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Female Focus is celebrating its 24th birthday

Female Focus Now in our 25th year!

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Short-sightedness in children

Mike Stone, Store Director, Specsavers Opticas Calpe As kids go back to school, we wanted to look at short-sightedness in children and answer your questions. What is myopia/short sight and how can it be corrected? A person with myopia or short sight can see objects close to them clearly, but not far away. Myopia is caused by the shape of the eye; either the eyeball is slightly too long or the cornea (the clear covering of the front of the eye) is too steeply curved. Myopia is corrected by spectacles or contact lenses with lenses which are ‘minus’ or concave in shape. So, if you’re short sighted, your prescription will have a minus lens power, e.g. -2.50D. Are there any signs I can look for to suggest my child is short-sighted? There are a few signs which could indicate a vision problem in children including: sitting too close to the TV, rubbing their eyes repeatedly, complaining of headaches, being clumsy or squinting. Once they are back to school, they can have trouble seeing the board. How is short-sightedness treated in children? Normally, short-sightedness is treated with glasses, and there are great kids’ ranges and styles so your child will love to wear them. It can also be treated with contact lenses, which are safe for children, but we advise that you wait until they are old enough and responsible enough to take care of them. Why is it important to have an eye test before they go back to school? During the first 12 years of our lives, as much as 80% of learning is accomplished through our vision. Yet, one out of every four children has an undetected vision problem that may inhibit their progress. Once children go to school, good eyesight is crucial to keep up with their studies. Experts believe that many learning disabilities could be vision related as they may not be able to read the board or text books. Specsavers Opticas are raising money for the ONCE Foundation for the Deaf and Blind until the end of the year and are asking for a donation of just 1€ for a comprehensive eye test. Visit to find your nearest store and book your eye test.

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La Mar de Tapas in Jávea: a chance to taste the best seafood tapas, look at real crafts and listen to live music If you live anywhere near Jávea, like to taste different tapas and look at original craftwork, it might be fun to join the La Mar de Tapas Festival in the Port of Jávea, where you can sample seafood tapas, visit the craft fair and listen to live music, while the children enjoy games and storytelling (and you can brush up your Spanish). All this on Friday 13th, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October. For the sixth year in succession the bars and restaurants in the port of Jávea have organised a "Ruta Gastronómica", offering special seafood snacks (the famous tapas) from 12.30pm until 3pm on all three days, and on Friday and Saturday also in the evenings (from 7pm until 11pm) at special prices. But first you have to buy tickets at the information stand in the craft fair set up along the sea front promenade at the end of Avenida Jaime I, and that's where they also have a list of all the establishments taking part in the Tapas Route. The Craft Fair itself starts a day earlier, because the 12th is a national bank holiday. Some 20 stalls will offer a wide choice of good quality craft work, from original lamps made of recycled wood to some beautifully crafted mosaics; from ceramics to paintings and water colours; from silver design jewellery to wooden toys. And as this fair is organised by the regional craft association Amata, you can be sure all of it is original work, all made by the people at the stalls - a sort of open air gallery, but a lot less expensive. The fair runs from 12th to 15th October, four days long from 11am until 11pm and does not close at midday. The tapas festival is held only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. More information, also in English, on 639 979 678. Photographs of previous year's fairs organised by Amata in the same place can be found at

Stockists of quality British and Spanish furniture & complete upholstery service Established in 2006 · Good old fashioned customer service Fantastic range in a 400m2 showroom · All work and products fully guaranteed · 3 Year guarantee on all leather furniture


Tel: 96 646 9371 / 699 836 251 · · Find us in Pedreguer on the Poligono Ind. Les Galgues, (site of the Sunday market) Calle de la Marroquineria No1, Pedreguer, 03750. *Free delivery between Altea & Oliva. Open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. 10am to 1pm Sunday. Ample Parking.

Now in our 25th year!

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This is the month we celebrate 3 birthdays. Firstly, Female Focus is 24 years old this month. We are so proud to be still bringing you a great magazine after all these years. Thank you to our fantastic team, the advertisers and readers for your continued support, it really is a great testament to us that so many of you are still with us all these years later. Also this month sees the birthdays of darling daughter and our gorgeous granddaughter. I feel that a lot of cake will be eaten and probably a lot of alcohol will be needed to get through the children's party, to which half her school seems to be invited. Leading up to Christmas we are donating three SMART TVs to help different charities raise money for their deserving causes, HELP of Denia & Marina Alta (tickets available at the Christmas Fairs, see page 8), Cancer Care Jávea (tickets available through the Free Spirits HD group), and MABS (tickets available at their Glitter Ball see page 41). Buying a ticket may mean you get an early Christmas present whilst giving to a worthy cause. Good Luck. Please welcome Joanne or 'Jo' to the team who is representing Female Focus Publications in the area from Torrevieja to Los Alcazares. Contact her for information on the Female Focus magazine and Professional Services Vega Baja 12 Lesley which is due out in November.

Member of

Congratulations to Gill Magnus from Benitachell who won the 50€ competition, by spotting the logo on page 13 of the September issue. For your chance to win 50€ this month, see inside for details of how to enter. Pick up your next issue on the first Thursday of the month - 2nd November Deadlines: Editorial - 12 noon 18 October Advertising 12 noon, 23rd October Office: Mon to Fri. 10am - 2pm Tel. 96 587 5421

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Invest in your health Some people are mainly focused on the price when they look for a health insurance and they decide to contract the cheapest one, but… Watch Out! Inexpensive health insurances are available on the market at the time of contracting the policy, but as the person gets older the price of the policies drastically increases, considering the change to a higher age bracket. ASSSA does not increase the price due to age, which means that the premium will remain in the same age bracket that you contracted at the beginning. In the end you will pay a lower amount and your insurance will result in being cheaper. A further point to consider is the written contractual guarantee of no cancellation. If there is no guarantee and the Insurance Company cancels the policy, it may occur that contracting another insurance becomes complicated due to age or the development of some diseases. ASSSA guarantees under contract that your policy will not be cancelled, therefore you can have the peace of mind of being provided with a lifetime coverage. Health is the best investment we can ever make and as such should be not be treated as the purchase of the cheapest choice at the time of contracting. Other factors to consider are the solvency and experience of the Company, the customer service, easy access to medical assistance, medical network and coverage offered. ASSSA puts at your disposal its solvency and more than 80 years of experience to provide you with the best personalised attention in your own language and the best health care any time you need it. Don’t wait any longer. Invest in your health with ASSSA. Visit us during our OPEN WEEK, take out an insurance and get the FIRST MONTH FREE: From the 16th to the 20th of October in Orihuela Costa, Jávea and Altea. From the 23rd to the 27th of October in Ciudad Quesada, Moraira and Denia. CATERING PROVIDED: 18/10 in Orihuela Costa, 19/10 in Jávea, 20/10 in Altea, 25/10 in Ciudad Quesada and Moraira, 26/10 in Denia. ASSSA Branches: Altea Tel: 966 882 680 Ciudad Quesada Tel: 965 725 421 Denia Tel: 965 786 969 Jávea Tel: 965 795 077 Moraira Tel: 965 744 033 Orihuela Costa Tel: 966 761 794

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Interest Rates Going Up? Pension Pot Down.. Is it Time to Act? By Steve Iball, deVere Spain

Female Focus

by Steve Iball

deVere Spain

If you’ve been following the news recently, you will have heard the Bank of England start to signal that interest rates might go up. For many people who have a UK Final salary pension, this should raise your awareness to HIGH ALERT. Put simply - and we’ve mentioned this many times this year - this would mean that if you want to transfer your pension to an International Trustee ie QROPS / SIPPS, the ‘pot’ available will get smaller. With interest rates at a sustained low, current transfer valuations are high, but will only go down when interest rates rise. So honestly do you fully understand the value of your schemes, their security and potential restrictions? If not it is time to act! Our advice is only provided once we understand your schemes and often it is not to move it. What I’m saying is that it costs nothing to find out. At deVere we offer a totally free, and no-obligation fact finding service. We can tell you exactly where you stand and then YOU can decide what to do. Of course, we’ll present you with some options of what you can do, and this is again somewhere deVere excels. We fully understand you financially and personally check your attitude towards risk, very likely it will be like most of our clients, cautious. It is important to know where you stand, and some options to explore, and all for the price of a phone call! In terms of being regulated and your investments being protected, deVere is regulated here in Spain and our statements are clear and fully transparent. You can check

anything we say directly with the Trust /investment company so you can talk to us in confidence. I say this because you may have heard rumblings about a local wealth management company being in trouble*. If you have investments and are at all worried, again call me and I’ll be happy to review and advise you. We, without charge, give you an independent view of your current arrangements, please accept this in good faith. Call me on 610 822 484 or email If you have not downloaded Vault Mastercard for multi currencies exchange have a look at our advert below, it is gaining major interest as the smart way of exchanging monies, all at no cost. PS not a word on Brexit, may be next month! *Ed's notes: obviously not a company advertising with Female Focus Publications.

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FF - Your community magazine


Not your ordinary bed shop! MICHAEL'S Beds, one of three MICHAEL's shops in Jรกvea, has been going through a "longwanted" makeover and is finally getting finished! Right on the Avenida del Pla in the Arenal you will find MICHAEL'S Beds with the lovely Andrea to help you with all your bedroom item needs! They now have NEW bedroom furniture and a wide range of NEW mattresses. Anything from budget to their premium collection! All Spanish made, top quality and at great prices! MICHAEL'S beds is fun and attractive and is not your ordinary bed shop! At the back of the shop there is a lovely pre-owned section where you can get a great deal on a pre-owned bed, bedside tables or find headboards with character! Here they have bedroom items that you cannot find in ordinary shops, or perhaps headboards from all corners of the world. At the moment they have a lot of discounted children's bedroom items from a closed down furniture shop in Valencia! Prices are among the cheapest in the area and you can also get a good deal if you buy some pre-owned furniture from them! The two other MICHAEL'S shops are pre-owned furniture. You can find all the furniture and beds on their website They receive pre-owned items daily and the new arrivals are posted every Friday on their website. MICHAEL'S is happy to remove your old bed for FREE (and in some occasions even pay for your old bed), assemble the new bed for FREE and also deliver to your home for FREE! See main advert below.

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My name is Steve Woods and I am a solicitor specialising in claims for asbestos related diseases and I thought I would look at a number of questions that often arise and that make people worried about the possibility of making a claim. My message is, if in doubt ask! I NEVER MADE A CLAIM BEFORE. I understand that making a claim can seem daunting and this is why I always visit my clients and meet them face to face. I can explain the process and I find this reassures them. I come to Spain regularly and so personal visits are not a problem. I CANNOT REMEMBER WHERE I WORKED, OR THE COMPANY I WORKED FOR NO LONGER EXISTS. It is not unusual for companies that traded in the 1960s, for example, to have long since stopped trading. With investigations I can trace insurers who provided cover for these companies and they are obliged to deal with the claims. Even if you are hazy about the exact name of a company or your period of employment with them, I can obtain your work history from HM Revenue & Customs and this provides confirmation of who you worked for all those years ago. I HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH AN ASBESTOS CONDITION BUT I DID NOT WORK WITH ASBESTOS. It is surprising how often, when you start talking about a persons work history, what they remember. Often, it turns out that even if a person did not actually work with asbestos, they worked alongside people who did and therefore came into contact with dust. Another possibility, and a particularly sad one in my experience, is a wife who comes into contact with asbestos from her husband’s work clothes. MY BREATHING PROBLEMS ARE NOT TOO BAD. A lot of people I meet are dismissive of their breathing problems and underestimate how they affect their daily lives. Some people I have seen do not realise there is a time limit for bringing claims and so it is important that investigations are started as soon as possible. Claims for breathing problems caused by exposure to asbestos can be complex but the quicker the claim is started the quicker these issues can be dealt with. So, if you are concerned about your particular situation or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am happy to talk to you free of charge. FF

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Claims for Medical Negligence

Female Focus

by Ana Gay

Unfortunately, on occasions it will be necessary for us to be on the receiving end of some type of medical intervention, whether this be for health purposes or cosmetic purposes. The fact is that we put ourselves in hands of professionals, or so we would believe. When the intervention is carried out in hospital and is for health purposes and usually unavoidable, we trust that those who are caring for us are registered professionals. In private medical centres however, above all when they deal with cosmetic surgery and treatments, you should ensure that the person treating you is, in fact, registered to carry out the treatment you have having. But, what do we do if we think that we have been victim of medical mal practice (as opposed to a human error, the difference is complicated in establishing). In Spain, as with anywhere else in the world, information is power. You must keep all the medical reports made available to you. If they are not all provided, then you can actually request your medical history. I did this once, and there were a lot of internal documents that I was of course never supplied with, and I discovered a fair few things that I had no previous knowledge of. So, keep ALL your documents. You can initially start with making a claim to the hospital. I would recommend that you use a lawyer to assist in drafting the claim. It is always best to seek legal advice in these cases, as I have stated before these cases are complicated, particularly if you are suing a private practice. Here, I advise that you look for a lawyer who specialises in dealing with medical negligence. They will be able to first advise you as to whether you truly have a case and, if this is so, then guide you through the process. In all medical negligence cases a second opinion is required. There are specialised forensic doctors who are empowered to carry out this task. This consists in meeting with the claimant, carrying out an examination and reviewing the medical documents. A report is then issued for use in court. Usually, after an intervention, the aftercare treatment is ongoing and could take several months, years, or in the worst cases, the consequences of the medical negligence will have no possible treatment or remedy. It is important that you maintain your lawyer and the forensic doctor up to date on your progress. In terms of costs, if you win, then you will be awarded your legal costs. If you lose, then you are facing approximately 10% of the amount of the claim in costs. Therefore, in a claim of 100.000â‚Ź, you would be liable for roughly 10.000â‚Ź. Should the initial court rule against you, you can always appeal and take the case to a higher court. If you are affected by this matter or any other legal or tax matter, please do not hesitate to contact me on 96 626 0500 or email me on

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Over 1000 distribution points!

Would you like to save your loved ones that big inheritance tax bill? By Sam Kelly, Managing Partner, Chorus Financial. Spain is well known for having high taxation, and inheritance tax (IHT) is no exception. However, with the right financial planning, spouse to spouse, Spanish and UK IHT can be avoided altogether. A typical scenario here in Spain is that of my clients, a husband and wife, who have been retired here in Spain for 12 years, and own a property here. They also have 2 investment properties in the UK and savings and investments totalling approximately £300k. They want to leave their entire estate to their two children who both live in the UK. As it stands, their joint UK inheritance tax allowance is being used up by their investment properties, which means that when they pass away, there will be a UK inheritance tax bill of £120,000, or 40%, on their £300k of savings and investments. This bill could be even higher when the potential for Spanish IHT is taken into consideration. As many of you will know, UK inheritance tax can be avoided through appropriate trust planning, but in Spain trusts aren’t recognised, so the key to avoiding Spanish inheritance tax is getting the right, local advice. There’s also spouse-to-spouse inheritance tax to deal with in Spain, which can often result in 6-12 months of frozen accounts and probate, at the worst possible time. Fortunately, there is a solution which covers all three problems. By placing their savings and investments into a Spanish Compliant Investment Bond, they can target investment growth, retain flexible access to their funds, make regular withdrawals for income, holidays, a new car etc, and the immediate benefit is that this avoids both spouse-to-spouse probate here in Spain, and any Spanish inheritance tax (and probate) for their children. Spanish compliant bonds are offered in Spain by household names like Old Mutual and The Prudential, who have over 30 million clients between them, so you know you’ll be getting a plan from a company you know and can trust. Once the Spanish compliant bond is set up, you can then gift it into a recognised trust arrangement, and this protects against that UK inheritance tax bill. So, with 2 simple steps you have avoided spouse-to-spouse, Spanish, and UK inheritance tax, and for this particular couple they will pass on an additional £120,000 to their children. As Chorus are one of the only truly independent financial advisories in Spain, our robust IHT planning can cost less than half in annual fees, than even the most basic investment options offered by other firms. As an example, the proposal above, including the investment management, product fees and IHT planning, is costing our clients just 1.5% per annum. Our clients, who are cautious investors, have targeted annual growth of around 4% per year, after all fees. Whether you’re looking to improve the returns on your savings or investments, explore your pension options, or come up with robust IHT planning solutions, a free consultation with Chorus is the best place to start. To book a no obligation consultation please call me direct on 664 398 702 or email Chorus Financial is a trading style of Tourbillon Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (Gibraltar), Licence Number FSC1118B and registered with the UK FCA as an EEA Authorised firm, reference 539348.

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Fed up with Headaches? Let’s do something about it by Benjamin Tinker DC, Vida Plena, Calpe

In a survey published in the widely trusted Canadian Family Physician, it was reported that “Over 70% of all headaches arise from problems with the cervical spine and its related structures1”, and these problems often start as early as childbirth. Taking painkillers might relieve the headache but they’re not really getting to the bottom of the issue. More and more people are finding that turning to a chiropractor can in many cases alleviate headaches permanently. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. A chiropractor specialises in the structure of the spine and its protective relationship with the nervous system. It follows, therefore, that a chiropractor is the logical person to turn to. At Vida Plena, we offer a 100% FREE spinal assessment, just pick up the phone, call 96 583 1234 and make an appointment. Or just pop in unannounced, but bear in mind you may have to wait. Vida Plena is located in the centre of Calpe at the top of Calle Pintor Sorolla. We have a map on our website ( where you’ll find lots of information and advice. I look forward to seeing you and helping you get your life back! Boake, H. Cervical Headache, Canadian Family Physician 1972 p. 75-78.


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Your Community Magazine

Fed up with crooked teeth? Why have 2 years of braces when you can get that perfect smile in just 3 weeks? How many of us hate the shape and colour of our teeth or have crooked teeth which we are sure were much straighter before? Everyone dislikes the idea of braces. Past a certain age we don’t want to have to wait to look better, we want it all NOW. With the latest technology in veneers, it is possible and in just 3 weeks! Veneers and veneered crowns can be made to improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. They can eliminate gaps between the teeth or make short teeth longer. The ceramic of the latest generation of veneers is as strong as the teeth themselves and is able to mimic the teeth so that they look completely natural. One simple veneer will be sufficient to change the colour of a discoloured front tooth, but if several teeth are out of line or there is a gap between front teeth, several veneers can also be fitted over the teeth. Once veneers have been fitted (cemented onto your teeth) you treat them and brush them just like your own teeth, they are part of you. If you are happy with the shape and alignment of your teeth then one of the simplest, quickest and most effective ways to improve your smile is with teeth whitening. As we age though, tooth whitening may not be sufficient to improve the appearance of yellowing, chipped teeth but veneers can revitalise the texture, shape and colour of tired looking teeth thus creating a whiter, brighter and younger smile. Dr. Carolyn Carbasse at Zen-Smile-Spa specialises in dental and facial aesthetics and has created hundreds of happy and beautiful smiles using the latest generation in veneers. Visit our website: Call us now on 96 579 3810 to get that smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Your Healthy Magazine!

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Helping to understand the pain of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that is characterised by musculoskeletal pain that is usually accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory, and Article supplied by mood issues. Now, historically fibromyalgia was a diagnosis that Kevin Thornton, was given when it wasn’t clear what the true diagnosis was. Telephone 96 676 5686

In fact, a lot of doctors didn’t believe in the diagnosis as a true diagnosis, it was more a diagnosis of “we don’t know what is going on, so this is probably what is causing your pain.” It is now, over time and mainly through a lot of research, that we are beginning to understand what fibromyalgia is, the reason that it happens, and really the pathophysiology that is involved in it and it is that understanding that helps us treat the fibromyalgia. Research has found that fibromyalgia actually increases the painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals. In other words, what you may feel as painful, other people would not feel as painful and would just feel as pressure. Symptoms, at times, begin after physical trauma, surgery, infection, or actually significant psychological stress sometimes can set off the start of fibromyalgia-type symptoms. In other cases, the symptoms occur gradually over time. Statistically speaking, women are more likely to develop fibromyalgia than men. The pain associated with fibromyalgia is often described as a constant dull ache, typically it arises from muscles or muscles and connective tissues, but many times it is difficult to decipher one from another. To be considered widespread, as it usually is in fibromyalgia, the pain must occur on both sides of the body and be above and below the waist. Fibromyalgia is characterised by additional pain during examination when firm pressure is applied to specific areas of the body. Fibromyalgia itself comes with other symptoms on the body. For instance, one of the big additional symptoms that most people complain about is fatigue and sleep disturbances. People with fibromyalgia often will wake tired even though they report sleeping for a long period of time. Sometimes, if the pain gets to be more severe, the sleep is disrupted by pain and that, of course, causes more fatigue and more pain. Many patients with fibromyalgia actually have sleep disorders such as restless leg syndrome that can also worsen symptoms. Many people with fibromyalgia also report other disorders, such as constant chronic fatigue, anxiety, sometimes depression, also headaches are common, and some people report irritable bowel syndrome to be closely related with fibromyalgia. Now, there isn’t a clear understanding of what causes fibromyalgia, but there is a very good understanding of how fibromyalgia works and how to actually treat fibromyalgia. What is known is that there are several things that may induce fibromyalgia. Part of it is genetics. It seems that fibromyalgia tends to run in families, so there are bound to be certain genetic mutations, perhaps, that are transmitted within a family. Some infections or trauma can appear to trigger or aggravate fibromyalgia. Physical Therapy and N.M.T. massage has proven to be a very good inhibitor of pain associated with fibromyalgia and allows more movement to the body with greatly reduced pain. Relaxation classes, light exercises, and stress reduction will also have a very positive effect with this condition. This article is for information purposes ONLY and should not be used as a diagnostic tool. Always consult with your medical adviser or G.P. on all medical matters. Should you require any further information, have any other question that you may want answered or would prefer a one to one FREE consultation then please contact Kevin on 96 676 5686 or 605 306 129 or email him on

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Your Community Magazine!

How important is ageing gracefully? I know that growing older really bothers some people and causes stress….not only the ladies, but the men too! Why do we attach so much importance to the existence of NUMBERS in our lives.….after all that is what growing older and our age is, just a number! There is nothing more inevitable than the greying of hair and the crinkling of skin. Resisting it is like trying to hold back the tide of the ocean. Accepting it is the way into a graceful life and the possibility of true leisure! Some of us are obsessive about how we think we SHOULD look….We spend our time and attention on the shape of our forms, and create the habits of anxiety and worry as they inevitably deteriorate. If we really like ourselves for WHO we are instead of what we look like, all those subtle tensions are dissolved. In our minds we need never age, never grow old, never stress about how others see us, we can be content with the personality we have achieved in our lives, and the successes we have enjoyed, and all the failures we have learnt from! Very sadly we are conditioned to believe that Youth has EVERYTHING….the energy, the appearance, and the true joy of life… thing youth doesn’t have is EXPERIENCE and WISDOM. That is what comes with the numbers situation! I personally would not want to go back in time because I learn something new every day. I try to keep an open mind and I love hearing other people’s points of view… in fact apart from aches and pains, I love growing older! “Carpe Diem” should be our motto…..“Seize the day”, and if we have life and breath as we get older, many of us are now able to concentrate on doing all the things we couldn’t do when we were younger….with some more wisdom too! The way we THINK is the most important tool in this matter, as in every other. We ARE what we THINK….remember that. Put it to the test! Think differently! Take care, until the next time! Violet King….Personal Confidential Counsellor My site:

Your Beautiful Magazine!

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IN BUSINESS? Looking to generate more business for YOUR Business? This networking event could just be for you!

GM Promotions One Day Enterprise Day Event: B2B Networking/ Trade Day Date: 18th October 2017-10:00 - 16:30 Venue: The Oceana Club, Les Basetes, Benissa

Networking really is vital to every business, it can lead to referrals, opportunities, connections, business help and advice, raise your profile, increase confidence, be a positive influence and create satisfaction by helping others as Givers Gain. GM Promotions is presenting an opportunity for EFFECTIVE, ELITE, BUSINESS NETWORKING IN OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY.... ‘Our High Street!’ Think Local NOT Global...... Think quality not quantity - genuine people, genuinely looking to build working relationships at this One Day Enterprise Day.


10:00 Arrival & Set up 10:30 Morning Coffee & Pastry Welcome Speech 11:00 Networking Time 1 12:15 Presentation 1 12:45 Presentation 2 13:15 2 Course Lunch 14:30 Networking Time 2 15:30 Presentation 3 15:50 Closing Speech 16:00 Closing Cava & Call To Action! Refreshments included for the day are: Morning coffee and pastry, 2 course lunch, closing Cava cocktail. LUNCH To start - The Oceana Trio. Marinated Salmon, cucumber, avocado and horseradish with pickled veg & Carpaccio of Beef with capers, mushrooms and tomatoes & Mousse of goats cheese and coriander. Main Course Braised lamb with lemon & raisin, quinoa, basil, tomato and pine nut dressing or Roasted fillet of cod, spinach and almond puree, saffron potatoes and Vierge dressing. Event ticket price is 55€ per person (not including IVA) places are limited to 20 businesses for this exclusive event date to ensure quality not quantity!…. If you would like to find out more or to book a place email or call 695 399 841.

Open 365 days a year, 24hr a day! Dia I Nit 24hr Supermarket in Calpe has everything you need and more at sensible prices!

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Teulada – Moraira Lions celebrate the Third Anniversary of “The Lions Den” A pride of Teulada – Moraira Lions and shop volunteers assembled at their shop “The Lions Den “ on Wednesday 20th September to celebrate the third anniversary of the opening of the shop.

A festive atmosphere was very much in place and local Mayor Carlos Linares Bañon joined the celebrations which included scrumptious nibbles and cava.

Lion President Brian Clarke thanked everyone who had been instrumental in making the “Den” such a resounding success and for the continued efforts of Lions and Den volunteers alike who ensure the shop is of such a high quality and a pleasure to shop in, and thanks to our generous benefactors without whose donations the “Lions Den” would not exist. Brian went on to report that the Den has raised over 112,000€ since its inception and the majority of these funds had gone back into the local community. If you would like to be involved with the largest service club in the world or for more information contact our Membership Chairman on 96 597 4941 or visit our website “We Serve”

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Another defibrillator! A big thank you to the Roundabout Charity Shop in Jávea. We are often writing about the modern life-saving equipment carried in the Asociacion Amigos Europeos de Javea ambulances. In fact, their ambulances are more akin to mobile intensive care units than to traditional ambulances. And a goodly amount of the life-saving equipment is down to the generosity of local charities such as the Roundabout Charity Shop which has been supporting Jávea charities for over 30 years. Where possible they try to help the less well-known groups who may not have the resources of the bigger, national organisations, and where a few euros can make a big difference. About the Charity Shop: We are a team of mostly British expatriates who are all volunteers, operate a cheery friendly shop selling clothes, books and household goods, usually donations from our generous sponsors, although we also accept items for sale on commission. All profits go to charitable causes. The current project has been the provision of a medical standard defibrillator for Amigos Europeos who have had a long association with our shop, for use in a new ambulance. Last year we provided them with a Vital Signs Monitor. Also this year we have purchased two, more simple ‘domestic’ defibrillators, able to be used by anyone, one for our own shop (just in case!) and one now available in the Guardia Civil HQ on Avenida Los Fueros. About the Asociacion Amigos Europeos de Javea ambulance service: The AAEdJ covers almost all of Costa Blanca North. It is only called the Asociacion Amigos Europeos de Javea because the association started its life in Jávea, and its Head Office is still located there. But its fleet of modern Ambulances zoom all over the whole area. But like any private company, you need to be a member, or you cannot use their services. To become a member of the AAEdJ call and speak with Laure Bolufer the Registration Manager on 96 579 6099 (Laure works from 10am to 1pm every weekday). ASOCIACION AMIGOS EUROPEOS DE JAVEA. Avenida Juan Carlos 1, No 69, 03730 Jávea. Telephone 96 579 6099 (24hr) Email:

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Smooth glowing skin again! Now that the sun is weaker and the days are shorter, it is the best time of the year to start improving your skin texture and to get it looking healthy and radiant again. Sun, smoking, stress and diet all contribute to ageing our skin and causing unsightly blemishes and surface irregularities. These include: - Red thread veins - Age spots - Warts and moles - Large open pores - Wrinkles - Hyperpigmentation (dark patches) The skin is under constant renewal but as one ages its support of collagen diminishes, cell turn over slows down and our body’s ability to repair itself is greatly reduced. Thankfully, with the appropriate use of lasers to remove the affected areas, followed by peels to even out skin tone, by March, our skin becomes baby smooth. However lasers and peels cannot be used in the summer months as sun exposure leads to permanent damage. More importantly to treat the skin carefully and effectively, each step must leave a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks between sessions, meaning that treatment can span over 4 to 16 weeks. So don’t wait until the week before Christmas to treat those annoying blemishes. Book your appointment at Zen Smile Spa now by calling us on 96 579 3810 or visit our website

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Dr. I. Poole, Clinica El Arenal. “Dear Dr Poole, one day during this summer my husband fell Found at Av. Arenal 2, Jávea. asleep in the sun, and he awoke to find his back all blistered, Tel: 96 579 2418 sunburned, and raw. We applied lots of after sun lotion, and calamine lotion, but over the next few days the blisters became big, and eventually burst. His skin was like dried paper, but eventually everything calmed down. But what damage may he have done, everyone thinks of skin cancer...what should we be looking out for?”

Hello again. Possibly we all have heard these sort of stories before; some more dramatic than others but always with the same degree of fear to sun damage and its relation with the increase of cases of skin cancer. In other articles I have talked about prevention as being the best treatment; let’s talk today about what can be done and what to expect or look for when it happens. A sunburn is like any other burn: 1. There is a high risk of infection so burns must all be treated as if they were already infected, but being sensitised or painful, cleaning should be done with saline and non alcohol Iodine, never with alcohol alone or other disinfectants. Antibiotics can be applied locally in ointments or given orally. Tetanus must be revised. 2. The unopened blisters protect the underlying dermis so it is not wise to burst those blisters unless you have the chance to do it in a sterile form and surgical environment. It is in these initial stages before the blisters burst that you can apply after-sun lotion or calamine but not when the blisters open. 3. For the management of pain, there is a range that goes from simple paracetamol 500 mg/ 4-6 h in adults to even morphine in severe cases when hospitalisation can be required. The pain of a sunburn usually lasts 3 days, being worse at first. If pain cannot be controlled in ordinary ways, it’s time to call for the doctor, please do not experiment with home remedies. 4. Once the skin has been burned it will take one complete skin cycle (90 days) to regenerate. Any subsequent burn during this period will raise exponentially the chances of developing cancer in the future, as it is when the dermis is most exposed. 5. The initial damage is one thing and the future consequence is another. Sun damage is accumulative so sometimes the consequences are only seen after the age of 50, even in people who have not had any exposure since childhood. It is important to say: - One or two isolated incidents in a lifetime are normal, and that it is the repeated yearly aggression of subsequent burns that makes the risk. - Some burns can be deeper than others and the deeper or broader they are, is what will make them worse. - Burns may lead to infections and infections to scars so when they happen on the face or on children it is wise to see the doctor. - Once burned, the skin must not be exposed to direct sunlight for at least 3 months to a year and that there is a high risk of getting pigmented. - A burn over a burn is almost a guarantee for a scar. In general, if you have had your skin burnt this summer, the only advice now is to prevent future burns, but if it has left you with pigmented or depigmented areas, the best would be to avoid the sun completely for at least 3 months and to make future exposure very gradual.

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Crafty Angels is a brand new family run craft and gift shop based in the commercial center off the N332 in between the Merca China and Mercadona at San Fulgencio. Debbie has been crafting for over 20 years and will be running card and scrap booking classes Monday-Friday for crafters of all abilities. In each class you will make 2-3 cards depending on the complexity of each card. Crafty Angels stock a range of papers, card, crafting essentials and various gifts. Anything they do not have can be ordered. If you are looking for a special card, Debbie can make one for you be it birthday, Christmas, sympathy, Valentine’s, also any kind of invitations. Their open day on the 23rd September was a great success and Crafty Angels would like to thank everyone who came and supported them. Call in and have a browse, see their advert below right for more information and further contact details.

Suffering with Bunions? (or other feet problems)

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KEYHOLE FOOT SURGERY The Effective Solution

This non-invasive approach is fast, effective and costs less than you might think. Call us and we’ll get you back on your feet in no time.

We also diagnose and treat: Bunions / Hallux Valgus, Claw / Hammer Toes, Taylor’s Bunion, Heel Spur, Metatarsalgia (ball of the foot pain) and Neuroma or Morton’s Toe

Lara Virginia Yáñez Carra


Calle Portalet 9, 1st Floor, Door G • Calpe Tel: 96 583 5245 Email:

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“CLUB F!T is very different from any gym we have ever been to in the past” Derek and Elaine Allinson are very used to going to gyms. Not that they are gym fanatics or anything, but they have always taken care of themselves fitness-wise and have been gym members pretty much all of their adult lives. For this reason during a three month visit to Jávea they were rather missing going to their regular gym back in Cardiff. So after asking around and seeing an article and advert in Female Focus, they visited CLUB F!T in Jávea to have a trial session. “It was very different from any gym I have ever experienced” says Elaine. Her husband Derek agrees “To be honest, we weren’t at all sure what the classes would be like because the whole gym set up is so totally different from anything else fact, we rather wondered what we were getting ourselves into!” Derek continues “But the fact is, that CLUB F!T has been absolutely brilliant. My personal main reasons for joining were to lose some weight and to address a problem I was having with my balance. CLUB F!T designed a bespoke programme for me, and the programme worked well for me right from the outset, I have lost over a stone and my balance has improved tremendously. Using their unusual equipment felt strange at first, but I tell you what do a session on the Core Stix and wow, you really do know that you have done a session!” Elaine is bursting with praise for the Pilates classes. “The Pilates class with Mika is marvellous, she is beyond excellent, it is the best Pilates class I have ever been in. My own reason for going to the gym has always been to tone up and keep generally fit, and I get a lot out of every class”. About the gym itself, Derek and Elaine are quite strong in relaying the following, asking that it be specifically mentioned: “They are a very close and friendly team at CLUB F!T. Right from the very start they remembered our names, Derek had mentioned during the induction that he had suffered a fall the previous year and Antonio straight away remembered it in a class and instructed Derek in a specific way to make sure that the exercise he was doing was totally safe. And although it’s a rather unusual thing to mention, we have to say that the gym is spotless, their cleaner never stops, after every single class the rooms are checked, cleaned and perfect. And Isabel behind the reception desk is just so welcoming.” In conclusion, when asked if they would recommend CLUB F!T, it’s a loud “Yes” from both Derek and Elaine. “We would recommend it to anyone” says Elaine “We’ll be back there after our visit to the UK, we are full of praise for them, and although we were a bit nervous at first because of the different types of classes, it really has been great fun and we feel so good.” Contact CLUB F!T on 865 664 888 or call in to see how they can help you. CLUB F!T, Centro Comercial Monver, Calle Roma 3, Jávea. Email: Website: The photos shows Elaine and Derek, and his son Matthew enjoying the Summer CLUB F!T Beach workout at Jávea Arenal.

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Relieving the Worry of Being Alone in Your Senior Years By Amanda Hobbs, Sales Adviser, Ciudad Patricia

I’ve written before about how perfect Ciudad Patricia is for living into your senior years. A significant factor for choosing Ciudad Patricia is the genuine fear of being alone as we get older, especially the thought of what happens if you take a fall, can’t get out of bed or have an accident. Ciudad Patricia has all the answers. You’re never alone at Ciudad Patricia. Everyone’s in the same boat and are always looking out for each other, even if it’s just to give you a nudge to share a coffee if you’re feeling a bit ‘off’. We organise social events and have a library, restaurant, café, hobby room, 4 pools (1 indoor), petanca, mini-golf, the list goes on. Around 3 years ago, Jayne joined the team as our Community Support Worker. As a qualified auxiliary nurse with a friendly and bubbly personality, Jayne has proven to be an invaluable asset to the resort and our residents. Being fluent in Spanish, Jayne is often found accompanying residents to the doctor/ hospital in order to translate and put you at ease. If you’re a bit under the weather, Jayne can pop to the shops, pick up prescriptions, or just drop in to make sure you’re OK. All in all, it adds that all-important feeling of peace of mind that there’s ‘somebody there’. There’s no doubt that Jayne is instrumental in making everyone’s life so much easier. You might wonder what happens at night. If you have a medical emergency, you can summon medical assistance with your individual emergency button. This covers you 24/7 when you’re at home here in Ciudad Patricia. We even offer an individual care package which allows you to carry on living and enjoying your wonderful apartment, safely, independently and with quality of life. When you visit Ciudad Patricia, I’ll show you around on my golf buggy and then I can explain in detail how it all works. I’m proud to represent Ciudad Patricia, with all our wonderful facilities which take away the worry of being alone and allow you to live a wonderful life, with peace of mind, into your senior years. Please turn to page 31 for more information, call me on 673 064 288, email: or visit

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Find out what the stars have in store for you Aries: You are feeling restless because of the position you find yourself in. Unless you do something about it you will become more frustrated and even angry. Address it, change it and move forward. Once you do new ideas will start flowing again.

Leo: Stop getting angry that someone is avoiding you and not answering your questions and ask yourself why instead. Maybe they just don’t have the answers and don’t want to admit it or let you down. Maybe they just don’t understand what you want from them.

Sagittarius: Things are getting a bit hectic and even though all you want to do is relax, you have to push on as others are depending on you just now. Make a plan of how to tackle everything and then you will have time to rest and recharge.

Taurus: Family is important to you right now even if you don’t see it yet. Try not to alienate people around you as you are going to need all the support you can get if someone uses you as the scapegoat. Keep your eyes open and you can avoid it.

Virgo: Being a bit of a perfectionist you like things done properly the first time. Your high expectations are not the most important thing to everyone else so if you want something done in a certain way either give proper direction or do it yourself.

Capricorn: A crazy, off the cuff suggestion might not be as mad as it sounds and the more you think about it the more tempting it becomes. You have been feeling a little stir crazy lately and this might be the answer you have been looking for.

Gemini: Jealousy keeps rearing its ugly head and it is just not like you so take notice. It may be related to a relationship, insecurity at work or just feeling threatened by someone, whatever it is you need to sort it out before it gets out of hand.

Libra: Changes need to be made in some aspects of your lifestyle before it is too late. Make autumn be the start of the new regime. For some of you this means more exercise, for others a change of diet or even for some less exercise and dieting!

Aquarius: Don’t get overwhelmed with something you know is not really a long term problem. You know that you are going to get through it so just keep going methodically and patiently and you will get to the end before you know it.

Cancer: Stop being so critical of yourself, others are good enough at doing that. Look at the amazing things you have achieved and the best parts of you and your life. If there are things you are not happy with change them or if you can’t learn to accept them.

Scorpio: Someone close has got the wrong end of the stick and taken a comment you made totally the wrong way. You know how the rumour mill works, so clarify things with them before it gets completely out of hand and affects more than just them.

Pisces: Your intuition will get you far this month especially when it comes to working out a lie from the truth. It’s been a long summer and feelings are running a bit too high between work colleagues - don’t worry as things will sort themselves out soon.

Teulada – Moraira Lions & “Help of Denia” present Ultrasound Machine The TM Lions along with Candy Wright, President of Help, were very pleased to present a vital new piece of equipment in the form of an ultrasound machine to the health centre in Moraira.

Dr. Regulo Lorente from Moraira health centre, Rosana Caselles Councillor for health and Laura Hillstead Councillor for International Residents and Voluntary Services and Intergration were on hand to receive the Ultrasound equipment and Dr. Regulo thanked the TM Lions and Help of Denia for their generosity in supplying such a fantastic diagnostic facility which will benefit the whole community. The original idea was brought to the Lions club by Mr. Andy White who was able to identify the need for a local in house diagnostic facility. This was a joint venture between the two charities and facilitated the purchase of the ultrasound equipment which will prove a tremendous asset to clinics in Teulada, Moraira and Benitachell. Both charities President’s, Brian Clarke and Candy Wright were delighted that the TM Lions and Help were able to provide the equipment by working together and look forward to further joint ventures. If you would like to be involved with the largest service club in the world or for more information contact our Membership Chairman on 96 597 4941 or visit our website “We Serve”.

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Gluten Free Disco Cake This gluten free cake is a firm favourite for both family and friends. It’s ridiculously moreish and very easy to make! It’s called Disco Cake because it’s topped off with a generous dusting of edible glitter, which adds a twinkle and sparkle to the finished cake. This cake is more of a torte squidgy, squishy, chocolatey heaven! It’s important to use really good dark chocolate. The high level of cocoa solids gives a deeper chocolate flavour. Ingredients Time: 300g 75% Dark chocolate Prep 15 Minutes 150g Salted butter Cook 35-40 Minutes 200g Granulated sugar Serves: 8-10 5 large eggs 3 tablespoons ground almonds Edible glitter (optional) or 1 tablespoon cocoa powder Recipe - Preheat oven to Gas Mark 4 180ºC. - Grease the sides of an 8-inch round loose bottom tin and line the base with baking parchment. - In a large bowl place the butter, chocolate and sugar, either melt over a pan of simmering water or in the microwave. - Once melted, stir well and leave to cool slightly at room temperature. - In a separate bowl whisk the eggs. Add the ground almonds. - Slowly add the chocolate mixture to the egg and almonds - Gently mix until it resembles a batter like consistency. Before mixing the two together ensure the chocolate mixture has had a chance to cool down. If the mixture is too warm the eggs will turn to scrambled eggs! - Pour the batter into the cake tin. Bake on the middle shelf for about 35- 40 minutes or until the top of the cake looks cooked, at this stage the cake should retain a bit of a slight wobble. - Allow the torte to cool to room temperature. Chill for at least 2 hours. - Before serving sprinkle with cocoa or edible glitter; serve with ice cream. TIP: To make a chocolate orange version; add the zest of two oranges to the batter before baking. Curry on Cooking is proud to be supporting Madhouse’s CURRY’OKE nights. Come and join us on the First Monday of every month for CURRY ‘OKE NIGHT, with delicious curry supplied by Spice Sister Nilam Wright using the fabulous Curry On Cooking kits. After you’ve eaten, you’re welcome to get up and blast out your favourite song. All proceeds go to the Katie Salmon Scholarship Fund. Cost for the evening 5€. Doors open 8pm at the Matrix Studio Madhouse, Edifico Tiro Pichon, Villacosta, Orihuela Costa. Please let us know if you are coming! Call Carla on 666 551 816. Curry On Cooking spice kits are available for sale at The Madhouse with a donation of 40% from each sale made to the Scholarship. Check out our Facebook page, and for recipe ideas our website:

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What’s in a name? For HELP of Denia AND Marina Alta quite a lot really. Although a HELP group had been first started in 1977 in the Marina Alta, the early HELP of Denia was created by a group of expats in Denia in 1984, who saw the need for support for fellow expats. Elderly people mainly who were suddenly alone through bereavement of a partner, infirm and in need of help. At the first meeting people were asked to put their name down if they could offer help in any form - initially the need was for visiting people at home, driving, shopping and dog walking. This was the original group of HELP of Denia. However as years passed the expat community grew in size and need, not just in Denia but in Jávea, Calpe and of course to the inland villages, and so did HELP of Denia, expanding out to help anyone in the Marina Alta.


The Marina Alta is made up of 33 towns and villages and all come under the banner of HELP of Denia which finally changed its name to HELP of Denia and Marina Alta. The statutes include the whole of the Comunidad Valenciana and, if necessary the association would help people in need outside of the Marina Alta but in the Comunidad Valenciana, as they do by helping the Franciscan Brothers Home for Men in Palma de Gandia. Today HELP doesn’t just help expats anymore but anyone from anywhere through their medical equipment loan service. HELP of DAMA has a strong presence in the Hospital Marina Salud in La Xara where they receive requests from any nationality referred to them by the hospital for hoists, wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, and even electric beds for the people who are bedridden and being cared for at home. Contact equipment and office: 96 642 7044. We have two charity shops, one in La Xara and the other in Moraira. We are always grateful for new volunteers who want to help in either shop, and besides the good work the volunteers do, it is a pleasant atmosphere where valuable friendships can be made. The HELP Parkinson Support Group that is held every first Monday of the month welcomes anyone speaking English to come along to the HELP Activity Centre in La Xara. The members are friendly and enjoy outings and talks and generally benefit from their meetings. A specialist MotoMed bike is installed in the Activity Centre for the use of the Parkinson’s members and they can also receive reflexology treatments there. Coordinator number 634 301 677. A professional Diabetes Nurse comes over from the UK to hold meetings several times a year to help guide people through early stages of Diabetes and people struggling to get to grips with their illness. She can also be contacted by email for help and information. Contact Dorothy at

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Along with this there is the hospital HELP desk run by the association and with volunteer interpreters in the morning for any administration problems, as well accompanying people at their outpatient appointments and also for appointments with the hospital Social Worker. There is also a visiting team that visits the wards on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Desk number: 96 642 9346. This is a part of what HELP does and we would always like to help as much as possible and whenever possible. BUT… more and more today we find people alone in hospital, especially elderly, and with nobody to help them when they return home to convalesce. So we have linked up with six different care homes in the Marina Alta where HELP can refer someone for short term care or respite care. Sometimes people cannot afford to pay the fees entirely so when necessary HELP will help out with this too. The homes are in Calpe, Jávea, Benimeli, Fontilles, Teulada and Vergel. They also have agreements with a Care Agency in Jávea and in Pedreguer. They also have an agreement with a residential home in Alfaz del Pi and use their private nursing service. The nurses are wonderful and very caring and are trained to work with Alzheimer patients and in palliative care too. So, What’s in a Name, and why is it important? We want people to realise that the association covers their areas and not just Denia and that we also help their local health centres with equipment. We have helped The Red Cross Centres in Denia, Jávea and Calpe by purchasing emergency equipment to put in the ambulances, toys and a generator for lighting, new radios for the firemen of Benitachell and new laptops for AMADEM in Pedreguer for the mentally sick. We purchase items for the women and children centres and buy toys at Christmas. We have just helped to purchase an Ultrasound machine to be used by the medical centres in Moraira, Teulada and Benitachell. We are fund raising towards opening our new Hospice Care room in Fontilles and are helping the inland medical centres by buying everyday equipment they need including ECG machines. Also helping to finance the new gazebo being built at the La Pedrera Hospital for shade for the patients who are recovering from long term illnesses and accidents. So on it goes….. This is why it’s so important, “What´s in a name”, because we need people to come to our fund raisers from all over the Marina Alta and help to support us with this work. In the pipeline we have on the 3rd of October at 7pm at Restaurant El Cid, Benidoleig, The Valley FM Big 3 Way Bash to celebrate the life of Noelle from the radio and the radio launch whilst fund raising for MABS and HELP of Denia and Marina Alta. Two wonderful Christmas Fairs are again being held on the 5th and the 26th of November at Salones Carrasco, Jávea with all entry money coming to us. See page 8 for more information and to book a stand email The HELP Auction at El Cid on the 24th of November from 1pm. Followed by the HELP of Denia and Marina Alta Christmas Fair on the 2nd of December being held at the events centre in El Prado, Ondara just beside the Bull Ring. This is a wonderful events centre, beautifully finished inside the old farmers market. Every arched stall holder’s area has its own loading bay and electric raising blinds so that people can unload and load directly from their stands. This year hopefully Santa and his reindeer will join us. A perfect date to make those Christmas purchases and enjoy that seasonal feel. To book your stand contact: We may just squeeze a concert in at some point too so keep an eye open for this.

So this is what’s in a name and remember HELP of Denia and Marina Alta is there for all of you, so help us to help others and raise funds so that when someone calls out, “HELP I NEED SOMEBODY”, we can be there. Thank you. Candy Wright.

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APROP Animal Shelter, Pego is run totally

by volunteers, both Spanish and expats. We urgently require help in the form of donations (money, blankets, unwanted washing machine as ours has broken down), volunteers, foster homes, permanent homes and dog walkers. If you are a business and would like a donation tin then please get in touch. If you can help in anyway please email: Sue Lundgren at For donations our bank account number is: ES52 3058 2585 7327 2000 5772 or you can donate 1€ a month on the teaming group:- apropassociacioprotectorad-animalsdepego. This is Lady. Approximately 12 month old, chipped and sterilised Amstaff. She has a lovely nature and is good with other dogs and people. PPP licence required. Contact Sue Lundgren 606 910 308. APROP animal shelter, Pego.

Ralph is a 5 year old, male weighing just 5.7 kilos. He is good with other dogs, but the love of his life is a tennis ball, so Ralph is looking for new owners who would enjoy playing ball with him. For more information on this lovely boy please telephone the PEPA helpline on 650 304 746 or email SOCKS is a lovely castrated 3 year old boxer mix. Good with other dogs and children, very friendly and loves his walks. He is just a fun dog but needs secure fencing! For more information call Akira in Benissa 657 689 567. Facebook: Akira Benissa Dog Sanctuary.

Izzy is just 1 year old and is a small podenco maneto, weighing just 7 kilos. She is great with other dogs and is well behaved. Izzy is still very much a pup with lots of energy but loves her down time with her family and is very faithful. Call: 645 469 253. Email: To view more visit

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AKIRA dates for your diary 12 October and 6 November: We will have a stall at the Canor Antiques Fair. 22 October: TAKE THAT TRIBUTE CONCERT at La Senieta, Moraira. Free bar but donations welcome! Tickets at 15€ can be bought from Pauline anytime as per poster details on page 45. They were a sell out last time so get your tickets early. URGENT HELP NEEDED FOR BOOKSTALL:- We desperately need somebody to drive the trailer down to the bookstall every 2nd and 4th Friday in the month. This entails being at Moraira Market by 8am and setting up the stall and then returning at 1.30pm to close up. Small remuneration. If you think you could help please call Maggie 96 574 4449. VOLUNTEERS:- Always needed ring the shelter 657 689 567. Walking the dogs, grooming, socialising, cleaning whatever you feel comfortable with. Just a few hours a week would make such a difference! FOSTER HOMES:- If you think you could foster a dog please call the shelter. All food, vets bills etc. paid for by AKIRA. Many thanks for your support THE A TEAM. Peanut was found abandoned in Teulada with a previously fractured leg left to heal on its own. She has mobility but difficulty in movement. Please help support our rescue horses here at APAC Caballos by donating 1€ a month, less than the price of a cup of coffee through Visit for more information. ILU, female, Crossbreed, DOB 01.2013 – 51cm. Ilu is used to living in a group of dogs and could become a good family dog, once she is given the necessary time for adaptation and has been given some training. For more information call 618 754 635.

Meet Punk originally a street cat from Almoradi but now very playful, affectionate and friendly. He loves to have behind his ears scratched and is very talkative. He is about 3 years old and is fine with dogs and children. Call K9 on 600 845 420.

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Exhibition of art to benefit APAC Horse Charity

An exhibition of Jenny Morrison Art, is being held to support APAC Caballos Rescue Horses with an auction of two paintings, one on the opening night and one at the lunch. A percentage of the paintings sold at the exhibition and the amount raised by the auctioned pictures will be donated to the rescue horses. The collection will be available to view from Wednesday 1st November, 7pm. Grand Opening Night - The grand opening night on Saturday 4th November from 7pm to 9.30pm. Join us for drinks and tapas from 7pm with one painting being auctioned at 8pm with all the proceeds donated to the rescue horses. Entrance 5€ to include drink and tapas at the fabulous Restauarante L’Om in Pego, Valencia. Lunch - There will also be a Menu Del Dia Lunch on Friday 10th November 1-1.30pm at Restauarante L’Om, Pego, Valencia with Exhibition of Art by Jenny Morrison where a second painting will be auctioned on behalf of the Rescue Horses. The 3 course menu is 15€ including a glass of wine and dessert or coffee. Reservations necessary. Contact us at APAC Caballos / for more information on tickets.

Horse rescue centre welcomes donation of handmade quilts to help raise money for new internal fencing

Ten exquisite quilts have been donated by Barbora Dick of Skalabara Quilts to raise desperately needed funds for new internal fencing at Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre near Alicante, Spain.

Czech-born Barbora, who now lives in Alicante, doesn’t know Easy Horse Care founders Sue and Rod Weeding personally, but learnt of their work and funding struggles through long-time supporter of the charity, Kate Cammish, and local English media. “I have decided to donate the quilts to Easy Horse Care because I think both Sue and Rod are doing an incredible job with the charity,” Barbora said. “I honour their enthusiastic work of the charity. So why not help a local charity that is entirely depending on donations?” Barbora’s donation has come at a fortuitous time, as the rescue centre looks to raise funds for new, permanent internal fencing. The existing fencing is made largely of electric tape and plastic posts, which degrade rapidly in the Spanish sun and require constant upkeep. The new fencing will be strong and permanent, made from 1500m of Tornado Wire. But at €40 per metre, it doesn’t come cheap. Sue and Rod aim to replace the fencing in stages as they raise the needed money and to minimise disruption to the rescued horses. All proceeds from the quilts will go towards the fencing fundraiser and will help purchase nearly 50m of fencing for the first 128m stage. The quilts are available for purchase at Monetary donations can also be made at The sanctuary is entirely reliant on donations not only for maintenance projects, but also for the ongoing care of the rescued equines, estimated to cost nearly €150,000 per year. Sue expressed her gratitude to Barbora saying, “Without the support from the public and their kind donations of furniture, clothes and now quilts, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.” Anyone interested in making a donation to Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, becoming a long-term sponsor, or volunteering at the sanctuary or in the charity shops can call Sue on 652 021 980. The Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, located just outside Rojales at Partido Lo Garriga, 59, opens to the public on the first Sunday of every month between 1pm and 4pm. For more details and directions, please visit


Currently we have very many kittens as well as adult cats that require regular worming and flea treatment at a huge cost to A.R.C. This together with the food bill puts a tremendous strain on ARC’s finances. We are appealing for donations of food for the cats and dogs as well as cat litter. If possible Mercadona Brand - Kitten dry food in blue & white bag 1.5 kg, €3.38, Kitten food supreme 800g, €1.75. Cat food in large sack €7.50 and Felix tins 0.66c. Dog food in large sack and Pate for dogs in large green tin. Also, Lidl’s Pate, Friskies Kitten, Whiskas Junior and Felix Sensations. Plus, any brand of cat litter. Any donated items can be taken to the ARC Charity shop on Carrer Valencia 1, Jalon (opposite The Cut Hairdressers) or contact Sally: - 625 985 689 or Jayne:649 310 285. ARC is grateful for all the support we receive.

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The “Overtones” Hit the High Notes for the Lions The first Autumn concert for the Teulada - Moraira Lions took place on Sunday 24th September in the Espai La Senieta, Moraira and featured “The Overtones” tribute show from Benidorm. The concert was a spectacular sell out event and proved immensely popular with tributes to Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé, followed in the second half by songs featuring the famous vocal harmonies from the Overtones. The complimentary bar was very popular and an excellent raffle helped the success of the event which made a profit in excess of 1500€.

The next concert is on November 3rd again in Espai La Senieta and this time will be a great tribute to those original rockers Status Quo featuring “Fakers Quo” This should be a great fun evening and should prove very popular. For tickets or information please call 96 649 1917 or email Other events planned for this Autumn including a Halloween party and their now legendary Christmas party which will be “Christmas Cracker V”. The Lions will also be holding a fantastic Quiz Night in Casa Lili near Moraira on 10th October which will include a specially chosen 3 course menu followed by a great quiz devised by our resident headmaster (retired) Philip Henderson, with prizes and a raffle. Tickets for this event are priced at only 15€ and teams of 4 to 6 are invited. For tickets or information please call 96 649 9954 or email: “We Serve”

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Designed and built for you. At Charlesworth Gardens the term “bespoke” couldn’t fit better. We create individual spaces for our customers.


According to Cambridge Dictionary the term “bespoke” means, specially made for a special person, custom made, tailor made. This is exactly what we do for all of our customers. Sometimes it will be an entire garden, sometimes a corner of a garden, sometimes just a structure or object to go in the garden, but we custom make pretty much everything for our customers so they have a beautiful and exclusive garden. Charlesworth Gardens can create literally anything you could ever desire, it doesn’t matter how strange a request it may be or how creative you think an idea may be, the only company you need to bring your garden dreams to life in any aspect is Charlesworth Gardens, the most creative and professional landscaping company on the Costa Blanca. - Professional Garden Design. (Bespoke one off gardens designed for you, big or small, entire or part projects) - Consultation on design and plants (anything to do with gardens, ANYTHING) - Summer kitchens (Stunning Summer kitchens with BBQs, gas or charcoal, sinks, fridges, and all modern sound and entertainment systems) - Garden structures (built or timber) continued on next page


QUALITY BEDS & BED LINEN FROM BUDGET TO LUXURY All British sizes available • Styles to suit all pockets FREE assembly, caster cups & delivery* FREE disposal of your old bed C.C. Byblos Local 8, Ctra. Calpe-Moraira, Los Pinos 1K (Coast Road) Calpe Tel: 965 836 814 Email: Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm Saturday: 10am - 1.30pm *FREE DELIVERY from GANDIA to ALICANTE

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- Artificial grass (the largest selection of high quality Spanish made grass and professionally installed) - Plants and planting (We supply all of our own plants to our customers at great prices) - Irrigation (new systems for gardens and lawns, and repairs) - Ponds and water features (specialists in pond structures, cascades and waterfalls) - Decking (timber or up to date stunning, composite decking) - Walls (block, stone of any description) - Paving (block, brick, tiling) We also supply our own line of beautiful sawn and riven stones. These are the main characteristics of what we do and anything in between. We are a specialist garden design and landscaping company with 23 years’ professional experience within construction and landscaping including the Chelsea flower show. If you want your garden designing and building by the company that will have the answers to all your problems then contact Charlesworth Gardens. We will work with your current building contractors if you prefer, as your specialist consultant to make sure everything gets done the way it should be, to avoid problems and further costs in the future of your garden.

Plant of the Month. Passion Flower. Passiflora. There are 151 varieties at last count, obviously not all of them are available here in Spain. But they are one of the most interesting flowers around which give a huge bloom of flowers once settled in. My only advice with any passion flower, as it is a free rambling climber, is to keep it controlled to an area otherwise it will tangle itself in other plants and potentially choke them. We can create anything you want, there are no boundaries as to what we can create for you, so remember if you are thinking gardens, think Charlesworth Gardens, the only company you should be calling if you want to create the best bespoke outside space for you. For more information please give us a call on 696 283 704, email or visit our websites and

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Norman and Sue Ellison from Elloughton in East Yorkshire, are relatively new purchasers in Spain, having bought a house in Jávea with a view to their retirement in a couple of years. The state of their new home, however, left a lot to be desired and hence they decided that one of the first things that needed replacing were the windows. Made of pine timber, the old windows were literally falling to bits. The first room to be renovated was the enclosed naya so Norman and Sue decided, as a lot of people do, to get 3 different companies to quote. “Right from the outset” says Norman, “LUX-AL were the most professional about everything. The other two firms tried to take the measurements of the naya arches by using cardboard cut-outs, but this really didn’t prove very satisfactory. LUX-AL on the other hand sent 2 lads who took lots of meticulous measurements by hand”. Norman continues “Even before we decided to go with them, Dennis from LUX-AL instructed one of his workmen, who was at a house nearby, to visit and mend a lock on one of our doors which didn’t lock properly. Dennis didn’t know if we were going to choose LUX-AL or not, but he was concerned that the door would not close and lock properly, so he got it sorted by one of his men within half an hour! It was a true pleasure for us to meet an honest salesperson who wanted to see us right, even if his firm didn’t get the job.” As it happens the LUX-AL quotation was a good price, and so LUX-AL did do the job of fitting the new windows in the

naya, as shown in the photographs. “It wasn’t an easy job though” says Norman, “because the naya is two stories up, so they were working at quite a height!” Having seen the quality of their work, Norman and Sue quickly commissioned LUX-AL to do two further pieces of work. 5 windows and 1 door were replaced in the apartment beneath the house, and a screen was fitted down the side of their swimming pool to give privacy and protection from the wind that goes up and down their valley. “We have been really pleased with everything that LUXAl have done. We trust them, their work is good time after time, and the quality of their products are exceptional, they use proper vents, good quality mosquito nets and so on” says Norman. “We would recommend them straightaway to everyone” he concludes. If you are needing windows, doors, a naya refitted, or even a swimming pool screen, contact LUX-AL on 96 649 3447 or 96 649 3787 or you can email them on Their website shows lots of examples of their work. Speak with them to see how they can make a big improvement to your house too. Their main advert is on page 7.

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Leading the Way on the Costa Blanca At Lotus Interiors we have spent many years building our collections of fabrics, and we now offer what we believe is the best choice on the Costa Blanca. With ranges to suit all budgets we also pride ourselves on being able to offer fabrics from some of the leading brands both here in mainland Europe and the U.K. You can find out more on our website Alongside our fabrics we are now pleased to offer a fantastic range of quality decorative interior blinds. Sourced from a number of suppliers, we have honed our offer to provide a huge array of styles and designs ranging from the ever practical and popular sun screen blinds, to an amazing collection of the latest Night and Day blinds, as well as the usual suspects of venetians, vertical blinds, rollers and Japanese panels. Moving with the times As styles and tastes change we have certainly noticed a move toward more contemporary and minimalistic window treatments. For lovers of fabrics, (of which there are still a few of us around!), we can achieve these looks with our up to date fabric collections combined with modern day curtain styles and finishes, however, for a sleek, almost industrial look, nothing can beat today’s collections of blind treatments. Something for everyone For the traditional vertical, venetian and roller blinds, we have found suppliers that are adding new colours and finishes to bring collections up to date, from slate greys and all shades of stone to vibrant powerful colours and printed designs. We have also sourced an affordable supplier of wooden venetians, traditionally so expensive in Spain. These quality blinds are sourced from the UK and available in a wide range of contemporary finishes and lama widths…come and see the full collection for some inspiration. Our best seller, the ever popular sun screen roller blinds that provide unsurpassed interior shade and UV protection, are now available in a far wider selection of colours and finishes, something to suit a traditional finca or a modern Ibiza style villa alike, bringing affordable shade in a simple practical solution. And for those who want something just that little bit different, there are the increasingly popular “Night and Day” blinds with their flexible shading. We have an amazing collection of different styles, colours, finishes and textures including gorgeous metallics, bamboo and wooden effects, as well as some pretty finely pleated finishes in wide bands that add a feminine touch. The best of both worlds Even if blinds are not to your taste, there is no getting away from their practicality in certain situations. But here you can rely on the inspirational ideas of Lotus Interiors to help you soften their impact by combining them with either dress curtains or sleek pelmets that they can disappear behind, bringing you the best of both the worlds of fabrics and blinds. Come and talk to us in the studio about your needs or give us a call and book a no obligation home visit and we’ll bring our expertise to you. Call 96 649 3232, or visit to find out more!


Lotus Interiors, Ctra. Moraira 14-16, Benitachell.

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What is a “Smart Home”? A smart home, or smart house, is a home that incorporates advanced automation systems to provide the inhabitants with sophisticated monitoring and control over the building’s functions. It provides home owners comfort, security, energy efficiency (low operating costs) and convenience at all times, regardless of whether anyone is home. For example, a smart home may control lighting, temperature, multi-media, security, window and door operations, as well as many other functions. These functions are capable of communicating with one another and can be controlled remotely by a time schedule, from any room in the home, as well as remotely from any location in the world by phone or internet. Installation of smart products give the home and its occupants various benefits - the same benefits that technology and personal computing have brought to us over the past 30 years - convenience and savings of time, money and energy. Smart homes present some very exciting opportunities to change the way we live and work, and to reduce energy consumption at the same time. Imagine being able to check messages, open windows, operate lights and curtains, and monitor how much money your house has made you from your renewable energy system, through your smart phone, from anywhere in the world! Most homes do not have these appliances and systems built into them, therefore the most common and affordable approach is for the home owner to retrofit smart products into their own finished home. For further information, please contact us on or why not come and see us in our showroom on Calle Niza 13, Jávea, to discuss the perfect Smart Home solution for you. We are open from 9.30am to 5.30pm on Monday to Friday and 10am to 1pm on Saturdays. All installations are carried out by an Iberdrola licensed electrician.

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BREAKING NEWS! GM Promotions are delighted to announce to the Female Focus readers that the prestigious HOMES GARDENS & LIFESTYLE SHOW is back in STYLE for Spring 2018, after sourcing a brand new stunning location and venue. As this summer fades away, Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner! So mark the dates to look forward to in next year’s diary now! The Costa Blanca’s largest event/ exhibition providing inspiration, information, fun, features and super star prizes is confirmed for Friday 20th and Saturday 21st April 2018 at the Show’s new home which is the stunning 5 star Villa Gadea Hotel in Altea, perfectly located on the N332 with very easy access to and from the AP7. The events team are now working behind the scenes to bring you another awesome two day show bursting with inspirational ideas, products and services, talks and demos PLUS this year we are adding an ‘Activity Room’ for up close and personal workshops, from art and craft to recycling and upcycling! Plus much, much more… Keep picking up your copy of the Female Focus and we will keep you updated on all the Show’s latest news and new features for next Spring! If there is something specific you would like to see at the next show, drop us an email to and if we can source it we will! To be involved as a sponsor, or be part of a Show feature, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss potential ideas. To book a stand at the most prestigious event of the year, again contact the events team on 695 399 841 or email, or via Facebook and

Active Surfaces CB

Spain’s Leading Rubber Surfacing Company Covering the entire Costa Blanca

Safe Surfaces for Play, Sports & Leisure

662 679 467

With seamless and colourful wet lay rubber surfacing we can improve your pool or play area whilst offering protection to your children and residents.

Your children will love this surface. Call Rob on 662 679 467 for an appointment.


Ideal for:-

If you are looking for a totally nonslip, colourfast and cost effective surface then we can provide the ideal solution. We can include patterns, pool depth numbers, and designs or logos. Why not call us for a free no obligation quotation. We will visit you with our range of 19 colours and provide you with an on the spot quotation. We will also answer any questions you may have about the product.

We offer a 2 year labour warranty backed up by a 10 year manufacturers warranty on materials & are fully legal & registered in Spain.

Communities Swimming Pools Play Areas Terraces Rubber Walk & Driveways Theme Parks Golf Courses Sports Grounds

See our Facebook page to view some completed projects

Proud to collorate with DEBRA, charity for children with butterfly skin. Safety surfaces allow children to have safe play areas.


Easy To Clean Slip Resistant Impact Absorbing Hard Wearing Self Draining Environmentally Friendly Colourful UV Resistant

Active Surfaces

Stage Diary by Benny Davis

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Now in its tenth year, the Stage Diary is not only an important guide to what’s on in all regions, but is also an on-line web introduction to potential expats researching community life in Spain. The diary also acts as a planning guide to assist groups avoid unnecessary clashes of production dates. Actors Community T h e a t re C o m p a n y : Harriet is happy, the two men in her life are happy. Is she "errr" with both of them? Do they know about each other? What could possibly go wrong? Go and see ACTS perform 'Key for Two' by John Chapman and Dave Freeman on 26th, 27th and 28th October at Benijofar Cultural Centre. Ticket hotlines: and 646 277 724 and various local outlets, or to join this happy group contact: Cantabile Ladies Choir: Unfortunately, because of technical problems, the Choir have had to defer their autumn concert 'Far Away Places' until the beginning of next year. However, they will be giving a concert of carols in December, details of which will appear in the next edition of Female Focus. They are still welcoming new members, if interested contact: Rehearsals, Fridays 2.45pm to 5pm at La Siesta Church, Torrevieja. Caprice: Caprice ladies choir are now in the final few weeks of rehearsal for their next concert 'Love is Here to Stay' which will be performed on Thursday 26th October, 7.30pm, in the Salon Blau, Calpe. The concert is in support of Calpe and Benissa Lions. For more information contact musical director Aileen: 696 514 613 or

Costa Blanca M a l e Vo i c e Choir: CBMVC start the new season with an Autumn Concert at Benitachell Church on 6th October and will be taking part in the RBL Remembrance Day Service at Moraira church on 11th November. The choir are also rehearsing for Christmas Carol Concerts at Benitachell Church on 13th December and Teulada Church on 15th December. Further information can be obtained from Mike Evans telephone: 96 574 4577 or email: Footlights: The group performed two charity performances before their summer break. Later, they will begin work on a ‘Christmas show’ to be performed in the Marina Alta and Baixa areas during December. The group are actively looking for new members for both acting and dancing parts for this exciting original production. All ages and abilities are welcome. Please contact: or call: chairman, Giovanna Wallis: 634 347 937 for more information. Jávea Players: The box office at is now open for Ron Skinner's production, ´On Golden Pond´ a touching, funny and warming perceptive study of a spirited and loveable elderly couple facing their twilight years, which plays the Union Musical, Gata from the 7th to the 11th November. Curtain-up 8pm. Seats are priced at 12.50€. Parties of 10 and over enjoy a drink on the house. N e w C a r d i n a l T h e a t re Group: ‘Let Us Entertain You’ is in rehearsals to be staged at the Cardinal Theatre on 18th, 19th and 20th October. Doors open 7pm, curtain up 7.30pm. Tickets at 7€ are now available from the tourist office in Urb La Marina, the council office, Cards Are Us, or Pam Sutton: 96 679 6828 and Sue: 96 671 3822. For more information or membership details contact Tom Ford: 96 679 0547. All ticket sales donated to charity. continued on next page



Careline Theatre: New box office number: 605 181 726. Careline's autumn production in Alcalali is 'Nil By Mouth' by John Chapman, directed by Dennis Arthurs.

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This hilarious farce is set in a mixed ward of an under-funded and under-staffed NHS hospital (sound familiar?). With mistaken identities, wrong diagnoses, visitors becoming patients and all manner of medical mishaps. Dates are 19th to 21st October. Call the Box Office or email on

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Oliva Drama and Cultural Association: ODCA are now rehearsing for their next performance, the pantomime 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. This will be staged at the Olimpia Theatre, Oliva, in February, more information next month. They meet every Saturday morning in Oliva, so if you are interested in joining, please phone 644 889 155 or email Phoenix Dancers: The Dancers have started rehearsals for their forthcoming Charity Shows and ´Christmas Extravaganza´. Anyone interested in any types of dancing and helping the various charities should get in touch with choreographer Phaedra. Rojales Pantomime Group: Auditions and rehearsals commence this month for their pantomime ‘Alibaba and the Forty Thieves’. The production will be staged on January 2018 at the Music Centre in Los Montesinos. There is still plenty of time to get involved be it on stage or behind the scenes. Please call Thelma: 634 339 588 or email: for further information. Rascals: Rascals have started rehearsing their ´Christmas Singalong´ at Sacko's Bar, El Limonar on Monday and Thursday mornings at 11am. New members are welcome. A music man is required, so if you are interested in joining this social group, or if you like to sing or dance and would like to take part in shows that raise money for local charities contact Jill: 96 672 7282. Sounds Familiar: The Company are looking for new members to join them in their new production, ‘The Pirates of Penzance’. The show has been re-vamped with updated music and the direction is closer to musical theatre than the original, although the songs themselves have not been changed. If you are interested in taking part please contact Philip on: 96 558 1483 for more information. Stagestruck: The Company have been busy performing their well-attended Murder Mysteries in local bars, in support of local charities including Alzheimer's Torrevieja and a new charity; Life's Too Short, formed to support Breast & Pancreatic Cancers. If you would like to book the group to perform a murder mystery for you, call Jenny: 608 129 983 for more details.

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Studio32: Rehearsals for their winter show have resumed after the summer break. The production is the classic Irving Berlin ´White Christmas´ and will be performed from Wednesday 29th November to Saturday 2nd December at the Cardenal Belluga Theatre in San Fulgencio. Full details are on their website: Tickets are now available priced at 10€ – call Philip: 602 454 033 or Valley Voices: The Voices have recommenced their weekly rehearsals, perfecting a wide repertoire of pop music and songs from the shows, so if you enjoy singing, why not pop along on any Monday afternoon at 4pm to the Animo drop in centre in Alcalali where you will receive a warm welcome. For more details contact Jennie Tollan: 96 648 0062 or Aileen Norbury: 96 648 2382. Velvetones Harmony Choir:

The Choir restart rehearsals this month. They rehearse every Wednesday at El Paraiso Restaurant, Torrevieja between 10am and 12.30pm. For further details telephone: Ena: 96 570 7598 or Mary-Anne: 96 671 4973. They would like to thank the Bridge Bar in Rojales for their support in raising 212€ for Velvetones local charities.

If you would like your group to be included on a strictly regular monthly basis, please contact for full details. Information updated on the 17th of every month for the following month.

FF Serving the community since 1993

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Verbos útiles - Useful verbs - The A - C of useful Spanish verbs, this is something SPANISH WORD SEARCH we had already done in our sister publication The QF Focus Magazine that proved so popular we thought we would bring it to a wider audience (with new grids), next month covering the D - H of verbs. Try and find the 25 Spanish (blue) words, remember they can go up, down, across, diagonally or even backwards and to make it harder, some letters will have been used more than once! ABRIR - to OPEN ACABAR - to FINISH / END ACEPTAR - to ACCEPT / APPROVE ANDAR - to WALK ALCANZAR - to REACH / CATCH UP APARECER - to APPEAR / SHOW UP AYUDAR - to HELP BEBER - to DRINK BUSCAR - to SEARCH / LOOK FOR CAER - to FALL CAMBIAR - to CHANGE CHARLAR - to CHAT CONDUCIR - to DRIVE COMENZAR - to BEGIN / START COMER - to EAT COMPRENDER - to UNDERSTAND CONOCER - to KNOW (people, places) CONSEGUIR - to GET / OBTAIN CONSIDERAR - to CONSIDER CONTAR - to COUNT / TELL CONVERTIR - to CONVERT / CHANGE CORRER - to RUN CREAR - to CREATE / MAKE CREER - to BELIEVE CUMPLIR - to FULFIL / CARRY OUT



Here are two Sudoku puzzles of different skill levels for you to try. Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repeats, that means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box. See classified section for Sudoku answers

Thousands raised for DEBRA, The Butterfly Children Charity

The tropical gardens and landscaped pool and waterfalls of Camping International Resort La Marina, was the setting for the XIII Butterfly Charity Ball. The event raised an outstanding €6,378.15 for The Butterfly Children Charity, DEBRA. The Butterfly Children Charity would like to thank everyone who helped make this event so successful, especially Mary Chambers and Sue Rogers for all their hard work in organising the event and all our guests who attended the event and gave so generously. We thank you for giving us wings!

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Gandia Area Social Club (International) Put More Life In Your Life With The GASC!! The club has been in existence for 30 years plus (!) but has grown in strength in every way in the last few years. We hold monthly Dinner Dances with live (high class) entertainment at the Viva EspaĂąa Restaurant on the N-332 in Oliva. Apart from the music nights we have monthly quiz and dinner evenings and weekly sporting activities, badminton, walking, hiking, petanque and trips away. There are always lots of good things happening to enjoy in the GASC! Thursday 19th October - Dine & Dance with Showaddywaddy Legend. Thursday 16th November - Back by popular demand: ABBA Elite. Surely the club has never had such a wonderful reaction to entertainers for a Dinner Dance. Thursday 14th December - Christmas Party - A Spectacular Evening with Angie Lang. As ever, all are welcome. Membership is only 7â‚Ź per year but non-members are welcome, too. Please see our website: especially the What's On page. To book events please email: See our Facebook too!

FF - Supporting Local Charities



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U3A Calpe Badminton Group

A fun, friendly group who are very welcoming of all levels of players, with much encouragement given to new beginners. There is no charge and spare racquets and shuttlecocks are available. Around 16 normally play mixed doubles, with often an equal mix of men and women. Whole families have been known to play. They meet in the indoor sports hall on Thursday mornings from 11.30am until 1.30pm. Afterwards they go to the onsite cafe/ bar. If you wish to join this group phone Badminton Group leader David Lodge on 96 587 4799. Membership of Calpe U3A is only 10€ per year and you can enjoy all the benefits.

New Season for Coral Clásica Javiense Coral Clásica Javiense, an international choir in Jávea, began its new season of rehearsals on Friday, 15th September. Choir practice is held each Friday from 4pm to 6pm at the Instituto Musical, Avda. Juan Carlos 1, in Jávea/Xábia. This year for their Christmas concert they will perform the second part of the Christmas Oratorio by J.S. Bach (cantatas 4 - 6). The choir is proud to have a new musical director, Asunción Tarrassó. Asunción is the cellist of the Orchestra of the Marina Alta (OMA). She is also engaged in further training as a choir mistress at the university Carlos III in Madrid. This brings about an even closer cooperation of the choir and the OMA under its director Francesc Estévez. The choir members come from the entire region of the Marina Alta, and even the Marina Baixa, from Altea in the south to Ràfol d’Almúnia in the north. A rich variety of singers of different nationalities - German, British, Dutch, Spanish, Swiss, and American at last count - all come together to sing classical music. New singers are always welcome. They have a special need for tenors! Those who would just like to be occasional guests may visit and observe if they like. Potential choir members need a basic ability to read music, and should have some experience of choir work. It helps to be familiar with the classical works which we will perform. Still, if you are “green but keen”, this choir and our hard-working director can support you on a steep learning curve. For further information see our web site or phone your enquiries to 676 285 493.

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Mountain Walking Calpe U3A

This is another successful Calpe U3A group that has been going for a long time. Walks are moderately strenuous or strenuous, suitable for fit mountain walkers. No program is now compiled and in order to give more flexibility walks are decided week by week. Information is emailed to regular walkers and is posted on the group's Facebook page called 'Calpe U3A Mountain Walkers', which you can request to join if you are interested. Once a month an easier walk also takes place which is at a slower pace although still a good walk that requires some fitness. The Group Leader is Lee ONeil and his telephone number for more information is 669 735 617.

U3A Vall del Pop What’s On Programme October 5th – General Meeting. Speaker Byron Dawson – Astronomy October 10th – U3A Vall del Pop Singers [renamed Casual Choir] performing 1960/70s music at a Cava & Cake afternoon at the home of our President between 4pm-6pm. Please contact TCET for tickets. November 2nd – General Meeting. Speaker Daniel Herranz – Spanish Taxes / Brexit Update November 3rd – Trip to Cocentina Medieval Fayre, held since 1346. [Cost 8.50€] December 2nd – Xmas Dinner dance at Salon Canor, Teulada. Being held with Calpe U3A. Entertainment by Sharni. [Cost 33€] December 9th – General Meeting, with Xmas Festivities December 15th – Bring & Share Xmas party at Jalon Penisionista. Music from Mike. [Cost 6€] December 23rd – 27th December - Xmas 2017 [5 days and 4 nights] in Nerja, including trips to Malaga, Almunecar and Frigilana Visit our website,, for further details of what’s going on and of our groups.

FF -

FF Serving the community since 1993

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Peter Johnson & Magnum Productions Present One Night in Vegas Here is the show we have all been waiting for! Featuring three of the best tribute artists around with a show that has real “Las Vegas” flavour. This show has it all, with Neil Diamond, Tom Jones and Elvis Presley tributes accompanied by the Vegas Show Girls. The One Night in Vegas Show will be on Sunday 19th November in the Auditori Municipal in Ondara and Magnum Productions will be hosting the event with their unparalleled sound and lighting systems. Tickets cost 15€ and there will be a bar and first class raffle. For tickets or information please call 96 649 9954 or email: All profits will go to the ISVH Bomberos and Cruz Roja.

"The Golden Girls" did it! As promised, Angie, Dorothy and I did our Tandem skydives to raise money for charity on September 9th and what an amazing experience it was! As you can imagine, for 3 "mature" ladies, this was a HUGE thing to do, but focussing on being able to fund raise to help others was a good incentive for us.

I am extremely proud of my 2 fellow golden girls - to say they were brave is an understatement. The aim was to raise 500€ to pay for the Christmas Party and presents for the children of the single parents who the charity supports. Thanks to the generosity of supporters in Spain and the UK we have done very well but not quite reached the target. If you can appreciate what the "The Golden Girls" have done you may wish to add a donation, however small to help us reach our goal. Please go to the Guardian Angels website and click "donate" where you can pay by credit or debit card or Paypal. Alternatively you can do a bank transfer. If you would like to donate cash please contact me, Tricia Barr at

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Grant a Wish Pink and Blue Ball success Such an amazing day and night was had by all at the Oceana Grant a Wish Pink and Blue Ball.

After months of planning and organising the biggest event Grant a Wish has ever held, the day finally came and on 27th September at the stunning Oceana Club Benissa, 180 guests arrived dressed from head to toe in pink and blue. They enjoyed a full day of outstanding talented musicians, amazing gastronomy, a magician, auctions, raffles, celebrity David van Day was present, and amazing fireworks to finish off the most perfect day. The phenomenal amount of €12,200 was raised and a big thank you goes to all the local businesses, to all of our wonderful volunteers, and to the amazing Oceana and their fabulous crew for their dedication and hard work. We already have plans for next year's event which will be even bigger and better!

U3A Marina Baixa events and meeting dates Following a summer break for many of the groups, we are “back to normal”! For potential new members, we have many varied groups, some are weekly and some are monthly, as follows: Weekly: Spanish Language, Intermediate Bridge, Golfing Group, Guitar Lessons, Chaps, Chatter and Coffee, Calligraphy, Crafts and Petanca. Monthly: Watercolour Painting, Writers Group, Ten-pin Bowling, Picnic Group, Classical Music, Café Philo, Spanish Culture, Dining Out, Sunday Strollers and Solo Amigos. We also have on demand, a Members Assistance Group. For further information on any of the Groups, please see the details below. U3A Marina Baixa holds its general meetings on the fourth Monday of each month in the auditorium at the Casa de Cultura, Alfaz del Pi. The next Meeting is on Monday 30th October, the doors open at 10am and the desks close at 10.50am for a prompt 11am start, please come early to sign in and get your seat! If you have not heard of this Association and would like to join, please visit or our Facebook page, to find out more information. If you do not have internet access, please contact the secretary, Joan Flint on 96 586 1226 or mobile 663 637 167.

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Autumn Antiques Fair The 12th October is the date to remember for the Autumn Antiques Fair in Salon Canor, Calle Assagador, Teulada, 03724 where there will be a full house of exhibitors selling lovely antique, vintage, retro and collectible items. Once again we are supporting several very worthwhile charities, AKIRA, The Lions of Calpe, and what was Emaus but is now called Centro Acogida de Menores or CAM Benissa, and for the next 2 fairs leading up to Christmas the lovely Claire Nicholas Rauche will be selling her calenders for the needy of Calpe, in which all the photographs used are taken by Claire. The bar is open all day for bar food and drinks, and parking and entrance are free of charge. We look forward to seeing you and through the pages of Female Focus would like to thank all our regulars for your continued support, without you we have no fair. If you need any help call us on 96 573 2741 or 626 795 587.

World Mysteries Discussion Group This is a friendly discussion group which meets up every second and fourth Thursday from 6pm to 8pm at the Espai Abiar, Benitachell, located opposite the Benitachell Police Station at the corner of CamĂ­ Abair and Avinguda de Valencia. We discuss all types of subjects including the Egyptian Pyramids, crop circles, lost civilisations, the Sumerian tablets that have been translated by researchers to give us new insight into the ancient past, the recently discovered Bosnian Pyramids which remain a great historical mystery and the mysteries regarding ancient artefacts that were constructed with amazing precision before the invention of modern day tools. We aim to promote investigation and research in order to share information and discuss interesting unexplained topics. A speaker will discuss various topics and this is followed by a question and answer session where all will be invited to discuss the subject of the talk and expand on the themes. The group offers those who are interested the opportunity to learn more about fascinating findings which includes details of ancient and long lost civilisations. Who knows you may become an Indiana Jones or Lara Croft ancient civilisation researcher yourself and find out about things that have been lost in time! For more information email

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Rivingtons Restaurant 5th Anniversary

FF - Now in our 25th year

Established in October 2012, Rivingtons restaurant has grown to become one of the best venues to eat and drink in Guardamar Del Segura. Situated at the edge of the pine forest leading down to the beautiful Playa Del Rebollo, it provides both local and international guests with a wide range of food and drink. It is proud to have built up a loyal client base and excellent local suppliers as well as some good friends during their first 5 years of business in Spain. From humble beginnings Rivingtons is now entering its third major phase of growth this winter, building on its friendly and professional service, the restaurant will continue to deliver both established and original events. It will be offering new creative dishes to compliment changing tastes and cooking processes as well as incorporating a few of the most popular items from the summer season menu. Anita, the owner, along with Head Chef, Panagotis Koukios assisted by his supportive team of kitchen staff will be working hard to tantalise your taste buds with an innovative use of seasonal and local produce. He is also in the process of developing menus for Christmas and New Year that will incorporate both a classic and contemporary twist on traditional festive foods. In addition to the festive events Rivingtons will be introducing weekly Friday food festival events throughout the winter season. The events for October are detailed in the main advertisement, all events are on a booking only basis. Please take a look and either call in to book, or give us a call on 96 672 7748, or email us at if you would like any further information. If you want to reserve a place for the festive season these events are extremely popular and require early reservations.

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Aircrew Association Costa Blanca. Former and serving aircrew of the UK or Allied Armed Forces are very welcome to join this convivial and friendly organisation, now in its 29th year. Details from the Secretary on: 96 640 4123. Alfaz Spiritual Foundation – Spiritual church in Alfaz de Pi, meets at the Forum Mare Nostrum, Camino de Pincho 02, every Thursday at 6.30pm for Divine Service. Each week there is a different medium, international and 'home grown' giving evidence that life is eternal. Following the demonstration of mediumship, there is the opportunity to receive healing. Mediums offer workshops and private readings. If interested and for more information please visit Almoradi scrabble club. We meet at Cafebar Almoradi on the last Tuesday of the month from 3pm. We really want to extend our membership. If you are interested please come and join us, or for more info call 694 437 698 or Amigos de Benitachell Charity Shop can be found on Crta. Moraira No. 18, Benitachell. It is open Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm, Saturday 10am to 12.30pm. Donated items are always welcome. They are looking for volunteers. If you can spare some time for this worthy cause please call their president Carole on 620 781 034 or pop into the shop between 10am and 1pm weekdays. Amigos de Make a Smile Charity Shop We have lots of good quality second hand clothes, handbags, small pieces of furniture, children's clothes, shoes and bedding. Find us at the bottom of the dual carriageway in Teulada on the left hand side near to the Rodafoc fire shop. We are also looking for volunteers to help us in the shop. So if you could spare a few hours a week come along and talk to the team. Avenida del Mediterráneo, 4 Teulada. Open Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm. Benimar Social Club meet at 8pm on a Tuesday evening at the Rojales Steak Bar. We enjoy quizzes, bingo with cards, coach trips, a meal every month and more. Call Bob on 96 618 4114 for more information. Benitachell Christian Fellowship. Looking for an English speaking church close to Moraira, Teulada or Benissa? Then you are welcome to visit Benitachell Christian Fellowship. Our Sunday service starts at 11am and runs for about 75 minutes. Whether you are a resident or visitor,

please feel free to come along – we have a number of visiting speakers, the welcome is warm, the music is good and parking is nearby. Call Eric on 678 980 151 or Ann on 96 647 0303 for details and directions. For further information about the Fellowship, directions and map visit Bettas Torrevieja RFC new rugby club, based on traditional ethics, respect, training by the Nelson Mandela Stadium on Wednesdays and Sundays 20.30-22.00. Contact Javi on 603 727 179 for more information. Calpe Christian Fellowship. We are an English speaking church located in the Perlamar Center. Our service starts at 11am every Sunday. All are welcome. Tel: 670 491 286 or 605 655 982. Catral Writers Club. Every last Wednesday afternoon of the month, we meet to discuss cultural issues. If interested please contact: Chess Mates. Whether you are new to Chess or experienced come and join our friendly group of men and women for a couple of hours every Tuesday afternoon in Jalon. You will be made most welcome! Call me and I will tell you more. Rod on 96 573 4209 or 605 231 331. Costa Blanca Computer Club. After our Summer break our first club meeting in the Sierra Bernia School is planned for 9th September, starting at 10am. From that date we meet regularly every Saturday from 10am to 1pm. You can find our detailed meeting programme for September at our web page Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers. The CBMW is a group of people who get together twice a week to enjoy walking in the mountains of the Costa Blanca. Anyone is welcome to come along. Visit for information on upcoming walks and guidelines. Crime Watch Spain. (Vecinos Colaborando Costa Blanca). We try to reduce crime and vandalism in our communities. We try to look after the citizens. We also teach Spanish. Email: Jávea Computer Club. The club is open to new and existing members from 9.30 a.m. until 12.30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week Whatever your computing needs, we can probably help. So why not come along and get some assistance. Membership annual subscription still just 10€ with a one-off joining fee of 10€. Further information on the Club


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web site: or or email Jalon Valley Help events. Casa de Ánimo, Alcalalí: First Sunday of the month: Afternoon Tea 4-6pm, Tuesday Morning Drop-in: 10am to 1pm – a cuppa and a chat. Thursday Craft Group: from 2pm – sewing and knitting. First and Third Fridays: Art Group 2-4pm – beginners welcome. For information on any of the above call Alison on 96 648 2166. Charity Shops:10am-1pm Mon-Sat (Alcalalí 96 648 2970, Jalón 96 648 0944). Enquiries: 659 624 643 – also for loan of medical equipment eg wheelchairs, walking frames etc. No charge but a deposit is requested. Home knitters & volunteers needed. Jávea International Baptist Church (JIBC), Pastor Steve Hall. Sunday Service is at 10.30am at The Church Centre, Carrer Favara 8, Jávea, (just off the Plaza de la Constitucion in the old town or “Pueblo”, where the open air market is normally held on Thursdays.) For further information please access our website: or call 96 579 5847. Make a Smile Recycle Heroes Need Your Help. Dennis and Barbara accept any household items, furniture, electrical and clothes etc for the recycle projects. They are happy to do total house clearances. The items are given a bit of TLC and sold in rastros and auctions to provide funds for the charity. They can be contacted on 660 961 585 or 96 583 6814. Moraira World Mysteries Discussion Group. This is a friendly discussion group which meets up every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 6pm to 8pm at the Espai Abiar, Benitachell, located opposite the Benitachell Police Station at the corner of Camí Abair and Avinguda de Valencia. We aim to promote investigation and research in order to share information and discuss topics related to phenomena or events which are not easy explained and try to come up with theories to explain them. For more information email morairaworldmystery@ Oliva Chess Group. We meet in Oliva every Thursday morning. New members welcome whatever your standard. For further details please contact Graham on 609 970 621 or email continued on facing page


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FF Helping local charities

Royal British Legion, Gran Alacant & La Marina Branch meets on the first Monday of the month at 18:00 at La Taberna - next to the Monte Mar Bowls Club & Restaurant, Plaza Mayor (Masa Square), Gran Alacant. New members are always welcome, and remember, You do NOT have to be Ex-Services to join us. Further details and/ or directions from Robin 96 669 5423 or Brian 639 917 971. Email: Royal British Legion Javea Branch hold their meetings at Paris 24 (Formerly L'Ancora Tennis Club) on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month (except July & August). We meet from 10.30am onwards for coffee and a chat, our meeting starts at 11.30am. We have a very good Social Programme throughout the year. We would love to see members and none members coming to our meetings and join in. We would make you feel most welcome. Pamela Dawes, Membership Sec, RBL Javea Branch, contact 96 579 0123 or 617 789 883. Spiritual Friends is a non-religious group of spiritual minded people who meet every Wednesday afternoon at Sol Park Moraira. Meetings start at 2.30pm. Each week different spiritual or holistic subjects are discussed by invited speakers or amongst ourselves. For the full programme see the website email: or contact Jan on 600 837 054. Tennis. Old Bats and Balls is a happy and friendly group who play every Thursday morning at the Rafol courts. All levels are welcome and subs are affordable

for all. We also enjoy a sociable lunch every month after playing. If you wish to know more please telephone or email to; 605 231 331 or The Royal Naval Association, Torrevieja Branch meet on the first Wednesday of every month at Bar/Restaurante El Paraiso near Carrefour, Torrevieja at 5pm and remember you don’t have to have served in the Royal Navy to become a member. We look forward to seeing you soon! If you would like to join the ship mates or just find out more please phone Chairman Paul Edwards on 618 644 934, Vice Chairman Danny Kay on 96 671 6274 or Secretary Margaret Forshaw on 96 692 1996. Torrevieja Christian Fellowship is a lively English speaking church located at Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas 68,Torrevieja 03183. Residents and holiday makers are welcome to attend our services every Sunday at 10.30am with communion and “kids church”. Fellowship meetings (Bible Study) Wednesdays starting at 6pm. For further information see our website or call 96 670 0391. Valleys Bridge Club. Come and join us for a friendly game of Duplicate Bridge. We meet every Thursday at El Cid in Benidoleig, 1.30pm for play to commence at 2pm. New members are always most welcome and will be starting lessons for beginners on Wednesday 4th October. For further information contact either Brenda on 96 640 4533 or Tina on 96 558 4135. Xàbia Book Circle. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month in the Centro Social, Xàbia Old Town, beside the Health Centre, at 6.30pm for a 6.45pm start, and we finish at 8.45pm. You can also follow our activities on our website For more information please contact the Xàbia Book Circle Secretary, Nina Davies on 96 579 1782 or Calling all groups and charities Send your forthcoming events and information to before the 18th of the month prior to publication.


Oliva Art Group. We meet in Oliva every Tuesday evening 6pm until 8pm. New members welcome, whatever your standard. For further information contact Graham 609 970 621 or email PLJ Spiritual Social Centre. We meet at the Albir Cultural Social Centre (between Mercadonna and Sol Albir Estate Agents) every Wednesday evening at 6.45pm. We are a group of friendly spiritually minded people who are non profit, non political and non religious. Each week, there will be discussions and demonstrations on various topics and ideas based on Spiritual, metaphysical, and mystical themes with occasional guest speakers or mediums. For more information contact: Pauline: 602 559 062 Jan: 603 259 169 or Lyn: 663 315 532. FB:- pljspiritualsocialcentre. Email:- Royal British Legion Benidorm Branch meet at 11am on the first Friday of each month at Ciudad Patricia Benidorm. They also have a monthly lunch and various social events. New and old members most welcome. Please contact or call James on 677 786 559 for more details. Royal British Legion Calpe Branch meet every Friday at 11.30am at Restaurant Dracula, Calpe Port (opp. Baydal Restaurant). New members always welcome. Come along and meet new friends and enjoy the monthly outings. Please contact Norman Hodgkiss, on 96 574 7410 or


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Arts and Crafts in Exponucía trade fair in La Nucía Over the long weekend of 7th, 8th and 9th October (the 9th being the Día de la Comunidad Valenciana) La Nucía will hold its fourth Exponucía in the enormous sports complex Camilo Cano. What started as a local trade fair has grown into a big event that attracts more people each year from the whole county.  More than 80 companies and businesses set up their stands in the main hall and outside there will be areas with new cars, a children’s playground and a big marquee housing the Oktoberfest (German beer festival). And this year as a novelty also an original craft fair of Amata, the same association that has been organising the well known medieval market in La Nucía. For the first time some twenty or more craftsmen and women will set up shop in Exponucía, offering a wide variety of quality hand made goods, from pottery and ceramics to wooden and soft toys, from lamps made of drift wood to ceramic castles, and jewellery of many different materials: silver, macramé, leather, wood, silk and glass. All different and all hand made. Amata has spent the last 20 years or so organising markets as a way of helping to preserve the arts and crafts in Spain.  Amata takes a careful look at people wishing to take part in one of its markets and selects for quality and originality. They use the words Artesanía de Autor® to announce their fairs, to make sure that nobody is in doubt about the originality of all that is on sale: the “author” is present in each and every stall. Many stallholders bring along their materials and tools so that they can work during the market - an interesting way of getting to know how things are actually made. Often small alterations or additions can be made to suit the requirement of the visitor.  The visitor can see with what care and love each object is made, and how much time and skill is required here a man /woman working with clay and there another will be carving wood or bone, or another working with macramé or copper wire and semi-precious stones to make original jewellery. You can even have a go at a potter’s wheel and make your own little bowl to take home. It’s all there, to be seen and remembered.   Exponucía opens to the public on Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th and Monday 9th (bank holiday) October from 10am to 9pm.  The sports complex is called Ciudad Deportiva Camilo Cano and to get to it, you drive from Benidorm to La Nucia, and where you turn normally left to the Sunday Rastro, you turn right and follow the signs. Entry is free and, being a sports complex, there is ample parking space.  For more information you can call 639 979 678 (English spoken), or look at

Farewell to Biker Babe Noelle

The Pride of Jávea Classic Car and Bike Show on 17th September was chosen by friends of Noelle Wyman to be the perfect location for a fitting tribute to a special lady, simply known to many from her time as a presenter on Bay Radio as ‘Auntie Noelle’.

With thanks to the support of Telitec, 100 helium filled balloons each carrying a label with a message from her friends and past listeners were released. Centre stage for the photo-call was her husband, Bob James. Noelle lost her fight with cancer in May this year and this was the first opportunity for the biking community and members of the public to show their love, respect and admiration for someone who always had a smile and kind word for everyone. She will indeed be sadly missed. Noelle will be remembered for many things, not least helping to establish the Charity Biker Babe Appeal back in 2013 that, to date, has raised 54,000€ for the Children of Emaus. Noelle Wyman (31st Jan 1961 – 27th May 2017) R.I.P.

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FF - going further than the rest

Calling retired Anglican Priests and readers Carry on your Ministry on the Costa Blanca The Anglican Chaplaincy of St Peter and St Paul Torrevieja covers the South Costa Blanca from La Marina to La Manga.


Our ministry is mainly to the English speaking community and our eight churches attract people from all Christian denominations. We are fortunate in having a full time Chaplain, Father Richard Seabrook, who is assisted by a Ministry Team of retired Priests and Licensed Readers. We are always looking for people to join our Ministry Team and this is where you come in! The congregations in our churches enthusiastically proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and take that message out into their local communities through a whole variety of Christian, social and fundraising activities. We have four fellowship groups throughout the Chaplaincy area where we learn, share and continue to grow as Christians. We are looking for people to join us and bring their experience for us to learn from and, hopefully, add to. So, if you have retired to the Costa Blanca after service to God but are keen to carry on your ministry and proclamation of the Good News of Christ, albeit in a less formal way, get in touch with Father Richard (details below). If you would like to find out a bit more about who we are and what we do before you make a formal approach there is a lot of information on our Chaplaincy website on, our Chaplaincy Facebook page on, or Campoverde Church's Facebook page on Contact: Father Richard Seabrook on 96 684 0136 or 693 932 438 or email in the first instance.

Going, going, gone ... HELP Murcia Mar Menor are holding an auction at La Zona Bar on Friday 20th October. Bring items for auction to the restaurant between 11am and 1pm to be booked in. Viewing for the general public is at 2.30pm and hammer down at 3.30pm. 10€ for 3 items or 4€ for one item. The auction fees will be donated to HELP Murcia Mar Menor. The money raised on your items goes home with you. There is a 10% surcharge on items sold for 20€ or more. For more information call 637 920 882 or 96 857 0059.

MABS Cancer Support Group Glitz & Glam Fashion Show The Fashion show will be held at Las Claras Centro Civico, Los Alcazares on Tuesday 7th November at 2.30pm. Doors open 2pm. There will also be a sale of high quality used clothing and accessories. Tickets available from MABS Charity Centre, Calle Ramon & Cajal 12, San Javier at only 3€, or pay at the door... but limited numbers! Bar facilities available.

307€ Raised For Huntington's Disease Association There was a full house last month for the Fun Quiz held at Cafe Almoradi in aid of Huntington's Disease sufferers. It was a close fought contest, eventually won by a team of 4 “AJ Concern” from El Raso. The same team also won the “Spot Prize” of 25€, kindly donated by Paul Bell from Golden Leaves (Funeral Plan Company), who also attended the event. Organisers of the quiz, Martin and Christine Watkins were very pleased with the magnificent 307€ raised during the evening, which will go a long way towards helping HD sufferers in the Costa Blanca area. Date for your diary. The next fundraising event for Huntington's, will be on Saturday 14th October at Bar Catorce in Benijofar. It will be an evening of entertainment and food for just 7.50€ per person. To book places, please contact the bar direct on 96 684 9030. Huntington's Disease, which is often called HD, is a hereditary disorder of the central nervous system. It is a terminal illness, affecting both men and women, causing a very wide range of symptoms, including uncontrollable movements; loss of speech and ability to swallow; incontinence and loss of memory functions, as well as depression and changes in personality. There is currently no cure. If you would like more information about HD, or are interested in helping this worthwhile local charity, then please contact Marion Smith on 634 905 249, or visit the website

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Health & Beauty

FREE CONSULTATION - BOOK NOW, Does the weather ruin your make-up. Permanent Eyebrows & Eyeliner are the perfect solution. Elements Beauty Spa In Denia. w w w. e l e m e n t s b e a u t y s p a . e s Call: 966 424 647.


MAN AND VAN for hire, cheap & reliable. Jalon valley & surrounding areas. 96 648 0757 (9.30-1.30) or 636 100 873.

MOSQUITO CONTROL ALERT! Beat the bite with our garden treatments. Contact FOG OFF Mosquito Control for a FREE no obligation quote and start enjoying your garden again. Call or WhatsApp 681 097 730. NEED A BUILDER hairdresser or plumber, need an email, website or number, don’t have our magazines to hand? Try the fastest growing online business directory for the Costa Blanca



TRANSLATOR AND INTERPRETER English/Spanish. All legal, medical and business matters. Covering the Costa Blanca. Contact: 658 957 404 or

WE BUY ANY CAR, don’t sell your car without calling us first for your FREE instant quote Tel. 630 961 755. I BUY RECORDS LPs, EPs, SINGLES. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s years. Good prices paid. Tel. 96 285 1809 - 622 750 117. FLOOR TILES (10m2), to make a room easy to maintain and disinfect, where we treat hurt/ abandoned animals. Minimum price/free. Quesada-Catral. Email

Employment FULL TIME, SECONDARY ART TEACHER Elian´s British School in la Nucia is looking for a secondary Art teacher. You will be required to teach to A level standard. Please continued ....


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Employment TO DRIVE GROWTH and expansion, the Costa Blanca’s leading magazine publisher is seeking sales representatives, part or full time for the Altea - Albir - Alfaz - La Nucia region. Are you? Focused and organised Spanish speaking (desirable) Comfortable making cold calls Well presented and professional Committed to generating new business Willing to provide excellent after-sales support A team player Do you have? Experience making sales (Not a necessity) Own transport Mobile phone Excellent local knowledge Do you want? Excellent commission Contract & Social Security Your own exclusive area Flexible working hours Think you’ve got what it takes? E-mail your CV to - Enquiries will be treated in full confidence.

Misc Sales


FIREWOOD FOR SALE: 6 years old, dried pine wood, all cut to approx 40 cm lengths, approx 3 cubic meters. Buyer collects from my house near Jesus Pobre. Price negotiable when you call. 96 639 3121. DELONGHI NESPRESSO COFFEE machine, brand new boxed, unwanted present cost €90 sell €50. 638 751 370. TWO VENETIAN BLINDS, light teak hard wood slats 150w x250d 100w x 250d with instructions €30 pair. 638 751 370. ROOF RACK THULE, lockable to fit vehicle with parallel roof bars, cost £150 sell €40. 638 751 370. 2 GREEN FOLDING metal framed sun loungers in excellent condition. 35€ for both. Tel. 622 273 030. (Finestrat). WOODEN SLATTED deckchair / sun lounger, excellent condition. 20€. Tel. 622 273 030. (Finestrat). ATLAS COPCO DRILL. Electric heavy duty concrete drill with chuck and assortment of masonry drills. 150€ ONO . Tel 96 671 8403 Quesada. OLD - BUT GOOD working refrigerator 60x60x160 cm, 55€, Jesús Pobre, 96 639 3121. OLD - BUT GOOD working horizontal deep freezer 60x80x126cm, 75€, Jesús Pobre, 96 639 3121. WOODEN DINING CHAIRS, upholstered seats, pine colour, good condition, 5€ each. Ring 690 772 178 (San Fulgencio).

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Female Focus Classifieds


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Misc Sales

continued .... CHAINSAW BLACK DECKER, good working order, 35€. Ring 690 772 178 (San Fulgencio). SENIOR PHONE DORO Easy 611,any SIM, large keys text, camera, bluetooth, fold up, Ring 690 772 178 (San Fulgencio).

4 C E I L I N G FA N S , O f f e r s Telephone 617 875 684. TOSHIBA TV FLAT 32. Bought bigger one.  Excellent condition. €70. 96 687 8466.


PET CAGE LARGE, galvanised, collapsible, detachable tray, 50€. Ring 690 772 178 (San Fulgencio). SATELLITE CABLE FOUR core, 50metres unused on drum, =200m cable. 45€. Ring 690 772 178 (San Fulgencio). ELECTRIC WOOD STOVE, fan assisted convection and radiant heater with log effects, very little use, in good working condition. 70€ Tel 96 647 4431.

Puzzle Solutions

All adverts must be sent with your Name and NIE or Passport Nº (not published). ADVERTS SHOULD BE sent with correct spacing and spelling, the first three words (only) in capitals. Email addresses will not be published on the website or in the magazine unless requested or supplied as part of the main text. FREE CLASSIFIED ADVERTS Sell your unwanted items for FREE! Free adverts cannot be faxed, phoned or posted they must be emailed to Photos can be sent with your free advert, both will be published online but text only in print. Classifieds that are supplied incorrectly, all in capitals or with missing information may well be deleted. ‘Misc sales’ are for example one-off sales of second hand items to the value of 500€ or less. Maximum twenty words per advert/ item & maximum five adverts per person*, (email & web addresses count as three words). Property rental or any type of service, business opportunities, wanted, etc are not free and will be charged at the commercial advert rate. Free Property adverts: Property sale adverts should also be emailed to by the property owner. These adverts will be published free for a 3 month period and can include Property Agent contact details (and photo to be included online only). Commercial adverts: Minimum advert length ten words. 35 cents per word plus 21% IVA per month. Payment can be made by credit card or paypal.

*Free adverts will be published in print on a space permitting basis. If you want to ensure your advert appears, normal commercial rates should be applied.

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Misc Sales

continued ....

TRAVEL COT, CLEAN and in excellent condition with mattress 20€. Tel. 622 273 030. (Finestrat). ATLAS COPCO DRILL. Electric heavy duty concrete drill with chuck and assortment of masonry drills. Tel 96 671 8403 Quesada WOOD BURNING STOVE Rowandale black enamel. 500€, no offers. Two years old, cost 2,400€ new. Photos email MOUNTAIN BIKE 18 gears, Dual suspension, front discs, side stand, suitable for over 5ft 4”, excellent. 75€, 634 318 717 Javea. WALKING/HIKING BOOTS 9€. Also men’s formal black leather slip ons, 5€ each, all size 10 (45). Tel 96 646 1633, Javea. TOYOTA AVENSIS ENGLISH registered, taxed until 31/07/2018, £400 Euros Ono. Telephone 617 875 684.

E P S O M P R I N T E R 1 5 € . Te l 634 322 502. 3 SILVER GAS bottles 10€. Tel 634 322 502. WASHING MACHINE, GOOD working order 90€. Telephone 634 322 502. DISH WASHER, GOOD working order 90€. Tel 634 322 502. THREE TEAK CHAIRS. Beautiful 6 PLACE SETTING Royal Albert semicircle shape, 49cm deep, Country Rose dinner service, 54cm wide, three curved legs. 80€ including plates soup bowls each. Tel 635 421 354. serving dishes, coffee set Including 2 BEDSIDE CABINETS, Divan coffee pot, tea set, matching table bed with 4 drawers (no mattress). cloth and many more accessories. 1 headboard 40€ Ono. Telephone 500€. Tel 634 322 502. 617 875 684. EMERALD AND DIAMOND ring SAMSUNG AMERICAN STYLE square setting 300€. Tel number double door fridge freezer, 50€ 634 322 502. Ono. Telephone 617 875 684. Focus On


Vega Baja

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Property Services Legal & Finance House & Home Trades & Services Health & Beauty Infotech & Marketing


BOOK NOW w being

Bookings no ga Baja taken for the Ve out in edition 12 due r. Novembe

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ina Alt a Issue out this month 14

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449€ A+


Confort from €


A++ 10 Year Guarantee



General Plumbing • Gas Installations & Tanks Central Heating • Aircon • Solar Systems Pool Heating Repairs & Maintenance • etc

Moraira Plumbing and Heating

CC Moravit • Ctra Moraira-Calpe 296 Moraira Calpe Coast Rd • Moraira 620 523 613 • 966 498 993 • PHILIPS 50 INCH TV with wall P A U L ´ S E M P O R I U M I N brackets and sky box. 30€ Ono. Pedreguer. Weekly changing Telephone 617 875 684 stock. Everything priced to sell. BOOST YOUR GOOGLE ranking Why pay new when you don’t need with the Costa Blanca’s fastest to? Find us in Pedreguer Industrial growing business directory… Estate. Tel 96 644 7002 or find us With live Facebook feeds turning on Facebook at ‘Paul’s Emporium our readers into your customers Pedreguer’.

Personal ARE YOU SUFFERING through another person drinking? Help is available Al-Anon meets every Thursday in Benidorm at 5pm. The meeting is in Calle Jardines not far from the Railway Station. Our contact number is 634 758 539. CLAIRVOYANT READINGS IN Jávea. Peaceful surroundings. Hilary 677 221 409. AL-ANON FAMILY GROUPS For families and friends of problem drinkers. There are meetings in Torrevieja and Quesada. Phone 692 799 318.


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Autos WE BUY ANY CAR, don’t sell your car without calling us first for your FREE instant quote Tel. 630 961 755.



Pets LOOKING FOR A PET? Turn to the Pet’s pages for details of the many charities who are looking for homes or adoption of their many cats and dogs.


900 525 100



Built 2001. 225m2/ 800m2. West facing. Lovely sea and hillside views. Benissa Coast. 4beds / 3baths. Spa bath. 2 sitting rooms, 2 kitchens, utility. Large naya. All upgraded. E x c e l l e n t decorative order. Gas CH, Double glazing. Auto. gates leading to large driveway. Nice gardens. 9x4m pool with lights. Quiet area. Garage/ workshop/ pump room/ storage. REDUCED from €425,000 to €395,000 for private sale. Tel: 96 649 7841. Mobile: 647 008 223. Email: for photos.

DELIGHTFUL ONE BEDROOM bungalow for sale. Ideal for solo, couple starting out or holiday home. 10 mins walk from Parcent in the Jalon Valley. Set in 400m2 of land. Carport, workshop, picnic area, air-con HyC, log fire, D.G. All services. Was 65,000€. Reduced to 49,000€ L/L 96 640 5043. Mob. 661 069 259. LOVELY AND SPACIOUS apartment for sale in Javea, walking distance from the port and the town, close to shops and doctors and amenities, 3 Double Bed. 2 Bath, pool, garage, large sunny terrace. Offers welcomed. 186.000€. Telephone 619 504 963 or APARTMENT EL VERGER, 75m2, 1 floor with lift. 350m to Les Deveses Beach (Denia). With mountain views, 2 bedrooms, air conditioning, 3 pools (one covered). Parking and storage room. 2 paddel courts. 116.500€ Telephone 650 040 561. S A N TA A G U E D A - C AT R A L , D e t a c h e d v i l l a , 3 d o u b l e bedrooms,1bathroom, Large south facing terrace, own pool, large workshop 4x4mtrs carport. Aprox 1000m2 plot. 800m2 garden easy maintenance. Ideal retirement, living or holiday, easy walk to town of Catral. 150,000€ Tel 680 947 178 . PEDREGUER. FULLY RENOVATED town house. 5 bedrooms. 3 bathrooms. Kitchen to die for. Enormous lounge-dining. Central courtyard. Rooftop terrace with jacuzzi. Has to be seen to be appreciated. Town and all amenities walking distance. Fully furnished. 180,000€. Tel. 659 010 991. FULLY RENOVATED 6 bedroom house in Andalucia. Ideal bed and breakfast or beautiful family home. One hour from Almeria airport. One hour Alicante. Two hours from Granada. Superb outside space. 169,950€. Bargain. Call 622 390 938 or 722 718 056. ALFAZ CENTRE NEAR hotel Moli. 1st floor corner apartment. Small edificio built 2004. 1 bed. Own private gated roof terrace. Free British TV. 79,500€. Tel. 96 588 7387 after 1pm. DETACHED VILLA WITHIN easy walking distance to centre of Moraira (1Km). Comprising 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Large lounge with dining area and open kitchen. Three terraces. Gas central heating. Small easily managed garden. Community swimming pool. €207,000. No agents. Mob. 666 093 116. PROPERTY WITH AMPLE land required for animal lover in Calpe area. Buy or rent. Noah 629 822 399.

FOR SALE ORBA Spacious villa, super views, peaceful position 5 mins from village, well presented with mature gardens. 385.000€ Please Tel: 96 558 1392. FREE PROPERTY ADVERTS To get your free 3 month property advert send your advert content (up to 40 words) to Please include your name, NIE or passport number and address, this is not for publishing but we must have these details on file. And remember you can also send a photo to go with your advert that will be published with your wording on the website. (Wording only in the Female Focus Magazine.)


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