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Welcome to the May edition of Manning-Great Lakes FOCUS. May … the month for mothers! Of course, the second Sunday in May is the day we acknowledge and celebrate the special women in our lives – mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, and wives. It’s interesting to read about some of the traditions behind Mother’s Day too. Here in Australia, we share similar customs to countries such as the U.S and the U.K., but I read that it was an Australian who started the tradition of gift giving on the day. It is believed that Janet Heyden from Sydney began a campaign in 1924 to source presents for lonely, elderly mothers. And guess what? We’ve been spoiling our mums – and deservedly so – ever since! On the Cover Africa comes to the Manning again this year, with a colourful and vibrant festival running from May 18 - 25. Singers, dancers, drummers, and storytellers will weave their magic and show us that there is a universal bond of humanity that connects all people. The festival aims to raise awareness of African culture and the issues facing African migrants in Australia. Our cover star is Patrick ‘Lucky’ Lartey – an

contacts. Got a story idea? Looking to advertise in Focus? Contact us for more information. EDITOR: Jo Atkins

extraordinary dancer and choreographer who’ll be visiting the area for the festival. Inside this Issue There’s an unbelievably talented array of entertainment lined up for the Manning-Great Lakes area over the coming weeks. Thirsty Merc and Wendy Matthews are two of the visiting musical phenomena, and you can read what they’ve been up to lately in this issue! We also talk to the Cundletown and Lower Manning Historical Society, and young local entrepreneurs Sophie Bird and Bree Gardiner, who’ve turned their passion for the surf and design in to a swimwear business. Editor’s Photo This month’s photo was taken by Craig Mason, from EastCoast Photography. Don’t forget if you’d like to see your photo published, email them to Final Say “Mums … not all superheroes wear capes!” – unknown.

ADDRESS: Suite 2 / 42 Wharf Street, Forster 2428 PHONE: (02) 6555 3381 FAX: (02) 6555 7338 GRAPHIC DESIGNER:

Jo Atkins – Editor


Annalise Montgomery




ART DIRECTOR: Jay Beaumont

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Michael Marchment



Annette Wannell

Erin Coulson

PHOTOGRAPHER: Linda Bryant Photography by Linda 02 6551 2353 Mob: 0416 073 902

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Patrick “Lucky” Lar Lartey rtey rtey

Afro Moses Patrick "Lucky" Lartey AfroMoses Afro Moses and Patrick "Lucky'"Lartey are both natives of Ghana. They are two of the special guests who will bring their captivating personalities and highly skilled creative talents to the AfroFest in Taree this month. The theme for this year’s festival is UBUNTU - "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity". The festival aims to raise awareness of African culture and the issues that face African migrants in Australia, and will run from May 18 – 25.

ow old were you when ing and sharing with the audience at the you learned to dance, and festival? please tell me a little bit In Taree on the day I will perform with about your teachers as well. some amazing musicians. I’ll be doing West I was 12 when I started African dancing and a little contemporary. It learning how to dance. What happened is will be high energy, Ghana style – very upliftwhere I grew up it’s a place where there’s a ing. lot of talent, so I just danced everywhere - difWe’re really looking forward to coming ferent rules for different companies … I just down to the festival. I’ve been around the learnt from other masters in the community. world but I’ve not been to Taree before, and Your dance business, which you’ve called I hear it’s a really great community. I’m really Lucky African Dance, was formed in happy to come and share the culture 2011. What types of dance do and bring people together. you teach? There is no discrimination in I teach mainly dances I dance; we are one people like – dances from Guinea, … Also, after dances from Ghana, but So, if people want to to d I starte I also learned different find out more about I g in study danc , styles of dance from you or your dance ng ro st ry ve e becam a e all over Africa. So, I do school, where do m ve ga is th and ...” Gumboot dancing [from they go? lot of confidence South Africa] I do dance I have a website from East Africa and then I called luckyafricanalso studied modern dance, and all the like contemporary dance. Also, information is there. I have Afro-Contemporary dance [a fusion classes every week in Sydney in between African dance and Contemporary Newtown and I do one-off workshops dance] … in different towns all over Australia. What is it about African dancing that Thanks Lucky. really inspires you? Lucky’s aim in teaching African dancing There are a couple of things. It’s happy, joyaround Australia is “to bring people together ful, it lifts your confidence up and really makes to create understanding across all cultures, you feel good. Also, after I started to study by sharing the beauty and natural power of dancing I became very strong, and this gave African music and dance”. me a lot of confidence. Travel … this has also Lucky will be a featured performer at the given me confidence. I’ve met a lot of people Ubuntu Gala on Sunday, May 18, 2014 (6 for and learned a lot. 6.30 – 9.30pm). You’re going to be visiting Taree on May Tickets $20 on sale through the Art Gal18th. What are you going to be showlery’s online booking system.


manning-great lakes focus.

hen and why did you

an open mind and to love and respect who

first come to Australia

you are.

from Ghana? In 2000, I was invited with my band to play at

I love Afrobeat/reggae/salsa/percussion fusion rhythms. You’ll be coming to Taree this month.

Darling Harbour for the Olympic Games, by

What will you be teaching people in your

Ku-promotions, and Triple J sponsored our


shows. My band and I were on Recovery, the Best of

I’ll be teaching African singing techniques, African choir harmonies, beginners’ drum-

the Best, Good Morning Australia, and Studio

ming, rhythm techniques and how to believe

22 live on Australian TV.

in yourself with confidence … who you are is a

I was discovered by Suzie M' Kupromo from Byron Bay and toured Australia, doing sold out shows and festivals. Tell us about the types of drums you play ... what are they called, and what are they made of? I play Ghanaian drums, which are called Kpalongo, Dondo (talking drum) and Djembe. All are made of tropical wood and goat skin. What other instruments do you play? I play a bit of western guitar and of course, my voice I use as an instrument. I play about 14 different instruments from Africa - which doesn't make me special, but an inspiration and very unique. These include: the

powerful acknowledgment. Where can we find out more about you? Visit: Thanks Afro Moses. BYO Drum to the Manning regional Art Gallery from 9.30 to 10.30am on Sunday, May 18th, when Afro will help you tap into rich universal traditions of using music and rhythm as a tool of communication. Informal one-onone or small group sessions also available with Afro from 11 am to 4 pm. Gold coin donation appreciated. *Master Chef Afro will cook a West-African

Seprewa, Kalimba, Balafon, etc. from Ghana;

feast followed by a performance at the festival

the Mbira from Zimbabwe; Heartbeat Piano

finale on Sunday, May 25 (World Africa Day).

from north Ghana; Kora from Guinea and

Whet your appetite for an afternoon of fun

West Africa; Seprekora and Sekorawa (which I

and UBUNTU fellowship, combining fabulous

invented); the Sanku Gita and more.

food and music. Special appearance by Wing-

What do you most love about the music

song, the Manning’s own community choir,

and rhythms from your native Ghana?

singing African and Aboriginal songs.

The unity, interactions, it’s uplifting, meeting

Afro will also join in – so come prepared to

new friends, dancing, singing and to feel good

dance! Tickets $65 for lunch and concert. Pre-

with your body mind and soul, to feel free

booking and payment essential through Wild

from gossiping … learning about yourself with

Fig Café and Art Gallery.



AfroFEST • m an n in g r eg iona l a rt ga l l e ry • 9.30am to 3pm (12 Macquarie St, Taree, 6592 5455). Entry is free. 9.30 to 10.30am Drum Beat Africa with Afro Moses BYOD (Bring Your Own Drum!) and kick off Afro Fest with Drum Beat Africa. Led by Afro Moses, Ghana’s best international music ambassador. The high energy Newcastle-based drummer is a Manning Valley favourite known for his ability to connect with all ages, including kids – must be why in 2009 the Sydney Opera House booked him and his band as the African version of the Wiggles! All Day – 9.30 am to 3pm African Souk Shoppers will delight in browsing and nibbling through the variety of African-themed stalls including henna painting, food from Ghana, fair trade items, speciality goods from Congo, Ethiopian food and

coffee, face painting, fabrics, fashions, handicrafts, jewellery and bags and Days for Girls’ products.

the day sharing the sounds of

Kid Zone Kids are invited to frolic in the Kid Zone! Have fun creating leaf animals, building mobiles and making a jungle as we plant our woven "trees".

workshops. Those who would like

Community Mosaic Everyone is invited to contribute to our African-inspired community mosaic piece. You can either bring your own materials along (tiles, shells, rocks ...) or choose from our materials. The mosaic piece will be auctioned off by silent auction over the course of the festival, with the successful bidder announced at the finale on Sunday 25th.

photographer and oral historian

Afro Moses Afro will be present throughout

digital copy of their portrait and

Africa. Small groups (max 5) can join him for 30 minute, informal to try the drums and other African instruments are invited to have a go. Cultural Connections Award-winning social documentary Louise Whelan will be taking stylised portraits and recording short oral histories of members of the community, against stunning cloth backgrounds chosen by the sitter from Louise’s collection. The resulting body of work will be part of a multimedia piece based on cultural identity and connections in NSW. Participants will receive a notification of exhibitions.

AFRICA comes MANNING to th e

AfrOfEsT Free entry

SUNDAY 18 MAY - 9.30 am-3 pm Celebrating the Culture of Africa



FESTIVAL HUB: Manning Regional Art Gallery, 12 Macquarie Street, Taree

UBUNTU GAlA COncErt SUNDAY 18 MAY - 6 pm-9.30 pm

18-25 MAY 2014

Detailed festival program available on

or call 6553 5121 / 6592 5455.

An exciting musical journey to the heart of Africa with Miriam Lieberman and her band, followed by Lucky Lartey’s creative interpretations of West African traditional dance. African-inspired taste treats.

FEstivAl FinAle celebrating WOrld Africa Day

SUNDAY 25 MAY - 12-3 pm (Manning Art Gallery) Expect passion, colour, energy, powerful messages, dancing and a sense that you’ve just experienced something deeply special. Other highlights Include:

Design by stingART TebNad/

Creative writing and storytelling workshops African ¿lms .ite Àying

manning-great lakes focus 5


P r o g r a m 18th - 25th may

The festival aims to raise awareness of African Culture and the issues that face African migrants in Australia, and will run from May 18 – 25.


UNDAY 18TH Afro Fest at the Manning Regional Art Gallery, 9.30 am to 3pm (12 Macquarie St, Taree, 6592 5455). FREE.

9.30am to 10.30am - Drum Beat Africa with Afro Moses; Bring Your Own Drum! 10.30am - Welcome to Country. 11am to noon - African Dance. 1pm - Wingsong Choir accompanied by Afro Moses. All Day - 9.30am to 3pm African Souk (Market) Kid Zone - African inspired craft activities for children and face painting. Community Mosaic. Afro Moses shares the sounds of Africa (includes small informal drumming workshops). Photographic Cultural Connections by Louise Whelan. SUNDAY EVENING, 18TH UBUNTU GALA with MC Honour Machaya, stand-up comedian from Zimbabwe. Manning Regional Art Gallery (12 Macquarie St, Taree, 6592 5455) - 6pm for 6.30pm to 9.30pm - tickets $20 available from Movies, Games & More, 208 Victoria St, Taree (6552 5699) or at African-inspired appetisers included. Cash bar. Miriam Lieberman and her band perform West African music, followed by modern interpretations of West African traditional 6 manning-great lakes focus.

dance by Lucky Lartey. MONDAY 19TH Film: Half of a Yellow Sun. 7pm - Hosted by the Taree Film Society at Fays Twin Cinema (Oxley St, Taree, 6552 4600).

Wingham Services Club - Tickets/bookings: $25 for 2 course meal. To RSVP, contact Susan Ryan 6553 5150, Alison McIntosh 6550 5740, Ruth Brown 6553 9877 or Marilyn Thomas 6551 3416. If you leave your RSVP on the answering machine or


Telstra101, please include your phone number

Master class on Senegalese cooking at Taree High School by Linguere Bischofberger (students only).

so we can respond and confirm we received

NEW SETTLERS: video presentation by social documentary photographer and oral historian Louise Whelan, followed by Senegalese migrant Linguere Bischofberger’s personal story.

Service on 6553 5121. SATURDAY 24TH 10.30am - 4pm - Films at the Manning Regional Art Gallery. 10.30am The First Grader. 1pm I am Emanuel and The Boy Who Flies. 3pm Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars.

your booking. You can also RSVP by emailing:

All movies are FREE. No bookings required.

Inquiries Manning Valley Neighbourhood Service on 6553 5121.

FRIDAY 23RD Creative Writing Workshop and Storytelling with Zambian-born Dorothy Makasa. Morning: Taree West Public School (students

Saturday 24th 2pm Kite flying and drumming by the river at Queen Elizabeth Park with Thiass Mbaye (Cancelled if there are heavy showers)

1pm - 3pm - hosted by U3A at Manning Uniting Church, 29 Albert St, Taree. Open to the public. FREE; no bookings required. Inquiries phone Manning Valley Neighbourhood Services on 6553 5121.


Valley senior citizens and the general public.



Afternoon tea provided. No bookings required.

12pm to 3pm World Africa Day.

Inquires at Manning Valley Neighbourhood

Festival finale celebrating World Africa Day.

Services on 6553 5121.

Manning Art Gallery (12 Macquarie St,

Creative Writing Workshop and Story Telling with Zambian-born Dorothy Makasa.

1pm - 3pm Ormsby House (24 Commerce St, Taree, 6552 3193).

3pm Afro Moses Spirit Band Harrington Hotel (28 Beach St, Harrington, 6556 1205). FREE.

This FREE workshop is open to all Manning

Taree, 6592 5455); $65 for Ghana-inspired

Morning: Wingham High School (students only).


Afternoon (Time TBA): Manning Regional Art Gallery – open to the public.

Regional Art Gallery. 10.30am Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

(6552 5699) or at

The workshop is FREE, but with limited spaces, so bookings are essential. Contact Manning Valley Neighbourhood Services on 6553 5121.

12.00pm I am Emanuel and New Land, New

bookonline. $15 for concert only sold at the


door; entry 2pm.

12.45pm Nairobi Half Life.

Afro Moses’ personally designed and cooked


3.15pm The Boy Who Flies.

3-course meal (prepared in collaboration with

6.30pm Manning Net: Dorothy Makasa, Zambian-born poet and storyteller to present.

All movies are FREE. No bookings required.

Wild Fig Café) and performance by Wingsong

Inquiries Manning Valley Neighbourhood

Choir headlined by Afro Moses.

10.30am - 4pm - Films at the Manning

3 course meal and concert. Reservations and pre-payment required. Tickets available from Movies, Games & More, 208 Victoria St, Taree

inside this

Issue 87 - May 2014 Wish.


We feature many entertainers in FOCUS – some are visiting celebrities passing through, and some are home-grown talents! WISH is just that – an up and coming band comprising some locals who’ve moved to the big smoke, but who still call Forster home! The guys have been making some big waves on Triple J Unearthed with their first single, Pictures.

Moku Swimwear.


Bree Gardiner and Sophie Bird are the brains behind a new beautiful range of swimwear for women … But this local enterprising duo are also thinking outside the box and finding a way for other young creative people to showcase their skills! Watch this space … because big plans are afoot for these two talented locals!


Thirsty Merc. Well known for hits such as Twenty Good Reasons and In the Summertime, Thirsty Merc haven’t hit the road with a tour for quite some time, but they’re set to rock the stage at Club Taree on May 2! Guitarist Rai Thistlethwayte says the band are looking forward to hitting the road again – and they have some big plans on the agenda for the rest of the year as well …


usual suspects.


9. What’s On for May 18. eat featuring local restaurants 35. Tourism Update with Sharon Bultitude 42. Star Guide with Terri

No matter where you are in the world, read Focus for free online every month @ follow us on w

manning-great lakes focus 7


Max Willian -Jones • vox • guitarist

We feature many entertainers in FOCUS – some are visiting celebrities passing through, and some are home-grown talents! WISH is just that – an up and coming band comprising some locals who’ve moved to the big smoke, but who still call Forster home! The guys have

been making some big waves on Triple J Unearthed with their first single, Pictures … hat’s the current line up of the band, and what instruments do you all play? At the moment it’s Kent Williams on bass and synth, Josh Hall on guitar, Rohan Wilcox banging the drums and me on vox/guitar … Kent and Rohan also help out with the vocal harmonies. Where did you guys all grow up – and how did you meet and form the band? Well, Kent grew up in the Blue Mountains and I met him when I moved to Sydney in 2005. As for Josh and Rohan, I met the two in the early years of Forster High School. We formed Wish late last year as a side project amongst other casual happenings in our lives … it was actually originally a uni assignment for Rohan that he and I record a song for one of his majors, which was Pictures, our first single 18 months ago, recorded in Rohan’s lounge room. And this has now turned into an actual release of the song along with a clip and the of Wish. So it all started out of a lounge room, I guess. I’d also played in a band with Kent for 3 years before this, with a project called Saloons. Describe the experience some of you had with gaining recognition from Triple J Unearthed? What was the song you promoted there ... and how did this lead to bigger and better things for you all? Unearthed is great; it was wild how it went down, though. I had only put up our first

8 manning-great lakes focus.

single, Pictures, on Unearthed, so these guys tracks one at a time over the coming months in America could have a listen and download once they have been finished. the track. I didn’t tell anyone it was on there, The experience was great; it’s a great just because we had a release date and everystudio with a lot of history, so it was good thing in line for the single. Then the next day to be there amongst the vibe of some of my we get an email from one of the presenters at heroes, knowing that they have walked along Triple J saying, “We love your track; it’s now the same walls as me - Aka Bowie, Dylan … being played on digital radio.” the list goes on, but it was a good time for So it sort of got out a little early, but the sure. We all gelled in there and got a good reexposure from Unearthed led on to it sult. Studio life can be a bit daunting, being played on the main station being in a room for sometimes of Triple J on Home and 24 hours, but it helps if Hosed, so it all worked you’re surrounded by ne out in our favour! lords ... makes it all I didn’t tell anyo just it was on there, And once you kinda fun a release get that recogniWhat tracks are because we had hing in line date and everyt tion and it’s getting on the EP; which en the for the single. Th email played on radio, it ones mean the an next day we get feels like the whole most to you (and rs te en pres from one of the “We love picture becomes why)? , at Triple J saying being real … like now we OK, I’m not gow no s your track; it’ ..” o. di ra actually have to be l ing to give away too ta gi di played on a band, not just some much, but I think half recorded project; so it’s of my friends and family good I am grateful for it. in Forster have heard the Tell us more about the EP majority of the other tracks. you’ve released. Where was it And I'm sure they are floating recorded, and what was the whole experi- around on some playlists somewhere … please ence of recording like for you guys? delete if so; we will have the finished versions The EP was recorded late last year at Rec soon! Studios, 301 Castlereagh St, Sydney, by proI guess they all mean a lot; it’s like ducer Adrian Deutsch. they wouldn't be here with me or the band if The EP itself consists of 4 singles that we are they didn't; there has to be some connection still working on apart from Pictures, the first with a song for it to get past the first stages single. We plan to release the rest of the of writing it. So we have a bunch now, and

the ones we recorded are the first lot that stood out from the others. But Pictures is the first song I ever wrote for the project, so it has some kind of anagorical feeling to it being the first born … If you had to sum up the band’s sound in a nutshell, how would you describe it? Big Romance/’80s guitar pop. What’s next for the band? What are your future plans? What’s next is to play some shows over the coming months , finish of these songs so we can put them out for the people, write some more and have some more fun with it all, and of course, come home and play a show for you guys and girls in the 2428. P.S. it’s already in the works! What upcoming gigs does the band have over the next few months? You are all invited to: The Beresford, Bourke St Surry Hills, on the 10th May; The Lass Newcastle, on the 17th May; And The Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, May Sometime TBC. Where can people go to download or listen to your music, or watch your music videos? Head to our Facebook Page www.facebook. com/Wishband and show us some like/love. Also Unearthed to download the track Access to film clip via both pages. And anyone WISHING to contact us via Thanks Max.


Forster Town Markets Home-made, home-grown and home-baked items from over 50 stallholders … something for everyone! When Sun 11 May 2014, 8am to 2pm. Where Town Park, Forster. Contact (02) 6554 9348


10 Forster Adventure Race It’s on again! Comprising an ocean swim, cross country run, paddling and mountain bike riding, unleash your spirit of adventure. Open to individuals, pairs and team competitors, with a Junior Spirit – Kids Only Obstacle Course also available. When Sat 10th May. Where Main Beach, Forster. Contact 1800 802 692 Email

Vegetarian Class Winter Vegetarian Class with Julie-Ann Booth, the healthy food coach. When Sat 10th May; 10am - 2pm. Where Bent on Food, Wingham. Cost $95, or $80 each when you book 4 people in. Contact (02) 6557 072 email

Thirsty Merc Back on the road again after a break from touring, this amazingly talented band will rock the stage at Club Taree! Renowned for hits such as Twenty Good Reasons and In the Summertime, you won’t want to miss this show. When Friday 2nd May. Doors open 7.30pm; show starts at 8pm. Tickets $30 pre sale or $35 on the day. Contact Club Taree: (02) 6539 4000.

Packed to the roof rails.

The ML 250 BlueTEC Special Edition. Feature packed with over $5,000 of savings. • 20-inch alloy wheels • 360˚ camera • Glass electric sunroof

• Bi-xenon headlights • KEYLESS-GO • EASY-PACK tailgate

• Lane Keeping Package • Heated front seats • Auto dim/fold mirrors

Visit Taree Motorama today.


Savings based on manufacturer's national maximum recommended drive away price of equivalent new standard specification vehicle with optional features listed above. While stocks last

Taree Motorama

46 Victoria Street, Taree

Phone 6539 3300

manning-great lakes focus 9



[ w ith Alan Tickle ]

acck dk le [ wit wiiKtnho w A ltahne rToiickle lreu l]e s for bicycles

on’t wait until after June 30th.


The recent public row between a cyclist hit when a taxi passenger opened the curbside car door shows the importance of knowing the rules of the road as they apply to cyclists. he rules for cyclists are a bit different than vehicle drivers, and while motorists sometimes get frustrated by cyclists whizzing through traffic, there are rules aimed at protecting vulnerable cyclists.


Cyclists can face fines up to $2,200 if they break these road rules – similarly motorists are open to fines of up to $2,200 if they cause a hazard to a cyclist. So motorists should be aware that cyclists have rights – and never forget they are far more vulnerable to injury than those who sit inside a hunk of metal. By law, cyclists are allowed to: • Ride two abreast on car lanes – no more than 1.5 metres apart. • Overtake on the left hand side of stopped or slow moving vehicles. • Travel in bus lanes and transit lanes. • Ride on the footpath if they are less than 12 years old. Adults supervising them can join them on the footpath. • Ride on footpaths if they are carrying a child under 10. • Turn right from the left hand lane of a multilane roundabout but must give way to traffic exiting the roundabout ahead. • Travel on road shoulders. Cyclists are NOT allowed to:

• Travel in Bus Only lanes. • Ride recklessly Cyclists must: • Wear a helmet. • Have at least one working brake • Have a bell or horn to warn people ahead. • Have a white light visible for 200 metres ahead. • Have a red light visible 200 metres behind. • A red rear reflector. • Use hand signals to let drivers know your intentions. Motorists must • Give way to cyclists at pedestrian crossings. • Change lanes when overtaking bicycles on multi-lane roads and allow at least one metre space for cyclists in one lane situations. • Check mirrors or look behind you before opening car doors. It is illegal to cause a hazard to a cyclist when getting out of a vehicle. According to a Victorian study the number of cyclists crashing into car doors suddenly opened in front of them are increasing. Cyclists have the law on their side in this situation, and car travellers should check behind them before opening doors. Cyclists do have rights and if they are injured in an accident caused by a motorists’ action there are legal avenues they can pursue.

I too often come across a situation whereby a tax issue could have been better managed if there was discussion before June 30th, so that some smart strategies could be put in place to reduce the impact of a particular event that might trigger a tax liability. The following are some general discussion points for people to consider regarding superannuation. Salary Sacrifice and Deductible Superannuation Contributions The most common example of salary sacrifice is when part of a salary is paid direct to superannuation which means that tax is paid on the net amount of income received. This is more effective for a wage earner who is earning greater than $37,000pa due to increasing marginal tax rates from that amount. Review how much has been contributed to superannuation It is wise to check your year to date pay advices if you are salary sacrificing to make sure that you are not going to exceed $25,000 for the year, inclusive of the employer’s contributions. (Limits increase next year.) If you were over age 59 on June 30th, 2013, the cap is $35,000. Exceeding the cap can result in penalty tax, so it is important if you are making salary sacrifice contributions to check this now, so that adjustments can be made through your employer before it is too late. What can you do with super before June 30th? If you find that you can and are able to increase super contributions before June, you need to arrange this through your employer. If you are self-employed, it is wise to

complete a year to date estimate of income and discuss this with your taxation adviser. Your adviser can then suggest how much to place to superannuation or implement other taxation efficiency measurers before June. Eligibility If not yet pension age, anyone can contribute to superannuation. There is a limit to how much can be placed to superannuation as a deduction as discussed earlier, but there are also limits of $450,000 (non-concessional) i.e. where a deduction is not claimed, over a three year period. Those over pension age, and under 75 are restricted to $150,000 per year, provided that they qualify under the work test. The work test requires at least 40 hours of gainful employment over no more than 30 consecutive days at the time of contribution. This means that two weeks casual employment does not qualify but if in that same 30 day period, it could be shown that other work took place, such as baby sitting, gardening, cleaning or any other physical work that resulted in payment, then there is eligibility. It is wise to confirm this with the tax office and keep records of time worked and receipt the income. Being able to place money to superannuation and claim a deduction is also useful where there is a capital gains or one off income event, where having a lower marginal tax rate might lessen the amount of tax paid. Seek Advice Consult with your tax adviser before June, particularly if there has been an extraordinary financial event during the year, so that they can devise actions while there is time to do so. An example might include sale of shares, an investment property or farm, where capital gains might have occurred.

This information and advice is of a general nature only and no reliance should be placed on the information before seeking individual advice from a Financial Planner and Taxation Adviser to ensure the appropriateness to individual circumstances. Alan Tickle and Your Heritage Financial Planning are both authorised representatives of Securitor Financial Group AFSL 240687 ABN 48009189495.

10 manning-great lakes focus.


BoogieYouth Aaron Dodds

May 3 will see some bodyboarding action at Tuncurry Beach, with local youngsters taking part in Boogie Youth – a special event organised by the Forster Tuncurry Bodyboard Association. President Aaron Dodds fills us in on what will happen on the day … aron, what’s your role with the Forster Tuncurry Bodyboard Association (FTBA) – and how did you first become involved? My role within FTBA is Club President. I have been bodyboarding for over twenty years. I broke my back in 2004; this changed the way I looked at life. After many years of hard work with rehabilitation and retraining to start my own business, I built a business with sustainability and room to allow me to put time into the things I loved: youth work, bodyboarding and rugby. In 2010 some other local bodyboarders and I saw the antisocial activities going on with the youth and saw an opportunity to revive Forster Tuncurry Bodyboard Association. Who are the current committee members of the club? The club has an amazing dedicated team to helping the youth and the sport in the Great Lakes. The Committee: Vice President - Simon Patterson (also teacher at Tuncurry Campus), Treasurer - Patricia Smith, Club Captain - Adam Cheers, Head Judge - Josh Griffin, Youth Development - Reid Smith, Youth Rep - Zach Williams. When and where does the club hold its general meetings? The club holds regular meetings at Sponsors’ Venues (Sporties Tuncurry, Bellevue Hotel). Meetings occur bimonthly post comps if required; otherwise, the AGM is held January each year. Describe the Boogie Youth Development and Coaching Day that will take place on May 3. Where will this be held – and what time will it kick off? Boogie Youth is a development and coaching

clinic created to inspire and motivate the Man’, Adam Cheers and Matthew McArthur. All indigenous youth and youth at risk of the participants will have access to a board and fins, Manning-Great Lakes to use the ocean as an they will go through the basics of surf awareness, avenue for self growth, community growth and acknowledging rips and other hazards to good as a distraction from antisocial behaviour. Please surf conditions. All will then enter the water see: for more info. and have the opportunity to surf and learn The Clinic will have local/regional support bodyboarding skills from basic to advanced. and resources from Ambulance Services NSW 8:30am – Breakfast. and Marine Rescue Forster Tuncurry to assist 9am - First Aid Skills Class, Ambulance Services with First Aid Awareness, Lions Club Forster NSW and Marine Rescue Forster Tuncurry Tuncurry for keeping us well fed and hydrated, providing first aid awareness for all. local up and coming coach Adam Cheers, 10:30am - Surf Coaching Clinic - further under the guidance and wing of Da development from the morning’s Boogie Man, Director of Bright session. Youth Foundation Matthew Midday – Lunch. g FTBA are seekin McArthur, who has done 12:30pm - Participants will additional previous development have the option to attend tions funding via dona and mentoring sessions different classes: to help or sponsorship with the indigenous - Yoga Class provided by to keep provide solutions g youth of NSW. When: Yoga Avenue; un the youth and yo ng3 May. Start time: 7am. - Sportsman ni adults of the Man in the Where: Tuncurry Beach. motivational talk; e Great Lakes activ a g in What are the aims of Local businesses, ild ocean and bu ity.” Boogie Youth? What motivational talks and stronger commun age group is eligible to hands on experience. take part? 2pm - Surf Coaching Clinic 9-18 years old and must be - further development from the able to swim. Our goal is to inspire morning’s session and motivate indigenous and at risk youth of 4pm – Finish. the Manning-Great Lakes region and to provide Which local businesses/organisations surf awareness, surf development, education, are supporting Boogie Youth – and how coaching and support, and provide opportunities valuable has this support been to the FTBA? to get these amazing people involved in our local FTBA is a not for profit community community. organisation run by volunteers. Support from Tell us in more detail what will actually local businesses creates an open relationship happen on the day ... what stages will the and encourages members and families to day be broken down into, and who are further support locals. Local business assisting some of the individual coaches/mentors Boogie Youth are Great Lakes Council, Forster that’ll be involved? Surf & Sport, Sam Elbourne Photo, Core to 7am - Surf coaching clinic, with ‘Da Boogie Communications, Ambulance Services of NSW,

Marine Rescue Forster Tuncurry, Lions Club Forster Tuncurry and the following: Supported by FTBA, Bright Youth Foundation, Homebase Youth Services, Great Lakes Council, Ambulance Services of NSW,- Marine Rescue Forster Tuncurry, Lions Club Forster Tuncurry, Yoga Avenue, QCD Bodyboards. How can the community help support the event – are you seeking donations or sponsorships? FTBA are always looking for additional support. FTBA provide sporting, social, community events and development opportunities for the youth and keen bodyboarders of the Great Lakes. FTBA are seeking additional funding via donations or sponsorship to help provide solutions to keep the youth and young adults of the Manning-Great Lakes active in the ocean and building a stronger community. What do you hope participants on the day will take away from the event? Obviously a free T-shirt, surf awareness and more. The dream is for all participants to walk away inspired, educated and motivated to enjoy the ocean and make use of it more often, whether on a bodyboard or any surf craft, to become more involved in their community and put in place the skills they have learnt on the day. How do people find out more information? Are there still places available for participants in the Boogie Youth event – and if so, how do they register their interest? Find out more information at au the local Home Base Youth Centre,and Forster Surf and Sport. To register please contact FTBA - info@ftba. or call 1300 552 085 or Home Base at or (02)6555 5622. Thanks Aaron.

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Bree Gardiner and Sophie Bird

S w i m w e a r Bree Gardiner and Sophie Bird are the brains behind a new beautiful range of swimwear for women … But this local enterprising duo are also thinking outside the box and finding a way for other young creative people to showcase their skills! Watch this space … because big plans are afoot for these two talented locals! hare a bit of your background growing up in Forster with our readers – where did you go to school, and what was it about the beach culture that drew you? Bree: I was born and raised in Forster alongside the beach. I have always loved the ocean and the small beach town vibe that Forster has. I love to explore the local beaches and am always surfing! I love the beautiful beaches along our coast. Sophie: I didn’t actually grow up in Forster; I grew up in the Byron Bay area. I love the eclectic lifestyle and the beautiful beaches; the Pass never fails to amaze me. I really appreciate the ocean as a natural wonder … I love being in it and around it. What is it about swimwear – and bikinis in particular – that you’ve always liked? Bree: What isn’t good about a bikini?! They’re fun, colourful and ooze summer vibes! There are so many different styles; this allows every woman to express their personalities even while on the beach! Swimmers immediately get you in the mood to frolic, get sand in your toes, dive in the waves … they bring on the feeling of calm, adventure and good

12 manning-great lakes focus.

MOKU means

times, all in one! sat down, designed an “island” in When did the idea entire collection, reso Hawaiian; it’s r Fo e. first germinate about searched gaps in the pl m si beautifully n ai rt ce a ts creating your own market and fused my en es us it repr ion, at or pl ex of swimwear range? love of surfing and le lifesty e sun, th to n tio ec Sophie: The concept nn Sophie’s love of fashco s, freedom, ar st d an n oo m of MOKU has been in ion to create a stylish iness ...” and inner happ the works for about two and functional line. We years now. We had finished then booked a trip to Bali school, dabbled in the idea of to scope out good materials tertiary study and held down casual and manufacturers to make the jobs we talked about opening shops and dream come alive. On our trip to Bali business names and how enticing being in October, we were so overwhelmed by your own boss would be. how inspiring the country and culture is, we The common thread was always swimwear, changed our colour palette entirely on the all ideas ended in "and bikinis; we should spot! We wanted to reflect Bali’s natural flora design our own". But we wanted to create and colourful traditions, while incorporating a brand with difference; all our ideas filtered the beaches back home; we really found our down to a very well thought out MOKU swim stride. – a brand that embraces the female body just Sophie: We are purely an online business as it is. With a penchant for a cheeky cut, by choice, so stocking in stores isn’t a goal our range features this style a lot, but in a of ours at the moment. We do have ideas way that lots of women can feel comfortable about our own shop in Byron Bay that Bree showing off a little extra flesh. can deck out with her interior design skills – a So, how was MOKU born? What steps did place for people to come and be served by the you have to go through to get the label designers to get the best possible service. We off the ground and into stores? also love the idea of getting feedback from Bree: Well, it has definitely been a journey our beautiful customers first hand. I grew up to have MOKU up and running. One day we in that area and Bree loves it; it’s definitely a

place we want to settle in for a few years to live and design amongst some of the most creative young people in the country. Where did the name, ‘MOKU’, come from? Bree: MOKU means “island” in Hawaiian; it’s so beautifully simple. For us it represents a certain lifestyle of exploration, connection to the sun, moon and stars, freedom, and inner happiness – which is how we want every MOKU girl to feel in her swimwear: happy and beautiful. What do you feel your swimwear range’s point of difference is? Sophie: We feel our point of difference comes from within us as best friends, designers and generally down to earth people. We wanted to create a really accessible brand. An accessible brand to us goes above and beyond an affordable price point though; we do all our own marketing, researching, replying, posting, writing little thank you notes to each customer, everything! So people get a real sense of us as people beyond the swimwear, which we think is really important to create a great customer base of comfortable, happy women. We wanted to have the brand conveyed as 'real' as we are. Our recent campaign shoot featured two models from the Central Coast who wore sizes 8-12 on the


day; the average customer isn't going to be 6 ft and a size 6, so we showcased two real bodies totally untouched photographically in the natural light of a Seal Rocks sunrise; it was a magical 'pinch me' moment for both of us. We use a local photographer from Old Bar, Alex Brunton, who captures our brand perfectly. Also on the shoot we used locally designed jewels from iina designs, amazing one off pieces of gem stone and metal jewelry. Both these aspects really made the shoot have a great feeling - the perfect collaboration of young minds.Without giving away any trade secrets, where do you source your fabrics, and where are your designs manufactured? Bree: At this stage all our manufacturing is done in Indonesia. But all designs and prints were formulated on the shores of One Mile in Forster! Lara Haddon created our first print, which is an Aboriginal dot painting, which represents the beautiful creations of the ocean. Collaborating with Lara was really

special for us; we are huge supporters of local platform for other young people to showcase young people and really wanted to utilise her and sell their works through our website: talents. Our current team is What’s the feedback you’ve received made up of Felicity Lambert from Taree with about your swimwear been like so far? macramé and succulents, Lara Haddon Sophie: Surprisingly, nothing but from Forster with Aboriginal art, good feedback. We have only Sally Botham from Forster received positivity in return; I with driftwood creations, think as well as affordable Todd Bourke from Port ve also begun ha e W prices and a personal apMacquarie with mixed er an initiative earli proach to marketing, if media framed art ng ou ‘y this year called r fo you are good to people works and soon to rm fo at pl creatives’ - a to le they will be good back. be Dylan Goodearl op pe g other youn eir th ll se d What you project to the from Sydney with an se showca r website: ou h ug ro th universe, you will get in mixed media art ks wor .” return … especially in our (Todd and Dylan are m community, where everyalso working with us on one wants to support you. prints for next season). What plans do you have for Our team presents a your business/new designs/prodgreat variety of artistic styles, ucts etc. moving forward? personalities and individuality. They Bree: As well as creating new collections get a 6 month spot on our site in which each season (internationally and nationwe stock their products, promote them, take ally) we want to expand to basic apparel care of website details and posting. We are a and menswear. We have plenty of great guy close knit crew, which we love; it's all about supporters who want a piece of MOKU that supporting young people in the area where aren’t game enough for a pair of cheeky cut we can, and this is the first step of more bottoms. We have also begun an initiative exciting featured artists and collaborations to earlier this year called 'young creatives' - a come! We recently interviewed Trent McMur-

ray from Trento’s Juice Bar in Tuncurry about his juicing venture and living a healthy lifestyle and how he maintains his bikini body… You can see this on our blog on the website. Where can people purchase your swimwear range, or find out more info? Sophie: You can find us at for more about the brand, our great team and us as designers. We are on Facebook as Moku Swim and instagram as @ moku_swim. We manage all these ourselves, so for daily doses of our shoots, inspirations, competitions and daily life, check us out! Considering you’re both now business owners, designers, and entrepreneurs, you probably don’t get a lot of free time these days. What do you like to do when you can catch a breath? Sophie: We are first and foremost best friends, so we love to explore, drink smoothies from Trento’s then go to South One Mile or the Sand Hill and just hang out! We are always laughing, which really takes the pressure off our friendship as being business partners. We are also really good at testing out all the local restaurants. We really like to just simply hang out and embrace life as it comes. And of course, take the amazing MOKU journey. Thanks Sophie and Bree. manning-great lakes focus 13


Having fo found so many lives to be touched by leukaemia, Erin Green and Rod Collier from leukaemi the Taree West Raiders Hockey Club have planned a fundraising event with a difference. Cancer’s a Drag will take place on May 17 … three-course meal, willing candidates with a thr lining up to be shaved and waxed, a silent and entertainment provided by two auction, a of Australia’s Austral best drag stars. And the theme night? You guessed it … come in drag! for the nig miss this event … it’s not only for a great Don’t mis promises to be a corker! cause; it p

hat are your roles/ positions with the Taree West Raiders Hockey Club – and how long have you been involved with the club? Rod Collier is the president and a life member of Taree West Hockey Club; he also plays in our division 2 men's team and umpires. Rod has been president for 6 years and involved with the club for 42 years. Erin Green is the Merchandise Co-Ordinator, on the social committee and plays for the division 4 women's team. Erin has been part of the club for 5 years. Give us a brief glimpse into how the club is travelling this year ... roughly how many teams/players are you fielding at the moment, and how is the season going for you so far? Taree west has 5 senior teams and 3 junior teams in this year’s competition. Our senior teams are very competitive, having a great first few rounds. We encourage our juniors and put a lot back into them to develop their skills and passion for the game. What made you decide to hold an event to raise funds for leukaemia research? Our club has had many members and family members either fighting the disease currently, who are in remission, or have sadly passed away. I, Erin, wanted to do something to try and help in any way possible, in the hope that one day we may find a cure for this horrible disease. Recently a close relative of mine was diagnosed with a blood disease and being a hairdresser, I thought the Leukaemia Foundation’s Shave for a Cure would be the perfect

14 manning-great lakes focus.

event to utilise my skills and raise money for a great cause. When and where will the event – which you’ve named ‘Cancer’s a Drag’ – take place? Cancer's a Drag is being held at the Waterfront Function Room at the Exchange Hotel Taree, who is Taree West's major sponsor, on Saturday 17th May 2014, starting at 5.30pm for a 5.45pm shave to commence. Who’s going to be brave and shave (or dye their luscious locks a lovely colour!) on the night? We have both members and supporters shaving, colouring their hair and waxing, including: Ruth Sheather - shaving Alison Kellner - shaving Deb Kelly - shaving Sally Geary - shaving Lilli Sargent - shaving Blake Saville - shaving Kathy Saville - shaving Geoff Lucas - waxing Erin Green - colouring Rod collier - colouring I hear on the grapevine that someone has also volunteered to be waxed. What’s the story here? Ha ha … yes! Well - I had mentioned my event to my dad's friends about wanting someone to wax. A few weeks later, my dad's friend told me he had found the perfect candidate ... Geoff Lucas, local mechanic, who works at Cleavers Tyres Taree - and I must say, he is the perfect waxing candidate! Geoff so kindly volunteered to wax, even though it is going to hurt. He simply said the pain’s nothing to what they have to go through, referring to people battling with

leukaemia. the following individuals and businesses for What other activities will take place on the their donations - Just Hockey, Danny Green, Acnight? tive socks, Hockey NSW, Taree West food and The night will comprise a 3 course dinner, liquor, Taree west plaza butchery, Alcorn sports, nibbles and supper; each ticket holder Classic Beauty, Ashlea Road Boutique, gets a ticket in the lucky door The Sicilian, Casa Loco, Deb Kelly prize worth $500. There consultants - close to my heart, will be live entertainment Bent on food, Fays Twin by two of Australia's Cinema and Bunnings. Tickets are $50 most established drag We are still needing ch per person , whi l, entertainers, Kara donations for the silent ea m se includes a 3 cour , a Zmatiq, multi-award auction: any local er ni bbles and supp worth e winning singing genbusinesses interested, ffl ticket in the ra ainment der illusionist and please contact Erin $500 and entert Indi Pendant fastest at eringreen2009@ .” t.. all nigh rising gender ist will be hosting and What is your fundraisperforming on the night, ing target – and how local DJ KEV Dawson will much have you raised so be the DJ from 9pm, and all far? night there will be photo opportuniWe’ll endeavour to raise as much ties with Look at Me photo booths. as possible for the cause; we have set We are holding a silent auction that ourselves a $5,000 target and currently have has something for every taste, including raised around $3,000. items like personalised signed boxing gloves Where can people purchase tickets, or find from four times world champion Danny Green, out more info? several gift vouchers from local establishments, Tickets are $50 per person, which includes hockey gear and a scrapbooking kit, to name a 3 course meal, nibbles and supper, a ticket a few. in the raffle worth $500 and entertainment all Who are some of the individuals and businight including special guests Kara Zmatiq and nesses you’d like to thank for providing Indi Pendant and our hockey club’s favourite support for your event? DJ KEV. Gary Rollings from the Exchange Hotel; the The theme is dress in drag. For anyone who Exchange has always been a great support would like to just come and watch the shaving for our club. Jack Rabbit is donating 20c from or waxing, a gold coin donation will get you in every coffee purchased on Tuesday up until our the doors. event, as well as donating items to our silent Any other information and ticket purchases, auction. Kyle Brown from Headin out. Sugarart contact Erin Green on 0432 993 388. cakes for donating supper. A big thank you to Thanks everyone.


from Great Lakes Winery

Unemployment trending down at .2% which is above the national average

Residency in the Manning Valley expected to rise by 1.3%



Employed people has increased by 3.1% Manning Valley has great potential for external investment funding, particularly in the property market.

steve attkins

Return on property is trending upwards at over 6%, representing good investment value. Statistics provided by Manning Valley Chamber of Commerce. Photo by Alan Small.



his hasn't always been the case. Wine used to be made with cellaring in mind, because it had to be in order to for it to be drinkable. The grapes were picked less ripe, resulting in wine that was more astringent. The young fruit needed ageing in order for the tannins and acidity to soften. Nowadays with the benefit of experience and new technology, ripe fruit with higher sugar content can be more easily handled with the benefit of temperature controlled fermentation. The more complex and concentrated flavoured wines are typically made from good quality fruit that can and will age well, developing layers of flavours. Quality white wines will continue to drink well for 2 to 3 years, while the lesser quality whites will need to be consumed within one year of the vintage. As a price guide, we use above and below the $15 price point. Similarly with red wine - the low cost reds are not designed to be cellared and will not last beyond a year or two. Better quality red wine will improve up to 5 years and beyond depending upon the quality and variety. Typically the mainstream varieties that age well (5 years and beyond) are Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. We have enjoyed quality Cabernet Sauvignons from good vintages that drank superbly at 20 years plus! Other common varieties such as Merlot and Pinot Noir have less complexity and will develop over 5 years or so, but not much beyond that time.

But as with everything, there are exceptions and there are fabulous vineyards and winemakers that produce outstanding whites and reds that age superbly way beyond expectations, and that is part of the joy of wine ... the unexpected! So if you are planning on cellaring wine for a few years - and there will be some great 2014 vintage reds in particular - you need to store it properly. Constant temperature, preferably between 14 - 16 degrees, away from sunlight; a mouldy space is best, as it means the humidity level is good, and store the bottles lying with the neck pointing up slightly.

Image of the month. About: Taken along the Forster Breakwall., capturing a stunning display of

sunbeams breaking through the clouds. Photo by: Brian Ongley. Taken a great photo of our local area? Like to see it published in FOCUS for the world to see? Just email


what's happening? What's happening at Great Lakes Winery during May? Music in the Back Paddock MOTHER'S DAY Sunday 11th May from 1pm to 4pm with Glen Mead Band, Glen's music is a mix of Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Eagles and various other artists. Glen's smooth vocal sound is likened to Crowded House, Bryan Adams and Don Henley. You can expect to hear some cruisy Sunday laid back material, together with upbeat 'get out of your chair and move!' stuff. Definitely something for everyone!

Video OF THE


VIDEO BY: Great Lakes Tourism.

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ABOUT: With the 2014 Forster Adventure Race about to kick off on May 10, here's a video to whet your adrenalin appetite, showcasing all the action from the 2013 event. WATCH AT:

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The Manning Winter Festival The Best of Slice of Haven Get your tastebuds ready to sample the best of the best at the Slice of Haven Food and Wine Festival on May 25 in Laurieton. The festival is getting back to the grass roots vision, purely gourmet food and beverages set to a soundtrack provided by local musicians. Stallholders are required to take their fare up an extra notch in 2014 by showcasing produce grown in and around the Camden Haven. It’s got to be gourmet all the way. Entertainment, including dance, music and interactive workshops, will give visitors plenty to do. While the grown ups enjoy the sensational food, wine, beer and coffee, the kids haven't been left out of the line up. Dancing, painting, rides, food and drinks will

keep the kids satisfied. Set overlooking the pristine Camden Haven River, this tasty day will serve up the best food businesses from the hinterland to the coast who source 90 per cent of their produce from within a 60 mile food radius. This event, from 10am to 4pm, is a great day out. Pack a picnic blanket, chairs and a sense of fun. Entry is by gold coin donation. Just 30 minutes south of Port Macquarie, the festival is held on the river foreshore, Seymour Street. Slice of Haven is brought to you by the Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Holiday Coast Credit Union, the Laurieton United Services Club, Camden Haven Courier, Southern Cross Media, FOCUS and the Hastings Co-op.

The Manning Winter Festival (MWF) aims to nurture, promote and celebrate artistic talent, cultural development and creative industry in the Manning Valley through conducting a major Festival every two years and by guiding and supporting emerging and established artists, artisans and other creative industries, wherever possible and practicable. 2014 is the 35th anniversary of an arts festival, held in this form across the Manning. The Greater Taree City Council originally coordinated the Taree City Festival, but discontinued support in 2008. A small group of enthusiastic and dedicated people, unwilling to see the festival fold, took up the challenge and formed the Manning Winter Festival, a community not-for profit Incorporated Association. 2014 is the third MWF and this year boasts a full program of events, held over two weeks from June 14 - 29. The 2014 MWF has 29 events to be presented across the Manning in Taree, Wingham, Hannam

Vale, Mt George, Upper Lansdowne and Killabakh. The events cover all aspects of the visual and performing arts, including theatre, music, painting, sculpture, craft displays, writing competitions, chalk art, garden art and much more. Highlights include Sinfonia Orchestra in concert; the MWF Visual and Performing Arts Awards featuring the premiere of a musical work by composer Andrew Chubb commissioned by the MWF; Music Over the Manning, a concert featuring the Myriad Ensemble (9 international and Australian instrumentalists) and Kantabile Chamber Choir; and the Magical Masked Festival Ball. Something for everyone. Be sure not to miss out! Enquiries: President - George Hoad: (02) 6550 5890; email: or Programme Director - Mave Richardson: (02) 6553 5412; email: or check out our website: www.


c i g aTHE ng MOF nni a


celebrating community y creativity 4 - 29 JUNE 2014 16 manning-great lakes focus.


with Linda Bryant from Photography by Linda

Gary Christenson Gary Christenson is a Director of the Australian Regional and Business Migration Centre. The Migration Centre is a joint partnership between Gary and James Paton from Paton Hooke Lawyers. He started working as a Registered Migration Agent in the Manning Valley – Great Lakes area twelve months ago.



ary, tell us a bit about the migration centre … The concept of the Australian Regional and Business Migration Centre came about after James and I recognised a gap in the market, where people who need migration advice were going to Sydney or Brisbane to get that advice at significant expense to them and their business. Whilst there may be other Registered Migration Agents operating around the Mid North Coast, we are the only firm between Newcastle and the Queensland border that has the dual advantage of having Registered Migration Agents and a Lawyer with over 30 years of experience. This means that we can assist our clients with all areas of Australian Migration Law and Practice, including those clients who need to be represented in Court as part of Judicial Review. We specialise in assisting people from other countries to migrate to Australia under the skilled migration program and the significant investor program run by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. We also work with clients who want to move or stay in Australia to be with their Australian Partner or Permanent Resident. Our goal is to take the stress out of our client’s migration matter. How important is migration in regional areas like the Manning and Great Lakes? Migration is extremely important for regional Australia. As we know, we have an ageing population and as time progresses, we will have a significant skills shortage in the Manning and Great Lakes Region. Australia’s skilled migration program provides a pathway for skilled migrants to come to regional Australia and use their skills to help the region thrive.

was due to expire in a few weeks, and he We are very fortunate to have a large number wanted to submit a second visa application. He of professionals in the region from doctors to contacted us because he had provided incorrect solicitors and accountants, engineers and health information on his original visa application, and care workers who have chosen to migrate and he was very concerned that this would have an settle in this region. Migrants help to stimulate adverse effect on his next application. the local economy, ensure local businesses can We worked quickly and diligently with the stay viable when they can’t find local skilled client to gather all the relevant information staff and provide a rich tapestry of culture from him. We then prepared a valid diversity to the region. The Manning visa application and supporting and Great Lakes Region can only submission outlining the benefit from having migrants reasons that incorrect choosing to live and work s nt ra Skilled mig e information was provided, in the region. th to e who com of and we provided the What are some great lth ea w a area bring ce en ri pe ex correct information. results that you’ve d an e knowledg and fit ne The Department of had with working be n ca e w that ell as a w as , Immigration and Border with families and om fr n ar le rsity Protection assessed the businesses in this rich cultural dive to be joy visa application and our area? that is always a supporting submission Over the past twelve arou nd .” and subsequently granted months we have had the our client his visa. He is now privilege of assisting a large happily continuing to live and number of people with their work in Australia. migration matters in the area. This case demonstrates that it We recently assisted two Irish guys who is essential that applicants provide the were working in the area on a working correct information in their visa application. holiday visa to obtain their subclass 457 Providing incorrect information can have serious visa. This visa means that they can live and work consequences and may mean the person has to in Australia for up to four years,and during leave Australia and reapply offshore. that time they can apply to become Australian We also recently helped a man named Patrick permanent residents. This was a great result for come to Australia from Uganda for a holiday them, because their employer was struggling to to visit his Australian partner, Jaimi-Lee, and find skilled staff to fill the roles he had available her family. Jaimi-Lee has been to Uganda on a on his farm and the guys loved living and number of occasions, where she was working working in regional Australia and wanted to with a charity. She met Patrick who was also stay in the country after their working holiday working at the Charity a few years ago, and visa had expired. their relationship blossomed from there. Patrick We have also recently assisted a man from arrived in Australia in December 2013, and he the United Kingdom who was in Australia proposed to Jaimi-Lee on New Year’s Eve. and needed to reapply for a new visa. His visa

The couple then planned their wedding and were married in Forster on March 7 this year. We have now applied for a partner visa for Patrick, and he and Jaimi-Lee are busy building their life together as a married couple while they wait for a decision to be made on his partner visa application. Do you find that there is a lack of understanding about migration in Australia? What would you say that you’d like more people to understand? Yes, there is certainly a lack of understanding about migration to Australia. Often when I am asked what I do for a job and I say I am a Registered Migration Agent, I get the response, “Oh, so you help boat people get into the country”. Obviously there are a lot of stories in the media about “stopping the boats”, and this probably skews people’s views about the incredible benefits migration has for the region. You don’t have to go too far to see how culturally diverse the Manning and Great Lakes regions are. Other than the Indigenous people of Australia, each of us has a history of being a migrant somewhere in our family history. The Australian Government’s Immigration policy encourages our brother and sisters from overseas to come to Australia to visit, work, study and live. Skilled migrants who come to the region bring a wealth of professional knowledge and experience that we can benefit and learn from, as well as a rich cultural diversity that is always a joy to be around. Whether the person is a doctor, a pharmacist, a chef or a dairy cattle farmer, we all benefit from their integration into our region. You can learn more about it on our website: Thanks for the great insights, Gary, and all the best with the venture. manning-great lakes focus 17

Manning-Great Lakes

The Blowfish seafood basket w’ coconut prawns, Flathead + S&P Squid from Blowfish Street Food.

eat. Dining Guide is available for iPhone & Android mobiles. 18 manning-great lakes focus focus.

eat. Confit Duck on a salad of local mesclun, citrus, toasted walnuts and figs

Bent on Food Not just a café but a destination...

Club Taree

Winner of 2013 Northern Region Restaurant and Catering Awards – Best Café Restaurant and Best Breakfast Restaurant.

Treat your mum this Mother’s Day - Sunday 11th May Featuring our à la carte menu along with tempting chef’s selections, your mum will be spoilt for choice.

Fully licenced with a great value wine list.

Plus, go in the draw to win your mum a beautiful gift hamper to enjoy!

On and offsite catering, cooking classes, cheese making workshops, barista training.

Enjoy the entertainment in our members’ lounge from 1pm and stay for the raffles from 4pm.

High tea every Saturday afternoon from 3pm -5pm Bookings essential Sunday 11th May Mother’s Day with Warren Targett – lunch bookings from 12 o clock – open for breakfast from 8am

Lunch sittings available from 11.30am. Head Chef Nick Samaras

Saturday 17th May Lismore band Black Train

Chef Kevin Williams.

Bookings essential; call 6539 4000 to book a treat for your mum this Mother’s Day.

Closed for dinner 3rd May due to wedding

95 Isabella St, Wingham t 6557 0727 w

121 Wingham Rd, Taree t 6539 4000 w

open 7 days. Breakfast, lunch and tasty treats. Friday and Saturday nights for dinner (bookings recommended).

open from 10am daily.

Beach Bums We hope everyone enjoyed the Easter break. With the extra hour of light in the mornings, there’s no excuse not to enjoy a walk, swim, yoga or paddle and watch the sun rise over Forster Main Beach and burn off a bit of that extra holiday chocolate! Always reward yourself with a caffeine fix afterwards with friends. It just sets the day off so much better! The Beach Bums menu and specials boards is always adjusting to the change in season. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates. Saturday 10th May sees the return of the Forster Adventure Race to the Great Lakes, with competitors crossing the finish line at Forster Main Beach. Trading hours: 6.30am - 4pm (weather permitting).

Owners Kate and Darrin.

North & Beach St, Forster Main Beach. t 6555 2840 w open 6.30am - 4pm (weather permitting).

Bowlo Bistro Taree West Bowling Club Mother’s Day - $10 roast pork w` all the trimmings PLUS our full menu Tues - $8 homemade chicken schnitzel and chips NOW for lunch and dinner PLUS members badge draw and free raffle from 6pm. Wed - $8 beer battered fish and chips NOW for lunch and dinner Thurs - Bingo from 11am, our club super draw from 6pm PLUS free kids’ meals and drinks and a free raffle. Fri - Treasure chest jackpot and raffles from 5pm. Sun - Lunch and dinner, $10 roast pork with all the trimmings. Fresh coffee and scones $5 all day, every day. Our amenities include a Kids Playground, Free Wi Fi and Function Rooms.

Head Chef James Nossiter.

116 Edinburgh Drive, Taree t 6552 2094 open 6 days. Closed Monday. Lunch: noon ‘til 2pm. Dinner: 5.30pm ‘til 8pm. manning-great lakes focus 19

eat. Brioche Swiss Cheese Burger

Thai Beef Salad

Blowfish Street Food

Dorsal Hotel

Blowfish Street Food Old Bar

It’s almost time for the whales to pass by the Dorsal restaurant, so come prepared with a camera in hand to take that famous shot. Whilst waiting, enjoy a casual lunch; fish and chips is always a winner, but our new chefs have created some tempting daily specials all made from fresh produce.

Not your everyday take away! How good are fresh ingredients when eating out? You know with that first bite! At Blowfish, everything is prepared from scratch daily, including burgers, wraps, salads and sauces.

Set on a public park right on the beach, with the local skate park next door.

Relax in our new lounge area and sip away your delicious “de manfredi” coffee or better still, try a selection of our famous Tapas dishes with one of Rob’s many yummy cocktails. Tapas and cocktails are served between 4pm and 6pm each Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so come along with your friends to listen to the music and have a relaxing afternoon by the sea.

Open 5 days per week from Wednesday to Sunday, 11.30am to 7.30pm.

Our dinner menu gives you many succulent choices with added chef’s specials each evening.

So, jump in the car and treat yourself to a take away experience that will leave you feeling better for it.

Feel free to call if you have a large group or bus who wish to try us out.

Beachfront Car Park, Old Bar Beach t 0409 118 083 open 11.30am - 7.30pm, Wed to Sun. Please see for daily specials

1 West Street, Forster t 6555 0116 open 7 days. Breakfast from 7.30am, lunch from noon, and dinner from 6pm.

Rib Eye with Scallops, Tiger Prawns & Garlic Cream Sauce.

FLOW Espresso Bar

For Love Of Water!

Roadies Café

Food worth living for.

Premium fuel for foodies!

Matt, Flow’s head chef, combines ingredients and creates meals to inspire every taste bud.

Drop into Roadies Café for a bite to eat on the go, or stop and relax for a while with us.

Produce is sourced from the local butcher, grocers and seafood co-op to ensure the highest standards. Our new autumn menu reflects this and is sure to impress. Live music performed by local and touring musicians twice a week. Visit our Facebook page to keep up to date on all menus and music. Please call to book your table for dinner, as we often fill up. New: Thursday night curry nights, all $19.

31 David St, Old Bar t 6557 4224 f open 8am - 3pm, Thurs to Sun and dinner 6pm Thurs to Sat nights. Please see for weekly live music and menus.

20 manning-great lakes focus.

With a great range or meals to suit everyone’s tastes, from sandwiches to panko crumbed chicken schnitzel, Szechwan prawn pasta and our famous Roadies’ beef burger, you will be sure to find something that will delight you. Why not try our mouth watering wood fired pizzas - available Thursday, Friday, Saturday night.

77 church St, Gloucester t 6558 2772 e fb ‘roadies cafe’ open Sunday - Wednesday 7.30am - 3.30pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday 7.30am - Late

Owners Will & Erin Lute.


Club Forster in May 75 years on Buddy Holly In Concert! Friday 16 May. One of the most exciting shows to hit the Australian cabaret and theatre circuit in years. During this dynamic two hour production, internationally renowned Scot Robin, who played the lead role in the smash hit musical Buddy (original cast), together with his Crickets will perform more than 30 Buddy Holly hits, including: That’ll Be The Day, Heartbeat, Think It Over, Peggy Sue, Raining In My Heart, Rave On, Maybe Baby, True Love Ways, and of course, Oh Boy! This internationally acclaimed production mesmerises and excites audiences both visually and musically with its high energy performance, brilliant costumes and fantastic

musicianship. Scot Robin has been receiving rave reviews and standing ovations worldwide for his superb portrayal of the legend that is Buddy Holly. Kings of Country - Sunday 18 May. Direct from the USA after sellout shows in North America, Abstract Entertainment presents this unforgettable tribute to the biggest names in Country Music. Phillip Bauer as Johnny Cash, Marion Deaton as the outlaw Willie Nelson and Marty Edward as Kenny Rogers (endorsed by the man himself) have been recreating the sound and the look of


these three music legends, leaving audiences spellbound as they recreate all the songs that made them the Kings of Country!



ime spent in industry: 18 years. Favourite food to cook with: Seafood. What would you say is your biggest influence in your cooking? Our customers; we have a lot of very loyal customers. Without them, we're nothing. How often do you change the menu? We change the menus We change the ally. We do this on as se menus seasonally. omers to give our cust We do this to give so al e W variety. our customers nner have themed di r variety. We also , fo nights (Spanish e do w have themed dinner ch hi example) w .” th nights (Spanish, for on once a m example) which we do our staff in any way we once a month. could. How do you develop Who else works with you in the skills of upcoming trainees kitchen? Clint Paton (chef), Fletcher Best and apprentices at Roadies Café? We (2nd year apprentice ), and myself. A tight currently employ 10 staff, and out of those little team of 3. 10 we have one apprentice and 5 trainees. Most proud moment of your career? Training is Erin's background, so it was Meeting my wife when we both worked at natural for us to help improve and better Hotel Carindale in Brisbane.

manning-great lakes focus 21

focuscoffee lovers.

Great Lakes S

Coffee Grind My coffee obsession started in Adelaide about 10 years ago when I worked in the city, but I have been a barista for nearly 4 years now. Did you start out in hospitality?

Great Lakes Seafood FANCY A TASTE OF BYON BAY WITHOUT THE HIGHWAY IN BETWEEN? Our trained baristas are creating your Byron Bay experience right here on Wharf Street, with the famous Byron Bay coffee beans with the perfect amount of froth. Come try it for yourself. Dream the morning away overlooking the beautiful bridge and come back to us with the smell of fresh, locally caught fish on the grill. Or if you're after something more modest, choose from our daily variety of fresh salads. Not even the kiddies will disturb your daydream, with a variety of ready to scoop ice cream at their fingertips. Come on down to our new outlet store in Forster and tantalise your taste buds with our expanding menu. We've been local for as long as you have, so we know how you like your food... LOCAL. It doesn't get any fresher than the Wallis Lake, cooked by our 'Grill Master' and ready to serve next to an award winning coffee. Mention FOCUS on your next visit to Great Lakes Seafood, and our chefs will let you in on their daily special for our dedicated readers.

22 manning-great lakes focus.

Little Lucifer

No, this is the first time I've worked in hospitality, and I'm always learning something every day.

I started out in hospitality 6 years ago and have been working with specialty coffee for about 3 years. I've only recently started entering barista comps, placing first and runner up, which was pretty encouraging for me.

Whats one of the hardest orders you've had to make?

I've also travelled down to Melbourne a few times for training, including training at Veneziano Coffee Roasters, giving me a deeper understanding of the coffee I produce for customers every day. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of the latte you drank this morning. Coffee is communities, families, farmers, importers, roasters, baristas and you. My knowledge of the industry drives me to ensure the coffees I serve are a true reflection of the time, effort, and flavours behind the bean itself – hence why I think PASSION is the most important ingredient for the perfect cup of coffee. A passionate barista will focus all their energies into every individual cup to ensure a perfect shot, perfect milk, and ultimately the perfect cup of coffee. I'll be heading down to the Melbourne International Coffee Expo this year for the second time, which for me is the perfect coffee experience. Hundreds of coffee exhibitors from all over the world present over the 4 days, alongside world class competitions – it's a coffee lovers paradise!

I guess the hardest orders are those who don't really know what they want. But the majority of people have something unique about theie coffee; they've obviously been drinking it for so long and they know what they want and how they want it, so no matter how 'different' it might be, it's those differences that make it easy to make and remember. What's your favourite type of coffee? To pick a favourite is impossible, sorry ... but I like short coffees', so I can drink them hot and quick. Without so much milk, you're left with the amazing taste of coffee. How would you describe the 'perfect coffee experience'? Nothing beats a good coffee with good conversation; for me, that's what it's all about. I get to see that every day, which is awesome. What do you think think the most important ingredient of the perfect coffee is? All ingredients are important, from the water filter to the pressure of your tamp, you need the right milk ... but it helps by having a decent barista and of course, Momenti Coffee!

focuscoffee lovers.





The base of most coffee beverages. 30 ml (1oz) = 1 shot. Capped with a honey brown crown called the crema.

One shot of espresso with two thirds frothed milk (velvet in texture) in a cappuccino bowl. The crema should circle the froth. Served with chocolate sprinkles or cinnamon.

Also known as a “short black”.

Flat White One shot of espresso served in a cup with two thirds hot milk, topped with 5mm of dense, stretched milk. The crema should ring the milk. Common in Australia

Long Black A cappuccino bowl with two-thirds hot water and 30ml of espresso from a double shot group handle floated on top of the water. Also known as Americano or Lungo

Caffè Latte




One shot of espresso mixed with dense warm milk, capped with a 10mm foam top. Served in a glass, its temperature should allow it to be consumed within two minutes of presentation.

One shot of espresso and one teaspoon of good drinking chocolate mixed with warm, stretched milk. Topped with chocolate sprinkles and served in a mug or glass.

manning-great lakes focus 23

24 manning-great lakes focus.

Photo by Toni Fuller.


Wendy Matthews is one of Australia’s most recognised female artists. She is

about to kickstart her North Coast tour to promote her latest album, The Welcome Fire. Nicci Seccombe caught up with Wendy and asked about her music, the North Coast and her no. 1 fan – her Border Collie, Bear...


ear the end of 2013 you released your first originals album in 12 years, called The Welcome Fire. Why so long between original albums? It really is that life goes on. I have a pretty weird relationship with time, and it goes a lot quicker than I think it does. I have just been touring and building a little house and a garden. I just made a conscious decision to take some time off and open myself up to all of that stuff again. I see on the album that you co-wrote or wrote every song. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Oh my goodness ... Life and love is plenty, believe me. I have journals and ideas, titles and bits of poetry. I have a little secret agent dictator phone that I sing ideas into. I don’t read or write music, so I am not a disciplined writer, so it was really something for me to have to sit down with some people I didn’t know and some people I did know. I sort of allow myself to be a little bit of an idiot, because I have to sing them chords that I hear and for them to find the chords that I hear in my head. All of the songwriters I worked with were very generous. Each was a completely unique exchange. The Welcome Fire has been critically acclaimed by your peers and music critics alike, saying it is your best work ever - yet it doesn't receive a lot of radio play. Does that annoy you? I really can’t expect that. Regular people and the media see me from a certain time, so I don’t really get airplay and that’s just the way it is. But I have actually learnt a lot about putting out independent records and realising that there is a huge audience of people like me.

Every once in a while I will that I so hear mething ge hu a t love . I am no really radio listener. It ord w h ug ro th f is stuf ve ha of mouth that I ” grown to like.

MATTHEWS Those over 30 and 40 want to go to live gigs and they want to hear music and they would buy the records if someone puts their heart and soul into their music, so all I can hope for is that. You have just announced The Welcome Fire NSW Mid North Coast tour. When was the last time you brought the full band to places like Bellingen, Laurieton, Armidale,Yamba and many of these other Mid North Coast Towns? Forever! It’s been such a long time. God, last time we played Yamba with a band was years and years ago and I really do feel this is my home, so I am really looking forward to it a lot. Most of the guys in my band have been together for 25 years. They are actually some of my best friends, who obviously hung out at my place up here. It will be really nice just to cruise around and play this area with them. What can we expect from the shows? I have a fantastic band which has been a real blast at the moment, especially with this new stuff, but also I have 8 or 9 studio albums to choose from now, so it’s lots of the old stuff that people will know. We have reworked a little bit and freshened up for ourselves. I am feeling a lot more open these days with smaller audiences. I love the intimacy. It will be a great evening for us, as well as hopefully them. What music are you listening to at the moment? Oh goodness ... I have 10 acres to look after. I occasionally blast something like the Blue Nile, which you have probably never heard of. They are a Scottish band from a few years back, but they’re absolutely incredible. I don’t really follow the industry as such. Every once in a while I will hear something that I love. I am not a huge radio listener. It really is stuff through word of

mouth that I have grown to like. What other artists, Australian or international, have you worked with, and what was that like? I learnt a lot in my days as a backing singer and plenty of Australian bands including folks like Jimmy Barnes, Icehouse. I worked a lot with Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil. I was a backing singer before I even put out my first record in 1990. It was a brilliant learning experience and very educational for me. Not only are you touring the NSW Mid North Coast, you actually live here? What town? I live a little north of Coffs Harbour, in the hinterland of the Northern Beaches, between Sapphire and Moonee. It’s my dog and I on 10 acres, and it’s incredible. I have built a little mud brick place over the years, and it’s home. I can’t wait to get home. I can never quite get enough time at home. It’s an exquisite part of the world. I have been to beaches right up to Port Douglas and I thought, “You know what? Moonee just craps all over this”. We have such a beautiful coastline and it’s crazy that it's right next to a highway, but maybe that’s the secret. I bought my property in 2000. I lived in the Orara Valley while I was building my little place up here and moved in by about 2006. Tell us about your beloved Border Collie, Bear. We hear through the grapevine that Bear made her stage debut at the Jetty Theatre in Coffs a few years ago? That was hilarious. It was all her own work. Bear used to come on the road with me quite often, and after she showed me her little job that she wanted on the road, she has contin-

ued to do it. I am not sure if you are familiar with the Jetty Theatre dressing rooms? They are about two levels down from the stage, and she was downstairs in the dressing room while we were all on stage and realised I had forgotten my set list. So just as I mentioned something, by sheer coincidence, Bear has a real thing about carrying bits of paper in her mouth, so she grabbed the set list, broke free and raced up onstage and dropped the set list at my feet. Ask anybody there ... it was hilarious. As everyone applauded, she turned around and looked into the lights and saw 300 potential ball throwers out there, and she just broke into this huge smile and body wiggle. She is retired now. Last but not least … the 4 million dollar question. If you could sit down to dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why? This is going to sound really obscure, but I have her picture right in front of me. There was an American painter from the ’50s called Georgia O’Keeffe, and I would love to sit down with her and pick her brains. She moved out to the desert by herself and lived there, just painting away. I admire her stamina as a solo woman and her courage. She is very clear headed. Thanks Wendy.

the plug! Playing at Club Forster on Friday 6 June.

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t y s r t h i

the is going to be some new interpretasaid, there tions of old things, and there are couple of new thing as well on the horizon, so maybe we'll things be throwing those in as well. Mousetrap Heart is quite different compared to your previous albums, so in terms of growing and evolving I think in the band, what keeps rt Mousetrap Hea you guys motivated to go with we were trying to change? What t bi a has something that usually influences e er w e school and then further more groove; w ore you? m t at a tertiary level – at the employing a bi g tin It's a kind of ri w ng so d conservatorium. piano-base intuitive rolling with ” And the first song you there ... the punches, musical ever played together as growth. You can't exactly a band was called Wasting drive it too much; you just Time. I have to say that's sort of grab on to some ideas ironic, because you guys cerof what direction the band’s sound tainly haven't wasted any time since might be changing, and as you listen in you've formed! rehearsals you hear different grooves coming out (Laughs). That’s true! We have been pretty of sound checks. You get a bit of feedback from intense at making the most of it, I guess. the way the tour goes, from your friends, other With the current tour, you’ll basically start people in bands, your audience, your manageoff in Queensland and head down the coast ment. You are always rubbing shoulders with into New South Wales. It’s been quite a various other musical counterparts in the game, while since you've been touring, so how and also it's based around what music you're enmuch are you all looking forward to it? joying listening to from other bands as well. That We are chomping at the bit to get back out sometimes tends to drive the way you form these there. We did take a little bit of time away over listening alliances with your band mates and that the last couple of years, so it’s been a little bit sometimes becomes an element you grab and it less intense. But it looks like it's ramping up and becomes the backbone of a new sound. we're getting into a new chapter and a new I think in Mousetrap Heart we were trying to campaign for the band, so it's going to be really go with something that has a bit more groove; exciting. we were employing a bit more piano based songWill you be presenting material across your writing there ... I think rhythmically that came three studio albums, or focusing mostly on through. I think also that that came through a your most recent release, Mousetrap Heart? bit in a good way by producing the album with I think it will be a good selection of all the maL.A based producer Matt Wallace. But, I'm a fan terial we've played. Usually we try to think about of all of the albums we have done, and it’s great the set list in a pretty holistic sort of way, unless we listen back with that sort of anthology of now we are doing a specific project and playing music that there have been three albums, we can actufrom one album only. We're the kind of band that ally employ elements of all things for the future likes to create a well-rounded set of music … that


ai, is it true Thirsty Merc formed back in 2002 through some mutual mates? Yeah, well I've been friends with a man called Phil Stack, and he is one of the most talented bass players I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Thirsty Merc formed in 2002, pretty much by myself and Phil, and at the time he was also living in a share house with two other guys who played music. Karl [Robertson] was a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist who would kind of come in on an existing band who had lost their lead singer and were looking for a bit of new inspiration as well. So that's how it really it all started. And you're Sydney Conservatorium of Music trained too, I believe? Yes; in fact, Phil and I both went to the Conservatorium, although we didn't study at the same time. I actually started the year he left. Well, that's a great musical background to begin with! Yeah, it was good. It wasn't my first musical background. I had musical parents; I learnt a lot of piano from my mum, and my dad used to play in bands as well, from the mid ‘60s onward ... I know Phil's Dad was into a lot of singing and had a pretty deep understanding of songs and music and was very encouraging of Phil as well. It was a lot of good encouragement from our families and a lot of trial and error with our playing in high 26 manning-great lakes focus.

material. You mentioned that sometimes listening to other music can form an inspiration or an idea for something you would like to try. Who do you like to listen to these days? Oh, there's a whole bunch of artists I would be listening to depending on what mood, and time of day, and all sorts of things. I've been really listening to a jazz album called Taming the Dragon, by Brad Mehldau and Mark Guiliana. It has been pretty mind blowing listening to that. I love, you know, the classics: Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan. I listen to modern hip hop as well, Uncle Murda. I listen to a bit of Top 40 stuff, because I am doing some songwriting here and there with people who are trying to write songs in a more commercial style … It is really song by song; if it is something that you resonate with, then you like it. Where would you like to see you and the band heading in the next year or so? There is always going to be some touring, and hopefully at the end of the year we’ve actually got a new release which is ready to go, and we're going to be releasing a couple of new songs as well. But, there is also talk in the wind of a new studio album, and if that happens, there will be a little bit of talk about how we're going to structure it … So I think it is going to be a lot of Thirsty Merc for me over the next couple of years; I am really looking forward to doing that. I've had a bit of a break, and I am really looking forward to getting back into it. Thanks Rai.

the plug! See Thirsty Merc at Club Taree on May 2. Doors open at 7.30pm; show commences at 8pm. $30 pre sale ;$35 at the door Contact the Club on 6539 4000 for more details.

s o c i a l s c e n e with Donna Carrier from Bent on Food.

Below. Michael Foster and Kathryn Reid

Below. Bill, Eugenie, Janet and Chris

Below. Grace and Jai

Above. At the Travelling Teardrops


Above. Lis Harvey’s b’day party at Bent

Above. Egg hunt, Oriella and Tori

Easter is done and dusted, the children have overdosed on chocolate and are back at school, and soon it will be time to celebrate Mother's Day, when the roles are reversed and the chocolates are for Mum ...


.e had an incredibly busy Easter, and we even threw in an Easter egg hunt. The weather was glorious, and the back yard was bursting with families. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful region where the weather stays warm right through April and sometimes into May. It was a perfect day when the beautiful Kathryn Reid married Michael Foster at Wingham Catholic Church on 12th April, followed by a reception at Wherrol Flat Hall. I was personally intrigued as I drove past my local hall to see it transformed into a very fine country style wedding venue. As you know, I am a bit of a lover of the vintage country look, and I managed to slow the car down for a sticky beak as the hall was being decorated. It certainly met my approval! A bus took all the guests to Wherrol Flat hall for a ‘fine country wedding’, where they enjoyed cocktails on arrival served in vintage milk bottles with hay bales and handmade bush furniture for seating. The hall was draped by Blooming Beautiful in Port Macquarie, with furniture supplied by Billabong Hire in Forster. Catering was a country style meal created by Blues Catering and consisted of homemade soup followed by a tasty roast with tasty roast vegetables. A red velvet and cream cheese wedding cake doubled as dessert and was made by Cinders Cottage in Taree. Guests enjoyed music from local musician James

Reid and were given locally made jam to take home. Beautiful flower arrangements were made by Sunnyside Florist. The bride wore a stunning dress from Dress up Boutique in Wingham. Rob Trenchard from Photography by Linda took beautiful photos, and Kombi Celebrations provided a funky old kombi that made a perfect prop for some of the photos. A very warm welcome from the citizens of Wingham awaited the 86 residents from the Hastings Valley, who arrived by train on Monday 14th April. The group, lead by Mrs Jeannette Rainbow from Wauchope District Historical Society, were members of the Wauchope to Wingham Rail Escape, part of the Heritage Festival Program 2014. Mr Michael Davy greeted the party at the railway station dressed in his WWI uniform and accompanied them to the Manning District Historical Museum for inspection and morning tea. President Mrs Barbara Waters welcomed them with a delicious morning tea. Everyone was impressed by the incredible displays and memorabilia. The group moved to the Wingham District Memorial Services Club to be treated to a sumptuous lunch by Nicole and her professional staff. Barbara and much-loved local Mr Toby Polley also joined the group for lunch. Later Barbara led them on a walking tour of the town square and gave the visitors a very informative insight into Wingham’s history. Most of the party had time to explore our town and enjoyed discovering our specialty shops, commenting on the friendly country style

service. Jeannette said a big thank you to Wingham for a memorable visit and vowed to return, welcoming us all to visit our neighbours at Wauchope. All proceeds from the visit will be donated to Wauchope Centenary of Rail in 2015. We have hosted some excellent music nights over the past few weeks, starting with a very special Earth Hour event on March 29th that included the viewing of the documentary film Lights out for the Reef with antipasto platters by candlelight and unplugged acoustic music with our favourite purveyors of swing, “Up in Annies Room”. On the night it was announced that Bent on Food collected 1,000 of the 7,000 signatures for the big ban CSG petition tabled in parliament, so we were very proud. The following weekend saw “The Travelling Teardrops” play to a full house. This blues acoustic band is fantastic, recently playing at Flow in Old Bar and at the Dorrigo Blues and Roots Festival. Guests were dancing in the street under the awning, as it was a wet night; so we took the indoors option, which made the café a little packed with no room for a dance floor. Up and coming young musicians Grace Callaghan and Jai Harrison have been playing around the region regularly, and we were fortunate to enjoy their sweet sounds on Saturday 12th April. These young musicians are extremely talented; they also backed up the awesome Caravana Sun at Great Lakes Winery on

Sunday 13th April. Keep an eye on Grace and Jai, as they are sure to make a name for themselves. We look forward to having all these musicians and more play again soon. There are many café restaurants in the region offering live music as a bit of an alternative to the pubs and clubs. Check out Flow at Old Bar, Martines and The Bean Bar in Taree or The Aztec in Forster. You can support local music at a café, restaurant, pub, club or even a winery. Eugenie and Bill Forbes enjoyed their 50th wedding anniversary at Bent on Food on Saturday, April 20th with a family party for 15. Bill and Eugenie came on my cooking tour of Vietnam with Bill’s sister, Janet, and her husband, Chris, who live in Adelaide. Janet and Chris surprised them by flying up for the party. It was a lovely evening, and it was a delight to be looking after them on their special night; I think we enjoyed it almost as much as they did. I would like to say happy birthday to a lovely lady who had a special birthday this month, with many celebrations. Lis Harvey has enjoyed dinner at Bent on Food with friends, lunch at The Other Side at Ghinni Ghinni, time with family in Wauchope and Port Macquarie and she will finish off her birthday celebrations with a high tea at our place. Well-deserved, Lis! I would love to hear from you if you have any social events, weddings, parties anything! Send pics and info to donna.carrier@ Cheers, D. manning-great lakes focus 27


There’s a hardworking crew in Nabiac, who help to raise funds for one of the community’s most valuable assets – the Showground Hall. To this end, the enterprising group has organised an Autumn Ball, which will be held on May 10 …

Showground Hall and Autumn Ball

ho’s responsible for organising the Nabiac Autumn Ball? The self-appointed, casually titled 'Nabiac Ball Committee', consists of Laura Pennington, Rebecca Harper, Julie Arnoux, Geraldine Carson, Chantal Hallot, Rebecca Casson, and Jenny Higgs. Community halls are wonderful places, often with a fascinating history. What’s the Nabiac Showground Hall’s story ... when was it built, where is it located, and what are some of the major milestones it’s experienced? In 1903, 10 acres of land in Nabiac were put aside as the venue for a local agricultural and horticultural show. Working bees were held to clear land, the Wallamba District Agricultural Association was formed, and the business of raising funds for the building of the hall and showground itself began. Using the timber from the site's own cleared trees, the hall was ready for the first exhibition of local crafts, wares, and produce by January 1912. Over one hundred years later, it is still an annual event, attracting between four to five thousand visitors from all over the district. Over time, the local women catered for events by transporting in food cooked earlier at home in wagons, buggies or sulkies. Without a kitchen on site, tea was made using an old broiler above a large fire, and served at tables under hot canvas awnings. This system had its obvious drawbacks, 28 manning-great lakes focus.

e its Today alongsid ral ltu annual agricu , ts en show commitm for its the hall is used pular po ly increasing s’ er rm fa ly month s ou ri va , ts ke mar , weekly exercise groups and s, ng di ed bingo, w ” ... ns io at celebr

and finally one wet and stormy day, the canvas coverings split, and the catering was in ruins. The women formed 'the ladies luncheon' to build a kitchen and supper room attached to the hall, which they worked to pay off by hosting and catering for community hall concerts and balls. Once the 'Luncheon Room' was paid off, profits were, and continue to be, put back into the hall for improvements. What are some of the activities the hall is generally used for each month? Balls are nothing new for Nabiac Showground Hall. Over the years, it has hosted church balls, hospital balls (when Nabiac still had a hospital), debutante balls, and even a cinema ball. In fact, the hall became the local 'Picture Theatre' on Saturday nights for families around the whole district. Some still remember riding in from Dyers Crossing on their horses to see the latest release! Today, alongside its annual agricultural show commitments, the hall is used for its increasingly popular monthly farmers’ markets, various exercise groups, weekly bingo, weddings, birthday celebrations, memorials, reunions, concerts ranging from country music to big band swing, and now once more, Nabiac's Ball. Until last year's revival, the ball movement in Nabiac had lain dormant for several years, waiting to dust off its

glad rags ... How valuable is the hall to your community? What would happen if there wasn’t a community hall in your area? Without halls and events like these, we would just be a bunch of people living next door to each other. The hall gives us all an opportunity to come together in a shared space on equal footing, no matter how far we come to be there. It gives us an opportunity, and a venue, to celebrate our district, whoever the person, whatever the occasion. Halls can often be expensive places to maintain and upgrade. What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a committee keeping the hall in tip top condition? Whilst it has its own local Hall Management Committee, Nabiac Hall is one of many across Australia still owned by its local Council - in this case Great Lakes Council. With the help of the Hall Committee, they do a good job keeping the hall in great shape with the limited funds they have available; however there are, like most older buildings, a myriad of things the hall could do with, such as new plumbing, a commercial kitchen, insulation, fans, etc. One small funding step at a time ... You’re holding a ball in May to raise some funds for the hall. What date/time will the event be held? What will be the required

dress for the event ... and what refreshments and entertainment are planned for the evening? The Nabiac Autumn Ball 2014 is being held on Saturday 10 May. All profits will go to the hall. Dress is formal. It's $60 per ticket for a three course dinner provided by a local caterer; BYO drinks. A fantastic 4 piece band led by Sony music artist Greg Agar is heading up from Sydney. Last year he had the hall jumping off its floor stumps from dancing. Hmmm ... might need to add 'new floor stumps' to the 'want' list! Based on last year’s event, how many people are you anticipating will turn up on the night? At the time of going to press, we've actually just sold out of tables, with just over 150 people expected, one month out from the event - which is nice. Being a catered event, we can't have any latecomers at the door, unfortunately. Where can people find out more info about the Hall, or book it if they have a function or event they’d like to hold? All bookings for the hall (and supper room) can be made through Connect 3 Real Estate - 6554 1330. Thanks everyone. Photos: Ball photo courtesy of Adam Fardell. Historic photo: In 1895, two sisters rode their horses into the water, loaded their sulky on to the Forster/Tuncurry ferry, and began their journey to the Nabiac Ball ...

manning-great lakes focus 29


30 manning-great lakes focus.

Mother's Day is such a special time of year. Here at Leaha's Hair Studio Tuncurry and Old Bar, we want all mothers to feel loved and beautiful.

is a wonderful way of showing you care this

We are offering a special for the first 2 weeks of May; come in and buy your beautiful mother a gift voucher, and you get one FREE! To the same value! We want you to feel pampered too. Wether you come in to the salon with your Mum for a girls' day or give one to your mum and one to your mother in law or nan any special lady in your life, this

conditioner and 2 styling products for $60.

Mother's Day. We also have beautiful keune Mother's Day packs available, which offers a shampoo, Like us on FB to see lots of great specials and some huge giveaways coming up in the next few months - lots of pampering to be won. Come into the salons and meet our fully qualified stylists: Leaha, Petra, Katrina, Ruby, Shannon and Katie.

BENT ON LIFE Bent on Life has it covered this Mother’s Day, with beautiful gifts for the special mum in your life. But, this stylish store is going one step further and taking 25% off all of the beautiful stock (except already discounted stock) for the whole month of May. There is a very good reason for this sale; space must be made, as the store has just been approved as a stockist of the very sought after Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, coming in June. Soon the girls will be heading off to Melbourne to be trained by the Annie Sloan team, so that workshops can be held for our customers. This is exciting news, as the closest stockist is Newcastle, and it is a stringent process to be approved. So get into the store and pick up a bargain this month! A beautiful handbag, a piece of jewellery or something beautiful for the home will all make Mum a very happy lady. The girls will lovingly gift wrap your present while you pop down to Bent on Food for a coffee,; free when you spend $50. Multi-purpose gift vouchers are also very popular, also available for use at the café or the cookery school. Happy Mother's Day.


MARGARET'S UNDERFASHIONS Don't wear the wrong size bra; come in and let one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect match. Margaret's Underfashions have just received a wonderful range of sleep wear for all ages and all tastes. With Mother's Day just around the corner and winter close on its heels, why not get your mum and/or nan a brand new nighty, or lovely pair of pyjamas. Margaret's sleep wear is both practical and comfortable and with sizes right up to 24, there will be something to fit everyone. Margaret's Underfashions also sell winter gowns with a button up front. Why not come in and have a look at the beautiful range from Essence in New Zealand. Margaret's range of sleep wear, bras, underwear and shape wear is just as good as any big department store you will find in the city. Having trouble deciding what Mum might like? Why not grab a gift voucher ... after all, mums love to shop. Margaret's Underfashions also do mastectomy fittings by appointment. Come in store today and get set for Mother's Day, winter and all that's in between.

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COASTING HOME Spoil your mum. Mother's Day is fast approaching, and we are always looking for ways to show our mums how much we care for them and appreciate what they do for us. Spoiling them with a special gift is a great way to give Mum a boost. We have a great new range of handbags from Lounehide and Pratten that will go with her winter fashion wardrobe; Moc Croc, vivid colours and patent leather are very in fashion this winter. Look for practical styles that will make every day easier and beautiful, small bags that are great for going out. Our winter fashion is all about wrapping her in soft and comfortable clothes, with great styles from Brave & True, and beautiful mohair mix knits from Wooden Ships.

32 manning-great lakes focus.

Scarves and jewellery to match – and the perfect outfit is made. New realease candles and diffusers from Circa Home and Florence Broadhust have just arrived, – soft scents that will make her room smell beautiful and special. Pamper her with a selection from our great range of body products, soaps and scents. Maybe one of our sock monkeys could wrap their lovely long arms around her, and cuddles are the best present ever. We are having a Mother's Day Raffle, so with every purchase in-store before Mother's Day, you will get an entry to win a great hamper valued at over $300 Find us on Facebook and get a sneak peek at what's inside. Don't forget we have gift vouchers available and free gift wrapping with any purchase.

ESTEE LAUDER MOTHER'S DAY COLLECTION $75.00 Saxby's Pharmacy Taree 6552 1662

Slumbies! $19.95 from Tuncurry Pharmacy Tuncurry 6554 6479

PANDORA BEADS from Occasions Jewellers Taree and Forster 6555 8359 6555 5858

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YOUR MUM This Mother's Day

ENTER and WIN •Nils Nilsson & Sons•

The Observatory Penthouse

YO U C O U L D W I N M U M T H E U LT I M AT E PA C K A G E Luxury Penthouse Accommodation at The Observatory 3 nights for up to 4 people in a luxurious Penthouse overlooking Town Beach, Port Macquarie.


Spa treatment for mum from endota spa to the value of $150

Holiday Coast Credit Union has proudly supported Life Education Australia since 2002, and is currently providing, $33,000 per year to support the education of children in the local area. Life Education Australia provides positive programs that develop the social skills and knowledge necessary for effective decisionmaking, communication, negotiation, peer resistance and refusal in drug-related situations.

Life Education NSW. This is a major community giving program and one that all at Holiday Coast are extremely proud to be associated with. We encourage our staff to be actively involved in the local Life Education Support Groups … this engagement is part of our staff Community Giving Program.

Life Education’s programs are based on the latest research, and provide high quality drug education featuring role-play; social skills training; correction of common myths; and varied, fast-moving and interactive activities facilitated by excellent educators assisted by the latest multi-media technology.

“The benefits for sponsoring Life Education NSW is best seen through the eyes of the children that attend the school visits from the Life Education Van and Healthy Harold. The sponsorship of this program neatly aligns with Holiday Coast Credit Union’s strategic focus on enhancing our community’s well being, as well as demonstrating Holiday Coast Credit Union’s core values.” Neville Parsons - CEO Holiday Coast Credit Union.

Healthy Harold is a well-known and loved mascot who accompanies the local educator Leannne Goggin to local schools to roll out fun and engaging programs that are age specific. “The support of organisations such as the Holiday Coast Credit Union enables us to keep providing essential services and programs to schools locally.” Jay Bacik – CEO

HOLIDAYCOAST $200 Voucher to use at The Glasshouse Box Office or Gift Shop.

credit union

It’s where you belong... Ongoing annual contribution since 2002, currently

Total prize valued at over $1950





Upload your favourite photo of you and your mum, along with 50 words about what makes her amazing - to our Facebook page.


Share the photo with all your friends and get them to LIKE it.


The photo with the most number of likes at 5pm Saturday 8 May will WIN this amazing prize.

GIVINGISGOLD APPLY NOW FOR YOUR 2014 COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP GRANT GRA ANT The Application Form and the Grants Guidelines are available from the Holiday Coast Credit Union website at, by calling 1300 365 7 24 or email Applications must be recieved by Holiday Coast Credit Union no later than 12 noon Wednesday 14 May 2014.

It’s where you belong...


Conditions: Open to anyone. Not redeemable for any other offers, or exchangeable for cash or other goods. Must be used within 12 months of 8th May 2014. Black out dates may apply. Check at time of booking.

34 manning-great lakes focus.

1300 365 7 24

Holiday Coast Credit Union Ltd ABN 64 087 650 164, AFS & Australian Credit Licence: 240782. Registered Office: 1 Commerce Street, Wauchope.


Sharon Bultitude - Marketing & Partnerships Manager, Great Lakes Tourism

Tourism Sharon Bultitude It is adventure time again in the Great Lakes! he Great Lakes, well known for its spectacular coastline, pristine lakes, deep green forests and limitless experiences, is also the home of adventure on the North Coast. So if it’s adventure you want, then this is the place to visit ... and what better way to get amongst it than by entering the Forster Adventure Race!


Saturday 10th May will see the return of what will be the third Forster Adventure Race. And once again, it promises to deliver a unique adventure experience taking competitors across some of the most challenging and scenic landscape in the Great Lakes. The smash hit course from 2013 is back and has something for everyone! Competitors' race solo, in pairs or as part of a team - all put their athletic skills to the test in the 1.5 km Ocean Swim in the crystal clear waters off Pacific Palms as they swim from Shelly Beach to Elizabeth Beach. The 18 km Cross Country Run will then lead racers from Elizabeth Beach, where they'll hug the coastline running along Boomerang and Blueys Beach before climbing up to the top of Yarric Mountain and down to Smiths Lake. The 29 km Mountain Bike Ride is a fast, undulating ride through the Wallingat National Park with twists and turns along open trails, through the township of Coomba to finish on the edge of Wallis Lake. Wallis Lake is rated the cleanest lake in the state and is ideal for the 16 km Lake Paddle, and the final leg of the race takes competitors across the bridge between the twin towns, along the Forster break wall and Main Beach towards the finish chute, in front of hundreds of cheering spectators. The Forster Adventure Race has become a "real" community event involving volunteers,

businesses and organisations across the Great Lakes. The event is managed through a partnership between the Great Lakes International Triathlon Association (GLITA) and Great Lakes Tourism. "GLITA is focused on bringing high quality events to the region - for the benefit of the whole community," Wayne Gooley, GLITA President. "The Forster Adventure Race has grown each year, and we are proud to be a part of this great event." The event has also generated plenty of interest in the adventure racing world as one of the new kids on the block. Athletes love the course and love coming to the Great Lakes for their adventure fix. Top adventure racer Jarad Kohlar, winner in 2012 and 2nd placed last year - is back in Forster this year in an attempt to regain the title. How does adventure racing link to marketing the Great Lakes? Aside from the direct economic benefit the event brings to the town during the low season, adventure is a chance to showcase the region in a whole new light. These events take competitors to different places, off the beaten track, while at the same time providing a chance for local communities to experience something different. Beyond events, the Great Lakes has a wide range of activities for all levels of adventure seekers. You can fill a day, an hour or a week satisfying your need for adventure. Of course, there are plenty of ways to relax as well! Whether you are out for the race or just want to watch, the weekend promises adventure for all. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to get outside. Entry forms for the Forster Adventure Race are available online at Great Lakes Tourism 1800 802 692 manning-great lakes focus 35

By One Hair & Beauty

ByAnoush Beauty





Dry, Stressed hair from the elements?

Does your skin feel red and itchy? Anoush Beauty to the rescue! osacea refers to a range of symptoms that generally begin with modest redness on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.


avoid using any products that contain emulsifiers, silicones, mineral oils, amines, colours, fragrances and preservatives. And Dermaviduals is free of all these.

Left untreated, the condition worsens. Some of the factors that aggravate this condition are consumption of coffee, alcohol, exercise, spicy foods, prolonged UV rays exposure, excessive hot showers.While there is currently no cure for Rosacea, its symptoms can be managed effectively if the correct products are used and aggravating factors are avoided. Dermaviduals exclusively offers a customised range of products to specifically treat this condition.

For more information and to make an appointment, please ring Elsa at 6557 5544.

It is important that sufferers of rosacea

Don’t forget to take advantage of the Autumn Special - The Skin Rejuvenation currently available at Anoush Beauty. Skin Rejuvenation aids to reverse sun damage, improves skin texture and hydrates the skin. Photofacial combining IPL technology with a pampering facial treatment in conjunction with a powerful serums and masks. Spoil your skin today with the Skin Rejuvenation Autumn Special for only $150.

fter the long, hot summer, your made with 100% organic extracts. hair needs some TLC. De Lorenzo has a range called TRICHO Moroccan oil which targets all scalp problems, treatment it just what such as an oily, itchy or flaky you need to get it back scalp. These products have ou y “Are to a healthy state. At a soothing effect to help r losing hai One Hair and Beauty, heal. Are you losing hair and g and thinnin we have an extensive thinning out? We stock a out? ” range of Moroccan oil shampoo called 101 which products for your hair contains 6 Chinese herbs to care needs. strengthen the hair follicle and


If you suffer from allergies, we have an organic hair range called 'Pure Hair Products' that have no sulphate, are paraben free, allergen free fragrances

prevent breakages or shedding. Call in to One Hair and Beauty for a consultation. - Jan Williams, 29 Wharf St, Forster 6554 8022.

By Banks & Dade




Being healthy is reflected in how we look, feel, move, talk, eat and indeed, in how we live our lives. ur bodies are amazing, self healing, self regulating mechanisms that really want to do the best for us and keep us well. Our nervous system and immune system work together to create the optimal responses required for the body to adapt and heal. When messages become scrambled for any number of reasons, responses just don’t get


36 manning-great lakes focus.

through, and our health can start to suffer. Over time there is a wearing down; yes, it is ageing! But, have you ever noticed how some people age so much better than others? Genetics (nature) definitely plays a role, but there is that other thing of how we treat our bodies (nurture) that can extend our lives, increase our vitality and help us live really healthy lives.

Research shows regular chiropractic adjustments boost the coordinated responses of the nervous and immune system. Combine that with an active lifestyle, proper nourishment, a sense of purpose, a good night's sleep and at this time of year include Vitamin C and Zinc for added cell repair, and you are well on the way to looking, feeling, being healthier.

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38 manning-great lakes focus.

manning-great lakes focus 39

BREAST AUGMENTATION WHICH IMPLANT? WHAT SIZE? HICH IMPLANT? Breast augmentation with silicone implants has been done for over 50 years, with silicone implants first used in 1962 & saline implants in 1964.


not a difficult decision for me to use only the best implants, namely the high cohesive biodimensional implants for my patients. I use the Natrelle (previously known as McGhan) 410 for its well established reputation for safety & quality.

Over the years, many improvements have been made by addressing problems of silicone diffusion, silicone & saline leak, rupture, deflation & migration.

These implants cost more than many others - but what price safety & peace of mind for both patient & surgeon?

Saline implants have a major problem - a valve is used to fill an empty silicone shell with sterile saline (salt water) at the time of surgery. Unfortunately, in addition to the previously mentioned problems, the saline implant has the additional risk of a valve leak in about 20% of patients.

This is probably the hardest decision for the patient! The problem is due to the fact that the same sized & shaped implant will look different on different women, due to differences in breast & chest shape & size.

Silicone gel-implants on the other hand have become better & safer, especially with the development of high cohesive gel-implants (the silicone in these implants have more cross linkages, which causes greater cohesion of the molecules of silicone) in which implant leak or migration is almost completely eliminated. Further, the availability of biodimensional (naturally shaped) implants in a range of projections, height & width, permits "customisation" for the patient. With all of the above changes, it was

40 manning-great lakes focus.


Breast augmentation, while increasing size & volume, will also highlight every existing problem in nipple size & position, breast shape, position & asymmetry & chest shape & asymmetry. There is no template or formula to follow & a photograph of a woman with implants that compliments her are not relevant to any other woman. The only thing that works is individualization & customisation.

depends on a number of factors, & the patient's compliance with the necessary postoperative care is critical. Time is well spent in going into all the details, for the patient to be well informed. The patient is then advised to come back in a week or two, giving time for absorption of all information given. The second consultation, at no additional cost, may be a short one, with the patients seeking some information. If the patient has decided to go ahead with surgery she then has to choose her surgeon. I prefer my patients to have a good think about this & want them to choose me on trust & rapport & not on price or style. The rest is easy! We have a good range of brassieres, fitting tops & breast-implant sizers, to take the patient through a range of implants, to help her choose the right size (or sizes, if asymmetry is significant).


The use of a full-length mirror & a well setup digital photography studio aids in helping the patient to see herself in the mirror & in an immediately available digital image.

At the first consultation, the time is spent discussing breast augmentation, the pros & cons, the timing of surgery & the dos & dont's after surgery. The eventual result

The goal is to make a woman look good with or without clothes, to have a natural look & for her to feel happy & confident with the change in her body contour.


with Renae Taylor - Clinical Psychologist


SHOULD WE STRIVE FOR HAPPINESS? n recent times the media has focused on “happiness” and how we can achieve it. It is presented like it is a way of living that can be achieved with the right life ingredients. Every time I see one of these articles, I want to yell: “RUBBISH!” Life is so much more complicated, rich, varied and challenging than merely aiming for and expecting happiness. Humans are wonderfully complex beings, and life is long, challenging and varied. In living a full life we get to experience the whole gamut of emotions, and I think this experience is undervalued in our increasingly pleasure promoting society. Yes, we get moments of happiness, contentment, pleasure and joy. However, much of life is rather ordinary when we just feel okay or average, when we are just getting on with it and not particularly feeling one way or another. Life is also often more complicated and challenging, leading to other normal life emotions like frustration, disappointment, anger, loneliness, envy, anxiety, sadness, grief and boredom. These emotions get a bit of a bad rap, but they are completely normal and important in experiencing a full life and developing emotional maturity. We all like to experience positive emotions, that is a given. They feel good! There is also nothing wrong with working towards getting a balance in your life so you feel more satisfied. Martin Seligman, the psychologist


Renae Taylor Clinical Psychologist

and researcher who founded the positivity movement, has said he thinks the pursuit of happiness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. He suggests in his book Flourish that there are five elements to experiencing wellbeing in life. They are more global concepts than happiness and include: • Engagement - in activities that you enjoy and feel accomplishment • Meaning - a purpose to life • Accomplishment - achieving goals that fit with our core values • Relationships - having good quality relationships • Positive emotions - joy and pleasure If we focus on having a good life, working towards the above helps. However, there will also be more difficult times when we suffer and are humbled by the depth and breadth of the human experience. We learn important things about ourselves and others during these times and ultimately gain wisdom and resilience, becoming better equipped to manage. We need to be careful not to teach our young people to expect an "easier” life. We need our children to expect and be ready for ongoing challenges and hardships. We need to expose them to challenges and help them build the experience and resilience to cope with the real world. Negative emotions and positive emotions are all part of the rich tapestry of this crazy thing called life!

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MAY 2014


Mother's Day is Fast Approaching One of the things I hear so often from my clients, is that they wish they had organised their family portraits sooner, and more often.




January 21 - February 19

May 22 - June 22

September 24 - October 23

Your soul is calling out for your attention. Listen to your needs. Some personal nurturing is required. Release other people’s stress and problems, as these weigh you down. Set some personal goals and enjoy what is about to befall you. Kunzite fills our soul with joy, allowing us to override stress.

Time for change is at hand, perhaps a change in career or a new position at work. You have exhausted the cycle you have been in and your itchy feet are a result of still sitting idle and perhaps waiting for change to come to you. Make a choice and take action. Garnet is wonderful for prosperity in thought as well as outcome.

Remember strength and wisdom are such powerful virtues; they will take you on the most amazing journey through life. You were blessed with these qualities and need to remember the difference between your problems and everyone else’s. Lately taking on too much has exhausted your zest. Moldavite will transform your energy and gives flight to new opportunities.




February 20 - March 20

June 23 - July 23 Ju

October 24 - November 22

You have a wonderful opportunity to recognise your self worth. You are embarking on a journey of self-discovery. You can expect either bright outcomes if you like yourself or negative outcomes if you don’t. Rose Quartz is a wonderful crystal for selfesteem and unconditional love.

A gift is about to be bestowed upon you. This was your creation through a wish made several months ago. Now all you need to do is get out of the way and let heaven help you. Romance and passion are likely to be a major influence over the next few months. Rhodochrosite helps us find our inner child’s joy of life. Carry it for a couple of weeks.



March 21 - April 20

July 24 - August 23

You have the natural ability to manifest whatever you want. You also have the challenge of not believing in yourself adequately. Set some new goals and give yourself permission to achieve them and receive their rewards. Clear quartz amplifies strengths; carry it or wear it.

Now is a good time to consider what you deserve. The more you think you are worth, the better your outcome will be. Try to recognise any feelings of low esteem and turn them around using positive affirmations. Selenite is very powerful for self esteem issues.

Goal setting at this time will benefit you mostly. New beginnings are at hand, so make the most of this creating time. You can have what you want, but you need to know this. Give yourself permission to receive your wish and enjoy it when it gets here. Aventurine will help you to grow very quickly.

SAGITTARIUS. November 23 - December 21

You are a natural leader. You will achieve so much more when you remain focused. Avoid distractions at all costs over the next few months and be elated by your changes. Turquoise is great for self-improvement.




April 21 - May 21

August 24 - September 23 A

December 22 - January 20

Your inner strength has been challenged lately. Now is the perfect time to set some new goals for a positive future. You will enjoy some newfound talents and friends. By walking fearlessly into your future, you will discover even more personal strength. Azeztulite helps us to connect with alternate realities. Carry it on your being.

42 manning-great lakes focus.

The world is your oyster. You will soon be finishing off old business ties and making ways for new opportunities, so be prepared. Some new friends are entering the picture, which is why old relationships are fading away. Words need to be spoken to clear some old issues. Speak your truth from your heart. Zincite helps creation of new ideas.

You can expect an apology or confession from one very close to you. Justice is being served and anything unresolved, will be forgiven. Spend some quiet time thinking about what you need and how you can muster it within yourself so you are completely independent and not needy of another. Lapis Lazuli helps us understand our needs.

Life gets so busy, and portraits become one of those things that get left aside. The most common excuse I hear is, “When I lose 5 kg”. But do you know what? The kids are growing up, the moments are passing by, and yet another year has gone by without beautiful portraits with your family. Portrait photography has changed! In our studio, it’s fun, fast and we hear over and over again, that the whole experience was great – even from the dads! We have designed the studio so that having your photos taken is an experience you’ll love – not only the final images, but the entire process! The way that we pose you and light you will amaze you – you don’t need to lose any weight – just be yourself. You are beautiful! The photos will be treasured for a lifetime, but you, your kids and all of the family. This special is available as a voucher beforef Mother's Day (and can be used up until the end of June), or as a booking any time during May. Don’t let another year slip by without beautiful photos with your family.

H E R E Y O U G O A G A I N ... So here you go again: you joined the gym, you went twice. And now? Your midsection is looking softer, and your wallet thinner! The goal was to get fit and toned and finally start feeling good about yourself and your body, but you “failed yourself” or “you just weren’t good enough”.

here are too many of us with a negative mindset which we need to conquer. We need to empower our bodies by taking control of our health and wellbeing and remove the negative excuses that we all create like, “I am not a gym person’’ and, “I can’t do it” and have the power to live a healthy lifestyle.


For the first time, YMCA Great Lakes have designed a unique program that tackles the guilt and the negative self-talk – all those thoughts that stop you from feeling great and doing what you are meant to do. For 4 short weeks you will be taken on a journey, call it a self-challenge, where you will learn

“playing with my children”, and “saying positive affirmations”. The program is open to all ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds. It is only how to love yourself $10 to join for members, and your body first, is and those who are not m ra og T he pr and then watch e m sa e members at YMCA can th on ba se d r la how your desired pu po r he join for just $10 join ot pr in ci pl es as re results will follow. he w , es ng fee – the cost of the Y M C A ch al le or 10 The program is st lo ve ha challenge with the pa rt ic ip an ts based on the w ee ks an d 6 in option to stop once the s lo ki e or m same principles ai st lin e by w r ei challenge is over. Typical th nk ru sh as other popular ” s. ze si YMCA style, the charity 3 to up YMCA challenges, organisation’s primary where participants goal is to see people’s have lost 10 or more kilos lives change. The program in 6 weeks and shrunk their is designed to help you feel good waistline by up to 3 sizes. You will score about yourself first and give you the tools yourself on things like “doing workouts to keep feeling good. There is the option to you enjoy”, “taking 5 minutes to myself”, fill in a weekly food diary, to help with the

focus on healthy eating. Decisions about eating are highly emotional, and the last thing you want is to turn your eating into a religion or another thing you can feel guilty about. You will learn to love eating healthy and free yourself from guilt and negative and destructive talk. YMCA Great Lakes recommends anyone with the desire to become or remain healthy to join in on this challenge and learn how much fun being healthy can be! The challenge starts on the Monday after Mother’s Day, May 12th, and runs for 4 weeks. You can register in the week before the challenge; start by paying your $10 at reception and picking up your workbook. Call 6591 7199 today or visit YMCA Great Lakes website on greatlakes to start your journey towards a happier, healthy and balanced you!

manning-great lakes focus 43

44 manning-great lakes focus focus.

Relationship Difficulties Advice for you A key element of your financial plan is the strategies we use for you. Depending on you, your circumstances and goals these might include: Protection – prepare for the financial consequences to you and your family if you were to suffer a fatal or serious accident or illness and all the dreams potentially fall apart. Superannuation – get a clear plan for growing your retirement savings, to make sure you do have your desired lifestyle in retirement rather than limiting your lifestyle to fit your super. Retirement Planning – now that the hard yards are done, design your savings to provide for you for as long as you might live. There’s also ... Investment Planning; Budget & Debt Management; Aged Care; Estate Planning ... And within these areas of advice there are myriad strategies and opportunities for us to consider – all relative to you. Some areas, e.g. super laws, are complex, can change, and everyone’s situation is different. That’s why it makes sense to talk to a financial planner who gets to know you and what’s important to you. Sue Baker, a Certified Financial Planner and member of the FPA, has your best interests at heart and cares about helping you grow and protect what you’re working hard to achieve.

Tell us a little about Co-dependents Anonymous – who do they assist? Coda assists anyone who is trying to improve their relationships with other people. These can be friends, partners, work colleagues, employers, family members. It can also assist anyone who is in a relationship with someone suffering from an addiction, or from a family where addictions existed, but is not exclusive to this.

Your Heading Here!

MidHeading Coast Careers Your Here! Market Community collaborators create career connections. The strong partnership between two well-respected local organisations has provided the opportunity for over 800 students to discover career, training and study pathways to set them in the direction of success. Mid Coast Connect and North Coast TAFE joined forces last year to deliver the 2013 Mid Coast Careers Market with outstanding success. Mid Coast Connect’s Partnership Broker, Michelle Fischer, is looking forward to continuing that success at this year’s event. The event features a diverse range of exhibitions from the business community, industry and local education providers to inform participants about career and study choices. Students from Years 9 to 12 across the Mid North Coast attend the Mid Coast Careers Market. “We were very happy with the results last year, and students were really enthusiastic about attending. Many of them were impressed with the calibre of exhibits,” said Michelle. “This year we are endeavouring to showcase an even greater range. We’ll still have all the usual ‘favourites’, as well as plenty of fun and freebies.”

It is helpful for people who feel trapped in repeating the same life experiences and want to change but don’t know how to. If someone was unsure about whether it was right for them, what advice would you give them? The advice from Coda is to come to 6 consecutive meetings to decide whether Coda is right for you. There are two local meetings a week in Tuncurry. There is no obligation to keep attending; anyone can come as often or as little as they like. The cost is a gold coin donation, and newcomers are asked not to contribute. What are the benefits to those who attend? The benefits are greater for people who come regularly, and can vary. For many it is the start of a new better life, as old baffling selfdefeating behaviours gradually disappear and are replaced by new healthy behaviours. Relationships with other people become healthier, new opportunities start to arise, along with a sense of self empowerment.

Most exhibits at the Mid Coast Careers Market aim to be highly interactive as well as informative. Stall holders will be available to talk to students about areas of interest, what kind of jobs are available in their line of work and prerequisites, such as qualifications and prior experience, needed for the position. They can also give a "first-hand" account of what it is like. The Mid Coast Careers Market will be held at the Port Macquarie Race Club on Tuesday, May 27 from 10am to 2pm. All secondary students are welcome to attend, and the free event is open to the public. For more information on exhibiting or attending the Mid Coast Careers Market, please contact Partnership Broker Michelle Fisher on 6562 5314 or 0448 877 953. Our website also has more information -

manning-great lakes focus 45


Regi onal Transp o r t H u b You may have heard the phrase ‘Northern Gateway Regional Transport Hub’ being mentioned recently, but what is this ‘hub’, and how will it benefit the local area? Steve Attkins, Economic Development Manager and Sharon Fowle, Executive Officer from the Manning Valley Chamber of Commerce help answer these questions …


e’ve heard quite a bit in the local media over the past year about the Northern Gateway Regional Transport Hub ... but in simple terms, what is this ‘hub’ exactly? The Northern Gateway Regional Transport Hub is, in fact, many things, including a warehousing and distribution precinct that has the potential to change our local and our regional economy. ‘The Hub’ is really just a term that has been applied to the project. But the project is to be a cold and dry goods storage and distribution facility, with other businesses, both manufacturing and freight based business, expressing interest in using the facility. The advantage of this is the accessibility to the highway, but also to the Airport Precinct and to Taree and the wider Manning region. What we want it to be is a ‘hub of activity! The Gateway project consists of an unimpeded second bridge crossing unlike the current one that has a super structure, not allowing bulky items being brought or sent from the region at Dawson River, an improved Airport roundabout area and then a four lane dual access road for traffic to and from the highway, the airport and the Northern Precinct. Over time, the Hub Precinct will grow as per the NSW Mid North Coast development strategy plan. Where is the Northern Gateway being constructed? The area to the north of Cundletown is the proposed location. The project will by-pass Cundletown and free up Princes Street to be the road it was designed for, being a local access road. How much is it expected the gateway will ultimately cost ... and where has funding been sourced for the project? The overall cost is approximately $23M. $10M has been put forward from Federal Government, and the project requires $7.5M from State Government with contributions from Private Enterprises. The actual development of the precinct will be done through private enterprise, 46 manning-great lakes focus.

and there will be huge inflows of investment funding from this total project. We have had national interest that has resulted in inquiries from investors regionally and nationally. What benefits will the Northern Gateway provide for the local The Gateway economy, and for Project will our community? y ce redu the heav The benefits of a vehicles by the project for the 0 per minimum of 30 erve local economy will Once people understand week. It will cons go on for years. the local ro ad the project and the flow The economic value network.” on effects of this required is set to be tens of infrastructure, people are millions of dollars. This very excited and supportive, as will come in the form of job shown by over 35 letters of support creation; conservatively, there from community representatives. Some are initially 123 full-time construction of the interested parties have come from many jobs, 18 months to 2 years for construction, other regional areas. We have had support from and 165 new jobs ongoing once construction is the National Trucking Association who believe it completed in the initial 3-5 year period. Just from is the way to go for freight distribution generally the linkage from the airport to the precinct there and is part of their National Strategy. This type is nearly $80M economic activity. Additionally, of development causes the flow on for greater new businesses and relocating businesses and investment into the region – investment creates residents will be coming to town. The project will investment. create cost savings for our existing businesses in Recent job losses from the region need to terms of transport and freight costs. be addressed, and this project does that. Our The Manning Valley Business Chamber in their economy is reliant on changes being made to audit of services and infrastructure recognise the our fundamental job numbers. This project will need for improved access to the region's centre, go a long way to changing our economy. Taree, but also the wider region's shortfall of The Manning Valley Business Chamber jobs, and this project meets much of those is one of the organisations driving the recognised needs. The project will allow more development of the project, along with rate payers' money to be put toward the local Greater Taree City Council. Who are some of road network by saving expensive repairs to the other key players? damage to our roads caused by heavy vehicles Estimates for construction of the bridge, going through the local road network. Many roundabouts and roads to include sound barriers, people don’t realise that there are approximately have been obtained in order to provide costings 572 truck movements in one week through the to Trade and Investment for funding approval. Taree local road network. The Gateway Project This includes the approximate provision of will reduce the heavy vehicles by a minimum job opportunities. A lot of preparation work of 300 per week. It will conserve the local road has been completed to advance the project to network. this stage. It is only possible to proceed with a What feedback have you received so far project of this significance if it can be identified about the Northern Gateway, both from as a need for the region and has the support of locals and further afield? the community. There are many organisations

who have demonstrated their full support and have provided details outlining why this project proceeding will be of benefit, not only for their own business growth potential but for the growth of the region. What stage is the gateway currently at? The project currently has concept design, summary assessment of costing for construction and discussions are ongoing with interested parties. What other processes are still to be completed before the site is ‘open for business’? Once we have received confirmation of the $7.5M from State Government, Greater Taree City Council can then proceed with contractors to complete the designs of the bridge and roundabouts and the general construction. What’s the current estimate for the final stage of construction to be completed? The total construction of the infrastructure – bridge and road could be completed within 3 years. The precinct development itself will continue for many years, and we believe will grow for upwards of 10 years. We think from all the assessment that this project will change the Manning Valley in many positive ways for years to come. Where can community members find out more info about the Northern Gateway? There is information available on our website at or you can contact the Manning Valley Business Chamber on 6551 2299 or email admin@ Thanks Steve and Sharon.

focusbusiness. with Gary Gersbach from Great Lakes Business Chamber


ACCOUNTANTS WLP Accountants offer a wide variety of financial services that can help you manage your business more effectively.


Offering advice on small business,


tax, auditing, Self Managed Super Funds and providing

It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who consistently resist change. Whether we want it or not, change will happen. Not all change is progress, but progress cannot happen without change!

comprehensive networking opportunities with other service providers are just some of WLP Accountants’ areas of expertise …

his will occur because of the swing their support behind any and all overwhelming forces that drive possible developments that are proposed or change, be it climate, population even just thought about. growth, immigration, medical The Northern Transport Hub destined for advances and mankind’s inventiveness, the area of Cundletown is one such project among a multitude of other factors. that requires the major backing of the Great Rather than stringently resist and fight Lakes people, as the spin off of permanent these factors, it is far better to recognise employment and infrastructure will be the driving forces and get involved in highly beneficial to this area. helping to mould these to an acceptable The continued development of facilities compromise. This will not happen by for the major sector of our population (the standing by and destructively criticising. elderly) will also be a major provider of jobs, The Forster Tuncurry Business Chamber both now and into the future. has as one of its main objectives the The development of the Urban Growth creation of employment opportunities residential land to the north of Tuncurry within the Great Lakes. We are is progressing well, and with fortunate to have one of, continued support from the if not, the best Public community will also be School Systems in a source of future jobs. NSW. This churns Further backing a broader n O out a large number of local major scale, the recent of well-educated events such as at th t en m announce t or rp ai and ambitious the Triathlon, the nd co se 's Sydney ill w d, ee oc graduates each Lakes Festival, pr w will no a te ra ne ge f year; unfortunately, The Forster Beach el its in jobs many of these Bash and others huge number of re and infrastructu are forced to leave will also bring opportunities. ” the area for both further visitors and employment and thus requires local further education. community support. On a broader scale, the Fortunately, Forster/ recent announcement that Tuncurry has a major positive Sydney’s second airport will now proceed, reputation for community support with its will in itself generate a huge number of volunteers, and hopefully this will outweigh jobs and infrastructure opportunities. The the detractors. continued wild ride in Sydney’s real estate Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Forster/ market will also be a factor in maintaining Tuncurry could become a major venue for growth, some of which will ultimately large corporate conferences? The demand reflect into the local area. is there, as are the skills and capabilities, We need to be ready for this growth but at this stage the wherewithal is not. and embrace the many opportunities What is required is a large (1,000 bed) that it should bring. I believe the Great accommodation centre of 5 star standard. Lakes Council is now better placed than The area has all the facilities, such as golf previously to welcome these opportunities. courses, beaches and a mass of local unique Within our district, everyone needs to features.



hat are your positions within the organisation, and what are your areas of expertise? Scott Dawes – Director. Areas of expertise are small business, tax and SMSF. Rhonda Haworth – Director. Areas of expertise are audit, small business, tax and SMSF. Explain how WLP can help businesses streamline their finances ... what types of mentoring/coaching do you offer your business clients? WLP can offer a wide range of options to help small business with their finances. We offer quarterly meetings with clients to go through their figures with them and help them understand them. With the meetings we like for the owners to set some goals they would like achieved; these don’t need to be financial goals either. We try to break up their goals into a timeframe of what’s most important to them and have them choose three goals for the next three months to achieve; we just help them stay accountable. These meetings also feed into other areas, including cashflow, profit, growth and in some circumstances, succession planning. Self Managed Super has become a key financial strategy for many businesses and individuals these days. What support do you offer clients interested in setting up, and maintaining, their own SMSF? SMSF is a huge growth area; this is the greatest tax effective environment for people’s retirement. It can also be used as a great vehicle for owning business premises in; getting tax deductions for paying yourself rent, as an example, is a great thing. WLP currently has around 120 SMSF on our books at the moment; we are very up to date in this area, with several team members being experts in this field. WLP offer accounting and audit services for SMSFs; if you feel that this structure for your business could suit you,

please don’t hesitate to discuss with us - phone calls are free to start this discussion. What other service providers does WLP network with, locally and further afield, and how do these networks ultimately benefit your clients? WLP draws on its vast relationships with other service providers inside and outside the local area. We feel that this a great strength for us; we try to make clients consider their accountants to be the people they like to go through to find other service providers, be it bankers for finance, solicitors for legal advice, financial planners for financial advice … WLP does not have any affiliation with any of these providers; we simply choose who we feel would be the best fit for the chosen client. We also work very closely with the providers we refer to, to make sure that our clients’ needs are being met. In addition to the services already provided by WLP, what are the plans moving forward for the next 12 months? WLP has gone through some big changes in recent times. We have spent the last few years working on ourselves and our systems to make sure we can provide the best service that we can to our clients; we feel that we now have the systems and the team members to offer our clients the service they need and deserve. WLP is looking at doing more small business coaching and making sure that clients’ needs are met and to make sure that WLP moves forward and keeps pushing forward for another 60 years. We are always looking for new clients, so if we sound like what you’re looking for from an accountant, please don’t hesitate to contact us: our first meeting is free. WLP would also like to take this opportunity to thank all its clients for their loyalty and support with WLP over the last 60 years. We understand that we are nothing without the support of our clients and will be trying our hardest to make sure that WLP meets and exceeds all their needs. manning-great lakes focus 47





"B enchtop specialists introduce B am boo to their range"


48 manning-great lakes focus.




logan leigh

Staff at


ogan Leigh Benchtops, established in 1982, are leading the way in providing eco green building products to the local area and Australia wide. A revitalised edge to the local business was the introduction of their bamboo range two years ago, and this has placed them at the top of the tree in their field of expertise. Chrissy Jones had the privilege of being shown through the Taree factory by founder and owner David Embury.

Tell us about Logan Leigh Benchtops, when was it founded? My wife and I founded the business in 1982 immediately gaining a sound reputation as the local specialist supplying hardwood bench tops to the kitchen and joinery industry. This led to Logan Leigh supplying a national distributor for the next twenty years and earnt a very good name for supplying high quality, prestige work. Over the years we have diversified into manufacturing roll-form laminate

“ncLohtgaopnsLearige h

Be bench tops and two-pack qualified and many have and highly qualified en painted doors to equally been with the company for be ve many ha ny pa m co e th high standards. a long time ... ith w � for a long time... These products are disI am very proud that each tributed throughout the Mid of the factory staff started North Coast area. Our team with Logan Leigh Benchtops as of highly qualified joiners, French apprentices and have worked their polishers and spray painters take pride way through the business. Two of our curin their work, with each job finished with an rent employees have come first in NSW in their exacting eye for detail. TAFE qualifications. Staff at Logan Leigh Benchtops are highly

manning-great lakes focus 49


The factory manager, Mark Atkins, has worked with us for 17 years, Chris Green, paint section manager also 17 years and both Suzy Smith and Debra Ison, the office managers, have been employed for over 7 years. The rest of the factory staff have also been with us long term. So you know you are supporting a truly Australian, family company when you do business with Logan Leigh Benchtops. You have an outstanding reputation in the building industry; why do you think this is so?

50 manning-great lakes focus.

Our work tally over the e years shows w er have supplied ov om st cu 0 14 ,00 timber benchtops . �



We have a 32 year successful track record under one owner in supplying benchtops and doors to the kitchen and joinery industry Australia wide, and this has gained Logan Leigh Benchtops the reputation for being a credible and reliable supplier. Our work tally over the years shows we have supplied over 14,000 custom timber bench-top jobs to residential homes and

commercial offices, wineries, hotels, pubs and restaurants. Some of these include bench-tops to the Sydney Opera House, The Packer's Polo Stud in the Hunter Valley, Cassergrain's Winery and the Sydney Dance Company, to name just a few of the prestige timber bench-top jobs we have supplied. In addition to these, Logan Leigh Benchtops have completed over 13,000 custom laminate

bench-tops sets and over 5,000 individual polished door set orders. Logan Leigh predominantly sells to the kitchen and joinery industry, but you do also supply DIY customers? Yes, we do. We are very happy to supply to DIY consumers who find us online or locally call into the Taree factory. We have a unique BYO timber service where we can finish custom timber bench-tops to your liking, or we can source the timber of your choice. Logan Leigh can also supply laminate




Bamboo is one of the most vi en ronmentally sustainable products the er world has ev se en . �


“ bench-tops in Laminex, Formica and WilsonArt to your exact measurements, ready to install. We also supply kitchen doors in a two pack painted finish which are available in a range of colours, finishes, polishes and edges. Your exciting new range, bamboo bench-tops, is the newest innovation at Logan Leigh Bench-tops. Tell us how the implementation of this product range has given the business a new direction? Incorporating the use of the environmen-

tally sustainable bamboo into our range, has seen us as being in the right place, at the right time with the right product. Bamboo is one of the most environmentally sustainable products the world has ever seen. Logan Leigh Benchtops are very proud to be the only suppliers in Australia of lengths of bamboo bench-tops up to 4.2 meters, our team are very excited. We can supply exact lengths and widths for bare sanded bench tops saving on ex-

pensive off cuts and we can also fabricate the bench tops to your exact plan with the finish of your choice. Utilising our existing skill base, we custom make bamboo bench tops to customers, including the kitchen and joinery trades as well as D.I.Y renovators to individual specifications. Our Bamboo bench-tops are packaged in foam wrap and packed in crates for delivery Australia-wide, some recent deliveries being to Perth and Darwin!

News from Logan Leigh Following twelve months of development, Logan Leigh working in conjunction with the engineering testing facility at Newcastle University, has developed a Bamboo structural beam, and we believe this to be a first for Australia. On the back of this development we will also be able to supply a mono stringer open staircase, all in Bamboo. We look forward to showing off both these new products to the local builders.

manning-great lakes focus 51





David Embury and Adam Ferris [Sorensen & Caldon]

David Embury

Suzy Smith

R o l e : Owner Ye a r s @ L o g a n L e i g h : 32 years E x p e r t i s e : Semi Retired Part-time role –

R o l e : Office Manager Ye a r s @ L o g a n L e i g h : 7 years E x p e r t i s e : Office Administration –

New Product Development

Customer Relations and Processing Orders, Showroom Sales


Family, grandchildren, church, caravanning, overseas travel and my old MG

52 manning-great lakes focus.


Family, church and walking









Debra Ison


Mark Atkins

R o l e : Office Manager – Accounts Ye a r s @ L o g a n L e i g h : 7 years E x p e r t i s e : Office Administration – Accounts

R o l e : Paint Section Manager Ye a r s @ L o g a n L e i g h : 17 years E x p e r t i s e : Master Spray Painter who

R o l e : Factory Manager Ye a r s @ L o g a n L e i g h : 17 years E x p e r t i s e : Multi-skilled in all facets of the joinery

and Processing Orders, Showroom Sales

supervises the Spray Painting Team

industry. Responsible for the running of Logan Leigh, including staff supervision and overseeing all job orders from the start to delivering the finished products.


Family, church, walking, overseas travel, travel, travel


Family, surfing, coaching football


Family, playing and coaching hockey, fishing

manning-great lakes focus 53

Mid North Coast Jobs Drive Great People, Great Pluses

Plus Great People The cost of putting the wrong employee in your business can be huge. On the other hand, the right person can be worth their weight in gold.

Finding that great person for your business

It is easy to assess experience and skills by reading a resume, but it's a lot harder to work out if the personality will suit your business. That's why the employment services network provides quality advice and candidate screening for recruitment of great people. This includes mums returning to work, people who have undertaken retraining and great people with a disability. Industry experience and skills are matched to the job, and there are flexible employment scenarios to suit your needs.

licences, uniforms, tools, online job vacancy

is a plus, but with the employment services network, the pluses keep on coming. Wage subsidies, ongoing training, tickets and

When Masters Home Improvement decided to open a store in Taree, they turned to the employment and disability services network to help recruit great people, says Michael Kuchel.

What made you use the employment and disability services network to recruit great people for your business? Masters is committed to excellent customer service as well as supporting the local community – we’ve already employed more than 100 locals. Jobfind Centre understood this and worked with us every step of the way to ensure we will be able to deliver the best service to our Taree customers and become a vital part of the community. What’s great about the services the network offers employers? They are responsive and understand that every business is different. The subsidy support for training, recruitment and equipment is excellent too, allowing us to focus on what matters most in setting up and maintaining great staff. So far we have filled close to 20 positions using the network.

listings, mentors and more – all at no cost to

great people looking for work


S O L E N A N C E VA N Z A L M - J O B S E E K E R

The Mid North Coast Jobs Drive encourages

Background: I grew up in Elands and attended Elands Public School. Halfway through Year 6, my family moved to Holland for 6 months. On returning to Australia I attended Wingham High School and completed my HSC. I majored in Industrial Technology Timber and also completed my Workplace Health and Safety Ticket.

local businesses to use the no-cost employment and disability services network to find employees. There are over 50 agencies in the Mid North Coast network with a pool of around 30,000 potential employees registered. To find out more: phone 1300 05 67 69

My skills and experience includes: I have completed a Certificate II in Automotive at TAFE, where I did a fortnight’s training at NRMA in Wingham. I have completed a barista course and have had work experience at Southcott Engineering. I can use a computer and have good typing skills. I am a great team player, reliable, punctual and have my driver’s licence and my own car. My goals in life are: To obtain an apprenticeship in fitting and machining. My personal interests include: I like to keep fit with boxing three times a week. I like going to the beach and have done archery.

JESSICA BOYD - JOBSEEKER Background: I grew up in Taree and attended Wingham High School and have lived in the local area all my life. I am a single mum and am ready to get back into the workforce. My skills and experience includes: I completed a Certificate III in Aged Care in 2013 and also have my Senior First Aid certificate. I have strong computer skills and have completed an online course in Hospitality. My goals in life are: I would like to further my career in nursing and progress through to complete my Registered Nurse training. My ultimate job would be to specialise in paediatric nursing. My personal interests include: spending time with friends and family, going to the beach and keeping fit.

AMANDA BANNON- JOBSEEKER Background: I am a mother returning to the workforce and have two young children. I have recently registered with Jobfind to increase my skills so I can secure ongoing work in the local area. My skills and experience includes: I have worked in the hospitality industry and have experience in food and beverage service in registered clubs. I have experience in cash handling, gaming, food handling, customer service and I enjoy dealing with the public. My goals in life are: To secure employment in the local area that will allow me to support my children and provide for their needs. I would like to utilise my strong customer service and cash handling skills. My personal interests include: Meeting new people and learning new skills. I like to spend time with my family and friends.

54 manning-great lakes focus.




May 18 is International Museum Day – a day where museums around the world celebrate the preservation of history and forge connections with society. The Cundletown and Lower Manning Historical Society is a group of tireless volunteers who work to both preserve, and educate people about, items of historical interest – with a local museum that has been praised for its extensive displays. The Society plans to host a car boot sale on May 18 – what a great opportunity to not only check out the Museum, but also to snag yourself a bargain!


ho are the current committee members of the Cundletown and Lower Manning Historical Society? The responses to this interview were contributed by: Margaret Love (President), Susan Bell (Vice President), Ruth Crossman (Minutes Secretary), Shirley Burne (Committee Member), Keith Barlin (Committee Member); and members: Bev Gohl, Olga Pollock, Wendy Weismantel and Jennifer Hockey. Other committee members include Alan Green, Wendy Gibson, Bert Love, Frances Reid and Jo Barlin (Treasurer). Please note: Margaret Love absent from photo. Share a brief history of the Society and the Museum ... Cundletown Museum originated from a single filing cabinet! In 1995, former Cundletown Public School Principal, Mr Bob Ezzy, approached Margaret Love and Shirley Burne to preserve historically valuable school photos and memorabilia found in a small filing cabinet in the school library. From here, as they say, “The rest is history”! Interest in the history and artifacts of Cundletown grew, and in 1996, the old school residence was made available to house local artifacts, photos, information and memorabilia. Friends and interested persons volunteered to assist with research, filing, labeling, taking photos and creating displays. As a result of this activity, the ‘Melvie Chick Historical Centre’ opened at the old school residence on 11th September 1996. In 2001, the name was changed to ‘Cundletown Historical Society’, and in 2004, to the Cundletown and Lower Manning Historical Society Inc. The Society has worked hard to promote and preserve local history and its link to the community. Many events and displays have been organised to raise awareness of Cundletown and its heritage. Over the years, these have included: an inter-school, state wide historic Poetry Competition (1998); many themed Heritage week observances, including an exhibition of photos, models and information on famous ships; and an

old-fashioned school sports day, complementing the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. In 1998, the Cundletown Heritage Walk commenced. Plaques donated by members of the community were placed upon plints donated by Greater Taree City Council, and positioned around the township. Each commemorative plaque identified historically significant local sites, houses, natural objects, churches, buildings and businesses, providing information pertinent to each location. There are currently a total of 37 permanent plaques. In 2005, Cundletown celebrated its sesquicentenary, with the Historical Society playing a pivotal role in the celebrations. A ‘Back-toCundletown’ weekend incorporated members of many of the original families of the town. An olde world dinner and entertainment catering for 120 people was held in the Soldiers Memorial Hall, whilst the publication, Cundletown - an Historical Guide, was launched. A period fair, exhibitions and photo displays were located at the school. A very successful dairy exhibition was held in June, 2010, featuring 3 days of butter-making and ice-cream demonstrations, exhibits, talks and dairy memorabilia, including a lovingly restored milk truck, circa 1942. This exhibition was supported by the local Dairy Advancement Group (DAGs), and representatives of the dairy industry. It was so popular, it was repeated 3 months later. In 2009, the school residence was bursting at the seams, and a new location was sought. The former Soldiers Memorial Hall became the new home for the Museum. Officially opened on 29 April 2012, the Museum emphasises Cundletown’s former local commerce and activities. It is run entirely by volunteers. Where is the museum located? what are the opening hours and admission charges? Location: Corner of Main and Queen Streets, Cundletown. Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10am until 3pm. Closed: ANZAC Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The Museum has been complimented on its Disabled Access for entry and ease of viewing the museum exhibits. The Museum also features

delightful homemade craft and refreshments. Charges: Adults: $3. Children over 12 years: $2 Children Under 12 years: Free (must be accompanied by an adult.) For group bookings (Museum Tour, Morning Teas or Light Lunches) contact Margaret on 6553 9574. School, bus, and community service groups welcome. Describe some of the displays at the museum ... The many items displayed in the Museum focus on significant industry, business, events and people of Cundletown. Some commerce displays highlight their tools of trade and operation, such as the barber, the bootmaker and poet Hawkeye Edwards, the old school room, and Louis’ General Store. There is even a store mouse hidden for discerning observers! The major display is the now declining dairy industry, which was one of the most important industries of the Manning Valley. It boasts a 100 year old butter churn, a 114 year old butter printer, cream cans, bottles, and significant milk and butter processing objects and photos from the local Manning River Dairy Co-operative, Peter’s Factory, and Hexham sites. There are also some examples of the shipping industry, with scaled models of previous ships which graced the Cundletown Wharf and the Manning River; and examples of the tools of the timber trade. An extensive collection of folders contain photos of past families, houses, ships, school events, sporting memories and dairy records. The museum also has an area dedicated to research. Named in honour of a notable local past educator, gardener, artist and elocution teacher of Cundletown, the Melvie Chick Research Centre collects and disseminates information, photos and other content on families, occupations and businesses of the area, as requested. Some of its primary sources include old Electoral Rolls, the Sands Directory and Moore’s Almanac, Parish and Shire maps, Manning River Times records and other government and local resources. It can provide copies of photos and source other information on request.

May 18 is International Museum Day; the theme this year is ‘Museum Collections make Connections’. How do you feel the museum and the Society are able to achieve this "connection" with the general public? Cundletown has a tradition of community spirit and support. The Museum is a focal point of the town, widely acknowledged as an excellent resource and record of significant collections, worth preserving. Since its relocation, many local residents have loaned or donated items of historical value to the Museum, contributing and connecting to the facility. The Museum has also attracted visitors from overseas. Recently, officials of the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney provided encouraging feedback, congratulating the Museum on its collection, particularly the dairy artifacts, stating it was ‘a significant collection’. With other activities held at the Museum car boot sales, morning teas, craft afternoons, and occasional featured guests - the museum embraces community inclusion and connection of all ages. What activities do you have organised to coincide with International Museum Day? This year, International Museum Day falls on our Car Boot Sale day. Visitors to the museum will be able to view and enjoy the museum and its exhibits, and participate in a community event featuring craft, food, tools, plants, recyclable bric-a-brac, and much more. Where can people find out more info? Web: Email: Visit us personally at the Museum, corner of Main and Queen Streets, Cundletown. Phone contact: 0428 522 556. Final say … We want to stress acknowledgement of all past and present members and volunteers of the Cundletown and Lower Manning Historical Society, who have all contributed their time and effort to the museum to make it what it is today. We are also fortunate to have the support of patrons Mr Harvey Else, and Mr and Mrs Coleman. Thanks everyone. manning-great lakes focus 55

How to make money in this market

Flooring is what we do.

Building wealth through property investment is a gradual process; however, if you do your research you will know that our current market is prime time to start or add to your portfolio.

It’s what we know better than anyone - it’s what we do better than anyone.

Some of the indicators are affordable pricing with high rent yields, whilst interest rates remain at an all time low. When you add the current surge in sales in the market place and sudden shortage of stock that is occurring, capital growth is already happening. For first time investors, you need to get into the market now while it is still affordable. If you have an existing property such as your home, it’s time to arrange for your local agent to give you an up to date market appraisal, as there is a strong possibility that you will have some capital growth and possibly enough equity to leverage you into another investment property.

56 manning-great lakes focus.

What’s good to buy in this market? Look for properties that can be easily improved to increase the rental value, especially considering the weekly rent will help cover your mortgage. Older homes that may just need a lick of paint, a carport converted to a lock up garage, a wasted space that can easily be converted to a fourth bedroom or if you a feeling a little more adventurous, multiple tenancies on the one block always offer excellent returns. So why do some people own more property than others? No, it’s not “they earn more” – some people are more inclined to action their goals, whilst others spend a lot of time dreaming about them. That’s it, it is that simple, although the first step is the hardest as it is researched, calculated and planned. If you would like to know more about how to make money in this market, please email me

Carpet One’s approach to good retail is straightforward: to make our customers’ shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. We are confident you will walk out of our store more informed and satisfied about what is the right floor for you, than when you first walked in. Our website is no different, and we have carried the same approach into our online showroom. We figure the easier it is for you to shop on our website, the easier we can help you become informed, the more comfortable you will feel in visiting our stores. Shop online; buy in-store. The right floor in 5 easy steps: 1- Browse at your leisure Have a browse through the product images and take a closer look at the detail with the

magnifying glass.Use the filter search if you would like to narrow your selection. 2- Be informed View a summary of all the important information about each product, including price, style, warranties, treatments and suggestions on most suitable applications or environments for your home. 3- Get some rough estimates View the ‘Quick Price Guide’ and get an estimate to see how your selection fits within your budget. 4- Get confirmation from our experts Submit your enquiry to us by requesting a quote, and one of our flooring experts will get back to you promptly. 5- Visit our store With all your shopping done online, and all your research complete, now all you need do is visit our store and get a feel of your product selections first hand. Call today and talk to your local expert. 6555 3100.

bathroom and wardrobe experts

Milligans Glass

Where quality comes standard BM Steel Fabrication is a locally owned, steel-fabrication business providing high-quality work for the construction and building industry. Located in the Forster industrial area in Bay 3 Condell Place, they manufacture structural steelwork, provide on-site welding services, fabricate custom and general steelwork, and perform repair work for a range of businesses and strata managers. Specialising in structural steel construction, they also work closely with builders, engineers and architects to ensure quality results with a professional finish. The team also provides a welding service for machinery repairs and general fabrication of jobs both small and large. Highly trained boilermakers and welders can fabricate almost any steel product to exacting specifications. They custom build products in many shapes and sizes using drafting software to draw up jobs to ensure accuracy for every project. Depending on individual job requirements, a variety of finishes, including priming and galvanizing is available. B M Steel Fabrication provides an on-site welding service catering to the construction industry in Forster, Tuncurry and surrounding regions. If you have any steel or metal fabrication queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phoning 6555 6109 or mobile 0408 620 164.

There is so much more to Milligans than shower screens. Milligans design better bathrooms with frameless shower screens and glass splashback walls, mirrors to match your new renovation and stylish storage solutions for your home, not to mention our range of security products to protect your investment! Milligans the Frameless specialists can assist you with your new bathroom or ensuite shower screen requirements with our licensed glazier! Frameless is elegant and opulent; it makes good use of space and light; it creates luxury and style that is timeless. Then add to this a coloured glass splashback or wall. Tiles are outdated, with ugly grout lines that are a constant battle to keep clean but with glass, a single wipe over with glass cleaner and you’re done! All our glass splashbacks are expertly measured by our qualified glazier, ensuring a beautiful fit every time. Why not choose a mirror to match? Either a bevelled edge or polished edge to fit with elegant simplicity. Mirrors can be used in any other room in your home to add light and interest! Fashionable and organised storage space is a vital requirement for every home. Milligans prides itself on its custom design and quality of our built in robes; combine that with the latest in frameless glass sliding robe doors in mirror, standard white glass, pure white glass or black glass for maximum appeal!

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S e n i o r

DirtBike cham championship mpionship

C r C al ui b g P r Ne s ei dle sn t o n

The Taree Motorcycle Club will host the Australian Senior Dirt Bike Championships on June 7 and 8. President of the Club, Craig Nelson fills us in on what action will take place over the weekend, while Ian Bisley, one of the local competitors who already has a recent Aussie Title under his belt, shares his hope of another podium finish …


aree Motorcycle Club will be holdBC, and best riders from all disciplines to the TBC, ing the Australian Senior Dirt Bike we are expecting some of this interest to flow Championships in June. What are on to the Australian Championships. the dates for this event, and what I know Troy Bayliss will be contesting the time does the action kick off each day? Championships, as will some of the other big The Championships are on this coming June name riders that were invited to the TBC. For long weekend on Saturday the 7th the first time Troy will contest the 250cc class, and Sunday the 8th. Racing will get underas well as the premier 450cc class. It will be way from about 10am each day great to watch to see if he can back up his and go through until about 4pm. great result from the TBC in January. Saturday will start with a practice round and With riders like Mick Kirkness, Paul Caslick, then be followed by some heat racing. Sunday Luke Richards, Ian Bisley and at least another will have further heat racing, then finish with dozen serious contenders for the title , Troy the Finals. will have to be on his game and have a bit of What categories of motorcycles/ATVs luck on his side as well to take the title. will be eligible to compete? We are hoping for about 200 enIt's the Australian Senior Dirt tries; they have already started Track Championships, so all rolling in, but we won’t know the championship classes the final numbers until late It's been great will be full size bikes and in May. to watch the irt Track riders above the age of What facilities and resurgence of D w years, 16 years. refreshments will be over the past fe ospered as it has really pr that Classes will start available on site? ge from the covera from 125cc and go up Full canteen fato ght the TBC has brou to 500cc for the bikes cilities will be available at the sport.” , up to 700cc for the reasonable prices. There quad bikes, and 1100cc should be plenty of spectafor the sidecars. There will tor room on the hills, and it also be a few junior support won't be too hot that time of classes showcasing champions of the year, so spectators should bring a the future! chair or rug and maybe a portable shade and Who or what will be some of the major set up on the hill to enjoy the weekend of fast drawcards on the day – are you expecting and furious racing! some tough competition? Where can tickets be purchased for the Australian Championships always attract the event (how much do they cost) – and best riders and the recent success of the Troy where can people find more info? Bayliss Classic (TBC) has lifted our profile as a Tickets can be purchased at the gate on Club and should ensure a strong field of riders. both days. The cost is $10 per adult , $5 per Dirt Track Racing was once the most popular child or $20 for the family. The track is located form of motorcycle racing in Australia; in the on Old Bar Road, about 4km from the highway last couple of decades, Motocross has taken on the right-hand side as you travel towards the lead. Old Bar. You can't miss our bright orange canIt's been great to watch the resurgence of teen building adjacent to Old Bar Road! Dirt Track over the past few years, as it has reFor further details, please contact me on ally prospered from the coverage that the TBC 0412 366 260. has brought to the sport. We are attracting the Thanks Craig.

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Ian Bisley


an, how long have you been ridthe help from these people. ing motorbikes ... what got you Do you compete with road bikes too, Ian started with the sport? – or do you stick with the dirt? Which Being raised on farms as a kid, one do you find is generally more chalthere was always a bike to ride. Learning lenging? from the age of 4, I was on motorcycles I’ve never tried the road race scene, more than pushbikes. My father, Dick, was although I competed in a few Supermotard a handy rider in his day and loved tinkering meetings when I first kicked off a number of with bikes, and in 1982 I joined the Taree years ago and loved it. Supermotard is using Motorcycle Club at the age of 8. a Motocross bike on the tar. You won an Australian Dirt Time on the track is the best Bike Championship in training you can have. You Gunnedah last year. can be the fittest in the What class/category field, but if you’re not k Time on the trac were you competing bike fit, you will always ng is the best traini in, and how did it struggle. I train three be u can you can have . Yo ld, but feel to win? mornings a week at fie the fittest in the u I competed in the yo the gym with a mate , fit if you’re not bike .” le Aussie Titles at Gunnegg of mine, John Hopru will always st dah entering 3 classes: kins, and he pushes the 250cc class where I me pretty hard. I also ran second on a sponsored compete at the Taree Mobike from Ryan McIntosh. torcycle Club Days, as well as Ryan and I put some hours into travel to Kempsey and Gunnedah this bike, being a 2004 model; it was a great Clubs during the year. result. What type of machine/s will you be ridI placed 4th in the Pro Open class after a ing at the Titles at the Old Bar Roadside poor start, but made up for it in the premier Track in June? 450cc class, getting the hole shot and holdAt this year’s Aussie Titles I will be racing ing on for the win. the same bikes which I competed on last It was an awesome feeling to win an year, Ryan’s Yamaha YZ250F and the Honda Aussie Title, as I have only picked up two CRF450, which I will compete with in both other Aussie Titles in 32 years of racing, winthe Pro Open and 450cc class. ning the 600cc and 1100cc sidecar titles at How are you hoping you’ll go on the Maryborough, QLD in 1998. day? I’d also like to thank a few people who No doubt there will be some tough comhave supported me over the years: my dad, petition, but anything could happen on the Dick, Ryan McIntosh, Taree Motorcycles and day. If I can pull some good starts, there’s Tim Bale from LJ Hooker Wingham. These every chance of a podium finish. results wouldn’t have been possible without Thanks Ian. Best of luck!

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100 CASH

when you connect AN ELIGIBLE HANDSET to a 24-Month Optus MyPlan *2

(Only available on Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone Devices) Minimum total cost is $840 over 24 months. Excludes handset repayments. Cancellation fees apply.















FORSTER 29 Breese Pde. 6554 5700 (Computers/Electrical only) TAREE Cnr. Mill Close & Whitbread St. 6552 8000


Shop online or mobile:

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Ends 30/01/14. Harvey Norman® stores are operated by independent franchisees. Images are for illustrative purposes only. *1. Harvey Norman® $100 Cash Bonus: The Bonus $100 Cash will be given in store by Harvey Norman® at point of purchase to approved customers only. Offer excludes My Sim and Legacy plans. Offer available in store only. *2. Cancellation fees apply. New and approved customers only. See for full details.

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