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29 January - 5 March 2018

Deposito Legal A-685-2016

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Heroines of Astronomy Ask most people to name a famous astronomer, past or present, most will probably say Patrick Moore, a few might say Copernicus, Hubel or Lovell. Everyone knows about Tim Peake but I doubt if one person in a hundred will remember Helen Sharmen. Whilst she isn't actually an astronomer, she was the first British person to go into space. So many of us remember those who dance well on T.V. but not the people who have contributed so much to human-kinds knowledge and advancement. If all the above is true of male astronomers, what chance have women had to become appreciated for their work and genius. History hasn't been kind to women scientists, the jealous males of society have sought to lose them. It's time for some names. I'll start 1400 years ago in the city of Alexandria with Hypatia a brilliant astronomer and mathematician. She did what we would now call celestial measurement and plotting, the mapping of the heavens, a task not equalled after her time for 1000 years. Unlike the 20th century, women then were appreciated and Hypatia was an esteemed citizen, loved by the people and respected by officials. Today you can see a crater on the moon named after her, not far from where Apollo 11 landed. Caroline Herschel was born in 1750, the sister of the famous William Herschel. William went from Hanover to England becoming a famous composer, and astronomer, and he was joined there by Caroline. William is remembered as the man who discovered the planet Uranus, Caroline who supported all his work was the discoverer of many comets and revolutionised the recording of observations. She was the the first woman to be awarded a gold medal by the Royal Astronomical Society. The 19th and 20th centuries have produced some remarkable people, but I doubt if even the most dedicated reader will want me to go on and on with a list of them and what they did. Suffice to say that a strange stellar phenomenon called Pulsars; an understanding of what stars are made of; and why some stars vary in brightness are just a few of the achievements of women in astronomy. We've had a woman president of the British Astronomical Association (Heather Couper) and Maggie Pocock is on our televisions every month on the sky at night. Historically, astronomy has been more open to ladies than other sciences, and our astronomy group has a pretty equal split. I can't finish an article like this without mentioning one of my favourite astronomers of all time, Caroline Schoemaker. Caroline was one of those quiet unassuming people who spoke with huge passion. She was co-discoverer of a huge comet in the 1990s that was observed breaking apart and hitting Jupiter. Probably the most spectacular astronomy ever seen in our solar system. Something that will never be forgotten. Charles Oates. Vega Baja Astronomy group.

For more information on the group and meetings please visit:

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We’ve recently had our first mini holiday of the year (first of many I hope) to the breathtaking picturesque Sierra Nevada and a fantastic fun time was had by all. I didn't experience skiing as I would probably be the one to end up injured and don't have the time to be out of action, but the pleasure on my little angels face playing in the snow was a delight in itself. On the home front, my plan to encourage the speedy installation of my new wardrobes paid off, (although I did have to wait for a rainy day) and I must say I am so happy with them, they have completely transformed the look of the bedrooms. The only problem I have now is that I need new clothes to put into my new wardrobes, or maybe not, I think that's pushing my luck a little bit. So now I know what works….I might have to start gradually buying the tiles I would like for the bathroom and leave them at the entrance way! We are almost into the month of love and there are many bars and restaurants serving special Valentine's Day menus you will be spoilt for choice. Wherever you go or whatever you do make it a memorable one. At Female Focus we are always striving to enhance and improve our publications and bring you quality and quantity. With this in mind make sure you pick up our new and improved QF Focus local magazine from 6 March. Congratulations to Ian Angles from Ciudad Quesada who won last month's 50€ competition after spotting the logo on page 13. See if you can spot the logo in this issue for a chance to win 50€, see alongside for details of how to enter. Good luck!


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Stroke Association Spain Casa de Cultura, Calle Francisco Ribera Perez 7, Benijófar The group is available to all stroke sufferers and their carers, and provides a safe and therapeutic environment that aims to facilitate stroke recovery. SaS also welcomes volunteers who have the skills, knowledge and commitment to support the group activities. After a stroke, those who have the right side affected may suffer from aphasia. This is an acquired communication disorder that impairs a person’s ability to process language but does not affect intelligence. Aphasia impairs the ability to speak and understand others, and most people with aphasia experience difficulty reading and writing. Here at the stroke group we have a Speech Therapist to help with all matters concerning speech. Rehabilitation. The aim of rehabilitation is to try to restore physical and mental abilities, as far as possible, to your pre-stroke state. As your rehabilitation continues you may wish to take up your previous occupation, hobbies or interests. Alternatively you may wish to learn new skills and activities. At the stroke group we have a well-equipped rehabilitation unit with qualified volunteers. Mental Health. Here at the stroke group we have a mental health nurse who runs our carers meeting in group form as well as one to one if required. This has been a great asset to the group. Nurse. Stroke Support also has a Resident Nurse who is here to help with all nursing problems as well as taking blood pressure, weight control, and dietary advice. The group have a meal out once a month which is subsidised by Stroke Support. If you would like to know more about Stroke Support or could help with our activities please contact 654 801 260, email or visit The Stroke Association Spain is affiliated to the Stroke Association UK. It is a registered charity in Spain CV-01-042628A, CIF number G-54320569.

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Hi All!

Firstly, let me wish you all a very Happy New Year may 2018 bring you health and happiness. I'd like to start the year off by re-featuring one of the most incredible young musical talents, here on the South Costa Blanca .... namely, Austin Slack. Last year, I wrote about Austin's band "The Streeters". Well, a lot has happened in the past twelve months, so allow me to bring you an update. Apart from playing with The Streeters, in 2017 Austin also formed two new bands, "Guitar Heroes" and "Kings of the Blues", both with distinctive lineups. This is giving him the opportunity to further his musical range, by playing different styles of music with a bigger range of musicians. As with previous years Austin has spent most of the year travelling up and down the coast with his 3 bands, sometimes performing 6 and 7 shows a week. In the latter part of last summer he was asked to perform, for a second time, with "The Symphonic of Pink Floyd" tour, this time taking an even bigger role in the show. This involved performing in some of the biggest and well renowned theatres, all over the country. With his high school education now completed, Austin can concentrate on preparing for the next stage of his career. One of his many projects planned for the early part of this coming year will see Austin going into the studio to record his own music for the first time, which will be released during the year, in various EPs. This gifted young musician has come a long way in a relatively short time, considering he bought his first acoustic guitar in 2011. By the end of that very year, Austin Slack had played on stage with Ian Parker, and played 2 shows with "Love of Lesbian" band shortly after. Twelve months later, he formed his first band Magnetik Surf, and was chosen by Custom Guitar Lab to play their electric guitars. From his home base near Murcia, Austin began regularly playing in bars and clubs, guesting with local bands, and participating in Jam Sessions. He has now reached the stage where he is one of the busiest working musicians in the entire area. If you haven't yet seen Austin Slack performing (in his various musical projects), then check out the local press and witness this incredible musician for yourself. Definitely, highly recommended.

Bye for now, D.P.

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Checklist: the most common paperwork pack to sell a property The most common paperwork pack to sell a property in Spain is - Latest Water Bill. - Latest Electricity Bill. - Latest council tax (SUMA bill). - EPC Energy Performance Certificate. Required in all cases except for detached properties of under 50 square metres. - Habitation Licence. Currently, the submission (registration receipt) of having applied for a Habitation License (not the license itself), is required to sign for a property sale at any Notary within Alicante. Requirements and the amount of Registration Tax necessary for the certificate vary greatly between the different municipalities. -Certificate of Antiquity / Retrospective Licence. This is required whenever the property has been extended, altered or had a pool built without a proper building licence. By having a Retrospective Licence / Antiquity Certificate, building works become un-objectable and vendors use it to avoid putting off potential buyers, due to the existence of undeclared or unlicensed building work. The Antiquity Certificate is also the document needed at the Notary to update the Title Deeds (Escritura) with any alterations made to the property. Martinez de la Casa Architects is one of the most prominent and respectable practices in the area, providing all types of Certificates and Licenses, amongst other services. Offering super discounts for groups (call your neighbour) or if you require 2 or more different documents done at the same time. Also if your Solicitor or Estate Agent is studying your case, ask them to contact us to provide your property's selling pack, we will make the whole process easier, faster and substantially cheaper for you. We are the Number 1 company in EPC Certificates (121€ inc IVA) and Number 1 for Antiquity Certificates (pools 229€ inc IVA, extensions 326€ inc IVA) and Habitation Licences (from 118€ inc IVA, Town Hall tax not included, depending on each municipality. Please contact us for an accurate quote). For all enquiries or to arrange an appointment please call 665 810 411 or visit to see over 150 testimonials on our services.

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Spanish Tax Compliant and 3.8% p.a. This month marks 10 years since the beginning of The Crisis. I remember it very well as people were desperately requesting me to arrange equity release on their Spanish properties but the manager of an English bank in Guardamar told me it was impossible as “The bank has run out of money”. Consequently a lot of people suffered. Therefore, your personal “life” basket should contain some property and some liquid investments where they are making money safely and are able to be accessed quickly and without fuss. Below is a summary of our most popular investment product for retired Spanish resident ex-pats produced by The Prudential. This (and/ or other products) can only be offered by regulated advisers like myself as we have to assess which is the right product for you and your family circumstances. For this reason they cannot be bought off the shelf directly from product providers. Prudential Spanish Tax Compliant Bond for Spanish resident Ex-pats • Sterling investments - expected net growth rate stated by the Pru and applied daily at 3.8% p.a (performance was actually 9.9% for the year to 31.10.17 even though 3.8% stated as “expected”). • There are inheritance tax liabilities between spouses in Spain, however, if placed in joint names (such as a married couple), this specific product will NOT trigger inheritance tax on first death and carries on as if nothing has happened. • Option to give a regular monthly or quarterly income. • All income tax deduction and reporting is done for you (no need for an accountant). • The Modelo 720 (asset declaration) is done for you. • Held in Ireland (i.e. outside of Spain). • Portable should you move back to UK. • Investment in € euro or £ sterling and from just £20,000. • 0.25% allocation bonus for investments over £75,000 (immediately worth £75,375). • 1.5% allocation bonus for investments over £150,000 (immediately worth £152,250). David Diggle C.A.T., DipFA, email:, telephone: 865 751 713 or visit

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Do you suffer with wet, slippery tiles or concrete print, cracks or painted pool cappings which all needing regular repairs, we have a solution that will last with very little or no maintenance - Wet Lay Rubber Surfacing. Wet lay rubber makes a pool terrace, entrance slope or stairs, children's play area etc a much safer place. Wet tiles and wet feet round the pool can be a lethal combination. This guy is not going to fall into the pool just yet. First he is going to smash his head on the edge of the pool surround - BEFORE he falls in. A fall like this could knock him unconscious, and if he is not rescued immediately, he could be in big trouble and even lose his life! At Active Surfaces we can offer a bespoke service to our clients.

Whether it is a private house, community or a bar with a pool we can design your area to suit your needs. With support from builders and landscape gardeners we can transform your entire surroundings if that is what is needed, or we can just provide a new surface (over the existing one) which will last for years. Spanish Law now requires that surfaces around public pools should be made up of a non-slip material. Wet lay rubber surfacing can be anything from a subtle and neutral colour scheme to a bright and cheerful area with our range of 19 colours. All colours can be mixed and blended and so the choices are many. We are confident we can find a colour scheme to suit your needs. With the option of including pool depth numbers, logos, patterns, names, shapes or individual designs we can personalise the area whilst installing our product. Ideal if you want to include the name of your bar or even you favourite football club logo! Established in the area for 3 years, we have now completed over 100 projects successfully and are looking forward to continuing to provide safety for clients well into the future. With earth tremors being a regular occurrence in this part of the World why not consider a surface that will not leave sharp and dangerous edges in the event of the earth moving! Quotations are free with no obligation. No salesmen will call on you. The owners will visit you by appointment, spending time helping you decide exactly how you want your area to look. We carry out a survey, and a fixed price quotation will then be prepared on the spot so you know exactly what you are getting for your hard earned money! So why not call Rob on 662 679 467 for information and to arrange a visit to your premises.

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Success with permanent Weight Loss – now in Torrevieja - with – Exante Diet has been awarded an authorised Exante distributoriship in Spain and is proud to announce that Exante Meal Replacement products, the UK’s leading WEIGHT REDUCTION/Slimming products, are now available here. Exante products were voted Nº1 on ITV in the UK recently. This also includes Personal Weight Loss Coaching – which is the secret to successful weight loss. Owing to the success of the first year since opening in San Luis, it is with great pleasure that – Exante Diet have three new branches – one in Quesdada, one in Torrevieja South and a new branch in Los Montesinos – to enable us to accept more appointments. It’s so easy! 1. Decide which Exante diet plan is right for you. 2. Choose from our huge range of shakes, bars, meals, desserts & snacks. 3. Book your free consultation OR join the Winter 28 Day Challenge.

How It Works What is Exante? Exante diet plans are simple, flexible and work for you. We have a range of diet plans for you, suited for whether you are looking to drop a dress size, tone up or change your eating habits for good! Want to lose weight? Substitute up to 3 meals a day with our nutritious meal replacement products that give your body all the essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy diet. Want to tone up? Each Exante product is high in protein, low carb and packed full of fibre, perfect for gym bunnies looking for a convenient post-workout snack.

Why Exante? It works, it's convenient and it transforms lives! Our philosophy is healthy living made simple through easy-tofollow recipes, flexible meal plans and exercises developed by our experts. Learn how to cook quick and delicious meals and follow your personal weight loss coach as she guides you though your weight loss journey.... Support To Stay On Track. Does your busy lifestyle leave you short on time? Simply throw an Exante bar, shake or snack into your bag for a delicious and nutritious meal on-the-go.

Start Your Transformation Try our 28 day WINTER CHALLENGE to help guide you through the first 4 weeks of changing the way you eat with Exante- Feel healthy and watch the pounds fall off.

THERE IS A SECRET TO OUR SUCCESS: Clients are finding that the benefit of the PERSONAL WEIGHT LOSS COACHING is THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS. It is an unfortunate statistic that most people who lose weight – just put it back on again. With Slim4Life and the weekly weight loss coaching – we are proving that it is not only in the food supplements you take, but in changing your way of thinking. Our program was devised by a Nutritionist in 2008 and has been the proven way to lose weight, remain at the peak of health,– but more importantly on this special program clients will be able to maintain the weight loss. The transformations here in Torrevieja have been awesome. Clients have now found the secret to losing and maintaining their weight. Phone or email Shirley for your free consultation – on 675 619 568 or

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On the 12th of December 2017, Lorraine and Victor Peetoom opened the doors of their new venue The Stone Horse Restaurant in Benijófar. With the festive period just out of the way, it is time now to look forward to 2018. Many special events are planned already. Of course Valentine's day is nearly here and they will offer you a tasteful dinner with romantic music from Lady Jazz. On Thursday 21 June they will be holding a Royal Ascott Ladies day, with luscious food, sparkling prosecco and more. From February they will introduce “The Singles table”. In our area there are many people, living on their own and would like to go for a nice dinner, but don't like to sit on their own. The setup is not meant to date or find a new relationship, but just to have the opportunity to dine, wine and have a chat with other single people. The table will seat a maximum of 10 people and the first night will be Thursday 8 February from 6.30pm. Booking is required. This event will return once every month. They have also introduced their loyalty card. When you spend 30€ or more, you will receive a stamp. If you have 10 stamps, you will receive 10€ discount on your next visit. The Stone Horse Restaurant is open for Menu del Dia from 12 noon to 4 pm from Tuesday to Friday and for dinner from 6.30pm to 10.30pm, Tuesday to Saturday. An Extensive a la carte menu is also available. Find The Stone Horse Restaurant in Calle Federico Garcia Lorca in Benijófar (Between Vincent Real Estate and Prodent Dental Clinic. Call 688 704 498 or 865 774 082 (only during opening hours).

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Quesada Bowls Club report The first half of our League season finished for the Christmas break in the middle of December and it is pleasing to report that our Southern League Swallows were holding top spot in the first Division with a 5 point league, whilst our Swans, in the third division are in second position with only 1 shot denying us top spot. Prior to the break our Saturday morning chicken drive held a fun morning with many attired in their Christmas costumes. Since the start of the New Year the Saturday drive is back in full swing and it pleasing to see so many members taking advantage of the good weather. Our full league programme commenced again in the second week of January. In February we are looking forward to entertaining the Scottish Commonwealth Games Para team for a week, where they will be training prior to their departure for Australia. Our club will be putting out very strong teams against them. Our club championships are still progressing and these will go on through the winter, with the semis and finals taking place in February and March 2018. Our Saturday morning ‘Chicken Drive’ is open to visitors. Players wishing to take part should report at 9.45am for a 10am start. For more information about our club please contact our membership secretary Joe Riley on 96 572 5787 or email New bowlers are welcome and introductory coaching is available. The club is sponsored by Spanish Life Properties.

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Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja has been recognised as the best hospital in the Alicante province and the best private hospital in the Valencian Community According to the Index of Hospital Excellence the Quirónsalud hospital group offers the best quality of private healthcare in Spain Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja has been recognised as the best hospital within the public and private network of the Valencian Community, according to the Index of Hospital Excellence from the Coordenadas Institute; which places the University Hospital Jiménez Díaz Foundation, from the Quirónsalud group, as the best Hospital in Spain.

excellence, healthcare quality, service, and innovation that guides hospitals in each region”.

Beside Jimenez Diaz, in the list of the ten best hospitals in Spain there are three other Quirónsalud centres: Hospital Quirónsalud Barcelona, Hospital Quirónsalud Madrid and Teknon Medical Centre. The Index analyses public and private hospitals and measures the level of excellence based on findings and insights of 1,750 professionals who work in the centres or for the centres. The results look at the total number of services each centre offers and focus on the quality and assessment of each one. Hospital excellence implies the sum of healthcare quality, hospital service, patient well-being and satisfaction, innovation, personalised attention, and resource efficiency. In the words of the executive vice president from the Coordenadas Institute and director of the IEH project 2017, Jesús Sánchez Lambas, “Spain as a whole has a nationally and internationally recognised network of hospitals and healthcare professionals. When taking a look at each autonomous community the Index of Hospital Excellence is looking to recognise for a further year, the

This recognition consolidates Quirónsalud not only as the biggest private healthcare group, but also the one with the highest quality in Spain, by obtaining the evaluation of "excellent". The positive valuation of Quirónsalud hospitals, which we are grateful for, is new stimulus to continue improving the treatment that our professionals give our patients from a concept of person to person healthcare. Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja. Tel: 96 692 5779. See main advert on page 13 for more information.

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Book Review by Ivor Kindle

Book Title: Mythos Author: Stephen Fry Publisher: Penguin As a youngster I always had an interest in what was known as "Greek Mythology". However the nearest I actually got to anything resembling "Greek Mythology" was to trot off to the cinema and watch "Jason and the Argonauts"and read about "Icarus" and his flight far too near the sun. With this book Stephen Fry has re-engineered Greek Myths, he has simplified the tales and given the reader an understanding of what the actual meaning and intention of the selected myth was. This book is a good way to start the New Year ...erudite and interesting. ...go on improve your mind, this book.

...keep reading Ivor Kindle.

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A View From The Top

Phew ...welcome to 2018.

I write this piece sitting at my laptop with a nice cup of tea in front of me enjoying the very fact that I am still around to actually write my first "view" of the New Year. That's very sombre I hear you say ....well as Max Bygraves used to say "let me tell you a story".

The machine showed that all was OK ...however after some discussion between Doctor and nurse, the Doctor stated that she was not satisfied with the ECG machine result. She said "things did not add up" and I needed to go to the hospital straight away for more involved tests. 'Er indoors driving, we go to Torrevieja hospital emergency department. I am seen fairly quickly and a wonderful Doctor explains that blood tests are needed immediate test ...then a four hour wait in recovery and another test. It's all about the "enzimes" the Doctor explains. I have one blood sample taken and a little while later I am sent to recovery to rest and wait for the next test, all the while Doctor and assorted nurses are asking "do you have any chest pain?"...thus far my reply was always no, no chest pain. I am wheeled up to recovery, given a bed in which to rest and suddenly my chest starts to tighten and the pain and sweating begins. A nurse is called and within a minute the emergency Doctor from down stairs is by my side asking me questions while I am wheeled to emergency surrounded by a variety of medical staff. Imagine my thoughts!


Late November and I have risen from bed looking forward to the day ahead ...strangely as I went into the kitchen to "put the kettle on" I felt strange ...not unwell just strange ...difficult to describe my feelings ...but suffice to say my body felt like it was working out of sync with my brain. At times like these I did what I always do ....half an aspirin later I thought I would get on with my day. Down to the garage to get my car out ...still feeling somehow "out of it" I just stood still for a couple of minutes in an attempt to get my bearings so to speak. 'Er indoors appeared and said "you do not look right"..."I do not feel right" I reply and unusually for me my next comment was "I am going to the Doctor".

Next stop local health centre (Benijรณfar). I enter and speak to the receptionist ...I have a pain in my chest (yo tengo dolor en me pecho) is what I actually said worked. Without any second thoughts the receptionist sent me to the nurse, the nurse saw me immediately and wired me up to an ECG machine ....the test started and the Doctor entered the room and started to examine me ...remember, it was middle morning and she (the Doctor) had a surgery full of people to see.

QF Focus Magazine After a short while medication is used and my condition improves. Another Doctor arrives and I am informed that I am being admitted to "intensive care" for tests. I am taken to intensive care and placed in a room where I am surrounded by medical staff who proceed to wire me up to a variety of monitors and drip type equipment. It's now about 3pm ...all this excitement has gone on over the past four hours from first going to the medical centre. Later that evening the on duty intensive care Doctor examines me using a scan type of machine ...he determines that I am able to have a Cardio Vascular examination first thing the next morning. At about 7am the next morning ...nurses surround my bed ...I am washed and shaved in all the necessary areas and taken down to an operating /examination room. Three members of the Cardio Vascular team introduce themselves and explain as best they can what they are about to do. I lay listening as the two medics carry out the procedure. As they proceed they talk to each other all the time about what they are doing ...every move as they insert a tube into my heart via my arm is discussed and confirmed between them. After a while I hear a combined assertion between them that they have found the source of my problem. Fifteen or so minutes later the Surgeon tells me that they have found and repaired two damaged sections of an artery. I lay on the table as they remove the monitors and tubes wondering at the miracle of medical science that I have just undergone, and wondering at the skill and professional manner of everyone who has cared for me at Torrevieja Hospital. I spend the rest of the Friday and Saturday in intensive care where the care is everything that can be encompassed in the term "intensive care". The nursing staff are simply wonderful are all the ancillary staff - porters, cleaners etc who work in Torrevieja Hospital. Sunday I am moved to a ward room and on Monday ...the fifth day of my illness I am discharged from the Hospital. I have been told to take things easy for several weeks after which

Page 17 I will be called back for some follow up tests. I rattle due to the amount of pills I have to take on a daily basis ...and I now have a follow up date in January for a treadmill test to measure my progress thus far. My thoughts in respect of my near miss are difficult to actualise ...imagine my feelings when my extended family start to arrive to be at my bedside. Hopefully I will be on the up and up and further appreciate what life is and the importance of family. My thanks of course must go to the common humanity of the medical staff from the start of my illness in BenijĂłfar, to my discharge from Torrevieja Hospital for the care shown to me as an individual. I was a name and not just a number, my humanity was recognised and for that I thank them. Family also ...what would we do without our families. Love and good health to all for 2018.

Good Advertising Doesn’t Cost

- It Sells! Call Michelle on 663 178 228 or email

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ARIES Family matters are at the forefront right now as you all pull together for each other. This brings closer and stronger bonds between you all and gives you insights into each other which help each of you to understand the others even more. TAURUS You are ready and raring to go this year and have it all planned out in your mind where you want to be by the end of the year. Don't go at it like a bull in a china shop, you have a full year so take things slowly and you will move forward without making mistakes as you go. GEMINI Love is in the air and someone close will show you just how much they care. Whatever the gesture or gift you know that it has been carefully thought out making it even more special. CANCER You want to change things around a bit as you are fed up with the same routine day after day. It doesn't have to mean major changes, it could just be going to a different cafe or restaurant. LEO Changing something small in the home makes a massive difference to all. This starts you thinking of other small changes you could make to your wardrobe, diet and life in general. Go for it. VIRGO You are finding ways of becoming more efficient with your time and energy which leaves you more time to enjoy life. This is your plan for the year - just don't fall back into your old ways.

LIBRA You are heading for changes on all fronts but are facing them head on knowing that they are going to be for the best. Family and home affairs will take up a lot of your time but your ambitions for the work front will still be achievable. SCORPIO This is the month of love and you are full of ideas and as usual you are thinking of others first and finding ways of making all your loved ones feel special. Don't forget to love yourself a little as well. SAGITTARIUS You are hoping that the romantic gesture you have planned is not too much and is taken as it is meant, as a show of love and not showing off. Don't worry about what others think - that special someone will love it. CAPRICORN Your love life is going to move to a new level making it difficult for you to concentrate on anything else. Unwittingly you will make a massive impression on someone who will become a good friend. AQUARIUS You are appreciating the little things much more and seeing how everything and everyone is important to your life. This will make 2018 a much more productive and enjoyable year than ever. PISCES If you think that someone may be going to make a fool of themselves by showing their true feelings in an inappropriate way then stop them before it is too late. They will not take kindly at first but later they will appreciate it and your bond with them will be stronger.


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The SuperCASAfragalistic Homes Gardens & Lifestyle Show is BACK and BIGGER for 2018! The Homes Gardens & LIFESTYLE Show will be blooming into action on 20 and 21 April 2018 so put the dates in your diary to visit us at our stunning new venue The 5* SH Villa Gadea Hotel in Altea, a beautiful and quaint village on the coast just past Benidorm. If you have not been to Altea before this area is well worth a visit - why not think about car sharing with your friends or neighbours to come up, visit Altea and come to the Villa Gadea Hotel to experience the next FREE to enter Homes Gardens & Lifestyle Show! The hotel is located directly on the N332 just before Calpe, or exit junction 63, Altea off the AP7 and the road leads you to the hotel. There is plenty of FREE parking on site and if you are thinking about overnighting email to receive the code for discounted accommodation at the hotel during the event! This will be the 9th edition of the Homes Gardens & Lifestyle Show - packed with inspiration, information, fun, feature concepts, talks/ presentations and, NEW for 2018……. Interactive Workshops! There will be give-aways galore and the brand new Super Raffle with hampers to win packed with homes, gardens & lifestyle products … including a luxury spa break at the Akinon Resort, La Nucia. Mix in some new style cooking demonstrations with some of the Costa’s most talented professional chefs on both afternoons from 2pm to make this a Show not to be missed! With FREE entry you can explore the Show and the hotel whilst enjoying our free tapa trail to guide you round. So put the dates in your diary now to come and visit us after Easter on 20 and 21 April 2018. We look forward to welcoming you. If you are in business there is still time to BOOK YOUR STAND to join the most successful event here on the Costas with the perfect platform to promote your products and services to thousands of visitors. If your business is related to anything homes, gardens, lifestyle and the leisure industry, to fiscal and financial this is the Show for you. We provide the fun and feel good factor ensuring our visitors have a truly great Show experience. We are pulling out all the stops and expecting another super Show in our new stunning location in Altea with FREE Entry for our visitors! To be part of the next exciting event BOOK YOUR STAND NOW. See, FB GM Promotions, FB Homes Gardens and Lifestyle Show. Telephone 695 399 841 or email for the floorplans and prices.

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Recipes by Pushpa from the Spice Hut Machi Jhol (fish in mustard sauce) Ingredients 4 pieces of white fish diced in chunks 1 finely chopped onion 1 tbspn ginger paste 1 tbspn green chilli finely chopped 1 tspn of turmeric powder 2 tspn of mustard 150ml of water Oil for frying the fish and onions

Method 1. Heat the oil and fry the fish for 2/3 minutes and set aside. 2. Using the same oil fry the onions on a low/ medium heat until golden brown. 3. Mix together the fried onions, ginger, chilli, turmeric, mustard paste, salt and water. 4. Cook the mixture for 5 minutes on a medium heat to create a sauce, then add the fried fish pieces and cook for further 5 minutes on a low heat. 5. It should be a thick onion and mustard sauce. Check the taste before serving and add more spices if required. 6. Serve hot....

The Spice Hut Quesada. Tel. 96 673 1063 or visit - The oldest evidence for soup is from 6,000 B.C. and calls for hippopotamus and sparrow meat. - The tea bag was created by accident, as tea bags were originally sent as samples. - One fast food hamburger may contain meat from 100 different cows. - Eating bananas can help fight depression. - One of the most hydrating foods to eat is the cucumber, which is 96% water. - There are 7,500 varieties of apples grown throughout the world, and if you tried a new variety each day, it would take you 20 years to try them all. - The most popular carrots used to be purple.

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Costa Diadema I was fortunate to join a pre Christmas Cruise from 18th to 24th December commencing from Barcelona to:- Palermo (Sicilly), Civitavecchia (for Rome), Savona (Italy), Marseille (France) and returning to Barcelona. This was on "Costa Diadema" a 2 year old, Italian cruise ship, and although having a capacity of 5000 passengers, was well proportioned so as not to usually appear overcrowded. All things were extremely well organised including going ashore for excursions or travelling independently. There were two main restaurants (with two others nearby where a small premium is paid) with two sittings for dinner, open seating for breakfast and lunch and the option of dining at the Buffet on the top deck. All served excellent food. The ship has a number of bars with the majority offering excellent entertainment, be it solo, duos or group artists catering for most music tastes. In the large theatre spectacular artists perform each evening, including dance routines to an acrobatic group and solo artists performing famous operatic well known pieces. ALL SHOWS ARE PROFESSIONAL being worth the cost of cruise tickets alone. One show with the professional dancers included an operational Fiat 500 and Vespa scooters appearing as part of the act. Talking Vespa, one of the gallery shops is entitled 'VESPA' and although there is an actual machine on display, it's obviously not for sale, but the majority of merchandise available contains this motif – all highly original. Other gallery shops, separate unlike other ships I have travelled on, include fashion, watches, jewellery, perfume and gifts - all original and open only when at sea, conforming to regulations. On the very top deck and several areas elsewhere within the ship are children's play areas though none interfere with shipboard life. The swimming pool is under a retractable roof, and around the pool are tables and seating where your feet are immersed in the water, something not seen by me previously. The ship embarks and disembarks at most ports of call so clientele is mixed, the majority being Italians, Spanish and French, a few Brits, All announcements include English. Overall a multicultural experience and extremely educational. Bingo and quizzes, aerobics, dance classes can all be found but not interfering in any other way. The ship is extremely well operated with friendly staff. Cabin attendants, waiters/ waitresses, deck crew, officers and hospitality staff ALL KEEN TO ASSIST IN MAKING THE CRUISE UNFORGETTABLE AND ENJOYABLE. I was able to spend something like 30 minutes on a one to one basis with the Captain in his office together with Chief Engineer and able to congratulate on his Command and professionalism in handling this mighty ship. All in all thoroughly recommended.

Did you know? Events throughout the years on 14 February - Valentine's Day 1689 English parliament placed Mary Stuart and Prince William III on the throne. 1779 James Cook, British explorer, navigator and cartographer, discovered and explored Australia, Pacific Islands and New Zealand for Britain, killed in a fight with Hawaiians near Kealakekua at 50. 1876 A G Bell & Elisha Gray applied separately for telephone patents. Supreme Court eventually ruled Bell rightful inventor. 1895 Oscar Wilde's "Importance of Being Earnest," opened in London. 1919 United Parcel Service is formed. 1924 T. J. Watson renamed the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) as International Business Machines (IBM). 1931 Spanish government of General Damasco Berenguer fell. 1931 The original "Dracula" film starring Bela Lugosi as the titular vampire, is released. 1957 Georgia Senate unanimously approved Sen Leon Butts' bill barring blacks from playing baseball with whites. 1959 $3.6 million heroin seizure in NYC.

1961 Element 103, Lawrencium, first produced in Berkeley Calif. 1963 US launches communications satellite Syncom 1. 1967 "Respect" single recorded by Aretha Franklin (Billboard Song of the Year 1967). 1972 Luna 20 (Russia) launched to orbit & soft landing on Moon. 1978 1st "micro on a chip" patented by Texas Instruments. 1980 US launches Solar Maximum Mission Observatory to study solar flares. 1984 Elton John married Renate Blauel in Sydney Australia 1989 The first of 24 satellites of the Global Positioning System were placed into orbit. 1990 Space probe Voyager 1 took photograph of entire solar system. 1991 "The Silence of the Lambs" film based on the book by Thomas Harris, directed by Jonathan Demme and starring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, was released. 2000 The spacecraft NEAR Shoemaker entered orbit around asteroid 433 Eros, the first spacecraft to orbit an asteroid. 2003 Dolly the Sheep, first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell died young from a progressive lung disease aged 6. 2013 Oscar Pistorius was charged with the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. 2013 The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, was switched off for two years for upgrading.

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Expo Torrevieja III Expo Torrevieja III will be opening its doors on Saturday 10 March and Sunday 11 March from 10am. The region's premier International quality of life and lifestyle event is changing location to the single most desirable venue in the entire Southern Costa Blanca: The International Auditorium. The one stop shop for enhancing your quality of life on the Costa Blanca takes place indoors, in the huge foyer of the International Auditorium, so you don't have to worry about wind, rain or inclement weather; offers more than 500 free parking spaces; is located beside Quiron Hospital, and is completely free to attend. Inside you will find a huge smorgasbord of exhibitors, covering such areas as property sales, insurance, health, beauty, wellness, ecological matters, solar power, construction, internet, wifi and fibre services, IPTV, art and design, electrical, automobiles, electric bikes, gizmos and gadgets, Women In Business EspaĂąa, gastronomy, fine wine and liquor, travel, tourism, clubs, associations, charities, churches, private schools, education, sports, telephones, finance, activities, home design and styling, awnings, blinds, metal work, bedding and the list goes on and on. Details for the exhibition are still being finalised, with this being the first expo being put on under the new management team from the International Auditorium, who are committed to putting on more than 50 events over the next two years. Following Expo Torrevieja III, the IV edition will follow in October 2018 with the possibility of performances and other activities also in the pipeline. More information can be found on their Facebook page, ExpoTorrevieja: website: and in the pages of next month's QF Focus. They can be contacted at: Pick up the latest copy of QF Focus and Focus on Professionals Vega Baja 12 at the event. Come along and find out more about making the most of the your life on the Costa at Expo Torrevieja III.

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Fundraising for Kotukala School Since August our ladies at Spanish Insurance have been frantically fundraising to raise money for Kotukala school in The Gambia. With the generosity of so many kind people the money was raised for the toilet block at the school and the children all had full tummies on Christmas day. On the 22nd of December four of our ladies left from Quesada with 16 cases full of the much needed stationary and books for the 480 children who attend the school. The trip was an amazing success in so many ways. An amazing adventure full of laughter, learning and both tears of despair and joy. No one really knew what to expect from the trip. No one was prepared for the amazing welcome or hospitality and we certainly were not prepared for the level of poverty. It’s very humbling but an amazing privilege to make such a trip, to live in a village and be 100% integrated and welcomed into a community so different to how we live our normal life. The school we have helped, and will continue to support in every way possible, is incomparable to anything we are used to here in Europe, but what out shines the shabby walls and broken chairs is the keenness and amazing enthusiasm from the teachers to educate the children out of the poverty they are living in. The teachers, who sometimes go months without being paid a wage because there just isn't any money in the pot, still turn up for work knowing that they need to continue to help the children who are so keen to be educated in the hope of finding meaningful employment and to work their way out of poverty. We went to The Gambia with the idea of bringing some Christmas cheer to the children on Christmas Day (along with the stationary they needed and of course the money they needed for the toilet block). We quickly learned that our first trip was only just the very start and that there was no way we could stop with just some Christmas cheer. We will continue to help with funding for the school all year round and we have already taken the first steps to set up our official charity here from Spain. If you would like to get involved in any way please feel free to contact Leisa on: 96 673 1691.

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The Association Of Retired Police Officers (known as ARPO). Retired police officers from any national or international force are very welcome to join our group. We meet every 2nd Wednesday at Sacko’s Bar, El Limonar at 10:30 We are a social and self help group and look forward to meeting new members and their partners. For information and forthcoming events, Torrevieja Christian Fellowship is a lively English speaking church located at Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas 68,Torrevieja 03183. Residents and holiday makers are welcome to attend our services every Sunday at 10:30 with communion and “kids church”. Wednesday Fellowship meetings (Bible Study) starting at 18:00. For further information see our website or tel: 96 670 0391. Crime Watch Spain (Vecinos Colaborando) Reg. VG – 08261/2002 advise the community citizens about security matters and help them to report any incidents in their communities to the authorities to try to keep out any intruders. For more information please email: F.A.B. or Friends After Bereavement meet on a Saturday at the La Laguna hotel, Quesada at 13:45. We are a friendly group who meet up, chat, and spend days out together helping people to re-start their lives after the death of a partner. We are not in the least morbid, just a cheerful bunch who support each other through difficult times. Royal British Legion, Gran Alacant & La Marina Branch meets on the first Monday of the month at 18:00 at La Taberna - next to the Monte Mar Bowls Club & Restaurant, Plaza Mayor (Masa Square), Gran Alacant. New members are always welcome, and remember, You do NOT have to be Ex-Services to join us. Further details and/or directions from Robin 96 669 5423 or Brian 639 917 971. Email: We are Torrevieja Maritime Association and our aim is to “Stimulate and maintain interest in maritime activities in the Torrevieja area among people of all nationalities”. We meet on the second Wednesday of the month at Casa de Galicia in El Chaparral, Torrevieja and can be contacted at or via our Facebook site, Torrevieja Maritime Association.

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The Royal Naval Association, Torrevieja Branch meet on the first Wednesday of every month at Bar/Restaurante El Paraiso near Carrefour, Torrevieja at 17:00 and remember you don’t have to have served in the Royal Navy to become a member. We look forward to seeing you soon! If you would like to join the ship mates or just find out more please phone Chairman Paul Edwards on 618 644 934, Vice Chairman Danny Kay on 96 671 6274 or Secretary Margaret Forshaw on 96 692 1996. Almoradi scrabble club. The club meets at Cafe Almoradi, Calle Major 91 on the last Tuesday of the month from 15:30. We really want to extend our membership. If you are interested please come and join us, or for more information call 694 437 698 or email The Aircrew Association Costa Blanca. Former and serving aircrew of the UK or Allied Armed Forces are very welcome to join this convivial and friendly organisation, founded here in 1988. Details from the Secretary on: 96 640 4123. Bettas Torrevieja RFC new rugby club, based on traditional ethics, respect, training by the Nelson Mandela Stadium on Wednesdays and Sundays 20.30-22.00 contact Javi on 603 727 179 for more information. Catral’s writers / cultural group. If you like to write, talk or read about cultural issues you are coming to the right starting group every Wednesday in Catral, Vega Baja. Interested? Please email J. Rivero on

Calling all groups and charities

Costa Blanca Focus

Send your forthcoming events and information to See page 4 for deadlines.

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Word Search

QF Focus Magazine Emociones - Emotions There are 27 Spanish words (listed in blue). Remember words can go up, down, across, diagonally and even backwards and to make it harder, some letters will have been used more than once.


Easy Horse Care.

Bronte was once a competition horse in the UK and came to live in our centre not because she was neglected or abused, but because she had owners who cared very much for her. She may be suitable for very light riding but requires an experienced rider. Call 652 021 980 or email

K9 Club.

Carlo is a small to medium sized dog who is very easy going and loves to be near people of all ages and mixes well with other dogs. He has been castrated, vaccinated and micro chipped. Carlo has Leish but has no health problems from this. We would also consider a foster home for him with K9 responsible for vet fees. For more information please call 600 845 420.

Pets in Spain. Pus is a stunning 4 year old pure white fluffy cat. He is neutered and in excellent health, he isn’t afraid of dogs and loves to lay close to you. Call: 645 469 253. Email: To view more animals for adoption go to Calling all charities - let us know about your forthcoming events and animals for adoption. See page 4 for contact details.

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Spot the difference -

See if you can spot all 12 differences

SUDOKU Here are two Sudoku puzzles of different skill levels for you to try. Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repeats, which means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box. Answers to puzzles on page 28

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Forthcoming Events By Keith Nicol

QF Focus Magazine is both a Sunday afternoon parade, the competition itself, on 11 February, starting at 4pm while the main event, the evening parade happens the following Saturday evening (17 February), following the same route, from about 9pm. Wrap up, bring your camera and enjoy the fun while wondering how all the dancers do not freeze wearing such few clothes.

It’s February, that most romantic month of the year and the start of getting back into the groove after all the festive spirit. February also brings the Carnival fun with a pinch of Rio to the area along with Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday - pancake day, call it what you will, along with the Chinese New Year, Ash Wednesday, St. Valentine’s Day: so lots of love, roses and chocolates throughout the month.

Walking Football fever is now taking off and those 50 and over who fancy kicking a ball around again, ladies included, can now take part in walking football. One of the popular spots for the sport is Los Montesinos on a Tuesday morning at 10am. It all helps us work of those festive kilos and follow those New Year’s resolutions to get fitter during 2018. There are at least another half a dozen local teams, with most of them advertising their playing times in local bar windows.

Although the number and size of the events in Torrevieja has dropped off over the past two years, the city of salt still has many number of great Fiestas throughout the year. This year’s Carnival will starts in earnest on Friday 2 February, with the fun and colourful National Drag Queen event changing location and now taking place in the fabulous International Auditorium beside Quiron Hospital:

During the winter the Craft Market at the Cuevas del Rodeo in Rojales is open on the 1st Sunday of each month in the morning from 11am to 2pm. It’s is a fun place to visit if you are looking for a small gift, piece of art or decoration. Local artists put their work on display along with other craft works to browse and enjoy. Also on the 1st Sunday of each month is the Ace Cafe Classic Car event, on the street outside La Torre Hotel in Los Montesinos from 11am to 1pm. Admission is free.

Torreveja’s Carnival Contest Parade starts from Plaza María Asunción, just outside of Mullins Irish Pub, and continues along Calle Ramón Gallud, past the Virgin del Carmen Cultural Centre, with the main focus of the parade being just in front of the Town Hall Square and finishing at Calle Patricio Pérez street. There

Answers to Sudoku & Spot the Difference



Kids of all ages are invited to attend the Torrellano Miniature Steam Train. It is run by the friends of the railways association and so is normally only open on Saturdays between 4pm and 8pm with Miniature Train Rides during February and March on the 2nd Sunday from 10.30am to 1.30pm. Every month the Friends of the Railways Association host a miniature train event at the railway museum in Torrellano. Donations of 1.50€ per visit are requested. Lest we forget, that most romantic day of the year, St. Valentine’s is on 14 February, so girls, start dropping those hints now about

QF Focus Magazine romantic presents, chocolates, diamonds, dinner for two and all that, to your man now, just in case he should forget. And ladies, even though it’s not a leap year, if he hasn’t popped the question yet, why not get down on your bended knee and put the pressure on him in front of hundreds of people, to say ‘yes’. If you have an interest in caravans, mobile homes and accessories, then you should consider a visit to the IFA Exhibition centre, located beside the airport, for their Caravanning Expo: Over the weekends 9 to 11 and 16 to 18, the 26th edition offers the latest models from different companies and brands with the widest possible range of caravans, motor homes, mobile homes, among others, as well as great prices and even special offers at the fair. A must for lovers of the world of camping and outdoor events. The strong point of the show is its variety, huge exhibition area and number of vehicles all located in the same space. You will also find mobile homes, tents, accessories and spare parts, services for camping and outdoor leisure and more. Discount entrance coupons can be downloaded from their website. Taking a peak into March, lest we forget 1 March is St. David’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day is 17 March, when everyone is Irish for the day, and on 19 March it’s a public holiday for San Jose or Father’s Day. On Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 March, the International Auditorium is also host to Expo Torrevieja III, the region’s premier International Lifestyle show.

We try to ensure that all information on forthcoming events is correct. We advise you to check any information as there are sometimes last minute changes or cancellations which are out of our control.

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Female Focus Directory Online Business Directory Costa Blanca

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96 587 5421

Female Focus Business Directory Built to grow your business

Boost your Google ranking with the Costa Blanca’s fastest growing business directory… with live Facebook feeds. Female Focus Publications is now in its 25th year. Since 1993 we’ve been helping businesses grow by turning our readers into your customers. We’ve earned a reputation through thoughtful expansion, always focusing on what counts for our advertisers. Our online business directory expands on our core values, and specifically helps your business get noticed even more. Our business directory ensures higher search engine rankings by ensuring your dynamic content is featured on your landing page. We can even promote short term offers and sales through our directory, our newsletter, and of course the magazines. It really is the only truly integrated print/ online advertising media on the Costa Blanca. Increase Your Business The whole point of advertising and marketing is to get found by more customers. Our online business directory has been designed with this single aim in mind. It’s about your business, not ours! Boost Your Google Ranking By creating a dynamic listing with multiple ‘live’ links, not only will customers find you more easily, but so will Google. And that means better ranking, and more visits to your website. Integrated Print & Online Advertising Only Female Focus can offer you great value monthly advertising integrated with your directory entry. We’ve even gone so far as to make it possible for you to promote offers via our newsletter. Extend Your Social Media Reach Facebook, Google+ etc. are vital tools for the majority of local businesses. They help you keep in contact with your customers. We extend your reach and ‘likes’ even further by carrying a live feed of your Facebook page and Google+ links. Smartphone & Tablet Optimised Our business directory is Smartphone friendly. People who are looking for your business will find it even easier to find you, both online, and whilst on the move. Great Value Advertising We know that doing business in the Costa Blanca means watching the pennies. We’ve priced all of our advertising products to offer the best value advertising around, and that includes the business directory.

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Xorret De Cati At the end of last year 15 of us headed for Novelda. We arrived at 8.45am and proceeded to the nearest bar for coffee and a tostada before unloading the bikes and getting our kit ready. It was a very cold morning with quite a sharp wind. Once we were watered and fed we prepared our bikes and left Novelda picking up the road to Monovar. At Monovar we picked up the CV83 to Elda and Petrar. Navigating through Petrar was a nightmare but we made it and cycled across the Madrid motorway and headed for Castalla, we were now on a single track road with passing places and it wasn’t long before we came to our first climb, followed by a very steep incline which forded a river which was only about 8” deep. However, the stones were very slippy and covered in slime, one of the guys miscalculated and fell off into the water and another one of the guys landed on top of him, so that was both of them soaking wet on a really cold day (not a good start). After passing through the river it was a sharp left hand turn straight into a 24% ramp, most of the guys were in the wrong gear and struggled to keep their wheels turning so a few of them had to get off and walk up pushing their bikes. At the top we sorted ourselves out and proceeded on the route, most of the guys were climbing Xorret de Cati for the first time and found it pretty tough going, however we were rewarded by a fantastic downhill for about 8kms all the way into Castalla where we stopped for a well deserved coffee in the town square. After leaving Castalla it was quite a simple ride to Ibi where we followed the road to Xixona then Sant Vicente del Raspeig where we picked up the road to Agost and then headed back to Novelda. This was a brilliant day out and a great route which took us 5 hours and covered 140k with just over 2000m of climbing, some fantastic scenery and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. This route has been part of La Vuelta (Tour de España) many times and this year a few of the domestics were forced to walk up due to the nature of the beast, well worth a visit but not for the faint hearted. The route is number 40 in our second volume of bike routes and maps. Team Cyclogical train every Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5.30pm until 8pm and on a Sunday from 8am until 12 noon if you fancy something more challenging, just give us a call on 637 487 377. Gary and Lynn are available at Cyclogical in Quesada Monday to Friday from 9.30am - 5.30pm and Saturdays from 10am – 2pm to assist and advise you on all your cycling requirements.

Good Advertising Doesn’t Cost

- It Sells! Call Michelle on 663 178 228 or email

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QF Focus, 29 January - 5 March 2018  

QF Focus, 29 January - 5 March 2018

QF Focus, 29 January - 5 March 2018  

QF Focus, 29 January - 5 March 2018