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THE FUTURE STARTS NOW. Autumn. Think about the word. What do you associate with it? A dull and boring period we are approaching? Or as Karlfeldt put it ”the spring the weak call autumn”. Think on the idea - that the feeling should actually be like spring is here. Ignore fading light and falling temperatures. Instead, enjoy new colours and fresher air. Autumn is not the end of the summer, it is the beginning of the future. And for us at ExTe it really starts now. The summer exhibitions around the world have been very successful. Our order books are full. Everything must be produced and delivered, on time. Our large investment in new and more efficient production equipment is spot on. New machines and a completely new and ultra-modern painting plant make us both humble and fill us with self-confidence. We are ready to meet the future’s demands and challenges head on. Proof that we stand by and believe in our products is our industry unique four-year security warranty, which we will introduce for the Swedish market from New Year. It is based on having full control of the quality of our raw materials and in our designs. The warranty is being introduced

for the benefit of hauliers and to minimise their downtime. Along side the larger products and services, we have, of course, introduced a number of smaller and clever solutions for hauliers and drivers. ExTe Link, to name just one example. A small and modest hook. Easy to handle and full of efficient possibilities. And, of course, continued development of our timber bunks and tensioners is in the pipeline. Even if our products are not as complex as the development of new car models, for example, the processes are the same. I.e. they never end. All our products have the potential for improvement, when it comes to design and material use. In order to continue the comparison with the automotive industry. There is endless scope for new models. And that is what is so fascinating about the future. There will always be new conditions that pop up, which we have no idea about today. It is not easy to condense it to something that is as practical for the hauliers but that is our inspiration.

Kjell Jonsson CEO ExTe


If you want to find out quickly what’s happening in ExTe’s (and your) world, you always find the latest news on Facebook or at www.exte.se. You can always find the current ExTe Magazine on our website.

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A clever system for lashing pulp bales with TU tensioners. Video available at exte.se/produkter/spannare/automatiska-spannare-TU

Jan Backberg, (right) is a haulier who is very satisfied with the TU solution on the rig. Bosse Hjelm from ExTe, (centre) has a number of projects on the go where TU is used to secure more than timber. Ulf Backberg is a driver.


About a year ago at Elmia Lastbil, Jan Backberg invested in a rig for the transportation of pulp bales. He replaced the electric winches with 12 TU tensioners. It simply took too long to tension and release using the winches. In consultation with Bosse Hjelm at ExTe, he tested TU tensioners as an alternative. To say it was successful is an understatement. Today, Jan has TU tensioners on another new rig. “Future plans hold a further two, maybe, three rigs with this system”, says Jan. “I want to go all the way. The first trailer has exceeded expectations. It is a really positive and exciting journey. “The advantage of TU tensioners is that they make tensioning and releasing much faster. We save so much time that we get more loads in during a day”, Jan explains. The tensioners are now operated by two cranes at the front of the trailer. “The hope is that ExTe will find a solution with electrically operated valves for the tensioners. This would mean push buttons, which are undeniably easier than knobs”, believes Jan. “I am more than happy. Any imperfections we have experienced have only been minor. It is not an easy environment the tensioners operate in - very dirty. But this hasn’t stopped them working. In principle, the tensioners are maintenance-free. And the drivers are extremely positive. Work is much easier now,” explains Jan. Jan’s company Papper och Massatransporter i Sundsvall AB transports pulp bales for SCA between Östrand and Tunadal. SCA is currently investing in increasing production from 450,000 tonnes to over 1 million tonnes. This means a significant increase in the demand for transportation. EXTE MAGAZINE | 3

"THEY COME FROM THE EAST AND WEST, THEY COME FROM NORTH AND SOUTH.� With all respect for the old hymn. The description is very fitting for Elmia Wood. Visitors came from all over the world. It is not strange that Elmia Wood is by far the world's largest international forestry trade fair. And when the visitors from across the globe descended on it, sooner or later came they across ExTe's stand with the world's widest range of products for safe timber transportation. And there they could find unique solutions for worldwide markets. Light, versatile aluminium bunks, clever combination bunks, steel bunks with wide internal dimensions, folding bunks, bunks with fully or partially folding stakes, not to mention the strong and compact steel bunks for the North American market, and, of course, Com 90, which always attracts attention. In addition, there is the TU tensioner, which has already been a hit with timber hauliers the world over. It was not just the large solutions that ExTe showed. There is ongoing development for the small solutions as well. A couple of examples include the stainless steel chain and the ingenious small hook called ExTe Link.


How many drivers have not been irritated by rusty chains that repeatedly damage work gloves and spread rust. Now all that is in the past. ExTe’s new stainless steel lashing chain retains its new look over time. This creates a better working environment and the chain lasts longer. The 10 m long chain has a lashing capacity of four tonnes. The chain’s certification is issued by The Swedish Transport Administration’s Statute 1998:95 as well as European standard EN 12195-3. ExTe Link is a small, but effective and patented solution. The clever little hook is extremely simple and useful. ExTe Link is used on chain slings and short-link chains. The hook is versatile and can be used with one hand. The design means that there is minimal risk of it getting stuck in the timber.

“This type of chain did not exist on the market before,” explains Lennart Wallström speaking about the stainless steel chain. “But now we have a stainless steel chain that meets demands for a tensile strength of at least 4 tonnes.” “It is in fact more complicated than you think despite it being a relatively simple product. The difficulty with stainless steel is in obtaining the right strength. But this is something we have also solved.

ExTe’s stand staff had their hands full more often than not. A somewhat stressed Ingemar Larsson (bottom left) hurries to meet his French customers. But wait! Or was it Polish or Slovakian customers? Whichever it was, a combination of different languages filled the air, but everybody was seen and had their questions answered.


< “I am extremely pleased with ExTe’s products. They are easy to work with and work well for us ”, thinks Staffan Persson , owner of Ätrans Åkeri. Staffan has a past as owner of Berg's Fegen. "It was an opportunity that led us to sell”, he explains. Now we have four timber trucks and four gravel trucks. The timber trucks are equipped with A5, A6 and A9 bunks and TU tensioners. "Sure, its a hard business, but you have to be able to see the opportunities”, states Staffan.

< Olle Melin, who is ExTe’s dealer in South America, explains how ExTe’s pneumatic trigger and automatic strap roller work to customers from Brazil . They thought it was very interesting. Even though ExTe bunks are manufactured under license in Brazil, adapted for the South American market, the D-bunks with their steel frames and aluminium bunks, were extremely interesting. The greatest interest is always shown when Com 90 is being demonstrated. Elias Hjelm tells of a driver who injured his back. He caught sight of Com 90 on ExTe’s website and och became lyrical. And to that end, the haulier wants him back at work. Nicolas Vernete, transportation manager, and Richard Carmé, production manager, came from International Paper in France. They discussed timber transportation safety with ExTe’s Ingemar Larsson and Bosse Hjelm. The lashing of timber has become more and more highlighted in France, explains Ingemar, who is head of ExTe in France. It is therefore only natural to look at the best available – Com 90 and TU tensioners. >

Com 90 is not just safe. Quick lashing and release saves time and allows more loads per shift. Someone who knows this and is extremely pleased is Saku Simpanen from Finland. With a transportation distance of just under fifty kilometres, he manages 10 loads of long timber per shift. Saku is on the right in the image with friend Mika Iso-Pellinen on the left. 6 | EXTE MAGAZINE

Bunks with folding stakes are in demand in Austria. Here, Richard Morath, ExTe’s dealer in German speaking countries, explains about bunks and the simple twostage folding function of the stake. The curved frame makes the whole rig very versatile and compact when the stakes are folded down. The group checking out the bunks are all drivers from Austria.

Forest Centre is a large dealer for ExTe in Australia and New Zealand. Rey Kell together with his wife Roslyn and little Olivia visited the exhibition with Wendy and Greg. >

< “It is not always easy to keep track of all visitors and customers. A group of German speaking visitors about to have a demonstration by Richard Morath. Among all the international visitors, we found a Swedish group who drive for Mullsjö Åkeri. Seated from the left; Marcus Johansson, who is both haulier and driver, Emil Johansson, driver, Christoffer Karlsson, driver and soon to be haulier, Tomas Klingberg, previous haulier and now driver as well as Henrik Liabäck, driver. The guys all agreed that it is now all about ExTe. A-bunks are mounted on new trucks. Successively replacing other bunk manufacturers, which, for one reason or another one was not pleased with. >

The question is whether the Com 90/HiVision-demonstration was the highlight of the exhibition. At least if talking safety, work environment and future. There were many interested hauliers when driver Mattias Johansson started the demonstration. A 270° field of vision is achieved by means of four cameras. The driver remains securely seated in the cab. Over the longterm it is good for the body. And one does not have to climb in and out of the cab. When a crane cab is not required, the weight is reduced by 400 kg, allowing more timber to be loaded. Mattias Johansson is almost lyrical about how the working environment can be improved so radically. “Just being able to stay clean. Not to mention the safety aspect,” he says. “You never have to climb out into traffic when loading. A fantastic work tool. I am very happy with crane and bunks and the entire concept”, he states. VSV owns the project that has several stakeholders, ExTe, Hiab, Lecab, OP as well as Åkeri Kjell and Aste Larsson. The thought behind the new technology is to attract more young people to driving timber trucks. “We need to get more committed and talented young people into the industry”, says Mattias. Along with the demonstration, it was possible to experience loading via a HiVision simulator.



ExTe’s stand is host to a real mix of different generations of hauliers and drivers. From Kjell Östling from Hedesunda in Gästrikland, probably the oldest haulier in Sweden still driving a timber truck and soon to celebrate his 80 birthday, to driver Sofie Tjus-Ekström, who is a student at the Fordonsgymnasium (Vehicle and transport secondary school) and operates the Com 90 with HiVision at demonstrations. The big news from ExTe was the introduction of their 4-year Security warranty from the turn of the year on products supplied to the Swedish market. A unique event within the industry. But stainless steel chains and ExTe Link raised a lot of curiosity. < A brilliant trade fair, except that the sun was still on holiday somewhere warmer. But apart from that, it was full steam ahead. A record numbers of visitors entered on the first day of the trade fair. A constant stream of woodcutters, drivers and other forest transport enthusiasts kept the exhibitors busy. Or as Lina Bylund, ExTe’s marketing manager summarised: “Huge amount of interest in all the new features, many inquiries, exactly the ”right” visitors and a lot of business. From our point of view , it was a huge success”.


< Johan Smedberg, owner of Stureborgs Åkeri in Västerås and driver Arne Lindholm lit up immediately when they saw the chain and ExTe Link. Ulf Göransson immediately ordered two stainless steel chains and 26 ExTe Links for his four timber rigs. And then two pink ribbons as well. Johan explains that after having problems with his heart he has begun to slow down and is in the progress of handing over the business to his three sons, who all drive for the firm. “There are five of use who only drive single shifts. Which actually gives better profitability. Usually, it is at night that rigs get damaged, plus we don’t earn any more for night deliveries, although drivers get a bonus,” says Johan. “I think its great being involved with ExTe. We have A-bunks on all but one truck where we use a less successful alternative”.

< Rusty chains can be found hanging from almost every timber truck, which is why stainless steel chains are a very interesting development. Rust gets chains, gloves and work clothes dirty. Christer Blank, Delsbo and Hasse Persson, Bjuråker are in agreement about the advantages of stainless chains.

FACTS ABOUT THE STAINLESS STEEL LASHING CHAIN ExTe’s new stainless steel lashing chain retains its new look over time. This creates a better working environment and the chain lasts longer. The chain has been certified by The Swedish Transport Administration’s Statute 1998:95 as well as European standard EN 12195-3. Lashing capacity up to four tonnes.

FACTS ABOUT EXTE LINK A patented, clever little link that is extremely strong, simple and useful. ExTe Link is for use on chain slings and short link chains. The link is mounted on a wire or chain from the tensioner and used to connect the tensioner to the binding chain. The link can also be used to hang up excess chain. The versatile link can be used by hand. The design means that there is minimal risk of it getting stuck in the timber.

< Mattias Johansson and Sofie Tjus-Ekström are drivers. on the demo rig with Com 90 and HiVision. And both are very much in agreement. The combination of crane and Com 90 is a lift. “Its is really fun to work with, and it just gets better and better. The interest is very positive, more than I expected. People are curious about it”, says Mattias. Sofie studies at the Fordonsgymnasium (Vehicle and transport secondary school) in Sunne. “A lot of people in my class are interested in this type of technology”, she says. “Above all, it is the working environment that gets better. And that is what interesting. Even if you think it's cool technology to begin with, it will soon become everyday too.” It is obvious that the technology attracts a lot of people. “In just four days, half a million interested parties from around the world saw the demo movie on YouTube”, says Mattias. The idea of the new technology is to attract more young people to work as timber truck drivers. And the demand for drivers is huge. The timber has to leave the forest and there is no alternative to truck transportation.


Jenny has now hooked The Timber King. Odd Anders Säter, or The Timber King from Norway, which he calls himself, thought that the ExTe Link was a really clever solution. ExTe’s Jenny Eklund demonstrates how versatile and easy it is to use.

Drivers Niklas Svensson and Per Jonsson drive for Bröderna Götessons Åkeri. The company has two trucks and drives for Sveaskog and Sydved. The E12 bunk is probably not the fist choice for the Nordic market. But in Canada it is viable. “A great solution with the middle folding stakes”, thought the guys. “An example of how ExTe adapts product development to different markets”, explained Per Jonasson, responsible for the North American market. EXTE MAGAZINE | 9

< Morek is a large ExTe dealer in Norway. “ExTe has a good name in Norway and we primarily focus on equipment installers and in the aftermarket. We are big on spare parts”, says Heidi Hansen, sales at Morek. Together with colleague Torild Egge, head of products and marketing, they took good care of their countrymen who visited the trade fair.

> There have been a lot of advances regarding load lashing over the last few years. The TU and TL tensioners are a couple of good examples. The new clever hook, ExTe Link, the stainless steel chain and the pull out extension for easier access when binding, are other examples. “We have seen the tensioners before”, says drivers Erik Fransson and Fredrik Grönvall, Edsbro. “But this the first time for the others, and it seems to work”.

< Bengt Södersten, Kolsva is a proper veteran within the industry. He explains to ExTe’s Lennart Wallström that he started driving timber in 1955. He then had an 86 HP petrol driven Volvo with an overhead valve engine. He got 14 m3 of pulp wood in two metre lengths crosswise on a load. “And that was mostly guesswork. I loaded with one of Hiab’s first wire cranes with scissor grab”, Bengt explains.

> Ludwig Svensson discussed TU tensioners with ExTe’s Lars Löfgren. “The lever on the side of the tensioner makes it very easy. As it is with the pneumatic operation”, thought Ludwig, who is the son of the owner of Ewalds Åkeri in Agunnaryd. “We have six forest trucks and 12 employees. At the moment I am just annoying Dad, but joking aside, I want to make a good go as a haulier. I think timber transportation is both fun and interesting”. 10 | EXTE MAGAZINE

Lars Löfgren, ExTe talking TU and TL tensioners with Magnus Nilsson, Ljusdal, (right) and Karl Fack Järvsö. They drive for Oskar Johanssons Åkeri, Tallåsen.

< “We have had a new truck that is equipped with TU tensioners since January. It is brilliant”, explains Johan Norell (right) and Johan Lingeborg, drivers at Tege Transport VTÖ in Kongsvinger, to ExTe’s Elias Hjelm. VTÖ stands for Virkestransport Öst. “We drive a lot from Norway to Värmland” explains Johan Norell, who lives in Gunnarskog near Charlottenberg. The guys loved ExTe Link. “A neat solution, looks light and easy to use. Nothing to go wrong,” they thought. Erik Karlsen, (right), who is from Kirkenar also drives for Tege Transport.

> Who says you have to stop working at 65. If you ask Kjell Östling from Hedesunda in Gästrikland, the answer is a given. At almost 80 years old, he is most likely the oldest timber truck driver in Sweden. “I have driven timber my whole life and started with a tractor in 1962. Then, I drove short distances to Korsnäs. I had an “Ormen Långe”, an articulated timber dumper,” explains Kjell. In the 1970s he started on the timber trucks and over time Kjell’s rig was equipped with ExTe bunks. “I have had my own haulage firm since I was 17 years old, Kjell Östlings Åkeri. Originally a lot of the driving was for the farmers in the area, before timber came into the picture.” Kjell is still the main owner of the firm with a son and daughters as part owners. “And I keep driving when I feel like it. I have always loved this job, even with its unsociable hours. But it is swings and roundabouts”, believes Kjell. “Nowadays, there are so many things that make the work environment a lot better than before. When there are aids to make the job easier, I think they should be used. And new ideas should be put to the test.”




HIGH TE CHNICAL PERFORMANCE AND EXCELLENT SERVICE EQUALS SUCCESS. In April this year, Roger Larsson took over as the new head of product development at ExTe. After 17 years in the company, 12 of which in the development department, he has been involved in a period of ExTe's business that has been characterised by rapid and successful development. “When Lennart Wallström advanced through the company and became head of purchasing, I was asked if I wanted to take over responsibility for the development department. For me it was the challenge I needed to get re-energized and work on new exciting projects. Together with my extremely skilled colleagues we are going to take ExTe to new levels within product development”, says Roger. “We have a lot to do, quick action and constant development are needed to satisfy our customers and contribute to their profitability. It is fun and stimulating.” “Our biggest future challenge is to continue to be innovative, so that we maintain our lead as market leader. This means that we have to continue to develop products with high technical performance and to be the first to market. Combined with new materials and production methods, continued high quality and the market's best service, we can create a recipe for success”, explains Roger. “New products are developed in project form. From sketches we make 3D models and drawings that FEM analyse. Simply put, it means we can make digital simulations and test the product

before proceeding with prototypes in our test facility. There we carry out static, dynamic and vibration tests. If we get good results, the product goes out to several customers for field testing. We listen to their experiences with the product and make any necessary adjustments. When we are happy the product goes out to production to finally end up on the market”, explains Roger. “It is important for us not to lose focus. We get endless requests, not least from hauliers and drivers, about what we should invest in and that's great. Among all these wishes are some gold nuggets. However, we cannot invest in everything at the same time. Developing a new product, big or small, takes time and requires resources. We have to therefore prioritise, not least for the sake of costs. We have now established an investment plan up to 2019. It contains both development of new products and systematic improvement of our existing products”, explains Roger. “But we do keep the door open for flashes of inspiration”.


FACE-LIFT AND INCREASED EFFICIENCY WHEN EXTE INVESTS. It was his first visit to ExTe in Färila for Niklas Waltersson, Walterssons åkeri in Virserum, “Even though I have not been here before, I am an old ExTe customer”, he explains. “Impressively clean and smart for this type of industry. The impression is that they have good production orderliness. And they have more automation than I thought”, says Niklas. >

But if we start at the beginning. A visit to Färila is a must when at the Wood Transportation Expo. Production manager Magnus Johansen received the visitors and talked about ExTe’s most important products in the showroom. <

But a visit to Färila is not only about the present and the future. ExTe’s entire history since the beginning, in 1898, is all about products. Bengt Fahlander gave an interesting history lesson. >



Nils Erik Borg, who works with local Haulier Association's newspapers, visited ExTe together with Eva Rentzhog. ”I was here quite a few years ago and helped with training”, explains Nils Erik. “I must say that a lot of positive development has taken place at ExTe since then. And the Swedish coal buns really hit the spot on such a drizzly day. <

“Here in the workshops, the raw materials come in and we cut and press to create complete components, which advance down the production chain. For example, this sheet will be pressed into a sleeve”, explained Magnus. “We use 2500 tonnes of steel and 800 tonnes of aluminium, and handle a total of 6500 parts in the system. We have a new laser cutting machine that can handle lengths of four metres, and we are going to replace the edge press to also handle the same lengths”. Regarding the difficulty in getting welders, Magnus told us that ExTe has a very good relationship with Teknikcollege in Ljusdal, where students get to carry out the practical parts of their education with companies. ExTe is in the middle of a big change in production equipment. Among other things, the blasting machine is being moved, and manual painting is being eliminated. Several robots await installation. And the new, large paint shop is operating with only a few additions left to be made. The products go down a 400 metre long conveyor through the various steps in the paint shop. It takes 6.5 hours for a product to go round.

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reinforcements, such as angle irons for example, positioned at the bottom against struts and bunks . If the reinforcements affect the fixed volume of the stack, the volume can be reduced by further deducting the stack width factor as per the help table for fixed volume assessment.”

The S-bunks’ sleeves affect the factor for stack width, but when looking at the table the reduction in the timber itself is in fact almost negligible” explains ExTe’s Lennart Wallström. During the spring and summer we have revised our heaviest S-bunks and can now offer both the S7 and the brand new, robust S10 bunks. The S10, with steel frame and stakes, is ExTe’s strongest bunk on the Nordic market. EXTE MAGAZINE | 15

BANDY YYY!!! ORDER BEFORE THE TURN OF THE YEAR AND GET A 50% SAFETY DISCOUNT. ExTe’s red-orange fluorescent decals and stripes have an important aim - to make the rigs visible in the dark. Being an attractive design is just a bonus. ExTe came up with the red-orange colour in cooperation with the Swedish Transport Agency (the then National Road Administration). The colour indicates from distance that a timber rig is on the road, regardless of whether it is moving or stationary and loading. In other words, all about safety. We stand for originality and safety. If, for safety, you require new stripes or decals, please contact your nearest dealer. However, you are more than welcome to contact ExTe on +46 (0)651-175 00, e-mail sales@exte.se


One of the necessities of life, say those in the know. Being without a proper Bandy tournament in Ljusdal with its surroundings creates somewhat of a collective abstinence. Having been given the opportunity, ExTe, together with Ljusdals BK, is setting up and creating the new ExTecup tournament. ExTe is the main sponsor for 2017-2019 and is heavily involved. This year’s tournament takes place between the 19th-21st October. The real hardcore fans are counting down the days, hours and minutes. That’s what we call commitment. Find out more at www.extecupen.se and on facebook.com/extecupen


“I started at ExTe on the 31/3/1971. And stayed. Wonderful work colleagues who I will miss. ExTe became like a second home and it was never hard to go to work. Above all, I worked as a welder, and I have promised to help out if the need arises. But otherwise I have my wife’s little farm with a bit of forest to take care of", says Håkan. Production manager Magnus Johansen (left) and ExTe’s MD Kjell Jonsson (right) thanked Håkan Ståhl.



METRES PER RIG – IN BRAZIL. Foresting company, Fibria, in Brazil, has together with ExTe developed 20 rigs that can hold 100 cubic metres of timber. The rigs are intended for use on the company’s own roads. Fibria has therefore built, among other things, a viaduct so that the rigs do not have to cross any public roads. Impressive rig capacity.


We publish as many as we can in ExTe’s Magazine, on our website, Facebook and Instagram. The pictures should have a natural connection to your work and your working environment. They can be pure work-related pictures or motifs of attractive looking forests, animals and nature that crop up in your everyday life. Tag us on Instagram @exte_sweden and use #extesecuringcargo or e-mail the picture to foto@exte.se Remember to give your name and where the picture was taken. Since this is not a photo competition, you can send us pictures when you think you have something others should see. To have a chance of having your picture included in the magazine, images must be high resolution.




Sweden postage paid


This year, ExTe shared a stand with sister company Trux.

Mantorp is a real crowd puller. And when the Trailer Trucking Festival was held at the end of August, this was still the case. Mantorp hosted a round of the V8 Thunder Cars Swedish Championship. Cool cars that make noise, pull in the crowds. The same applies when Nordic Trophy is held. We are, of course, referring to customised trucks. Extremely cool.

New features throughout. The new S10-bunks are very strong and have the widest internal dimensions on the market. The stainless steel chain is new and already had a taster. The same applies to ExTe Link, the clever little hook.


Among all the visitors, there are, of course, many timber hauliers and drivers. And where there are timber hauliers and drivers, ExTe is there with parts of their range and the newest features. This year ExTe shared the exhibition space with Trux, which is part of the same group as ExTe. “Naturally, there was stiff competition from the track and the most unbelievably cool rigs. Yet, we still had a steady flow of visitors. Some wanted to discuss our latest new features, but also order some products. And there is always someone who has experienced some kind of problem, which we, of course, try to solve as quickly as we can”, explains Ulf Göransson, ExTe salesman. “It is always inspiring to meet timber hauliers and drivers. Overall it was a very good event for us”, says Ulf.


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ExTe Magazine 02|2017  

ExTe Magazine 02|2017

ExTe Magazine 02|2017  

ExTe Magazine 02|2017

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