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60 This unlikely team is reinventing the billboard.

Life is good for these rock-star franchisees.

This CEO plans to disrupt the senior care industry.

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1. Your June lineup of stories and features 2. An amazing resource for everything franchising

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DEPARTMENTS 21 Buzzword 37

What’s trending now.


Franchising’s latest headlines.

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Here's what you need to know about food trucks.

Mariah Bohn on diversification. An entrepreneurial journey with purpose.


Diana Capirano on franchise ownership.


Ashly Loza on teamwork.


Trending businesses you want to know about.

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Make a difference and make money.

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60 FEATURES 57 Special Section: Mobile

Mobile is a hot new industry. Or is it?

62 Get Rolling

Mobile businesses are changing franchising

66 Winning Strategy

Both sides benefit from PuroClean’s assistance to veterans.

68 Multiple Choice

Should you make the leap into multiunit ownership?

70 A Day in the Life

See how FASTSIGNS® franchisee Gaby Mullinax spends her day.

72 Is Every Business Franchisable?

There's a lot to consider before franchising a business.






AND NO... AUTOMOTIVE EXPERIENCE IS NOT REQUIRED! LEARN MORE AT JOINBIGOtires.com *The number reflected above is a part of the average sales per store information for the calendar year 2017 for stores that reported sales for each and every month during 2017 (the “Included Stores”). The average given is for the top 162 stores out of a total of 385 Included Stores, representing approximately 42% of the total Included Stores. 61 (or 37.7%) of the 162 top Included Stores met or exceeded the stated average. The figures are based on actual monthly sales reports submitted by Big O franchisees for the purpose of computing royalty fees. We do not know if the figures reported to us by franchisees were audited. We have not independently audited or verified the accuracy of these numbers, and we do not know if these numbers have been verified or audited on behalf of the franchisees. A new franchisee’s results may differ from the represented performance. See Item 19 of the Big O 2018 FDD for further information.


CHANGE LIVES THROUGH FITNESS, NUTRITION, AND MOTIVATION Low Initial Investment • Small Center Footprint No Costly Equipment • Little to No Inventory Simple Build-Out • High ROI Innovative Marketing • Unmatched Corporate Support Comprehensive Training

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October 2019 50 Remarkable Female Franchisors

\�le-tər \ noun

1. A welcome note from our publisher 2. Alesia Visconti on franchising When people hear that I am in the franchise industry, there are two questions I get asked the most: "What are the hottest opportunities?" and "What kind of financing is available?"




The WOW 50 meet all or most of the following criteria. These women:

• Empower other

women to succeed

• Help others with their business

• Fill a niche in the market

that benefits families and other women

• Disrupt a business category

• Inspire others to make change

Whatever their story, these fearless women all had the courage to take a risk. They inspire us, motivate us, and awe us. Do you know a WOW franchisor? Or are you one yourself? We’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the nomination on our website.

FranchiseDictionary THE ABC’S OF FRANCHISING


The first question is the hardest to answer because it's subjective. What's hot for one person may be of no interest to another. Some people define "hot" to be a new and emerging brand, one with just a unit or two open and plenty of territory available. Others define "hot" as a tried-and-true legacy brand with a history of strong return on investment (ROI). Others define "hot" to be a resale—for example, an owner is selling his or her existing business after 10 years of operation. So a nebulous definition of "hot" automatically puts this question into the gray zone. My definition of "hot" is the brand that works best for your goals, lifestyle, and investment range. Someone who wants to have a big staff is going to define a brand being hot very differently from someone who is looking for an owner-operator model. Hence, emphasis should be on what brand suits YOU most and brings YOU closer to the next chapter in your life. It's a bit akin to ice cream: When someone asks what flavor is best, it’s safe to say all the varieties give us the opportunity to choose more than just vanilla. With regard to financing, you can pursue many avenues. Franchises come in an array of investment levels, and while you'll need some cash down, a good credit score and a helpful funding specialist will go a long way to steer you in the right direction. Two of the most popular options are a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan and a 401(k) rollover. There are others as well, but the notion that you have to be wealthy to own a franchise is a myth. Today, an average person can start his or her own business through franchising. And that's the hottest opportunity of all! Yours in FRAN-ship!

Alesia Visconti Publisher/CEO avisconti@franchisedictionarymagazine.com

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\�le-tər \ noun

1. A welcome note from our editor 2. Writing your own story

Storytelling has become a big buzzword for marketers today. And yes, they are on to something. People love hearing stories. A great success story, or one of struggle, resonates. Every brand has an interesting story to tell and every franchisee does, too. The following pages are filled with incredible accounts from both. Taking that leap of faith, whether it’s risking it all to launch a business or changing careers to invest in a franchise, is truly fascinating.

FranServe 2019 Convention & Expo July 7-10 Denver, CO

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Take Venuste “Venu” Kubwimana, a youth activist and social entrepreneur. As a young teen, he struggled to meet daily basic needs. His experience drove him to create A Water Kiosk at School, a school-based and student-managed program that sells clean tap water to community residents at affordable prices. Read more about Kubwimana’s amazing journey on page 26. On page 50, we talk to Senior Helpers CEO Peter Ross. Find out what prompted him to launch Senior Helpers Town Square, an innovative senior day care program that he says is “a Disney World for seniors.” If you’re exploring franchise opportunities and want a better feel for what’s out there, read on. Our pages are filled with stories that will inspire you. We hope you enjoy this issue and get excited about writing your own story of franchise success. All the best,

Jill Abrahamsen Editor-in-Chief editor@franchisedictionarymagazine.com

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As a growing $29 billion industry, signage and graphics will be in demand as long as businesses need to be seen. FASTSIGNS® will be there to create captivating, high performing visuals for businesses around the world. • Over 700 locations in 9 countries • Business-to-Business hours • Low staffing requirement • Professional business clientele

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“I was surprised at the daily support we have with the corporate office and other franchise owners in the system that are truly there for my wife and I. I know I can call or text anytime with simple and complex questions." Steve & Renae Adrian - Lynchburg, VA

VISIT US AT IFE IN NEW YORK CITY! BOOTH #214 For more information: Mark Jameson | 214-346-5679 | mark.jameson@fastsigns.com www.fastsigns.com

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June 2019 Publisher/CEO Alesia Visconti

Editor-in-Chief Jill Abrahamsen



VP of Franchise Expansion Joan Winchester

Senior Editor Mary Vinnedge Staff Writers Rochelle Miller, Deanna Pledge

joan@franchisedictionarymagazine.com Direct: 610-724-7084

Associate Editor Maria Tattoli

Senior Executive Coordinator Michele Goitiandia

Web Designer Audra DeFalco


Contributors Jonathan Barber, Geoff Batchelder, Mariah Bohn, Diana Capirano, Nancy Friedman, Brian LaCour, Jessica Melendez

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FranchiseDictionary FranchiseDictionary FranchiseDictionary FranchiseDictionary FranchiseDictionary Road Warrior JUNE 2019








ROAD WARRIOR Entrepreneur Don Powers figured out a way to be the best in his business. His mobile franchise, Fitness Machine Technicians (FMT), is a simple concept but succeeds where so many of his competitors have failed. His secret sauce? Customer service. See his full story on page 58.



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60 This unlikely team is reinventing the billboard.

Life is good for these rock-star franchisees.

This CEO plans to disrupt the senior care industry.

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FranchiseDictionary THE ABC’S OF FRANCHISING

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1. A compilation of franchising trends 2. What franchise experts are talking about

Green Without Compromise Franchisor Tim Smeltz proves you don't have to choose between the planet and your pocketbook Going green is great for Mother Nature, but sometimes the best environmental options cost more than traditional alternatives—as anybody who owns an electric car can confirm. But Tim Smeltz doesn’t think you should have to choose between the planet and your pocketbook, at least not where your driveway is concerned. NextGen Great Sealcoating®, the New Jerseybased business Smeltz founded, has a proprietary formula he calls The Cleaner Greener Sealer® that’s no more expensive than its toxic counterparts. For the unfamiliar, seal coating is the application of a sealant that protects driveways from water damage over time. Traditional methods use coal tar-based sealers that contain poly aromatic hydrocarbons that are linked to cancer, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, a federal agency. “Those sealers burn your eyes,” Smeltz says. “For some people, it burns their skin and is tough to breathe.” When starting his business to fill a void

in his local market 14 years ago, Smeltz couldn’t find an environmentally-friendly option. So he partnered in the development of a safer product that is just as effective. The result is a proprietary formula called ECOAMIGO™, an odorfree asphalt compound that incorporates natural ingredients like clay and silica sand as well as recycled materials. ECOAMIGO™ lasts as long as traditional products, but is also non-carcinogenic, Smeltz says. There’s even better news for the bottom line. “There is no discernible difference in cost,” Smeltz says. And the pricing has been a big driver behind the success of his company. Last year NextGen Great Sealcoating launched as a franchise offering across a five-state region, and Smeltz is proud that it’s green. “As the public became more and more educated, they wanted an alternative.” For more information, visit www.greatsealcoating.com or call 888-201-6109. —­Rochelle Miller

June 2019 21

buzz•word ROAD SHOW 1

A Really Big Show Franchise tradeshows are usually held in big cities, so why not mix business with pleasure? While looking for your next business opportunity, you can fit in time to see sights and eat at great restaurants. Check out these exciting shows coming up: The Franchise Fair – Denver www.FranServe.com July 7, 2019 Gaylord Rockies FranServe Expo Denver/Aurora, CO Must register for FREE ADMISSION The Franchise Show www.USFranchiseShows.com September 6-7, 2019 Cobb Galleria Atlanta, GA Franchise Expo Chicago www.mfvexpo.com September 13-14, 2019 Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Chicago, IL

The Franchise Dictionary Magazine (FDM) team had a blast at the International Franchise Expo in late May. With more than 400 franchisors in attendance and tons of workshops and seminars, the event drew thousands of people from around the world. Pictured here: 1. Franchise legend David Barr welcomes the crowd at the opening ceremony. 2. FDM's Michele Goitiandia strikes a pose with funding specialist Richard Snow. 3. Tenet Financial Group’s Kelly Krueger and Diane Rosenkrantz visit with David Craghead at our booth. 4. Challenge Island CEO/founder, Sharon Estroff, tells aspiring franchise owners about her innovative brand. 5. FranFund's CEO, Sherri Seiber poses with FDM's Joan Winchester. 6. Franchise seekers are excited to see football legend and franchisor, Gary Brackett, on our May cover. 7. The Patch Boys CEO/founder, Leo Goldberger, works the crowd. 8. Ribbon cutting at the opening ceremony with David Barr and International Franchise Association's President/CEO Robert Cresanti.



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Composing effective emails is an art more than a scientific formula. But Gisela Hausmann, who examined more than 110,000 emails in developing her new book 73 Ways to Turn a Me-Mail into an E-Mail, (Amazon) offers the following tips: Avoid self-serving pronouns. Replace “I” with “we” whenever possible. Never use “I” as the first word. Be interesting. Beginning with something like “Hello, my name is…” is a boring turnoff. Start with a thank-you statement. Everybody loves to feel appreciated. Brag. In marketing a product or service, always spell out why yours is superior. Avoid trendy terms. They tend to mean different things to different people (and sometimes mean nothing at all to your reader).

Tips for Selling to Women Ask a few women how they’ve been treated when accompanied by men while shopping for big-ticket items or making other major financial decisions, and they’ll unload. Sometimes they were barely acknowledged and other times they were completely ignored. That’s a huge mistake for business owners. Women control many business decisions, sometimes from behind the scenes and sometimes upfront. They bring a different set of expectations to the buying experience, and you’ll increase sales if you meet those expectations with the easily accomplished actions below.

1. Make eye contact.

Don’t stare, but visually acknowledge her a few times instead of paying more attention to what’s going on around you.

2. Give a firm handshake. This is a biggie. We do not like the loose-fish type hand shake where you hold on to three fin-

gers. Don’t overdo with a bone-crushing grip, though.

3. Be sympathetic.

“Hear” us and show understanding. Express empathy only if you, too, have been in our shoes; you can’t understand something if you haven’t experienced it yourself.

4. Pay a compliment.

Don’t hit on us; just make a kind, gentle, generic comment such as: “That’s a good color on you” or “That’s a great-looking watch you’ve got.” It’s soooo easy.

5. Smile. This really is

No. 1, but I put it last so you’ll remember it. From girlhood, we’re taught to smile, and we enjoy being smiled at—not an idiot grin, just an enjoyable smile. It’s so important in sales. Actually, it’s important everywhere. Nancy Friedman is a speaker and author of nine books on customer service and sales. Contact her at 314-291-1012 or nancy@telephonedoctor.com.

Helping others has never been so rewarding

Our commitment to the highest standard of in-home healthcare provides franchisees with multiple revenue streams that generate an annual average of $1,772,699*.

877 689 6898

franchise.brightstarcare.com *2018 Revenue, per our 2019 FDD - Item 19, for first franchise locations open 12+ mos.

buzz•word Venuste Kubwimana was honored as runner-up in the NextGen in Franchising Global Competition for his social enterprise franchise, A Water Kiosk at School. The school-based and student-managed program sells clean tap water to community residents at affordable prices.

Tapping a Need NextGen finalist supplies clean water in Africa In his early teens, Venuste “Venu” Kubwimana faced a daily struggle to meet basic needs—including those we usually take for granted, such as access to clean drinking water. After losing much of his family during the Rwanda genocide in 1994, he was left to care for his younger siblings and often had to miss school to find water for them. His experience drove him to create opportunities for other struggling youths. With the help of friends, Kubwimana established the International Transformation Foundation (ITF), a youth-led, nonprofit organization that provides leadership and entrepreneurship programs to youths and enables them to contribute to development of communities. Working with ITF six years ago, Kubwimana developed A Water Kiosk at School, a school-based and student-managed program that sells clean tap water to community residents at affordable prices. The profitable endeavor teaches students business and



entrepreneurial skills while generating much-needed income for schools. Using the franchise model, ITF makes the initial investment to set up the water system at a school. Students and community residents buy the water, and sales proceeds make the system self-sustaining. To date, the program’s 11 Water Kiosks across Kenya and Rwanda have given 117,858 people, including 5,717 schoolchildren, access to clean drinking water. Kubwimana presented the concept at the NextGen in Franchising Global Summit held in late February in Las Vegas (www.nextgenfranchising.org), where he was a finalist and received a cash award that “has gone a long way in aiding our efforts to extend A Water Kiosk at School to Rwanda’s Southern Province villages,” Kubwimana says. For more information, visit www. itfsecretariat.org/jointhepipe.html. —Jill Abrahamsen

FRANCHISE WITH US • Fun Concept • Proven Business Model • Extensive Training • Continuous Support • A Sports-Lover’s Dream!


317-677-6904 • www.buildthepicklecom


Retired Air Force Col. Aldon Purdham Jr. (above with his family) had a calling to help others after receiving compassionate care for his parents (left) and his mother-in-law, (far left, with his wife Lauralyn) who passed within weeks of each other. The Purdhams chose to become franchise partners for Talem Home Care & Placement Services.

Career of Compassion

Veteran finds a new calling with Talem Home Care Retired Air Force Col. Aldon Purdham Jr. mined his leadership skills and operational expertise to cultivate success in whatever he pursued. From consulting for a global professional-services company to heading a construction business, Purdham may have appeared to have had it all. But his world was shaken when his parents and mother-in-law died within a short period of time. Five weeks after the death of his mother, who suffered from ovarian cancer, his father succumbed to Parkinson’s disease. Soon after that, his wife’s mother died of leukemia. Despite dealing with immense grief, the Purdham family found great support in the professionals who cared for their loved ones in their final weeks. “It was comforting to see compassionate caregiving in action,” Purdham says. “The seed was planted at that time, and it eventually led to providing loving care to others’ parents just as ours had received.” After extensive research, Purdham 28


and his wife, Lauralyn, chose to become franchise partners for Talem Home Care & Placement Services, a Colorado-based in-home care provider that he credits with sharing the couple’s “sincere passion for wanting to help people.” Unlike some companies whose focus is strictly on private pay clients, Purdham says Talem is also committed to working with Medicaid clients who may otherwise not have resources to pay out-of-pocket to receive care at home. Because he on-boards each client personally, Purdham witnesses the impact that quality care has on each client—and the peace of mind it brings to families. “We give family members some respite from the exhaustion and demands of continually being the caregiver,” he says, “all the while knowing their loved one is being cared for and has a higher quality of life.” For more information, visit www.talemfranchising.com. ­ —Rochelle Miller

June 2019 29


Networking is important for success in growing an IFG franchise. Franchisees Chuck and Karin Schultz participate in a ribbon-cutting ceremony (left) by the local chamber of commerce.

Cash-Flow Hero IFG franchisee helps small-business owners Chuck Schultz, a franchise owner for Interface Financial Group (IFG), travels all over Las Vegas at any time of day to tell small business owners about his vital service. Through IFG, Chuck delivers operating capital to clients when they complete a sale so they avoid credit card processing fees as well as the hated zero-revenue gap that occurs after sending an invoice and before receiving payment. Chuck invested in the IFG franchise more than five years ago. He liked that IFG would make use of his previous 11 years of experience helping businesses restructure and rebound from financial difficulties. IFG also appealed to him because he travels less now. And Chuck was thrilled that his franchise could be set up quickly. He made several phone calls to find out more about the company, liked what he learned, and then was up and rolling within a couple of months. His initial push was to meet with people to develop a list of clients to build the business, which is a gradual process.



His wife, Karin, who partners with him on operating the business, assists with some of the outside marketing, but mostly focuses on managing the office and administrative duties. Their networking is ongoing, and as part of that effort, the Schultzes publish a newsletter to stay connected to, and share information of interest with, potential clients. “Networking is the one constant of the business,” Chuck says. “Once you stop networking, the referrals dry up.” He doesn’t have a set schedule and plans his calendar as desired. The freedom to explore opportunities anywhere and the ability to set their own expectations are highly-attractive perks for IFG franchisees. “The only person I have to please is myself,” Chuck says. “If I want more money, I work harder.” His philosophy is that “the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.” For more information, visit www.interfacefinancial.com/franchise. —Deanna Pledge

DO YOU ENJOY YOUR WORK? 86% of our franchise owners say they enjoy operating their business.*


would recommend to others interested in joining a franchise system.*

CALL TODAY Find out what it takes to own your own business and future.

*Survey performed by Franchise Business Review Known as the “Paramedics of Property Damage,” PuroClean® provides fire and smoke damage remediation, water damage remediation, flood water removal, mold removal, and biohazard cleanup to commercial and residential customers across North America.



For franchise information, call 855-503-4242 or visit PuroCleanFranchise.com




Happy Vending For this U.S. Army Veteran, investing in Naturals2Go was an easy decision.

by Rochelle Miller Eric Copeland thrived in director-level operations and logistics roles for leading national companies but didn’t feel he had reached his full potential. “I felt my career kind of plateaued,” he says. Rather than continue trying to climb the corporate ladder, he wanted to fulfill his calling as an entrepreneur. So Copeland, a U.S. Army veteran who holds a finance degree from the University



of Georgia, ventured into vending by becoming an owner-operator of Naturals2Go. Offering healthy snack options (plus some traditional offerings for folks with a sweet tooth) the Naturals2Go vending machines are equipped with cutting-edge technology. The technological perks were especially enticing to Copeland. “This is more than just a machine that spits out food and drinks,” he says. For

“This is more than

just a machine that spits out food and drinks.” What we like about this business

example, the machine shares virtual inventory information in real time, allowing operators to determine when to restock without wasting a trip. Customers don’t need change either. The machines accept cash, credit and debit cards, and Apple Pay and Google Pay. Naturals2Go machines even feature video screens for potential advertising. Having his own business has given Copeland the flexibility to spend more time with his family. “In a storefront business, you have to be there,” he says. “This business is good in terms of not tying you down to one place.”

Financial freedom and flexible schedule

Great support and training

Not having to manage account receivables

Long-term wealth generation for our family

Use of cutting-edge technology

We feel good about providing healthy snack alternatives

Copeland’s wife, Franchell, partnered with him in making the business a success, and even their 15-year-old daughter is participating in the family business. “She’s a good focus group to have an ear to the market,” he says. Copeland currently operates 15 units throughout metro Atlanta, three of the units added just since March. Needless to say, his rapidly-growing business is his sole professional focus. “Ten or more machines is a fulltime job,” he says. Not that he’s complaining… “Being your own boss is a good stress.” For more information, visit www.naturals2go.com.

June 2019 33

buzz•word Two Ways About It There’s more than one way to acquire an Allegra Marketing Print Mail franchise. You can invest in an already operating Allegra site or convert an existing printing business. The company’s motto is: “Hit the ground running with a business, not a start-up.” Here, two franchisees share their different experiences. For more information, visit www.allegrafranchise.com.

Nate Snelson, Owner Allegra, Rockville, Maryland How I did it: I purchased an Allegra Center in Rockville, MD. My experience: The Rockville Center location had been in business 25 years. I walked right into a great base of clients and a solid team of very experienced employees. With my marketing background, I’m outward-facing—engaging with clients and prospective customers to introduce new solutions, new products, and new services. This was a great way to get into a business and hit the ground running—because it was not a start-up! The best part: We have the physical assets here in Rockville to offer small to mid-size clients the marketing, print, and promotional items, and then we can tap into the unique Allegra Marketing Resource Center for web and design services. We help smaller businesses compete on a more reasonable scale, and I don’t have to hire expensive personnel. The industry is a great complement to my experience as a marketing professional. Working with clients as a business solutions provider has been rewarding for me.



Curtis Hoessly, Owner Allegra/Image360 Virginia Beach, VA How I did it: I converted an independent printing business into an Allegra Marketing Print Mail franchise. My experience: The Allegra MatchMaker® Program allowed me to buy and convert an independent printer without having to face the challenge of opening a new location from scratch. This is a great program for an entrepreneur with a keen business mind. It's wonderful to own an established business and take it to new heights with the backing of a proven franchise network. The best part: I have enjoyed this highvolume business with diversified clients and services from day one! I came from the wholesale food industry, where I traveled and worked nights and weekends. In this industry, I like that my customers don’t want to see me on weekends or holidays. Franchisor support has been a huge part of our success, helping us grow substantially over the past 10 years.


SENIOR CARE, ONLY BETTER With nearly 75 million individuals aged 51-69 in the U.S., the need for elder care has significantly grown over the years, making it a $400 billion industry and counting! This means that the market for senior care businesses will continue expanding. While there are countless franchise options to choose from, Senior Helpers owners are uniquely positioned to capitalize on a booming need while delivering a meaningful and necessary service to elderly individuals and their families. Leading In-Home Care Franchise Opportunity • Average Annual Gross Revenues *$1,075,795 • Low initial investment range • Positioned for growth with territories open across the US

• Strong income potential • Extremely experienced corporate support staff and state of the art training for staff and caregivers

Harness the growing need for quality in-home care by becoming a Senior Helpers franchise owner today. Ready to learn more?

Seniorhelpersfranchise.com | 877.406.8749

*Discounted franchise opportunities for military and first responders

*See Item 19 of our April 9, 2018 FDD for further details (*2017 gross revenue for franchised businesses that have been operating 60 months or more. As of December 31, 2017 there were 207 franchised businesses that had been operating 60 months or more. Of these 207 franchised business, 76 (37%) of them had greater than average annual gross revenues of $1,075,795. The gross revenue figure does not include any deduction of costs or expenses incurred by the franchised businesses.) Some outlets have earned this amount. Your individual results may differ. There is no assurance that you’ll earn as much. This information is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise. It is for informational purposes only. Currently, SH Franchising, LLC is not registered in Rhode Island. We cannot offer a franchise in Rhode Island until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements. SH Franchising, LLC is the franchisor and is currently headquartered at 901 Dulaney Valley Road, Suite 700, Towson, MD 21204. Residents of NY: This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can only be made by a prospectus filed first the with the Department of Law of the State of New York. Such filing does not constitute approval by the Department of Law. Minnesota State Registration Number: F-7348.


Make money in any economy

Not restricted by territory; get clients across the entire U.S.

• • • •

Provide an in-demand service

Earn a 6+ figure income Provide something every business needs: money!

Lifetime 1-1 mentoring program Flexible schedule Low overhead

THE INDUSTRY’S PREMIERE TRAINING PROGRAM! www.GlobalFinancialTrainingProgram.com 201-633-3010 • ericas@gbtsinc.com



\�əp- dāt\ noun �

1. The latest headlines in the franchise industry 2. Quick news bites to inspire you


Growth Spurt JUST LET ME DO IT! COMMERCIAL SERVICES WELCOMES ITS LATEST FRANCHISEES Colleen and Curtis Pyle are thrilled to welcome Randy Fett and his sons Tyler and Kyle as the latest members of their franchise family. The owner of several businesses, including golf courses, a strip mall, and a resort, Randy Fett (second from right) knew a great opportunity when he saw it. “This was a no-brainer. They put together an amazing opportunity. Corporate handles all the back-office tasks and marketing, plus there are amazing B2B relationships already in place,” he says. Fett and his sons, plus family friends, are starting their Just Let Me Do It! Commercial Services location in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and hope to scale the business throughout all of Minnesota. For more information, visit www.justletmedoit.com.

June 2019 37


Fan Club

The Franchise Action Network (FAN) is the International Franchise Association's grassroots network of over 65,000 advocates across the country, serving as the voice of America's 733,000 franchise businesses. Franchise Dictionary Magazine's CEO/Publisher, Alesia Visconti, attended the FAN's annual meeting last year in Washington D.C. This year, the event is scheduled for September 9-11.

HERE’S MORE ABOUT FAN: • FAN ensures the personal stories of local small business owners are heard by lawmakers and administrators at government agencies. For instance, FAN lobbies on behalf of franchisees about business taxes and minimum wage changes. FAN protects and serves franchisees, franchisors, and suppliers. • FAN members can contact their federal, state, and local officials about concerns through the Phone2Action platform. • FAN members receive email industry updates via bimonthly FANmail. • FAN will meet with members of Congress from September. 9 to 11 in Washington. Franchisees may attend these meetings free of charge. IFA schedules the meetings and briefs

What Does the Franchise Action Network Do? The Franchise Action Network of the International Franchise Association (IFA) is made up of more than 65,000 advocates who serve as the voice of America’s 733,000 franchise businesses in meetings, phone calls, and correspondence with lawmakers and government officials. Members of the Franchise Action Network, or FAN, lobby on behalf of the industry in Washington, D.C., in state capitals, and even at local levels to stop or change legislation and regulations that negatively affect the franchise industry.



attendees beforehand. Topics are wide-ranging: marketing, innovation, financing, women’s and veterans’ issues, a supplier forum, and much more. To see the full agenda, register, and/or reserve a hotel room, visit www.franchise.org/events/fan. To learn more about FAN, including how to become a member, visit www.franchiseactionnetwork.com. Email IFA’s Patrick Pitts at ppitts@franchise.org to find out more. —Mary Vinnedge


Get started at bit.ly/franfund-fd


Searching for WOW 50 Women of Wonder franchisors in our October issue Women are reaching the top tiers of business in ever-increasing numbers. Women are CEOs of General Motors, Pepsico, Kohl’s, and IBM, to name a few Fortune 500 heavyweights. And a 2017 American Express report found 11.6 million womenowned businesses in the U.S. —39 percent of all privately held U.S. firms. The franchise world sees the same trend, which is why we’ll honor 50 Women of Wonder (WOW) franchisors in our October issue. Consider these statistics: Women are sole owners of about 30 percent of franchises worldwide, according to the International Franchise Association. From 2011-2017, female franchise ownership jumped by 83 percent, with male ownership increasing only 13 percent, according to FranNet, the U.S.-based franchise consulting company. And women are leading more franchises. 40


Why the uptick? Analysts say women are collaborative, network well, and communicate effectively. They tend to be cautious financially, so franchises are a comfort-zone investment. They want schedules that provide time for family and other fulfillment. In October we’ll celebrate 50 WOW franchisors who make a difference with their brands and create opportunities for other women. Sometimes their market niche directly helps women, perhaps stay-at-home moms, and sometimes WOW franchisors set examples by inspiring others to leap into entrepreneurship. And WOW franchisors always help other women in business. If you know a WOW franchisor or are one yourself, we’d like to spread the word. Please fill out the nomination form (www.franchisedictionarymagazine.com/50women-of-wonder/) to start the process. —Mary Vinnedge


fran·chi·see \ fran-chī-zē, -chə-\noun

1. An outstanding franchise owner 2. When family is at the core of the business

JOEL AND JESSICA WINTERS Kitchen Tune-Up Castle Rock, CO


by Jill Abrahamsen

oel Winters knew he made the right choice in becoming a Kitchen Tune-Up® franchisee early on. He couldn’t believe the warm welcome from the Home Office team that he and his wife Jessica received when arriving for training. “It really spoke volumes about the company and the culture. This is a family-run business, not a cold, corporate machine,” he says. Before deciding to invest in Kitchen Tune-Up in 2018, Joel and Jessica did their due diligence and explored options in different business sectors. “Nothing really excited us. But when we looked at Kitchen Tune-Up, Jessica loved it right away. I wasn’t so hot on



the concept initially, but then I examined the details,” Joel says. “The more I looked, the more I liked. I love the fact that it’s a turnkey business, it provides a niche service, and the brand has a great reputation.” A FAMILY AFFAIR Dave Haglund launched Kitchen TuneUp in 1986. His daughter Heidi Morrissey joined the company in 2003 and took the top spot as President when her father retired. Haglund developed the original concept, a “Tune-Up” that’s an inexpensive way for customers to get a new look in their kitchens (and bathrooms) without the

Joel and Jessica Winters invested in a Kitchen Tune-Up franchise in 2018 and are now planning a second location. They have been thrilled with the company's training and support.

hassle of a major overhaul. The company continues to offer the 1 Day Tune-Up in addition to refacing, redooring, new cabinets, Granite Tune-Up, organizers, and more. RAMPING UP The Winters were busy within weeks of opening in Castle Rock, Colorado. “The company has a formula for success that works. If you follow it, you will make money. It’s as simple as that,” Joel says. “As soon as we activated our website, the leads started to pour in. The company has a well-executed marking plan. We met our initial 12-month goals in the first six months.” The couple divvies up responsibilities by pulling from their strengths. “I’m an ops guy, so I take care of running the dayto-day business, which includes managing two teams of subcontractors who do the hands-on work. I tried doing some of the

work myself and almost cut my finger off,” he jokes. “Jessica is a natural people person and works on sales and service. She really enjoys consulting with our clients and working on the design process. The best part for both of us is the ‘reveal’ at the end of a job. More often than not, our customers are overjoyed, and that’s a great feeling.” . A WELCOME CHANGE As Joel and Jessica get ready to open a second location, they’re excited for continued growth. Kitchen Tune-Up has been a refreshing change for Joel, who logged more than 20 years in corporate America and had to wear a suit and tie every day. “I spent years building companies for other people, and now I’m investing in myself,” he says. For more information, visit KTUfranchise.com.

June 2019 43

le·gal·ese /lēgə’lēz/noun

1. The formal and technical language of legal documents that is often hard to understand 2. Straight talk from Jonathan Barber

Road Show Thinking of investing in a food truck franchise? Here's what you need to know.


e’ve recently worked with several food-truck concepts that were franchising their businesses. Food-truck businesses can be great franchise opportunities if their concept is unique, they have great distribution, and they properly structure their territories. These franchises are usually affordable and can attract a cult following of foodies. Here are a few special considerations that buyers need to know. COST AND MODEL VARIATIONS Some franchises require their franchisees to completely outfit a new food truck to their specifications. This can cause a franchisee’s initial investment to skyrocket well into the $100,000 to $200,000 range. Given the typical operation and sales of an individual food truck, it could take a long time for a franchisee to break even. Other food-truck concepts may offer their franchisees the ability to choose between a full-size food truck and a trailer. Some concepts may even allow franchisees



to purchase and retrofit a used food truck or trailer. This can really be an attractive option to a prospective franchisee shopping for brands on a budget. All franchisors will probably require the franchisee to submit his or her plans and the final model for approval by the franchisor. COMMISSARY COSTS Most states, cities, and municipalities require food trucks to be tied to a specific kitchen. This allows the government to know where a food truck is based in the event of a health-related issue. This means food-truck franchisors will require their franchisees to utilize a “commissary” kitchen. Commissaries have become very popular in cities with lots of food trucks. They have large kitchens that food-truck owners can rent for a monthly fee. Some food-truck owners will use the kitchens to prepare their food while others simply pay the monthly fee to satisfy the local government’s requirements. Either

way, buyers should explore commissary costs before signing their franchise agreement.

a lot of miles, so franchisees need to examine the mileage provisions of their policies.

DISTRIBUTION COSTS Just as with any food-related concept, foodtruck franchises should have adequate distribution channels in place. Food-truck franchises should try to arrange purchase agreements with national and regional distributors so their franchisees can get food products at reasonable costs. Properly set up, franchisees will benefit from the collective buying power of the entire franchise system.

IS IT FOR YOU? Overall, food truck franchises are hot. They’re typically lower in cost, have loyal social media followings, and they’re scalable. But prospective franchisees need to be aware of the unique requirements.

Jonathan Barber exclusively practices franchise law as a partner at Barber Power Law Group, in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has assisted hundreds of clients world-wide with INSURANCE their FDDs and franchise purchases. Barber Like any franchise, food trucks must have ade- also represents emerging and established quate insurance for general liability. They also franchisors. Contact Barber at 980-202-5679 need auto insurance. Food trucks will roll up or jonathan@franchise.law.

June 2019 45

Join the Premium Italian QSR #1


Italian QSR

Average Net Revenue

Franchise Business Review Top 200 Franchises, 2018

Top 3rd of Franchised Restaurants*

Ask about o ur

859.825.6212 Steve Bailey


Senior Director of Franchise Sales


*As shown in Item 19 of the current Franchise Disclosure Document of Fazoli’s Franchising Systems, LLC, for the 12 months ending March 28, 2018. There is no assurance that a franchisee of Fazoli’s will sell or earn as much.


fun·ding /‘fəndiNG/noun

1. The action or practice of providing money for a particular purpose 2. Mariah Bohn on diversification

Why Not Use Both?



Consider using multiple funding sources

ou’ve probably heard the buzzword “diversification” in relation to the stock market; the practice of allocating investments in various sectors—banking, real estate, tech, energy, etc.—to reduce risk. The reasoning is that by investing in areas independent from the same market forces as each other, their differing reactions will protect you from losing the entirety of your investments to the same economic event. The same approach is worth considering when funding your business. It’s important to think beyond merely accessing the funds needed to open the doors. You should weigh how your funding strategy will impact both your business and personal finances long-term. Rather than opting for a single method of funding, you might benefit from diversifying—by using a combination of retirement savings and a business loan. A new business owner will typically choose one of these two options for funding:

al retirement account, or another eligible retirement account without having to pay early withdrawal penalties or income taxes. ROBS has no credit-score requirements, needs no collateral, and incurs no debt, which improves the cash flow for the business. It is also generally the quickest way to obtain money.

OPTION 1: ROBS (ROLLOVER AS BUSINESS START-UP) The ROBS program allows you to access retirement funds from a 401(k), individu-

OPTION 3: ROBS + BUSINESS LOAN If you have retirement savings and meet the eligibility requirements for a business loan, you can combine these two methods to en-


OPTION 2: BUSINESS LOAN You can access up to $5 million through the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan program for start-ups, acquisitions, expansions, and working capital. Business owners who may not qualify for conventional loans may be eligible for SBA loans because the government guaranty helps alleviate some of the lender’s risk associated with startups. Conventional loans, which are primarily used for expansions and upgrades, are available to strong borrowers with prior business ownership experience.

“When funding your

business, it’s important to think beyond merely accessing the funds needed to open the doors.”

sure more flexibility as your business grows. Here are some benefits of the combined, or diversified, strategy: • If you supplement a business loan with the ROBS as an equity injection, you’ll have access to more total funds but have a smaller loan and lower monthly payments than if you financed the business solely with a loan. • You can use a business loan to supplement the ROBS, reducing the amount taken from retirement funds.

• You’ll have a reserve of available funds for future expansion. For instance, if you’re considering a multiunit purchase, this method preserves liquidity for financing subsequent units. Many factors contribute to determining the best funding solution for each situation. To help you understand all of your options and the long-term impact of each, contact the franchise funding experts at FranFund for a free consultation: info@franfund.com or 877-FRANFUND or visit bit.ly/frandfund-fd.

June 2019 49

en·tre·pre·neur änn-trə-p(r)ə-'nər\noun

1. One who manages and assumes the risks of a business 2. An entrepreneurial journey with purpose


by Jill Abrahamsen

eter Ross spent some 20 years in corporate America before realizing

he was an entrepreneur at heart. Ross had a little push from longtime friend Tony Bonacuse, whom he describes as an “entrepreneur from birth.” Bonacuse convinced Ross to partner with him on a business, although he wasn’t quite clear on what exactly that business would be. The pair brainstormed and took some time to develop a concept. They wanted to provide a service that was in demand, had recurring revenue streams, and had a growing demographic. They also wanted the business to make a difference and provide an important service. Looking at many industries, one kept coming up that satisfied all of their criteria: senior care. “It became clear to us that there were huge opportunities,” Ross says. The pair launched Senior Helpers in 2002 and grew the business to more than 300 locations today. The company offers in-home companion care and personal care as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia care. “Our growth and success is due to our passionate franchisees. This is a mission-driven business, so we are very selective about who joins our family,” Ross says. THE NEXT STEP With this huge success, you might think that Ross’s entrepreneurial aspirations were fulfilled, but he was actually just getting started. Ross was presented with a unique opportunity in January, 2018. The Glenner Foundation (www.glenner.org) introduced 50


Ross to its innovative adult day care, which is set up to look like a town square. Using reminiscence therapy as its foundation, the goal is to trigger memories for people with dementia. The centers contain a number of vignettes that offer interactive activities for seniors, including a full-service ’50s diner and a movie theater that plays classic films. These prompts help elicit long-term memories, reduce anxiety, and improve mood and sleep quality in those with dementia. Ross fell in love with the concept and realized that it could be a perfect complement to Senior Helpers. So he put his entrepreneurial cap back on and created Senior Helpers Town Square. “The businesses are perfect complements to each other,” Ross says. “A Senior Helpers location can fully staff the Town

Senior Helpers CEO Peter Ross (opposite page and above) is enthusiastic about his new franchise opportunity, Senior Helpers Town Square. A perfect complement to Senior Helpers, the innovative adult day care is a simulated village made to look as if it’s from the 1950s. With a goal of triggering memories in people with dementia, the centers contain vignettes that offer interactive activities such as a full-service vintage-style diner (left) and a movie theater that shows classic films.

Square. The referrals are right there. It’s a perfect synergy.” But the best part for Ross is the reward of helping others. “We are not just caring for seniors— we are engaging them,” he says. “We have amazing programming that gives seniors a sense of purpose. It’s like a Disney World for seniors. They are gardening, woodworking, and socializing in a really, really cool, stimulating environment,” he says. “And at $11 an hour, it’s affordable. It’s a great way to give the family caregiver a break.” Ross is certain that Senior Helpers Town Square will be a huge success. “We’re going to disrupt this whole industry. I pity the adult day care in the next town from us.” Learn more at www.shtownsquarefranchise.com.

June 2019 51

con·sult·ing /‘kən-sel-tin/verb

1. Providing professional or expert advice 2. Diana Capirano on franchise ownership

Franchise Precheck Here's how you can simplify the process When contemplating my exit from corporate life several years ago, I began by investigating franchises online. I clicked various links in hopes of finding clear, succinct information. And OMG, I created a cyber frenzy! My phone and email were blowing up, and I couldn’t even remember what buttons I’d pushed. I had started my search indiscriminately, without taking the following crucial first steps. GUT CHECK Make sure your motives are legitimate and defined. How seriously have you thought about owning a business, or are you reacting to a bad day at work? This doesn’t mean you know exactly what you want, just that you don’t want to work for anyone else. ASK: If I found a business that met my needs, would I commit? Speak with your spouse or partner even if he or she won’t be involved. Will your significant other support your goals? ASK: How important is that approval to my decision? Stay open-minded to various categories of businesses even if you’re leaning toward a particular one. Few franchises 52


require that you have experience in a specific field and 98 percent of franchise owners invest in something outside their wheelhouse. ASK: Can I leave my comfort zone? Face reality and fear of the unknown. This mainly has to do with your confidence level and inner motivation. ASK: What’s the worst that could happen? Weigh it against the best-case scenario. This requires a second gut check. ASK: Do I take ownership and accountability by relying on yourself, or do you tend to rely on others? FINANCIAL CHECK Determine your comfortable investment level. Spending money without a guarantee means risk, but franchising is the lowest-risk option statistically. There are many budget-friendly possibilities, or if your resources allow, you can adopt the go-big-orgo-home approach. Start-ups go from $10,000 to $4 million. ASK: What amount can I comfortably assume? What is feasible? Figure out your net worth and know your liquidity. Some franchisors have stringent requirements; lower-investment franchises may have none. ASK: What

are the best options with my financial profile? If you need funding, a credit score of 685 or higher is preferred, but there are options even with poor credit. ASK: What is my credit score? (Then pull a free credit report.) KNOW YOUR WHY Focus on what’s driving you to business ownership. Be objective and remove emotion. ASK: What’s my present need and what’s my end goal? If you’re just burned out, your present need may be a vacation. If being an owner represents the best route to the end goal—better quality of life—take the vacation and then start your search. KNOW YOUR WHEN Have you been thinking of business ownership but failed to make a solid plan? If you’ve vetted opportunities before, ASK: Why did I not move forward? Timing is everything. Maybe you did not complete the checks above. Maybe you weren’t serious enough before or were just exploring. ASK: What’s different now? Am I ready now? KNOW YOUR HOW (AND YOUR WHO) In doing research, brand websites, online articles, social media, other business owners,

and books can help. But too much information can create confusion. ASK: Would I benefit from objective expert advice? Franchise consultants have access to many brands but are trained to assist you beyond the search. A skilled adviser will educate, research, present, coach, and provide resources. Your consultant and franchisors will lay out a process. Be engaged and be honest. This is the first step to understanding whether you’ll make a good franchisee. Speak to any successful franchise owner and you’ll hear, “just follow the process.” From your initial encounters, franchisors will determine whether you can follow the system and whether this opportunity is right for you. Diana Capirano, CFC, has an expansive career that includes corporate and franchise sales and development, marketing and operations, mergers and acquisitions, structuring and negotiations, and business ownership. As a highly respected consultant and mentor, Diana espouses a profound commitment to helping prospective business owners and investors understand and navigate the process of deciding on a franchise business. Contact Diana at 941-999-0095, email diana@focusfranchise.com, or visit www.focusfranchise.com.

June 2019 53


Sept. 13-14, 2019 • Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Meet face-to-face with 125 proven franchise opportunities and take the next step toward business ownership with one-on-one meetings and educational seminars presented by the foremost experts in franchising.

Visit FranchiseExpoChicago.com for more information. SPONSORED BY



CHANGE YOUR FUTURE... AND THEIRS Through Challenge Island Franchise Ownership

The World’s Highest-Ranked STEM/STEAM Franchise for 2019 by Entrepreneur Magazine


Across the United States and internationally

HOME-BASED / MOBILE BUSINESS With large, protected territories


Scalable model and multiple profit centers


Allows you to make a difference and an income


Created by an award-winning educator and author







Mobile is a hot new industry. Or is it?


ure, we had the milkman and doctors mak-

ing house calls a century ago. And by necessity, certain service providers had to be mobile. Think gardeners, plumbers, electricians, painters, locksmiths and exterminators. While these folks are still around, entrepreneurs and franchises are gleefully ripping pages out of their playbooks—sometimes doing a complete rewrite because there’s plenty of room for new mobile niches. Take food trucks, for instance. They’re not just for ice cream anymore. They sell everything from ethnic cuisine and lobsters to doughnuts and barbecue. Personal services provided in clients’ homes comprise a high-demand mobile segment: trainers, chefs, tutors and hair stylists among them. Mobile businesses handle home and commercial remodeling and repairs ranging from the ultra-niche (drywall and window-screen repairs, dryer-vent cleaning) to big-scale (kitchen and bathroom remodeling, full-service interior design). Auto services include detailing, windshield repair and unlocking. Pet care—grooming, feeding and walking—is booming, too. The opportunities are limited only by the imagination. On the following pages, we present two creative mobile enterprises.

June 2019 57


It's All About Service A focus on the customer is the secret to this mobile brand's success.


by Jill Abrahamsen

on Powers knows a thing or two about the fitness industry. He spent more than 30 years managing health clubs and exercise equipment stores, and he holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology. Powers’ biggest takeaway from his work experience is that the customer is king. “Fitness is all about helping people achieve their goals, so when a piece of equipment



is out of service, it needs prompt attention.” He was always amazed and appalled at the poor service he received when equipment needed repair. Technicians either didn’t return calls, showed up late, or left the job without any explanation of the work that had been performed. Knowing the industry and having a desire to work for himself, Powers experienced

“The bottom line is that

folks want reliable service.”

Don Powers (left and opposite page) started Fitness Machine Tecnicians (FMT) to fill a need for reliable customer service in the fitness machine repair industry. The growing franchise now has 30 locations. At left, FMT's 25th franchisee, Rich Kracunas completes his training.

an “aha” moment. He thought of a way he could bring a much-needed service to the market and build a business at the same time. His solution was Fitness Machine Technicians (FMT), which he launched in 2002 and began franchising in 2012. As the name suggests, this mobile franchise repairs and services fitness machines. The concept may seem simple, but Powers knows what it takes to do it well—and why so many have failed at similar efforts. “It’s all about communication and follow-up,” he says. “We’ve put together a system that works, with exceptional service as the main goal. The bottom line is that folks want reliable service, and that’s what we provide.”

Powers is looking to partner with investors who are excited about the business and have a commitment to excellence. “We will train franchisees on everything, but a mechanical inclination doesn’t hurt. The ability to network is also key.” FMT franchisees have a huge customer base that goes far beyond the local gym. “We work with individuals who have home gyms, apartment complexes, hotels, universities, you name it,” he says. “This is a $10 billion industry growing at about 4 percent each year. There’s a lot of business to be had.” For more information, visit www.fmtfranchise.com

June 2019 59


Dynamic Duo

This unlikely team is reinventing the billboard


by Jill Abrahamsen

alvin McNeely and Zach Yelle were born generations apart but they work together famously. In fact, McNeely instantly thought of Yelle when he was looking for a partner in his new franchise business, Runningboards Marketing. The men’s skill sets complement each other perfectly. McNeely, a retired government contractor and entrepreneur, has more than 40 years’ experience launching and running businesses. Yelle is a whiz at technology and has a background in marketing, social media, video60


graphy, and graphic design. When McNeely proposed the idea and partnership, Yelle says he was all-in immediately. “It was a no-brainer for me. It’s such a great concept.” As their first move, the pair looked for reasons not to launch the mobile business. And they couldn’t find one. So they dove right in and now are offering investors the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. The business model is essentially a hightech digital billboard on wheels, but with extraordinary advantages. “We can hit our

clients’ target audiences easily,” McNeely says. “Instead of waiting for the right folks to drive by, we go where they are and present the ads at the right time of day. Say we have a scrubs company advertising, we’ll drive by hospitals during shift changes. Or, for a swing-set company, we can drive past schools at drop-off and pick-up times. It’s a game changer in terms of target marketing. And wherever we go, we turn heads. The vivid graphics cannot be ignored.”

the right and left sides, and a 6-by-6-footer on the back. “We can run different ads on each, either for the same or different clients. There are so many possibilities,” he says.

RECURRING REVENUE With a subscription-based advertising model, franchisees enjoy long-term contracts and recurring revenue. The business model goes beyond advertising, though, with creative options for additional revenue streams. For example, they provide entertainment at birthday parties, weddings, EASY OPERATION graduations, and other special events. “On Their proprietary software “RBM Velocity” that runs “DAV” (pronounced Dave) was de- one side, we can have a movie playing; on vised with franchising in mind. “While it’s a the other, video games for kids or a rotatsophisticated system, it’s very user-friendly ing photo montage. The possibilities are endless,” Yelle says. for the franchisee to operate. They can get For more information, visit ads up in seconds,” McNeely says. www.RBM-franchise.com. The vehicles have 12-by-6½-foot ads on

June 2019 61



Mobile businesses are changing franchising


by Jessica Melendez Certified Franchise Consultant franchises offer conveniences we never thought imaginable. Now you can get just about anything from a business on wheels. The mobile franchise has become an industry game changer by offering a low-cost start-up, quick ramp-up, minimum-overhead business model. From food trucks, to personal training services, to home services, and gaming, mobile franchises rule the road.


emember these lines from the song Proud Mary? “Left a good job in the city… Big wheel keep on turnin.’” That’s exactly what many corporate refugees and aspiring entrepreneurs do. They leave their jobs to start businesses. And now, many opt for mobile franchises. So what’s the appeal? Our society is busier than ever, so products and services that are convenient, easy, and accessible are in demand. Mobile

Mobile franchises have a huge marketing advantage because their vehicles are wrapped with branding. Home service franchises like Dryer Vent Squad (above) often pick up business simply by being parked at a job location.



As mobile franchises become more common, there’s been a shift in how these models administer their operations. Software and technology play a major role in efficiency. Online booking, scheduling, tracking, customer relationship management, invoicing, and mobile payments all cut operational costs and make running the back office a cinch. BUILT-IN MARKETING Mobile franchises have a huge marketing advantage because their vehicles are wrapped with branding. This advertising works 24/7 and is constantly on the go. Filling up the tank is the main expense (wraps and decals are redone about every five years because of wear and tear). That means the cost-per-thousand people who see your

branding is probably less than a penny. Even when the vehicle is parked, potential customers in the neighborhood see who you are and what you do, with no additional cost for advertising. It’s not uncommon to receive an additional job or two just by being parked! As the CEO of Dryer Vent Squad, I know this first-hand. Our van wraps turn heads (see below) and remind busy homeowners to make that service call. And, of course, the phone number is right there on the truck! How convenient is that? The mobile concept is appealing and sustainable in many ways. It is a smart, lower-risk model that is easy to enter and operate. And when the economy is fragile, the lower cost of entry has even stronger appeal. So if you’re considering a mobile franchise, maybe it’s time to get rolling!

A trainer and mentor for FranServe, Inc., the world’s largest franchise consulting firm, and the CEO of WestStar Franchise Group, Jessica Melendez coaches and educates prospective franchise owners and helps them find businesses that align with their personal and professional ambitions. As a franchisor and president of Dryer Vent Squad, Melendez has first-hand experience in all aspects of franchising, which makes her an excellent resource for prospective franchisees. Contact Melendez at 915-202-8272 or Jessica@weststarfranchisegroup.com or visit www.weststarfranchisegroup.com.

June 2019 63


Meet face-to-face with the hottest business ownership candidates in each city.






Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center

Ohio Expo Center

Cobb Galleria

January 11 & 12

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First 10’ x 10’ Booth: $2795.00

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First 10’ x 10’ Booth: $2795.00


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First 10’ x 10’ Booth: $2995.00

SAN DIEGO, CA March 2 & 3

Del Mar Fairgrounds


Dulles Expo Center

First 10’ x 10’ Booth: $2795.00


April 27 & 28

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

First 10’ x 10’ Booth: $2995.00

First 10’ x 10’ Booth: $2795.00


March 16 & 17

Orange County Convention Center

First 10’ x 10’ Booth: $2795.00

HOUSTON, TX May 18 & 19 NRG Center

First 10’ x 10’ Booth: $2795.00

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL September 20 & 21 Broward County Convention Center

First 10’ x 10’ Booth: $2795.00


October 11 & 12

Tampa Convention Center

First 10’ x 10’ Booth: $2795.00


October 25 & 26 Denver Mart

First 10’ x 10’ Booth: $2795.00


November 8 & 9

Dallas Market Center

First 10’ x 10’ Booth: $2795.00

Each additional 10’x10’ booth space is available for $1095. Each additional 10’x10’ booth space in Chicago/New York is $1295. PRODUCED BY:


17 years of high quality franchise sales events.



Winning Strategy Both sides benefit from PuroClean’s assistance to veterans


by Mary Vinnedge

uroClean®—a leading national restoration franchise which helps families and businesses overcome the devastating setbacks caused by water, fire, mold, biohazards, and other conditions resulting in property damage—enthusiastically helps U.S. military veterans through its PuroVet program. The company’s president and chief operating officer, former Army Capt. Steve White, is a huge fan of the program and



of assisting veterans in general. He is vice chair of the International Franchise Association’s VetFran Committee (he’ll chair it in 2020 and 2021), which educates veterans about opportunities in entrepreneurship and franchising. “I’ve always been involved in VetFran, and PuroClean has been, too,” White says. “But in 2017, Tim Courtney, our VP of Franchise Development, took it to the next level by creating PuroVet.”

“Veterans have an excellent

work ethic and faithfully follow the system with strong integrity.”

The program gives veterans a 25 percent discount ($12,500) off the franchise fee, White says. “That’s the big benefit. The other costs to a PuroClean franchise aren’t that large—mainly a truck, drying equipment, and supplies. Some of our vendors provide discounts to veterans, and we push them forward in their communities.” In addition, in 2018, one lucky veteran was awarded a free franchise through PuroVet. “It was so much fun,” White says. “Company leadership loved it. It’s in our plans again this year.” Of course the company benefits from PuroVet, too. White says veterans—representing about 12 percent of PuroClean’s 280-plus franchises—have an excellent work ethic, faithfully follow the system, are service- and community-oriented, and possess strong integrity. “They see the system and say, ‘I get it.’ They have a strong sense of duty and service… They go from a full-time role of serving their country to a full-time role of serving their customers and community,” White says. “And integrity is crucial. The insurance companies and commercial

PuroClean enthusiastically supports veterans through its PuroVet program. Here, PuroClean President and COO Steve White (2nd left) presents Washington, D.C., resident Grant Springer (1st left), a U.S. Army veteran, with a free franchise as part of the PuroVet program. The giveaway was featured on Lifetime network’s Military Makeover: Operation Career. Also shown are Broward County Commissioner Michael Udine (2nd right) and PuroClean Chairman and CEO Mark Davis.

property management firms that hire us won’t allow workers to have a criminal conviction.” As an aside, he points out that Florida-based PuroClean has national accounts with top insurance and property management companies, which means additional revenue opportunities for franchise owners. And veterans love helping people rebound from dire situations, White says. “One told me, ‘Every day I feel like Superman. After the firemen or plumbers leave, I come in and make it right.’” For more information, visit www.puroclean.com.

June 2019 67

Multiple Choice Should you make the leap into multiunit ownership?


by Brian LaCour Certified Franchise Consultant

ultiunit franchising happens when someone signs an agreement with a franchisor that allows the franchisee to open a certain number of units within the protected territories or areas the franchisee selects from available locations. This a great option for people who have franchise operation experience and/or already own a single franchise unit and are interested in rapidly expanding their 68


business and income potential. If multiunit ownership is your endgame, look for franchisors who will help you. All franchisors charge a franchise fee that averages from $25,000 to $50,000, but franchisors won’t necessarily make you pay $75,000 to $150,000 for three locations. This means opening multiple locations could be more affordable than you expect. You also can talk to franchisors about dis-

“If multiunit ownership

is your endgame, look for franchisors who will help you.” counts on royalties and other fees. The more locations you have, the more valuable your business becomes. And here’s another benefit: larger franchisees who diversify through a variety of locations are better positioned to withstand an economic downturn. Owning a single location often means being there every day and essentially being the manager. But if you want to own multiple locations, being the site manager isn’t practical. You will still be involved in the business on a full-time basis, but your focus will shift to growing your network of locations. Rarely will there be situations in which you are working in an actual location each day—a manager is in charge of the daily operations. As a multiunit owner, you concentrate on the big picture of the entire system and scaling your business with additional locations. Several economic and efficiency benefits come into play when you own multiple locations, particularly within the same market. In some cases, several franchises can share a single expense. For example, if you own several sites in one market, you can run one mar-

keting program to benefit all locations. You can bundle human resources and staffing for multiple sites, perhaps sending a staff member from one location to another if someone doesn’t show up for work. The same goes if a site runs short on products or equipment; inventory can be shifted from one location to another until a new shipment arrives. Many franchisees go multiunit immediately to take advantage of the frugalities of scale. Many want to do all the labor and make all the acquisitions up-front. Occasionally that can come back to bite you. Having five or six subpar units may be less desirable than having two or three outstanding units. I recommend being patient, setting everything up decorously, and bringing in the right people from the beginning. This will save you from having to go back and fix things later. You also would want to stay lean with your organizational structure. You must be an expert in your franchise’s units so at the end of the day, you can always step in and properly support your operations team.

Brian LaCour has more than 20 years of business leadership experience in driving fiscal results, strategic planning, saving costs, increasing revenue, streamlining processes, and developing top performing teams. LaCour’s passion for helping people led him to the role as president of the International Franchise Group. Call LaCour at 561-502-7283 or email him at blacour@internationalfranchisegroup.com. Visit www.internationalfranchisegroup.com.

June 2019 69

1. Bob and Gaby Mullinax with grandkids; 2. Celebrating All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation with Ford dealership owner Jim Miller; 3. Showing off gifts from author Judy Holler; 4. speaking on entrepreneurship at Fullerton College; 5. delivering a client’s wall décor … and multitasking with phone.



franchisee of a FASTSIGNS

by Mary Vinnedge

Gaby Mullinax loves life in the FASTSIGNS® lane. She invested in a franchise in November 2016 and operated it out of her existing photo services business in downtown Fullerton, California. In 2017 she bought a 23-yearold FASTSIGNS location in the adjacent town of Brea. Mullinax, who emphasizes relationships as well as excellence in service and products, started out with minimal staffing but has added employees—including family— as the businesses grew. Seeking a better quality of life, her husband, Bob, left his job in the grocery industry to operate the Brea site, which does sales but also is the production facility for both locations. Gaby and Bob’s daughter, Kaitlyn, a former events planner, is director of new business development; Kaitlyn’s fiance Aaron just finished his MBA and is the general manager of the Brea location. Gaby starts her day with a swim she calls “my creative time.” She arrives at work by



8:30 a.m., and at 9 there’s a phone call about production and sales, with both sites participating. The day continues with activities such as client visits, sales calls, preparation of estimates, and handling email and phone inquiries. Leaving the office by 5:30 or 6, she and Bob have time for favorite outdoor activities such as walking, biking, and photography. The best part is having time to play with and spoil their grandchildren. THE BIG PICTURE Before FASTSIGNS, Gaby had handled all client outreach for her photo business for 17 years. FASTSIGNS is different. “There’s no cold-calling. Business comes in because this is such a powerful brand. FASTSIGNS does such a fabulous job of marketing, sending business to me.” That leaves Gaby to deal with the big picture. “I keep a 50,000-foot view, always looking to improve.” Learn more at www.fastsigns.com.

6:30 a.m.

GET MOVING AND GET READY A swim and a cup of coffee get Gaby moving each day.


9:00 a.m. UPDATE

Daily production/sales call update (both FASTSIGNS locations participate)



Client phone calls and emails


Off-site meetings with clients and/or production checks on jobs.


4:00 p.m.



Finish up job estimates, wrap up tasks as needed and close up shop by 5:30

PERIODIC TASKS Monthly meeting with bookkeeper


Quarterly meeting with accountant Participating in the annual FASTSIGNS convention Participating in charity events Giving talks on entrepreneurship at local schools

June 2019 71

Is every business

franchise-able? There's a lot to consider before franchising a business

by Geoff Batchelder Certified Franchise Consultant



by geoff Certified Franchise Consultant


Today more than 3,000 franchise systems cover 300 different business types and account for over 745,000 franchise establishments. Franchise sectors include automotive, business services, child services, cleaning services, financial services, food and beverage, health services, home improvement and maintenance, personal care services, pet services, repair and restoration, retail, senior services, sports and recreation, technology services, vending… and I could keep going. It would be hard to find a business type that could not be franchised. But the real question is looking at a particular business and determining whether it should be franchised. WHAT TO CONSIDER When a business owner approaches me about franchising, I consider these factors: • First and foremost, are the companyowned locations (or location) profitable? I can’t tell you how many owners have approached me with the idea of franchising as a way to make money, even though the business they run is struggling financially. Imagine trying to convince a potential franchise buyer that the company-owned location isn’t making money, but if they open a franchise location, it will. That’s not going to work. • What are the major reasons that the business is successful? Is it purely a great location? Is the success entirely attributable to an incredible owner? Or has the

potential franchisor developed a documented system of products, services, and repeatable processes that can be replicated in multiple locations? • Does the owner have the capital to cover all aspects of franchise development: consulting work, legal work, documentation, presentation materials, website development, and lead generation? • Is the owner committed to franchising or simply looking for a way to get rich quick? He will need to realize that running his business will take a backseat to helping franchisees make their businesses successful. Many new franchisors struggle with this very necessary part of the transition. • Will he have the human resources in place to operate a growing franchise operation and also maintain his current business? • Is there “room” for this new offering in franchising? How many similar offerings already exist? Is there anything unique to make it stand out from the competition? • Is the branding professional? Are there multiple marketing and advertising strategies in place? Sometimes the most important advice I can give a business owner is to not invest in franchising. Not all businesses are ready and some may never be ready. Many times my advice is to focus on growing the business and revisit franchising later, after the important issues are addressed.

Geoff Batchelder has been a franchise consultant and franchise development expert for the last 10 years after spending 25 years focusing on business development in the high-tech industry. Contact him at 1-877-222-3722 or geoff@compassfranchisegroup.com. Visit www.compassfranchisegroup.com.

June 2019 73

Water is for Swimming not for basements

The Water Damage Restoration

NO GOOD-BYE, ‘TIL IT’S DRY www.thedryboys.com • 844-99-DRYBOYS


\�in-tər- vyü \ � noun

1. A Q&A session with an industry leader 2. Teamwork approach by Raintree powers brands’ expansion

Ashly Loza


is the director of brand development at Raintree. In her role, she helps franchise brands develop and grow. Here’s what she says about her company and its services. For more information, visit www.raintreesales.com , call 720-630-5949 or email Loza at ashly@raintreesales.com.

What is Raintree?



Raintree is a full-service franchise development company comprised of four dedicated teams of individuals, working collectively to cultivate healthy franchise growth and success for our partnering brands. We have developed a comprehensive franchise development program focusing on a multi-tiered approach to ensure that we generate leads for all of our brands from a wide variety of channels and platforms, ultimately resulting in more qualified buyers and lower recruitment costs.

Who does Raintree partner with?



Raintree has two key types of partners. One is emerging brands that are serious about expansion. These brands understand the complexities of franchise development, especially in the beginning stages, and want support, insight and trusted guidance so they can focus their efforts on supporting new franchisees. We also work with larger, more established brands that have hit development plateaus. Our program brings a fresh strategic approach to lead generation and content creation that propels growth.

How does Raintree help franchise brands?



Franchise development is increasingly complex and competitive, and we’ve learned that in order to achieve exponential growth, a brand needs more than just a sales team. People guiding the brand need to stay ahead of the curve with lead-generation efforts and marketing campaigns, and they must excel at both of those tasks while carefully managing development budgets. Brands come to us to handle all of this for them. With our well-rounded, innovative approach, we design, manage, generate and deliver tangible franchise growth results.


The colorful team at Raintree works to help franchise brands grow.


How do you generate leads and work with consultants?


In terms of lead generation, our experienced marketing team incorporates robust inbound and outbound marketing strategies, where quality content is published on the correct channels to intercept qualified buyers and pull them towards the opportunity. From our franchise websites through to the hours of video we provide to franchise prospects, we believe in equally distributing our energies between lead generation and lead conversion which allows our partnering brands to experience exponential growth. Franchise consultants are equally as important. By having a dedicated team of brand managers, we are able to build great working relationships with our consultant partners by providing news updates, education calls, webinars, client-facing marketing materials and brand events. We really make it easy for consultants to learn about some of the best brands in franchising today!

What are some of your successes? Do you have a favorite?


At Raintree, we have an amazing team of authentic, down-to-earth humans who genuinely love what we do, and it’s no mistake that our team-driven environment creates exceptional growth for our brands. We’ve been honored to work with upand-coming brands to become nationally known—for instance, Screenmobile®, Le Macaron French Pastries, and Rush Bowls. We’ve also worked with many wellknown brands like Doc Popcorn®, Maui Wowi, and Famous Dave’s®. However, one of our many favorite success stories is Jamba Juice®. In 2016, the brand only did about 3 deals. In 2017, they experienced similar results with only 4 deals done. In 2018, Jamba Juice partnered with Raintree, and we awarded 34 deals in the First Quarter and based on the growth and momentum of the brand, they ended up being acquired for $200 million dollars!

June 2019 77


\�spät-�līt \ noun

1. Trending franchise businesses you want to know about 2. A great place to show off your franchise

The Patch Boys®

The Inspection Boys®

FASTSIGNS® The Patch Boys® takes care of damaged drywall caused by clumsy accidents or water damage. These jobs are usually too small for contractors, and most homeowners don’t have the time or skill to take care of drywall repairs themselves. When you join The Patch Boys® family, you become a part of an entrepreneurial community that works together to advance the brand. For more information, call 844-99-PATCH, or visit www.thepatchboys.com. Franchise Fee: $25,000 Royalties: 7% Total Investment: $42,500 - $66,000


Exceptional customer service and high-quality products have earned FASTSIGNS® a loyal base of business clients and an excellent reputation. By providing custom applications for end users along with sophisticated new products such as digital signage, ceiling tiles, and imaged glass, franchisees are perfectly positioned to achieve longterm success. With 120-plus staffers dedicated to supporting the approximately 650 franchise owners, franchisees always know where to go for help. For more information, visit www.fastsigns.com.

If you’re looking for a lowcost, high-reward business, check out The Inspection Boys. Franchisees reap the benefits of huge territories with a tried-and-true business concept. The company prides itself in its cutting-edge marketing, using the latest in search engine optimization and social media to promote the brand at a corporate level. This home-based business offers low overhead, big margins and quick ROI. For more information, visit www.inspectionboys.com or call 800-819-4403.

Franchise Fee: $49,750

Franchise Fee: $39,500

Royalties: 6%

Royalties: 6%

Total Investment: $197,172 – $313,136

Total Investment: $49,650 - $62,500



Naturals2Go® A flexible schedule and high-growth potential are just some of the perks Naturals2Go owners enjoy. Offering healthier choices than you’d expect to find in ordinary vending machines, Naturals2Go machines are welcome additions at schools and other high-traffic areas where people want quick, healthy snacks. Investors enjoy unlimited support and variable start-up costs. For more information, visit www.naturals2go.com or call 208-699-9169. Fee: $0 Royalties: 0% Total Investment: $50,000 - $250,000

FranServe Franchise Consultants change lives every day by helping others explore and own franchises. As a home-based, flexible (part time or full time) business with a low investment and high ROI, you can find your dream career by helping others find their perfect franchise. As the world’s largest franchise consulting and expansion organization, FranServe has the most number of contracted franchisors, including both established and hot new brands. FranServe's reputation is built on results, integrity, and a desire to help people. From industry-leading training to world-class support to custom websites, FranServe provides consultants with everything they need to start, operate, and build a thriving business. For more information, call 800-206-5454 or visit www.franserve.com.

Just Let Me Do It! Commerical Services® If starting a business with an existing customer base sounds good to you, consider Just Let Me Do It! Commercial Services. With corporate contracts in place, franchisees have jobs waiting for them on day one of opening for business. A handyman service for businesses, franchisees enjoy a turnkey model with low start up costs and high margins. The 20-year-old company has a proven business model and is now offering franchise opportunities. For more information, call 704-960-4554 or visit www.justletmedoit.com. Franchise Fee: $32,000

Affiliation Fee: $24,900

Royalties: 8%

Total Investment: $24,900 or $22,410 (military discount)

Total Investment: $63,000 - $403,000

June 2019 79


The Interface Financial Group

Challenge Island®

Senior Helpers®

Challenge Island is the World's #1 STEM/STEAM program on Entrepreneur's 2019 Franchise 500 list. The innovative curriculum takes children on imaginative journeys to an array of thematic islands. Each island is made up of numerous “destinations,” where children work in collaborative tribes on action-packed challenges. With low start-up costs and multiple revenue streams, including enrichment programs, camps, and parties, Challenge Island is a one-of-a kind opportunity. For more information, visit www.challenge-island.com.

The need for eldercare has grown significantly over the years, making it a $400 billion industry. This means that the market for senior care businesses will continue to expand. Senior Helpers® owners are uniquely positioned to capitalize on a booming need, while delivering a meaningful and necessary service to elderly individuals and their families. With a low investment, experienced corporate support staff, and stateof-the-art training for staff and caregivers, franchisees can grow the business at their own pace. Discounts are available to military and first responders. For more information, visit

Franchise Fee: $39,900 Royalties: 7%

When businesses need prompt payment, they can count on The Interface Financial Group (IFG). IFG’s early payment service processes invoices and puts cash in clients’ bank accounts without a 30- to 90day lag. Franchisees enjoy an easy-to-run home-based business with no need for staff, so payroll and HR demands are not an issue. This unique franchise model is part of a trillion-dollar industry. With more than two decades in business, IFG has a proven model and offers ongoing training and support. For more information, call 800-3870860, ext. 2 or visit www.interfacefinancial.com. Franchise Fee: $34,500

Total Investment: $47,600 - $62,450

Royalties: 8% Total Investment: $80,000 - $100,000

® 80



or call 877-406-8749.

Franchise Fee: $49,500 Royalties: 5% Total Investment: $103,300 - $142,300

Wondering what YOUR next business opportunity is? When it comes to choosing the perfect business for you, you better do your research... but where?

America’s Most Comprehensive and Informative Franchise Directory • Easily search from hundreds of franchise profiles • Connect with franchisors in real time • Interviews with top level CEO’s of major franchise systems • Advice from franchising experts on every step of the process • Up-to-the-minute franchise news • And much more...

Find what YOU’RE looking for today!

spot·light Funtopia®

NEXTGEN GREAT SealCoating™ Large territories and low start-up costs are just some of the perks for NextGen Great Sealcoating™ franchisees. Seeking to take advantage of a fragmented industry by applying the franchise model, the company’s founders created a ground-floor opportunity in a multibillion-dollar industry. Because franchisees use only environmentally friendly materials, they feel great about the product and service they deliver. The company provides marketing programs, in-depth training, and a dedicated call center. For more information, visit www.greatsealcoating.com. Franchise Fee: $15,000 Royalties: 8.5% Total Investment: $38,000 - 50,000


Kitchen Tune-Up® Dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles in children, Funtopia combines sports with fun in an innovative way. A one-of-a-kind adventure park, visitors experience rock wall climbing like never before with imaginative scenarios, like riding dinosaurs, jumping off skyscrapers, and climbing beanstalks. Rope courses, zip lines, ninja courses, artificial caving, and many more active entertainment adventures add to the mix. Parents will be thrilled with Funtopia's snack bar options, which includes smoothies and baked chicken. Franchisees get unlimited support in an industry that has huge growth potential. For more information, visit www.funtopiaworld.com. Franchise Fee: $60,000 Royalties: 6% Total Investment: $627,097 - $1,947,981


The folks at Kitchen Tune-Up® believe clients don’t have to spend a fortune or be displaced from their homes to get the space they’ve always wanted. Known for its signature One-Day Tune-Up, the company offers five service options at different price points, with many projects completed in only one to five days. Franchisees don’t need an industry background, just a desire to run and grow a business. With more than 30 years in the kitchen and bath industry, Kitchen Tune-Up offers a known brand with a proven concept. Franchisees enjoy support, ongoing training, and the buying power of a large corporation. For more information, call 1-800-333-6385 or visit www.ktufranchise.com or franchise@kitchentuneup.com

Franchise Fee: $25,000 Royalties: 2% - 7% Total Investment: $109,000 - $170,000

Looking for your next career adventure? FRANSERVE: WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE

Being a FranServe consultant is like being a superhero

Find your dream career by helping others achieve their dreams of business ownership through franchising The world’s largest franchise consulting and expansion organization

www.franserve.com 800-206-5454

spot·light BrightStar Care®

WaterStation Technology® Plastic water bottles last for 1,000 years before they are disintegrated. WaterStation Technology built a business around reducing that problem. This eco-friendly company offers consumers selfserve purification systems that produce premium mineral water that is not only more affordable than most bottled water, but much more ecologically responsible. Offering a passive ownership model, investors enjoy other revenue streams, including digital advertising. For more information, visit www.waterstation.technology

Fee: $0 Royalties: 0% Total Investment: $40,000 to $1,000,000 plus


BrightStar Care is an industry-leading home care and medical staffing franchise with more than 330 locations nationwide. Franchisees provide in-home medical and non-medical services to clients, helping families ease the strain of caring for their aging loved ones. With multiple revenue streams including personal, companion, and skilled care, national accounts and medical staffing, franchisees leverage several opportunities for growth. Proprietary technology solutions are designed to help franchisees improve efficiencies and deliver the highest standard of care for their clients. For more information on BrightStar Care, visit www.franchise.brightstarcare.com.

Franchise Fee: $50,000 Royalties: 5.25% or 6.25% Total Investment: $93,048 - $154,307


PuroClean® PuroClean provides water, fire, mold, and biohazard damage restoration to commercial and residential customers through a comprehensive network of 280plus franchise offices across North America. PuroClean offers a low-risk, high-reward franchise opportunity with an incredible level of personal satisfaction for entrepreneurs. Franchise owners benefit from national account work which is managed by the Home Office. PuroClean’s training is in-depth and hands-on, with each franchise owner’s regional director available 24/7/365 for support. Ongoing training is available online. For more information, visit www.PuroCleanFranchise.com.

Franchise Fee: $50,000 Royalties: 10% to 3% Total Investment: $150,000 - $175,000


Who we are: Our mission is to provide individuals, towns, cities and whole nations with a healthier and less expensive drinking water delivered through more responsible purification systems that do not damage the environment. Based in the Greater Seattle Area, we stand at the forefront of water purification and filtration. We have developed groundbreaking self-serve purification systems that produce premium mineral water that is not only more affordable than most bottled water, but also considerably more ecologically responsible.

What we do: Consumers have a growing concern with municipal water quality and safety, recently substantiated in over 1,000 communities impacting over 250 million Americans in 50 states. Business provides patent-pending water purification systems offering quantifiable, tangible differentiators vs. conventional systems. Recognized as top 100 game changes in 2018! Total Business Alliance Partner investment model. Managing Partner carries out entire daily operations which totally frees up investor from doing other personal business activities and provides Investor monthly income for revenue sales.

Investment: $280,500 minimum Franchise Fee: None; this is a business not requiring an upfront Franchise Fee saving upfront costs Royalty: None; this is a business not requiring monthly Royalty and/ or Marketing fees for up to 10 years saving thousands of dollars to the bottom line operational costs Financing Available: Yes, third party plus special veteran funding; qualifies for the Section 179.org allowing 100% tax deduction up to $1,000,000 per year from 2018 - 2022 VetFran Discount: No; Other Veteran Funding options with additional bonuses, including a $12,000 10-year interest-free loan Founded: 2013 Number of Units: over 3,000 Headquarters: Everett, WA

Who we are looking for: Investors needing a total passive, turnkey investment; no need to carry out any operational business activities; diversify their financial portfolio to provide additional monthly revenues; looking for a 20% annual ROI on or before 12 months of operation.

Get More Info


Dick Humphrey Toll free 877-941-0002 dhumphrey@waterstationtechnology.com

spot·light Renew Crew™

Sports Nutrition Authority™ Everybody benefits from a balanced, healthy lifestyle, and Sports Nutrition Authority™ helps people get there. Staffers make recommendations to customers on how to achieve their health and nutrition goals. Operating within an industry growing 8 percent each year, Sports Nutrition Authority franchisees benefit from exclusive products that help clients lose weight, build muscle, or reach other health, fitness, and athletic goals. The initial investment is low, and the key prerequisite is an entrepreneurial attitude. For more information, visit

Fazoli's® When outdoor surfaces need a spruce-up, Renew Crew™ is on speed-dial. Skilled technicians deliver eco-friendly rejuvenations to decks, fences, gutters, patios, siding, and walkways at homes and businesses. Franchisees (and their customers!) feel great about the makeovers and recurring maintenance programs, and they appreciate the low cost to join the Renew Crew team. After initial training, franchisees can count on continued support and follow-up training, including midyear and annual meetings to brush up on best practices. For more information, visit www.renewcrewfranchise.com.

Fazoli’s® is a premium QSR that has provided fast, fresh Italian food at a great value for more than 30 years. From their dedication to menu innovation, a new modern restaurant design and providing an unparalleled guest experience, Fazoli's has established itself as a QSR leader. With more than 220 locations in 28 states, Fazoli’s has a strong brand following with proven operational systems and processes that assure excellent financial performance by franchises. Fazoli’s seeks franchisees interested in single- or multi-unit ownership. Development incentives available. For more information, visit www.ownafazolis.com or call 859-825-6212.


Franchise Fee: $34,500

Franchise Fee: $34,500

Royalties: 7%

Franchise Fee: $40,000

Royalties: 6%

Total Investment: $100,000 - $150,000

Royalties: 5% franchise 4% advertising

Total Investment: $100,950 - $187,075



Total Investment: $800,200 – $1,298,818

spot·light Allegra®

Ori’Zaba’s Ori’Zaba’s specializes in fast-casual, soul-feeding Mexican food, made from scratch using fresh whole ingredients and tested old-world Mexico recipes. The flavor profile is distinct and addicting. Ori’Zaba’s entire flexible system is made-to-order: even vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, oil free and nut free options are standard, requiring no extra labor or product to support. The 17-year-old company assists with site selection and encourages extensive shoulder-to-shoulder training, to ensure new owners are well-versed in Ori’Zaba’s proven systems, tools, and resources. Online employee training is provided, and stellar marketing campaigns bring in customers. Support includes conference calls and site visits. For more information, visit www.zabas.com Franchise Fee: $ 30,000 Royalties: 5% Total Investment: $449,000 - $775,000


Midas® Millions of businesses rely on Allegra® Centers to help them communicate with customers via well-designed websites, social media and email marketing, printed and mailed materials, promotional products, etc. Allegra Centers can be acquired two ways: either by buying an already operating Allegra site or by converting an existing printing business. The company's motto is: “Hit the ground running with a business, not a startup.” Allegra support includes a resource center staffed by experts in everything from SEO to design. For more information, visit www.allegrafranchise.com or call 800-445-5172. Franchise Fee: $25K for Resales $45K for Conversions Royalties: Tiered royalty schedule based on aggregate gross sales: 6%, 4%, 1.5%. 1% National Marketing Fund Total Investment: $116,822 to $373,911


With 60-plus years under its belt and 2,100 locations worldwide, Midas® is, needless to say, very well-established. Franchisees can operate with a satisfying level of independence, but consultants and sales coaches are available to optimize performance at every location. The company prides itself on providing outstanding franchisee benefits such as exceptional local and national marketing, diverse tire brands, and data tracking so customers’ reminders and coupons arrive with perfect timing. Midas waives franchise fees to first responders and veterans. For details, visit www.joinmidas.com or call 877-890-5874. Franchise Fee: $ 30,000 Royalties: 2-10% Total Investment: $181,650 - $459,580

Runningboards Marketing

Stacked Pickle Family-friendly Stacked Pickle sports bars are destinations for watching sports on TV or a meet-up after a game. CEO Gary Brackett, a Super Bowl-winning linebacker, says a sense of community is key to franchise success; restaurants are decorated with local sports memorabilia and photos. The food and drinks are varied for wide appeal. Procedures and training are honed to a simple-to-operate science, and targeted marketing programs are provided. Franchisees can retrofit an existing site to cut costs. Multiunit ownership is available. For details, call 317-677-6904 or visit www.buildthepickle.com. Franchise Fee: $40,000 Royalties: 5% Total Investment: $413,000 - $916,000

Runningboards Marketing is a digital mobile billboard company that sells subscription advertising. Their Digital Advertising Vehicle, named DAV, provides unique advantages in the market. The business model is simple: Show DAV. Book DAV. Drive DAV. The ads are digital and easy for clients to change, or even run multiple ads based on time and location. The client pool is infinite: anyone that has a message they want others to see. Runningboards Marketing is a lowcost, scalable franchise, and can launch in 3-4 weeks with multiple ownership models. For details, call 315-7552240 ext. 124 or visit www.rbm-franchise.com. Franchise Fee: $ 50,000 Royalties: 6% Total Investment: $71,500 - $255,000

Talem Home CareŽ The goal of Talem Home Care is empowering people, whether challenged by injury, illness or age, to stay happy and healthy in their homes as long as possible. Talem works diligently to help Veterans Affairs and Medicare patients secure funding for in-home care. Franchisees appreciate Talem’s feel-good mission, extensive training, free ongoing support, low cost, work-fromhome capability, and large, protected territories. The ideal franchisee likes helping people and contributing to the community; health-care experience is a plus. For more information, visit www.talemfranchising.com or call 833-825-3642. Franchise Fee: $39,500 Royalties: 5%-3% Total Investment: 77,200 - $143,400

Talem Home Care

Placement Services

June 2019 89

spot·light Jabz Boxing Fitness for Women

Daily Jam

Surveillance Secure™ Exclusively B2B, Surveillance Secure™ has provided cutting-edge electronic security for diverse businesses, government entities, health care facilities, and religious institutions since 2006. The company designs and installs cameras (night-vision capability if needed) and access control systems with real-time tracking, facial and license-plate recognition, cloud storage of video, and more. The commercial security market promises strong growth, attractive recurring revenue and recession resistance. The company also offers quick, low-cost start-up; thorough training; and a 24/7 call center for customer service and technical issues. For more information, call 877-405-4997 or visit

Jabz Boxing Fitness for Women studios offer a 45-minute circuit workout that promotes fitness, not fighters. Workouts change daily and combine boxing, strength, cardio, core, and agility training. Franchisees need no experience in boxing or fitness; they receive intensive pre-opening training. Start-up costs are moderate and overhead is low. Revenue sources include class session fees and monthly membership fees, plus sales of merchandise and supplements. Multiunit ownership available. For details, visit www.jabzfranchising.com or call 480-542-9001. Franchise Fee: $30,000

“Build a business and be home for dinner” is the allure of Daily Jam, a breakfastbrunch-lunch destination with a hip urban-casual atmosphere. It specializes in made-from-scratch pastries, waffles, build-your-own sandwiches, specialty coffees and handcrafted cocktails. Daily Jam supports local charities and partners with local businesses. The franchisor seeks single-unit investors and multi-unit national operators who are eligible to receive a liquor license and are passionate about customer service. Franchisees have access to leadership, vast franchise territory choices, ongoing market support and operational training. For details, visit www.dailyjamfranchising.com

or call 480-569-1010.


Royalties: 6%

Franchise Fee: $40,000 Royalties: 5%

Franchise Fee: $50,000

Total Investment: $135,450 - $211,995.

Total Investment: $501,500 - $1,194,220

Minimum cash required: $70,000

Minimum cash required: $300,000

Royalties: 6% franchise 2% call center



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Big O Tires® Started as a cooperative to secure volume pricing in 1962, Big O Tires® now has nearly 450 independently owned and operated stores. Franchisees, who need no automotive experience, benefit from the company’s multichannel marketing and state-of-theart website that’s information central for everything from invoices to warranties. Orientation emphasizes unparalleled customer service, and best-practices training is comprehensive, extending from the initial sales process and bookkeeping to mechanics’ services and supply-chain management. Franchise fees are waived for veterans and first responders. For details, call 800-365-0007 or visit www.joinbigotires.com. Franchise Fee: $30,000 Royalties: 2-5% Total Investment: $281,000 - $1,133,300


During 35 years of franchising, Screenmobile® has installed and serviced tens of thousands of screens on windows, doors, and porches. Its family of professionals also installs and maintains patio covers and motorized screens. Customers—who love the convenience of having Screenmobile’s experts come to them—range from homes and schools to restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. The company offers high margins; excellent training; work-life balance; and support, including annual conventions, regional meetings, and frequent webinars. This affordable franchise can be home-based. For more information, call 720-316-6625 or visit www.franchise.screenmobile.com.

Franchise Fee: $39,500 Royalties: 7% Total Investment: $91,830 - $180,325


THE MAX Challenge® THE MAX Challenge® combines exciting fitness classes, nutrition counseling, and motivation to help members make fast and lasting changes to their health, appearance, and overall well-being in just 10 weeks. THE MAX Challenge’s Franchise owners enjoy a modest initial investment, low ongoing expenses, excellent return on investment, and gratitude from thrilled members. The company helps franchisees find ideal locations and assists with lease negotiation, staff hiring, and marketing. For more information, visit www.themaxfranchising. com or call 800-670-0263. Franchise Fee: $40,000 Training Fee: $15,000 Royalties: 6% Total Investment: $150,800 - $349,250

Join us in creating a world of healthy fun! www.funtopiaworld.com/franchise

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\ last \ \ wərd \ noun

1. Advice from a successful brand 2. Make a difference and make money

Child’s Play

Here’s what makes this brand so enticing… 1. Franchisees can express their own creativity. While Challenge Island® provides a curriculum that incorporates vital science, technology, engineering, art, and math education, franchisees can put their personal stamp on activities, too. 2. Children return because they enjoy themselves. Competitions sneak in team-building and critical-thinking skills so that learning is a blast. 3. Getting started won’t break the bank. Franchises are low-cost and are usually home-based. The supplies needed to operate a Challenge Island franchise are inexpensive, too. 4. There are high margins and multiple revenue streams. Challenge Island owners can go beyond the after-school enrichment programs to offer summer camps, birthday parties, scouting events, and more. 5. Franchisees feel great about making a difference. Since 2003, the program has been molding young minds in positive ways to help kids grow into successful, well-rounded adults. For more information, visit www.challenge-island.com or call 985-209-8430.



A franchise opportunity with a built-in customer base > > > > > > >

Low start-up costs 20 years proven success Established clients Impressive sales growth High client demand Excellent support Business-to-business


www.justletmedoit.com • 704-960-4554

We bring major brands directly to our franchisees


“Hit the ground running” by acquiring an established business through our Allegra Resale Program that connects retiring owners with interested entrepreneurs. Available locations in the U.S. and Canada include: • British Columbia • Ontario • Georgia • Indiana • Michigan • Nevada • Rhode Island • Florida

Allegra Centers provide graphic design, printing, mailing, promotional products and marketing services needed by virtually every local business and institution. As an owner, you’ll benefit from the unsurpassed network support provided by Alliance Franchise Brands – a world leader in marketing and visual communications. Among the other advantages of acquiring an Allegra Center:

✓ Proven, 40+ year franchise concept ✓ Excellent profit potential ✓ Monday-Friday, 8:30a-5:00p business hours ✓ Industry-leading programs Explore your Allegra Center ownership opportunity. Contact us today. 866.433.4131 | allegrafranchise.com

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