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Pan American Day and Scholarship Luncheon

Keynote Speaker

The Mexican Ambassador to the United States His Excellency Eduardo Medina-Mora

The Union League of Philadelphia April 14, 2014

Panamericanismo The International Union of American Republics was founded on April 14, 1890. Pan American Day celebrates the founding of that organization which changed its name to the Pan American Union in 1910 and to the Organization of American States (OAS) in 1948. Pan American Day is a celebration of Panamericanismo, the spirit of friendship and cooperation that has always existed among the countries and peoples of the Americas. In 1826, Simon Bolívar convened in Panama,a Congress of American countries to strengthen ties among the newly formed republics of the Hemisphere. Mexico, Guatemala (whichincluded Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras and El Salvador), Gran Colombia (whichincluded Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Ecuador) and Peruwere in attendance. Unfortunately, the delegates from United States did not reach Panama in time to attend. There were no tangible results achieved, but the foundation of an InterAmerican “system” was established. Today, the OAS is made up of 35 countries and is the most important hemispheric institution. Its primary goal is to promote democracy, peace, trade, and sustainable development in the hemisphere. We believe that as a result of globalization and economic integration, as well as recent immigration patterns, relationships among the peoples of the Americas are becoming more robust. At home, an increasing portion of the population of the United States is now made up of peoples of Hispanic ancestry--over 53 million according to the latest Census estimate. In a way, Panamericanismo is being redefined and revitalized right here in our own communities. The Pan American Association is at the crossroads of these trends. We carry out a wide variety of programs and events throughout the year, ranging from educational seminars and diplomatic receptions, to small discussion groups among our members. We are dedicated to promoting better understanding of the issues facing Latin America and the United States. Also, many of these programs are designed to showcase the richness and diversity of the culture of Latin America and how that culture is being integrated into American society. Please consider joining the Pan American Association of Philadelphia. For more information, pleasevisit:

The Pan American Association of Philadelphia The Pan American Association of Philadelphia traces its roots to 1940 when a handful of individuals saw a need for a greater awareness of the Americas and decided to form an organization dedicated to that purpose. These individuals included two professors from the University of Pennsylvania: Dr. Arthur Whitaker, a leading Latin American expert who wrote more than a dozen books on the subject, and Dr. George Allen Mason, for many years head of its world renowned Anthropology Department; two physicians: Dr. Chevalier Jackson and Dr. Jorge Perez; three local business leaders: Alejandro Reyes, Luis Hoyos and William J. Clothier, II; and Lt. Commander Thomas O’Bryan. The articles of incorporation define its mission: To promote cultural, educational and economic activities designed to increase understanding and cooperation among the peoples of the Americas. Since its founding, the need for The Pan American Association of Philadelphia and its dedication to Panamericanismo has grown. Panamericanismo is the special relationship that has existed among the countries and peoples of the Western Hemisphere. Today, NAFTA and other bi-lateral commercial treaties are helping to forge strong bonds among these countries. Waves of immigration are creating important social and economic impacts in the United States and in Latin America. The 2010 Census counted over half a million Hispanics in the Philadelphia region, nearly double the number in 2000.And in Philadelphia more than 100,000 are from Puerto Rican ancestry, 40,000 from Mexican ancestry and thousands associate themselves from other countries of Latin America. Under these circumstances, the need for cultural understanding expressed by our founders has become much more relevant. The Pan American Association of Philadelphia is dedicated to fostering and promoting Panamericanismo in the Delaware Valley. As an all-volunteer, non-partisan, non-profit organization, the Pan American Association has accomplished a great deal in the last seven decades. In the early years of the Association, it was the single, most influential voice of Latin American culture in Philadelphia. Through the years, it has maintained a unique status as an organization that unites Latin Americans from many countries and backgrounds. In fact, we like to think that the Pan American Association functions as a bridge between Americans and all Latin Americans living in our region.

Pan American Association Programs Examples of the programs and the important work that we do include: •

Pan American Day: Every mid-April the Association celebrates the founding of the Organization of American States, at which time a number of student scholarships and prizes are awarded to area college students for distinguished work in Latin American studies.

Annual Meeting and Clothier Award Luncheon: Attendees hear keynote addresses by distinguished U.S. Government officials and visiting foreign dignitaries. We also honor notable individuals in the region who have made significant contributions to civic service, philanthropy and the ideals of “Panamericanismo.”

Consular Receptions: These events welcome newly-arrived Latin American Consuls and thank departing Consuls and consular officers for their service in Philadelphia.

The Annual Carranza Memorial Ceremony: This celebration is held in Mount Holly, New Jersey and honors the memory of aviation pioneer Captain Emilio Carranza of the Mexican Air Force. In 1928, he flew solo from Mexico City to New York, but on his return trip his plane crashed in the Pinelands of New Jersey.

CirculoCastellano Luncheons: A monthly lunch format program where members and guests discuss economic and political issues affecting the countries of the Western Hemisphere.

Holiday Socials: Gatherings that celebrate the diverse regions of Latin America through music, dancing and the plastic arts.

Today, approximately half of our membership is of Latin American descent. We do not lobby on behalf of any country or take official policy positions on current issues. Rather, we seek to provide a forum for the discussion and understanding of those issues and, above all, we continue to promote the ideals of Panamericanismo in our region.

The Pan AmericanAssociation of Philadelphia Officers President and CEO: Romulo L. Diaz, Jr., Esq. Vice Presidents: Charles Humphrey and Ruben Reyes Treasurer: Arturo Guillen Secretary: Diana Larisgoitia, Ph.D.

Board of Directors Chairman: Abelardo Lechter, Ph.D.* Rafael Arismendi;Evelyn Baram Clothier, Esq.;Dario Bellot; Pelayo Coll, Esq.; Matthew J. Comisky, Esq.; Hon. Nelson A. Diaz; Joseph Dominguez, Esq.; Natalia Gamarra; Hon. Carlos Giralt; Roy Goodman; Arturo Guillen; RADM Joseph C. Hare (USNR)*; Hon. Benjamin Leavenworth; Hon. Peter S. Longstreth; Gabriel Marcella, Ph.D.; Fernando Mendez; Natalia Olson-Urtecho; R. Lee Roberts*; Kenneth I. Trujillo,Esq.; Ronald Webb, Ph.D. Charles Shreiner, Emeritus

Hon. Yolanda Hartnett, Emerita

*Past President

Pan American Day Steering Committee Co- Chairs Hon. Carlos Giralt, Charles Humphrey and Hon. Peter S. Longstreth Members Lorena Ahumada, Esq. Rafael Arismendi Patricia Boshuizen Evelyn Baram-Clothier, Esq. Maria Angelica Cuellar Alfredo Coutino, Ph.D. Roy E. Goodman Arturo Guillen Walter Haenn Diana Larisgoitia, Ph.D. Ruben Reyes Ronald Webb, Ph.D. Ex-Officio Romulo L. Diaz, Jr., Esq. and Abelardo Lechter, Ph.D.

Program Networking Reception 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Luncheon 12:15 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Welcome Romulo L. Diaz, Jr., Esq.

Remarks Governor Tom Corbett Mayor Michael A. Nutter

Alejandro Reyes and Irene Rivera Diaz Scholarships and Janice Bond Senior Awards Professor Ronald WebbandRafael Arismendi

Keynote Address The Mexican Ambassador to the United States His Excellency Eduardo Medina-Mora

Gift Presentation Hon. Consul Carlos Giralt, Charles Humphrey and Hon. Peter S. Longstreth

Closing Remarks Romulo L. Diaz, Jr.

The Mexican Ambassador to the United States His Excellency Eduardo Medina-Mora

Eduardo Medina-Mora was appointed Ambassador of Mexico to the United States of America in January 2013. Previously, he served as Ambassador of Mexico to the Court of Saint James (United Kingdom, 2009-2012). Ambassador Medina-Mora has had a distinguished career in both the public and private sectors. He is the only official in history who has held the three top civilian security positions in the Mexican cabinet: Attorney-General (2006-2009), Secretary of Public Security (2005-2006) and Director-General of Mexico’s Intelligence Agency(2000-2005). During those years, he was also a Member of the National Security Council (2000-2009) and President of the National Public Security Council (2005-2006). Ambassador Medina-Mora has played important roles representing Mexico in international forums and negotiations. In the private sector, he was Corporate Director of Strategic Planning and Deputy Director General of DESC Group (1991-2000). He also coordinated the legal group that acted as Advisor to the Mexican Government during the North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations. Ambassador Medina-Mora is a member of Chatham House and the International Institute for Strategic Studies among several other associations.He graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with a law degree.

Academic Awards Alejandro Reyes Award This award has been established to honor the memory of one of the founding members of the Pan American Association of Philadelphia, Mr. Alejandro Reyes. This award is presented by the Pan American Association of Philadelphia to a Junior Year undergraduate student to be used for his or her expenses of a Senior Year in a college or university of the Delaware Valley area.

Irene Rivera Diaz Award The Irene Rivera Diaz Scholarship has been established to honor the memory of the mother of Pan American Association President Romulo L. Diaz, Jr. Mrs. Diaz was born in Mexico and immigrated to Texas as a young child with her family. There she married and raised her family, and also worked as a Red Cross program manager, licensed vocational nurse and hairdresser. She was an active community volunteer, and was committed to serving the working poor and increasing educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth. Irene Rivera Diaz, who died in 2000, is survived by her husband, four children, six grandchildren and five great grandchildren. The annual scholarship supports disadvantaged college students with an interest in Latin American studies. This award is presented by the Pan American Association of Philadelphia to a non-senior undergraduate student to be used for his or her expenses attending a college or university of the Delaware Valley area.

Janice Bond Senior Awards A plaque and stipend is presented to graduating Seniors from area colleges and universities for general excellence in courses related to Latin America during four years. Other criteria include participation in extra-curricular activities related to Latin America, as well as study and service in Latin countries.

Thereesa Benéé (Templee Universsity) Alejandrro Reyes Scholar S

d along with my m four siblinngs in the Unniversity townn of Columbiaa, MO. My parents p I was born and raised regularlyy invited interrnational studdents into ourr home to shaare meals andd to celebratee the holidays. This early exxposure to different d culttures and lannguages led to my inteerest in foreiign languagees and people. After high school s I movved to Thailaand where I worked for five years with w a humannitarian ng children’s homes. h Wheen I returned to t the Unitedd States, I beggan taking claasses at organizaation managin a comm munity college in my hoometown but later movedd to Philadeelphia and enrolled e at Temple T University. I am currrently studyinng Latin Amerrican studies and Spanish and a upon gradduation plan to t help immigrannts transition into life in thhe United Stattes.

Cristin na Rocca (Villanovva Univeersity) Irene Rivvera Diaz Scholar S

Cristina Rocca is a ju unior at Villannova Universsity from Atlaanta, Georgiaa. She is majooring in Econnomics, Latin Am merican Studiies, Global Innterdisciplinaary Studies, annd Honors with w a minor in i Arab and Islamic I Studies. She is involv ved in a numbber of on-cam mpus activitiess including heer sorority, Kappa K Delta, and a the Villanovva Women’s Club C Soccer Team. T She haas copious volunteer experrience with teeaching English as a Second Language L and working att LIFT, a nonnprofit whichh works to combat poverrty in lower-iincome communnities. As the daughter of a Peruvian immigrant, i shhe has alwayys been inherently curiouss about Latin Am merica. That attraction greew into a passion as the reesult of workking with peopple from the region and extennsively study ying Latin Am merica’s econnomic, political, and sociall developmennt. Her past suummer spent in San José, Co osta Rica worrking as a ressearch intern for Fundacióón ALIARSE E also solidifiied her active interest the region. Cristina is currently studying abroaad in Buenos Aires, Argenntina. She inteends to pursue a career in inteernational devvelopment with a focus on Latin Americca.

Janicee BondSeenior Awaard Recippients C (Villaanova Univerrsity) Monica Callahan

R Robert Francoo (Universityy of Pennsylvaania)

James Doobrowolski (D Drexel University )

E Elena Gold (T Temple Univeersity)

Regina Deeppen (West Chester Univversity)

H HaydilHenriq quez (Swarthm more College)

Omar Durran-Garcia (U University of Delaware) D M Reinharddt (Bryn Maw Max wr College) Elizaabeth Villanyyi (St. Joseph’’s University))

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