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Peter Wade

June 2012 // issue 21

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They’ve performed over 5,000 live shows to a huge audience of 25 million people across 50 countries.

More & more people are choosing to set up, or become a part of, local food systems as a reaction to higher environmental, health & social costs.

WINTERSUN Celebrating its 25th birthday in Coffs Harbour is Australia’s longest running retro nostalgia festival.


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Welcome to the June issue of Coffs Coast FOCUS.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Russell Pell Photo Credits: Skyview Photography p.11 and Scott Carle Photography pp. 48-49.

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here’s a chill in the air, but the Coffs Coast has lots happening in June to distract us from the onset of winter. There’s a packed month at the Jetty Memorial Theatre, Hip Hop beats from the Hilltop Hoods, the colourful Wintersun festival and a showcase of technology at T.H.E Exchange, just to name a few.


Classical Music lovers will be on cloud nine, as the Bellingen Music Festival brings a marvellous array of performances to us over the June long weekend. Headline act, The Song Company, feature on our front cover this month, and they share their story on page 22.



We have a great edition lined up this month.

Our feature photo this month (above) is a

For brides (and grooms) to-be, we have

sunset at Diggers Beach, taken by the very

a special Weddings Feature to showcase

talented Tom Woods of ST Images. Tom

what’s available in our region to make your

does some great work – landscapes, studio

special day unforgettable. We even catch

shots, weddings and surf photography. Keep

up with recently married couple, Jody and

an eye on him if you’re into photography!

Peter Wilson, who share their romantic


story with us. Check out the feature from

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people

page 36.

aren’t used to an environment where

As we move into the second semester, we

excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs.

have put together an education section. To find out more about the local businesses that can help you upskill and keep your brain active, flip to page 54.

Kim Gould – Editor

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Wade Peter Wade is an exciting local sculptor who is exhibiting g his work at the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery until 23 June. We caught ught up with Peter to find out more about the unique style of his creations. tions.


ou settled in Coffs Harbour 24 years ago and began concentrating on your art. You started out as a painter, so what influenced your evolution as a sculptor? I settled in Coffs Harbour in 1988 and the longer I live here, the more I like it. Having no furniture when I arrived, I would improvise or make my own, and around the same time I also became a sculptor. I’d always had a very strong compulsion to draw, but began concentrating on sculpture, achieving greater satisfaction turning drawings into 3D works using a combination of found objects, construction, carved wood, applied paint and drawing. Your works have been described as quirky and humorous, while having undertones of real life and environmental issues. Do you feel this is a just description and/or how would you describe your own style? I don’t think my work should be taken too seriously, but hopefully some people find it appealing and entertaining. Often people will see meaning and themes in the work that I hadn’t intended, but I’m happy for people to identify their own narratives. It’s hard to pin-point my style. I like to show an eclectic mix of skills and media use, and to regularly come up with fresh and new work. But ‘quirky and humorous’ definitely seems to fit. Tell us about the mediums that you use to create your sculptures, and what you find most appealing about working with them. Probably my favourite medium is wood. Wood is a wonderful thing – solid and dependable, with lots of different types having their own strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies. There is something timeless and very satisfying about carving wood. To many people, it’s taboo to paint it, but I often do. One of the wood’s appeals is its ability to take a huge range of surface treatments. I mainly use water based paints, for ease, safety and comfort, as well as inks and colour pencils. Fabricating metal is relatively new to me and is also very satisfying – welding, heating, bashing and bending steel. Tough durable material like wood and steel 4 coffs coast focus.

ings, until the allow for multiple surface reworkings, desired result is realised. Some of your signature piecess are quirky sculptures of men’s ties. What has it been like working on those ... ugh a tie’s sized The ties are a lot of fun. ALthough piece provides a limited area to work, it can still be quite liberating, because of thee possibility to es including use multiple media and techniques drawing, painting, relief carving and a variety of surface treatments. u work on One type of sculpture that you is functional furniture. When sourcing components for these designs,, does an object(s) suggest a theme for the piece, or do you start with an idea and search for the te it? elements you need to complete Recently I’ve been combining sculpture with furniture design, hoping to mergee the two to so make furniture pieces that are also u sculptural objects – sculptures you can interact with ... sculptures you can sit on. The ideas often start hing “There is somet ry with choosing a particular ve d an s es timel carving piece of furniture like a satisfying about people, chair or a stool, then lots wood. To many t it, but I it’s taboo to pain of free ranging sketching, often do..” prodding at ideas and then choosing the materials to it’s quite possible to get suit the design. caught by doing components A chair is a challenge, because individually – and then when it’s put it has been done by so many people together, you realise that the proportions in so many ways, so it’s hard to come up with a are wrong! fresh new contemporary design – something with The decisions on colour and surface treatment the ‘wow factor’ – and have something that is are made last and are often applied then changed both functional and visually appealing. and reworked with multiple coats. Describe the steps involved in creating your There’s a lot of steady work involved, and you works. have to be prepared to put in the hours. Ideas pop into my head, sometimes fully I’m getting more efficient with processes and realised, but usually considered and tweaked power tools. I usually use hand tools, especially and changed over a lengthy process. There isn’t chisels, to finish, but I’m happy to speed up the time to make everything I’d like to. Sometimes process as much as possible with power tools. ideas are dismissed even after work has started; What is the ultimate goal for the works that it’s important to realise that just because you’ve you create? invested time in an idea, it doesn’t mean it’s An ultimate goal is to make a living from my necessarily worth finishing. art and to continue to enjoy it to the extent that I do a lot more sketching and drawing these I’ll never want to retire. It’s a struggle, but I’m days, to help get to the stage where I can clearly in a position at the moment that even if I was visualise the piece before starting work on it. A lot of my work is constructed. With constructions, wealthy, I’d be doing exactly what I am doing

now – creating, studying and teaching here in Coffs Harbour. Your work will be on exhibition at the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery throughout June. What can we expect from this exhibition? I haven’t had a gallery exhibition since 2010. I’ve been out of the public eye while studying Furniture Design. It’s good to remind people that I’m still around and show them what I’ve been doing lately, and I’m very happy to be exhibiting in the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery. I have 13 floor pieces and 25 small wall pieces on display, so people will be able to see a good cross section of my work – and so far it seems to appeal to a wide age group. The opening night went well; I got some great feedback, with a lot of very positive comments. Four painters and a printer have work on display too, so there’s flat art too ... something for everyone. Thanks Peter.


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Vicky Hunter. This month’s guest on Collectors Corner is Vicky Hunter, a self confessed elephant lover. Not only does she have an impressive collection of elephant memorobilia, but she has also spent some time living with these gentle giants!

Issue 21 - June 2012

Hilltop Hoods. Hilltop Hoods are Australia’s biggest Hip Hop act of all time. They’ve just returned from a tour of Canada and the USA and are about to embark on a national tour back on home soil. Nicci Seccombe catches up with Suffa MC for a chat, before the boys land in Coffs Harbour to kick off their tour.


usual suspects.



10. what’s on for June 14. eat featuring local restaurants 24. social scene with Carole Beros 32. star guide with Terri

34. tourism with Tourism Coffs Coast 52. business voice with the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce

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Wedding Bliss. Jody Wilson has a special connection to the Coffs Coast, having grown up and lived here until moving to Perth to live with her now husband Peter. So it was only natural that they chose to come back to Coffs for their wedding recently. We caught up with Jody to find out more about how they celebrated their special day. follow us on

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This month’s guest on Collectors Corner is Vicky Hunter, a self confessed elephant lover. Not only does she have an impressive collection of elephant memorobilia, but she has also spent some time living with these gentle giants!

hat do you collect? I suffer from ‘Pachydermitis’. I have a passion, obsession and compulsion for elephants! I’m not really sure when this addiction started, as I feel like there has always been an elephant in the room! As a child, one of my favourite books was The Saggy Baggy Elephant. I loved the movie Dumbo and of course, who could forget Mr Sufffleupagus, the elephant besty of Big Bird in Sesame St. What prompted you to start collecting, and why elephants? My mum and dad collected anything and everything, so my genetic predisposition for collecting was instilled in me at an early age. I went through phases of collecting – Barbies, books, bric a brac … but the big beast of the animal kingdom was always present. My dad had been given a set of elephant book ends that held my most loved books, so I guess that seeing them every day ingrained the elephant into my subconscious. Like the elephant, I couldn’t forget! Dad had also given me a couple of elephant ornaments, so I guess that’s how it began. Over the years, my collection has increased exponentially. So that explains how your collection 6 coffs coast focus.

started, but why are you so passionate about this particular animal? I’ve travelled a great deal throughout South East Asia. Elephants are such an integral part of Asian life and culture. They have been used for centuries working alongside man as a beast of burden. They have been revered in the shape of the God Ganesh and are a symbol of wisdom, famed for their intelligence and are also one of the closest mammals in intelligence to humans. For me, they represent a unique package – strong family ties bind their herds, and ellies are also extremely sensitive. Unfortunately, hunting and habitat destruction has seen my beautiful animals heading for the endangered species list. You’ve actually spent time living with elephants; where was that? In 2010 I took my compulsion to a new level and headed back to Thailand to participate in a very special ‘Elephant Experience’. Having visited Thailand previously, I had seen the tourist side of elephants … poor animals trained to do tricks, paint and carry overweight passengers, then be chained up to a tree when not performing. I’d witnessed baby elephants taken from their mother, to be paraded through the streets and 5 star hotels. I volunteered for a week at Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand, near Chang

Mai (Chang is the Thai word for elephant). It is a rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary for 35 elephants. Set on acres of free land, the aim is to try and rescue and rehabilitate elephants that have had tormented pasts. The project was founded in 1996 by Lek Chailert, an unimposing tiny Thai national. For the week I lived with my beautiful elephants… feeding, bathing, gathering food and of course, scooping up the end product of around 250 kg of consumed vegetable matter each day. As a volunteer, each day we were assigned different tasks to help in the running of the park. To be up close and personal with these majestic animals was a once in a lifetime experience. The workers at the park couldn’t understand why theses crazy Westerners wanted to pay for the privilege of shovelling poo! I now know where the saying ‘pushing poo uphill’ comes from! Coming home from the park saw me have an even greater appreciation for my big mates, and my collection took on a greater meaning. Describe the pieces you have in your collection. The pieces in my collection are varied in shape and form. I have elephants in the garden in the shape of tea-light holders; they hide in amongst my agaves and greet you on entering my house. Elephants adorn

my shelves and hang out in the bedrooms. Then there is the clothing with elephants emblazoned on it, the jewellery, the placemats, food covers, spoons and so on. Each piece holds it own story. I do try and limit the size of each piece now and try to limit myself to one piece each holiday (well ... I at least try). At last count, I think there were about 50 elephants that own me, as well as various other items. Do you have one favourite piece in your collection? One of my favourite pieces is a table I brought home with me after my dad died. I had always taken the table as a fixture in Dad’s lounge room, something to put my drink on. It was pointed out to me by my Aunty that the table had elephants carved around it. Needless to say, the table takes pride of place in my lounge room now, and yes – I still put my drink on it! Thanks Vicky.

are you a collector? We want to know about you! Let us know what you collect and you might just be our next Collectors Corner guest! e. ph. (02) 6650 9343

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meet a



Meet the new chef at Saltwater Restaurant. Meet M eet ADaniel Local L Local. ocalWilliams, . H How long l have h you b been on the th Coffs C ff Coast? I moved to the Coffs Coast about four years ago from Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. What’s your favourite thing to do on the Coffs Coast? I like to get out and see a bit of live music when there’s something good on, or enjoy the surrounding countryside and coastline and a bit of fishing (even though I rarely catch anything). Describe your typical day. My typical day is all about food. I’d run out of words if I tried to describe it in detail, but I’m generally always enjoying myself.

W What’s the best thing about your job? The best thing about my job is making food - I feel good about and my devoted team. What keeps you motivated? I think my passion for food keeps me motivated, and trips out to the family farm always keep me coming back with fresh ideas. What does the future hold? There’s a few things on the cards at the moment, but for the near future there’s our new winter menu. And I have also started thinking about what I’d like to serve for the spring menu, so there is lots to look forward to.


A New President The Coffs Harbour Writers’ Group has a newly elected President, Lorraine Mouafi. She brings to the group more than twenty years’ senior business management experience, including strengths on methods of improving communication processes. Lorraine’s background includes the identification and implementation of e-newsletters and web-board communication tools for one of the state’s largest government agencies. Her writing skills include business newsletters, she was a contributing author of an educational book, What my Favourite Teacher Taught Me, the Coffs Harbour Writers’ Group 25th year anthology book Pens of Purpose, and she is currently writing her memoirs. Lorraine is an enthusiastic person who encourages others and has willingness for change – especially with bringing the digital media world closer for Coffs Harbour Writers’ Group. And as such, the group is currently embarking on the development of their first website, where members can gain exposure for their works and also to be a portal for 8 coffs coast focus.

s part of the exciting and extensive development works currently being undertaken at Park Beach Plaza, this month FOCUS has been given the opportunity to have a sneak peek at the amazing new look Target, which is gradually being unveiled as its refurbished stages are completed. Recently we were given the opportunity to talk with Ray Finch, Target Coffs Harbour Store Manager, and this is what Ray had to say … “As many customers may be aware, our Target Coffs Harbour store has been undergoing an extensive refurbishment, to bring the store up to the latest in Target store design, and we’re thrilled that completion of the brand new look is on track for completion by September. In the first upgrade to the store since 1980, the Coffs Harbour community will enjoy an exciting and easier shopping experience when the final works are completed. “Already our customers will have noticed that we have beautiful new tiles and timberlook flooring being installed, and the store is being rearranged into a convenient new layout, which features wider aisles to provide easy access when shopping. Everything in the store, from clothing to homewares to entertainment merchandise, will be better displayed and easier to find. “When complete, the new-look Coffs Harbour store will have an even stronger focus on fashion, with a central boulevard of women’s apparel, a beauty bar, and it will feature bright, fresh colours plus eye-catching

and creative displays. “Our team have been working hard to minimise customer disruption throughout the refurbishment process, and we are very grateful for our customers’ patience during this time. I am confident that our customers will enjoy shopping in our brand new Target store when the major works are completed later this year.” Ray Finch also explained that the features of the refurbished store will include a cosy new bookshop, where customers will feel right at home, plus shopping partners can relax in comfort in the enhanced fitting room area, which will feature a plasma TV and comfortable seating. In line with the refurbishment works being carried out in Target, Park Beach Plaza have now commenced works on the centre mall area near Target, where a new specialty retail offer will soon be available to customers – including some exciting retailers that are new to the region. This, along with the fabulous new amenities and the multi deck car park which is well underway, will see Park Beach Plaza ready for the new look Target, due to celebrate is official opening in early September.





strengthening Coffs Harbour’s position of having a viable writers’ group. The plan over the coming year is to build upon what has occurred over the past years, by encouraging members to advance their writing skills, through the provision of learning opportunities in the form of seminars, workshops and guest speakers. President – Lorraine Mouafi 6653 3256 or 0404 163 136; email: Publicity/Social Secretary – Karolyn Gibson 6658 4981 or 0423 538 506; email:

VIDEO BY: Joelle Baudet. ABOUT: Take Lily, one tired, stressed, overly committed woman, running two businesses and two small children, dress her up in a tiny costume, strap some skates to her feet and watch her loud, fast, ferocious alter ego emerge. Meet Kitty MeOuch, roller derby doll and Fresh Meat Coach of the Coffs Coast Derby Dolls. WATCH AT:

Watch on your smaphone


I have long been a fan of INXS and their music, previously described by band members as “big, basic dirty noise” and “white boy dance music” and had the pleasure of meeting Michael Hutchence when working as a publicist on MTV (Music Television) at Channel 9 in the early ’90s. At the time, INXS was lauded as the consummate rock band, enjoying chart-topping singles such as What You Need, Never Tear Us Apart, New Sensation, and Suicide Blonde. Interview by Karen Farrell.


hroughout 34 years of playing together, INXS has performed over 5,000 live shows to a colossal 25 million people across 50 countries. In September 2011, INXS announced singer/songwriter Ciaran Gribban as the band’s new front man. Following the success of recent overseas concerts, INXS will be touring to regional Australia for the first time in many years, playing the bands massive hits plus some brand new songs. I caught up with guitarist Tim Farriss to talk about the bands upcoming Coast to Coast tour to regional Australia … Fans will be thrilled with the announcement of your long awaited tour. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time – it’s a chance to get out of the major cities. Ciaran Gribbin, our new singer and songwriter with Andrew (Farriss), is fresh from Ireland and loves Australia. We’ve been hanging out a lot in the band room playing and want to get out there to road test the new songs. We’ve wanted to do the ‘Original Tour’ for a very long time. There hasn’t been an opportunity to do it. Now that we’re writing all this material and we’re about to go into the studio, we thought before we record it, why don’t we take this opportunity to finally do the ‘Original Tour’? You recently performed a slew of overseas concerts with Gribbin. Was it a conscious decision to debut your new singer overseas prior to touring to Australia’s Rock heartlands? It’s how it played out, really. Ciaran started out with 15,000 people in Peru, then his next night was Argentina. We’ve been playing South America for a long time, and we threw him in off the deep end. Now we’ve had a chance to bond

and for him to become more of a band mate, rather than a hired gun. Which makes a huge difference, doesn’t it? It does make a huge difference. We’re just enjoying his company and the songs that he and since Michael died. It’s obviously really important Andrew write. There are some real jewels and some surprises. The more we hang out as a band, and was a major priority for Andrew moving forward that he was able to find another writing the better as Ciaran gets to know how we do partner. He met Ciaran at a party somewhere on things. We haven’t done this in a long time, since Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and they just started before Kick. It’s Kick’s 25th anniversary this year, writing together. Ciaran came out to Australia and to celebrate we’re re-releasing the record, from Ireland with his wife, only planning to stay which hasn’t been available for a long time, for a few months, and he and Andrew with a whole lot of stuff which will started getting pretty serious about come out with it at the same writing. Then Ciaran moved time. e “When we wer at era, here, and they’re writing and What else will be touring during thying to we’re playing together – tr as released with it? everyone w ith w r he ot ch and we love it. Everyone’s ea o All kinds of stuff that I outd am, having a great time. the latest handyc don’t want to give away! and we were just out Following Michael’s Just a little bit …? shooting the helld not passing, is part of the There will be some of everything anck at it reason why some of the ba g versions of songs that in even look …” w other singers didn’t quite no people haven’t heard, plus until work out for INXS because lots of video and archival they didn’t have a strong footage. We’ve had all our stuff songwriting ability? digitised, because film and tape That’s the main reason. They all had wonderful only has a shelf life for so long and had to be talent and are wonderful entertainers in their digitised. own right, but they were always somebody else. In doing that, we discovered some real gems It was never, “Oh he’s the new guy in INXS”; – especially amongst some of our personal stuff. instead, it was always “Oh, he’s Terence Trent When we were touring during that era, everyone D’Arby, Jon Stevens or JD Fortune”. They’re was trying to outdo each other with the latest individuals in their own right and were kind handycam, and we were just shooting the hell of like ‘hired guns’. I know that’s what Brian out of everything and not even looking back at it Johnson is in ACDC, but he came along at a until now … completely different time for them. In fact, they Ciaran comes with strong songwriting skills broke huge when they got Brian Johnson to sing. – are you maximising those skills? So for us, it’s been a completely different road. Absolutely. It’s the first time Andrew felt We’ve had to go in several directions to find the comfortable writing with a partner in the band

right path and feel really comfortable again, and that’s what we’ve done – it’s a great feeling. When someone who has played such an influential role in a band either leaves the band or departs us, it doesn’t mean that the band has to be thrown out with it … Well put. You took the words right out of my mouth. I would have said more like, if someone in the family dies, you don’t change the name of the family. No you don’t … You carry on. We didn’t spend all those years and all that time away from our families for it not to be something. And by being INXS, Michael is still around. Every time we play, Michael is there. We’re keeping him alive. It’s a rare day when a band stays together for 34 years and has the level success that you guys have. Respect would play an enormous part in it, I’d imagine? I guess just the joy of playing music together. We really do enjoy playing music together. Other than respect, you talk to people who say, “We grew up listening to you”, and so in many ways the music that you’re hearing now is influenced by us twenty or thirty years ago. Thanks Tim.

the plug! See INXS live at Coffs Ex Services Club, 1 Vernon Street on Friday the 22 June. Call (02) 6652 3888 for tickets.

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W H AT ’S O N A RO U N D T H E R E G I O N // J U N E 20 1 2 COFFS COAST


24 Sunday y Soundscap Soundscapes p Concert 3 - Sydney y yB Brass

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is one of Australia’s best-loved fundraising events and plays a vital role in raising money towards Cancer Council’s work in research, prevention and support. Don’t forget to register your morning tea – every cup counts! When Throughout May and June. More info visit

1-11 Wintersun. Winter rsun. Wintersun is Australia’s longest running Retro Nostalgia Festival, featuring the cars, music and lifestyle mainly of the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s. Where e Various venues throughout Coffs Coff Harbour. H b When June 1 to June 11. More info visit

Sydney Brass is a fabulous quin quintet of trumpets, French trombone 2 trumpet ts, FFr rench horn, trom They and a tuba. tuba ba. Th The ey will be playing Bach, George music by B Bac ach h, Gabrieli, Georg own Gershwin and Australia's very o Percy Grainger. $6 a ticket (including (incl booking fee). Where Jetty Memorial Theatre,

Coffs Harbour. When 2pm Sunday 24 June 2012. More info Call 6652 8088 or visit


Bellingen Music Festival. The Bellingen Music Festival will bring the best of classical music to the region. With five major concerts, the Festival takes place over three days, with music ranging from early to the very modern. Where Bellingen Memorial Hall. When 8, 9 and 10 June. Tickets Available from Roots Records, Bellingen, or online


10 coffs coast focus.

Live Theatre The Jetty Memorial Theatre has a jam packed month, with shows for all tastes and ages. Upcoming shows include David Williamson’s Let the Sunshine, The Bugalugs Bum Thief, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow, I Bunyip, and Biddies. Where Jetty Memorial Theatre, 337 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour. When Throughout June. When visit or call 6652 8088.


[ IN THE MAKING ] There’s been a buzz around town … secret meetings, fast cars, exquisite jewels and designer clothes whisked away to undisclosed locations … what’s this all about? A very exciting event is beginning to take shape on the Coffs Coast. FOCUS, in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz Coffs Coast, John Logan Entertainment and 400 Management are proud to announce the ‘Mercedes-Benz Coffs Coast Fashion Gala’, to be held at Novotel Pacific Bay Resort, Saturday 25 August. It’s been all systems go behind the scenes, with the ‘secret’ promotional shoot for the event and major planning well underway. Some time ago now, a creative team, headed by Tegan Ewart of 400 Management, undertook a project the likes of which Coffs Harbour has never seen before. Two top of the line Mercedes-Benz, thanks to Todd Blewitt, incredible Jewels from Kennedy’s, designer clothing from Nik and She, RSVP and More for Men, and shoes from Jaqui’s made the trip to the top-secret, underground location, to become the features of a photo shoot by Brendan Ray of Skyview Photography, to promote this prestigious event. A massive behind the scenes team from Living Doll Premier Stylists, Mickeela Tonycliffe Makeup Artistry, Lyss and Her Camera and Saltwater Videography were on hand to make the photos magic and record all of the action. John Logan even popped in for a bit, to update his fashion knowledge and oversee the project.

A night to remember is the phrase that comes to mind when hearing about the plans John’s team have for the event. State of the art stage, lighting and sound designs direct from the Melbourne and Sydney fashion shows, along with pre-release fashion from some of Australia’s hottest designers is just the beginning. The 2 stunning MercedesBenz in the resort atrium and a not so small fortune worth of jewellery from Kennedy’s for guests to get up close and personal with will also whet the appetite. Want to know more? You’ll have to get in line … or get a ticket! Tickets for the event are available by phoning Novotel Pacific Bay Resort on 6659 7000. Tickets begin at $55, second row for $75 or gold reserve for $95. All tickets include cocktail hour, with canapés and drinks included in ticket price. Get in quick, as there is only a limited number available. A casting call is now being issued to all interested models and dancers, male and female, 16 years and over, who would like the chance to be part of the incredible fashion action. As a chance like this doesn’t come along in rural NSW all that often, the team at 400 are offering all interested girls and guys the chance to learn the tricks of the trade at a free training and development day to be held at Pacific Bay resort on the 17 June, prior to the casting. Head online to for all of the details, or hit Mercedes-Benz Coffs Coast on Facebook. More information is available for any interested parties by contacting Tegan at or calling 0408 494 464. coffs coast focus 11


with Nicci Seccombe


READ Kaiser Chiefs SOUVENIR.

Local Author. Diane Fordham. Title. Dream Keeper.

If there is one thing I have on my bucket list, it is to attend the infamous Coachella Festival. This year saw UK’s Kaiser Chiefs take main stage, to prove to their fans they are still one of the world’s biggest British groups in the music industry. Their latest compilation, Souvenir, documents all their big hit singles up to this year and dates back to their very first single, Oh My God, a single that was covered by Mark Ronson and Lilly Allan back in 2007. The Kaiser Chiefs have worked closely with a bunch of the world’s most renowned musicians, namely Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur), Claudius Mittendorfer (The Vaccines, Interpol). Just as Aussie Hip Hop has its own unique flavour, Brit-Pop proves to be an authentic genre bred from the UK and has gained popularity through bands like The Wombats, Vampire Weekend, Oasis, Blur and Joy Division. In my opinion, the Kaiser Chiefs deserve the same respect and international fame.

Diane Fordham has had in excess of sixty short stories published, and her first novel, Dream Keeper, has been published this year.

Commercially played singles Never Miss A Beat, I Predict A Riot and Every Day I Love You Less And Less feature on this album, proving the Kaiser Chiefs are one of the greatest bands of their genre to come out of the UK. Souvenir includes no less than six Top Ten hits, numerous airplay successes, a number 1 world wide hit (Ruby) and the addition of two new songs, Listen To Your Head and On The Run, which are also bound to be huge hits. Souvenir is a solid reminder of just how much great music has come out of the Chiefs over the last eight years, and it makes us hope that there’s plenty more to come!


Synopsis: People all over the world are falling into deep comas. Dream Keeper is the king of eternal sleep. He enters the waking world and stalks the night for souls that sleep, for souls to steal. This supernatural being builds his kingdom in the dream tunnels of human minds, and now he desires Tiana as his queen, whether she likes it or not. Dream Keeper is ready to spawn a child. In the fascinating novel Dream Keeper: It’s Time to Face Your Fears, Senior Investigator Macarthur T Egan moves closer to get a better look at Tiana’s face. It was her. Not in his wildest dreams, had he expected to come face to face with his dream lover. Mac reads Tiana’s notes. Her reality and her fantasy worlds have collided. Dream Keeper was a character in a novel she was writing. But the character is real to those who go to sleep and don’t wake up. How can Mac stop someone who pops in and out of people’s dreams? Dream Keeper makes a devil of a deal with Tiana. She pays for her success as a writer when Dream Keeper imprisons her husband and children in their dreams, and Tiana can’t wake them up. He will release her family from their eternal sleep if she joins him in his world. The Dream Travellers who meet Dream Keeper are in for far more than they could have ever imagined. Dream Keeper is available through links on the author’s website and

with Joel McCulla from rom Zulu’s Let us help promote your local book or music album. Email:



A Anyone who h h has d dined i d in m myy Restaur Restaurant, uran antt, ZZul Zulu’s, ulu’ u’ss, understands und under e stands the he d dep depths e ths off respectt I h hav have a e fo for es we us usee in n our menu. SSo o wi ith tth he nights becomi ing n mor o e fr rig igid id and d chilli and the seven varieties with the becoming more frigid h t’ coming i up ... SSawtell t ll Chilli FFestival! tii l! the mornings more crisp, we allll kknow what’s The region’s very own homage to this crazy fruit ... which brings with it as many complications as it does pleasures to our palate. The chilli is an incredibly potent antioxidant, whose true health benefits are being explored and Alzheimer s and arthritis arthritis opened further each and every day. Cancerr research, treatment for Alzheimer’s s. Benefits aside, it iss o one ne can be listed in its resume of potential uses. apsaicin. C(18)H(27)NO O(3) thing the chilli is most well known for ... Capsaicin. Capsaicin is a toxin which is highly aggressive sive upon our vanilloid mbranes on the face. receptors, located around all mucous membranes Its potency, though, can mean and deal a burning sensation – and even damage in the right dose to any part of the body. o that, its influence Toxicity aside, its benefits are huge! Add to can be broad. In the brain, your pain and pleasure centres are right alongside one another, making it easyy for the message nilloid receptor, it is to become confused. In the case of the vanilloid nd so confused hard wired to both regions of the brain, and messages are more common. Whether you’re a fan of the heat or not (iff not, simply remove seeds and white membrane to dulll the burn) spicing up any dish with a kick of chilli ... can be tions very rewarding! Come try our insane variations day 7 of Chilli at the Sawtell Chilli Festival, Saturday July 2012. See for more details!



To read more about chilli, visit my website:

coffs coast focus.

Creative reative Etch. Creative Etch Is located at the Old Butter days, weddings, anniversaries: whatever Factory Shopping Village Bellingen. Ronnie the occasion, Ronnie can provide a very Gillingham, owner of Creative unique and personal gift. At Creative Etch, specialises in sandblastEtch, Ronnie prefers to use the ing and engraving onto sandblast procedure, which is a ch glass, jewellery, drink natural wearing away method “ At Creative sEtto Ronnie preferblast bottles, flasks, wine on all his glass products, as use the sand coolers, wine bottles, e, it gives a smoother, cleaner ur proced l wine glasses, key rings which is a natura look without damaging or wearing awayl his and just about any weakening the glass. Ronnie method on alts. ” other product to suit prides himself on providing glass produc your needs. His range of excellent customer service at a services include: company competitive price and caters for logos etched into bottles, individuals as well as business, school glasses, coffee mugs, or into a large and sporting groups, and he will deliver free range of crystal and glass products. Trophies of charge to the Bellingen/Coffs Harbour and awards for sporting and school groups: area. a huge range of budget trophies/medallions is available to choose from, as well as For more information, contact Ronnie on catering for more classy top end awards. (02) 6655 0488 or 0417 500 995. Name badges, dog tags and plaques, birth-

Shows & Presentations

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Dolphin & Seal Kisses



Marine Magic Presentation



Penguin, Turtle & Fish Feeding





REPTILE WORLD * Only In school holidays

coffs coast focus 13

Coffs Coast

Cover Dish Masterstock pork belly with seared scallops, glazed ginger cranberries and red currant toffee from Bluebottles Brasserie.

eat. Dining Guide is available for iPhone & Android mobiles.

eat. Saltwater Restaurant Superbly positioned only a few lazy metres from the rolling surf at Emerald Beach, just 15 km north of Coffs Harbour. Take in the view, while our team of award winning chefs and staff look after you. Enjoy breakfast on the terrace, a leisurely lunch, or fine dining in the evening. Saltwater is the perfect location for your wedding reception or function. Recently voted Winner Best Breakfast Restaurant, Northern/New England. Reviewed and recommended by SMH Good Food Guide.

Corn fritters w/ crispy bacon, cherry tomato relish, avocado salsa & confit capsicum.

Café TREEO Sawtell Café TREEO is relatively new on the scene, but in a short time they’ve made big waves, earning themselves a solid reputation for some of the best food and coffee on the coast. At TREEO they’ve kept things simple, with amazing food using only the freshest of ingredients and coffee made with love, thanks to Single Origin Roasters. Their delicious daily specials have all the locals talking, and their extensive breakfast and lunch menu is served all day from 7am.

Leesa & Duncan Elliot (Owners and Chef).

Chef Dan Williams.

104 Fiddaman Road, Emerald Beach t 6656 1888 w open: Wed - Sun: Breakfast, Lunch. Wed - Sat: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

18 First Ave, Sawtell t 6653 1099 fb CafeTreeo open: 7 days from 7am for breakfast and lunch.

Fiasco Ristorante + Bar Located at the end of the Jetty Strip, Fiasco Ristorante offers an authentic Italian dining experience – with award winning cuisine and service, together with an extensive international wine and beer listing, it has featured in the prestigious SMH Good Guide for the last six years. Fiasco Bar has a relaxed feel, and the bar menu offers light meals. Especially popular is our special woodfired Bar Pizza ... a favourite with locals and visitors alike – still only $10 – available Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm.

Zulu’s Restaurant & Bar Seven levels of chilli, some just warming on the palate, others that will be able to be tracked right the way through the digestive system, from the moment the burning sensation quiets down enough for you to become aware of the world around you again. Our African dishes, now available in takeaway, are designed to be tailored for the Chilli wuss ... right through to the Chilli fanatic! Try them for yourself in the comfort of our restaurant, the intimacy of your own home ... or publicly at the Sawtell Chilli Festival on Saturday 7th July 2012. See for more details.

27 Grafton Street, Coffs Harbour (Pacific Highway). t 6652 1588 w open: Breakfast: Monday – Friday, 7am – 9am. Dinner: Monday – Saturday, 6pm – late.

Chef Joel McCulla.

Head Chef Stefano Mazzina

22 Orlando St, Coffs Harbour Jetty t 6651 2006 w open: Ristorante open Tues to Sat from 6pm. Bar open Tues to Sat from 5pm. coffs coast focus 15

eat. Magic Mushroom Wrap.

Wholly Cow Café Wholly Cow Café offers something a little different in Sawtell, from their cool retro wallpaper through to their fun and creative names of their menu items. Wholly Cow offer organic and certified fairtrade coffee and have also just introduced a second blend, called Café Femenino from Peru. Their menu is extensive, from breakfast dishes, salads, burgers and wraps and sweet treats. Everything is available for takeaway too! There is plenty of choice for those who prefer vegetarian or gluten-free options and they even have gluten-free burger buns, which are made especially for Wholly Cow. The Coffs Coast now has its very own gourmet burger place, so go and check out Wholly Cow Café!

Horizons Restaurant & Bar Celebrate with us! June is Birthday Month in Horizons! If you dine in Horizons on your actual birthday, you will receive your main course free! • Photo ID must be shown. Horizons Restaurant and Bar at Opal Cove Resort features modern Australian cuisine with a creative menu, which changes seasonally to take full advantage of the region’s freshest produce and seafood. Over- looking the pool and taking in the coastal views, guests are able to dine alfresco on the terrace or in air conditioned comfort. Horizons Bar has fabulous cocktails and happy hour 5-6pm daily.

Owner Ricky Lee

2/39 First Avenue, Sawtell t 6658 2682 open: Mon - Thurs. 7am - 5pm. Fri -Sat. 7am - 8pm Sunday – 7am - 3pm.

Clinton Hunter Head Chef.

Opal Cove Resort, Opal Boulevard, Coffs Harbour t 6651 0510 open: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – 7 days a week. Bookings recommended.

Latitude 30 Restaurant + Bar

Red Rooster At Red Rooster Coffs Harbour, our chickens contain no artificial colours or flavours, are hand seasoned and lovingly roasted for 55 minutes to deliver perfect roast chicken every time. Our Peri Peri range features succulent 98% fat-free chicken fillets in a Peri Peri glaze, served with crisp lettuce and fresh tomato, all wrapped up in a soft tortilla, damper bun or a freshly baked baguette. We also offer succulent seafood, freshly cooked deep-sea dory fillets, lightly coated in a golden, crisp tempura batter. Add some delicious sides and you’ve got a tasty, fresh and fast catering solution for any occasion.

Welcome to Latitude 30, boasting the best view in Coffs Harbour and tantalising food and wine to match. Sit down, chill out and listen to our weekly Jazz bands playing every Sunday between 3pm - 6pm. You can choose from our extensive new menu. There is a choice for everyone, with a huge range of 50 dishes – whether it is sticky pork belly with black pepper caramel or our funky chicken drumettes with white bean puree and garlic croutons.

Franchisee Matthew Culgan

4 locations: South Coffs, Bray St, and 2 foodcourt stores located in Palms Shopping Centre & Park Beach Plaza. open: 7 days for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks.

16 coffs coast focus.

Head chef Ben Massey.

Unit 8/1 Marina Drive, Coffs Harbour t 6651 6888 w open: 8am ‘til late.

Oceanfront Brasserie at the Deep Sea Fishing Club Looking for the best place in Coffs Harbour to have your special gathering? Let us do the catering for you, while you sit back with your friends and family in one of our Seaview function rooms. Our newly designed Tapas Menu has many appetizing choices that will be enjoyed by you and your guests. Call or email our functions coordinator, Lisa, for any questions that you may have. She will throw in the best view in the Mid North Coast for free!

Bluebottles Brasserie Bluebottles is located in beautiful seaside Woolgoolga. Open 7 days a week from 6.30am - 3pm and under the guidance of head chef Gerard Geerligs, we offer superb all day breakfast, lunch and daily specials in a relaxed alfresco atmosphere. Bluebottles is also open Friday and Saturdays for afternoon tea and coffee. Bluebottles uses fresh, local ingredients for their seasonal, modern Australian menu. Also on offer is a wide selection of housemade desserts, cakes, muffins and cookies. Bookings are recommended and private functions are catered for.

Head Chef Craig Clarke

Head Chef Gerard Geerligs.

Jordon Esplanade, Coffs Harbour Jetty t 6651 2819 w www.

Shops 1 & 2, 53 Beach St, Woolgoolga t 6654 1962 open Breakfast and Lunch daily.

open: lunch and dinner daily.

The Pier Hotel Dave Newick, our Head Chef, has come up with his favourite dishes for the new season and added them to our existing comprehensive menu. He has added a little flair by mixing the perfect glass of wine to your meal in his food and wine matching menu. Come along and experience a different theme each night. Monday is burger and beer, Tuesday is macho nacho night, Wednesday is steak and ale night, or try Mexican on Thursday night. Come along and get value for money with our food and drink all in one deals!

Urban Espresso Lounge

Head Chef Dave Newick.

Cnr Harbour Dr and Camperdown St, Coffs Harbour hotel 6652 2110 bistro 6651 8222 open: lunch 11.30-2.30pm, dinner 5.30-8.30pm, 7 days a week.

As winter approaches and the temperature cools things heat up in the Urban kitchen! Our team has worked hard to bring you a winter menu sourcing fine local produce to plate up dishes that warm the soul. Start your day with warm creamy porridge or maybe a wild mushroom and smoked chicken risotto or mild lamb & spinach curry for lunch. Dinner hasn’t been left out with apple cider & sage roasted pork belly or black angus scotch fillet with garlic cream prawns. Come on in and let Urban warm you up for winter!

Head Chef Blake Walton.

384a Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour Jetty t 6651 1989 w open: 7 Days from 7am for breakfast and lunch. URBAN AFTER DARK Fri and Sat from 6pm. coffs coast focus 17


Meet Ricky Lee, Owner of Wholly Cow Café in Sawtell.


our menu is to keep it simple by letting the fresh ingredients speak for themselves. We ow long o ong have you been in also have several vegetarian and gluten-free the hospitality industry, options across the whole menu. and where did you start What would you say is Wholly Cow’s point out? of difference? I have been in the hospitality Our aim is to create a fun and inviting dining industry for 25 years, starting my career environment with friendly service, fresh food, as a casual waiter in Canberra. Working great coffee and something a little different. in hospitality has provided me with the We think we have achieved this from our retro opportunity to work and travel extensively inspired wallpaper to our Eames dining chairs, throughout Australia, New Zealand and through to the fun names of our dishes on the Europe. Prior to moving to the menu. Coffs Coast, I was managing We also offer organic and certified a large corporate hotel in Fairtrade coffee, which is roasted Melbourne. locally in Bellingen. We think Our aim is to What do you love the our burgers and wraps offer d create a fun an most about having great value for money and g in inviting din your own café on ith by using fresh, homemade w t en environm h es the Coffs Coast? fr e, ingredients, you can taste ic rv se friendly d an ee I have always loved ff co the difference! t ea gr food, tle lit a g cooking, food and wine in h What do you have in et m so and am now able to store for the café over the different! combine my managerial next 6 months? experience with my passion We have just introduced a second for simple, fresh food in a blend of coffee, which is also organic beautiful location. and Fairtrade, roasted by our coffee roaster, Tell our readers about the amazing menu Amelia Franklin in Bellingen. We will continue you have at Wholly Cow. to support Fairtrade coffee growers by using The menu was developed with an element their products and try to encourage others to of fun and creativity, focusing on fresh get Fairtrade karma! ingredients and quality produce sourced from We are very keen to continue supporting local suppliers. I love the fact that we can local suppliers and growers and will continue offer something different in First Avenue. working with our coffee roaster to get the The difference with our burgers and wraps is Fairtrade word out there! that I know exactly what goes into each one, Wholly Cow Café has provided the Coffs Coast as everything is made in house, including with its very own gourmet burger place, which our homemade sauces. We prepare our own can rival those such as Grill’d in the cities! You fresh beetroot and use fresh pineapple, as our don’t need to go to Sydney or Melbourne for philosophy is ‘there is nothing served here out good food! of a can’. We will also be selling our homemade relish, Our breakfast menu is available all day and satay sauce and pesto in the near future – so includes options from Eggs Benedict to our watch this space! homemade Bircher Muesli. The emphasis of Thanks Ricky. 18 coffs coast focus.



Box As awareness and knowledge grows in the world about the health, environmental and social costs of what we eat, more and more people are choosing to set up, or become a part of, local food systems. We catch up with Leigh Winter, Coordinator of bellofoodbox, to find out how we’re reacting to this social change on a local level. consum fuel consumption on the environment; reduces the time food spends in storage, so it maintains more nutrients and lasts longer; minimises freight costs; and helps to keep local growers in business. Buying local food grown organically, biodynamically or with little to no sprays, supports the local grower to continue ’s using sustainable farming Eating food that lly practises. been grown locais and sustainably iest The thing I like best one of the health r about bellofoodbox is the fo do n things you ca the d way it encourages people an dy your bo to get creative with food environment. and change the way they The Northbank Community eat. When they get a box of Garden Inc. (NCG Inc.) is a food that’s been selected for not-for-profit community group run them from a range of locally grown wholly by volunteers passionate about a fairer produce, it encourages them to try ingredients food future. It has delivered many local food they may not otherwise risk, and they are then projects in Bellingen, including the Northbank better equipped for embracing local food. Community Garden, bellofoodbox, riverbank The project celebrated its first birthday regeneration, Community Worm Farm project in May. How have you seen it grow and and in partnership with Transition Bellingen, evolve? Bellingen Chamber of Commerce and Bellingen As one of the trial members in its early days, Shire Council, several Edible Streetscapes I’ve seen the project grow from a couple of projects, which focus on increasing food plants volunteers packing a small amount of $30 boxes in public places for the public to forage. Contact a week with produce from a handful of growers, Nic Denshire on president@northbankgarden. to almost 50 boxes a week, with three different to find out more about NCG Inc. box sizes filled with produce sourced from a pool The garden itself has over 100 fruit trees, of over 30 growers. medicinal herb gardens, rare vegetables and In the last year, bellofoodbox has received a seedling nursery which sells to businesses a grant from Bellingen Shire Council to buy and the community, encouraging local food a mobile coolroom, increased the variety of growing. Community members and businesses produce substantially as more growers have have supported the garden infrastructure, come on board and has formed a committee of including a stage, kitchen, pizza oven, chook dedicated community members and business yards, sheds and 1.5 kW solar array, making the people. Bellofoodbox has plans to move to a garden self sufficient in electricity ... and would more central location in Bellingen and continues appreciate similar support with their next goal to provide a fun and friendly space for many to build a permanent toilet. A dedicated team of volunteers. volunteers work to maintain the space, and the Has the project been readily accepted by the public is encouraged to get involved and pick community? from the garden by donation. Call Jess, the site It’s getting there! Taking the legwork out of manager, on 0407 743 439 for more info. buying fresh, spray-free food has been a drawLeigh, you’re the coordinator of this card for many families. Some customers support community project, and it’s obviously the community-based or ecological principles something that you’re passionate about. we espouse; others feel it’s just plain good value What do you see as the major benefits of for money and are happy to support their local having a program like bellofoodbox in our economy. It does require a change in the ways region? we think about eating and shopping for food, Eating food that’s been grown locally and but I encourage everyone to try it. sustainably is one of the healthiest things you Are there any other projects like can do for your body and the environment. bellofoodbox in Australia at the moment? Reducing the distance food has to travel from There are many similar food co-ops and box the plant to our plates: reduces the impact of schemes across the nation, but most seem to organisation.

hat is bellofoodbox, and how did it come to fruition? bellofoodbox is a not-for-profit group which distributes boxes of fresh local fruit and vegetables each week. We support local food and aim to get sustainably grown, seasonal food from the grower to the customer at a reasonable price, giving everyone access to healthy produce. It came about as an initiative of the Northbank Community Garden, when two of the garden’s original members, Steve Smith and Donovan Craig, saw a need for people across the community to have easy and affordable access to fresh, chemical free food. They knew the garden itself couldn’t produce the variety and quantity on its own to feed so many families on a consistent weekly basis, but with so many farmers and gardeners in the area, it could be possible to work together to achieve this goal. They got a small group together to begin the bellofoodbox project and ran a trial of the scheme for 2 months. It was promising enough to open to the public in April 2011 and is still going a year later! What area does this project encompass? As bellofoodbox is about re-localising food systems, supporting local growers and getting the freshest food possible, our policy is to source produce from within a 200 km radius. In reality, most of the food comes from between 3 and 70 km away, with the furthest we’ve ever had produce travel being 160 km. We are so fortunate in this region to have such a variety of growing climates. This means we get a wider variety of produce and an extended growing period for many items, so there’s really no reason to go further afield to find most of the fresh fruit and veg a family would need. bellofoodbox is an initiative of Northbank Community Garden. Tell us about this ...

be based in cities or larger communities. We’re certainly not the only ones working for a fairer food system, but I believe we’re one of the few projects like this running in a small community. The common themes are supporting sustainable growing practices and/or supporting local food production. We’re aiming to do both and so far, this has been achievable. We see the price wars between the big supermarket chains and how they impact upon farmers. How do you feel bellofoodbox helps alleviate this pressure for local farmers? Several growers have expressed concerns about not getting fair prices for their food. I believe that by encouraging local food systems, we support growers to continue sustainable farming practises, and by offering them an outlet for their produce, we give them another possible income option. Hopefully bellofoodbox will reach the point where local growers can count on it as an income source and have more choice in where they sell their produce. Why should people open their arms to bellofoodbox? Because it’s great! Of course, I’m a little biased, but when we have so much wonderful food growing in our region, why would you want to buy similar things that have travelled from elsewhere? Ok, so you may not get tomatoes all year round, but that’s the nature of real food. I understand not everyone is quite ready for such a change, but I urge people to at least think about where food is coming from and what it really costs. How can people take advantage of this program, either as a consumer or a grower? Order a box for a few weeks and try it out. Volunteer with us to see the project in action, meet customers and enjoy a social afternoon with bellofoodbox helpers – we pack and distribute boxes on Wednesday afternoons from 12.30 - 5.30pm. We’re always looking for more growers, so if you’ve got produce you’d like to donate or sell to bellofoodbox, please contact us. Thanks Leigh.

To find out more. Go to to read about us, check out our FAQs, read past newsletters and other updates in our news section, or subscribe to our mailing list. You can also email: find us on Facebook: or phone me on 0400 146 085. coffs coast focus 19

Bellingen Music Festival.

A Fanfare Please!

a must for Classical music lovers; June 8 - 10 Bellingen will once again play host to a festival of fascinating and varied Classical Music over the long weekend, 8 - 11 June. Five wonderful major concerts are planned. The Song Company, led by Roland Peelman, opens the festival and performs on the Friday and Saturday evenings, as well as holding workshops for local schools and the community. Musica Viva ‘Rising Stars’, the Orava String Quartet, perform with the Song Company on the Friday, and the thrilling, innovative Melbourne Guitar Quartet on the Saturday. Shelli Hulcombe (soprano) with Deirdre Rickards (piano), Accord pour Deux, a unique horn duo and Bellingen’s amazing Youth Orchestra complete the line up of major events. There’s more, though. Local classical guitarists Karin Braidwood and Karin Winer are playing at the Nexus Art Gallery on Saturday, and Bellingen’s AkaBella will sing out on Sunday morning. All concert details are at Weekend passes ($130) and individual concert tickets are available online or from Roots Records, Hyde St, Bellingen, Ph 6655 2159. The Bellingen Music Festival thanks all our supporters and in particular, ETC, Officeworks and SI Energy.

Sydney Brass is coming to Coffs. Sydney Brass is one of Australia’s most respected and long-standing chamber music groups. Now led by Paul Goodchild (Associate Principal Trumpet with the Sydney Symphony), Sydney Brass is made up of two trumpets, trombone, a French horn and that lowest of brass instruments, the tuba.

Palms Chicken Butchery is your local shop that provides all your favourites this winter! Try our delicious chicken breast filo wraps that come in five varieties: ham, garlic and cheese; mango and cream cheese; spinach and feta; mushroom and shallots; and Camembert, ham and avocado.

They are a highly skilled collection of musicians, whose talents have enabled them to premiere many new works by international composers. Sydney Brass is also responsible for expanding the world-wide brass repertoire through the commissioning of renowned Australian composers, such as Peter Sculthorpe and Ross Edwards.

Why not warm up with our chicken mini roasts that come in four varieties: Italian; macadamia and honey; apricot and almond; bacon, garlic and shallots with cheese.

The versatility of Sydney Brass is such that they can play music that spans several centuries – from Renaissance masters such as Gabrieli and Monteverdi, right through to modern day musicals and classic hits from the Beatles. There are few Australian venues that haven’t been the location for a Sydney Brass gig. From cathedrals to conservatoriums, private gardens to community halls, Sydney Brass has delivered quality sound at many events. And now they will be at our very own Jetty Memorial Theatre! Don’t miss this stunning concert – 2pm, Sunday 24 June. Tickets are only $6 each, including box office fee.

We also have chicken strudels, pastry wheels, mignons and chicken thigh fillets wrapped in bacon with garlic butter.

a presentation by

2pm Sunday 24 June 2012

Bellingen Tourism JETTY MEMORIAL THEATRE 337 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour

TICKETS ONLY $6 [includes Box Office fee]

BOOK NOW Call 6652 8088 Visit



20 coffs coast focus.

Gourmet Chicken

Tim caters for after school snacks, party food or football nights, with marinated wing bits in honey soy, wishbones in satay sauce or honey soy spare ribs.

We also sell chicken breast kievs, cordon bleu and prawn kievs. Try our low fat rissoles that come in six varieties, from plain to hot and spicy! We have preservative and gluten free sausages and extra lean mince. Tim and his team are happy to help with menu suggestions, and they make dinner easy. They can help with suggestions for birthdays, special functions, or just your family favourites. Open 7 days a week, and bulk orders welcome!


Friday, June 1 to Monday 11 June.

Wintersun is Australia’s longest running retro nostalgia festival, and this year celebrates its 25th birthday in Coffs Harbour. We find out more from festival tiv va director, Barry McNamara.

012 highlights include our Hundreds of pre 1974 Hot Rod, Classic and Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Custom cars will be on display. Contest, with our winner being By turning back the clock, Wintersun proflown to Memphis, Gracelands vides a community event for all. Many of the to compete for the World Title. events are free, providing an opportunity for 2012 will see a 1950s Cake Bake Compeople to partake in all activities or enjoy the petition, ‘50s fashion parades and renewal atmosphere and soak up the scene. of vows ceremony conducted by an Elvis The Wintersun Festival is always thriving to marriage celebrant, as well as car improve on the previous year’s event, cruises and five days of free and Wintersun is again shaping entertainment in the jetty up as a must see event. Wins ite ur area. vo tersun 2012 starts on Friday fa al iv st “ Fe un Festival favourites like 1 June and ends with the like The Wintersof Street Parade of The Wintersun Street best of Wintersun Concert floats, Cavalcade n Parade of floats, Cavon Monday 11 June. fu d Stars, bands aners to ew alcade of Stars, bands vi The Wintersun Festival l al allows gic and fun allows all viewCommittee selected Coffs enjoy the nostdalsights atmosphere an ers to enjoy the nostalgic Harbour as the ideal town to of the cars. ” atmosphere and sights host the 25th celebrations; the of the cars. More than sixty committee felt that Coffs offered bands combine to provide live a great range of accommodation, entertainment, which sets the backdrop to excellent venues and a great range of other the festival, evoking the inner Rock ‘n’ Roller holiday experiences. The enthusiasm of club in even the unsuspecting patron. and venue managers, the business community International performers include The Rat and some very passionate Rock ‘n’ Rollers Pack direct from Las Vegas, performing two made the choice easy. Coffs Council has shows exclusively for Wintersun. Tribute band, worked hard with festival organisers to make Phil Haley & His Comments from England, will us feel welcome and provide positive help in be joined by Bill Haley’s youngest daughter staging the event. Gina, while Rockabilly bands from Portugal The Wintersun Festival is a non-profit and America will join a fantastic line up of incorporated association. Wintersun 2012 is Australian and NZ performers. proudly supported by the NSW Government, Shopping is a treat, with all the usual arts through Destination NSW. and crafts markets plus stalls specialising in To find out more on Wintersun 2012, log nostalgia products. onto coffs coast focus



The Song Company is Australia’s leading vocal ensemble, embracing music from around the world and across the ages. In the lead up to their performance at the 2012 Bellingen Music Festival, Sophie Radford tells us more about the group and their magical sound.

A U S T R A L I A ’ S


hare with us a brief history of The Song Company. Formed by Charles Colman in 1984, The Song Company is a group of six full-time professional singers led by internationally acclaimed Artistic Director, Roland Peelman. It gives approximately 120 performances each year across Australia and around the world. The Song Company has developed as one of the most vibrant and extraordinary vocal ensembles in the world. The group’s repertoire covers vocal music from the 10th century to the present day and is unique in its stylistic diversity. With the support of The Australia Council and Arts NSW, the Company operates full-time. Through a longstanding commitment to education, an annual concert series, as well as many recordings and broadcasts, The Song Company has built up an impressive following around Australia, and increasingly so, around the world. How would you describe your sound? Under the leadership of Roland Peelman, Artistic Director since 1990, the six-voice ensemble has developed its style by successfully integrating serious scholarship, tonal clarity, vocal daring and unbridled performance dynamics. The group is equally at home in medieval songs and chants, 16th-century polyphony, 20th-century classic. It creates innovative programs that cross the old divide between high-art and low-brow and old/new. 22 coffs coast focus.



Introduce us to your artists … Members of The Song Company include Mark Donnelly (Baritone), Anna Fraser (Soprano), Clive Birch (Bass), Susannah Lawergren (Soprano), Richard Black (Tenor) and Lanneke WallaceWells (Mezzo). All of our artists have a wealth of experience and bring something unique to each performance. The Song Company has been established for over 25 years. What have been some of the highlights so far? The Song Company remains at the forefront of contemporary vocal music through an extensive and ongoing international commissioning program and new collaborations. Six Hermits (2003) involved six Chinese musicians on traditional instruments. The relationship with Australia’s most prominent poet, Les Murray, is ongoing and involves composers from around the globe. Spanning over three years, the Tenebrae project with Dance Company Force Majeure, directed by Kate Champion, has been described variously as ‘sensational’ or as a ‘benchmark for artistic collaboration’. “This (2009), is the Song Company’s 25th anniversary and the Tenebrae series is one of its most impressive productions – not just from them, but from any music or arts group in this city, touching the spirit as it has with memories of things rich and strange.” Peter McCallum on Tenebrae III. Of the 2009, Kalkadunga Man tour with didgeridoo player and composer William Barton:

“Kalkadunga Man is a fascinating and moving attempt to reconnect, not just with Barton’s heritage, but with the way sounds become meaning and meaning becomes culture ... add The Song Company’s fond characterisations and you end up with a vivid slice of a past life.” Harriet Cunningham, Sydney Morning Herald (2009). Regular international tours to Europe and Asia have taken The Song Company to some of the most prestigious festivals and venues around the world, such as the Dubrovnik Festival, MDR Sommerfest, Festival of Flanders or the Dresdner Festspiele, which have prompted great critical acclaim: “Their rendition was perfect, revealing a structural insight of utmost clarity (…) bringing back history unexpectedly fresh and alive.” (Sachsische Zeitung, June 2004). While your performances cover some of the classics pieces, do you also perform works composed by your own artists? Gethsemane is the ABC’s entry for the 2012 Prix Italia for a radiophonic musical work. Conceived by Gerard Brophy, one of Australia’s most celebrated composers, Gethsemane interprets the traditional Jeremiah lamentations from the Old Testament through modern-day accounts of life on the streets of Calcutta to create a contemporary meditation on poverty, abandonment and compassion. “Gethsemane refers to the garden in Jerusalem where Christ faced the realisation of his imminent death and the provocative lamentations that become metaphors for grief, loss of dignity and pride. Brophy, however, paints a very contemporary picture of the human condition by drawing on his experiences visiting the poorest areas of India’,’ said Director Roland Peelman. The Song Company commissioned the work from Brophy, who conceived the music for the six voices of the Company with the addition of a variety of mostly tuned percussion instruments, soprano saxophone, and electro-acoustic interludes created by the composer. The music is characteristic of Brophy’s more recent works in its engagement with the music of other traditions and in the clarity and economy of its soundworld. Gethsemane includes five narratives which describe an arc from pre-dawn to night and from birth to death, on the streets of Calcutta. The stories alternate with singing by The Song Company of traditional religious texts, variously in Portuguese, English and Hindi, accompanied by percussion and interwoven with the lonely music of the soprano saxophone. The recording presented here is a radiophonic realisation of Brophy’s original concert work, created in studio at the ABC the year after its staged premiere. The radio version of Gethsemane retains the overall ritual structure of the original, alternating vocal and instrumental

music with spoken narratives and sonic interludes. It contains an additional prologue and interlude text written by the composer to provide context (along with foley sounds) for radio listeners. This is in the absence of the strong visual ritual context provided by the choreography of dancer Martin del Amo, who collaborated with The Song Company on the staging of the concert version. The electro-acoustic passages created by the composer for the performance are also incorporated in various forms, along with additional sound treatments by ABC sound engineer, Andrei Shabunov. You have released an abundance of albums. Are you working on anything new? We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the recording process in the past and certainly look forward to our next venture into the studio, but for the time being we’re concentrating on our live performances, both locally in Sydney and on tour across Australia. It’s through this engagement with audiences that we can start to assemble the shape of the next album. One of our most popular CDs was Kalkadunga Man which is currently available for purchase on our website: We are regularly broadcast on ABC Classic FM. And you can find our next musical broadcast on Annually, we produce a CD with a sample of the year’s program on it. You will be performing at the Bellingen Music Festival in June. What can we expect from this performance? The Song Company will be performing at both the Friday and Saturday night concerts. In addition to that, we will be running two workshops during the festival. Musical Director Roland Peelman will run a one-day workshop for schools at Bellingen High School on Friday 8 June. Schools will be invited to participate and will be sent detailed information once enrolled. Places are limited, so you may want to enquire early to ensure that your school is included. We will also run a two-hour workshop for singers on Saturday morning 9 June at 10am, exploring the secrets of our amazing harmonies. Thank you Sophie.

the plug! See The Song Company perform. Where: 2012 Bellingen Music Festival. When: 8 to 10 June. For tickets and more information, visit www.bellingenmusicfestival.

Direct from the farmer.

Farmers Beef Direct. empowering consumers to make educated and ethical choices about the food they consume. Not only is it of exceptional taste, but the cattle have been nurtured and cared for the way they should be. Their farming practices are completely ethical. Their cattle are grass fed, free range and 100% Not only is it of hormone free. It seems only e, st exceptional ta ve ha fair that the public should be le tt ca but the d an ed ur rt able to have the same access nu en be cared for the way to premium beef as they do. heir

Farmers Beef Direct, located in the beautiful Bellinger Valley, is operated by husband and wife, Jason and Shannon Scott. Jason and Shannon have just recently redeveloped their website to correspond to their customers’ demands.

They have found that people now, more so than ever, want to make informed choices about the food they purchase for their .T they should betic families. They want to es Farmers Beef Direct has ac pr g farmin know where the food has been established as an online are completely ethical. come from, who the people business where customers can are behind the product and order their beef direct from the how it was produced. People want farm and have it delivered, free of honesty and wholesomeness. Their name charge, to their door. Their beef is available implies exactly what you get: beef, direct from for purchase in three sizes: quarter, half and the farmer. They passionately produce beef that whole bodies. All of their beef comes sliced and is of superior taste and exceptional value. With can be vacuum sealed in convenient size packs education and integrity as key values, they are if requested.

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with Carole Beros from Le Dāin Designs

Millie O’Rourke performing at Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Kirsten Howton, Michael Crossland and Denise Knight at Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. Wendy Allgood, George Negus and Kylie Murgatroyd at the ETC Business Leaders luncheon.

Garry Nehl and Lesley Schoer from the Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium, with Ivan Beros at Sunday Soundscapes.

e hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day and got totally spoilt! The way I write it, seems like I’m the Queen of the house and being spoilt is on my job list ... but don’t worry, everyone in this household gets spoilt! The Husband and The Son have their special treats and luxuries ... even The Cat! One of the reasons why The Cat has an attitude is that the husband absolutely spoils it to smithereens! When accused of this, he outright denies it, but back to that later ... We arrived at the Jetty Memorial Theatre to a packed house for the opening night of Coffs Harbour Comedy Comedy’s Sweet Charity. Apart from wanting to see this truly fabulous show, FOCUS and Le Dãin Designs are their two new major sponsors, and we were lucky enough to go backstage for a sneak peek at the stars warming up before the opening performance. This would give me the horrors ... out there in front of the crowd! Eek! But it’s no secret these guys absolutely love it. The show was jam packed with plenty of music, barrel loads of laughs and just a few tears! Totally enjoyable, and I can honestly say I would see it again. The next production from this talented crew is Shakespeare’s ultimate tragedy, King Lear. This will run from 13 - 22 July. If you missed out on the last show, don’t forget to pop this on your must see list! Never a dull moment at our Local Theatre, with something for everyone. The Husband and I went down for Sunday Soundscapes – Wheelers and Dealers, presented by the Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium. This multi

24 coffs coast focus.

award winning band headed up by Christine Wheeler has a unique Australian sound and performs a musical take on key works of one of Australia’s most loved poets, Henry Lawson. Style slip jigs to exquisite introspective airs, there was something for everyone. Followed with a fresh coffee from the lounge bar ... what a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. For something different, head to the Coffs Harbour Showground on Sunday 10 June or Monday 11 June for the Coffs Calligraphers Exhibition. Pieces on show will be for sale (unframed). For all enquiries, contact Carol Hellmers on 0439 426 405. Something different was happening down at the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery. When it was labelled ‘Strictly Adults Only’, I knew there must be frivolity ahead! Guests were invited to wear Roman Dress and do as the Romans do ... certainly interesting. Many a hairy leg was on display, and I hear plenty of fun was had by one and all. An exhibition to look forward to is on 29 June. Fine artists such as John Marwhinney, Nathalie Hartog and Deb Kay will be exhibiting their works. The Sawtell Bowling Club held their Major/ Minor 3 Bowl Pairs Carnival recently. The sun was shining in Sawtell, and visitors from Nambucca, Urunga and Coffs Harbour got to enjoy 3 matches of twelve ends each. The day was filled with the love of a good game of bowls, and I hear all the visitors are looking forward to attending the next carnival. At the end of the afternoon, major sponsor Le Dãin Designs presented jewels to the winners of the day. Well, of course I am going to write about

social scene.

Peter Hodges and Cath Beynon, the stars of Sweet Charity presented by Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company.

the Biggest Morning Fashion Show. Along with Seasons Boutique and My Sisters Wardrobe, my Designer Jewellery business, Le Dãin Designs were hitting the Catwalk. Before I start on the event itself, I would like to say a personal thank you to my fabulous models:Kim Gould (our Editor), Deputy Mayor Denise Knight, Councillor Kerry Hines, Angela Van Den Bosch, Rachael O‘Hara-Pensini, Natalie Nicholas, Mel Crossland and the lovely Millie O’Rourke. Millie not only modelled, but was the finale for the show. You could have heard a pin drop as she sang You Lost Me by Christina Aguilera. Millie is available for functions and events. For enquiries/bookings, call Natalie on 0413 625 819 or Carole on 0417 471 019. Thank you to Emma Rhoades, who once again donated her time and effort to photograph this event, to hair stylist Wendy Mason and to make up artist Samantha O’Brien from Beauty on the Promenade. We all got to enjoy a really delicious morning tea and watch an exciting Fashion Parade, which included new labels such as Lemonade on the Lawn from Seasons Boutique and ‘Stop Staring’, a label which is exclusive to My Sister’s Wardrobe. Cancer Council Ambassador, Kirsten Howton, gave it her all and with plenty of support from so many generous local people, raised $8,000 for the Cancer Council. The ever entertaining Michael Crossland was the MC for the Day, and Annie Blair was the MC for the Fashion Parade. A group of us all stayed for a delicious lunch at Bonville Golf Resort, and I went home with a gigantic box of Wicked Berries just for having fun and raising money for a great cause! How good is that?!

Sawtell RSL had a packed house for Comics on the Run. Not a dry eye in the house after being entertained by comedians such as Akmal, Joel Ozborn, Ben Darsaw and Darren Sanders. The MC for the evening was Barry Mcleod, and Chris Hines of Unreal Estate (who were major sponsors) was the auctioneer. No less than $25,000 was made on the night, which goes straight to Camp Quality. A fantastic night raising money for a more than great cause. C.ex Coffs was the venue for the ETC Business Leaders Luncheon. I arrived with Kim (our editor), all primed up for a long awaited presentation by the fabulous George Negus. He reminded us of how rapidly our world has changed over the past 20 years and really made us think about the world we live in now. It was great to meet our May cover-model in the flesh! Going back to being spoilt, I’m afraid The Cat is the worst! The Son has actually witnessed my husband carrying The Cat up the stairs and when questioned, he replied indignantly, “Can’t you see it’s tired?” But the worst was yet to come ... Last weekend I could hear the boys getting all nested in upstairs, getting ready to watch the football. I love this father and son thing, and I always get them snacked up for the game. I walk upstairs and The Husband and The Son, who swear that The Cat doesn’t get special attention, have The Cat relaxed in front of the TV, on a big fat cushion, watching the game with its own packet of treats!! What can I say? Here is to spoiling ourselves. Carole, Le Dãin Designs.

Bugalugs Bum Thief

focusinterview. Let the Sunshine

P acke D Hou se AT T H E T H E AT R E .

aywatch star the extraordinary Peter Phelps is a hugely successful and award winning TV star (Stingers, Underbelly, Baywatch) and will be coming to Coffs Harbour in David Williamson’s satirical comedy, Let the Sunshine. Let the Sunshine is about a retired left wing radical couple who encounter a hugely wealthy property developer and his wife. The connection between the two couples seems destined to be brief and acrimonious, except for one thing ... when their children find romance together, it’s on for young and old. With a nod to Romeo and Juliet and a truckload of Williamson’s trademark wit, Let the Sunshine promises to be a hilarious night of superb theatre. Let the Sunshine performances, June 1-2.

Stolen bums Tim Winton (Cloudstreet) is among Australia’s most successful authors, and one of his most loved books for young people is The Bugalugs Bum Thief. Adapted by one of Australia’s leading companies creating theatre for young people, The Bugalugs Bum Thief is a ripping adventure full of colourful characters and songs. It follows Skeeta Anderson as he tracks down the one responsible for stealing everyone’s bum in the town of Bugalugs. Bright, colourful and fun, this is perfect for kids and their child-like parents! The Bugalugs Bum Thief performances, June 4 - 5. Elvis The Wintersun Festival comes to the Jetty Theatre, with 5 different events of retro nostalgia featuring the music of the 1940s, ‘50s

What do a former Baywatch star, stolen bums, Elvis, Welsh festivals, stand-up comedy, puppets, brass instruments and Stitch ‘n’ bitch have in common? They all feature at the Jetty Memorial Theatre in June! This maelstrom of cultural activity contains no fewer than 13 different events, including plays, comedy, local talent, music and an nd some great events for the kids. lvis Tribute competitio ion nh eat ats; ts; and ‘60s: The Elvis competition heats; Alan Dale’s Johnny O’Keefe tribute show; The Rat Pack tribute from the U.S.; Digger Revell & Vicky O’Keefe; plus Lonnie Lee and the Leeman. Join in the rockin’ rollin’ swingin’ fun! Wintersun Festival runs from June 6 - 9. Welsh festivals Originally from Wales in the 12th century, Eisteddfods have become an integral part of Australia’s performing arts culture. The Coffs Harbour and District Eisteddfod marks 40 years in 2012 and comes to the Jetty Theatre for 8 days of dance, instrumental and vocal performance and speech and drama. A fantastic opportunity to see the wealth of talent that is right under your nose in Coffs Harbour. Coffs Harbour and District Eisteddfod will be held from June 10 - 17. Stand up comedy The Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow returns to the Jetty Theatre in June 2012. Quite literally, this is all the best bits of the Comedy Festival condensed into the one – all killer, no filler – travelling event. Tickets will be hard to get to this one. So, if you like to ache from

laughter and feel the sore jaw of a night of outrageous comedy, get in quick! You’re not the only one. Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow happens from June 19 - 20. Puppets Since 1990, Erth Visual & Physical Inc. have been creating eye popping visual experiences for audiences. Their most recent production, I, Bunyip, explores authentic stories from Australia’s Indigenous traditions. A unique performance using puppets, visual effects and multi-media, it will take you inside a world full of incredible and amazing creatures. This is one not to be missed that will astonish people of all ages and fill everyone with wonder. I, Bunyip performances, June 21 - 22. Brass instruments The Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium has created a fantastic season of sold out performances so far this year. No doubt this will continue with Sydney Brass. Sydney Brass is a versatile and accomplished chamber ensemble bringing the vibrant, beautiful sounds of brass instruments to Coffs Harbour. Sydney Brass performs on June 24. Stitch ‘n’ bitch Following on the huge success of Codgers comes Don Reid’s take on the female perspective of life on the other side of retirement with Biddies. Five marvellous women find themselves back in their old school classroom plying their needle skills for the school chapel, when crisis hits. Full of frank confessions, intense rivalries, outrageous jokes and a cast of accomplished, talented performers, Biddies will leave you with a smile on your face and hope in your heart. Biddies will be held on June 26 - 27. Wait, there’s more … Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more, the Jetty Theatre Young Performers will be showcasing their work at the end of the month. Performers from 8 - 18 years have been creating extraordinary work all year and will share it in an evening showcase event. JTYP Showcase stars on June 28. Yep, this could be the biggest month at the Jetty Memorial Theatre … ever! More information on these events can be found at

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Hilltop Hoods are Australia’s biggest Hip Hop act of all time. They’ve just returned from a tour of Canada and the USA, and are about to embark on a national tour back on home soil. Nicci Seccombe catches up with Suffa MC for a chat, before the boys land in Coffs Harbour to kick off their tour.


have been a massive fan of the Hoods since you released your first album back in 1993. You boys have done extremely well … Tell us about life in the spotlight – what are the ups and downs? I guess the travelling can get pretty intense. We all came back from the tour of North America, where we all just wanted to kill ourselves, because the flights and the travelling were just so insane. That’s the negative side, but the positives were that we were playing in New York and doing the tourist thing, seeing the world and meeting new people. So the thing that stands out the most is definitely travelling – the good and the bad side of it. The Hilltop Hoods are recorded as the biggest selling Australian Hip Hop group of all time. What artists or bands do you draw inspiration from for your music? Oh man ... where do I start? At the moment, I am really inspired by watching Public Enemy on the Groovin the Moo tour. It’s great watching those guys who are two decades our senior still doing it – and doing it amazingly well. They have this massive back catalogue of music that is just genius. What are you listening to at the moment? I am listening to a bunch of different stuff – Action Bronson, LP’s new album, Gift of Gab’s new album ... yeah a heap of different stuff. What would be your ideal festival line up? Can it be dead or alive? Ha ha! That’s a hard question. I have never really thought about that sort of thing, but it would definitely be a mix of stuff; it wouldn’t just be Hip Hop acts. I guess as the headline act I’d reunite Organized Confusion, one of my favourite groups of all time. Kraz and De La Soul would have to be in there too, because they are the best Hip Hop groups I have ever seen by far. Your new album Drinking From The Sun hit platinum within a month of its release. Who are some of the artists you worked

26 coffs coast focus.

with on the album, and what made you It feels good that the single has done so decide to collaborate with them? well. To have it reach that many people feels Well, we worked with Classified on the awesome – especially since we took such a album, who is a Canadian MC. We wanted long break between albums. To come back to work with him, because we did a tour with that is such a good welcome back for us. with him and we became good friends. We Why did you decide to leak Let’s Have also worked with Solo from Horroshow ... we Some Fun on Facebook? have always wanted to work with them. They I was sort of twiddling my thumbs down are really gifted, and they are a huge up and at the studio, which is never a good thing. coming act in Australia. Pressure was recording and I had nothing to Who else is on there? Um Chali 2na do, so we just jumped on and did it. ... we met years ago and when I When we were leaking stuff, made the beats for Speaking the manager was hitting us In Tongues and wrote this up, because the label was I t, hook, I could just hear hitting him up saying, en om m e th “At d by him on it, and so we “What are you doing?!” am really inspireEnemy reached out to him and And we were like watching Public e Moo on the Groovin thching he happened to be arrgghh! … hahaha. It tour. It’s great watare two coming to Australia. was pretty funny. ho w those guys still or ni So we recorded with I hate sitting on se r ou s de deca ing it him, which was a really music. As soon as it’s doing it – and do great experience. Black done, I want to share amazingly well.” Thought from The Roots it with people, and it’s is on there too. He is one of so frustrating because my favourite MCs. That was a no sometimes you can finish a song brainer, so getting a chance to work and it could be years before someone with him was amazing. will hear it. To leak it every now and then feels There is one person you haven’t good. mentioned and she is one of my favourite It must be hard to back up 5 solid albums, Australian artists – Sia. Your song with but Drinking From The Sun has had huge her, I Love It, hit triple platinum, which success already. Is that a relief? makes it your biggest single ever! I guess it’s a relief to know that the support Ahhh yes, Sia! We made that track so long is still there and that we’re able to tour. ago! We grew up around Sia. She was in a How did your recent US tour go? Jazz/Hip Hop group called Crisp, and we used The shows went really well. We only did to go watch them play when we were kids. 3 US shows and played 6 Canadian dates. We sort of knew each other through mutual We did New York, Colorado, LA, Toronto, friends on the music scene, and she reached Vancouver and a whole bunch of places. It was out to us last year and asked us if she could do tough on the road this time, because we had a hook for us. We were like: “Hell Yeah!” She 9 shows in 11 days across this huge continent. is classic – such a cool person. Our drummer had to head home early,

because his father passed away. There was a problem with Debris’ Visa, so he had to head home. It was fun, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t glad to get home. You’re kicking your Australian tour off in Coffs Harbour. Have you got anything special in store for us? At the moment we will probably just be introducing a couple of new tracks off the album. We are trying to do something different with the live shows, so we will see what we can come up with. Finally, if you could have dinner with anyone at all (besides me) dead or alive, who would it be? That’s another difficult one! I would have to say Mohammad Ali. He is my hero. For years, I have had him up on a pedestal. He was a great fighter and a great person in general. Thanks Suffa. Hilltop Hoods plays at The Plantation Hotel on Thursday 28 June. Tickets available from the venue or or online at

A DOUBLE PASS We are giving our readers the chance to win a double pass to see Hilltop Hops kick off their tour in Coffs Harbour. To enter, tell us in 25 words or less what your favourite Hilltop Hoods song is and why. Send your answer, along with your name, address and phone number, to HILLTOPS GIVEAWAY, PO Box 286, Coffs Harbour 2450. Entries close 15 June. The winner will be notified via phone.

SHOWCASING THE BENEFITS T.H.E (Technology Health Education) Exchange Expo & Seminar Program was the response by Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast to showcase the capacity and benefits of high broadband speeds and the use of technology to businesses, individuals and the entire community.


ational Broadband Network (NBN) is much more than building infrastructure. Broadband embodies the concepts of digital applications and innovation. With the rollout of the NBN across the region now imminent, the potential for growth in innovation is phenomenal.

Regional Development Australia – Mid North Coast is embracing the future and bringing together partners so we can experience the speeds that the NBN has promised.

The first event in 2011 was a tremendous success, with over 35 Booth exhibitors and sponsors networking and demonstrating the benefits of high speed broadband to a wide range of potential clients and organisations. Many also sought to commence the recruitment for labour requirements. With more than 700 attendees, the project has been seen by NBN Co as the model for national engagement with business and community.

Everyone has heard about the NBN, but there are many businesses that don’t understand the difference that it will make to their business.

Peter Tregilgas, Executive Officer of Regional Development Australia – Mid North Coast said, “While we are still waiting for the NBN,

“It is exciting that we have been able to ensure that the venue is connected at the promised 100 Mbps that will eventually be available to everyone.”

What will you see at T.H.E Exchange? NBN Co Discovery Truck – The NBN Co Discovery Truck is a 23-tonne interactive demonstration centre which showcases what’s available on the NBN through outdoor displays, high definition video screens, cameras and audio equipment designed to: • Bring to life the benefits that the network can deliver for health, education and business services;

• Demonstrate the equipment that residents will have in their homes.

and security for patient data, and health and education training.

Business T.H.E Exchange exhibition demonstrates how organisations can improve productivity, reduce costs and create new revenue streams. Service providers (including Principal Sponsor – Telstra) will offer demonstrations of technologies, platforms and products that will improve productivity, reduce costs, boost customer engagement such as telecommunications, broadband, wireless, VOIP, cloud computing, Internet security, content management systems, online banking and payments and practical applications that the NBN will bring to the region.

Education Online education, virtual classrooms, video conferencing, e-learning solutions, internet security and education software.

Health Medical and Health ICT, patient monitoring, tele-psychiatry, tele-radiology, e-prescribing, aged care services, transfer

Consumers Connected homes, pricing and plans for NBN connection and new technology solutions available. You’ve heard about high speed broadband, and now you can experience it at T.H.E Exchange at the C.ex Coffs on June 21, 2012. Visit the website at au for full details of the exhibition and the seminar program. This is a must attend event for every business consumer in the region – and it’s FREE.


C.ex COFFS HARBOUR 21 ST JUNE 2012 FREE EXPO FEATURING NBN Co. discovery truck Telstra connected home display Video conferencing examples from the health and education sectors ViOP providers Full day seminar schedule from industry leaders REGISTER FOR THIS FREE EVENT HERE PROUDLY BROUGHT TO YOU BY









coffs coast focus 27

By Karen Di Nicola from Coffs Harbour Accupuncture

STOCK PHOTO PLEASE By Keith Donald from Elixir of Life

Five Ways To Avoid The Flu This Winter. Many people wonder how they can stay well this winter, considering the onset of the flu season is upon us. Fortunately, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine provide proven steps towards preventing illness and maintaining good health in cold weather. We hear about so many people catching the Flu – but really, it is only a portion of those who are exposed to a virus that get sick. Why? According to Oriental Medicine, teaching our bodies to become susceptible to an outside pathogen when we are in a weakened state. It is only when our immune systems are stressed or depleted that we are vulnerable. Here are five tips for avoiding illness this Flu season: 1. Exercise a little bit every day – (remember:

extremes can cause problems); 2. Keep warm – make sure neck and chest are protected from wind and drafts; 3.Get adequate sleep and relaxation; 4.Eat smart – fresh, warm, nourishing foods and reduce highly processed foods. Remember: small regular meals are best; 5. Get Acupuncture – seek your Acupuncturist early, as a regular Acupuncture treatment boosts your immune system. Use these five tips for avoiding illness to keep your body strong and healthy this winter. To find out more, or book a treatment, call Coffs Harbour Accupuncture on 6651 2898 or visit their website:

In the world of health and fitness, finding the perfect exercise fit for your body can be challenging; and it’s even harder if you are female. Women have unique needs due to joint structure, hormones, nutrition, diet, posture and breathing. A one-size-fits-all approach is never going to be the best answer. It may be workable, but is it going to make you look and feel as fabulous as you deserve? Like haute couture for your body, a holistic body-training approach will be the best way to bring you closer to fabulous. It will take into account your current health issues, your body goals, your diet, nutrition and your current physical and emotional condition. With these measurements in place, your perfect fit can begin to take place. Building optimum health and wellbeing takes time, and a great exercise program will take you on a journey at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Forget non-stop fitness sessions and the latest aerobics fad.

The best approach is one that will keep you motivated and committed to change. Choosing who to work with is as important as choosing good health and with the right decision in place, you can feel better, function better and look fabulous. To connect with Keith Donald and get a tailored holistic health and exercise program, visit or call 0414 445 251.

By Leanne Lovatt from Heritage Healers

Soul Deep Beauty. The next time you book a facial, remind yourself that it’s not just all about your skin. While our appetite for looking younger grows; beauty is also taking on a whole new meaning in our busy stress-filled lifestyles – and today, more than ever before, the key to looking and feeling great goes way beyond the 60 minute facial session. When we think of beauty, we must also think of our whole wellbeing to counter everyday stresses and blues, because a little holistic healing goes a long way! When we are stressed, feeling fragile or run down, it’s inevitable that the skin suffers – after all, it’s a reflection of what is really going on inside. Conditions such as acne, eczema, dryness, dehydration and simply AGEING

28 coffs coast focus.

can all be a direct result of the stresses within our body. These conditions are an indication that our inner beauty needs special care too. When we care for our inner health, the result is immediately reflected on the outside, with a healthy skin and vitality that glows! The new millennium has seen an emergence of natural therapies and wellness experiences into the beauty industry, that fuse Eastern and Western philosophies to treat the physical skin conditions, while also caring for our inner wellbeing. So, when the time comes around that your skin needs a boost, consider the benefits of visiting an holistic beauty therapist – an expert who can treat your skin AND recharge your inner beauty,

When the timeat th m co es around sa ed ne in your sk er the boost, considsi ting benefits of vi au ty be tic lis ho an t. is therap

restoring harmony and balance; through this process we can also gain a new self-awareness that begins a journey of understanding, restoring the soul connection between mind, body and skin. Welcome to a new age in beauty!

Heritage Healers is a Coffs Harbour based company that manufactures and distributes high performance holistic skincare products for the professional beauty industry. For more information on holistic skincare, visit


The new local Coffs Harbour Family Chemist.

Beeall cleaning. Beeall Cleaning Services is a cleaning service locally owned and operated by Sue Beehag and Debbie Allen. The service offers various kinds of cleaning, including general cleaning, spring cleans, rental exit cleans and commercial and residential cleans. We also work with a local carpet cleaner to give your home a complete finish. Beeall Cleaning Services started as a service for busy working people The locally who didn’t have time to do ated owned and oper en be s ha s extensive housework or cleaning. es sin bu s cleaning the Coff 5 Now the business has expanded ast in excess of Co to include working families, aged years. Beeall Cleaning Services will people, businesses and insurance accept casual bookings, as well as work. The locally owned and permanent. Jobs may be ‘one-off’, operated business has been cleaning the or regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly Coffs Coast in excess of 5 years. bookings. Bookings are best made well in The staff includes twelve (12) professional, fully advance, but can be booked the day before if screened cleaners. All cleaners undergo a criminal cleaners are available. record clearance prior to commencement. Services The fees includes cleaning products for exit and are a minimum of two hours, and we will often spring cleans only. All staff are paid award wages assign two (2) to three (3) cleaners for larger jobs. and are covered by workers compensation, and Beeall Cleaning services the geographical areas the business holds full public liability insurance. from Urunga to Red Rock. Travel allowances may Cleaners are available 7 days a week, although apply to some outlying areas. weekend rates apply. Spring and exit cleans are thorough cleans that And for the person who has everything, why not include windows, doors and tracks, cupboards, give a voucher to have your home cleaned as a oven, bathrooms, floors and much more. Clients Christmas gift! can request environmentally friendly products for large jobs, and rates will vary depending on if we Call our office today on 6651 3552 to discuss provide the cleaning equipment, or you do. your requirements with our friendly staff.


Your NEW Complete Health Care.

Are you taking medication? Are you a regular visitor to the hospital? Are you looking for a hassle free pharmacy with easy parking? Then experience Coffs Harbour’s newest pharmacy today! Welcome to the Complete Health Centre family. CHC Pharmacy is conveniently located on the Pacific Highway in the new Specialist Medical Centre (opposite Coffs Harbour Health Campus). At CHC Pharmacy, we understand what your health means to you and your family, and want you to know that managing it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Confidential professional health advice is always available when you need it, in a language easy to understand. For simplicity and peace of mind, choose CHC

Pharmacy; experience the difference and feel good today! As a local Coffs Harbour family chemist, we understand the value and importance of healthcare on the Coffs coast. We are locally owned and operated and are proud to be a part of the Coffs Harbour community. So feel good and think CHC Pharmacy when you want personalised service and a comprehensive range of prescription and nonprescription medication, including vitamins and complementary medicines. When you want the right advice at the right time, think CHC Pharmacy and feel good, because we make your health easy. You deserve it – experience the difference and feel good today! CHC Pharmacy – where you always speak to a pharmacist.

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Make A The Make A Wish Foundation does such a special job, helping seriously ill children realise their dreams and make some special memories with their family and friends. We catch up with Emma Rhoades, Vice President of the local branch, to find out more about the organisation.


hare with us an overview of what the Make A Wish Foundation is all about... Make a wish grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions, to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. It’s not so much a ‘scientific’ charity; it’s about giving these families something to look forward to in their darkest hours and about creating memories for families, when that’s all they may have left. What’s your involvement with the organisation, and why did you decide to get involved? I’m Vice President of the local arm of the Make A Wish Foundation, and I got involved after a charity ball held at the Sawtell RSL Club, when I realised there were only a handful of volunteers. I love the opportunity to be able to help these families and to be able to help create

30 coffs coast focus.

memories that last forever. Tell us about some of the fundraisers you’ve done locally in recent months. Our last big charity ball was in 2011, and we were lucky enough to be the chosen charity for Rally Australia when they came to Coffs Harbour last year. We raffled and shook our tins all over the Rally circuit! We’ve also just had a Mother’s Day afternoon tea, which was a massive success. And what about some of the experiences you have held for sick children in recent months? Back in April, we hosted a young girl from Tasmania at the Pet Porpoise Pool. It was great to see the Make A Wish Foundation in action, and we were able to give the girl a truly magical experience that she won’t forget. It’s nice to be able to at least take away some of their pain for one day. e What have you got planned for the

rest of the year? Instead of doing a huge dinner ball again this year, we will be planning small intimate gatherings, such as our High Tea event. How can people find out more, donate and/or become involved? The easiest way is to go to the website: and register your interest.

“I love the opportunity to be e able to help thesbe to d families an te able to help crealast at th s memorie forever.”

elixir of life. healthy & delicious

coffs harbour acupuncture clinic. The Coffs Harbour Acupuncture Clinic was established in 1990, after Karen and Bruno relocated from Sydney. Originally located on Grafton Street, the practice moved to its present location at 87 West High Street in 1997. The practice is owned and run by Karen and Bruno, who are both Acupuncturists and fully accredited with the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association. Karen and Bruno are both devoted to integrating the use of Traditional Acupuncture with the more mainstream Western care most people receive. The clinic functions predominately as a general Acupuncture practice, with special interest in women’s health, fertility issues and the Acupuncture IVF support protocol. With extensive post-graduate studies, Karen specialises in facial rejuvenation and is the only qualified practitioner on the Mid North Coast to offer the Qi Beauty facial, which is an innovative skin treatment that uses 24 carat gold-plated magnets. The Coffs Harbour Acupuncture Clinic offers a tranquil, professional therapeutic environment to clients in need of restoring health and wellbeing.

Despite downturns elsewhere, Coffs Coast healthy living and organic grocery store, Kombu Wholefoods, has continued to grow quickly. Much of the growth has been in sales of organic produce and has resulted in a move to a much larger Bellingen store. Explained store partner Lowanna Doye: “By keeping affordability as one of the keystones of our business, Kombu has continued to grow quickly. This is an incredibly positive sign for the future, as increasing numbers of people realise that the type of food they consume is directly contributing to their wellness. This, in turn, supports the local economy through the growing demand for local delicious, fresh, sustainably produced and affordable fruit and vegetables.” In keeping with their philosophy of being a one-stop shop, Kombu also stocks a wide range of other healthy living products – with over 2,500 at last count. These range from hundreds of bulk lines through affordable cold pressing juicers to the latest range of just-arrived Manduca Baby Carriers (made, of course, from organic cotton). Kombu is open Monday to Saturday, and we recommend a visit. Find them at the end of the Church Street café strip, Bellingen. You can also shop online at

If you’re looking for a holistic approach to your fitness and wellbeing, look no further than Elixir Of Life. When you need some help achieving your health goals, Keith Donald is the coach you need by your side. Offering strength conditioning, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle education, Keith’s holistic Elixir of Life coaching model is unique and successful. The Elixir approach is guided by six life energy principles – thoughts, breathing, hydration, nutrition, movement and sleep. Keith uses these principles to tailor an approach for every individual that surpasses traditional fitness and cardio workouts. Trained in the world-renowned CHEK method and FMA strength coaching, Keith has been training and educating individuals and elite athletes (including ex-Wallabies) for over 20 years. Taking into account existing health conditions like stress, weight gain, adrenal fatigue, posture and diet, Keith works with you to get results – a stronger, more energetic and happier you. Elixir offers a range of services, including metabolic typing, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, corrective exercise, elite level strength conditioning, individual and semi-private group exercise, pre and post-natal exercise and elite youth conditioning to help teenage athletes to improve their sporting performance. The Elixir Of Life studio is located in the tropical grounds of the Novotel at Pacific Bay.



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personal training & strength conditioning semi-private group coaching strength fitness classes musculoskeletal & spinal corrective exercise nutrition coaching lifestyle coaching elite youth conditioning squad (EYOCS)

PHONE Keith 0414 445 251 E W

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JUNE 2012


A R I E S.

L E O.


MAR 21 - APR 20

JUL 24 - AUG 23

NOV 23 - DEC 21

Celebrations are on their way, so don’t give up your dream. You have needed to recognise your own strength and independence, so you can succeed. Don’t allow the frustration of feeling suspended to spoil your passion or focus. Ruby worn daily energises the aura with passion and persistence.

The world is your oyster. You will soon be finishing off old business ties and making ways for new opportunities, so be prepared. Some new friends are entering the picture, which is why old relationships are fading away. Words need to be spoken to clear some old issues. Speak your truth from your heart. Zincite helps creation of new ideas.



C A P R I C O R N.

APR 21 - MAY 21

AUG 24 - SEPT 23

DEC 22 - JAN 20

Love life and relationships should be lifting your mood. Enjoy the little things in life, to realign your energy with joy that can be lasting. Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. Rose quartz is the crystal of love; wear it.


Don’t get caught up in holding onto garbage or things that are not a priority; this takes your confidence out of the picture, leaving you wondering where to go next. Set some fresh goals and enjoy! Selenite is great for an abundance of crystal clear energy.

‘Enjoy the moment’ is this month’s challenge/lesson. You have the chance to soul search and look deeply within. Treat your discoveries with respect, as this will help you to grow at a tremendous pace. Self-appraisal should be an honouring process. Kunzite and Hiddenite give us inner balance and harmony. Try wearing some.

Make a wish, but be aware of WHY you want what you are asking for. The universe is calling for your attention to your personal needs. Release fears of being proficiently able to support yourself. Larimar enables us to nurture ourselves.



SEPT 24 - OCT 23

JAN 21 - FEB 19

Your attention is being called to your appreciation this month. You have been too caught up in life’s challenges to recognise the things in life that make your heart sing. Try keeping a gratitude diary for several weeks, where you write down three things daily you are thankful for, as this will establish new patterns of gratitude. Turquoise is great for expression.

You are about to tumble into a new experience, filled with passion and natural talent. Listen to your intuition, as you will be divinely guided along the way. You are being given an opportunity to strengthen your self-worth and your self-confidence, which will enable you to receive bigger and better things out of life. Carnelian is a very powerful motivating crystal.


S C O R P I O.

P I S C E S.

JUN 23 - JUL 23 JU

OCT 24 - NOV 22

FEB 20 - MAR 20

Listen to your inner voice. Your restlessness is quieting, and change is imminent. Pay attention to cycle’s endings and know when to move ahead. Opportunity to express your creative self is approaching, so remain focused until the task is complete. Citrine connects our imagination to our intellect, resulting in new ideas.

32 coffs coast focus.

You have answers to other people’s dilemmas. This is because you have a cosmic understanding of life. You are a natural teacher, and other people are drawn to you because they know you have their answers. Don’t be afraid to speak; just be aware of your motive. Sugilite helps us to connect to our dreams, for understanding life from different perspectives.

Life has felt challenging to say the least recently, but try to re-connect with your laughter to ease your fears of the unknown. You have a brilliant sense of humour, and this aspect of your nature will keep you excited about the future. Ruby shatters fears and rejuvenates a love of life.

You need to make a choice. There are beautiful gifts coming into your reality, but you need to know you deserve these things. Sit quietly somewhere in nature and state (even to yourself) what your heart desires, then give yourself permission to receive it. Aventurine is great to carry for changes.



IF you had to guess what led to the most workers compensation claims, what would it be? Back injury, RSI or falls? Wrong. Depression!

epression is the most train crash, employers can take steps to common cause of a support workers with a mental health referral for workers condition, disability or injury to keep their compensation, jobs. accounting for more claims than CHESS Employment can provide Jobs In any other condition, according to Jeopardy assistance to such people who statistics published by the Australian are at risk of losing their employment in Safety and Compensation the immediate future. Workers who Commission. qualify for Jobs In Jeopardy As mental illness is will be given a CHESS known to affect one Employment case As mental illnetss in five people, it’s worker to support ec is known to affle hardly surprising them in their goals to s it’ , one in five peopng one one of the stay in employment. si ri rp hardly su ful ss re st t os m most stressful Problems that can e th of a environmentsn–tip environments – a seem insurmountable workplace – camental workplace – can when facing them someone into ais. is tip someone into a alone become health cr mental health crisis. achievable when Often employers are someone stands beside the the first to notice a staff worker to guide them to find member struggling with problems help and solutions to their problems. caused by a relationship breakdown, the By working together, employers can death of a loved one, financial troubles, show they value their staff, workers can or dependence on alcohol. take steps towards keeping their jobs Their home problems may be causing and gain an understanding of how to get them to be late or to miss work, or it may help when they need it. be affecting their work performance. CHESS – your trusted advisor When problems at home collide with the on mental health. Contact CHESS stress of keeping a job, it can lead to a Employment on 1800 899 017 to find mental health crisis. out more about the Jobs In Jeopardy Instead of watching the approaching program.

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with Guy Saddleton, President of Tourism Coffs Coast.

If you suffer a sprain or pull, immediately stop and R.I.C.E


Suffered An Inury? As a proud supporter of many community based sporting clubs and events, we are aware that those of you participating in a sport, whether it be football, soccer, netball, running or something else will be well in to the season now. Unfortunately, over time injuries can occur; they may be an overuse/stress related injury such as shin splints, or an immediate injury such as a break or tear. Any type of injury can be very frustrating; we know how important it is to you to be participating in the sports you love. This is why we offer a wide range of examination types suited to all types of sportsperson and injury. From plain X-ray, to CT Scan or MRI or interventional radiology options such as therapeutic injections, we can offer them all. Same day appointments are generally available and any referral form is welcomed, which

34 coffs coast focus.

means you get seen, treated and back out there doing what you love, as quickly as possible. Avoiding injury is not always possible, but the principles of R.I.C.E can be adopted to lessen some of the ongoing impact sport can have. If you suffer an injury such as a sprain or a pull, you should stop immediately and apply the principles of R.I.C.E. R – rest. To prevent further injury. I – ice. Ice the area to reduce bruising and bleeding. C – compress. Limits swelling and supports the area. E – elevate. Use gravity to reduce swelling. If you would like to know more about injury prevention and treatment, why not come by our practice and ask for one of our free Guides on the subject.


We have seen many plans for upgrades, which means many dollars spent with consultants with no outcome so far – other than ongoing frustration and even despair for many of us. As beautiful as they are for us locals, our foreshores could offer a lot more for our tourists. Don’t get me wrong; there are some great places to eat, some fantastic shops in the Jetty precinct, great he future of tourism for our beach activities and the Sunday markets see region was discussed at our May the area abuzz. As a local, it’s a great place board meeting, together with to enjoy. It’s good to see that the BBQs are the factors that are leading to a being upgraded; it would be great to see general decline in tourism along the eastern some of the railings painted and yes, dare I seaboard. It’s not only Coffs Coast that is say it, development. seeing this decline, as a strong dollar is seeing There will soon be more plans put forward, more Australians taking the opportunity to and this time I urge you to seriously take enjoy greater buying power overseas, while international visitors are delaying travel due to a look, write a letter of support and get behind it. Don’t quietly hope that this time their relatively weak buying power. The global we might actually get something happening; financial market hasn’t helped businesses get behind it, support it, and let’s make it in our region, and we are starting to see a happen. number of for lease signs in empty shops. On a lighter note, at the industry meeting What’s the solution? More flights, this month some members and volunteers supported by a strong marketing campaign from the Visitor Information Centre highlighting our destination as accessible and experienced some great outdoor offering a great getaway is one activities, including zorb balling way of increasing visitation, at The Centre – great fun but possibly pie in un rs and an excellent team te the sky. Why? As June sees Win their ith w , builder. I strongly th everything is market from 1st - 11 bour; ar H s off C in ar recommend that you first ye driven, there needs have their F1 Kart Hire will consider The Centre g tin ar to be a demand. K oG over 40’s annunalfrom the for any conferencing, Melbourne io competit an and av ar C e team building or end of th ; th 11 provides a – 8th will be at the ow sh ng pi year get together. We am C d great growth 16th an ground on theat ow Sh g enjoyed presentations in ch opportunity, but w 17th, and whalets ... on social media and QR ar we’re not that season st codes and Coffs Coast accessible, and we’re Marketing Manager Glenn not that well known in Caldwell launched their marketing Melbourne. To do that will take prospectus for the coming financial year, dollars that we just don’t have; you just have highlighting opportunities for industry to to look at Coffs Coast Marketing’s budget engage in strategic marketing for our region. to market our destination, and you will stop June sees Wintersun from 1st - 11th, with knocking on their door – it’s pitiful. their first year in Coffs Harbour; F1 Kart Budgeting is coming up soon, and we Hire will have their over 40s annual Gowill be lobbying Coffs Harbour City Council Karting competition from the 8th - 11th; and Bellingen Shire Council to increase their the Caravan and Camping show will be at marketing spend for our region. We’ve the Showground on the 16th and 17th; and done this for some years now, so far to little whale watching season starts. Unfortunately, avail, as the marketing budget has remained Spirit of Coffs no longer exists, but Jetty Dive static and hasn’t reflected keeping up with have a new boat and will be offering whale competing destinations. It seems that it’s just watch tours; it’s a fantastic way to see these not a high enough priority. One of our major assets for the Coffs Coast majestic creatures up close and personal but is, of course the harbour, jetty and foreshores, make sure you book, as daily tours fill up which really should be our jewel in the crown. quickly. ENJOY!

Hello all. We received mixed feedback from members in relation to trading during the recent school holidays, but one things that was consistent was that the first half of the holidays was busier than the second half.


From Quadrant Travel & Journeys

to ant on is. w n i ofte stinat e l ' de eop t. P st see i s i v u s to ext 'm e c a n e pl ting here th s e r e t int urse, w u o o d ab ds of c e k w as get he cro I y t a d of ry d Eve w, ahea kno

K E R RY M O S S .

H E T &







t’s a tough job, but I’ve taken it on my shoulders to see as many of these places first hand, so I can come back and share the stories with you. I like to get off the beaten track and get to know the people and their stories; so a trip to Oman seemed to fulfil the brief perfectly. The first question many people asked when I first told them that I was going to Oman was, “Where’s that?” The second question was, “Why would you go there?” So let me clear those things up straight away. Oman is an Islamic country located in the Arabian Peninsula. Many people are more familiar with its neighbours, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and United Arab Emirates (home to the bustling metropolis of Dubai and Abu Dhabi). Oman is known for her rugged natural beauty and fascinating history, and I was determined to debunk the myth that Oman was isolated and uncultured. After a lengthy flight and a journey of around 20 hours, we arrived in the capital, Muscat. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but Muscat was nothing like I thought it would be. It’s a strange mix of modern life intertwined with a community that seems happy to hold to tradition and history. The irony of fast and

expensive cars driving through back streets of century old fort-like buildings was not lost on me, as I quickly realised Muscat was going to surprise me. Modern hotels stood next to traditional open air markets, where locals purchased their food and supplies before heading back out to their Bedouin desert homes. It was here in Muscat that I began to understand the history behind this rugged country, but it was out in the desert that I truly began to comprehend it. Oman radiates a rich and distinctive jewellery tradition, where Omani silver is considered more valuable than gold. The unbrushed look of the silver, which the Western world may consider tarnished, is viewed by the Omani people as a sign of respect for the silver and the silversmith who made it. It was easy to lose myself in the souks (the Arabic word for an open air marketplace), filled with Omani silver piled so high, that it seemed there was no end. It was more difficult, however, to drag myself away without purchasing a piece or two. But my quest was not to come home with purchases to tell my story; I wanted to talk to the people. I wanted to hear their stories. For a Western female, in a Muslim country, this was not as easy as I had hoped; but still,

is not unreasonable to wait hours for a simple there was a chance with our driver, an Omani request. local named Mahout, who was taking us to The locals didn’t seem to mind though; the desert to visit and experience what he claimed was the true Oman. The next morning, they were happy to sit talking with their family and friends. Many of the local Mahout met us as planned, and we started cafés were an eclectic mix of modern the journey into the desert. The landscape facilities complemented by local service is predominately sand, rock and date palms, – an environment where the wealthy dotted with what seemed to be mirages in the could comfortably sit around for hours desert, but turned out to be villages of people still living a very traditional and wholesome life. smoking flavoured sheesha and waiting After some encouragement, Mahout opened for prayer time. It's a lifestyle that is surprisingly contagious and one which the up about his life in Oman, which was not only few Westerners that we came across were fascinating, but helped me to understand strangely envious of. that a simple and uncomplicated life can be As our time in Oman was coming to an good. On our first day, Mahout could not hold end, I asked myself what I would tell the my gaze, nor talk directly to me. On our last people back home. Had day, Mahout took us Oman lived up to my to his local village, expectations? where we joined “Oman radiates a These questions were all him for traditional rich and distinctive so easily answered, when Omani food of goat, jewellery tradition, I reflected upon a trip of a smoked in hot coals where Omani silver lifetime that allowed me a for days in preparation is considered more sneak peek into a culture for our visit. He valuable than gold.” considerably different to proudly showed my own and a country so us an environment resilient and resourceful. I discovered people where it seemed nothing could survive and who were proud to share their country to yet was home to lively villages and welcoming an outside world and embrace the vast communities. differences between my country and theirs. As we said farewell to Mahout, I asked I discovered a place where I could swim permission to give him a hug, as I would freely in the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea, in Australia. He agreed and told me that he while turtles laid their eggs on the beach had only been out of Oman once in his life – and even then just for one day, before he came nearby, and within an hour be sitting in a desert community swapping recipes with back. He didn’t like travelling, he said, because local Bedouin women, who welcomed me the people weren’t nice to others like the like an old friend. Omani people. Oman was certainly a surprise, but one After our sharing of stories, despite their I feel privileged to have experienced. With contrasts, he said if the people of Australia Oman just being listed in the Top Ten Best were as nice as this, maybe he’d give travelling Destinations for 2012, I think the secret’s another chance. already out! Time seems unimportant in Oman, where it coffs coast focus


feature David Moo David oore re P tog Pho tograp raphy h hy 36 coffs coast focus.



The Most Beautiful Venue. Choose the most beautiful place in Coffs Harbour for your special outdoor wedding.

Is Love Really All You Need?

From the perfumed rose garden to the waterfall and lake, the Botanic Garden provides a splendid backdrop for you to exchange your vows. There are plenty of options for areas to choose: the Chinese pagoda, the pavilion near the entrance and the smaller area near the entrance pond, which are all beautiful places for weddings and photography. The Botanic Gardens are centrally located in Hardacre Street off Harbour Drive, just 1 km from the CBD and with plenty of parking, but also very convenient for your guests. No cars are allowed in the Garden; however, our people mover, with a friend’s driver, may be booked to drive the bridal party and any less able guests to the location of your choice. Chairs are available for rent. A ‘weddings and special events’ brochure is available at the shop in the Botanic Garden. For further information and to book your wedding: contact the co-ordinator, Julie Belford, in the City Parks and Recreation Branch of the Council (02) 6648 4542. Please note that approval by the City Council is always required prior to the date, and weddings are booked on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Would you like to walk down the aisle with the total confidence that you and your partner will be able to solve any problem that arises? … that you both know

Kim Piper Celebrant. I am a true romantic at heart. Let me find the words that are in your heart and write a personalised ceremony that will linger long after the confetti has blown away. No two relationships are the same, so why have a generic ceremony! My aim is to make your ceremony one that reflects who you are and what your relationship is all about. Let me tell the story of YOU on your wedding day … after all ... it’s all about you. Based in Coffs Coast area, but servicing all areas. Available for weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, same sex ceremonies and baby namings. In fact – anything you want to celebrate.

how to grow and nurture your relationship and intimacy, so it lasts forever? Many people spend more time planning to buy a house than planning for their life partner – and yet choosing a partner is the single most important choice you will ever make – emotionally, financially and health-wise. Despite the almost 50% divorce statistics, many singles still stick to the 60s adage that ‘love is all you need’. And yet, though love and chemistry are essential, they are not only what you need. Pre-Marriage Coaching helps you get crystal clear on all the other essentials you need for a wonderful, sustainable relationship. Working with experienced LoveCoach, Frances Amaroux, BA Psych, this scientifically validated 8 week Coaching Program will give you both the skills and peace of mind you need.

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Elegant & Stylish. Glowing skin. Makeup that highlights your beauty. Memories that last a lifetime. Azurspa is a hidden oasis within the city centre. When you step through the door, you will be greeted with the aroma of freshly ground coffee and delicious delicacies at our cosy café. Follow the enticing scent of aromatherapy oils, the subtle sound of soft music and the flickering candlelight into the day spa, to be swept away with the relaxation and pampering of Azurspa. Azurspa is the perfect place for brides to not only relax and unwind, but to also consult with our highly qualified consultants to develop a personalised pre wedding beauty treatment plan. This is best done months in advance, to ensure your skin is glowing on the day. Our Therapists are accredited and experienced in all aspects of clinical treatments and provide a safe, private, hygienic environment. Our Therapists are certified and skilled using techniques and technology standards approved by the Australian TGA. Some of our most popular treatments for brides are: • IPL to permanently reduce unwanted hair and improve skin conditions such as sun spots, freckles, superficial capillaries, rosacea and discolouration of the skin. • Teeth whitening

38 coffs coast focus.

Capture The Memories.

• Microdermabrasion for a healthy fresh glow • Spray tans • Waxing • Treatment facials • Event makeup with trial • Manicures and pedicures/Shellac paint Hen’s parties/bridal showers. For an afternoon of fun and pampering, Azurspa can create a personalised package for your Hen’s party, complete with luxury treatments and champagne and canapes. Grooms who like to look their best can prepare for their big day in our private rooms with waxing, teeth whitening, facials and massage.

Although I’ve had years photographing pregnant bellies, precious newborns, family moments and glamour photography, I am still overwhelmed with excitement when a couple chooses me as their wedding photographer. This is a responsibility that I don’t take lightly, being only too aware that there is only one shot at it! To be a successful wedding photographer, I honestly believe it is all about the relationship you have with your clients. I take time getting to know my clients, their story, personalities and what they envisage from their photographs. By the time the wedding day arrives, I want them to feel like I am just another guest. Most people don’t feel totally comfortable in

front of the camera, so it is important that I have an unobtrusive approach. I like to stand back and capture the moments as the day unfolds. My style is photojournalistic, with a balance of classic contemporary images. The beautiful Coffs Coast provides the perfect backdrop for any on-location shots. The images feature natural light, with soft colours with a distinct vintage feel. After the wedding is over, many of my clients have become my friends. I feel privileged that they have taken me on their journey. In return, it is my absolute pleasure to provide them with photographs capturing the emotion of their special day for years to come. I’d love to hear from you! Please call 0430 535 487 or visit


Stunning and unique bridal, formal and party wear.

RSVP Bridal. Since opening in 1995, RSVP Bridal, located at Coffs Harbour Jetty, has been supplying local, statewide, national and international ladies with stunning and unique bridal, formal and party wear for all occasions. Locally owned and operated, the number one priority at RSVP is providing helpful and friendly service in a relaxed environment. All staff pride themselves on a very high level of customer service and always do their very best, assisting customers in selecting one of the most important purchases of the wedding, ‘THE DRESS’! RSVP Bridal is an authorised retailer, and all gowns are authentic from the actual designer; this ensures you are getting exactly what you order. Labels include Alfred Angelo, Brides Desire, Paco PM and Henry Roth. Our brides to be are surprised at the low prices of our gowns – particularly given the intricate details on some of the gowns, with prices to suit all budgets, from $250 to $2,600 and flexible payment and layby terms. An on site alterations service is offered to all of our customers, with a seamstress who has been altering bridalwear for over 25 years. Along with Bridal, Formal and Racewear, RSVP now stocks an affordable range of party dresses from $50. So for that next night out, make sure to check out all that RSVP has to offer!

The Perfect Venue. Opal Cove Resort offers the authentic resort experiences. Situated on Korora Bay in Coffs Harbour, we are regarded as the ‘complete resort’, and our absolute beachfront location is perfect for your special day. Opal Cove Resort is set on 36 hectares of pure natural beauty – an ideal venue for your perfect wedding reception and/or ceremony. Capture the moment with your ceremony location, whether it be a garden ceremony with freshwater lagoon and ocean backdrops, or on the terrace with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean – the choice is yours. Opal Cove Resort boasts one of the most beautiful reception venues in New South Wales. Our Opals room is fully equipped with its own DJ booth, fully equipped bar, tiled dance floor and has natural lighting with full views of the Pacific Ocean. With the New Opal Essence Day Spa and Hair Salon located on the grounds, they offer a variety of bridal packages to cater for any number of needs on your special day. Our Professional Wedding Coordinator will guide you in making the most important day of your life stress free and memorable.

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InStyle Wedding & Formal. We look forward to creating sensational lashes to frame your beautiful eyes.

Hair Extensions. Think African Hair Braids when you are planning your bridal hairstyles for your wedding day!

Luxurious Lashes. Finelines Beauty Salon can make any woman go from looking fine to looking fabulous … eyelash extensions are the hottest trend in the beauty industry.

They offer all sorts of hair extensions – and with a huge range of colours that they can match to your hair perfectly every time. Extensions are a great solution to extend hair, thicken hair or to completely change your look for your big day. Your extensions can be dyed a specific colour, and you can have these braided or styled any way that you like.

InStyle Wedding & Formal Services was created in 2008. Specialising in hair, makeup and beauty treatments with the convenience of a mobile service, InStyle can deliver stress free beauty solutions for weddings, formals, special occasions, photo shoots and more. With a professional and friendly team of qualified hairdressers, makeup artists and beauty therapist, it couldn’t be easier to look your best using the InStyle team. To achieve a beautiful, flawless finish, InStyle uses quality products such as Napoleon Perdis and Natural Compatibles makeup. InStyle makeup artists will make your eyes stand out, sparkle and look healthier. Whether you are after a natural look, a glamorous look or a classic look, they will have you looking your best.

Our fully certified lash specialist, Brittany Hodgson, is amazing at creating lashes that are long and luscious with natural volume and fullness; the benefits are low maintenance and high in style, which is the modern woman’s answer to freedom from mascara and more time.

Real hair extensions can be permanent or clipped in and can dramatically change your look.

Our clientele include: corporate executives, models, brides, allergy sufferers, women with short, sparse lashes, women recovering from chemotherapy, vacationers seeking maximum convenience.

KUEI can style to your wedding, whether it is a beach wedding, casual to modern or traditional.

We look forward to creating sensational lashes to frame your beautiful eyes.

The best way to know for yourself is to organise a free consultation.

“Our wedding was fantastic. My makeup looked great right up until we left the reception at 11.30pm. No shine in sight ... just perfect. And Andrea, my hair didn't move an inch in all the wind we were subjected to on the beach during the photos. I just loved it and was sad to take it out.

Bookings are essential; mention this advertisement and receive a free lash tint.

Don’t forget to also look at the new leather handbag range, as well as skincare and hair products.

Thank you so much, Nicole and Andrea. I couldn't have asked for better.” Kristy – Wedding at Sapphire Beach.

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At African Hair Braids, the staff are extremely well trained and creative. We have experience in attaching hair to all different lengths of hair, with fabulous results.

Come in or ring KUEI, and she can discuss the many options with you; and she can offer discounts for bridal group bookings.

If you want to get to your special occasion on time, contact InStyle for a professional, friendly, affordable service from Yamba through to Macksville. Testament to their excellent work is provided through regular testimonials from happy customers.



Photo by: David Moore Photography

In a Snap Photo Booth. Liz and Luke Goudge created In A Snap Photo Booth to provide the Mid North Coast with a fun and memorable choice of entertainment for every event, including weddings, parties, corporate events, product launches and school formals. A photo booth is part entertainment, part photographer, part bonbonniere … and full of fun! Jump into the booth, pull the curtain and strike a pose! The booth takes 4 photos at five second intervals and dispenses two sets of quality photos within 16 seconds. The booth uses touch screen technology and is easy for guests to use – just follow the voice and screen prompts. The photo strips can be printed in colour or black and white and can include personalised messages and logos in place of the fourth photo on the strip. Photo booth packages include unlimited double photo strips printed on the spot, a booth butler on site, a prop box, a DVD of every photo taken in the booth and a leather photo album as a keepsake. Additional extras like extra hours, magnets and photo strip envelopes are also available. Contact In A Snap Photo Booth through their website: or via emai l: Don’t forget to find them on Facebook!

Married By Sam. Have you booked your Wedding Celebrant yet? To be part of such a special time in a couple’s life is an honour and a job I take very seriously ... well, not too seriously! Your wedding is all about what you want. Here is what some of my gorgeous couples have to say ... Married by Sam – what a professional, amazing wedding celebrant you are! Pete and I received awesome feedback from all of our wedding guests with regards to our ceremony, but you in particular. From the first moment we met Sam, we knew we’d found someone who could inject the casual, relaxed vibe we live by into our ceremony. Sam went above and beyond to ensure our ceremony was exactly what we wished for. Our guests commented on how intimate and loving our ceremony was. Thank you so so much for making our wedding day so special! It was everything we wanted it to be, and you had such a big part in making that happen! I honestly think we could not have found a better person to marry us. Your beautiful and bubbly personality just added to magic of the whole day.

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focusonweddings. Photo by David Moore Photography

Special framing for special occasions!

Sawtell Framing. Have your beautiful wedding photos printed and framed with Sawtell Framing & Beachscapes Gallery, for stunning and unique frames that are made to last. Custom framing means a custom design that will suit everyone’s taste and budget, with experts on hand to guide you through the choices. Go for a clean, sleek, modern look, or make a statement with something big and bold! Our options to display your images include custom frames, canvas prints or the fresh, clean, modern look of the acrylic facemount. Your wedding image is printed onto a metallic photographic paper then face mounted with an optically clear film to a 4.5 mm acrylic panel with flame polished edges. Our acrylic facemounts are absolutely stunning! Starting from as little as $50, they are a fantastic display option. At Sawtell Framing, we offer more than just framing for weddings. We frame sports memorabilia such as football jerseys, cricket bats and balls. We also frame all forms of needlework, such as cross stitch, tapestry and embroidery, as well as artworks, prints, war medals and anything else you would like to see in a frame. If you are after a beautiful local image to brighten up your walls or as a special gift, then call in and take a look at the Beachscapes Gallery. With stunning images from around the Coffs Coast, there are plenty of options to liven up that drab office. Open Monday to Thursday, 9am – 5.30pm; Friday 9am – 4pm, or find us on the web at


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Feel Special Start planning a stress free wedding at Ella Baché Coffs Harbour! Every bride wants to look and feel special on her big day. Let us make your wedding plans easier, with all your beauty needs taken care of! Enjoy the relaxing ambience in our salon, treating yourself, friends and family for your special day. Our unique skincare is based on our professional therapists’ superior understanding of the skin, as ‘no two skins are alike’! From facial treatments, eyelash extensions, waxing, gel nails, tanning and makeup, we have it all covered at Ella Baché! Our therapists are experts in creating a flawless and simply stunning look using Napoleon Perdis Makeup, which is the no.1 makeup brand in Australia. We are available to travel to your venue or in salon. Bridal parties and pamper packages are available and tailored made for each individual need, and Hen’s Parties are catered for by request.

Precious Petals. What’s the most important thing on your wedding day? Well, you want to make sure that your hair and makeup is just right, and the dress is a perfect fit too. Your guests need to have a fabulous time, so it’s a good thing someone is focusing on your flowers as if they’re the only thing in the world to worry about. And to us, they are. At Precious Petals, we want to make sure the flowers shine and enhance your day, from a simple garden style posy to a full on make all your girlfriends jealous flowers everywhere EXTRAVAGANZA, so whatever your wedding flower needs are, we are here to help. For unique and stylish flowers, just call 6652 7557 to make an appointment, and don’t forget to check out our wedding gallery at

“ So it’s a good thing someone is focusing on your flowers as if they’re the only thing in the world to worry about. And to us, they are. ”



Whatever your event, we will help you create a memorable one.

Silver Lining Events Nicci Cowle, owner and founder of Silver Lining Events, has a natural creative flair and the ability to push the boundaries of scope and imagination in event management. With 25 years of providing customer service to the hospitality and retail industries, Nicci also possesses a Diploma in Events, as well as Certificate III in both Hospitality and Business Administration. What do you specialise in at Silver Lining Events? Personal events and special occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement, anniversary, birthday, corporate function or fundraiser, we will find you all of your needs – the perfect venue/reception, decorations, caterers, entertainment, formal hire and much more, while accommodating any budget. Based in Port Macquarie, what areas do you service on the Mid North Coast? From Forster to Coffs Harbour. I will be happy to meet with clients at a convenient location that suits their schedule, at their home, or at the local coffee shop. How do you provide an exceptional experience for your clients? No matter what the occasion, Silver Lining Events can create and design a style and theme as individual and unique as you are. Each one will have the Wow factor, which is achieved by working with you, going through your wish list and making your dreams become a reality. Silver Lining Events was proud to be involved with the Mid North Coast Bridal Expo, that was held at Port Panthers in May.

Sanctuary Resort At the Treehouse Restaurant at the Sanctuary Resort, enjoy 2 main meals for the price of one on Friday and Saturday nights. Bookings are essential to take advantage of this great offer. With all the rooms having been recently renovated and under new management, the Sanctuary Resort is once again one of the premier places to stay and dine in Coffs Harbour. Function and conference facilities, for up to 100 persons, are also available for weddings and other events, as well as for business meetings. We can cater for almost any event, and the Sanctuary Resort is an ideal wedding venue, with large grounds and superb function rooms. The Treehouse Restaurant is just stunning to hold that intimate gathering for smaller weddings, wedding breakfasts or special occasion. Have your wedding or reception at the Sanctuary Resort, and the bride and groom receive a free complimentary king spa room with sparkling wine, chocolates and a very late check out. With tennis court, squash court, pool, sauna and gym, there is plenty to keep you active, or just relax in the peaceful and tranquil 7 acres of bush setting that the Sanctuary Resort sits in.

Lyss and Her Camera My name is Alyssa, and I am the founder of Lyss and Her Camera. I am a local Coffs Harbour girl, and I specialise in relaxed, natural light portraiture and documentary style wedding photography. I like to be unobtrusive and blend in with the wedding guests, to make sure I capture special moments as they actually happen. I don’t do a lot of photoshopping, complicated lighting or posing. I enjoy getting to know my clients quickly and intuitively and using imagery to tell the story of their lives in that moment of time. I love to capture the simple joys of life and evoke memories for you and your family for generations to come. I’ve been an enthusiastic photographer for about 15 years now. My background includes 2 years of a Bachelor of Photography (James Cook University) and then a further 3 years to obtain my Bachelor of Art (Visual Art) from Curtin University in Perth. I welcome all enquiries and offer individual and obligation free quotes. Please pop online and view my work. If you think my style suits you, get in touch and we shall start planning your session.

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With an extensive menu to choose from, you decide the style of your event

Fiasco Catering. Fiasco Catering has brought a new level of event catering to the Coffs Coast region. All that is offered within our award-winning restaurant is now available at your chosen location. Fiasco Catering will provide our outstanding food and service at your event – whether it is a wedding, corporate event or private dinner party, Fiasco will create a delicious and unique menu to suit your style and needs. We will ensure that whatever the special occasion, we will play our part to make it a memorable one. With an extensive menu to choose from, you decide the style of your event – cocktail, canapés, buffet or a more formal two or three course meal, with all catering freshly prepared on site. We can also include hire of quality crockery, cutlery and glassware and all other

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David Moore Photography. Having shot in excess of 350 weddings all over Australia, you would think that David Moore would be pleased to never see tulle again, but if you ask, you discover it is just the opposite.

equipment. Our beverage packages offer a selection of wines and beers and soft drinks. All packages are extremely competitive and can be purchased on an hourly basis or by consumption. We will happily provide you with an obligation free, comprehensive quotation. For more information, please contact Stefano or Alex on (02) 6651 2006 or check out the website for our extensive catering menu options.

David is still super passionate about his wedding photography and genuinely looks forward to sharing in the ‘biggest day’ of a couple’s life, as well as mixing with their family and friends. David prides himself on an unobtrusive style and has had many couples (and their families) comment that he really felt like more of a guest than their photographer. David has given wife Leah the mock title of ‘producer’, as she does much of the behind the scenes work for the business and is the sounding board for choosing images, new inspiration and image processing.

A natural, clean, photojournalistic approach is how Leah describes David’s work. No gimmicks or excessive use of Photoshop tools, as David always says he wants his work to stand the test of time, rather than follow a particular trend or processing that is popular. If David had his way, he would probably still be shooting weddings on film, as he loves the colours and contrast and overall feel of film images. Much of David’s personal family photos are still taken by him with his film cameras – especially his trusty old Contax. When not behind a camera or in front of the computer, David is with wife Leah and their three little men, Hamish (4), Archer (2) and Jude (8 months), in the surf with mates at Sawtell, or finishing an ongoing renovation of the family home.




ISSUE 7 $9.95 incl. GST


Honeymoons WITH A

fashion 14 pages of stunning looks

DIFFERENCE four couples tell their stories









he North Coast Wedding Workshop is a new event for the Coffs Coast and brings together top industry experts, who are excited to teach you everything you need to know about planning a wedding. The best in the business will be talking to you directly, giving you valuable information and answering all of your questions in a fun, hands-on workshop. You will learn the pitfalls to avoid, how to make savings and the experts top tips for a memorable day. “We really just want people to come and have fun while learning how to plan their wedding without all the drama,� says Michaela Slater from North Coast Weddings magazine. “When we spoke to engaged couples, we were finding that a lot of people didn’t really know where to

Are you struggling to plan your wedding? Not enough time? Too stressful? Then look no further – the team at North Coast Weddings magazine has exactly what you need, coming to Coffs Harbour. By attending, you will learn things like how to start.â€? Her business partner, April Briscoe, adds: set a budget, by deciding what is important to “They also had unrealistic expectations when it you and how to find the right gown and choose came to wedding products and services, which a suit that suits. Experts from local businesses can make planning a nightmare.â€? will also be there discussing decorating, flowers, It’s because of this lack of knowledge photography, the cake, catering, hair, makeup, that April and Michaela decided to hold the vows, speeches, jewellery and more. Even workshop. The concept is new to the North your fitness plan leading up to the day will be Coast, but the duo are confident that the discussed. “Every bride wants to look their best event will be a hit. “We have the best in the on their wedding day. When they come to the local wedding scene attending as our experts. workshop, they will be advised on dress styles to The information that will be shared is normally suit their body shape, plus they will reserved for customers only,â€? April have award winning hairdressers says. “People will find that it and makeup artists tell them is great value too, with the what will suit them best. ticket cost far outweighing t as North Co p ho It will be like having your the mistakes they can ks or W ng di Wed very own stylist,â€? says avoid alone,â€? she adds. Sunday 17 June, n, vilio Norm Jordan Pa ground. Michaela. “Plus, there will be ow Coffs Harbour Sh kshop Your ticket includes sparkling wine and or W ng ni or M a fabulous three-hour 9am - 12pm canapĂŠs – what’s not to hop Afternoon Works workshop, where you like?â€? says Michaela. 1pm - 4pm will learn how to plan and The pair go on to say Tickets $45 budget for your wedding, that the concept of the plus a workbook containing workshop is about simplifying loads of information with the planning process through space to take down notes, ideas and education. “There can be a lot of recommendations from the experts. There are unnecessary stress over the little things such as great prizes to be won, and you’ll enjoy bubbly a particular flower not being available, or the and delicious canapĂŠs while watching a bridesmaid dresses taking too long to arrive. If gorgeous fashion show. You will also receive the couples knew how to avoid this tension, then latest issue of North Coast Weddings magazine the whole experience would be more enjoyable for free (valued at $9.95). and stress-free,â€? Michaela says.

Take your partner and share this together, or take a friend, your mother or sister and have a great time taking it all in. To book your tickets, go to the event website. There are limited numbers, so be quick. You’ll have no problem organising your wedding after attending this fabulous event, and you’ll have a good time in the process. THE MAGAZINE North Coast Weddings magazine is the only quality bridal magazine dedicated to the NSW North Coast. It combines current trends and fashion with local providers from the Mid North Coast up to the Northern Rivers and out to New England. The team behind the magazine aim to bring readers a beautiful magazine full of real weddings, inspiration and gorgeous photography, and they really do succeed. Look for it in all good newsagents now!

Win 2 Tickets! We are giving away 2 tickets to the event. In 25 words or less, tell us why you’d like to attend the wedding workshop. Include your name, address and day time phone number. Post entries to: WIN Tickets – North Coast Wedding Workshop, PO Box 2071, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450. Entries close Monday 11 June 2012. Winners announced Tuesday 12 June.




9am - 12noon SUNDAY 17 JUNE 2012


1pm - 4pm

DON’T MISS OUT numbers limited

Wedding Workshop NORTH COAST


Supported by our wedding experts

Sponsored by

North Coast


for updates and information

tickets $45 - book online coffs coast focus 45


Becoming engaged is an exciting time for a couple, but when it comes to planning a wedding, the process can quickly seem quite overwhelming. With the professional Events Team at C.ex Coffs, planning a wedding is a breeze.

C.ex Coffs Weddings. At C.ex Coffs (recently named finalist Best Club Function Venue, Clubs NSW Awards for Excellence 2012), our professional Events Team is experienced in organising weddings of all sizes and styles and is here to take the stress out of planning your special day. Below are the top things to consider when booking a venue for your wedding reception. Choosing the Perfect Venue C.ex Coffs boasts over 7 function rooms, with space to suit any size wedding. From intimate spaces seating up to 100 guests, rooms that can seat up to 500 guests banquet style, and the stunning atmosphere of Rendezvous, all function spaces can be themed to express the desired look and feel of your wedding. Selecting your Wedding Menu The Executive Chef at C.ex Coffs has designed an extensive range of wedding menus to tantalise the tastebuds. What menu you choose will also be determined

46 coffs coast focus.

ddi you d i C Ch by the style of wedding desire. Choose ffrom: buffet style, including seafood, Mediterranean and carvery themed buffets; set menu options, with a wide range of dishes available from our three tiered menus; as well as gourmet platters and canapés menus. For a truly magnificent affair, the Executive Chef at Rendezvous has created a deliciously decadent menu, reserved for weddings and functions held in this stunning setting. If you are looking for something different, consider a High Tea Wedding at Rendezvous. With delicious savoury and sweet delights presented on a three tiered platter, tea-pot cocktails and the gorgeous setting of Rendezvous restaurant complete with its own grand piano, your guests will love this unique wedding experience. When it comes to choosing beverages for your wedding, C.ex Coffs can offer a private bar

with bar tab or cash bar, or all-inclusive beverage packages. Special Touches Wedding Entertainment – set the mood for your big day with music! The Entertainment Manager at C.ex Coffs can utilise local and interstate contacts to source quotes for entertainment on your behalf, based on your preference and budget and at no extra cost. Theming C.ex Coffs enjoys a strong relationship with external theming companies. Your Wedding Coordinator can source a quote and designs on your behalf, or put you in touch with the service providers directly. The theming provider and your Wedding Coordinator will look after the rest in regards to loading in and out of the venue, giving you one less thing to organise. Cakes

C.ex Coffs is very lucky to have its very own onsite Pastry Chef, who can create anything the mind can conceive. Your Wedding Coordinator can provide suggestions and pricing for wedding cakes on request. The Events Team at C.ex Coffs welcome the opportunity to work with you to personalise the details of your special day. Contact the Events Team today for the wedding reception you’ve always imagined. Ph: (02) 6652 3888 E:

Special Offer! Special offer for FOCUS readers: Book and pay a deposit by July 16, 2012 and mention this feature when booking to receive FREE venue hire or FREE Wedding Menu Tasting.


100% Natural Ingredients.

Natural Soaps.

VanZantens Utterly Fabulous.

We don’t compromise on luxury! D’Entrecasteaux Natural Soaps are carefully and lovingly handmade by Carol in Valla Beach, who has just retuned from Tasmania, where the business originated.

VanZantens Utterly Fabulous has been a dream in my mind that is now a reality!

Carol uses 100% natural ingredients in all her soaps. You won’t find any synthetic fragrance, phthalates, parabens, sodium laurel sulphates, petrochemicals or artificial colours, and Carol uses essential oils, not fragrant oils.

The shop has since been extended and revamped thanks to designer and local interior architect Virginia McAvoy, who added her magic with a chocolate and gold theme, including fabulous chandeliers!

Essential oils create a lovely scent, and the addition of clays and botanicals are added to nourish and to provide natural colour. She also uses natural elements like seaweed, poppyseed and oats.

It is now home to fabulous jewellery brands like Zsiska, Ikita, Nature Bigou, Glass of Fire and Zoda, just to mention a few.

Happy customers have said, “We thought Carol’s soaps just smelt amazing, and how they felt on our skin was even better. They lathered beautifully and released their striking but subtle scents while in the shower. The soaps were luxurious and creamy, leaving your skin completely clean, yet still moisturised and nourished. They did not strip our skin of its natural oils, instead leaving our skin feeling velvety and smooth.” D’Entrecasteaux Natural Soaps has created a great range of natural soaps, namely Clay, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang, Citrus Zing, Seaweed and Lemon Myrtle and Green Clay and Sandalwood – and there is even a pet soap! Carol ships her soaps all over the world and caters to B & Bs and motels and makes up gorgeous gift packs for weddings. They are beautifully presented and can be a gift for any occasion!

I purchased the Courtyard Shop at the Old Butter Factory in November last year.

I have recently discovered a fabulous range of jewellery with stunning gemstones that are hand made in Brazil and includes beautiful hand beaten jewellery boxes and handbags. And ... you will find the biggest jewellery box/dressing table you have ever seen! Maybe you need new sunglasses or readers, or would like to spoil yourself with comfortable cotton and silk clothing and gorgeous silk dressing gowns. I have a big array of scarves and hats too. Come and see the stunning bamboo linen and towels, bed runners and cushions. My shop also includes antiques and old wares. Come and see my great selection of glass animals, water features and enjoy the sweet smelling candles. I also sell wall prints and lamps. There is something for everybody at Utterly Fabulous. I am open 7 days and look forward to seeing you, as I know you will find the experience Utterly Fabulous!

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Jody & Peter Wilson. Jody Wilson has a special connection to the Coffs Coast, having grown up and lived here until moving to Perth to live with her now husband, Peter. So it was only natural that they chose to come back to Coffs for their wedding recently. We caught up with Jody, to find out more about how they celebrated their special day.

48 coffs coast focus.

ell us about your connection to (and upbringing on) the Coffs Coast. I was born and bred in Coffs Harbour. My nan and pop, Beryl and Bill Ross, live(d) in the Sawtell/Toormina area for over 60 years and my mum, Linda, and all of my family are still there, so there was no other place to get married. Pete’s parents are in Perth but the majority of his relatives are in Brisbane, so it made sense to have it in Coffs – plus, we both love the natural beauty of the Coffs Coast and wanted to share it with our friends. How did you and Peter first meet? Was the attraction instant? Jody: Peter and I were put in contact through a mutual friend while I was in NSW and Peter in WA. We chatted via email and phone and met while I was on a holiday to WA to visit friends a few months later. I would have to say the attraction was not instant, but he became my best friend, and I think maybe Pete needed a little bit of encouragement – because I was a great catch and all ha ha ha! Pete: When I first met Jody, I thought straightaway that she was friendly and easy to talk to, but at the same time a little shy – much the same as myself. Jody was staying with friends while in WA, and I managed to get away with her to show her some of my favourite places around Perth. While it started out as friends, I enjoyed sharing things with her, and over time our relationship grew from there – with me visiting Coffs Harbour, as well as Jody visiting Perth. Tell us about the proposal (and how long you’d been together for before he popped the question). We were ‘officially’ together 18 months before Pete proposed, but we had been ‘friends’ since the beginning of 2007. Peter and I were travelling around California and Hawaii for 6 weeks in April/May last year, and on the trip home we spent some time on the lesser populated and more laid-back islands of Hawaii, after visiting Oahu on the way to California. Pete proposed under a Frangipani tree overlooking the beautiful Hamoa Beach near a small town called Hana, in

“Peter proposed i an under a Frangip the g in ok lo er tree ov beautiful Hamoa all Beach near a sm , in na Ha d lle ca n tow Maui.”

Maui. The narrow 84 km road to Hana is famous for its amazing coastal ocean and rainforest scenery and its 620 bends and 59 bridges! I was a bit strung out after the drive there, but the trip home was a lot better! Why did you decide to come back to Coffs to get married? There are plenty of exquisite places in WA to get married, but there were a few reasons why we chose Coffs Harbour. One was the location and surrounding areas, two was consideration of my rather large family, and lastly, we knew a lot of guests that had to travel would see it as a great excuse to combine a holiday with our wedding. How did you plan your special day, and tell us about the local businesses that helped make your wedding day perfect. I travelled back to Coffs Harbour in August last year to look at venues and start the wedding process. I was in Coffs Harbour for roughly one week and went around and visited venues and shops with my mum, twin sister (Buffy) and my niece, Kira (both of whom were my bridesmaids). Pete and I had a discussion about where we would like to get married, and the only important thing for both of us was that we wanted to control the weather (i.e. indoors) and for everything to run smoothly. Once our venue was booked, I handled the majority of the details back in Perth and if I was ever caught with anything, I could call my mum and Buffy to go and check on things for me. It was important for me to support local businesses in Coffs Harbour.



Our pictures were absolutely beautiful - we putt our complete faith and trust in Scott, and he certainly delivered.

I selected a beautiful Alfred Angelo dress from RSVP Bridal, where Tracey Hickson and her team were amazing. Our beautiful bridesmaid dresses were from Spurlings, with the lovely help from Donna. My friend, Deidre, asked if I had a celebrant in mind, as her good friend, Samantha Dawson at Married by Sam, was starting in the business. What an amazing recommendation that was; Sam is truly a professional and so bright and bubbly (that is just her gorgeous pink clothes, not to mention the car!) On a serious note, I would recommend Sam to anyone; she helped keep my mind at ease, because I was on the other side of the country planning a wedding and she truly is an amazing and beautiful person – the sort of person you want overseeing the most important day of your life. Pete and I got married in the chapel at Aanuka Beach Resort, and our reception was held in the Lagoon room at Aanuka. Scott Carle was our photographer – what a funny, amazing man is he! Our pictures were absolutely beautiful – we put our complete faith and trust in Scott, and he certainly delivered. Also, our family and friends really enjoyed his “Yeeeewwww!” There was no other person to do our hair than my hairdresser, Lisa Bohringer; she did such an amazing job. I just told Lisa to turn up do what she does best, and she did. Gaye Hardcastle did our makeup, and she is truly a professional and does an amazing job. Michael from Saltwater Productions was our

videographer; he is such a nice, funny man, and I can’t wait to see what our video looks like. Modern Cake Creations did our wedding cake. Kerry Sullivan and his team are true artists! I showed Kerry a picture of the cake I wanted and his reply was, “No problem”. When I saw the cake when we walked into the reception, I thought it looked better than the original picture I showed Kerry. Freelance Flowers did our flowers; Di and team also did an amazing job. Did you have a theme for your wedding (e.g. for decorations, colours, etc)? There wasn’t a set theme for our wedding, but I wanted to keep the colour scheme to that of the bridesmaid dresses: silver, black and metallic grey. Special Occasions decorated our reception venue and did a fantastic job. What advice would you give brides planning their wedding? Plan ahead and commit early with regard to evaluating and selecting your options for all aspects of the wedding. It was surprising how ‘in-demand’ certain venues or service providers were more than 6 months away from the big day! It was also important for me to have at least one visual inspection of the venue, and actually meeting with people and businesses involved in my wedding was critical with regard to ironing out little details that seem to come to mind at the last minute. The devil is in detail; pay attention to what level of service and followup is provided with regard to aspects of your

wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask questions until you are satisfied with the response; you are the client. Finally, on your wedding day nominate a trusted, talented co-ordinator to be the point of contact with all your service providers, leaving you, your husband and bridal party to enjoy the event. What was the highlight of your day? Pete: Walking up Muttonbird Island with my father in the morning rain – a sign of clarity and new beginnings for me. Getting caught in a rainstorm while getting photos and the entire bridal party having to do a sprint across the lawns at Aanuka while our wedding guests watched on and enjoyed the chaos and finally, a lovely relaxing BBQ the following afternoon down at the Jetty Foreshore with family and friends. Oh, and getting married! Jody: There were so many highlights on my wedding day, that I am finding it very hard to pin point a few. I would have to say that the highlight for me was having our family and close friends gathered to watch Pete and I say, “I do”! Also as Pete said, running across the lawn was a hilarious moment for all of us ... everyone except my poor hairdresser, Lisa. What are your plans for the future? Pete and I have no immediate plans other than to do a bit more travelling, working less and eventually a family. I am sure our families would like us to have children sooner, rather than later. I’m still working for the Department of Education with international students; this is the job that I was offered before moving to Perth back in 2009. Pete is a mining engineer and there is scope in the future for working overseas, and it would be exciting to see what interesting and challenging locations we may find ourselves in. Pete loves spearfishing, and he has told me that we can visit the Coffs Coast anytime to visit family – which is really code for diving! Thank you Peter and Jody.

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Barry Hockey Accountants. It’s Tax Time ... what are you going to do about it? The financial year end is fast approaching, and it’s time to review your situation before 30 June. Business owners need to assess interim trading results and consider such strategies as prepaying expenses, making extra contributions to super, trading stock issues and asset replacement or upgrades. Individuals need to ensure receipts are held for all tax deductions, including up to date logbooks for motor vehicle claims, work related travel, seminars, union fees, tools and equipment. It’s also a good time to review salary packaging arrangements and personal super contributions for co-contribution entitlements. Remember, it’s all up to you, so talk to your accountant to assist you choose your strategy. Choosing an Accountant – why use one? If you are serious about your business, then you require an accountant to be part of your ‘business management team’ – not just someone who does your tax. At Barry Hockey Accountants, we have a dedicated team to assist you. We not only specialise in taxation, but we have extensive background skills in finance and banking and understand what your bank manager needs in assessing finance. Our firm is big enough to get the job done and small enough to care. Personal service and attention to detail is our business.

A Taste of Southern India. Energy Saving Opportunities. An energy audit is a great way to determine where energy is used within a business and identify targeted energy saving opportunities. An audit typically involves preparing an inventory of energy uses, identifying the largest energy using items and then investigating energy saving options. Comparing payback periods for a range of energy saving opportunities ensures that you can invest in solutions that provide the best possible bang for your buck. The NSW Government currently offers generous subsidies through its Energy Saver program to assist medium to large businesses and organisations to undertake energy audits. These subsidies cover 70 - 80% of the cost of an audit. Local consultant GeoLINK can provide energy audits that are subsidised through this scheme. An energy audit will provide information regarding the energy savings and capital costs associated with the identified opportunities, as well as a detailed implementation plan. Organisations that can benefit from an energy audit include large buildings, shopping centres, educational institutions and factories.

GeoLINK Helping to create a sustainable Mid North Coast for over 20 years

Planning | Engineering | Landscape Architecture Environmental Auditing | Ecology For help with your next project visit us online at PO Box 1446 COFFS HARBOUR NSW 2450 02 6651 7666

quality solutions sustainable future

50 coffs coast focus.

While it’s famous for its vibrant food and array of spices, Southern India boasts so many more sensory delights – beautiful palm-fringed coastlines, lush green slopes of tea plantations, natural healing treatments of Ayurveda on the backwaters of Kerala and spectacular wildlife. This southern land holds something truly special and captivating. The biggest city of the South is Bangalore. Aside from its booming IT Industry, it has some of the most glorious gardens in India and a trendy and progressive culture. Further south, many ancient sites and beautiful temples scatter the land. Foodies will love to explore, with the many local markets overflowing with pure forms of all spices. Along with spices, India is one of the largest exporters of tea, accounting for over 30% of global production, with many tea growing regions in the south to see. Lovers of nature and all things wild will be in their element, with the various national parks, wildlife reserves and natural sites, where you may encounter tigers and elephants. Lucky for readers, Quadrant Australia is taking a special 15 day fully-escorted tour in October, to explore the culinary and cultural delights of Southern India. The tour will explore the rich cuisine and culture, spectacular sites and temples, lush tea plantations and will have you cooking authentic Indian cuisine.




Effective Advertising.

Meet Jess and Mandy Lewis from the NAB Coffs Harbour Branch.

Meet the NAB Team. Jess Lewis, Customer Advisor NAB, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour branch Growing up on the NSW Central Coast, Jess moved to Coffs in late 2011 – a relative newbie to the area, but far from a tourist! With her natural ‘gift of the gab’, Jess is warm and open and connects with people with ease. Just take a look at her Facebook Friends stats – 215! Jess has been at NAB almost since leaving school a decade ago and has travelled all over NSW in her banking career. She counts ‘Google’ as one of her closest friends; if she doesn’t know the answer – Dr Google comes to the rescue! She recently became involved in NAB Lions Youth of the Year, a program which emphasises more than academic attainments – leadership, personality, sportsmanship, public speaking and good citizenship. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her two year old daughter, Bella, and fiancé and taking in the beautiful sights of our city from her walks up Muttonbird Island. Her favourite piece of advice is not advice at all, but a question: “Where is your Home Loan?”Seven years with the NAB has really done their work on this ambitious girl.

Mandy Lewis, Banking Advisor NAB, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour branch Take one look inside Mandy’s office at the Harbour Drive branch and you’ll see that there are not many wildlife reserves and expanses of wilderness that Mandy has not traversed. Living proof that you can always find enough money to set aside for a holiday if you just know how to save, Mandy’s only regret when she travels is leaving her dog, Lola, in Coffs Harbour, which she has called home for 15 years. Debunking the ‘serious banker’ myth, Mandy’s mantra is ‘a state of mind is a contagious thing’,

How to Create a Great Advertising Campaign! The key rule for creating any advertising campaign is to remember AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Attention – you need to create a headline that makes a samwardman The key compelling promise or benefit rule for creatingg any advertisin to the customer. This should campaign is to remembertion, take no longer to read than Use space wisely – the biggest AIDA – Atten e sir 4 - 8 seconds or about 15 De t, part of the advert must be your es ter In and Action. words and be clearly the most main benefit statement. This is striking part of the advert. the part that entices the reader to Interest – this is where you read on, watch or listen. need to build a story for your readers, Know your target audience – a simple listeners or viewers, which must relate to the test is to avoid any language that would not main promise or selling point. Offer a single be found in a media channel that your target impressive benefit, quickly and simply. market would use. Desire – if you seek a response, you must Lay it out simply and clearly – use a clear create the desire for the benefit or promise layout, clear and consistent fonts. Keep which relates to the customer, so they will enough space around the text to attract want to buy what you are selling. attention to it. Use simple dark text on a light Action – this is the final piece to the puzzle; background for maximum readability. you must ask for action from your customer. Be credible and trustworthy – make sure It may be to call, to visit the store, or redeem that what you promise, you can deliver! Make a coupon online. Advertising that does not sure it is credible and that you back your prompt action is a wasted opportunity. claims/promises up. Next is how you structure it; this applies for Happy advertising! any medium … Sam.

and her favourite clients are ones she can have a laugh with. More than 24 years with NAB, Mandy negotiated her way through some extensive changes in the banking industry – from proof machine operator, to working on ledgers, and then at the counter, she has specialised for the last 12 years as a Personal Lender. And, she says, she is a really good Time Manager. You won’t catch Mandy on Facebook, although she is never short of a friend: “My phone’s a dinosaur, and in my spare time I’d rather be in the great outdoors than sitting in front of a computer.” Taking cues from her outdoor lifestyle, Mandy says, “Happiness isn’t at the end of the road – happiness is the road.”

Our commitment to customers is to have the lowest standard variable rate of the major banks for 2012.

©2012 National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937 AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 230686 88768A0512

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focusbusiness. with the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce

Preparing for the end of the financial year Taxation and superannuation rules include many potential advantages and deductions. But if you don’t fulfil the requirements or overlook a time deadline, you may miss out. As we approach 30 June, there are a number of smart strategies you could consider to help you streamline your finances and minimise your personal tax liability.

investment income. Capital gains – assess if you have made any capitals gains or losses this year. Review the ownership structure of investments – what will suit my/our needs? e.g. joint, individual, self manager super or trust?

Contact us g da to y, as timin . ng hi is everyt

What you need to know What smart strategy should I consider to minimise tax or streamline my finances?

Making a super contribution – what type is best for me? Concessional, non-concessional, salary sacrificing, government co-contribution or spouse contribution are just some examples that may be suitable for you.

Prepay margin loan interest – you can prepay up to 12 months’ interest in advance.

… but be wary, there are age based contribution limits. The Government’s 2012 budget has just been announced and includes changes to super, aged care, taxation and Social Security. Find out how or what proposals may affect you.

Investment expenses – claim a tax deduction for expenses while earning assessable

Call us on 6652 1202 to give you more information on these opportunities.

Insurance premiums – such as income protection premiums, which are generally tax deductible.

52 coffs coast focus.

garth shipperlee. nextgen leaders is launching! his new initiative of the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce aims to provide professionals that are under 40 with development and networking opportunities in an open and social environment. The first of its kind on the Coffs Coast, nextgen leaders has been set-up by a group of young and dynamic professionals in conjunction with and the support of the Coffs Chamber. The introduction of nextgen leaders will fill a void that exists within the local business community for young professionals to network and develop. The philosophy behind the name is based on Gen Y and Gen X being the next generation of leaders and professionals. The nextgen leaders committee is made up of some go-getting local next generation professionals, including: Michael Crossland, Sam Wardman, Alice Williams, Cherie Parik, Simon O’Dell, Melissa Crossland and Megan Atkins. nextgen leaders will hold monthly gatherings (yes, they like to call their events gatherings) on the last Thursday of every month, for any professional under 40 who wants an opportunity to meet like-minded people in a relaxed environment. nextgen leaders want to provide young professionals in the Coffs Coast business community with a voice, by providing an open and collaborative culture where ideas generation, innovation and progression are core aims. They make quite a point of their intentions to foster the talent from within the Coffs Coast, aiming to showcase a new approach to networking and social events, where speakers will be chosen based on their experiences in both career and life. nextgen leaders is very much about connection and development, with the purpose of providing members and guests with insightful and really interesting speakers who may come from a business or left-of-field background. The group also want to play an active role in the community and supporting local events, lobby development and really having a positive impact in their business environment. The group is membership based, with


a $50 annual membership fee applicable for those members whose employing organisation is a full Chamber of Commerce member, or $75 for all other members. To find out more information, please connect with nextgen leaders on Facebook or Twitter, email: nextgenleaders@coffschamber. or visit the Coffs Chamber website: Guest speaker for June’s Chamber AGM/ Breakfast is Wayne Houlden, Managing Director – Janison, an international e-learning company. Wayne will provide an introduction on Janison: Janison won Telstra’s Regional Business of the Year in 2011; it also was the Microsoft Education Partner of the Year and was an Australian iAwards winner for software development. Wayne will give his insight into what he thinks helped Janison to achieve these awards, how such awards help a business, and what lays ahead for Janison. Come along and find out how Wayne and Jacquie Houlden have built Janison into an international e-learning company and local success story, all from a base in Coffs Harbour.

upcoming events. CHAMBER AGM/BREAKFAST Meet the Telstra Business Award Winners – Janison Guest Speaker: Wayne Houlden, Managing Director – Janison


5 June 2012


BreakFree Aanuka Beach Resort


7.00 – 9.00am


Members and their guests: $30 per head Non-members: $40 per head


Chamber Office – 6651 4101 or email

MORE INFO For more information on events and membership, contact the Chamber on 6651 4101 or by email


Filewood. Last year, Marilyn Filewood decided to move her longstanding legal practice from Toormina to Coffs Harbour, to be more accessible to her clients. We catch up with Marilyn for a chat. Roads is now occupied by Unreal

I prefer to represent one of the

Estate, and I have received lots of

parties, rather than conducting the

comments on the new colour scheme.

mediation. Mediation, fortunately, is

ow long have you lived on

You moved your practice from

now accepted as the preferred method

the Coffs Coast, and where

Toormina to Coffs Harbour. What

of resolving the majority of legal

did you move from?

prompted this decision?

disputes in most jurisdictions. I am also

I moved to the Coffs Coast from Sydney in 2003 and have

Our new offices in Coffs are next

a member of the Cost Assessments

to the Federal Magistrates Court,

Review Panel for the Supr eme C ourt.

been here ever since. In Sydney I had

which is on the corner of Gordon

When you’re not working, what

been in private legal practice and ran

and Vernon Sts. We still have onsite

keeps you busy?

my own legal firm in Hunters Hill. My

parking for disabled clients and much

family moved here to provide a healthy

better facilities, with more offic e s pace.

some of the local Chats productions,

environment for our three young

What legal services do you offer

including recently my ‘debut’ at stand-

sons, al l of whom ar e now adul ts.

your clients?

up comedy in Invisible Women.

Tell us about your background in the legal industry ... I ran a general legal practice in

We still operate a general legal

In my spare time I can be seen in

I am a member of several community

practice, including conveyancing,

organisations and have a particular

wills and estates, business law, family

interest in (and concern over) the

Toormina, where I had a loyal following

law and victims’ compensation. We

viability of local businesses. An area

of local clients, until it was decided

are on the panel of solicitors for the

of particular concern is the lack of

to move the practice into Vernon

Legal Aid Commission. I have been

local employment opportunities for

St in 2011. Our old premises at the

an arbitrator for the local court and

both young and mature residents.

corner of Toormina and Sawtell

have trained as a mediator, although

Thank you Marilyn.

coffs coast focus 53


education F E AT U R E


coffs coast focus.

focus feature



education F E AT U R E

Coffs Harbour Senior College.

School Holiday Vacancies. Caterpillar House has places available for short notice –

Youth Directions. Y

one time care. Occasional – hourly care – pay only for the hours you use. So come and play with us these holidays! Parents can ‘have a break’, or spend time with older children, secure in the knowledge their little ones are being well cared for. Our permanent staff are experienced – each having from 8 to 18 years with our service. As well as a teacher, 4 staff have recently upgraded their childcare qualifications. The Centre is spacious and well equipped, with a large playground. Staff follow your home routines for under 2s, with a sleep room and linen and nappies supplied. The Service has ongoing vacancies throughout the year, so if you don’t need care now – keep us in mind next time you have appointments or a casual work call. The Service is Child Care Benefit Approved – this allows discounted care for those registered. Caterpillar House is a community based, not-for-profit service started by parents for parents and has been serving our community for 30 years. Many previous clients are now returning with their own children. Our Centre is non-discriminatory and has inclusive programs that welcome and accommodate children of all abilities, cultures, languages and family structures.

Three months ago, Sarah McCann was thinking about leaving school. But after starting a School based Traineeship, Sarah now understands the relevance of her school subjects and is keen to continue to Year 12. Sarah works one day per week with the Finance Manager at Youth Directions and is studying a Certificate III in Accounts Administration, which will count towards her HSC.

The is a special feeling at Coffs Harbour Senior College, There with a strong school culture that is based on mutual respect and striving for excellence. Staff go out of their way to give students the support they need, and students really appreciate that. There is an energy and vitality to the college that suggests everyone is working together for the best possible outcomes for students. The college provides opportunities for students in Years 11 and 12 to gain their Higher School Certificate in conditions that are without equal in Australia. Students are expected to take responsibility for their learning in a supportive adult environment.

Sarah’s mum, Melissa, is delighted at the change is Sarah’s attitude.“Sarah is now more committed to all her school subjects and saving towards the purchase of her first car.�

This approach has been very successful, with students achieving top HSC results consistently, in an environment where students enjoy learning. The 2011 HSC results were again outstanding, with two students achieving Band 6 in six courses and a total of 402 Band 5 and 6 results. Students are on a first name basis with their teachers and have opportunities to seek support from their mentor teachers and through the after-school learning centre or tutorial program.

School based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SbATs) can commence in Year 10 or 11 and provide students with a head start on a career pathway. The opportunity to spend an average of one day each work in the workforce creates a link between learning and earning and can be an incentive for students to remain engaged in their education. Youth Directions supports the SbAT program through Directions Group Training. Interested? Ring Paddy on 6653 2900, or visit

Above all, students enjoy a refreshing learning environment that encourages a sound work ethic and a set of values that will give them the edge for their future studies and careers. The college provides students with the widest possible curriculum choices, including a range of academically challenging courses and an extensive range of vocational and TAFE courses. Typically, our exiting students comment that their time at the Senior College has been the best two years of their schooling, which makes us feel very proud.

Sarah loves her new job: “The workplace is a lot different to the classroom. I really enjoy the hands-on learning and would recommend School based Traineeships to any student.�



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‘Â?‡ ƒŽ‘Â?‰ –‘ ‘—” ͖͔͕͗ Â?”‘ŽÂ?‡Â?– Â?ˆ‘”Â?ƒ–‹‘Â? ‹‰Š––‘ƤÂ?†‘—–ƒŽŽ›‘—Â?‡‡†–‘‰‡–Â?‘˜‹Â?‰ˆ‘” ‡ƒ”•Í•Í•ƒÂ?†͕͖Ǥ

͖͔͕͗Â?”‘ŽÂ?‡Â?–‹‰Š– ͙ǣ͔͗’Â?ÇĄ—‡•†ƒ›Í–Íš —Â?‡ Ž‘…Â?ÂŠÂ‡ÂƒÂ–Â”Â‡ÇĄ  ‘ƥ• ƒ”„‘—”‡Â?‹‘”‘ŽŽ‡‰‡ ‘–Œ—•–ƒ•…Š‘‘ŽǤǤǤƒŽ‹ˆ‡•–›Ž‡Ǩ ‘”‹Â?ˆ‘”Â?ƒ–‹‘Â?ÇĄ…ƒŽŽ͚͚͙Í?͔͕͔͗ ‘”˜‹•‹–•‡Â?‹‘”…‘ŽŽ‡‰‡Ǥ…‘Â?Ǥƒ— coffs coast focus 55

focus feature



education F E AT U R E

Wh l Y Earn While You L Learn.

The enthusiastic and highly motivated Leadership Management Australasia (LMA) team.

A Coffs Harbour man is a shining example of the benefits an Apprenticeship or Traineeship can provide local young people.

Marilyn Brien. Leadership Management Australasia (LMA) The enthusiastic and highly motivated LMA team, covering the coast from Grafton to Port Macquarie are: Les Boulle, Marilyn Brien (Licensee), Tania Beckett, Allison Davidson, Rod Macpherson and Susan Judd. Tell us about your business: LMA, a Registered Training Organisation, has been creating exceptional results through people for 40 years through our unique learning and development process. We provide adult learning in interactive workshops. What makes your training and development different from others? We don’t train people – we develop them. Our unique learning process ensures permanent behavioural change and lasting results. We partner with our clients to achieve measurable learning outcomes through practical application in the workplace. What’s new for LMA on the Coffs Coast? We are approaching a very exciting time for

the LMA Team here on the coast. We are about to introduce our new program called The Sales Edge – Certificate IV Business Sales. This heralds a remarkable opportunity for local businesses who are serious about developing sales processes and improving their sales performance. Who would benefit from the new program? Any business owners who would like to understand how to improve skills in generating leads, identifying and understanding the true value of customers, creating valuable market opportunities, and increasing sales revenue should focus on this opportunity. How can people find more information or become involved? We are holding a compelling sales workshop on 23 July to introduce The Sales Edge Program here on the Coffs Coast. Phone or email (details below) Marilyn Brien to secure a seat.

People grow your business

Ask us about our Results Guarantee

Joel Crawford, 22, says an Apprenticeship was the right choice for him, because he is earning while he is learning. The award winning North Coast Group Training (NCGT) Apprentice is studying Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology at North Coast Institute of TAFE while working with host employer, Bob’s 4WD Centre. NCGT manager Alison Vella says Joel is a conscientious student and worker, which is giving his career a great kick-start. Joel was awarded the Coffs Harbour City Council Outstanding Apprentice at Campus Award in 2011. Ms Vella says Apprenticeships and Traineeships are a great way for people to set a path for their chosen career in a competitive job market. “You combine work and study to gain a nationally recognised qualification and practical work experience whilst earning a wage,” she says. She says that Apprenticeships have changed, and people are able to finish early if they reach the required skill level, rather than the old

method of ‘just doing your time’. rns is full Owner of Bob’s 4WD Centre Laurie Burns of praise for Joel. “We were very proud of Joel’s Award, and he has been a great worker since he started with us in 2009,” says Mr Burns. There are a range of Apprenticeship options available. NCGT employs its Apprentices and Trainees directly, which provides people with greater flexibility and mentoring and frees up the host employer to provide the best work experience. NCGT is part of the HVTC Group, which has provided employment and training to more than 18,000 over 30 years. For more information about local Apprenticeship and Traineeship options, visit phone 6652 4566, or call in to 7/26-28 Orlando Street, Coffs Harbour.

Skills for life

People drive your business People engineer your business People strategise your business People are your business

Creating exceptional results through people. If you would like to see how our unique, proven, and guaranteed process can achieve dramatic and measurable improvements in the leadership, productivity, and performance of your people, contact us today.

An apprenticeship or traineeship is a great way to earn while you learn. NCGT a division of Hunter Valley Training Company (HVTC) is the region’s leading training company with high staff to student ratios and completion rates well above the national average. We’ve already trained more than 18,000 apprentices and trainees.

Develop skills that will help set you up with a career for life!

works for you.

Marilyn Brien 0418 693 914

6652 4566

56 coffs coast focus.

Quality apprentices & trainees

North Coast Group Training

Or visit our office at... 7 / 26-28 Orlando Street Coffs Harbour 30 years of providing quality apprentices and trainees

NCGT FM 156x125 120411

600 r 1 ith e v w o hy tner ning e w s par ir trai nt e S nt he me clie for t velop A e LM nd d a

coffs coast focus 57

focus feature



education F E AT U R E



Training at Key Employment has recently added to its scope the following QUALIFICATIONS: • Certificate III in Aged Care CHC30208 (A career in a growing industry) This course is ideal for those who want to formalise their existing community work skills and those who wish to work in aged care facilities and care for the elderly. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills required to work as an assistant in nursing (AIN) or personal care assistant (PCA) in an aged care facility, a community support worker, a home care assistant or a community care worker. The Certificate III in Aged Care will prepare you for work in an aged care residential facility. It is the standard entry qualification for workers in this sector, and it will introduce you to all aspects of a carer’s role, including personal care, wellbeing and help with daily activities. People involved in this type of work need the physical capacity to deal with personal care and to be able to demonstrate genuine compassion and empathy towards others. The nationally recognised Certificate III in Aged Care will teach you many facets of community and individual care. You will learn how to work effectively with older people and meet their particular care needs and delivery care services that support individual health and emotional wellbeing. The Cert III in Aged Care is comprised of 10 core units and 4 electives. It is Australia’s nationally recognised and accredited qualification in aged care. There is one (1) PREREQUISITE for this course; before entering any aged care facility, it is required that you complete a Police check. This must be done before any paid or voluntary

58 coffs coast focus.

work is to take place. While no previous experience or knowledge is required, a competent level of literacy and numeracy is required to complete the qualification, as well as “Training at Key a willingness to work Employment with the elderly. is relocating to n Training at Key new and moder l Employment offers organise and deliver group-based premises on leve this course in 2 ways: learning, as well as how to facilitate 2 of the same classroom based and learning in the workplace. Additionally, building.” employment based. All you will learn many facets of assessment modes of delivery must activities and processes. include 120 hours of industry The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment placement. Our training coordinators will TAE40110 can help you take that next, inspiring discuss the best method of delivery suited to your career move, assisting you in passing the valuable individual needs. skills and knowledge you have acquired across • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment your lifetime to others. TAE40110 (Become a qualified Trainer/ TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessor) Assessment comprises 10 course units, including 7 Becoming a qualified trainer is an exciting and core units plus 3 elective units. meaningful career move. The Certificate IV in Job roles associated with this qualification Training and Assessment is already considered relate to the delivery of training and assessment a valuable qualification to many employers and of competence within the VET sector. Possible organisations and absolutely essential if you wish job titles and roles relevant to this qualification to become a trainer in an RTO (Registered Training include: Organisation). • Enterprise trainer This qualification will enable you to develop • Enterprise assessor the competencies required to perform the role • Registered training organisation (RTO) trainer of a skilled trainer, facilitator, and assessor in the • RTO assessor workplace, as well as in a Vocational Education • Training adviser or training needs analyst and Training (VET) environment. • Vocational education teacher This Training and Assessment course will teach • Certificate IV in Employment Services a myriad of training and assessment techniques, (CHC42008) including how to design and develop learning The nationally recognised Certificate IV in programs, use training packages and accredited Employment Services qualification covers workers courses to meet client needs, and how to plan, who provide a range of programs and services to

individuals and groups of clients and employers to support them in locating, securing and maintaining suitable employment. Occupational titles may include: • Client services officer • Employment consultant – job placement • Employment consultant • Employment consultant – training • Employment consultant – case manager • Job search training consultant • Employment consultant – employer marketing and liaison • Training and placement officer 14 units of competency are required for this qualification, including: • 7 compulsory units and 7 elective units A wide range of elective units is available. Manager of Training at Key Employment, Mr. Adam Wood, said: “These three qualifications lead to great career paths, where there is a high demand for qualified employees.” He added, “Training at Key Employment offers additional support services to students, including: student counselling, language and literacy support, modified assessments, use of computers, access to all learning resources and work placement and great trainers with a clear, confident and engaging style of delivery.” For further details, contact Adam or Melissa.

coffs coast focus 59


Supporting a team that helps people to get a job or to reconnect with the community is Amanda Jennings from CHESS Employment. She gives us a window into the lives of the socially isolated and the CHESS program which supports them.

W Amanda

ho are the people you are working with? Every day you see people smiling, talking to their friends and enjoying life. It is the ones you cannot see who need our help. People hiding from the world – anxious about how the world sees them and isolated from others. If they consider that they experience severe social isolation, they can be referred with or without a medical diagnosis. People benefitting from the PHaMs program experience a range of mental health issues, from anxiety and depression through to schizophrenia. Why do they need help? Often they hate their lives and desperately want change, but don’t know how to start, and that is where caseworkers from our Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMs) program step in. The PHaMs team are ready to walk alongside people who are severely socially isolated, once they are ready to make changes. How do the PHaMs team work? They think about the person as a whole, and do not define them by their illness. They work on what is known as a strength-based recovery program, where they get to know the person’s story before helping them to set their own goals. The program builds strength in three areas: independent participation in the community; self-reliance; and linking into other services (maybe education). Above all else, it is about the participant’s own choices, respecting what they want to achieve. Recovery is seen as a personal journey – one that involves developing hope, a secure sense of self, supportive relationships, empowerment, social inclusion, coping skills, and meaning. A lot of people would struggle to identify goals. How much more difficult is it when the people making goals have a mental illness? It is difficult, and that is where our team, led by Justine Flanagan, are highly trained to guide people on a path to recovery. Instead of asking hard goal-oriented questions, they ask questions like, “Was there a time in your life when you were doing well? What did you have in your life then?” Through gentle conversation and given time, people will come up with things they would like to achieve. The focus is on the positive – what can the person do, what do they want to achieve and how can they control their own recovery. Key to this is that the person wants to make changes, and our PHaMs team supports them in their decision. What are some common goals of people involved in the program? Reconnecting with family is a common goal and just having the confidence to leave the house during daylight can be another. All of the people we see lack confidence and often lack good, reliable networks, have no positive role models, no family left, and their relationships have broken down. We are about putting as much support as possible in place, such as with other agencies. We will help them to put in natural connections, such as linking them into recreational activities where they may meet people – initially going along to activities with them, until they are comfortable for us to fade away. What do the PHaMs team aim to achieve? The goal is community participation – supporting them to build the strength and confidence to continue once we step away. It’s a beautiful program, as there is no time limit, no rush, no outsider’s targets. It’s an individualised recovery program following their chosen path. Participants take ownership of their individual plan – their goals, strengths and aspirations.

How do you support people in their goals? We’re not going to tell people it will happen quickly, because sometimes it is a slow journey. These people have many barriers to participating in our community, and one of the main ones is often transportation; so we will show them the bus route, ride with them, help them to understand the timetable. We’re big on empowering, not disempowering, so we won’t do it for them; we will help them to develop the skills, such as managing their own appointments in their diary or calendar. What does success look like for people who have been socially isolated by their condition? Sometimes it’s one step forward and three steps back, but we celebrate the small steps and the biggest step is the first step. Sometimes it’s OK to fail. For someone who was ready for vocational education, but then struggled with the assignment load as it mounted up, we can introduce them to TAFE counsellors and the other support available to them. Success might be joining a leisure activity, a club or a group, making a new friend, or learning a new skill. For others, it may be joining a library and having the confidence to visit and borrow books or magazines. It could be joining a gym or sporting group, becoming fit and less self-conscious about how they look. A highlight for many people we have supported in the past has been reconnecting them with their loved ones and rebuilding those damaged relationships. How do people get started with PHaMs? They can just ring up themselves – they don’t need a doctor’s referral, although we welcome referrals from medical professionals. People don’t have to have a diagnosed mental illness and what illness they have doesn’t need to be severe. The key to joining PHaMs is that their mental illness is severely impacting on their daily life, and they want to make changes. Why is PHaMs important to you? Humans are social creatures, and being actively engaged in the community gives people a greater sense of wellbeing and belonging. I am concerned about the people who are socially isolated and don’t have the opportunity to connect with a strengthbased recovery program like PHaMs. Most people who have become socially isolated have difficulty making big changes on their own and become dependent on whatever remaining friends or family they have. Losing that person from their life when the relationship breaks down, or the parent (for instance) dies, can leave them at serious risk of harm. For those who are more alone, our assistance is even more critically needed. PHaMs can help people who are ready to make changes in their lives to find hope and enjoy as meaningful a life as is possible. What makes the PHaMs program special? It starts with the person; what they can already manage and what they want to achieve. Instead of meeting targets, filling a life up with meaningless activities or just taking them to appointments, the PHaMs case workers walk alongside people while they work on their own goals. Case workers look at a person’s hopes, dreams and aspirations and work with them while they take their own steps towards them. Walking together can take a long time, or not-so-long, but we don’t impose time limits or our expectations on the journey. Despite being under the umbrella of CHESS Employment, PHaMs is not about employment, although we understand the importance people place on a job. Instead, it is about people’s own goals to reconnect with their community. Thank you Amanda.

Plug into recovery Plug into PHaMs and recharge your life to recovery. People who have experienced mental health problems can set goals towards recovery at their own pace with case workers from the Personal

looking after yourself making friends

Helpers and Mentors (PHaMs) program. CHESS Employment runs the PHaMs program which is funded by the Australian government. You can contact PHaMs on 6691 9333.

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Have you ever wanted to experience something truly magical, and create a lasting memory of a once in a lifetime adventure? Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with nature and experience the beautiful personalities of our animal friends?

Be touched by


ell, why not go for a swim with the dolphins! Pull on your wetsuit, brave the winter chill and head on down to the Pet Porpoise Pool, for the truly magical Ultimate Dolphin Swim! The Ultimate Dolphin Swim is the only experience in Australia where you are actually able to swim and ride with a dolphin. This action packed experience includes a powerful foot push across the water while riding a body board, an unforgettable belly ride and a dizzying hand push, where the dolphin will spin you in a circle. The experience also features an intimate hug between you and your new friend and a swim around while wearing a mask, giving you the chance to meet a dolphin face to face under the water. Some of the FOCUS team were lucky enough to experience this marine adventure recently and have said that it was one of the most magical things they have ever done. The dolphins have such a beautiful nature – they’re fun and free spirited and just a little bit cheeky. The Ultimate Dolphin Swim is the perfect way to spend a special afternoon with friends, or take the family down for an intimate experience together – the kids will be forever grateful! This experience takes place in small groups of no more than 4 participants, in deep water of a depth of 2.5 m and under the supervision of a Marine Mammal Specialist, who will enter the water and swim with the group. While there’s a lot of fun to be had at the Pet Porpoise Pool, conservation and rehabilitation are a huge part of what


coffs coast focus.

Porpoise Pool and given intensive care and muscular rehabilitation, until she was able to redevelop at least some movement back into they do at the Park. The Pet Porpoise her tail. Pool is home to a family of five beautiful In the end, the extent of Calamity’s injuries Indo-pacific Bottle Nose Dolphins. All was so great, that she was unable to be the dolphins in their care are either born as released back into the wild; so she was right there in the Park, or are animals introduced to the rest of the dolphin that have been rescued with family, where she eventually debilitating injuries that formed a special bond with mean they would “The Ultimate the Bucky. Since that time she have been unable to Dolphin Swim is end has become a mother, survive in the wild. sp perfect way to on giving birth to Bella (born Meet the stars ... no er aft l a specia ke ta or s, July 2005) and Jet (born nd Bucky was named ie fr ith w for an December 2009), both of after Nambucca, the the family down nce intimate experieds will whom still reside at the place from where together – the ki ul!” park. he was rescued in be forever gratef Zippy is the son of Bucky 1970, after he and and another rescued dolphin, his mother, Sandy, Buttons, and was one of the first stranded on an oyster bed dolphins born at the park. and became badly sunburnt and Zippy is a mature male who will one day dehydrated. Today, Bucky is the oldest dolphin in the Pet take the place of his father as both the alpha male at the park and the star of the Marine Porpoise Pool family, though he still enjoys Magic presentations. However, until then entertaining the crowd during Marine Magic presentations, where he is known as the ‘Star’ Zippy continues to delight guests with his laid back charm and is a favourite of visiting of the park. As the alpha male, Bucky is the school children, whom he teaches about father of Zippy (born June 1988), Bella (born marine conservation in school Marine EdJuly 2005) and Jet (born December 2009). ventures. Calamity was originally rescued from the Bella, the eldest daughter of Bucky and Tweed River in 1992, with discarded fishing Calamity, was born at the park on a cold line wrapped around her tail fluke. This and windy July night under the anxious fishing line was cut loose, and she was supervision of staff who were excited to meet released back into the river in the hope she would be able to relocate her pod and resume her, as she was the first dolphin born at the Pet Porpoise Pool in over a decade. a normal life. Since that time, Bella has become one of However, 18 months later, she had to be their special interactive animals, and she may rescued again – this time with 15 m of fishing well be the dolphin that you meet if you take line, cunjevoi and kelp strands wrapped so part in one of the dolphin experiences. tightly around her tail fluke, that it was nearly The recent birth of her younger brother, severed off. Dubbed ‘Calamity’ affectionately Jet, was also good training for Bella, and now by the staff, she was brought back to the Pet

she has had some experience in helping mum to ‘baby sit’ her little brother, Bella has the skills to perhaps one day care for a baby of her own. Jet, the son of Bucky and Calamity, was born at the park in early December of 2009. Although he is still a young dolphin, Jet’s naturally inquisitive and playful nature means he is already taking part in the dolphin experience programs. When he’s not participating in experiences, he can often be seen playing with his older sister, Bella, or interacting with guests at the Dolphin Lagoon underwater viewing windows. As Jet grows older and matures, he will probably start to form stronger bonds with his brother, Zippy, and spend more time interacting with him and Bucky, away from the female dolphins. To find out more about the adventures you can have at the Pet Porpoise Pool, or the conservation programs in which they are involved, visit their website at

Green Thumb Landscaping.

Executive Pools.

History Steve has been landscaping the Coffs Coast for the past 12 years. Anything from large commercial projects to small residential gardens, our quality and objectives remain the same. We offer all aspects of landscaping. No job too big or too small.

Executive Pools Coffs Harbour is a locally owned and operated company committed to delivering excellent service and fantastic swimming pools to all of our customers. Directors Terry and Isabel Garrett are more than happy to come to you to discuss your needs and assist you in selecting the perfect pool from their extensive range of contemporary designs. Our team is highly experienced, giving you peace of mind when selecting Executive Pools Coffs Harbour as your local pool builder. We service all areas from South West Rocks to Yamba. Executive Pools is pleased to offer customers the environmentally friendly Davey Eco-pump, which will significantly cut the cost of running your pool pump. Another exciting product on offer is the Bioniser, a water purification system that eliminates the need for salt and chlorine. This product is particularly appealing to families with allergies, or for anyone who would prefer to swim in fresh water. The unit can be fitted to existing pool systems or installed with your new pool. So what are you waiting for? Call Executive Pools Coffs Harbour on 0400 507 182 for a free site inspection. Next summer will be here before we know it! For more information, visit our website at

Communication We believe communication is vital in running a smooth operation. At Green Thumb, we are a dedicated team that listens to you. We aim to explain every detail of your landscape requirements. From your first call, to initial on site consultation, we discuss design, function, practicality, maintenance, budget and timeframe. ‘We have the ability to make it happen’ The only limitation to your project is your imagination and if your imagination is limiting you, then let us point you in the right direction. Quality We guarantee to use quality, suitable, sustainable materials for your project. We explain the pros and cons of different materials, allowing you to make a balanced, informed decision. All workmanship is ‘Guaranteed’ to be of high quality. We aim to leave you with great things to tell friends, neighbours, relatives or the passerby about your new landscape project.

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property guide.

Three Sixty Building 64 coffs coast focus


Three Sixty Building Three Sixty Building is rapidly becoming a name synonymous with quality workmanship, professionalism and exceptional client relations. Conceptualised to bring the high expectations of Sydney’s eastern suburbs to their hometown, Mick Fielding and his wife, Carmel, established Three Sixty Building to provide the Mid North Coast with a pre-eminent building service. in the blood Building, business and Coffs Harbour is in the blood of the dynamic couple behind Three Sixty Building. Mick was born in Coffs Hospital and is just one of the five builders in his family! He officially began in the industry at 15 and has spent time with builders between Coffs and the Snowy Mountains, honing his skills on numerous sites, including working on multi-million dollar homes designed by architects such as Virginia Kerridge and Popov Bass. To Three Sixty Building Carmel brings skills obtained from Law and Social Science degrees and the successful creation and ownership of the Pilates Power Australia studios. Her family have been business people in Coffs Harbour for a number of generations, with her grandfather establishing Lindsay Brothers Transport with his brother in the ‘50s. Between Mick’s building

blood, Carmel’s business blood and a 30 year residency of the Coffs Coast, Three Sixty Building offers quality workmanship, local contacts and professionalism second-to-none.

Mick really just wants to build beautiful things. He also works bloody hard!”

mick the builder

As a smaller builder, Three Sixty Building is able to offer flexibility. Choosing to work from home rather than from an office means from the very start Mick is flexible as to where meetings with clients take place – he can come to you after hours. As Mick is on-site day-to-day, you can generally change plans without penalty or rigmarole. And throughout the entire build, you are dealing with either Mick or Carmel, the owners, allowing the building process to be a fluid, adaptable one when undertaken with Three Sixty Building.

As for talking about himself, Mick is a man of few words, Carmel, however, has plenty! “Mick is the builder you want – he is straighttalking, positive and efficient. One of the things I love about Mick is that he does what he says he is going to do. Through the careful selection of trades and his high but not impossible standards, Mick achieves what he and the client are aiming for. Building with a smaller builder, where the builder himself is actually on-site, in amongst it and ‘getting on the tools’ ensures the absolute highest standard of workmanship and control of the overall project, and that’s what you have with Three Sixty Building.


continued over

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Three Sixty Building collapse of GJ Gardner Coffs Harbour. Currently underway is a large extension and renovation in Middle Boambee which, being constructed in a high bushfire area, has challenging access and the necessity for additional fire-control measures. Upcoming for Three Sixty Building is Stage 3 of ongoing works for a Friday Creek couple, which has so far seen their home re-built with timber windows and doors, a conservatory, study, and a master bathroom resplendent with hardwood vanity, French doors, gold fittings and a custom designed and constructed pebble filled indoor garden.

display home ... or lack thereof

the process When it comes to building your new home or investment property, or undertaking a significant renovation or extension, Three Sixty Building believes in engaging experts. That is why Mick and Carmel stick to what they do best – building – and leave the design process to those most qualified – architects and draftsmen. The advantage of this process is that you, the client, are not restrained by the builder’s ideas and limited design skills. Mick focuses on building, the designer on designing, and you get the very best quality for your money. Whether you come to Three Sixty Building with drawn plans, or just an idea, they can assist you in undertaking the required steps to build your desire.


Three Sixty Building

66 coffs coast focus.

Most recently, Three Sixty Building has completed the Coramba Road dual occupancy – you may even have been one of the commuters who waited very patiently while traffic was stopped for delivery of materials and the concrete pours! Coramba Road was a complex build on a tight budget with lots of angles, various materials, and difficult steep site access. Three Sixty Building also recently completed a Sawtell home for clients left in the lurch by the

Three Sixty Building does not have a display home – they believe that anyone can put their best into a single project, pick the best of their trades and take their time to get it right ... once! The challenge lies in making every single job a display one, within a budget and time-frame determined by the client – and that is what Three Sixty Building does. So while they don’t have a display home, what they do have is a large number of very satisfied clients, living in their ‘display homes’, who are more than willing to show you the workmanship and quality of Three Sixty Building.

building with three sixty M & K Craw: “We contacted the usual project builders, many of whom very quickly brushed us off, deeming the land was too steep and the access too difficult; others simply would not listen to what we wanted. We were looking for a builder who we could relate to, who would listen to us and who would be willing to work with us. “After meeting with Mick, we initially had concerns over Micks’ young age and the amount of experience he would bring to the job; however, these were quickly overcome with his professional approach. We were immediately impressed with Mick’s enthusiasm, straight off the bat. Mick was there when he said he would be; he listened to our ideas, he kept us involved and contacted us when needed to discuss options and ideas to enhance the project and delivered a quote when he said he would. Others we had to chase. “The end result has far exceeded our expectations – we wouldn’t even contemplate building with anyone other than Three Sixty Building.”

Three Sixty Building G & R Robinson: “We first sought quotes from two sizeable, well-reputed local building companies who had demonstrable track records of success with complex, contemporary projects. Both companies perceived that ours would be a tricky and time-intensive task – difficult for them to fit into their schedule in the near future. Our architect then suggested that we contact Mick Fielding from Three Sixty Building – an up and coming, well established young builder who had participated in the original construction of our home. This was the best decision we could have made! “From our first meeting, we were impressed by Mick’s understanding of the complexities of the project and his thoughtful assessment of the issues which could arise during construction. He also proved adept at understanding and interpreting the complex design plans and specifications (some builders had encountered difficulty ‘getting their heads around’ the unusual angles, lines and levels). “From the very commencement of work, we knew that we had a highly competent and insightful builder. Mick himself proved to be an outstanding craftsman – meticulous in his work and never accepting less than the very highest quality finish from himself or any other tradespersons whom he employed. His oversight of the project was absolute, and his liaison and collaboration with other professionals employed on the build was always thoughtful and designed to produce the best outcome for us. Needless to say, Mick’s ingenuity forestalled and/or overcame many hiccups along the way, and all deadlines were met in a timely fashion. The project was completed on budget, on time and best of all – to a very high standard of workmanship. “This was not an easy or standard project. It was difficult and challenging, using innovative materials. It required insight, technical skill, tenacity, professionalism and a touch of daring! We are highly appreciative of and indebted to Mick, for bringing all of these skills to bear on our project.”

working with three sixty design studio 22 on the Coramba Rd project: “design studio 22 has worked with Three Sixty Building on a number of projects, including the recent Coramba Rd project featured here. At design studio 22, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and level of customer service and like to


lt “ The end resu ed ed ce ex r has fa – our expectations we wouldn’t evening ild contemplate bu her ot ne yo an with than Three Sixty Building. ”

work with equally professional trades and service organisations. Mick and Carmel at Three Sixty Building definitely operate to a very high standard in their quality of workmanship and customer service, and we are pleased to be associated with them. “The clients approached Richard Malcolm, Principal Designer at design studio 22, due to his reputation for solving difficult and complex design problems. They wished to create a dual occupancy on quite a difficult and sloping site, with perceived drainage and sewerage issues. The challenge of creating a stylish, light weight, passive solar home which conformed to all the Council requirements, was comfortable to live in and solved all these issues, is exactly what Richard specialises in. “design studio 22 was also engaged to undertake selections and specification for this project and prepared a very detailed folder for the clients and another for Three Sixty Building to use in their quoting and during construction. Colour boards, quotations for PC items and a specification detailing codes, colours etc. for everything from outside cladding to door stops, along with copies of plans, engineering, energy rating certificates was included to assist in a very smooth building

process process. Mick from Three Sixty Building appreciates the value of accurate and careful planning and found the design studio 22 Selection Folder a valuable reference tool during the construction process. It is always a pleasure to work with Mick, as he has a great eye for detail and will always call to verify anything which requires clarification. The beautiful new Coramba Rd home is a testament to detailed planning and a very high standard of workmanship and quality control, which has resulted from employing professionals in their fields who work together as a team to do the best they can for their clients.”

awards And yes, Three Sixty Building has recently won awards. In 2011 they were the recipients of a Master Builders Association Award for an elaborate Sapphire Beach extension. The receiving of such recognition by fellow builders for their high standard of workmanship was a coup for Mick and Carmel. They were also the recipients of the 2011 Special Judge’s Award at the Sunnys Business Awards – recognition of a professional, dynamic company with client satisfaction and meticulous work at its core. continued over

Proudly supporting Three Sixty Building

Reece Coffs Harbour South, 12 Isles Drive, 6651 9444

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Three Sixty Building Beaumont tiles After 23 years in its old location, Dave Arthur relocated Northern Rivers Ceramics, in January 2011, to new premises at 17 Isles Drive, Coffs Harbour (in between the Honda Bike shop and YK2 Kitchen shop). The move to the larger and more modern premises in the new Isles Drive Industrial Estate coincided with the name change to Beaumont Tiles Coffs Harbour and offered all customers a totally new experience in tile and bathroom ware selection. Big River Glass Servicing Northern New South Wales for 30 years, Big River Glass are leading manufacturers of contemporary architectural windows and doors. Why choose Big River Glass for your next project? Because they manufacture and supply the award winning Vantage Aluminium range – locally designed and manufactured systems catering perfectly to the Australian climate and building conditions, offering excellent strength, durability, weather performance, aesthetics and adaptability. Big River Glass is pleased to provide Three Sixty Building with all their glazing requirements.

trusted One of the reasons people choose Three Sixty Building is because they are a trusted business. Raising their children in Middle Boambee, Mick and Carmel are living in the Coffs Harbour area for good. They intend to be able to greet all their previous clients down the street and look them in the eye, confident that 10, 20, 30 years ago, Three Sixty Building built a home for them to the highest standards and with the utmost professionalism.

best of the best With the belief that a builder is nothing without good trades, Three Sixty Building has worked hard on finding the best trades and suppliers the Coffs Coast has to offer. Selecting from personal experience, local knowledge and recommendations from fellow builders and colleagues, Mick and Carmel have drawn together a well-presented team of experienced, reliable and quality tradespeople and professionals, with whom Three Sixty Building is proud to be associated.

68 coffs coast focus.

Cowlings R & R Carpets As the only independent, family owned floor covering business on the Coffs Coast, Cowlings R & R Carpets are proud to be associated with Three Sixty Building. You can be assured of good old fashioned service at R & R, where their professional installers are locals and pride themselves on their high quality workmanship. At Cowlings’ R & R Carpets Scarba St showroom, you can view the Coffs Coast’s largest selection of floor coverings, where floor coverings have been rolling out the door for over 40 years! For service, quality and value, call in or phone 6652 1415. design studio 22 design studio 22 offers architecture, interior, landscape + graphic design to create an integrated holistic design for your residential or commercial project. For most people building or renovating, their home or business is one of the most important projects they will ever undertake and engaging a professional team, like design studio 22, can ensure your project is planned effectively and that your hard earned dollars are invested in the most efficient manner. Eastland Kitchens Cabinet Makers since 1993, Eastland Kitchens offer a clean, fast and reliable service and are proud to be working with Three Sixty Building. Using only quality materials and being abreast of the latest

f that “ With the belie ing th no is er ild a bu des, tra od go t withou ing Three Sixty Build on has worked hard ” st. be e th g in nd fi

Three Sixty Building design trends means that whether you are undertaking a kitchen renovation or simply require a new vanity, Eastland Kitchens can design, build and install to suit your needs. For all your joinery requirements, contact Greg Dand on 0407 665 835.

roofing to architecturally designed homes is their forte, and they are proud to work with Three Sixty Building. With over 26 years’ experience in all aspects of roofing, Greg Kelty and his team are known for their meticulous work. For all your roofing requirements, contact Greg for a free quote.

Jim Hauville Plumbing As 2nd generation plumbers in the Coffs Harbour area, Jim Hauville Plumbing is renowned for their honest and reliable service. With a passion for the plumbing industry, Jim Hauville and his team service the area south to Scotts Head, north to Red Rock and west to Dorrigo. They are experts in all aspects of plumbing, including roofing, gasfitting, drainage, septic systems, solar hot water and rain water harvesting. For over 16 years Jim Hauville has specialised in industrial, commercial and custom home plumbing and is pleased to be working with Three Sixty Building.

O’Brien Built Frames & Trusses With their commitment to manufacturing exclusively with 100% T2 treated timber, O’Brien is pioneering the timber industry on the Coffs Coast. T2 holds a certified 25 year guarantee from termites, giving builders and owner-builders peace of mind. Since 1994, this locally owned and operated company’s reputation for quality and customer service has seen O’Brien Built become the premier provider of frames and trusses to the construction industry and a proud partner with Three Sixty Building.

K & R Roofing The experts in metal roofing, K & R Roofing offer a reliable, neat and competitive roofing service. The supply and install of

Ray Ellicott Concreting With 25 years’ experience in developing your concrete and spray finish masterpieces, Ray Ellicott’s team are renowned for their professionalism in delivering high quality products and

service for both the industrial and residential markets. Utilising the latest in designs, colours and techniques, they are your specialists in all things concreting – house slabs, industrial sheds, paths, patios, and driveways. With an extensive range of decorative finishes, they can assist you in creating the perfect finish for your selected area. Contact Ray today to discuss your requirements and obtain a competitive obligation free quote. Reece South Helpful and knowledgeable staff, coupled with quality products is why Reece has a reputation for ‘having what you need, when you need it, where you need it’. The team at Reece pride themselves on great service – and great service is really about being ‘easy to do business with’, which is why they are associated with Three Sixty Building. Reece carries Australia’s most extensive range of plumbing products and have the experts on hand to help you source the right products for your projects. continued over

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Three Sixty Building Reg Latter Electrical Servicing the Mid North Coast area from Grafton to Macksville and west to Dorrigo, Reg Latter Electrical is the region’s premier electrical contracting business. Reg Latter Electrical has been the provider of prompt, friendly and efficient installation and maintenance services for over 33 years. Reg’s children, Adam and Renae, are heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of the business, working with their father in the pursuit of excellence. As a well-respected local family business, Reg Latter Electrical is proud to supply Three Sixty Building with all of their electrical services. Tony White Plastering With 23 years’ experience, Tony White Plastering has been providing Coffs Harbour and the surrounding areas with specialist domestic and commercial plastering. Ensuring the highest quality finish every time, Tony White can also assist you with steel stud walls, suspended ceilings and ornate

cornice. Proud to be associated with Three Sixty Building Building, Tony White himself can be contacted on 0467 454 845 or 6655 4845 to discuss your plastering requirements. Verde Bamboo An innovative family owned and operated retailer specialising in bamboo and earth friendly products, Verde Bamboo are passionate about sharing their vision and are committed to providing environmentally sustainable products. Their philosophy is to provide superior quality products, along with outstanding customer service. Experts on bamboo flooring, outdoor decking systems, furniture boards and protective coatings, Verde Bamboo are pleased to be supplying Three Sixty Building with all their bamboo flooring needs.

featured herein.

lastly A young and exciting, award-winning, family building company, Three Sixty Building would be proud to work with you on your next building project. Mick and Carmel have used 30 years of local knowledge to build a repertoire of tradespeople who work to the high standards they demand of themselves. Contact Three Sixty Building today to work with a highly driven, hard-working hands-on builder on your new home, extension or renovation.

thank you Special thanks to Nicholas Toye and Joel Johnston for their tireless 6 day working weeks. Also thank you to our photographer, for the photos of the Coramba Rd property


the plug! For more information on Three Sixty Building, contact Mick and Carmel Fielding. (02) 6653 3569 or 0408 250 164 or find them on Facebook.







together… client designer builder to create the perfect home


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coffs harbour | grafton | kiama 1/16 edgar street, coffs harbour t. 02 6651 4104


Harry Sprintz Nominated Architect ARB/NSW Reg No 5819 & ACT/ARB Reg No 1067

VIDEOS ONLINE 9 Church Street 路 Bellingen

55 Hickory Street 路 Dorrigo

6655 2458 6657 2521

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real Why Do Some Homes Seem To Sell And Some Don’t?

chris hines. uyers and sellers alike value of your home. wonder why apparently If the proposed changes add features similar houses sell for only, chances are you won’t have different prices. maximised your market potential. Two houses of equal size and condition Do we sell in the colder months? in the same street can have very different Many people seem to think that because market appeal – it often comes down to the temperature is dropping, it’s probably what can best be summed up in terms not a great time to be thinking of selling. of a Gestalt Principle, or the relationship Not necessarily so. between the whole and the sum of the There are a lot of factors to take parts. Sometimes the whole is greater than into account. In many cases, it is the a mere sum of the parts – but sometimes, circumstances of the vendor that dictates unfortunately, it is less. the time to sell, and in some cases it may The effect of the superior property just be the itchy feet syndrome. Regardless, is similar to that special human quality winter does not mean hibernation for labelled charisma. sellers as well as buyers. Charisma is hard to define, but as far as In fact, many homes may actually houses are concerned, it can be as simple present better in winter then they do as the overall impression created by regular in summer. Probably the main factor to maintenance and attention to detail in the take into account is that of the winter presentation of the property. sun. If you have a great sunny aspect However, it is more in winter, it is probably the best likely to be a function season to sell your home. g, rin sp it Be of the original design Some gardens also present n summer, autum concept of the house. better in the cooler months, e th or winter, ant Many people like dependant on the types of most import ent thing is to presits to think they are plants used. your home at. saving money at the Be it spring, summer, st be absolute planning stage, and autumn or winter, the most wonder why their house important thing is to present doesn’t end up having your home at its absolute best. In the impact they imagined. the cooler months, pressure washing Good design, especially the skilful use of of areas with less sun to get rid of mould natural light, window placement and the and mildew is advised, as well as pruning correct orientation of the property, adds of plants and the cleaning of windows to something you can recognise, but can’t allow as much sunlight into the home as always define. possible. If it’s a cool day when inspections Many people add on, or make minor are on, warm the home prior; if you have a changes as the need arises, without taking fireplace, light it. a holistic view of their property. They Another great reason to be on the think in terms of immediate solutions and market in the cooler months is the fact a particular problem area of the house, that many people are holding off on selling rather than conceptualising the impact of their home; thus, there are generally less the house as a whole. In the worst cases, homes on the market, or less new listing money is spent and features are added, coming on. As in any market place, less but market appeal is negligibly enhanced. competition often means superior prices. For example, extending without The other fact to remember is that we live reference to the scale of the home in one of the most desirable places on the creates an effect that is not harmonious eastern seaboard, with a reasonable mild or flowing as a design concept and lacks environment regardless. the market appeal of other houses with So make sure that your overriding the same number of features on paper. motivation to sell is the reason you are When decorating, extending or renovating, selling, and don’t be too concerned about remember charisma adds to the capital the seasons.

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Creativity has always been a part of Craig Sargeant’s life, having had a successful career in landscaping before progressing to furniture design. We catch up with Craig to find out more about the ins and outs of woodworking and his business, CS Furniture Design.


raig, you started your career in woodcraft quite late compared to most people. Tell us about your background and how you came to be in furniture design. Landscaping is one of those skills you can travel with and get a job pretty much anywhere. At 30, I had a young family to support and we were new to the area – there is no time for thinking about what you might do with your life if things were different. But a back injury changed all that; landscaping wasn’t an option anymore. When you are in that situation, you can dream a little bit, and my wife encouraged me to stop focusing on paying the bills and think about what I would really like to do. What do you enjoy most about creating pieces from start to finish? The anticipation that builds from when you get that first piece of wood, figuring out how to incorporate it into the design and maximise the use of the timber for the greatest effect. Working with natural materials is always exciting, because there is an uncertainty; you don’t know how it’s going to turn out, and no two pieces can ever be the same. But once you get through that uncertainty, the reward is putting that final coat of oil on to see the secrets hidden in the grain fully revealed. My designs are quite minimalistic; the timber is the focal point. Do you find that you draw upon your horticulture and landscape design skills at all when designing and creating furniture? Absolutely. In my previous career, you had to read the landscape, whether you were designing a home garden or a large commercial layout, to get the best use of the space. My landscape designs were always curved and flowing, like many of my pieces now. Working with timber is similar, because 74 coffs coast focus.

you have to get a feel for the space the piece will fit into, choose materials that will give the best end result and with both careers, you need to take into consideration the client's specific needs – that can’t be underestimated. What timbers do you use, and where are You work closely with your clients to they sourced? create pieces that are just right for their We have some of the best native timbers in homes. Talk us through the process. Australia on the Mid North Coast, and by living Following an initial consultation, rough here I have built a relationship with several hand drawn sketches are transferred into a private mill owners and landholders. This gives 3D image with computer modelling software. me access to a wide variety of salvaged and This allows our clients to see how the piece sustainably harvested wood, such as Red will look when it is finished prior Cedar, Rosewood, Coachwood, to production, make any Red Mahogany and Blackbutt, adjustments, or just be just to name a few. certain that what they t ge Different timbers have “But once youcertainty, envision is really what un different qualities, but my through that that ng tti pu they want. In our is d ar w the re personal favourites are e technological age, this coat of oil on to se l na fi Blackwood, Silky Oak en in the secrets hidd vealed. can all be done over and Blue Gum. the grain fully requite the phone or via email, You have a big focus My designs are e timber th but clients are welcome ; tic is minimal on sustainability. Why t.” in po l ca fo to view progress on their e th is is that important to pieces at our workshop by you? appointment. Like a lot of people, we What custom designs are the spend a lot of time living on a very most popular with customers at the low income. It forces you to look at what’s moment? important – beyond the basics like food and That’s the thing about custom designs – shelter. For us it’s the area we live in, clean each piece is a little bit different in the same water and lots of trees – being close to the way that two trees are and are tailored to the coast and world heritage rainforest and being individual. I must say, though, everyone who able to visit those areas for free. sees it falls in love with the Rosewood and Red Those things are what bring a lot of people Mahogany sideboard. to the area, and they need to be preserved. My It was inspired by the sideboards of old, wife is halfway through a Bachelor of Ecology; which are wonderful but often a bit dark we grow a few vegies and keep chickens in our backyard – it keeps you in touch with the and heavy for modern living. Whenever it is seasons and our place in the world. exhibited, people can’t keep their hands off Sustainability is not a word to us; it’s our way it – it has such a lovely, smooth finish, it just of life. We’re consumers, so we’ll always try begs you to touch it! to be part of the solution, not just part of the What have been some of the standout problem. projects you have undertaken so far?

The Blue Gum wine rack and Red Cedar flow coffee table pushed the boundaries and were very fulfilling. Bending timber into organic, free flowing shapes is something I enjoy the challenge of, but it can be incredibly frustrating! I can’t really explain the custom design of the Silky Oak and Red Cedar jewellery box I made earlier this year, but I was given total creative freedom with that one, and it was definitely a standout. It must take a lot of time and skill to produce such quality timber pieces. What’s an important thing to remember when crafting solid hardwood? That I don’t get paid by the hour! I enjoy what I do, and any craftsman will tell you that you can’t really charge for all of the time you put into it. But seriously, patience – you can’t rush the process; shortcuts equal stuffups. What are you looking forward to for the rest of 2012? Any big projects in store? Two of my pieces have been chosen for display in the NSW Woodworkers Association exhibition, which is being held at Chifley Towers, Sydney, in August. The Blue Gum wine rack is one piece, and I am currently building a Blackwood display cabinet, which was originally submitted to the exhibition as a 3D CAD image. I’ll also have my first solo exhibition at the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre early in 2013 so will be busy creating pieces for that around our custom design service. Thanks Craig.

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