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3 tips for protecting your eyes this September Leading optical group Specsavers Opticas have offered the following advice for keeping eyes healthy, protected and looking great this September. 1. Protect your eyes from the sun - We can burn our eyes the same way we can burn our skin. Sunburn of the cornea (the eye’s surface), hugely increases the risk of bad eye health later on, as well as being rather painful. Exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, eyelid skin cancer, pinguecula and pterygium. Wearing sunglasses and a hat is the best way to protect the eyes from the sun. 2. Wear goggles – If you regularly swim in the pool, protect your eyes from the chlorine with goggles, as too much exposure to chlorine can irritate the eyes leaving them blurry and red. 3. Be careful of sand and small objects getting into your eye and follow the right steps to remove them – If you do have something in your eye try not to rub your eyes as this could scratch the cornea, allow the eye to flush out the object naturally, do not rinse your eyes with running water. If it is still painful and you think the object is still in your eye, go to your nearest opticians who will try to locate and remove the object, or refer you to the nearest hospital or clinic. Specsavers Opticas are raising money for the ONCE Foundation for the Deaf and Blind until the end of the year and asking for a donation of just 1€ for a comprehensive eye test. Visit to find your nearest store and book your eye test.

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The Arts Society - Marina Alta

(formally MAFAS: Marina Alta Fine Arts Society)

The Arts Society - Marina Alta is continuing fully as part of the renewed National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts, which has been reborn recently as The Arts Society to provide a more aspirational and open forum. As part of our commitment to support the local Arts community, and to celebrate the artistic talent of the area, we have arranged an Arts Fair to be held at El Canor, Cami d'Assagador de Canor, Teulada on 20th September between 11am and 4pm. This exhibition will be a huge canvas to show the talent and diversity of the artists working in the Marina Alta. The exhibition will also allow the artists to sell their works directly to the public, perhaps accept commissions and also provide an open forum to discuss, and share ideas with the community at large. At this time we have around forty artists exhibiting, but do have room for more. For details or further information please contact, or see our Facebook page: Marina Alta Fine Arts Society - MAFAS.


Stockists of quality British and Spanish furniture & complete upholstery service Established in 2006 路 Good old fashioned customer service Fantastic range in a 400m2 showroom 路 All work and products fully guaranteed 路 3 Year guarantee on all leather furniture

Tel: 96 646 9371 / 699 836 251 路

Find us in Pedreguer on the Poligono Ind. Les Galgues, (site of the Sunday market) Calle de la Marroquineria No1, Pedreguer, 03750. Open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. 10am to 1pm Sunday. Ample Parking. *Free delivery between Altea & Oliva.

Now in our 24th year!

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So the rain came which left us with a problem - the pigs were are the top end of the garden eating the windfall figs (hubby said they are self seasoning - joking!) and their warm, dry beds at the bottom. 'Easy', you say - 'they walk down'. You would think so except they are scared of the driveway and won't walk on it EVER, and the stairs, which are the only other route are a big NO when wet. If you ever wondered where the phrase pig headed came from then come and meet Tocino and Manteca. After a period of squealing and pacing in the rain (by the pigs - not us!) we thought we should do something before the neighbours reported us to the equivalent of the RSPCA! They both got back to their dry, warm beds with some 'persuasion' but not before we were both soaked through and they had got through a whole bunch of bananas. There favourite pastime is rolling in muddy water how can they hate the rain so much? OK, back to business - again the magazine is packed full with things to do, articles, ideas, and of course information about local companies bringing you most of what you need to enjoy living here on the Costa Blanca. I hope you enjoy the read and the 'normality' returning following the summer months.

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Congratulations to J. Saunders from Gandia who won the 50€ competition, by spotting the logo Alicante South on page 23 of the August issue. For your chance Michelle 663 178 228 to win 50€ this month, see inside for details of how to enter. Pick up your next issue on the first Thursday of the month - 5th October Deadlines: Editorial - 12 noon 18th September Advertising 12 noon, 25th September Office: Mon to Fri. 10 am - 2 pm Tel. 96 587 5421 - - Member of

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The front page photo shows Laura Dormer and Marie-Louise Cullis from “The Midas Touch”. See page 22 for more details.

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Teulada – Moraira Lions Club present The Overtones - a Tribute The Lions will be once again presenting a series of charity concerts in Moraira this Autumn. First up on the 24th September is a fabulous tribute to The Overtones who were immensely popular at their last outing here. They have a very polished stage act and immaculate vocal harmonies that comes together in a great show. They will also be presenting tributes to 3 of the best male artistes to ever set foot on a stage, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison. As usual the concerts will be held in Espai La Senieta, Moraira, there will be a complimentary bar and a raffle draw. All proceeds go to the TM Lions local good causes. The Teulada – Moraira Lions are actively seeking new members and if you would like to be involved with the largest service club in the world please contact our membership Chairman Nico Dekkers on 96 597 4941 or email: For more information contact us on or 96 649 9954. “We Serve”.

Help and support at Cancer Care Jávea Cancer Care have felt for a while that there was a need for a nurse/advisor/liaison person in our area. Someone who could perhaps help with communications between a patient and a local hospital or help with other aspects of care required before, during and after a cancer diagnosis. Cancer Care are delighted to announce that they have been successful in employing a fantastic Nurse Practitioner, Jayne Nuttall Blake BSc (Hons) RGN, registered in both Spain and the UK. Jayne has the skills to be able to assess/liaise and organise care for people with cancer related illnesses before, during and after diagnosis. Although Cancer Care believe this is a much needed role, initially Jayne will only be available on Tuesdays in the counselling room within the Cancer Care Boutique in Jávea Park from 11am until 1pm. Or contact Jayne on 634 345 685. If Cancer Care feel that there is a high demand for Jayne’s expertise, they will review the hours Jayne is currently contracted to cover. If demand increases, Cancer Care will be happy to support more of Jayne’s time.

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Are Your Pensions and Savings Working for You? I hope you’ve had a great summer. But now that it is almost Autumn, it’s a great time to think about your financial planning.

Female Focus

by Steve Iball

deVere Spain

I’ll start with pensions. I can’t stress this enough, with interest rates so low, pension transfer values are much better than they were just a few years ago. I recently re-checked the ‘pension pot’ for a potential client from 2 years ago. The value had risen by a staggering 35% in 2 years, which is phenomenal. But I had to advise my client that when interest rates rise, the transfer value will go down again. We were able to transfer his fund to a scheme that also protected his partner in the event of his death. This is particularly important as many UK company schemes ONLY cover the former employee and NOT the partner! The other key thing is that the UK government has taxed pension transfers going to countries outside the EU at 25%, and in the near future countries within the EU as soon as they can! The investigation and advice costs the client nothing, but as you can see, can be pleasantly surprising and security giving at the same time. It’s not all pensions though. The client also had some AVCs and an ISA. AVCs are additional voluntary contributions which are not part of the central pension. The amount was also a pleasant surprise and able to be added to the transfer. The ISA was from years back and as my client said “it was really for a rainy day”. Well the client decided that rainy day is now going to be a new kitchen and bathroom! Finally, don’t forget our all new VAULT payment card which lets you transfer funds from Euros to Sterling (plus 3 others) at an extremely favourable exchange rate. Great if you’re travelling and don’t want the hassle of carrying too much foreign cash. You can even pay other people with it using our easy Vault-ToVault payments system. And it’s all backed by MasterCard, so you know you’re in good hands. Follow this link to see our YouTube video where you can see just how easy it is use this super-flexible multi-currency payment card: So you see, it always pays to check these things and actually make your savings work for you! To find out more and to book a FREE consultation, call me, Steve Iball on 610 822 484 or email

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FF - Your community magazine

Interested in finding out more about diabetes? Help Vega Baja can help you…. The Help Diabetic Support Group is celebrating its 15th Anniversary in September and continues to go from strength to strength. Under the direction of Oscar Norhona it provides support and advice for those who have recently been diagnosed as well as for people who have learnt to live with the condition. The group started following a chance meeting at one of the HELP monthly lunches. There was a discussion about diabetes and someone said that because of a lack of understanding of the Spanish language, they were struggling to find out more about the condition and how to deal with it day to day. It was decided to approach the then President of HELP Vega Baja and the rest, as they say, is history! The group was originally known as DIA-AID although it is more often referred to as the HELP Diabetic Support Group. There have been several venues over the years but it is now well established at Casa Tom, in Avenida Jaca 31, San Luis where they meet on the last Wednesday of each month at 11am. As it is under the umbrella of HELP Vega Baja there is NO FEE for people who attend the meetings. The aim of the group is to: 1. Provide up to date information concerning medical and practical developments in the management of diabetes. 2. Use guest speakers to provide information on a variety of subjects of interest to attendees. 3. Have a lively exchange of information between everyone attending. 4. Enable members to take responsibility for their diabetes with the guidance and encouragement of the group to support you to obtain better control. Often by making simple changes to your lifestyle and a few “do’s and don’ts” a person with diabetes can enjoy a perfectly normal life. Recommendations put forward by members are encouraged, no matter how small, and are discussed before being put in to practice. Members are encouraged to talk about any diabetic difficulties they have and often a solution can be found. If you think that you or someone you know could benefit from this group, or can contribute advice or experience on living with diabetes, why not pop along to the next meeting. You can be sure of a very warm welcome! For more information, call the HELP Vega Baja San Miguel Centre on 96 672 3733 or email

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Different types of Police:

Female Focus

by Ana Gay

Recently I have been asked about the various types of Police in Spain so this month I am repeating an article to hopefully clear things up. A peculiarity of Spain is the three different types of Police. But who are they and what do they do? The Forces of Law Enforcement have the mission of protecting our rights and liberty and guaranteeing civil security by carrying out the following functions: - Making sure that laws are adhered to via orders received by the authorities. - Assisting and protecting citizens and ensuring the maintenance and custody of assets that are in a situation of danger for any reason. - Watching and protecting public buildings and installations. - Protect important personalities (such as politicians). - Maintain and re-establish order and the citizens’ safety. - Prevent criminal acts. - Investigate crimes in order to discover the possible culprits, making proof available to the competent authorities (Courts and Tribunals) including reports. - Obtain, receive and analyse all data they have to maintain the citizen’s security, study, plan and use methods to prevent delinquency. - Collaborate with the Civil Protection services, in cases of serious risk or catastrophes. Now let’s look at the different bodies: Local Police: - Protect the authorities of local corporations, vigilance and custody of its buildings and installations. - Order, indicate and direct traffic in town.

- Make reports at the scene of an accident within the town boundaries. - Administrative work relating to local ordinances and public announcements. - Judicial police functions. - Assistance at the scene of accidents, catastrophes, participating in the execution of civil protection plans. - Preventing criminal acts. - To watch public spaces, collaborate with the State Forces of Law Enforcement and autonomic community Police at demonstrations and maintaining order where there are large concentrations of people. - Cooperate in resolving personal conflicts when required. National Police: - Issuing ID cards and passports. - Controlling the entry and exit into Spanish territory of Spanish and foreign citizens. Upholding legislation regarding immigration and emigration, refuge and asylum, extradition and expulsion. - Vigilance and inspection of the compliance of the law regarding betting. - The investigation and persecution of drug related crimes. - Collaboration and assistance to police forces of other countries. - Control of organisations, and their workers, that offer private security services, vigilance and investigation. Guardia Civil: - Functions relating to arms and explosives. - Avoiding bootlegging. - Traffic control on interurban roads. - Vigilance of terrestrial communication, coasts, frontiers, ports, airports, etc. - Ensuring compliance of the law concerning conservation of nature and the environment, hydraulic sources, as well as synergetic, fish farm, forestry, etc. - Escorting prisoners from one location to the other. Please contact Ana Gay at Link Point Legal on 96 626 0500 or email for any further information.

Page 9 My name is Steve Woods and I am a solicitor specialising in claims for asbestos related diseases and I thought I would look at a number of questions that often arise and that make people worried about the possibility of making a claim. My message is, if in doubt ask! I CANNOT REMEMBER WHERE I WORKED, OR THE COMPANY I WORKED FOR NO LONGER EXISTS. It is not unusual for companies that traded in the 1960s, for example, to have long since stopped trading. With investigations I can trace insurers who provided cover for these companies and they are obliged to deal with the claims. Even if you are hazy about the exact name of a company or your period of employment with them, I can obtain your work history from HM Revenue & Customs and this provides confirmation of who you worked for all those years ago. I HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH AN ASBESTOS CONDITION BUT I DID NOT WORK WITH ASBESTOS. I always like to meet my clients and it is surprising how often, when you start talking about a person's work history, what they remember. Often, it turns out that even if a person did not actually work with asbestos, they worked alongside people who did and therefore came into contact with dust. Another possibility, and a particularly sad one in my experience, is a wife who comes into contact with asbestos from her husband’s work clothes. A RELATIVE HAS DIED FROM AN ASBESTOS RELATED CONDITION BEFORE MAKING A CLAIM. It is not widely known that claims can be made even though the person affected has died (provided the claim is made within 3 years of death). The claim is made on behalf of the person's estate. DIAGNOSING AN ASBESTOS RELATED CONDITION. There are a number of conditions that can be caused by exposure to asbestos, including lung cancer. The main issue is whether the breathing difficulties can be attributed to asbestos. This is the point we have to prove in all respiratory disease cases, not just asbestos related but also, for example, silicosis – medical evidence is required to prove a link. Claims for breathing problems caused by exposure to asbestos can be complex but the quicker the claim is started the quicker these issues can be dealt with. So, if you are concerned about your particular situation or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am happy to talk to you free of charge. Female Focus

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Walking to bring happiness – Niamh’s Camino de Santiago Challenge One of our favourite local performers Niamh O'Sheehan completed her 40 things to do before she's 40 bucket list and now she's tackling her 50 things to do before she's 50 challenge. Even though she's only 21! Top of the list is to walk the Camino De Santiago. But those of you who know Niamh will know she doesn't do things by halves. And so she has decided to tackle the most classic pilgrim route "The French Way" which consists of 790km walking approximately 30 to 35 days covering 23 to 27 kilometres per day. No mean feat - excuse the pun! Niamh has been a supporter of many local charities over her 15 year residency on the Costa Blanca. She has performed at numerous fund-raisers. She supports the Make a Smile calendar project. She volunteers at the GAW charity shop. She's walked, rallied, pulled weeds, shaken buckets and sold raffle tickets in an attempt to help people less fortunate than ourselves. However this time she is hoping to raise money to offer direct assistance to local families affected by debilitating arthritis. This is a disease that has affected her directly and indirectly for many years. Niamh herself suffers from cervical arthrosis. We imagine this will make carrying a ruck sack for 790km pretty tough! But this is not her main motivation. Niamh has watched her mother Patricia struggle with Multi Joint Systemic Osteoarthritis for as long as she can remember. Starting in her back in her late teens, her mother's arthritis was exacerbated by a motor cycle accident at age 19. Hospitalisation in her 30s on numerous occasions for various treatments including rhysotomies, traction, manipulations, jaw surgery among other invasive procedures the disease gradually spread to her knees, shoulders, neck, thumbs and other joints. She was forced to retire in her 40s. She consumes a massive daily medication cocktail to keep pain stable. But even with that she lives with chronic pain and has been using an electric wheelchair for 10 years. Patricia's recent shoulder surgery and knee replacement prompted Niamh to commit to the walk in the hopes of raising funds for another family whose financial struggle is due to this aggressive illness. In conjunction with Grant a Wish, Niamh will see to it that every cent that she can gather will go directly to the purchase of a wheelchair or other necessary equipment that can give a sufferer and their family’s life improved quality. It's symbolic that such a physically challenging trek will help someone suffering from such a physically challenging disease. We wish Niamh the very best of luck in October and urge you, or your business, to donate what you can to encourage Niamh on what promises to be a tough but hopefully rewarding challenge. Telephone 676 507 791 to discuss your easiest option to donate. Or pop into the Grant a Wish charity boutique in Jávea for more information. Dig deep for our girl! She deserves it. It’s a big undertaking and she welcomes the support. We will be able to follow her progress on Facebook @niamhcamino.

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You’re paying how much for your QROPS? By Sam Kelly, Managing Partner, Chorus Financial. Many of you will have read my article last month regarding financial advisors in Spain charging substantially more than the equivalent service in the UK. In just the last few days I have had several people come to my office to see if I can help them reduce the fees they’re paying on their QROPS. I saw a lady, we’ll call her Sandra (as before, I’ve changed her name to protect her privacy). The first thing Sandra explained was that every few months her advisor would hand her another wad of pages covered in numbers, charts etc., bamboozle her with complex terminology, and she’d leave the appointment none the wiser as to why her QROPS hadn’t grown over the last 4 years. Well, finally she was sitting in front of someone who would break it all down for her. The first thing I noticed was that she was paying over £1000 a year for the QROPS alone – this is more than double the amount she would pay for a UK SIPP (a UK based, FCA regulated pension that would offer all the major benefits of a QROPS and that she could easily move to). I also questioned the fees on the funds she had been moved into, which were between 1.5% - 2% per year this is 3 to 4 times more than I’d expect a client to pay for a top performing UK fund, yet she was paying this for pretty average performing funds that I’d never even heard of (and that’s after 15 years of studying funds on a daily basis!). In addition, she was paying another 1.5% per year in combined fees to her advisor and bond provider. When we broke it all down, her annual fees were over 4% of the total amount she had invested, and I calculated that around 3% of this was going to her financial advisor each year, most of which was in hidden fees which would be illegal in the UK. I was astounded by the combined level of fees here, and it’s safe to say, so was Sandra! The investment returns were barely covering her fees, which is why Sandra had seen no growth after 4 years.

My advice to Sandra was that we move her QROPS to a UK SIPP, which offers all the freedoms and flexibility she needs for less than half the price of a QROPS, and we would then rebalance her portfolio with FCA regulated funds, at a fraction of the cost of the offshore funds she had been recommended. This would bring her annual costs down to less than half of her existing arrangement, which will have a positive effect on the growth of her plan. The exact overall fees paid will depend on the specific situation so may vary, but Chorus pride ourselves on fair, transparent and above all, value for money fees. Chorus may not be the oldest, or indeed the biggest company out here in Spain, but we firmly believe that our approach to UK style, truly independent advice, makes us the best. If you would like me to demonstrate where I can help reduce costs and improve the returns on your existing portfolio, including QROPS and Spanish Bonds, please call me today to book a free, no obligation review on 664 398 702 or email Chorus Financial is a trading style of Tourbillon Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (Gibraltar), licence Number FSC1118B & registered with the UK FCA, ref. 539348.

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Is Your Back Pain Ruining Your Life? Let’s do something about it By Benjamin Tinker DC, Vida Plena, Calpe

We see lots of people with back pain coming into my Chiropractor Clinic in Calpe. Whilst every patient is unique, they all share one common attribute: their back pain is having an adverse affect on their life. Sometimes it’s just plain irritation, for others it can mean lack of mobility, not going out, unable to work, can’t play golf! I am proud that I have successfully treated around 9 in 10 people who come through my door. In some cases it takes a few sessions, in others maybe longer. But the truth is that in the majority of cases, there’s absolutely no need to live with back pain.

makes sense to keep it in good shape.

Moreover, problems with your spine can often account for seemingly unrelated problems such as headaches, stomach issues and leg pains. Our backbone is just that, everything runs through it and is supported by it. So it

As a professional chiropractor, I do lots of research and read various medical papers. It staggers me that “55% of the population had perceived [back] pain for 3 months”. That’s more than ½ the population.

FREE consultation & spinal check at Vida Plena At Vida Plena, we want to make it easy to start sorting out your back pain. We offer a 100% FREE consultation and spinal check with absolutely no obligation. We’ll discuss what we find and then it’s up to you how to carry on. Even though a spinal check may seem superficial, it tells us a lot and if we find something, you’ll need a detailed examination. Of course, you have the choice to walk away and do nothing, but if your back pain is ruining your life, this quick and easy consultation could be the start of getting your life back. There are many causes of back pain, and many different types of back pain. This is why coming to a professional chiropractor is vital. All you have to do is pick up the phone, call 96 583 1234 and make an appointment. You are quite welcome to just pop in unannounced, but bear in mind we may have a patient so you’d have to wait. Vida Plena is located in the centre of Calpe at the top of Calle Pintor Sorolla. We have a map on our website ( where you’ll find lots of information and advice. I look forward to seeing you and helping you get your life back!

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Your Community Magazine

Chelsea shirt is champion prize Generous schoolboy Ryan Walker has given up his prized autographed Chelsea football shirt to help a Costa Blanca charity. It is signed by 22 players of the 2016-17 Premier League champions and money raised in a silent auction will support HELP of Denia and the Marina Alta open its new hospice and respite care bed at Fontilles. Ryan gave the white shirt, photographs, and the booklet ‘Unforgettable Memories’ - dedicated to former Chelsea star Frank Lampard to help support the charity which also features a photo of the teenager. The shirt is signed by Chelsea and England players Gary Cahill and John Terry, as well as international stars like Cesc Fabregas, Marcos Alonso and Diego Costa. The youngster donated the shirt after his grandfather John Walker, a key supporter and organiser of the annual HELP golf competition, suffered a stroke last year and has, sadly, just had a second attack. In the book, Ryan describes as “the best day of my life” when he went to Hamburg to see Chelsea win the Champions League, beating Bayern Munich 4-3. The photographs of him with players in the changing room and on the pitch were taken at Stamford Bridge in February this year – when Chelsea beat Swansea 3-1 to go 11 points clear in the league. HELP President Candy Wright (pictured with the shirt) said John and wife Gail lived in Jesus Pobre but John could no longer take an active role in supporting HELP. “His grandson knew of his attachment to HELP and wanted to support us too,” she said. “So he made this very generous offer of donating a life memory to us – which is such a lovely thing to do. We are now auctioning the shirt, book and the photographs. There is a reserve price of €500 and we hope to sell it by the end of next month to help our work.” Bids should be sent to and must be received by a closing date of 30th September.


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Why do I have recurrent injuries on the same ankle? Research into ankle injuries has shown that the single biggest risk Article supplied by factor is a previous ankle injury. An ankle sprain is defined as a Kevin Thornton, tearing of one or more of the ligaments that connect bone to bone Telephone 96 676 5686 and help to stabilise the joint. Sprains to the ankle are one of the most common sporting injuries and can happen while running, sprinting or even walking.

On the outside of the ankle (lateral side) the joint is stabilised by three smaller ligaments. Sprains to any of these ligaments (inversion sprains, where the foot twists inwards) account for more than 80% of all ankle sprains. In particular cases, medial ligament injuries may be seen in conjunction with a lateral ligament injury. Ligament sprains to the ankle joint may also involve the ligaments between the tibia and fibula bones, which are often slower to rehabilitate. Ankle sprains are classified into the following 3 categories; Grade 1 injuries involve a stretch of the ligament with a small amount of tearing. Generally, little swelling is present, with little or no functional loss and no joint instability. The patient is able to fully or partially bear weight. Grade 2 injuries stretch the ligament with partial tearing, moderate-to-severe swelling, moderate functional loss, and mild-to-moderate-severe swelling, moderate functional loss and mild-to-moderate joint stability. Patients usually have difficulty bearing weight. Grade 3 injuries involve complete rupture of the ligament, with immediate and severe swelling, an inability to bear weight and moderate-to-severe instability of the joint. Typically, patients cannot bear weight without experiencing severe pain. When you sprain your ankle, it is recommended that you see a physical therapist to assess the level of injury so that you can be rehabilitated appropriately. Pain reduction is essential, but improvement of any loss of motion, strength, and/or proprioception is equally important. Early intervention rehabilitation has been shown to reduce the risk of recurring ankle sprain by improving stability of the joint. Not only does a poorly neglected ankle injury run the risk of recurrence and longterm instability, in certain cases there is also the secondary effect of premature joint wear and tear due to excessive movement within the joint. Functional ligaments provide stability to preventing excessive side-to-side movement. If you suspect that you have sprained your ankle, before you attend your physical therapist we recommend that you follow the RICE principles. Rest: Rest your injured ankle for approximately 48 hours, avoiding activities that causes additional pain, swelling or discomfort. Try to move the ankle gently for ten to twenty seconds every hour when you are awake. You should still go about normal daily activities as much as possible, but avoid further strain by taking regular rest periods. Ice: If you have had an injury or flare-up in the last two days, wrap crushed ice in a damp towel and hold it for about 15 -20 minutes every two to three hours. Compression: Apply compression with a bandage or tubegrip type of support until the swelling goes down. Loosen the bandage if the pain increases or the area becomes numb or toes discoloured. Caution: Do not make the bandage too tight. Elevation: Elevate the injured ankle as much as possible during the first 24 to 48 hours, especially when sitting or lying down. Make sure the ankle is supported. Having done all the above it is advisable that you contact your physical therapist to commence appropriate rehab and help you on the road to recovery. The Physical Therapy Clinic will be closed from the 7th September to 3rd October for annual holidays. Appointments can still be made by email to This article is for information purposes ONLY and should not be used as a diagnostic tool. Always consult with your medical adviser or G.P. on all medical matters.

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Your Community Magazine!

Positive Thinking is not new! 1. Make up your mind to be happy. 8. Do the things you enjoy doing, but stay out of debt. 2. Learn to find pleasure in simple things. 9. Avoid people who make you unhappy. 3. Make the best of your circumstances. 10. Do what you can for those less fortunate than yourself. 4. Realise that Everyone has problems. 11. Keep busy at something. A busy person never 5. Don’t take yourself too seriously. has time to be unhappy. 6. Accept the fact that you can’t please everybody. 7. Don’t let your neighbour set your standards. Be yourself. The points above could help us to get through each day with a different attitude, but I guess it is hard to do if basically we don’t like ourselves, and almost all our insecurities come from that. Try sitting quietly in a room on your own… anywhere will do. Just take a few minutes and think about the person you have become. Then take the responsibility of admitting that you are where you are today because of the choices you have agreed to make. Everything must have seemed attractive at the time you made those decisions, so what has happened? Can you make changes? Can you handle things differently? Can you sort things out? Will you deal with it? Do you like yourself enough to want the best that life can offer you? Just sit quietly thinking about these things, then get up and try to handle everything from that point on, in a different way. You will notice the change. You can start to respect yourself and like yourself, and your self esteem will grow. Deciding to do something about it could be the most important thing you have done, and if you persevere, you will love and appreciate the results in your life. Better relationships, better marriages, friendships, business partnerships, family situations …..wouldn’t that be good? Consider anything and everything that will make a difference. There is more help around to do this than ever now, and it’s possible! Until the next time! Take care! Violet King.... Personal Confidential Counsellor

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Kids’ teeth ….. What’s really important? When the first baby teeth arrive it is important to start to clean them with a toothbrush and a small amount of fluoride tooth paste twice a day. By age 3 when all the baby teeth have arrived, brushing twice a day should certainly be part of the normal routine. Cleaning twice is one of the best ways to put a bit more protective fluoride on the teeth which strengthens tooth enamel against tooth decay.

A good way to comfortably clean a toddler’s teeth is to stand behind them and cradle the head, and support the jaw with your hand so that you can get a good view and you should be able to clean all the teeth comfortably and effectively for the child. This way they will not ‘fight’ as you have them in a sort of head lock! It is not possible for small children to properly clean their own teeth although of course they can do their bit and must be encouraged. A pea size bit of tooth paste is enough - mild mint adult paste is probably best. Control sugar in their diet, which is easiest when they are young. Start reading labels. It is known now that sugar added to processed food, in fact all added sugar, is unnecessary and bad for long term health and of course mixed with the bacteria in the mouth causes tooth decay (which is why you should start the day with a bacteria free mouth). If you allow a ‘sweet tooth’ to develop in a child then you will be starting them on a long term battle with sugar excess, which may lead to obesity and later on diabetes. Just rely on natural fruit and natural sugars as this will be enough. Avoid fruit juices and get them on water for thirst. Milk can be an alternative at times. This is the best favour you can do for a child and you are in control when they are young. Fizzy drinks are a big ‘No No’ as there is so much sugar in them, as well as acid, and children become addicted to them. They are definitely a main cause of tooth erosion which is becoming very common i.e. enamel attacked by acid …obesity and diabetes will likely be real issues for these people in the future. Of course, these drinks can become a treat when you are out when the children are older, but try not to stock them at home. Even young children should visit the dentist at least once a year. The dentist can see the results of the above and report back to you and perform the simplest treatments when necessary. For example fissure sealants on permanent back molars are very beneficial as they can help to avoid ever needing to have fillings. The dentist can spot developmental problems early and early correction can avoid difficult complicated and costly treatments later on. The baby teeth are important to keep for obvious reasons but they also guide in the permanent ones and help avoid crowding which can occur more easily if the teeth are extracted. At our clinic in Jávea we are very confident and relaxed in the way we treat our most special patients, young children, knowing that their first experiences create dental memories which should be nice ones. We are able to offer nitrous oxide sedation for anxious children who need active treatment to help them to cooperate. Article by Dr Karen Gardner at Clinica Dental la Plaza in Jávea. Tel 96 646 1120. Javeadentist on Facebook.

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Why the Good Care Group?

written by Carer Amanda Coates

I am 40 something (a lady never tells her age!), married, no children and have lived in Spain for last 7 years. I have always been in people related work, from the police force, through to sales management. Alongside this I worked as a fitness instructor for over 20 years focusing on ‘specialised populations’ such as the over-60s, over-70s/80s, people needing rehab, and people with disabilities.

Many of us have taken care of a loved one or a friend at some stage in our lives, and some of us have lost a loved one through illness. Personally, I lost my father to cancer, and my mother was disabled and spent most of her time in a wheelchair, again I sadly lost her in the last couple of years. I became a live in carer some 3 years ago, and some people who I knew said “I can’t imagine her doing that”. Well as I always say “never judge a book by its cover”. The fact is that since joining the Good Care Group I haven’t looked back! Why the Good Care Group? They are professional. They care. I feel valued. I feel that my contributions are heard. They help you progress with many qualifications and specialised training. Responsive not to just the carer, but also the client. I have been lucky enough to be awarded ¨Carer of the Month¨ and to be involved in a user group for new systems. And to top it all off my manager is fantastic. I have done cover work as well as long term placements, and I have to say that I have enjoyed every one of them. OK, so things can be a little bit routine at times, but there has to be a set routine with some clients. But the job is what you make it. For example one of my placements was with a stroke survivor who was the most inspirational man, we used to go out on road trips (as he loved my driving), and I would not use the sat nav as he was undergoing speech therapy, so for every trip he was my sat nav! When we got it wrong we would just laugh. He would draw the most amazing pictures, and would help me choose my colours for my adult colouring. I went there twice to cover and he cried when I left because we had such a great time.... Oh of course I cried too! I have been in the same placement now for nearly 15 months and look after a couple, the husband has Motor Neurone Disease, and his wife has Alzheimer’s so as you can imagine it is a busy and varied role. Would I be in the same placement for so long if I wasn’t making a difference? If I wasn’t helping the family through the changes? Definitely not. I am here because we laugh, cry, sing and because I DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! There is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than hearing the words, “you really look after me” or “we don’t know what we would do without you”. For more information about becoming a carer with the Good Care Group, contact Anne Greatrex on 96 571 3746 or 628 343 240 or email

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Repatriation Road Trip “You never know when you might need a service like ours.....” Female Focus has often reported about the essential services provided by the Asociacion Amigos Europeos de Jávea (AAEdJ) Ambulance service. But perhaps none can be more important than the urgent repatriation of an ill patient to their home country. This past month an English lady with several serious medical conditions (she asks to remain anonymous) needed to be repatriated to the UK for treatment. Because of her medical situation she was unable to fly, so the repatriation had to be by road. AAEdJ has the capabilities to do such a journey, having a fleet of modern state-ofthe-art ambulances (think intensive care units on wheels) at its disposal, so the trip was organised by the lady’s husband. Starting at the Hospital Marina Salud in Denia, the transfer commenced, with two drivers, a doctor and a nurse attending to the patient. The ambulance kept on the move all the time, although regular ‘comfort stops’ were required, and steadily headed up through northern Spain, through France onto the Euro Tunnel, and then all the way to St. Thomas Hospital in London. Extra medical equipment was carried on board, special drink and food provisions for the patient made available, and the trip was a success. The patient and her husband were reportedly very pleased with the service from AAEdJ, and everyone at the AAEdJ team wishes her a speedy and successful recovery.

AAEdJ drivers Julian (on the left) and Miguel Angel give a thumbs up having transferred the patient safely from Spain to England.

The AAEdJ covers almost all of Costa Blanca North. It is only called the Asociacion Amigos Europeos de Jávea because the association started its life in Jávea, and its Head Office is still located there. But its fleet of ambulances zoom all over the place, all over the area, yes, even to London! To become a member of the AAEdJ call and speak with Laure Bolufer the Registration Manager on 96 579 6099 (Laure works from 10am to 1pm every weekday). ASOCIACION AMIGOS EUROPEOS DE JAVEA. Avenida Juan Carlos 1, No 69, 03730 Jávea. Telephone 96 579 6099 (24hr) Email:

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Fantastic offers at Zen Smile Spa AMAZING DISCOUNTS IN SEPTEMBER BOTOX & FILLERS CRYOLIPOLYSIS HIFU FOR EVERY PACK OF BOTOX (3 AREAS) PURCHASED, 1 FREE SESSION OF RADIOFREQUENCY (CACI) This summer at Zen Smile Spa we did a special offer from 10th July until 10th August and it was very successful. But unfortunately most of our usual customers were away. So we have decided to restart the offer so that all these customers can benefit from it. Furthermore we have expanded the offer! Sun exposure and excess alcohol intake over the summer in Spain take their toll on our skin and bodies. Our skin becomes like crêpe and dark spots appear out of nowhere, little thread veins and red patches rear their heads and we know we have “to do something”. September is the best time of year to start a great skin regime to get it looking healthy again. At Zen Smile Spa we have a series of treatments available to rehydrate, renew and refresh your skin giving you immediate as well as long lasting results.

Call us now 96 579 38 10. WhatsApp now 665 506 009. For more information and offers and follow us on Facebook:- Zen Smile Spa.

Over 1000 distribution points!

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Information supplied by Dr. I. Poole, Clinica El Arenal. Found at Av. Arenal 2, Jávea. Tel: 96 579 2418

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Ed’s note: The following article covers female intimate surgical procedures. Please do not read on if you feel you may be offended by this subject matter.

Labiaplasty: Labia Minora and Labia Majora adjustment.

Over recent years, there seems to be an increasing demand of this procedure included under the chapter of “intimate surgery”. I already went through it in an article last year. Being an embarrassing subject, I believe many women would like some information about it before even going to the doctor. Labiaplasty (also known as labioplasty) is a plastic surgery procedure for altering the labia minora (inner labia) and the labia majora (outer labia). These are the outer folds of skin surrounding the human vulva. There are two main categories of women seeking cosmetic genital surgery: those with congenital conditions such as intersex, and those with no underlying condition who experience physical discomfort or wish to improve the appearance of their genitals. Congenital conditions are mostly treated by plastic surgeons on young patients. Being very specific techniques for very specific subjects, we will not deal with those in this article. The size, shape, and colour of women’s inner labia vary greatly. One is usually larger than the other. They may be hidden by the outer labia, or may be visible, and may become larger with sexual arousal, sometimes two to three times their usual size. Surgery Labial reduction can be performed as an out-patient procedure under local anaesthesia, conscious sedation, or general anaesthesia. Labiaplasty can be performed alone or with another gynecologic or cosmetic surgery procedure. The resection is facilitated with the administration of an anesthetic solution that is infiltrated into the labia minora to help with pain control and to limit bleeding. Labiaplasty Surgical Techniques Edge resection technique The original labiaplasty technique is a simple resection of tissues at the free edge of the labia minora. One resection-technique variation features a clamp placed across the area of the labial tissue to be resected in order to decrease bleeding. The surgeon then resects the tissues, and sutures the edges together. This procedure is used by most surgeons because it is the easiest technique to perform and has a high success rate with low risk. The technical disadvantages of the labial-edge resection technique are the loss of the natural wrinkles of the labia minora edges. There exists the possibility of everting (turning outwards) the inner lining of the labia, which then makes visible the normally hidden internal, pink labial tissues. The advantages of edge-resection include removal of the hyper-pigmented (darkened) irregular labial edges with a linear scar. The edge resection technique does not address clitoral hood deformities. Central wedge resection technique


Labial reduction by means of a central wedge-resection involves cutting and removing a partial-thickness wedge of tissue from the thickest portion of the labium minora. Unlike the edge-resection technique, the resection pattern of the central wedge technique preserves the natural wrinkles of the labia minora. If performed as a full-thickness resection, there exists the potential risk of damaging the pertinent labial nerves, which can result in painful neuromas, and numbness. A partial thickness removal of mucosa and skin, leaving the submucosa intact decreases the risk of this complication. The central wedge resection technique may include a Z-plasty, which produces a refined surgical scar that is less tethered, and diminishes the physical tensions exerted upon the surgical incision. This reduces the possibility of a notched or scalloped scar. The central wedge-resection technique is a more demanding technique which can lead to under-correction (persistent tissue-redundancy), or over-correction leading to excess tension on the incision causing the incision to separate.

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The benefit of this technique is that an extended wedge can be brought upwards towards the prepuce to treat a prominent clitoral hood without a separate incision. This leads to a natural labia contour and avoids direct incisions near the highly-sensitive clitoris. Labiaplasty with clitoral unhooding Labial reduction occasionally includes the resection of the clitoral prepuce (clitoral hood) when the thickness of the skin interferes with the woman’s sexual response or is aesthetically displeasing. The surgical unhooding of the clitoris may involve a V– to–Y advancement of the soft tissues, which is achieved by suturing the clitoral hood to the pubic bone in the midline (to avoid the pudendal nerves). This uncovers the clitoris and helps tighten the labia minora. Laser labiaplasty technique Labial reduction by means of laser resection of the labia minora involves the de-epithelialisation of the labia. The technical disadvantage of laser labiaplasty is that the removal of excess labial epidermis risks causing the occurrence of epidermal inclusion cysts.

For more information please contact Dr. Poole at Clinica El Arenal which can be found at Av. Arenal 2, Jávea. Tel: 965 792 418 11am - 1pm or 652 286 720 (24hr).

- A 1 minute kiss burns 26 calories. - An average person will spend 25 years asleep. - Women blink twice as much as men. - Hiccups usually lasts for 5 minutes. - Not all your taste buds are on our tongue (10% are on the insides of your cheeks). - Your most active muscles are in your eye. - Your liver has over 500 functions.

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Two Jávea Mumtrepreneurs open New Wellness Centre “The Midas Touch”

Laura Dormer and Marie-Louise Cullis are two Jávea based mums who have got together to open a new “You and Improved” Wellness Centre in Jávea – called The Midas Touch. Marie Louise first heard of Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting, from her Aunt in the USA, and realising how amazing it sounds she did extensive research and could not believe she had not heard of this incredible process before. Marie Louise and Laura were discussing CoolSculpting together one day as, they both confess, they have been in the same boat as everyone who is likely to walk through the Midas Touch’s door. And then as fate would have it the very next day Laura met up with a friend who had also recently moved over to Spain with the intention of opening a salon but whose circumstances had changed and therefore wanted to sell her equipment. Laura was amazed to discover that one of these machines was a CoolSculpting machine. The girls both realised that this was meant to be. Both had time on their hands and were wanting something new to fulfil them, both had a passionate interest in losing weight and feeling good about themselves but also in helping other people to achieve the same thing. So the decision was made to go into business together and hence The Midas Touch was born. Both ladies have undergone full training and are specialising in the CoolSculpting but are also building a team of qualified specialists to work with them to create a Holistic Approach to health and well-being. So what is Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting? In a nutshell, it is the only effective non-invasive treatment for stubborn fat removal.

It has been on the market for 7 years, it is tried and tested with a wealth of research and results behind it. It has been performed over 4 million times all over the world. To read more about the science visit The treatments take 45 minutes per area with 6 weeks between treatments on the same area or 4 weeks between if you are having a different area treated. It’s for ANY body – size 8 or 18 – anyone can have their problem area(s) “tweaked”. It’s not just for the ladies either, men too are turning to this phenomenal treatment to eliminate love handles or unwanted “moobs”. Laura and Marie-Louise do not just want to offer fat removal, they want to offer the tools to help people stay in shape through re-education and encouragement. So you will be able to have a range of treatments from nutritional advice to massage and from podiatry to personal training. You will be offered an individual personalised plan – according to your needs. So don’t wait, call them now and find why everything they touch can turn to gold. Tel: 96 579 9954. The Midas Touch, Avda Amanecer 21, Jávea Old Town (opposite Mercadona).

What is CoolSculpting? An innovative way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away with no surgery or downtime. With more than 4 million CoolSculpting treatments performed worldwide, people everywhere are getting a better view of themselves thanks to the one of a kind CoolSculpting procedure. Years ago, scientists at Harvard University observed that some children who ate ice lollies got dimples in their cheeks. The scientists - Dieter Manstein, MD and R. Rox Anderson, MD - realised that the ice lollies were freezing and eliminating small pockets of fat cells. The idea that cold can target fat cells - without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue - was the insight behind Cryolipolysis, which is the proven science on which the CoolSculpting procedure is based. CoolSculpting Freezes & Eliminates Stubborn Fat. The CoolSculpting procedure safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. Treated fat cells are crystalised (frozen), then die. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, leaving a more sculpted you. To book your free private demonstration, call The Midas Touch in Jávea on 96 579 9954. You can come alone or bring along up to 3 friends and enjoy a glass of cava or juice whilst you try out this incredible procedure.

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Now is the best time to get started at CLUB F!T

Now that the busy summer period is over and we are all returning to a regular routine this is the perfect time to build regular exercise into your schedule. And there is nowhere better than CLUB F!T to help you get started on this path. With their expertise, specialist equipment and encouragement you will be surprised how easy it is to achieve your goals whilst having fun. Spinning (CardioSPIN) classes at CLUB F!T will be introduced mid September Joining CardioSPIN classes regularly will help you to build increased cardio endurance. Because it is a low impact exercise, spinning is even recommended for people with arthritis or other knee problems. Additionally there is reduced risk of injury due to the smooth movement and adjustable resistance, and whilst spinning the wheel at CLUB F!T your heart rate is measured with a special heart rate monitoring system and your personal heart rate belt to make sure the training is safe and to ensure you achieve the best results. Proud of their members’ success! Here are just some of the things CLUB F!T members say about their experience: “I have always been in good condition, but I needed flexibility. I have never encountered such a unique gym. The possibilities are endless and the rewards are fantastic. From a couch potato to a world class athlete, anyone can benefit from this fantastic CLUB F!T.” Bruce, 68 years. “I can feel the improvement in muscle tone and have lost some weight whilst enjoying the full range of different

classes and making new friends! I have no regrets about joining CLUB F!T. I can really feel the benefits, and it is great value for money with classes at any time of the day.” Rhian, 51 years. “I have lost 5 kg since starting 2 months ago and my blood pressure has improved to 115/75. My fitness and stamina have improved dramatically. There are so many classes to choose from. You will get fit, stay fit and most importantly you will have fun and keep coming back.” Mark, 56 years. “The training in CLUB F!T is not only healthy, but also great fun.” Manuela, 63 years.

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Bunions or HAV? The Bunion or Hallux Valgus is a deformity of the foot caused by a deviation of the first toe towards the middle axis of the foot and a deviation of the first metatarsal towards the outer edge of the foot accompanied by irregular bone growth in the first metatarsal head and articular incongruity of the metatarsophalangeal joint. This causes pain due to inflammation of the soft tissues of the area from constant friction against footwear and from the structural and mechanical alteration due to the bone deviation. When is it recommended to operate on bunions? It is recommended to operate on bunions when they are painful, when osteoarthritis appears or the structural deformity affects walking correctly which in turn affects other levels of the locomotor system. It is also advisable to perform surgery in cases in which as a result of the bunion, the toes are deforming like when the second toe appears hammer-like. When a patient wishes to undergo an operation a professional should study each case individually, taking into account the age, health status, lifestyle ... etc. At Portalet Clinic, we will explain in detail and alleviate any worries without compromise. What type of technique is carried out at Clinica Podológica Portalet? We perform minimum incision surgery. As its name suggests, it is done using minimal skin incisions, usually 2 to 4mm. Through these millimetric incisions we can reach the soft tissues and bone, without causing injury to the adjacent tissues.

Suffering with Bunions? (or other feet problems)

Before After Before


KEYHOLE FOOT SURGERY The Effective Solution

This non-invasive approach is fast, effective and costs less than you might think. Call us and we’ll get you back on your feet in no time.

We also diagnose and treat: Bunions / Hallux Valgus, Claw / Hammer Toes, Taylor’s Bunion, Heel Spur, Metatarsalgia (ball of the foot pain) and Neuroma or Morton’s Toe

Lara Virginia Yáñez Carra


Calle Portalet 9, 1st Floor, Door G • Calpe Tel: 96 583 5245 Email:

Advantages of Minimal Incision Surgery: - Immediate recovery as the procedure is minimal. - The patient walks away with a post-surgical shoe without crutches or help. - After just 48 hours the patient can continue life as normal. - Almost painless. - No fixing bolts or needles used. One of the drawbacks of open surgery is the use of fixing materials, with Minimal Incision Surgery fixations are not necessary as the soft tissues themselves, which we have respected, the joint capsule and a light dressing are responsible for this. - Local anesthetic, only affecting the foot, so the dose used is less. - No hemostasia (restriction of blood flow). As the size of the incision is so small, there is little bleeding so there is no need for a tourniquet, thus avoiding all risks of cutting blood flow. - Less risk of infection. The small size of the incisions also decreases the risk of infection. - Barely visible scaring. CLÍNICA PODOLÓGICA PORTALET Experts in foot surgery - Bunions - Hammertoes - Calcaneal Spur - Helomas (Corn) Etc. Other treatments available at our centre:- Removal of corns and calluses - Ingrown toenails - Removal of warts and fungi - Computerised study of the foot and footsteps - Made to measure orthopedic soles - Treatment for Diabetic Foot. C / Portalet 9, 1st floor G, entrance through the Serrella building in front of Mercadona, Calpe (centre). Telephone: 96 583 5245, email: or visit:

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Spicy yogurt BBQ chicken Fire up the BBQ - by using simple spices this is one of the easiest and tastiest way to spice up your chicken. The yoghurt marinated chicken can be grilled, baked or thrown on the BBQ...Using yogurt as a marinade it breaks down protein, which ensures the chicken breasts are moist and tender! Ingredients 500ml plain Greek or natural yogurt 2 tablespoons lemon juice 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon turmeric 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts/ thighs Optional 2 fresh chopped chillies I teaspoon paprika Alternatively the spices can be replaced by a Curry On Cooking kit. Check out our YouTube Channel Time: Marinate for 20 minutes to 8 hours. Cooking Time: various. Serves: 2-3. Recipe In a large bowl - place the yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, cumin, turmeric, salt and pepper stir and mix well. Add the chicken and coat with the marinade. Cover and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes to 8 hours. TO BBQ: Prepare the BBQ, heat to a medium heat. Place the chicken on the grill. BBQ chicken on both sides for 10 minutes or until it is cooked through. TO BAKE: Preheat the oven to a medium heat. Line a baking sheet with baking parchment. Place the chicken pieces on the baking sheet. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through. TO GRILL: Preheat the grill to a medium heat. Grill the chicken for 8 to 10 minutes on both sides or until it is cooked through. TIP: To add an extra crunch sprinkle chopped salted pistachios just before cooking. Master The Art of Indian Cooking. Learn how to cook up a spicy storm in the kitchen with The Spice Sisters. Indian cookery courses available in Benidorm and San Javier in September/November. Please contact us for further details:- or visit Recipe supplied by The Spices Sisters -

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Following the recent extensive coverage marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele, local resident Martin A. Allen thought it the perfect time to share with us all a story from his family’s military past. We are here today enjoying our lives, in part, due to these amazing people.

NEVER TOO OLD, A hundred year old tale. My great great grandfather, Colonel Samuel Collier retired to Taunton, Somerset, from the army in 1911, having served in India, at Government House, Delhi. But Samuel was ever an active man, and he could not settle to retirement in a sleepy Somerset backwater. Thus, in 1912, he emigrated to America with his adult daughter, my great aunt Lillian. Samuel bought himself a house in Pultneyville, overlooking Lake Ontario, bought Lillian the local grocer’s store. However, Samuel would not settle to a quiet retirement once he heard that the First World War had broken out between Britain and Germany on 4 August 1914. He immediately packed his suitcase and travelled to Toronto, Canada, where he presented himself to the Army Recruitment Office. Samuel, aged sixty-two, stood out like a sore thumb amongst the young recruits, and it wasn’t long before he was taken aside by an officer, asked his age, and was told he was too old for service. Samuel was a very determined man, and so, having partaken of lunch that day, planned his next move. He went to a barber’s shop and ordered that his white hair and moustache be blackened with a men’s hair preparation called Salute. With three further bottles of Salute in his luggage, he left Toronto bound for Montreal, where no one knew him. Samuel succeeded in enlisting in the Canadian Army on 14 August 1914, slyly telling the recruiting officer that he was aged thirty-nine, as he now looked twenty-three years younger than his actual age of sixty-two. He was immediately sent to an army camp for military training. As he was to write to Lillian, all this training “Private Samuel Collier, now inducted into the Canadian Irish Rangers, enjoyed very much.” Samuel was going to see an actual battle of enormous importance, alongside men he had become close to. These men, he knew, suspected the secret of his age, for they had seen him blackening his hair with Salute, but he was also sure they never once suspected he was hiding the hair of a pensioner. Samuel became affectionately and respectfully known as “Father” or “Dad” to the men. Landing at Calais after the voyage across the Atlantic, Samuel and his men began a three day march to the front. To begin with they sang cheerful marching songs, but everyone’s countenance became grimmer and grimmer as they came within the sound of heavy gunfire, and saw the endless streams of wagons carrying the wounded back from the front. At some point Samuel crossed the French frontier into Belgium. It was the last week of October 1914, and the place they had come to was the Flemish town of Ypres on the Western Front. Samuel wrote to Lillian in March 1915: “There is an endless sea of mud here. Then there is the front, just twenty yards deep, which we call no man’s land. On the other side there’s a different nation, men from all walks of life, fighting in the German Army.”

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Samuel was recognised by his company as a “dead good shot”, so by September 1915 he was put in charge of a Lewis gun – a light machine gun. A week later he was in action one night when he was shot through the arm by a German sniper. Samuel knew he was showing his age, for he had long since given up using Salute. So far his sergeant had covered for him. Once he was seen by a medical orderly to tend his arm, he knew the game would be up. His age was now discovered, and he was sent to a hospital far behind the lines. Samuel had had his war, and now he knew it was time to go home. Samuel knew this war was like nothing on earth; war was hell.

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October 1915 found Samuel at the Canadian Red Cross Hospital at Clivedon Court, Taplow, in Buckinghamshire. By now he had been interviewed by a senior officer and the secret of his true age and rank was known. On a sunny October morning, Samuel and a few select soldiers were ordered to report to the rose garden after lunch to meet distinguished guests. And so it was that old Samuel Collier met King George V, (see below right photograph) monarch of an empire on which the sun never set. The meeting was reported in the Daily Mail (see below left photograph), so perhaps it is best to let history tell the tale of this strange meeting: NOT TOO OLD TO FIGHT The King and Queen paid a visit to the Duchess of Connaught’s Canadian Red Cross Hospital in Cliveden, Taplow, on Thursday afternoon. Cliveden Court has been lent as a hospital by the owners, Major and Mrs. Waldorf Astor… Mrs. Astor conducted their Majesties round the hospital… The King had an interesting chat with Private Samuel Collier, of the Canadian Irish Rangers. It was evident from Private Collier’s appearance that he had reached the military age limit some little time since. “But how did you manage to enlist?” asked the King. “Well, sir, I was thirty-nine when I enlisted at the outbreak of war,” was the reply. “And how old are you now?” continued the King. “Fifty-seven! They couldn’t say anything against me on the score of unfitness,” Private Collier remarked, with a sly chuckle. “There’s nothing the matter with me whatsoever.” Of course, Samuel was still fibbing. The army did not want it revealed that a retired Colonel had hoodwinked his way into the Army and onto the battlefields of France. This was rather a pity, Samuel later commented, for he thought it would have made a rather interesting story.

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APASA 5TH ANNUAL DOG WALK Sunday 10th September at Bar, Cafe Mister Punch, Jávea Park. Join us for our annual dog walk. This event has been one of our most successful over the past 5 years. A casual walk from Jávea Park to the Port of Jávea then returning to Jávea Park. We hope that you will support APASA to make it another memorable occasion. Registration is 5€ and all funds raised will go towards improving the kennels. You can walk your own dog, or one of the many at APASA. All dogs welcome, bring a friend, it is a great opportunity to meet more friends. If you want to walk an APASA dog, please contact the shelter ahead of time to arrange pick up of the doggie. Registration starts at 10am and walk begins at 11am. You can also contact Claire on 663 017 029 for more details. See you there.

Puppy Mill Mothers Rescued Pets In Spain animal charity has rescued 3 more puppy farm mothers from an illegal puppy mill. Making a total of 16 recently rescued. Made to endure a life of just pregnancy and puppies they were kept in cages in a filthy outdoor shed all of there lives and forcibly impregnated every six months to produce puppies to sell. Now aged 5-7 years they were to be discarded due to ill health and taken to a killing station. Pets In Spain animal charity collaborates with animalista groups in Spain to free puppy mill used and abused mothers and fathers and take them into foster homes, provide them with all necessary veterinary treatment, care and rehabilitation. One of these mothers has tumours in her mammary glands, this occurs frequently in un-spayed female dogs, another has proved positive for Leishmaniasis. When they are well enough all three need surgery which will include their sterilisation. An appeal for donations to help the charity fund veterinary treatment for rescued puppy farm dogs has been launched. Pets In Spain is a registered charity in Spain run entirely by volunteers. They do not receive any local or regional government funding. Charity registration CIF No. G-54669262. To donate by bank transfer or setup a monthly direct debit: Account Name: Pets in Spain. Bank: Sabadell. IBAN: ES14 0081 0687 7700 0168 1672. SWIFT/BIC: BSAB ESBB. Donations by Paypal to or please call 645 469 253 Email: Website: We have many cats and kittens looking for homes. If you could help with a home, a donation or volunteering please contact Sally: 625 985 689 or Jayne: 649 310 285. Web: Facebook: Jalon Valley A.R.C. Email:

Murphy, beautiful 6 month old pup, he is being fostered in a home with his siblings and other dogs and cats. Murphy is a Boxer/GSD cross, we think he will be big when fully grown. He is a laid back pup, likes to get on with everyone likes his cuddles. For more information please telephone the PEPA helpline on 650 304 746 or email Arti is a mixed breed, 4 years old and castrated. He is friendly with people, good on the lead but not so good with other male dogs. For more information call Akira in Benissa 657 689 567. Facebook: Akira Benissa Dog Sanctuary.

Monty is an 18 month old Jack Russell cross who was found on the streets with another dog recently. He is good with other dogs and has been neutered. Monty is good on the lead and in the house, he loves to play and have cuddles. Call: 645 469 253. Email: To view more visit

Furia - PRE (Pure Rasa Español) Mare, she is 16+ years old and 155cm. Huge experience in Spanish Doma, excessively so and now needs a loving home with an experienced rider. Lovely nature and very forward but needs care and patience to continue her rehabilitation from an abusive background. Please email us if you can offer her a loving home IRIS, female, Crossbreed, DOB 01.2012 – 52 cm. She is not really happy here in our shelter but she likes people and their attention. Iris should ideally be kept alone, she listens well, when addressed and her lovely behaviour would be a good basis for her adoption. For more information call 618 754 635.

Cassandra is a beautiful Schnauzer cross who loves people and other dogs. She is very lively and enjoys playing with people. She is about 6 years old and spayed. She is used to living as an outside dog and would benefit from a home with a large garden. For more information call 600 845 420. Beetle and Bagel looking for their forever home(s). Loving, healthy, social. Beagle x Spaniel. More info on Facebook: Tanamera Rescue, or call Jacky on 644 240 982.

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Horse rescue centre celebrates reaching fundraising target as work on secure boundary wall continues Generous supporters from around the world have donated €20,000 to rebuild and extend Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre’s crumbling perimeter wall to secure and protect the Spanish sanctuary’s 108 rescued equines. Co-founders Sue and Rod Weeding began calling for donations in March, hoping to raise €7000 to extend the height of a planned boundary wall upgrade to provide better protection for the equines from the bitterly cold winter winds and blistering summer sun. That followed a successful 2016 campaign to raise €13,000 to fund the initial boundary upgrade, which was prompted by a string of break-ins at the centre and intimidatory behaviour relating to the rescue of Oscar, a horse that arrived starving and dehydrated. Sue said the new solid boundary would enable the centre to make better use of space as more rescues comes in. “We’ll be able to divide up the fields with additional fencing, creating four new turn-out areas, which will be invaluable for our 108 horses, ponies and donkeys,” she said. With funding secured, construction of the wall is now on the home straight. Rod, formerly a professional builder in the UK, is doing much of the work himself and is now completing the final section of blockwork on the 218-metre long boundary wall. Demonstrating the Weedings’ dedication to the project, Rod has been digging the knee-deep footings for the wall by hand since the centre’s mini-digger broke down last month, prompting them to call for donations to replace this critical piece of equipment. Donations can be made online at The Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre relies entirely on donations to fund its important animal welfare work. Good-quality furniture donations are currently sought for the centre’s charity stores, which are low on stock. Anyone interested in making a donation, becoming a long-term sponsor, or volunteering at the rescue centre or in the charity shops can call Sue on 652 021 980. Located just outside Rojales at Partido Lo Garriga, 59, the centre opens to the public on the first Sunday of every month between 1pm and 4pm. Free horse tours run throughout the afternoon and refreshments are available in the café. For more details and directions, please visit or search for @EasyHorseCare on Facebook.

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Garden Design

I have designed a lot of gardens here in Spain, so many I cannot even guess. I have always been very pleased with how the designs have come out as I can visualise exactly how the finished gardens will look. Sadly not all of them have been built and worse still for me as a designer, the ones I thought were very special and would be absolutely amazing, have not been built for 101 reasons.


The most important thing for me as a designer though is knowing that I have still created, or potentially created a space that never existed and although not all of them come to fruition, they only help create ideas which will hopefully become reality. The most important thing a designer does is to look at the garden from a perspective most customers don’t get, that’s the plan view. This view allows you to see all the space you actually have to play with. Understanding your space and how to make the most of it is crucial. I have just recently completed a design and I am very happy with it. The original garden is pretty basic but it is a large plot, but due to the way the house, drive and pool have been positioned in a very standard way, it means there are long thin and awkward pieces of garden to deal with. Understanding how to give these spaces form, dimension and size can be very demanding and challenging but, with an experienced garden designer such as myself, it can always be dealt with. With our garden design service we can design any part of, or a whole garden, for existing or new gardens. We work within whatever style you, the customer wants, although we normally follow design style from the property itself. I have been asked by many customers ‘what can you do with the space?’ The answer is normally, anything. I can do literally anything, the only thing is how deep continued on next page are your pockets?


QUALITY BEDS & BED LINEN FROM BUDGET TO LUXURY All British sizes available • Styles to suit all pockets FREE assembly, caster cups & delivery* FREE disposal of your old bed C.C. Byblos Local 8, Ctra. Calpe-Moraira, Los Pinos 1K (Coast Road) Calpe Tel: 965 836 814 Email: Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm Saturday: 10am - 1.30pm *FREE DELIVERY from GANDIA to ALICANTE

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For me designing gardens is the best way of mixing all of my design and build history and I love it, creating something from nothing or even just transforming and improving

what was there is incredibly fulfilling. Choosing to use a company such as mine to design a garden for you is by far the best way to get the results you want and more from your garden. If you’ve got a garden and you just don’t know what you could possibly do with it, we are the specialists you need. Plants of the month I can’t remember if I have had Bougainvillea before but it is such a good flowering plant and like lantana gives so much for so little in return you cannot but love it. Bougainvilleas do drop their bract’s (petal’s) which is one of the biggest complaints as they get into the swimming pools so you may wish to keep them away from those areas. Be firm with them when it comes to cutting back and when you have started to get a shape you like keep it tight, don’t let it get too big, keep bashing it back and it will grace you with huge shows of colour. We have got a fantastic supplier who can seem to get all sorts of colours and double flower options for those wishing to get something a little different, but these varieties are not as hardy as standard varieties. For more information please give us a call on 696 283 704, email or visit our websites and

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Existing gates, garage doors, shutters and awnings automated or newly made to measure Chris from Auto-m8 Systems has recently teamed up with John, a qualified time served blacksmith. Both have a passion to provide electrically operated drive gates, garage doors, roller shutters and awnings. Chris, who has an extensive background in private and commercial construction, partnered together with John, can provide customers with a bespoke solution. They have a vast range of electrical remote motors to supply the right equipment for all customer requirements. All motors are designed to be retro-fitted to existing gates, garage doors, shutters and awnings, meaning that there is no need to change existing items and all systems use the latest in innovative solutions. Gates can be operated manually or automatically. In addition, Auto-m8 Systems also fabricate in house and supply NEW gates, garage doors, roller shutters and awnings, designed to customer specifications, with or without automation, the choice is yours. Auto-m8 Systems have a large range of hydraulic, electric and electronic equipment available that is suitable for all domestic, commercial and industrial gates to provide the versatility and security that customers require. Recently moved to new premises in Catral, customers are welcome to visit, by appointment, to see their new products being manufactured. Auto-m8 Systems cover the whole of the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida, are a fully legal company and will provide you with a no obligation free quotation. They also offer a fully-comprehensive service, replacement and maintenance for any of the above. If you are contemplating adding a remote system, new shutters, awnings, new gates or garage door to your property, please feel free to contact Chris and John for more information on any of the services they offer and they would be happy to help. For enquiries about gate manufacturing, contact John on 603 392 974. For enquiries about gate automation, contact Chris on 608 208 170. Auto-m8 Systems Office: 865 751 734, email: or visit their website:

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House and Home

Make Your House Beautiful Again I hope you had a wonderful summer, time with the family, meals out, and maybe even getting away. But now it’s September and perhaps it’s time to look ‘indoors’ again. It’s about this time of year that may people start thinking their home needs a facelift. At Lotus Interiors that’s exactly what we specialise in. We focus on the creation of quality, madeto-measure curtains, interior blinds and soft furnishings. These are the fundamentals of a beautiful interior and through choosing the right fabrics, and taking the right advice, you can literally transform your home. You Can’t Beat Experience We’ve been here on the Costa Blanca since 2004 and during that time, we’ve built up a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise. We’ve learned the peculiarities of Spanish homes inside and out and have developed fantastic relationships with a whole host of suppliers. It all adds up to you getting the very best choice and advice, safe in the knowledge that you’re dealing with people who know what they’re talking about. We Come to You Our studio in Benitachell serves as a showroom where you can get inspired and chat about your ideas. It’s a place where we can help you make decisions and advise about some do’s and don’ts. But it’s all about your home so of course nothing beats coming to you and developing ideas, measuring up, and putting you at ease about all the little details that are so important. We’ll bring a range of fabrics with us so you can hold them up and really envisage how your changes could look. Moreover, we don’t just come once, we’re happy to come over and over until you’re happy. Put simply, sit back and let us bring our expertise to you. One Last Thing We know that everyone is unique. You may have just one room that you want to freshen up, or you may have a huge villa. We are able to help with all your décor decisions whilst offering inspirational ideas and practical advice no matter what size you are looking at. Fall in love with your home all over again by contacting me, Tammi at Lotus Interior or popping into the showroom in Benitachell (on the Moraira road). I can’t wait to meet you.


Lotus Interiors, Ctra. Moraira 14-16, Benitachell. Call 96 649 3232.

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Summer Rentals: Lucrative but Stressful? Renting your property out for the summer is in principle a great idea. You move out of your property for 10-12 weeks, rent it out and move back in come Autumn with a seriously bigger bank balance. Sounds perfect but it’s full of details that can trip you up leaving you wondering why you ever thought of it in the first place. At Hamiltons Summer Lettings, you get the lucrative bit, and we’ll take care of the stressful part. We’ve recently expanded even more and taken on a dedicated summer lettings team. We offer 2 options: fully managed or booking only. With both services, we can leverage our extensive marketing so that you’ll get booking from customers all over Europe. It means that you’ll enjoy a high level of occupancy and will therefore maximise your income. Our multi-lingual team can deal with all the questions from prospective holiday makers ensuring no misunderstanding and a smooth start. In fact, our team is part of what sets us apart. We freely recognise that there are a number of very small companies, often 1 man bands who have only so much time and marketing clout. Hamiltons are small enough to care, yet big enough to cope. With a fully managed service, we take care of everything, bookings, linen, cleaning, changeovers, and even any problems that will inevitably come up. Fridge conks out.. we can get it fixed or changed. Pool turning green, we’ll make it blue again. Lost passport (it does happen), we’ll help with sorting it out. With a booking only, we’ll provide the clients but it’s up to you to take care of everything. Of course, you’ll increase your income but our fees are so competitive it simply won’t make sense. So, if you’re looking to rent your property, maximise your income and minimise the stress, contact Abby Watson on 96 649 1883. You’ll soon see you’re in safe hands. If you prefer, pop into Hamiltons office in Moraria, where Abby will take you through all the options.

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- Venetian blinds were invented in Japan. - The wheelbarrow was invented in China. - The revolving door was invented in 1888. - Bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser printers were all invented by women. - The doorbell was invented in 1831. - Isaac Newton invented the cat flap. - The tea bag was invented in 1908. - Pop corn was invented by the Aztec Indians. - The drinking straw was invented in 1886. - The first Burger King was opened in Florida Miami in 1954. - The elevator was invented in 1850. - The first toothbrush was invented in 1498. - Originally in 1886 Coca Cola was introduced as an ‘intellectual beverage’ to boost brain power. - Plastic bottles were first used for soft drinks in 1970. - The first train reached a top speed of only 8 km/h. - Sir Isaac Newton was 23 when he discovered the law of gravity. - The first taxi service began in New York in 1907. - Dinosaurs lived on Earth for over 165 million years before they became extinct.

Active Surfaces CB

Spain’s Leading Rubber Surfacing Company Covering the entire Costa Blanca

Surfaces for Play, Sports & Leisure Ideal for:-


662 679 467

With seamless and colourful wet lay rubber surfacing you can enhance your pool or play area whilst offering protection to your children and clients.

Environmentally Friendly Swimming Pools Self Draining Sports Grounds it our come to vis Impact Absorbing You are wel w the product on Play Areas ie Low Flammability offices to v - Please call Rob on Golf Courses ground an appointment. Hard Wearing e th Terraces for Easy To Install 662 679 467 Principe España, e Pro Shops ll a C 8 8 Colourful Almoradi. Equestrian UV Resistant Gymnasia Slip Resistant Running Tracks Like our Facebook page to Easy To Clean Theme Parks view some of our work Adaptable To Any Design Indoor & Outdoor Use Rubber Walkways & Driveways Active Surfaces Tolerant To 55 Degrees Communities Whether it is a pool, playground, terrace or pathway we can improve the area with our colourful wet lay rubber surfacing. If you are looking for a totally nonslip, colourfast and cost effective surface then we can provide the solution. We can include patterns, pool depth numbers, in fact almost any design or logo. Why not call us for a no obligation quotation. We will come to your premises with samples, a range of 19 colours and take an accurate measurement to provide you with an on the spot quotation. We will also answer any questions you may have about the product. We offer a 2 year labour warranty backed up by a 10 year manufacturers warranty on materials & are fully legal & registered in Spain. Proud to collorate with DEBRA, charity for children with butterfly skin. Safety surfaces allow children to have safe play areas.

Stage Diary by Benny Davis

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Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir: After the busiest and most successful season ever, the choir is now taking a break until later this month when they will begin the build-up to what is promising to be a busy Christmas programme. They welcome new members, particularly tenors. Further information can be obtained from Mike Evans telephone: 96 574 4577 or email:

Now in its tenth year, the Stage Diary is not only an important guide to what’s on in all regions, but is also an on-line web introduction to potential expats researching community life in Spain. The diary also acts as a planning guide to assist groups avoid unnecessary clashes of production dates. Cantabile Ladies Choir: Cantabile are busy rehearsing their November concerts, ‘Songs from Around the World’ performed in the language of the chosen country. More details next month. This friendly choir of 24 ladies is always ready to welcome new members, the ability to sing in tune being the main requirement. Rehearsals are from 2.45pm to 5pm, Friday afternoons at La Siesta Church, Torrevieja. Contact: or phone: 96 679 5816. Caprice: After a slight break in the summer, Caprice are now back in full swing with weekly rehearsals leading up to their two autumn concerts, the first of which, 'Love is Here to Stay', is on Thursday 26th October in Calpe. More information can be found on the choir's website: or by contacting musical director Aileen: 696 514 613 or

GASP: Sadly I have to report that due to a lack of support, the final curtain has fallen on this long standing, hard working group. Over time, they have raised a lot of money for local charities and deserve far better than this eventual demise. Let’s hope like the Phoenix, they raise themselves from the ashes in the not too distant future. They deserve a reprise. Jávea Players: The Players' autumn production will be Ernest Thompson's 'On Golden Pond’ a touching, funny and warmly perceptive study of a spirited and lovable elderly couple facing their twilight years. Directed by Ron Skinner the production will play the Union Musical, Gata de Gorgos from 7th to 11th November. For further information, go to: New Cardinal Theatre Group: ‘Let Us Entertain You’ is in rehearsals to be staged at the Cardinal Theatre on 18th to 20th October. Doors open 7pm, curtain up 7.30pm.Tickets at 7€ are now available from the tourist office in Urb La Marina, the council office, Cards Are Us, or Pam Sutton: 96 679 6828 and Sue: 96 671 3822. For more information or membership details contact Tom Ford: 96 679 0547. All ticket sales donated to charity. Oliva Drama and Cultural Association: ODCA are now rehearsing their next performance, '4 for Autumn' which will consist of 4 oneact plays to be held at the Olimpia theatre, Oliva on 5th and 7th October. If you are interested in attending or joining this group, please phone: 644 889 155 or email: continued on next page


Careline Theatre: The group’s autumn production in Alcalali is ‘Nil by Mouth’ by John Chapman, directed by Dennis Arthurs. This hilarious farce is set in a mixed ward of an underfunded and understaffed NHS hospital (sounds familiar?) with mistaken identities, wrong diagnoses, visitors becoming patients and all manner of medical mishaps. Laughter will be the best tonic. Dates are 19th to 21st October. Box office: 652 294 750 and at:

Footlights: The group performed two charity performances before their summer break. Later, they will begin work on a ‘Christmas show’ to be performed in the Marina Alta and Baixa areas during December. The group are actively looking for new members for both acting and dancing parts for this exciting original production. All ages and abilities are welcome. Please contact: or call chairman, Giovanna Wallis: 634 347 937 for more information.

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Phoenix Dancers: The Dancers would like to thank everyone for their support during the present season, which raised lots of money for various charities. Rehearsals are now closed, but will resume again this month. As always, they are on the lookout for singers and dancers. Anyone interested in joining should get in touch with Phaedra: 607 290 896.

Rojales Pantomime Group: Auditions and rehearsals commence this month for their pantomime ‘Alibaba and the Forty Thieves’. The production will be staged during January 2018 at the Music Centre in Los Montesinos. There is still plenty of time to get involved be it on stage or behind the scenes. Please call Thelma: 634 339 588 or email: for further information. Rascals: The group will be starting their winter programme this month. If you are interested in joining, like music and having some fun, contact Jill: 96 672 7282. As well as supporting local charities Rascals enjoy social events so why not call and find out more. Sounds Familiar: The Company are looking for new members to join them in their new production, ‘The Pirates of Penzance’. The show has been re-vamped with updated music and the direction is closer to musical theatre than the original, although the songs themselves have not been changed. If you are interested in taking part please contact Philip on: 96 558 1483 for more information. Stagestruck: The director of Stagestruck has used the Summer recess to pen their next Panto production, ‘Robin Hood & Old Babes in the Wood’. Based very loosely on the original, it’s sure to give audiences plenty of laughs and entertainment. Rehearsals now in progress, but new members are always welcome. Contact Jenny: 608 129 983 for dates and further information.

Stage Diary Continued

Studio32: Their recent production ‘Mack and Mabel’ raised 3,750€ for local charities, including the San Fulgencio Alzheimer’s Society and the San Fulgencio music school. Their winter show will be Irving Berlin’s, ‘White Christmas’ which will be performed from Wednesday 29th November to Saturday 2nd December at the Cardenal Belluga Theatre in San Fulgencio. Advanced ticket bookings are already being taken. Full details are on their website: Valley Voices: The Voices are looking forward to recommencing their weekly rehearsals, so if you enjoy singing, why not come along on any Monday afternoon, starting 4th September at 4pm at the Animo drop in centre in Alcalali, where you will receive a warm welcome. For more details contact Jennie Tollan: 96 648 0062. Valley Voices are kindly sponsored by property specialist; Garcia Villas in Jalon - Ve l v e t o n e s Harmony Choir: The Choir restart rehearsals this month and look forward to seeing all current members and welcoming new to their friendly and enthusiastic group of ladies. They rehearse every Wednesday at El Paraiso Restaurant, Torrevieja starting 6th September between 10am and 12.30. For further details, telephone: Ena: 96 570 7598 or Mary-Anne: 96 671 4973. Website:

If you would like your group to be included on a strictly regular monthly basis, please contact for full details. Information updated on the 17th of every month for the following month.

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SPANISH WORDSEARCH PUZZLE TIME! ¿Pescado o carne? - Fish or meat? Try and find the 26 Spanish (blue) words, remember they can go up, down, across, diagonally or even backwards and to make it harder, some letters will have been used more than once!


SUDOKU Here are two Sudoku puzzles of different skill levels for you to try. Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repeats, that means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box. See classified section for Sudoku answers

Xàbia Book Circle autumn agenda Xàbia Book Circle meets on the first Tuesday of the month in the Xàbia Social Centre (near the parking in the Plaza de la Constitución Española) at 18.30 for 18.45 start. 3rd October: to mark the centenary, Marina Sorokina will introduce an evening featuring the literature of the Russian Revolution. 7th November: Robert Archer will read from his recent bilingual publication: 'The Naming of Birds' with the distinguished Valenciano Poet Guillermo Carnero. Readings will be in both languages and there will be some discussion between the two and from the floor on the processes of translation. 5th December: to accompany the Christmas supper, Christopher North will direct a rehearsed reading from the works of Jane Austen. New members are always welcome and for more information contact Nina Davies on or telephone 96 579 1782.

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Gandia Area Social Club (International) Put More Life In Your Life With The GASC!! The club has been in existence for 30 years plus (!) but has grown in strength in every way in the last few years. We hold monthly Dinner Dances with live (high class) entertainment at the Viva EspaĂąa Restaurant on the N-332 in Oliva. Apart from the music nights we have monthly quiz and dinner evenings and weekly sporting activities, badminton, walking, hiking, petanque and trips away. There are always lots of good things happening to enjoy in the GASC! Thursday 21st September - Dine & Dance with Tamla Motown and Soul Night with Melvin Gallant. Thursday 19th October - Dine & Dance with Showaddywaddy Legend. Thursday 16th November - Back by popular demand: ABBA Elite. Surely the club has never had such a wonderful reaction to entertainers for a Dinner Dance. Thursday 14th December - Christmas Party - A Spectacular Evening with Angie Lang. As ever, all are welcome. Membership is only 7â‚Ź per year but non-members are welcome, too. Please see our website: especially the What's On page. To book events please email: See our Facebook too!

FF Serving the community since 1993

FF Serving the community since 1993

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Charity race night S TY NEW I N U M COM EVENTS &

Golden Leaves International in association with The Original Charity Shop & Library, Jávea and The Unstable Lads Racing Team bring you A Night at the Races at Monroe's, Pedreguer on Thursday 5th October - 6pm for 6.30pm.

All the excitement and fun of the real thing at a fraction of the cost. All proceeds to the Red Cross Food Bank Programme. Book your table and dinner including entry for only 9€ per person. Call Sandy on 626 681 720 or email Dinner menu: Monroe's famous carvery with choice of meat and vegetables and your choice of dessert: apple crumble or chocolate nut Sundae.

MABS Party In The Park 2017 Don’t miss this! It only happens once a year. Dance the late afternoon/ evening away to the top groups and singers around on Sunday 24th September at Centro Civico, Roda. Gates open at 2pm for a 2.30pm start and hot food will be served approx 4.30pm. Also cheap bar prices. Tickets priced 12€ include food. Tickets are available from The MABS Shop, Avenida Ramon y Cajal, San Javier or the MABS Bookstall at the Arches Bar, Los Alcazares. Shop opening times Monday to Friday 10am until 2pm. Enjoy the warmth of a September Evening in the open air with friends.

The Original Charity Shop Jávea opens new premises

The Original Charity Shop is delighted to announce its new premises situated on Carrer de Nancy 1, in Jávea’s Arenal, is now open. The shop is open as usual from Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 1pm. We now look forward to welcoming all our clients and customers once again and, of course, lots of new visitors to our fantastic and more spacious new shop. Call in to see us. A very BIG Thank You and congratulations to all who helped, thus making the move such a huge success!

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What is Hola VIP! Hola VIP is a members’ only lifestyle club, which aims to offer our members the opportunity to dine at new and favourite restaurants at a great price, nationally across Spain. Dining members clubs have been active in the UK and other European countries, for over 30 years and have provided amazing offers on dining at over 7000 affiliated restaurants to more than 2.5 million members. We are excited to bring this opportunity to our Hola VIP members in Spain, by giving you access to some of the restaurants you have always wanted to try, with the added benefit of enticing offers. We are always looking for great restaurants to join us! If your favourite restaurant isn’t currently available to our members and you think they would benefit from 1000s of new potential customers, then please ask them why and let us know. If they subsequently join our approved restaurant list, we will happily reward you with a discount of 50% off your membership card making your first 12 month membership just 24.99€. Hola VIP lifestyle club membership will be available to join from October with a fantastic introductory price of 49.99€. Now, are you wondering if this is for you? Take a look at these examples: If you dine out 2 times a month and spend on average 60€ per bill you will save approximately 619€ per year. If you dine out 4 times a month and spend on average 80€ per bill you will save approximately 1382€ per year.

BUT : If you dine out 6 times a month and spend 100€ per bill you will save on average a whopping 2376€ per year. Still wondering if it’s for you? Please visit our website for more information at or email us at

FF Serving the community since 1993

FF Serving the community since 1993

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Find out what the stars have in store for you Aries: This month is all about fun and leisure activities. You need to have this time to enjoy yourself, be it alone or within a group. You may even find a new hobby to take further. Whatever it is relax but don't ignore the important issues!

Leo: You keep looking to the past for answers and unless you address this once and for all you will continue to do so. Make some time to find these answers one way or another and you will be able to move forward without the weight of the past holding you back.

Sagittarius: Check out your paperwork, make sure everything is up to date - you never know when you are going to need it. It's also time to check you are getting the best deal on everyday things such as your phone, electric etc.

Taurus: Someone wants to pool their resources with you in order to achieve that bigger goal. Think about it as it may be the answer you have been looking for. On the flip side it may be the start of disaster. Only you can tell if it is the right thing to do.

Virgo: Being angry is not going to solve the problem this time. You need to get to the root of it and deal with it. Doing physical exercise or throwing yourself into work might make you feel better but unless you sort the problem, the anger will remain.

Capricorn: You need to spend some time sorting out all those things you keep saying you would get round to doing. Not only are they piling up for you, they are also holding other people back as well. You will feel so much better once they're done.

Gemini: Now is the time to review recently plans and make the changes and tweaks they need to make them perfect. Things will then run a lot more smoothly than you ever hoped giving you more time to enjoy things rather than stressing so much.

Libra: It is time to get everyone back into a routine after the summer. It will take some time, patience and effort but it will be worth it in the long run. You are in charge here so make sure they know it and things will run so much more smoothly for everyone.

Aquarius: Make sure that you are fully understood otherwise the consequences could be disastrous. A random encounter will lead to the start of something amazing for you, bringing you so much to look forward to in the future.

Cancer: Financial issues could be a problem leading up to Christmas so start planning ahead now. Saving a little bit each month will really make a difference and stop you having to make cuts just when you want to be splashing out a bit more.

Scorpio: You need to be quick off the mark when an opportunity comes your way or you'll miss it. Make sure you are not being unfair to someone just because of the group they move in. Don't tar them with the same brush, get to know them before you judge.

Pisces: Don't rush into anything this month. You need to take it slowly and pace yourself to ensure things are not missed. Enjoy the ride and especially the end goal knowing that everything has been done correctly and without cutting corners.

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Social September ….and Beyond! There are so many social events that have been organised for the autumn by the Costa Blanca Anglican Chaplaincy (the Church of England in Spain) that the problem is how to decide which ones to attend. Well, the answer is simple – go to them all! 12th September: Songs of Praise at La Merced Church, Calpe. With The U3A Choir and guest appearance of the Joyful Costa Blanca Gospel Choir. Starts 6pm. Entrance FREE. Come and sing your heart out! 14th September: Jávea Garden Party hosted by Sylvia Pitcher. From 3pm. 10€ Cava Draw. Flower Arranging competition. Contact Pamela Pittar at 18th September: Full English Cava Breakfast! At the home of Andrew and Kathy Johnson in Calpe. Full English breakfast served with Bucks Fizz! Three sittings at 10am, 11.15am and 12.30. 12€ with Cava Draw, Tombola and Bring and Buy. Book early at or ring 96 583 2111. ‘Healthy Option’ available if booked in advance. To support the continuing work of the Church of England ministry here. 5th October: The English Choir in Concert. At Fustera Church, time to be confirmed. For tickets and information call Eileen on 607 706 904. 13th October: Auction at El Cid. Your contributions will be most welcome. Information on 671 152 932. For more details regarding these events and the work of the Church of England in Spain, please go to

U3A Vall del Pop Purpose & Programme The U3A [University of the Third Age] Vall del Pop group, a self-help organisation for people no longer in fulltime employment, covers the many villages and communities in the Jalon and Orba valleys, with some members travelling from Xabia, Pego, Els Poblets. The group provides an opportunity for English speaking expatriates to meet, share experiences, learn new skills, take part in trips and most importantly to make new friends. Our monthly General Meeting is generally held on the first Thursday of each month at the Centre Polivalent in Murla, where our committee report on the position of the group, with respect to membership, accounts, group activities, trips and events, etc. These meetings culminate with a short talk from selected speakers on topics of interest, which in the last session included Spanish Taxes and Brexit, Marine Turtle Conservation and BOAC Experiences. The speakers for our autumn and winter programme are detailed in our What´s On Programme. U3A is all about enjoyment and learning, and this is particularly evident in U3A Vall del Pop, where a wide range of groups have been formed to offer opportunities to the members. Amongst the groups are: Choir and Dancing, Ballroom and Line Dancing, Wine Tasting, Singles Dining and Dining Experience, Digital Photography, Mosaics and Upholstery,Word Addicts, Bridge and Cinema,Walking Groups [half day and full day], Padel, Spanish Classes and Spanish Communication; and from September we will have two new groups for: Keep Fit Classes in Alcalali and Yarn & Thread Group in Orba, and with the support of the Spanish Red Cross a First Aid Course will be held in the autumn. For information on these and other available groups and their meeting dates please contact our Groups Coordinator, Marie Fitzgerald, by email at or check out our website U3A Vall del Pop What’s On Programme September – Ladies Pamper Day at Finestrat Mountain Retreat [Spa], treatment & lunch, check the website for details. 5th October – General Meeting. Speaker Byron Dawson – Astronomy. 2nd November – General Meeting. Speaker Daniel Herranz – Spanish Taxes / Brexit Update. 3rd November – Trip to Cocentina Medieval Fair. For further information check our website The U3A is all about enjoyment and learning, and this is particularly evident in the U3A Vall del Pop, whose members hold their General Meeting on the first Thursday of each month at the Centre Polivalent in Murla. For information on the available groups and their meeting dates please contact our Groups Coordinator, Marie Fitzgerald, by email at

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Aircrew Association Costa Blanca. Former and serving aircrew of the UK or Allied Armed Forces are very welcome to join this convivial and friendly organisation, now in its 29th year. Details from the Secretary on: 96 640 4123. Alfaz Spiritual Foundation – Spiritual church in Alfaz de Pi, meets at the Forum Mare Nostrum, Camino de Pincho 02, every Thursday at 6.30pm for Divine Service. Each week there is a different medium, international and 'home grown' giving evidence that life is eternal. Following the demonstration of mediumship, there is the opportunity to receive healing. Mediums offer workshops and private readings. If interested and for more information please visit Almoradi scrabble club. We meet at Cafebar Almoradi on the last Tuesday of the month from 3pm. We really want to extend our membership. If you are interested please come and join us, or for more info call 694 437 698 or Amigos de Benitachell Charity Shop can be found on Crta. Moraira No. 18, Benitachell. It is open Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm, Saturday 10am to 12.30pm. Donated items are always welcome. They are looking for volunteers. If you can spare some time for this worthy cause please call their president Carole on 620 781 034 or pop into the shop between 10am and 1pm weekdays. Amigos de Make a Smile Charity Shop We have lots of good quality second hand clothes, handbags, small pieces of furniture, children's clothes, shoes and bedding. Find us at the bottom of the dual carriageway in Teulada on the left hand side near to the Rodafoc fire shop. We are also looking for volunteers to help us in the shop. So if you could spare a few hours a week come along and talk to the team. Avenida del Mediterráneo, 4 Teulada. Open Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm. Benimar Social Club meet at 8pm on a Tuesday evening at the Rojales Steak Bar. We enjoy quizzes, bingo with cards, coach trips, a meal every month and more. Call Bob on 96 618 4114 for more information. Benitachell Christian Fellowship. Looking for an English speaking church close to Moraira, Teulada or Benissa? Then you are welcome to visit Benitachell Christian Fellowship. Our Sunday service starts at 11am and runs for about 75 minutes. Whether you are a resident or visitor,

please feel free to come along – we have a number of visiting speakers, the welcome is warm, the music is good and parking is nearby. Call Eric on 678 980 151 or Ann on 96 647 0303 for details and directions. For further information about the Fellowship, directions and map visit Bettas Torrevieja RFC new rugby club, based on traditional ethics, respect, training by the Nelson Mandela Stadium on Wednesdays and Sundays 20.30-22.00. Contact Javi on 603 727 179 for more information. Calpe Christian Fellowship. We are an English speaking church located in the Perlamar Center. Our service starts at 11am every Sunday. All are welcome. Tel: 670 491 286 or 605 655 982. Catral Writers Club. Every last Wednesday afternoon of the month, we meet to discuss cultural issues. If interested please contact: Chess Mates. Whether you are new to Chess or experienced come and join our friendly group of men and women for a couple of hours every Tuesday afternoon in Jalon. You will be made most welcome! Call me and I will tell you more. Rod on 96 573 4209 or 605 231 331. Costa Blanca Computer Club. After our Summer break our first club meeting in the Sierra Bernia School is planned for 9th September, starting at 10am. From that date we meet regularly every Saturday from 10am to 1pm. You can find our detailed meeting programme for September at our web page Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers. The CBMW is a group of people who get together twice a week to enjoy walking in the mountains of the Costa Blanca. Anyone is welcome to come along. Visit for information on upcoming walks and guidelines. Crime Watch Spain. (Vecinos Colaborando Costa Blanca). We try to reduce crime and vandalism in our communities. We try to look after the citizens. We also teach Spanish. Email: Jávea Computer Club. The club is open to new and existing members from 9.30 a.m. until 12.30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week Whatever your computing needs, we can probably help. So why not come along and get some assistance. Membership annual subscription still just 10€ with a one-off joining fee of 10€. Further information on the Club


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web site: or or email Jalon Valley Help events. Casa de Ánimo, Alcalalí: First Sunday of the month: Afternoon Tea 4-6pm, Tuesday Morning Drop-in: 10am to 1pm – a cuppa and a chat. Thursday Craft Group: from 2pm – sewing and knitting. First and Third Fridays: Art Group 2-4pm – beginners welcome. For information on any of the above call Alison on 96 648 2166. Charity Shops:10am-1pm Mon-Sat (Alcalalí 96 648 2970, Jalón 96 648 0944). Enquiries: 659 624 643 – also for loan of medical equipment eg wheelchairs, walking frames etc. No charge but a deposit is requested. Home knitters & volunteers needed. Jávea International Baptist Church (JIBC), Pastor Steve Hall. Sunday Service is at 10.30am at The Church Centre, Carrer Favara 8, Jávea, (just off the Plaza de la Constitucion in the old town or “Pueblo”, where the open air market is normally held on Thursdays.) For further information please access our website: or call 96 579 5847. Make a Smile Recycle Heroes Need Your Help. Dennis and Barbara accept any household items, furniture, electrical and clothes etc for the recycle projects. They are happy to do total house clearances. The items are given a bit of TLC and sold in rastros and auctions to provide funds for the charity. They can be contacted on 660 961 585 or 96 583 6814. Moraira World Mysteries Discussion Group. This is a friendly discussion group which meets up every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 6pm to 8pm at the Jacaranda Bar, Moraira, located at the corner of Calle de Mar de Timor and Camino de Viejo del Portet. We aim to promote investigation and research in order to share information and discuss topics related to phenomena or events which are not easy explained and try to come up with theories to explain them. For more information email Oliva Chess Group. We meet in Oliva every Thursday morning. New members welcome whatever your standard. For further details please contact Graham on 609 970 621 or email continued on facing page


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Oliva Art Group. We meet in Oliva every Tuesday evening 6pm until 8pm. New members welcome, whatever your standard. For further information contact Graham 609 970 621 or email Royal British Legion Benidorm Branch meet at 11am on the first Friday of each month at Ciudad Patricia Benidorm. They also have a monthly lunch and various social events. New and old members most welcome. Please contact or call James on 677 786 559 for more details. Royal British Legion Calpe Branch meet every Friday at 11.30am at Restaurant Dracula, Calpe Port (opp. Baydal Restaurant). New members always welcome. Come along and meet new friends and enjoy the monthly outings. Please contact Norman Hodgkiss, on 96 574 7410 or Royal British Legion, Gran Alacant & La Marina Branch meets on the first Monday of the month at 18:00 at La Taberna - next to the Monte Mar Bowls Club & Restaurant, Plaza Mayor (Masa Square), Gran Alacant. New members are always welcome, and remember, You do NOT have to be Ex-Services to join us. Further details and/ or directions from Robin 96 669 5423 or Brian 639 917 971. Email: Royal British Legion Javea Branch hold their meetings at Paris 24 (Formerly L'Ancora Tennis Club) on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month (except July & August). We meet

from 10.30am onwards for coffee and a chat, our meeting starts at 11.30am. We have a very good Social Programme throughout the year. We would love to see members and none members coming to our meetings and join in. We would make you feel most welcome. Pamela Dawes, Membership Sec, RBL Javea Branch, contact 96 579 0123 or 617 789 883. Spiritual Friends is a non-religious group of spiritual minded people who meet every Wednesday afternoon at Sol Park Moraira. Meetings start at 2.30pm. Each week different spiritual or holistic subjects are discussed by invited speakers or amongst ourselves. For the full programme see the website email: or contact Jan on 600 837 054. Tennis. Old Bats and Balls is a happy and friendly group who play every Thursday morning at the Rafol courts. All levels are welcome and subs are affordable for all. We also enjoy a sociable lunch every month after playing. If you wish to know more please telephone or email to; 605 231 331 or The Royal Naval Association, Torrevieja Branch meet on the first Wednesday of every month at Bar/Restaurante El Paraiso near Carrefour, Torrevieja at 5pm and remember you don’t have to have served in the Royal Navy to become a member. We look forward to seeing you soon! If you would like to join the ship mates or just find out more please phone Chairman Paul Edwards on 618 644 934, Vice Chairman Danny Kay on


96 671 6274 or Secretary Margaret Forshaw on 96 692 1996. Torrevieja Christian Fellowship is a lively English speaking church located at Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas 68,Torrevieja 03183. Residents and holiday makers are welcome to attend our services every Sunday at 10.30am with communion and “kids church”. Fellowship meetings (Bible Study) Wednesdays starting at 6pm. For further information see our website or call 96 670 0391. Valleys Bridge Club. Come and join us for a friendly game of Duplicate Bridge. We meet every Thursday at El Cid in Benidoleig, 1.30pm for play to commence at 2pm. New members are always most welcome and will be starting lessons for beginners on Wednesday 4th October. For further information contact either Brenda on 96 640 4533 or Tina on 96 558 4135. Xàbia Book Circle. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month in the Centro Social, Xàbia Old Town, beside the Health Centre, at 6.30pm for a 6.45pm start, and we finish at 8.45pm. You can also follow our activities on our website For more information please contact the Xàbia Book Circle Secretary, Nina Davies on 96 579 1782 or Calling all groups and charities Send your forthcoming events and information to before the 18th of the month prior to publication.

Jalon Valley Help support ADIMA Recently, eight volunteers from Jalon Valley Help visited ADIMA (Association de Discapacitodos de la Marina Alta) in Pedreguer. The volunteers who had not attended in previous years, were given a tour of the facilities and then all were treated to a delicious paella lunch cooked by Nicklaus, ADIMA's President.

The visit was arranged so that JVH could pass on their annual donation, which this year was 4,000€. This is given towards ADIMA's summer activities which are vital in providing support and stimulation to children and adults with learning disabilities. During the tour, the group noticed that an electric bed would assist the care staff and after due consideration, this was purchased, delivered to the home several weeks later, and from the comments received, it was very much appreciated. Jalon Valley Help reaffirm their commitment to ADIMA and the work they do. The staff are all very committed and do a wonderful job and JVH hope to support them for many years to come.

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Jávea U3A have been enjoying themselves during the summer

New U3A Vall Del Pop group starting in September.... Yarn and Thread

A good time was had by members of Jávea U3A’s Dine & Dance group at their latest get-together at Restaurant Gourmet. After a tasty three-course meal, they danced the night away to the sounds of singer Wayne Horne, whose rendition of songs by rock legends Elvis Presley and Billy Fury went down particularly well!

Do you have fond memories of knitting jumpers, scarves, socks? Or crocheting matinee jackets and bootees? Or, alternatively, do you wish you had had the opportunity to learn when you were younger, so you could enjoy it now?

Eighteen members of the U3A’s Curry Club enjoyed the double delights of the hot weather and their passion for spicy cuisine by getting together on the terrace of the Buddha Palace restaurant. The event was a break from the usual routine, in which members normally hold dinner parties at their homes with hosts and guests creating curry-based dishes to set a theme or region. Members of the Healthy Walking Group led by group leader Karen White, have continued to enjoy their Monday walks throughout the summer despite some extremely hot weather. Karen’s husband and co-leader of the group, Clive, is continuing to make slow but steady progress after suffering a stroke earlier this year and even manages to join members of the Gentle Walking Group on Wednesdays. Fellow walkers wish Clive well in his recovery and look forward to welcoming him back on the more challenging walks in the future. For details of activities, trips and meetings see the website Members can also join the U3A’s Facebook page, where they can see photos of many current events and interact with other members – there is a link on the U3A home page.

The advantage for some of us these days is that the internet is full of free patterns and tutorials, and grandmothers usually have more time to indulge themselves with making tiny baby garments than they had as new mothers. And what about cross-stitch, tapestry, embroidery and patchwork? Or any of the other crafts that use yarn and thread? If you like the idea of relaxing in a group of friendly people, with a cup of tea and a piece of cake by your side, chatting, sharing patterns and hints, and encouraging each other to attempt something new – anyone fancy lacemaking? Intarsia? – then contact Anna at 96 640 8165 or email her at to express an interest in our new U3A Group, Yarn and Thread. Rebecca Ainsworth, who is a professional needle-woman, as well as an avid knitter, will also be a group leader. You’ll love the bags she makes… We shall be starting in September on a Monday afternoon – once a month at first – at the Cappuccino Coffee Bar in Orba. And remember that many of the modern designers are men – we would be happy to welcome any man who wants to explore his creative side! If you are not a member of the U3A Vall Del Pop, you are welcome to come along for one meeting and see whether you would like to join.

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FF Helping local charities

FF -

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Free membership for Dénia U3A existing members – 2017 Due to the popularity of this branch of the University of the Third Age which has been in existence since 2006 we have accumulated excess funds. The Committee have therefore decided to provide free membership for every existing paid up member in 2017 – therefore no fees will be due for 2018. Members will still be able to enjoy the monthly meetings and guest speakers at the Casa de Cultura in Dénia on the third Thursday of the month 10.30am for 11am and also be able to join one of the 30+ groups that are on offer free of charge – including Travel/Events, Quiz Night, Petanque, Walking, Salsa, Rummicub and Keep Fit plus many many more. For further information please visit the U3A Dénia webpage or contact

Fund raising for the food banks by CHUMS (friends of charity) and good supporter CHUMS (friends of charity) is a small registered charity in the Benidorm area which mainly supports Food Banks. We are now in our second year and would like to thank Luis de Freitas of Costa Less, Ave Juan Fusta Zaragoza, Benidorm near the Outdoor Market, for his valued support.

Over the last two years he has raised in excess of 225€ in cash and provided various prizes for our fund raising. He runs a Low-cost Supermarket / Convenience Store, open seven days a week which serves residents and tourists alike at reasonable prices ------ a kind of One Stop Shop, where you can always get a smile and a kind word.

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Three in a Bed? In Benijofar? On the Costa Blanca? Shhh don´t say the ´s´ word..... my grandmother always said that what her coal came in! While all you lovely folk have been sunning yourselves this summer ACTS have been hard at work rehearsing their new production.


Some of us have been leaping in and out of bed, escaping just as a door opens to reveal a confused wife. Yes, we are hard at work with our new production "Key for Two" by John Chapman and Dave Freeman. This is a bedroom farce. Saucy, simple and very funny. No nudity, just hilarity and lots of innuendo. Harriet lives a comfortable lifestyle in an elegant flat in Brighton, paid for by her two gentlemen friends, neither of whom knows the other exists. All goes well until ......well you will just have to come and see the play on 26th, 27th and 28th October at the Cultural Centre in Benijofar at 8pm to find out. We, A.C.T.S. (Actors Community Theatre Society) have been nominated for an award in this year's Costa Blanca People Pride of Spain Awards, in the Fundraiser of the Year category and need your help to raise even more for the Benijofar Crisis Appeal Fund to add to the €6,000 already donated. Call the ticket hotline: 646 277 724 or email:

A special e-message from Campoverde Church Campoverde Church has put up its latest sign in the garden which is right up there in the digital age! If you are on Facebook you’ll get it, if you’re not forget it. When searching for appropriate signs to get the message across to people passing the church it was important to them to take account of modern means of communication. What better way than to relate God’s message to the most popular means of communication .... Facebook. Maggie Dew from Campoverde Church said, “For Christians, God’s means of communicating His message to us is through the bible, an ancient Facebook, which we like to call God’s ‘Faithbook’. Through His word, His Faithbook, He sends us His friend request. We hope that by relating God’s word to a way of communicating that everyone understands, people will get that God truly wants us to trust Him in a way we would trust our friends, and more”. Watch the garden as every two weeks the message changes. For more information visit Campoverde Church’s Facebook page on, or visit God’s personal Facebook page, The Bible (you may have one in your house), or email, or contact Father Richard Seabrook on

Naturalism - art exhibition An exhibition of paintings and artwork by Costa Blanca-based artist Ronen Zlotogoura will be taking place at the new Dolores cultural centre from 9th to 19th September. The exhibition, which is titled Naturalism, will highlight the treatment of forms, colours and space as they appear in nature. Ronen specialises in Hyperrealism which are paintings that look like high resolution photographs but are actually hand painted. Due to his background in the auto body repair industry his usual medium is airbrushing using automotive paints. He has applied his technique to canvas, metal panels, wall murals and vehicles such as cars, motorbikes and boats. Combining his passion of cars and fine art he has created a collection of paintings that showcase the elegant styles and designs of both classic and modern super cars. Having moved from London to Alicante 14 years ago, Ronen has made a name for himself for producing very high quality artwork. As well as serving his private collectors he continues to personalise motorbikes on a regular basis for Harley Davidson Alicante, and teaches art classes every Monday and Thursday morning at his studio in Dolores. At the exhibition you will also be able to see his beautiful water colour paintings of quaint Spanish lanes in the old part of Altea. Admission is free and everybody is invited to the inauguration on Saturday the 9th of September at 8pm when refreshments will be served. From 10th to 19th September Naturalism opening times will be 5pm to 7pm, except for the 15th when it will be closed for the day. The cultural centre is situated at Calle San Antonio, 2, 03150 Dolores, Alicante. For more information contact him on: 653 401 856, email: or visit

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Health & Beauty

FREE CONSULTATION - BOOK NOW, Does the weather ruin your makeup. Permanent Eyebrows & Eyeliner are the perfect solution. Elements Beauty Spa In Denia. w w w. e l e m e n t s b e a u t y s p a . e s Call: 966 424 647.


MOSQUITO CONTROL ALERT! Beat the bite this summer with our garden treatments. Contact FOG OFF Mosquito Control for a FREE no obligation quote and start enjoying your garden again. Call or WhatsApp 681 097 730.


MAN AND VAN for hire, cheap & reliable. Jalon valley & surrounding areas. 96 648 0757 (9.30-1.30) or 636 100 873.

TRANSLATOR AND INTERPRETER English/Spanish. All legal, medical and business matters. Covering the Costa Blanca. Contact: 658 957 404 or

NEED A BUILDER hairdresser or plumber, need an email, website or number, don’t have our magazines to hand? Try the fastest growing online business directory for the Costa Blanca


Page 53

Wanted WANTED ELECTRIC GUITAR and amp. Strat, Pacifica or similar standard. Phone 96 551 8377. WE BUY ANY CAR, don’t sell your car without calling us first for your FREE instant quote Tel. 630 961 755. I BUY RECORDS LPs, EPs, SINGLES. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s years. Good prices paid. Tel. 962 851 809 - 622 750 117. TENNIS PARTNER I am looking for someone who wants to play tennis during my stay in Javea: Sept. 29th to Oct. 11th. Email ELECTRIC MOBILITY SCOOTER that can be easily put into a car email:-

Employment LABOURER / ODD JOB Man / Painter needed for various jobs around our home. Jesus Pobre area. Please call 688 815 405. NEEDED GERMAN TEACHER for 6 weeks. Elian’s British School in La Nucia is looking for a Secondary German teacher from the 4th of September for 6 weeks. Please contact:- or telephone 679 780 039. TO DRIVE GROWTH and expansion, the Costa Blanca’s leading magazine publisher is seeking sales representatives, part or full time for the Altea - Albir - Alfaz - La Nucia region. Are you? Focused and organised Spanish speaking (desirable) Comfortable making cold calls Well presented and professional Committed to generating new business Willing to provide excellent after-sales support A team player Do you have? Experience making sales (Not a necessity) Own transport Mobile phone Excellent local knowledge Do you want? Excellent commission Contract & Social Security Your own exclusive area Flexible working hours Think you’ve got what it takes? E-mail your CV to - Enquiries will be treated in full confidence.

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Female Focus Classifieds


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Misc Sales SAMSUNG LCD TV 15” screen. Sky HD Freesat receiver. Quad LNB with built in multiswitch. €130. Tel. 638 751 370. SHOP DISPLAY CABINETS all with locks. Photos available (Ondara) 677 800 803. CHILD’S CAR SEAT excellent condition for 9-25kg. Photos available (Javea) 677 800 803.

FULL SET OF Callaway golf clubs, irons, lob wedge, metal woods, driver, putter, golf bag €150 o.n.o. Tel. 665 456 353 Javea. continued ....

Puzzle Solutions

FREE CLASSIFIED ADVERTS Sell your unwanted items for FREE! Free adverts cannot be faxed, phoned or posted they must be uploaded directly to the website* or emailed to Photos can be sent with your free advert, both will be published online but text only in print. Classifieds that are supplied incorrectly, all in capitals or with missing information may well be deleted. Free adverts: Property sales (should be emailed to classifieds@ only) and miscellaneous sales only. Misc sales are for example one-off sales of second hand items to the value of 500€ or less. Maximum twenty words per advert/ item & maximum five adverts per person**, (email & web addresses count as three words). Property rental or any type of service, business opportunities, wanted, etc are not free and will be charged at the commercial advert rate. Commercial adverts: Minimum advert length ten words. 35 cents per word plus 21% IVA per month. All adverts must be sent with your Name and NIE or Passport Nº (not published). Payment can be made by credit card or paypal. *ADVERTS SHOULD BE uploaded with correct spacing and spelling, the first three words (only) in capitals. Email addresses will not be published on the website or in the magazine unless requested or supplied as part of the main text. **Free adverts will be published in print on a space permitting basis. If you want to ensure your advert appears, normal commercial rates should be applied.

Page 55


Misc Sales

continued ....

AS NEW 4GB Apple iPod with Altec Lansing docking deck €45 Tel. 665 456 353 Javea. CHANDELEIR WROUGHT IRON Wrought iron chandelier, 6 bulbs with 5mt electrical lead. Ideal for Gazebo or terrace €50. Moraira area, 677 828 577. OCCASIONAL BED FOLDING guest Bed Very clean and nearly new. 55€ ono. 96 569 9866. MOUNTAIN BIKE 18 gears, Dual suspension, Front discs, bright yellow, suitable for 5ft 4” – 5ft 10”, excellent. 75€, 634 318 717 Javea. AMAZON KINDLE IN the case, little used 25€. 96 551 8377. SKY BOX RECEIVER box. 30€. 96 551 8377.

GOLF CLUBS GRAPHITE shafts. Taylor woods. Canadian irons. 2 bags. Balls, gloves etc 75€. Phone 96 551 8377. COT FOR SALE Infant baby cot for sale cost 150€ at Babys R Us, used once, sell at 80€. 96 569 9866. MODERN TABLE GLASS table with white cross-legged stand very modern with leather chairs matching legs to table excellent condition unused. 600€, telephone 622 700 569. ROYAL ALBERT “BERKELEY” design bone china 22 piece tea set. Perfect condition. 40€. Calpe Tel. 603 200 959. CLIFTON CHRONICLES COMPLETE set, 7 books, Jeffrey Archer, as new, 25€, call 690 772 178 (San Fulgencio). TA L K I N G B O O K S G O O D selection, all tastes, cassette tapes, 1€ each, ring 690 772 178, (San Fulgencio). GLOCKENSPIEL/ XYLOPHONE PROFESSIONAL model, 30 notes, as new, folding frame, hammers and case, unwanted gift, 50€, call 690 772 178, (San Fulgencio). LARGE PET CAGE Galvanised mesh, collapsible, detachable tray, 125cm wide, 72cm deep, 82cm high, good condition, 50€, Ring 690 772 178, (San Fulgencio).

Pr Mar ofessio in n Veg a Alta als pick a Baj & a cop up you yN OW r

Don’t miss out! Bookings now being taken for Professionals Marina Alta 14

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449€ A+


Confort from €


A++ 10 Year Guarantee



General Plumbing • Gas Installations & Tanks Central Heating • Aircon • Solar Systems Pool Heating Repairs & Maintenance • etc

Moraira Plumbing and Heating

CC Moravit • Ctra Moraira-Calpe 296 Moraira Calpe Coast Rd • Moraira 620 523 613 • 966 498 993 • WOODEN DINING CHAIRS upholstered seats, pine colour, good condition, 5€ each, Ring 690 772 178 (San Fulgencio). MAINS ELECTRIC KILN 100 + slip casting moulds for ceramic pottery, casting slip to start. 400€. La Marina. EPSOM PRINTER 15€. Tel 634 322 502. 3 SILVER GAS bottles 10€. Tel 634 322 502. WASHING MACHINE, GOOD working order 90€. 634 322 502. DISH WASHER, GOOD working order 90€. Tel 634 322 502. 6 PLACE SETTING Royal Albert Country Rose dinner service, including plates soup bowls serving dishes, coffee set Including coffee pot, tea set, matching table cloth and many more accessories. 500€. Tel 634 322 502. PA U L ´ S E M P O R I U M I N Pedreguer. Weekly changing stock. Everything priced to sell. Why pay new when you don’t need to? Find us in Pedreguer Industrial Estate. Tel 96 644 7002 or find us on Facebook at ‘Paul’s Emporium Pedreguer’. 12 PS3 GAMES Colin McRae Dirt, WRC, Gran Turismo6, Need for Speed, Superbikes, Tomb Raider, GTA4&5, boxed with instructions, 40€ lot, 696 116 906 (Moraira).

ENGLISH GRAMMAR BOOKS resources recommended by TEFL, teaching English, as new, 3 in total, 15€ lot. 696 116 906 (Moraira). ANTIQUE JUG AND bowl, blue and white, 1898 Imperiale Royal Belgium Niny 30cm high, beautiful, 90€ 696 116 906 (Moraira). GAS BOTTLES REPSOL lightweight 4 available 5€ each, 696 116 906 (Moraira). CHILDREN’S INTERACTIVE DVDS 8 total, Oxford Reading Tree stages 2-7, Barnaby Bear, Magic Grandad, Weather 10€ lot. 696 116 906 (Moraira). CHILDREN’S BOOKS GAMES whiteboards, pens and many resources for teaching English Spanish, Spanish - English, 20€ lot 696 116 906 (Moraira). BOOKS SELECTION AUTOBIOGRAPHIES, biographies, sport, leisure & general interest. 25 total, 10€ lot. 696 116 906 (Moraira). TV CORNER TABLE silver with two glass shelves & rear cable entry holes 102cm(w) x 57cm(d) x 49cm(h) 15€. 696 116 906 (Moraira). CD STORAGE RACKS 2 Techpoint towers holding 100 and 54 CDs. 5€ for both 696 116 906 (Moraira). EMERALD AND DIAMOND ring square setting 300€. Tel number 634 322 502.

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Autos WE BUY ANY CAR, don’t sell your car without calling us first for your FREE instant quote Tel. 630 961 755.

ARE YOU SUFFERING through another person drinking? Help is available Al-Anon meets every Thursday in Benidorm at 5pm. The meeting is in Calle Jardines not far from the Railway Station. Our contact number is 634 758 539. CLAIRVOYANT READINGS IN Jávea. Peaceful surroundings. Hilary 677 221 409. AL-ANON FAMILY GROUPS For families and friends of problem drinkers. There are meetings in Torrevieja and Quesada. Phone 692 799 318.



Pets LOOKING FOR A PET? Turn to the Pet’s pages for details of the many charities who are looking for homes or adoption of their many cats and dogs.


900 525 100

PEDREGUER. FULLY RENOVATED town house. 5 bedrooms. 3 bathrooms. Kitchen to die for. Enormous lounge-dining. Central courtyard. Rooftop terrace with jacuzzi. Has to be seen to be appreciated. Town and all amenities walking distance. Fully furnished. 180,000€. Tel. 659 010 991. DELIGHTFUL ONE BEDROOM bungalow for sale. Ideal for solo, couple starting out or holiday home. 10 mins walk from Parcent in the Jalon Valley. Set in 400m2 of land. Carport, workshop, picnic area, air-con HyC, log fire, D.G. All services. Was 65,000€. Reduced to 49,000€ L/L 96 640 5043. Mob. 661 069 259. FULLY RENOVATED 6 bedroom house in Andalucia. Ideal bed and breakfast or beautiful family home. One hour from Almeria airport. One hour Alicante. Two hours from Granada. Superb outside space. 169,950€. Bargain. Call 622 390 938 or 722 718 056. ALFAZ CENTRE NEAR hotel Moli. 1st floor corner apartment. Small edificio built 2004. 1 bed. Own private gated roof terrace. Free British tv. 79,500€. Tel. 96 588 7387 after 1pm. DETACHED VILLA WITHIN easy walking distance to centre of Moraira (1Km). Comprising 3 double bedrooms,2 bathrooms, Large lounge with dining area and open kitchen. Three terraces. Gas central heating. Small easily managed garden. Community swimming pool. €207,000. No agents. Mob. 666 093 116. PROPERTY WITH AMPLE land required for animal lover in Calpe area. Buy or rent. Noah 629 822 399. FOR SALE ORBA Spacious villa, super views, peaceful position 5 mins from village, well presented with mature gardens. 385.000€ Please Tel: 96 558 1392. APARTMENT SALE OR LET Vera Natura in Vera Playa, Almeria. Apartment for sale or holiday let situated in a naturist complex next to the beach. One bedroom, air conditioning, first floor with sea views, south facing, beautiful communal gardens with pool plus indoor heated pool. Plenty of parking. For information email:-

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