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Issue 43 • FEBRUARY 2018

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Contents Issue 43 • February 2018

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Bohemian Beauty Makeup by Holly Decker

How Dermapen Skin Needling Works by Leah Lavanway

Crystal Carson Report

Beauty Buzz 411 by Crystal Jensen


Social Stepmom: Walking the Line


Jessica Mulroney: Canada’s Fashion Champion


An Interview with Kirstie Lauren, One of Canada’s Top Beauty & Lifestyle Influencers

by Crystal Carson

by Kristin van Vloten

24 33

Savina Purewal: A Serendipitous Path to Connection and Art


Shockingly Beautiful, Innovatively Ethical


Conversations Around Feminism


9 Mistakes People make When Creating Change in Their Life or Work


Falling in Love Starts with Loving Yourself


7 Steps to Creating Your Manifesto for More Impact

by Faye Alexander

by Rebecca Coleman

by Ali Davies

by Dr. Kelvin P. Mah

by Jennifer Henczel | FRESH MAGAZINE | 5



his issue, our cover story brings us the talented Jessica Mulroney. Jessica is also a TV personality and a social media influencer whose philanthropic life is having a positive impact in the world today. In her interview with Fresh, you’ll learn about The Shoebox Project, the non-profit organization Jessica founded with her sister-in-law. The organization helps homeless or at-risk of homelessness in communities across North America. Visit for more details. We are honoured to have her in Fresh and proud to support her organization. Follow Jessica on Instagram at @JessicaMulroney

Once again, Fresh is a sponsor of The Wellness Show happening in Vancouver, BC on February 17-18, 2018 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. You do not want to miss our Fresh Magazine Women’s Panel, featuring Tosca Reno, Lori Joyce, and Aeryon Ashlie. Find more details at You’ll love everything in this issue! We have a beautiful bohemian beauty styled photo shoot, an article on skin needling, and one on permanent brows. Every issue, we feature successful women who will inspire you. This issue, we have a stepmom, an artist, an influencer, and a fashion designer. Grab a matcha latte, kick your feet up, and enjoy!

Shelly Lynn Nellis Publisher

Publisher Shelly Lynn Nellis .......................................................................... EDITOR-AT-LARGE Crystal Carson .......................................................................... Art Director Flora Chen .......................................................................... National Account Manager Kristal Barrett-Stuart .......................................................................... Contributors Faye Alexander, Rebecca Coleman, Erin Crooks, Ali Davies, Holly Decker, Crystal Jensen, Leah Lavanway, Dr. Kelvin P. Mah, Kristin van Vloten .......................................................................... Cover Photo Credits: Photographer: Liz Rosa Producer: Crystal Carson Stylists: Jessica Mulroney & Crystal Carson


Makeup Artist: Ana V Beauty Studio Hairstylist: Freddy Sim (Moods Hair Salon) Location: Kovet Designs


he truth isn’t always pleasant, but it is important, and 2018 is poised to continue highlighting the truths of women. The new generation is continuing the feminist movement of empowerment, and the roles women are now playing in society are showcasing our strengths. We are entrepreneurs, mothers, and role models, and we are busy. Our cover story features the successful Jessica Mulroney—a vital influencer on the Canadian fashion industry and abroad. She is a great example of an empowered female.

I also had the pleasure of exploring the reality of blended families with Sarah Paterson, the Founder and CEO of As a thirty-something woman, and still on the dating scene, the possibility of being a stepmom is very real! Thanks to Social Stepmom, there is now a social community network. I am frequently in search of timesaving life hacks because I am constantly on the go. In my article, I share my decision to try a new beauty solution. It’s been amazing for me! I am excited for 2018. I can’t wait to share more stories about the amazing Canadian women that are forming and shaping this nation together.

Crystal Carson Editor-at-Large

Jessica wears: Black wide leg trousers and black vest with gold buttons by Smythe .......................................................................... Fresh Magazine publishes six issues per year. Please send all questions, comments and inquiries to: Fresh MAGAZINE Suite 451-15216 North Bluff Road White Rock, BC, Canada V4B 0A7 Tel: 1-877-905-7771 Fax: 604-591-1989 Email: Fresh Magazine assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material. Opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and advertisers and do not necessarily reflect those of Fresh Magazine publishers, editors or staff. Readers are encouraged to consult with their health professional before embarking upon exercise, medical or nutritional changes. Contents of Fresh Magazine are copyright 2018, all rights reserved. Fresh Magazine may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any means without written permission of the publisher. To subscribe to Fresh Magazine and receive delivery to your home or office bimonthly, send $29.95 + HST = $33.54 Include your address and we’ll ship you our next issue. Single copies are also available for $5.95 plus HST = $6.25.



y t u a e B Photographed by Erin Crooks Makeup by Holly Decker MODEL: Bailey (Edge Agency) Hair stylist: Morgan Favel Wardrobe Stylist: Maygen Kardash Wardrobe: Tonic



She dances to the songs in her head, speaks with the rhythm of her heart, and loves from the depths of her soul. – Dean Jackson


She was born

to be free. let her run wild in her own way and you will never lose her. – Nikki Rowe 10 | FRESH MAGAZINE |


She had the soul

of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie, the spirit of a fairy. – k.k.




The dermapen treatment is very customizable. Because the instrument used is very precise and narrow, it can be used around the eyes, lips and other sensitive areas of the face. Additionally, the penetration achieved by the instrument’s needles can be adjusted in real time. The deeper the needle penetrates, the stronger your body’s healing response will be. These two factors make Dermapen very reliable and comfortable to use, even with sensitive areas of the face.

How Dermapen Skin Needling Works By LEAH LAVANWAY


f you or your friends follow the latest skin care trends, you have probably heard of Microneedling or Dermapen Skin Needling. Both of these names refer to the same treatment. During a Dermapen session, a precise instrument is used to make microscopic punctures in your skin. This breaks up old collagen and prompts your body’s healing response. This forces your body to pay attention to your skin and replace old scar tissue and blemishes with fresh new skin cells.

This concept is highly effective at treating many types of skin problems. Dermapen treatment works wonders at reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks. It can also be used to break up any pigmentation or discolouration in the skin, or reduce the size of pores. If you are interested in a more general improvement to your skin’s health, microneedling can help achieve a more even skin texture, or increase the penetration of topical skin care products you use in conjunction with your dermapen treatments.

Most patients find the dermapen treatment very tolerable. When a shallow needle depth is used, patients usually report a mild tickling sensation. When deeper penetration is performed, the dermapen is used in conjunction with a numbing skin cream. Immediately after a dermapen treatment, any treated skin will flush red, as if that area has been sunburned. Patients sometimes report mild swelling, some tightness or sensitivity to touch. Since a needle punctured your skin, it is quite normal to notice some dried blood when you wash your face for the first time. Most dermapen experts will offer you a topical cream to help your skin heal quickly and comfortably after each session. Your skin should return to a completely normal appearance within about three days. The effects of a dermapen will not always be obvious after a single session. Your body’s healing response takes time, and tough scars, wrinkles and blemishes will take more than one session to treat fully. In general, you can expect to see some improvement within about a week of your first session. Give your body time to heal! You will see more subtle improvements over the next several days as your body’s healing response breaks down problem areas and replaces them with new skin. Dermapen is safe, customizable and effective at treating many common skin problems. It also has a very short recovery period and can be performed at your local skin care clinic such as Essence of L Medi Spa & Skin clinic in White Rock, B.C. If you suffer from acne scars, wrinkles, rosacea, or another disorder that causes skin discolouration, it is worth investigating. The results of this quick session can be seriously impressive!

Leah LaVanway is the owner of the award winning Essence of L Medi Spa & Laser Clinic in White Rock. She is a medical esthetician specializing in acne therapies and skin needling. Leah is also the founder of Glow Clinical Skincare, a clean clinical line focused on acne prone skin. To learn more about Leah and Essence Of L Medi Spa visit


LIFE HACK P U E K A M T N E N A M R PE Photographs BY Jalila Singerff




iving bicoastal and running multiple businesses means the search for life hacks and saving time is constantly on my radar. Cosmetic tattooing popped into my Instagram feed one evening, quickly prompting me to research and ask within my beauty circle if this was the solution for me.

I reached out to Vancouver-based BE Studio to explore the steps and process of what it means to undergo this semi-permanent tattooing. Within a week, I found myself in Brianna’s studio, complete with frozen eyebrows and lips and ready to enter the world of permanent makeup. My experience with Brianna was incredible as her technique and impeccable attention to detail allowed for my schedule to be uninterrupted and back in meetings the next day. I wanted to learn more about the industry and how she has become a leader in the permanent makeup practise. What motivated or inspired you to transition from Makeup to Permanent Makeup (PM)? I was inspired by a photographer/friend who brought to my attention the “new” world of tattooing called micro-blading. I have always had an eye for brows and would constantly have clients tell me that they wished their brows could look like this every day or that they wished they could draw them on like me, or that they would even “wash around” their brows for a couple for days to keep the shape there! I started to do some research and found a school in Vancouver that I could get into after wedding season and 1 year later I took the leap into a new and exciting career of cosmetic tattooing. I still do makeup, which has and always been my first love, and I feel really lucky that I got to start out in makeup which has enhanced my skills in tattooing. What are the options and advancements in PM over the last five years from traditional PM tattoos of the past? The industry has really grown in the past five years. We now have many more brands to choose from and more options in education. Now instead of learning just basic “blended in” brows which look solid like a pencil drawing we have the microblading or “feathering” technique which makes the brow look so natural and soft because we are mimicking the hair growth. For example, when microblading was first taught, artists were told to cross hair strokes in an “x” pattern, since in real life hairs do crossover. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a bad idea because it ends up injuring the skin and look less natural. Now when learning, most artists are taught never to cross hair strokes, but rather lay them side by side to create density. You have heard or 3D brows, now there is even 6D brows! The idea is to give the dimension and density without making it look fake and holding up the integrity of the skin. There has also been more regulation of pigments (cosmetic) and ink (tattoo) The difference between pigments and ink is that pigment is usually made in softer tertiary colors that will fade lighter over time, where inks are known to be bold and bright not to fade out over time. Most brands use a mixture of both but they will not use traditional tattoo ink. There are so many brands out there so make sure your artist is using a well know reputable brand so you can have the best long-term results.


“I truly believe that brows are the most important facial feature and if they are ‘off,’ every other feature won’t quite look right.”

There is much more information out there than before, which makes sense due to the huge spike in new artists versus five years ago. I believe that now with all of this new info on the web clients can make a very wise decision when choosing their artist. I always stress, do your research first! If someone doesn’t have the proper education they could be using ink not pigment and you could be left with a very permanent problem that your long sleeve t-shirt can’t hide. What is the trend in demographic i.e. moms, career women, and why do they pursue PM? Every woman can benefit from PM! We live in such a fast-paced world now a day that let’s be honest we don’t have the time or want to spend the time in morning (or evening) drawing our brows on, perfecting our eyeliner, or bothering to apply that perfect pink long wear lip color. My clients are moms, working moms, career women, fitness enthusiasts, retired snow birds living in hot climates, you name it! Women (and men) suffering from Alopecia, hair loss, unsteady hands, vison problems etc. They just want to look their best, in a natural way, and spend less time worrying about if their eyebrows are even (or even there), and more time doing something they enjoy. As someone who struggled with this for years, I can tell you it was embarrassing to get out of the pool on vacation and one eyebrow was missing. Or to go for a workout and look in the mirror after only to first think OMG my eyebrows are gone! I truly believe that brows are the most important facial feature and if they are “off,” every other feature won’t quite look right. How convenient is it and how long does it really last? The tattoo life span depends on many factors. I tell my clients realistically one to two years. You should expect to go for a touch up in that time frame to get refreshed and bring the brow back to life again after the fading has occurred. If you go to the right person you will have someone who knows color correction (i.e. fixing cool and warm tones) and someone who is taking care of your skin. The deeper the needle goes (epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous layer) the longer it will last. Hence why microblading can be considered semipermanent when done properly. This is great news because yes over time trends change, our faces change, gravity takes affect and we need our eyebrows to change along with the rest of our face. What’s next for BE Studio? BE Academy! I’m rolling out a full cosmetic tattoo program and working on my own line of pigments and needles. Education has always been a passion of mine. I want my students to have the best knowledge possible so they can walk into their new career with confidence and the proper tools they need to be successful. Never stop shooting for the stars. Dream big, work hard and the sky truly is the limit! The studio is growing very organically, I have an amazing team and we’re super excited for 2018 and beyond.






Tips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen!

Gala Eyes To say people have lash love is an understatement. It seems everyone is on the falsie bandwagon and it just keeps growing strong. A good pair of lashes can really glam up your look and Kiss Faux Mink Collection Couture in “Gala” makes it easy to transform your eyes. These lovely little beauties are the perfect accessory all year round and come in many incredible styles to pick from. Bat those lashes at and

iams nnifer Will photo by Je

Dream Girl Hair I am in absolute hair love when it comes to Mystique Hair Design. Never have I found a salon that has more heart than this hidden White Rock gem. They specialize in blonde, hair design, hair painting, balayage, Cezanne treatments, and so much more. But what I love the most is that they take pride in building trust with their clients—so much that my stylist Lindsay brought me out of my comfort zone with the incredible Pulp Riot Hair Colour brand and transformed my delicious blonde to a mystical purple. Whatever your hair dreams are, you are in the best hands with the girls at Mystique. I warn you: your colour may cause a sassy attitude. Create magic at

Raise Your Brows The best way to define the face is to achieve the perfect brow. Maybelline “Total Temptation Brow Definer” makes it so easy to spruce up those babies even for us non-makeup pros out there. This beauty tool literally has been a life saver when I’m in a time crunch and need to run out of the house. The application goes on smooth, and in seconds, I’m ready to take on my day. You’ll be making a statement wherever you go. Be bold at and

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Fresh Face in the City I could live in beauty masks 24/7, and I have discovered the perfect match for us city-living gals. The Body Shop’s “Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing” mask is a heavy hitter for detoxifying and liberating your skin from weekly build-up and pollution. This refreshing mask reveals radiant looking skin, is 100% vegan, and contains Community Trade ingredients. And can we talk about The Body Shop being the first global beauty brand to fight against animal testing over the last 28 years? What better way to treat yourself with some skin love and make a difference in the world too? People, it’s time for a change; head over to their website and sign the petition today! Put on your best mask at FEBRUARY 2018 | FRESH MAGAZINE | 19

Wool jacket by Derek Lam (Holt Renfrew)

Walking the Line Sarah Paterson is Founder and CEO of Social Stepmom, an online platform connecting and supporting stepmothers across North America. Photographed by Justin Notter (@dynamikdesign) Interview & Styling by Crystal Carson Makeup & Hair by Angela Bollers (ANA V Beauty)


ow the world defines family has changed dramatically over the past few decades. It is rare to see a marriage last a lifetime or for children to grow up in one household. The term “blended family” is the politically correct way of acknowledging this shift, but we all know the challenges faced are not easy for anyone, especially the women involved. Shockingly, no one to date had really thought to bring these women together to support the stepmoms out there fighting their battles alone. When we found out about the Social Stepmom movement, it was like a light bulb came on. We had to learn more about what Sarah Paterson, Founder and CEO of, has in store for this global community. Why did you create this platform for stepmothers to connect and share their stories? I am a mom, stepmom and entrepreneur. My husband and I have two daughters (ages one and four) and I have been a stepmom for six years


to my husband’s five other children (three girls and two boys) from two different moms (current ages are 7, 11, 13, 19 and 20). I am a child of divorced parents which resulted in me living through some of the challenges of such circumstances. After years of experiencing the joys (yes, there are some!) and the challenges associated with being a stepmom, I found that there were very few online resources for stepmoms. At the same time, there was a sea of mommy blogs and digital support communities. In the United States, 1,300 stepfamilies are formed every day—every single day. Early in 2017, I commissioned an IPSOS survey in Canada which helped me decide whether this platform was needed. 87% of stepmoms said that their stepchildren are as important as their own children; however, these same women feel like they are the least important person in the family. After processing this reality, I launched Social Stepmom in April 2017—a unique interactive networking platform for the world’s stepmom sisterhood. | FRESH MAGAZINE | 21

Knit Sweater by Saint Laurent (Holt Renfrew)

“In the United States, 1,300 stepfamilies are formed every day—every single day.”



“My dream is that Social Stepmom becomes widely known by these millions of people as a positive resource and that it becomes the community portal for the stepmom sisterhood.”

What are some of the inspiring experiences you have seen since launching?

to help you through your journey, and maybe dance a little! You can watch it on my YouTube Channel: Social Stepmom.

Every day, I wonder if I am accomplishing my goal of playing a role in adding value to stepmoms locally and remotely. It has been very gratifying in that I have had countless stepmoms reach out to me through social media explaining how Social Stepmom has inspired them and express to me how badly a blended family platform is needed. In December, a stepmom from Germany shared that Social Stepmom has changed her life improving her relationship with her husband, stepchildren, and extended family. This type of feedback is inspiring. It is what keeps me motivated and excited to make this platform successful.

The response has been better than I could have ever imagined, and in a short time frame hit 131,000 views. It was incredible to watch the numbers keep growing because It is a topic that craves awareness. The success has opened doors to several new opportunities for Social Stepmom and the members of the Society.

You recently spoke at Harvard. What was the focus of your message in the speech? And what has the response been from it? I had the great privilege to speak at the Business Expert Forum at The Harvard Faculty Club this past July. It was an honour to make my first public speech introducing Social Stepmom at such an esteemed institution. As my speech got into its groove, several of the stepmoms in the audience practically reached up to the podium to hug me, and one presumed stepmom yelled “Amen’ when I cracked a joke about how stepmoms are often as noticeable at home by their stepkids as the well-used sofa. Mind you, the moms in the audience who have not been exposed to blended families more or less looked at me like I was from a Disney movie and, no, not the fairy godmother role. Keep in mind that the existence of a stepmom, by definition, almost always means there was a prior woman in the house or life where the stepmom is now living. As a result, some regular moms are not as welcoming of stepmoms as others. Stepmoms are always walking a fine line, which is not a lot of fun, and life is too short. The Social Stepmom Society is a platform


What’s your big picture vision for the platform? There are millions of people that are connected to a stepfamily in North America. My dream is that Social Stepmom becomes widely known by these millions of people as a positive resource and that it becomes the community portal for the stepmom sisterhood. While we our primarily focused on North America for the next couple of years, I am committed to Social Stepmom being, in due course, a global brand. After all, issues that stepmoms face are universal. What’s next for the Social Stepmom brand? We have a robust content and technology road map for Social Stepmom. I am most excited about the build-out of our Social Stepmom Society which will be a series of in-person events in cities throughout North America. The Society will bridge our flourishing digital community with the old fashion benefit of sharing, from time to time, face to face. Connect with Social Stepmom Facebook: socialstepmom Instagram: @socialstepmom Twitter: @socialstepmoms | FRESH MAGAZINE | 23

Ca n a da’ s

Fas h i o n

C h a m p i o n

Her associations with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and Meghan Markle skyrocketed Jessica Mulroney’s already considerable public profile. But underneath the glamour, buzz, and high profile relationships, this renowned PR and Branding professional is determined never to buy into the hype. By Kristin van Vloten Photographed BY Liz Rosa Produced by Crystal Carson Styled by Jessica Mulroney & Crystal Carson Makeup by Ana V Beauty Studio Hair by Freddy Sim @moodshairsalon Location: Kovet Designs



essica Mulroney knows exactly what she does and doesn’t want to share.

Trudeau, her passion for Canadian fashion, and the realities of modern PR.

Mulroney is a public figure whose fame has grown exponentially due to relationships that don’t even factor into her professional life. Long a staple of the Toronto fashion scene, she first came to international prominence as Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s unofficial stylist. Acting entirely as a supportive girlfriend, she dressed the fetching new Prime Minister’s wife in a white alpaca coat by Sentaler that captivated the world.

I know people often get confused about how your career works. Some of your highest profile work—like the style advice you give Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau—is unpaid.

Then in 2017, Suits actress Meghan Markle generated countless headlines by becoming Prince Harry’s fiancée. Once again, Mulroney found herself caught up in another media frenzy. Markle happens to be Mulroney’s best friend. And she’s also a topic Mulroney has chosen not to address in the media. After all, some relationships are just for her. In a time when celebrities are looking to leverage any part of their private life for more likes, clicks, and shares, it’s an admirable stance. It’s also one that some might not expect from Mulroney, who is a well known as a social media influencer. She’s learning to navigate the line between sharing her life and maintaining her privacy—and in that, Mulroney asserts, she’s just like everybody else. Indeed, beyond all the hype about she and husband Ben Mulroney being one of Canada’s biggest “power couples,” Mulroney is focused on finding balance. Her goals for 2018 involve spending more time with family and friends, not climbing higher on the social influence ladder. When you talk to her, it’s obvious that driving her “passion projects”—promoting Canadian designers and developing her charity, the Shoebox Project—takes priority over inflating her personal brand. While Mulroney might not share what the average tabloid consumer is most hungry for, that doesn’t mean she isn’t ready to talk. She shared plenty with Fresh, including the story of her relationship with Grégoire

My career is in PR and marketing, primarily in the world of fashion and bridal but also in lifestyle. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some brands for quite a few years. I’m constantly looking to challenge myself with the new ones, especially as the Canadian market expands. I don’t view my work with Sophie as “work,” but rather a project or mission to bolster support for Canadian fashion at home and abroad. That’s something I am quite passionate about. I hope to create real change for this industry though many of my endeavours. So how do you like to describe your career? My career divides into three sections. The first section is my brand and creative strategy work with companies. Sometimes I’m included as an ambassador in that role, and sometimes not. Whenever I play that role, I also insist on being the creative director who decides how I present myself. The second part is Canadian fashion, which is not really a business endeavour, but a passion project. And the third part is my work with the Shoebox Project. Can you tell us more about the second part, your “Canadian fashion passion project”? That all started with Sophie. That whole styling relationship happened very naturally. I was out for dinner with her before Justin was elected and I just asked her very innocently, just like a girlfriend would, “If he wins, what are you going to wear?” She said, “I don’t know!” Even though Sophie is a very fashionable woman, she had been so focused on his career and raising the family that she felt like she was in the dark. So I offered to help her source some pieces. I sent her that Sentaler coat, which ended up sparking all of this media attention across the country. At the time,


that brand was relatively unknown. I just liked the coat and the independent woman behind the brand. When it created that buzz, Sophie and I realized, “Oh, we have something here.” We wanted to start working together to create moments for independent Canadian designers. By doing this, I was able to realize what a pool of talent there is in this country. Truly incredible creative minds. I also learned how incredibly hard it is to make it as a designer, especially in Canada. So my mission is to create change and opportunities for these designers whenever I can, whether it’s through my styling, my social media, or whatever platform I have. It’s not something I get paid for. I do it for the pure joy of helping these designers. What are some of the challenges these Canadian designers are facing? It’s challenging around the world and in Canada it’s particular difficult because it’s tough to gain that exposure. Whether or not we want to admit it, building fashion brands is about celebrity culture. Celebrities have the power to make or break a brand. And a lot of Canadians don’t have access to those celebrities. Also unfortunately there hasn’t been a lot of internal support for Canadian designers. Retailers that could be championing Canadian brands aren’t always doing that. But there’s been a movement where Canadians are doing incredible things around the world, and we’re starting to realize it’s important to nurture our own. So I’m seeing more local support for Canadian brands, and not just in fashion. Your style work with Sophie is the perfect platform for promoting Canadian fashion. When has the Canadian Prime Minister and his family ever been so glamorous? I know! They haven’t tried to do this, but they have really entered celebrity culture. They’re attractive and fascinating. I mean, Sophie has so much to offer; she’s brilliant, she’s a great speaker, and she’s an advocate for women. But people also want to know what she’s wearing! | FRESH MAGAZINE | 25

“I am always connecting with Canadian designers. And it thrills me when they get the exposure they deserve. It is a blessing to be able to help these young, hungry, talented, and creative people.”

In a way, your passion project involves branding Canada. In a way. Listen, I am always connecting with Canadian designers. And it thrills me when they get the exposure they deserve. It is a blessing to be able to help these young, hungry, talented, and creative people. I have worked in nearly every part of the fashion industry: design, manufacturing, retail and PR so I know how hard it is to catch a break. If I can help create one of those breaks for someone, I absolutely will! Tell us more about the Shoebox Project. What are the goals and what was the inspiration? I started the project seven years ago with my sisters-in-law. The idea was something my mother had growing up in Montreal. She used to enlist her friends to fill shoeboxes with little luxuries and would distribute them over the holidays to one particular women’s shelter in the city. Once I moved to Toronto I really wanted to start something of my own. I remembered the impact her project had not only on the women receiving the shoeboxes but also the women making them. What does it mean for a woman living out on the street to get one of these shoeboxes? The whole idea is one woman makes a box for another woman in her community. We also encourage writing personal notes, which has turned out to often have an even greater impact. In a time when its very difficult to be in a shelter—like for example the holidays—it really means a lot to know that there is another woman in your community who is thinking


of you. It gives her encouragement and confidence. A lot of these women have never received gifts ever before in their lives. They’re in shelters for all sorts of reasons: illness, abuse, poverty, etc. Getting a shoebox makes them feel they are not alone. We’ve received numerous letters from women and children explaining what it means to them. It’s unbelievable. Think about what it feels like when a girlfriend gives you a new lipstick or a beautiful scarf. It’s that feeling times one hundred. How big a challenge has launching a charity been? Big! But I can’t believe how much our project has grown. We just finished our 7th drive this past holiday and we serviced shelters not only across the country but the US now. Our goal is to implement something into the educational system to create awareness and understanding as to how these women end up in shelters. It could happen to anyone and educating young students could help prevent homelessness. We are also focusing on creating more drives next year—including one in Vancouver on Valentines Day 2018— and are looking to expand to several more countries. Developing it into a global charity would be a dream of mine. You’re a busy woman. [Mulroney laughs.] Yeah! It sounds a bit over-the-top. And that’s because it actually is. My brain never shuts off but I love it. It’s also important for me to say that none of it would be possible without the most loving and supportive husband in the world. Ben had to take on so many roles while my career gained momentum and he did it with a smile of pride the whole time. Nobody champions me like him. He makes it all possible.

What do you love most about social media—and what do you find most challenging about it? I love the immediacy of the feedback I get. When I ask something like, “What do you think of these shoes, this recipe, or this idea?”, I get an immediate response that helps me gain insight for my daily work. I also love being a proud mother and sharing part of that journey. Of course, the trick is knowing where to draw the line between what is worth sharing and what I want to keep private. I actually don’t love talking about social media all that much because I find people really like to focus on that aspect of my life. And I use social media just like everybody else. I have a lot of followers, sure. But really, using my social media platform isn’t the core of what I do. I’m more of a strategist. Nowadays there’s so much focus on social media, so companies often look to me to help them figure out how to create more engagement. I work with Hudson’s Bay, specifically with Kleinfeld in Hudson’s Bay, and Metro, to name a few. Some of those brands have strategies that include me as an ambassador, some don’t. I do whatever feels authentic to me. But my work involves a lot more than social media. I connect brands with brands. I connect them with celebrities and influencers. I help them figure out how to engage with audiences they don’t usually connect with. The content you make gets awesome engagement for your clients. Why is that? How is your approach different? My approach with brands is multi-level. I connect brands to ideas, other like-minded brands, and influencers or celebrities. I like to be creative and find new ways to engage audiences that the brand would not normally engage. I am lucky to work with so many companies that put a lot of faith into what I do. How do you choose what brands you’ll work with? The brands have to be authentic to me. It’s as simple as that. With Kleinfeld, I was able to grow that brand from the ground up and I found that incredibly exciting. With other brands like Metro and Sunwing, I have the creative liberty to help find ways to elevate their brands to where they should be. I’ve been so fortunate to work with such creative minds from both companies and we get to grow together. It’s been a real learning experience for me and we constantly find new ways to push the envelope. FEBRUARY 2018

Wool gray turtle neck crop sweater by Holt Renfrew / Light gray lamb skin & leather skinny pants by Mackage / Maroon pointed toe ankle booties with double buckle detailing by Browns


LEFT: Multi-coloured striped maxi dress with sweetheart neck and front bow by Caroline Constas Right: Black body suit by Holt Renfrew / Camel trench coat by Mackage / Sparkle booties with front bow by Browns



“Most days we are your everyday typical family: hockey practice, going to the movies, or barbequing in the backyard.”

You and your husband Ben Mulroney have been called one of Toronto’s biggest power couples. How do the two of you balance your family’s privacy with the need to leverage your personal brands? Firstly, neither of us put too much stock in a title like that. The fact is, most days we are your everyday typical family: hockey practice, going to the movies, or barbequing in the backyard. Nobody is trying to invade that kind of privacy! However, when it is time to go to work or help out a charity, we are more than happy to lend our names and our time to causes that matter to us. [Television personality] Jeanne Baker once said of you and Ben that, “It’s like they’re a reality show already without having the formal time slot.” Do you feel like that’s true? I absolutely love Jeanne. But having watched our fair share of reality TV, I can say that if we were a show, we’d be a pretty boring one. I don’t believe that we are any more or less engaged on social media than other members of our peer group. And beyond that small window into our lives, we keep our cards pretty close to our vests. So to be honest, I don’t feel it’s true. Where does that perception come from though? I think that as my career started to grow, more attention was paid to my social media. When it comes to the reality show quote, first of all, I would never agree to open my life that way. Others do that because that’s what’s right for them. But it wouldn’t be right for me. You can edit your life the way you want on social media. It’s a curated version of your life. I’m a proud mom and people are interested in what I do. So I show a little bit, but I don’t show it all.


How does being a working mother factor into the personal brand you’ve built? We may all have different jobs and live in different cities, but so many of the women who reach out to me on social media tell me that there is common ground between us because we are working moms. The pressures, the attempts at work-life balance, the challenge to remain healthy and be romantic with our spouses—we can all relate! What are your hopes for the future? The past few years have been very career focused for me, as I’ve worked to navigate these different businesses and ventures I’ve started. It has been hard to shut it off and rest sometimes. This year I want to do a little more on the mom front. I don’t even know how to balance the whole mom and career thing. I don’t even know if I’m doing anything right to be honest! But every once in a while shutting off my phone, taking a vacation with my children, and taking a break feels like the right thing to do. One of the things in my life that has suffered is my social life. People see me out and about and would never guess that was that case, but it is. I always say your life comes in three parts: you have your family, your career, and your social life. And you can only ever have two. What do you want your legacy to be? That is just too difficult to answer! But you know, I started the Shoebox Project because that’s exactly the type of legacy I’d like to have. Hopefully we’ll be global one day. I want that to be what I leave behind. I’m so lucky that it has impacted as many people as it has already. | FRESH MAGAZINE | 29

An Interview with

Kirstie Lauren One of Canada’s Top Beauty & Lifestyle Influencers


orn in Vancouver, BC, Kirstie Lauren is highly regarded in the world of green beauty and known for collaborating with top brands as a digital influencer and ambassador. With the popularity of her Instagram account, The Goofy Mermaid, Kirstie has now stepped into the role of entrepreneur with the launch of her own green beauty discover box, Beauty Gone Green. Tell us about your subscription box called “Beauty Gone Green.” I founded Beauty Gone Green as a fun and effective way to help consumers easily discover safe, nontoxic beauty brands. I work with companies, both big and small, to personally curate each box and deliver the best green beauty products to people’s doorstep. I take the time to do extensive research on all ingredients so that people don’t have to and they can feel good about what they’re putting on their skin. Beauty Gone Green (“BBG”) is for the customers who already shop green, and it’s also for the customers who want to start living a green beauty lifestyle and don’t necessarily know where to start. My ultimate goal with BBG is for people to no longer blindly trust and purchase the larger conventional beauty brands that are filled with toxic chemicals and to replace them with products that are organic, natural and non-toxic. And, to leave even less of a footprint on the earth, the boxes are super cute and reusable!


What is the best thing about being an entrepreneur and the worst thing? The best is that it’s 100% your baby, so what you put into it is what you get out of it and it’s so rewarding! I try not to think of anything as the worst, but it can be difficult at times to wear all the hats it takes to run a small business, from accounting to sales to negotiating. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, but the key is balance and having small achievable goals. What are your three favourite tools for doing something your audience cares about? I like to ask questions and be as interactive as possible. Engagement is key to creating a community and building trust. I strive for my interactions with my followers to be authentic and for them to know that I see every comment and appreciate them. I also love to have contests so that people have the opportunity to win something they might not have tried otherwise. What three things does anyone starting in your industry need to know? 1. Find your niche and make sure it’s something you’re passionate about!

2. Be unique. It sounds simple, but you have to make things your own because there is no one else like you. 3. Create great content and ask your followers what they want to see more of. People love to feel included! What would you say are the keys to success in your business? I like to remind people that being successful means something different to each person. The keys to my success are surrounding myself with a community of supporters, practicing self-care to stay energized and never, ever forgetting my phone. What would you do differently if you were starting in your industry now? I would definitely utilize more video platforms like Youtube. Talk to us about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it? When my ‘expected career’ didn’t go the way I planned I felt as if I had failed and I didn’t know what to do. It was a few years ago when I was pursuing a career that I


wasn’t passionate about. I was doing this because I thought finishing university and finding a job and climbing the corporate ladder was the right thing to do. I remember I was miserable and definitely not a joy to be around! I was scared to start down a new path, especially one that felt very foreign and unfamiliar. I was thankfully able to push past the fear, and as they say, the rest is history. What I learned from that experience was that it’s completely okay to hit the restart button at any point in your life. If something doesn’t make you happy then you need to stop and figure out what does and go after that. Most importantly, it is completely okay if you fail at times and it’s not the worst thing that can happen. Failure is how you learn. Failures, mistakes—they help you grow and they teach you how to improve and find your true calling. My wish is for people to realize that it’s okay if they don’t fit into the mold of what society is telling them to be or where it thinks they ‘should be’—your life is yours and you create your own rules. What has been your biggest customer success story? I love it when people share their stories with me! There’s nothing better than when my followers tell me that I’ve helped to inspire them to be more mindful of their every day choices, or that they’ve found their new favourite brand that they may have not found otherwise. FEBRUARY 2018

What are some of your favourite brands? There are so many brands to choose from, but right now I’m loving Qet Botanicals, True Moringa, BE Biotin, W.ANT and Honestly PHresh. Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why? The “4-Hour Workweek,” by Tim Ferriss is one that has always stuck with me. It helped me realize that there is more out there than the typical 9-5 and being chained to a desk. I also look up to anyone who brings awareness to the importance of banning toxic chemicals from beauty products. I admire women like Emma Watson and Gwyneth Paltrow who are using their platforms to help bring about positive change. What does a typical day in your week look like? I travel quite a bit, so it definitely varies depending on where I am. Most days I’m checking emails, messages and researching new brands and ingredients. My followers rely on me to give them accurate info, so it’s very important that I stay up-to-date on the latest trends and products. I’m naturally inquisitive, so I actually find joy in

the research and I love telling anyone who will listen about my findings. Wellness is also important for my self-care, so I try to incorporate yoga or meditation into my day. What keeps you going when things get tough in your business? Knowing that I’m helping others adopt healthier choices. I want to make a positive impact on this world and helping people drives me to keep going. What are your three favourite restaurants in Vancouver and L.A.? When I’m in Vancouver I love to eat at Cardero’s, Minami or Cuchillo. And there are so many great healthy options in LA, but if I have to only choose three then it would have to be Herringbone, Backyard Bowls and Carmalita’s Kitchen de Mexico. Kale hidden in a shake or kale chips? Or no kale at all? If you can hide the kale in a shake, then why not?! Connect with Kirstie on Instagram @TheGoofyMermaid and find Beauty Gone Green at | FRESH MAGAZINE | 31

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A Serendipitous Path to Connection and Art By Faye Alexander

Clockwise from top-left: Savina Purewal in her studio / “It’s a Twin thing” / “Awaken” / “Ocean series” / “Shore Line”

avina Purewal had never traversed the traditional path of an artist. After long considering herself a counselor first and an artist second, her priorities have begun to shift in place. Her identity as an artist has become a focal point, wearing her talents with increasing comfort and embracing her gift.


She’s created a nurturing space in her home studio located in Delta, BC. Noting she dedicates a minimum of half an hour to her studio each day, and has made the decision to prioritize her creativity. Surrounded by her paints and brushes stimulates her spark to create.

As a former family counselor working closely with marginalized youth, Purewal had always seen artistic expression through a therapeutic lens. While helping her clients to deal with trauma, expressing pain in a non-direct way lead her to explore artistic expression as a means to heal. In spite of the weight of the subject matter she was helping others to overcome, art added a sense of lightness, a strengthened link to the inner child.

An avid backtracker, Purewal’s work is deeply influenced by the enormity and space of nature. As an environmentalist at heart, she sees so much going on in the wilderness around her, which she considers largely obstructed from view by those sheltered in the city. She uses her art as a means to impress upon people to look up from their morning lattes and notice the changes in the world around them.

“When you put yourself in the position of support love and care, when you start it, everything else follows. Deal with what’s in front you, be present to what’s happening—good or bad,” explains Purewal.

A few short years back, hiking through a valley in the backcountry, she noticed there should have been a river. She walked atop the riverbed, no water flowing through it. Her first instinct was to paint, the best method in which to rid herself of the feeling she felt in the absence of the river. Her ocean series, again, was a way to communicate environmental issues without being overly loud or intrusive.

For those without a voice, Purewal helped youth to create a safe outlet to express trauma without having to attach their faces to it. Purewal played an integral role in helping others to emote through canvas, a key step on her magical path of art and connection. “It’s a really nice way to engage people,” explains Purewal, “because anyone can create something on paper. It’s helping people to explore what they can do.” With ‘painter’ rarely being considered a traditional job, Purewal’s transition to art has been organic. Putting her own work in the spotlight was serendipitous. FEBRUARY 2018

Purewal wants others to feel a greater connection to the world around them and the environment they live in. Her work not only aims to create more awareness in an environmental sense, but also a deeper connectedness to one another. She hopes when others view her work, they feel touched and inspired to do some more exploration of their own. | FRESH MAGAZINE | 33



SHOCKINGLY Beautiful INNOVATIVELY Ethical Photographed BY Gustavo Chams Makeup & Hair by Let’s face it Beauty Models: Nova Stevens (DC Mathias) & Stephanie Dietz Photography Assistant: Chloe Bibbings


hat do saving natural communities from deforestation and the creation of luxury ethical jewellery have in common? Lotusland Collections. Based out of West Vancouver, Lotusland Collections was founded by Susan Bibbings in 2011 after her chance meeting with safari lodge owner Tati Oliver, Francesca Soldini, and her design students in Milan along with 200 Maasai women artisans in Kilimanjaro, East Africa. While working in Tanzania in 2009, Susan was made acutely aware of the economic struggles in the area, particularly of the local women. Selling charcoal to support their families, these women were decimating the forests around them and turning once fertile land into desert. Susan was intrigued by the established initiative of Tati and Francesca that created a sustainable income source for these women and their families while preserving the forests of Kilimanjaro. By combining the design genius from Italy and the rich beading traditions of the Maasai, a beautiful business had been born. This encounter brought forth a collaborative opportunity that would


expand this existing concept since Susan wanted to be the bridge to the North American market for this laudable enterprise. Lotusland Collections’ business model is a powerful example of uniting sustainable economic stability and environmental preservation. The Maasai women are compensated through a direct trade model which effectively operates so that the artisans are compensated with fair trade wages paid directly for their work and for each piece. It is a true example of investing in humanity, making an investment in women who are challenged by poverty and providing a solution to protect natural surroundings. The result of such a unique collaboration is the shockingly beautiful, conversation-starting jewellery combining Milan high fashion with rich African beading tradition. It is also very exciting to have Princess Caroline, daughter of Grace Kelly & Prince Rainier III, and former heiress to the throne of Monaco, as a fan of this jewellery. The Princess of Hanover owns the Oldende necklace in black, gold and crystal from the Lotusland Imports 2010 Collection. | FRESH MAGAZINE | 35



The newest Spring/Summer 2018 Kilimanjaro Kollection, shown here, has some of the most exciting pieces to date. The jewellery is currently distributed in Canada, United States, England, Paris, and Milan. All items are available globally online at The Out of Africa Collection features chic handbag and bag designs with a unique African feel. Exquisite artisan craftsmanship using supple, locally tanned cowhides, suedes and cow furs in fashionable colours. Featuring locally sourced embellishments such as ostrich shell and “Angoni� cow horn. This cottage industry has revived leather craftsmanship in the area with training initiatives and fair-trade employment, while salvaging cowhides that otherwise would have gone to waste. Susan Bibbings is also the founder and driving force behind The Dream Big Montessori School, a grassroots initiative bringing together community, corporations and universities to build a village school, water-well and mini solar power station near the shores of Lake Victoria, Tanzania. The school opened its doors in January 2013. Sales revenue from the Lotusland collections have greatly improved life for the entire Maasai community since the artisans now have steady employment, fair wages, favourable working conditions and they can work on their tribal land close to their children.






FEMINISM By Rebecca Coleman


eminism” is the word of the year for 2017, as chosen by MiriamWebster. The loss of a woman’s bid for the Presidency of the United States, The Women’s March, PussyHats, and #MeToo created an explosive wave of searches (more than 70% the previous year) for the word and its definition. It’s curious, because “Feminism” is no new concept. It began in Canada in the early 1900’s when women campaigned to get the vote, and continued on through the second world war, when women became an increasingly important part of the work force, while the men were away fighting. In the 60’s, women claimed their reproductive rights. The events of the past year have caused a huge resurgence in the conversations around feminism and empowering women. What are some ways that we, as women, can help to build up other women, and create this environment of empowerment? We talked to three badass entrepreneurs: Tosca Reno (best-selling author & health expert), Lori Joyce (CEO at Betterwith Foods), and Aeryon Ashlie (fitness expert & coach), and asked them for some of their tips on how women can better empower other women. Here is their advice.

Support other women. This means recommending and supporting women-led businesses where possible. Put your money where your mouth is, and let your wallet do the talking. Build other women up. Speaking of talking, give a gal a compliment. And don’t just say something nice about her hair or her shoes or her eyebrows. Say something nice about her brain— about a point that she made that was really smart, or how much you enjoyed her recent Facebook post about trying to maintain balance. They won’t be the only ones who will benefit: “I find it empowering to encourage other women,” says Aeryon Ashlie. “When we want the best for others, we then model generosity for our children and reap the rewards of caring relationships.” And, in an Instagramobsessed world, it’s even more important that we direct these kinds of compliments to young girls, so that they can grow up knowing that their value is much greater than just their looks. It works the other way around, as well. Lori Joyce, CEO of Betterwith Foods, for example, asks herself: “which person, or women inspires me and makes me want to be smarter and stronger? How can I be like them? What do I need to do to get there? It’s about raising the bar and elevating the standard. I feel if I’m waiting around for approval or compliments, then I’m not 100% confident on what I’m doing. Do you notice that? When you know, you know, and you don’t

need any affirmation. You decide your move and you go and you don’t look back or care about what everyone else is saying.” Speak up. As women, we tend to undersell ourselves. This comes from a place of not being comfortable with tooting our own horns, and is likely a learned behavior, as often it’s not received very well when we do. But the key is to keep doing it, until we (and the rest of the world) start to feel comfortable with it. Mentor. No matter who you are or what you do, there’s probably someone out there that can benefit from your skills and abilities. Share them. Even just the act of living your truth can be inspirational. Listen to your gut. A very powerful advantage that we as women have is a clearer sense of intuition. Listen to it, because it’s seldom wrong. Often, if you are feeling loathe to do something, there is a reason for that which may not be entirely clear to you, but might become clear later. Your intuition will be what’s guiding you. Also, be really clear about your purpose. It will help you to make those big decisions—whether or not something is right for you. “Empowerment,” says Tosca Reno, New York Times Bestselling Author, “comes from the courage to face yourself, learn the lessons and commit to your purpose. Others can’t help but follow.” Don’t apologize for needing down/family time. The world is changing. It’s okay to spend time with your family, it’s okay to take time for self-care. Arianna Huffington says: “We need to change our language around business. Working 24/7 should not be rewarded.” And she’s right! Working all the time is not healthy, and leads to nothing but burnout and exhaustion. Self-care. You need it. We all need it. Many of us have been raised to defer everyone else’s needs over our own, but the only way to change this attitude is to put our own need first, and not apologize for it. It will probably feel weird and uncomfortable at first, but ultimately, you will be a much happier person, and the people around you will adjust. “I count on and rely on what I can control and what makes me feel better,” says Joyce. “A work out, for example.” For more of this conversation, attend the 26th Annual Wellness Show (which takes place at the Vancouver Convention Centre on February 17 and 18, 2017), where Tosca, Lori and Aeryon will be participating in a lively panel discussion hosted by Fresh Magazine entitled “Women Empowering Women” on Saturday, February 17 at 2 p.m. For more info, visit

Mistakes People Make When Creating Change in Their Life or Work By Ali Davies If you want to create change in your life or work, it is useful to be aware of common mistakes that many people make. Being aware of those common mistakes will help you to be proactive with avoiding them so you can set yourself up to succeed. To help you with that, here are nine mistakes people make when creating change. Avoiding these common mistakes when you want to create change in your life or work will help you set yourself up to succeed with the results that matter most to you.

Asking the wrong people for advice The advice you take can have a big impact on your choices, decisions, actions and, therefore, your results. Are the people giving you advice about your change project the best people to listen to and take advise from? Do they have experience of the change you want to create? Are they an expert in that field? Choose wisely who you listen to.

Trying to change too much at once

Not factoring in learning and education

Creating change successfully requires extra time, focus, planning, and energy, in addition to your normal dayto-day commitments and responsibilities. Trying to change too much at once can lead to mistakes, reduce your personal effectiveness and, ultimately, failure. It also increases stress and feeling overwhelmed. Make sure you are not trying to change too much at once.

People often launch into creating change without considering if there is anything they need to learn to achieve their desired results successfully. Big mistake! Ask yourself, “What do I need to learn to create this change successfully?� as part of your planning process.

Not simplifying their schedule and commitments If your schedule is already packed with commitments and you are constantly busy, then it is going to be very hard for you to commit the necessary time, attention, energy and effort to create change successfully. Look for ways to simplify your schedule and commitments.

Not working on improving personal effectiveness Your level of personal effectiveness drives your results. Focusing on your effectiveness, behaviour, and habits and how they can be improved is critical to your success.

Not creating a support network As you navigate the path of change having the right support around you is invaluable. People who can be a sounding board, an accountability partner, or for motivation and morale boosting if the going gets tough. Put in place a support system.

Not seeking expert help It can take you weeks, months and even years to struggle through creating change if it is something you have never done before or not in your skill set. Seeking out expert help can speed up the process of change, avoid wasting time, reduce mistakes and set you up to succeed.

Don’t take care of themselves Not creating enough reserves Creating change often requires more reserves than usual. What I mean by reserves are things like reserves of finances, support, energy, time etc. Make identifying and building reserves part of your planning process.

Creating change successfully requires reserves of mental and physical energy. Make sure you have a strong self-care routine that boosts and maintains your mental and physical energy. Reduce or eliminate the things that drain you.

Ali Davies is a Consultant, Change Strategist, and Coach. She helps people create change to achieve the results that matter most to them, in life, work and business. To learn more about Ali and her work, check out her website at



Falling in Love ST A RTS




By Dr. Kelvin P. Mah


ebruary is the month for love. Romance is in the air as all the stores adorn themselves in Valentine’s decor and couples celebrate with their significant others. But where does love come from? It’s not a magic perfume or a box of chocolates. It’s not a bouquet or any one act of romance.

Love means making yourself vulnerable to sharing your flaws while embracing the flaws of another. In order to do that, we must first love ourselves on some level. I’m currently working on a project to help people do just that. We may be unhappy with our career, our home life, or anything in between; however, it’s important to remember that these are all linked. A happy home life allows you to focus on your career. A happy career allows you to focus on yourself. And when you’re 100% happy, what else is there? This personal excellence is best summed up in my hygienist, Jessica. As a teen, Jessica was concerned with the appearance of her smile. This affected aspects of her life because it influenced her selfimage and confidence. Like her, we all can be self-critical. Whether it’s our appearance or something else, confidence can be fragile without a positive self-image. Ask yourself, “what do I want?” Jessica, of course, wanted to be confident and not to be self conscious about her smile. Being unhappy with your smile can be debilitating. Imagine stifling your smile, not being able to laugh, silencing your voice. Some of you may already have this experience and know exactly what Jessica went through. She did not know her options and was hesitant to pull at the thread of “what ifs”. We can all get ahead of ourselves and feel overwhelmed. Anxiety happens to the best of us and it’s human nature to protect ourselves. You’re not a pessimist for thinking about the negative consequence along with the positive. The trick is being realistic and being prepared. Jessica came to me and together we made plans for a smile transformation. Like a dental procedure, happiness and personal excellence must be planned. A large goal is overwhelming but committing to small tasks that lead toward that goal can be invigorating. As with all my smile transformations, Jessica’s treatment plan was meticulously planned out. We thoroughly went through all her options to ensure she fully understood what she was getting into.

Fear happens in the unknown. The more we know and the more we prepare for, the more confident we are of the outcome. Jessica was understandably nervous at first. Change can be scary, especially when it comes to changing one’s appearance permanently. The pursuit of true happiness and personal excellence is inherently scary. Searching for a deeper meaning and reaching beyond what you thought possible means that there’s no playbook to follow. You’re on a tightrope without a net. Each step seems more and more precarious with each new personal achievement. Here it is again -- the unknown. Whether it’s changing one’s appearance or changing one’s career, sometimes we must embrace our fears and run towards the unknown. Once we completed Jessica’s smile transformation, she was overjoyed with the results. She could have never imagined feeling so happy. She no longer had to worry about stifling her smile, covering her mouth, or silencing her voice. Like Jessica, going above and beyond the goals we set out for ourselves provides immense satisfaction. Not only is it cathartic to have everything go so well, but it’s also motivating to continue to grow and explore potential. Beyond Jessica’s dental procedures was the answer to the question, “What do you want?” The treatment was just the means to what all of us want—happiness. Whether professionally, personally, or otherwise, happiness doesn’t have to be an abstract notion that overwhelms us. Happiness is something we can plan and prepare for. The road to happiness is paved by personal excellence. Jessica is a joy to work with and exudes both a confidence and contentment that’s infectious. We love Jessica because she loves herself. Jessica exemplifies our approach to enriching lives one smile at a time. Her journey reminds my team and I of the significance and importance of what we do. This month, while you look at the Valentine’s decor or spend time with your significant other, remember that love comes from within. Love yourself and achieve personal excellence. It may seem odd to get a lesson on love from a dentist but I firmly believe that we don’t work with teeth, we work with people. We work with you to ensure a positive self image and strong self confidence. We know that you deserve more out of life than you know. Thank you Jessica for allowing us to honour our mission of “enriching lives, one smile at a time.”

Dr. Kelvin P. Mah believes in helping people—not merely treating problems—and takes a dedicated interest in the health and wellness of each individual patient. His award-winning Smile City Square Dental practice reflects a zen-like atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. He is also a graduate of UBC’s prestigious Dental School and is an instructor with the Frontier Institute. Discover the transformative possibilities of modern artisan dentistry at, and visit Smile City Square Dental on Facebook at

When You Feel Like Giving Up, That’s When You Should Put Your Foot Down and Double Your Speed DAWN’S STO R Y. MANY P EO P LE’ S S TORY


or many people, their occupation is their job—not so with Dawn Craig. For her, being a Registered Massage Therapist is her purpose; it’s something she believes in. Dawn wanted to study human science since childhood and chose this career because she witnessed first-hand how amazing the benefits of massage therapy are. Dawn has been athletic throughout her life. Participating in track and field events, competitive horseback riding, long-distance running and weight training, she has had many opportunities to experience pain. It wasn’t until a motor vehicle crash in 2013 that she truly understood what her patients were going through in dealing with injuries and pain. Dawn’s injuries threatened her career and threatened her infamous mental strength to overcome anything. She believes that when you feel like giving up, that’s when you’re on the edge of something amazing, and that’s when you should put your foot down and double your speed. The healing process can sometimes be very difficult and discouraging, but if there is ever anyone with such dedication to her tasks, who can work incessantly to find a solution to a problem, it is Dawn. Dawn turned first to her Registered Massage Therapy colleagues for help to recover from her injuries. Dawn’s RMTs located and treated her specific injuries and sources of pain, including the neurological component, and gave her encouragement and understanding about what was happening in her body. Sometimes when we have pain, it just hurts, and we cannot figure out what to do about it. Registered Massage Therapists can, and this is where Dawn and her team excel every day.

Dawn is grateful every day to be able to work alongside her amazing colleagues at dawn Registered Massage Therapy Clinic. She has developed a strong group of like-minded RMTs who she is eternally proud to call her friends. Together, they supersede the expectations of their patients, of each other and of their profession by committing their focus at work, and in their personal lives, on the wellness and advancement of themselves and of their patients. Dawn always ensures that her team is motivated and well developed to provide safe, effective health care with the very highest level of customer service. They are proud to be primary healthcare professionals who utilize the most current scientific research and education in their practices. We believe in the body’s incredible capacity to heal. Don’t give up. If you are struggling with a musculoskeletal injury or pathology, consider Registered Massage Therapy to help you heal.

Unit 104, 8501 162 Street, Surrey, BC V4N 1B2 (604) 593-6653 •

7 Steps to Creating Your Manifesto for More Impact By Jennifer Henczel


e empowered by writing your manifesto. Your manifesto is not a description. Your manifesto is a declaration! A manifesto inspires action, movement and community. Love who you are and what you bring to the world. Declare it. Own it. Be it. Live it. I’ve created a structure to help people better express their message. Manifestos come in many forms, but reflecting on these statements and answering these questions is a great place to start:

1. Quote or Statement Start with a favourite quote or statement that encompasses your values, passion and purpose.

2. I Believe… Exclaim what you believe. This is an overview of your essence and the other items in this list. Make it concise, yet powerful.

3. My Superpower is… What is your greatest gift to the world? If you’re not sure, what do other people say are your greatest strengths?

4. My Purpose is…

Here is my manifesto as an example...

“Build Bridges, Not Walls.” I believe that people want to connect, and they want to connect with YOU. My superpower is connecting with people, and connecting people with others and the resources they need to succeed. My purpose is working with business owners, leaders, and influencers who are overwhelmed with all the marketing options, and helping them navigate through the choices to create a client attraction system that works.

How will your serve the world with your passion? You know what you were born to do, so make it your focus. This is your time and your manifesto. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

It’s all about leaders empowering leaders, helping people to help more people, and building strong circles of support together. Gratitude. Reciprocity. Encouragement. Communication. Community.

5. It’s All About…

We need each other. Being an entrepreneur can be isolating. Take a break from your screens, and make meaningful connections by meeting face-to-face with others. Join a group of like -minded people. Be revived. Be renewed.

Choose your top five power words. What really moves you and excites you. These are the words that resonate with you at your deepest core.

6. Three Things I Want to Tell the World… What are the most important and substantial things you want people to know that will inspire and motivate them? Do you see solutions to a problem? These are things you are passionate about, and that you want the world to know!

7. Closing Exclamation… Make it powerful! For example, mine is “We are better together!” Now, I’d love to hear all about your manifesto. Connect with me for more examples of manifestos, and download a manifesto template that you can use to create your own manifesto poster at

Focus on what you can give, not take. Expand your reach. Opportunities are abundant. Create meaningful connections with fellow inspired influencers. Don’t compete, find ways to collaborate instead. Collaboration is always more effective than competition. Realize your true value. See other’s true value. Participate in education and enlightenment to better your life and the world around you. Join me in this movement of connecting, collaborating, and celebrating! We are better together!

Jennifer Henczel is an award-winning leader, author, influence strategist, and founder of Connect Now Business Network, Inspired Influencers Academy, and Story Academy. Through her Authorized Leadership program, she is raising up leaders in communities throughout BC, and beyond, to create entrepreneurial circles of support and income for themselves and others. As a Strategist, she helps clients to navigate all the marketing options to create an effective client attraction system that works! Jennifer has 20+ years of experience in leadership roles, speaking, training, online marketing, and delivering workshops and seminars for universities, government funded training centres, and corporate clients.

What are your magic words? Copywriting and ghostwriting services for entrepreneurs, speakers, and leaders building next-level brands.

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Non-Toxic, Organic, Natural, Eco-Friendly Products FOR EXPECTING MOMS, MOMS, AND THEIR BABIES

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Fresh Magazine Issue #43  

Fresh Magazine Issue #43 February 2018 featuring an interview with Jessica Mulroney

Fresh Magazine Issue #43  

Fresh Magazine Issue #43 February 2018 featuring an interview with Jessica Mulroney

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