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Anna Shalal

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Sarah Goodman

Anna Shalal has been working in the makeup and hair industry in Vancouver, BC, for over 15 years. She studied at the Vancouver Film School, New Image College, and the UKbased Mastered Val Garland School of Make-up.

Stephanie Hinton is the founder of Breathe Athletic, a high end, North American made, activewear and lifestyle clothing store based in Victoria, BC. They serve adventurous women who dare to be different, and want their workout and casual wardrobes to be stylish and unique.

When is the last time you had your portrait taken, whether for fun or for business? Kristy Powers owns a boutique photography studio in downtown Langley, BC, and believes every woman should have amazing photos of herself. Beauty, branding, and boudoir are her specialties.

Sarah Goodman is the CEO of VitalSines, a health-technology startup in Vancouver, BC. Sarah’s passion for health and wellness started when she ran her own fitness and nutrition company in 2011. When her father, Dr. Jess Goodman, approached her with his latest health technology invention iHeart in 2012, it was nowhere near ready for sale. Sarah jumped at the chance to help him bring his health tech product to market.

She is passionate about allow the absolute best in her clients to shine through. If she works with you, she wants you to feel like your “ultimate you”. Some of her clients have included the US Pro Women’s Soccer Team; the UFC’s Ronda Rousey, Benson Henderson, and Jon Jones; Lauren Berlingeri, Elysia Rotaru, ESPN’s Jesse Palmer, SEGA’s Relic Studios, RHOV’s Reiko Mackenzie, and EA SPORTS. Learn more about Anna at AnnaShalalMakeup.com

Stephanie loves what she does because she has created a space where women can relax and enjoy one to one customer service while shopping. She feels good about the fact that Breathe only sells collections made in Vancouver and Los Angeles. She believes in supporting a local economy and reducing her venture’s carbon footprint. Being a business owner also means Stephanie has the freedom to work the hours she chooses. That means she can spend quality time with her family, or get out to hike mountains, paddle board, or sweat it out in the hot yoga room. To get a 10% off discount code for first orders, visit BreatheAthletic.com

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Kristy and her clients collaboratively determine the direction of their photo sessions. Jeans? Perfect! Business attire? Definitely! Glamourous dress? Um, yes please! A session with Kristy is more than just a photo shoot—it’s a portrait couture experience with service and direction every step of the way. Kristy will calm those nerves and leave her clients feeling uplifted and empowered. The images she creates are a lifetime legacy. Her goal is to use her photography to spread the word on important messages through her new blog series, “this is life.” Contact Kristy if you have a story to share! She would love to connect with you at KristyPowers.ca or @kristypowers.ca on Instagram.

iHeart is a fingertip device and mobile application. It determines a user’s internal age in 30 seconds by measuring aortic pulse wave velocity, a scientifically proven heart health, brain health, and internal health metric. Before iHeart, the only method to measure aortic pulse wave velocity was a $25,000 medical device. The VitalSines team has developed a user-friendly, cost effective tool for monitoring the effect lifestyle choices have on both short and long term internal health. Sarah is proud to be part of a company that is increasing lifespans and educating people. Learn more about iHeart at GoiHeart.com JULY/AUGUST 2016

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Fresh Magazine Issue #36  

Fresh Magazine Issues #36 July/August 2016 featuring an article with ET Canada's Cheryl Hickey.

Fresh Magazine Issue #36  

Fresh Magazine Issues #36 July/August 2016 featuring an article with ET Canada's Cheryl Hickey.