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Guide to Good Living

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot



Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Welcome home!

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


When moving into a new home When moving, it is necessary to take care of more than just packing the removal boxes. Here are the most important things:

Notification of change of address You should submit a notification of change of address as soon as possible in order to receive postal deliveries in your new home. The notification of change of address must be made no earlier than one month before the moving date and no later than one week after moving. The most convenient way to do this is online at It is important to make a notification of change of address for everyone living in the home so that maintenance can open the door if one of your family members leaves the keys inside. Also, notify the maintenance company of your move, so they will put your name on the door. The maintenance company contact details can be found on our website and on your building’s notice board. You can also notify the maintenance company when you pick up the keys.

Home insurance With home insurance, you safeguard your movable property in your home, yard and storage space. Please note that there are also restrictions on home insurance. If the resident has caused the damage through negligence, home insurance may not cover the damage in full or at all. It is also important to have liability insurance in your home insurance, in which case it can also cover the damage you cause to others. More information about home insurance is available from insurance companies.


Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Our property is insured for its full value, but the insurance only covers damage caused to the property. However, the person causing the damage may have to pay an excess of up to thousands of euros, since property insurance does not exclude the liability of the person causing the damage. Nor does property insurance cover damage to your movables, such as theft of your belongings. It is good to have home insurance for this purpose.

Electricity You should make an electricity contract well in advance before moving, so that you do not have to come to a dark home. More information about electricity contracts is available from electricity companies.

Smoke detector A smoke detector is not only a mandatory device in a dwelling, but also a cheap lifesaver. If your new home does not have a fixed mains-operated or battery-operated smoke detector, you can submit a work request to the maintenance company. Residents are responsible for replacing the batteries of smoke detectors and regularly checking their operation. Smoke detectors should also be cleaned of dust by regular vacuuming. More information on smoke detectors and fire safety at home can be found on the Rescue Department’s website at

Hi, I’m Esbot! I offer advice at the Espoon Asunnot website’s chat service and in sorting matters.

Home condition statement When you signed the tenancy agreement, you received a home condition statement. Please complete it and return it to us within two weeks of moving in. You should carefully complete the condition statement, so that there is no confusion about the condition of the dwelling when you move out. No repairs will be made to the home based on information provided in the condition statement. If you notice any defects or deficiencies, please inform the maintenance company immediately.


Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Rent payment It is important to pay your rent on time. You received the rent invoice when you signed the tenancy agreement. We will send you a new rent invoice in connection with the annual rent review. The rent is paid on the 4th day of each month, or on the following working day if the due date falls on a weekend. When you pay your rent, please use the standard reference number in your invoice to ensure your payment arrives quickly. The easiest way to pay the rent is by making an e-invoice agreement. When you use an e-invoice, you need not enter the invoice details every month, the payment is done automatically and you cannot forget it. Using an e-invoice is also environmentally friendly. In matters related to rent payment and possible payment difficulties, please contact our Rent Control. The contact information can be found at the back of this guide and on our website.

Internet connection Your rent includes a broadband connection. Please contact Elisa Oyj to start using it. When opening the connection, please confirm the technical specifications from the Elisa Shop, website or customer service. You must purchase your own router. You can register as a new broadband user by one of the following means: • Online, in which case you need your online banking credentials or Mobile Certificate • At the Elisa Shop, where a salesperson completes the registration and answers any questions you may have about the connection • By calling Elisa’s customer service. You can use cable TV without any registration. All you need is a cableready TV set or cable TV set-top box. If there is a problem with the broadband or cable network, please contact Elisa’s customer service.

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Hall Doors and locks If your home has an interior door, you can reduce sounds from and to the stairway by keeping the door closed. A safety lock, safety chain and peephole are not part of the basic equipment of the dwellings. However, you can have these installed at your own expense, as long as the work is carried out by a professional. Please contact the property manager before installation. The safety lock key must always be keyed in the same series as the other keys of the building. Note that the safety lock can only be used when no persons are inside. It must be possible to get out of the door without a key. Be sure to leave the safety lock unlocked for any pre-announced inspections or maintenance work to be performed in your home. If you lose the key or want additional keys, please contact the maintenance company. The main tenant is always responsible for ordering and paying for additional keys.

Floor The floor is subjected to wear, but you can reduce the wear by your own actions. Leave your shoes in the hall when you come in, and place felt pads under the feet of furniture to avoid scratches to the floor. Keep your doormat in the hall and not in the stairway, where it poses a fire safety risk.


Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Cleaning The cleaning cabinet is usually found in the hall. Regular cleaning helps keep your home in good condition and comfortable. Good cleaning tips can be found online, for example, on the Martha Organization’s website or at libraries.

Safe use of electrical appliances A residual-current device has been installed in the electrical cabinet or in the bathroom power outlet for additional protection. Please check the operation of the residual-current device every few months by pressing the test button. The lever on the device must automatically turn to the 0 position. After the test, return the residual-current device to the operating position by turning the switch to the I position. If the device does not respond when you press the test button, report the fault to the maintenance company immediately. Residents are responsible for replacing fuses and using automatic fuses. The fuse panel is usually found in the hall. If the power goes out in part of your home, check the fuse panel first. The fuses should be intact or in the upper position in an automatic fuse panel. Also note that indoor power outlets must not be used to power outdoor appliances or wet rooms. Power outlets in the stairways are only intended for use by cleaning and maintenance companies. Residents must replace their own ceiling lights (except for fixed lights already installed in the dwelling), burnt bulbs, fluorescent tubes, batteries and fuses at their own expense.


Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Toilet and bathroom Stopping leaks If you notice a leak in the toilet or tap, inform the maintenance company without delay. In the worst case, the leak may cause water damage. Repairing a leak is also an ecological act, as thousands of litres of water could be wasted. Tip: You can test whether the toilet water tank is leaking by placing a piece of toilet paper inside the toilet, on the back edge where the water flows into the toilet. If the paper stays in place, the tank is not leaking. If the paper gets wet and moves down, the tank is leaking.

Sensible water use There are many easy ways to save water: for example, you can turn off the shower when applying soap and only use your washing machine when you have enough laundry to fill it. If you have a dishwasher, avoid unnecessary rinsing of dishes. If you wash dishes by hand, use the plug in the sink. The sensible use of water also affects the rents in your building.

Sink drain trap The drain trap easily gets clogged, for example, if hair gets in the drain. The smell of sewer and a slowly draining sink are signs that the drain trap needs cleaning. In this case, contact the maintenance company.


Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Exhaust air valve Exhaust air valves are usually located in the bathroom and kitchen. In order for the ventilation to work as well as possible, the valves need regular cleaning about four times a year.

Floor drain Cleaning the floor drain prevents bacteria from entering the bathroom from the drain. The recommended cleaning interval is once a month. To facilitate cleaning, filters are also available that collect, for example, hair before it gets in the drain. Wear rubber gloves when cleaning the floor drain. If you are unsure about cleaning the floor drain or exhaust air valve, you can contact the maintenance company.

Cleaning the exhaust air valve

1. Rotate the outer ring anticlockwise. Tug the valve and pull it out. Do not rotate the adjustable part in the middle during cleaning – it affects the volume of the air flow.


2. Clean the valve with a detergent solution and wipe it dry. Also clean the foam silencer, if any. Vacuuming is the best way to do this!

3. Reinstall the valve by rotating the outer ring clockwise.

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Washing machine A washing machine must be installed by a professional to ensure that the connections are pressure-resistant. Due to the risk of leakage, the water tap must be turned off whenever the machine is not in use. Please do not leave the machine running when you go out. Also avoid washing your laundry between 22:00 and 7:00.

Your toilet is not a trash can Although it may seem like the toilet swallows anything, waste that does not belong in the toilet may clog the plumbing over time. Please put all rubbish in the bin. Food waste must always be sorted as biowaste. For example, cooking fat that is poured down drains accumulates on the sewer walls over time.

REMEMBER! All the bathroom walls are waterproofed. You must not make holes of any kind in them. Painting the walls or tiles yourself is also not allowed.


Cleaning the floor drain

1. Lift out the floor drain cover. You can use a pen or screwdriver to help, for example. 2. Clean the drain, removing hair and other solid matter. Rinse with warm water.

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

3. If the floor drain trap is removable, lift it out to clean it from all sides.

4. Wash the floor drain and its parts with warm water and detergent. For example, an old dish brush is a good tool.


Kitchen Sink Please put leftover food in the biowaste bin instead of washing it down the sink. Fat, potato peels, coffee grounds and other residues may form large blockages in drains when they become solid.

Fridge and freezer Did you know that a layer of frost in the freezer increases electricity consumption? For this reason, the freezer should be defrosted a couple of times a year. Monitor the defrosting process so that the melt water does not spill on the floor. Remove dust from behind the fridge and freezer and from the grille on the back of the fridge a couple of times a year. Please also monitor the melt water pipe inside the fridge: if it gets clogged, water may accumulate at the bottom of the fridge. Instructions specific to the fridge and freezer model can be found either in the instructions for use provided in your home or on the manufacturer’s website.

Cooker and oven Please clean regularly behind and under the cooker. You should always wipe the hobs after cooking to prevent dirt from getting stuck. Also keep the baking trays clean.

! 16

TIP! Non-scratch cleaning tools extend the service life of surfaces.

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Cooker hood Most of our homes are equipped with a cooker hood. Did you know that keeping the cooker hood grease filter clean reduces the risk of fire and ensures that the home is ventilated as planned? The filter should be cleaned 3–6 times a year, depending on its use. Refer to the operating instructions of the cooker hood for information on how to remove the filter.

Cleaning the cooker hood

1. Remove the grease filter.


2. Soak the filter in hot water. Washing-up liquid removes accumulated fat. Most filters can also be washed in a dishwasher.

3. Dry the filter after washing and then reinstall it.

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Dishwasher A dishwasher can be installed in a home that has a dishwasher water tap, space for the dishwasher and an electrical outlet in the sink cabinet. A professional is always required to help with the installation. When the machine is installed, a drip tray must be placed under it. In particular, monitor the water and drain pipe connections for possible leaks. Please always turn off the tap after use. Do not leave the machine running when you go out. If a cabinet needs to be removed to make room for the dishwasher, you are responsible for storing the cabinet in your storage space, for example. Plugging the water connections is also the responsibility of the resident. In our newest properties, dishwashers are already installed. The resident is responsible for regularly checking the condition of the dishwasher to prevent leaks. Report any defects you discover to the maintenance company as soon as possible.

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Living room Coexistence and neighbours


At best, you get a lot of joy from communal living. Life is nice when everyone respects their neighbours and follows the house rules. The house rules include common rules for the residents, which guarantee peace at home for everyone. Silence is from 22:00 to 7:00. During this period, neighbours must be given peace at night and unnecessary noise must be avoided – please schedule furniture moves and music practice at a different time. If your neighbour’s activities disturb you, the best solution is to speak openly to them. Often, the neighbour has not even realised that they are disturbing you. If talking seems difficult or does not help, you can contact the property manager. If the disturbance continues, you can notify the property manager using the disturbance report form on our website, which must be signed by two persons living in different apartments affected by the disturbance. Please note that we cannot process notifications made by phone or anonymously.

REMEMBER! If you wish to renovate your home yourself, permission from Espoon Asunnot is always required.


Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Bedroom Room temperature The target temperature is 21 °C. You can reduce the temperature by adjusting the radiator thermostat. If the radiator thermostats are covered, for example, by a curtain or large furniture, they will not work properly. Please design your interior so that the thermostats have room to function.


TIP! The optimal bedroom temperature for sleep is no higher than 19 °C.

Fortum SmartLiving intelligent heating system Almost all of our homes have the Fortum SmartLiving intelligent heating system. The service allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity of your home and give feedback about indoor air. The service automatically controls the heating in the building based on the interior temperature of the homes, building properties and weather forecasts. In this case, you can reduce your home temperature using the radiator thermostats, but not exceed the temperature set by the system. Please note that any additional heaters will confuse the system, in which case the heating system will adjust the heating of the home to a lower level.


Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Logging in to the Fortum SmartLiving service •

Open the service on the Fortum SmartLiving website and log in with your Oma Fortum credentials, or create the credentials using your online banking credentials or Mobile Certificate.

At the first login, enter your meter ID code, which you can find on the edge of the meter. (A white box of about 10 x 10 cm, most commonly found on the living room wall.)

• Download the Oma Fortum app to your phone (Android/iOS) or use a browser to access the service. 24

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Window insulation If you feel too much draught from the windows, please contact the maintenance company. Improved insulation reduces heat loss. The inlet air valves in the window frames must always be open in order for the ventilation to work. Clean the inlet air valves twice a year.

Eek, a bug! Unfortunately, various types of pests do occur from time to time, even in Espoo. If you detect any uninvited guests, report your findings to the maintenance company immediately. Then follow the instructions given to you by the pest control company. To prevent the pest problem from spreading, you must not attempt to solve it independently. Pests can also spread from one home to another through the building structures, so it is important to act quickly and follow the instructions. Pest control is all the more effective the sooner it begins. All of us can help prevent pest problems. Although recycling is ecological, you should think very carefully before bringing used or discarded furniture to your home.

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Balcony and yard Goods should be stored and waste disposed of in the right places The balcony and yard are intended for spending time, not storing things. For example, if a fire breaks out on the property, the balcony or yard may have to be used as an emergency exit route, so the passage must be kept clear. When decorating a glazed balcony, please take into account that it is an outdoor space and use suitable outdoor furniture.

Structures, flower boxes, etc. The installation or construction of fixed structures, such as fences or patios, on the yard or balcony is not allowed. Any structures (such as playhouses and wading pools) must be easily movable away for maintenance and snow removal. The resident is responsible for moving them. Wooden decking boards can only be installed on the concrete tiles belonging to the property, not more extensively. Please remember that you must remove all these structures when you move out. Flower boxes must be on the inside of the balcony to prevent them from falling down.


Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Plantings Small shrubs, low perennials and other low plants are welcome additions to yards. If you have green fingers, please bear in mind that the appropriate planting distance from the wall is 0.5–1.5 metres, depending on the species. When the distance is sufficient, the roots and shoots of the plants cannot break the structures of the building. Planting vines to grow on the buildings is not allowed.

Barbecuing It is forbidden to barbecue on balconies and yards in blocks of flats and balcony-access buildings – in addition to disturbing the neighbours, barbecuing on balconies poses a fire safety risk. Barbecuing is allowed in the yards of terraced houses as long as the distance to the building is at least four meters. If you barbecue on light summer nights, please remember that the period of silence must begin at 22:00.

Smoking Smoking is not allowed in the home if the tenancy agreement prohibits it. The cost of repairing the damage caused by smoking is not normal wear and tear and is always charged to the resident. When all the homes in the property have a tenancy agreement that bans smoking, the smoking ban will also start applying to balconies and other indoor areas of the property. In properties renovated after 2009, smoking is prohibited in the


Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

homes, balconies and indoor areas. In new properties completed after 2009, smoking is prohibited not only in the homes, but also on balconies, inside the property and in the yard, with the possible exception of a separately designated smoking area. Please check what is specified in the tenancy agreement for your home. The smoking ban also applies to water pipes, herbal cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Feeding wild animals is prohibited Feeding wild animals is prohibited on the property. Bird droppings cause a mess and can spread infectious diseases, such as salmonella. Food left outside may also attract rats. Please note that pest control always entails additional costs and therefore affects the rents. Pets are welcome in our homes. In the yard area, they must be kept on a leash and, for everyone’s convenience, their droppings must be collected.

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot



Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Outside your home Laundry room and drying room The laundry room is available for use by residents in the daytime. A laundry time can be booked either in the booking list or online. If you use the drying room, the laundry dries more quickly and moisture does not accumulate in your home. Therefore, we warmly recommend using the drying room. More detailed instructions can be found on the laundry room wall. Please also consider other users of the laundry room – clean up before you leave. Contact the maintenance company if you notice any problems with the machines or keys.

Waste management In order to keep waste fees under control, waste should be sorted into dedicated containers. Please note that waste must be placed inside the containers in order to avoid attracting pests such as rats. Do not leave hazardous materials, furniture or other junk lying at the waste collection point or elsewhere on the premises of the property. They must be taken to HSY’s Sortti Stations or collection vehicles circulating in the spring. Instructions are available on the HSY website at Many charities also pick up usable furniture free of charge. Every year, we train environmental experts appointed by residents’ committees to advise the residents of their building on waste sorting, for example.

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Parking and electric car charging Parking spaces can be reserved from Espoon Asunnot’s customer service. The parking spaces are intended for vehicles used in road traffic. An incorrectly parked vehicle may prevent maintenance or rescue operations, for example, in the event of a fire. Please ensure you do not leave your car on an access route. Guest parking spaces are only intended for short-term use by residents’ guests. Guests can usually park in the spaces for four hours and must use a parking disc. You can request long-term guest parking permits from the maintenance company in good time. Most of our properties have the option of purchasing a charging point for electric and hybrid cars if you have a parking space with a heating pole. At the moment, we only offer slow charging (power 1.8 kW), which, however, can charge the car for more than 100 km overnight, which is good enough for most hybrid cars. An additional contract with a monthly charge is always made with eParking for charging. Charging electricity is only paid for by those who use it. To get more information and order a charging point, please go to (in Finnish)


Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Please note that each resident is responsible for winter maintenance of their own parking space. The maintenance company ploughs and sands the access routes, but removing snow from the parking space and sanding it belongs to the resident.

Storage facilities Most buildings have their own storage facilities for sports and outdoor equipment, as well as lockable storage spaces for the residents’ own belongings, marked with the apartment number. Even if you do not use your own storage space, you should still keep it locked. You must buy your own lock. The storage of flammable liquids and other flammable materials in the storage space is forbidden for fire safety reasons. For fire safety reasons, it is also forbidden to store items in the stairways and corridors of common areas.

Club rooms Club rooms are intended as a common meeting space for residents. For more information, please contact your residents’ committee or maintenance company.

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot



Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Rescue instructions


Fire in your home Escape primarily through the stairway. If necessary, go on all fours or crawl, as there is least smoke and heat near the floor. Close the apartment door behind you. This prevents combustion gases from spreading.

Fire in the stairway or elsewhere in the building Keep the apartment door closed. There may be deadly combustion gases in the air, even if there are no flames. For this reason, it is safest to stay in your own home. If smoke gets inside, you can go to the balcony and wait for rescuers there. Close the balcony door.

Call 112 from a safe location. Guide the fire department to the scene.

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


how to sort properly Bio-waste



Consists of organic, decomposable and solid matter: • food waste, food products • coffee filter paper, tea bags • plant parts, flower soil • fish bones, bones • solidified grease (do not sort liquid grease as bio-waste!) • soft paper, such as kitchen towels, paper napkins, tissues • wood-based litter from pet cages

Paper, carton and cardboard packages (flatten the packages or pack them inside each other): • milk and juice cartons • carton packages, such as cereal and biscuit packs • cardboard boxes • paper bags • toilet paper and kitchen towel tubes • egg cartons

Metal packages and small metal objects: • food and beverage cans • aluminium foil and tins • metal lids and caps • metal cups of tea lights • frying pans and kettles • empty aerosol cans Larger metal objects, such as bicycles, are considered scrap metal.

Plastic packaging waste • empty plastic food packaging, such as yoghurt containers, butter tubs or packages for cold cuts, cheese and convenience food • empty plastic detergent, shampoo and soap bottles • plastic carriers, bags and wrappings • empty plastic bottles, canisters and jars, preferably flattened; caps and lids detached Do not pack different kinds of plastic inside each other. Rinse or wipe clean empty packages, if necessary. It is clean enough if there is no odour nuisance.

Glass Coloured and clear glass bottles and jars. Do not sort drinking glasses or glass cooking dishes, porcelain, window glass, or mirror glass, etc., as glass waste. These 36 are mixed waste.

Paper Consists of paper coming in through the mailbox and paper used for writing and printing: • newspapers and magazines • copy paper and envelopes • paperback books, hardcover books with the covers removed

Electric waste Electric and electronic equipment: • small household appliances, such as hairdryers, coffee makers, etc. • home electronics, such as cameras, set-top boxes, computers, etc. • lamps • LED bulbs and fluorescent tubes (incandescent light bulbs and halogen light bulbs go to mixed waste) • electrical tools More information about sorting

Mixed waste Waste that cannot be separately recycled, including: • cleaning waste (dust, sand, litter) • incandescent light bulbs • nappies, sanitary towels, cotton wool • porcelain, ceramics, mirror or window glass • cold ash and cigarette stumps • cooking oil and other liquid greases, in a tightly closed bottle • wrapping paper • cat litter • worn out textiles and shoes

Thank you for sorting! This guide as well has been made of recycled paper. Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot

Responsibility table The responsibility table shows the main tasks related to the maintenance of your home. The table shows whether the task is to be carried out by the maintenance company, Espoon Asunnot Oy or the resident. You can also check whether the repair costs are to be paid by the resident or Espoon Asunnot. The responsibility table applies to defects caused by normal wear and tear. The resident is liable to compensate for any damage caused to the apartment by intent, negligence or carelessness. The resident is responsible for the cost of repairing any equipment they have purchased themselves and for the damage caused by the equipment. Task

Performed by

Paid for by

KEYS AND LOCKS Lock maintenance MAINTENANCE EA Additional keys MAINTENANCE RESIDENT Rekeying MAINTENANCE RESIDENT Safety lock procurement, installation and maintenance *, ** RESIDENT RESIDENT Safety chain procurement, installation and maintenance * RESIDENT RESIDENT WINDOWS AND DOORS Lubrication of hinges and locks Installation and replacement of door and window insulation Repair of fittings and accessories Peephole procurement, installation and maintenance * Procurement and installation of burglar-proof hinges and similar * Repair of broken windows and doors (incl. balcony glazing) Painting of doors and windows ** Procurement, installation, maintenance and removal of mosquito nets



WALL, CEILING AND FLOOR SURFACES Painting of walls and ceilings ** Repair and replacement of sauna panelling ** Repair and replacement of flooring ** Condition inspection of wet room floors and walls



BALCONIES Care and maintenance of wooden balcony grating Balcony cleaning and snow removal Cleaning balcony drainage outlets Washing balcony glazing



FIXTURES Fixture repair Fixture replacement ** Kitchen drawer front replacement Countertop repair



Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot




Performed by

Paid for by

Dishwasher cabinet refitting Drying cabinet rack replacement Pull-out waste bin replacement Repair or replacement of apartment-specific sauna benches



HEATING Radiator bleeding Basic adjustment of radiators Repair and maintenance of radiator valves Cleaning radiators



VENTILATION Cleaning exhaust air valves Adjusting and repairing exhaust air valves Wiping the surfaces of replacement air valves Cleaning ventilation ducts ** Cleaning or replacing replacement air valves and filters Procurement of new filters for replacement air valves Cleaning the cooker hood grease filter Procurement of a new grease filter Repairing the cooker hood Cleaning or replacement of apartment-specific air supply unit filters Procurement of new filters for apartment-specific air supply units Maintenance and repair of apartment-specific air supply units



WATER AND SEWER SYSTEMS Cleaning tap aerators Basic adjustment of tap flows Replacing shower and hand shower hoses, shower heads and seals Repairing taps and HVAC equipment Washing machine installation, removal and plugging of connections *** Dishwasher installation, removal and plugging of connections *** Regular condition inspection of apartment-specific dishwasher for leaks Cleaning sink drain traps Cleaning floor drains Repairing drain traps and floor drains Unclogging drains Procuring sink plugs Replacing radiator thermostats Replacing toilet seat covers Notifying the maintenance company of tap and toilet leaks



ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Procuring and replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters


RESIDENT Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Performed by

Paid for by

Procuring and replacing fridge, oven and cooker range lamps Repairing lighting fixtures and their covers Procuring and replacing fuses Repairing sockets and switches Installing decorative lights Procuring and repairing antenna cables Installing an additional antenna ** Installing additional telephone cables ** Procuring and replacing buzzer/doorbell batteries Refitting ceiling boxes/covers















MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT Maintenance of mains-operated smoke detectors Cleaning of mains-operated smoke detectors by vacuuming Procurement, cleaning and maintenance of separate smoke detectors Repair and maintenance of the apartment-specific sauna stove ** Procurement and replacement of stones for the apartment-specific sauna stove Cleaning the fridge/freezer condensers (on the rear wall) Cleaning the fridge melt water pipe Repair and maintenance of cookers and fridges Repair and maintenance of central vacuum systems OTHER Parking space snow removal and anti-slip measures **** Keeping the front of the apartment door clean and anti-slip measures in areas controlled by the resident **** APARTMENT-SPECIFIC OUTDOOR AREA Taking care of the walkway and anti-slip measures Wooden patios in residents’ yards ***** BALCONY-ACCESS BUILDINGS Cleaning the balcony access and clearing snow

* To be ordered from a specialist, to be left in the apartment without compensation when moving out. The safety lock keys must be returned to the maintenance company when moving out. ** Please contact the property manager. *** To be ordered from a specialist. **** The maintenance company delivers sand to the property. ***** Does not apply to home-made terraces and patios. Please inform your maintenance company if you notice any defects or deficiencies in your home, common areas or yard area.

Residents’ guide / Espoon Asunnot


Espoon Asunnot Oy Customer telephone service and exchange: 09 3544 5000 Mon–Fri at 9:00–12:00 Our e-mail is On our website,, you can always find the latest version of this guide and the current responsibility table, up-to-date information and any unusual opening hours for us. This guide was printed in August 2021. Espoon Asunnot reserves the right to change the information.


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