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Pathfinders National Aboriginal Birth Certificate Programme is an Indigenous Programme which aims to redress this issue by conducting sign-up days in towns and areas where there are significant numbers of Aboriginal people who don’t have birth certificates. Since the programme’s inception, more than 6,000 people have gained access to their birth certificates. Unregistered births of Indigenous Australians are higher than in the wider community, and applications for Birth Certificates are noticeably lower. A grant from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) to Pathfinders to tackle this issue will enable more sign up days, cover the costs of birth certificates, and allow more people to fully participate in society and address the areas of focus of the IAS. Recently the Pathfinders team conducted sign up days in Taree, Kempsey and Bowraville, with close to 500 people eligible and applying for a birth certificate. From this simple process, these applicants will now be able to enrol at preschool or primary school, transition from school to higher education or enter the workforce. These young people will be contributing members of our communities. Pathfinders will continue to advocate and lobby for additional funding, to make the process simpler and more affordable for all Australians. Private and corporate donations are welcome to assist with the programme. Dates and locations for future sign up days can be found on our website

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