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Game Changers: Brands that make a difference

Turning heads with a unique product:

 These brands will make you look twice with an eye-catching product or unique service


Hommati, a franchise business that offers innovative ways to help real estate agents get their listings noticed more quickly. Services include virtual staging, aerial videos and photography using drones, 3D interactive tours, and virtual reality tours.

The story behind Hommati is part love story and part entrepreneurial journey. Innovator Jerry Clum was living alone in a very large house after his kids went to college. He decided to sell, and, in the process, he fell in love with his real estate agent. Soon he was inspired to create Hommati, an ingenious new franchise that lets real estate agents use cutting-edge technology to sell homes.

“I convinced my real estate agent to have dinner with me, and we hit it off right away. Being business-minded professionals, we often discussed our work and we would share our frustrations concerning our respective industries,” he says. “In learning about some of the newest challenges in the real estate industry, I saw a huge opportunity to be able to build a business model around it. For me, the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity. And this was a good one.”

Clum did his research, including going out in the field with real estate agents, and came to the conclusion that he could fill a niche with a unique business model. He launched Hommati in 2017. Offering innovative services like virtual staging, aerial videos and photography using drones, 3D interactive tours, and virtual reality tours, Hommati gives real estate agents tools to get their listings noticed quickly.

“Millennials are going to be the majority of home buyers soon. They were born using technology and expect a digital experience in almost everything they do,” Clum says. “Now, 92 percent of homes are being found on the Internet. Why show a picture of a vacant house when you can virtually stage it? It makes all the difference and is significantly less expensive and more efficient than physical staging. With Hommati, we are setting the trend rather than following one. We are adding tremendous value for real estate agents by offering them more ways to market homes and to get leads at a cost that is unprecedented. It’s a win-win for all.”

Offering franchise opportunities since January 2018, Hommati is growing quickly with 30 territories already awarded. “While we want to grow quickly, we feel it’s important to control our growth and only award franchises to the candidates that best fit our model. We are very particular about who is awarded a franchise. We’re looking for franchisees who are extremely passionate about this concept, who are good communicators, and who want to follow a system,” Clum says.

A home-based model, Hommati franchisees enjoy low overhead, quick ROI, and recurring revenue. Investors can run the business as owner-operators and scale as they grow. “There is really nothing else like it out there. We are changing the way real estate agents do business.”

Learn more at www.hommati.com

Hommati, a franchise business that offers innovative ways to help real estate agents get their listings noticed more quickly. Services include virtual staging, aerial videos and photography using drones, 3D interactive tours, and virtual reality tours.



It’s not everyday that you see a shiny, bright green school bus driving down the road. Offering the ultimate in mobile franchising, THE FUN BUS brings fun, fitness, and learning to children in schools, daycare, and at special events. Owners enjoy low overhead and quick ROI with this home-based business. Learn more at www.funbuses.com

Diesel Barbershop

A self-described “mancave for haircuts,” Diesel Barbershop is a modern-day version of the corner barbershop. Customers get services like the signature “Diesel Plus” (haircut, neck shave, shampoo, scalp massage, hot towel face treatment, and shoulder massage), while they watch sports on TV, play video games, or enjoy a local craft beer or soda. Learn more at www.dieselbarbershop.com

Schooley Mitchell

Schooley Mitchell acts as a go-between for businesses and their vendors, helping them get reduced rates on operational services such as cable, telephone, and shipping. It’s a no-brainer for customers, because most services are offered on a contingency basis, where the client only pays a portion of their savings realized through Schooley Mitchell’s advice. Learn more at www.schooleymitchell.com

Poke Burri

With creative menu items like sushi donuts, tempura fried bacon, and pizza-shaped sushi, Poke Burri is turning heads with unique offerings. The newly franchised, Atlanta, Georgiabased restaurant is getting lots of attention on social media. Learn more at www.pokeburri.com


Bio-One is a game-changer franchise and then some. As a bio-hazard and decontamination service, the franchise turns heads by offering unique services. Among other jobs, the company safely cleans up after homicides and suicides, takes care of messes left by hoarders, properly removes medical waste, disposes of rodent waste, and disinfects areas affected by rats, mice, pigeons, cockroaches, and other rodents. This niche business allows entrepreneurs to own a business with low overhead and high profit margins. While Bio-One may not be for everyone, it is a business to feel good about. With a company credo “Help First, Business Second,” Bio-One is dedicated to helping people in times of crisis. “We make a difference instead of just making a living,” says Jason OBrien, president and CEO of Bio-One, Inc.

Bio-One is in demand—and it often makes headlines. When a gunman opened fire on a crowd of concert-goers at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay back in 2017, Bio-One took care of the cleanup. “We were hired directly by the FBI. Several of our franchisees responded to the call, putting their families and businesses to the side to help,” says OBrien. “Our culture is a family-like atmosphere. It’s a camaraderie similar to what you would find in the military.”

Though Bio-One’s services may be unique, many people want in. In fact, OBrien turns down potential investors on a regular basis. “If a potential franchisee is only interested in the bottom line, we will look elsewhere,” he says. “While there is a lot of potential to make a lot of money, we want to parter with people who are committed to helping others. That’s what we’re all about.”

Learn more at www.biooneinc.com

Senior Helpers Town Square

An innovative adult day care, Senior Helpers Town Square is a simulated village made to look like it’s from the 1950s. With a goal to trigger memories for people with dementia, the centers contain a number of vignettes that offer interactive activities for seniors, such as a full-service 50’s diner (top, left) and a movie theater that plays classic films. Using what's called “reminiscence therapy,” Senior Helpers Town Square uses these prompts to help elicit long-term memories, reduce anxiety, and improve mood and sleep quality in those with dementia. Learn more at www.shtownsquarefranchise.com

Smoke’s Poutinerie

Serving a new twist on the classic Canadian dish poutine, Smoke’s Poutinerie’s menu consists of gravy-covered fries loaded with a variety of more than 30 toppings. This fast-casual dining experience draws huge crowds, especially with the young, downtown, urban population. Learn more at www.smokespoutinerie.com

Blue Moon Estate Sales

Putting a franchise system behind an estate-sales business was just what the fragmented market needed. With standardized systems in place, Blue Moon Estate Sales professionalized the industry. Franchisees benefit from mutual collaboration and indepth training. Learn more at www.bluemoonestatesales.com

Maui Wowi® Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies

A mobile smoothie and coffee shop, Maui Wowi brings a little Aloha to tournaments, festivals, concerts, and even indoor events with a wheeled “Ka’anapali Cart.” Founders Jeff and Jill Summerhays built the business to provide their ’ohana (family) a healthy alternative to sugar and fat-laden foods that are typically found at events. Learn more at www.mauiwowifranchise.com

Options For Senior America

Offering a low-cost business that helps seniors stay at home longer, Options for Senior America delivers unique services including its seven-day “live-in” program, which enables a more comforting and cost effective way of providing seniors 24-hour coverage. Learn more at www.optionscorp.com

Row House

Row House offers an updated workout with an old favorite—the rowing machine. This boutique fitness gym offers group classes and an efficient, low-impact, high-energy, full-body workout for any fitness level. The goal is to unite people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities through a love of rowing. Learn more at www.therowhouse.com

Vapor Galleria

Getting in on the movement away from tobacco, Vapor Galleria offers unique vaping stores and e-Liquid tasting bars. Their proprietary products and e-liquids are manufactured in their own labs to ensure consistency and quality control. Learn more at www.vaporgalleria.com


Just like the name suggests, B. GOOD has a mission to make a positive change in the fast-casual space by serving healthy, sustainably sourced, and hand-prepared fresh food. Sourcing as much as possible from local, independent farmers, they are committed to social and environmental impact. Learn more at www.bgood.com


The folks at Cinnaholic offer more than just your average “old fashioned” cinnamon roll. They serve the ultimate do-it-yourself cinnamon roll. Customers can choose from a variety of frosting flavors and add as many toppings as they like. The result is an eye-catching, Instagram-worthy concoction, that turns heads and keeps folks coming back for more. An added bonus: The rolls are vegan. Learn more at www.cinnaholic.com


9Round answers the demand for a fun and efficient exercise routine. Members get a full-body workout that combines cardio and resistance training by going through a 30-minute circuit of nine stations. Franchisees enjoy a fast-growing business with low cost of entry. Learn more at www.9Round.com

Kono Pizza

Much neater and more portable than a traditional slice, Kono Pizzas are cone shaped and filled with fresh, quality ingredients. Offered as a mobile concept, franchisees can set up shop at concerts, festivals, and sporting events. Kiosk models are also available. Learn more at www.konousa.com

Waters Edge Wineries

Waters Edge Wineries enables an investor to start up his own winery in a retail setting. The company considers it a “micro-winery,” since you won’t grow or crush grapes like at traditional vineyards. Instead, you outsource those functions to a network of growers, which lowers the cost of ownership. Learn more at www.watersedgewineries.com

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids

Once a dreaded necessity for both parents and kids, haircuts are now a fun activity for the whole family. While getting a trim at Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids, children can sit in novelty chairs, watch cartoons, or play video games. Sharkey’s also offers haircuts for parents. Learn more at www.sharkeyscutsforkids.com

K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel

Think a five-star hotel for dogs is over the top? Think again. This fast-growing franchise is turning heads and winning over customers by offering highend services like luxury boarding and hospital-grade ventilation systems. Learn more at www.k9resorts.com

Challenge Island

Challenge Island gets kids interested in learning by taking an innovative approach to teaching STEAM (science, technology, engineering, math, and art). Creating age-appropriate themed challenges, inspired by the ones from the hit show “Survivor,” Challenge Island enables kids to have fun while developing important life skills such as collaboration, compromise, resilience, and critical thinking. Learn more at www.challenge-island.com

Clean Juice

Clean Juice founders Landon and Kat Eckles were looking to live a healthier lifestyle and spend more time with family. In doing so, they created Clean Juice, the only juice franchise that is USDA certified organic. This fast-growing brand has gained a loyal customer base for its high-quality, fresh ingredients and excellent service. Learn more at www.cleanjuice.com