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Protecting your eyes during sports According to Moorfields Eye Hospital in the UK “Sport and recreational injuries are the biggest single cause of accidental eye injury in children. They are more common in older children and in boys and can nearly always be prevented by wearing properly fitting protective eyewear.” High-risk sports and activities include anything using small fast projectiles such as shooting air rifles or playing paintball, basketball, baseball and softball, cricket, lacrosse, hockey, squash, racquetball, fencing, boxing, martial arts and golf. Cycling is also considered high risk due to the risk of road chippings, dust and flies getting into your eyes. This is a serious topic which sporting bodies, eye health specialists and pressure groups are getting behind on a global level. The National Eye Institute in the US urges parents and coaches to encourage the use of protective eye wear in sports as “Eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children in the United States and most injuries occurring in school-aged children are sports-related. Ninety percent of sports-related eye injuries can be avoided with the use of protective eyewear.” Optical group Specsavers recommend that children or adults taking part in any activities which are considered high risk should wear protective eye wear. They advise that people who wear glasses should be particularly careful as glasses can shatter on impact and cause serious injury. Sports glasses should be wrap around and follow the contours of your face, with a robust design and a polycarbonate lens. If playing sports outside, use tinted lenses which offer UV protection. Specsavers can supply sports eyewear depending on your needs, as well as safety eyewear to make sure your eyes are always protected. For questions about the different types of frames and lenses you should consider when taking part in sporting activities, it is best to ask your local optician for advice. Visit to find your nearest store.

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Recently CHUMS (friends of charity) went with Joanne and Mary from Alfaz del Pi Social Services and bought over 500â‚Ź worth of food for Alfaz del Pi Food Bank. CHUMS is a small fully registered group that socialise three times a month and raise money for charity. Forthcoming events Sunday 11 March at The Sports Hall, Cammillo Cano, La Nucia, INTERNATIONAL DAY - 11am until 6pm. Monday 10 March at La Rustica, Albir. Coffee Morning from 11.30am, lunch 1pm. Wednesday 14 March at The Why Not Bar, Benidorm. FUN QUIZ - 2pm. Sunday 1 April at Showboat, Benidorm. Lunch - 1pm with an Easter Bonnet Parade with a prize for the best hat. Friday 6 April at The Peppermill, Benidorm. Coffee Morning 11.30am, lunch 1pm. If you would like more information or you would like to join us please ring Marilyn on 96 586 4394.

Female Focus March 2018

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To discuss your As you can see we have advertising needs upgraded the magazine with your local to celebrate 25 years Female Focus of serving the local community and we hope representative contact:you like the changes as much as we do. We have new writers and features. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond anyones control, for the first time in 11 years we are not able to bring you the Stage Dairy, we will of course update the online information on Gandía to Jávea Roddy 688 815 405 If you have any or 96 575 6833 suggestions on further improving your favourite roddy@ magazine, then please get in touch. Of course it is still packed with forthcoming events and interesting information, as well as our popular free reader classifieds offer - did you know we were the first publication to introduce this for our readers here on the Costa Blanca. This month don't forget it is English Mother's Day, Spanish Father's Day, as well as St Patrick's Day and the start of the Easter celebrations. I have the creme eggs at the ready - not sure they will last that long though and am not holding my breath on the Mother's Day front. Since darling daughter has been a mother she thinks it's her day and I belong to the Grandmother's Day brigade! As Brexit is affecting us all in one way or another, did you know you can check for updates about the Brexit negotiations from official sources - namely the Gov.UK website ( and even get updates emailed to you by signing up to the newsletter, that's got to be better than hearing things on the rumour mill. Lesley

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The Craft Market in Jávea Port For several years running the Jávea Port shopkeeper's association and Amata - the regional craft association - have been working together to organise a small but select craft market every Sunday on the promenade near the Port. The market opens at 11am when between 10 and 15 artists and crafts people set up stalls to show what they have made with love, care and attention to detail. It's all their own work nothing imported or made in a factory. What's more, from now on, every Sunday one of the people there will run a free workshop, where young visitors are shown how to make something that they can take home. The workshop starts at 12 noon and lasts about an hour. The market itself finishes officially at 2pm, although some of the people there don't pack up until later. All in all a nice way to spend a Sunday morning. Stroll along the Paseo Marítimo in the port, have a drink or a bite to eat at one of the many cafés, enjoy the view out to sea and then have a look at what all these creative people have produced. For more information, also in English, you can phone 639 979 678 and for photographs of the markets that Amata organises have a look at

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Rabbit in the headlights? Your finances shouldn't paralyse you, they should enable and enhance your life now, tomorrow and into the future

by Steve Iball

deVere Spain

Someone once asked me “What is the success of protecting your money?” My reply was, and remains to manage it and understand your options. With the abundance of advice available in the press, on the radio, in the news and on TV, you’d think that everyone would be on top of their finances. In my experience on the Costa Blanca, there remains much confusion on “what to do”. So many people take no action which results in them being a bit like the proverbial rabbit in the headlights, not moving and waiting for the car to stop or swerve. It’s no way to manage your finances! But I’m not surprised. There are so many products, funds, jargon and new concepts such as Bitcoin. It’s a minefield and when you add in the tsunami of scary news – well it’s paralysing! In my 35 years of experience of managing clients’ money, the key action is to ensure you take advice and receive simple solutions that you can understand, thus building trust in your advisor. As a deVere advisor, I do what I say with clients, take time to understand their financial needs, and advise solutions which are correct, compliant and deliver results. Our services have satisfied many, many clients in the Costa Blanca. Worldwide we service over 80,000 clients. Why not contact me on 610 822 484 or email for a no cost, no commitment initial discussion, there’s a good chance you’ll either save money, or protect your wealth – or even both! Finally, we’ll be exhibiting at the forthcoming Homes Gardens and Lifestyle Show in Altea (see page 26 for more information) where you can win £100 on a deVere VAULT Card, our easy to use, multi-currency prepaid MasterCard Payment card. We’ll see you there!

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Female Focus March 2018

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Builders’ Ten Year Guarantees With certain limited exceptions the Ley de Ordenación de la Edificación 38/1999 (Law of Building Regulation) which came into force on 6th May 2000 imposed on all builders the obligation to provide a 10 year guarantee of their work to a property. This obligation applies not only to new building, but also to work of reconstruction and reforms which changes the layout of a property in any way. The guarantee has to cover defects in construction and must be provided by an insurance policy, known as a “seguro decenal” taken out by the builder, which provides cover on a reducing basis for 10 years after completion of construction. For the whole 10-year period the guarantee must cover the structure, and all load bearing elements of the property. Within this time, for the first year after completion, the guarantee must cover, not only structural defects, but also defects in finishes and what might also be called “snagging”. This part of the guarantee may also be covered by allowing the developer or owner to retain 5% of the cost of the building work as security for the cost of repairing any defects. From years one to three after completion of the work, the guarantee must cover the installations for plumbing, sewerage, electricity, insulation, and normal use of the property. The time periods are calculated from the date the completed building work is handed over to the owners, and should any defects arise it is vital that the builder is notified in writing immediately, as defects not notified to the builder within two years after they arise are not covered under the guarantee. The value of the insurance policy must be for the entire cost of the building work together with professional fees and any other necessary expenses, together with an allowance for inflation and there must not be any excess on the policy. The guarantee does not cover financial losses; damage caused to adjoining property; damage to furnishings; damage caused by work done after completion of the building, apart from that done to rectify original defects in construction; damage caused by misuse of the property or failure to carry out adequate maintenance; and finally any damage caused by fire or explosion unless resulting from a defect in the original installations. Should it be necessary to make a claim on the guarantee the insurer can either settle the claim by providing a cash payment to the owner, or by arranging for the repair of the defects. “Self-built” property to use as your own home is exempt from the requirement to be guaranteed, unless you want to sell the property during the 10 year period following the completion of construction and the buyer agrees to release you from the obligation to provide a guarantee for the remainder of the ten year period that is still outstanding. If you are a self-builder or carrying out substantial renovation of older property which you may want to sell in the future, you may be obliged to provide a guarantee of the work to your buyer. All building work must be covered unless it is work which is not intended for residential or for public use, and which is only on one floor, or which does not alter the layout, structure, external appearance, or size of a building. There are a number of insurance companies that will issue policies to provide the necessary guarantees for properties that lack them, and some will even provide quotes “on-line”. Remember that the policy only covers the value of the buildings themselves and not the value of the land that the building stands on.

Please contact Ana Gay at Link Point Legal on 96 626 0500 or email for any further information.

It is business as usual at Parasol Care Centre in Jávea, which is now incorporating The Gift Box where you will find a huge array of unique gifts, affordable and perfect for all your present and card giving needs. Female Focus March 2018

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Gadgets Away 100 Games To Play With The Family by Fiona Jennison

Technology has become the too-easy way to entertain ourselves and our children. For parents who are concerned about screen time and kids who wish their grown ups would play with them more, this easy-to use, imaginative book has everything. From five-minute time fillers to large-scale party games, there’s plenty of fun here to keep your family laughing: · Sporty games and playground classics · Activities for indoors, gardens, parks and beaches · Memory and travel games, brain teasers and magic tricks No preparation or lengthy shopping trips are needed for these creative ideas, just find your idea and go! This encyclopedia of joy is perfect for families big and small who want to have fun in the real world. Fiona Jennison is a professional writer and teacher who is devoted to the art of fun and games. She worked in the television industry in the UK for many years, getting paid to film all sorts of silly stuff, sometimes with famous comedians. She then moved to Ibiza, as people who refuse to grow up tend to do. She then got a mortgage for a boat instead of a flat. Those were happy days. A few years later Fiona retrained as a language teacher to enjoy a lifestyle suited to being a single mother. She now lives in the village of Jesus Pobre and has many lovely friends who leave their kids on her doorstep because they know that a weekend with Fiona means a weekend of real fun and games... Gadgets Away is available from Amazon and other major online retailers and is perfect for any families with children, especially with the Easter school holidays approaching. There will be an official book launch and signing, with live music from Niamh, at the Jesus Pobre market on 18 March, along with the usual delights of the market. Why not go along to meet Fiona and get your signed copy? My name is Steve Woods and I am a solicitor specialising in claims for asbestos related diseases and I thought I would look at a number of questions that often arise and that make people worried about the possibility of making a claim. My message is, if in doubt ask! I NEVER MADE A CLAIM BEFORE. I understand that making a claim can seem daunting and this is why I always visit my clients and meet them face to face. I can explain the process and I find this reassures them. I come to Spain regularly and so personal visits are not a problem. I CANNOT REMEMBER WHERE I WORKED, OR THE COMPANY I WORKED FOR NO LONGER EXISTS. It is not unusual for companies that traded in the 1960s, for example, to have long since stopped trading. With investigations I can trace insurers who provided cover for these companies and they are obliged to deal with the claims. Even if you are hazy about the exact name of a company or your period of employment with them, I can obtain your work history from HM Revenue & Customs and this provides confirmation of who you worked for all those years ago. I HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH AN ASBESTOS CONDITION BUT I DID NOT WORK WITH ASBESTOS. It is surprising how often, when you start talking about a persons work history, what they remember. Often, it turns out that even if a person did not actually work with asbestos, they worked alongside people who did and therefore came into contact with dust. Another possibility, and a particularly sad one in my experience, is a wife who comes into contact with asbestos from her husband’s work clothes. MY BREATHING PROBLEMS ARE NOT TOO BAD. A lot of people I meet are dismissive of their breathing problems and underestimate how they affect their daily lives. Some people I have seen do not realise there is a time limit for bringing claims and so it is important that investigations are started as soon as possible. Claims for breathing problems caused by exposure to asbestos can be complex but the quicker the claim is started the quicker these issues can be dealt with. So, if you are concerned about your particular situation or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am happy to talk to you free of charge. Female Focus March 2018

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Health Insurance Don't wait until you need it By Claire Johnstone – C J Insurance Costa Blanca I've worked in the private health insurance industry providing peace of mind for hundreds of people for 14 years. There are a lot of options out there and it can be very confusing to know which way to turn for private medical insurance. After a lot of research, and using my knowledge and experience gained over many years, I purposefully chose to represent DKV because they simply offer excellent medical cover at really good rates. Every spring there is always an introductory offer and this year is no exception. The benefits are extensive including doctors, specialists, surgery, hospitalisation, check-ups, work accidents, ambulance, physiotherapy, sports injury, road traffic accidents, dental coverage and even 20,000€ of emergency worldwide travel cover. DKV even offer unlimited surgical prosthesis and 12,000€ of coverage for cardiovascular prosthesis which is simply the best on the market. It all goes to show just how thorough DKV are. It's the health insurance cover I sell because it's the cover I have for my family! It gives us genuine peace of mind and when we need to use it, there’s no quibble. I feel secure with my health insurance and so can you. If you're thinking about getting private health cover for your family, or maybe you need it as part of your Residencia application, I'd be delighted to advise and help you. I cover the whole of the North Costa Blanca and am happy to travel to you if you are unable to come into the office. Just call me to make an appointment and take that first step to healthcare peace of mind! CJ Insurance is located at the Villaset estate agents office on the Moraira to Calpe road, next door to David’s Fish and Chips, there are plenty of car parking spaces available. Telephone: 96 649 8293, mobile: 677 646 158 or email:

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There’s a right way… and a wrong way. By Sam Kelly, Managing Partner, Chorus Financial. The main issue with how many financial advisory companies operate out here, is that they can have very limited investment options for their clients, so can’t create a truly tailored portfolio, suitable for their client’s personal circumstances. An advisor might only have access to one or two fund houses that have agreed to pay the advisor some commission to recommend their fund, perhaps a structured note thrown in for good measure. Advisors are often recruited based on sales experience, rather than finance background, so there’s pretty good odds that your financial advisor was selling double-glazing 12 months before you handed them your pension to look after! I’m not exaggerating when I say that one of the defining moments of your future is when your financial advisor first sits in front of you with his or her investment proposal. At Chorus we have incredibly strict criteria that we stick to, without fail, for each and every client we take on. Senior Partner, Tracy Storer and I have over 20 years combined experience in financial services, more than 10 of which have been specifically advising expats out here in Spain. The first step of the process is to establish your attitude to risk. Again, I’ve seen cases where an advisor has simply ticked a box, either low, medium or high. This is not how to do it! Risk should be discussed in detail, and nowadays psychometric risk profiles help us identify a client’s true attitude to risk in a very accurate manner. Some clients may be low risk, and are simply trying to keep up with inflation, whereas others may have been investors for many years, and are happy to take more risk to maximise returns. Once risk has been established that is the benchmark we use to put together a portfolio that is intended to achieve the best returns possible whilst keeping within the risk tolerance of our clients. So how do we choose the funds we place into your pension or investment plan? Firstly, we promise NEVER to accept a hidden commission for recommending a particularly fund. Hidden commission can be identified in 3 ways: a higher than usual annual fund fee (anything over 0.95% should raise alarm bells), an entry fee, often as much as 5%, or a tie-in, generally up to 5 years. If an advisor promises not to accept commissions for fund recommendations, it means they are only incentivised to choose the best funds for you. Secondly, track record and regulation. If the funds being recommended are UK FCA regulated, then they have to adhere to strict rules to protect you. We always choose FCA regulated funds for our clients unless they have asked us specifically otherwise. We would also insist on working with fund houses with long and prestigious track records, such as Rathbones, Investec, The Prudential and others, many of whom have been around for more than a century. It’s incredibly important for our clients to know

that their hard-earned savings and pensions are being managed by such trusted and well-known companies. Thirdly, diversification. I’m always amazed when I see portfolios with just a handful of underlying funds. A good portfolio should be as diversified as possible, and also ensure that funds are managed by several different fund houses. I’d expect to see between 6 and 15 funds in a well-diversified portfolio and would be surprised to see more than 15% in any one fund. There are certainly right ways and wrong ways to invest, and I have no doubt that Chorus clients benefit from the highest level of portfolio management advice here in Spain. Are you considering a new investment or pension transfer, or have concerns about an existing investment? To guarantee you are getting the best possible advice call today to book your free consultation with a Chorus advisor. We guarantee to better any proposal made by any advisory here in Spain, in both fees and quality, and promise to always put your needs first.

You can call me direct on 664 398 702 or email for more information or to book a free 45-minute consultation.

· Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ; it is the oldest Christian holiday and one of the most important days of the year. · The term Easter gets its name from Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess who symbolizes the hare and the egg. · The exchange or giving of Easter eggs actually dates back to before Easter and the giving of eggs is actually considered a symbol of rebirth in many cultures. · The tallest chocolate Easter egg was made in Italy in 2011. It stood at 10.39 metres and weighed an astounding 7,200 kg. Female Focus March 2018

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Did you know that life rewards action? Decide that YOU are worth the risk of taking action, like yourself enough to want better results. Know that putting yourself at risk may be scary, but it will be worth it. You must call upon yourself to leave behind the comfortable and familiar if you are to move onward and upward …any progress is at first uncomfortable! Realise that we all see things differently and try to identify the way in which you view the world. Acknowledge your past without being controlled by it …..yesterday has GONE! Just learn from it. You have the ability to choose how you see any event in your life, and you exercise this power of choice in every circumstance, every day of your life, no matter what the situation, you choose your reaction, and give value to any event in your life. Although we are all imperfect, we can learn to take charge of your life and hold on. This is a long ride, and you are the driver every single day! You are managing your own life, and your objective is to actively manage your life in a way that generates high-quality results. The key to managing your life is to have a system. If you have a clear-cut plan, and the courage, commitment and energy to execute that system, you can flourish .…don’t settle for anything less than the best! Many of us don’t realise that we teach people how to treat us. Admit rather than complain about, how people treat you. Learn to improve your relationships to have what you want. We cannot control others ….only ourselves, so perhaps be more tolerant about some things that are not harmful. If the people in your life treat you in an undesirable way, figure out what you are doing to allow that treatment. You are in control of what you allow in your life ….or your attitude towards it! For example, when people are aggressive, bossy or controlling - and then they get their way - you have allowed that. Think about this. Until the next time…Take Care! Violet King. My site:

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Things To Know About Aesthetic Treatments At Zen Smile Spa BOTOX AND FILLER Botox and filler are both used to treat wrinkles. At Zen Smile Spa we use them as a combination treatment to get the best results. Botox is used to relax the muscles to prevent the skin from creasing thereby allowing the skin to recover and lines to soften. Filler treats the wrinkles by adding volume where fat has been lost due to ageing and can also be used to enhance facial features. COOL BODY SCULPTING Our unique cryolipolysis Zeltiq technology uses controlled cooling as low as -13 degrees which is the required temperature to completely freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells without liposuction surgery or downtime. The majority of machines on the market are purely for beauticians use and go no lower than -5 to -8 max which is just not enough to see visible results. Being a medical machine, treatment is supervised at all times by Dr Carolyn Carbasse and regular follow up reviews are booked. It is a great way to treat stubborn, trouble spot areas of fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. HIFU FOR FACE AND BODY HIFU is a safe and effective non-invasive ultrasound treatment that can lift and tighten facial skin and muscle without downtime. There are visible effects even after a single session. It works by stimulating the body's own natural collagen production, to give a natural face and neck lift without surgery. Our second HIFU machine for the body is the latest technology used to target specific focused areas of fat in the fastest possible treatment time. The high frequency of the ultrasound wave results in heating under the skin, effectively destroying the fat cells and tightening the skin in the abdomen, arms, thighs, knees and chin. MEDICAL PEELS Medium to deep medical peels which cannot be performed by beauty therapists are indicated for patients who wish to erase wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and fine lines as well as to even out skin tone giving an overall smoother and healthier, younger looking skin. CRYOPEN CryoPen is an advanced cryotherapy innovation that is a fast, effective, safe and new solution for removal of skin imperfections such as skin tags, moles, milia, cherry angiomas and warts. Procedures typically last from 5 to 25 seconds, so you can be in and out of the clinic quickly. ND YAG LASER The Nd Yag laser is specifically designed to help with age spots, freckles, large thread veins on the face or body, rosacea and tattoo removal. MESOTHERAPY Mesotherapy is a treatment involving microinjections of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes and amino acids placed in strategic regions of the face, scalp or body which stimulate skin renewal, improving its moisture, elasticity and resilience thus improving fine lines giving the skin a refreshed, toned and visibly healthier appearance. At Zen Smile Spa we use the most sophisticated mesotherapy injector currently on the market, enabling us to administer 450 injections per minute whilst being completely PAIN FREE. This treatment is the number 1 most effective treatment for hair loss in both men and women and is also great for acne scarring. See our advert above for contact details.

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A smoother road to retirement - The Colina Club To welcome in the New Year, the Colina Club has had the access roads to the apartments resurfaced with new asphalt. This has facilitated an easy smooth road to all the apartments by mobility scooter and car, as well as improving walking access. This has vastly improved the appearance and ease of entry to the 48 one and two bedroom Independent Living Apartments. Why not come and see for yourself, just give us a call on 96 583 5226 or visit our website - We are also going to be celebrating the 100th birthday of one of our residents, Marnie Mills (pictured throwing paper aeroplanes). In 1986 Marnie and her husband Alan relocated to Spain, in to the mountain village of Forna. Both were keen walkers and became founder members of the Costa Blanca Ramblers. In 1996 Marnie moved to Orba after her husband passed away and continued with her love of walking. In 2010 Marnie decided to move again, this time into an Independent Living Apartment at the Colina Club located in the tranquil hills above Calpe. This provided fresh territory for Marnie to explore. It was only last year, at the age of 99 that she decided to walk from her apartment to the Nursing and Rest Home. She is now being pampered and still enjoying life to the full and can often be seen striding around the Colina Club and surrounding area. What an amazing woman, we only wish we had half her energy. Her family are coming out for the 6th of March to celebrate her birthday and we are having cake and cava to commemorate the day! May we all wish Marnie a happy, healthy 100th Birthday. The Colina Club, Urb. Colina Del Sol 52B, 03710 Calpe. Telephone 96 583 5226, email or visit See our advert below for more information.

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Darkness Into Light is an annual international walking event coordinated by Pieta House, a Charity which raises awareness internationally on the issues of suicide and provides support to families and friends of those who are depressed, experienced self-harm or have died through suicide. The event, almost entirely organised by Pieta’s amazing volunteers, continues to go from strength to strength. Each year the Darkness Into Light event touches the lives of many more people across the world. Darkness Into Light started as a small event with a handful of walkers in Ireland, however, nine years later in 2017, over 150,000 people took part in the walk across the globe. Now into its tenth year, over 180 venues around the world will take part in this year’s event. Darkness Into Light is very much about hope and hope is something we endeavour to give each person who comes to us in their time of need. We help people to feel more hopeful about the future as we continue to tackle the issue of suicide and self-harm. This is the first time that the walk will take place in the Costa Blanca. This emotional, yet inspiring walk will take place on Saturday 12th May, 2018, starting at 5.15am.  Participants will meet at Gogarty’s Bar, at La Zenia (Paddy’s Point) and walk the 5km coastal walk. At the 4km mark, there will be a pause at La Zenia Beach to silently reflect together, while watching the sun rise - hence going from darkness into light. For more information about the event visit or our Facebook page - Darkness into Light 2018 - Costa Blanca.  Alternatively contact Event Co-Ordinator Fionnula Fitzsimons ( or Executive Committee Manager, Beverley Duffin ( We will be hosting a series of events in the Costa Blanca throughout April.

Antiques, Vintage, Retro & Collectibles Fair Good Friday, 30 March is the date of the next Antiques, Vintage, Retro and Collectibles Fair at the lovely venue of Salones Canor, Calle Assagador, Teulada, 03724. Doors open at 09.00 to 15.00 hrs. Once again you will find interesting, beautiful and often rare items plus lots of collectibles including vintage and antique jewellery. We support AKIRA, CAM Benissa, formerly EMAUS, The Charity Shop, Calpe, The Lions and Make a Smile who will all be represented at the fair and selling generously donated items. Parking is free, as is the entrance. Food and drinks are available all day from the bar. If you need any information please contact us on 626 795 587 or 96 573 2741.

Female Focus March 2018

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Host families required for Inglaterra en Casa Inglaterra en Casa are a Spanish company based in Valencia, they have two very successful English academies in the city which are open all year round. In the summer they arrange for Spanish students from all over Spain, to come and stay for two weeks on the North Costa Blanca with native English speaking people. This year will be the 9th year they have arranged a host family programme in the area. In addition to the host family programme there are also two football camps around Spain arranged in association with Sunderland Football club and one residential English camp held in Beniarbeig. The company are looking for native English speaking people who live between Oliva and Benidorm to host Spanish students from the 1st July and the also from the 15th July both for 12 nights. The host families receive payment for hosting the Spanish students, and from this they must provide accommodation, all meals and snacks, except lunch during the week which is provided at the school. The students attend summer school in Benissa from 9.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and there are daily buses from several areas to and from the school. Several of the families have come back year after year, and really look forward to welcoming the students into their homes, all types of families are considered, retired people, families with or without children of their own. Everyone brings something different to the programme. Debra Miller is the British Family Coordinator, and is on call the whole time that the students are attending the programme. Debra has been with the company since the very beginning, and understands all the pros and cons of having students as she used to host them herself. All prospective families are visited by Debra, this is so that she can meet the families and get to know them a little before students are placed with them. The purpose of this programme is to help Spanish children practice their English language skills. If you do not speak Spanish this is fine, as they need to speak English while in your home. To find our more please contact Debra on 634 301 652 or email

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Welcome to the House of Fun! Jo and Tommy at KRU – the most entertaining salon in Javea! - would like to welcome Lisa Sharpe to the team. Lisa has been cutting, colouring and styling hair professionally for more than 30 years and will be a great asset to our hair and beauty academy because she has also taught hairstyling at further education colleges in the UK, where many of her students progressed to work at worldrenowned hairdressers such as Toni & Guy. To celebrate her arrival at KRU Lisa has a special welcome offer on Xpress therapy reconstruction treatment…it has a Botox effect on your hair. It is an express treat ideal for highly damaged and chemically treated hair and gives shine, silkiness and body, and leaves a protective coating on the hair lasting up to 1 month. Tell me more about Xpress therapy reconstruction treatment… Dry damaged hair needs care and attention whether it is due to atmospheric elements or technical procedures, it is important to maintain good condition for great looking hair. Popular oils at the moment are Argan, Macadamia and Coconut, each having their individual benefits. The Xpress therapy reconstruction treatment from Glam Care has Keratin, Argan and Macadamia oil and gives shine, silkiness and body to the hair. It leaves hair nourished, with unbeatable body and a delicious fruity fragrance. Argan Oil bestows a silky texture and deep nutrition. Macadamia Oil leaves the hair with a spectacular shine. The perfect combination of both unites the two benefits: nourishing and hydrating the hair cuticle, and giving brightness, elasticity and restores its youthful look. Lisa will be offering this treatment with a blow dry for only 25€ Jo and Tommy wish her all the best! She is here full time and offers all hairdressing services. To make an appointment call us on 96 646 3970, she looks forward to meeting you soon!

Female Focus March 2018

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How is it possible for a plant to treat so many conditions and why doesn’t my Doctor prescribe it for me?

By Miriam Albertini (Mirjam is

a registered nurse who was born and raised in Holland, now living in Spain for 12 years).

Last time I explained how CBD is being used across the world to help sick people and those who suffer chronic pain. Although modern medicine is wonderful, there are many plants and flowers that nature intended us to use, that have few side effects and can help people with chronic conditions. One of these is CBD. To recap, CBD is short for cannabidoil and is a non-psychoactive compound of the Cannabis plant. Add to it CBG, CBC and CBN, other less well known compounds in the leaf and you have a full spectrum oil, with broader benefits than just CBD. It is non-addictive, cannot be overdosed, does not cause any behavioural changes and has been medically approved in many countries, where it is routinely used for people suffering the effects, or the after-effects of over 100 different conditions. Compare this with alcohol which has no stigma and is used and enjoyed by millions and has addictive and often mind destroying effects when taken to excess, and yet no-one has dared suggest it should be outlawed! The medical profession has long been told about the hallucinogenic properties of Cannabis, without knowing that the leaf of the plant cannot cause a “high” but has so many benefits for people who are ill. It is becoming more and more difficult for the medical field to ignore this, and it is in fact used in lots of countries, especially when conventional medication may control the symptoms but doesn’t always cure the original condition. So what conditions can CBD treat with success? I’ve listed some here but there are more. Arthritis, depression, chronic inflammation and pain, seizures, high blood pressure, auto immune diseases e.g. lupus, high blood pressure, diabetes, alcoholism, MS, Schizophrenia, PTSD, antibiotic-resistant infections, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders. CBD also has demonstrable neuroprotective and neurogenic effects, as well as its anti-cancer properties. Ask yourself, why should I go one more day without trying something which has a good chance to help me, and give me the quality of life I used to enjoy? Why should you suffer with arthritic pain because you’re over 60, there’s no reason when there is something that has been proven to help! Come and see me for a free, no strings attached, consultation at my dispensary in Denia or call 692 320 121. Next time we’re going to get technical!

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Gum disease 'linked to heart problems' Excellent oral hygiene could prevent heart attacks, by stopping dangerous bacteria entering the bloodstream, studies have shown.

travel to the heart. This is more worrying if the blood clot actually forms on the heart's ventricle. We now recognise that bacterial infections are an independent risk factor for heart diseases. In other words it doesn't matter how fit, slim or healthy you are, you are adding to your chances of getting heart disease by having bad teeth. Gum disease is the most common reason behind tooth loss in adults, and here are some tips to prevent gum disease and dental problems:

In dentistry, prevention goes a long way in terms of avoiding cavities, gingivitis and gum disease ….and now we know that by using your toothbrush and your floss /mini brushes, you might also be preventing much more serious health problems down the road.


The sheer number of bacteria which can live in an unhealthy mouth – more than 700 strains – increases the risk of heart disease, regardless of how fit a person is.

For most people, sticking with common sense tips can head off problems. If you keep your mouth clean, it is very hard for the bacteria that cause periodontal disease to get started. You will also reap other benefits - fewer fillings, healthier gums, and a brighter smile and very importantly fresh breath confidence.

Image: An illustration of gum disease.

Tip from Dr Karen Gardner - Your dentist in Jávea. The germs create thousands of tiny blood clots, which can cause a narrowing of the arteries, a common cause of heart attacks. More than 2.5 million people in Britain suffer from heart disease, and one British adult dies from the condition every three minutes. The disease is characterised by the restriction of blood to the organ, which can cause a heart attack. Studies have previously shown a link between having gum disease and an increased likelihood of suffering from heart disease or a stroke. However, they have struggled to explain why the conditions are linked until now. The mouth is an easy entry for nasty bacteria. Once inside the blood stream the platelets, which help the blood to clot, latch onto the bacteria. This can cause a blood clot, which can detach and

We find that many patients, who believe that they have good oral hygiene, think they are doing the job well, but in actual fact they are not doing well enough. The only way to be really sure if your oral hygiene is up to scratch is to get checked regularly at least once a year. Most people need a dental clean every 6-12 months and some every 3 months - depending on their own ability to keep the mouth clean enough and their own personal tendency for gum disease. If you avoid the dentist then there is a very high chance that you unknowingly have bad breath and gum disease – and we now know that gum disease could even be a silent killer. Article provided by Dr Karen Gardner, of Clinica Dental La Plaza, Edificio La Plaza, Jávea. Tel: 96 646 1120. If you would like more help or any advice, please attend our clinic. Female Focus March 2018

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We’ve been made to look beautiful again, is it your turn now? Last month we featured the transformations that have happened here at Clinica El Arenal. Our clinic has had a complete modernisation and makeover. Over the next few months we would like to tell you about some of the top cosmetic procedures currently sweeping the globe following the rise of fitness bloggers, fitstagram, and athleisure as more and more patients opt for procedures which will help enhance the work they do in the gym.

Tight abs.

Taught, toned and defined abs are the current ‘in’ look, with the likes of Davina McCall and Chloe Madeley taking the chance to show their enviable abs at every opportunity. For those who might need a little help along the way, consider a ‘mini abdominoplasty’ or mini tummy tuck. This is an interesting option for those patients who after losing weight, or simply suffering from a local accumulation of fat, or have had previous surgery such as a caesarean, develop either a sort of apron of skin or a fat accumulation below the belly. In these cases the operation can be performed under a local anaesthesia plus sedation as day surgery without the need for hospitalisation.

Undetectable implants.

We are seeing the continued rise in popularity of low profile breast implants, which offer patients a more natural, subtle enhancement. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift have been rumoured to have had such implants, which are in stark contrast from the large, rounded implants which were popular many years ago. Low profile implants sit closer to the patient’s body and are less visible to the naked eye, which enables patients to seek them often without the knowledge of those around them. At Clinica El Arenal we have a list of different implants that we may use, depending upon a patient’s requirements and the look, shape and volume that they are wishing to achieve. No more space, but so many more minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to tell you about!

The above cosmetic adjustments and many more are undertaken at Dr Poole's clinic in Jávea. Come and tell us about whatever aspect of your body you would like to improve, and we will be very glad to individually assess any case and discuss every possible option in order to choose which one is best for you. First consultative visit is completely free. Dr Ignacio Poole: a certified Family Doctor / GP and a Specialist Surgeon with a Master in Aesthetic Surgery. Clinica El Arenal. Av. Arenal 2, Jávea. Tel: 96 579 2418, Mon to Fri 10.30am - 1.30pm, email:

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In safe hands: How Osteopathy can help your pain.

Osteopathy is a way of diagnosing and treating injured or damaged parts of the body, such as muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints. When our body is balanced and efficient it will function with minimum of wear and tear. This is what osteopaths helps you with. Osteopaths treat a variety of common conditions such as: l Back pain l Repetitive strain injury (RSI) l Neck pain l Sports injuries l Headaches l Pregnancy pain and posture issues l Arthritis l Treatments for babies and children l Shoulder pain Osteopaths identify abnormalities within the body structure and function, using only their hands. Osteopaths then facilitate the body’s ability to heal itself through the treatments which include various stretches, mobilization of joints and manipulation techniques. Excise advice is given to help reduce the symptoms and preventing the situation to reoccur. HEIDI TRYLAND is a UK Qualified osteopath working in Denia. She is Norwegian and did the 4 years osteopathic training at The British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London. After receiving only one osteopathic treatment in England she was so impressed that she decided to become an osteopath herself. Heidi worked at the Osteopathic Health Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for over 7 years and 5 years in Mombasa, Kenya where she had her own clinic. She came to Denia August 2017 and is now working in Denia town centre. Clinic address: Calle Marques de Campo No 60, 2nd Floor, Door 15, Doorbell Number 315. Telephone (0034) 625 709 515. Email: Facebook: Denia Osteopath.

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Finance Student Tania Bisquert certainly knows how to deduct kilograms! In just one year of being a member at CLUB F!T Tania Bisquert has lost an amazing 37kgs. Tania, who lives in Jávea and is a student studying finance at the local Institute, had been a member at 'traditional' gyms with just weights and machines, before joining CLUB F!T, but she had never been able to achieve the weight loss that she was looking for. At CLUB F!T things are very different says Tania, "I particularly love the La Danza classes with Antonio, I find the heart rate monitors that we all wear really helpful and these have made a big difference to my weight loss, and I like the Cardio classes too." For anyone reading for the first time about the special heart rate monitors that everyone wears at CLUB F!T in every class, here is a brief explanation. Every member has their own heart rate belt, which is configured for them personally and automatically displays their name and heart rate and calories burned on a large TV screen. This way, throughout the class every exerciser and the class instructor can easily see their heart rate, and whether they are working in the blue, green, yellow, orange or red 'zone'. Being in the blue zone means that you are working too slow to be totally effective and is a great encouragement to work a little harder. On the other hand, working in the orange or red zones means you are over exerting and working too hard, so you need to slow down a little. By working in the green or yellow zones which are the middle zones, you are doing the right amount of exercise in terms of effort, and safety and effectiveness, and this brings the knowledge that what you are doing is really working. Tania now wants to maintain her weight as it currently is, to keep 'toned up', and to keep learning more about nutrition. "Peter and Mika have really helped with great advice about my nutrition" she says. "They, and all the instructors make the club great fun too, which makes all the difference, and I enjoy the fact that there are lots of nationalities here."

Instructor Jenni has been instrumental in helping Tania in her weight loss.

So whatever your motivation or your particular health situation, come and see us at CLUB F!T and we will work with you to achieve your goals. We are very easy to find, located 5 minutes away from the LIDL store in Jávea, at Centro Comercial Monver, Calle Roma No 3. Tel: 865 664 888 and 602 211 051.

Suffering with Bunions? (or other feet problems)





KEYHOLE FOOT SURGERY The Effective Solution

This non-invasive approach is fast, effective and costs less than you might think. Call us and we’ll get you back on your feet in no time.

We also diagnose and treat: Bunions / Hallux Valgus, Claw / Hammer Toes, Taylor’s Bunion, Heel Spur, Metatarsalgia (ball of the foot pain) and Neuroma or Morton’s Toe

Lara Virginia Yáñez Carra


Calle Portalet 9, 1st Floor, Door G • Calpe Tel: 96 583 5245 Email: Female Focus March 2018

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The Power of Hope

By Mandy Hazard - The Healing Connection On the face of it, we sell CBD oil but in truth what we offer at The Healing Connection is so much more. Many of the people who come through my door share the common trait of being at their wit’s end. They’re not sure about CBD oil, but they’re 100% certain that they need to do something. What they leave with is healing hope, and that’s a powerful start to recovery. I started The Healing Connection after spending 3½ years trying to ‘beat’ cancer. I realised that it wasn’t a battle I was ever really going to win, but I made sure that I got even! I researched CBD and Cannabis and the science, history and botany of it all, inside out and came to understand just how remarkable and versatile the plant actually is. Now, before you think “Stoner”, you need to know that whilst we do extract the CBD molecule from the Cannabis plant, we use the Hemp variety of Cannabis. It’s perfectly legal and is not a drug and has nothing to do with getting high! CBD oil works by supporting the body’s internal workings – specifically the Endocannabinoid system - so that it simply works better. That’s the science bit over. Just know it can be incredibly helpful to heal a multitude of conditions, physical, mental and even spiritual. Our research centre has been busying away trying to expand on our customer’s options and have found a new Cannabis oil called CBG that is being called ‘The Stem Cell Cannabinoid’. This is a welcome addition to our Cannabinoid family as it has some strong claims as a cancer preventative. A big part of what we do at The Healing Connection is understanding you and your needs in a 1:1 consultation. I’ll recommend the right Cannabis oil product protocol for you and talk holistically about your issue. My experience, inspiration, ethos, philosophy and, of course the CBD oil give real hope. By personalising our approach, that hope becomes a force for recovery. If you would like some private time to discuss your personal issues, please call the shop for an appointment. I see people privately in the afternoons after 3pm. If you’re at your wit’s end, all I ask is that you come and have a chat. I want people to take their power back, see they have more choices than they perhaps think, and whatever their chosen treatments, CBD can support them. I believe that quality of life is critical, and that hope is a very powerful enabler. So often I’ve seen the power of hope leading directly to improved quality of life and a change in perspective of a brighter future. Our shop and research centre, The Healing Connection, is in Jalon just down from the gas station as you come into Jalon from Benissa, across from the Marina Verde Garden Centre and next to Don Pintxo Tapas Bar (see advert below for details). If you just want a chat, pop in, I can’t wait to meet you. Our website is full of information and blogs, you can subscribe to our Newsletter which lets you know all the latest news…

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Journalist and broadcaster Jack Troughton plays ‘Johnny Foreigner’ and casts an eye over Spain and focuses on stories that serve as a gentle reminder he remains an Englishman abroad.

Those of us lucky enough to have embarked on a new life in this part of the world generally rub along fairly well with our Spanish hosts and we even dare to dip a toe into the warm friendly waters of a lake called integration. Britain and Spain are both proud nations and share many common values. It is easy to slip into a Mediterranean lifestyle and on the whole a peaceful coexistence exists; there’s even room for a bit of friendly banter. However, an insult – even a throwaway line – can set temperatures rising; it is in fact, like waving a red rag at a bull. Jamie Oliver and his unusual recipe for ‘paella with chorizo’ triggered a certain level of mirth and raised eyebrows when the Spanish press seized on the chef’s list of ingredients – he was probably sent scores of more authentic ways of making the dish and all the regional variations; possibly invited to tour in his VW camper to find out for himself. Spare a thought for Chris Haslam, a travel writer for The Times, and a recent article published in said newspaper under the headline: ‘How to be Spanish’. It went viral on social media and was about as welcome as an epidemic of bird ‘flu in national newspapers in this part of the world. Haslam was obviously trying to be light-hearted and tongue in cheek, and has since apologised. He shared advice such as to “always be late – unless a bull’s charging at you”, to “kiss and hug complete strangers”, to “shout at waiters”, and to “forget Anglo-Saxon politeness, discretion and decorum”, and a dig at siestas. The journalist was forced to protect his Twitter account in the fallout. Irate Spaniards made sure he was in no doubt of what they thought of him – backed up with YouTube videos of British men and women behaving badly in some of the country’s more notorious holiday hotspots. Spanish daily ABC led a blistering attack in its own guide ‘How to be British’ and what it called a few “diplomatic recommendations”. Naturally, the paper’s essential guide prompted more tit-for-tat articles back in Blighty. And to be fair the Spanish story did target visitors to these shores. There were references to wearing white socks and sandals and the propensity for getting burnt in the sun – Mad Dogs and all that. There were also swipes about the notorious intake of alcohol by holidaymakers – “20 hours a day” – before suggesting a couple of street fights before a burst of ‘balconing’ from a hotel room. The British also took a couple of hits for a general lack of interest in culture and the modern scourge of making fake claims for gastric illness after an all-inclusive hotel stay. “When you get home, go to an office that focuses on giving you some advice about reporting Spanish hotels for food poisoning is not necessary to have suffered harm, they arrange all the papers.” The editor of El Pais’ English edition, Simon Hunter – a veteran of 20 years ‘in country’ – penned a much more conciliatory article and believes Haslam simply committed the British ‘sin’ of trying to be too funny. He believes the attempt to be humorous and ironic failed to score with Spanish people who were merely offended. Simon – married to a Spaniard and with a large extended family here – also set out some pointers of his own. His laid back guide includes: enjoying life in the street and in the sunshine; spend a lot of time with friends and family, over coffee, a drink, lunch or dinner; and to be confident and polite – and always tip, even if only leaving a few coins. It was sensible stuff. Having lived in Spain for a number of years, both sides in this series of ‘how to be’ actually made me giggle; rather a lot actually. The original article and the various indignant responses, coupled with the polarised and cartoon images of the people of two different nations. The Spanish are a welcoming, friendly and helpful bunch; they care for families are respectful of older folk. Embrace the differences come the summer siestas are quite the thing.

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What to do in the event of someone suffering an electric shock… Compared with the UK, many more electrocutions in Europe happen when a person inserts or removes a plug from a socket. UK plugs and sockets are much larger and more solid than in Europe. UK Plugs incorporate a removable fuse within the plug, to protect the cord/flex from the plug to the appliance. All UK plugs are 3-prong, whereas most European plugs are only 2-pronged, and some aren't even polarised. The live and neutral pins on UK plugs have plastic near to the body of the plug, such that it is very hard to touch a live piece of metal even if the plug has not been inserted fully; whereas the pins on European plugs have no protective plastic. Most UK sockets are individually switched (i.e. there is an 'on/off' switch next to the socket) whilst very few European plugs have any switch. All modern UK sockets have plastic guards that spring into the holes for the live and neutral pins, so that kids cannot easily push paperclips into the live hole and shock themselves, also UK plugs mate somewhat more firmly into the socket, giving a more 'secure' feeling connection. For these reasons Brits in particular need to take extra care when inserting or removing a plug to / from European sockets, because the everyday protections that we are used to, are simply not there. The following are actions to take with all electrocutions, not just ones from plugs or sockets: Very often the relatives and friends who are first on the scene do not know what to do in the case of someone receiving an electric shock. The danger from an electrical shock depends on the type of current, how high the voltage is, how the current travelled through the person’s body, the person's overall health and how quickly the person is treated. An electrical shock may cause burns, or it may leave no visible mark on the skin. In either case, an electrical current passing through the body can cause internal damage, cardiac arrest or other injury. Under certain circumstances, even a small amount of electricity can be fatal, and so a person who has been injured by contact with electricity should be seen by a doctor. Take these actions and call for medical help: 1. Turn off the source of electricity if possible, and certainly don't touch the injured person if he or she is still in contact with the electrical current. 2. In Spain you should call 112, here you will be able to report the incident for example if the source of the burn is a high-voltage wire or lightning, and call for an ambulance. If you are a member of the Asociacion Amigos Europeos de Javea then call our 24hr Emergency helpline on 96 579 6099 and we will have one of our state-of-the-art ambulances (think intensive care unit) immediately dispatched and straight on its way to you. 3. Do not get near high-voltage wires until the power is turned off. Overhead power lines usually aren't insulated. Stay at least 20 feet (about 6 metres) away — further if wires are jumping and sparking. 4. Begin CPR if the person shows no signs of circulation, such as breathing, coughing or movement. (Next month we will write about CPR). 5. Try to prevent the injured person from becoming chilled. 6. Apply a bandage. Cover any burned areas with a sterile gauze bandage, if available, or a clean cloth. Don't use a blanket or towel, because loose fibres can stick to the burns. Membership of the ASOCIACION AMIGOS EUROPEOS DE JAVEA is just €50 for a whole year for the whole family. Contact details on their advert alongside. Call their Registration Manager Laure Bolufer on 96 579 6099 (10am to 1pm every weekday.) Email: amigos_europeos Female Focus March 2018

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With Spring just around the corner The Homes Gardens & Lifestyle Show will be blooming into action! We are cooking up some fantastic features for the 2 day show at the Villa Gadea Hotel in Altea on Friday 20 & Saturday 21 April, and the Show will be springing into action to inspire, inform and entertain YOU!……. Villa Gadea Hotel is in Altea on the N332 and just off the AP 7 motorway ALTEA exit. With FREE ENTRY, and plenty of FREE parking, put the dates in your diary to come along and be part of it! Meet our line-up of Professional Show Chefs cooking it up in the Outdoor Area at 14.00, 15.00 and 16.00 on both days. Our ‘local’ Celeb Chefs are Danny Bowler from the Vintage Café, Masterchef Semi-finalist 2014, Daniel Seymor, Restaurante Ca Pepe who worked under Michelin star and award winning Sous Chef Minesh Patel “a Great British Menu, Abi Satari from Satari’s Restaurant our own Costa Cook Off Winner 2017, along with Chef Miguel Andres from Fusion 8 Restaurant at Akinon Resort, a winner of Sabor@arte who trained under Michelin star chef Martin Berasategui. Our Show chefs are looking forward to sharing their passion to cook with creative flare Friday 20 April 14.00 – Daniel – Restaurant Ca Pepe 15.00 – Abi - Satari’s Restaurant 16.00 – Miguel - Fusion 8 (Akinon Resort) Saturday 21 April 14.00 – Daniel – Restaurant Ca Pepe 15.00 – Danny – Vintage Café 16.00 – Abi – Satari’s Restaurant (Photography by SandraZ Photography)

The two day event will be brimming with products and services, to see, touch, try, taste and buy with over 80 exhibitors waiting to welcome you to the biggest event on the Costas for all your Homes, Gardens, Lifestyle and Leisure time needs. Jam packed with information, inspiration, products, services, fun and feature concepts, your favourites are back, such as the Tapa Trail, Open the Vault and Pet Idol 2018! along with a programme full of Daily Talks & Demos. NEW editions are the gardening competition, Baskets in Bloom, Free Health Checks, the brand new stylish cooking demonstrations, wine tasting, a new style craft workshop, and our brand new Super Raffle with some amazing prizes to be won… ……and as always lots, lots more! Including 250€ in CASH to be won courtesy of the FEMALE FOCUS PUBLICATIONS on stands No 22 & 35. And don’t miss entering the FREE draw to win the Spa Getaway with the Akinon Resort! The Tempting Tapas trail is back! Sponsored by Avalon, get your Tapa Trail card at the Show and visit the participating stands and restaurants, Ca Pepe, Satari’s & Bussola, collect your stamps to receive your FREE Tapas and your chance to win dinner for 2 at these restaurants in the FREE Prize draw! So, with FREE ENTRY and FREE PARKING visit The Show at the VILLA GADEA HOTEL situated on the N332 and just off the AP7 motorway (exit ALTEA) on Friday 20 & Saturday 21 April, 10.00 – 17.00. SEE YOU THERE!

Sponsored by

For Show updates see, Facebook Homes Gardens and Lifestyle Show or call 695 399 841. Pick up next months Female Focus for all the updated information and the participating exhibitors.

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KHEER INDIAN RICE PUDDING Ingredients 1 cup Basmati brown/white rice 3 cups coconut/almond milk 2 teaspoons cardamom seeds 2 teaspoons cinnamon

½ cup raisins 3 tablespoons brown sugar 3 tablespoons unsalted chopped nuts (almonds, cashews pistachios)

Time: 50 mins Serves: 6 Indian rice pudding is the best – silky, creamy, crammed full of sweet plump raisins and nuts. There are so many flavours which can be added to kheer; cinnamon, pistachio, saffron, rose water etc. Indian rice pudding is nothing like the bland, gelatinous lumpy white stuff I remember being forced to eat at school! No, kheer is a thing of joy! This vegan recipe is a healthier version and tastes great. Recipe • Rinse/wash the rice until the water runs clear. Place in a bowl, cover and soak in cold water for 15 minutes. • In a large pan bring the milk and sugar to a boil. • Drain and add the rice to the pan, lower the heat, add the raisins, stir and simmer for 25 minutes or until the rice is cooked and milk has reduced in half. • Stir in all the remaining ingredients. • Serve either warm or cold garnished with chopped nuts. TIP: The pudding tends to thicken with time. By adding milk, the consistency of the pudding can be adjusted. Try adding chopped dates or fresh fruit such as sliced mangos and strawberries for an extra sugar kick. Don’t forget to catch the Spice Sisters on Channel 5, Thursday 8 March “Bargain Loving Brits In The Sun”. If you would like to learn more about spices and how to cook Indian then why not join the Spice Sisters Nilam and Veena at their next Curry On Cooking Indian Cookery Course? Relax, unwind, feed and nurture your mind, body and soul in beautiful and tranquil surroundings of AKINON RESORT in La Nucia, with CURRY ON COOKING’s Spice Sisters from 12th to 17th April 2018. The retreat offers an excellent introduction to the colourful and inspiring cuisine of India. Learn about Indian spices and their healing properties; master staples such as bread, cheese, yogurt, ghee and curry making in a modern teaching kitchen. Plus experience the gifts of nature this beautiful resort has to offer paired with yoga, mindfulness, relaxing spa treatments and delicious food. For further information please email or

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100 Not Out! On 16 February, a very special celebration took place at Ciudad Patricia to mark the 100th birthday of Peggy, their longest staying resident. We’ve featured Peggy in Female Focus numerous times and it always amazes me just how sprightly she is. The day was celebrated in style starting with a champagne reception where Peggy was joined by her daughter Shirley, family, friends, residents, and local dignitaries. Speeches were given with Gordon, the President of the Resident’s Association, remarking that Peggy had had us on the edge of our seats with various illnesses in the previous 4 years. But she had made it with her ethos of positivity and ‘there’s no such thing as can’t’! A highlight of the morning was the delivery of a card signed by Queen Elizabeth II. By this time the emotions were bubbling over and tears of joy and laughter were flowing. After the reception, everyone moved into the theatre for a wonderful show put on by the staff of Ciudad Patricia. Compered by Benny Davies, we had acts including Abba, the Weather Girls, Village People with YMCA and the Andrews Sisters. We wish Peggy a very happy 100th birthday with many more to come. As so many people said, she is a wonderful and remarkable lady, and it’s an absolute joy and honour to know her. The photos show Peggy with her card from the Queen and receiving flowers from Peter Jacobs (General manager Apartamentos Ciudad Patrica). See opposite page for more information about Ciudad Patricia.

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Stop splashing about! For 24 years SHOWERMAN has been offering the biggest and the best selection of bath and shower screens, usually available for delivery the very next day. Now Showerman and their team are now able to completely reform your bathroom too. Just contact Alexandra in the showroom and she will be able to help you. New Showroom After many years in their previous location in Jávea Port, SHOWERMAN has moved to new premises in Jávea Old Town. Here in the new showroom, Alexandra will be able to show you their range of shower screens, doors, shower enclosures, and you will also find the latest in designer hand basins and accessories. With such a wide range of Corner Entry, Pivot doors, Bifold doors, Quadrant showers, Cubicles and Frameless designs on offer, and with all their experience over the years, it really is a wise choice to consult SHOWERMAN about the very many options available. But if for some reason you can’t make the trip to visit the new showroom, no problem, Alexandra can come to you with no obligation to buy. SHOWERMAN has always taken pride in offering their clients a full installation service, in their own words: "We're not saying we're the best, but there's nobody better". So if you are considering a bathroom makeover, the new SHOWERMAN showroom should be your first point of call. SHOWERMAN. Calle Historiador Escolano No 14 (see map below). Telephone: 96 579 2285. Mobile: 639 292 081. Email: The Showroom is open every day, Monday to Friday from 10am until 1pm.

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Sensational Scandinavian Wood at surprisingly low prices! If you are a DIY enthusiast, you have no doubt realised how expensive buying wood in Spain can be! If you want to do some woodwork around your home or business premises go to BricoMaderWood in Ondara. They provide quality wood at very competitive prices. Brico Madera is a Dutch-run company which has been trading on the Costa Blanca for more than 10 years. Manager Richard Lentz explains how he imports the wood directly from Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic countries, where there is an important timber industry. Richard has worked in the house building trade in Norway, Sweden and England, and is an expert in this field. You can purchase most types of wood at the store at surprisingly reasonable prices. There are readycut lengths of timber available, or you can have it cut to the length you require at no extra cost. In fact you will find everything you need from simple shelves to terrace decking and even complete made to size kits for elegant pergolas! BricoMaderWood also provides a delivery service from Valencia down to Torrevieja, and they can also arrange to send their own skilled carpenters along to assemble the woodwork if you do not want the hassle of ‘doing-it-yourself’. Buying wood in Spain can sometimes be tricky because it is not always durable. BricoMaderWood supplies resilient timber, especially treated to Scandinavian standards to withstand the elements and destructive pests. With over 130m3 of timber in stock, come and see the huge selection of pine timber, green or brown impregnated timber, and now even pine thermo treated timber (Scandinavian tropical pine). All the wood is well stored and slowly dried to ensure the best quality. Are you fed up with seeing drab cement walls and walking on cold tiled floors? Wood panelling and parquet floors look inviting and are quite simple to install. Or maybe you fancy a Gazebo outdoors in the garden or on the terrace...enjoy yours this summer, fully assembled on-site for only 1900€ including IVA (3x3 metre)! Are you curious to see BricoMaderWood for yourself but do not know the area well? Drive along the A-7, take the exit to Denia and follow the road signs to Ondara. BricoMaderWood is easy to find on Avenida Alicante. Contact Richard at BricoMaderWood on 618 056 650 or visit the website to see many examples of their products and completed projects. The opening hours are 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 1pm on Saturday.

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Spring.... Bounce in to life March is the beginning of spring time and certainly here on the coast temperatures are normally starting to rise. This marks the beginning of the growing season for the garden. If you haven’t pruned your garden yet, then now is the time to get it done. The combination of warmth and sunlight combined with a fresh pruning will make your plants bounce into life.


If you have got palm trees, then remember to start spraying them against the red palm weevil or (picudo rojo). Spray all your palms. I've heard hundreds of times of customers who have been misinformed about their palm trees, ultimately leaving them vulnerable. All palms are a target for the weevil, the only difference being is that the success rate of the eggs developing correctly, and then progressing is down to the type of palm, meaning that some palms are naturally in more danger than others. This is down to the density of the trunk and the existing foliage around the trunk. Phoenix Canariensis is the most prone to attack (especially if it doesn’t have a cleaned trunk) as the soft compost type material that sits between the old branch ends is the ideal place for the eggs to be laid and to hatch. Also at the base of these old leaves is a softer and less dense part of the branch which is easier for the newly hatched larvae to eat through, leading to the centre of the palm tree and the softest part. The least likely to be attacked (although it happens) is the Washingtonia palm (Fan Palm) because there is very little material for the eggs to be hatched in and the trunk underneath is also very dense and hard, making it much harder for the newly hatched larvae to get through. Even small palms such as Phoenix Robellinii (Dwarf Canary Palm) and Cyca Revulta (the Japanese sego palm) are still vulnerable. Common mistakes. Another common mix up which occurs is when people think their palm is dying from the weevil, but it is a fungal attack, which can be more devastating than the weevil. Unfortunately, this fungal attack is not treatable and is also spread tree to tree when gardeners or palm pruners, who don’t spot the signs on palms they are cutting, end up spreading the disease via their tools and spread it to other palms that they consequently cut. continued on next page


QUALITY BEDS & BED LINEN FROM BUDGET TO LUXURY All British sizes available • Styles to suit all pockets FREE assembly, caster cups & delivery* FREE disposal of your old bed C.C. Byblos Local 8, Ctra. Calpe-Moraira, Los Pinos 1K (Coast Road) Calpe Tel: 965 836 814 Email: Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm Saturday: 10am - 1.30pm *FREE DELIVERY from GANDIA to ALICANTE

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Easy ways to spot if you have weevil or moth larvae are that you may find you have a lot of attention from small birds that will try and eat the grubs, also if it is weevil attacks, the centre growth of your palm will start to list and or fall out. If this happens have your palm treated immediately by your local professional, if you do this, then there is a chance of the palm re-growing. The main way of spotting if you have the fungus is the branches will start to die and go straw brown but from the lower outer leaves. Unfortunately, the obvious reaction of most people is to cut these leaves off, which only helps spread the fungus further and this process continues and becomes more rapid, working its way to the centre and effectively starving the plant of foliage and photosynthesis leading to a sad and inevitable end. So, spray all palms, don’t risk not spraying them all. Also, make sure the people pruning your palms have clean tools that have been sterilised, don’t let them cut until they have - why should a cheap and easy thing to do cost you the health of your palm trees. Finally, if you see the centre of your palm listing and or falling out, have it sprayed immediately for the best chance of saving it.

Plant of the month. At this time of the year when many plants need to be pruned and there isn’t a lot of colour around you can’t beat a good Iris. With many varieties and colours available they can be a great gap filler in your planting areas and with them being a tuba-based plant you don’t have to worry about them too much. As their flowering time is short, I find it best to put them in what would be my second row of planting. This means when they aren’t in full bloom they just blend into the background, but when they really sing they are close enough to enjoy. For the best in Garden Design and Garden Landscaping talk to the specialists, Charlesworth Gardens, original landscapes. For more information please give us a call on 696 283 704, email or visit and Female Focus March 2018

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The Arts Society Marina Alta - next meeting April 5 The Sistine Chapel Cracked! by Daniel Evans. The Sistine Chapel ceiling was painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512, it is a cornerstone work of High Renaissance art. The ceiling's various painted elements form part of a larger scheme of decoration within the Chapel, which includes the large fresco The Last Judgment on the sanctuary wall, also by Michelangelo, and wall paintings by several leading painters of the late 15th century including Sandro Botticelli, Domenico Ghirlandaio and Pietro Perugino. Michelangelo was (reportedly) grumpy, dirty, ugly and tight-fisted, but produced sculpture, painting and architecture of such startling beauty and originality that two biographies were written in his lifetime. We know exactly what he looked like in life and at his death, and today there are over 1400 surviving letters in his own hand. Daniel Evans is an educationalist with a passion for all things Italian. Formerly Head of History of Art at Wycombe Abbey School, Dan is now Deputy Head of Sixth Form at Cheltenham College. He has been lecturing since 2001, and spent 9 years working as a senior lecturer, tutor and tour guide for Art History Abroad. He was voted the British winner of the World Guide of the Year Awards in 2008 and alongside his lectures and special interest days he also organises educational study trips for societies to a range of destinations in Italy. Coffee is available prior to the presentation and a glass of wine or soft drink afterwards for a socialising period. Sponsors: Blevins Franks, Reliable Air Conditioning. Venue: Salones Canor, Teulada. Doors open: 10am. You must be seated by 10.55am for a prompt start at 11am. Visitors are welcome for a payment of 12â‚Ź per presentation. For more details of our Society and how to join please view our website or contact

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Is your pool giving you a headache?


At Pool Technical Services (PTSS), we understand the stress and worry that leaking or blocked pipework can cause: excessive water bills, ground settlement and structural damage which can cost hundreds if not thousands to repair. However, many leaks can be identified and repaired using a simple process and nearly 50% of leaks and blockages can be resolved within a few hours or in some cases just minutes! The main part of our business is based around renovating and repairing existing pools. With our full diagnosis and repair/maintenance service, we can replace valves, pipework and equipment in most cases without draining your pool. Furthermore, we repair or replace pumps, sand filters and all other types of equipment. In order to accurately identify a leak or blockage we undertake 4 main steps of detection: 1. Pipe pressure testing in conjunction with Fisher Big Foot Sonic Listening Device. 2. CCTV pipe inspection with Cat Locator. 3. Thermal imaging camera inspections. 4. Dye testing, to pinpoint your leaks or blockage. This approach has proven itself time and time again with a very high success rate. It helps that at PTSS we have invested heavily in state of the art detection technology with the most up to date equipment from America to accurately pinpoint leaks or blockages in all types of pipework. There’s often no need to dig up your floors, terraces or garden areas, as we are fully equipped to find your leaks or blockages and if necessary, we put on underwater gear and literally jump in your pool to carry out repairs. We can also help you with structural surveys for insurance claims based on your pool. Leakages can cause secondary problems but there’s often a good chance that you’re insured! So whatever your pool repair or maintenance problem, call us at Pool Technical Services Spain on either 679 637 623 or 616 945 853. For more information, see our advert in the Focus on Professional Services magazine (page 46) or visit

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Clear out the clutter: Make your home a cleaner, happier place

At this time of year when the weather's not at its best and we find ourselves spending more and more time in our villas, it's an ideal opportunity to clear out those cupboards, organise that kitchen, sort out that wardrobe and put the paperwork in order. It can seem like a daunting challenge but with a few guidelines, you can put the colder months to good use and bounce into the Spring relaxed in the knowledge that your house is in order ! Tackle one room at a time! Flitting between rooms makes de-cluttering a much bigger task, one almost impossible to complete, and one that you will soon tire of as your house turns into a bomb site! The answer is to set aside a day to do one room and commit yourself to finishing it. Stack everything that lives elsewhere into cardboard boxes to be dealt with later and separate the items you don´t want into 3 piles; PACK, DONATE and TOSS. Make a mess! Don't be afraid of making a mess; the best de-cluttering method is to pull every single item from your shelves, drawers and cupboards and lay it all out so you can see exactly what everything is. And if you have stuck to the one room at a time rule, then the mess shouldn't impact the rest of your house. This tactic works especially well for clearing out your wardrobe; as well as identifying all those clothes you haven't worn for years, you'll 're-find' clothes you'd forgotten about and even discover new outfits as you view your entire wardrobe in one glance! Get logical! When it comes to reordering your house, there are two basic rules. First, store like with like: all batteries should live in one place, so when you need a new one, you know exactly where to find it. Second, keep belongings in the room where they are used because, when things migrate around the house, your home becomes a black hole and you'll never find anything. As an extension to this second rule, store things as close to the place you use them as possible: washing powder next to the washing machine, tea in the cupboard above the kettle. It seems common sense but when this simple rule is extended elsewhere is the house, you'll soon realise how illogical some of your storing has been. “A place for everything, and everything in its place” is the key to maintaining an uncluttered house.

Secret spaces The lack of storage space in Spanish villas is a common moan among us expats. Often with no garage, garden shed or attic space, simply finding a place to store everything can be an effort. However, look to your walls and you will find unused space that just cries out to be utilised in a creative way. The number of smart horizontal storage units now available on the market is huge, ideal when floor space is at a premium, and an ideal way to transform blank walls whilst creating functional storage space. Using baskets and pretty boxes means that clutter is stored out of sight but the unit is still visually appealing... ideal for the spare bedroom or bathroom. Not all clutter is junk Clearing out your home needn't turn you into a robot. We've all got treasured mementoes that might not look much to other people yet they mean the world to us: cinema ticket stubs from your first date, your first Mother's Day card, a lock of baby hair. My top tip? Buy yourself a pretty storage box to pack away your keepsakes rather than leave them scattered all over the house. Then you have a special box full of mementos that you can take out now and again and enjoy. Storage solutions It's tempting to splash out on pretty storage boxes before you've started de-cluttering. In my house this is called “delaying the moment”! One word: don't. You're better off sorting your trash from your treasure and then assessing what storage solutions you actually need. You'll save money in the long run and are less likely to upset your partner! Be brave Most people find it hard to throw away stuff, but you can't attach sentimental value to everything you own. Ask yourself these questions; l Do I have an emotional attachment to this item? l Have I used it in the last year? l Do I REALLY need it? l Will I benefit from keeping it? If the answer is no to any of these questions then seriously consider if you should keep the item; when in doubt throw it out! Get rid, feel good For the sake of your mental health, don't add up the cost of the money you may have wasted on any of these items; instead, focus on how de-cluttering makes you feel good: donate items in good condition to your local charity shop and consider selling larger unwanted items and treating yourself as a reward for all your hard work! Relax Without clutter clogging up your home, you'll find it is twice as easy to relax. It's even a pleasure to clean and decorate because you're not staring mess in the face every day.


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Lotus Interiors, Ctra. Moraira 14-16, Benitachell. Call 96 649 3232.

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Stop contagious illnesses Many pet owners aren't aware of the illnesses their pets can get; not only that, but what can they transmit to us?

We often hear clients asking why it is important to vaccinate and to treat their animals for parasites? Many people don't know that certain illnesses can be transmitted to us! There are viruses, fungus, parasites, bacteria, and we can all share them, so it is part of our job not only to ensure the health of the animal but also the owner's family.

The most common illnesses we see that humans get from their pets are fungus and parasites, the most common being ringworm and internal parasites. But there are many more that humans can get, here are some that could frequent this area, as worldwide there are many more. This doesn't mean that you and your pet are going to get these, but with prevention we can all feel much safer. Rabies is infamous, it is transmitted by the saliva of an infected animal and its outcome is very severe. It is prevented by keeping your pet's vaccination up to date, it is compulsory to vaccinate Dogs, Cats and Ferrets against rabies. Leishmaniosis, is transmitted by the bite of an infected phlebotomine sandfly. There are many preventative measures such as vaccination, external parasite treatments, and immunity booster treatments, and although it is very uncommon in humans, it can affect us. Toxoplasmosis, is transmitted by cat faeces and unclean fruit and vegetables. To prevent against toxoplasmosis the best way is hygiene; make sure your hands and all tools used to clean the cat litter are properly cleaned, and wash your fruit and vegetables before consuming them. Dirofilariosis is transmitted by mosquitoes. Commonly known as heart worm, to prevent it we can use external parasite treatments and a wide spectrum worming pill.There are also specific treatments for heart worm, and depending on the area you live in, this can be more or less common. Gussy is a nosey and playful cat. Shelter open every Sunday 10am - 12pm. Call Luisa on 648 100 629. Aldea Felina Denia Cat Protection League. For information on other animals please visit Visit our second hand charity shop at Ave de Jaime I 23, 03779 Els Poblets. This is Timon. He is almost a year old. Male, pointer mix. His siblings all got adopted and I’m baffled as to why this gorgeous little boy is still with us. He has the most wonderful, gentle nature and is sociable with other dogs. Contact 605 575 883. APROP animal shelter, Pego. Angus is about 2 years old. He is a sociable, affectionate and very active. He loves playing with other dogs. He needs a loving family that has the time to take Angus for walks and runs and to play with him. PEPA 650 304 746 or email: Rex is about 14 months old. He is a small terrier mix. Neutered, vaccinated and is just waiting to be your forever friend. For more information call the Akira Dog Sanctuary on 657 689 567 or email Facebook: Akira Benissa Dog Sanctuary.

Leptospirosis is transmitted by urine of an infected animal and as most dogs like to sniff, it is easily caught and passed around. Most dogs are vaccinated against it in their yearly injection, which is why these are so important. Lyme disease, Hepatozoonosis, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis and Rickettsiosis, these are all transmitted by ticks. Hepatozoonosis differs as it's transmitted by the ingestion of a tick, where the others are from its bite. The best preventative measure is a good external parasite treatment, also there are blood tests to detect these especially if your pet has recently had an infestation of ticks. Internal Parasites such as Giardia, Toxocara Gati, Toxocara Canis, Echinococcus (tape worm) and many others can also be transmitted, which is why it is compulsory to worm your pet once a year; in fact worming is advisable at least every 3 months, as these can all be transmitted to humans. We recommend you always consult with a professional such as a veterinary or veterinary assistant as to which are the best parasite treatments as they will be able to advise medically which are the most suited and most effective for each individual pet. Many pet store parasite treatments have no scientific study to back their effectiveness, as the law doesn’t allow them to administer veterinary medication. Article supplied by Clinica Veterinaria El Puerto in Jávea. See their advert above for their contact details. It has been only a few months since we have taken Sidny from a dog pound. But in those months she has gained weight, and trust! From a shy dog, to a dog that walks well on the lead, loves people and car rides. A loving dog for any family. For more info check out Facebook; Tanamerarescue. Frieda is a very sweet natured girl who never shows any signs of aggression, is extremely friendly and wants only to please. She walks to heel on the lead. SCAN: El Verger. Call 626 550 864, visit or on Facebook. Coquetta (mare) is 7-8 years old. She is a very quiet horse, not pushy and quiet calm but willing. She is in need of a little TLC and a warm soft bed and we think she will be like a new horse. Email for more informacion or check out our website UWE, male, DOB 03.12 - 55cm. Uwe is completely house trained and walks very well on the lead. He does not feel at home at the dog pound, but is still very social and loving. For more information call 618 754 635.

Pet Charity Advert Spaces Sponsored by Dragon Insurance..... For ALL your Pet Insurance Needs Dragon Insurance · We Insure just about anything · 96 649 3762 · Female Focus March 2018

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A VIEW from the South

Page 38 Watching the children reminded me of the old pre-school play groups slogan which said "Playing is learning for living".

Welcome to my monthly column “A view from the south”. Hopefully you will find my rambling readable (maybe even enjoyable). You may agree or you may disagree with my views, I care not. These are my views long held and forged over a life time of work, travel and experience. Now that’s over let’s have a look at what is really winding me up.

The beauty of childhood.

Another memory that came to me was my early years as a street kid living in the middle of London. School, when I went, did not hold many enchantments for me and as such I spent my early years wandering the corridors of the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, taking in the wonders of the natural world. Who could not be fascinated by the "Blue Whale Hall" or the magic of the Brontesaurus with all those bones and that magnificent long tail ...then it was up the stairs and into the world of creepy crawlies ...I don't like spiders and snakes are the words of a song that I can 100 percent agree with ...however there is no doubting the weird beauty of such creatures. When the world of natural history had been explored I used my preferred mode of transport, the London Underground, to make my way around the Capital City ...usually having The Tower of London as my point of call. Before you ask ...yes I was playing truant and yes I did not have any money to pay for my underground travel.

Left the house the other day with the aim of paying a quick visit to my local for a Saturday afternoon pint. As I left the house I noticed that the road across from my house had been closed off by a couple of plastic barriers ...barriers that had been left by the local council after some official road closure. In this case the barriers had been purloined by several young children who had closed off the road at each end and were busy playing street football ...young boys and girls running about ...laughing and just enjoying life doing what growing children should do - namely learn by social interaction and play.

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In the early 1960s, museums were free and London Underground had yet to think of the Metal Crocodile Barrier the City of intrigue, that is London, was in effect open for perusal to a quick witted, skint, travel savvy truant playing street kid like me. All I had to avoid were the Police and an angry but overworked mother. All went well until both the police and my angry mother caught up with my little game ...aided I must add by the Catholic Church in the guise of Father (Cannon) Hadfield who decided that I would become his "lapsed Catholic child of interest". A plan was drawn up to enroll me into "Westminster Cathedral School" with its firm discipline, and the rest as they say is history. My childhood became one of concentration and study rather than one of light and liberty. Schooling definitely altered my life ...out went casualness in came thought and learning aided by my early life skill of being able to read from a very early age tuition, no parental effort, just a by product of hiding in local libraries to keep warm while playing truant from school. Watching the kids playing football in the street took me back through the years and confirmed that playing is definitely learning for living ...fresh air interaction and the flirtation with risk are pre-requesits for common sense adulthood. Long may youngsters enjoy their early years because for sure, life in todays world seems to be getting tougher by the day.

Just sitting and watching television.

Like many of you, in my retirement I like to watch television especially daytime television ...what however is driving me mad, is the proliferation of adverts that seek to ease my hard earned cash from my bank account. Along with these are the many charities who are championing the cases of clean water, food shortages, animal welfare, health care around the World, to name just a few. These pleas for help are genuine and should go someway to remind us all of the difficult life that some people live. What did catch my eye and caused me concern however, was an advert that sought to encourage women to seek Breast Augmentation. My concern is that - shouldn't this type of surgery be a matter for serious medical and psychological discussion between interested parties rather than a commercial shot at impressionable and maybe vulnerable people who may seek this type of medical intervention as a commercial lifestyle pathway. Listen, if you can afford it and you want bigger breasts then go for it concern is that this type of advert is aimed at young women and is for cosmetic, rather than medical professional reasons. Last shot at the television adverts is aimed at the company who offer "laser eye treatment". Whilst I accept that this treatment can be worthwhile, surely the company could have used a better slogan than "we can show you how to lose your glasses" to attract our attention. Let me tell you, I have a history of losing my glasses without help from anyone!

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BARC announces 2 new initiatives at spectacular fundraiser in Busot Caves The Busot Animal Rescue Concern, BARC, the registered charity for the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of lost and abandoned animals in the Busot area held a spectacular fundraising event in the Caves of Canelobre in Busot on 17 February. Called "Valentines Voices from The Valleys" the fundraising event starred internationally renowned tribute acts to Sir Tom Jones and Dame Shirley Bassey. It was an amazing evening in the magical setting of the beautiful Caves. The Charity raised over €2,000 on the night, every cent of which will go to the keep and veterinary costs of the cats and dog in its care. On the night the President, Pat Earle, announced two new major initiatives for the charity. Firstly, in conjunction with the Town Hall and Mayor of Busot, a funded feral cat neutering programme for the town. A group of volunteers, already assembled, have been issued with identity cards from the Town Hall, which gives them permission to feed feral cat colonies, and to trap them and take them to the vet, nominated by the Town Hall, for neutering. To date BARC has both financed and taken on this work. In future the neutering costs will be paid for by the Town Hall directly to their nominated vet. Secondly, Pat announced a major new initiative, in conjunction with The Local Police to raise awareness of animal welfare in the local community, and in particular the need for micro-chipping of all cats and dogs. This initiative follows a spate of 11 lost and ·Archaeological records shows the abandoned dogs in a 14 day period in the town. None of them first undisputed dog remains buried were microchipped. Pat invited Jesus Moreno Sanchez, Chief of beside humans 14,700 years ago, with the Local Police in Busot on to the stage, who gave a speech about disputed remains occurring 36,000 the legal requirements for keeping cats and dogs. In particular he years ago. These dates imply that the highlighted the fact that cats and dogs found without a microchip earliest dogs arose in the time of human could result in fines from €650 to €6010 for the owners. The hunter-gatherers and not agriculturists. maltreatment of cats and dogs could result in fines from €6,020 to ·The dog was the first species to be domesticated. €18,030 for those convicted. · One unspayed female dog, her mate and their puppies can Both of these major new initiatives received a rapturous response produce 67,000 puppies in six years. from the audience. · A dog's sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than a human's. If you would like more information on the work that BARC does, their events and their cats and dogs for adoption please call the · Obesity is the top health problem among dogs. BARC telephone number 699 822 027.

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ARIES You will get more done at the beginning and the end of the month but try not to get too frustrated in between. Let others take the lead and you will see things you have overlooked before. From their view point you can pick up ideas you would have never thought of. TAURUS If you are really feeling that passionate about something then let them know how you feel. It doesn't mean you are right and they are wrong and if you approach it carefully then they will see that you just see things a different way. GEMINI This month will be a challenge but not due to being over worked and busy, in fact just the opposite. Things all seem to be going too smoothly and even getting a bit boring. It won't last so make the most of this quiet time. CANCER The weather, although not so bad, is getting you down and you are wishing the time away until you can get back to the beach. Planning a quick get away or even a proper holiday will help. LEO Changing something small in the home makes a massive difference to all. This starts you thinking of other small changes you could make to your wardrobe, diet and life in general. Go for it. VIRGO It is sometimes hard to work out exactly what you want from a situation and sometimes harder to explain to others. Don't give up but keep trying and things will get easier.

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LIBRA You need to concentrate more on yourself and your loved ones and not get so caught up in other people's problems. You do not have to try and solve everything for everyone. By giving yourself some boundaries you will feel less overwhelmed by everything. SCORPIO Trust your instincts in a relationship, only you know when is the time to take things further. A new hobby will see you spending more time with a wider group of friends. SAGITTARIUS Home life is high priority this month and spending time with the family really is making you feel happy and more settled than you have in a long time. This of course will reflect in your work life, and you will enjoy that more to. CAPRICORN At first you wondered why you were attracted to a person, but soon realise that it is because you are on the same wavelength. It is good to find someone who you can really relate too. AQUARIUS Money matters come into focus this month and they need to be addressed and not just brushed aside. Deal with them now and they will not start growing out of control. PISCES You really have got your heart set on your next goal but your head is telling you to hold back. You need to stop and make that list of pros and cons and see whether you are being too cautious or alternatively if you are going to have to put it on the back burner for a while.

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Cancer Care Donation On Tuesday 30 January, Cancer Care President, Lyn Buntrock, donated another 20,000€ to Residencial Ana Maria Espinos Llopis, within the IMED hospital in Teulada. This money will continue Cancer Care's commitment to totally fund Room 009 for the second year.


Cancer Care gave the funds to the Director of IMED for Room 009, so it could be opened in February 2016 and this wonderful facility has been a life line for many ill people and those who need respite. Cancer Care are determined to continue to support Room 009 and the dream is to open another much needed room within this residential home. This wonderful donation was helped by the amazing amount of 6,532€ given to Cancer Care from the ticket sales from the Rocky Jávea Picture Show and a fabulous recent donation from Free Spirits Harley Davidson Motor Cycle Club of 2,240€ and Cancer Care were delighted to welcome their representatives to the presentation. Cancer Care thanked Jacquie Phillips for hosting the presentation during her coffee morning in the MABS centre.

Jávea U3A members capture live art

A good day for eagle-eyed Jávea U3A’s birdwatchers

Under the guidance of group leader Mike Frost, members meet once a month in the studio at L’Ancora Tennis. At the February meeting, a dozen members met their latest model – the U3A’s communications officer Ian Rogerson … and the challenge was to turn him into an attractive work of art! Whether or not they succeeded is debatable, but their efforts certainly deserved credit in demonstrating a mix of differing styles. Any Jávea U3A member who is interested in joining this group can email for more details. The photo shows members of the Live Model Art Group with sitter, Ian Rogerson (in hat), showing off their creations.

Members of Jávea U3A’s Birdwatching Group enjoyed a successful field trip to Pego Marsh. The party, led by group leader Nigel Bentley and his wife Sue, spotted more than 30 species of birds during their outing. Among the sightings was a group of seven booted eagles hovering around the hills overlooking the marsh as well as one dark-phase bird, two common buzzard and a common kestrel. The twitchers’ sightings also included around 60 lapwing and a similar number of glossy ibis, the latter put up by two marsh harrier passing over the ibis’s grassy feeding area. Apart from the birdwatching, the group also enjoyed a refreshing drink in a little bar beside hot-water springs. The photo by Ian Rogerson shows members of Jávea U3A’s Birdwatching Group at Pego Marsh.

Following in the footsteps of artists featured in TV’s popular Portrait Artist of the Year series, members of the Jávea U3A Live Model Art Group have been busy testing their own talents.

Another Successful Year for the Calpe & Benissa Lions Charity Shop

On Saturday 27 January the Committee and Volunteers of the Calpe & Benissa Lions Charity Shop had a New Year Party to celebrate another very successful year. The shop, situated on Calle Pintor Sorolla 15, just down from Calpe Post Office, and run completely by volunteers, raised over €18000 last year for local charities and needy causes. Over the year, donations were made to: Caritas in Calpe, Caritas in Benissa, Gargasindi and Maite Boronat schools for the disabled, Calpe foodbank, Cruz Roja and other people and organisations in need of support. The shop continues to go from strength to strength in a bid to increase its revenue and therefore charitable donations benefiting those in need in the local area. From 1 to 8 March we will be having special promotions of men’s trousers and jackets and from 8 to 15 March promotions on jumpers .....please come and see what we have to offer. Donations of bric a brac and clothes are always welcome. We’re open 10am to 1pm Monday to Saturday. The Calpe and Benissa Lions thank all their customers and other supporters throughout the year and look forward to seeing them soon.

Parkinson's Group

There are many up to-date leaflets with a wealth of information on many different aspects of of Parkinson's. Come & see for yourself, you don´t have to be alone. We meet on the last Monday of the month at the Help Activity Centre in La Xara at 1.30pm. Pat (our leader) always contacts you a week before to remind you of the meeting. Telephone her on 634 301 677 or contact the Help Office from 10am to 1.30pm on 96 642 7044 or just come along on the day.

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Gandia Area Social Club (International) Put More Life In Your Life With The GASC!!

The club has been in existence for 30 years plus (!) but has grown in strength in every way in the last few years. We hold monthly Dinner Dances with live (high class) entertainment at the Viva España Restaurant on the N-332 in Oliva. Apart from the music nights we have monthly quiz and dinner evenings and weekly sporting activities, badminton, walking, hiking, petanque and trips away. There are always lots of good things happening to enjoy in the GASC! Below are the monthly Dinner Dances we have lined up for you in 2018. Thursday 11 January - New Year Party with Greg Bannis (Greg was the lead singer with Hot Chocolate for 18 years! Thursday 15 February - St Valentines Party, Magic of the Musicals II Karen Noble. Thursday 22 March - ROD STEWART a tribute by the best - David John -- TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT! Thursday 19 April - The Superb CHARLENE DEVLIN with DIVAS of POP. Thursday 24 May - THE PHIL COLLINS EXPERIENCE by Rob Lewis. Thursday 21 June - 'Andy Max' performing tribute to Shaking Stevens and The Kings of Rock 'n' Roll. Thursday 19 July - Summer BBQ at El Eden, Chill Out Lounge in Oliva with The Stoned Band Francis leads the band with all those Stones favourites. Thursday 20 September -The Blues Brothers Benidorm. From the cult movie a fantastic show live on stage for the club Thursday 18 October - Elvis is in the House! Simon Patrick with his stunning and exciting tribute to Elvis. We have the excellent Timewarp Duo in support. Thursday 15 November - We have waited so long but at last the ultimate tribute to the late Mr George Michael by James Bermingham. With Timewarp Duo in Support. Thursday 13 December - Christmas Party The Cavern Club visits GASC. All the sounds, the songs of those many groups and singers from the hay-days of the famous Liverpool Cavern Club. Performed by The StarBeats. As ever, all are welcome. Membership is only 7€ per year but non-members are welcome, too. Please see our website: especially the What's On page. To book events please email: See our Facebook too!

The Beatles tribute concert featuring the Liverpool Band scheduled for 24 March is proving very popular, indeed it is already sold out, so the Lions have added a second show in the afternoon. The matinee performance on the same day, 24 March will commence at 4.30 pm and will hopefully cater to all our loyal supporters who have not managed to secure tickets for the evening performance. For tickets and information please call 96 649 9954 or email For information on all our events please call 96 649 9954 / 618 017 201 or email For more information of the Teulada – Moraira Lions please visit our webiste:

U3A Vall del Pop What’s On Programme March 19 & 20 – Las Fallas de Valencia. Overnight stay at the beach front Neptuno hotel. April 5 – General Meeting. Speaker Helen Siddal-Butchers – Psychotherapist & Counsellor. May 3 – General Meeting. Speaker Mike Rendell – The Golden Age of Piracy. June 7 – General Meeting. Speaker Telitec – Internet Security. August 10 – Cirque du Soleil in Alicante [64 euro]. September 27 to 30 – trip to Cartagena for Roman Battle Fiesta, plus trips. December 23 to 27 December – Christmas in Nerja For further information on U3A Vall del Pop check our website The U3A is all about enjoyment and learning, and this is particularly evident in the U3A Vall del Pop, whose members hold their General Meeting on the first Thursday of each month at the Centre Polivalent in Murla, and have a diverse range of groups for the interest of the members.

Tasting of the Wine of Fire

The U3A Vall del Pop Wine Tasting Group held their first wine tasting of sparkling wines last month, at Celler El Vinyater in Jalon, or at Casa Celia's for those who know the restaurant. We were offered seven varieties with the star of the show being Wine of Fire, which had an amazing gold colour with shots of bright yellow when shaken. Our thanks to Celia and her team.

MOFTAG share the love on Valentine’s Day The ladies of Moftag put together some pretty jars of sweets at their Valentine’s Day meeting. Carolyn Mills and Anita Becker then delivered them to the Gargasindi School where they were gratefully received. Moftag is a social club for ladies in the Calpe area who enjoy raising funds for local charities. If you would like to know about our club please contact our Chairlady – Jenny Godfrey on mobile 639 139 518. Female Focus March 2018

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Antiquary Albergue and Hostel By Fiona Jennison Most of us Expats here have many visitors descend on us each year. Undeniably it can be a bit exhausting to be the host for a whole week or two weeks. So here is an idea. There is a brand new, beautifully decorated Albergue in Benitachell which might be an excellent suggestion for future guests if you want to get out of kitchen duty for some or all of their stay – and I believe that your visitors will thank you for it. Owners Maria and Antonio Caballero use the words “Albergue & Hostel” on their flyers, presumably because not everybody understands the word Albergue. But “Hostel” conjures an image of a scruffy place to stay in. This newly renovated and decorated accommodation is gorgeous and if cleanliness is next to Godliness then I think Jesus himself must be the cleaner! It is “immaculate!” Admittedly it won’t be accommodation to recommend to your posh friends. But for sporty, adventurous fun-loving friends it is ideal. There are 22 shiny new bunk beds, smart modern bathrooms, laundry facilities, breakfast bar, cosy lounge with big TV, outdoor terrace and stunning views across the Montgo. Benitachell is a prime location for those who love hiking, cycling, diving, sailing, tennis or golf. When I met Maria to chat she gave me an armful of leaflets as heavy as the Sunday Times and all its supplements listing cliff walk routes, diving spots, local “Miradors” and routes to the village ‘riuraus’ in the area. And of course Benitachell is ten minutes from the lovely towns of Jávea and Moraira without becoming crowded itself in the summer. Antiquary is also a well-respected restaurant offering 23 different pizzas to choose from and an a la carte Mediterranean menu. Really great food at really great prices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Putting my money where my mouth is I have booked my 50th birthday here at the Albergue this year. Only asking my friends to spend 20€ for accommodation feels good as I will not be worrying about any one driving home. It might not be the sexiest age to turn but I just can’t wait! You can find Antiquary Albergue and Hostel at Avda. Valencia, 1, Benitachell, telephone 96 649 3620.

Female Focus March 2018

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Female Focus March 2018

Page 44 Animales - Animals There are 31 Spanish words (listed in blue). Remember words can go up, down, across, diagonally and even backwards and to make it harder, some letters will have been used more than once. Answers to puzzles in the classified pages

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See if you can spot all 12 differences

SUDOKU Here are two Sudoku puzzles of different skill levels for you to try. Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repeats, which means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box. Answers to puzzles in the classified pages

ART EXHIBITION Local artists Clamar and Natasha Marson present a series of new expressionistic paintings in their art exhibition in Finestrat on 16 March at Sala de Exposiciones, Calle San Jose, 8, Finestrat. The opening event will be held on 16 March from 18.00 to 20.00. Visitors will also enjoy “Musical entertainment� by Claire-Marie, soprano. Taking inspiration from the variety and beauty of the surrounding nature, and studying its changes, the authors uses it to express fusion of feelings and emotions, exploring the way to create illusion of space. Being connected with nature, the spirit restores our balance and serenity, refills our energy, giving us great joy of life. The art exhibition will be open for visitors from 16 March until 13April from Monday to Friday: 9.30am - 1.30pm and 5pm - 8pm. Closed days: March 29th, 30th, 31st and 2nd of April 2018. Come along and get inspiration from these artistic works and the charming traditional Spanish town of Finestrat with the stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Female Focus March 2018

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Aircrew Association Costa Blanca. Former and serving aircrew of the UK or Allied Armed Forces are very welcome to join this friendly organisation founded here in 1988. Details from the Secretary on: 96 640 4123. Alfaz Spiritual Foundation – Spiritual church in Alfaz de Pi, meets at the Forum Mare Nostrum, Camino de Pincho 02, every Thursday at 6.30pm for Divine Service. Each week there is a different medium, international and 'home grown' giving evidence that life is eternal. Following the demonstration of mediumship, there is the opportunity to receive healing. Mediums offer workshops and private readings. If interested and for more information please visit Amigos de Benitachell Charity Shop can be found on Crta. Moraira No. 18, Benitachell. It is open Mon to Fri 10am to 1pm, Sat 10am to 12.30pm. Donated items are always welcome. They are looking for volunteers. If you can spare some time for this worthy cause please call their president Carole on 620 781 034 or pop into the shop between 10am and 1pm weekdays. Amigos de Make a Smile Charity Shop We have lots of good quality second hand clothes, handbags, small pieces of furniture, children's clothes, shoes and bedding. Find us at the bottom of the dual carriageway in Teulada on the left hand side near to the Rodafoc fire shop. We are also looking for volunteers to help us in the shop. So if you could spare a few hours a week come along and talk to the team. Avenida del Mediterráneo, 4 Teulada. Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 1pm. Benitachell Christian Fellowship. Looking for an English speaking church close to Moraira, Teulada or Benissa? Then you are welcome to visit Benitachell Christian Fellowship. Our Sunday service starts at 11am and runs for about 75 minutes. Whether you are a resident or visitor, please feel free to come along – we have a number of visiting speakers, the welcome is warm, the music is good and parking is nearby. Call Eric on 678 980 151 or Ann on 96 647 0303 for details and directions. For further information about the Fellowship, directions and map visit Calpe Christian Fellowship. We are an English speaking church located in the Perlamar Center. Our service starts at 11am every Sunday. All are welcome. Tel: 670 491 286 or 605 655 982. Chess Mates. Whether you are new to Chess or experienced come and join our friendly group of men and women for a couple of hours every Tuesday afternoon in Jalon. You will be made most welcome! Call me and I will tell you more. Rod on 96 573 4209 or 605 231 331. Costa Blanca Computer Club. Our Annual General Meeting is planned for Saturday, 17th March from 10:30am in Forum Mare Nostrum, Carrer Pincho 2, Alfaz del Pi. Admittance is restricted to members only. The agenda of the meeting is on the website. The club meets every Saturday from 10am to 1pm. You can find further information and our monthly meeting programme on our web page Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers. The CBMW is a group of people who get together twice a week to enjoy walking in the mountains of the Costa Blanca. Anyone is welcome to come along. Visit for information on upcoming walks and guidelines. Crime Watch Spain. (Vecinos Colaborando Costa Blanca). We try to reduce crime and vandalism in our communities. We try to look after the citizens. We also teach Spanish. For more information please email: Jávea Computer Club. The club is open to new and existing members from 9.30am until 12.30pm Mon, Tues and Thurs of each week Whatever your computing needs, we can probably help. So why not come along and get some assistance. Membership annual subscription still just 10€ with a one-off joining fee of 10€. Further information on the Club web site: or or email Jalon Valley Help events. Casa de Ánimo, Alcalalí: First Sunday of the month: Afternoon Tea 4-6pm, Tuesday Morning Drop-in: 10am to 1pm – a cuppa and a chat. Thursday Craft Group: from 2pm – sewing and knitting. First and Third Fridays: Art Group 2-4pm – beginners welcome. For information on any of the above call Alison on 96 648 2166. Charity Shops:10am-1pm Mon-Sat (Alcalalí 96 648 2970, Jalón 96 648 0944). Enquiries: 659 624 643 – also for loan of medical equipment eg wheelchairs, Female Focus March 2018

walking frames etc. No charge but a deposit is requested. Home knitters & volunteers needed. Jávea International Baptist Church (JIBC), Pastor Steve Hall. Sunday Service is at 10.30am at The Church Centre, Carrer Favara 8, Jávea, (just off the Plaza de la Constitucion in the old town or “Pueblo”, where the open air market is normally held on Thursdays.) For further information please access our website: or call 96 579 5847. Make a Smile Recycle Heroes Need Your Help. Dennis and Barbara accept any household items, furniture, electrical and clothes etc for the recycle projects. They are happy to do total house clearances. The items are given a bit of TLC and sold in rastros and auctions to provide funds for the charity. They can be contacted on 660 961 585 or 96 583 6814. Marina Alta Model Railway Club. Dust off your Dapols, bring out your Bachmanns, haul out your Hornbys! The MAMRC meets regularly at its spacious Clubhouse in Teulada. We cannot make you young again, but we can remind you how it felt. All gauges for all ages. New members welcome. Call 96 647 1939 or email Oliva Chess Group. We meet in Oliva every Thursday morning. New members welcome whatever your standard. For further details please contact Graham on 609 970 621 or email Oliva Art Group. We meet in Oliva every Tuesday evening 6pm until 8pm. New members welcome, whatever your standard. For further information contact Graham 609 970 621 or email PLJ Spiritual Social Centre. We meet at the Albir Cultural Social Centre (between Mercadonna and Sol Albir Estate Agents) every Wednesday evening at 6.45pm. We are a group of friendly spiritually minded people who are non profit, non political and non religious. Each week, there will be discussions and demonstrations on various topics and ideas based on Spiritual, metaphysical, and mystical themes with occasional guest speakers or mediums. For more information contact: Pauline: 602 559 062 Jan: 603 259 169 or Lyn:663 315 532. FB:- pljspiritualsocialcentre. Email:- Royal British Legion Benidorm Branch meet at 11am on the third Friday of each month at Ciudad Patricia Benidorm. They also have a monthly lunch and various social events. New and old members most welcome. Please contact or call James on 677 786 559 for more details. Royal British Legion Calpe Branch meet every Friday at 11.30am at Restaurant Dracula, Calpe Port (opp. Baydal Restaurant). New members always welcome. Come along and meet new friends and enjoy the monthly outings. Please contact Norman Hodgkiss, on 96 574 7410 or Royal British Legion Jávea Branch hold their meetings at Paris 24 (Formerly L'Ancora Tennis Club) on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month (except July & August). We meet from 10.30am onwards for coffee and a chat, our meeting starts at 11.30am. We have a very good Social Programme throughout the year. We would love to see members and none members coming to our meetings and join in. We would make you feel most welcome. Pamela Dawes, Membership Sec, RBL Jávea Branch, contact 96 579 0123 or 617 789 883. San Juan Evangelical ‘Church of the Good Shepherd’ located at Calle Juan Sebastián Elcano 25, 03550 San Juan. We have people from South America, the Philippines, Spain, England, the Netherlands and more nationalities, the diversity of God. You are very welcome in our Sunday services at 5pm to join us in worship and prayer. For further information: or call 605 556 974. Spiritual Friends is a non-religious group of spiritual minded people who meet every Wednesday afternoon at Sol Park Moraira. Meetings start at 2.30pm. Each week different spiritual or holistic subjects are discussed by invited speakers or amongst ourselves. For the full programme see the website email: or contact Jan on 600 837 054. Tennis. Old Bats and Balls is a happy and friendly group who play every Thursday morning at the Rafol courts. All levels are welcome and

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subs are affordable for all. We also enjoy a sociable lunch every month after playing. If you wish to know more please telephone or email to; 605 231 331 or Valleys Bridge Club. Come and join us for a friendly game of Duplicate Bridge. We meet every Thursday at El Cid in Benidoleig, 1.30pm for play to commence at 2pm. New members are always most welcome. For further information contact either Brenda 96 640 4533 or Tina 96 558 4135. World Mysteries Discussion Group. This is a discussion group which meets up every 2nd and 4th Thursday from 6pm to 8pm at El Martillo Bar, located on the outskirts of Moraira next to the Pepe La Sal Supermarket on the Teulada-Moraira road leading into Moraira from Teulada. We discuss all types of subjects including the Egyptian Pyramids, crop circles, lost civilisations, the Sumerian tablets that have been translated by researchers to give us new insight into the ancient past, the recently discovered Bosnian Pyramids which remain a great historical mystery and the mysteries regarding ancient artefacts that were constructed with amazing precision before the invention of modern day tools. We aim to promote investigation and research in order to share information and

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discuss interesting unexplained topics. A speaker will discuss various topics and this is followed by a question and answer sessions where all will be invited to discuss the subject of the talk and expand on the themes. The group offers those who are interested the opportunity to learn more about fascinating findings which includes details of ancient and long lost civilisations. Who knows you may become researcher yourself and find out about things that have been lost in time! For more information email Xàbia Book Circle. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month in the Centro Social, Xàbia Old Town, beside the Health Centre, at 6.30pm for a 6.45pm start, and we finish at 8.45pm. You can also follow our activities on our website For more information please contact the Xàbia Book Circle Secretary, Nina Davies on 96 579 1782 or Calling all groups and charities send your forthcoming events and information to before the 16th of the month prior to publication.

The Legion says a “Big Thank You”! At the beginning of each year, The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Co-ordinator reveals the total of monies raised for the Poppy Appeal in the previous year. This year Robin Hargrave, who Co-ordinates the distribution of all the poppies in our area, was on hand to give the good news. The amount raised in 2017 was a tremendous 169,622.40€. This was an increase of almost 3% on the previous year. Robin explained that not only was this money raised by our hard working Branches, but also smaller Church groups, supermarkets (near Barcelona), those flying in and out of our airports and individuals of all nationalities who supported the Charity. He paid tribute to them and thanked everyone for the continuing support for those in the Armed Forces community when in need. The Royal British Legion provides lifelong support for the Armed Forces Community and they are often asked – How is the money spent in Spain? The answer is, there are a great variety ways, but the following are just a few examples · Stair lifts. · Mechanical wheelchairs and scooters. · Refurbishing homes so beneficiaries have a better standard of life, ie changes to a bathroom or bedroom. · Wood, oil and solar panels have been purchased for isolated properties. · Spectacles and dentures. So they would like to thank everyone who continue to support a Charity which is almost 100 years of age. You don’t need an Armed Forces background to attend a Branch event. It is a great opportunity to make new friends. So to find a local Branch, please visit their website: For assistance and information please either ring 676 45 17 80 or email

U3A Marina Baixa Dining Out Recently, members of the U3A Marina Baixa, enjoyed a lovely meal at The Bamboo Restaurant, La Nucia, where there is a massive choice of Starters and Main Courses, so nobody went home feeling hungry! Many thanks to organiser, Liz Parker, for yet another superb event! The next event is a Special Mother’s Day meal at El Pantano, Orcheta. The monthly meetings of U3A Marina Baixa are held on the 4th Monday of the month (except August and December) in the main auditorium at the Casa de Cultura, Alfaz del Pi. Doors open at 10am (desks close at 10.50am) for 11am start. New members are always welcome to come along to discover the host of activities available. Membership costs just 10€ for a calendar year, which includes a free newsletter each month. If you have not heard of this Association and would like to join, please visit: or their Facebook page, to find out more information. If you do not have internet access, please contact the secretary, Joan Flint on 96 586 1226 or Mobile 663 637 167. Female Focus March 2018

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EXERCISE BIKE. VITAL Gym bici magnetica K7.9 in excellent condition and little used. 85€ Javea. Tel 634 318 717. FREE CONSULTATION - BOOK NOW, Does the weather ruin your make-up. Permanent Eyebrows & Eyeliner are the perfect solution. Elements Beauty Spa In Denia. w w w. e l e m e n t s b e a u t y s p a . e s Call: 966 424 647

JENNY'S CLEANING SERVICES. Reliable, honest and legal. H o m e , b u s i n e s s , t e n a n c y, changeovers and oven cleans. English and Spanish spoken Covering Javea, Denia and surrounding areas. Call now 633 624 232


QUALIFY AS A TEFL TEACHER With the prestigious Trinity CertTESOL qualification and join a profession with worldwide job opportunities. Our course is accredited by Trinity College, London and is run at our centre in Gandia on a part-time basis. Attendance is on Fridays & Saturday mornings over a 10 week period. The next course starts in September 2018 but interviews must be completed by 31 July. No previous teaching experience necessary but your suitability for this demanding course is assessed through a written task and interview. Trainee places limited to 10. Also open to non-native speakers with C1/ C2 level of English. Please phone or email for further information. Email: Tel: 96 286 7281 (Charlotte)

THE INTERPRETER for all your English/Spanish interpreting & translations. Based close to Denia Hospital & surrounding medical centres. Emergency 24 hour call out for Denia Hospital. CALL 686 320 435 or email on



I BUY RECORDS LPs, EPs, SINGLES. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s years. Good prices paid. Tel. 962 851 809 - 622 750 117.


LADY JAZZ performing at the Costa Blanca! Perfect for your Lounge Area, Private Party's, Weddings, Fine Dining and Cocktail Bar!! High quality vocals & chillout tunes. 677 233 879 Facebook: LadyJazzAnita or visit

Services MAN AND VAN for hire, cheap & reliable. Jalon valley & surrounding areas. 96 648 0757 (9.30-1.30) or 636 100 873.

Female Focus March 2018

S A L E S A G E N T S WA N T E D , preferably with several languages (minimum English). One for North Costa Blanca region and other for South Costa Blanca region. We offer employment contract, an allowance for fuel plus commission. For more information please PART OR FULL time flexi hours, Catalogue Distributors, Online Marketers. Team Leaders. Must be 18+ Visit

Misc Sales SUPERKING BEDSPREAD blue Bedspread hardly used. Handmade cost 350 euros selling for 99€. Moraira mobile 626 681 614. DOUBLE QUILTED BEDSPREAD Brand new double pink quilted bedspread 50€ new selling 19€. Moraira mobile 626 681 614. MUSIC CENTRE Panasonic Model SC-MT1 excellent condition music centre. 79€. Moraira mobile 626 681 614. CAR SPEAKER boxed brand new 5€. Moraira mobile 626 681 614.


Vi b r o s a t i o n complete with DVD and Exercise instructions, very good condition, k n e e replacement surgery prevents further use. English speaking, Denia area. Tel: 634 401 932. 550€ o.n.o

SANIFLO MACERATOR PUMP 3 months used bought the wrong size cost 400€ selling 75€. Moraira mobile 626 681 614. G R A S S T R I M M E R 1 5 € Te l N º 634 322 502 (Els Poblets area). LAWNMOWER 20€ Telephone 634 322 502 (Els Poblets area). PRESSURE WASHER, PARKSIDE (Lidl) pressure washer, used twice. 70€, Javea 634 318 717.

EPSON WIRELESS PRINTER. XP205 printer, hardly used and excellent condition. 15€ 634 318 717 Javea. DISH WASHER. 70€. Telephone Nº 634 322 502 (Els Poblets area). AMAZON KINDLE E-READER in excellent condition and working order ready to re-register in your name. 40€ in Javea 634 318 717. CEMENT MIXER, ELECTRIC, old but good condition, 80€. Tel 96 649 3988 (Benitachell area). SONY LCD FLAT screen TV 36". Good working condition with English Manual. Looks nice! Moraira area 667 819 335. SONY 32" FLAT screen TV, Nice, Good working condition €80 with English Manuel. Moraira area 667 819 335. DYSON VACUUM CLEANER Model DC08, in good working order, includes cleaning heads for carpets and tiled floors and other accessories. Denia area. Price 50€. Phone 651 901 304.

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WHITE ALUMINUM WINDOW. Double Glazed 2 Hinged windows, size 110 x 100, Nice condition. Moraira area 667 819 335. MAH JONGE SET by Gibsons games. Brand new, never been played, 2 boxes to the set €40. Moraira area 667 819 335 ideal gift. MY SAMSUNG TAB 2 Book in English to help using your Tab2 tablet as new €8. Moraira area 667 819 335. EASY WINDOWS 10 Book by Mark Edward Spoor in English to help with using windows 10. As new €10, Moraira area 667 819 335. LOUNGE DINER FURNITURE. Dining table, 4 chairs, 2 coffee tables, sideboard, tall cupboard, 2 low units, €500 Tel 617 076 444 Benissa. 12 BEATRIX POTTER Original ornaments including Mrs Tittlemouse etc. 15€ each. Tel 96 574 5658 (Moraira area). 8x4 TOP QUALITY winter pool cover, cost 700€ - 150€ ono - mbl 652 534 813. FOLDING Z BED perfect condition 25€ - mbl 652 534 813. 3 PIECE RATTAN Patio Set with matching glass top table, 150€ Ono - mbl 652 534 813. MAXWERX GENERATOR 2KW Petrol, 95€ ono. 634 351 070 or email (Pedregeur area). DINGHY 2 MTR with 2 1/2 hp Toshiba outboard (unused), 350€ ono, 634 351 070 or email (Pedregeur area). 5 H P YA M A H A O U T B O A R D MOTOR Longshaft, 4 stroke Unused 950€ ono 634 351 070 or email (Pedregeur area). AMAZON KINDLE 6" e-book reader (7th generation) in very good condition, 40€. 634 318 717. Jávea area VIBROSATION COMPLETE WITH DVD and Exercise instructions, very good condition, knee replacement surgery prevents further use. English speaking, Denia area. Telephone 634 401 932. 550€ o.n.o. WOODEN BUNK BEDS and mattresses, €30. Tel. 96 646 0498 (Javea area). TWO VENETIAN BLINDS, ln natural teak, 1mtr wide x 250cm drop. 1-50mtr wide x 250cm drop, with fitting instructions. €35. Telephone 638 751 370 (Javea area). SAMSUNG LCD TV, 15" SKY freeview receiver, wall bracket, quad LAB, new boxed, €95. 638 751 370 (Javea area). MOTHERCARE TRAVEL COT & Playpen, good condition 25€. Tel. 96 649 3988 (Benitachell area). SONY CD/DVD PLAYER, model DVP-NS 360, c/w remote and instructions. €25. Tel. 645 064 852. Jávea. BOOST YOUR GOOGLE ranking with the Costa Blanca’s fastest growing business directory… With live Facebook feeds turning our readers into your customers PAUL'S EMPORIUM IN Pedreguer. Weekly changing stock. Everything priced to sell. Why pay new when you don’t need to? Find us in Pedreguer Industrial Estate. Tel 96 644 7002 or find us on Facebook at 'Paul's Emporium Pedreguer'. See for more classified adverts.

Female Focus March 2018

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Very easy


FREE PHONE 900 525 100

Puzzle Solutions


All adverts must be sent with your Name and NIE or Passport Nº (not published). ADVERTS SHOULD BE sent with correct spacing and spelling, the first three words (only) in capitals. Email addresses will not be published on the website or in the magazine unless requested or supplied as part of the main text. FREE CLASSIFIED ADVERTS. Sell your unwanted items for FREE! Free adverts cannot be faxed, phoned or posted they must be emailed to Photos can be sent with your free advert, both will be published online but text only in print. Classifieds that are supplied incorrectly, all in capitals or with missing information may well be deleted. ‘Misc sales’ are for example one-off sales of second hand items to the value of 500€ or less. Maximum twenty words per advert/ item & maximum five adverts per person*, (email & web addresses count as three words). Property rental or any type of service, business opportunities, wanted, etc are not free and will be charged at the commercial advert rate. Free Property adverts: Property sale adverts should also be emailed to by the property owner. These adverts will be published free for a 3 month period and can include Property Agent contact details (and photo to be included online only). Commercial adverts: Minimum advert length ten words. 35 cents per word plus 21% IVA per month. Payment can be made by credit card or paypal. *Free adverts will be published in print on a space permitting basis. If you want to ensure your advert appears, normal commercial rates should be applied. By using this service you agree to receive the Female Focus publication newsletters to your email address unless you state otherwise.

Female Focus March 2018

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Autos And Boats

DINGHY 2 MTR with 2 1/2 hp Toshiba outboard (unused), 350€ ono, 634 351 070 or email (Pedregeur area). 5 HP YAMAHA OUTBOARD MOTOR Longshaft, 4 stroke Unused 950 euros ono 634 351 070 or (Pedregeur area).

APARTMENT, JAVEA, 110 Sq Mt. 3 Bed 2 Bath Apartment, close to the port and walking distance to shops, restaurants, services. reduced to from 179,000€ to 169,950€, large terrace, underground parking space, communal pool and secured gated entrances. Contact 619 504 963. MORAIRA TWO STOREY house in Paichi. Ground floor self-contained flat. 1st floor lounge, kitchen bathroom two bedrooms. Large garden Pool , terrace. Lovely views. tel. 96 574 5658 owner. 350,000€. VILLAGE HOUSE, BENIDOLEIG 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. 110m2 build. Aircon. Double glazing throughout with persianas and mozzy nets. Fully renovated structure, electrics and water. Private South facing roof terrace. Direct sale by owner. €129,000. Tel: 96 640 4472. LUXURY REFORMED FINCA, Benimarraig, between Benissa and Calpe. Rural not remote. All mains services. Bulk gas tank. 4Beds/ 4baths. Underfloor and central heating. Pool. Electric gates. 285M2 on 5000m2. 595,000€. Tel. 659 561 027. COSY FRONTLINE APARTMENT in Altea! 2 bedrooms, balcony that faces the sea, linens, towels,kitchen appliances, internet, everything you need. Have a look at for info and photos. Available from March 2018. I rent by the week from June until September, and per month the rest of the year. No long term, sorry (max. 6 months in winter). DENIA DETACHED HOUSE in idyllic position on Montgó. Spectacular views of town, coast and mountain. 720m2 plot. 100m2 build. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, pool (unfinished) & independent garage /studio. Super property but needs reform. €189,000. Contact 657 537 237 for photos.




Built 2001. 225m2/ 800m2. West facing. Lovely sea and hillside views. Benissa Coast. 4 bedrooms / 3 baths. Spa bath. 2 sitting rooms, 2 kitchens, utility. Large naya. All upgraded. Excellent decorative order. Gas CH, Double glazing. Auto. gates leading to large driveway. Nice gardens. 9x4m pool with lights. Quiet area. Garage/ workshop/ pump room/ storage. REDUCED from €425,000 to €375,000 for private sale. Tel: 96 649 7841. Mobile: 647 008 223. Email: for photos. CAMPO HOUSE BENISSA in Benissa, 2 bedrooms, 400m² plot with new private pool. 150.000€ Inmobiliaria Plaza Mayor, Tel: 629 991 543 or visit FREE PROPERTY ADVERTS To get your free 3 month property for sale advert send your advert content (up to 40 words) to - Please include your name, NIE or passport number and address, this is not for publishing but we must have these details on file. And remember you can also send a photo to go with your advert that will be published with your wording on the website. (Wording only in the Female Focus Magazine.) ATICO IN CALPE Atico in Edificio Toix, Plaza La Flores, 69m². 98,000€. Inmobiliaria Plaza Mayor, Tel: 629 991 543 or visit REFORMED CHALET CALPE Reformed chalet 400m from the centre of Calpe in the Benicolada area. 350m² plot, 145m² built. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terrace, parking, pool. 200,000€. Inmobiliaria Plaza Mayor, Tel: 629 991 543 or visit THE COSTA BLANCA'S Fastest Growing Business Directory...... If you are not on there you are losing out!

Female Focus March 2018

FF Your property magazine

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HomeEspaña inaugurates their new real estate office in Valencia HomeEspaña is a leading real estate company specialising in the sale of property throughout the Costa Blanca, Murcia and Valencia, in the European market. At the end of January, after operating in Valencia city for over a year, and seeing more and more people interested in buying in Valencia, they decided to move to a bigger office located on Gran Vía Marqués del Turia nº69. The opening was attended by more than a hundred guests, including the company’s founder, Kieran Byrne and its CEO, Jamie Percival. Kerry Byrne, Marketing Executive told us “We are responding to the growing demand of our international customers looking to buy homes in Valencia and its surrounding areas. After 16 years of successfully helping clients buy and sell property across the Costa Blanca and Murcia we are excited to continue growing HomeEspaña in a new region.” Clare Johnston, coordinator of International Fairs, reviewed in her speech the achievements of the company in these 16 years of history. “Last year we helped more than 500 owners to sell their house, or in other words, more than 500 buyers to find their ideal home. Spain is a market that is very popular based not only on the climate, but also and mainly in the security and stability of the country and the market.” she said.

Female Focus March 2018

HomeEspaña was founded in 2002 by Kieran Byrne and Noel Bryne with its first office in Orihuela Costa. Now, with a team of about 60 people it has seven offices in La Zenia, Los Dolses, Playa Flamenca, Benidoleig and Dénia, a sales office in London and the newly inaugurated headquarters in Valencia. Since the beginning it has been working to offer its clients the best advice and service in the purchase and sale of properties, based on transparency, integrity and good customer service. HomeEspaña offers personalised treatment tailored to the needs and interests of each buyer and seller, and is able to make its clients’ properties visible on an international level, attract qualified buyers and assist both parties in the entire sales process, by establishing a direct, simple and reliable relationship.

For more information on HomeEspaña and to find directions to your nearest office visit their website:, email –, Facebook - or call them: South Costa Blanca: (+34) 96 676 15 45, North Costa Blanca: (+34) 96 574 31 86, Valencia City: (+34) 96 059 00 50.

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By Alan Silverman

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So, How’s the Market Doing? The Spanish Government publishes reasonably detailed statistics for a whole range of industries including the property market. It makes interesting reading though doesn’t always reflect the local situation, by which I mean town by town. But nonetheless it’s interesting to see what’s happening at a macro level. Of course any feature about government statistics needs at least a couple of caveats, and here they are. 1. Because transactions are reported up to 6 months after they’ve happened, and because the government needs time to ‘crunch’ the numbers, they are around 9 months old. 2. Despite its best intentions, house prices are still likely to be reported lower than actual due to the assumption that part of the sales value probably still includes undeclared cash – which is illegal and therefore not reported. So this month, we’re going to look at the stats for Alicante region for Q1 2017 and the numbers are quite encouraging.

Total properties sold was up by 17.4% year-on-year, with 9,410 properties sold in the period. Of those sold, 51.4% were purchased by international buyers – which explains why small estate agencies who only speak English can survive. But it also shows the importance of considering an estate agency who markets internally to Spain. It is said that more than 90% of property sales start with an internet search, so international portals are vital! The next interesting stat is that approximately half of those purchases were financed with a mortgage. This fact is good for 2 reasons: firstly capital is being released into the economy which is good for all businesses, and you still can’t discount the cash buyers – they do exist. If we look at sales, the last month reported was September 2017 which showed 2,814 sales in the Alicante Region. However, having spoken to local estate agencies, you start to understand that there are still challenges at the local level. The main issue is unrealistic expectations by some vendors who bought in the boom, and refuse to accept a realistic market offer. No amount of explaining that if you bought using sterling as your capital base, your selling price deficit in Euros is possibly offset by the lower current exchange rate. If you purchased in July 2015 at 250k€ and used Sterling, the headline price was 172k£. If you were moving back to the UK, even if you sold at a Euro loss of 12%/220k€, you’d still get your money back when you move it back to Sterling. Anyway, the property market is always interesting, whether you’re sitting opposite an estate agent or looking at Government statistics. Until next month. Sources: National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Development.

Female Focus March 2018

Female Focus March 2018  

Female Focus March 2018

Female Focus March 2018  

Female Focus March 2018