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July 2015 // issue 101

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Welcome to the March edition ofedition Manning-Great Lakes Welcome Welcome to the to the March March edition edition ofthe Manning-Great Manning-Great Lakes Lakes FOCUS. FOCUS. Welcome to the March edition of Manning-Great Lakes FOCUS. ning-Great Lakes FOCUS. Welcome to the Welcome March to March of Manning-Great edition ofFOCUS. Manning-Great FOCUS. Welcome Lakes to FOCUS. the March edition of Manning-Great Lakes FOCUS. Welcome toofthe March edition ofLakes Manning-Great Lakes FOCUS.



interview some amazingly gifted seniors insome our hhh hhh … March! Patrick’s Day, Seniors interview some amazingly gifted seniors our … hhh March! …StMarch! Patrick’s St Patrick’s Day, Day, Seniors Seniors interview some amazingly gifted seniors insome ourin… interview some amazingly gifted seniors in our hhh … March! St hhh Patrick’s Day, interview some amazingly interview gifted seniors amazingly in our gifted seniors inDay, our interview some amazingly gifted seniors in our w some amazingly gifted seniors hhh … inSt March! our St Patrick’s hhh … March! Day, Seniors St Seniors Patrick’s Day, Seniors hhh March! Stgifted Patrick’s interview amazingly seniors inSeniors our … March! St Patrick’s Day, Seniors community. The Manning Valley U3A Silver Tones Week, International Women’s Day … TheThe Manning Valley U3A Silver Tones Week, Week, International International Women’s Women’s Day … DayInternational … … community. The Manning Valley U3A Silver Tones community. The Manning Valley U3A Silver Tones Week, International Women’s Day …community. community. Manning community. Valley The U3A Manning Silver Tones Valley U3A SilverSilver Tones community. The Manning Valley U3A Silver Tones nity. The Manning Valley U3A Week, Silver International Tones Week, Women’s International Day Women’s Day … Week, International Women’s DayTones … community. The Manning Valley U3A Week, Women’s Day … Singers only entertain theentertain masses, they raise it seems to beittothe month inspiring Singers not onlyonly entertain the masses, they raise itthe seems it seems be the be month the month for inspiring for inspiring not only entertain the masses, they raise Singers not only entertain the masses, they raise itto seems to be for inspiring Singers not Singers the not masses, only entertain they thethe masses, they raise Singers not only entertain the masses, they raise not only entertain masses, seems they to raise befor the month itthe seems for toinspiring be the month for inspiring it only seems toraise be forthey inspiring Singers not entertain themonth masses, raise itmonth seems to beSingers thenot month for inspiring fundsfunds for funds needy charities too. events and people. for needy charities too. events events and people. and people. forfunds needy charities too. funds for needy charities too. events and people. for needy charities funds for too.needy charities too. too. funds for needy charities too. or needy charities too. events and people. events and and people. events and people. funds for needy charities events people. The Great Lakes Art Society host the 33rd WeArt have both a Seniors feature and aand The Great Lakes Society will host the 33rd WeSociety have We We have both both a Seniors aWeek Seniors feature feature aSeniors The Lakes Society will host the 33rd The Great Lakes Art Society will host the 33rd We have both aWeek Seniors Week feature and a Great The Great Lakes Art The Society Great will Lakes host Art the Society willWeek host the 33rd The Great Lakes Art Society will host the 33rd Great Lakes will have host both the 33rd a Week Seniors We have Week both feature aaand Seniors aWeek feature and aArt We have both a33rd Seniors feature The Great Lakes Art Society will host the and 33rda We have both aand Week feature and aArtwill Annual Open Artissue, Competition again this month; inWomen Business Feature inside this issue, soinside Annual Open ArtOpen Competition again this month; Women in Business in Business Feature Feature inside inside this issue, this issue, soissue, soFeature Annual Open ArtOpen Competition this month; Annual Art again Competition thisFeature month; Women inmonth; Business Feature this issue, so Annual Art Annual Open again Art Competition this month; again this this month; Annual Open Art Competition again this month; Open Women Art Competition Women again inthis Business Women Feature ininside Business this Feature so inside this so Women in again Business inside so Annual Open Art Competition again this issue, month; Women in Business inside this issue, so Competition with prize pool of over $5,000, it$5,000, will attract we’llof certainly get to aget wonderful locals awonderful prize pool of over it$5,000, will attract we’ll we’ll certainly certainly get to get meet tofew meet awe’ll few ato wonderful few wonderful locals locals with a few prize pool of $5,000, itprize will attract with a over prize pool of over willover attract we’ll certainly get meet awonderful few wonderful locals with a prize pool ofwith over a $5,000, pool it pool will of itover attract $5,000, willit wonderful attract with a prize pool of over $5,000, it will attract prize pool over $5,000, we’ll certainly itmeet will attract to meet certainly a certainly few get to meet aa few wonderful locals we’ll certainly get to meet ait few with a prize of $5,000, will attractlocals we’ll get to locals meet awith locals some topsome notch entries. And local trio the Tree andentries. read about their achievements. top notch entries. And local trionotch the Tree and read and read about about their their achievements. achievements. some topsome notch entries. And local trionotch the Tree some top notch entries. And local trio theachievements. Tree and read about their achievements. top notch entries. some And top local trio entries. the Tree And locallocal trio the some top notch entries. And local trio the Tree op notch And and local read trio about the Tree their and achievements. read about theirtheir achievements. and read about their some top entries. And trio Tree the Tree and read about achievements. Iin never this was an busy month in the past, but I’ve changed my mind. Woodies, live music lovers and entrepreneurs, are With March still warm month, make the sarch! March! It’s March! I lovers never Ithought never thought this this an especially an especially busy busy month month in the in the past, past, but but I’ve I’ve changed changed my mind. mind. Woodies, live music lovers and entrepreneurs, are With With March March astill warm athought warm month, month, make make the Woodies, live music lovers and entrepreneurs, are It’s March! Iastill never this was an busy month in the past, I’ve changed my mind. Woodies, live music lovers and entrepreneurs, are With March still aespecially warm month, make the month March! the past, I thought never but It’s I’ve March! thought changed Iare never this my was thought mind. an especially this was busy an especially month It’s in March! busy the past, month Iand never but inbut I’ve thought the changed past, this but was my I’ve mind. an changed especially busy mind. month in the past, I’ve changed Woodies, live music Woodies, lovers live entrepreneurs, music lovers and are entrepreneurs, are Woodies, live music lovers andbut entrepreneurs, are my mind. es, liveIt’s music and With entrepreneurs, March still awas warm With March month, still make athe warm the month, make the With March still amy warm month, make thearemymy It’s March! Iwas never thought this was an especially busy month in the past, but I’ve changed mind. Woodies, live music lovers and entrepreneurs, With March still aespecially warm month, make the hosting an awesome music The Descent, mostmost ofmusic itmost andmost head down Beach Bums to hosting an awesome music event, The Descent, of itevent, and of itmost head and head down down to Beach to Beach Bums to to hosting an awesome event, The Descent, Welcome to the July of Manning-Great Lakes FOCUS. hosting anevent, awesome music The Descent, of itto and head Beach Bums to hosting an awesome hosting music an event, awesome The Descent, music event, Descent, hosting an awesome music event, The Descent, an awesome of The it and Descent, head most down ofdown to itBums and Beach head Bums down todown toedition Beach Bums to most of itawesome and head down toThe Beach to hosting anevent, music event, The Bums Descent, most of itto and head to Beach Bums tomusic ove Tuesday Pancake Day, families. Great Lakes Viking Challenge, hrove rove hrove rove Tuesday Tuesday (or (or Pancake Day, families. families. Great Great Lakes Lakes Viking Viking Challenge, Challenge, which which the Lakes onWinery March 14. The enjoy a (or coffee or aenjoy lovely meal overlooking Main hrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day, families. Great Lakes Viking Challenge, which atGreat the Great Lakes on March 14. The enjoy enjoy arove coffee aPancake coffee ahrove lovely aThe meal meal overlooking Main Main atGreat the Lakes Winery on March 14. The hrove rove Great Tuesday Lakes (or Viking Pancake rove Tuesday Challenge, (or Pancake which Day, families. hrove rove Tuesday Great Lakes (or Pancake Viking Great Challenge, Day, Lakes families. Viking which Challenge, Great Lakes 14. Viking atWinery the Great Lakes Winery on March 14. The aor coffee orDay, aoverlooking lovely meal overlooking Main hrove rove Tuesday (or Day, families. Great Lakes Viking at the Great Lakes at Winery the Great on March 14. Winery The on March 14. The atwhich the Great Lakes Winery on March The Challenge, which Great Lakes Winery on enjoy March aor coffee 14. orlovely aDay, enjoy lovely ameal coffee overlooking orPancake a or lovely Main meal overlooking Main enjoy aLakes coffee or a which lovely meal overlooking Main which at the Great Lakes Winery on March 14. The Challenge, enjoy afamilies. coffee aatlovely meal overlooking Main we like to call it in Australia), ON THE COVER is set to take place on March 8 and 9. as we as like we to like call to it call in it Australia), in Australia), ON THE ON THE COVER COVER is set is to set take to take place place on March on March 8 and 8 and 9. 9. headline act is Cheap Fakes - aasisFakes one-of-a-kind Cheers! as we like toCheers! call it in Australia), ON THE COVER isatocall set take on March 8place and 9.beMarch headline act isCOVER Cheap aFakes one-of-a-kind Beach.... Beach.... Cheers! Cheers! headline act isheadline Cheap -Cheap aFakes one-of-a-kind as we islike set call take it as place inwe Australia), like on to March call it 8ON in and THE COVER ON THE COVER we like is-Beach.... set take itisone-of-a-kind in place Australia), isplace on set to ON 8 place and THE 9. on COVER March 8 and 9. 9.act is Cheap Fakes is set- atoone-of-a-kind take place on March 8 and 9. o, what’s been happening which stem back toact the 1920s, act -Cheap ato Beach.... Cheers! members from the club will as we like toCheers! call itAustralia), in9.of Australia), ON THE set take on 8 and headline isFakes Cheap headline act -to one-of-a-kind isteam Fakes -isaMarch one-of-a-kind headline e act isBeach.... Cheap Fakes Beach.... - to ato one-of-a-kind Beach.... Cheers! headline act Cheap Fakes -take ato one-of-a-kind Beach.... Cheers! Day, Seniors Week Living life to full are the vibrant, For all you soccer fans out there –all don’t St Patrick’s StIf Patrick’s Day, Day, Seniors Seniors Week Week Living Living life to life the to full the are full the are vibrant, the vibrant, For all For you all soccer you soccer fans fans out there out there –or don’t – Living don’t Brisbane If life you like rock, funk, soul, pop or ON THE COVER St Patrick’s Day, Seniors Week Living toband. the full are the vibrant, For all you soccer fans out there – don’t Brisbane band. Ifto you like rock, funk, soul, pop or ONPatrick’s THE ON THE COVER COVER Brisbane band. Ifand you like rock, funk, soul, pop vibrant, St For allDay, you Seniors soccer St Patrick’s fans Week Day, there Seniors Living –the don’t Week life tolife the full Living are the to vibrant, the St Patrick’s are For the all vibrant, Day, you Seniors soccer For Week fans out you there soccer –soul, don’t fans life out toorthe there full –Brisbane are don’t vibrant, For all you fansorout there – don’t Brisbane band. Iflike you like rock, funk, soul, pop ON THE COVER embarking upon this month. in your neck of the woods when various groups organisations Brisbane band. Iffull you Brisbane rock, band. funk, If you soul, like pop rock, or funk, soul, pop or band. If you like rock, funk,soccer soul, pop eePatrick’s band. you like rock, ON THE funk, COVER soul, ON orout THE COVER ON THE COVER Stpop Patrick’s Day, Seniors Week Living life the full are the vibrant, For all you soccer fans out there – the don’t Brisbane band. Ifor you like rock, funk, pop ON THE COVER …gUkulele and this is in addition to colourful and talented Silver Ukulele miss this six a side, fast paced action! …between, and …I mentioned and this is this inIevent is addition in addition to to and and talented talented Silver Silver Ukulele Ukulele miss miss this six this a side, asix side, fast paced fast paced action! anything in between, this event isand athis must-see. inspiring and here are just anything in between, this event aUkulele must-see. mentioned mentioned inspiring inspiring women, women, and here and here are just are just anything in between, this event isSilver aevent … and this is in addition to colourful and talented Silver Ukulele miss amiss side, fast paced action! … I and miss this islately? in six addition … awomen, side, and fast this toinspiring is paced in colourful action! to and talented colourful Silver and Ukulele talented … Silver miss this Ukulele this issix in addition ais six side, to fast this paced six colourful action! fast and paced talented action! Silver Ukulele miss thisis six a side, fast paced action! anything in between, this event awoodturner must-see. Iamentioned women, and here are just Skilled Phillip anything in between, anything inis between, isin athis must-see. this event isthis aaction! must-see. anything in between, this event a must-see. in this Ithis mentioned is must-see. inspiring Icolourful mentioned women, and inspiring here are women, just and here are just Imust-see. mentioned inspiring women, and here are just Winter certainly hoped to raise awareness of the … and this isaddition in addition to colourful and talented miss aBourke side, fast paced action! anything between, this event isasix aside, must-see. I colourful mentioned inspiring women, and here are just monthly events that take Strummers, feature our And this is in addition to all the plays, Whether you’re young, or not so young, be aall few of them! Every year FOCUS has ahas Women lalusual the usual monthly monthly events take take Strummers, Strummers, who feature feature on our on cover our And And this is this in is addition in addition to all to the all plays, the plays, Whether you’re young, or so young, be ayoung, few aevents of few of them! Every Every year FOCUS year FOCUS awho has Women awho Women Whether young, or not so young, be the usual monthly events that Strummers, who feature on our cover And isyoung, in addition to all the plays, Whether you’re young, or so young, be athat few of them! Every year FOCUS has aon Women shares with us the details of our all cover the usual monthly And all the this events usual isthat in that addition monthly to events all Strummers, the that plays, take who Strummers, feature on our all who the cover feature usual monthly on our And cover events this isthis in that addition take And to all is Strummers, the in addition plays, to allfeature onplays, our cover is in addition to all the plays, Whether you’re young, Whether or not you’re sonot young, young, be or not so young, beahis Whether you’re young, And or notthis so young, be ther you’re or athem! few not of so them! young, Every be atake few year of FOCUS them! has Every aEvery Women year FOCUS has ayou’re Women anot few of them! Every year FOCUS has Women all the usual monthly events that take Strummers, who feature on our cover And this is in addition tothe all plays, the hasn’t shortened anyone’s treatment of cover Indigenous people in the Whether you’re orthis not so young, bewho atake few of them! year FOCUS has acover Women nd the Manning-Great Lakes this month. This friendly bunch of movies, and performances happening in inspired this month our locals are amazing! in Business Feature … We’re proud of our local ace around the Manning-Great Lakes Lakes this month. this month. This This friendly friendly bunch bunch movies, and and performances performances happening happening inamazing! inspired this month -locals our locals are amazing! inManning-Great Business inmovies, Business Feature Feature … We’re … We’re proud proud of our oflocal our local inspired this month -local our are amazing! place around the Manning-Great this month. This friendly bunch of movies, and performances happening inhappening inspired this month -in our locals are amazing! in Business Feature … We’re proud of our local upcoming at the Manning nch place of around the Manning-Great and around performances the Lakes Manning-Great happening this month. in This friendly this month. bunch place This of friendly around bunch the movies, Manning-Great of and performances movies, Lakes and happening this performances month. inlocal This friendly bunch in this and performances happening in inspired this month inspired -movies, our locals this month are - our locals are amazing! inspired locals are amazing! daround this month -the our locals inplace Business are amazing! Feature in … Business We’re proud Feature ofLakes … our We’re local proud ofof our local Business Feature … We’re proud ofin our place around the Manning-Great Lakes this month. This friendly bunch ofamazing! movies, and performances happening inofmonth - ourmovies, “to do” list, as far as I’m community. inspired this month -exhibition our locals are inLakes Business Feature … We’re proud of-of our locals isbe just one of the from our neck ofEDITOR’S the woods month. Told EDITOR’S LETTER PHOTO businesswomen, and be too! They’re ea. locals locals is just is one just one of the of groups the groups from from our neck our neck of neck the ofRegional woods the woods this month. Told Told EDITOR’S LETTER PHOTO businesswomen, and you and should you should too! be too! They’re EDITOR’S LETTER PHOTO area.businesswomen, isgroups just one of the groups from our neck ofthis the woods this month. Told EDITOR’S LETTER PHOTO businesswomen, and you should be too! They’re Art Gallery, while stunningly ps area. from ourbusinesswomen, area. neck ofyou the woods this month. locals Told isThey’re just one of locals the is groups just area. one from of the groups our from of this the woods ourmonth. neck this ofmonth. locals the woods is Told just this onethis month. of the groups ToldToldfrom our neck of the woods this month. Told EDITOR’S LETTER EDITOR’S PHOTO LETTER PHOTO EDITOR’S LETTER PHOTO R’S LETTER PHOTO and businesswomen, you should belocals and too! you They’re should be too! They’re businesswomen, and you should too! They’re area. locals is just one of the groups from our neck ofbe the woods month. LETTER PHOTO businesswomen, and you should be They’re aware - should but like me, you Our local area has atoo! range of activities g of Seniors Week, which the Manning Valley U3A (University you it was busy! This month’s beautviful image of the iconic an enterprising, creative and talented bunch, aking Speaking ofbeautviful Seniors of Seniors Week, Week, which which the Manning the Manning Valley Valley U3A U3A (University (University you it you was it was busy! busy! This month’s beautviful image of the iconic an enterprising, an enterprising, creative creative and talented and talented bunch, bunch, This month’s beautviful image of the iconic Speaking of Seniors Week, which the Manning Valley U3A (University you it was busy! This month’s beautviful image of the iconic an enterprising, creative and talented bunch, talented tenor Murray Mayday iversity Speaking of you Seniors it Speaking was Week, busy! of which Seniors Week, the which Manning Valley the U3A Manning (University Valley Speaking U3A of (University you Seniors it was Week, busy! which you it was busy! the Manning Valley U3A (University you it was This month’s beautviful This month’s image of beautviful the iconic image of the iconic This month’s beautviful image of busy! the iconic month’s image an enterprising, of the iconic creative an enterprising, and talented creative bunch, and talented bunch, an enterprising, creative and talented bunch, Speaking of Seniors Week, which the Manning Valley U3A (University you it was busy! This month’s beautviful image of the iconic an enterprising, creative and talented bunch, probably did notice the daylight hours on offer that will help highlight the Forster-Tuncurry bridge was shot by Brian Gymer. and they’re the reason our area is such a ear from 15 - 15 23 March, of the Third Age). We couldn’t fi t the EDITOR’S PHOTO Forster-Tuncurry bridge was shot by Brian Gymer. and they’re and they’re part of part the of reason the reason our area our area is such is such a a Forster-Tuncurry bridge was shot by Brian Gymer. uns his year this year from from -part 15 23 -of March, 23 March, of the of Third the Third Age). Age). We couldn’t We couldn’t fi t the fi t the EDITOR’S EDITOR’S PHOTO PHOTO Forster-Tuncurry bridge was shot by Brian Gymer. and they’re part of the reason our area is such a fi lls us in on the Australian Tenors’ runs this year from 15 23 March, of the Third Age). We couldn’t fi t the EDITOR’S PHOTO Forster-Tuncurry bridge Forster-Tuncurry was shot by bridge Brian Gymer. was shot by Brian Gymer. Forster-Tuncurry bridge was shot by Brian Gymer. Tuncurry bridge was and shot they’re by Brian part Gymer. of and the they’re reason our part area of is such reason a our area is such a and they’re part of the reason our area is such a n’t runs fi t the this year EDITOR’S from runs 15 this 23 PHOTO year March, from 15 23 of March, the Third Age). of We the couldn’t Third runs Age). fi t this the We year couldn’t from EDITOR’S 15 fi t the 23 PHOTO March, EDITOR’S PHOTO of the Third Age). We couldn’t fi t the EDITOR’S PHOTO Forster-Tuncurry bridge was shot by Brian Gymer. and they’re part of the reason our area is such a runs this year from of theof Third Age). We couldn’t fit the EDITOR’S PHOTO were getting quite short there for15a - 23 March, history and culture Indigenous The bridge features in many photos, as it’s such special to live. oted quite ainplace few pages in entire group on our cover, as there are Shane Chalker is well known for The bridge features in many photos, as it’s such special special place place to live. to live. The bridge features in many photos, as it’s such e’ve devoted devoted quite quite aShane few aphotos, few pages pages in in entire entire group group on our on cover, our cover, as there as there are are Shane Shane Chalker Chalker is well is well known known for for The bridge features in many photos, as it’s such special place to live. forthcoming appearance at the we’ve devoted quite a few pages in entire group on our cover, as there are Shane Chalker is well known for The bridge features The in many bridge photos, features as in it’s many such photos, as it’s such The bridge features in many photos, as it’s such known for features many special place as it’s to live. such special place to live. special place to live. sdge there we’ve are devoted quite we’ve Chalker a few devoted pages is well quite in known a few for entire pages group in on our entire cover, group as we’ve there on our devoted are cover, Shane as quite there a Chalker few are pages is Shane well in known Chalker entire for is well group known on our for cover, as there are Shane Chalker is well The bridge features in many photos, as it’s such special place to live. we’ve devoted quite a few pages in and also entire on us our cover, as there are Shane Chalker is well known for while! Less time to cram all the daily people, aimgroup to help a40 classic landmark, but Iproducing can’t say I’ve seen too to all the women who were involved our cover -can’t to some 40 of them, so you’ll have to go amzing images and this a classic landmark, but I can’t say I’ve seen too Thanks Thanks to all to the all women the women who who were were involved involved a classic landmark, but I can’t say I’ve seen too his sue issue - to and -Thanks and our cover our cover -celebrate to celebrate to celebrate some some 40 of 40 them, of them, so you’ll so you’ll have have to go to go producing producing amzing amzing images images and and this this a classic landmark, but I can’t say I’ve seen too Thanks to all the women who were involved Manning Entertainment Centre. this issue and our cover to celebrate some of them, so you’ll have to go producing amzing images and this a classic landmark, a but classic I can’t landmark, say I’ve seen but I too can’t say I’ve seen too a classic landmark, but I can’t say I’ve seen too c and landmark, but I Thanks say I’ve to seen all the too women Thanks who to all were the women involved who were involved Thanks to all the women who were involved have this issue go and producing our this cover issue amzing to and celebrate images our cover and some to this celebrate 40 of them, some so you’ll 40 of have this them, issue to go so you’ll and producing our have cover to go amzing to celebrate producing images and amzing some this 40 images of them, and so this you’ll have to go producing amzing images - and this a classic landmark, but I can’t say I’ve seen too Thanks to all the women who were involved - and our celebrate the some 40 of them, so of you’ll have to go producing amzing images - and this tasks in ... butthis oh,issue the payoffs arecover - to recognise achievements many many pics of itBryant taken atitmeet night. Well done, Brian -photo this feature, and to Linda Bryant for the important members of our to their interview page to meet the rest month’s Editor’s letter is no many pics of taken at night. Well done, Brian with with this feature, this feature, and to and Linda to Linda Bryant Bryant for the for the many pics of it taken at night. Well done, Brian hese very very important important members members of our of our to their to their interview interview page page to meet to meet the rest the rest month’s month’s Editor’s Editor’s letter letter photo photo is no is no many pics of it taken at night. Well done, Brian with this feature, and to Linda Bryant for the Editor’s Pic these very important members of our to their interview page to the rest month’s Editor’s letter photo is no many pics of it taken many at night. pics of Well it taken done, at Brian night. Well done, Brian many pics of it taken at night. Well done, Brian -photo is no ics of itwith taken at night. with Well this done, feature, Brian and with to this Linda feature, Bryant and for to the Linda Bryant for the with this feature, and to Linda Bryant for the eet these the rest very important month’s these members Editor’s very important letter of our photo members is to no their of our interview to page their to interview meet these the very page rest important to meet month’s the members Editor’s rest of letter month’s our photo Editor’s to is no their letter interview photo is page no to meet the rest month’s Editor’s letter many pics of it taken at night. Well done, Brian with this feature, and to Linda for the very important of our to their interview page to meet the rest month’s Editor’s letter photo is no grand! What’sthese better than a warmmembers fire, these people have made, in whatever greatgreat shot! stunning photography. great shot! stunning stunning photography. photography. shot! y. of them. exception. ommunity. unity. of them. of them. exception. exception. great shot! stunning photography. The clouds roll in over One Mile Beach, great shot! great shot! great shot! hot! stunning photography. stunning photography. stunning photography. community. of them. exception. community. exception. community. of them. of them. community. exception. exception. of them. exception. great shot! stunning photography. of them. exception. a slow cookedcommunity. casserole and a glass fields they specialise in. Don’t forget to email your local photos to jo@ INSIDE THIS ISSUE Don’t forget to email your local photos to jo@ INSIDE INSIDE THIS THIS ISSUE ISSUE Don’t forget to email your local photos to jo@ e!’ isfrom the catchcry for Seniors Many thanks to Linda Bryant from Don’t forget to send your images to Don’t to email your local photos to jo@ INSIDE THIS ISSUE signalling a change in to the weather! e Life!’ Life!’ isto‘Live the is catchcry the catchcry for Seniors for Seniors Many Many thanks thanks to Linda to Linda Bryant Bryant from from Don’t Don’t forget forget to send toforget send your your images images to to Don’t forget to email Don’t your forget local to photos email to your jo@ local photos to your local photos to jo@ t‘Live forget email your INSIDE photos THIS ISSUE toSeniors jo@ INSIDE THIS ISSUE INSIDE THIS ISSUE Life!’ islocal the catchcry for Seniors Many thanks to Linda Bryant from Don’t to send your images tojo@ ant ‘Live Life!’ isDon’t the catchcry ‘Live forget Life!’ tofor send is the catchcry images for Many toSeniors thanks to Linda Many Bryant thanks ‘Live from toforget Linda Life!’ is Bryant Don’t the catchcry from forget to for send Seniors Don’t your forget images Many send to thanks your images to Linda toDon’t Bryant fromto email Don’t forget to send your images to Don’t forget to email your local photos to INSIDE THIS ISSUE ‘Live Life!’ isyour the catchcry for Seniors Many thanks to Linda Bryant from Don’t forget tojo@ send your images to forget of red with family at the end of a busy Read more about NAIDOC Week inside focusmag.com.au ifmonth’s you’d like to see them in This month we up with Kirby and Carl focusmag.com.au ifand you’d like to see them in This month This month we catch we catch up with up with Kirby Kirby and Carl and Carl focusmag.com.au ifjo@focusmag.com.au you’d like to see them intoifthem dag.com.au we certainly have an Photography by Linda for this month’s focusmag.com.au if you’d like see them in This month we catch up with Kirby and Carl Photo courtesy of Merryl Kemp. Week, and we certainly we certainly have have an an Photography Photography by Linda by Linda for this for month’s this jo@focusmag.com.au jo@focusmag.com.au focusmag.com.au if focusmag.com.au you’d like to see you’d in like to see them in focusmag.com.au if you’d like to see them in if you’d like This tocatch see month them we in catch This up month with Kirby we catch and Carl up with Kirby and Carl This month we catch up with Kirby and Carl Week, and we certainly have an Photography by Linda for this month’s jo@focusmag.com.au focusmag.com.au if you’d like to see them in This month we catch up with Kirby and Carl sand Week, month’s and we jo@focusmag.com.au certainly Week, have and we an certainly have Photography an by Linda Photography for this Week, month’s by Linda for we this jo@focusmag.com.au certainly month’s have an jo@focusmag.com.au Photography by Linda for this month’s jo@focusmag.com.au Week, andchance we certainly have an Photography by Linda for this month’s jo@focusmag.com.au day? Hope you get the to enjoy this issue. FOCUS. from the Saltwater Boardriders Club ahead of the from from the Saltwater the Saltwater Boardriders Boardriders Club Club ahead ahead ofClub the of the FOCUS. roup of locals doing just that! stunning cover image. FINAL SAY FOCUS. from the Saltwater Boardriders ahead ofFOCUS. the Final Say mazing ng group group of locals of locals doing doing just that! just that! stunning stunning cover cover image. image. FINAL SAY SAY FOCUS. FOCUS. from the Saltwater from Boardriders the Saltwater Club ahead Boardriders of the Club ahead ofcover the from the Saltwater Boardriders Club ahead of the amazing group of locals doing just that! stunning cover image. FINAL SAY FOCUS. from the Saltwater Boardriders Club ahead of FINAL the amazing group FINAL of amazing locals SAY doing group just of that! locals doing stunning just that! cover image. stunning cover amazing image. group FINAL of locals SAY doing just FINAL that! SAYSAY stunning cover image.FOCUS. FINAL SAY amazing group of locals doing just that! stunning image. FINAL quite a50th few50th of these special moments In FINAL thisFINAL Issue SAY club’s 50th anniversary -of amazing achievement, FINAL SAY club’s club’s anniversary anniversary amazing amazing achievement, achievement, SAY oduce you to members of the INSIDE THIS ISSUE “You can’t help getting older, but FINAL SAY club’s 50th anniversary amazing achievement, ”We are all visitors to this time, this introduce WeWe introduce you to you members to members the of the INSIDE INSIDE THIS THIS ISSUE ISSUE “You “You can’t can’t help help getting getting older, older, but but FINAL SAY FINAL SAY FINAL SAY SAY club’s 50th anniversary club’s amazing 50th anniversary achievement, amazing achievement, club’s 50th anniversary amazing achievement, We introduce you to members of the INSIDE THIS ISSUE “You can’t help getting older, but FINAL SAY club’s 50th anniversary amazing achievement, introduce “You youWe to can’t introduce members help getting of youthe toolder, members INSIDE but of THIS the ISSUE INSIDE THISTHIS ISSUE We ISSUE introduce you “You tocan’t members help getting of “You the can’t older, INSIDE help but getting THIS ISSUE older, but “You can’t help getting older, but We introduce you to members of the INSIDE “You can’t help getting older, but while the chilly weather lasts. This month we interviewed Aaron “Anyone who stops learning islearning old, whether guys! We also interview Sean Page and Sam “Anyone who stops is old, whether guys! guys! We also We interview also interview Sean Sean Page Page and Sam and Sam “Anyone who stops learning isyou old, whether “Anyone who stops learning isto old, whether guys! We also interview Sean Page and Sam place. We are just passing through. Valley Quota Club, Wendy We haven’t forgotten the younger you don’t have to get old” -to George “Anyone who stops “Anyone learning who is old, stops whether learning old, whether “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether one who stops learning guys! isManning We old, also whether interview guys! Sean We also Page interview and Sam Sean Page and Sam guys! We also interview Sean and Sam Manning ng Valley Valley Quota Quota Club, Club, Wendy Wendy We We haven’t forgotten forgotten the younger the younger you don’t you don’t have have to get old” get old” -to George -isdon’t George Manning Valley Quota Club, Wendy We haven’t forgotten the younger you don’t have get old” -to George “Anyone who stops learning isPage old, whether guys! We also interview Sean Page and Sam younger Manning Valley you Quota Manning don’t Club, have Valley Wendy to get Quota old” Club, - haven’t George We Wendy haven’t forgotten We haven’t the younger Manning forgotten Valley the Quota younger don’t Club, have Wendy you get don’t old” -have George We haven’t get old” forgotten - George the younger you don’t have to get old” - George Valley Quota Club, Wendy We haven’t forgotten the younger you have to get old” George On the Cover Dodds from the Forster Tuncurry attwo twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning Thomson, asPrivate these two talented teenagers have at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning Thomson, Thomson, as these as these two talented two talented teenagers teenagers have have at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning Thomson, as these two talented teenagers have Our purpose here is to observe, to merris the Forster Private Hospital members of our community either! Burns. at twenty or eighty. at Anyone twenty who or eighty. keeps Anyone learning who keeps learning at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning ty or eighty. Anyone Thomson, who keeps as these learning Thomson, two talented as these teenagers two talented have teenagers have Thomson, as these two talented teenagers have from from the Forster the Forster Private Hospital Hospital members members of our of community our community either! either! Burns. Burns. at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning Thomson, as these talented teenagers have Ferris from the Forster Private Hospital members of our community either! Burns. either! Ferris from theBurns. Forster Ferris Private fromfrom the Hospital Forster Private members Hospital of our community members ofeither! Ferris our community from the Burns. Forster either! Private Hospital Burns. Burns. Ferris the Forster Private Hospital members of our community either! Burns. members of our community either! July marks arepresent special week ofrepresent Bodyboard Association, ahead of stays young. The greatest thing in life is toin been chosen to Australia as ainterviewed part of stays young. The greatest thing life isgreatest to keep been been chosen chosen to represent tochosen represent Australia Australia as afantastic part as aEmma part ofPolson stays young. The thing inyoung. life iskeep to keep stays young. The greatest thing inisto life is thing tonew keep been to Australia as aEmma part of learn, to grow, to love and then out some of the fantastic new We interviewed from stays young. The greatest stays thing The in life to keep inAustralia lifein is... to young. The greatest thing in life is to keep oung. The greatest thing been in chosen life is to represent keep been chosen Australia tointerviewed represent asof arepresent part of Australia as ainterviewed part of been chosen represent as a part sn llsabout us about some some of the of fantastic the fantastic new new We We interviewed Emma Polson Polson from from stays young. The greatest thing life iskeep to keepofwe been to Australia as agreatest part of tells us about some of the fantastic new We interviewed Emma Polson from tells from us about some tells of us the about fantastic some new of the We new Emma We interviewed Polson tells from us Emma about Polson some from of the fantastic We interviewed Emmastays Polson from tells us about some ofchosen the fantastic new We Emma Polson from celebrations Australia-wide from the upcoming Jeff Wilcox Memorial your mind young.” -young.” Henry Ford. theavailable Australian Auroras Under 16 dragon boat your mind Henry Ford. the Australian the Australian Auroras Auroras Under Under 16 dragon 16 dragon boat boat your mind young.” Henry Ford. your mind young.” Henry Ford. the Australian Auroras Under 16 dragon boat return home” Australian Aboriginal available in the hospital’s new Manning Dairy Youth a very proactive your mind young.” your Henry mind Ford. young.” Henry Ford. your mind young.” nd young.” Henry the Ford. Australian Auroras the Australian Under 16 dragon Auroras boat Under 16 dragon boat the Australian Auroras Under 16 dragon boat ams rograms available in the in hospital’s the hospital’s new new Manning Manning Dairy Dairy Youth Youth a very a very proactive proactive your mind young.” Henry Ford. the Australian Auroras Under 16 dragon boat programs available the hospital’s new Manning Dairy Youth -Dairy aprograms very proactive y programs proactive available programs inprograms theinhospital’s available new in the Manning new Dairy Youth Manning - a very proactive Youth available - a very proactive in the hospital’s new Manning Dairy Youth - a very proactive - Henry Ford. available in hospital’s the hospital’s new Manning Dairy Youth - a very proactive the 5th -crew 12th, asWebster NAIDOC events event, which this year will mark its crew later crew later this year. Well done, Sean and Sam -year. crew crew later later this year. this year. Well Well done, done, Sean Sean and Sam and Sam crew later this year. Well done, Sean and Sam Proverb. later this year. crew Well later done, this Sean and Well Sam done, Sean and Sam this year. Well done, Sean and Sam - group of young people apy pool, and Phil Webster and enthusiastic group of young people therapy ydrotherapy pool, pool, and and Phil Webster Phil and and enthusiastic enthusiastic group group of young of young people people crew later this year. Well done, Sean and Sam hydrotherapy pool, and Webster Phil Webster and enthusiastic group of young people ung hydrotherapy people pool, hydrotherapy and Phil pool, and and Phil and Webster enthusiastic group and and enthusiastic ofenthusiastic young hydrotherapy people group ofpool, young and people Phil Webster and enthusiastic hydrotherapy pool, Phil Webster group of young people and activities take centre stage. 18th anniversary. Wedairy also spoke to do us proud! do us proud! do us do proud! us proud! do us proud! do us proud! do us proud! odham from the Great Lakes who are determined to see the dairy nd hil Rodham Phil Rodham from from the Great the Great Lakes Lakes who who are determined are determined to see to the see dairy the do us proud! and Rodham Phil Rodham from the Great Lakes are determined to see the heand dairy Phil and from Phil thePhil Rodham Great Lakes from thewho Great are Lakes determined who to are determined and dairy Phildairy Rodham to see from dairy Great Lakes who are determined to see the dairy and Rodham from the who Great who are determined to the see thethe dairy JoLakes Atkins –JoEditor Jo Atkins Atkins – see Editor –the Editor Jo Atkins – who Editor s – Editor And Jo Atkins – Editor Jo Atkins –JoEditor Jo Atkins – Editor on the other endimpact of the spectrum, we Atkins –JoEditor Jo Atkins –on NAIDOC of course, is Jo an acronym for Paul Allan from Club Taree, And on And the on other the other end of end the of spectrum, the spectrum, we we JoEditor Atkins Atkins – Editor – Editor And on the other end of the spectrum, we Jo Atkins Editor And on the other end And of on the the spectrum, other end we of the spectrum, we And the other end the–industry spectrum, we Atkins –impact Editor Jo Atkins –ofEditor Jo Atkins – Editor Jo Atkins – Editor pport Group share the impact industry continue to thrive in the Valley, And on the other end of the spectrum, we rsmag.com.au Support Support Group Group share share the the impact industry industry continue continue to thrive to thrive inthrive the in Valley, the Valley, Jo Atkins – Editor Cancer Support Group share the industry continue to thrive in the Valley, jo@focusmag.com.au nancer the Cancer Valley, Support Group Cancer share Support the impact Group share industry the impact continue industry to continue in Cancer the Valley, to Support thrive in Group the Valley, share the impact continue to thrive in the Valley, jo@focusmag.com.au jo@focusmag.com.au Cancer Support Group share the impact industry continue to thrive in the Valley, jo@focusmag.com.au jo@focusmag.com.aujo@focusmag.com.au jo@focusmag.com.au jo@focusmag.com.au jo@focusmag.com.au jo@focusmag.com.au jo@focusmag.com.au jo@focusmag.com.au jo@focusmag.com.au jo@focusmag.com.au jo@focusmag.com.au jo@focusmag.com.au National Aborigines and Islanders Day tells us about the 3,344 km journey jo@focusmag.com.au e has on men and their and Jerrad Allen fi lls us in about the his sease disease has has men on on men and and their their and Jerrad Jerrad Allen Allen fills us fills infiand us about in about the this on disease has on men and their and Jerrad Allen fi lls us in about Jo Atkins Editor Allen fills us in about the out this the disease has this men disease and their has has on men and and their Jerrad Allen lls us Jerrad inthe about Allen this the disease fills the us inusabout on men theand and–Jerrad this disease on and men and their and Jerrad Allen fillshas in about the their Observance Committee - the origins (of a different kind!) that various jo@focusmag.com.au

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Locals Only II

With Jane Hosking The Mid North Coast is and always has been home to some surfing legends, and looking back at the surfing lifestyle as it was from the 1960s through to the present day provides a fascinating glimpse into our local culture. Jane Hosking, Acting Director Manning Regional Art Gallery, has curated a comprehensive exhibition of surfing memorabilia, including photographs, to showcase our surfing history … ntroduce us to the concept behind Locals Only II. How was the idea behind this exhibition initiated? For some, surfing is like a religion. Their lives are dictated by the swell, and they must obey. Locals Only II is the second chapter of an exhibition we held back in 2008, Locals Only. The idea for the show is to explore the surfing culture of the Mid North Coast, which has quite a history. The first Locals Only contained memorabilia, surfboards, clothing, photography and artwork which had a connection to the local area, and we will continue that story with this exhibition. We put the call out and have sourced photographs of local surfers and the surfing lifestyle, dating back to the 1960s. As there is such a diverse range of residents and visitors in the Valley, we also want to feature an exhibition that may bring a new audience into the gallery. What are some of the themes/topics this exhibition explores? The exhibition will have mainly a historical bent, featuring photographs of not only the local surfers, including the Saltwater Boardriders Club, but aspects of the lifestyle such as the cars and the competitions. Part of the display will be a recreation of the surf shop of the ‘70s and ‘80s, with clothing, decor and memorabilia. The internationally successful Hot Tuna 4

manning-great lakes focus.

brand began in Taree, so we will have There isn’t really much art as such, mainly advertising, clothing and other products from photography. the archives on show. There will also be some I must acknowledge all the people who’ve contemporary photography of local surfers supplied work/photos for this exhibition, by Carl Muxlow and other local including Saltwater Boardriders and photographers. the Manning River Times. Through our research How important do you we have also uncovered feel it is for local artists a ch su is e er some old footage to have a venue such th As of local surfers and as the Manning diverse range of sitors vi d an s nt de surfing competitions. Regional Art Gallery si re e al so in the Valley, w These will be shown to showcase their an want to feature throughout the work? may exhi bition that day with other still Part of a Regional ence bring a new audi photographs. Gallery’s brief is to .” into the gallery This area has support and encourage also fostered some local artists to further internationally successful their career, and the gallery surfers of the likes of Ben Dunn is one of the few places local and his father, Martin Dunn, who artists have the opportunity to show is a WCT Coach and works for Surfing their work. Often an artist will have their Australia. Trophies and medals from first solo exhibition at the gallery, and it is a various competition successes will also be great training ground to learn what goes into on show. presenting an exhibition and what is expected Visitors to the last exhibition were intrigued of an artist. and fascinated with the surf paraphernalia, An exhibition in a Regional Gallery is a artworks and old photographs of the local kind of validation of the artist’s work, so they surfing history. Many brought friends in to see can go on to pursue opportunities in larger photos of them all back in the ‘60s and ‘70s. It centres, or in the private sector. was a nostalgic experience. What are the dates Locals Only II will be How many pieces of work will Locals Only available for viewing, and what are the II comprise, and what are some of the opening hours at the gallery? various types of media that have been Locals Only II will be on show from 24 July used to execute these pieces? to 6 September, with an opening celebration

on Friday 24 July at 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome. Opening hours are 10am to 4pm, Wednesday to Saturday, and 1pm to 4pm on Sundays. The gallery is well known for the diversity of its exhibitions and displays. Please touch briefly on any exciting plans/ projects you have in the pipeline for the next few months ... There are more exciting exhibitions coming through to the end of the year, with the Manning Art Prize: Naked & Nude coming up next. The Friends of the Gallery have been running this art prize for 24 years, and prizemoney now tops $16,000. Entries have come from all over Australia, and the new theme of Naked & Nude is proving extremely popular. At the end of the year we have a fascinating exhibition of contemporary art, Stars + Stripes, American Art of the 21st Century, and it is a special treat to have internationally renowned artists showing in our gallery. The annual Children’s Week exhibition of local preschoolers’ art is always popular and will be on show at the end of October. What’s the best way for people to contact the gallery, or to find out more information about any current or upcoming exhibitions? Our website has all the information at www. manningregionalartgallery.com.au or visitors can call 6592 5455 or email gallery@gtcc.nsw. gov.au. Thanks Jane.


Phillip Bourke.

inside this

Turn it until the Spirit Unfolds describes the way skilful woodturner Phillip Bourke creates his masterpieces, and it’s also the name of his latest exhibition at the Manning regional Art Gallery. See Phillip’s stunning work on display at the gallery from July 24th to September 6th.

Issue 101 - July 2015


Jeff Wilcox Memorial

The beautiful beaches around the Great Lakes area will witness some of the best bodyboarding action available in the world from July 24th -26th, as the 18th annual Jeff Wilcox Memorial takes centre stage.


usual suspects.



10. What’s On for July 18. eat featuring local restaurants 40. Star Guide with Terri 49. Tourism Update with Sharon Bultitude

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Three of the country’s most talented and well known country songbirds, Amber Lawrence, Aleyce Simmonds and Christie Lamb have collaborated to form the Girls Of Country tour… FOCUS chats to front woman Amber Lawrence about the upcoming tour and her journey so far…


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PHILLIP here did your passion for woodturning begin/who initially inspired you? Back in the eighties I purchased my first lathe for a hobby. I was inspired by Ted Watt, who spent time showing me how to use lathe tools, to understand the Golden Rule, and to use nature as a source of inspiration. Although you started woodturning on a fairly small lathe, I believe you now work on a lathe designed with the help of your father in-law. What is unique about this lathe and how does it help with your creative process? The equipment I use is not your standard wood lathe. The two main lathes I use have been engineered specifically for my needs, as I turn heavy and unusual pieces up to 80 kg and up to two metres wide. The lathe my father in-law, Ian Scott, helped me with has allowed me to be able to work with larger, more irregular shapes of timber and expand my ideas with what I can do with a piece of timber. I recently had another wood lathe adjusted to my needs with help of Bill Warren at W&N Engineering Taree. Both lathes have had solid steel pulleys installed with a heavy duty motor, each having different speed ratios, which is needed to control the loads better - the latter has been geared to turn at speeds as low as 15 rmp. This is needed when I’m turning large out of balance work to help control kinetic energy, which in turn allows me more control when creating. What timber do you most like to use for your work, and why these particular species? Eucalyptus burls are my favourite, because of 6

manning-great lakes focus.

phil bourke

the various colours and size. The variety of the eucalypt tree is huge. I use Yellow Box, Brindle Box, Coolabah, River Red Gum, Black Butt, Manor Gum, Jarrah, Red and Yellow Mallee. Please explain what a burl is and why you use these to form your pieces … Burl wood is abnormal growth found on some trees, due to the tree being subjected to trauma such as insect or animal damage, fungal attack and environmental stress. Eucalyptus trees are predisposed to form burls; they are described as big clumps of unformed bud clusters. Burls display wild grain patterns deviating from close grain; the appearance can be wavy, curly, swirled or birds eyed, and they are rich in colour - which is the main reason I use burls in my work. They also come in unusual forms and sizes, which allows me to move away from the traditional look of wood turning. What’s your preference to work with - aged, seasoned timber or green timber. What difference can the age of the timber have on a finished piece? I work with both seasoned and green timber. Turning green timber is easier on the tools and machinery and can be turned to let dry and season and then reworked, and it lends itself to unusual pieces. I prefer to use seasoned timber, which can be up to four times harder than the host tree, as pieces can be finished and carved without fear of movement cracking and checking. The age of the timber can have great impact on a finished piece - the depth of colour, size, all are part of each piece’s finish. For instance, a burl from a tree that is maybe a couple of hundred years old may sit in a paddock for 20 years; during that time it’s exposed to the elements, which produces lots of


character. I use this to advantage certain work. The commonly known Western Australian Blackboy is another timber I occasionally use; the age of these determine their size. For example, a six inch vase is approximately 100 years; it is said that it takes 25 years to grow roughly an inch. It is a highly valuable timber. Describe the exhibition you’re holding at Manning Gallery, “Turn it until the Spirit Unfolds”. What kind and how many pieces will you have on display? The exhibition is about my interpretation of what I see in timber and how it can be used to create things of beauty. It entails the use of Australian timbers. Nothing is perfect in nature everything has something unique in it - and that’s what I like to show. I’ll be presenting approximately 30 pieces of work, consisting of wild edge bowls, kinetic wall art, natural edged pieces, bowls, vases, platters and wall shields, ranging from six inches in size to 1.4 metres. Which pieces do you have in the exhibition that you’re particularly drawn to/proud of and why? The large wild edge pieces are what I am drawn to most. I love the challenge of getting a big, chunky piece of burl and creating something using its natural form to produce functional and artistic pieces. To me, it’s bringing the timber back to life. It’s a very fulfilling and rewarding feeling to see the finished piece. The title of your exhibition is interesting and perhaps indicates how you work with wood. Explain your creative process for us; do you start each work with an idea of what you want to make, or does the wood itself “tell” you what you should create?

Most times I let the piece of timber dictate the form or shape. I will make pieces from drawings occasionally, as finding the piece to match the drawing can be a challenge, but the satisfaction of creating without expectation is really what I do. What are some of the processes you use to create your art? How much manual sanding, wire or sand blasting do you need to use, for example? Pieces are sanded on the lathe were possible. Because of some of the wild edges or irregular shapes, manual sanding is required on most pieces. Carving is done by hand, and I use lots of chisel work to create added texture and patterns. I also incorporate sandblasting and wired brush work for texture, and I also use an organic ebonising fluid, which I make myself and paint. At times I also use gems and wire for decoration. Apart from the exhibition, where can people view/purchase your work? I have a Facebook page, alturnate timbers, were people may view current works and request commission work. You may also contact me on 0432 560 503 for private viewings and commissions. I believe it’s very important to support our local businesses, and my pieces can also be purchased at Artisans on the Hill at Tinonee, Manning Spiritual Centre at Wingham and Salty Dog at Coolongolook. Other galleries include Wood We Create at Boambee, Gannon House at The Rocks, Sydney and The Yellow Shed at Bellingen NSW. Thanks Phillip. Photos of woodwork courtesy of Julie Slavin.

Single level dwellings make a small, friendly village… Discover the friendly and caring community of Tuncurry Village. Everyone is on the same level – literally! There are no stairs and certainly no lifts to worry about, only pleasant paths through well-tended gardens and villas. You’ll soon get to know your neighbours, who will fast become your friends. You’ll also have peace of mind in knowing that dependable care staff are on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide professional low to high care in the privacy of your own home, as required. This allows couples to stay together, even if their care requirements are quite different. Live independantly while enjoying the option of quality meals, cleaning, shopping, bill paying and more services, including regular social outings on the village bus. View floorplans at www.sunrisesupportedliving.com.au or call us on 6554 8424 to arrange an inspection.

Tuncurry Village

11A Chapman Road Tuncurry NSW 2428

Tel: (02) 6554 8424

The Melaleuca

Large open plan lounge/dining/kitchen, featuring a beautiful timber floating floor n Separate European laundry with extra storage space n Double courtyard n Large custom vanity/storage in bathroom n Extra large robes in both bedrooms View more floorplans at www.sunrisesupportedliving.com.au n

focusinterview. Photo Shane Chalker

jeff wilcox


focus. 8 manning-great Photo Sam Elbourne lakes focus


i Aaron. It’s been a little sportsman of the Great Lakes. Jeff Wilcox passed while since FOCUS last at the age of 14 from a rare form of Bone Cancaught up with you. cer. Jeff was an amazing sportsman and ambasWhat’s been happening sador for the Great Lakes, community and Sport. in the bodyboard world A mad bodyboarder and hockey player, he had lately? Any big a bright future ahead of him, and he has news with the Association or left a legacy of passion and pride for with bodyboarding generbodyboarding development and ally on the local front? love of community. The best riders Many thanks FOCUS. The Jeff Wilcox Memorial from all around Bodyboarding in event was designed and come to the world have general is currently built in 1990, around a area to the Great Lakes ent in a shifting phase, young man’s legacy, with ev compete in this with a massive drive pride and passion for th at in the past , and ill on development and grass roots youth involved t st is why this even spect re sustainable models, in sport and the commue th ds an m com ” y. as opposed to profesnity. it holds toda sional focus - allowing Starting as a simple bodygrass roots to shine at the boarding competition, it quickly moment. evolved into one of the most On the local front, Forster Tuncurry respected and prestigious competitions Bodyboarders is continuing to grow, with held in the sport of bodyboarding. From many members being recognised at State, day one, this memorial set out to showcase the National and Australian Tour levels, and all life and enthusiasm for the water and friendly members becoming more active in our commucompetition that Jeff had, and it succeeded in nity. abundance. The Jeff Wilcox Memorial, the most recognised The best riders from all around the world have and prestigious bodyboarding event in Australia, come to the Great Lakes area to compete in this returns to The Great Lakes for the 18th year, with event in the past, and that is why this event still a massive line up on the 24th – 26th July. Please commands the respect it holds today. introduce us to Jeff Wilcox ... Who was he, what Drawing some of the world’s best bodyboardis he most remembered for, and what is the ers and talented locals, the event has a renowned legacy he’s left behind? respect amongst top performing competitors. The late Jeff Wilcox was a community minded Past winners in the last 18 events include Ash

focusinterview. Photo Sam Elbourne Photo Sam Elbourne

Murray, Troy De Coque, Ben Holland, Ben Player, Molony, Gary Thatcher, Emma Cobb, Lilly Pollard, Andrew Lester, Damien King, Levi Wagner, Mitch Jake Stone, Davis Blackwell and many more. Rawlins, Shaun Peterson, Grant Molony, and Who are some talented local bodyboarders Dave Winchester, to name a few. we should keep an eye out for? To think that the event has now been runLocal guns include Josh Aurisch, Jeremy ning for 18 years … that’s a phenomenal efCoombes, Brody Hill, Zach Williams, Kallan fort from local organisers and supporters … Bragg, Jacob Dunn(2014 Juniors Division ChamWhat are the dates for the 2015 event, and pion), Flynn Dunn, William Kennedy, Jesse what time will action kick off each day? Galloway, Tom Ditchfeild, Adam Cheers, Ben We agree - amazing effort! Our comFletcher, Seth Hamon, Thomas Donnelly, munity has the need and requested Mitch Baker, and the currently on fire the event’s ongoing presence. Josh Smith. The dates for the 2015 event Who would you like to are 24th to 26th July. The thank for supporting this action each day will kick year’s event? There will also , off from 7am. The Jeff Wilcox be market stalls ions Where will the Memorial is proudly races, competit event be held this supported by many and more, all available for the ed year, and where local businesses: Major lv pu blic to get invo would you suggest Sponsors LJ Hooker with each day. ” are good spots for Forster, Bellevue Hotel, spectators to catch all Great Lakes Tourism, Hogs the action? Breath, NMD Bodyboards, The Jeff Wilcox Memorial Sevan Apartments, Golden is an event requiring the best surf Age Media, MS Viper, Gyroll, Shane conditions. Working with local Great Chalker Photography, SullyVision, Sam Lakes Council and National Parks, the event has Elbourne, Raw Edge Media, Cut Loose Hairdressers, Tuncurry Chicken and Meat, Colleens Bakery, gained the opportunity to roam. Each day once Primary Printing, and the list could go on. the venue has been confirmed, the public will be Coaches: Steve Bullet MacKenzie, Dave Winnotified. chester, William Kennedy. Spectators, come down to see the best extreme sportsmen put on a show in honour of the Our volunteers, the amazing work crew, and Late Jeff Wilcox! There will also be market stalls, commitment members behind the scenes, Craig races, competitions and more, all available for and Daniel Smith, Simon Patterson, Greg Hill and the public to get involved with each day. Mullet. Fill us in on the various divisions/categories Are you still looking for people to assist with that will be contested on the day ... the event, as volunteers, coaches, judges, or Showcasing the best in the land, the following with other positions? If so, how do they get divisions: Open Men, Open Women, Open Drop involved? Knee and Junior Men will shine a spotlight on This event is currently seeking market stall venthese extreme athletes. dors wishing to help celebrate life, our communiThe Masters Division will give the past competty and the late Jeff Wilcox. itors and champions of the Memorial a chance to The event is also seeking paid and voluntary celebrate it, and show the bodyboarders of today workers. If you are interested in finding out how to really belly slide. more, please contact info@ftba.org.au call 1300 There’ll be Youth Coaching Clinics each day 552 085 or visit: www.facebook.com/jeffwilcox with Dave Winchester and Steve Bullet MacKenWhat’s the closing date for bodyboarders to zie (Boogie Youth Ambassador). enter the event, and where can they register Who are some of the bodyboarding greats or find more info? you’re expecting to turn up for the event? Entries are available at www.jeffwilcox.com. We have many past champions and many au - all divisions are at 80% capacity, entry to the of the world’s best registered, including Dave event closes on 10th July. Winchester, Shaun Peterson, David Lohan, Grant Thanks Aaron.

Photo: Shane Chalker

Photo Shane Chalker

Photo Sam Elbourne

manning-great lakes focus.


A R O U N D T H E R E G I O N / / JA U LG YU S 2T 0 12 50 1 4


Cheesemaking weekend with carole willman


Taree open art Exhibition Great art from local and interstate artists at the Taree Artists’ Open Exhibition during July. Over 400 new oil and acrylic paintings, pastels, drawings, mixed media works and sculptures with prize money of $5,550 for the winners. Last year’s exhibition attracted more than 1,200 local and out of town visitors, and this year will be even more popular. All works will be for sale at a wide range of artists’ prices. Cost Free entry; all welcome. Where Taree High School Hall When Open every day 9am - 4pm, Saturday 4 July to Sunday 12 July (‘til 2pm). Contact Helga Visser 6551 3543 or helgavisser@westnet.com.au


manning-great lakes focus.

Tinonee Orchid Nursery Annual Open Day & Show. Saturday is Speakers Day, and the lineup includes special guest Sam Cowrie along with David Banks, Scott Barrie, Mike Harrison and a free sausage sizzle. Sunday is our Open and Show Day, with lots of flowering plants available on the day. Light refreshments and food will be available for purchase, along with a raffle raising funds for Retina Australia. When Saturday, July 4th, Sunday, July 5th, 10am - 3pm. Where Tinonee Orchids, 768 Tinonee Rd. Cost Free. Contact orchids@tinoneeorchids.com Phone 6553 1012.

We are very excited to get Carole out of semi retirement for this wonderful weekend of cheesemaking. She is the guru teacher of cheesemaking with more than 1,000 classes under her belt. Carole teaches beginners right through to professionals and turns the science of cheesemaking into fun. The weekend includes meals and cheese tastings and even the odd glass of wine. Enjoy a weekend cheesemaking workshop with Carole Willman - Italian theme Mozzarella, parmesan and more. When: 4th and 5th July, 10am - 4pm. Where: Bent on Food Cookery School, Wingham. Cost: $375 for a full weekend or $195 per day. Ask about our group discounts. Contact/bookings: www.bentonfood.com.au

Forster Squash Junior express tournament Forster Squash are holding a School Holiday Junior Express Tournament. Entires close 2nd July or when full. When Sun 5 Jul 2015. Cost $20. Where 16 Cross St, Forster NSW 2428. Contact Phone (02) 6554 6022, www.forstersquash.com. au or email forster.squash1@gmail.com Download entry forms from www.forstersquash.com.au



of FASHION A Showcase of amazing fashion from yesteryear



efresh our memories briefly about Forster Tuncurry Quota Club ...What are the aims of the club? Quota International Forster Tuncurry is a group of community minded women who together make a difference. We are a service club that raises money for local and international causes - a group of friends who get together and have fun through service. Working in the community, we support women and children through The Neighbourhood Centre and Homebase with soup, food hampers and warm rugs. Our other major aim is to give support in the area of speech and hearing and raise awareness within the community. The Young Ambassador programme with Years 8 and 9 students is an outstanding success, with the students researching our world service projects. Funds raised over the year enable us to support a wide range of projects, including Deaf Camp, Great Lakes College Scholarship, Great Lakes Respite Centre, Hunter Medical Stroke Research, Early Intervention Centre, cancer research and many others. This year, the Women's Refuge Appeal is our focus. Describe the Cavalcade of History and Fashion the club will be hosting on July 18th.What will happen on the day? The Cavalcade Luxury and Leisure Parade features fashions dating from the 1890s to the 1960s.The parade has 14 scenes showing clothes suitable for young ladies in the 1890s to preparing for a ball to celebrate Australia's

Federation, clothes for travel in Edwardian times, clothes worn shopping in the 1920s and at the races in the 1930s. Explore the spirit of make do and mend in the 1940s, delight in stylish sporting activities of the 1950s and conclude with the pinnacle of 1960s sophistication - the Debutante Money raised Ball. from the ticke t by When what times and where sales will be used urry nc Tu r te rs Fo will the event be held? Quota cal The Cavalcade will be held to support our lo unity m m co work in the on Saturday 18th July at 2pm we and the projec ts at Tuncurry Beach Bowling Club, ” t. or supp 21 Parkes Street, Tuncurry. How will monies raised by the Cavalcade be used to benefit the local community? Money raised from the ticket sales will be used by Quota Forster Tuncurry to support our local work in the community and the projects we support. However, the money raised from the raffle of a beautiful hand made quilt made by Quotarian Lorraine Gray will go towards the Women's Refuge Appeal. How much will tickets to the event cost, and where can they be purchased? Tickets cost $22 and include afternoon tea. They are available from ROSITA'S Floral Service, 66 Wharf Street, Forster: (02) 6555 6110 and from Yvonne Hughes: (02) 6554 0460 or Nerelle Duff: (02) 6555 9921 It is important to purchase tickets early, as only 300 will be sold. Thanks ladies. Photos: © Cavalcade Timeline Photography

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“The Smug”


was the incredible Dual View Touch Screen on the dash. t first glance I was a bit surprised at how much the Land Rover Discovery In practical terms, the driver can have navigational and Sport looked like a Range Rover. Clearly vehicle info on the right hand side of the screen, while the an intentional design change, and boy passenger can watch a DVD on the left side of the screen. ... does it look sexy. The central command system has many of the modern The Discovery range has a unique inclusions, such as Bluetooth connectivity, sat nav capability, and quite boxy structure, but the new look of the Discovery as well as a cranking sound system to belt out Mariah Sport is distinctly modernised and well sculptured. whilst navigating the Maria River Rd. The drive performance is really quite exciting The look and feel of the Discovery and even though we’re into an SUV in shape Sport interior is, in a word, sublime. and size, you’d swear you are driving a Its beautifully crafted and finished prestige sedan with all the trimmings. nd La e curves, lines and textures ooze th With I’m really loving the modern day ry ve co is D r ve prestige and comfort. Ro rd “inclusions wars”, as I call it. Which On the open road, the Sport, the standa ly al is essentially manufacturers adding inclusions are re 2.2L Diesel engine is more , more and more inclusions in their quite impressive d than enough to ensure the an standard range of vehicles to either with technology al re a acceleration and power needed safety features “out-do” a rival or to ensure more to get you up to speed and into standout .” value for money for the consumer. cruise mode. With the Land Rover Discovery Sport, What is of particular interest for the standard inclusions are really quite larger families is the optional extra two impressive, with technology and safety features a seats in a third row. These extra two lay real standout. There’s just as many options to customise perfectly flat to allow plenty of boot space up to a even more, depending on your preference for the use of staggering 981 litres in the Discovery Sport model. The the vehicle. second row of seats also lay flat to take an unusually large Given that this is a pretty serious four wheel drive load. Perfect if you’re unable to borrow that trailer for which has no impediment to being taken into some of the

toughest terrain, the option of “Wade Sensing” not only implies that this set of wheels can cross the river, it actually delivers critical info to the driver about the depth of the water in relation to the vehicle. Another key technology feature that stood out for me 12

manning-great lakes focus.

moving a couple of household items on the weekend. In summing up, the all-new Land Rover Discovery Sport is a top pick for me so far this year and well worth a much closer inspection. It really does deliver technology, capability, space, style and comfort incredibly well.

SNAPSHOT LAND ROVER DISCOVERY SPORT 2.2 L SD4 Engine & Gears - 2 Litre petrol, 2.2 litre diesel, TD4 and SD4 4x4. Manual or Automatic. Body - SUV 5 seats with optional extra two seats. Safety - 5 Star ANCAP Safety Rating. Fuel - Diesel (Auto version) 6.1/6.3 litres per 100 km. Range - 2.0 litre manual through to 2.2 litre 4WD diesel Auto.

FAST FACTS Five seater plus option of two extra seats. Technology laden updated model which amongst many more features includes, Wade Sensing, Active Driveline, Dual image Touchscreen and Park Assistance for both Parallel and Perpendicular Parking. WTF (What-Tha-Feature): Customer Configurable Mood lighting.



Get behind the wheel of the New Discovery Sport and discover our most versatile compact SUV to date. With a generous loadspace and the clever option of 5+2 seating, call us and experience the great indoors.

John Patrick Prestige Cars

169 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444 Phone: (02) 6584 1800 Web: www.jppc.com.au


from Great Lakes Winery

watch. steve attkins



ts location brings inherent vulnerabilities, and conflict is certainly no stranger. It is an interesting country that is enduring ongoing instability ... but what does this have to do with wine? Well, nothing ... but then, everything! Georgia is the world’s oldest wine producing nation and has a culture embedded with the nectar of the gods. The earliest archaeological evidence of wine production appears in Georgia in the pre-historic Neolithic period. This evidence is in the form of terracotta vessels called kvevri, used as fermentation vessels. Ancient architecture is adorned with vine motifs, and religious icons contain references to wine and the vines. In fact, winemaking was an academic pursuit in Georgia as far back as the 8th and 9th Centuries. The native grape vine varieties of Georgia provide a smorgasbord of vines to be experimented with here in Australia. Saperavi would be the most well known variety and indeed, there are some plantings here in Australia, in particular in the Rutherglen region, where we have enjoyed this exotic varietal. Saperavi is a deep red wine suitable for long term ageing (up to 50 years). It is used extensively as a blender in Georgia, boosting the lesser varietals. I mistakenly gave the few I bought away to a friend as a gift ... good excuse to visit again! Maybe even a variety worth exploring for planting here?

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Georgian winemaking process for me is the use of the terracotta vessels used for fermentation. This is where the artisan skills are highlighted and what intrigues me so much. Fermentation is all about temperature control, and the Georgians have mastered the technique of utilising the temperature controlling attributes of terracotta buried in the earth. This is a skill that has been developed over many years, and what a wonderful way to make wine ... In terracotta vessels embedded in the earth. One other key point to note about the artisan methods in Georgia which are commonly applied elsewhere in the world. The vineyards in Georgia take up four times the agricultural acreage for production than the vineyards of France, yet yield fewer grapes. There is the long held belief of cane pruning and following from that, quality vs. quantity - hence the lesser yield per acre/hectare. These beliefs are held by many Australian viticulturalists and vignerons as well. It is the true artisan craft shining through vs. the corporate demon focused on the dollars. I’m thinking I must have a little Georgian blood running through my veins myself, being a culture of drinking wine with meals while discussing the deeper questions of life ... feasting in Georgia is an experience in which wine is central. Sorry, got to go ... I’m booking a ticket to Georgia!


Wild Tales(M) 6:40pm Monday 27th July, Fay’s Twin Cinema.

aree Film Society presents the alarmingly wicked Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes) at 6:40pm Monday 27th July at Fay’s Twin Cinema. Director Damián Szifrón has executed a wonderfully entertaining revenge film comprised of six rebellious vignettes that are nothing short of what the title suggests - wild. A deadly case of road rage, a wedding gone wrong, accidental manslaughter… everyday situations in which the darkest side of good people shines through and proves there is an animal in all of us.

most unrestrained corners of the imagination. I began writing a series of short stories to vent my frustrations. When I put them together in one volume, I realised that they were connected by a series of themes that provided unity and coherence: they were all about catharsis, vengeance and destruction. And the undeniable pleasure of losing control. At that point where most of us would A deadly case repress - or get depressed of ro ad rage , these characters shift into a wedding gone gear. dental

Vulnerable in the face of a reality that shifts and suddenly turns unpredictwrong , acci ” Wild Tales was Argentina’s able, the characters of manslaughter… entry in the recent AcadWild Tales cross the thin emy Awards, and winner line that divides civilization of multiple international film and barbarism. A lover’s beawards, including the Goyas. trayal, a return to the repressed past and the violence woven into Tickets are $16, including chatting everyday encounters drive the characters with cakes and coffee. Or you can subto madness as they cede to the undeniable scribe to the 2015-2016 season at $110. For pleasure of losing control. further information, visit www.tareefilmsociety. Szifron explains: “These tales sprang from the

org.au or phone 6552 3476.

with Horticulturalist Neville Donovan - Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Beetroot AT ’ S I N WH


manning-great lakes focus.

A much loved root vegetable and a long time Australian favourite! Beetroots are available in common blood red varieties and have many shapes, colours and forms. They include cylindrical shapes, golden yellow colours and red and white stripes. Beetroots can be eaten freshly grated, juiced, steamed and roasted. Leafy tops can be eaten as well and are very nutritious, being high in iron and minerals. Enjoy these as an addition to garden salads or steamed like spinach.

a well drained friable soil with added organic matter such as compost or well rotted cow or horse manure that can be forked in lightly. An organic fertiliser can be added instead of manure and can also be used during the growing period if necessary, when soil fertility is lacking.

Beetroot is an excellent option to grow in small spaces, and they are well suited for container growing - which takes up little room. They are ready for picking from 70 - 90 days. Beetroot prefers

Sow beetroot seed direct into a lightly raked garden bed in rows that are spaced 20 - 25 cm apart. Thin out seedlings so that each plant is 10 cm apart. Smaller thinned out baby beets are

Planting can start from March - October in our region and in summers that are cooler than normal. They do well with at least half a day to a full day of sunshine.

tender and delicious when eaten young. Keep the plants moist, but not wet. Varieties to look out for: “Chiogga” - also named Candy Stripe, has an attractive red skin. Red and white rings when cut. It is tasty and sweet to eat and looks great sliced thinly in salads. “Burpees Golden” - gorgeous golden coloured flesh with a sweet flavour. The green leafy tops can be used like spinach. Ideal for kids, being non-staining, and has an outstanding flavour. “Detroit Red” - round dark red beetroot up to 12 cm across and has a smooth, tender, sweet flavour.

Matters. [ wit h A la n T ickle ]

legallight. Can I sue if a dog

e? [ witaht tAa cl ak sn mTickle ]



nder NSW law dog owners have legal responsibility for their dog’s actions. The owner can be liable for any injury or damage caused by their dog. A victim may be able to claim for damages, compensation, financial loss and medical expenses from the owner. Nathan Luke of Stacks Law Firm said it would be wise to seek legal advice on this matter as success will depend on the individual circumstances. Generally a claim would be made against the owner’s home and contents insurance or the owner. He warns there are time limits, so seek legal advice early. “Dog attacks usually happen when the dog is unrestrained in a park with the owner nearby, or the dog escaped a property,” he said. “To be successful in a claim, the victim needs to establish the owner’s negligence in not restraining the dog, and that the dog was not provoked into an attack.” Injuries caused by a person falling from a horse or bicycle when a dog races up and barks have been found to be grounds to claim for compensation against the owner. There are exceptions. If the victim provoked the dog, for example by climbing into a back yard where the dog is kept, if the dog was

defending its owner or property, or if the victim teased the dog, liability could be waived. If someone else is in charge of the dog when it attacks then the person who is responsible for the dog at the time, provided they are over the age of 16, can be held liable. Owners who train or encourage their dogs to be aggressive, harass or threaten a person or another animal can be charged even if the dog didn’t actually cause harm. Police and Corrective Services are exempt. If a dog injures another dog, compensation can be sought under the Companion Animals Act. This could include compensation for any veterinary bills and medications required because of the injury. Owners of a dog that attacks another animal can be charged with a criminal offence under the Act if the local council decides to prosecute. Owners of “menacing” dogs can be forced by councils to put a muzzle on the dog even if they haven’t bitten anyone. Dog owners can help to prevent attack and damage by ensuring that their dog is not able to enter public places without proper supervision, by taking precautions to be able to restrain the dog around other people and by having their dogs properly trained with the assistance of an expert.

Dear Alan, I am concerned about the mixed reports on the changes to Centrelink assets test. It was claimed that most will be better off, but I’m not so sure. My husband recently died, and I am now only getting $650 per fortnight single pension due to assets, but this will drop to $100 from January 2017 ? CP Dear CP, It is interesting that analysts from The Combined Pensioners & Superannuants Association and a report from the Industry Superannuation Funds have been quoted in Metropolitan press just this week, that backs up the claims I stated in an earlier edition of Money Matters, that questioned the Government’s sums and the logic in their methodology and highlights circumstances such as yours. To quote from the SMH report on June 22nd: “The changes lift the assets-test free limit for homeowner couples from $286,500 to $375,000 but withdraw the pension much faster than before, by $3 for every $1,000 of assets over the limit rather than $1.50”. A supplementary submission to the inquiry by Industry Super says the tables presented with the budget focus on the changes to the pension assets test without acknowledging that access to the pension is also governed by an income test, which “deems” income from assets. The more restrictive test prevails (this was also pointed out in Money Matters) Recalculating the government’s figures to include both tests, Industry Super finds a homeowner couple with assets of $375,000 would be no better off under the changes, not the $2,984 better off as claimed by the government. “The gains for pensioners with lower levels of assets are either considerably overestimated or non-existent,” the submission says.

The story supports my assertions in the earlier Money Matters article; however, I don’t necessarily agree with all that is contained in the SMH story. For instance, those who have pre- 1st January 2015 account based pensions, are likely to be better off from January 2017, with assets at the mid-level of $290,000 for a single pensioner or around $380,000 for a couple due to the favourable income test treatment. I have no doubt that the $3 reduction per thousand will force changes in retirement income strategy for those with higher asset levels. As I reported in the earlier Money Matters story, the $3 per thousand reduction is the equivalent of 7.8% return pa. The timing of the changes when interest rates are so low, will encourage asset wasting, which is not a smart thing to facilitate. There may be changes as part of the next election before January 2017, but in the meantime, the fact that the changes have been supported in the senate means that those affected will have to live with this and consider strategy that delivers more self-funded income. The pension will more than ever be a safety net, but it is the challenge of investing in such a low interest rate environment that warrants more effective advice on boosting returns. There is also the challenge of longevity. We are living longer, and there is a fair chance that a healthy 75 year old will live to their 90s or become a centurion. This means that taking health and family history into account, needs to be a consideration when constructing a portfolio, simply because the assets have to perform longer to meet the longevity challenge. The removal or reduction of Centrelink income support further adds to the need for sound strategy advice on delivering retirement income with asset growth to maintain purchasing power.

This information and advice is of a general nature only and no reliance should be placed on the information before seeking individual advice from a Financial Planner and Taxation Adviser to ensure the appropriateness to individual circumstances. Alan Tickle and Your Heritage Financial Planning are both authorised representatives of Securitor Financial Group AFSL 240687 ABN 48009189495.

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palliative care



he accident happened when a ute crashed into a gas bottle at the Serves You Right café, causing a major explosion. The driver of the ute is thought to have had a stroke or heart attack and remains in a coma. Café manager Nicole Nyholt died three days after the accident, and café customer Margaret Clark died a few days ago. Seven people remain in a critical condition in Brisbane hospitals. Nine other people are being treated for burns and other injuries in hospitals across the state. RBWH burns unit director Dr Michael Rudd said victims of the explosion would be undergoing operations for the next six to eight weeks. Money is needed for airline vouchers for families visiting loved ones, sarongs for a female burns victim, phone cards, food vouchers and taxi cards. “The accident made me think about what it would be like if this happened to us and how



important local cafés are to a rural town; they are often the hub of the community, creating a safe and friendly atmosphere for patrons,” said Donna. “Last week I made contact with Ken Jack from the Ravenshoe Chamber of Commerce. He said the Ravenshoe community was struggling to comprehend the tragedy and could do with all the help they could get to rebuild their community and help the victims and their families.” Donna is asking all café owners to ask their patrons for just $1 on their bill; Bent on Food staff have also offered to give up their tips for the Ravenshoe community. On 1st July we are asking cafés to donate $1 from every coffee sold. All money raised will be distributed to Givit. Cafés can contact Donna at: donna@ bentonfood.com.au or anyone can give through Givit: www.givit.org.au


udy Hollingworth, local resident and convenor of the meeting, says Manning Valley people have been inspired by the significant achievements of the Great Lakes Hospice community group in Forster, and by the “Push for Palliative” groups set up recently throughout regional NSW. “Quality care is provided by the dedicated Manning Valley professionals, hospitals and community health team, but increasing numbers of local people affected by incurable illness - and their carers - need greater access to palliative care,“ Judy says. The community group would assist professionals and volunteers to meet that need. Judy says a long-term objective could be to provide a Manning Valley hospice. “My family have had wonderful experiences with palliative services. They make a huge difference to patients and carers,” she adds. Judy is a certified palliative care volunteer with

the local district of Hunter New England Health, and is also assisting on a University of Newcastle research project into advance-care planning. She says the public meeting is already receiving generous support. Two experts who have agreed to speak are Dr Colin Rose OAM, a Taree GP who has long supported palliative-care patients and teams, and Dr Yvonnne McMaster OAM, a retired palliative specialist doctor from Sydney and tireless campaigner for palliative services in regional NSW. Elizabeth Fisher OAM, President of Great Lakes Hospice Inc. will aslso speak. Club Taree has kindly made a meeting room available. The meeting will be held at 6pm on Tuesday 4th August at Club Taree. For more information or to register, contact Judy on 0409 558 652 or judy@globallearning.com. au. Photo: Judy Hollingworth and Trish Hayes sing to Palliative Care Volunteers group, at the Nabiac Uniting Church Hall.

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fresh salmon and quinoa salad with zuchini, mint tahnini yogurt from bent on food.

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the Reef

Flow cafÉ. restaurant. bar.

Escape the everyday at The Reef


Looking for the ultimate comfort food to cope with those chilly winter days? We have introduced a new winter menu featuring a delicious confit lamb boudin, crispy fried pork belly and our divine chochazelnut brownie with salted caramel. We still have our $15 lunches, with new dishes created daily.

Christmas is far too good to only have once a year!

The Reef is available for your next function or wedding; please visit www.reefbargrill.com.au for more information.

Flow Bar invites you to celebrate Christmas in July with family, friends or staff over a scrumptious two or three course meal. Warm your hearts and bellies fireside whilst enjoying a wonderfully festive feast, Friday 24th and Saturday 25th July 2015 from 6:30pm. Head Chef Peter Tjourneland

$42 per person - 2 course menu. $52 per person - 3 course dinner, set menu. PH 6557 4224 to make a reservation. Visit www.flowbar.com.au to see our regular à la carte winter menu and the July live music lineup.

Shop 1 Reef Apartments, Wharf St, Forster 6555 7092

31 David St, Old Bar Beach 6557 4224 Tuesday - Sunday: breakfast & lunch 8am - 3pm. Thurs - Sat: dinner from 6pm. Please see facebook.com/flowcafe for happy hour, weekly live music and menus.

Open daily for lunch from 12pm. Open Monday - Saturday for dinner from 6pm.

Salt & pepper fried baby calamari on fresh herb and sprout salad with thai dressing

bent on food

Spice Monkey

The region’s most awarded café restaurant.

We are Forster’s newest restaurant, and we want to immerse you in the diverse flavours of Asia.

Why not take in a coffee, a meal and a glass of wine in our beautiful kitchen garden, or book a cooking class. We can cater for your special event - on and offsite. Specialising in weddings.

Our sushi is prepared in front of you at our unique sushi bar and our delicious Asian fusion cuisine, served share plate style, will take you on a food adventure, with Shanghai steamed prawn dumplings, katsu curry and loads more.

Not just a café, but a destination.

Open 7 days a week - and Friday night for dinner; bookings greatly appreciated. Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July - Cheesemaking with Carole Willman.

Head Chef Simon Livingston

We have live music Friday nights from 5:30, so come try our own Monkey Magic beer as you watch the stunning sunset from the deck.

Friday 10th July - $1 from every coffee to help Ravenshoe Café victims and their families.

Chefs Trent Tesoriero and Brian Rout


Sunday 19th July - Brendan Gallagher live. Thursday 24th July - winemakers dinner with Alex Retief.

95 Isabella St, Wingham 6557 0727 www.bentonfood.com.au Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Open 7 days and Friday and Saturday nights for dinner.

Shop 3, Reef Apartments, Wharf St Forster. Access via Memorial Drive. 6554 8767 Open Tuesday - Sunday 11.30am till late.

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an you please introduce yourself small casual gatherings, large cocktail parties or to our readers and your new formal seated three course occasions. role at Flow Bar and Café? Small groups can order directly from the à la Hi, I am Clint Williams, Head carte menu, or we can work with the group to Chef at Flow in Old Bar. Food is my come up with a set menu. Larger groups of 20+ passion; creating and putting up good can choose from our special function food is what gets me out of bed menus: the Tapas Menu, which is each day, along with the help more a cocktail/canapé style of a Dirty Chai Latte each served on platters; or the I would have to morning (Chai with a shot ite two and three Course ur say my favo of espresso). be ld alternate drop menu. ingredient wou What experience g with If you’re planning a es . Love cookin ic sp have you had in the e just so spices - there ar unique! function, keep an eye industry, and what so many and each out for our upcoming e my ar will you bring to s ed se in m Cu special events; the Flow? favourite .” Christmas in July evenings I have had many on the 24th and 25th July, as years’ experience as a chef advertised in this month’s Dining in the Manning Valley upon

completion of my qualifications on the Central Coast. I gained experience working in both fine dining and modern cafés. My aim is to continue to develop the menu, use quality meats, seafood and bring in new and local produce from the area and add a twist to modern Australian cuisine. With winter now in full swing, what dishes are on the menu that are becoming the most popular? As the cold weather is upon us and wholesome winter vegetables readily available, our warming menu has a range of new dishes that have been selling very well, such as the lamb rump with roasted seasonal vegetables, as well as the beef and Guinness pie from our weekly specials board, which has been very popular. Can you tell us about the options our readers have if they are looking at holding a function at Flow? Functions are a big part of the business, with Flow being the perfect venue for celebrations. We offer special function menus, catering for 20

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Guide. Coming soon will be the first Chef’s Table, where I get an opportunity to create an innovative and exciting 5 - 7 course degustation menu - it will be something truly special. What is your favourite ingredient to cook with and why? I would have to say my favourite ingredient would be spices. Love cooking with spices - there are just so many and each so unique! Cumin seeds are my favourite. There are so many ways to utilise Cumin. I think when spice is used in the right way, it can complement the dish well. Why do you think dining out is so popular in our area with not only locals, but the many tourists who visit our town? I believe that the Manning Valley is becoming an off the beaten track foodie destination. From countryside to the ocean, the dynamic landscape produces such a wide range of local and quality ingredients. Thanks Clint.







i Murray. Many have already seen The Australian Tenors perform, but perhaps some people don’t know quite so much about each individual performer. How and when did you first discover you had a fantastic tenor voice? Each of the guys have their own individual singing careers, so getting the five of us can be somewhat of a challenge - but it does happen! We always say it’s really worthwhile coming and having a listen to us when it does happen, because the times we can get together are often few and far between. I started singing with a high school musical in Year 12, Fiddler on the Roof, and after that it was actually my mum who organised lessons for me with the retired Australian tenor, Raymond McDonald - a fantastic tenor, who was from the era of Donald Smith - who was also a really well known Australian tenor. It wasn’t until I was 28 that I made my debut with Opera Australia. Up until that time they were hunting around for some young tenors to play the roles of an apprentice in The Master-singers of Nuremberg, and that’s when I made my debut. You’ve performed in so many operas since, but which character have you played that you feel you most relate to? I always enjoy anything I do … and that’s so wide and varied, but I really have to say that

apprentice in The Maspre (Friends for Life) We have a great ve lo e ter-singers of Nuremfrom the Barcelona w time e w d an , berg. I was heavily Olympic Games. What do what we tes ea rm pe at involved with the proare some of your th hope e th ut ho ug duction - a lot of stage personal favourites to ro th they time, a lot of singing perform? audience whe n .” come and see us time - and it’s also just a We really love to sing wonderful opera. It was our Australian repertoire, also my first experience in so opening the concert we the opera world, so it really is establish who we are - which is a highlight of my career, making a group of Australian singers. The that debut. opening song is actually composed and What do you enjoy most being a part arranged by one of the tenors, who’s also of the Australian Tenors quintet? quite an accomplished composer and arranger I really enjoy singing with the other guys. We outside his singing career. It’s a fantastic piece all do a lot of solo work, so I like the frivolity called My Country Australia. Then we have our of performing with your mates! There’s a lot of other Aussie numbers, which the audience love interaction occurring on stage, but also behind they really get involved, and when we’re singing the scenes - which the audience won’t know these numbers, we feel very proud and inspired. about! There’s often a twinkle in the eye when This is a favourite part of our repertoire. we look at each other, because we all know We also sing How Great thou Art … and the what’s transpired. There’s the fun of trying to manner in which the five of us approach this outdo each other with the high notes, or the makes it such a stirring piece. The whole repertricky aspects of the music … toire is there to make people laugh and to make And the pleasure of coming together with people cry; it inspires people. It will be a whole some of the tracks and the blend that we’re range of emotions the audience can experience. able to bring together as a group - it’s very You’ve travelled to so many amazing vensatisfying… ues throughout your career. How much do The repertoire for the Songs from the Heart you enjoy being able to present shows of concerts is very extensive and includes arias this calibre to regional Australia? such as La Donna e Mobile, duets Some I absolutely love it. To a large degree, people Enchanted Evening and The Prayer, and aren’t always able to get along to the opera moving pieces such as Amigos Para Siemhouses of the world, or to the big cities … and

we’re Australians! We want to be able to take what we do, the type of singing and music we perform, to country and regional Australia - so they can experience it too. This is what it’s all about … It’s a special craft: the type of singing, the techniques we use. And you can hear it live! You often hear this type of music on recordings, on CDs, so to be able to present it live is a real pleasure for us. We love getting out and about … We have a great time - we love what we do, and we hope that permeates throughout the audience when they come and see us. Final words … We don’t want people thinking, “This is opera, so we must just sit here and clap at the end” … We actually want people to become involved. We like to get hands clapping, people singing Waltzing Matilda … We really try to encourage lots of participation from the audience, so they can enjoy it and have a great time as well. Thanks Murray.

the plug! See The Australian Tenors at the MEC on July 26, at 2pm. Tickets cost: $65 adult, $60 concession and $55 group 8+/student Visit: www.mec.gtcc.nsw.gov.au

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THE INXS Tribute show Live Baby Live! Friday 10th July at 8pm.



Founder/Executive Chef of The Sicilian


full service restaurant is a place where you’re seated and you don’t have to do anything; your table is set, then a waiter or waitress comes and takes your order, brings your food and refills your drinks. They check on you from time to time to make sure everything is alright. Limited service is where you seat yourself, you order at a window or register. Then they bring it to you or you fill your own plate like a buffet. Nobody is there to check on you when you need something. There is nothing wrong with this type of service when the quality and price of the food right. We’ve all gone to places that have surprised us with either how wonderful or terrible the service was. Often the customer service experience can be quite bland with places that have delicious food or view but where you would avoid going for a good service experience. However, this article is about trying to help you to pinpoint where to go for the absolute best customer service and where to avoid going. I don’t want to put people or places down because of a forgotten fork! As a restaurant owner, when guests come to our restaurant, we should treat them as if they’re friends visiting our home. Treating our guests with care and providing an exceptional place for them to enjoy a meal is part of the reason they will come back to our restaurant again. We have a saying in our family: “When you’re in, you’re family.” This is the creed we follow in all our venues. Here’s a question. When you as a guest go through restaurant doors, what do you expect? I always advise my staff that when guests enter our restaurant, they should feel as though they are in a special, comfortable place. This level of comfort demands an impeccable level of attention to detail: • Be sure the strength of the light suits the tone you wish to portray to your guests. • Choose music carefully. Make sure the volume of your music is audible but not distracting. Music should help create the ambience rather than overwhelm it. • Decorate appropriately. Decorate your restaurant with a special, unique theme or focal point. • Keep the restaurant spotless. Even a quick service restaurant needs to demonstrate a high standard of cleanliness for customers to feel good 22

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about the quality of food. • Maintain the temperature. Maintain a comfortable inside temperature in your building. 21°C is usually acceptable. Minimize drafts or hot spots from lights as much as possible. Perhaps even more important than food quality and the price is the service the customers experience from the time they enter the restaurant until the time they walk out the doors. I believe in any restaurant or food service environment, speaking to customers should always involve the utmost respect and courtesy. This goes for all workers, from drive-thru attendants to servers at finedining establishments. This is rather idealistic. However, restaurant workers should follow these general guidelines when speaking with customers: • Use respectful titles, such as “Sir” and “Ma’am.” • Be optimistic and speak with a smile. • Never interrupt or talk over guests’ conversations if you can help it. • Know your menu so you can speak intelligently to educate guests. • Listen with respect and care to what the customer has to say. • Be sure you ask questions to clarify a customer’s order if there is any confusion. • Be honest and straight-forward with customers at all times, especially if there is a problem. To finish this article was difficult. But after all, as a professional restaurateur, I know that full, well-rounded service costs big money to maintain. I know of a very successful, local business in Forster that follows these principles. This café has been here for many years and is most probably the local and tourist favourite. It has a good name, great food and unbelievable location. It’s one way-service is paralleled with value for money and you’ll definitely be satisfied when leaving. Honestly, when my family comes from Sydney, Beach Bums is always on their list. I personally, highly recommend this local, honest, food café. Great job to the fellows at Beach Bums; keep up the good work! So the next time you choose to go to a café or restaurant, think to yourself. What are you really paying for? Gabriel Darzi Executive Chef The Sicilian Restaurant

The INXS Tribute Show is Australia’s premier rendition of one of the most iconic bands in Australian history. Live Baby Live! brings together a group of musicians who have a combined 40+ years’ experience playing music and performing live. Live Baby Live! delivers a stunning replication of all the classic INXS tracks, performing songs from their first album all the way through to their latest hits. Frontman Guy Collings is a natural born performer and brings the late great Michael Hutchence to life on stage, bearing a striking resemblance to Hutchence in both sound and looks. Let Live Baby Live! take you back to a time when Rock and Roll ruled. THE GIRLS OF COUNTRY TOUR Sunday 19th July at 2pm Amber Lawrence leads the way with The Girls Of Country Tour. A brand new touring concept fronted by Amber and featuring guest country artists Aleyce Simmonds and Christie Lamb,

The Girls Of Country Tour takes a leaf out of the former sellout show Songbirds (Beccy Cole, Gina Jeffreys and Sara Storer) to feature the new breed of award winning female country artists, who are leading the pack and resurgence of country music in Australia. In a two hour show, audiences can not only expect to hear the hits from three of the hottest young female country artists today, but they will also be treated to some very special “trio” performances. Whilst there’s some similarity between the three artists all being country singers, there’s certainly a huge disparity with their styles. Amber kicks it up with up-tempo, fun and sassy tunes interspersed with personal stories and heartfelt poignant ballads that she’s become well known for. Christie Lamb rocks it out, and Aleyce brings in the balance with more mid-tempo reflective style and tunes backed up with her exceptional vocals. The limited tour and show has heart and soul and will be thoroughly entertaining, and it goes without saying, great value for money!




hat are your roles and responsibilities at Club Taree? I’ve just started a new role here at Club Taree as Brand and Communications Manager. I’ve been employed at Club Taree for four and a half years, previously in the role of Business Development Manager. The role of Brand and Communications Manager is a new role for Club Taree which includes aligning our products and services, culture and internal and external engagement with our “Brand”, engaging with the community through the development and interaction of the Club Taree Community Team, liaising and building relationships with our supporters, sponsored groups and community partners, guiding the internal “creative” team, while also taking on more traditional marketing duties, organising entertainment and coordinating membership. The establishment of the role has already been well accepted by the community, our partners, sponsored groups and members, as it provides an avenue for more meaningful community engagement and more project based activities within Club Taree. A great example of this is the establishment of the Club Taree Community Team. Management has made a commitment to all our team members to pay them for four hours of community service within our local community each year. It is hoped (and is already the case) that our team members will support the community well above these four paid hours. It really is a great community initiative. The Community Team is here to help; we have already been able to aide local community groups, projects, charities and individuals by providing labour, a helping hand and support. Le Tour de Taree ... please share with us

how the idea for this event came about? Each quarter our creative team holds a series of meetings, which aid to build the next quarter’s programme. We started discussing July, and we came across firstly Bastille Day, and then the le Tour de France. One team member joked that we should do the le Tour de Taree. GREAT IDEA, we all thought. A quick Google search found us committing ourselves to a ride perhaps a little longer than expected! We had also indicated earlier in the year that we wanted to come up with something that would help raise money for Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW. It was the perfect fit, really. So in essence, le Tour de Taree is our Tribute to the le Tour de France and was built on an ad hoc comment from one of our team members. What will be involved with this event? It was decided that we would match the distance of the le Tour de France - 3,344 km. The distance will be covered as a whole across our participating team members. Logistics dictate that we still need to keep the club running, so we’ll have the three bikes set up in the Club Taree Members Lounge. Not all of our team can participate, but those who can’t will cheer us on and help with the fundraising. Even before we start, we have 30 staff signed up to ride. We did make the ride relevant to Australia - the town of Larrimah in the Northern Territory. Larrimah is exactly 3,344 kilometres from Club Taree, 128 kilometres south east of Katherine and is home to 11 people. It’s known as being the home of the Giant NT Stubby, which sits proudly in the main street, next to a concrete Pink Panther. We will track our progress, both on the Tour de France route and also our Australian route. We are mirroring the Tour de France, so we will have 22 days to complete the distance. Where will funds raised go?

All funds raised are going straight to Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW. Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW (RMHNN) creates, supports and operates programmes that directly improve the health and wellbeing of sick or injured children and their families. Rhiannon Curtis, Mid North Coast Community Liaison Officer for RMHNN has said, “With the generosity of organisations like Club Taree and the businesses and individuals that are sponsoring your riders, we will be able to support more families by providing a home away from home at Ronald McDonald House in Newcastle, as well a place to relax and recharge in our Family Room, just down the hall from their sick child’s ward in the John Hunter Children’s Hospital. Each week we have up to five families from the Mid North Coast staying at the House in Newcastle … “We also support families of sick children with a much needed break at our Ronald McDonald Family Retreat, right here on the Mid North Coast in Forster. We have over 100 families already booked in to stay; 10 of those families are from the Mid North Coast …” How can community members become involved? Community members can become involved by supporting our team members. Each of our staff members have been issued with a sponsorship form. We have 80 staff at Club Taree - most locals would know someone who works here; maybe they would like to set them a challenge, sponsor per kilometre ridden, or make a one off donation. Also, please feel free to call into Club Taree and make a donation at any one of the six donation points throughout the club. We have set up a My Cause Fundraising page online at www.mycause.com.au Search for le Tour de Taree. This page will be open,

taking donations until the ride is completed. We are also seeking corporate sponsorship and have packages of $2,000, $1,000, $500, $200 and $100 available. If anyone is interested in signing up as a corporate sponsor, please feel free to contact me. Our Internal Clubs, Community Partners and Associates have also been asked to lend a hand through donations and fundraising where possible. We have a great membership base and know our members will support us where they can. If you can’t donate, please feel free to come into the Club and cheer us on, and offer support through motivation. Do you have a ball park figure you’re aiming for? We stepped out pretty boldly and have advertised the fact that we would love to raise $20,000 for Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW. We understand that this will be a challenge, but I know all of our team members will do everything we can to help raise the $20,000. Ideally, we also want to highlight the great work that Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW does with local families. Who would you like to acknowledge for supporting le Tour de Taree? First of all, our staff. Anytime Fitness has come on board by donating the use of the three bikes which will be used for the event. Also, the support of our members, internal clubs, sponsored groups and partners who have been able to contribute to our fundraising. More info … We will be tracking our progress daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For any questions or donations, please contact me at Club Taree on 6539 4000 or email pallan@clubtaree.com.au Thanks Paul. manning-great lakes focus.



Annie Sloan Paint Class

Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival

Kirby Reece and wife Diane

Seri and Alan’s Wedding

Seri and Alan’s Wedding

Hunter and Smoke



or my own business, I always look forward to a new year, as I like new beginnings very much and I am hoping for a few of my own this year. Whilst on the subject, I would like to wish our very lovely customers and friends Lis and Vern Harvey all the very best for their new future in Wauchope. We will miss them very much, as they visited us just about every day. So many people touch your heart when you are in a business that deals with people; there are always new people moving into town, people leaving, lives beginning and sadly, some ending. A café is a meeting place, the hub of the town, which is why I was taken aback by the Ravenshoe Café gas explosion that took the lives of two of their locals, injuring another 18. We are raising funds for the victims and their families and asking other local cafés to join us. Contact me or drop by for more information on how to raise funds or donate. Wingham was booked out from Friday 29th May to Sunday, May 31st, when clans from all over the country and beyond descended on the town. The 2015 Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival was another success, with lots of tartan and bagpipes, a spot of haggis, highland games and some Scottish dancing. A shortbread competition was judged by the wonderful ladies of the CWA, and a braveheart poet’s breakfast was held at the Anglican Church Hall. We were thrilled to welcome Byron Bay


with Donna Carrier from Bent on Food.

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So here we are at the beginning of another financial year; this means a lot to me, as my partner is an accountant, where everything is measured in financial years.

held, and Seri wears her grandmother’s band Hunter and Smoke to Bent on Food engagement ring. There were lots of tears on Friday 29th May. The trio is made up of from the kids, Kriya and Eric, with Eric passing Luke Horsfield on guitar, Alessandro Berra on tears of happiness to everyone. Following on bass and Dominic. T. Rado on violin. Their the ceremony, 45 people enjoyed delicious music covers a wide range of styles and canapés’, seafood and a lovely lolly bar grooves, from cinematic soundtracks through overlooking the ocean from Seri’s parents’ to swing and jazz fusion. They manage home at Redhead. There were some to cover a variety of genres while still fabulous speeches, and I am told by maintaining their original sounds those who understood, that and compositions. These guys the one in pidgin English are brilliant, and we can’t from Seri’s Godparents, wait to see them again le op pe Carolyn and Brian soon. So many t Lynch, was very On 2nd May we touch your he ar ss a busine amusing. But by far catered for the when you are in people; that deals with the most moving wedding of another s new there are alway speech came from beautiful couple, n, into tow people moving Kriya, who spoke Seri Challis and lives people leaving, e m so y, of her happiness Alan Sercombe. dl beginning and sa to have Seri as her The ceremony was ending .” mother; it was so to take place on beautiful, I even shed the headland and the a tear. It was a perfect reception was planned at wedding, and we were so a local restaurant. The entire happy that everything turned out wedding had to be re-organised beautifully for this lovely couple. Seri’s makeup when the restaurant closed (that’s when was by Renee Saundercock, hair by Mandii we were brought in) and then it poured Burns, photography by Meg and flowers by with rain in the week leading up to the Daralea. wedding. The ceremony was held at the On the same day, part of my team was out Hallidays Point Community Church, which catering for a very special 80th birthday party was decorated beautifully by Seri’s sister with a gathering for 35 people who travelled and her husband with 300 candles, roses from all over the state to attend Kirby Reece’s and a red carpet; Wendy Ballard officiated. birthday. A beautiful banquet was enjoyed at Seri felt an attachment to the church, as it the home of Adrian and Terri Reece at Mitchell was where her grandmother’s funeral was

Island. Guests included wife Dianne, children Nik, Adrian and Sim, five grandchildren and sister Nancy. Photography was by Kristy Bates. One hundred years of women in the NSW police force was commemorated last month with a baton relay and a community engagement event held in Taree. A custom made police baton is making its way around NSW and made it to Taree at the end of June. The official launch of the relay was held at the Sydney Opera House to coincide with International Women’s Day on March 8th. NSW boasts 4,542 female sworn officers and 2,582 unsworn officers, with major achievements for women in Local Area Commands and specialist units. Speeches were presented by Inspector Christine George of the Manning Great Lakes Area Command, Taree City Mayor Paul Hogan and Member for Myall Lakes Stephen Bromhead. Forty children from Krambach Public School enjoyed a cooking class with Wendy and I on Tuesday 16th June. The children were beautifully behaved, and it was great to have teachers and volunteer parents there to assist us. The pizza dough was excellent, and they made fabulous lemonade. The children also went for an excursion to Wingham Historical Museum and enjoyed a walk in the Wingham Brush. I would love to hear from you if you have any social events, weddings, parties anything! Send pics and info to donna.carrier@bigpond.com Cheers, Donna.



Sundowner Tiona’s unique lake and beachfront location, breathtaking views and impeccable service leave our couples and their guests with an unforgettable experience on their special day.


e are fortunate to have a multitude of options for ceremony locations. Imagine exchanging your vows on a grassy expanse under the palm trees just steps from the shore of the picturesque Wallis Lake. This location is perfect for ceremony, pre-drinks and canapés, wedding photos and simply somewhere to relax and enjoy the amazing view. Sunsets are definitely a specialty! The reception centre is a classic style, architecturally designed with brilliant natural light and unobstructed water frontage, a simple space yet perfect for you to put your signature touch on the very usable open plan. Our venue has a full commercial kitchen that can cater easily up to 250 guests cocktail style or 150 seated comfortably. The outdoor waterfront lawn area can host up to 500 people with the correct styles of marquees and additional facilities. Our Wedding Packages are simple, affordable and full of potential. The packages offer the idyllic scenarios of either taking advantage of the freedom to implement your own signature to your wedding, or to simply leave it to our team of service

providers to do what they do best. What makes us stand out? Our venue offers total privacy for our couples and their guests; the location simply cannot be beaten. The venue is dedicated to weddings, and thus our couples can be assured exclusivity. Enjoy having the freedom of bringing your own special touch to your ceremony and reception décor. We provide the “white canvas” within our packages, which allows couples the freedom in bringing the creativity with your own décor or providing your own stylist. Sundowner Tiona Wedding Menus To ensure the decadence of our menus are clearly highlighted, we believe it’s best the bride and groom liaise directly with our amazing chefs in introducing the menus. Any special requests, dietary requirements or additions can also be discussed directly. Sundowner Tiona Bar Services Professional advice and competitive packages are available for our clients. One of our unique services is that we offer a BYO facility at Sundowner Tiona, thus ensuring much wider options when it comes to affordability and your preferences on styles and

brands. Accommodation The best incentive for staying at Sundowner Tiona is that the accommodations are a simple walk from the reception venue. Online discounts are available for wedding guests. We have a simple code we will provide for couples to slip into their invitations, or save the date. What can brides expect at the Open Day on Sunday 13th September? A fantastic day of wedding planning is on offer at our Wedding Fair. Guests are invited to indulge in samples provided by our magnificent catering team and meet with local wedding experts, including photographers, celebrants, makeup artists, DJs and musicians and more. This allows couples to arrange their whole wedding in one location and find inspiration to create their ideal dream wedding at Sundowner Tiona. Can you tell us about the catering options that are available? Matt from XS Foods supplies both canapé cocktail and sit down menus to Tiona Sundowner Weddings as part of their Prestige and Grande Wedding Packages they have on offer.

Where do you source all your ingredients from? With over 65 years’ combined industry experience, we are passionate about delicious, fresh and beautifully presented food. We source local produce and prepare food on-site or in our own commercial kitchen. So how did XS Catering and Sundowner Tiona come together? Sundowner Tiona’s Director Simon Luke says, “We worked extremely hard to secure XS as our exclusive caterer and were so delighted when the team decided to represent our weddings. “I have had the benefit of working alongside XS for many years through a range of other events that have ranged from food and music festivals, corporate events and boutique dinner parties. “I’ve watched XS handle numbers from 20 to 2,000, and they have always showcased their ability to be able to adapt so well to the clients’ specific requirements. These unique attributes have made for the icing on the cake for such a beautiful venue as Sundowner Tiona and the Green Cathedral.”

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Family Fun • W E E K E N D •



i Jim. July 4th and 5th expecting to be showcased? will mark the sixth There will be around 22 car clubs from annual Forster Keys Sydney, Newcastle, Taree, Port Macquarie, Family Fun weekend, Port Stephens, Tea Gardens, Dungog, organised by the Tilgerry and Forster-Tuncurry represented Forster Keys Progress on the weekend. and ratepayers Association Inc. Where Some of the beautiful vehicles we’re will the event be held this year, and expecting this year include a Maserati Gran what time will action commence each Turismo Sports, and a Ferrari 308. day? I understand onlookers will also be Yes, last year’s event attracted an able to view a very special car - a estimated crowd of over recreation of the 1957 Aston 7,000 people, and we’re Martin DBR2 that won expecting our sixth at Le Mans in 1959! event to be bigger Yes, the DBR and better than There’ ll be a series was originally giant children’s ever! designed for the ping playground , jum Once again, 2½ Litre Le Mans s, castle , pony ride d you can Formula for 1956, an merry-go-round t experience all the and though it gs mini jeeps, amon action at Elizabeth was retired - it other activities!” Parade, Forster was a good design. Keys. The event In 1957, the cars commences at 10am achieved success at SPA on Saturday 4th July for and Nurburgring, and again boats only, with the main day, in 1958 and 1959. In 1959, Sunday 5th, at 9am. Aston Martin achieved first and Describe the various activities that second place at Le Mans, with drivers will take place on each day … Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori. On Saturday 4th July there will be a huge The owner of this specially recreated speedboat practice and display, with loads Aston Martin, Les Johnson, had the car of thrilling action on the water. constructed using all Aston Martin parts. Sunday 5th July is when the majority of It was built in Christchurch, New Zealand, the action will take place, with a classic by a man named Rod Tempero, over a five car display, a speedboat spectacular, year period. over 50 market stalls, Zumba dancing As Les explained, the hefty $7million demonstrations, a dog show, a display USD price tag to own an original DBR2 was of stationary engines and power model way out of his budget - plus, only two of sailboats, the Great Lakes Band will play … the vehicles were ever actually made! and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! The car has been on tour over in Europe, Tell us more about the car display. and it’s now back in Australia for us to What types of vehicles are you enjoy.


manning-great lakes focus.

From race cars to speedboats … what type of action are you expecting on the water this year? There’ll be a variety of powerful boats to watch, from classic former raceboats, to modern “fire breathing monsters”. Two of the boats we can expect to see are “Chevy”, Danny McGuire’s flat bottom inboard and “Torrens Title”, which is owned by Grant Torrens. Grant still holds the World Water Speed record of 238.18 km/hour. He bought “Possessed” three years ago, and has since renamed the vessel “Torrens Title”. Why would you encourage people to bring their dogs along on July 5th? Our dog show provides plenty of fun. There are always heaps of entries, and there are five different classes - there’s bound to be something to suit your dog! There are prizes for small dog, large dog, best dressed, best trick and more. Our judges are Rob McMahon of Sweet Pea Animal Hospital, Jan McWilliams, Mayor of the Great Lakes, and Denise Williams. The weekend sound like loads of fun. What children’s activities do you have planned? There’ll be a giant children’s playground, jumping castle, pony rides, merry-go-round and mini jeeps, amongst other activities! Add this to the market stalls and a wide array of food vendors, and you have a fantastic weekend’s entertainment for the whole family. More info? Entry to the event is free! There is plenty of off-road parking too. For more info, contact me, Jim Peters, on 6557 2166. Thanks Jim.




Three of the country’s most talented and well known country songbirds, Amber Lawrence, Aleyce Simmonds and Christie Lamb have collaborated to form the Girls Of Country tour … FOCUS chats to front woman Amber Lawrence about the upcoming tour and her journey so far…


i Amber. Take us back to where music first entered your life; what was it that captivated you? When I was 22 years old, I was given a guitar for a christmas present! That was my first taste of original music - before that, I was always interested in singing, but by learning guitar I was able to find my own voice, and my own songs. I pretty much hid in my bedroom for the next three years honing my craft, learning guitar, writing songs, before releasing my first album in 2007. Things then kicked on from there, with me winning my first Golden Guitar in 2015. Being such a musically inspired woman, how did you keep your creative side alive? I like to allocate time to be creative. I'm not the kind of person who can just be creative at the drop of the hat. I like to schedule days when I can switch everything off and start thinking outside the square! What are some of the accolades you’ve received over the years? Most recently I was awarded the Country Music Association of Australia Golden Guitar for Female Artist of the Year - that was the most amazing experience! I also won the Country Music Channel Award for Female Oz Artist of the Year, that too was such a thrill. In January 2015 I was awarded the Bush Laureate Award for best contemporary lyrics for my song, The Lifesaver. What’s been the biggest highlight of you successful career so far?

So many highlights - including a good selection of covers that Most recently winning my first Golden Guitar, the girls will sing together! I was awarded ic us M y tr selling out my first show at We sing our own sets, and un Co e th ustralia the Tamworth Country Music then lots of songs togethAssociation of A r G olden Guitar fo e er. The audience reaction festival, and also another th Female Artist of most around Australia so far has highlight has been entertaining the as w at th – ar Ye been great, so we can't wait our troops in Egypt, The Sinai !” azing experience am to come to Forster! and East Timor. Where do you find your Introduce us to your latest inspiration to write? venture, Girls Of Country… The most common places I find The Girls Of Country show is a brand inspiration are in family, and everyday new touring concept fronted by me - Amber occurrences such as love, life and loss. But Lawrence - and featuring guest country artists, Aleyce country music listeners love a good story, so I do Simmonds and Christie Lamb. The Girls Of Country look out for good stories about ordinary Australians, Tour takes a leaf out of the former sellout show and love writing those songs as well. Songbirds (Beccy Cole, Gina Jeffreys and Sara Storer) to Lastly, where can our readers follow your journey? feature the new breed of award winning female country You can find me online at www.amberlawrence.com. artists, who are leading the pack and resurgence of au or www.facebook.com/amberlawrencemusic. country music in Australia. Thanks Amber. In a two hour show, audiences can not only expect to hear the hits from three of the hottest young female country artists today, but they will also be treated to the plug! some very special “trio” performances and putting Catch the Girls Of Country Tour at Club a twist on things. Each artist will perform their own Forster, Sunday 19th July ‘15, 2pm. version of each other’s hit songs, so get ready to hear something completely unique and a different version of Adults $25, children $15, groups of 10 or a song you love! more only $22 each! All ages. Children You’re heading to Forster with the show this must be accompanied by their parent(s) or month, what can we look forward to at the show? legal guardian(s) Phone: 6591 6591 So much fun - three artists who love touring together Web www.clubforster.com.au and will sing not only their radio and video hits, but also

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focus naidoc week

NAIDOC Local Calendar of Events 2015

We all Stand on Sacred Ground: Learn, Respect & Celebrate

TAREE/PURFLEET NAIDOC WEEK CALENDAR OF EVENTS. MONDAY 6TH JULY Flag Raising Ceremony Biripi ACMC, Purfleet 10am - 12pm. Morning tea provided.

TUESDAY 7TH JULY Sports Day, touch football and basketball games for community; lunch provided. Biripi ACMC at the Purfleet Oval. 10am - 3pm, lunch provided. Dreaming Stories, Language Songs & Colouring Competition GTCC Library - Interact Room (4 - 7 years age group). Session times: 10:30am - 11:30am 12:30pm - 1:30pm Light refreshments provided.



Special NAIDOC Week Storytelling & Language Songs


GTCC Library (preschool age) Light refreshments provided. Child/Youth Disco Thursday Biripi ACMC Transport Shed 6pm - 8pm Children (up to 14 yrs) 8pm - 10pm Youth (over 14 yrs)

Proud to support Naidoc Week celebrations in the Manning, Great Lakes & Gloucester regions

Transport to/from Bushland, Chatham and Purfleet Ph: Anthony 0423 266 447 9:30am - 2:30pm Morning, afternoon teas and lunch provided.


1300 133 455

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focus naidoc week

Manning aboriginal community


NAIDOC 2015 - FOCUS caught up with William Paulson to find out about his role within the Manning Aboriginal Coummunity Working Party and this year’s celebrations.


i William. Please introduce yourself to our readers and explain your role within the Manning Aboriginal Community Working Party? I am the current Chairperson of the Manning Aboriginal Community Working Party. This is a group that was established from a pilot programme under Dept of Aboriginal Affairs and is made up of some 30 members, including Elders, community members, and Aboriginal organisations that work together in close partnerships. We are responsible for the organisation and coordination of the NAIDOC Week Community Open Day 2015. This year TIDE, Taree Indigenous Development Employment, is our auspice. NAIDOC 2015 is fast approaching. What is the theme for this year? We all Stand on Sacred Ground: Learn, Respect and Celebrate. What makes NAIDOC week such an important event? It is the most significant cultural event on our calendar. On this day we celebrate all layers of our culture. How will NAIDOC be celebrated this year, and


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All community members are welcome to attend, what activities are taking place in the local area? participate and celebrate in the community events that Biripi Aboriginal Corporation Medical Centre: are are hosted by Biripi ACMC. If you require transport for proud to be a member of the Manning any of these events, please contact 6591 2400 Aboriginal Community Working so it can be be arranged. Party. This upcoming Tuesday 7th, Thursday 9th: three NAIDOC week Biripi activities at the GTCC Library will be holding the AT Dreaming Storytelling, Singing following events: TH P U RO TH IS IS A G ED H Monday 6th Language and colouring IS BL TA WA S ES RA M M E G O PR July, 10am competition for children 4 - 7 T LO PI FRO M A F O T EP - 12pm years. D ER UND FFA IR S Flag raising Friday 10th July - NAIDOC A BO RI G INA L A O F SO M E UP A N D IS M A D E ceremony to Week Community Open IN CLU D IN G 30 M EM BE RS, be held at Day, Saltwater National Park U N IT Y EL D ER S, CO M M BO RI G INA L Biripi Purfleet 9:30am - 2:30pm. DA M EM BE RS, A N N S TH AT IO - morning tea How many people are AT IS N A RG O H ER IN CL O SE provided. involved with organising WO RK TO G ET S.” PA RT N ER SH IP Tuesday 7th July, the week’s celebrations? 10am - 3pm - Biripi NAIDOC Working sub group of Sports Day to be held about 6 people, TIDE, Biripi ACMC at Purfleet oval - lunch and GTCC. provided. For those waiting to find out more or Thursday 6pm - 8pm - disco up to even become involved, how can they do so? 14 years old; Information is on the National NAIDOC Website, 8pm - 10pm disco 15 years and over, to be held at GTCC Website, and also through listening to Biripi Transport Building. Ngarralinyi Radio 103.3. Thanks William.

focus naidoc week

taree indigenous development & employment


TIDE has been providing various government services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people since 2008.


he principal focus of these services has been to the Biripi and Worimi people of Taree, Forster/Tuncurry, Gloucester, Port Macquarie and Wauchope; however, TIDE has also provided services as for north as Coffs Harbour and Ballina and as far south as Karuah. Indigenous Community Links (ICL) ICL is a community support service which aims to increase social inclusion and community cohesion by providing support to Indigenous community members and improving access to local services. The TIDE ICL Coordinator and ICL Support Worker assist Indigenous community members and their families in Taree, Wauchope, Port Macquarie, with outreach to Wingham and Gloucester. ICL offers advocacy, liaison, referrals and linkage to a range of mainstream and Indigenous services. Assistance can be provided in areas which include welfare and social support, family violence, health (including drug and alcohol services), housing, child care and legal issues. ICL staff support the development and fostering of relationships with other service providers through promoting and advising on access and pathways to their services. The Indigenous Community Links service is working

towards closing the gap between Indigenous and nonhealth, aged care, counselling, nutrition, pregnancy and Indigenous Australians by promoting doctor’s referrals); employment and welfare (Centrelink, health and wellbeing. We provide a Child Support Assistance, job search assistance); welcoming, private environment legal services (referral and court support); for clients, with free access childcare (daycare centres, play groups); to telephone, computers, education and training (referral and internet and fax machines. TH E TI D E IC L assistance with TAFE, college, R AND The ICL is a confidential CO O RD INAT O university and schools, numeracy, O RK ER service that assists IC L SU PP O RT W U S O EN literacy and computer skills training IG D Aboriginal and Torres A SS IS T IN BE RS EM M Y IT N U M programmes). CO M Strait Islander people EI R FA M IL IE S TH D N A The ICL has a free internet service with information and U CH O PE ,


referral to organisations which is available to community RI E, W IT H PO RT M ACQ UA IN G H A M W TO and agencies within members to access information, with O U TR EACH ER .” their community or their A N D G LO U CE ST or without assistance. surrounding areas. We We DO NOT assist with money, food can work with you to find the or fuel vouchers, payment of utilities or service that best suits your needs transport. and feels right for you. We can also For ICL services in Port Macquarie/Wauchope assist with ongoing support whenever Contact Eva on 0400 548 851 it is needed. There is no waiting list, and the For ICL Services in Taree/Wingham; service is not age restricted. We can assist by advocating and Contact Natasha on 0409 163 241 referring you to the following services: The Taree Office offers an outreach service to Wingham, housing (long term and emergency, rental assistance, Karuah, Gloucester (by appointment only). tenancy issue referrals); health (drug and alcohol, mental

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what ya

Didgeridooin What ya didgeridooin: would you like to join the team at Biripi Aboriginal children (BACS) & Walanbaa? This Out of Home Service provides Foster Care Support to Foster & Kinship/ Relative Carers and is an inclusive not-for profit organisation that is part of Biripi Aboriginal Corporation Medical Service.


ACS provides high quality culturally appropriate fostering services that meets the needs of Aboriginal children and young people in out-of-home care. BACS values and acknowledges the importance of keeping strong cultural and spiritual connection for our children to community and family, therefore allowing the child to have strong identity as an Aboriginal person and allowing the child to feel a strong sense of who they are. Biripi Aboriginal Children’s Service are moving towards a new and innovating change that will provide ongoing support to Aboriginal children and carers in this region. The new innovative changes consist of passionate supportive staff who listen, are respectful, caring, honest and professional. Our team will deliver weekly ongoing training that will empower and skill our carers. Carers will be provided with 24


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hour ongoing support, including monthly social activities, to allow carers to develop partnerships and support each other as part of BACS. Our carers will O U R CA RE RS ED W IL L BE VA LU be valued R U O M EM BE RS O F members of A RE SE RV IC E A N D our service and R FO E V TI RA IM PE OU R F are imperative O S TH E SU CC ES We offer carers: ” for the success E. SE RV IC · 24/7 access to of our service. caseworker advice and Biripi Children’s assistance Service is accredited · Peer support by the Children’s · Ongoing training Guardian and working · Strong links to the Aboriginal community together with ABSEC (Aboriginal · Tax free allowance Child, Family and Community Care State · Access to social activities Secretariat) to provide a quality out-of-home · In Collaboration with Biripi Medical care service that promotes the best interest Centre we provide Medical, Aboriginal and rights of children and young people.

Health Checks, Dental Services, psychology, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, regional optometrist and other services. We need Aboriginal Carers and nonAboriginal Carers to cater to the individual needs of the Aboriginal children and young people in our care. Foster carers are everyday members of the community who have a strong commitment to children and young people. They can be families, couples or singles.

focus naidoc week

Biripi aboriginal

corporation Medical centre Biripi Aboriginal Corporation Medical Centre (ACMC) has been in operation for over 30 years; as an organisation Biripi proudly offers unsurpassed health, wellbeing, support and advocacy services to the local and surrounding Aboriginal community, from a grass roots level.


he vision of Biripi ACMC is to realise better health outcomes for the Aboriginal community in the region through providing culturally appropriate care, which places an emphasis on early identification and prevention and an equal start to life. Biripi’s vision embraces cultural integrity, which is a fundamental focus and a distinguishing feature of Biripi as an organisation. With several service locations in the Manning valley area, Biripi offers services including medical, dental, out of home care children’s services, aged and community care, social support, public health, social and emotional wellbeing support and education and advocacy to over 7,000 Aboriginal people within the region. Biripi is an Aboriginal community controlled organisation that is governed

by a Board of Directors which is comprised of members from the Biripi community. Members of the staff are dedicated to BI RI PI IS A N improving the A BO RI G INA L health status CO M M U N IT Y of their CO N TRO LL ED primary health care N TH AT community O RGA N ISAT IO A BY across general practice, ED N and are IS G OV ER TO RS EC IR D F O dental, and community RD led by the BOA CO M PR IS ED IS H IC H settings, providing social W organisation’s EM BE RS M F O and emotional wellbeing, key values of PI FRO M TH E BI RI maternal and child health respect, self” Y. CO M M U N IT and community support and determination and advocacy. professionalism. Biripi Aged and Community Biripi ACMC provides Care Service enables clients to receive professional services across aged care and home and community care three major areas: support, which assists community members The Biripi Primary Health Care Service to age in a home and family environment allows clients to receive comprehensive

whilst receiving social support, advocacy, inhome care and overnight respite Biripi Aboriginal Children’s Service provides placement and ongoing support and care for Aboriginal children living in out-of-home care and support and care for Aboriginal foster carers. Biripi is a major employer in the local region; with a staff of approximately 120, Biripi not only provides high quality professional services, but also injects over 15 million dollars annually into the local economy.

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HEALTH Port Macquarie Day Spa






nca Berries are the new superfood, packed full of amazing natural goodness. Naturally grown and processed, high in fibre and antioxidants, packed full of flavour, these little dried morsels will leave you wanting more.

dried fruits, and they also contain one of

Why should you include Inca Berries in your diet?

around 10% of an adult’s recommended

Dried Inca Berries have a higher antioxidant capacity than other known superfoods, the highest amount of fibre of all the common

So next time you’re out at your health food

the highest known soluble fibre levels, with around 2 g per 45 g serve, similar to prunes. They’re also extremely low in sodium and are a very good source of potassium and contain around 100 mg of phosphorus per 45 g, or daily intake. Also high in Vitamin C. store, throw some Inca Berries into your basket.

ith the change of seasons, so too comes the change in our skin. What was an appropriate skincare regime for summer may be completely different for winter.

Serums are far more concentrated then a traditional moisturiser which means the product will penetrate further, giving better results. Exfoliation should ideally be performed once to twice a week depending on your skin type and condition; in doing so, will result in dead skin cells being shed, helping with flakiness. And don’t forget the sunscreen! That’s right: winter skin also requires an SPF to help with harmful UV rays; although lower in winter, they are still very present and can result in premature ageing and pigmentation.

With the drop in temperature, cold winds, central heating and low humidity, skin may become dry, flaky or irritated. It is vitally important to not only look after the skin on the outside, but from the inside also. Increase your intake of essential fatty acids found in foods such as fish, nuts and avocados; this will help to keep skin hydrated.

So there you have it, a few tips which can make all the difference to your winter skin. For more advice, speak to our friendly team at Port Macquarie Day Spa.

Topically increase hydration by adding a serum or nourishing oil to your normal routine.

Saxby’s Pharmacy





The amount of sleep we need differs There are many ways to help improve between person to person, but on average sleeping problems including: adults need 7 - 9 hours per night, Make sure the room is quiet, dark and with children and infants has plenty of fresh air. needing even more. Relaxation techniques. Sleeping problems or Limit your daily caffeine ping ee Sl poor sleep can lead to and alcohol intake. problems can be poor concentration Go to bed at the same d ne se caused or wor and can affect time each night. p ee sl a, by insomni gs le ss everyday activities. A warm bath or a warm le st re , apnoea t gh ni e, milky drink may also m ro synd Sleeping problems p ee sl or s or help. rr te can be caused or

king .”

wal worsened by insomnia, sleep apnoea, restless legs syndrome, night terrors or sleep walking. Other causes can be due to pain, stress, caffeine, drugs, smoking, alcohol, jet lag, pregnancy, menopause and napping during the day. The best way to treat these problems are to manage the cause. 34

manning-great lakes focus.

There are many other measures you can take to improve your sleeping patterns. If you are experiencing sleeping problems or want more information, please call Saxbys Pharmacy on (02) 6552 1662 or come in and talk to one of our pharmacists. Ian, Shari & Erinn.

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hat is the Saltwater well - especially from chronic diseases and Eco Clinic all about? cancer. Radical new treatments included It is a healing centre whole body heat therapy, physio, immunity where people who are alternate therapies, which included holistic sick or recovering from approach to improve their diet and lifestyle. extensive treatment/ Patients had to tend organic gardens, go or surgery such as chemotherapy and radiation swimming in the sea, breathe clean air treatment can come for non-invasive continuing and heal in a calming environment. I was treatment and alternate therapies. It will give there for six weeks and came home a patients and their families a natural environment changed man. I was so impressed with the away from hospitals to heal, just like a holiday, Professor of Encology and spent a lot of but with all the specialist facilities. It will also my time discussing alternative therapies provide a holiday respite for patients with and swapping ideas. This Professor renal dialysis, so they can go on holiday inspired me to open up a similar facility in and still receive their treatment. Australia - a world class facility where people The Saltwater Eco Clinic will would travel from all over the world. include long walking What will the Saltwater Eco pathways and other Clinic look like? exercise and Set on 90 acres of ES O F training facilities. natural bushland SE T O N 90 ACR LA N D It will also focus between the National NAT U R A L BU SH A L IO NAT N on preventative Park and the Pacific BE TW EE N TH E E PACI FI C medicine and Ocean, the facility PA R K A N D TH CI LI TY O CE A N, TH E FA O SP ITA L education, will include hospital H W IL L IN CLU D E N, leading to accommodation, IO ACC O M M O DAT a healthier as well as motel L TE O A S W EL L A S M LI TI ES lifestyle. My and cabin facilities CI FA A N D CA BI N E land at Saltwater TH throughout the T U O TH RO U G H provides the ” property. It will be Y. RT PRO PE perfect environment surrounded by native with fresh air and the gardens, walking tracks ocean for swimming and and organic vegetable and meditation. In addition, there fruit gardens, which can be will be organic vegetable gardens, tendered by the patients. Other facilities and my aim is to make the facility as selfwill include treatment rooms, training facilities sufficient as we can. and an Aboriginal art gallery to recognise the Can you tell us where the idea came from? importance of the land to local Indigenous Twelve years ago, I was diagnosed with people. lymphoma cancer and after chemotherapy, I Why is this project so important to you? was so sick and my health was so poor that The Saltwater Eco Clinic is not just important I started to research alternate treatment. My to me; it is important to the community. What son, Zane, had just graduated from medicine, is important to me is that I get to experience and we found a Clinic in Germany near the the finished facility and prove it is working French border. It was a beautiful, peaceful and witnessing patients reap the benefits and setting in the mountains with natural spring become well. It may assist to find a cure for water, where people could just come and get cancer and other chronic diseases, whilst helping


manning-great lakes focus.

minimise the interruption to patients’ lifestyles. The facility in Germany was so expensive and not within reach of the average patient. I want to create a world class facility that is affordable to anyone who needs it, and Saltwater is the perfect environment. What do you believe this project will and can offer the local residents, not to mention bring to the region? The idea of building the Saltwater Eco Clinic at Wallabi Point is because it is the perfect, quiet, natural environment for this facility. Being almost completely self-sufficient, it will be kept

cocooned from the neighbouring properties and blend in with the local environment. The facility will attract top GPs, surgeons, medical staff and physiotherapists and will create employment for our area, not to mention improve tourism. Being a first for Australia, it will attract positive attention from around the world. It could also serve as a major training facility to enable this Clinic to be the nucleus for other similar centres around Australia, just like what is happening now in Europe. Thanks Dr Sherrif.

BOC Sleep Care Centres


Free machine & mask check*

Now located in Taree and Tuncurry

By appointment only.

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so it’s no wonder that our sleep is essential to our health and physical wellbeing. BOC Sleep Care offers a leading independent sleep diagnostic and therapy service. With our qualified sleep therapists and breadth of independent product offers, we provide dedicated support uniquely designed to meet the challenges of sleep apnoea care. With a hands-on approach, we can help to match the right sleep apnoea therapy device and mask to the patient, and provide dedicated patient support through our sleep therapy program.

In-Lab Sleep Study In-lab sleep studies are conducted in controlled environments, providing high quality results. Mayo Private Hospital 1 Potoroo Dr, Taree NSW 2430


IN-LAB SLEEP STUDY + Check with your health fund to see if you are covered

Home Sleep Study

Our home sleep study is 100% bulk-billed. The test is able to replicate your regular sleep patterns in the comfort of your own bed.


IN HOME SLEEP TESTING ** Details accurate as at 1/05/2015

Corner of Peel and South Streets, Tuncurry NSW 2428

Taree Sleep Care Centre Mayo Healthcare Centre Mayo Private Hospital 1 Potoroo Dr, Taree NSW 2430

☎ 1300 732 695 www.bocsleepcare.com.au BOC: Living healthcare

*Offer available until 30/06/2015 upon mention of this advertisement. Terms & Conditions may apply. See web for full details. Details given in this document are believed to be correct at the time of printing. While proper care has been taken in the preparation, no liability for injury or damage resulting from its use can be accepted. BOC is a trading name of BOC Limited, a member of The Linde Group. © BOC Limited 2015.

HMD147 EQU V3 0615

Tuncurry Sleep Care Centre

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Medial tibial Stress Syndrome Shin splints is the most commonly known term used for leg pain whilst exercising; Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) is the most common injury under this umbrella. The exact cause of MTSS is still unknown, but we do know it is a bone injury and the main source of an injury to bone is too much stress, whether that is due to tibial bending or too much pull from muscles. Symptoms • Pain on the lower third of the tibia, a deep intense ache, may feel like a bruise. No night pain. • Pain starts approx five minutes into exercise, does not cause you to stop, goes away quickly when finished. • Tenderness is felt along the border of the tibia. Risk Factors • Poor gluteal strength and poor hip function


manning-great lakes focus.

• Poor calf strength • Excessive foot pronation • Tibial Varum - bowed legs Treatment • Ice, rest or reduction of high impact activities. • Gait analysis is helpful to ascertain where muscles are weak and if poor form is a causative factor. • Strength training. • Running re-education - cadence, stride length, foot placement • Manual therapies such as massage, dry needling etc. • Orthotics - they are very useful in the short term to help reduce stress on tissues. For more information, call Mid Coast Podiatry on 6551 4815 or check out the website: www.midcoastpodiatry.com.au



HICH IMPLANT? Breast augmentation with silicone implants has been done for over 50 years, with

not a difficult decision for me to use

and donts after surgery. The eventual result

only the best implants, namely the high

depends on a number of factors, and the

cohesive biodimensional implants for my

patient’s compliance with the necessary

patients. I use the Natrelle (previously known

postoperative care is critical. Time is well

silicone implants first used in 1962 and saline

as McGhan) 410 for its well established

spent in going into all the details, for the

implants in 1964.

reputation for safety and quality.

patient to be well informed. The patient

Over the years, many improvements have

These implants cost more than many others -

is then advised to come back in a week

been made by addressing problems of silicone

but what price for safety and peace of mind

or two, giving time for absorption of all

diffusion, silicone and saline leak, rupture,

for both patient and surgeon?

information given. The second consultation,

deflation and migration. Saline implants have


at no additional cost, may be a short one,

a major problem - a valve is used to fill an

This is probably the hardest decision for

with the patients seeking some information.

empty silicone shell with sterile saline (salt

the patient! The problem is due to the fact

If the patient has decided to go ahead with

water) at the time of surgery. Unfortunately,

that the same sized and shaped implant will

surgery she then has to choose her surgeon.

in addition to the previously mentioned

look different on different women, due to

I prefer my patients to have a good think

problems, the saline implant has the

differences in breast and chest shape and size.

about this and want them to choose me on

additional risk of a valve leak in about 20% of

Breast augmentation, while increasing size

trust and rapport and not on price or style.


and volume, will also highlight every existing

The rest is easy! We have a good range of

Silicone gel-implants on the other hand have

problem in nipple size and position, breast

brassieres, fitting tops and breast-implant

become better and safer, especially with the

shape, position and asymmetry and chest

sizers, to take the patient through a range

development of high cohesive gel-implants

shape and asymmetry.

of implants, to help her choose the right size

(the silicone in these implants have more cross

There is no template or formula to follow

(or sizes, if asymmetry is significant). The

linkages, which causes greater cohesion of the

and a photograph of a woman with implants

use of a full-length mirror and a well setup

molecules of silicone) in which implant leak or

that compliments her are not relevant to any

digital photography studio aids in helping

migration is almost completely eliminated.

other woman. The only thing that works is

the patient to see herself in the mirror and in

Further, the availability of biodimensional

individualization and customisation.

an immediately available digital image. The

(naturally shaped) implants in a range of


goal is to make a woman look good with or

projections, height and width, permits

At the first consultation, the time is spent

without clothes, to have a natural look and

“customisation� for the patient.

discussing breast augmentation, the pros

for her to feel happy and confident with the

With all of the above changes, it was

and cons, the timing of surgery and the dos

change in her body contour.

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with Clairvoyant Terri Hall Phone. 0424 818 343

JULY 2015

with Terri

Renae Taylor Clinicla Psychologist

school holidays School holidays means entertaining children, or does it? Many parents feel pressured to entertain their kids. We also have endless technology that our kids enjoy and would bury themselves within if given half a chance (think Minecraft). Without a doubt no parent enjoys hearing “I’m borrreed” but boredom is important and very good for your child’s developing brain and body. Putting technology away and letting your child move through boredom can achieve great things for their brains and body. When a child tells you "I’m bored" try saying "okay" and don't try and fix it for them. On from boredom, when their brain and body has slowed, children often become wonderfully creative, exploring their environment and using their imaginations. When a child gets "in the flow" like this they can play quietly entertaining themselves, with very little, for long stretches of time. Great for emotional regulation and brain development. Needless to say when my kids tell me they are bored I just say "good" have a smile to myself and usually go about my business.


January 21 - February 19

The challenges you are facing at home stem from not being appreciated or honoured. It is time you try something new to break the dynamics and re-educate those surrounding you to be a little less selfish and more considerate of your needs. A journey is a strong possibility, resulting in further career success. Rose Quartz is wonderful for self-confidence and appreciation.


February 20 - March 20 You may be feeling a little “up-rooted” lately, but don’t forget how badly you wished for change to come into the picture. The reason you may be feeling this way is because your outcome is not quite here yet. Try a little new goal setting, as this will assist in a happier outlook. Ruby or Garnet will help you feel grounded, taking away some of the dilemma.


March 21 - April 20 Be patient a little longer; you’re about to step into some happier times, but your attitude is critical. If you can step into the unknown fearless, there will be nothing to worry about. Moldavite brings forward change and higher personal qualities.

TA U R U S . April 21 - May 21

A sense of justice will be experienced to enable you the freedom to move ahead. Avoid giving your personal power away at this time, as this is an action that causes self-disapproval. Rose Quartz will aid in raising self-worth.

40 manning-great lakes focus.

GEMINI. May 22 - June 22

Relationships are likely to be on the main agenda this month. Be open with your communication to avoid any misunderstanding and know which insecurities belong to you and which ones don’t. Kyanite helps build inner bridges, so we can literally get over things.

CANCER. June 23 - July 23

Don’t get caught up in holding onto garbage or things that are not a priority; this takes your confidence out of the picture, leaving you wondering where to go next. Set some fresh goals and enjoy! Selenite is great for an abundance of crystal clear energy.


July 24 - August 23 This month your awareness is being called towards your usual happy way of processing life. The reason why you are so fearful at present, is because you are currently taking life far too seriously; lighten up and bring back your laughter and watch your fears disappear. Pyrite will bring back courage.


August 24 - September 23 Adventure a little longer. If you’re feeling stuck, write some goals down and plan a course of action. Movement is important for dispersing some of your restless energy right now, so keep busy and keep having fun. Carnelian will empower and enthuse.


September 24 - October 23 With regards to relationships, instead of looking at what you’re not getting, concentrate on all the special qualities of this relationship. You will feel completely different. Chrysocolla will keep your heart singing.


October 24 - November 22 Life may seem a little suspended at the moment, because you need to let go of something from the immediate past that has been exhausting you and causing sadness. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Your awareness is being called to recognise your creativity, because it’s through this talent you will be drawing success near. Turquoise is great for self-validation.

S A G I T TA R I U S . November 23 - December 21

Now is a really good time to debate your own rules and regulations for life. Your judgement prohibits you from enjoying life to its fullest, so be kinder to yourself. Plan a holiday for yourself and get out of your current circumstance to try a little new goal setting. Citrine will shatter negative thoughts and attract an abundance of positive ones.

CAPRICORN. December 22 - January 20

Important words need to be spoken to bring a happy outcome to a potential negative situation. Don’t be afraid to speak from the heart, as your intention will be felt. Enjoy some laughter, as celebration is on its way for a family member. Citrine keeps us positively focused and lifts our spirit.


STORYTELLING for Seniors at Kularoo



ight residents were involved residents to have the chance to share their in the artistic programme that stories and artworks with their loved ones. encouraged local seniors to “It was wonderful to see stories being focus on a memory and tell passed on from generation to generation so a story through a painting, that, in this way, the past lives on.” drawing or creative writing. Resident Eric Selfie said he enjoyed taking The programme culminated in an inspiring part in the project that saw him tell a story of exhibition that was held at the Great building beautiful model boats. Lakes Council in January this “I have been to so many year, before touring to interesting places over Stroud, Tea Gardens and many years, so I like s North Arm Cove. telling my stories to nt The reside rt pa BaptistCare Kularoo give other people the ok who to ul rf Centre Leisure and enjoyment of my life de had a won ith w g in ct ra Lifestyle Coordinator, experiences.” te time in l el w as r, he ot Kim Franks, said she Building Boats each and f af st e th ith w was thrilled with the Eric Selfie. as lved .” volunteers invo chance to be involved My brother-in-law in the worthwhile and myself built a 23 project. foot fishing boat and “We initially got involved sailed it up to Forster. to know more of the stories My brother-in-law wasn’t behind the faces of our residents, as experienced a fisherman as I and it was such a great project because it thought, so I bought his share and achieved all that and more,” she said. carried on with his oldest brother, who was “The residents who took part had a a commercial fisherman. wonderful time interacting with each other, At retirement, I tried to grow fuchsias. as well as with the staff and volunteers They didn’t pan out - wrong country - too involved. hot. After failing the fuchsia test, I decided to “Sharing their stories with others has given build model ships. I built boats and put them them so much satisfaction and enjoyment in a show in Port Macquarie. and has helped us all to relate and get to I finished the Mayflower and an English know each other better through storytelling.” warship - a double-decker. Then I moved on An additional exhibition of the residents’ to the Endeavour. works was held at BaptistCare Kularoo While waiting for a book of plans, I had an Centre in June, with more than thirty family American book and decided to try my hand and friends coming along to see the display at building a rowboat - which would end up and enjoy a special morning tea. on the Endeavour. When finished, I am going Ms Franks said it was incredibly special for to give the boat to the Tuncurry Museum.

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Billabong zoo Wow! Billabong Zoo can’t wait for the start of another school holidays. Shrek the monster croc has made himself quite at home and has been thrilling crowds with his feeding shows at 12:30 daily. Our gorgeous "Happy Feet" Little Penguins star in their own daily feeding routine at 10am, and not to be missed are our beautiful red panda sisters, Rato and Tito, who enjoy their dinner at 2:30pm daily. The latest arrivals are our two mischievous meerkats, Bido and Pongo, who are on the go nearly all day, digging, taking turns to act as the sentry and of course, munching down on as many bugs and worms as possible. Our special animal encounters are a great way to get even closer than you think and feature our pythons, koalas, snow leopards, penguins, meerkats and red pandas. Prices, times and experiences vary, and bookings are essential. If watching the animals eat is making you feel hungry, why not grab a bite yourself from the zoo café; our new chefs are sure to have something to tempt the tastebuds, with fresh ground coffee, homemade scones and biscuits, burgers, wraps and sandwiches made to order. Take home a special memento from our huge gift shop and remember, Billabong Zoo is the place for you! Enquire about our catering for group functions and children’s birthday parties. Visit our website www. billabongkoala.com.au and like us on Facebook for the up to the moment goings on around the zoo.


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The PHOTOGRAPHY hub It’s been a huge month here at the Photography Hub. We’ve had all of our Easter shoots, our launch party, as well as a new website, new brand and new look! The Hub Club has welcomed many new members, and we’re thrilled that so many others agree with us that the concept is fantastic. Just $9.95 a week, and members get a full family shoot plus two themed shoots each year and all of the photos from each. The difference with this concept compared to other studios, is that others try to offer something for "free" or low priced up front, then add on lots of expensive prints and options afterwards. Clients end up spending far more than they anticipated. We hear of it over and over again. But our members don’t pay ANYTHING extra! All of the files are included from each session. The Hub Club is by far the best value family photography in the area. The Hub Club also supports an orphanage in Bali, with 1 in 20 memberships going directly to buying food and clothing there. It’s part of our commitment to giving back. So thank you to all of our members, new and old. The Hub Club - it’s the place to be!

L O N G P O I N T V I N E YA R D . Winter has arrived and now is the perfect time to rediscover Long Point Vineyard and Art Gallery. A picturesque drive 20 minutes’ south of Port Macquarie, Long Point is perfect for both wine connoisseurs and casual visitors alike. Visit the cellar door and taste their premium wines and liqueurs. The famous “Agent Orange” is a must to try, and the “Jolly Nose Tawny” proves extremely satisfying on a cold winter’s night. Their signature red wine, “Duet”, is fast selling out and is an ideal match for slow cooked winter warmers. The art gallery showcases a range of talented local artists, with exhibitions changing bi-monthly. Afterwards, wander amongst the sculptures, or relax on the new deck with a glass of wine while taking in the tranquil surrounds. Come and visit Long Point Vineyard with the whole family these holidays! While the adults taste boutique wines and liqueurs, the kids will love roaming amongst the outdoor sculptures and exploring the grounds. There is a new deck and BBQ facilities for those who wish to stay for lunch. We look forward to seeing you.


The joy of becoming engrossed in good book, the need to fill out paperwork or research a topic for school or university … the ability to read is something a lot of us take for granted. But for many in our community, it’s just not that simple. Chris Jones, Manager of the Great Lakes Library Service, tells us about a wonderful new programme that can be positively life changing for not only people who struggle to read, but for those who help them master the skill … hat’s your role at the Great Lakes Library? I’m the Manager of the Great Lakes Library Service. On a daily basis this can mean anything from sorting out lights that don’t work right through to major strategic planning. For example, we are currently heavily focussed on the planning for a new Library. Fortunately, I have a dedicated and skilled team who are so productive and have plenty of vision. I’d be lost without them. What’s the story behind the Better Reading Better Communities Programme - how was the concept initiated? Libraries are changing places. Once we were about books, now we’re about people (and books). Many people, however, wish they had better reading skills. Two years ago we decided to do something about this, and the idea to train up literacy tutors was born. Thanks to a successful grant application with the Productive Ageing through Community Engagement (PAtCE) programme and with support from the Friends of the Great Lakes Library Service (FOGLLS), we worked with Northcoast TAFE to develop a literacy course. We didn’t know how many people would put their hands up be tutors, but we need not have worried. We were overwhelmed by the response. We’ve run two courses already, and a third one is happening with the Indigenous community. Right now Northcoast TAFE are developing an online course, so people right across the region (and even further afield) can be trained. Explain how the programme works ... The course provided by Northcoast TAFE trains tutors in how to help people, from all ages, to improve their reading skills. The tutors, who came out of the local community, can then work oneon-one with individuals who need assistance. A

number of tutors are also doing great work in participation in the programme? local schools. So many people. That’s been one of the huge And that’s not all. Out of the process we strengths of Better Reading Better Communities. realised we needed to form a group It’s built on dedicated people. to champion literacy. This Rather than mention individual happened last year, and names, I’d like to thank the dozens Better Reading Better of volunteer tutors - those The reward in Communities was working with schools, with being able to born - one of the best individuals, helping people fill in help somebody ay is networks I’ve ever out forms, holding storytimes, lw such a powerfu Lifebeen involved in. It’s reading with older people and/ e. quite remarkabl made up of people and or being active members of our changing ...” organisations from across Action Group (I call it an action the community who are group, rather than a committee, passionate about helping to because it gets so much done). improve people’s reading skills. I’d also like to thank the following Better Reading Better Communities organisations who have all played, and has led to some wonderful outcomes, are playing, a part in the success of Better many of which we just didn’t expect. Reading Better Communities: FOGLLS, Forster For example, we now have a volunteer who Neighbourhood Centre, Northcoast TAFE, WEA is available at Forster Library and the Forster Coast, the Migrant Centre, Great Lakes Council, Neighbourhood Centre (great supporters of the Great Lakes Children’s Centre, Homebase and the programme) to help people fill out forms. Homestart. I need to thank our library literacy We have literacy champions holding storytime team members, Meredith and Sally - and, of sessions at local markets. We’ve even started a course all of the library staff for their support and programme of volunteers who read to the elderly making things possible. at nursing homes. Are you currently looking for more To keep the tutors’ skills up-to-date, there is volunteers and/or funding assistance and if ongoing professional development for the tutors so, how can people become involved? delivered by a wonderful ex-TAFE literacy teacher. Once we get the online course up and running, What criteria are there for people who wish we’ll be able to offer the training to people from to be a part of the programme? all around the Great Lakes. It would be great It’s open to anybody and everybody. And it’s to think that we will have literacy volunteers free. operating anywhere from Tea Gardens to Stroud, When and where does the programme and all places in between. We are also thinking operate? of running more face-to-face classes down the The programme is coordinated by the Library. track. Funding is always going to be there as a The best person to contact regarding the challenge - we need to be able to pay Northcoast programme is Meredith Campbell. Meredith TAFE to develop and run courses, but the return keeps the information current and matches on investment is remarkable. It probably costs people needing help with a volunteer tutor. around $3,000 to run a face-to-face course, but Who are some of the volunteers/team we end up with 20 tutors out of that. members you’d like to acknowledge for their If people are interested in being trained as

literacy volunteers, they should contact Meredith, and we will put their name on a list until we can arrange for another course to be run, or provide access to the online course. It’s also vital that people who want to improve their reading contact us. There’s no point in training up tutors if the people who need them don’t let us know. What has been some of the feedback given by participants in the programme to date? Very positive. Life-changing for some people. It’s important to remember that not only do the clients of the tutors end up with a great outcome - so do the tutors themselves. The reward in being able to help somebody in such a powerful way, is quite remarkable. Life-changing for the tutors too. Where can people find out more info/sign up? Contact Forster Library and ask for Meredith. We have brochures available for organisations on how to use Better Reading Better communities, branded with our own logo for good measure. Speaking of signing up, don’t forget the free form-filling service at Forster Library (Tuesday afternoon, 2 - 4pm) and Forster Neighbourhood Centre (Thursday 10 am -12:30pm). Final say … The volunteer literacy tutor programme is now well-established, but Better Reading Better Communities just keeps growing and evolving. We always seem to be talking about new ideas, and it amazes me how energetic the action group members are. They’ve done a remarkable job of getting the message out to the community, but we can always do with help. If you know someone who might need help to improve their reading, please encourage them to contact us. Thanks Chris. Photo (left) Tutor Ronnie de Platter with migrant student Cindy Shen. Photo (right) Chris Jones.

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First aid + safety training Tell us about your business ... We are local paramedics providing a range of first aid courses to public, corporate and community groups. The business began operating in 2011 when a need was identified to provide quality training from current experienced paramedic professionals to people of the Great Lakes, Manning and surrounding areas. Who should consider undertaking first aid training? Everybody. A first aid qualification is a great addition to a resume. For many people it is a requirement of their employment, or it may form part of other studies or courses they are undertaking. Others attend first aid training simply for their own benefit and that of their family members, so they can gain the knowlegde and skills required to save a life in a


manning-great lakes focus.

first aid emergency. What courses do you offer? We offer certificate courses in CPR, First Aid, Education & Care First Aid, Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Advanced Resuscitation, Occupational First Aid. How do I book a course? You can book online or by calling our office. We regularly update our website and place weekly advertisements in local newspapers to advise of upcoming courses. Do I get a nationally recognised certificate on completion? Yes. You will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment. How do I find out more information? Visit our website www.firstaid-safetytraining. com.au Call us (02) 6555 2618 mob 0497 184 828 Visit us on Facebook.




e are your local not-forprofit, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and have been offering accredited and non-accredited training courses for the Forster Tuncurry community since 1984. You may know us by one of our previous names Forster Tuncurry Community College or Adult Education. We are very proud of our 30 year history and look forward to continuing well into the future under the banner of WEA Coast. You will find us at the same location in Manning St, Tuncurry, with the same friendly staff and passionate, qualified trainers. In July 2014, we joined forces with Workers Educational Association - Hunter (WEA Hunter). They are a large, progressive and highly regarded Community College operating for over 100 years in the Newcastle area. They are committed to life-long learning and to maintaining adult education opportunities in the Great Lakes area. We have increased the scope and capability of WEA Coast and there are more opportunities to access funded courses, a greater range

of courses on offer and different modes of training and delivery, such as online and blended courses. WEA is a registered Smart & Skilled funded RTO and has recently delivered a www.weacoast.edu.au where you Certificate III in Aged d can view our diverse range of fin ill Care course under You w e m sa e business, accredited and lifestyle th at us this funding. We also ng ni an M in courses at your leisure. You n tio receive Community loca ith w , ry ur nc can even enrol and pay online if Tu , St Service Obligation iendly fr e m sa you wish. However, you are still e th funding for eligible passionate , d an f af st welcome to come into the office students. ed trainers .” ifi al qu or complete your enrolment over WEA is delighted the phone, if you prefer. to announce that we Phone WEA Coast on 6554 9215 can offer VET FEE-HELP for more information. loans for students for all qualifications at Diploma level and An important “educational” quote by Dr above. This is a Commonwealth supported Seuss: scheme that helps eligible students to defer their “The more that you read, payments through a loan programme, without The more things you will know. the need to pay any fees up-front - similar to the The more that you learn, University HECS scheme. The more places you’ll go.” We have a new look website at

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focusbusiness. with Jenny Rodick from Forster Tuncurry Business Chamber




If you are not already a member of the Forster Tuncurry Business Chamber, now is the time to get involved.


hen you join the Chapter you will get support for your business through the Chamber’s marketing activities and promotional events. You will also have access to networking meetings each month with discussion of topical issues and guest speakers. The Chamber’s June breakfast networking event was held at the Marine Rescue headquarters in Forster, with guest speaker Alex Novello from Beaver, Novello, Moss Accountants. Alex gave a very information talk, which included topics such as: • The positives and negatives surrounding budgets and small business • Year-end tax housekeeping • Asset purchase, cash v finance • Management of small business growth When you become a member you aren’t simply joining a group of local friends to network on local issues; you are aligning your business with the nation’s peak council of business organisations, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI). The ACCI is the authentic voice of Australian enterprise and industry, with a national member network of thousands of enterprises encompassing business from all sectors of the economy. Another great advantage of becoming a member of the Forster Tuncurry Business Chamber is the opportunity to be automatically “opted in” to the NSW Business Chamber Alliance Membership at no cost to you. This gives you access to a wide range of entitlements, such as: • Up to three calls per year for marketing and legal advice • Local chamber alliance member rates on events where you can network and learn with the best people in business • Every month you will receive e-news, keeping you up to date with the latest business news • Quarterly Business Connect magazine • Access to business guides, checklists and tools covering a range of business topics such as strategy and planning, marketing,

operations, safety, people and management • Business legal toolkit, which includes sample agreements, corporate governance guidelines and other business documents • Member benefits programme providing online resource subscriptions, keeping you up to date with the latest stories impacting on businesses Australia wide form a HR, IR or OHS perspective • Receive a 20% membership upgrade discount should you choose to upgrade your membership to any of the NSW Chapter memberships Wage Decision 2015 Earlier this week the Fair Work Commission handed down its annual wage review decision for 2015. The decision applies to all employees covered by modern awards, enterprise awards or transitional APCSs, as well as award free employees. The minimum wage for a 38 hour week is now $656.90, or $17.29 per hour. For more information, visit the Fair Work Commission website at: https://www.fwc.gov. au/awards-and-agreements/minimum-wagesconditions/annual-wage-reviews/annual-wagereview-2014-15-15 Wi-Fi Trail in Forster Did you know Telstra provided free Wi-Fi in the Forster CBD? The Telstra Wi-Fi service was free of charge. The service was available for blocks of 30 minutes, and the download speed was dependent upon the number of devices that are connected to the site at the particular time. At this point it was only on trial and ended 14th June 2015; however, Telstra intend to roll out a full-time, national service once the results of the trial are analysed and the system is refined. Watch this space. In saying that, Wi-Fi can also be accessed at the Forster Tourist Information Centre, and the staff advise that they have comfortable chairs for your convenience. Get on down and take a look at our centre and avail yourself of this great service. Jenny Rodick, Public Officer, Forster Tuncurry Business Chamber.



lan Tickle, who has been support me. writing our “Money Matters” Can you explain the separate award given column now for almost 7 by the Beddoes Institute? years was recognised by the After their analysis, the three finalists have Securitor Financial Group and been included in their register of Australia’s the Independent Researcher, “Most Trusted Adviser” network. This is an Beddoes Institute last month for advice quality endorsement of the quality and integrity of and service. advice. We caught up with Alan to tell us more of Tell is more about the direction your busiwhat is happening in his world of financial ness is taking. advice. My younger son Jonathon, after gaining Congratulations on being recognised some great experience working in Sydney a nationally. It’s great that a different type of clientele than we local business and service generally see in the country, is provider is recognised as returning to Your Heritage e being up there with the at as a Director. The ultim n Be as w best. Tell us about the He will be working in winner st ur th Ba om award. fr Taree a few days per Whitwell rd ga re gh hi ve After being nominatweek but living in Newwho I ha a as is th e se d an ed as Securitor Adviser castle and establishing for untry of the Year, there was great result for Co ed a mobile presence ow planners , who sh with some independent asservicing the Newcasit ix m n ca e that w sessment based on qualtle and Port Stephens the best .” ity of advice, contribution area while still taking to the community and on an active role with the consumer education as well as Taree-Forster clients. an in depth client survey conductI’m using local businesses Foild ed by Beddoes Institute. I was proud to Pty Ltd and Noeledge Computer and be named as one of the three finalists. The Business Systems to set up the IT and ultimate winner was Ben Whitwell from marketing for this. Bathurst who I have high regard for and see The reality is that the younger generation this as a great result for Country planners, who need flexi hours and IT to carry on business and showed that we can mix it with the best. Jonathon will move with that challenge. Young What have you gained from the survey people in particular appreciate a one stop delivresults? ery of all of their financial needs. The Beddoes Institute said that the client What do you see as the biggest challenge survey results for the three finalists was the facing retirees at the moment? highest ratings that they have ever seen. They Undoubtedly it is low interest rates and the have surveyed 4500 advisers nationally. Your struggle for a single pensioner in particular to Heritage Financial Planning set new benchmanage. There will be a lot of people getting marks in a couple of areas with an overall less pension after January 2017 so getting satisfaction rating of 9.1 out of 10 which is a advice will be pretty important for them. fair reflection on the great staff that I have that Thanks Alan and congratulations!

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forest • JUSTIN BLACK •


Justin Black is a Partnerships Coordinator with Forestry Corporation of NSW. Based in the local Coffs Harbour office, Justin’s work includes managing visitor areas, events and Forestry partnerships with community and business groups. Here, Justin shares his favourite forest spots and project news.

TREE TOPS at nsw tourism awards NSW State Forest’s visitor attraction, Old Bottlebutt, a grand and ancient Red Bloodwood (Corymbia gummifera) tree located in Burrawan State Forest, is officially the best new tourism destination in NSW. Old Bottlebutt won the Gold Award for New Tourism Development at the NSW Tourism Awards held in December 2014 at Darling Harbour, Sydney. Old Bottlebutt is the main feature on a beautiful 600 m loop walking track, beginning and ending at the Burrawan picnic area (shelter, tables, car park, toilets). The walk features remnant rainforest, a viewing deck and an easy-grade track. Old Bottlebutt is unique in its shape, its large flared “butt” having a massive girth of over 16 m. NSW State Forests was acknowledged with two other Silver awards, for Strickland State Forest (ecotourism) and for “Visit NSW Forests


ustin, what’s your favourite State Forest visitor area on the North Coast? The Sealy Lookout area and the eucalypt and rainforest walks in the reserve behind the lookouts. Korora Lookout definitely has a special place in my heart, with a wonderful view of the ocean and the Solitary Islands north of Coffs Harbour. If you haven't been to Korora Lookout and are staying in Coffs, it’s worth a look. Take a packed lunch it's only a 10 minute walk to the lookout - and enjoy the ambience. For a less formal recreation experience, my favourite is driving and looking around Chaelundi State Forest behind Dorrigo. There is nothing like the fresh mountain air and endless vistas of forests and hills. You get the feeling of being away from civilisation, as there is a timeless quality to the area. I’ve found broken Chinese pottery on the ground where old gold rush settlements were established, and there is nothing like boiling the billy beside one of the many streams that meander through the forest. A good day trip is doing the loop drive from Dorrigo to Grafton through Chaelundi, but you will need a 4WD or AWD, as the road can get pretty rugged in places. What do you enjoy most about your Partnership Coordinator role in Forestry? The most exciting thing about my current role is helping people connect with and enjoy nature. I love being in the bush - the colours, the wildlife and sounds, not to mention how


manning-great lakes focus.

amazing Australian trees are. Being able to create and promote the opportunities for others to have these experiences is pretty rewarding. What exciting things can you reveal as happening in the next 12 months? I have many things on the go at the present, but there are two standouts over the next 12 months. We are finalising the upgrades to the walking tracks through one of the North Coast’s most accessible subtropical lowland rainforests associated with Sealy Lookout in Orara East State Forest. This forest is one of my favourite places around Coffs Harbour, and I can't wait to see more people enjoying the area. The other standout is the World Rally Championship in Coffs Harbour and Nambucca. Preparation is well underway for the event being held from September 10th - 13th. We have a major role in the event, getting State Forest roads ready for racing. If you haven't been to this event, think about coming this year and checking it out. The rally village on Sunday 13/9 in Wedding Bells State Forest is a real buzz and it’s a great way to see the racing up close. If you do come along, drop in and catch up with us in the “#visitnswforests” marquee. We’d love to see you. For more information on State Forests of the Coffs Coast: www.forestrycorporation.com.au/visit www.facebook.com/forestplayground Twitter: @visitnswforests Instagram: #visitnswforests

- Experience a Forest Playground”, Forestry Corporation’s destination marketing campaign. To visit Old Bottlebutt: From Wauchope travel south on the Bago Road 10 km, turn left onto Internal Break Road and follow the signs. From Port Macquarie, follow the Pacific Highway south and take the Bago Road exit. It is open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and is free. Find out more: www.forestrycorporation.com.au www.facebook.com/forestplayground Twitter: @visitnswforests Instagram: #visitnswforests

focusTourism. Sharon Bultitude - Great Lakes Tourism


LJ Hooker Harrington Just off the highway to another world ... Discover Harrington, Crowdy Head and surrounds.

Sharon Bultitude


Winning customers’ hearts and minds.

Just like many businesses at this time of year, the Great Lakes Tourism team has been busily reviewing and developing its business and marketing plans. During this process what really struck me was how much the business (and tourism) environment has changed in such a short period of time. To survive and flourish in this new era when technology and society evolves faster than businesses can adapt, it’s no longer enough to rely on merely providing a desirable product or service. However unique we believe our destination or business to be, our hyper-connected customers, faced with unlimited choice and unprecedented ease of access, will increasingly see us as just one of many. So how do we win the hearts and minds of our customers and distinguish ourselves from the competition? One key to survival (and arguably the most important) is through the development and continual improvement of the Customer Experience. It doesn’t matter whether our “customers” are local residents, visitors or other businesses. They may all have different physical needs, but ultimately they all share the same emotional need for their experience to be easy and enjoyable. To quote one of my favourite authors, Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. This is the very essence of Customer Experience. Although Customer Experience is in danger of becoming simply the latest industry buzz phrase, it’s too important to merely pay lip service to. Instead, it is perhaps the only way we can truly differentiate our destination, business, products and services. Traditionally, good customer service has been defined as giving the customer what they want, when they want it. But most of us are already meeting these needs - or we wouldn’t still be in business. But are we making their experience

easy and enjoyable? The only way to really find out is to ask! We need to get to know our customers by talking and listening to them. Find out what they need and why? And perhaps most important of all, “How do you feel when you deal with us?” For many businesses the transaction is the most important interaction. BUT the transaction is only one of many interactions a customer will have with us. We really need to understand how we make our customers feel when they - call to ask a question or make a complaint - visit our website - walk into our shop - receive a delivery return something. These interactions can happen before, during and after a financial transaction. A customer’s journey is full of potential twists and turns of which conversion is only one part. Failure at any point doesn’t just mean one lost sale or even one lost customer - it needs to be considered as a missed opportunity to create an advocate. If we give our customers a good experience, we make them feel good about interacting with us. They will be more likely to deal with us again and recommend us to their friends and family. (NB: think Facebook - the potential reach of such advocacy could be 1000s!). We rarely criticise or praise things that meet our needs, but we are delighted when something turns out better than expected. It’s not just the views of people we know that we now value. Consider how we take the opinions of strangers into account when buying something from Amazon or choosing a hotel through Tripadvisor. This “Social Proof” can play an important role in helping to guide a decision. What’s crucial to understand is how advocacy can be of value alongside our own marketing communications to reinforce our message with social proof. Today, business survival has got even tougher. However, if we assume that technology provides a fairly level playing field, then we must also believe that the ability of a business to deliver an exceptional Customer Experience will ultimately be its key to success. Get ready to care!

Defined by one of the most unique waterways in Australia, the villages of Harrington and Crowdy Head each retain the coastal charm that is oh so rare on the East Coast. Located just a short, three hour drive North of Sydney, enveloped by Crowdy Bay National Park and flanked by the Manning River and Pacific Ocean, Harrington and Crowdy Head offer untouched beaches, pristine bushland and fishing facilities second to none. Visitors to the area continue to be thrilled with the large range of activities on offer, and agree Harrington and Crowdy Head offer the perfect getaway location for beach goers, surfers, golfers, boaters, anglers, bowlers, and nature lovers alike. Picturesque from sunrise to sunset, and with local function centres such as Crowdy Head Surf Club, Harrington Hotel and Harrigan’s Irish Tavern, the

area is also becoming a popular wedding destination. LJ Hooker Harrington have over 50 holiday properties available offering a vast range accommodation - from the full-of-charm fisherman’s cottages, to modern waterfront townhouses within a short walk to Harrigan’s Irish Tavern, to multi-million dollar homes perched atop the headlands with uninterrupted ocean, river and bay views; the range is sure to accommodate everyone’s needs! Take advantage of the state of the art LJ Hooker Harrington website and booking system, allowing visitors to the site to not only look at each individual property’s details and photos, but check availability, book and pay for accommodation online - www.harrington.ljhooker.com.au. Further queries can be directed to Amy at LJ Hooker Harrington on (02) 6556 1000, or updates obtained by joining our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ljhookerharrington

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he headache is how to avoid the cowboys and find an honest tradesman to provide a good, reliable service at a fair price. When it comes to finding a tradesperson to deal with work you need carried out, it can be a process; perhaps you’ll be lucky and find the perfect person for the job immediately. Ideally, what you need to do in order to heighten your chances of success is to prepare a series of questions that you require your prospective tradesperson to answer, and only when you’ve received satisfactory results should you agree to a contract. If you have a list of questions ready to ask a tradesperson, always ensure that you get the answers you need from them immediately. There’s no point in waiting around for them to get back to you. A good tradesperson will know the answers straight away and will be happy to put your mind at ease with his or her responses. Some pointers and questions you might like to use before hiring a tradesperson. 1 Be specific and set out a detailed, clear brief when requesting quotes. Get more than one and, ideally, at least three. 2 Ask how long have they been in business. Always ask initially how long the tradesperson has been in business. If they can provide you with some form of proof also, that is even better, as you can see they’re not “fly-bynight” types and this should mean they have


manning-great lakes focus.

an established business and business address. issues to ensure their reputation is kept intact. 3 Do they have references or testimonials 6 What do they estimate to be the time for past work? frame for the job? If you can find a tradesperson who is Always get an estimate of the time frame willing to show you examples of for your job. If you need work to their past jobs, this is a good be completed by a certain sign. If they have photos date, make sure that the of their previous jobs, tradesperson is aware of If you have a take the time to look that and ask for it to list of questions at them. Also, ask if be written down as an ready to ask a they have a website estimate if they believe ways tradesperson , al t the with pictures and they’re able to make ge ensure that you from testimonials. that deadline. ed answers you ne .” 4 Do they have 7 When will the ly them immediate insurance against work begin? damage and public Many people agree to a liability? contract after being happy It is absolutely crucial that at the length of time quoted you find out whether your builder for completion of the work, but has insurance to cover any possible then don’t hear anything from their damage against your property. Even if tradespeople for some time. Always find they’ve never had any issues in the past, out what the approximate start date will be there may be mistakes made in the future, so for your job and make sure that they stick check that they are liable should there be any to that. If you can, have it written into the unexpected events whilst the work is being contract that they must have started and be carried out. completed by a specific time. 5 What is the guarantee on their work? 8 What are the terms of payment? If their guarantee is backed by insurance, this Agree with your tradesman the terms of is even better, as you will have protection payment before you sign the contract. Some should the tradesman go out of business. It tradespeople will require a deposit upfront, is very important to look at the guarantees, whilst others are happy to carry out the work as you don’t want to suddenly realise there’s and receive payment then. Some will bill you a problem a few weeks outside of your for the work, whereas others may require standard guarantee period. Well established cash or a cheque on completion. Arrange it businesses will, in most cases, always rectify in a way that suits you best and makes you

most comfortable. Only pay for work that has been done and not by advance payments. But where materials need to be bought in advance, it's reasonable for the trader to ask you to pay a fair percentage of these costs as the job progresses. 9 Always use a written contract - it offers you protection if anything does go wrong. Agree any stage and final payments before work starts. If doing extensive work, set a penalty clause - say, $500 a week - should the work over-run an agreed deadline. Finding a trader who gives pricing for small jobs over the phone isn't necessarily a good sign - although it might be. Some tradesmen prefer to provide quotes once they've seen the job, so they get it 100 per cent right. Also check to make sure that they have the correct licences. The most basic rule is to be sure that they're licensed and carry full insurance that protects your property. BUT remember to play your part. There are plenty of ways the customer can make the transaction difficult too. By not having a clear idea about what you want, changing your mind halfway through a job, or not being home at the agreed time can really slow down the process. If you get a good tradesman, look after them; pay them on time. The relationship works both ways - if you’re good to them, they’ll work for you again. Getting a trusted tradie is like having a good GP: you want to stick with the same one.


BAMBOO by logan leigh


hat I like about you bamboo… David Embury and the Logan Leigh Benchtops team recently attended the HIA Sydney Home Show displaying their bamboo range. Chrissy Jones chatted with David about the show, the benefits of bamboo and the company’s expansion plans. What was the response like for Bamboo by Logan Leigh at the HIA Sydney Home Show? Logan Leigh’s bamboo mono stringer staircase system was launched at the 2015 Sydney HomeShow 28-31 May, with our display including our bamboo mono stringer staircase, a three metre bamboo bench top with waterfall ends, a bamboo bathtub and promotional stands. We had four to five Logan Leigh representatives talking continually with people over the four days - an overwhelming response and much interest from both trade and consumers alike. It has resulted in many staircase inquiries and quotes since the event, and there has also been a spike in bamboo bench top orders received. Can you tell us about the benefits of bamboo? Bamboo is arguably the most environmentally sustainable fibre the world has seen. Recent developments have seen it being used globally from durable building materials to fabric products. It’s classified as a grass, is anti-fungal and resistant to termites and rot, so it does not need to be sprayed with pesticides or fungicides. It doesn’t even need much water for healthy growth.

A bamboo forest is They further said to provide twenty recognised at at the times the yield of a an early stage th ly nd ie fr ocomparably sized natural ec ‘green Bamboo du bbed l for timber forest, while ia steel’ had potent g absorbing two thirds in even more build more carbon dioxide .” products and producing 35% more oxygen than the They then designed and same area of trees. As patented a steel bracket system one of the fastest growing that allows for variable stair case plants in the world, bamboo is pitches, as well as Bamboo stair treads, harvested within four or five years, while which will all be used as part of the Bamboo hardwoods take 30-40 years. Replanting staircase system. It is a beautiful and very is unnecessary, as it continually sprouts new competitively priced eco-friendly alternative growth and shoots after harvesting, preventing that can be fabricated according to your plan soil erosion. for an easy installation by your licensed builder The Australian building market is demanding or carpenter. products from renewable resources such as Logan Leigh supplies all the staircase Bamboo, and Bamboo by Logan Leigh are at components, including main beam, stair the forefront of this market with their growing treads, stair tread brackets, beam mounting range of Bamboo laminated building products. brackets, bugle screws and bolts. We can also How long has Logan Leigh been working supply custom Bamboo parts such as handrails, with Bamboo? posts and landings. In 2012 Logan Leigh recognised Bamboo’s We are confident that our Bamboo staircases durability, versatility and sustainability, and will positively impact the Australian building added Bamboo bench tops up to 4.2 metres market. in length to their range of products to the Will you be expanding your Bamboo kitchen and joinery industry, with reliable range in the future? delivery Australia wide. Our goal is to design new environmentally They further recognised at an early stage sustainable Bamboo building products, and be that the natural eco-friendly Bamboo dubbed at the forefront of this market Australia wide “green steel” had potential for even more as well as in some international markets. building products. There are local economic benefits involved Working with Newcastle University with Logan Leigh’s new innovative Bamboo Engineering testing facility, Logan Leigh has products. The expansion of our business has developed a Bamboo structural beam and on resulted in providing additional employment the back of this came Australia’s first Bamboo opportunities for the local community, mono-stringer staircase. especially for young people in apprenticeships.

Half of our staff has been employed for over 10 years, with two being employed for 18 years initially as apprentices and now at management level. With the recent launch of the mono stringer staircase system, we are predicting our turnover could double in the next twelve months, which will require continual monitoring of our business requirements, including the recruitment of additional staff. The second benefit for the local community re the expansion of Logan Leigh is that many of our local suppliers and services also benefit from extra work through Logan Leigh. Local out-sourced services include: speciality CAD designer, steel fabricator, electrical, website designer, printers, legal and accounting services, and many others all benefit from Logan Leigh’s expansion. Logan Leigh believes it is very positive for local businesses to support one another at every opportunity. How do people inquire about Logan Leigh’s Bamboo products? If you are interested in receiving a quote from Bamboo by Logan Leigh, you can go online at www.loganleigh.com.au or phone 6551 5022, or visit our showroom to view the Bamboo staircase or bench tops at 67 Whitbread Street, Taree. Thanks David. manning-great lakes focus.


Laser Electrical Taree SEEK before you dig Established in Forster in 1998, Seek Locations Pty Ltd is proudly locally owned and operated. Having a combined 80 years’ experience in the field, they specialise in locating underground services including water, sewer and storm-water, which are not electronically traceable. Why use Seek Locations? Whether you are a back yard renovator, an individual tradesman or a commercial excavator the potential for injury, personal liability and even death exists every day. Obtaining accurate information about your work site significantly minimises these risks. Complying with all NSW mandatory legislations Seek Before You Dig is our password to success and your key to avoiding costly mistakes. Protect contractors, the general public and yourselves by minimising risk of damage and litigation. You have a new field Manager? We do. David Monkley has recently joined Seek Locations as our field manager. David, a local, has returned to the area after a ten year absence locating underground assets in Queensland. His expertise covers all aspects of underground locating, including optic fibre, copper cables, power cables, gas, water, sewage and storm-water pipes. Call Seek Locations on 6555 8550 to fully comply with Dial Before You Dig legislation and utilise the expert knowledge in detecting, identifying conflicts and locating underground services and infrastructure.

After 40 years of trading along the Mid North Coast, J & S Brown Electrical Pty Ltd has become a member of the Laser Group, and are now trading as Laser Electrical Taree. Jeff and Sue Brown, owners of the business, decided to join the Laser Group after recognising Laser’s success in assisting business to grow through the implementation of developed business systems and procedures specifically developed for the management of electrical contracting companies. “We still have the same people, are still be based in Taree, but we now have the added benefit of becoming better at what we do as a valued member of Laser Electrical.” Jeff and his team have a strong reputation throughout the local community for their expertise in industrial, commercial and domestic installation, repairs and maintenance, along with pump and electric motor sales and repairs. Jeff is now an accredited advanced advisor in the “EcoXpert ” energy efficiency programme partnered with Schneider Electric. Our team can offer businesses and home owners honest and independent advice on how to cut their energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint. Jeff and Sue and their team have joined over 120 leading electrical and plumbing business in Australia. Laser’s commitment to being “Totally Dependable” has helped establish the Laser Group as Australia and New Zealand’s leading brand in the electrical and plumbing trades. So look out for the name - Laser Electrical Taree; it’s a benchmark for the future.

“Totally Dependable”

• Domestic • Industrial • Commercial • Maintenance & Service • Household & Pool Pumps

(02) 6552 2779 www.taree.laserelectrical.com.au Lic.No EC26064


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69 Muldoon Street, Taree




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hat do you specialise in? We are a family business, both being 3rd generation in the trade. Tyler Painting & Decorating offer a trades qualified and professional service to all customers. We specialise in all domestic, commercial, new residential and re-paint work and cover all areas of the Manning Great Lakes. What else do you offer? Our highly experienced team are skilled in


colour bond and tile roof painting as well as restoration, can complete driveway repainting and rejuvenations expertly and also offer interior decorative features including walloper and wall coverings. We use and recommend Taubmans, Dulux and Nutech paints and products in all our work.

So what does set Property Managers apart? While things are running smoothly and your tenant is paying rent, possibly nothing, but then again - how do you, as the investor, know what services and/or return you could be missing out on without the advice of a professional property manager? Professional residential property management is a specialised and highly skilled area of real estate that demands well qualified and experienced personnel plus an effective and systemised approach to management. Our Property Investment Management team has developed “cutting edge” property management systems and procedures that ensure effective letting and management to maximise our customers’ investment returns. So, what was the cheapest commission again? Residential property management in real estate has become highly competitive over recent years, and we have no doubt you

will find an agent who will offer to let and manage your investment for a very low fee. They can afford to do that as they usually do not specialise in property management, but merely see it as an adjunct to their sales income. So is your property manager working for you, or simply collecting rent? Ask yourself these questions: When was your last rent increase? When was your last routine inspection? Are you aware of the condition of your property when the tenant moved in? Do you know how your tenant looks after your property? How much experience does your property manager have? If you don’t know the answers, it may be prudent to find out. For more information on all aspects of real estate in this current market, give me a call.

How do we contact you for a quote? Phone Paul on 0402 748 669 or Michael on 0414 234 116 or you may contact us via email on tylerpainting@mail.com


ell us about yourself & the business? Jeff is a strong advocate for the electrical industry and prides himself on the level of training he has given his many apprentices. His apprentices have won many awards with the highlight so far being Luke Tener winning the NECA Apprentice of the Year award at the National level. Jeff has been the NECA (National Electrical & Communications Association) Mid North Coast Branch Chairman for 15 years, and has recently been elected to the Executive Committee of NECA NSW. Jeff enjoys giving back to the Electrical trade and this role, which sees him travel to monthly board meetings in Sydney, is a great way of contributing to the future of all Electricians. How do we contact you for a quote?: Phone our office on 65 52 2779 or call into 69 Muldoon Street, Taree manning-great lakes focus.








hy did you merge the businesses? This merge ensures our continual growth is supported by bigger, better and stronger expertise, knowledge, experience and advice to our clients. We are now the biggest accounting firm with the most qualified staff and quality of service in the Manning-Great Lakes area. What does this mean for your clients? Our strong team of 28 will continue to lead the way into innovative accounting and financial management. We have a primary focus on constant, up-to-date training and are proud to be the biggest user of technology in the Manning-Great Lakes area. By combining our skills we are able to diversify the various products and services we offer, particularly in relation to cloud system technologies such as MYOB and XERO to help benefit individuals and businesses. And what about the local community? We are happy that we are able to expand while keeping the business local, continuing to employ local people, service and satisfy local clientele. What services to do you offer?


manning-great lakes focus.

We offer numerous services, including insurance. accounting, taxation, book keeping, What is the business philosophy at TJL Business advisory, business acquisitions, Business Advisors and Accountants? management consulting and equipment As our tagline states, “Working together financing. Another arm of the business, TJL to build a better financial future for our Financial Management, have expertise clients”; we are passionate about doing in mortgage reduction, wealth what we can to make sure our creation, investment clients reach their financial superannuation (inc and lifestyle goals and SMSF), retirement objectives, effectively We are happy strategies, estate and efficiently. We that we are able planning and believe in a nonkeeping insurance … just to expand while ”selling” approach l, ca lo the business to name a few! oy and if we feel that we pl em continuing to As a multifaceted d an e ic rv can help improve your se , local people business, we offer ” e. el nt ie cl financial future, we will satisfy local the convenience of let you know. It is up to being your one stop you whether or not you shop for all of your wish to move forward. business and individual At TJL Business Advisors financial needs. and Accountants we offer a What can you tell us about your personalised service and a fresh new team? approach to all of your individual and Now we have merged, we will have business financial needs. Visit www. 28 staff based in Forster, Taree and Sydney.

Our staff consists of an array of personalities with skills and specialities in various fields such as SMSF, business advisory, book keeping, statement production, mortgage reductions all the way to matters of

tjlbiz.com.au for more information or give us a call and book a FREE initial appointment with us today. “Working together to build a better financial future for our clients.”

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