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November 2019

Female Focus Publications serving the English speaking community throughout the Costa Blanca since 1993

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FOCUS ON health

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Ask the Optician – What is the connection between diabetes and eye sight? Ahead of World Diabetes Day, Specsavers Ópticas is highlighting the importance of eye tests in helping to detect the condition. Diabetes is a serious condition which can damage the heart, kidneys, eyes and feet if left untreated. Often, people with

diabetes don’t get any symptoms, which means it can take up to 10 years before they are diagnosed1. But there is an easy test which can often show signs of the condition – an eye examination. To support the campaign and awareness day, Louise Stone, Store Director of Specsavers Ópticas Jávea and Calpe, is sharing some useful information about diabetes and eye health. Q. How can diabetes affect my eyes? A. Diabetes affects the small blood vessels and capillaries of the body. The walls of these vessels can develop small bulges (microaneurysms) and become ‘leaky’. Diabetic changes can occur in the blood vessels at the back of the eye. When diabetes results in these changes, it is referred to as diabetic retinopathy. Diabetes can also have other ocular pathological effects including cataracts and retinal detachments. Severe changes, if left untreated, can result in blindness. Q. How can these changes be identified? A. A symptom of diabetic retinopathy developing is blurry vision which can often come and go throughout the day, if you experience this issue get an eye test right away. Haemorrhages (blood leaking out of the vessels) and leaking fluid (oedema) can sometimes be detected by an eye examination. Q. How can I reduce my risk of suffering vision loss? A. The better the diabetes is controlled, the less likely vision issues will occur. However, the longer the patient has been diabetic, the greater the chances of eye disease. Q. Can the damage be treated? A. The sooner the problem is identified, the easier it can be treated, however even if it has progressed often the affected vessels can be cauterised by laser to reduce the damage.

Female Focus November 2019

Q. I am worried I might have diabetes what should I do? A. In the first instance you should go to your doctor for a blood sugar test. Also, look out for the free tests which will be organised around Spain as part of World Diabetes Day and get a comprehensive eye test with health checks included. Specsavers Ópticas are located in Avenida Ejércitos Españoles No. 6 in Calpe or Avenida Del Pla 125 in Jávea. To book an eye test or find your nearest store visit www.specsavers.es. https://www.diabetes.org.uk/ diabetes-the-basics/what-istype-2-diabetes.



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FOCUS ON business

Make sure you are not under insured I have always said that the Spanish are way ahead when it comes to traumatic weather occurrences by charging a small percentage on your policy which goes to the Consortio. This is a government controlled body, set up to provide cover for extreme, unusual conditions, such as recently experienced with very high rainfall, which caused large areas of damage and flooding on the Costa Blanca. The Consortio takes full control in these situations and this is totally separate and independent from your insurance provider or agent, and as such, results in no claims against your own policy. Please be aware however, that you will only be covered to the limits that you are actually insured for. If you are claiming contents of 50,000€ and your insured contents cover is only for 20,000€, the Consortio will work from the amount you are insured for. But the process can be very slow, particularly when a large area is designated a disaster zone and it takes time for the consortium to put everything and everyone into place to deal with the claims. I know this can be distressing and very frustrating, but when you have thousands of claims to handle and resolve, it will take time. Please be aware that the consortium and assessors will only respond to Spanish telephone numbers – they are unable to call outside of the country. There are always exceptions, and for the Expats, primarily it is UK plated cars, insured in Spain, which do not contribute to the Consortio and this then reverts to the insurance company, where you may find you are not covered at all. In my various articles and on my Sound Advice programme on Bay Radio, I am always warning about being under insured. It is at times like these that you really appreciate what that means and being with a good insurance company is vital. The contents amount of your policy should always be your choice but you do need to get it right. I always say – check your policy, don't assume or take the verbal word that everything is exactly the same, and don't go by price alone. Call one of my consultants for a fully comprehensive, tailor made home policy quotation to protect yourself and your home.

Female Focus November 2019

FOCUS ON since 1993

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www.femalefocusonline.com Depending on the extension given (it hadn't been decided at the time of going to press), this month may see the UK Brexiting, and also on 10 November there is a General Election here in Spain. Boris is also trying for an election in the UK for next month. As I have been out of the UK for more than 15 years I am unable to vote not only in the UK, but also in General Elections here in Spain, so although the outcomes will effect me greatly, I have no say. It is all very frustrating, as I am sure many of you in the same situation can understand. Keep your eye out for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal donation boxes, make your donation and wear your poppy with pride in the knowledge that you will be supporting your past and present Armed Forces community here in Spain. This month the magazine is packed with information on fairs, concerts, trips, religious and other events leading up to Christmas, with everything you need to prepare you and enjoy it in which ever way you want. Yorkshire puddings and a pantomime with the granddaughter are the main ingredients to make mine a good one! Issue 18 of The Professionals magazine is out don't miss it, with over 90 professional services listed you know you will always have a professional to hand should you need Lesley one. Congratulations to Mary Taylor-Speed from Parcent who won the 50€ competition last month, by spotting the logo on page 45. For your chance to win 50€ this month, see inside for details of how to enter. Front page cover:- Original Watercolour by Alice Davies Pick up your next issue on 2 December. Deadlines: Editorial & Advertising - 12 noon - 18 November.

Female Focus covering from Alicante North and the QF Focus Magazine covering the Alicante South region. To discuss your advertising needs with your local representative contact:-

Gandía to Jávea Roddy 688 815 405 or 96 575 6833 roddy@femalefocusonline.com

Benitachell to Villajoyosa Alan 689 358 232 alan@femalefocusonline.com

Female Focus Publications are available from over 1000 distribution points throughout the Costa Blanca, making us the largest Free English language magazine publishers by far! Office: Mon to Fri. 10am - 2pm Tel. 657 501 055 editor@femalefocusonline.com advertising@femalefocusonline.com classifieds@femalefocusonline.com www.femalefocusonline.com Like and Follow us on Facebook - Costa Blanca Focus https://www.facebook.com/FemaleFocus/ Female Focus November 2019

FOCUS ON professionals

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Located in Albir in the commercial centre La Guixa, one minute from Mercadona is the Telecommunications centre "TUMOVIL ALBIR" where you will find the solution to your telecommunication queries, whether it be internet, contracts, mobile repairs, hiring new services of telephony and acquire your latest generation Smartphone. They have a wide variety of TV services: English and Scandinavian, you can see all the favourite channels of your country in Spain and you will only pay when you want to see them, without ties or contracts.

In TUMOVIL ALBIR, they also offer Fibre Optics or 4G services for your home, Sim cards for mobiles phones and routers. You can also buy devices at affordable prices among which are: Samsung, Apple, Huawei and other brands available in store. If you are looking for the best accessories for your mobile device or tablet, do not hesitate, they also have a wide variety of accessories such as chargers, cases, original and compatible cables of excellent quality. In this centre they are specialists in the repair of Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and also Samsung amongst others, at unbeatable prices and giving their customers the confidence that they only work using original parts.

Visit TUMOVIL 'Lowcost' ALBIR and the qualified, English speaking staff will always be ready to help you or telephone 604 368 398, Monday to Friday 10.00 until 6.00pm. Female Focus November 2019


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FOCUS ON local businesses

Round Town Travel have been operating day trips on the Costa Blanca now for over ten years and offer one of the most comprehensive lists of cheap days out, with a weekly schedule that runs from Monday to Saturday. Each excursion is accompanied by an English representative that will explain about the surrounding area with some interesting facts, local myths and a bit about local traditions that all go to make a really great overall experience. Well, they must be doing something right as they have been awarded a certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor for over two years running and boast a whopping four and a half stars from customer ratings. There are pick up points in La Cala, Benidorm, Albir, Altea & Calpe, so you should never have to travel too far to get on one of the Round Town Travel coaches. Why not enjoy a day in Valencia? Round Town Travel visit there every Monday throughout the year and you will get five and a half hours free time when you arrive. At a cost of just 27.50€ per person, it’s cheaper than catching the ALSA bus. They travel to Guadalest on a Tuesday & Thursday, Guadalest & the Algar Waterfalls on a Friday, the Jalon Valley for the rastro and wine bodega on a Saturday as well as other destinations throughout the week too. For residents or those staying in Calpe & Altea, Round Town Travel also offer such things as Benidorm Palace with free transport on a Thursday and Benidorm's theme parks with transport too, during the summer months.

Christmas Shopping Trip Well Christmas is just around the corner and Round Town Travel will be offering weekly Christmas shopping trips to Alicante on Saturdays 7th, 14th and 21st on which you can visit the Gran Via shopping centre that has stores such as Primark and H&M or if you would prefer, head to “El Corte Ingles” or the high street stores in the city itself and shop until you drop for just 15€ per person. If you fancy a great day out, contact Round Town Travel on (0034) 606 502 459 or book online at www.roundtowntravel.com.

Female Focus November 2019


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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who takes the best selfie of them all? Millennials are no longer the only new kids on the block taking Selfies. The desire to share Selfies taken at unforgettable events and experiences isn’t just for the younger generation. Costa Blanca Magic Mirror tapped into the trend with The Magic Mirror and also with their newest evolution in interactive photobooth experience: The Magic Selfie. The fully interactive 65” mirror, elegant looks, amazing image quality, and instant prints will certainly keep your guests amused and entertained. Once the Costa Blanca Magic Mirror is onsite the fun begins because who can resist the chance to pose in front of the full-length mirror and have their image captured?! The buzz doesn't stop there with guests immediately sharing their images on social media and option to take home a printed keepsake from the event. Additional features include the chance to sign your photo, add emojis, digital props or play retro games. As well as being brand new and constantly updated you’ll soon see what sets The Magic Mirror apart from other photo booths. Our latest addition: The Magic Selfie can do traditional photos, GIF, Burst GIF animations, boomerangs and video. The gorgeous ring and inviting mirror draw guests right in. Offering customisable start screen and several photo templates, a choice of different filters, digital props and instant sharing via email and SMS, you’ve never

taken a selfie like this before! Costa Blanca Magic Mirror was started last year by Françoise (Fran) with the vision of providing quality photographs, remarkable memories and the very best service for her clients. Her interest Françoise (Fran) de Graaff in photography grew over a number of years of social gatherings and networking opportunities, and she now combines this with her knowledge of business management and entrepreneurship. Chief Best Selfie Ever Officer - Founder Together with her daughter Stephanie and her team it’s guaranteed you will have a blast with the interactive photobooth experience. Don’t miss out and book “THE must have” for your special/corporate event or party now! Costa Blanca Magic Mirror is available to hire throughout the Costa Blanca...why not look into it for 2019/2020?

COSTA BLANCA MAGIC MIRROR. Tel: 649 018 410 Website: www.costablancamagicmirror.com Email: info@costablancamagicmirror.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/costablancamagicmirror

Female Focus November 2019

FOCUS ON legalities Page 9 or non-EEA countries are required to declare income earned in The clock is ticking and the Spanish Spain at a general rate of 24% (19% on capital gains). Non-residents of Spain and tax residents of an EU member state or tax man is awaiting the deadline EEA country with an effective exchange of tax information with Can you imagine the following scenario? You are driving your Spain, will be charged a Spanish income tax rate of 19%. car along a Spanish one-way system. From out of nowhere, a In either category, the general rule for fiscal non-residents is that Guardia Civil officer steps into the road, right arm up, left arm tax is based on their: gross Spanish source of notional income pointing at you to pull over… You love Spain, you bought a home (benefit of having an asset), net rental income of Spanish property in this country and pay taxes here. What can be wrong? and on capital gains arising from assets located in Spain. Several minutes later you get a ticket (€1500) because you had not If you are a non-resident and owner of a Spanish property, realised that your car insurance had expired. An innocent overlook, what taxes should you pay? perhaps, but this reason will not be enough to avoid the ticket. Before we dive into it, there is an important rule you should keep This is exactly what could happen if you missed the deadline to pay in mind. When property is owned by more than one person, each your non-resident tax. Please read through this article that we’ve person will be an independent tax payer who will have to declare written to help you understand how non-resident taxes work. separate tax returns. What group are you in? The notional or rental income tax amount will depend on the use If you bought property in Spain you find yourself within one of the of the property: following three groups: A) Notional income tax on properties in private use 1. Investor, renting out (not having a Spanish residency card) Let’s say you were not the owner of the property during the whole 2. Holiday homeowner (not having a Spanish residency card) year. In which case, you would only pay notional income tax that 3. Permanent homeowner (having a Spanish residency card) would be applied over the period where you were the actual owner. If you’re within groups 1 and/or 2… keep reading please! This same formula would apply if you rent out the property. Are you a Spanish fiscal resident? Notional income tax is calculated according to the calendar year – You are a Spanish fiscal resident if: 1st of January to the 31st of December. You live more than 183 days per calendar year on Spanish territory B) Income tax on property which is rented out (even if you hadn’t previously applied for a Spanish residency card). The rule here is: “non-resident property owners who rent out their Otherwise, you are considered a fiscal non-resident. property are obliged to declare the total amount received and are However, both non-resident and resident property owners in Spain taxed over the net income”. are obliged to file annual income tax returns, as the Spanish tax Unlike notional income, this kind of tax is declared quarterly as system operates through self-assessment. follows: • 1st-20th April (1st quarter- Jan to March) • 1st-20th July What is the Spanish tax year? (2nd quarter- April to June) • 1st-20th Oct (3rd quarter- July to The fiscal tax year in Spain begins on the 1st January and ends on Sept) • 1st-20th Jan (4th quarter- Oct to Dec) the 31st December. Spanish fiscal non-resident annual tax returns Have you got any questions on non-resident tax? If so, then please are declared in arrears the following year. do let us know. Email admin@sun-lawyers.com or contact your How much tax will you have to pay? nearest office - contact details in the advert below. There are two main categories here: Sun Lawyers is a Spanish law firm founded in 1985 with more Non-residents of Spain and tax residents in non-EU member states than 30 years’ experience.


Female Focus November 2019

FOCUS ON community

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Take control of your finances in an uncertain world By Brett Hanson, Partner, Blevins Franks Despite Brexit and global uncertainty, there are some things you can control to your benefit, whatever happens. Taxation – There are Spain-compliant investments that can offer tax efficiency as well as currency and income flexibility. Meanwhile, UK-centric portfolios could see increased taxation with Brexit, as some non-EU/EEA assets may be treated differently. Tougher tax rules may also follow a UK government change. A locally-based adviser can advise about asset protection and tax-efficient opportunities in Spain. Pensions – Today, expatriates can access UK pensions without UK taxes, but the 25% ‘overseas transfer charge’ could be extended post-Brexit. Currently, Spanish residents are only penalised if transferring to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) outside the EU/ EEA. Take regulated pensions advice to establish the most suitable approach for your personal circumstances and goals now, before the rules potentially change. Investments – Brexit is just one of many influences that can disrupt markets, but diversification can minimise risk. A portfolio of mixed asset types from different countries, regions and market sectors is best placed to ride out turbulence and produce positive returns over time. If you mainly hold UK assets, returns will be more vulnerable to the fortunes of sterling and the British economy. In any case, you need to make sure your investments offer the right balance of risk and return for your peace of mind. With careful tax, pensions, investments and estate planning, you can steer your financial future in the right direction. Cross-border financial planning is complex, so take specialist, personalised advice for the best results. Summarised tax information is based upon our understanding of current laws and practices which may change. Individuals should seek personalised advice. Keep up to date on the financial issues that may affect you on the Blevins Franks news page at www.blevinsfranks.com.

Female Focus November 2019

FOCUS ON Insurance

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Get cashback now with the new Liberty Seguros promotion! The #1 preferred expat insurer in Spain, Liberty Seguros, is again offering more discounts to both existing and new customers through a new Cashback promotion, from now until December 23rd 2019. If you are already an existing customer and take out one or more new policies whether for Car, Home, Life or Funeral you will receive 60€ Cashback for each one you buy. That means you could receive unlimited cash whilst you protect yourself, your loved ones, your home and your car! Just bear in mind that these offers are not for renewals or replacements. Don’t worry if you are a new client, you can also benefit. If you switch to Liberty Seguros you’ll get 30€ Cashback on your first premium quote and then 60€ on each of your subsequent new policies. Basically, the more policies you take out, the more cash you will get back and as there is no limit on policies, there is no limit on cashback! So, what are you waiting for to take out a policy with Liberty Seguros? Apart from saving money there are many other advantages that you can benefit from. With your car insurance you will get a courtesy car up to 35 days in case of theft, accident, fire and mechanical breakdown; you even decide in the vehicle repair garage, among other benefits. If you take out a home insurance, they give you fully comprehensive accidental, including subsidence cover. Liberty Seguros also offers optional extended cover for jewellery and valuables, both inside and outside the home. Both their car and home policies give you access to 24/7 multi-lingual, emergency assistance via freephone so help is always right there when you need it! Did you know that Liberty Seguros also has an extensive network of around 300 brokers and agents who will be pleased to give you all the help you need and look after you for the long term? If you value a more personal service and face-to-face contact, Liberty Seguros is your insurer company. Over 175,000 expat clients have already chosen Liberty Seguros, so why not join the leading expat company in Spain now? You know it makes sense! To find out more, and further details visit www.libertyexpatriates.es. Or simply call 91 342 2549. Conditions may apply.

Teulada – Moraira Lions Present “What a Cracker VII” The Teulada – Moraira Lions are once again proud to present their Christmas extravaganza on 1 December in Espai La Senieta, Moraira. “What a Cracker VII” promises to be a very special festive show and in this, the Lions 25th celebratory year, we have pulled out all the stops! We are very pleased to have as our headlining attraction The Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir, and are very much looking forward to presenting this fabulous choir once again. To get the show started we have the Lady Elizabeth school choir followed by a special performance by a local young lady, Florrie, who will no doubt enchant everyone. We also have the fabulous voices of Barry Peters, Julia Bless and a very special “Surprise Guest” There will be all your favourite Christmas songs and Carols, all manner of festive goodies, a bar and raffle, plus special treats for the little ones. Lots of festive fun to start off the holiday season! Tickets are priced at only 5€. There may even be an appearance by a certain rather corpulent gentleman! To book your tickets for this great start to the festive season call 96 649 8493 or email: tmlions.concerts@gmail.com. For information on all our events and the TM Lions club go to www.tmlions.com. Female Focus November 2019

FOCUS ON health

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Funeral Plans The Spanish Way Easier and Less Costly Than You Might Think

The death of a loved one is nothing less than an emotional and traumatic event. In Spain, things are handled differently and much faster, often leaving some expats bewildered and angry. And then of course there’s the cost, which can also be a surprise. What many expats don’t realise is that there is a local option, which is to be buried in Spain, after all you’ve lived here so for some it may make sense. Helping navigate this option is something that Funeraria Pastor are well known for. With plans from as little as 1400€, you can be assured that the organisation of a funeral can be taken care of, allowing friends and relatives to grieve without the hassle of having to organise a funeral, and navigate the bureaucracy that can be quite trying. Funeraria Pastor can take care of it all including all the necessary procedures to officiate the funeral. We provide you with postmortem documents, essential for the withdrawal of Social Security, the declaration of heirs, the obtaining of certificates of last Wills, inheritances, State aid, insurance, etc. They recognise all families have different needs and requirements and they offer a flexible and quality service. They take care of funerals here in Spain, and as you’d expect a repatriation service if you so require. You might be worried about the language, but rest assured, Maria is 100% fluent in English and well aware of cultural differences, you’ll feel right at home with people who care, understand and are easy to talk to. Funeraria Pastor is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To find out more, visit www.funerariavalencia.net, email funerariapastor@gmail.com or call Maria on 686 644 964.

Female Focus November 2019


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FOCUS ON beauty

Dr CYJ Hair filler:the world's first hair filler Dr CYJ filler is the world's first hair filler NOW available. The patented formula revives hair follicles, stimulates hair and follicular growth and prevents hair loss. It is made up of hyaluronic acid, biometic peptides, growth factors, enzymes, trace elements, minerals and vitamins. Dr CYJ filler is applied by your medical aesthetics practitioner via microinjections into the scalp. Ingredients are released into the skin and gradually become active during a prolonged release period which allows them to stimulate hair follicles and cells and promote hair growth. The procedure also stimulates microcirculation and with an ologopeptide stops hair depigmentation. So fewer white hairs too! Who is this for? • For men and women with thinning and balding hair • For women and men who have weak and thin hair • To enhance the condition and volume of hair • To prevent hair loss, promote hair growth and reduce grey hairs • People who have transplanted hair and who want to extend the life cycle of their implants The procedure is completely pain free when performed with an invisible needle mesotherapy gun at 450 injections per minute.

How many sessions are required? Initially 1 session every 2 weeks for 2 months, then 1 session per month for 4 months. Results are visible at 2 months but the course must be completed for lasting results. Book an appointment on 96 579 3810 at Zen Smile Spa to find out more. See advert above for more information. Female Focus November 2019

FOCUS ON since 1993

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CBD Store Spain As you might know CBD is one of the most important compounds of the marijuana plant and offers a wide variety of health benefits, without any of the psychoactive effects (the feeling of getting 'stoned' or 'high'). The CBD molecules have a direct effect on a person's immune system and could therefore help with stress related problems, lack of sleep, high blood pressure, arthritis, ADHD, MS, epilepsy and the list goes on. CBD is a very promising, legal and natural product that can be used against an incredible amount of physical and mental complaints. At the CBD Store Spain only their own high quality product line is being provided from Azoth, which has been produced in a 100% biological and natural way and this is proven in the lab reports that they provide with all the products available. The CBD Store highly recommends people to always ask for lab reports when buying CBD products, as they take the health of their clients very seriously. A lot of suppliers promise a certain content of the product which they cannot prove and because of this the chance of taking in harmful substances increases. Azoth is one of the biggest suppliers of CBD oil in the world and only offers CBD without any trace of the psychoactive compound THC, no added chemicals, pesticides or other harmful substances. Biological and natural is what they stand for. Their production process is under strict control and every supply is tested by a third part laboratory. In the near future their product range will be extended to CBD Raw Oils, which are extracted from the whole plant and offer an even wider variety of beneficial compounds. Keep an eye out for more news. Do not hesitate to come in for a drink and personal advice, our professionals will be at your service. Find us at Avenida d'Europa 135, L'Alfaz del Pi (N332, next to Skler and Bon Patata Amsterdam) and Avenida de la Fontana 9A, Jávea.

The Asociación Voluntariado Social de L'Alfaz del Pi

has been independent since 2013 and therefore is dependent on the 3 deliveries they receive a year from the Spanish Red Cross, a subsidy that they receive from the town hall and on donations received from the local community. It is important to highlight this as the association carries out an extremely important role in Alfaz to help feed and clothe just under 100 families who have little or no income. Families can come to the centre for a distribution of basic food stuffs every 3 weeks only. All items are strictly itemised in order to ensure a fair and even allocation to all. Luckily Consum supermarkets in Alfaz & Albir do donate their out of date food to the centre and for that they are extremely grateful. We hope that this culture will catch on with the other local supermarkets in the future. The association desperately needs another couple of strong volunteers to help collect this food each day. It’s also worth noting that they are currently low on milk, juice and nappies size 4 & 5. Children do make up a large proportion and treats are very few.. it would be nice occasionally for the children to receive a little chocolate, sweeties or cereals. There are two clothing banks, one located just outside the centre at the top end of Alfaz High Street and the other at Pensioners in Albir (Jubilados de Albir), next to the tourist information office on the main Avenida del Albir. All clothing is sorted and either sold to raise funds or distributed to the families. Nothing is wasted, any items considered un-usable will be shipped to Africa. Donations of money, food, clothing & toys, volunteers & bright ideas are all welcome.. for instance they would love to start a help the aged initiative to provide company, help and assistance and help stop the terrible loneliness that exists for the elderly. Can you help? If you are able to help in any way please do contact Joanne on: 670 656 019. Female Focus November 2019


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FOCUS ON wellness

Important Date for your Diary On Thursday 21 November The Good Care Group are holding an Open Day at the Jávea Parador Hotel. Because of demand they are actively looking to recruit more Live-in Carers who are based in Spain and able to travel to the UK to look after their elderly clients living throughout England and Scotland. The Good Care Group is proud to be the most awarded Live-In Care Provider in the UK, and is rated ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission, one of only 2% of care providers nationally. They have a successful recruitment team based in Spain and hold an induction training course in Guardamar every month. They warmly welcome international and expat Carers with at least 6 months professional or personal care experience. Having employed Carers from Spain for over seven years they have many people who have enjoyed rewarding careers. Professional live in Carer Marion splits her time between Spain and the UK. She says “Having worked in a variety of care settings over the years, it's live-in care that’s by far given me the greatest job satisfaction. More importantly, I’ve seen first-hand how having the time to build relationships with my clients is central to enhancing their sense of wellbeing and happiness later in life. Live-in care gives me the opportunity to do what inspired me to care in the first place: making a real difference to an individual’s life as opposed to them just being another number on my to-do list”. All professional Carers are directly employed by The Good Care Group and receive market-leading training. With a variety of rota patterns, flight contributions from Spain* and paid UK travel whilst in placement, their carers can get the best of both worlds; spending their time working in the UK and still enjoying valuable time off in Spain. Typically shift patterns for live-in carers are "2 weeks on" and "2 weeks off" for those living in Spain, and this has proven to be an ideal working arrangement for many Spain-based carers. However they have many other working patterns available to suit your lifestyle. As all of the roles are for “live-in” care positions, your accommodation will be provided for the duration of your working time in the UK. So if you have ever thought of extending your career as a carer, or perhaps you used to be in a medically related job, or if you have cared for a family member in the past and now fancy returning to the UK for fixed periods to care for others, and earning a good income whilst doing so, then this opportunity is not to be missed. Jayne Nuttall-Blake is the recruitment officer for Spain, and she will be at the Jávea Parador on 21 November between 10am and 4pm. There will be informative Presentations at 10.30am and 2.30pm, and Jayne will be very happy to talk and explain all about how the Good Care Group invests in supporting their carers, as well as the older and elderly people that you will be caring for. The Jávea Parador Hotel is located at Avenida del Mediteraneo 233, 03730 Jávea. In case you cannot make it to the Open Day but are interested in working for The Good Care Group, feel free to contact Jayne Nuttall-Blake on (0034) 634 345 685. *terms apply.

Female Focus November 2019

FOCUS ON health

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"I would let my kids go there, that's how confident I feel." For a few years I had been thinking about having a little facial nip and tuck, but after consulting a plastic surgeon in the UK I was still unsure. I didn't want to look younger, just less tired. And I was very fed up with people telling me to "Cheer Up". Having now moved to Spain, I was recommended to go and see Dr Poole, so I went along just to see what he would say. Very apprehensive, I met with Fabi his nurse and receptionist, and I was made very welcome. Dr Poole called me in to his consulting room on time, and he completely put me at my ease. The clinic was spotlessly clean, and Dr Poole showed me pictures of his past patients, and told me to go home and think about my surgery. But in fact there was no need, he was so professional, I knew that I wanted to go ahead, and I booked the appointment for the surgery there and then. One of the pleasing things was that because I live within a reasonable driving distance of the surgery someone would be able to drive me home after the operation, there would be no need for me to stay overnight. The operation itself went very well, it took about 2 hours, and afterwards Dr Poole prescribed me painkillers. But in fact I wouldn't say that I was ever in any pain, it was more like discomfort. The aftercare was second to none. I went back to the clinic after 2 days to be checked, and after 2 weeks the external stitches were taken out. The internal stitches work their way out over time. I am thrilled with the result, especially with my neck. People I meet think that it is my new haircut that makes me look so well, which pleases me greatly because it shows that I still look like me, if you know what I mean! Would I recommend Dr Poole to other people? Well let me say this..."if they ever need a little bit of cosmetic surgery help, I would let my kids go there, that's how confident I feel". Article supplied by Marie Thomason, who had her procedure this summer 2019 at Dr Poole's clinic. Clinica El Arenal, Av Arenal 2, Jรกvea. Telephone 865 525 504. Mon - Fri 10.30am - 1.30pm, email: clinicaarenal@gmail.com.

Female Focus November 2019


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FOCUS ON beauty

Simple ways to improve your smile… 1. The first way to improve your teeth and mouth is to have fantastic oral hygiene. All teeth and mouths are ‘nice’ if super clean as this guarantees a healthy mouth and fresh clean breath. Nothing worse than standing back from bad breath and it's embarrassing to mention it except to a partner or close family. 2. Have a thorough technique to make sure you brush well at the back and insides (people miss here) because it take more time than the fronts – you must overlap the gums and if they bleed then just continue and get your dental appointment booked. A medium small headed brush is the way to go so you can reach everywhere easily. 3. Clean daily between your teeth with interprox brushes. If you have hardly any gap then you can use floss. Kids and some lucky people can miss this out but most need it as nasty bacteria grow in these awkward places and they cause gum disease and bad breath. 4. Get any hole filled as these are natural stagnation areas for bad bacteria. 5. Get discoloured teeth whitened – this is a great treatment for fresh smile confidence. 6. Chipped, uneven, and shabby front teeth can be contoured or fixed with minimal preparation not requiring injections. The result, a rejuvenated smile that stands the test of time. 7. And …cut out sugary drinks and excessive sweeties… goes without saying as these are also bad for your general health as well as causing cavities. Call now and book an appointment for a check-up and improve your smile. Telephone: 966 46 11 20 or call in to Avda del Pla 122, Local 5, Edificio La Plaza, 03730 Jávea. Visit our website: www.clinicadentallaplaza.com.

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Walk Your Way Well by Niamh O'Sheehan

Last month we touched on the challenges of TIME. How we quite often prioritise other people and “stuff” rather than ourselves. We persistently blame the constraints of our agendas and find EXCUSES. Remember: If you want it, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. I love walking and I thoroughly enjoy writing, so it doesn’t pain me in the slightest to hunker down at 6am at the kitchen table with a cuppa and a cookie, scribbling. In fact, it’s bliss! I’m using these precious pre-dawn autumn hours to put my thoughts in order before the ritual morning chaos hits my household. I have three young school going children and shortly the alarms bells will start kicking up a storm. I visualise some of you nodding knowingly at the inevitable bedlam that is about to ensue. We get so bogged down in the mundane of our day-to-day existence that we quite often forget to dedicate those vital hours that are a requisite to our well-being. If we want to be the optimum mother, father, partner, friend and person then we MUST be selfish. Know this: Self-care is the best care. Once again, I beseech you all to commit to a couple of hours a week to both your physical and emotional pampering. And, unsurprisingly, I strongly suggest WALKING. As I’ve mentioned in my previous monthly ramblings there are a multitude of magnificent routes to enjoy that commence at most of our Costa Blanca doorsteps. Whether it be a coastal path or a mountain trek, we are spoilt for choice. However, do you ever wonder what actually happened to those people you’ve ever given supermarket directions to? Suffice to say, my sense of direction is completely skew ways. So, if you’re anything like me, you might be reluctant to undertake some of these winding trails alone or with your navigationally challenged friends. With this in mind, this month I’ve embarked upon a fact finding mission for you all. I’d like to introduce you to a selection of popular walking groups who will plan, organise and guide you to and through some of the most breathtaking views that exist in this area. These people are highly experienced walkers with a wealth of local knowledge and experience. Aside from making the routes easily accessible, you will also enjoy the social aspect of meeting like minded people who appreciate nature and the physical challenge involved in a hearty trek. Don’t be shy about getting in touch. All of the groups I mention below are very welcoming and encourage new members to have a trial walk to see if the group is the right fit for your level and needs. Walk your way well people! COSTA BLANCA MOUNTAIN WALKERS is in its 32nd year and offers all levels of walks. You can email them for information at admin@cbmwalkers.org. Alternatively, you’ll find a hugely informative website at the following address www.cbmwalkers.org. WALKING JÁVEA & MARINA ALTA has been offering guided walks for 10 years. Karen & Clive organise both health walks (1 hour) and intermediate walks (2 hours). Further information can be found at www.letsgo.kcwalking.com. U3A JALON VALLEY has a broad spectrum of organised walks. With the Monday Ramblers, Wednesday Wanderers and Thursday Explorers you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. Further information on their website: www.u3avalldelpop.com.

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FOCUS ON wellness

Eyelash extensions at Mimis Kru Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. Svetlana, our eyelash professional, offers synthetic eyelash extensions with a natural, Russian volume or the Hollywood look! She will help you make the best decision for your lashes. "The type of lashes you can get all depends on the length and strength of your natural lashes,” she says “the best part about them is that they are super customisable and actually look real”. How are eyelash extensions applied? Tweezers are used to isolate an individual eyelash. The artificial eyelash extension is dipped in medical grade black adhesive then positioned on top of the natural eyelash. This process is repeated until the desired fullness of lashes is received. How long do they last? Lash extensions last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes, typically six to eight weeks, because each person's lash growth is variable, light lash maintenance is recommended every three to four weeks to maintain a full and natural look. The biggest myth is that lash extensions ruin your own lashes. They do not. If applied correctly and properly, they are safe, hypoallergenic and do not ruin the health of your natural lashes. Tried and tested To show how good they really are we invited Claire to be our test model. She explains “I was a bit nervous beforehand as I wasn’t sure what to expect, however Svetlana made sure I was comfortable and following her professional suggestion I opted for natural but thicker looking lashes. For the next 2 hours I was in her expert hands. The procedure was mildly ticklish and never uncomfortable, I’m sure I nodded off at one point. The finished look did take me by surprise, and it’s over a week now and I’m still delighted.” After Care Claire continues “They are comfortable and easy to take care of. Svetlana gave me a list of care instructions which on first reading made me question whether I’d been given a Gremlin – 1st rule – don’t get them wet – for at least 24 hours until the glue has properly cured. 2nd rule – don’t feed them – joking here but there is no need to apply any mascara or any other creams or moisturisers as this can also affect the glue. Finally try not to sleep face down or rub your eyes or pull on the lashes. A full set of eyelashes by Svetlana at Mimis Kru are €35 and maintenance in-fills are €25. Gift Vouchers available. Ideal Christmas gift! Call 96 579 3584 to make an appointment. Local 12, Edificio Caribe, Av del Pla 129, Jávea Tel: 96 579 3584. www.mimiskruhairandbeauty.com Facebook: mimiskru. See advert on the Horoscope page.

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Anyone With An Infection Can Get Sepsis Regularly we at Asociación Amigos Europeos de Jávea write articles about conditions and illnesses that we hope might help you, the readers, in case of need. But oddly enough we have never written about Sepsis, despite it being so prevalent. For example, there are at least 250,000 cases in the UK every year, leading to an estimated 14,000 deaths. Sepsis happens when your immune system overreacts to an infection and starts to damage your body's own tissues and organs. It is sometimes called septicaemia or blood poisoning, and it can be hard to spot because there are lots of possible symptoms which can be like the symptoms of other conditions, including flu or a chest infection. Although Sepsis can be a life-threatening condition, one important thing to note is that you cannot catch Sepsis from another person. It often helps to identify which people are more likely to get an infection that could lead to Sepsis. These are: · Babies under 1, particularly if they are born prematurely or their mother had an infection while pregnant · People over 75 · People with diabetes · People with a weakened immune system, such as those having chemotherapy treatment or who recently had an organ transplant · People who have recently had a serious illness or had surgery Knowing the signs of Sepsis could help to save a life. Always seek medical help urgently if you or someone else develops any of the following: S - Slurred speech or acting confused E - Extreme shivering or muscle pain P - Passing no urine in a day S - Severe breathlessness or breathing very fast I - It's the worst you've ever felt S - Skin, lips or tongue mottled, pale or discoloured Do not worry if you're not sure if it's Sepsis. Just seek medical help and ask "Could it be Sepsis?" For more information visit: www.sepsistrust.org or www.nhs.uk/conditions/sepsis. This article is brought to you by ASOCIACION AMIGOS EUROPEOS DE JAVEA. Avenida Juan Carlos 1, No 69, 03730, Jávea. Telephone 96 579 6099 (24hr). Email: amigos_europeos@yahoo.es. See their advert below.

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FOCUS ON community

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FOCUS ON society

our ARIES Time to start planning more of your bucket list experiences. It doesn't have to be anything your budget can't stretch to but even just doing more of the things that make you happy. By sharing these experiences with someone just as enthusiastic will make them even more special. TAURUS Not being the most adventurous can mean you miss out on so much. Start exploring your options more rather than just sticking to your normal routines and decisions and the sky really is the limit. GEMINI Stop avoiding something or someone and ask yourself why you are doing it. The motivation behind your problem needs to be addressed so you can move forward and either forget it altogether or confront it. CANCER Focus on your goal and try not to deviate too far from getting it. Your will power seems to be strong enough to fight anything at the moment so try overcoming some of those bad habits. LEO Life is for living and is too short to get bogged down with things that really are not that important. If it is not bringing you pleasure or is not essential to you then maybe it is time for a clear out start letting things that serve no purpose go. VIRGO Although everything is not perfect it is definitely better than it has been recently. Some serious decisions now need to be made to make sure you don't repeat the mistakes again.

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oroscope LIBRA By laying down the ground work thoroughly you will be able to move forward quickly with amazing results in the future. You must think of yourself first before you start volunteering for even more work. SCORPIO Obstacles seems to get in the way just when you think you are nearing your goal. If you feel that strongly about it then fight for it, otherwise it may just be time to forget this one and move on. SAGITTARIUS Meeting people in strange circumstances sees you making a new group of friends which in turn widens your experiences. It turns into an amazing learning experience and makes you glad you were in the right place and the right time. CAPRICORN When you set your mind to something you really do carry on until you achieve it. It doesn't have to be to the detriment of all else. Don't lose touch with someone special by putting off making that call or writing that letter. AQUARIUS You are already planning for Christmas and are driving some people mad with it. You might enjoy it but don't push it onto everyone else. PISCES Stop looking for hidden meanings in everything. Sometimes it just is what it is. Hold back from offering to help with everything and choose the things you want to be involved in more carefully. This way you will enjoy things much more and stick to them rather than doing lots of things half hearted.


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Marina Alta Costa Blanca Floral Club Christmas Demonstration Our Christmas Demonstration is on Thursday 28 November when we look forward to welcoming the talented and entertaining John McDonald, bringing us "Up To Snow Good". A very highly experienced floral artist originating from Scotland and now living in Hungary, John is a seasoned competitor and demonstrator. He has worked as the chief florist in Gleneagles Hotel and has also written numerous magazine articles. To whet your appetite have a look on YouTube and watch him making some arrangements. As it is our Christmas Demonstration we will also be serving a welcoming glass of cava and a mince pie when our doors open at 2pm, so come along sharp, buy your raffle tickets and take time to mingle and chat with other members and visitors. Our doors shut at 2.45pm. As always our venue is The Salon de Actos, La Senieta, Moraira (in the corner of the large free car park). Entrance is 5€ for members and €8 for visitors, and everyone is welcome. We will also be drawing the winning tickets for our Charity Christmas Hamper Raffle, the proceeds of which are being donated to The Ambulance Service, Protección Civil, Teulada/Moraira, and Afa Alzheimer, Teulada. Our flowers will be supplied by Antonio and Friends at Paichi Garden Centre, and, as always will be raffled at the end of the afternoon. For further information contact Lynn on 96 640 5426, visit our website www.marinaaltafloralclub.com and you can also follow us on Facebook. Lynn and her Committee look forward to welcoming you.

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FOCUS ON recipes

Besan Punjabi Kadhi - Gramflour and Yogurt Curry This is one of our favourite Indian dishes. Punjabi Kadhi is a classic dish made with yoghurt and chickpea flour, served plain or with pakora/bhajis. It’s usually served with fluffy white basmati rice and a simple side salad of onions to nibble on. Ingredients - Makes/Serves 4 To make the batter; 75g besan/gram flour 250g plain yogurt 2 tsp salt 1 tsp garam masala 2 tsp black pepper 1 tsp ground ginger 1 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp turmeric 750ml water 3 tbsp oil 2 tsp coriander seeds 2 tsp cumin seeds 1 large white onion thinly sliced 30g ginger finely chopped 2 chillies (optional) 3 tbsp kasuri methi dried fenugreek leaves Coriander to garnish

Recipe - To make the kadhi batter; in a large bowl sieve the gram flour, add the salt, garam masala, black pepper, ground ginger, ground cumin and turmeric. Mix well; add the yogurt and gradually whisk 500ml of the water into a batter like consistency. Set aside. - Heat the oil in a large saucepan, add the cumin seeds and coriander seeds wait until they start to pop and splutter, add the onions and cook on a medium heat for 5-6 mins until they are golden in colour. Add the fresh ginger and chillies cook for 2 mins. - Mix the yogurt batter, add to the pan and cook on a medium heat. Once it starts to thicken after 5 mins of cooking add another 250ml of water. Add the dry fenugreek leaves and mix. Cook on a low heat stirring occasionally; if the curry splutters add a couple of tablespoons of cold water. - After 20 mins, taste and adjust seasoning as needed. Serve and garnish with fresh coriander. Looking for a gift with a difference? We deliver cookery lessons for small groups or one to one. Email: keepcalm@curryoncooking.com for further details. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook 'Curry On Cooking' and purchase our currylicious kits from www.curryoncooking.com.




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PGA golf league faces extinction 5 September 2019 - It seems that it was yesterday when a father from Valencia, a lover of crosscountry running, passionate about golf and enthusiastic to see his daughters compete playing golf – with no handicap limit -, Manuel (Manolo) Dutor, combined his work in the electric sector to carry out the project of organising the largest junior golf circuit in Europe: the PGA Golf League of Spain. After four years of success, due to a loss of a major sponsor the PGA golf league faces extinction. The project started phenomenally in January 2016, with testimonial support of golfing legends José María Olazábal, Jon Rahm and the Spanish players of the Ladies European Tour. It was launched with the 1st National Youth League of Campbell Lamont Golf - PGA, a tournament that was scattered across regions of Spain, with the grand national final at La Sella Golf Club. It began with the support of Campbell Lamont Golf Leagues and the commitment of the PGA professionals in Spain organising the tournaments, with the valuable recognition of the PGAs of Europe. From the beginning of the league's initiation, Manolo (Manuel Dutor) has done the job of director of the league unpaid. It is a massive undertaking for one man to do such a job for the love of a sport. The project highlighted some new ideas and schemes which were necessary to have in golf, as the number of new licences being created with the RFEG (Real Federacion Española de Golf) has declined since the recession. Golf simply wasn’t being promoted to young people in the way it should be. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, the Leagues experienced tremendous success, with the addition of amateur tournaments for the families of children, reaching some 4,000 participants in the different Leagues (Youth, Amateur and Family), the awards and prizes were amazing for everyone, such as the IMG Academy scholarships in Florida, the beautiful trophies or the Galvin Green technical clothing, and the invitations to play the PGA Seve Ballesteros Circuit Tour. Over the 3 years the league, with great effort, has grown enormously to cover the whole of mainland Spain, the Balearics, The Canary Islands, Portugal and Andorra with a great influx of players joining and the expansion of competitions due to the number of entrants. In 2019 there has been a lot of progress with the construction of a new and detailed web site. During 2019 the PGA Golf Leagues have continued to grow in new dimensions unrivalled by any other golf league, creating far more interaction with golf, due to the creation of the (Ambassadors Of Golf) supported by PING, Ivy League Educations and IMG Academy Training in Florida. The initiative has seen children who play within the golf league pass through scores of schools across Spain with their local PGA Professionals and present golf to thousands of children, which has been such an important part of the initiative from the beginning. Also in 2019 there was the creation of a new doubles competition, The Race to Carnoustie (Scotland), the Ryder Colombia and the final is held in Bom Sucesso (Portugal). During all of this, there have been important meetings in search of the star sponsor that could contribute not only money, but would give tranquillity and security to the league and to the promotion of children's and family golf throughout Spain. "As you know, the world of golf sponsorships is complicated and if it is about golf leagues with children and families, the problem is multiplied," Manuel Dutor said, when he announced another great attraction of the PGA Golf Leagues: ten invitations intended for champions to participate in the '2020 Champion of Champions World Invitational', which will be played in Ireland in the spring of 2020. The Leagues are going to disappear because we are unable to find a sponsor to keep the project afloat, unless there is a miracle in these next three months then the PGA League will cease to exist. The PGA League needs a financial sponsor to give a minimum of €80,000 to be saved. There must be a valid company who has the availability and the means to sponsor such a great event, that reaches thousands of families directly across all of Spain, the Balearics, the Canary Islands, Andorra and Portugal, who can ensure such a worthy project continues and helps the sport of golf and its future grow. Spain has some of the best golf talent in the world both past and present, but lets create the availability so we can keep the access channel for more future golfers to make their way into the world for us all to be proud of. So this is a call out to reach as many people as possible, with as many contacts as possible as the clock is ticking and I am more than sure there is a great opportunity waiting for a sponsor to help keep the leagues advancing forward, with more and more players as well as the future players of the sport. Manolo (Manuel Dutor) can be contacted via the Ligas PGA web site, or please contact the editor who can pass on details of the article writer who can put you in contact. Article from My Golf Way, revised by William Charlesworth.

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FOCUS ON lifestyle

Official Opening of New Restaurant and Fitness Centre On Saturday 28 September Altea Club de Golf officially opened their new Jacaranda Restaurant and Bernia Fitness Centre. Over 200 members, families and guests attended the evening which commenced with an opening ceremony performed by the Mayor of Altea, Jaume Llinares, accompanied by the Club President, Gerrit Jan Smitskamp. This was followed by a buffet and dancing to music performed by the group, “After Midnight”. During the evening the Mayor and guests were entertained on the totally renovated restaurant terrace and were shown around the new fitness centre, which boasts a fully equipped gymnasium, personal trainer, Pilates and yoga studios, chiropractor, physiotherapist and masseur. President Gerrit Jan said “These new facilities and services are part of a plan to make the club one of the best 9 hole golf courses in Spain. They are available to everyone and, in particular, to residents of Altea and Altea La Vella. There can now be few better locations for weddings, parties and private or business functions.” The club is wholly owned by its members and is looking to attract new members. With this in mind the club will shortly be expanding their Golf Academy with a Golf Simulator, which will be available to both members and non-members. Combined with considerable improvements to the condition of the course, an active social side and a beautiful location between the mountains and the sea, the club (the oldest on the Costa Blanca) believe that they are at the beginning of a new and exciting era. See below and facing page for adverts and contact details.

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FILL IT UP for APASA PC-HIGHWAY are trying to "FILL UP" our shop in support of APASA who due to lack of funds are struggling to feed many abandoned dogs. If you would like to help please buy a yellow 4, 18 or 20 kilo bag of dry dog food (available from Mercadona) and deliver it to us at PC Highway. (Calle Niza 13, Jávea open Mon to Fri from 9.30am - 5.30pm and Sat 10am - 1pm) If you know us, then we'll take the money too. The animals thank you for your kindness. To find out more about APASA visit www.apasa.eu.

Forthcoming events Another great shopping day for the members and friends of the Society for the Care of Animals in Need SCAN at IKEA and Bonaire Valencia! Monday the 18th of November, €14,- pp. Leaving SCAN at 8.45am and returning at 6pm. Reserve your place now! Due to the awful rains in September we had to cancel the annual Maskotathon which has now been rescheduled for 1 December. The Maskotathon is 4km walk followed by some fun contests for best dressed/best rescue dog etc and BBQ so a great family day out. For more information either for Shopping trip and Maskotathon call Lindsay on 635 908 934. LARIO, male, Cross Breed, DOB 08.10 – 52cm He is really a caring dog, is very kind and loves all the other dogs. He likes to please people and he is also keen on learning. For more information call 618 754 635. www.apasa.eu. This is Zeus, he is only 2.5 years old. He is a really loving dog and gets on well with other dogs. All the volunteers at Benidorm dog pound love him! Please give Zeus a forever home. Benidorm Animal Shelter (Protectora de Animales y Plantas Benidorm) desperately need more volunteers to walk the dogs or care for the cats. Mon to Sat 10-13.30. Contact us on 685 524 049. Affectionate Snowshoe Cat and Pretty Tabby Cat need a good home as the owner had to relocate. They are both neutered and very friendly. Please call 697 773 023 or email melsebastian@hotmail.com. Debra is very affectionate labrador cross. She is just over a year old, loves people and dogs, is house-trained, vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. Phone Akira on 657 689 567, email akirashelter@aol.com or go to the website www.akira-animals.com to find out more about Debra and her lovely kennel friends. She can be adopted or fostered and Akira pays all expenses for their foster dogs. Meet Our Horses! Join us on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings at APAC Rescue Horses to see the horses and join in the fun with drinks and tapas to help support and raise awareness. Everyone Welcome. For more information email apacprotectora@gmail.com, visit www.apac-cv.com or Facebook: Apac Rescue Horses. Female Focus November 2019

'Jalon Valley ARC' has many animals for adoption. For more information or adopting or volunteering contact Sally:- 625 985 689 or Jayne:649 310 285. Email jalonvalleyarc14@yahoo. co.uk. Facebook – 'Jalon Valley ARC'. Charity Reg No CV-01-054107-A. CIF No G5482759. Beautiful affectionate, fun loving Peggy enjoys playing football. She is a three-legged dog. Her front leg was amputated, after she was hit by a car. This does not hamper her in any way. Phone 650 304 746 or email p.e.p.a.animalcharity@gmail.com. Nina is about 5 months old. She has been vaccinated but has an eye condition which will require eye drops for the rest of her life. APROP will pay for these drops. She has a lovely nature and is looking for a loving family. Visit: www.aprop-pego.org. Tanamera is a small animal rescue, located in Valencia, Spain, privately run by volunteers who rescue, rehome and rehabilitate ex hunting dogs. For more information email: stichtingtanamera@gmail.com or find them on Facebook (Tanamera Rescue)


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SAVE OUR SHELTER – HIT BY THE STORM! While preparing to renovate our shelter, we suffered flooding, chaos and structural damage to our old and deteriorating building during the recent severe storms along the Costa Blanca. Our already weakened roof could not cope and sustained a large hole. Now we must work fast to save this historic building. Whether you are a member of the public or a local business, everyone can join our ever growing group of "Friends of Aldea Felina" and help us care for abandoned cats in the community by donating to this project. We are based in the old RENFE railway house, with the permission of the Denia town council, who in the year 2000 agreed we could look after the homeless cats for the community of Denia here. The job now in front of us means we need your help. We will not manage this alone, and hope you will support us in our time of need, during this crisis. We have to spend lots of time and money renovating, fixing and replacing everything that has been our home during these hard working years. The complicated part about this work is doing it

FOCUS ON community

while the cats are living there. We have no option but to work around them, as we have no other place to rehouse them, while the work is going on. But we will manage! Part of Aldea Felina’s mission is to provide cats with a temporary home while waiting to be adopted and some of our unadoptable cats live permanently in our shelter. They deserve the best we can give them. For us to achieve our goal and make these repairs we must raise at least €20,000. Can you help us by donating to our project? Look at the pictures and read more about our cause on our website www.aldeafelina.es/projects. We have already received kind donations from the public but still have a long way to go. We hope you will open your heart to local cats in need and give a little, or as much as you can to help. Thank you! TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT! www.aldeafelina.es www.facebook.com/AldeaFelinaDenia www.facebook.com/AFTiendaDenia

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Page 32 Tourism tax in trouble

Keep toys out of the bath TIME to get serious about pollution and take all rubbish home as homo sapiens are taking a terrible toll in the blue wibbley wobbly thing (as Baldrick would have it under ‘C’ in the dictionary) also known as the Mediterranean. Clean up groups of all ages - school kids are increasingly involved - are filling containers full of rubbish with all sorts of plastic waste and the new bad boy on block, cigarette butts; which are highly toxic and take 20 years to degrade. The wonderful clear waters of the Med are deceptive and there are tonnes of manmade killers lurking out there, laying waste to populations of already endangered marine species. All along the coast we all get excited to see a turtle being returned to its home after some TLC; but the beast was only injured in the first place after having a nasty run in with humanity. Recently, it was downright depressing to see photographs of a dead turtle floating along the coast, trapped in a wooden pallet. And the news doesn’t get any better - the Mediterranean region is warming faster than any other part of the planet; 20% faster than the global average according to boffins. It puts huge numbers of people at risk of drought, lack of fresh water and food shortages if no action is taken by governments. Spanish fishermen catching plastic in their nets are now involved in a recycling campaign producing clothes and furniture for some big names. We must also do our bit and keep the coast clean. Price of a place called home IBIZA Town is now the most expensive part of Spain to buy a home - the price of property has shot up by over 56% in the past five years - and the area steals San Sebastian’s crown. It costs up to €3,700 per square metre to put a roof over your head in the town; a real worry for locals. The local short-term rental market is blamed for the soaring values. Historic San Sebastian, in Spain’s northern Basque country, had headed the property premier league for the last 12 years but surf city now falls into second place despite remaining a magnet. Supply and demand are at play, and on the Balearic island and Ibiza town in particular, land available for development has pretty much run out. Worried politicians believe investment in apartments to rent to holidaymakers are the driver; Ibiza town has 50,000 registered residents and 400,000 tourists arrive each August to fill 150,000 registered places for visitors. The remainder vanish into the black hole of the illegal market. The plan is to regulate with a door-to-door census being taken to find how many properties are involved in a black market; there are nearly 24,000 properties officially available to the 50,000 residents but seemingly out of reach to locals without deep pockets. The tourist rental market is strictly controlled in San Sebastian and the authorities on the island are planning to follow in a clampdown. Female Focus November 2019


BARCELONA rightly remains one of Spain’s biggest attractions to visitors and since 2012 tourists have paid a tax by renting accommodation; the money helping protect the city and its heritage from the sheer weight of people arriving to enjoy them. The surcharge has been copied in other centres, including back in the UK, where Edinburgh is also drawing up plans, while Valencia is considering the move - apparently if kept reasonable, visitors are quite happy to chip in. It was feared that the Barcelona levy would hit numbers of people arriving. The opposite is true, numbers have soared 23% since 2012 and last year the tourism tax raised a reported €56 million. However, the hotel industry believes the tax is unfair as accommodation is targeted rather than the restaurant, entertainment or even the transport sectors. The controversy raises its head because of signs of economic slowdown and a falling number of visitors arriving in Spain as other traditional destinations woo tourists once more. Barcelona and Catalonia may have other troubles at present, but Spain’s second city will long be on many a traveller’s bucket list. 100 years of going underground THE Metro in Madrid has celebrated a distinguished 100th birthday; the underground railway network was officially opened by King Alfonso XIII in October 1919 and remains a great way to get round the capital. The largest tube network in Spain; there are 302 stations scattered around the 294km of track on 12 lines and additional three light railway lines covering the city and its suburbs. Commuters and residents seem quite happy to share the system with hordes of visitors, including tourists, travellers and business people. No one appears quite as grumpy as the London Underground user and it is an egalitarian mode of transport. Happy birthday Metro de Madrid! Back to the future VOTERS in Spain return to polling stations on November 10, politicians hoping the new ‘N10’ ballot will break the deadlock left in the wake of the last general election just seven months ago. The April 28 vote, or A28 as the Spanish like to label these occasions, returned PSOE to the largest number of seats but failed to give the party a majority - and the wheeling and dealing afterwards ended in stalemate. Things appear to have changed. Centre-right Ciudadanos (the C’s) now appear ready to talk with PSOE after shunning the socialists for months - membership dropped off as the party veered to the right. Meanwhile the PP are concentrating on the economy - the conservative party was punished heavily back in April; paying the price for alleged corruption within the ranks. It is all to play for but Spain needs a strong government team at the moment - watch this space.


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Friends in Harmony The English Choir of Teulada-Moraira are back from their well earned summer break and are well into rehearsal for the autumn concert. They are delighted and very excited to be presenting a joint concert with the Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir this year. Entitled “Friends in Harmony “the two choirs have put together, what can only be described, as a spectacular programme with something to delight everybody’s taste buds.


As the title suggests much emphasis is placed on friendship, love and marriage. With the choirs taking to the stage and performing both together and separately it promises to be a very diverse programme ranging from a beautiful number from Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro” to the Beatles very tongue in cheek “With A Little Help From My Friends” combined with “All You Need Is Love”. Sprinkled in are a few numbers made famous by ABBA, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Bacharach and many more for you to enjoy. The evening promises to be lots of fun with plenty of numbers for you to join in with and also get your toes tapping. The concert takes place at Espai la Senieta, Moraira on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 November at 7.30pm. Tickets costing 12€ are available by visiting https://www.costablancamalevoicechoir.com. This is a method of ticket distribution which is new to the English choir but rest assured that it is very simple to achieve and tickets can be paid for by credit card or any other method that suits you. For any further information about the choir please contact Secretary Dianne on di.leary@hotmail.co.uk or telephone 96 649 2017 or facebook.com/englishchoirTeulada.

A Festive Christmas Evening with Julia and Friends Julia Bless is a very talented singer who has recently moved back to her native country here in Spain and has performed to great acclaim not only here in Spain but also in Germany and all over Europe. She is presenting a very festive Christmas concert along with some of her friends in Espai La Senieta, Moraira on Thursday 12 December at 7.30pm. This promises to be a lovely “Christmassy” evening of songs, carols and entertainment from some excellent musicians. Julia, who is a member of the Teulada – Moraira Lions, has kindly invited the Lions club to be a part of this special show and they will be running the bar and a raffle whose proceeds will go to charity. Tickets are priced at a very modest 12€ and can be booked by calling 96 649 9954 or emailing: peter_john1@hotmail.com.

Sociedad de Musica Clasica de L’Alfas del Pi November Concerts

Luciano Pompilio, Guitar, Thursday 14 November, Sor, Barrios Mangore, Bach, Forum Mare Nostrum, L’Alfas del Pi, tickets 7€ on the door. Nicora-Baroffio Piano Duo, Mozart, Beethoven, Saturday 16 November, 20:00, Casa Cultura, L’Alfas del Pi, tickets 10€ (members free) on the door. Nicora-Baroffio Piano Duo, Stravinsky, Brahms, Busoni, Sunday 17 November, 12:00, Centro Social Albir, tickets 10€ (members 5€) on the door. Full details www.alfasmusica.com.

Contemporary Spanish Writers in Translation Xàbia Book Circle will be discussing Contemporary Spanish Writers in Translation on Tuesday 5 November. Some of the important authors being discussed include: Bernardo Atxaga, Manuel Rivas, Dulce Chacon, Javier Marías, Javier Cercas. As always members are encouraged to add their own favourite authors to the discussion. We normally meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 18.30 for 18.45 at the Social Centre in Xàbia, close to the car park in the Plaza de la Constitución Española. New members are always welcome; for further information contact Nina Davies on 96 579 1782 or email: ninamdavies@yahoo.co.uk. https://www.xabiabookcircle.com/. Facebook : Xàbia Book Circle.

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A coffee break read with Neil of NP Cleaning. Neil, before you moved to Spain what did you do in the UK? - I was the owner of a cleaning & security company in Crewe (Cheshire), a company that I started up at the age of 19. That’s a great achievement, please tell us more about it! - Well my company grew from strength to strength and I won “Young business person of the year” in the under 30 category and a Mayors “Oscar” for recognition of my company’s work in the local community & providing a high level of work placements. I understand that you were also featured on a UK TV Programme? - Yes, in 2002 we were in the BBC documentary “Dirty work can’t get the staff”. This massive publicity propelled my business to the next level and I found myself inundated with work and amazing opportunities that meant I was able to increase my workforce and actually create even more jobs for the local community! So, as the owner of a cleaning company, who cleans at home? - We both do, but to be fair Pete takes on the lions share whilst I do the titillation & gardening! How have you found the transition to running a business in Spain? - It’s taken a while to get used to the Spanish way of doing things but once we had a good & reliable team around us there’s nothing

we can’t do!! Do you do commercial cleaning as well and what is the minimum time that you set for a job? - We cover all cleaning jobs including bars, restaurants & offices. I’d like to say 2/3 hours minimum for most jobs, we don’t take shortcuts and we always want to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. Will you expand? Where do you see your company in 5 years time? - Yes! it would be nice to know that we have the majority of the market in 5 years time for holiday-let cleaning. We offer a meet and greet service for our clients. We love providing this service and have already over 70 properties on our books! It’s always so great to hear about local small businesses and their successes, how they grow their brand and create employment for the local community! Thank you Neil we wish you well for your bright & sparkling (clean) future!

Would you like to win a Karcher Cleaner?

Just enter your details on the contact page on their website: www.npcs.es and in the message box type 'Hoover Competition'. The winner will be announced in December’s edition!

If you would like more information please see their advert on the Horoscope page or call Neil on: 649 202 233.

Sculpture Exhibition The Klein-Schreuder Sculpture Garden in Alfaz del Pi is pleased to be showing an exhibition of works by the Dutch sculptor Jean Groenendijk in the sculpture garden. Jean Groenendijk was born in The Hague in 1943. He says about himself: "I am a self-taught sculptor ‘pur sang’ and I make sculptures that show a great vitality and power. Some sculptures have classical lines but because of my way of working they are clearly contemporary with a typical form and balance. In summer I usually search for marble and at the same time look for inspiration under the Portuguese sun. I spend the last part of winter in Spain to include the southern temperament in my sculptures. Thereafter I use the summer for casting those sculptures that are suited to bronze.” The exhibition is on until 5 January. As usual the garden is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm and on weekdays after an appointment by phone or email. Fundación Klein-Schreuder, Cami del Pinar 23, 03580 Alfaz del Pi telephone: 96 686 0230, email: info@klein-schreuder.com. For more information, www.klein-schreuder.com. Female Focus November 2019





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Tips on growing fruit and veg As we creep further into the dark nights and cool air there shouldn't be much to do in the garden, as long as you have pruned your trees ready for the winter. So it's a great time to plan and think about what you can do with your garden, how to maximise what you get from it and what your garden does for you. Article supplied by Lee Charlesworth

When I say what you get from your garden, this is a two fold subject, as really your garden should not only give you peace and pleasure but it can and often should give you more. By this I mean fruit, vegetables and herbs. We have such a great growing climate here and this can allow you to grow quite a lot more than you think. There really seems to be quite a food revolution on the way and more and more people are either wanting to grow their own fruit and veg or they are being much more mindful of where they are buying it from. The general public is getting more worried about climate change, CO2 emissions, chemicals and a whole host of other things that are not good for you, and you can do something that helps the planet. It is interesting and stimulating to do, the kids can get involved with it, and ultimately you know exactly what has happened to it, so why wouldn't you want to give it a go. Everyone has a corner of the garden that they don't use, or is just used as a rubbish tip for things you know you really should throw away. So use this space in a great new way and grow your own. Something, anything and start to think about sharing it with your neighbours and friends. Now I am going to give you my best tips to get you started. 1. Raised beds. If you use a raised bed it saves bending down, it helps slow down the invasion of any potential pests, it also allows you to fill the space with some good topsoil and treat it however you require for the appropriate veg, or herbs etc. Raised beds can be bought online for not a lot of money or make your own, it can't be easier, it's a square of timber, and if you make them yourself you can make them fit your space, so you can truly get the best from them.

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2. Location. Think about your location, and choose what will grow better where, shady areas are great for more green veg and leafy herbs, mixed amounts of sun and shade will be good for a general mix and a hot border will be great for more local veg and herbs that can with stand dryer conditions.


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3. Irrigation. For me one of the big pains about growing veg has always been watering, getting home tired and forgetting to do it, then everything suffers and you never get the best from it. A basic tap fed irrigation system can solve this instantly. Little and often, meaning the ground stays moist and nice for growing that veg. You can regulate the water amounts by putting in a small isolation switch on the tube. This system is cheap and easy to do, allowing you to get the most from your new venture. So give it a go, especially heading into spring and send us your great veg pic on https://www.instagram.com/artificialgrassspain/ or https://www.facebook.com/ArtificialGrassSpain/.

For more information please give us a call on 696 283 704, email info@charlesworthgardens.com or visit www.charlesworthgardens.com, www.artificial-grass-spain.com and www.floresgardencentre.com.

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A great experience every time By Emily Downes The Showerman has successfully satisfied the bathroom needs of more over-the-moon customers in Jávea this month. One client who recently employed the help of the Showerman in renovating their bathroom, has been a resident in the area for over 30 years. The Great Grandfather told Female Focus of how this was the third project the Showerman had completed for him with the last one less than a year ago, and he would come back to Alexandra and the team time and time again. Certainly pleased with the results of the newest installations, the happy client told us, “I said I’d never change things up in here but I decided it’s best to change with the times and now I couldn’t be more delighted with how it’s turned out. Definitely worth that risky chance of changing it all up!” This type of project was the perfect little challenge for the Showerman, boasting more than 25 years’ experience on the Costa Blanca. Well known for their expertise in all things shower and bath screen related, for the past few years they have also been undertaking complete bathroom renovations. The client went on to say that, “All of the team were wonderful, they did a fantastic job. I completely trust Alex’s work and will gladly go with whatever recommendations they give for the kind of upgrade I need”. So if you are looking for a top quality change and update and to get your own showhome-like bathroom that you can be proud of, contact Alexandra at the Showerman on 96 579 2285 or visit the showroom in the Thiviers area of Jávea between 10am and 1pm Monday to Friday or visit www.showermanspain.com.

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U3A Marina Baixa visit Viva EspaĂąa On Sunday 6 October a group of 43 members visited Oliva for a day of food and entertainment at Viva EspaĂąa. Firstly, we were entertained by a mixed exhibition of horse and flamenco dancing, which lasted almost an hour and during the show, the staff brought round glasses of Tinto de Verano, to cool us down! We then we had a lovely three course meal, with wine and water, followed by a fabulous Flamenco show. The staff were all brilliant and could not do enough to help us, throughout the day! Please note that our next Meeting and all future Meetings, will be held at The Forum, Alfaz del Pi. Please come early to sign in and get your seat! The General Meetings are normally always on the 4th Monday of the month. If you have not heard of this Association and would like to join them, you can be assured of a very warm welcome. Please visit the website www.u3amarinabaixa.com to find out more information there is also a Facebook page. If you do not have internet access please contact our secretary Joan Flint on 96 586 1226 or mobile 663 637 167 for more information.

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Local Dance School Chosen to Support Moors and Christians Captains

The students of Marcia’s Dance Centre and Stage School performed alongside professional entertainers at the Moors and Christians main parade in Calpe on Saturday 19th October. This year’s Captains, The Marins Corsaris, chose to include the school after they supported them with the children’s parade last year.

It’s proving to be a busy term for the students. As well as Moors and Christians they performed for Stand Up to Cancer day on 27th October and are now preparing for their own annual charity production, Santa’s List -A Christmas Twist, at The Casa de Cultura on 29th November. The younger students also have the exciting opportunity to showcase their talents at A Time to Shine, a Spotlight production to be performed at the Benidorm Palace on 24 November. The Dance Centre has been operating in Calpe for more than 40 years. For more information please contact Marcia’s Dance Centre on 607 290 896 or 96 583 0980 or find us on Facebook.

Denia Rock Choir

On Saturday 12 October Denia Rock Choir were invited to sing at the Inn on the Green for Jávea bowls club social evening. It was a lovely warm evening so the choir got the opportunity to sing outside. It was a great concert covering many songs from different eras from the 60s upwards. Both choir and audience thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was also the last concert under the direction of Jan Dewland who has been musical director of the choir since its conception. Sad for all the choir members but we all wish Jan health and happiness in her new life back in the UK. Denia Rock Choir is still going strong and preparing for our Christmas concert under the direction of our new musical director Claire Rhodes-Lowe which will be held at Hostal Loreto on 5 December. Tickets will be available from Donna Hofmann on 606 111 455 or via WhatsApp. Tickets will be free but are limited and there will be a retiring collection at the end of the concert for the Charity Help of Marina Alta. Article Kate Spelling. Photograph Sally Merrett.

Charitable help with style Calpe & Benissa Lions are once again inviting you to their annual Fashion Show. Not only well known fashion houses and designers are able to organise cat walk shows, and we at the Calpe & Benissa Lions Charity Shop do this in the wonderful surroundings of El Toro restaurant in Calpe, and provide lunch as well. It’s always a fully subscribed event so reserve your tickets fast! The event starts at 1pm on Friday 15 November, with a 3 course lunch followed by the Fashion Show of new and nearly new outfits donated by our supporters, and modelled by our members and volunteers. These clothes and other items will be for sale after the show. Tickets are 20€ each, including a glass of wine. There are main course options to be chosen in advance. All the money raised by the Lions goes to help local causes such as Caritas, the Red Cross, local Food Banks and the Proteccion Civil. For further information and to reserve your tickets, contact Fiona on 675 039 952, or hulmefiona@gmail.com.

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to visit in Spain. See if you can find the list of 24 Spanish places (listed in blue). Remember words can go up, down, across, diagonally and even backwards and to make it harder, Word Search Places some letters will have been used more than once.


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Crib in Calpe - we meet every Monday evening (19:45 for 20.00 start) at Oriental Gardens Restaurant, Calle Pintor Sorolla, Calpe - for beginners and improvers and people that haven't played for 20 years. A fun evening with a happy group (no need to bring a partner). Ted: yogated@hotmail.co.uk or 634 313 527. Crime Watch Spain. (Vecinos Colaborando Costa Blanca). We try to reduce crime and vandalism in our communities. We try to look after the citizens. We also teach Spanish. For more information please email: colaborando.crimewatch@gmail.com. Denia, Church of England. At the Church of England at Les Rotes in Denia there is a Holy Communion Service every Sunday at 11.45am and all are welcome. ESIA (English, Spanish, Intercambio Altea) is a multicultural group where people from all around the world gather together to have fun, share their experiences, cultures, traditions, and more in a friendly and unique environment. It is necessary however to have a basic understanding of English and Spanish to enjoy interesting conversations with people from all over the world. We meet on Mondays and Fridays (Tuesdays and Fridays from 01/09/2019) from 17:30 to 20:30 and it is free to attend. Our meetings take place above the library at the Biblioteca at the Facultad de Bellas Artes (UMH University Míguel Hernández) in Altea or you can contact Martin: esia4you@gmail.com. GOLF Are you a golfer? If you enjoy golf, come and join the over 60's golf group at Golf Club de Ifach St Jaime. We play every Tuesday morning. Prices to be won every week. Call 670 387 967 or send a text. HELP of Denia and Marina Alta Parkinson's Support Group meets every last Monday of the month at our Activity Centre in La Xara at 2.30pm. The group gives support, latest information and advise on Parkinson's. Come along and meet a great bunch of people. Call the coordinator on 634 301 677 for information, www.helpofdenia.com or Help of DAMA FB. Language Exchange in Calpe - A totally free service to bring together English speakers wanting to practice Spanish with Spanish speakers wanting to speak English - Meetings on a 'One to One' basis at a mutually agreed time and place in Calpe. Contact Liz or Ted at calpeavl@hotmail.com. Jávea International Bridge Club, Avda. de Paris, Arenal. Why not join us on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (with host) & Friday at 2.45pm. Visitors very welcome. Email: info@javeabridgeclub.com or telephone: 658 055 572 if you wish to learn this fascinating game of bridge. More details on our website: www.javeabridgeclub.com. Jávea Computer Club. The club is open to new and existing members from 9.30am until 12.30pm Mon, Tues and Thurs of each week Whatever your computing needs, we can probably help. So why not come along and get some assistance. Membership annual subscription still just 10€ with a one-off joining fee of 10€. Further information on the Club web site: www.javeacomputerclub.org or www.facebook.com/JCCCOMPUTERCLUB/ or email javeacomputerclub@gmail.com. Jávea International Baptist Church (JIBC), Sunday Service is at 10.30am at The Church Centre, Carrer Favara 8, Jávea, (just off the Plaza de la Constitucion in the old town or “Pueblo”, where the open air market is normally held on Thursdays.) For further information please visit our website: http://www.javeabaptist.es or call 96 579 5847. Jávea. La Ermita del Popul, (The Church Of England Diocese in Europe). Every Sunday Holy Eucharist at 9:45am. Every Wednesday Holy Eucharist at 10.30am. Sundays 7 July to 9 Sept – Holy Eucharist 9:30am. You will be most welcome to join us at any of these services. Contacts: Senior Chaplain: Fr. Marcus Ronchetti 603 259 769 Email: marcusronchetti@yahoo.co.uk. Local Chaplain: Fr. Jim Booker 965 734 029. Mobile: 670 846 898. Email: jimbooker57@gmail.com.Secretary: Colin Welch 965 771 792. Mobile: 689 315 151. Email: moiracolin@telefonica.net. Jalon Valley Help events. Casa de Animo, Centro Civico, Alcalali: Tuesday Drop In: 10am – 1pm – All welcome. Meet new people. Come and have a cuppa and a chat. Many other weekly activities are on offer including: Craft, Card Making, Art, Mosaics and Flower Arranging groups, Val de Pop Singers, Valley Voices Choir (U3A), Fitsteps, Slimming classes and Sunday Drop In. For further information on the above contact Tina on 634 333 212. JVH Charity shops open Monday – Saturday mornings in Jalon, Alcalali and Orba. Free Medical Equipment loan service. Volunteers always needed. For all enquiries tel.: 659 624 643. www.jalonvalleyhelp.com. Make a Smile Recycle Heroes Need Your Help. Dennis and Barbara accept any household items, furniture, electrical and clothes etc for the recycle projects. They are happy to do total house clearances. The items are given a bit of TLC and sold in rastros and auctions to provide funds for the charity. They can be contacted on 660 961 585 or 96 583 6814. Marina Alta Model Railway Club. Dust off your Dapols, bring out your Bachmanns, haul out your Hornbys! The MAMRC meets regularly at its spacious Clubhouse in Teulada. We cannot make you young again, but we can remind you how it felt. All gauges for all ages. New members welcome. Call 96 647 1939 or email mamrclub@gmail.com. Oliva Chess Group. We meet in Oliva every Thursday morning. New members welcome whatever your standard. For further details please contact Graham on 609 970 621 or email graham.flowerdew@hotmail.com.

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Aircrew Association Costa Blanca. Former and serving aircrew of the UK or Allied Armed Forces are very welcome to join this friendly organisation founded here in 1988. Details from the Secretary on: 96 640 4123. Alfaz Spiritual Foundation – Spiritual church in Alfaz de Pi, meets at the Forum Mare Nostrum, Camino de Pincho 02, every Thursday at 6.30pm for Divine Service. Each week there is a different medium, international and 'home grown' giving evidence that life is eternal. Following the demonstration of mediumship, there is the opportunity to receive healing. Mediums offer workshops and private readings. If interested and for more information please contact George Lapper 617 972 950 or Pauline Kernick 616 319 725. Amigos de Denia charity shop. We are a charity that raises money for local organisations in and around Denia. You can find us on Passeig Saladar 87 not far from the railway station. We have a large shop with a stock of good second hand clothing, bedding, children's pushchairs and cots, homeware and lots more. We have in excess of 500 English paperbacks and many in Spanish, French and German. We also have a large range of DVDs. We are open from 10am to 1pm Mon to Sat. Donations and volunteers are always welcome. So why not come and visit us or contact Denise on 689 628 053 or email denisepbb@live.co.uk. Amigos de Benitachell Charity Shop can be found on Crta. Moraira No. 18, Benitachell. It is open Mon to Fri 10am to 1pm. Donated items are always welcome. They are looking for volunteers. If you can spare some time for this worthy cause please call their president Carole on 620 781 034 or pop into the shop between 10am and 1pm weekdays. Amigos de Make a Smile Charity Shop We have lots of good quality second hand clothes, handbags, small pieces of furniture, children's clothes, shoes and bedding. Find us at the bottom of the dual carriageway in Teulada on the left hand side near to the Rodafoc fire shop. We are also looking for volunteers to help us in the shop. So if you could spare a few hours a week come along and talk to the team. Avenida del Mediterráneo, 4 Teulada. Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 1pm. Benidoleig Line Dancing Classes. Tuesday evenings from 10 September at Restaurante La Lloma on the Pedreguer Road. From 18.30 to 21.00, everyone is welcome including new dancers and a bar is available in the venue. Beginners for the first hour followed by improver and intermediate dances. For any other information please contact Azaharcountylinedancing@gmail.com. Benitachell Christian Fellowship. Looking for an English speaking church close to Moraira, Teulada or Benissa? Then you are welcome to visit us. Our Sunday service starts at 11am and runs for about 75 minutes. Whether you are a resident or visitor, please feel free to come along – we have a number of visiting speakers, the welcome is warm, the music is good and parking is nearby. Call Eric on 678 980 151 for details and directions. For further info about the Fellowship, directions and map visit www.benitachellcf.org. Benidorm International Friendship Club meets each Wednesday 11.30am for 12 o'clock start at the Villasol camping. All are welcome to join us for a chat and a drink. Ring Mike for details 625 287 096. Charity shop of Calpe The shop is open every morning from 10am until 1.30pm except Sundays and can be found in Galerías Mar Azul – half-way up Avenida Gabriel Miró, on the right hand side. If you are looking for ladies´ and men's clothes and shoes, household items, paperbacks and small pieces of furniture, then drop in and have a look. Also, if you have any items to donate or would like to help out in the shop just pop in. Calpe Christian Fellowship. We have moved to the Spanish church Vida Abundante on Avd Diputacion. English service every Sunday 11am, details www.calpechristianfellowship.org. Tel 670 491 283. Free car parking. Calpe – MOFTAG – Mighty Oaks from Tiny Acorns Grow, is an English Speaking Ladies Social & Fundraising Club. We meet every second Wednesday in the month and organise social events for the third & fourth Wednesdays. A Warm welcome awaits. Please phone our President, Jenny Godfrey for details of the venue. Tel 96 583 0179 – mobile. 639 139 518. CALPE U3A hold their monthly general meetings on the third Thursday of the month at the AR Sol Ifach Calpe 10am for a meeting start at 11am. Calpe U3A is about learning and pleasure. We have many groups to be involved with and the travel team have day trips and short holidays advertised on the travel team Facebook page and www.u3acalpe.org. Chess Mates. We meet every Tuesday at Bar Vinyater, Jalon at 2pm Whatever your level or experience you will be most welcome to join us. Both men and women make up this marvellous and happy group. Call me on 605 231 331 for more details. Concerts Costa Blanca: We produce concerts at Teulada etc. and also run buses to Valencia's Opera House (opera & ballet) & Palau de la Musica (concerts) with regular pick-ups from Moraira, Jávea & Mas-y-Mas (N332, north of Gata). Our yearly plan is up-dated and mailed regularly. Web: www.concertscostablanca.com / E-mail (& to join mailing list) info@concertscostablanca.com. Costa Blanca Computer Club. In November we continue regular Saturday meetings from 10am in the Sierra Bernia School, Alfaz del Pi, except on Sat 9 Nov. On this day the club will be closed, due to Fiesta in Alfaz. See https://sites.google. com/alfazcbcc/home for information and detailed meeting programme. Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers. The CBMW is a group of people who get together twice a week to enjoy walking in the mountains of the Costa Blanca. Anyone is welcome to come along. Visit www.cbmwalkers.org for information on upcoming walks and guidelines.


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Oliva Art Group. We meet in Oliva every Tuesday evening 6pm until 8pm and Wednesday morning 10am until 1pm. New members welcome, whatever your standard. For further information contact Graham 609 970 621 or email graham.flowerdew@hotmail.com. Paquita’s Country Club is a Social Club which was formed 28 years ago, for people of all ages, resident or non resident. Being a member is a great way to meet and make friends, whether you are single or a couple. We are based at El Cid Restaurant & Bar in Benidoleig and hold weekly and monthly activities on and off site. These include a Walking Group, a Travelling Diners Group, Weekly Tombola and Whist, together with Dinner Dances, Excursions & Mini Breaks. Please contact the Membership Secretary Belinda Crick on 96 645 9724 or 686 222 754 for further information, we look forward to hearing from you. PLJ Spiritual Social Centre. We meet at the Albir Cultural Social Centre (between Mercadonna and Sol Albir Estate Agents) every Wednesday evening at 6.45pm. We are a group of friendly spiritually minded people who are non profit, non political and non religious. Each week, there will be discussions and demonstrations on various topics and ideas based on Spiritual, metaphysical, and mystical themes with occasional guest speakers or mediums. For more information contact: Pauline: 602 559 062 Jan: 603 259 169 or Lyn:663 315 532. FB:- pljspiritualsocialcentre. Email:- pljspiritualsocialcentre@gmail.com. Royal British Legion Benidorm Branch meet at 11am on the third Friday of each month at Ciudad Patricia Benidorm. They also have a monthly lunch and various social events. New and old members most welcome. Please contact secrblbenidorm@outlook.com or call James on 677 786 559 for more details. Royal British Legion Calpe Branch meet every Friday at 11.30am at Restaurant Dracula, Calpe Port (opp. Baydal Restaurant). New members always welcome. Come along and meet new friends and enjoy the monthly outings. Please contact Norman Hodgkiss, on 96 574 7410 or calpe3465.members@gmail.com. Royal British Legion Jávea Branch meet at Paris 24 on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month (except July & August). We meet from 10.30am onwards for coffee and a chat, our meeting starts at 11.30am. We have a very good Social Programme throughout the year. We would love to see members and none members coming to our meetings and join in. We would make you feel most welcome. Pamela Dawes, Membership Sec, RBL Jávea Branch, contact 96 579 0123 or 617 789 883. Salvation Army Denia Are you looking for fellowship with a multinational congregation. We are based at the beautiful Camp Saron, just outside of Denia. There is Sunday worship 10.30am, prayer and bible study on Wednesdays. All

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very relaxed with English, Dutch, German, Spanish, American, also Welsh, Scottish and Irish. The address is Camp Saron, Partida de Torre Carrels. Denia. Telephone 698 609 658 or 652 319 810. San Juan Evangelical ‘Church of the Good Shepherd’ located at Calle Juan Sebastián Elcano 25, 03550 San Juan. We have people from South America, the Philippines, Spain, England, the Netherlands and more nationalities, the diversity of God. You are very welcome in our Sunday services at 5pm to join us in worship and prayer. For further information: ivanysadys@yahoo.es or call 605 556 974. Spiritual Friends Costa Blanca is a non-religious group of spiritually minded people who meet on Wednesday afternoons. Each week different - clairvoyance, discussions, talks and demonstrations on spiritual or holistic subjects. Email sp.fr.cb@gmail.com, website www.spiritualfriendscostablanca.com or contact Jan on 600 837 054. The Salvation Army English Speaking Church of Denia. Worship Service. Sunday 10.30am followed by a time of Fellowship. Everyone is welcome. Come as you are! For more information: Dieter Zimmerer +34 698 609 658 or Barbara Zimmerer +34 652 319 810. Email dieterzimmerer@hotmail.com. www.centrosaron.com. Valleys Bridge Club Come and join us for a friendly game of Duplicate Bridge. We meet every Thursday at El Cid in Benidoleig, 1.30pm for play to commence at 2pm. New members are always most welcome. For further information contact either Brenda 96 640 4533 or Tina 96 558 3136. World Mysteries Discussion Group This is a discussion group which meets up every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 5-6pm at The Bar Mediterraneo, Avenida Del Mediterraneo, Teulada located on the right at the first traffic light controlled crossing coming from the N332 direction. We discuss all types of unexplained fascinating mysteries in our solar system and throughout the universe. We aim to promote investigation and research in order to share information and discuss these interesting topics. For more information email morairaworldmystery@gmail.com. Xàbia Book Circle. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month in the Centro Social, Xàbia Old Town, beside the Health Centre, at 6.30pm for a 6.45pm start, and we finish at 8.45pm. You can also follow our activities on our website www.xabiabookcircle.com. For more information please contact the Xàbia Book Circle Secretary, Nina Davies on 96 579 1782 or ninamdavies@yahoo.co.uk.

Calling all groups and charities send your forthcoming events and information to editor@femalefocusonline.com before the 15th of the month prior to publication.

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FOCUS ON The Stage Diary

Page 44 Phoenix Dancers:


The Stage Diary now in its 12th year of publication is not only an important guide to what’s on in all regions but is also an on-line web introduction to potential expat’s researching community life in Spain. The diary also acts as a planning guide to assist groups avoid unnecessary clashes of production dates. Caprice Ladies Choir: Following their participation in the joint concert in aid of Jalon Valley Help in October, Caprice Ladies are working towards their next concerts in February with a programme of popular songs designed to appeal to everyone, all sung in three-part harmony. For more information on the choir check the choir's website www.capriceladieschoir.com or contact musical director Aileen on 696 514 613. Careline Theatre: Last chance to book seats for `The Ladykillers´ a black comedy not to be missed. Performances on the 7, 8 and 9 November at 8pm. Book online at: www.carelinetheatre.com or email carelineboxoffice@gmail.com. You can also book early to see the 2020 pantomime, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Performances on the 15, 16, 17 and 18 January at 8pm and a 3pm Matinee on 18 January, complete with all the fun and laughs of true Panto. Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir: The choir took part in a successful joint concert in aid of Jalon Valley Help at the Casa de Cultura in El Verger in October and are now looking forward to a joint concert with the English Choir in Espai Senieta, Moraira on 20 and 21 November. Tickets can be booked online at www.costablancamalevoicechoir.com. Jávea Players: Their next show is a spiffing spoof, a tale of amateur sleuthing written by their in-house author, Phil Mansell, who is also the director. It’s a fast-moving, lighthearted homage to the radio serials and British B movies of the 1940s and 50s. Come and see `Look Out - He’s Got a Gun!´ at the Studio Theatre from 2 to -7 December. You can be sure of plenty of action. Tickets 10€: www.javeaplayers.com. Oliva Drama and Cultural Association: ODCA are finalising plans for their next production in March 2020. They would welcome new members at this time, whether they are interested in acting, writing, directing, producing or working backstage. They meet every Saturday morning in Oliva. For more information, please phone: 644 889 155, email olivadramagroup@gmail.com, or see their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OlivaDrama. Female Focus November 2019

The Dancers would like to thank everyone for their support during the Calpe Fiestas. They had a wonderful time and are looking forward to next year’s parade. Their next production, `A Christmas Twist´ will be staged at the Casa de Cultura, Calpe on Friday 29 November. It’s not too late if you would like to join them and help raise money for people less fortunate. Pease get in touch with choreographer: Phaedra on 607 290 896 for further details. Sounds Familiar: The Company are looking for new members to join them for their next musical revue show to be performed in 2020. All are welcome whether you are an experienced performer, or if you would like to try out this fun hobby for the first time. Rehearsals take place in Benissa on Monday evenings. Please contact Philip: 96 558 1483 or philip@soundsfamiliar.es for more information. The Chaplaincy Singers: The singers are working hard with their musical director Philip Ashley, for five concerts in December. Dates and venues are, 3 Dec – Jávea, 6 Dec – Fustera, 7 Dec – Jalón, 10 Dec and 12 Dec - Orba. Why not visit a concert and enjoy genuine seasonal Christmas songs and carols? For more information call Eileen: 607 706 904 or Lyn on 692 059 257. Valley Voices: The Voices are almost ready for their Christmas concert at the Pensionista’s in Jalon Friday 13 December. Should you wish to join this happy multinational choir, please ring: 634 301 483 for further details. They rehearse on Mondays, usually 4pm to 6pm at the Animo in Alcalali.

If you would like your group to be part of the Stage Diary please email editor@femalefocusonline.com. Deadline for copy is the 15th of the month prior to publication.

Stage Diary Costa Blanca South information can be found online at www.femalefocusonline.com


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FOCUS ON food & drink

Bar El Niu’s doors have recently been reopened by Antonio and Jade in September this year. The young couple have worked hard to create a warm and friendly atmosphere for locals and visitors to relax in and enjoy a social drink. They open up at 4pm Monday to Friday and at 12 noon on Saturday and Sundays and stay open until 1.30pm every nightmorning! There is a cute little chill out terrace with seating at the back of the bar and plenty of comfy seating inside. Antonio takes great pride in offering a full and expansive bar and additionally he also makes delicious cocktails! Sunday is a great day to sample them as they are 2 for the price of one! There’s never a dull moment at Bar El Niu as they have a program of events for every day of the week, including darts, pool, quiz night & Live sports on the big screens that they have inside. Next time you are in L'Alfàs del Pi pop in for a quick drink and say hi to Antonio & Jade, they’d love to welcome you as will their friendly locals who add to the charm of the bar and the warm atmosphere! Beware you’ll probably stay in there a little longer than planned but with no regrets! For all the latest information on what’s happening at “Bar El Niu” with Antonio & Jade, you can follow them on Facebook. If you are a business woman based in the Alicante Province you maybe interested in taking part in “Premios Memba” organised by “Mujeres Emprendedoras de la Marina Baixa”.

U3A Vall del Pop What’s On Programme 7 November – General Assembly. Speaker Sun Solicitors on legal matters, probably related to Brexit. 14 November – Dinner dance at Los Amigos, organised by the Dancing Group. 23 November – Bring and Share afternoon Tea at Venta Roja, Jalon. December – date to be advised – Xmas Shopping Trip. 12 December – Xmas Dinner dance at Venta Roja, Jalon. 5 December – Christmas General Assembly. 23-27 December -Christmas in Peniscola [420€]. 2020 8 - 11 February – Trip to Venice for the Masquerade Festival.

There are cash prizes from 350€ -600€ to be won in the following categories: · Business woman of the Year · Creativity & Innovation. Profesional Career · Social Responsibility (associations & charities) · Young Business Woman of the Year. Please send an email to sharon@kironilsson.com for more information about how to apply. Closing date for applications is 12 noon on the 22nd November and will be presented in front of an independent jury. Winners will be announced at the Casa de Cultura in Alfas del Pi Visit our website, http://u3avalldelpop.com, for further details of on the 14/12/19 at 12:30 during the “Premios Memba Gala”. what’s going on and of our groups.

Female Focus November 2019

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FOCUS ON going out



Across 1 Requirements for sewing (6,3,6) 9 Exponent required to produce a given number (9) 10 Secure against leakage (4) 12 Active volcano in Sicily (4) 15 Locally prevalent (7) 17 Excursion (6) 18 Walk unsteadily (6) 19 Look at (3) 21 Male ruler (7) 22 Alleviate (7) 23 One of four playing cards in a deck (3) 25 Be preoccupied with something (6) 27 Bugsy ___, 1976 musical gangster film (6) 28 Speak haltingly (7) 29 Indistinct shapeless form (4) 32 Informal term for money (4) 34 Cold-blooded vertebrate (9) 35 Santa Claus (6,9) Down 2 Republic of Ireland (4) 3 Uninteresting (4) 4 Bordering (6) 5 Child's room (7) 6 Choice morsel (6) 7 Capital of Italy (4) 8 Chief port of Yemen (4) 10 Missile that emits a dense cloud of gas and particles on exploding (5,4) 11 Course of appetisers in an Italian meal (9) 13 Part of the character after whom a play is named (5,4) 14 Accordance in opinion (9) 15 Wholly occupy (7) 16 Pitch derived from a fossil fuel (4,3) 19 Long and distinct period of history (3) 20 Earlier in time than, poetically (3)

Montgo Clean up Day 20 November We, residents of the Montgo are cleaning up the roads - clearing plastic, tins, cardboard, paper, glass etc. The ayuntamiento will take away everything worse than that i.e. dumped items. We are gathering together as many people as possible who live or work in the Montgo to help us in this endeavour. If you would like to help clean up our beautiful area please contact Mark on mark@lacasatranquilla.eu or montgoresidentscleanupday@gmail.com.


English Speaking Church of Denia Worship Service. Sunday 10.30am Followed by a time of Fellowship Everyone is welcome. Come as you are! For more information: Dieter Zimmerer +34 698609658 or Barbara Zimmerer +34 652319810 Email dieterzimmerer@hotmail.com www.centrosaron.com

Calling all groups and charities send your forthcoming events and information to editor@femalefocusonline.com before the 15th of the month prior to publication. Female Focus November 2019

24 Aquatic creature with whisker-like barbels around the mouth (7) 26 Dazed state (6) 27 Family who ruled Florence in the 15th century (6) 30 Volcanic rock (4) 31 Washtub (4) 32 Small biting fly (4) 33 Former unit of money in Italy (4)

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FOCUS ON community

The Arts Society Marina Alta next presentation 7 November at Salones Canor Teulada. Doors open 10am for registration. Painting The Modern Garden: Monet To Matisse by Lydia Bauman There magnificent Royal Academy exhibition of 2016 opened the public’s eyes to the extent to which artists loved to cultivate their own gardens and how they were in turn inspired by them to create experimental work. We will trace the parallel developments in the history of gardening and the history of modern art from the Impressionism of Monet, Renoir, Pissaro and Morissot in the late 19th century, to the near abstractions of Matisse and Kandinsky in the 20th. Lydia Bauman is a noted and well appreciated modernistic landscape painter and art historian. She was born in Warsaw, Poland and is the daughter of the late Sociologist Zygmunt Bauman and the mother of Karl Dudman the anthropologist and photographer. The family left Poland in the late 60s arriving in Leeds in the UK in 1970. She was educated in the UK and gained a BA. in Fine Art from Newcastle University and an MA. in the History of Art (specialising in Matisse and his contemporaries) from the Courtauld Institute in London. Her studio is now in the East End of London where she lives. As has become standard fare, wine & soft drinks will be available to members and guests to allow socialising with the Committee and Speaker after the lecture. For further details of the Society and membership and for directions to our venue visit our website: www.marinaaltaarts.com.

The Oliva U3A membership is climbing We now have over six hundred members from different nationalities enjoying a whole range of activities from Zumba Gold to Yoga, Ambling to Hill Walking, Lawn Bowls to Walking Football, Book Lovers to History of Art and too many more to mention. All groups welcome any member and are encouraged to try for a week or two before signing up. Life for those no longer in fulltime employment has never been so good in Oliva (and surrounding areas). I for one enjoy the social aspect of networking and meeting new people all the time and am in awe of the collection of skills and knowledge members are willing to share. Recently the Art Group held an exhibition in a studio in the Old Town, the talent was amazing and the tutor so encouraging. It is a well-supported group. So, if you fancy dabbling with oils, check out our webpage. For information on any of our groups or the group leader, please go to our webpage at https://u3aoliva.wildapricot.org/ or if you are interested in finding out what the U3A has to offer you, then please email me at angela_town@hotmail.co.uk for more details. Catch up soon, Angela Town. Oliva U3A Group Coordinator and Publicity Officer.










Spot the odd one out


SUDOKU Here are two Sudoku puzzles of different skill levels for you to try. Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repeats, which means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box.

Answers to puzzles in the classified pages Female Focus November 2019

FOCUS ON services

Health & Beauty NAIL TECHNICIAN TRAINING COURSE Need a new Business or career? Learn how to give high quality manicures, nail extensions and nail art in a comfortable & professional environment. Learn at your own pace and start earning straight away - nail technicians are always in demand!!! Call Gail for more info on: 669 12 62 81. WEIGHT REDUCTION, SUCCESSFUL! With Hypnotherapy. Call 622 109 660. MBI – Institute for Clinical Hypnosis. HAIR NAILS & BEAUTY. Serenity in Moraira offer a wide range of treatments including roof top yoga. Call Kelly on 96 503 5063. FREE CONSULTATION - BOOK NOW, Does the weather ruin your make-up. Permanent Eyebrows & Eyeliner are the perfect solution. Elements Beauty Spa In Denia. w w w. e l e m e n t s b e a u t y s p a . e s elementsbeautyspa@gmail.com Call: 966 424 647.

Page 48 BAD BACK? Tonia Sherriff is a well-known and well-respected local Osteopath based in Calpe. Call for an appointment. 637 715 308. CBD OIL - Legal, natural and has a direct effect on the immune system to help with problems such as sleep deficiency, ADHD, MS, Arthritis & more. Find CBD Store Spain - Avda. d’Europa 135, L’Alfas del Pi, (on the N332 opp Mcdonalds & next to Skyler). Avda. de la Fontana 9A, Jávea, & Salon de Sharon, C/ Francisco Atienza Ferrandez, 33, Torrevieja.


P S Y C H O T H E R A P I S T CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT Psychotherapist for the confidential treatment of anxiety and depression. Plus couples therapy. Phone Tanya 634 35 48 92 to arrange an appointment.

Employment DO YOU NEED to earn more money? I'm looking for consultants t o s t a r t i m m e d i a t e l y. G o t o www.geraldinescott.com/female-focus for more information.

Entertainment LADY JAZZ performing at the Costa Blanca! Perfect for your Lounge Area, Private Party's, Weddings, Fine Dining and Cocktail Bar!! High quality vocals & chillout tunes. 677 233 879 FACEBOOK:LadyJazzAnita or visit www.lady-jazz.com


For more classified sales visit www.femalefocusonline.com

GARAGE WANTED I am a resident of Javea for 20 years and I am looking for a garage to rent for my old Classic Car in the Javea Area. It must be dry. I am happy to do any necessary work to the garage within reason (painting, Etc). It will only be used about 10-12 times a year. I would be prepared to pay a fair rent to be agreed. 636 277 744/ 96 647 2204. I BUY RECORDS LPs, EPs, SINGLES. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s years. Good prices paid. Tel. 962 851 809 - 622 750 117.


HARRIS FURNISHINGS - British furniture store offering a fabulous range of quality furniture including sofas, chairs, corner sofas, sofa beds, recliners, rise-recliners, beds, coffee tables etc. Famous brand names including Parker Knoll. Pedreguer Ind. Estate. 96 646 9371 sales@harrisfurnishings.com FULLY COMP CAR INSURANCE from 279€. For all your insurance needs: house, home, business, marine, car, health. Call Insurance Altea 96 584 0753

Female Focus November 2019

DON’T CALL THE WRONG PLUMBER. Call Right Plumber. All your plumbing needs. Call Dan 656 303 236. BUILDING & PLUMBING SERVICES. No job to big or small, from a re-grout to a new build. Experienced and all work guaranteed. Call Nicholas 696 949 220.

IQGC GLASS CURTAINS. Enclose your terrace and naya without spoiling the view. Call Neil 965 973 307. PROPERTY MAINTENANCE SERVICES from gardens to pools, homes to commercial, we clean and care for your property. Jalon and surrounding areas. CLASS ACT 682 637 729. AWNINGS, BLINDS, MOSQUITO nets, Commercial & Garage doors, Shower screens & doors. PERSITOLD provide solutions for sun protection and comfort. Showroom in Gata de Gorgos. Many examples at www.persitold.es 96 575 6281 669 859 572 or info@persitold.es

JENNY'S CLEANING SERVICES. Reliable, honest and legal. H o m e , b u s i n e s s , t e n a n c y, changeovers and oven cleans. English and Spanish spoken Covering Javea, Denia and surrounding areas. Call now 633 624 232 www.jennyscleaningservices.com C O M P L E T E B AT H R O O M REFORMS Whole project managed by in-house team. 24 years experience. Also specialist in shower and bath screens. Many satisfied customers. Call SHOWERMAN. 96 579 2285 / 639 292 081 or email info@showermanspain.com UPHOLSTERY SERVICE Tired or broken furniture? From small repairs to complete recovers for home, garden, car or boat. Indoor & outdoor cushion covers. Pergola and parasol covers. Leather and fabric cleaning. Pedreguer Industrial Estate. 96 646 9371 or email: sofamedico@harrisfurnishings.com. BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION Specialised in residential property refurbishment. Kitchens/ Bathrooms, Windows /Doors, Reforms/ Extensions, Electrics/ Plumbing, Tiling/ Terraces, Roofing/ Rejas, Tosca Specialists. Over 30 years experience. All areas Gandia to Benidorm and Inland. w w w. s o v e r e i g n - c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m 662 097 598 or email: sovereignconstruction@gmail.com

www.femalefocusonline.com Services Cont.

GLAZING & AWNING SPECIALISTS All kinds of glazing systems, roofing solutions and awnings, windows, arched windows, conservatories, doors and interior glass doors. Call 96 645 7878 or email info@amasvista.com NEED A SURVEY? Call Advantage Building Services if you are buying a property or have structural problems with a property you already own. Subsidence cases investigated, insurance claims mediated and processed. 653 733 066 or email mrmpaddon@hotmail.com or find further information at www.surveyorscostablanca.com EXCAVATION, GROUNDWORK & CONSTRUCTION Specialist in drainage, groundworks and septic tank systems. 648 052 911 or visit www.adlawtonconstrucciones.com ROUND TOWN TRAVEL - Your onestop-shop for travel & entertainment at fantastic prices. Flights, accommodation, ferries, cruises, day trips & park tickets, car hire and airport transfers. Open 7 days a week, call (0034) 966 811 123 or visit www.roundtowntravel.com

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FOCUS ON classifieds

GLAZE N SAVE convert your single glazed windows and doors to double glazed units without changing the frames. Very cost effective and a clean process. This is not secondary glazing. For more information call Gary on 662 455 960 or 96 671 2832 email gary@glazensave.es. Web: www.glazensave.es. TOOL HIRE & INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE STORE Specialist in rental of construction & garden machinery, and hand & power tools. Rental on 24hr daily rate, weekly or long term. Javea based. Fluent English spoken. 96 579 2502 www.cabocasse.com MAN AND VAN for hire, cheap & reliable. Jalon valley & surrounding areas. 96 648 0757 (9.30-1.30) or 636 100 873.

NP CLEANING SERVICES - provide the following services including cleaning for homes and businesses - Holiday Let Management - bed/ mattresses - Laundry & Ironing (with free collection and delivery) - Oven & Hobs - Carpets, Upholstery & Rugs. Albir & surrounding, Call: 649 20 22 33. Q U A L I T Y B L I N D S S PA I N www.qualityblindsinspain.com is a family run business, supplying and fitting made to measure blinds on the costa. Tel: 96 57 01 984 Mobile: 65 83 38 123. WATER FILTER SYSTEMS Whole House & Undersink Water Filter Systems. Reduce Your Plastic Waste & Have Clean Filtered Water From All Taps In Your Home While Also Protecting Appliances From Limescale Buildup. Tel: 681 315 659. Web: www.aqualyze.es. S I M P LY D O O R S . F a m i l y r u n business our products range from external Doors, internal doors, sliding wardrobe doors, upvc windows and conservatories tel 96 671 8738 or 671 260 204. www.simplydoors.es.

For more classified sales visit www.femalefocusonline.com Female Focus November 2019

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FOCUS ON services


Services Cont.

Puzzle Solutions

BUILDING WORK All types of small or large building work undertaken including bathroom and kitchen refits, patios & terraces, painting, pool repairs, extensions and underbuilds, plumbing and electrics. 96 671 2832 or 662 455 960 for a free no obligation quote or email s_sconstruction@yahoo.co.uk THE INTERPRETER, for all your English/Spanish interpreting & translations. Based close to Denia Hospital & surrounding medical centres. Emergency 24 hour call out for Denia Hospital. CALL 686 320 435 or email candidawright@gmail.com

Answer to Spot the odd one out = E

Computers Very easy

Autos And Boats


All adverts must be sent with your Name and NIE or Passport Nº (not published). ADVERTS SHOULD BE sent with correct spacing and spelling, the first three words (only) in capitals. Email addresses will not be published on the website or in the magazine unless requested or supplied as part of the main text. FREE CLASSIFIED ADVERTS. Sell your unwanted items for FREE! Free adverts cannot be faxed, phoned or posted they must be emailed to classifieds@femalefocusonline.com. Photos can be sent with your free advert, both will be published online but text only in print. Classifieds that are supplied incorrectly, all in capitals or with missing information may well be deleted. ‘Misc sales’ are for example one-off sales of second hand items to the value of 500€ or less. Maximum twenty words per advert/ item & maximum five adverts per person*, (email & web addresses count as three words). Property rental or any type of service, business opportunities, wanted, etc are not free and will be charged at the commercial advert rate. Free Property adverts: Property sale adverts should also be emailed to classifieds@femalefocusonline.com by the property owner (up to 40 words). These adverts will be published free for a 3 month period and can include Property Agent contact details (and photo to be included online only). Commercial adverts: Minimum advert length ten words. 35 cents per word plus 21% IVA per month. Payment can be made by credit card or paypal. *Free adverts will be published in print on a space permitting basis. If you want to ensure your advert appears, normal commercial rates should be applied.

Female Focus November 2019

www.femalefocusonline.com Autos HYUNDAI SANTA FE BOOT-LINER. Bespoke, quality rubber boot liner to protect the boot of your Santa Fe. This fitted my 2009, 2.2 crdi. Good condition 20€. Calpe. Mobile: 664 472 515. CAR REPAIRS & SERVICING. Automat Talleres (formerly Total Car Care) will get you right back on the road. Broken down?, send your grua to us! Pol Ind La Pedrera, Benissa. 965 730 225.

Misc Sales ZWILLING TWIN special rook set stainless steel 18/10 just 50€ Call for more info 966 461 784 (Jávea). TREK Bike ALPHA Gold aluminium in top condition 250€. Call for more info 966 461 784 (Jávea). FOLDING BED, single size 90 x 200, quality mattress little used, cost 100€, accept 20€, bargain. Tel 96 296 1149 or 630 228 227. Gandia Area. RACING BIKE NISHIKI, mens bike, good condition, silver, 16 gears, 57cm steel frame, Shimano Dura Ace , photos available. 99€ Orba, Tel. Mikel 647 141 502.

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FOCUS ON classifieds

FLY MO Electric lawn mower + 2 Fly Mo trimmers, good working order 25€. Tel 96 296 1149 or 630 228 227. Gandia area. CARDBOARD REMOVALS BOXES, 200 x cardboard boxes. Used once, in good condition. Sizes from 50 x 30 x 30 to 65 x 40 x 40. 1€ per box, Orba, Tel. Mikel 647 141 502. RACING BIKE KLEIN Quantum, vintage men’s bike, good condition, blue, 24 gears, 57cm aluminium frame, Shimano Integra, photos available. 199€ Orba, Tel. Mikel 647 141 502. PORTABLE OVEN/GRILL, electric 43mm wide, 30mm high, 32mm depth, vgc €15. Tel 638 751 370. Jávea area. PROFESSIONAL JUICER/ BLENDER, Antony Worrall by Breville. VGC. Cost €130, sell €50. Tel: 638 751 370. Jávea area. YOUTHS BIKE, nearly new 75€ or vno. Near Polop. Call: 96 639 2862. LUMINESSE TANNING SYSTEM new, cost fraction of ebay price. 25€. Nice xmas gift. Near Polop. Call: 96 639 2862. FOOD BAG SEALER Electric machine that seals food bags, new half price 12€. Near Polop. Call: 96 639 2862. 10 JOSEPHINE COX BOOKS, English Paperbacks 10€. Ondara Telephone No: 617 682 046. PINE BEDSIDE TABLE Small Pine Bedside Table with 3 Wicker Drawers €15. Ondara Telephone No: 617 682 046. SUBMERSIBLE PUMP Brand New DAB General Purpose Submersible Pump 220/240v 50Hz 05H €25. Ondara Telephone No: 617 682 046.


OVER 7 SQUARE METERS ROCO Quality large attractive blue and matching other tiles with borders, enough to tile a kitchen/Bathroom, cost nearly 300€, must sell 50€. Tel. 96 296 1149 or 630 228 227. Gandia area.

SILVER GAS BOTTLE (empty) €5. Ondara Telephone No: 617 682 046. FOUR ROMAN BLINDS excellent condition 157x240 / 166x240 / 152x240 / 152x240 Blinds come with rail and fittings 65€ each Calpe Tel 610 037 697 NICO BABY AUTO CAR seat, as new, only used once. 25€. Tel. 96 296 1149 or 630 228 227. Gandia Area.

Costa Blanca Focus

www.facebook.com/FemaleFocus/ Female Focus November 2019

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FOCUS ON sales

Misc Sales Continued LARGE PETROL CEMENT MIXER, cost 300£, brought from England, must sell 50€. Tel. 96 296 1149 or 630 228 227. Gandia area.

Property Sales / Rentals JESÚS POBRE. Private sale of lovely spacious apartment of 70 m2, groundfloor, 1bed, 1 fully bath, open plan kitchen, living-dining area with log burner. Roof terrace with sea- and panoramic views. SOLD with some high quality white goods. 125.000€. Call us for info 966 461 784.

www.femalefocusonline.com JACARILLA 1 BED APARTMENT Spacious (57m2) Village Apartment opposite the Palace & Gardens with Balconey view and a secure Garage / Community Pool / entry system. Lounge/Diner, Kitchen, double Bedroom, Bathroom with walk-in Shower, Plus H+C AirCon, Bug Screens and new Water Heater - one owner 55,000€, email crippsjimpat@aol.com for photos. I N V E S T M E N T P R O P E R T Y. Extended Town house La Marina. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen / living / dining room. BBQ, 3 terraces. Close to amenities – supermarket, cafes, doctors. Close to beach, swimming pool and airport (20 minutes). Sitting tenant available – minimum 5 years. €70,000. Tel. 96 679 6236. WANTED WINTER LET. Seeking 3 to 4 months from early January. Minimum 2 bedrooms, internet, terrace or garden area. S/C flat within a villa is fine too. Ref available. Moraira/Benissa Costa/El Portet area preferred. Please e-mail details to: pathodge00@gmail.com or message Pat on 00 968 99235756.


ACHIEVE RENTAL INCOME from your property. For more than 25 years Aguila Rent A Villa SL has specialised in holiday rentals in Javea, Denia and surroundings. Trusted and professional. 96 647 0830 Email: mail@aguilarent.com or visit www.aguilarent.com FOR SALE – HARRYS BAR, QUESADA. Unique opportunity to purchase this well established popular bar /restaurant. Freehold. Call Joanne for more information on 693 494 951. SELLING YOUR PROPERTY? List with Casitas Iberica in Jávea and we will sell your house. Our exclusive listings benefit from professional internal and external photos, plus a free Virtual Tour. No Obligation Valuations. Tel: 96 579 4408 / 686 453 801. www.casitasiberica.com

FREE PROPERTY ADVERTS To get your free 3 month property for sale advert send your advert content (up to 40 words) to classifieds@femalefocusonline.com - Please include your name, NIE or passport number and address, this is not for publishing but we must have these details on file. And remember you can also send a photo to go with your advert that will be published with your wording on the website. (Wording only in the Female and QF Focus Magazines.)

SAVE MONEY ON YOUR OVERSEAS MONEY TRANSFERS Call Sherry Fraser-Currie 96 626 5072 or email:- sherry.f@currenciesdirect.com Personal PSYCHOTHERAPIST CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT Psychotherapist for the confidential treatment of anxiety and depression. Plus couples therapy. Phone Tanya on 634 35 48 92 to arrange an appointment. ARE YOU SUFFERING through another person drinking? Help is available Al-Anon meets every Thursday in Benidorm at 5pm. The meeting is in Calle Jardines not far from the Railway Station. Our contact number is 634 758 539. CLAIRVOYANT READINGS JAVEA Clairvoyant readings in Jávea. Peaceful surroundings. Hilary 677 221 409.

LOVE DOUBLE GLAZING BUT HATE THE PRICE? “To care, comfort and counsel people affected by cancer.”


Convert your single glazing to insulated double glazing Keep your existing frames and persianas All types of windows and doors Aluminium or wooden frames All shapes and sizes

70 up to


EAttinPgEnRew CH an fi th glazing double


Up to 70% cheaper than new double glazed units Reduce your energy bills & noise levels Clean installation - no mess & no stress

www.glazensave.es glazensave Female Focus November 2019

662 455 960 or 96 671 2832 gary@glazensave.es

Costa Blanca North: 634 311 690 Gran Alacant: 96 684 1276 La Marina: 699 894 183 Torrevieja: 602 648 486 www.mabscancerfoundation.com

HELP of Denia and Marina Alta

Medical Equipment and Information office: 96 642 7044 Denia Hospital Interpreters and Info desk: 96 642 9346 HELP Coordinators: Benitachell 664 573 360 Orba 639 176 812 Calpe 616 237 135 Jávea 634 388 446 Denia 634 309 442 Teulada/ Moraira 634 318 819 Parkinsons Support 634 301 677 HELP President 634 345 014.


FREE PHONE 900 525 100


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Female Focus November 2019

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With 20 years in the business, 4 prominent ofďŹ ces, multi-lingual staff and extensive marketing, no-one is better placed to sell your property. CONTACT US TODAY. Av. Rey Jaime I, 9 (Javea Port) www.javea-hamiltons.net (+34) 96 579 0803 info@javea-hamiltons.net

Aloe Building Local 4, Av Joanot Martorell www. jalon-hamiltons.net (+34) 96 648 1496 info@jalon-hamiltons.net C/Pintor Sorolla, 18 (Edif. Paola) www.calpe-hamiltons.net (+34) 96 639 7944 admin@calpe-hamiltons.net Ctra Moraira – Calpe, 15, Bajo 1 www.moraira-hamiltons.net (+34) 96 649 1883 moraira@moraira-hamiltons.net

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Female Focus - November 2019  

Female Focus - November 2019

Female Focus - November 2019  

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