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Huntington Learning Center Back in 1977, founder Eileen Huntington gave up her safe, tenure-track career as a teacher to start a tutoring business. She saw how kids struggled with basic writing, reading, and math skills and knew she could make a difference. The company continues her mission to give every student the best education possible. “We have created an industry that changes lives every day. We have created multimillionaire franchisees, who are leaders in their communities. We helped improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of students and families,” says Huntington. Learn more at

Kona Ice Shaved ice is their business, but fundraising is Kona Ice's mission. Every year, franchisees raise millions for community organizations across the nation. Among Kona's many programs is CANS FOR KONA, a canned food drive that helps schools raise money and TEAM UP, a program that helps local sports teams purchase items like new jerseys and equipment. Find out more at

LearningRx Learning RX helps struggling students with reading, memory, attention, and learning with their innovative “brain training” programs. Through a series of intense—but fun—mental exercises, the program works on the way the brain thinks, learns, reads, and remembers. Find out more at

Big Blue Swim School With the goal to encourage transformations in kids, Big Blue Swim Schools teaches basic swim skills and helps children develop important life skills like courage, perseverance and hard work. Learn more at

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