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Unique Business Opportunities

Not traditional franchises, these companies offer a unique model for business ownership.

Allstate Insurance

Allstate has grown to be a leader in the insurance industry. From helping pass historic seatbelt legislation to responding to national catastrophes, Allstate's history is rich. Investors can maximize revenue through multiple product offerings and own multiple locations. Learn more at www.allstateagent.com


Offering more healthy options than you'd find in a traditional vending machine, Naturals2Go has options like seeds and nuts, beef jerky, and protein bars. A scalable business opportunity, Naturals2Go helps investors place vending machines in great locations. The company uses the latest technology in vending and gives tremendous support to investors. Learn more at www.naturals2go.com

WaterStation Technology

Plastic water bottles last for 1,000 years before they are disintegrated. Waterstation Technologies built a business around reducing that problem. This eco-friendly business offers consumers self-serve purification systems that produce premium mineral water that is not only more affordable than most bottled water, but much more ecologically responsible. Offering a passive ownership model, investors enjoy other revenue streams, including digital advertising. Learn more at www.waterstationtechnology.com


SIGNworld provides commercial custom signage and graphics. This is a flexible business opportunity for people-oriented individuals who can manage a sales and production business. Learn more at www.signworld.org