch with black tourmaline, red jasper, and tiger eye crystals. These crystals help transmute negative energy back to positive. You will feel peaceful, protected, and secure. For happy vibes, the citrine, pyrite, and gold stone in the Solar Plexus Healing Crystals Pouch will provide mental clarity, confidence, and courage.


aturally Given was created out of love. Daniela Fisher’s belief in energy, the Law of Attraction, and helping others infuses all aspects of Naturally Given, an Aromatherapy and Healing company.

Why are chakras so important? “The chakras are energy centers that exist within the ethereal body. Energy flows in and out moving on a circular clockwise motion. When the seven chakras are opened and balanced, they create life force and wellbeing,” explains Fisher.

“I believe that we all have a gift,” exclaims Fisher, “and our life purpose is to discover it and share it with the world!” That is exactly what she has done with Naturally Given.

In addition to chakra crystals, Naturally Given carries a line of pure aromatherapy chakra essential oils, for diffusing, misting, or rolling on your body. “My blends were formulated to enhance openness and balance of the seven major chakras, which they are related to the physical and emotional body,” says Fisher.

Naturally Given was created to support emotional healing through handmade products that improve health, vitality, and emotional serenity. “Our products are a combination of Chakra, Crystal, Colour and Flower therapy designed for a specific healing purpose,” explains Fisher. “Use them as part of a daily routine to enhance your overall health or the health of your pets.” Fisher loves working with healing crystals. “Working with crystalline energy helps the body to find it’s natural rhythm,” says Fisher. “Crystal healing is basically the ‘laying on’ of




Naturally Given also caters to our fourlegged pals. Products like her 100% plantbased Fresh Again, Body Wash for Pets, are some of her customer’s favourites. Customers call her

products ‘magical’. “One of my customer’s dogs has arthritis,” explains Fisher, “she bought our Mother Nature’s Love Joint & Muscle Balm. Her dog loves the balm so much that as soon as the jar is opened, the dog appears and extends her legs, in anticipation of the balm application.” “She even limps less!” says Fisher with a smile. Everything about Naturally Given embodies Fisher’s joy and kindness. She loves to give back. “A portion of the proceeds from every Naturally Given PETS product sold goes toward The Humane Society International Canada foundation to help save animals from all over the world,” says Fisher. “Seeing our customers emotionally balanced, happy, and achieving wellbeing is our optimal goal,” explains Fisher. “I just can’t put into words, how much joy it brings me to help others.”

To learn more about Naturally Given, visit www.naturallygiven.com.

Award-Winning Day Spa Pampers Guests and Nurtures Staff To say 2002 was an eventful year for Nicole King is an understatement. She birthed her first child and a new business: Casbah Day Spa. Taking on either one is a feat, but to do both in the same year gives you a taste for King’s strength and tenacity.


In an industry that is constantly changing, King understands the importance of always learning, always adapting, and always staying at the top of her game. “Our team members love what they do and it shows in every treatment,” she says, proudly.

Guests consistently tell King how relaxed and rejuvenated they feel after spending time at Casbah. Exclaims of “great experience,” “incredibly relaxing,” and “best facial ever!” can be heard from guests as they leave their appointment.

Casbah offers both spa and medi-services. They range from pedicures, manicures, and waxing, to facial spider vein removal and microneedling.

icole King’s dream was to open a spa. She wanted a place that would nurture employees and pamper guests. Fast-forward to today, King’s dream has been realized - then some! Casbah Day Spa has been named one of the top 10 BC Spas by BC Living, they were a top finalist in Surrey Business Excellence Awards and they’ve been named Best Spa by the Peace Arch News Readers’ Choice Awards for several years. Beyond the numerous awards, Casbah Day Spa’s guests love them.

“We are a small business family of educated and sincere women who know our clients and community and take pride in the products we use and sell,” says King. She credits Casbah’s commitment to education as one of the reasons for their success. “Education is very important at Casbah and is one of our core values,” she explains. “We seek highly educated and experienced treatment providers who combine their knowledge with the desire to treat and comfort our guests.”

The fast-growing spa and wellness industry is always changing with new treatments, products and technologies. Casbah was the first “spa” in the lower mainland to offer laser hair removal and IPL treatments. “We wanted to take a more clinical approach and offer the results people want,” explains King.

King has also created some innovated spa packages. Try the Golfers Recovery Package after a tough day on the links. Or hit the spa after you’ve hit the trails and enjoy the Semiahmoo Trail Package, which includes a west coast wrap and Casbah signature pedicure. King looks back fondly on everything she has accomplished with Casbah, “with over 17 years of success in the spa and wellness industry, it has been a wonderful opportunity to grow as a leader and mentor for over a 100 successful women.” She’s also excited

for the future, “I’m happy to be part of an industry that I know will continue to flourish,” says King with a smile.

To book an appointment or to find out more about Casbah Day Spa’s services, visit casbahdayspa.com or call 604-542-4772.

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SUCCESS with style by Crystal Carson

Photographed by AARON

AUBREY Wardrobe by MINE AND YOURS Makeup by ANA V Hair by CHRIS FUNK




"I’m proudest of the way the classes have changed the way women see themselves, and helped them recognize their own beauty. I truly believe that the right makeup can make a woman look more beautiful at every age." What inspired you to become an entrepreneur in the beauty industry? I grew up surrounded by successful businesswomen—my mom ran two dental practices, and she and her friends were amazing entrepreneurs. They set a great example, so I always wanted to run my own business. I started in the beauty industry by doing freelance—I loved the flexibility it gave me, and the opportunities to work with a huge range of clients and people. I knew from the moment I started that I wanted to continue building my own brand and client list. Working on new projects and meeting new people is always exciting. This lead me to create an innovative beauty educational place that is accessible for all woman.

Who is your fashion icon? Before I started my own business, and even before I worked with Chanel cosmetics, I fell in love with Coco Chanel’s story. She was so forward thinking, especially given the time she was working in, when women did not have as many choices as we have today. Her beauty house has inspired me a lot!

How would you describe your personal style? Classic and timeless, and sometimes minimalist. I always believe less is more when it comes to women’s fashion and beauty. For me, elegance is accenting the right features and never over-accessorizing. That’s something I believe applies to both fashion and makeup—you have to wear the right colors both for you and for the situation. It’s an easy way to look good, feel good and coordinate your wardrobe.

Where do you look for guidance and education to be an entrepreneur? I look to family and friends, but most importantly, within myself. I’m a big observer of

people and trends. Nowadays we live in an era where so much information is available— it’s so easy to learn and stay up to date, whether that’s downloading an awesome podcast, following the latest blogs, or connecting with people who inspire you via social media!

What sets Ana V makeup apart? One of the founding goals of Ana V makeup is education. I created Ana V makeup with the everyday woman in mind—what did she want? Where did she struggle? That approach meant that the line grew naturally into a beauty school. With every class I taught, I learned more about what results women want to see, and the habits they tend to have when it comes to makeup. I used that knowledge to build products tailored for the needs of real women. I based a lot of my products on color analysis, with a focus on long-lasting formulas that are easy to wear and blend.

Do you see women gain confidence through the beauty school? Yes, absolutely. We have had over 5,000 women come through the school to date. Of course I’m proud to have had an impact on the way they do their makeup and they way they think about beauty, but I’m proudest of the way the classes have changed the way women see themselves, and helped them recognize their own beauty. I truly believe that the right makeup can make a woman look more beautiful at every age.

process—that they learn how to properly apply each product, that they have easy step by step instructions to follow, and that they have all the products they need from a single brand that caters to their specific needs. The future for us is building custom kits for our clients, with easy to follow face charts and instructions. AnaV Beauty cosmetics is growing and expanding. I have joined the team at Canada Wide Media as Beauty Director, and together, we are launching a new makeup line: EVALINA BEAUTY.

If you could host a dinner party with any women in history who would you invite? I love the Golden Age Of Hollywood, so any woman from that era. Another personal favorite is Gloria Steinem, who changed the way women were perceived in society. And of course, Madame Coco Chanel is also at the top of the list!

"I love the Golden Age of Hollywood"

What's next for you and the brand? The next step for the brand will be expanding the makeup school experience, both online and in our clients’ homes, and helping clients understand how products can work together for the best results. My products are great on their own, but they are even better when they’re used together. Instead of having people get one single product and not know how to use it, we’ve seen that clients get the best results when they are involved in the whole freshmag.ca FRESH MAGAZINE



01. Lip Talk Playing with bold lip colour is my new thing and I am completely obsessing over NYX Liquid Suede cream lipstick in “Brooklyn Thorn”. It glides on wet but drys to a gorgeous matte finish, without drying out your lips. You need to check out the other 24 shades, they have smoking hot colours that will make you play on the wild side. From glitter to glam NYX will have your lips making a statement! Shop at NYXCosmetics.com

02. In the Buff Sally Hansen “Color Therapy” top coat with argan oil makes even the nakedest of nails look glamorous. Not only does it provide nails with an extra hard finish making at-home manicures last even longer, it adds luminous shine! This top coat creates top notch protection for hard working girls on the go. Get your shine on at SallyHansen.com

03. Calm Down Sensitivity, flare-ups and redness can be a bummer, “Ultracalming Mist” comes to the rescue. With oats and ginger; skin is put at ease, leaving it balanced and renewed. This mist is the perfect remedy to refresh throughout the day. You can always count on Dermalogica to keep your skin health in check. Visit Dermalogica.ca today

04. Bat Those Lashes Volume, check. Length, check. Curl, check. Definition, check. That’s what you get with Charlotte Tilbury’s “Full Fat Lashes”. This all day wearable mascara is the bomb with it’s 5-star grooved brush. It gives you that big false lash effect and allows you to touch up without any clumping. This is a no mess kind of mascara! For eye-popping lashes shop CharlotteTilbury.com

05. Garden Roses When I smell roses they bring me back to my grandmothers house; with a warm breeze drifting the sweet floral scent through the open windows. The Body Shop’s “British Rose” Eau De Toilette is absolutely beautiful and the best fragrance to wear through the day and take you into the summer nights. The line ranges from lotions, to washes, to scrubs and more. The bouquet of this collection will sure to be a favourite of yours too. Get in bloom with TheBodyShop.ca

The Beauty of the Bond a love letter for Mothers and Daughters A

lthough incredibly rewarding, the relationship between a mother and her daughter can also be laced with monumental pressure and expectation. And it’s no wonder. It’s within this dynamic that we learn how to relate to ourselves and to others. Where we develop habits, tendencies and patterns that end up shaping the women that we become. And it’s where we seek refuge and hope to find our security until we are able to connect to it within ourselves.

The beauty of the bond between a mother and daughter is unlike anything else. It’s our earliest connection and our most influential relationship. The impact of this solid foundation is simply remarkable. It means more confidence, more trust, more love. It also means positive decisions, strong boundaries and healthy choices. It means the difference between being afraid and knowing that we can, between giving into pressure and standing strong, and between wishing we were someone else and loving ourselves for who we are. It’s easy to get bogged down with guilt, worry, shame or fear of making a mistake, screwing it all up, or damaging your daughter beyond repair. But believe me when I say that you are exactly the mother that your daughter needs. And what she needs most from you is connection. Read on with tenderness for yourself as you hear the call from your daughter to give her everything she needs.

Dearest Mother,

I see you as the creator of life, the keeper of dreams and the weaver of magic. I see you as a human first and honour your wants and needs as being just as important as mine. As we walk this road together, I ask that you please guide the way. It’s within you that I learn how to be me. Teach me to love myself from the unconditional love that you give yourself. Teach me to honour the magnificence that I am by honouring it within yourself. Teach me to put myself first, to make sure that I am taken care of and to recognize self-care as survival, as I watch you lead by example. Teach me to embrace my worth and know my value deep within my heart by knowing the same about yourself. Teach me kindness in my words and softness in my thoughts by the sweet way in which you speak to yourself. Teach me to choose deep respect and to celebrate the reflection I see in the mirror by loving your own. Teach me to see all that I am, and to let go of all that I am not, by being free yourself. Teach me to look

past what society tells me are imperfections to the perfection that is me and the perfection that is you. Teach me that my true beauty radiates from within me by knowing that to be true about yourself too. Teach me that I have choices by embracing yours and not giving it away to people, circumstances or otherwise. Teach me that there is no wrong choice any more than there is a right one. There is simply power in the ability to choose. Teach me that even when I make a choice, I can always choose again, choose differently, choose me, choose love. Teach me to trust myself deeply, to believe in the power and wisdom that I hold within myself, by the way you trust in yourself. Teach me to honour my intuition and to mute outside influences that do not serve my highest good by trusting your own decisions. Teach me to walk in alignment with what is true for me by walking in what is true for you. Teach me to listen deeply by hearing the whispers in your own soul. Teach me to express myself fully and to speak my truth by remembering that your voice matters. Teach me that I deserve to be heard

and that I have something to say by expressing yourself openly. Teach me to be open to new perspectives, ideas and ways of being by being open to it yourself. Teach me to also listen to others, and hold space for them, by doing the same for me. My dear mother, teach me in all the ways that you wish someone would have taught you. Teach me alternatives to building a suit of armour to protect myself by walking proud in your own skin. Teach me that it is safe to be seen exactly as I am by showing up with humility in exactly who you are. Teach me that it’s okay to not know, to be afraid and to do it anyways by showing up every day and doing your very best. Build a deep connection with me and walk this road alongside me. You are exactly the mother that I need. Hold my spirit delicately in both hands and recognize that we are stronger together.

With love and gratitude, your Daughter

Carmen offers connection experiences for mothers and daughters designed to explore the beauty of the bond between them by using the power of the relationship to learn about, and connect to, themselves, each other and the world around them. As a natural born explorer with insatiable curiosity, she’s constantly blown away by the magic and beauty of the world and is wildly passionate about things that spark joy, wonder and connection. Drawing on her background in social work, yoga and a deep desire to inspire others to honour and celebrate their own depth and potential, she offers retreats, workshops and private sessions cultivating a deep sense of connectedness and bliss. Check out imawildflower.com or @wildflowerretreats for more info.

A Smile for the Ages



ometimes we get lost in the everyday and lose ourselves. If we’re lucky, someone close to us pulls us out of that rut. Matt’s story begins with his mother’s concern. Not only was she concerned about his dental health but she was also well aware of his waning self-confidence.

When Matt came to my office, we had a revelatory conversation. Matt gave a very broad but telling response when I asked him what was concerning him. Matt didn’t get into specifics, which is a common sign that there was something greater than just oral health at play. I pridwe myself in truly listening to my patients. Matt’s needs were bigger than dental treatment because everything he was communicating suggested he wanted to improve not just his smile, but his entire life.




Almost a decade had past since Matt’s last visit to the dentist. There were two significant issues that immediately stood out: chipped teeth and crowding. When we talked about his smile, I immediately felt an affinity for Matt and together we plotted a course to resolve his dental issues and larger concerns. Matt was raised by his mom in Regina and, throughout his youth, he became more and more self conscious about his smile. When he looked at pictures with his mom, it was clear that he was stifling his smile. Matt would always try to hide his teeth whenever a picture was taken because he felt like his smile didn’t belong to him, it just didn’t suit how he saw himself. At 19, Matt moved to Vancouver. Matt had a great attitude and felt healthy but his smile said otherwise. Matt’s smile made him look unhealthy. He felt like his smile was the opposite of who he was and that people were treating him

differently based on that fact. Not being able to smile has a severe psychological effect, impacting the psyche and cascading to every aspect of daily life. What does it mean to smile? Imagine not being able to smile at a joke, a gift, or another smiling face looking back at you. Just like all my patients, Matt was met with my million dollar question, “what do you want?” He replied, “I want all my teeth fixed up and healthy. I want a smile that I’m proud of... one I can show off in pictures.” Communication is integral to every single smile transformation and Matt was no exception. After our initial conversation, Matt and i continued our discussions as we embarked on a smile transformation. I always want to have a thorough understanding of what it is a patient needs and that only comes with constant communication. To begin, we gathered all the pertinent clinical information that included x-rays and many detailed photographs. As you can see, our first examination of Matt’s smile showed obvious concerns with over crowded, worn, chipped teeth. Matt’s smile did not look proportioned due to the fact that his front teeth looked short due to wear. The wear on Matt’s teeth aged his appearance dramatically. The condition of Matt’s teeth made his smile look like it belonged to someone 30 or 40 years his senior. His teeth were severely yellow and gums inflamed because it had been so long since Matt had had a proper dental cleaning. Not only did his smile appear unhealthy, more importantly, Matt’s overall oral health was severely compromised. Additionally, Matt need reassurance


that I could reverse the effects and improve the appearance and health of his smile. Matt’s teeth were severely worn over time. His bite had collapsed meaning that his upper and lower jaw were a lot closer together than what suited him. It also meant that we couldn’t treat Matt in a conventional way because his bite was “over closed”. There wasn’t sufficient room for us to administer typical treatment. We needed to redo Matt’s whole mouth to restore Matt’s bite. This treatment is complex and follows a detailed protocol to achieve a healthy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing smile. We first needed to promote good gum and bone health so we began with a series of cleaning visits. As part of the protocol, we broke down the complex treatment intro precise, predictable steps. The results can be seen in the following picture. Matt acts like a new man because he is now comfortable in his own skin. Matt is finally comfortable with his smile. What did my patient truly want? Does the transformation happen from the inside? I obsess over these questions throughout this process and whenever I’m working on smile transformations. For two years now, Matt has been our patient. His smile is now healthy and bright. More importantly, his personality matches his smile -- vibrant and full of life. Matt no longer stifles his smile when pictures are taken. Matt now smiles with confidence and that is exactly why I do what I do. Matt, thank you for allowing me to honour my mission of “enriching lives, one smile at a time.”


Dr Kelvin P Mah believes in helping people – not merely treating problems – and takes a dedicated interest in the health and wellness of each individual patient. His award-winning Smile City Square Dental practice reflects a zen-like atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. He is also a graduate of UBC’s prestigious Dental School and is an instructor with the Frontier Institute. Discover the transformative possibilities of modern artisan dentistry at www.smilecitysquare.com, and visit Smile City Square Dental on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SmileCitySquare.


Throughout the ages, a youthful appearance has been prized and sought after, fortunately new treatments are safer and more affordable than ever.


eople have done some pretty horrific things to themselves in order to attain youthful beauty. Centuries past, the phrase “you have to suffer to be beautiful” was accurate in one sense: people were suffering, but the bizarre treatments were unable to deliver any form of lasting beauty. Fortunately, our lifestyle, and our options are far better than that of those in centuries past. However, due to genetics, previous bad habits or a host of other reasons, our skin and bodies may not reflect good living on the outside. Plus, the desire to look young and attractive continues and I’m happy to say science has

created more effective treatments that are within reach. There is no longer a need to suffer to be beautiful. Today’s beauty procedures are safe (when conducted by a qualified professional) and deliver lasting benefits to women and men who understand the advantages. Everyone, from young adults to seniors, is taking part. Botox, laser treatments, Coolsculpting and other options are growing (more than 11 million people took advantage of non-surgical treatments in 2016 – quite a leap from the 900,000 in 1997) as the population strives to maintain youthfulness while they live longer and do more later in life. The investment in procedures pays off. That quick glance in the mirror improves self-confidence when someone sees what they like, looks rested and feels more approachable. Treatments are far from the realm of the elite, unlike eras past when only the wealthiest could afford beauty proce-

dures. Affordability has become key to making modern-day, non-invasive, beauty treatments both accepted and desired. Many individuals consider procedures to be a regular regime like going to the dentist or having their hair done. Lip plumping generally starts at around $350 and removal of frown lines through the use of Botox often starts at just $250. Likewise, the downtime for procedures like Botox, fillers, hydrafacials, and microneedling is minimal. The need in the past to book a week off to hide indoors has been replaced by treatments that can be done over a lunch hour. Non-invasive treatments have allowed both men and women to create longer-lasting improvements to their appearance, preventing some of the most common signs of aging. This combined with safe procedures, better technology and less downtime has seen the face of aesthetic medicine change and grow in popularity since I opened my first clinic in 2000. With the growth of the industry, those seeking quality treatments must do their homework. Before making a decision on a treatment, meet the doctor and discuss the procedure. Ask questions and ensure the clinic you are considering is licensed and is run by a licensed medical doctor. Make plans to look your best. Eliminate that muffin top if it bothers you, remove frown lines that make you feel tired and reduce those spider veins that make you cry. Find a qualified clinic to help you look your best because truly, you don’t have to suffer to be beautiful.




Dr. Alibhai Former President of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine Medical Director at MD Cosmetic & Laser Clinic


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Tips for


on the go

by Nicole Rayy

Be Prepared

I tend to pack a lot of healthy snacks with me when I'm out on the road. If you're prepared with some healthy choices while you're on the go you're less likely to grab some fast food or something unhealthy. I bring protein bars, nuts, seeds, and fruit along with me when I travel so I always have healthy snacks on hand.

Airport over Airplane I've made the mistake of getting on the plane hungry and then having to settle for something unhealthy to eat. There are usually healthier choices now on the plane but I've found more often than not they don't have what I want to order the time they get to my row. I now bring my own meal on board the plane so I can make sure I've got something nutritional to eat. If I do buy food in the airport I opt for a make your own option rather than ready made. There are typically restaurants in the airport that have a salad bar; so build your own and then you know exactly what is going on it. Premade salads usually have too many extras, like croutons or cheese, or they have way too much dressing and those things start to make your salad unhealthy fast.

Hydrate! Travelling, especially being on an airplane, and being busy on the go can leave you extremely dehydrated. So often we forget to drink enough water in a day, but even more when we are travelling. My tip is to buy a nice water bottle and bring it with you everywhere. I take mine with me when I’m out on the road. When you fly they give you a very tiny cup of water on the plane so I bring my own water bottle to the airport. I drink it all before I get to the security line, so I’m already hydrated and since I can’t bring my own water through, and then I fill it up with more water before I get on the plane so I always have water with me. Sometimes during the day we think we are hungry when we are actually thirsty instead. So drink up before you grab something to eat.

Stay in for Breakfast

4 5

Being on the road or just being busy it is so impossible to not eat out for some meals. For me it’s always easier to remain healthier on the road by making breakfast myself instead of stopping in at Tim’s for a breakfast sandwich. If you are staying somewhere there is a kitchen it’s easy to buy a few groceries and make your own healthy breakfast. My current favourite is eggs on a piece of gluten free toast with avocado and tomato. If you are staying at a hotel where there is a free breakfast take advantage of it. There are of course unhealthy choices like muffins and pastries, but there are usually lots of healthy choices now like fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, eggs, and whole-wheat toast. Plus, filling up on a nice healthy breakfast will prevent you from over eating something unhealthy later in the day.

Be Smart at Restaurants So you may not be able to cook every meal yourself while travelling so when you have to stop at a restaurant for a meal be smart about how you order. I’ve learned most restaurants are very accommodating and don’t mind if you ask for a few tweaks on your meal. If you order a salad ask them to give you the dressing on the side or sub out a heavy dressing for olive oil. If you order a burger hold the bun or ask for a lettuce bun instead. Get a double side of veggies instead of other heavy side. Or if you’re like me and sometimes when you go out for food you just can’t resist ordering that burger and huge pile of sweet potato fries, then enjoy it but only eat till you’re full. I used to think I had to eat everything off my plate at a restaurant, but some restaurants give you really big portions. Instead of stuffing yourself just half the portion and save the rest for another meal.

Nicole Rayy is one of Canada’s fastest rising country artists and has been seen playing on stages across Canada. Rayy is also health and nutrition enthusiast, a certified Insanity instructor and a Fitness & Nutrition coach at FIT CHICKS. www.nicolerayy.com

freshmag.ca FRESH MAGAZINE


mindful eating

by Aeryon Ashlie

o you ever find yourself looking at your empty plate trying to recall what you just ate? Or have you found yourself after a long and stressful day elbow deep in the Hagen Diaz but not even feeling the slightest bit hungry? There is no denying that connecting with our bodies, - what, why and when we are eating - can determine an experience of success or derailment in our fitness goals. Creating awareness when we are eating is one of the most important tools in maintaining weight loss and lasting health and wellness. Numerous studies have determined that when one practices mindful eating there is weight loss or achievement of fitness goals.

Every. Single. Time! For some, the inner self and dialogue around food can be a significant area that needs to be addressed. For others, it may be the external habits and patterns developed over time. Creating Mindful eating habits does not involve a diet, restriction, extreme exercise and can be done anywhere at anytime. It is learning to create awareness of our nutrition choices and how our bodies feel. Have you considered the idea that you may have a narrative or story about yourself surrounding food and your body? Using the concept of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; thoughts create feelings, which then lead to action or non-action, we may find it wise to examine our current Food and Body narrative. Our narrative may be apparent and understood, or it may be an area that requires some reflection and new understanding. The purpose in examining our beliefs and habits around eating is to pay attention to the experience of eating, both inwardly in our thoughts, feelings and stories, and outwardly with the senses involved as we experience our food. The inward experience includes our expectations, beliefs, eating habits and genetics. Getting clear on your story surrounding food and your body is the starting point to create change.




For example, have you been holding on to the limiting belief that you are “lazy”, “big boned”, “unmotivated”? Or does the “it’s your genetics”, “I can’t stop eating”, “I can never change”, “It’s too hard”, “I never lose weight” dominate your current body narrative? Then it is time to rewrite your story.

A helpful food & body narrative exercise: List your beliefs surrounding Food and your Body, digging deep into your reasons, and excuses that you are finally willing to let go. Next write the story you ready to step into. “My body supports me”, “I am strong and healthy”, “I am in charge of my fitness and my body.” Once we are completely mindful of this narrative we have believed, we can then make a conscious effort to take the steps to create presence in our eating that is supportive and a positive experience. Moving from mindless to mindful eating empowers us with the choice of what, when, where and why we eat. Creating awareness when we are eating is one of the most important tools in maintaining weight loss, lasting health and wellness, and enjoying our meals.

Below are 5 strategies for mindful eating:


Ask your self “Am I Hungry” or “Am I sad, mad, lonely or bored?” Food can often be used as an emotional crutch with mindless eating, instead of dealing with unwanted feelings. Learn to recognize and connect to your hunger cues instead of eating your emotions.


Use your senses when eating. Taste, touch, appearance, texture and smell.


Take your time! It takes your brain 20 minutes to register that you are full when eating. So chewing the suggested amount of 25-32 times, will not only aid in digestion but will bring you to that desired time.


Resist standing in front of the fridge mindlessly eating or snacking while preparing meals.

5 Take a moment before you eat to give thanks for your meals. Standing in gratitude for what you have been given is a way to connect with your food and body.

Aeryon Ashlie is an Author, Speaker, Holistic Fitness, Coach, Certified ED Recovery Coach, Radio Personality and Trainer. After experiencing severe weight fluctuations for most of her life, a 20+ year battle with Bulimia and a negative relationship with food Aeryon’s goal is to help others step into Health and Wellness Sustainability. She is a strong believer of a Holistic Intuitive Approach, with focus on the relationship between the Mind, Body and Spirit. After years of working through her own struggles and those of her clients, Aeryon realizes that unless the internal dialogue aligns with ones Health and Fitness goals finding consistency can be a challenge. Aeryon’s latest book “Bulimia to Balance” is a Number 1 bestseller and can be purchased on Amazon. She is currently featured daily on 107.7 PulseFM as the Fitness Expert in addition to TV, Magazines and Newsprint. For more information check out www.aeryonashlie.com. freshmag.ca FRESH MAGAZINE



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