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April 2018. issue 134


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Welcome to the April issue of Manning-Great Lakes FOCUS.


opefully you’ve all survived the “big wet” lately, with the unexpectedly fierce, windy and rainy few days in late March an experience to remember! As we move into April, we’ll get to experience Easter, ANZAC Day and school holidays, which will bring an influx of visitors to our area and many events/festivities/ remembrance ceremonies to attend. On the Cover Speaking of events … Our front cover this month is devoted to an important one on the MidCoast business calendar. On May 4th, the Insurance Advisernet MidCoast Business Awards will be held at the Manning Valley Race Club in Taree. The awards are a chance to

acknowledge the fantastic businesses we have locally - for after all, it’s these businesses that help keep our community kicking along and ensure our economic viability into the future. Nick Cain - our cover star - is an actor, presenter and producer and will MC the awards - the second time he’s done so. Nick’s looking forward to the experience, and gives his take on why awards of this kind are so important on page 33. If you know of a business that’s doing a great job locally, you can nominate them for an award via but nominations close April 12, so get in quick! You can also buy tickets to this prestigious event through the same website. In this Issue

Interviewees this month include world renowned opera singer Tarita Botsman, who’s also the Creative Director of The 7 Sopranos. The sopranos will be visiting the MEC this month for a simply fabulous 1950s-inspired show called Songs from Stage and Screen. Sandy Nixon shares her complex journey towards motherhood - but boy, was the end result worth it! We also chat to locals Elle Debreceny, Fern Champion and Dayna Smith … you can read their inspiring interviews in these pages. Final Say We’ll leave you with this quote from the late, great Stephen Hawking: “I believe things cannot make themselves impossible.”

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Sopranos Renowned solo performer, opera singer and mother Tarita Botsman is the Creative Director behind The 7 Sopranos. She’s a woman whose career continually evolves, and her latest creative offering, “Songs from Stage and Screen”, is a brilliant musical featuring the talents of the gorgeous sopranos - in a way you’ve never seen (or heard) them before …


i Tarita. Many people say they fell into their performing career by accident; while others tell me they always knew they were going to be on stage! Where do fit in? My story was like a blazing arrow from the beginning. I told my kindergarten teacher I was going to be an opera singer! I never changed my focus …. Well, at one time I think I did want to be Madonna - but I stayed on the performing arts treadmill through high school, the conservatorium [Queensland] and then when I went on to have a solo career. It was something instilled in me by my father. We only had classical music at home - there was always opera playing in the background, and I used to run around the house imitating it. Dad would read me the stories of opera at night … You know, they’re actually not very good children’s stories! Of all the operas you’ve performed throughout your career, ranging from the Magic Flute to Carmen, what character have you sang that you’ve particularly related to? I loved singing Mozart when I was in my late 20s/early 30s. A lot of his characters were fun and young and really held the shows together. They were often instrumental in running around the stage and making all the magic happen! I suppose I relate to that, because as a performing artist in Australia, you have to be multi-skilled and willing to try many things. There’s a role called Despina in Mozart’s opera Cosi fan tutte … she’s the maid, but she’s quite a character, and she really does play everyone off against one another. She uses her skills, but she’s incredibly wise for her youth - very practical, down to Earth and knows how to make things happen. If there’s anything I can 4 Manning-Great Lakes focus

relate to right now, it’s The show goes from a the practical side of her completely beautiful - because I do often feel monochrome colour like I’m spinning around scheme in the first Act like a chook with its head to technicolour brilliance chopped off! in the second Act! We join Considering all of the the girls two or three years later, success you’ve achieved when they’re TV stars - some are in your solo career allowed me to continue good, some are not so good! you’ve studied in Italy, my solo career and be performed worldwide Creative Director for the - what was the impetus 7 Sopranos, and I do feel behind creating The 7 like the luckiest woman Sopranos? alive some days. It was a multifaceted journey, the way it’s Songs from Stage and Screen is the show evolved. I had my first child in 2002. I realised you’ll be presenting locally - and it doesn’t I needed to look at other ways I could keep sound like the type of show you’d expect singing, that wouldn’t mean I needed to travel when you hear the name “The 7 Sopranos”! away for extended periods of time … I started Tell us more about it … doing corporate events with another soprano It’s essentially a jukebox new Australian back in 2002 and semi-retired from the operatic musical. I’ve set it in 1956 - it was a beautiful stage. era, in terms of how it looked. Who doesn’t love Then in 2009, I had another child. I was a vintage dress! The music of the era was classic, approached by some agents to do an event timeless, everyone knows it, and it’s accessible. overseas with this other soprano when I was In those days, on the wireless and on television seven months pregnant. I thought, “Maybe not when they performed variety shows, classical this month!” They actually wanted more girls music was always an integral part. and asked if I’d be able to get seven women The first Act is about The 7 Sopranos being together. I had the contacts, so I said yes! radio stars. Every Saturday night, they sing the The first 7 Sopranos job came about as a top tunes of Australia. As we know, back in corporate job, and they performed on top of 1955-56, everyone would sit and listen around the Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I didn’t perform the radio on a Saturday night. - because I was pregnant - but I put the group Why 1956? Because, this was the transition together. I thought they sounded amazing, they time between wireless and television. In the first looked incredible - so that was the birth of The Act, at the beginning the girls discuss how in 7 Sopranos. America everyone is transitioning to television, For a couple of years we did corporate events, and they can’t imagine how the wireless could then we did some concerts, and I invited an become so unimportant in their lives. ABC recording executive to one of our concerts. At the end of the Act, their producers tell A week later, we had a three CD recording them they’ve won their first contract to do a TV contract. show, and they’re all in complete melt-down. All It’s been a dream, the way it’s transitioned. It’s they have ever had to worry about is what they

sound like - not what they look like! The show goes from a completely beautiful monochrome colour scheme in the first Act - to technicolour brilliance in the second Act! We join the girls two or three years later, when they’re TV stars - some are good, some are not so good! It’s a fun frolic! There are hit tunes, a little bit of opera thrown in there - I just love this show. It has so many elements that are interesting, exciting and accessible … Songs include When I Fall in Love, I Got Rhythm, Big Spender, Dream a little Dream, Summertime, I Could have Danced all Night … It’s just one hit after another. I keep thinking of the parallels between that time, and our lives now, with the power of technological change … It’s really illuminating! Final say … If anyone has a vintage fetish, from beginning to end in this show there are some wonderful props and costumes. I think there are about 42 costumes over the entire show. Every time the girls walk on stage, they’re wearing another gorgeous piece of vintage heaven! Thanks Tarita. Photo (top) by Sherbet_Birdie. Photo (bottom) by Troy Galvin.

See The 7 Sopranos at the Manning Entertainment Centre on April 15, at 2pm. Visit

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Issue 134 - April 2018


Vivid Image Photography. Sometimes we find our niche in the most unusual way, whether it’s through a painful life experience, or a special event. Dayna Smith is one such person - she truly discovered her love for photography after one chapter of her life closed and another opened.

Prada’s Priscillas The all-male revue Prada’s Priscillas plays tribute to some of the most iconic show women of our time. FOCUS caught up with the queen of the show, Prada Clutch, and chatted all things drag, feathers and diamontes.

33 16 Nick Cain.

We’ve seen him on television and he’s no stranger to our area, with a local family connection to Taree ... Nick Cain will be visiting the Manning-Great Lakes to MC the Insurance Advisernet MidCoast Business Awards on May 4 - the second time he’s performed this role. Nick’s very much looking forward to seeing how the Manning-Great Lakes has grown and evolved since his last visit ...


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Fern Champion and Georgia Garr are both PASSIONATE ADVOCATES FOR SUPPORTING MENTAL HEALTH. FERN’S A SCHOOL COUNSELLOR AND GEORGIA’S A SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST, and they’ve teamed up to bring One Wave Fluro Fridays to Forster. Fern explains how salt water therapy, fluro clothing and open, non-judgemental conversation can help you, too, lead a happier life …


i Fern. What's your association with the Great Lakes area? I moved to the Great Lakes area with my family when I was five years old and grew up in Forster. I was blessed to have parents who loved the beach, the ocean, snorkelling, surfing and exploring, so we spent most weekends soaking up all the coastal magic of our area. From an early age I noticed how peaceful and happy I felt at the beach, and it became my place to go when things felt tough through my teenage years. I was eager to leave our area after high school and moved to the big smoke of Sydney, where I still found solitude at the beaches of the Eastern Suburbs. For a decade I travelled and lived in different places around the world and in Aus, but eventually I was drawn home, moving back to the Great Lakes with my partner in 2016. I never truly realised as a child that our stretch of coast is the most beautiful in the world, but now I acknowledge this daily. I work as a school counsellor at Great Lakes College and teach yoga at Forster Yoga Studio and really enjoy being part of this wonderful community. My greatest joy is sharing the magic of the beach and the ocean with my one year old daughter, Sunny. How did you become aware of One Wave - and what can you tell us about the organisation? I first became aware of One Wave when I was living in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. I surfed a lot at Bondi, and a friend who knew I was passionate about mental health told 6 Manning-Great Lakes focus

me about a gathering that happens at Bondi swimming or surfing, so Georgia and I both Beach on Friday mornings ... Fluro Friday. I did see this as the perfect inroad for starting a a bit of research online and found that the conversation around mental health. Georgia organisation behind Fluro Friday is called One and I are coordinating the Fluro Fridays Wave. together. One Wave is a non-profit surf community So, tell us what's involved with Fluro tackling mental health issues with a simple Fridays. When and where does everyone recipe … saltwater therapy, surfing and meet locally ... and how does the "fluro" fluro. One Wave’s vision is to give people hope factor fit into the equation? that they can beat mental health issues by Fluro Fridays raise awareness for mental creating a supportive health by surfing, community connected swimming or even by the ocean. One Wave doing some yoga, is normalising mental or just hanging on the So many people in our area beach in Fluro clothes health issues by helping already enjoy the beach and to draw attention and people understand they being in the ocean, either getting people talking are not alone and that swimming or surfing, so about mental health, a it’s OK not to be OK. Georgia and I both see this topic which is normally After all, mental health as the perfect inroad for avoided. Fluro Fridays is real, so let’s talk about starting a conversation are now happening it. around mental health. at approximately 65 Why did you think Georgia and I are coordinating beaches all over the "Fluro Fridays" would the Fluro Fridays together. world! be relevant to our The Great Lakes Fluro area? Friday tribe meet at I have the joy of South One Mile Beach working with children Forster at 6:30am on the first Friday of every and young people in my role as a school month. As we move into the warmer months counsellor, and the question of how we can better support the wellbeing of this population later in the year, this may increase to every is one I ask myself daily. My school psychologist Friday morning. colleague and friend, Georgia Garr, has the Who can take part in Fluro Fridays - are same passions for mental health and surfing there any age/physical restrictions? and while chatting one day, we discovered we Anyone and everyone is welcome, whether both saw Furo Fridays as a positive initiative you surf or not! Just being outdoors at that would work in our area. the beach at that time of the morning is a So many people in our area already enjoy wonderful way to start the day. the beach and being in the ocean, either How rewarding has it been for you to be

involved with the programme? I have personally been involved with a number of different Fluro Fridays in Australia. One of the most powerful things for me has been the honesty with which people share their personal stories with mental health issues when we gather at the beach. These stories are met with open ears and open hearts. There is no judgement from others, and through this comes the understanding that it really is OK to not be OK and we all have these times in our lives. There was a special One Wave event recently … what can you tell us about it? There was a very exciting special event on 23rd March, when the One Wave organisation had its fifth birthday. On that day Fluro Friday tribes created a fluro wave at 65 beaches across 20 countries, to bring a whole lot of colour and awareness to mental health. Local One Wave communities stood at the water’s edge dressed in their brightest fluro, linking arms, with a simple message - to let anyone facing mental health challenges, know they are not alone. OneWave Founder Grant Trebilco said, “It’s time to make an invisible issue visible and let people know it’s totally OK, not to be OK”. If you missed this celebration this year, don't worry! We create the fluro wave for every One Wave birthday. Where can we find out more info? Head to our Facebook page, Fluro Friday Forster for more information and upcoming events ( FluroFridayForster/) Thanks Fern.

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Cameron Glen offers supported living in your own villa unit. There’s no other village like it in Newcastle. Advantages of Cameron Glen include: n Couples stay together regardless of each individual’s health care needs n You have your own home with a fully equipped kitchen OR have your meals in our Community Dining Room. The choice is always yours n You can bring your current Home Care package with you OR we will facilitate a fully funded package for you





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Coomba Park

Photo credit East Coast Photography

Set against a peaceful and secluded peninsula bounded by Wallis Lake, the Coolongolook and Wallingat Rivers, lies the thriving Mid North Coast community of Coomba Park. Bordering Wallingat National Park, it is a haven of natural landscape, boasting excellent lake views and wildlife, with kangaroos and wallabies often seen hopping down the main street.


ocated just twenty minutes’ drive by car from Pacific Palms or forty minutes from Forster or fifteen minutes by boat, major foreshore facilities include jetty and boat launch ramp, tidal swimming pool, a children’s playground and adult fitness equipment, lakeside walking tracks and barbecues. Coomba Aquatic Gardens reserve is a 10 hectare site managed by the Coomba Aquatic Club and Landcare group for public and community use, with a gazebo and viewing deck with panoramic views of Wallis Lake towards Wallis Island, Yahoo island and beyond. A short walk from the foreshore, the general store has grocery items, bait, fishing licences, fuel, liquor, ice and coffee.The central community precinct features the community hall, tennis court, handball and hitting wall court, Men’s Shed and Rural Fire Brigade. With a population of around 800 people in the village and rural properties, Coomba Park is proud of its active community, focused on the support and prosperity of its district. There are many social groups and voluntary organisations comprising local involvement of residents, who meet regularly to ensure the region continues to thrive. Coomba Park boasts a busy social calendar, with an array of community organisations and initiatives, including the Sunday Brunch Café, Coomba and District Progress Association, Coomba Aquatic Club, Choral Group, Men’s

8 Manning-Great Lakes focus

Shed, Golf Club, Senior Citizens, Sustainable Living Group, Tennis Club, Wine and Dine Club, Garden Club, Ukulele Group, Wallis Spirit Dragon Boat Club, and voluntary groups including Rural Fire Brigade, Landcare groups, ASHOW after school program on Wednesdays and the Hall and café committees. Coomba Fest is the renowned annual Australia Day celebration, when the residents hold a raft race, picnic races, markets and other fun activities. For those living in Coomba Park, the idea of sustainability is not a new idea. Living adjacent to Walis Lake carries a developed awareness of keeping the lake clean. Coomba Sustainable Living Group encourages all its residents to be holistic in their domestic approach to living sustainably, from collecting rain water to effective methods for reusing vegetable and compost waste. New members are always encouraged to join the organisation, as are the sharing of ideas and undertaking local sustainable projects as a group. The Coomba Aquatic Club has been active in the community for over twenty years and is proud of its many events bringing community spirit together, Friday night BBQs, monthly aquatic days and in association with Sailability, Great Lakes monthly outings for those with limited ability to go sailing or just enjoy the day’s outing. Throughout the year Coomba Aquatic Club invites all members, guests and visitors to the area to enjoy many other aquatic activities, including sailing, fishing, kayaking and power boating for all ages.


Development of the site facilities is always on the agenda and strategised by community members working together. Construction has commenced on the long anticipated Boatshed and Observation Deck - a project that will ultimately provide a new boatshed, observation deck, a club room, kitchen and toilets for the community to enjoy. Through an agreed Plan of Management with MidCoast Council and New South Wales Department of Lands, the club has been progressively developing the facilities with the assistance of the Council, State and Federal Governments.

Photo credit Ian Peden

Coomba Park is often referred to by its residents as being “heaven on earth”, offering visitors and guests great boating facilities for mooring and travel. As a solid community with familial generations of residents, Coomba Park offers an enriching and community-centric way of life that enjoys a moderate pace, with plenty of time for relaxation and downtime. Many holiday rental homes are accesible for short or long term stays and significant opportunity for real estate investment is currently available. Interest in property sales can be directed to Property Plus Forster-Tuncurry for more information.

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Sandy Sandy Nixon is the Brain Cancer Co-coordinator for Hunter New England Area Health District. On maternity leave at the moment, Sandy was born in Taree and currently resides in Port Macquarie with her husband, Mac, and beautiful baby boy, Hugh. The Nixons had quite an interesting journey to parenthood, however, and they’d like to share their story …


i Sandy. What’s your association with both the Manning and Port Macquarie areas? I was born and bred in Taree. I grew up in Chatham and attended the Christian Community School. My husband, Mac, my son, Hugh, and I currently reside in Port Macquarie, as Mac has been placed to work at the local hospital until August. We love living here! We will then move back to our home in Newcastle for the next couple of years. When did you get married, and how long have you been planning to extend your family? Mac and I got married in December 2015. We were incredibly excited to start a family right away. Once you decided to try for a baby, what did you discover? I made an appointment to see my GP in February 2016, to ensure all was OK to start trying for a baby. My GP mentioned having a Cystic Fibrosis (CF) screening done, which was a simple blood test (or saliva test). I wasn't familiar with CF screening and wondered why we should have such testing, as my husband and I had no prior family history of CF. The GP told me that CF was the most common genetic disorder (one in 25 people are carriers); however to have a baby affected by CF, both partners need to be carriers. After having the blood test, I completely forgot about it - and we even tried to fall pregnant naturally in February. In March I received a phone call from my GP to inform me I was a carrier for the most common CF gene, Delta F508; though again, Mac had to be a carrier also for this to be a 10 Manning-Great Lakes focus

problem. Mac went ahead and had the blood test too. A week later, he called and informed me he too is a carrier of a rare and severe CF gene. This means we have a 25% chance of having a child with severe CF each pregnancy. I was in absolute shock! Where did you and Mac go from here you must have had some tough decisions to make? For days I was quite upset, as I needed to know so much more than I knew, and I realised having a healthy baby was going to be more difficult than we first thought. As I crumbled, my incredible husband took the reins completely. Within a few hours he had a referral from my GP to the genetic counsellor, with an appointment the following day and a referral to an IVF specialist to discuss options, with an appointment later that week. As we both work in the medical field, we knew the seriousness of being diagnosed with severe CF. We spoke with the genetic counsellor, who confirmed all the information we’d already gathered. One option was to fall pregnant naturally and have the foetus tested at 12 - 16 weeks and make decisions from there. Thankfully, Mac and I were both on the same page and agreed that if tests came back positive for CF, we would not in any circumstances terminate the pregnancy and would love and care for our beautiful baby no matter what (but we say this with no judgement AT ALL to those who choose the alternative). This is why we chose to go down the second path. We met with an IVF specialist, and she informed us of the process of IVF using Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) testing. Basically, this means testing the fertilised embryos for CF, along with a range of other conditions,

As we both work in the beautiful little "peanut" I with 95% accuracy, and had ever seen. therefore implanting medical field, we knew To us, he/she was an unaffected, healthy the seriousness of embryo. absolute perfection. The being diagnosed with Despite improvements process since seeing my severe CF. We spoke with with treatments for CF, GP for the first time to the genetic counsellor, who the life of a child and falling pregnant was 12 confirmed all the information adult with severe CF months. After seeing that we’d already gathered. can be life limiting and first scan, it was one of heartbreaking at times the most surreal, amaz(please don't get me ing and scariest moments wrong; we understand of our lives. I was so there are thousands of people living with CF worried that something would go wrong. But who live long, healthy lives, and there is a thankfully, that never happened. wide range of severities). Hence, we made the When was Hugh born? decision to avoid falling pregnant naturally, in 12th October 2017. And my goodness - he order to eliminate having to make life changis perfection. All of those appointments, tests, ing decisions. procedures and tears were more than worth it. What was involved with your IVF proceI would do it a million times over dure? Why have you chosen to share your story? Our parents had to be tested (both our faAll we want to do is raise awareness that CF thers were the carriers; this was new informais the most common genetic disorder and that tion to both of them). We had to have multiple there is testing available to those who would genetic counsellor consultations, multiple like to be fully informed PRIOR to falling pregeducation sessions; I had countless blood tests, nant. Since going through this journey, we’ve ultrasounds, self-administered injections (38 had family members and friends appreciate the injections in 10 days), an egg collection proceinformation, who have been tested themselves. dure and embryo implantation. My husband and I also truly understand that All my husband had to do is "you know even if couples do get tested, that doesn't what", and hand it over the front counter in mean their options may be as open as ours a brown paper bag (just kidding; he was my were; we are extremely fortunate enough to absolute rock throughout). We had 12 eggs have the means possible to go down the IVF collected, of which three survived to be tested route. for CF. After the testing was complete, we had We felt a moral obligation to tell our story one beautiful, healthy embryo, who was only a to do "our part" to ensure everyone is at least carrier for CF. aware that they have the option of pre-pregWe had the embryo implanted and as I nancy testing if they choose to do so. I couldn't didn't have any fertility issues, there was a forgive myself if a friend or family member said, "I wish someone had told me". 90% chance of it fertilising. We had a scan Thanks Sandy. at 8, 10 and 12 weeks, and it was the most

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Vivid Image

Sometimes we find our niche in the most unusual way, whether it’s through a painful life experience, or a special event. Dayna Smith is one such person - she truly discovered her love for photography after one chapter of her life closed and another opened. Dayna’s skill behind the lens is very well rounded - she enjoys portraiture, weddings, landscapes and macro photography. She’s a custom car lover to boot - check out the wheels!



i Dayna. What brought lost, when a friend thought I would enjoy you to the Manning area scrapbooking. However, I realised my photos to live and work? were not worth scrapbooking. So, I used my tax After an adventure of cheque and purchased my first SLR camera, a moving to the Atherton Canon 500D with lens kit. Tablelands inland from After I got it home and unpacked it, I soon Cairns in Far North Queensland, where I found realised it would take more than reading the it difficult to find work, I decided to move to the manual to learn how to use this camera properly, Manning area to pick up the pieces and try to so I attended a local photography school to rebuild my life. My father complete their basic SLR lives in the area and my course. I was hooked! Two custom car club is based years later, I graduated from in Taree, where I already their freelance photography had established a network course and gave up the I FIND THAT I MOST ENJOY of friends and fellow car scrapbooking. WEDDINGS, FAMILY enthusiasts. Your photography skill PORTRAITURE, AND FOR What’s your back story set is quite varied, as MYSELF, I LOVE LANDSCAPE with photography ... you work with families, AND MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY. where did your journey weddings, real estate, I LOVE THE HYPE AND behind the lens begin? landscapes and corporate EXCITEMENT OF WEDDINGS My journey began with shots! What situations AND SEEING COUPLES SO a painful event in my life. do you find you’re most MUCH IN LOVE ... After many years trying comfortable working to have a baby through with - and why? IVF, my journey came to I was attempting to an end - after experiencing the worst emotional find my niche and experimented with all the rollercoaster of my life, I decided to walk away. genres. After a few sessions, I soon learned that I had given the attempt five years of my life; my maternity and newborn was far too painful, and relationship and my job all suffered. withdrew that from my services. I felt that I needed to fill the void; I was I find that I most enjoy weddings, family

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portraiture, and for myself, I love landscape and macro photography. I love the hype and excitement of weddings and seeing couples so much in love and being a part of their special day. My landscape photography helps me to escape into nature, alone with the flora and fauna, and I find I get immersed in the experience. Macro photography fascinates me, and I love experimenting with my macro lens. How do you cater for different types of shoots? I use two cameras; I have a Canon 5D MII and a Canon 7D. I love using a combination of my EF 70 - 200 2.8 MII zoom, 24 - 105 1.4 wide angle zoom, my trusty 50 mm 1.4, flashes and of course, my 100 mm macro lens. What’s one of the most rewarding photo shoots you’ve been involved with recently, and why did you particularly enjoy it? I had the opportunity to photograph one of the majestic beauties of the ocean on a whale watch tour, which reinforced my dream to travel to Africa for a safari photography experience. What are some of the items you’d never leave home without when you’re planning a photo shoot? My basic kit items are: my Canon 5D MII, 24 - 105, 70 - 200, flashes (and remotes), batteries, memory cards, tripod, reflectors and remote shutter release. Where are some place you’ve travelled to you’d like to revisit - simply because of

the sights, atmosphere and photo opps? Most definitely I would like to re-do my 1991 world tour and reshoot the entire trip. OMG! The photo opportunities I missed. What do you feel is the most useful piece of information you’ve ever learned about taking great photos (and where/how did you learn it)? Using a fill flash, and not having your clients standing facing the sun. A lot of my images before I learnt photography were inconsistent, especially during the day with shade, hats, squinty faces and shadows; most people don’t even think to use a flash during the day time (flashes are for night, right?) However, it can take an ordinary photo to a great photo by just adding some light. What’s your photographic dream - what would you ultimately like to achieve with your camera? My ultimate dream would be to own my own studio and work solely as a photographer on wedding and family portraiture, capturing those precious moments of life for families to treasure. Where can we see more of your work, or contact you for more info? I have a Facebook page at the moment, and I am currently rebuilding my website to be rereleased later in the year. Facebook - VividImagePhotographyVIP/ Website - - when it is relaunched. Email - Phone - 0438 568 121. Thanks Dayna.

Dayna Smith

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PRADA’S PRISCILLAS An all male revue! Book now, darlings!

When Sat 7th Apr, 8pm. Where Manning Entertainment Centre, 33 Manning River Drive, Taree. Website Phone (02) 6592 5466.



When Saturday 7th April. Where Tuncurry Memorial Hall, 10am - 4pm. Official Opening 11am. Free entry - all welcome. Refreshments available. Contact Elizabeth Fisher - phone (02) 6555 5781. Email

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24 hours of entertainment, music, food, BBQ, juice bar, various demonstrations and activities for the whole family. Register your team today. When Sat 14 and Sun 15th Apr,10am. Where North Tuncurry Sports Complex, Beach St., Tuncurry. Website Phone (02) 6659 8403. Email



Line up including Amy Shark, Angie McMahon, Maddy Jane, Elki. When Sat 21st Apr, 10:30am. Where Old Bar Road, Old Bar. Website



The annual Art in the Vale exhibition and sale of local artworks is back in 2018! This annual fundraiser for the Hannam Vale Community Hall, put together by local artists and volunteers, provides a great opportunity for local artists to come together with the community and celebrate their work. When Opening night is on Friday 27th April from 6:30 to 8:30pm, with an official opening by Ray Wilmott at 7:30pm. The exhibition will then run for two days, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April from 10am to 4pm. Where Hannam Vale Community Hall. Cost Opening night, $10 (includes refreshments). Entry to exhibition by gold coin donation. Info Exhibiting artists who would like the opportunity to display work, please contact Jocelyn Strong on 0408 445 958 or email for entry details.


WALLAMBA DOWNS WEDDINGS OPEN DAY We invite everyone planning a wedding or special event to attend the Open Day to meet local vendors and experience the property. Come along for music, nibbles and a glass of champagne for the first 30 guests. When Sunday, April 29th, 10am to 2pm. Where 238 Dergavilles Road, Nabiac. Contact Sam Entwisle 0407 926 959. Website

Wallamba Downs Weddings & Events

Up-close Animal Encounters. Billabong Zoo Koala and Wildlife Park cares for over 80 species, with over 200 animals located throughout ten acres of shady gardens. Experience an up-close Animal Encounter with personal Zoo Keeper commentary: available with Snow Leopards, Cheetahs, Red Pandas, Meerkats, Koalas and Snakes. Bookings essential. An Animal Encounter is a very special experience that stays with you for a lifetime. You can also enjoy 14 free Zoo Keeper talks throughout the day. There is a children’s playground and an all-day Kangaroo and Wallaroo walk-through meadow for patting and feeding; Zoo Café for meals, snacks, ice-cream, coffee and drinks; souvenirs, gifts and retail therapy in the popular Zoo Shop. The multi award-winning Billabong Zoo is always fun for the kids and educational for everyone. Open every day: 9am 5pm, rain or shine. Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie - it’s more than a great day out. It’s the best value zoo in Australia. Located at 61 Billabong Drive, just off the Oxley Highway (two minutes from the Pacific Highway). For full details visit or call 6585 1060.

Set in 10 acres of lush gardens with over 80 species of mammals, reptiles and birds. Rain or shine, Billabong Zoo is a great day out where you can get up-close to Australian & exotic animals.

Just Relax and let’s have fun! Our specialty is senior groups, providing personal and caring service for holidays that are either organised by us, or as a charter organised by the groups. We also travel to the live shows in Sydney and Newcastle, as well as local shows in Taree and Port Macquarie. We can offer a coach booking and itinerary planning service to help you organise your own tour or day trip. We tour extensively over areas from Tasmania in the south to Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland, west to Cameron’s Corner, Broken Hill and down to Adelaide and the Great Ocean Road. Our luxury comfortable forty eight seat Volvo coach is fully air conditioned, seat belt and rest room equipped, and features wide panoramic tinted windows with curtains. Special features include a vehicle lowering device for ease on entry and exit and a built in hot water urn. We pick up our passengers at five stops in Forster-Tuncurry and on the highway at Nabiac and Bulahdelah. We can provide safe off street parking for your car when you are on our tours.

Wallamba Downs is a 168 acre working cattle farm situated in Nabiac; it has recently opened as a wedding and events venue. The rustic, yet picturesque property features rolling hills, river flats and water views. The rustic reception shed features a large area that can hold 100 seated guests, a polished timber dance floor, bar area and outdoor entertaining area. The manicured cottage gardens are ideal for drinks and nibbles prior to the reception. Wallamba Downs offers a perfect setting for your ceremony, reception or other special event. The homestead can also be booked out for accommodation for the days leading up to and after your special day. Having the ceremony and reception at the same venue allows for convenience and extra time spent with guests. The property also offers endless photographic opportunities, with things such as rusty relics, water views, cottage gardens, the homestead, grassy paddocks and gum trees. Our property opening day is to be held on Sunday, April 29th 2018. We invite anyone who is planning a wedding, other event or just interested in having a look, to come and join us in celebrating the grand opening. We have local vendors attending, music, nibbles and a glass of champagne for the first 30 guests. We are also offering a 25% discount for the first wedding to be booked and hosted prior to the end of this year. Please come along and support our local business! For more information, head to our website:, FB, or call Sam Entwisle on 0407 926 959.

ZOO TALK FREE presentations throughout the day. UP-CLOSE Book a personal animal encounter. ZOO CAFEÉ ZOO SHOP

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s ' a d a r P PRISCILLAS

Prada ’s Priscilla’s

The all-male revue Prada’s Priscilla’s plays tribute to some of the most iconic show women of our time, focus caught up with the queen of the show Prada Clutch and chatted all things Drag, feathers and diamontes

The all-male revue Prada’s Priscillas plays tribute to some of the most iconic show women of our time. FOCUS caught up with the queen of the show, Prada Clutch, and chatted all things drag, feathers and diamontes.


i Prada. Introduce us to and really worked on my look and had a few Prada’s Priscillas … people help with my hair, makeup and dresses So, it’s me, Conchita and then when I came back, I entered the Grande and Christina Dior. second competition, and I won every week for Conchita and I started five weeks. In the end, they kicked me out and drag together 10 years put me on the judging panel! ago in the same competition and Christina What is the inspiration behind the show? had been doing it before us; we all sort of Well, I’d seen Priscilla and was so excited reconnected and decided to put a show about that. My show isn’t the musical Priscilla; together. I see “Priscillas” as showgirls ... Prada and How did you her Priscillas. We touch personally get on a bit of Priscilla, but involved in drag? I wanted to take people I studied Musical on a journey from where Theatre at the Australian CARLOTTA CAME TO MY drag began, the people Institute of Music. I that inspired the original FIRST SHOW AND SHE was studying there and drag queens ... we WAS BLOWN AWAY; SHE Priscilla had just finished do ABBA and Marilyn SAID A LOT OF PEOPLE playing in Sydney; I Monroe, a big tribute to HAVE TRIED TO DO was just on the cusp of the original showgirls, Les TRIBUTES TO LES GIRLS, wanting to do it, but I Girls, and then to where BUT NO-ONE HAS EVER wasn’t old enough and I drag is now with Priscilla. DONE IT QUITE LIKE US. was studying. It’s a concept I had, and I had a bit of an I thought we could make interest in it, and initially it work - obviously I can’t I went to a gay club and do Priscilla the Musical, saw some drag queens and thought, “Wow, because there’s already a Priscilla Musical they’re amazing! I wonder if I could give that happening, so I wanted to make it my own go!” thing. Three months later, I was in drag and just Carlotta came to my first show, and she sort of put myself out there. I entered a couple was blown away; she said a lot of people have of competitions on Oxford St; the first one I tried to do tributes to Les Girls, but no-one has did I looked terrible, so I didn’t do too well in ever done it quite like us. She said she was so that one. I went away for a couple of months grateful and so blessed that I did it, and she

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s ' a d a r P PRISCILLAS of our dresses are covered in diamontes, and has supported me. On the show, you collaborated with each one has either been hand stitched or Monique Kelly, who is an original Les Girl. glued on by Monique. With my Cher dress, Tell us about that … she hand beaded every single bead - six Monique, being a showgirl herself - I knew months it took her, to make that dress. It’s who she was. But, I hadn’t had any dealings extraordinary. with her - apart from when I first started; she Favourite costume/song to perform? saw me singing one night, and she came up Oh it’s a hard one! to me and said, “You My silver dress with the need to do Cher; you’ve feathers (pictured). I wear got the look, you’ve got that to the opening of the sound, and you’ll Les Girls, and then I have A LOT OF OUR DRESSES ARE be a fantastic Cher a costume change and I COVERED IN DIAMONTES, impersonator”. I walked turn into Cher; that dress AND EACH ONE HAS EITHER away and thought I and the feathers and the BEEN HAND STITCHED OR could give that a go, headpiece, it’s one of the GLUED ON BY MONIQUE. and now I’m Australia’s most beautiful moments. WITH MY CHER DRESS, number one Cher There’s so much to look SHE HAND BEADED impersonator! at; every time I walk out EVERY SINGLE BEAD - SIX Four years later, in that costume, you just MONTHS IT TOOK HER TO Monique contacted me hear the audience gasp MAKE THAT DRESS. IT’S for a wig. I have a wig and then scream! It really business, so I do wigs EXTRAORDINARY. is to die for; it’s such a for a lot of the girls and visual delight. the shows. I went round The song that I sing and told her what I was there is really special: I Can’t take My Eyes Off doing, and she said she would love to help You, which is what the Les Girls are about me with it. ... “You’re just too good to be true, and we This was the best thing I ever did, because can’t take our eyes off you. That song is very we’ve formed the best friendship, and she special to me, because when I started singing has the knowledge - literally every costume at eight years old, that was one of the first and every prop in the show was designed songs my singing teacher gave me. I’ve been or made by us. Conchita has made 90% of singing that song for 21 years now. our costumes, and then Monique has gone Thanks Prada. through and hand beaded everything. A lot

Prada’s Priscillas - An All-Male Revue - Saturday, 7th April | 8pm.

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Peter Hugill - throwing. Andy Snelgar - carving close up.




ow was the idea of Studio Spaces of the Mid North Coast initiated - what was the original spark behind

the concept? The 30th anniversary of the art gallery seemed like the perfect opportunity to delve into the studio spaces of local artists. We’ve long wanted to open this realm to the public and give people the chance to see how professional artists in the region live and work. Their studio spaces are artworks in themselves, each of which embodies the core values of the artist who works there, as well as their own unique personal style. For example, Steve Williams has built his own wood-fire kiln on a 52-hectare property at Dolly’s Flat, with a distinctly Australian character, that merges seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Another highlight is “the Armadillo” of our very own Jane Hosking, a space made largely from upcycled materials, with a distinctive curved roof, built by her partner, Tim Jones. Studio Spaces of the Mid North Coast has been a partnership between Fairfax Media and the Manning Regional Art Gallery. What role did these organisations play to achieve the end result? About a year ago, the gallery team selected 16 local artists to take part in the show. Journalist Lauren Green and photographer Scott Calvin of the Manning River Times visited each artist in their

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Rachel Piercy, Director of the Manning Regional Art Gallery, and Jane Hosking, Assistant Director, explain the concept of “Studio Spaces” - an exhibition that’s resulted from a partnership between the gallery and Fairfax Media, and takes you into the individual studios of 16 local artists … studio space and documented the visit with photography, video and interviews, which have been published though Fairfax media and played on social media since May. We know Lauren and Scott have had a fantastic insight into the intimate workings of these artists in their studios. Given the gallery is now celebrating its 30th anniversary, there must have been some significant changes over this time. What do you feel have been some of the gallery’s standout achievements/developments? We’ve come a long way, from humble beginnings. When we started in 1988, we were a subdivision of the Manning Entertainment Centre (MEC), with just two small rooms in the foyer. It took ten years to secure our current premises: a red-brick Federation bungalow, originally built to house the principal of Taree Public School in 1907. Over the last 20 years, we’ve grown and developed in all kinds of ways. We’ve taken care to preserve the heritage features of the building, including the façade, stone fireplaces and original timber joinery, while adding a new exhibition wing, a small workshop and an outdoor function area. We’ve also built on the site’s legacy, offering educational programs for young and old, in everything from book-binding to basket-weaving, including partnerships with North Coast TAFE and schools. We’re especially proud of the Aboriginal Art Garden out the front, which was developed by Aboriginal designers, all

women, and features important bush foods and cultural use plants, locally sourced, with advice and assistance from TIDE. The garden was planted in 2015, as part of the Open Door Project and has now grown in beautifully, producing flowers, foliage and fruit for the enjoyment of all. The team is now busy planning the future of this vibrant and meaningful community space. We hope to see it continue to grow exponentially, to match community expectations, with considered planning and external funding. The Studio Spaces exhibition will be held from 4th April - 13th May, the culmination of a year’s work. What will exhibition visitors be able to view/experience? This is set to be an immersive, multidimensional exhibition, featuring a still image of each artist in their studio, a selection of the work they produce there, and the written story of each space. The videos and stories will continue throughout the exhibition. What likelihood is there of Studio Spaces - or a similar project - being organised again in future years by the gallery? The gallery is keen to hold further shows exploring artists and their studios in future years. We see this exhibition as the first in a series. Thanks Rachel and Jane. Photos courtesy of Scott Calvin, Manning River Times.

m ney matters. with Jonathan Tickle

Local events, local forests. The beautiful State Forests of the Mid North Coast play host to a range of different events, from fast paced car rallies, horse endurance rides, to adventure races. Forestry Corporation is excited to be working with Kerry and Mathew from Coastal Sport and Fitness in Port Macquarie in staging the inaugural Elephant Trail Run over 20th, 21st and 22nd July. Kerry says: The Elephant Trail run is in Cairncross State Forest. The event gets its name from Mt Cairncross and the undulating hills resembling an elephant lying down with its trunk out-stretched! Wanting everyone to experience the “Elephant”, we are offering 160 km, 100 km Solo/Teams of Two, 50 km, 25 km, 13 km and a FREE Kids Race. We are very excited to say that the race has made it as a qualifying race to gain points to qualify for UTMB© (Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc, the World Summit of Ultra Trail Running). Only six

races in Australia qualify for a max of six points (100 Miler) and we are one of three that have five points (100 km) - this is great news in trail running circles! Cairncross State Forest provides not only the distance and elevation, but hosts many hidden gems amongst the diverse landscape. This treasure is right on our doorstep, and we want to share this with locals and visitors alike. We love trail running in State forests and taking our kids out there to show how the forests are so important to the environment and local communities. Coastal Track and Trail Runners hold an annual Forest Permit to take trail running to other magical locations across the Hastings area, including Burrawan, Queens Lake, Broken Bago, and Kerewong State Forests - look out for their distinctive red Land Rover in a forest near you!

Business advisers The past few weeks has been a personal shock to the team at Your Heritage Financial Planning and clients, as it brings home how precious life can be and just how a quirk in fate, bad luck or just simply an accident can change lives. You see, your regular Money Matters columnist, Alan Tickle, is having an enforced rest due to injury sustained in a car accident. He is recuperating well and will soon be back at work. When a key employer or business owner is incapacitated, then a business can be in jeopardy - unless there are management processes in place or adequate insurance. In our case, it’s business as usual, as we have experienced staff, well defined processes and a co-director, in this case - me - who can cover in his absence. Importantly, there is also business and personal insurance in place. What is Business Expenses Insurance? Provides up to 12 months cover for an agreed monthly payment for such expenses as rent, accounting and administration, non-income producing staff costs, lease payments and other similar business expenses. This cover is relatively inexpensive, but too often overlooked. Challenge to Business Advisers A question was put to a local accountant, who also described themselves as a business adviser, how one of their clients would react if they were injured or ill and they were left with no option but to put off staff, and close down their business, because they were not made aware of the benefits of business expenses insurance. Getting competent personal insurance advice not only protects individuals, but it can make a difference to the staff and their families who are

dependent on the business owner. Professional advisers need to understand their knowledge limits An interesting discussion between myself and that same local accountant lamented that there is not enough cross referring and liaison between professions, to ensure clients get the best outcome. A case in point was a client who undertook some taxation planning, to establish a significant tax-free income from Account Based Pensions. Binding nominations were in place, to ensure that the tax-free pension continued to the surviving spouse upon death of their partner. The client’s solicitor was adamant that the binding nomination had to be changed, so that the proceeds went to the estate, rather than direct to the spouse, which at times is entirely appropriate. Fortunately, the client queried this with YHFP, and were correctly advised that in their case it was not appropriate, because the pension fund could not be re-established once paid to the estate and they would pay an estimated $15,000pa ongoing tax as a result. Similarly, benefits from superannuation that are allocated to non-financial dependents may result in 15% death benefit tax, which can be avoided if superannuation flows to a spouse and other assets to the non-financial dependents. Those issues need to be at least considered and weighed up. The discussion concluded that greater collaboration between professions is needed to consider taxation and Centrelink benefit outcomes in estate planning, with greater attention to business and personal insurance by business advisers.

This information and advice is of a general nature only and no reliance should be placed on the information before seeking individual advice from a Financial Planner and Taxation Adviser to ensure the appropriateness to individual circumstances. Alan Tickle, Jonathon Tickle and Your Heritage Financial Planning are both authorised representatives of Securitor Financial Group AFSL 240687 ABN 48009189495.

Our Client’s Best Interest is Central to all our Endeavours • Income Protection & Life Insurance • Superannuation • Retirement Planning • Investment Portfolio Management • Centrelink and Aged Care Strategy

6551 2333

Alan Tickle & Jonathon Tickle (Directors)

Your Heritage Financial Planning Pty Limited Authorised Representatives Securitor Financial Group Ltd ABN 48009189495 AFSL 240687

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Dineon19 Salad from Dine on 19, Club Taree 20 Manning-Great Lakes focus

Spiced lamb back strap served medium rare, roast pumpkin, papitas, mint, tahini, pomegranate jus

Mobys on Red Gum

“An Afternoon at the Proms” A Musical Spectacular

Has it been a while since you last visited the beautiful beaches at Pacific Palms? Why not take a drive to Boomerang Beach today and visit the friendly team at Mobys on Red Gum! With extended trading over the school holidays, Mobys is the perfect spot for breakfast with friends, or a bacon and egg roll and coffee on the go. Planning a day at the beach? Stroll across the street to Mobys and feast on a burger for lunch, or enjoy a beer on tap at the poolside bar.


Mobys on Red Gum are open for dinner almost every night, and Head Chef Evan McMahon invites you to come and experience something special. 4 RED GUM ROAD, BOOMERANG BEACH 6591 0095 WWW.MOBYS.COM.AU MONDAY & THURSDAY 5:30PM - 8:30PM, FRIDAY 3PM - 8:30PM, SATURDAY & SUNDAY 7:30AM - 8:30PM.

Presenting a lavish new program for 2018. This stunning spectacular salutes the famous BBC Proms Concerts of London’s Royal Albert Hall, performing all the well-known favourites, including Rule Britannia, Jerusalem, Radetzky March, and Elgar’s Land of Hope and Glory. Australia’s most acclaimed international violinist Ian Cooper is joined by opera stars, prima ballerinas, Australia’s foremost bagpipe band and the Blue Danube Orchestra to evoke the sheer exuberance of An Afternoon at the Proms - A Musical Spectacular.

Enjoy selections from The Sound of Music, The Merry Widow, Carmen and The Waltz King - Johann Strauss, plus Can-Can and Tango dancers. Feel the romance and emotion of the Hungarian Gypsy Orchestras, haunting renditions of Irish favourites and the Pipers’ tribute to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. This jubilant musical and visual spectacular will delights your hearts! Bring your flags and come join the fun and frivolity of Ian Cooper’s An Afternoon at the Proms.

Oven baked chicken pieces with dipping sauces

The Tanks Café We’re proud to announce the opening of “THE TANKS” Café, Lounge & Bar at Club Forster! Relax and enjoy our brand new space, featuring state-of-the-art facilities. The perfect place to unwind and meet with friends, sample our exciting new menu, try our range of craft beer, and listen to great music presented by some of the coast’s leading musicians - FREE every Friday, Saturday and Sunday!



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Club Old Bar

Club Old Bar has undergone some major renovations and

is proud to showcase its brand new look.


ocated just ten minutes from Taree in the gorgeous beachside town of Old Bar, Club Old Bar is the hub of the community and a go-to destination for tourists to the region. Not your average

Bowling Club, they boast a huge range of modern facilities and function rooms, ideal for any event. Having won NSW Club of the Year award four times, Club Old Bar is the envy of clubs throughout the region. If you have ever been to Old Bar, you are sure to have visited Club Old Bar, located a few blocks back from the beach on Belford Street. With a café, bistro, wine bar, beer garden and fantastic function facilities, the club has been a must-see spot in Old Bar for over 50 years. There have been many a wedding, party, conference and sporting group meeting enjoyed within the club, not to mention all their weekly raffles and events.

22 Manning-Great Lakes focus

Recent renovations have made the club even better, with a brand new, architecturally designed bar and foyer area, that has been blowing people away. Tony Jones, General Manager of Club Old Bar for the past 20 years, said that as a club, they are committed to maintaining their position as market leader, providing modern facilities for members and exceptional service that goes above and beyond. “We are proud of our club and wanted the renovations to reflect that. We provide our members and guests with the best possible facilities, with the new bar and foyer giving the club a modern look with a huge wow factor.” Large scale renovations can be difficult for a busy club that continues to serve cold beer seven days a week; however, Tony said the staff and customers took it all in their stride: “The staff really took ownership during the renovations;

WE PROVIDE OUR they worked through the said they are proud to MEMBERS AND GUESTS process, knowing the have been involved with WITH THE BEST final result was well worth the refurbishment of local POSSIBLE FACILITIES, the wait. Our customers icon Club Old Bar. “It’s a WITH THE NEW BAR AND showed a lot of interest project which provides the FOYER GIVING THE CLUB throughout and loved community with a firstA MODERN LOOK WITH A seeing the different stages class club environment HUGE WOW FACTOR. of the project completed. in Old Bar,” Warren said. Our members are proud “Our thanks go to the and really feel like a part local trades who worked of the club; it was great to with us on the project have their positive feedback throughout.” Young Building P/L, Rowsell Electrical and Edstein Under the leadership of President Trevor Creative Stone.” Wisemantel, Club Old Bar has a very proactive Architect Chris Vlatko from SHAC was board, with the renovations all part of a larger excited to be involved in the project. “SHAC are strategic plan - providing infrastructure for the passionate about place-making and are proud future. Club Old Bar plans to continue to grow to have had the opportunity to collaborate with and develop in the community for a very long Club Old Bar to create a modern, innovative and time. highly functional series of staged developments,” The new facilities will be enjoyed by not only Chris said. “The project has completely members and tourists, but the many community transformed the nerve centre of the club and groups and sporting clubs that Club Old Bar maximised the lifestyle opportunities for the Old support. Bar community.” Community integration is an important part of The club’s $10 lunch specials from Monday to being the heart of Old Bar. The club doesn’t only Friday are a great excuse to head into Old Bar to support local community groups, but businesses check out the renovations. For seniors, there’s too, using local company RSF along with other a seniors lunch every Thursday from just $15, contractors and community resources for their including a drink and $2 keno voucher. For more renovations. information, visit the website: Warren Steedman, Company Director of RSF or pop in any time; they are open seven days.

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ElMexican Matador Tapas NOW OPEN


i Roberto. Congratulations on opening El Matador. Please tell our readers about the dining experience you offer … At El Matador, patrons will experience authentic Mexican flavours, friendly atmosphere and a relaxed and casual ambience. Combined with our great music play list and surf videos you can enjoy with your family and friends; the only rule we have is to have fun! You're originally from Mexico. What is it you love about the food culture of Mexico? Mexican food became a heritage to humanity recently at UNESCO. There are many "Mexicos" in Mexico, and each region has its own food style. Since the Spanish colonised the continent of America, they brought Asian, African and European cuisine with them, and this later combined with the traditional Aztec and Mayan food. The result is an incredible variety of food readily available. As I grew up in Mexico, I know exactly how food should taste and which ingredients need to be used. Fact: tomatoes are originally from Mexico, as is vanilla, cocoa, etc … All the good stuff! Mexican food is about fresh produce. We don’t use tinned food products, poor in nutrients, nor frozen boxed food that you just have to put in the deep fryer and decorate with a bit of mixed lettuce. We believe you are what you eat, and therefore we want to feed you at El Matador with healthy yet delicious food! What are some of the authentic menu highlights and popular dishes people enjoy at your restaurant? When you come to

24 Manning-Great Lakes focus

our restaurant, be prepared to try something new. You won't have heard of many of our dishes, but our soups are extremely popular, and the empanadas are delicious! Most of our food is in small tapas portions, so it's easy to have a tasting, without breaking the bank! They are all topped with lots of fresh, healthy salad and served on traditional corn tortillas or corn dough. This is great news for anyone who is gluten intolerant! Traditional Mexican food also features a good dose of fresh lime juice in pretty much everything. All of our sauces and salsas are homemade on premises. There is nothing served from a jar in our restaurant. And of course, no one can go past the cinnamon churros with chocolate dipping sauce that are made fresh to order with our homemade dough. So, come with an open mind and change the way you think about real Mexican food! What are your plans for El Matador over the coming year? Our plan is to promote our region’s food and try to open the eyes to the importance of healthy, fresh food around the Mid North Coast. As we have a large older population living here, it is essential to eat fresh and healthy. You want to enjoy life as much as possible, and the only way to do that is by living and being healthy.

Our body is our temple. Money can’t buy a healthy body. Education and knowledge of good nutrition is our best friend! What do you like to do in your spare time? I love cooking. I've been cooking for my family since I was six years old. My mum was an eye surgeon/ophthalmologist doctor and my dad, a busy architect, so I had to learn to cook as a young nino! In my early twenties, I travelled to many countries, discovering different styles and ways of cooking. I try to go surfing too, when there are good waves, and I like skateboarding. I also like playing music with a few people around town and have aspirations to form a band. I also play soccer in winter comps here at the Great Lakes for a known club. I like to keep active and be healthy. What do you love most about living in the Manning-Great Lakes? What I love most about this region is all the water around us. I'd like to become a dolphin one day, and here in the Great Lakes we're surrounded by them. I see them almost every time I'm in the water, so in other words, I feel at home indeed!

Coming Soon Club Forster Entertainment

Club Blackhead Lots to love! Club Blackhead has another big month in-store for April, with live entertainment including the return of The 3 Piece Feed for Sunday Sessions on Sunday 15th April from 4pm to 7pm. Darren Jack will also perform on Saturday night, 21st April, from 7pm to 11pm. Don’t miss the talented Glen Mead performing at the club on Friday night, 27th April, from 7pm to 11pm. For your ANZAC Day entertainment this year, join us at Club Blackhead for our annual Two Up from 1pm to 4pm. The “Our Club Superdraw” has jackpotted to $28,000 (at time of print). If you’re not already a member, join now for your chance to win. Creation 2 has lots of promotions on throughout the month of April. Monday to Friday lunch specials are $10 from the blackboard. Don’t forget Monday’s chicken schnitzel and chips for $13.90.

Tuesday’s dinner special is buy one meal, get one free, from the blackboard. Sunday’s popular roast of the day is only $12. Look out for items added to the menu this month. Club Blackhead now has a live Facebook page. Please “like” us on Facebook for all the up-todate and upcoming information for the club. You can make use of our courtesy bus daily to and from the club. Join us for Wednesday and Friday night raffles, as well as the Members Badge Draw Jackpot, Friday nights. Don’t forget Social Barefoot Bowls is also available daily. Contact the club for information and bookings. For all your functions requirements, contact the club on (02) 6559 2923. For more information, please visit our Facebook page or website at

The Men In Black Tour. Internationally renowned artist Dean Bourne and acclaimed Country singer Chris Callaghan will take you on a magical celebration of the iconic hits of superstars Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash together In concert in The Men In Black Tour. Dean has mesmerised audiences the world over with his magical voice, receiving standing ovations - many have been quoted as saying that “The Spirit of Roy Orbison is within Dean Bourne”. Australian Country music sensation Chris Callaghan is absolutely sensational both physically and vocally; with his rugged Johnny Cash looks and gravel voice, he takes you back in time with hit after massive hit. Fastlove: A Tribute to George Michael Get ready for an unforgettable evening with a global superstar, as he puts the Boom Boom into your heart in the all new production for 2018 - Fastlove: A Tribute to George Michael, direct from the UK starring Andrew Browning. Relive the passion, the flair and the unique

sensitivity of George Michael in this incredible concert sensation. Songs in the Key of Motown Six International award winning soul singers will transport you back to an era where music was life and life was music. This all-singing, all-dancing show tributes the greats of Motown. Hear the harmonies of the Temptations and the Four Tops, experience the incredibly choreographed dance moves of Martha and the Vandellas, The Jackson 5 and The Supremes and feel the soul of Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye.

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manning great lakes markets. April 2018.


Manning great lakes Easter markets.


The Blackhead Bazaar is a community market organised and operated by Hallidays Point Landcare Group. The Bazaar attracts a good mix of stalls selling arts and craft, flowers, bric-a-brac, clothes, fruit and veg, home cooked preserves, jams, pickles, cakes, biscuits, chocolates and gingerbread. It is especially renowned for its large number of plant stalls, ranging from specialised palms sales to tube stock and local native plants. Other attractions include buskers, bouncy castle and pony rides. A BBQ breakfast runs all morning (nb. markets September to May only.) When Sun 1st Apr, 8:30am to 1pm. Where Main Street, Blackhead. Contact 0468 312 452.

26 Manning-Great Lakes focus

On the last Sunday of the month, with extra markets in the holidays, the Community Centre comes alive with vibrant colours, textures and a really great vibe ... Come and experience it for yourself! The Palms Markets showcase quality handmade, home grown and home baked products from around the Great Lakes region and beyond. Sample some fabulous food from around the globe, including organic vegetarian curries, Asian noodles and Aussie style barbecues! See the colourful stalls, including eco and Fair Trade products, jewellery, art, craft, clothes, plants, fruit, veg and beautiful body products. A jumping castle and pony rides will keep the children entertained, whilst you can enjoy an organic coffee and cake on the alfresco deck. Contact Yvonne Ballard: 0401 968 516. When Sun 1st Apr, 9am - 1pm. Where Pacific Palms Community Centre, The Lakes Way. Info /


Old Bar Markets are held on the fourth Sunday of the month on the beach promenade in Old Bar. Old Bar Market offers a laid back atmosphere, fresh produce, bric-a-brac, plants, jewellery, homemade products, homewares and lots more. Open between 7am and 1pm. When Sun 1st Apr, 7am - 1pm. Where Old Bar Road, Old Bar.


The Marine Rescue Markets at Harrington are held in John Oxley Reserve and are very popular with both visitors and locals alike. The market has a wide variety of stalls selling crafts, produce, clothing, plants, and much more. All proceeds from the markets go towards financing our Marine Rescue Boats and operations. Come and enjoy excellent food, prepared by the friendly Marine Rescue Members, and enjoy a day out in Harrington! The markets are held four times a year - New Year’s Day, Easter Monday, in July and Monday of the October long weekend. Open 8am to 2pm. When Sun 1st Apr, 8am - 2pm. Where Harrington. Website Contact (02) 6556 1564 Email


Genuine Farmers’ Market is an authentic farmers’ market on the Mid North Coast NSW. The mission is to bring the farmers and community together. At the markets you can be assured you are only buying direct from the farmers. You are able to talk with each farmer about their products and get ideas on cooking and storing these items. When Sun 1st Apr, 8am - 1pm. Where Tuncurry Race Course, Chapman Rd, Tuncurry. Website Phone 0431 247 457.

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Growing Great Carrots!

Drink Now or not? Many of us believe that wine needs to age prior to drinking but if you have been buying wine lately, you may have noticed that wines, both red and white, are drinking well - even when they are still very young. The market now demands that wine made today is ready to drink today, which is a direct reflection of the majority of the market place in general ... “I WANT IT NOW!”


n the early days of winemaking, Quality white wines will continue to drink fruit was picked when it was easy to well for five to eight years, while the lesser manage, meaning harvesting fruit that quality whites will need to be consumed within wasn’t fully ripe. Picking ripe fruit on a one to two years of the vintage. Low cost reds hot summer’s day presents a variety of are not designed to be cellared and will not challenges, so the alternative of picking fruit last beyond a year or two. Better quality red a little earlier in the season was the preferred wine will improve up to five years and beyond, option for many. But the resulting wine from depending upon the quality and variety. Quality young fruit brings with it a few disadvantages. Australian Cabernet Sauvignons and Shiraz So in order for the wine to be drinkable, from good vintages will drink superbly at 20 cellaring was essential. years plus - patience The early harvest white delivers! wines were astringent, There are a multitude and the early harvest of fabulous vineyards and So if you are planning on reds were very green. winemakers in Australia cellaring wine for a few years, The young wine needed quietly producing and there will be some great the benefits of ageing, outstanding whites and 2018 vintage reds, proper to allow the tannins and reds that age superbly, storage provides an insurance acidity to soften to make way beyond their own policy for your wine - constant the wine palatable. expectations. That is one temperature, preferably Today, with the of the many joys of wine between 14 - 16 degrees benefit of years of ... The unexpected! and away from sunlight and experience and the So if you are planning fluctuating temperatures.” available technologies, on cellaring wine for ripe fruit with higher a few years, and there sugar content is will be some great more manageable 2018 vintage reds, in the vineyard and in the winery. R&D and proper storage provides an insurance policy for your wine - constant temperature, preferably technological developments have had a huge between 14 - 16 degrees and away from impact on winemaking practices, so producing sunlight and fluctuating temperatures. A nice a palatable wine has become much more mouldy space is best, as it means the humidity accessible. However, there is still woeful wine in level is good. It is also helpful to lay the bottles the market place made from poor quality fruit. with the neck of the bottle slightly inclined. But As a price guide, we use above and below the if you want to drink a nice bottle of red now, $15 price point. Anything over $15 should be spend around $20, and it should be drinkable, of a good standard in Australia. Under $15, and without the instant headache. it could be instant headache material.

A delicious and popular root vegetable we are all familiar with is the orange coloured carrot, also available in colours of red, purple, yellow and white. The length of the long tap root can vary from 10 cm to 25 cm, depending on the variety. Growing crunchy, fresh carrots is most rewarding, and they’re at their nutritional best when picked fresh from the garden. They contain Vitamins A, B6, C, potassium, magnesium and sodium, plus provide dietary fibre. Carrots are not the easiest of vegetables to grow, and it’s quite common to hear this from gardeners. The main tasks one can always tackle when attempting to grow carrots is improving the soil and the raising of seedlings from seed. Carrots enjoy a mostly sunny position with well drained, loose, friable soil to a depth of 20 - 30cm, free from lumps and stones. Include sieved compost, animal manure or organic fertilizer in small quantities, and use a garden fork to achieve the desired depth. Carrots are best sown in autumn to early

spring in rows, direct in the garden on soil that has been finely raked. Cover the seed with fine soil, and 2 - 3mm is all that is needed. Seed can be kept moist until it starts to germinate. A temporary shade cover is ideal during the first 7 - 10 days and will protect the seeds and soil from heavy rain or drying out. As the seedlings grow, it’s helpful to check regularly for weeds, water lightly and use traps to stop any snails and slugs finding the tiny seedlings. Also, a fine mulch layer can be placed in between the rows at this stage. As the seedlings grow and become crowded, they can easily be thinned out and eaten as tender baby carrots. Once the plants have strongly established themselves, they can outgrow weeds and have very few pest and disease problems. Harvest the carrots as required, rinse off any soil and remove most of the leaves. Freshly eaten carrots are great, and also try steaming or baking them with caraway seeds. Happy gardening!

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image of the month. Title: Sunsets From Home. Photo by: Kurt D Photography. instagram: @kurtdphotography Taken a great photo of our local area? Like to see it published in FOCUS for the world to see? Just email

Berry Financial Services We are pleased to announce that our team has expanded, and we welcome back Lucas Garside to Berry Financial Services. Lucas has joined us in partnership, and we look forward to working together to ensure that we continue to provide you with access to advice and service when you need it. Lucas is a fully qualified Financial Planner, and he will be available to assist you with any of your financial planning needs. He joins Julie Berry CFP, who has been with Berry Financial Services since its inception. Our team also includes Porsha and Amanda, who are available to answer any of your general enquiries. Berry Financial Services has been providing financial advice on the Mid North Coast for over 11 years, helping our local people meet their financial goals. If you have been looking for a simple solution or if you would like a financial health check, contact us for an obligation free appointment. Julie, Lucas, Porsha and Amanda look forward to helping you secure your financial future.

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tourism UPDATE

The importance of storytelling.


“Travelling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” - Ibn Battuta. It seems that everyone - from corporate marketers to non-profit campaigners - is talking about how important storytelling is nowadays.

t's stories that persuade people, and we've been telling stories for a long time. A traditional ad tells a story. A TV spot tells a story. Newspaper articles tell a story. A Facebook post tells a story. A word of mouth recommendation is a story. We've been telling each other travel stories since the Greeks. In the last decade we've moved our storytelling online, and the amount of stories that now exist has exploded. For a destination, storytelling is critical. Not long ago there were only two destination story tellers - the destination itself and journalists. Now the bank of storytellers include our residents, visitors, industry partners, staff, journalists, influencers, third parties, niche communities and many others. These groups are often seen as being more credible, more persuasive, more creative and can have an even larger reach than we can buy through advertising.

destinations and communities they visit, and this naturally translates to the type of stories that resonate with those travellers. Good stories can help people feel as though they're sharing your experience in person, and this offers a destination an exciting opportunity to differentiate their stories from other destinations. We need stories that go beyond just a list of must-do highlights; we need to share emotions and feelings, to help visitors build deeper connections with the people and places in our destination. Bryan Smith, an award winning filmmaker, believes that if destinations want people to feel the culture, place and soul of their location, they have to look at getting people immersed

and Orlando’s family don’t trust her. A woman

Marina and Orlando are in love and planning for the future. Marina is a young waitress and aspiring singer. Orlando is 20 years older than her, and owns a printing company. After celebrating Marina’s birthday one evening, Orlando falls seriously ill. Marina rushes him to the emergency room, but he passes away just after arriving at the hospital. Instead of being able to mourn her lover, suddenly Marina is treated with suspicion. The doctors

of Orlando’s family, her sexual identity is an

detective investigates Marina to see if she was involved in his death. Orlando’s ex-wife forbids her from attending the funeral. And to make matters worse, Orlando’s son threatens to throw Marina out of the flat she shared with Orlando. Marina is a trans woman and for most aberration, a perversion. So Marina struggles for the right to be herself. She battles the very same forces that she has spent a lifetime fighting just to become the woman she is now - a complex, strong, forthright and fantastic woman. Tickets are $16, including coffee, cakes and chatting. For further information, visit www. or call 6552 3476.

real stories in a way that overcomes the preconceived ideas that are typically a surface

"Some marketers like the idea that 'the brand is the hero'. In other words the company is the star of the show. But you're almost always better off making your customer the hero of your story"- Sonia Simone, Copyblogger Media.

is more important now than ever before. So

30 Manning-Great Lakes focus


aree Film Society will screen A Fantastic Woman, Chile’s entry and winner of this year’s Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, at Fay’s Twin Cinema. Due to the Easter break, the society will be screening at 6:45 pm Tuesday 3rd April.

The challenge for a destination is to tell the

layer of a destination.

Authenticity is another concept that is often talked about in the context of storytelling and destination marketing. Increasingly, travellers are looking for authentic local experiences in the

Tuesday 3rd April, 6:45pm at Fay’s Twin Cinema.

in the place and create a sense of exploration.

According to Think With Google: 83% of people turn to social media sites for their travel inspiration and probably the reason they do this is because of this issue of trust and credibility. People trust the opinions of their friends and relatives above any other. It's about what's the best experience for YOU - and this is what we expect the people on our social media networks to tell us. And we TRUST them.

Which means that today, destination storytelling is not about a special hotel offer or our newest attraction. It's about activating and enriching an ongoing marketplace conversation with content and perspective, rather than trying to control it.

A Fantastic Woman

We therefore need to make the development of stories that engage our customers our primary vehicle for creating inspiration and activating conversations about our destination. Motivating others to tell stories while enabling and encouraging them to do so, just like we've been working with travel writers and journalists, people might be more likely to get inspiration and information from other sources - BUT we can help enable this. It's an incredible shift to consider. It turns the entire traditional marketing approach on its head. A brand cannot be built the way it used to be. It would be too expensive, too ineffective and too limiting. But by activating the right storytellers, we can reach more people, hit the right targets and showcase more authentic stories. "It's no longer about the offer. Or the product. It's about the story. And the conversation.”


Art in the Vale 2018

he annual Art in the Vale exhibition and sale of local artworks is back in 2018!

This annual fundraiser for the Hannam Vale Community Hall, put together by local artists and volunteers, provides a great opportunity for local artists to come together with the community and celebrate their work. When: Opening night is on Friday 27th April from 6:30 to 8:30pm, with an official opening

by Ray Wilmott at 7:30pm. The exhibition will then run for two days, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April from 10am to 4pm. Where: Hannam Vale Community Hall. Cost: Opening night, $10 (includes refreshments). Entry to exhibition by gold coin donation. Info: Exhibiting artists who would like the opportunity to display work, please contact Jocelyn Strong on 0408 445 958 or email for entry details.


The Mid North Coast

Creative Ageing 2-15 APRIL 2018

The Mid North Coast Creative Ageing Festival is an innovative annual event which acknowledges the valuable role that seniors play in our community and highlights the importance of engaging in the arts and creative activities to foster good health and wellbeing as people age.


he Festival offers opportunities for old- condition such as dementia or depression. Health er people to participate in or enjoy the benefits through arts activities, such as dancing arts through over 20 activities in the and singing, include improved mobility and communities of Mid Coast Council. motor control, improved heart and respiratory These range from free films and entertainment to function, greater self-esteem and confidence, a bush dance or yoga in the Gallery art workless reliance on medication and personal care, shops and much more. And to top it off the higher social engagement and beneficial effects Enjoy Life Expo at Tuncurry Memorial Hall with a on mental health. host of entertainment and opportunities to find Such activities are increasingly important for out what seniors and seniors groups are doing the Mid North Coast, and offering. where the population is A special feature of the characterised by a high Festival in 2018 is Let’s proportion of people Dance which encouragArts Mid North Coast aged over the age of 60. es the Young at Heart has a special Creative Based on the 2016 census to enjoy the delights of Ageing website, which dancing from Line dancing data 32 percent of the reprovides information all in Forster, Rock n Roll in gion’s population is aged year round for those who Taree and Ballroom in over 60 compared to wish to age creatively, Wingham. 21.8 percent in NSW and whatever their interest. The full Festival program 21.4 percent in Australia. can be found online Within the region there at www.midnorthcoastcreare areas of even higher proportions, the Mid Coast Council area Arts Mid North Coast has a special Creative the figure is 34 percent, making it one of the Ageing website which provide information all oldest populations in New South Wales. In terms year round for those who wish to age creatively, of this demographic the Mid North Coast is what whatever their interest. http://artsmidnorthcoast. Australia will be in 10 years, with all the inherent com/creative-ageing/ challenges needing to be planned for now. Our Evidence demonstrates the powerful impact that Creative Ageing Feature seeks to provide inforthe arts can have on the health and wellbeing mation to assist those who wish to age creatively, of older people - enhancing quality of life for people who are seeking to remain fit and well as they age and for people who live with a chronic

whatever their interest.

A Festival of Ideas Inspiration & Imagination

APRIL 2-15 2018 Dozens of activities across the region: Music, Art, Dance, Film, Talks, Free Offers Workshops & Creative Learning

caf-focus-2018.indd 1

14/03/2018 12:38 pm

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32 Manning-Great Lakes focus



i Nick. Please introduce yourself to our readers. Certainly. I’m a performing artist and creative professional who has plied my wares for

well over a decade. What does all that professional garble actually mean? I’m primarily an actor and voiceover artist in film and television. When opportunities arise, l’m also a presenterand Master of Ceremonies. Like every good Australian performer though, l have another skillset that helps to pay the bills. That involves me providing freelance content and creative services for large conferences and events for clients domestically and internationally. It all boils down to … if you have a story - I’ll help you tell it. How did you get started in the creative industry? I started as a pretty terrible bass player in a punk band. Slowly, as the depressive nature of adolescence kicked into full throttle, that band turned into a pretty hardcore metal band called Masokist (the purposeful mis-spelling l still can’t forgive myself for). Our live show was so “theatrical”, that my drama teacher suggested l audition for the high school play. I somehow pushed past my reservations that it wasn’t “rock star” enough and ended up scoring the lead role. I loved it and never looked back. I’ve hardly picked up a guitar since. Needless to say, l was never cool enough to be a rock star anyway. With that ridiculously embarrassing story aside, another key catalyst in my youth was a small, government run program in primary school called “Machismo”. It aimed to get boys into the arts and ease the stigma that it wasn’t considered “macho” to be in the arts, by getting hands on with the skills. Being from a small country town of about 600 on the Murray River, the course was sensational. Having access to filmmakers, equipment,

We’ve seen him on television and he’s no stranger to our area, with a local family connection to Taree ... Nick Cain will be visiting the Manning-Great Lakes to MC the Insurance Advisernet MidCoast Business Awards on May 4 - the second time he’s performed this role. Nick’s very much looking forward to seeing how the Manning-Great Lakes has grown and evolved since his last visit ... artists and generally amazing individuals blew my mind and sealed my fate. Between acting, presenting and producing, which is your favourite and why? Acting all the way. When l was young, it was never something l really saw myself doing. Although l must admit, it came quite naturally. This is where you cue jokes about me loving to be the centre of attention ... and sure - do that. But in all honesty, all that stuff is not what l enjoy. Selfishly, it’s all the other joys acting provides you. There’s a pretty cathartic, energising and soulful nature to performance and embodying a character that isn’t like much else in this world when it’s zinging like it should. Performers speak about the “natural high” of being in the moment. Having that shared experience with a community of like-minded souls is about as good as it gets. Presenting, on the other hand, allows me to interact and improvise with people l may never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. It’s also a wonderful buzz knowing success is moment to moment and never assured. Producing gives me the control that’s lacking in the other two disciplines! Tell us about some of the most recent jobs you’ve worked on ... I’ve had the pleasure recently of doing what l like to refer to as “The Aussie Soapy Quinella”- both Neighbours and Home and Away. If Heartbreak High was still around, l’d probably be cast in that too, for the trifecta. My role on Neighbours as Alistair Hall was particularly worth mentioning, as it involved tackling a taboo topic around a bloke wrestling with his sexuality, which is often not represented on such shows. I’ve also had guest roles on Utopia - Season 2 on ABC, as well as a lead role in an Aussie independent film called After The End, due for release in Australia shortly. I’ve also been partial to a bit of levity, teaming up with the witty chaps at Sportsbet

for some great online content such as Gogglebox: Origin Edition and Sh*t you can do at the cricket, but not at the office. Quality viewing. You will be the MC at this year’s MidCoast Business awards, which you have done once before. What are you looking forward to the most? I’m looking forward to seeing how the awards have grown since l last hosted a few years ago. All reports have been that it’s grown and the diversity of the local businesses is growing continuously too. It’s quite exciting to be a part of that growth in some form. After l hosted last time, l was mistaken for famous children’s entertainer Jimmy Giggle by an attendee …even after l’d introduced myself pretty clearly at the start of evening. So in fact, I’m probably most looking forward to signing a few autographs as Jimmy Giggle and improving/degrading his standing as a quality entertainer in the region, depending on how l go. Why do you believe an awards night like this one is so important? It’s nights like this that are really valuable to local and regional businesses. Those businesses are the lifeblood of towns in the MidCoast, and they are the catalysts that shape the personality of the region. It gives those businesses an opportunity to shine in the spotlight and be proud of their achievements. My experience at the awards last time meant l experienced the sheer pride businesses exude in being recognised for delivering exceptional service. I was so in awe of the blood, sweat and tears the recognised businesses showcased in making their business successful, and that deserves adequate recognition. I consider myself very lucky to be able to be a part of such a wonderful night celebrating excellence. Now, we won’t drop any names, but your mother in-law does live in this area - so

I’m sure you get up here a bit. What do you love most about this area? Yes, l’m not one to drop names either. But my mother-in-law Jenny Ashton lives up near Taree, and l regularity visit her on her property up that way with my wife, Rachelle. It’s always the beauty of the area that gets me. I know that’s the cliché - but it’s true. There’s a touch of everything. The dramatic terrain, mixed with all that greenery and water is still breathtaking for a bloke who grew up in a place with lots of flat ground and heat. My home area is beautiful in its own right, but having access to world class beaches and waterways is magnificent. I proposed to my wife in Forster, so that holds a pretty special place in my heart too - the generosity of the businesses in helping me execute my elaborate proposal plan will never be forgotten either. Career-wise, what have you got coming up? My major project for the year is a film l’m producing and performing in for submission to Sundance Film Festival. It’s called Before l Go, and it focuses on male depression and suicide in rural Australia through three generations. Unfortunately, men aren’t good at finding ways to talk about their emotions, and it means over 70% of suicide related deaths in Australia are male, and men in rural areas are twice as likely to meet a premature end. The topic is one close to my heart, and its inspiration lies in a diary entry written by a dear friend about the suicide of her father when she was young. Whilst tackling some pretty heavy topics, it’s a film filled with hope. It’s a story l can’t wait to tell. It’s in pre-production currently, and if you’re interested in helping in anyway, whether it be through funding, offering a service or just staying up to date with the journey of the film, reach out to me at nick. - l’d love to hear from you. Apologies for the shameless plug to finish! Thanks Nick. Manning-Great Lakes focus 33


Feature Story

The Trapps

December 2017. issue 130

Sinfonia - Heidi Lambert

November 2017. issue 129

der UnSouthern


N A G A R I S O R I A N T H I P A B O R A & R I C H I E S A M


20,000 C O P I E S M O N T H LY

50,000* M O N T H LY R E A D E R S H I P





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Cricket - photo credit Matthew Berry

Cricket - photo credit Matthew Berry

Cricket - photo credit Matthew Berry

Lee Fieldhouse at Chamber Brekky

Brendan Gallagher

Gloucester Food and Wine

Social /Scene

International Women’s Day is held on the 8th March, with this year’s campaign theme being #pressforprogress. The theme aims to commit to a "gender parity mindset" via progressive action, to collaborate to accelerate gender parity, so our collective action powers equality worldwide. While we know that gender parity won't happen overnight, the good news is that across the world women are making positive gains day by day. Plus, there's indeed a very strong and growing global movement of advocacy, activism and support.


here were many fabulous events held around our region, and I was fortunate to be invited to join the lovely ladies on the Commonwealth Bank table at Club Taree’s IWD luncheon. I am a bit of a fidget and even though the list of speakers looked totally amazing, I was concerned that I would have trouble sitting for the 4-hour event. I should not have been concerned, as the speakers were inspirational and heartfelt, the food was great, the company was fantastic, and it was for a fabulous cause, with all funds going to Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW. Guest speaker Cooper Smeaton kicked off the day with his experiences as a Ronald McDonald house recipient and explained the impact the service this facility had on him and his family. Featured speaker Amy Mills bravely spoke about how she tackles each day with Cystic Fibrosis. Amy spoke about her journey and how art in the form of self-portraits has helped to take control of her illness and placed it within the context of her life. The next featured speaker was the inspirational Jada McNeil, creator of Nusa Indah surfboards and accessories. Jada is a true entrepreneur with amazing creativity, the ability to see a gap in the market and hone in on opportunities. Her beautifully bespoke performance surfboards are not only stunning but functional. Jada and her family have a real connection with Bali and spent lots of time in Nusa Lembongan. This connection

36 Manning-Great Lakes focus

helped her to source unique quality textiles from Indonesia, which are used in and inspire her surfboards. She has surfed since the age of five, and in Year 12 she started the successful Saltwater Surf School. Jada is building an amazing business and collaborating with designers such as Carla Sersale and Lulu DK. She builds this fabulous business whilst raising three small children and finding some time for a surf. I really enjoyed her presentation and her passion for her craft, her region and mostly, her strong family values. Jennifer Wendtman from 360 Connections was the last featured speaker of the day. She was engaging and inspiring. Jennifer is a Chaplain and a motivational speaker who gave us some wonderful tools to take away with us. She spoke of self-compassion and took us on a journey with a strong message to care for ourselves the way we would others, instead of judging and criticising ourselves. Another fabulous speaker! Gloucester Food and Wine Club hold an annual seafood degustation dinner at Blackhead Surf Club, and we are honoured to cater for the event each year. It is one of our favourites, as we love this venue and the group is so appreciative of our creative menus and our fresh local produce. Sixty-four people attended the event on Saturday 24th February, with local Manning River oysters, Near River fingerlimes, lime and coriander cured salmon, coconut prawns, marinated Yellowfin Tuna, local Flathead all featuring on the menu. The dessert was a superb chocolate hazelnut

mousse cake with vanilla mascarpone and fresh local figs. Another fabulous event, thanks to my great staff and the staff at the surf club. On March 20th, former Australian cricket representative Peter Taylor visited Wingham town green in Central Park to assist Wingham High School teachers play Year 12 students for the inaugural T20 fundraising game. Peter Taylor was first selected to play test cricket for Australian in 1986 - 1987. He was considered the Australian One Day International team’s prime spin-bowler in the 1980s and 1990s. Each year the outgoing Year 12 students pick a charity, with this year’s chosen charity being the Westpac Helicopter. The service plays a significant role in rural communities and many local families have benefited from the service. The award-winning Manning Valley smokers were cooking up their famous brisket burgers, and students were collecting gold coin donations. A cricket bat signed by the 2018 English team was auctioned off, along with one of Maitlan Brown’s cricket shirts, signed by the male and female Renegades team. Two cricket balls signed by Peter Taylor were also auctioned. It was a great night with a fabulous community feel, and over $2,000 was raised.The match was won by the teachers by a slim few runs. When I was in my 30s, I would go out in the inner city on a regular basis to see the band Karma County; occasionally they had Jimmy Little playing with them, so I was fortunate to also see

him play live on a number of occasions. Lead singer Brendan Gallagher is close friends with one of my Sydney besties, so each time he travels through the region, he comes to play at Bent on Food. Last month he was travelling to promote his new album, Short and Sweet. It was a great night, where he played to a very appreciative crowd, including the local Wingsong choir, who popped in after their weekly night of song. Wingham Chamber of Commerce held a networking breakfast on Friday 16th February hosted by Kerrie and Kristian at Aus Eco Landscaping Supplies. Bent on Food provided a healthy smorgasbord of brekky goodies. Guest speaker was Lee Fieldhouse from Islands in the Stream Vermiculture. Lee spoke about how we can make a difference and what he is doing in his business, the collaborative approach he takes to building a sustainable future and how it affects business and the environment. Kerrie and I are both on the Chamber of Commerce subcommittee that is working towards Wingham becoming a one planet community and would love any input from the community as to how we can foster the development of a greener community. I would love to hear from you if you have any social events, weddings, parties, anything! Send pics and info to Cheers, Donna.

International Women’s Day Luncheon - photo credit Imprint Imaging

International Women’s Day Luncheon - photo credit Imprint Imaging

International Women’s Day Luncheon - photo credit Imprint Imaging

International Women’s Day Luncheon - photo credit Imprint Imaging

International Women’s Day Luncheon - photo credit Imprint Imaging

International Women’s Day Luncheon - photo credit Imprint Imaging

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Monique and Ben Wedding - Photo credit Shane Chalker

Monique and Ben Wedding - Photo credit Shane Chalker

Monique and Ben Wedding - Photo credit Shane Chalker

Men of League Race Day - Forster Jockey Club

Men of League Race Day - Forster Jockey Club

Men of League Race Day - Forster Jockey Club Manning-Great Lakes focus 37

Health Wellbeing and


Pink LADIES Community Hospital


When you’re forced to stay in hospital, often nothing is a more welcome sight than the smiling face of one of our local Pink Ladies. The Pink Ladies offer some happy conversation, nurturing comfort and the sale of sweets and toiletries you can purchase to help brighten your stay. What’s more, all money raised by these lovely ladies stays in our community and goes to benefit our local hospital …


hat can you tell us about the history behind your Pink Ladies group? NOLA WITT: The inaugural meeting was held in the Scout Hall, Forster on Tuesday 7th April 1981. The convenor for the meeting was Mollie Richardson and acting secretary was Betty Barrett. The inaugural President was Dawn Cliff, Secretary was J Peters and Treasurer was Mollie Richardson. Mr Dodd from Manning District Hospital addressed the meeting on the role of “Pink Ladies”. The past Matron, Gwen Hart, of Cape Hawke Memorial Hospital stated that a “Pink Lady” service was much needed. What do you see as the primary roles or aims of the Pink Ladies? MARGARET HARRIS AND JAN WHITFIELD: To us, the primary role of Pink Ladies is to assist the patient in a non-medical way and make their stay a bit easier. We welcome them, offer a paper or recycled magazine to flip through and also ask if they would like any sweets or toiletries, which may have been forgotten. Their vases are collected and taken back to our room, where they are washed and flowers freshened. This is important, as no one wants old and smelly flowers. Some patients have no family or visitors and love to chat; this, to us, is so special. If when we leave the room they have a smile on their face, then we have too. Volunteering is most rewarding; you make many friends, attend social outings, and Pink Ladies raise money for Forster Hospital which helps our community. What are some of the special events/ fundraisers you’ve being involved with over the past twelve months? ROBYN WALTERS: Last year we started with a fashion parade in March. Money raised from this was given to the hospital as a donation towards the Cap for Chemo Patients. We try to have an outing every couple of months; 38 Manning-Great Lakes focus

these are some of the places we visited last year … Country Palings, Petals and Pots; Tuncurry Museum; The Deck. We also had a bus trip to Cundletown Museum and lunch at The Other Side - all monies raised on these outings goes to Forster Community Hospital for equipment. We are having a fashion parade in May as our main fundraiser this year. It will be held at Forster Bowling Club, Saturday 19th May, 12:30pm for a 1pm start and costs $15 per head. For enquiries, phone Robyn on 0413 558 542 or Jenny on 0407 014 637. When and where does your group meet? JENNY McCONNELL: We meet the second Monday of every month at Forster Bowling Club, at 1:30pm in the auditorium. What personal qualities do you feel contribute to making a good Pink Lady? PAM CRAWLEY: A caring personality and the ability to show empathy. Are you actively looking for more members - and if so, why would you encourage others to join your group? CONNIE HENDERSON: Yes, we are looking for more members who like dealing with people that have many factors to cope with. Compassion is what makes our Pink Ladies. What do you feel has been the group’s most significant achievement in recent times? CATHY COOK (President): We held a fashion parade in March 2017 at Forster Bowling Club. All funds raised helped towards the purchase of a “Cooling Cap” for the patients at Cape Hawke Hospital having chemotherapy. It was a great day, and a wonderful achievement. Thank you to everyone. Where can we find out more information? JENNY McCONNELL: You can contact our President, Cathy, on 6555 7609. Come to one of our meetings, if you would like to make new friends and help your community. New members are always welcome. Thanks ladies.

What is

ADHD ? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been researched and written about for more than 100 years.


here are specific diagnosis criteria and much evidence to show that when people (usually children) are diagnosed earlier they have much better outcomes. ADHD occurs in females and males, and some people aren’t diagnosed until adulthood. In those who are diagnosed in childhood, it usually lessens as the person gets older. There is also a genetic tendency with the disorder, meaning it can run in families. ADHD is a disorder of higher functioning. What this means is that some processes in the brain work differently. In someone with ADHD, completing a task takes a lot more effort. The processes of thinking about it, planning it, starting and finishing it are more difficult. FEATURES OF ADHD There are different elements of ADHD and it presents differently in each person. The main features are: Difficulty paying attention, Easily distracted, Hyperactive, Impulsive. Some sufferers may find they have more of certain features than they do of others. WHAT ADHD IS NOT ADHD does not occur due to lazy or bad parenting. The ADHD sufferer is not lazy either. They often have to work twice as hard to complete tasks, due to the extra effort involved in thinking, planning, starting and finishing. All this extra effort is mentally and physically tiring. TREATMENT OF ADHD Medication is only part of the treatment process, but it is an important part. It does

seem paradoxical that medications termed as psychostimulants actually improve concentration and therefore learning ability. There are different types of medications used to treat ADHD, though they work in a similar way. It is important that the dose of medication is decided upon in conjunction with the doctor, and some adjustment may be needed when starting. Some medications are slow release and only need to be taken once daily in the morning; for example, Concerta and Ritalin LA. Some medications are shorter acting and may be taken in the morning and at lunch time, such as regular Ritalin. An important part of treatment is therapy or treatment for any learning difficulties, speech difficulties, mobility issues etc. that may be present. Due to how ADHD occurs in the brain, sufferers can also suffer with poor co-ordination, bad hand writing and learning difficulties. ASPECTS THAT MAY OR MAY NOT AFFECT ADHD There is no evidence to suggest that food intolerances cause ADHD; however, in some sufferers high levels of sugar intake, food colourings and preservatives may worsen the symptoms. In studies of children with ADHD, magnesium deficiency has been found in the majority of them. Magnesium helps the brain relax and focus, and improvements in symptoms have been found when supplementation with magnesium has occurred. Read more at Shannon Lawrence is an Accredited Consultant Pharmacist.

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Sundial dental DR . P ETER EL F A R

FOCUS interviews Dr Peter Elfar about dental health and changes in dental technology.


i Peter. We wanted to touch base with you and ask how important regular checkups are, and how important is dental health to our overall health? Dental checkups are important to ensure dental problems are caught early enough to prevent the need for major dental work. Dental exams are particularly important to your overall health. Research shows the link between gum disease and periodontal disease with systemic disorders including heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. How has dentistry changed, and what can patients expect from their treatment? Dentistry has changed dramatically in the last 10 - 15 years. I am happy to say that the team at Sundial Dental are keeping up with those changes and offering the most advanced and upto-date treatments to our valued patients. The changes focus on better diagnosis, keeping the patients comfortable, saving them time, money and achieving great, long lasting outcomes. Diagnostically one of the most important tools we use daily is the 3D X-Ray. This is a truly panoramic image that can be sliced into 700 cross sections of the teeth, jaw and sinus. This technology allows us to diagnose and plan treatment with a level of precision that is unheard of prior to the invention of the 3D X-ray technology. Furthermore, the 3D X-ray can interface with the planning of treatment, such as implants and sinus lifts, making the precision of this work unprecedented. The 3D X-ray also give us the confidence to know when we can’t help a patient; for example, there was a patient who travelled to see us with a chronic toothache and after we took the 3D X-ray, we confidently sent the patient to the ear, nose and throat specialist, because we found polyps in his sinus. Another treatment that is evolving rapidly is dental implants. Years ago, placing implants was a complex procedure that involved an invasive surgery and over an hour of surgery time. Today, thanks to the use of the 3D X-ray, we can plan a surgery with surgical guides; this is a simple, quick and effective surgery that takes around eight minutes instead of hours and achieves great results for the patient and reduces recovery time. This is revolutionising dental treatment for

40 Manning-Great Lakes focus

patients, and I have to say replacing missing teeth with natural looking restorations (and smiles) is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job. CEREC, or single visit dentistry, is a great example of technology at work today. In the past, to restore a tooth you might have to replace a large part of it with a crown or cap. To do this we would prep the tooth, take a gooey impression, send it to a technician, place a “temporary” in the patient’s mouth and then wait weeks for the finished crown to come back for the fit. Today we can prep the tooth by removing decay, take a CAD-CAM impression (with a small camera), design the restoration on a computer and actually mill the crown out of German Porcelain block in house, in one visit, in about an hour, and the patient can even watch their crown mill. Porcelain is bio compatible, long lasting and durable, matches your natural teeth in colour and enhances your natural smile. The best part is CEREC crowns don’t cost more than traditional crowns AND they save you time and money. LANAP is another treatment that has improved patient experience. It is a new, effective, non invasive treatment for Periodontal Disease or Gum Disease. LANAP stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. I know it’s a long acronym, but it's one worth knowing. This treatment is designed for patients with moderate to severe gum disease. It was the first laser approved by the FDA and specifically target the infected tissue of the gums, leaving the healthy tissue unharmed. This treatment involves passing a laser between the teeth and gums three times and saves the patient from an invasive traditional procedure that requires cutting the gum, bone and creating long and sensitive teeth. I was the first dentist in Australia to study this technology and brought the first LANAP laser to Australia ... and to Port Macquarie! We care for patients who travel from as far as Adelaide to seek this treatment. These are just a few of the procedures, out of many that we use to achieve outstanding results for our patients. And yes, we have new technology in the pipelines, but that is for another time. Remember, at Sundial we focus on preventive dental care and gentle dental care for your whole family. Call our caring team today to book a consultation at Sundial Dental 6551 1005.

kinetic MEDICINE

Young people’s brains are so precious, right? So full of potential, the talk of anything that might help or hinder a child’s neurological development is a hot topic.


e’ve been through all manner of phases - controlled crying, co-sleeping, Classical music, no screen-time - you name it, we parents love to talk about what’s best for our kids. At the end of the day though, so much of being a parent is about survival. Especially if you have more than one kid, just getting them fed, clothed, washed and bedded is no mean feat - given that, despite the predictable cycle, they insist on being surprised that you ask them to do all these things every single day. Now all of this becomes exponentially harder if your children has any kind special need. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in particular is the most prevalent disability amongst children, with 2% of children diagnosed with ASD. Characterised by difficulty with communication and behaviour, managing a classroom or a household affected by childhood ASD is a tough job. Pharmaceutical intervention is often a mainline tool to control some behaviours; however, the difficulty with medication in mental health is that whilst harm from behaviours such as aggression or poor attention can be minimised, they cannot be altogether mitigated - with side-effects also a concern. This is where allied health therapies like occupational therapy,

speech pathology and paediatric psychology really step into their own, with fabulous tools to help families develop the skills to communicate and learn in a way that is attuned to the needs of the child. I’d bet though, that you’d be surprised that there is one severely under-utilised modality that could provide incredible value to the families of people with ASD - exercise. Now at this point, many parents and family members who know and love someone with ASD might be tempted to switch off. Many children with ASD have an aversion to physical activity, suffer weight gain associated with medication or problematic dietary habits and more often than not live for time with a device or screen. You’d be interested to know though, that I’m not talking about locking them outside with a footy and asking them to entertain themselves. Just like occupational therapy or speech pathology, exercise used as medical therapy has the opportunity to make real and lasting change in the life of someone with ASD, and it’s only when we treat it that way and get specialised support that the results will win out. Numerous studies inform the exercise physiologist’s approach to helping people with ASD reduce aggression, stress and anxiety, as well as increase sleep behaviours, attention and memory in real and measurable ways.


Have you heard??!! Kinetic medicine has moved into Forster call us today (02) 6557 7479 All of our services are now available out of our fully equipped rehabilitation gym at 9/24 Wharf St, Forster


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Maven Dental Dental hygienists - your partners for a healthy smile ...

view of your oral health.

When you think of a dental hygienist, is the first picture in your mind someone who cleans your teeth? Did you know their role in your dental care goes far beyond removal of plaque and shining your pearly whites?

why do they suggest you come in twice a year?

So, if a hygienist performs preventative care, then

Dental hygienists are professionals who have had extensive training in preventative care, clinical intervention and oral health education. Don’t hesitate to ask questions on your next appointment, either - with education in areas ranging from human biology, pharmacology to diagnosis and treatment planning, you can get a holistic

So much can change in six months and if you may also be clinical intervention they need to perform to avoid a small issue becoming a bigger one. This intervention not only helps you avoid a painful situation for your mouth, but for your pocketbook too. To arrange an appointment with your local hygienist, contact the friendly team at Maven Dental Feldbusch on 6552 1766.


LOVE to see


smile Welcoming Hygienist, Belinda Orrock, with over 20 years experience in improving the overall oral health of her patients, she is dedicated to keeping your smile looking and feeling great.

Call 6552 1766 to book your hygiene appointment today

dentists for life Feldbusch


254 Victoria Street, Taree 1/10-12 South St, Forster

Dr Peter Feldbusch | Dr Owen Hughes Dr Carolyn Myhill | Dr Nini Li | Dr Simran Joshi | Dr Leuis Choi 42 Manning-Great Lakes focus


haven’t stuck to a strict hygiene routine, there

Specialising in family and newborn photography, local photographer Natalie O’Donnell shares with FOCUS her love of photography and leaving family with lasting memories they can cherish for years to come ... i Natalie. What do you also any requests my clients may have. feel is your point of What type of photography are you difference when it comes currently focusing most on? to photography? Pretty much anything family related I would say my attention - maternity, newborns, children, families to detail when adding elements and though my newborn work is my most layering textures to my set ups. requested. Ensuring lighting is soft What has been your most and flattering is another memorable shoot of the detail I’m always last two years? Pretty much anything paying attention Just one! Ha ha, I family related to. But mostly, my would have to say maternity, newborns, editing is what sets my very first Birth children, families me apart from most Story session ... Being though my newborn - I spend countless present in that room work is my most hours perfecting my and witnessing the love requested. skills. I am a stickler for and connection between editing skin to look as two people waiting for natural as possible, retaining their child to arrive is beyond all the detail and texture. There words - capturing such a raw is nothing worse than an image with and emotional event is so rewarding noticeably smoothed, plastic-looking skin! - I am literally buzzing for days after One thing that can be noted in your photographing a birth! photos is your use of layering textures. Do you have any specials running at the What inspires you when it comes to moment? developing prop ideas? Yes! For all the FOCUS readers - mention Textures photograph so beautifully; I love this article to receive $50 off your next session layering my props to add visual appeal. *Offer expries end of April 2018. I try to stick to one colour tone or Thanks Natalie. complementing tones within my layers. I am regularly inspired by the colours that occur natalieodonnellphotography naturally in our beautiful surroundings and






lle would like to spread awareness of the disease and treatment options - she now believes she’s cured, after extensive treatment in both Australia and Malaysia. Perhaps it’s no surprise that Elle has now gone on to study nursing - with an interest in unusual diseases being one of her focal points! Hi Elle. Tell us a bit about yourself, your family and growing up in the Manning. My name is Elle, and I am 17. I moved to the Manning at the age of six from Comboyne. I am one of four kids; I have an older brother, Jack 21, older sister, Gina 19, and younger sister, Maxine 16. My very supportive parents are Julie and Ivan. You've faced a pretty tough battle over the years, with Lyme Disease. When were you diagnosed with the disease - and how do you think you came into contact with it? My battle with Lyme Disease was long and difficult; it felt as if the tunnel was never-ending. I was diagnosed in 2014. After having a course of antibiotics for acne, I became very ill and fatigued. Weeks later, I started having violent seizures that would last for 15 - 20 minutes; these seizures stopped me from doing simple life tasks, like going to school, hanging out with friends or going to social events. Most things were incredibly hard to do. We believe that I came in contact with Lyme

Disease when I was six years old, camping in Comboyne. I was bitten on the eyelid by a deer tick, not having any idea that it was going to affect my life the way it did. What can you tell us about Lyme Disease; what were your symptoms? Lyme Disease is mostly a tick-borne illness, the Borreliosis (Lyme disease) can lay dormant in your system until something starts to kill it (i.e. antibiotics). Lyme Disease can carry co-hosts, which also feed off the body’s cells. I had multiple symptoms. These including blacking out, seizures, peripheral shakes, loss of sight and hearing, chronic fatigue, splitting headaches and loss of memory. How big an impact did having this disease have on your day to day life? Lyme Disease impacted my life in many ways. Having chronic fatigue made day to day life extremely hard - making things that were easy challenging, because you feel so exhausted. The seizures I had were not only extremely hard on the body, but for anyone around me it was hard on them to see me in this state, or to know how to administer first aid. Being in Year 9 going to school, everyone was affected. Having multiple seizures in class made it hard to do school work or focus on anything, and for the people in my class it was hard for them to watch what I was going through. The first aid ladies knew me by first name, as they attended many of my seizures to help me.

Lyme Disease impacted my family, who not only had to see me go through the seizures, but who financially supported the medications and tests I needed throughout many years. What treatment options did you explore in Australia? In Australia the treatment I had was a strong antibiotic and herbal treatment, as well as a detoxing treatment. This helped rid my body of any toxins and co-hosts that the Lyme bacteria had grown in my body. This made the treatment I ultimately had in Malaysia work better, as hyperthermia doesn’t kill many co-hosts. You mentioned you travelled overseas for treatment too. Where did you go, and why did you decide to follow this option? I travelled overseas to Johor Bahru, Malaysia in February 2017 for my first hyperthermia treatment. We decided to go to Malaysia, as we had heard so many people getting better after the hyperthermia treatment. I had also fought most of my co-hosts, which helped the process of the treatment. It was really our last option to see a better life. What was involved with your treatment in Malaysia? The treatment consisted of three days of detox and antibiotics, one day of hyperthermia, where my core body temperature was heated to 42.2 degrees Celsius to kill off bacteria that was in the system - this was a 12-hour process. Slowly heating to 42.2 degrees Celsius, then holding

this temperature for an hour, followed by slowly cooling the body down to the normal body temperature. After the hyperthermia, I then had four more days of detox and antibiotics. The treatment was repeated four weeks later, to ensure any bacteria that had grown back was killed in the second treatment. How are you now - and what's your future prognosis? In February this year, 2018, I was pronounced cured, as I have had no signs or symptoms of Lyme Disease in a year. I feel as if I could run a marathon (hypothetically) but am feeling fantastic! I only have to make doctor’s appointments as needed. You've recently moved to Armidale for university. What are your study plans - and what do you hope to do once you graduate? I moved to Armidale in mid-February to start university in March. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of New England. I intend to work as a nurse in an emergency department, health clinic or in third world countries and hopefully do some scientific research on Lyme Disease and other weird diseases on the side, when I have completed my studies. Thanks Elle. Photo (top), L - R: Gina, Jack, Ivan, Julie, Elle and Maxine Debreceny. Photo (inset): Elle undergoing treatment in Malaysia. Manning-Great Lakes focus 43

ARTHRITIS What are the issues to consider when someone presents with arthritis of the hip and knee?

What are the simple measures that people can take to reduce

We need to get a clear idea of what affect the arthritis is having on the patient and how debilitating it is. This, in the main is about the pain it is causing. The pain needs to be graded in severity, we also need to work out how the pain is affecting the patients walking, general activities and sleeping. We need to be clear what other symptoms are present such as stiffness and deformity. We next need to grade the severity of arthritis for each affected joint. Plain x-rays are helpful with this but the most definitive investigation is a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan (MRI) which gives a clearer idea of how much of the joint surface has worn away. We have an MRI Unit next to our rooms at the Mayo Hospital.

Measures that need to be considered initially are weight control

the effect of arthritis? and the use of health supplements such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin. There is also good evidence that a physiotherapy program directed at strengthening the muscles around the affected joint can improve many of the symptoms associated with arthritis of the hip or knee. Anti-inflammatory medications have been used for many years to reduce the symptoms of arthritis and people should discuss the use of these with their General Practitioner.

PLATELET RICH PLASMA Are there any new treatments for arthritis that don’t involve surgery?

How is the Platelet Rich Plasma injection performed?

A recent development in the treatment of Osteoarthritis is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). The basic science of PRP is the platelets contain growth factors that aid in healing cartilage and stimulate stem cells for tissue repair.

The patient’s own blood is taken and placed in a centrifuge to separate and concentrate the platelets. The Platelet Rich Plasma is then injected into the affected joint. No other cells or chemicals are added.



Dr White how long have you been living in this area?

What role does a knee arthroscopy have in managing arthritis?

My family and I have been living in Halliday’s Point for 18-years and I have been working as an orthopaedic surgeon in Forster/Taree during that time.

A knee arthroscopy is useful in patients who have arthritis in their knee where there is a meniscal tear or loose fragments of bone or cartilage within their knee. An MRI scan is important to assess whether there is a problem within the knee which could be improved with a knee arthroscopy. It’s important to remember that knee arthroscopy can not cure arthritis.

What is your area of speciality? I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon, sub-specialising in the treatment of injuries and conditions affecting the knee and hip. Along with sport related injuries a large proportion of my work involves treatment of arthritis.

Cape Hawke Specialist Centre

Mayo Healthcare Centre

Address: 10-12 South St, Forster NSW 2428 Phone: 02 6550 0705 Fax: 02 6550 0706

Address: 2 Potoroo Dr, Taree NSW 2430 Phone: 02 6550 0705 Fax: 02 6550 0706

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Are there any new advances in the treatment of arthritis of the hip?

What are the new advances in knee replacement surgery?

An advancement that is really a re-development of an old technique is the use of the Direct Anterior Approach for hip replacement surgery. This technique uses a 10cm incision over the front of the hip and avoids cutting any of the tendons, ligaments or muscles surrounding the hip. The main advantage is minimal trauma to all structures around the hip, allowing more rapid mobilisation and a quicker recovery. Patients are usually walking within a few hours of surgery.

A recent development with knee replacement surgery is the use of custom patient instrumentation. This involves MRI scanning of the legs and the digital images are then used to create instruments specific to that patient’s knee. These are then used to perform the knee replacement surgery.

REHABILITATION How has the rehabilitation of patients after knee and hip replacement surgery changed? The main change with rehabilitation after surgery is the use of spinal anaesthesia, local anaesthetic, ice and a number of different pain medications to allow patients to mobilise as quickly as possible after their surgery. Patients are able to walk the day of their surgery and are strongly encouraged to perform their normal activities as soon as they are able. It allows an earlier discharge from hospital and quicker return to their normal life.

We also encourage our joint replacement patients to enter the Rehabilitation Day Program at both Mayo and Forster Private Hospitals. The program involves attending once or twice weekly for eight-weeks. You will have hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, massage, exercise physiology, education and group exercise. Morning tea and lunch is also provided on the day.

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Yoga & Childbirth

Education Course

Pregnancy and childbirth can be both a joyous yet daunting time for many people, with so many life changing decisions to make and loads of new information to absorb.


ocal childbirth experts Sarah Waite and Leanne Smith have skills and qualifications as a prenatal yoga instructor, doula, childbirth educator, nurse and midwife between them, and together they’re offering four week courses approaching pregnancy and childbirth from a more holistic perspective. If you’re a mum or a dad-to be, Leanne and Sarah may just be able to help you on your exciting new journey into parenthood … Hi Sarah and Leanne. What brought you both to the Manning-Great lakes area to live and work? Leanne: My husband and I reached a time in our lives to put roots down in an area that was close to the coast, had employment for us both and a selection of schools to choose from for our children. I applied for a job through Hunter New England Local Health District in a hospital that offered a large selection of modalities, including an Obstetric unit, where I could continue my career as a midwife. Sarah: We relocated from our busy lives in Sydney for a quieter lifestyle, to continue raising our children on our small acreage. I also wanted to bring my yoga and birthing support experience to families in our regional community. What is your career background, and why did you choose to work in your current field? Leanne: I achieved my Bachelor of Nursing in 1994 and then a year later I continued to do my Diploma of Midwifery in Sydney. I then attended a course in Remedial Massage, achieving my Diploma and followed this up with doing my certificate in Infant Massage. I really enjoy working with people and educating them to improve their health, 46 Manning-Great Lakes focus

or teaching them to a certified pre and explore different options postnatal yoga teacher, I LOVE SEEING THE JOY that are available to a certified birth doula AND EXCITEMENT ON them. I believe people and a certified child birth THE PARENTS’ FACES need to be well educator. WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT informed in order to You’ve combined your THEIR PREGNANCY AND make well educated skills to offer some EXPLORE THE PROCESS decisions. unique classes to OF PREGNANCY AND Midwifery is all our community. Firstly, CHILDBIRTH. about pregnancy, why did you feel childbirth and the there was a need for postnatal period, and this type of offering I would like people locally? We both feel that our community offers to be empowered to make those important a limited holistic approach to birthing that decisions that are involved in this journey. I is required by a woman and her family and am a mother of two, and I felt I was able to support people. Birthing is a physical, mental understand the processes of my pregnancy and spiritual process; we need to ensure and childbirth and empowered to make these are met in order for the woman to decisions, even if it did not go to plan. feel she is entering these processes well I enjoy the field of midwifery, because informed. We encourage participation from I love seeing the joy and excitement on our women and their support partners by the parents’ faces when you talk about offering an interactive class combining yoga their pregnancy and explore the process of and education. pregnancy and childbirth. I love being part of Through our experiences, people often feel that, and ensuring the new parents are active lost or bewildered in the birthing rooms; we participants in this journey. hope to alleviate these fears by giving them Sarah: I am a mum of three children and confidence to understand the birthing process starting exploring the educational options and to provide valuable input into what they for women and their families during my third want to achieve. pregnancy, where I found a real personal Run us through a typical class; what passion in the birthing journey and how happens in each session? combining yoga and education can make Leanne will be leading the one hour a profound positive birthing experience. I education class; her classes are an interactive began my yoga training and studies 10 years and fun experience, where you will learn ago, finalising my yoga certification in 2015. the fundamentals of approaching birth In my Doula/Child Birth Education journey, and prenatal care. Sarah will follow with I began with offering to support family a one hour gentle prenatal yoga class, and friends through their labour, and from which will include relaxation/breathing there decided to combine prenatal yoga with techniques, mediation, gentle poses to education. I have experienced many positive prepare your body for birth and to deeply birthing journey experiences since. I am now

connect with your baby. Your support person will also be encouraged to participate with you in yoga. We are also fortunate to be involved with local community organisations that will be coming along to let you know about the amazing additional support networks that are available in our area. When/where are your classes offered, and who are they aimed toward? We will meet at the beautiful studios of Yoga @ Wallabi Point, 10 Shelley Close, Wallabi Point. Our next class begins on Monday 7th May from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, every Monday for four weeks. Our classes are open to any stage of pregnancy, and we encourage you to bring a support person with you. Over the four weeks you run each course, what do you most hope participants will most learn/experience? We hope to achieve a sense of community through meeting other people in our area and sharing with each other their birthing journey and into early childhood. Families will experience a relaxed, peaceful and supportive environment, where they will learn and be confident with the process of pregnancy, labour and postnatal care. How much do your sessions cost - and what equipment/supplies will participants need to bring with them? The fees are $130; we will supply everything you need for our classes. How can we sign up/find out more information? You can email us: avocadoprenatalyoga@gmail com or find us on Facebook: Avocado Yoga. Thanks Sarah and Leanne.

with Clairvoyant Terri Hall Phone. 0424 818 343

April 2018


You may be feeling a little uprooted or unsettled lately. A new move or the discussion of moving is likely to be on the agenda. Avoid rash decisions, wait for what feels right, and you will have no regret. New friends are coming into the picture. Herderite helps us to see our evolution, thus making it less of a challenge.


An ending of a situation is bringing an exciting new influence into the picture. Your task at the moment is to understand your place in the scheme of things. Don’t compromise your standards to soothe your fears. Keep in touch with what makes your heart sing. Rose Quartz attracts us towards loving experiences.


Even though your challenges may seem overwhelming, look at the new you that you are expressing to the world. You are a very strong person, so congratulations on owning your own power. Try a little fresh goal setting; this will ease your restlessness. Tourmaline amplifies your inner peace, playful inner child energy and settles restlessness.


You are in desperate need of some personal time. You make everyone else a priority, but neglect your own personal needs. Set some new goals and try to remain positive. You have such a gift of manifesting; just play with it. Tiger Eye helps to maintain a sense of balance and direction.


Focus on your most important challenge at this time, in order to achieve your hard- earned sucess. You are too easily distracted at present, which is causing frustration. Be a little more aware of your thoughts, and eliminate negativity, self doubt and fear. Turquoise and Rose Quartz will enhance your loving charisma.


Your focus will be clearer after you have set some new goals or direction. Get that clever Virgo mind active and satisfy your intellect. An exciting new opportunity is out there through learning something different, so look for that perfect course or read an imformative book. Azeztulite allows us to explore alternate realities comfortably.


Remove all self-doubt. You already know what your challenges’ outcome will be. You even have your answers for getting there quicker. Find out what it is that renders you powerless, so that you can not be played with. Snowflake obsidian is wonderful for shattering negative thoughts.


Bring out your happy self, as you are taking life far too seriously. This has left you drained lately and feeling unenthused. You just do things, you don’t need to talk about it or plan it, so remember this when you are next tempted to procrastinate. Sugilite would be of great benefit at this time, as it helps us face our challenges with a joyful outlook.






JUNE 23 - JULY 23



A holiday will soon settle some restlessness within. Visit a travel agent or look at some travel brochures, to awaken the adventurous you. A fresh new perspective will be gained, which will reflect positively back on your life. Expect some new friendships too. Carnelian helps us take active steps towards change.

You so desperately want a change in direction, but this is challenging your rules and boundaries in life. At present, your personal strength is being tested, which also may make it harder to pursue your desires. Ask yourself how badly do you want change? Let this motivate you. Phenacite helps us to release other people’s worries from our energies.

Connect with a passion you have. Your love of life needs satisfying. Change is coming forward, and this is a natural challenge for the Libran. Start a project or play with your creative energies. You will soon offer your family members some profound healing advice, so don’t be afraid to speak. Topaz strengthens our self-esteem and brings personal power to situations surrounding us.

Begin something new. Soon work opportunities will keep you busy, fill your being with satisfaction and complete you. However, your enthusiasm needs to be strong when the project begins, so now is the time to feed it. Rhodonite helps us to discover new talents in the workplace.

Manning-Great Lakes focus 47


Existing towers Newly constructed towers

We’re covering more Australians than ever



New towers next 12-18 months Map not to scale.

Old Bar


Taree, Forster & Tuncurry, experience Optus 4G Plus today.

y er


Tuncurry Forster


Stroud Bulahdelah

vestment in Australia’s gional network by end June 2018.

Five new towers and six more planned in key sites across Taree, Forster & Tuncurry areas.

5.3 million


investment in Taree, Forster & Tuncurry areas.


$ billion

investmen regional n of June 20

Taree, Forster & Tuncurry now you have a choice.


We’ve listened and we’re investing in Taree, Forster & Tuncurry with new mobile network infrastructure. This means more reliable calls, faster streaming, and a stronger network all round.


Usain Switch today. It’s our best network ever and weBolt can’t wait for you to try it. Olympic Champion

month mobile plan and are not satisfied age. New services only. Limit one trial per

Head in 4G store or visit coverage and speed will vary depending on your device, location and other factors. See


4G coverage and speed will varyYES0814 depending on your device, location and other factors. See Network Satisfaction Guarantee: If you sign up to any 24 month mobile plan and are not satisfied with our network, you can cancel your contract within 30 days by returning the phone in good working order and paying the plan fee, monthly handset repayment and any excluded usage. New services only. Limit one trial per YES0814 service. Maximum 5 services per account.

48 Manning-Great Lakes focus


Existing towers


Newly constructed towers New towers next 12-18 months Existing towers Map not to scale. Newly constructed towers

Existing towers

Taree Wingham


Newly constructed towers


New towers next 12-18 months

New towers next 12-18 months

Map not to scale.

Map not to scale.

Taree Old Bar


Old Bar Gloucester


Nabiac A1



Bulahdelah Stroud




5.3 million

Old Bar

Tuncurry Forster Nabiac Tuncurry Tuncurry Forster Forster





Five new towers and six more planned in key sites across Taree, Forster & Tuncurry areas.


Five new towers and six more planned in key sites across Taree, Forster & Tuncurry areas.

new towers and $Five $ investment in Taree, six more planned in

investment in Taree, Forster & Tuncurry areas.

5.3 million


$ billion

investment in Australia’s regional network by end of June 2018.

$ 1 5.3 million billion

Forster key sites across Taree,& Tuncurry areas. Forster & Tuncurry areas.


$ billion

investment in Australia’s investment in Taree, regional network by end Forster & Tuncurry areas. of June 2018.

investment in regional netw of June 2018.

Taree, Forster & Tuncurry, now you haveForster a&choice. Taree, Forster Taree, Tuncurry, & Tuncurry, now you now have you a choice. have a choice.

We’ve listened and we’re investing in Taree, Forster & Tuncurry with new mobile network infrastructure. This means more reliable calls, faster streaming, and a stronger network all round.

Switch today. It’s our best network ever and we can’t wait for you to try it. We’ve listened and we’re We’ve investing listened in Taree, and we’re Forster investing & Tuncurry in Taree, withForster & Tuncurry with new mobile network infrastructure. new mobile network This means infrastructure. more reliable This calls, means more reliable calls, faster streaming, and afaster stronger streaming, networkand all round. a stronger network all round. Switch today. It’s our best Switch network today. ever It’sand our we best can’t network wait ever for you andtowe trycan’t it. wait for you to try it. 4G coverage and speed will vary depending on your device, location and other factors. See

mobile plan and are not satisfied 4G coverage and speed will vary depending on your 4Gdevice, coverage location and speed and other will vary factors. depending See on your device, location and other factors. See ew services only. Limit one trial per YES0814



Manning-Great Lakes focus 49


Business Minds with Jeremy Thornton of Insurance Advisernet

Kim Godwin


Dotcom Property sales


I get excited talking to entrepreneurial people. You find that little tidbits of information and life skills ooze from them so if you want to learn more, you keep them close. The name Godwin is well known throughout the Great Lakes area, and Kim Godwin is one of those entrepreneurial types.

e has run multiple businesses in the area and continues to share with the community. We took some time to sit down with Kim and get to know more about him and his latest venture in the world of Real Estate, DotCom Property Sales. Kim, tell us about your background, as you have had a fairly prominent life in the Great Lakes area? The Godwin name has been in Forster for well over 100 years. Me personally; well, my business life here really started in 1974, when I moved back to the family business Godwin Retravision. The business had three stores, being Wingham, Forster and Taree. Then in 1989, I opened Godwins Betta Electrical, which had stores in Forster, Taree and Salamander Bay. I also started an air conditioning company in partnership with another local. In 2005 I was bought out by Harvey Norman and potted around for a few years, before starting Godwin’s Green Energy in 2009. Have you been a Forster boy your whole life? Yes, most of it. In fact, my great grandfather and his family were one of the first families to settle in Forster in the 1800s. In recent years, the Godwin name celebrated 150 years since first settling in the region. I think that qualifies me as a local. Indeed. So, with a background mostly in retail and service related industries, what was it that attracted you to real estate? I’ve always had an interest in real estate. For much of

50 Manning-Great Lakes focus

my adult life, I’ve been involved in commercial sites and computers, mobile phones, internet. All these events developments to building arcades and other properties. It have created excitement and opportunities. The growth seemed like a natural progression to jump into DotCom. of the internet in particular has helped real estate Yes, well DotCom is rapidly becoming a known explode. People use iPads and phones for their banking, name in the area, but it’s still only young. Tell me and you can tap and go to pay a bill. These things open about the company. up new challenges, and it’s exciting to be around. DotCom started in 2010 What is it you think you do in Newcastle and now has differently? offices in Sydney, Melbourne Lots of hard work and belief and Brisbane, plus multiple in taking opportunities as they regional areas. I jumped happen. Being involved in the local With lower overheads, we are in with DotCom in more community and looking to help able to be flexible and stay recent times, but enjoy out genuinely are very important. competitive. We use the being part of the group. The How do you connect with latest in technology and company allows us - the your customers and other marketing, combined licensed agents - to run our businesses? with great personal service, business independently, but We are very visual online with resulting in an experience that then combine as a team listings across our own is second to none. to be competitive on fees website,, and service. With lower and around 10 overheads, we are able to be other real estate related websites. flexible and stay competitive. This enables our clients to get We use the latest in technology and marketing, maximum exposure for their property. But still, jumping combined with great personal service, resulting in an on the phone and local word of mouth can’t be beaten. experience that is second to none. For you, what is the best part about living and With such a diverse business background, what is it being in business in the Manning- Great Lakes? that keeps you motivated and keen to take on new Having travelled a lot, you realise we have it all at challenges? Forster. Lifestyle, facilities, environment and great people. My generation have gone through some exciting Thanks Kim. times, black and white then colour TV, the first All the best at DotCom Property Sales.





Photo credit:

real estate


So, what’s been happening locally? It’s been a busy start to 2018 for the Taree business community. We’ve seen the return of daily return direct flights in and out of Sydney, with Fly Pelican taking up residency.


heir CEO, Paul Graham, was in chance at attracting further business activity in Taree recently at an event we cothe foreseeable future. hosted with Mid Coast Council and It’s for this reason it was great to see a number shared with us that improvements of stakeholders from industry, Council and the to flight scheduling are on the way business community making representation about and that community feedback is vital for us to get a need for a “can do” attitude from State and the flight scheduling right. Among others, we’ve Federal Government departments who listen also had Gordon Whitehead from The Business to local knowledge, so that we can unlock the Centre in Newcastle share with us about fostering potential of good businesses already here getting high-growth innovation for businesses in start-up a chance to do better. It’s going to take people phase and how we as a community need to plan power - people who care about this town and for the businesses of this region to take us the future, to ensure forward. This quarter’s we can ride the wave of announcement of 7 million innovation to economic dollars to be distributed Just last week we had Transport prosperity here in Taree amongst a number of local for NSW in Taree holding and MidCoast, as indeed businesses by our Federal roundtable discussions Newcastle is doing. Member for Lyne is a regarding the NSW Just last week we had welcome injection, but all Government’s draft Transport for NSW in the cash splashing in the freight and ports plan. Taree holding roundtable world from governments discussions regarding the past and present will NSW Government’s draft be for nothing if local freight and ports plan. business and all levels of Given Taree’s current advantages of proximity to government aren’t collaborating in a strategic road, rail and air infrastructure, it’s imperative was to enable private enterprise, nurtured locally, we leverage these to ensure that, for example, to have a go on the big stage. what agricultural and manufacturing industries So to wrap up with a look forward, the Mid we have left in the region can have opportunities Coast Business Awards are just around the for achieving scale and profitability. One of the big challenges for us in this region is distance, but corner, as are a range of great events from Taree Chamber and our offshoots Women In Business technological and infrastructure improvements and Young People in Business, so head to our in the transport sector means that we can’t hide Facebook page to keep up to date. If you are in behind this excuse any more. All businesses business in Taree and you’re not yet a member, in Taree, whether they’re manufacturing, what are you waiting for? Shoot us an email at agriculture, professional or service based need for more our community’s coordinated support to ensure information. their future viability, if we’re going to have a

The Sydney market has slowed and prices have dropped, but has that market affected ours? Only when buyers are needing to sell their homes in Sydney prior to purchasing in our beautiful part of the country.


was sold in Coomba Park for $85,000 and tock is still fairly limited, and not a day goes by when we a one bedroom unit in an over 55s village in are not surprised by the prices Taree for $139,750. Cheapest buy in Forster we are selling properties for. It was a two bedroom unit for $191,000, proving is always a great feeling when that bargains can still be found if you do your you appraise a property and the research. owners are extremely excited with the sale Quality duplexes are currently best sellers price expectations - proof that property is an and very much in demand. Lack of properties excellent long term investment opportunity for sale is pushing prices up, with a three and is one of the best ways to build net bedroom duplex selling for over $400,000 wealth. Paying capital gains tax should be a in Old Bar recently. As good thing! Lifestyle blocks retirees are wanting to have definitely proved downsize when they most popular in the sell the family home, As retirees are wanting last few months, with they are quickly realising to downsize when they properties priced there is nothing to buy sell the family home, they between $600,000 to to downsize to. Once are quickly realising $750,000 selling well a popular choice for there is nothing to buy to and possibly the most downsize to. builders, increased costs common price range. from Midcoast Water Whether it is a nice brick and 94 contributions are home in Forster Keys or making multiple villas on a modern homestead on a few acres, anything on the market seems to have been snapped up. Only five sales over the magic million, with two beautiful units in Forster with amazing ocean views selling for $1,240,000 and $1,250,000 and a house at Blueys Beach again topping the list with an estimated sale price just over $1,800,000. Wallis Wallis Island finally changed hands for just over $1,100,000, with the new owners owning their own air strip. $1,150,000 also bought 45 hectares of river flats in Wingham, fronting both the Manning River and Burrell Creek, with a beautiful renovated homestead. At the other end of the scale, a block of land

a block just not profitable to develop and sell. Hence, the shortage and the high sale prices currently being achieved. Overall, we are still very much in a sellers’ market and despite pressure on sale prices, our market is still very affordable. With the average sale in Sydney reaching the million dollar mark, our local market is very easy to get into, with low entry levels and returns on investment properties still higher than most areas, especially city regions. Our vacancy rates still remain under 2%, with rental growth strong and lots of quality tenants keen to sign leases. Manning-Great Lakes focus 51


What’s it really like at Evermore? Come along to the Open Day, Saturday, April 21st.

vermore Retirement Living is hosting an Open Day on Saturday 21st April from 10am. It’s a great opportunity for those considering a retirement village to come along and view Evermore’s brand new Stage 4 release and meet the residents and staff. Attendees on the day may participate with a tour of the village and inspect the beautiful facilities and apartments that Evermore is renowned for. Living at Evermore offers you all the comforts, attractions and activities of a luxury 5-star resort. There’s nothing like the reassurance of companionship, assistance and support in a community of like-minded friends. At Evermore, we’ve thought of everything - beautifully designed and appointed apartments with the ambience of a 5-star holiday resort, created especially for the needs of seniors. You can forget previous responsibilities like household maintenance, gardening and cleaning, as Evermore can take care of all of those for you! Best of all, Evermore gives you the freedom of independent living in a luxurious and spacious one or two bedroom apartment that has all the appliances and facilities you

52 Manning-Great Lakes focus

need. Smart senior-friendly designs ensure your apartment is spacious, stylish and practical, with luxurious appointments and relaxing courtyards or balconies. Evermore’s LIVING AT EVERMORE OFFERS luxury apartments YOU ALL THE COMFORTS, include: absence of trip ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES • Contemporary kitchens hazards and no steps OF A LUXURY 5-STAR with stone bench tops are just some of the RESORT. THERE’S NOTHING • Quality appliances: safety standards that LIKE THE REASSURANCE side-opening oven, dish Evermore provides to OF COMPANIONSHIP, draw dishwasher, fridge, make it truly seniors ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT IN A washing machine and friendly. For extra COMMUNITY OF LIKE-MINDED dryer peace of mind, our FRIENDS. • Range hood and care manager lives cooktops for cooking onsite, assisting with convenience any emergencies and/ • Foxtel and internet or assistance that available to all apartments maybe required. • Window security screens and privacy The Evermore community continues to curtains or blinds for added security grow, and there is always opportunity for • Reverse cycle air conditioners and ceiling residents to enjoy the company of newfound fans for year-round comfort friends. You will find it easy to fit in with Your new home at Evermore comes with people from a likeminded generation, with built in safety features to make your life similar values to you and the same sense easier and more secure. Emergency 24/7 call of independence and respect that are the buttons, the latest security system overseen hallmarks of your generation. Evermore by experienced staff, wider doorways, residents are always free to participate in as

many or as few activities as they wish and truly revel in the sense of freedom. There are countless activities on offer with such great neighbours, that friendships form quickly. Before you know it, you will be having a wonderful time enjoying your life at Evermore Retirement Living in Forster! Come along to the Open Day on Saturday the 21st and experience everything that Evermore has to offer for yourself. Feel free to speak with the residents to understand why they love living at Evermore and sample all this beautiful retirement village has to offer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! Evermore will be participating in the Great Lakes Retirement Expo being held at the Tuncurry Beach Bowling club on Sunday 8th and Monday 9th of April from 10am to 3pm. If you can’t make the Open Day, please call Evermore on 6528 0442 for an appointment Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm daily. We’d love to meet you soon!


• First class Beachside living, offering Luxury Apartments, Terraces and an outstanding new Retail Precinct


• Direct access, only moments to the pristine sands of Rainbow beach, Middle Rock and Bonny Hills beach.

Rainbow Beach NSW

• One of the last direct beach access coastal properties in NSW. • Relaxed coastal lifestyles with the close city conveniences • Experienced, world class property development management and Australia’s leading architects Marchese partners bring to Catarina an exceptional quality and lifestyle design.



2 0 1 9

COME HOME, TO YOUR EFFORTLESS COASTAL LIFESTYLE… TO YOUR SOPHISTICATED, CONTEMPORARY RESIDENCE, WITHIN A FRIENDLY VILLAGE ATMOSPHERE. This is Australian lifestyle at its best. Beautiful, contemporary homes, a few steps from the pristine sands of Rainbow Beach, are emerging. Stunning architecturally designed Terraces and Apartments are being created, nestled within exquisite coastal and rainforest vistas. Live in a community where you can eat, shop, play and unwind, all within a relaxed walk from your front door… You may never want to leave.

BEACHSIDE LUXURY IN YOUR BEAUTIFUL, ARCHITECTURALLY DESIGNED APARTMENT. The ultimate in coastal living at Catarina, The Apartments chose your best lifestyle fit, from elegant, spacious one, two and three bedroom Apartments, with every convenience at your doorstep. All aspects of the Apartment designs perfectly encapsulate the sweeping seaside or rainforest vistas. Step off the sands of Rainbow Beach, with direct access to your residence and enjoy that permanent ‘holiday at home’ feeling. Wander to the corner store for supplies, or to the Tavern for a sunset meal. Entertain on your expansive, welcoming apartment balcony; prepare using top-end appliances in the haven of your perfectly designed kitchen space. You’re home, at Catarina, The Apartments.

MOVE IN, TO MODERN, STYLISH BEACHSIDE DESIGN AT IT’S BEST. STEP INSIDE YOUR NEW APARTMENT, DESIGNED BY ARCHITECTS MARCHESE, AND YOU’LL FEEL A WORLD AWAY. Natural hues and superior finishes create instant relaxation, with generous rooms giving a sense of luxury. You’ll find spacious indoor-outdoor living, with floor to ceiling windows that capture the view. Light and airy, the apartments have been designed to capture that beautiful sea breeze all year round. Quality finishes and premium appliances give sophisticated appeal, from European oak timber floors, to the Caesarstone island bench and Miele cooktop. Relaxed, chic sophistication. You’d be forgiven for never wanting to leave home.

ENJOY COASTAL LUXURY LIVING, IN YOUR ARCHITECTURALLY DESIGNED, PERFECT TERRACE HOME. An inspired seaside lifestyle, at The Terraces, Catarina The ultimate in beachside sophistication, The Terraces cleverly combine awe-inspiring architecture with the natural beauty of an idyllic setting. Listen to the ocean as you relax at home, enjoy all the conveniences of a modern lifestyle close within the Catarina village. A unique residence in the Hastings area, The Terraces at Catarina offer distinctive, modern design, with the best in functionality. Generous open plan spaces, seamlessly connect the outdoors with the indoors, to enhance your everyday living. Live in the finest of casual sophistication.

Life’s better at Catarina 1800 446 974 54 Manning-Great Lakes focus

Why are people buying into Catarina? We are so pleased to have bought into Lake Cathie at Catarina, such a vibrant location on Rainbow Beach. Very excited to be building our new home & working with Chris Jenkins Architect & Design. Peta & Craig Pinson The Marchese Partners designed Catarina Apartments at Lake Cathie represents an attractive lifestyle opportunity in this unique beachfront location. The beautifully designed building with efficient and functional apartments are afforded large expanses of glass to capture the landscape and ocean views. Catarina is another example of the Award Winning Marchese Partners brand of design. I love this project with its amazing location so much that both my business partner, Steve and I have decided to purchase an apartment. Eugene Marchese Principal Marchese Partners We are so excited to be building our brand new Coral home in Catarina Estate. The lifestyle on offer is exactly what we wanted with four kids who are crazy about the surf, we wanted a new home close to the water with the convenience of a café lifestyle. Andrew Meldrum at HEM property was amazing helping us to purchase our land. Lyndal Thrower

We purchased our block off Kristian Murphy at HEM and are glad we chose Catarina Estate. We were the first home to be constructed in the Estate and have loved living the coastal lifestyle. Ryan & Samantha Adams 'We are very excited to be moving into Catarina and begin our beachside living at beautiful Rainbow Beach. We are thankful to Kristian Murphy in helping us achieve our dream. Neil Bruns & Jenette Shaw Not only did Catarina represent great value which included ocean views and access to beachside living, knowing that the overall master plan included a retail precinct, family-friendly tavern and hotel, formed the ultimate point of difference. As a local real estate agent at Mcgrath Estate Agents Port Macquarie, I personally saw Catarina as a great opportunity to be part of something completely different to any other residential estate on the Mid North Coast. Scott Good

Manning-Great Lakes focus 55

56 Manning-Great Lakes focus

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