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t has been a full year since taking over as

the unsettling world of possession via fungal

Head Editor here at Endeavour Magazine,

parasites (in insects, not humans – fear

and what a year it turned out to be. We

not!), and another explored a phenomena

speak with so many inspirational companies

that is just as strange and destructive, yet

and figures every month that it has been a

far less documented…at least by Western

constantly educational and eye-opening

academia. If you thought that humans were

experience: I hope it has been as interesting

the only animals to harness the use of fire

for you as it has for me! Whilst we speak

as a tool, then think again.

with many companies, we remember them

Last but not least, we had the pleasure of

all, and I am happy to see some of our returning favourites featured again in this August issue.

working with Tesla not just once, but twice this month. Our reviewers had far too much fun test driving the Tesla Model S, whilst

Continuing our journey of discovery, in

making the rest of the office extremely

this month’s business features, we had a

jealous, and we also spoke to the Electric

fascinating conversation with APL Logistics

Vehicle company about their latest rollout

For enquiries or subscriptions contact +44 1603 296 100

about the future of logistics and the

of Supercharger points across Europe.

massive impact that online shopping has

This rollout is making the reality of clean

had on the shipping industry. We theorized

driving that bit more effortless and viable

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about how the industry might look in five to

with every new station: as the deployment

ten years, as well as investigated the ways

of these Supercharge points continues to

in which APLL is responding to its evolving

grow, the reasons not to drive electric are

customer needs in the present day. We


also spoke to SirajPower, who are helping

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entitled to automatic diplomatic immunity because she was the spouse of a head of state.


The International Relations Department

engineer who was found dead in a car in the

has set aside the International Relations


capital, Addis Ababa, was killed as a result

Department’s decision to grant Grace

immunity, but rather recognised it under

of a bullet wound, the police have said. A

Mugabe diplomatic immunity.

international law.

handgun was found in the car. At a press

The former Zimbabwean first lady

conference, Police Commissioner Zeynu

allegedly assaulted Gabriella Engels at a

Jemal did not say whether police thought the

hotel in August last year but was allowed to

wound was self inflicted or if Mr Simegnew

leave the country without being prosecuted.








was killed by someone else.

The presidents of Somalia and Eritrea

The death of the engineer, who was

have signed an agreement to establish

in charge of Ethiopia’s high profile Grand


Renaissance Dam project, has shocked many


in the country. As news of his death spread,

rapprochement in the Horn of Africa.

there was a spontaneous demonstration


animosity, “The


after in


over latest



will and


decade fast-track establish

outside the state broadcaster’s offices in



Addis Ababa, with people calling for “justice

ambassadors,” said a “joint declaration on

for the engineer”.

brotherly relations” signed in Asmara by Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki and Somali


counterpart Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed. Somalia and Eritrea fell out over a decade ago as Asmara stood accused of

Farmers and herders have been clashing

backing Islamist militants on Somali soil in a

over land and grazing rights in Nigeria.

proxy war with Ethiopia.

200 people were killed in central

Eritrea long denied this, but was given

Plateau state after three days of violence in

UN sanctions over its alleged backing of Al-

July, adding to hundreds of lives lost already

Shabaab in 2009.

this year.

“Eritrea strongly supports the political

Security services are already stretched

independence, sovereignty and territorial

by the Boko Haram insurgency in the north-

integrity of Somalia as well as the efforts

east, and are struggling to provide protection

of the people and government of Somalia

and to deter revenge attacks.

to restore the country’s rightful stature and

This conflict is decades long, and yet

achieve the lofty aspirations of its people,”

these recent attacks have been more

read the declaration.

deadly and sophisticated than ever before – especially as the herders are now armed with guns.

The document, posted on Eritrea’s The ruling has now paved the way for Mugabe to be extradited to face charges.

information ministry website, also said the two nations “will endeavour to forge

The authorities are proposing to set up

High Court judge Bashier Vally found

intimate political, economic, social, cultural

ranches, to remove territory conflicts. The

the decision to grant Mugabe diplomatic

as well as defence and security cooperation.”

plan is to confine herders into controlled


grazing areas to dissuade them from entering


private farms to look for water and pasture as the seasons change. However, planners estimate that it would take 10 years to put the ranches in place, at a cost of USA$500m. 6 | Endeavour Magazine





The decision was made by former International

They will in addition “work in unison to foster regional peace, stability and economic




Nkoane-Mashabane. The Democratic Alliance (DA) and AfriForum had argued that Mugabe was not



charges, said the party had yet to decide whether or not to boycott parliament. Sitting





In January, pictures emerged showing mounds of rubbish dumped on the beaches


north of the capital Beirut.

Militants attacked a midwife training

conference, Maulana Fazalur Rehman, leader

But this is not just an environmental

centre in Afghanistan, killing two guards

of the MMA party and spokesman for the

project. The group have also purposefully

and a driver and injuring at least eight other

group of rival parties, said: “We will run a

pointed the tanks towards their southern


movement for holding of elections again.

neighbour, Israel.

The attackers set off explosives and fired gunshots at the centre in Jalalabad, Nangarhar province.

There will be protests.” Leaders of more than a dozen parties had called the conference to form a joint

Afghan security forces regained control

strategy after the election.

after a gunfight lasting six hours. No group has yet said it was behind the

According to Mr Kozbar, it was done “out of solidarity for the Palestinian people”.


attack, although Islamic State militants have

An Egyptian court has sentenced 75

claimed several recent attacks in the eastern

people to death for their role in the violence


that erupted after President Mohammed

The Taliban have denied any involvement.

Morsi’s removal in 2013.

The attack began at around 11:30 local

The group, including leaders of the

time and ended around 18:00. Attaullah


banned Muslim Brotherhood, are part of a Nangarhar

mass trial of more than 700 people.

spokesman for the provincial governor, said

Rights group Amnesty International has

that one of the assailants died when he

called the trial “grossly unfair” and a violation

detonated an explosive vest, while the other

of Egypt’s constitution.

was killed by security forces.

Their cases will now be referred to

In total, 61 midwives and two children

the Grand Mufti, who must be consulted

were rescue from the compound. Two guards and one driver were killed in the attack, while three members of the security forces, three civilians and two centre employees were hurt.


whenever the death sentence is applied.


Islamic legal authority, that opinion is nonbinding - although rarely ignored. The August 2013 clashes took place

army tanks 3km off the coast of Sidon,

a month after the democratically-elected

Lebanon, in an attempt to tackle a rubbish

Mr Morsi was ousted, with hundreds of


demonstrators and dozens of security

A group of Pakistani political parties has

It is the hope that this action will not only attract tourists to the region, but will

election after the victory for ex-cricketer

also create a new haven for wildlife in the

Imran Khan.

Mediterranean Sea.

rival parties allege vote rigging.

of the Grand Mufti, the country’s highest

Environmentalists are sinking ten old

rejected the results of the recent general

Mr Khan’s PTI party declared victory, but

While Egyptian law requires the opinion

personnel killed after the latter moved in to break up two sit-in protests. In the months that followed the clashes, there was a crackdown on the former

“This will be a paradise for divers and

president’s supporters, and on the Muslim

a place where we can develop underwater

Brotherhood group to which he belongs,

After joint talks in Islamabad, one party

life,” said Kamel Kozbar, of Friends of the

which Egypt later declared a “terrorist

leader said they would launch protests to

Coast of Sidon, the group spearheading the


demand fresh elections.


In a statement, Amnesty International

The rival parties include the former

He hopes seaweed will soon cover

pointed out that, while many thousands of

governing PML-N, which had earlier said it

the tanks, creating the group’s vision of an

people have been arrested since, “Egyptian

was ready to go into opposition.

“underwater park” - a world away from the


beaches which have not escaped Lebanon’s

prosecuted any of the security force

overflowing rubbish crisis.

personnel” who were involved in the clashes.

Leader Shahbaz Sharif, brother of former PM Nawaz Sharif who is in jail on corruption





Endeavour Magazine | 7







crashing on to rocks off the coast south-

summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

west of Tokyo, and ferry services have been

It is hoped more will follow.

A powerful magnitude-6.4 earthquake

suspended. The rough seas also smashed

The Singapore summit, where Mr Trump

struck the popular tourist island of Lombok

through the window of a hotel restaurant in

and Mr Kim agreed to work towards the

in Indonesia on July 29, killing at least 12

the tourist town of Atami, injuring five.

“complete denuclearisation of the Korean

people and injuring at least 40.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled over

Peninsula”, has been criticised for a lack of

Around 43 quakes were recorded after

the weekend as the storm neared the coast.

detail on when or how Pyongyang would

the initial 6.4 magnitude tremor, with the

Japan is still reeling from one of its

largest aftershock recorded at 5.7 magnitude,

worst flooding disasters in decades earlier

However, the return of US remains

said the disaster mitigation agency.

this month, which saw more than eight

was one of four points listed in the June




renounce nuclear weapons.


million people ordered to leave their homes.

declaration, and comes on the 65th

during the night, many running out into

More than 4,000 survivors are still living in

anniversary of the signing of the armistice

open fields.

temporary shelters.

that ended the 1950-1953 Korean War.

The quake struck 50km northeast of

The floods were swiftly followed by

It is believed that 55 soldiers have been

Lombok’s main city Mataram, far from the

an unprecedented heatwave which was

returned this time, but their remains will

main tourist spots on the south and west of

declared a natural disaster. At least 80

need to be forensically tested to ensure they

the island.

people have been killed by the temperature,

are indeed slain US troops - and it’s possible

and more than 22,000 hospitalised with

the identification process could take years.

The major quake was felt on the neighbouring island of Bali.

heat stroke.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the disaster mitigation agency spokesman, posted on Twitter: “The main focus now is evacuation and rescue. Some of the injured are still being treated at clinics.” Island





ash in late July, prompting officials to order

closed the hiking trails on Mount Rinjani

thousands of residents on Ambae island to

amid fears of landslides after the quake,

leave immediately.

Nugroho said.






September last year, which led to the island’s


first full evacuation. Now officials in the South Pacific nation say it once again presents a danger to life.

A powerful storm has hit central and






western Japan, injuring at least 21 people

compulsory, and residents were moved to

and cutting power to tens of thousands of

neighbouring islands.

homes. Typhoon Jongdari brought torrential rain and winds of up to 180km/h (110mph). Weather officials have since downgraded it to a tropical storm, but warn that heavy rain could trigger landslides. Japan’s public broadcaster NHK reports that 150,000 homes are without power.


Pictures taken from Ambae have shown grey skies with little visibility. In September, the volcano had been seen emitting clouds of smoke, with signs of

North Korea has returned remains

hot lava emerging to the surface in its crater.

believed to be of 55 US troops killed during

More than 11,000 people fled their homes

the Korean War

at the time.

The return of the remains, brought

Another evacuation was conducted in

Tens of thousands were urged to leave

to a US base in South Korea, is the latest

May, but this was not compulsory and many

their homes. Evacuation orders were issued

in the current acts of diplomacy between

islanders said they wanted to stay.

to 36,400 people in the western city of

Washington and Pyongyang.

Shobara, and 6,300 in the city of Kure. 8 | Endeavour Magazine

The repatriation was agreed at the June

In a 2005 eruption, Manaro Voui displaced around 5,000 people.

COnfIdEnCE In flIghT. WorldWide.

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B r I S T O w g r O u P. C O m


He was facing three indictments relating

They chose these locations because

to atrocities carried out in Kosovo, another

they all had digitised records dating back

for crimes in Croatia, and the third alleging

to the early 1900s.The team also used

Thousands of people have taken part in

genocide in Bosnia between 1992 and

computer models to assess the scale of

protests in cities across Russia to express

1995. In a statement, the head of the Bar

human-influenced climate change.

their anger at government proposals to raise

Association in Belgrade said the shooting of

The researchers found that in the

the pension age.

Mr Ognjanovic was an attack on all lawyers.

weather stations in the Netherlands, Ireland


A number of prominent members of

and Denmark, climate change has generally

banners reading: “We want to live on our

Serbian and Montenegrin organised crime

increased the odds of the current heatwave

pensions, not die at work.”

networks have been killed in Belgrade in

by more than two-fold.




The government says it wants to raise the pension age from 60 to 65 for men, and

recent years. Police say the killings are part of a gang war over the illegal drugs market.

Scientists are reluctant to say a specific event was “caused” by climate change -

from 55 to 63 for women, to help cope with

however they believe that this new study

a shrinking workforce.

joins a growing list of solid links between

But unions warn many people will not

rising temperatures and extreme events.

live long enough to claim a pension.


Russian men have a life expectancy of just 66, while for women it is 77, the World Health Organization says. Some 12,000 people took to the streets of Moscow to protest at the controversial

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez


faced his first crisis in late July when political

Permitted rallies have also been taking

allies pulled support for his government’s

place in dozens of towns and cities in far

budget in a move that cast new doubt over

eastern Russia and Siberia. The national protests were organised by the Russian Communist Party (CPRF), but trade unionists and nationalists also participated in the demonstrations.






defend the former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic at his war crimes trial has been shot dead. Dragoslav Ognjanovic, 57, was killed outside his apartment building in the


the country’s political stability. Only 88 members of parliament voted in favour of the minority Socialist government’s

Climate change resulting from human

proposal to soften the deficit-cutting path,

activities made the current Europe-wide

while 173 voted against and 86 abstained.

heatwave more than twice as likely to occur,

Three deputies did not take part to the vote.

researchers have said.

Sanchez’s government, which controls

The researchers compared the current

only 84 seats in the 350-seat parliament,

high temperatures with historical records

cannot pass the full budget without the

from seven weather stations in different

parties which brought him to power in June,

parts of Europe.

when they backed a no-confidence motion

Their preliminary report found that this

against his conservative predecessor.

summer’s heat was an unambiguous sign of

If he fails to do so, the future of his two-

climate change, and that the heatwave in

month-old administration could come into

Arctic is unprecedented.

question. The government met with some of

capital, Belgrade. His 26-year-old son was

The scale and the wide spread of the

the seven parties that backs it in parliament

also wounded in the shooting, the interior

current heat being experienced across

at the prime minister’s office before the

ministry said in a statement.

Europe has prompted many questions

vote, but the positions were too far away for

Mr Ognjanovic served on the legal team

about the influence of global warming on

a deal to be reached, sources briefed on the

for Mr Milosevic during his trial at The Hague

extreme events. To try and see if there is

talks said.

in the early 2000s. The former president of

a connection, researchers looked at data

Sanchez acknowledged at the time he

Serbia was arrested in 2001 and held at the

from seven weather stations, in Finland,

could lose the vote, but said he would stick

UN war crimes tribunal for genocide and

Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway

to his position of not bringing forward the

other war crimes.

and Sweden.

next national election due mid-2020.

10 | Endeavour Magazine

AMERICAS OVER 700 CHILD MIGRANTS IN USA NOT REUNITED WITH FAMILIES BY DEADLINE 711 migrant children taken from their parents at the US-Mexico border have not

Trump administration to release all children

chance that as many as four of those could

aged between five and 17.

be Category 3, 4, or 5 hurricanes, according

San Diego federal judge Dana Sabraw

to the association.

ruled in June that all the detained minors

To prepare for this likelihood, the Federal

separated under the policy should be

Emergency Management Agency has left

brought back to their families by 26 July.

some 600 generators on the island – more

yet been returned to them, despite a court-

than six times the number stationed there

ordered deadline.

before Maria hit. The agency has also

US government lawyers said the children

stockpiled 5.4m liters of water and more

were not eligible to be reunited with their

than 80,000 tarps in preparation for the

parents. The reasons given included a lack

next storm. Officials have told residents to

of confirmed family ties, or a parent having a

stockpile enough emergency supplies to live

criminal record or a communicable disease.

as long as 10 days without help.

In 431 cases, the parents were no longer

Meanwhile, government agencies are

in the US, a court filing said.

pouring billions of dollars into fixing the

US officials separated more than 2,500

existing power structure and creating a

children from undocumented adults at

new, more efficient one. Walter Higgins, the

the border with Mexico earlier this year,

new CEO of Puerto Rico’s Electric Power

in a “zero tolerance” crackdown on illegal

Authority, said the agency just awarded a


$500m contract to MasTec to help with

The action was suspended by President

power restoration and the construction of

Donald Trump last month after a fierce

a new grid. Cobra Energy received another

backlash. The Trump administration says

$900m contract, and a third was being

it has reunited more than 1,800 migrant


children with family members. Its lawyers argue that it met the legal deadline, as the 711 remaining children are not “eligible” to be given back. Whilst separated, the children were kept in cages with little to no explanation or


EUROPEAN UNION AND UNITED STATES MAKE TRADE TRUCE The United States and the European Union seem to have paused the growing

resources. The parents, in some cases, were

Some 11,000 people remain without

trade war. Mr. Trump said the Europeans

lied to about where their children were going.

power in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

agreed to work toward lower trade barriers

The majority of the children were reunified

storm hit the island nearly eight months ago.

and to buy billions of dollars of American

with their parents in US Immigration and

Officials said it could take another two

Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody, and

months to fully restore power to Puerto

A day earlier, the Trump administration

378 others were released in “appropriate

Rico’s 3.3m residents, extending what is

announced that it would provide up to

circumstances”. This covers those reunited

already the longest blackout in US history.

$12 billion in emergency relief for farmers

with parents who were already out of

Still others warned that the repairs to the

negatively affected by the trade war.

government custody, those sent to another

power grid completed after the Category

Though Mr. Trump is declaring victory

relative or family friend, and those who are

4 storm would not hold through another

in the solution between the two sides, the

now over the age of 18.


general outlines of his plan were similar to

Of the 711 deemed ineligible, 120

The latest report from the National

children’s parents had “waived reunification”,


accordinf to the US government.

(NOAA) said there was a 75 per cent

Dozens more remain separated because


and of

Atmospheric five



Association hurricanes

soybeans and natural gas.

earlier negotiations started under President Barack Obama. Mr. Trump also took credit for the acceleration of economic growth in the

of “adult red flag”, referring to situations in

occurring in the 2018 Atlantic hurricane


which the child might be at risk.

season, which stretches from 1 June to the

scepticism over whether the growth can

end of November. There is a 70 per cent

sustain itself.

A court order imposed a deadline on the




Endeavour Magazine | 11



esla, Inc., headed by visionary CEO Elon Musk, is an increasingly major household name. Whether or not

you own a Tesla product, you are almost guaranteed to be aware of the company’s work in clean solar energy, lithium-ion batteries for green energy storage, and of course, electric vehicles (EVs). One of Musk’s other ambitious companies, Space X, recently tested a Falcon Heavy space rocket by infamously launching one of Tesla’s EVs into space, yet these incredible vehicles themselves are driving an exciting conversation. Whilst the notion of electric cars has been knocked around and largely overlooked for decades, Tesla has brought the technology into the limelight. Although many other automotive companies produce EVs (especially lately), their popularity and their reputation as a viable and relevant alternative to the petrol or diesel cars is thanks to the work of Tesla Inc. With their

The average charge time for Teslas on

On average last year, Tesla added eight new

slick, luxurious and yet practical designs,

long distance journeys in Europe is only

locations in Europe a month, opening an

Tesla has turned the EV into something

30 minutes, with each charge adding up to

average of 20 new Superchargers a week -

that is both green, exciting and desirably

170 miles of range. According to Tesla, most

and they’re still going!

fashionable – something that would have

owners of EV cars charge their vehicles at

Whilst Supercharger stations are still

seemed far-fetched when EVs were in the

home or whilst they’re at work, but that isn’t

less common as petrol stations, they are

overlooked minority.

guaranteed to be enough for those longer

increasingly easy to find, and are made

Even so, it is still tempting, when thinking

journeys – especially long drives through

even more convenient through Tesla’s

about EVs, to assume that long distance

Europe that cross country borders. To enjoy


travel would be problematic or impractical

taking your Tesla on a luxurious trip and really

Trip Planner. EV cars also have several

due to the need for charge points. This issue

revel in that superior driving experience and

advantages. Firstly, as they can charge at

of charging has long been a stopping point

guilt-free zero emissions, one also needs

home and at work, there’s no need to worry

for consumers – whilst a green alternative

to be confident that your battery won’t

about refuelling whilst you’re trying to crack

is desirable, no one wants to commit to a

be caught short. Ever-innovative Tesla

on with your daily commutes.

car they can’t drive with peace of mind.

have their customers covered; continued

Tesla’s vehicles are able to charge at non-

Tesla agrees! In fact, it agrees so much that

investment in driver convenience has seen

Tesla charge stations, thus greatly expanding

it has next to eradicated the problem, with

the company’s network of Supercharger

their customers’ support network. However,

the introduction and rising numbers of its

stations pass the 400 mark across Europe

this hasn’t slowed their commitment to

Supercharger stations.

– that’s over 3,200 Superchargers in total.

growing their own locations; they are placed

12 | Endeavour Magazine






and the latest in Norway holds 34. Existing

into account, and this figure would be

locations have also had their capacity

even higher.


All of these electric miles equal miles

These 400 European locations would

that would otherwise have been driven

allow Tesla owners to drive anywhere across

in petrol or diesel cars. The increase in

the continent with ease if they so wished –

Superchargers allows EVs to finally become

and they are! The company’s data shows that

a staple of life that pose a real alternative to

the network enabled almost 70,000 cross-

unsustainable fuel options. In fact, in Europe

border trips last year, and a high proportions

alone, Supercharging miles have saved 92

of charger use in many European countries

million litres of fuel and off-set over 200,000

on major roads along all well-travelled routes

has been to fuel vehicles from abroad. For

tonnes of CO2. All directly acquired energy

throughout Europe to enable convenient,

example, in France and Italy, 2/5 of charges


easy to plan travel.

come from outside of the country, and in

provided by clean energy sources such as


Germany and Sweden this figure is 1/3. To

solar and wind, and despite the majority of

Europe five years ago, the first location

look at the data from the other direction,

charging taking place at home, last month

appearing in Norway in 2013. That year, the

around 3/4 of Belgian and Austrian Tesla

a new charging session was started at a

European network of Superchargers covered

owners Supercharged abroad last year.

Supercharger in Europe every ten seconds.

five countries; today, the stations appear

This level of interconnectivity reflects the

If owners combined this with green power

in 23. The full network now extends from

European way of life, the European way to

sources for their electricity at home, this is

Norway, Sweden, Finland and Scotland in

travel, and, now, the Tesla way.

a huge opportunity to cut down on their




the UK to Spain, Portugal, Italy and Croatia in the South.

In fact, whilst talking about just how much





carbon footprint.

clean travel Tesla is involved in, it’s worth

With every new Supercharger, the EV

Thanks to increasing ownership of Tesla

mentioning that in total, their Supercharges

revolution takes a stronger hold, and it’s

cars throughout Europe, the size of their

have facilitated 528 million electric miles

only going to keep taking firmer root. Future

Supercharger locations has also been on the

across Europe alone. That’s the equivalent

plans show Superchargers expanding into

rise. The latest stations to be built have been

of over 1,100 trips to the moon and back,

new countries, allowing Tesla owners to

significantly larger to meet this growing

15 trips from Earth to Mars or 21,000

travel even further afield. You can use Tesla’s

demand – for example, the new station in

times around the world! Take customers

Supercharger map and Go Anywhere Trip

the Netherlands holds 28 Superchargers,

from the US and the rest of the world

Planner to see where you could go! Endeavour Magazine | 13


ON THE MOVE In the modern age of fast-paced online shopping and advanced connectivity, what should logistics offer its customers and where is the industry headed? We spoke with Jens Sode, APL Logistics’ new Regional Vice President for EMEA & MD Germany, as he shared his thoughts on how APLL are adapting for the future, and what logistics companies should expect in the years to come. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER




a Vice President position with competitor APL Logistics (APLL). Shifting his attention to the new REQUIREMENTS REQUIREMENTS horizons of the EMEA after an already widely travelled career, including India, Hong Kong, Denmark, USA, Belgium and Holland, Jens feels ready to take on new challenges and apply some well-earned lessons to a company that is excited to embrace the future.


e asked Jens what inspired him to make the move after 24

wider range of products, making sure that APLL are well represented

years: “APL Logistics is a very interesting entrepreneurial

in the big locations like London, Hamburg, Istanbul and Dubai, as

company; it’s so very focused on customer solutions, and

well as a push in the African market. However, it is this focus on

tailor-making them to fit customer needs. I was obviously seeing APL Logistics from the other side for many years, and it was always a very strong competitor.”

customers that is most important both to APLL. Engagement with customers is something that Jens learnt the value of in his old company: APLL’s existing flexibility in this

Founded in 1977 off the back of APL Liner (dealing in ocean liner

area, and its interest in growing this side of its operations, was

shipping), APL Logistics is a US$1.8 billion supply chain services

what most appealed to the new VP: “It’s the customer centricity.

provider with operations around the globe. As the company

You really have to listen to and work with your customers. That’s

describes itself, “APL Logistics designs and operates smart, globally

one thing that I definitely take with me into the new job. Another,

integrated supply chains. We combine origin and destination

which is along the same lines, is the importance of listening to your

logistics solutions with transportation services across all modes

customer and taking that into product innovation and product

and regions of the world.” Whilst it does deal in automotive and


technology products, APLL mostly focuses on consumer products,

Whilst innovation across the board is occurring in logistics, as

orchestrating and synchronizing the supply chain by flowing

it is with any industry, the most exciting area of development is

products based on real-time or close to real-time demand. “We

of course within IT. Whether online interfacing with customers,

provide end2end supply chain planning with an optimized product

managing their databases or using apps to calculate fleet

flow, which we deliver through effective IT solutions with the

efficiency, IT is making logistics faster and more efficient wherever

right business partners,” explained Jens. “We offer a strong global

it is applied, and whichever company best utilises this tool

footprint to support sourcing and new markets entry, together

is king:

with an industry-leading Key Account Management program to

“In the past, there have been two types of logistics providers

ensure continued growth and optimization for our customers.

– those with the infrastructure but not the software, and those

Furthermore, together with KWE, APLL offers ocean, rail and air

with the software but not the boots on the ground. Companies

freight services globally.”

who are trying to combine the two will have the very best chance

Jens was brought in to APLL primarily as a fresh pair of eyes to

at competing, and that includes APLL. First of all, our software

take a look at the company’s operations in the EMEA region and to

improves the experience for our customers and our suppliers, but

make them more customer-facing. Jens’ strategies for developing

it also lowers costs across the entire Supply Chain. Logistics is

APLL EMEA include staying close to key customers, dealing with a

a low margin business - so if you don’t constantly take cost out

16 | Endeavour Magazine






SOLUTION FOR AND LOGISTICS SOLUTION FOR YOUR SHIPPING Al Rashed Al Rashed International International Shipping Shipping Co. , aCo. , a division division of Al-Rashed of Al-Rashed GroupGroup and agent and agent of of REQUIREMENTS AND LOGISTICS YOUR SHIPPING ONE Kanoo Kanoo Shipping Shipping is theisleading the leading playerplayer in inSTOP

shipping shipping in Kuwait. in Kuwait. With With over 5over decades 5 decades of experience, of experience, Al-Rashed Al-Rashed offersoffers a 360a 360 degree degree solution solution for any forshipping any shipping requirement. requirement. We are Wecommitted are committed to provide to provide nothing nothing less less than exceptional than exceptional service service in every in every aspect aspect of ourofbusiness, our business, guided guided by thebyhigh the ethical high ethical by thebyfounder the founder of of standards standards established established the Al-Rashed the Al-Rashed GroupGroup almost almost moremore than 10 than 10 decades decades ago ago

Al-Rashed Al-Rashed International International Shipping Shipping Co. Co. REQUIREMENTS

AND LOGISTICS (as agents (as agents of Kanoo of Kanoo Shipping Shipping LLC)LLC) SOLUTION FOR

Address: Address: Al Rashed Al Rashed Complex, Complex, 9th Floor, 9th Floor, FahadFahad Al Salam Al Salam Street,Street,

Kuwait Kuwait City, City, PO Box: PO 20241, Box: 20241, Safat Safat 13063, 13063, Kuwait Kuwait REQUIREMENTS YOUR SHIPPING Phone: Phone: +965 +965 2291 2291 2800/2801 2800/2801

Website: Website: AND LOGISTICS Email: Email:



APL LOGISTICS and become more efficient, then you wake up with a big headache

The physical shopping experience is still happening there, but it is a

sooner rather than later.”

completely dying trend in European and US cities as such.”

The software that APLL trusts to give it this competitive edge

The frequency of such deliveries raises concerning questions

includes Oracle Transportation Management software (OTM).

about the environmental impact of this growing trend. Fortunately,

Whilst the company does not run many of its own assets in terms

Jens had some reassuring answers: “If you have a normal car, and

of fleets, instead outsourcing to their trucking partners, OTM is

you go shopping on a Saturday and drive more than 25 kilometres

valuable for APLL in its ability to support efficient route planning

(15.5 miles) to buy some sneakers, you have actually left a higher

for said partners and thus save on fuel, worker hours etc. Tableau

carbon footprint than if those shoes had travelled around the world

is another IT staple for the company, which they use for customer

in an ocean container. Companies are doing a lot to reduce impact:

presentations, analytics and other instances of clearly presenting

most delivery vans are hybrids at least, and we encourage our

and handling their company data. However, valuable though these

customers to be smart in terms of packaging materials and delivery

pieces of software are, for other areas of their operations, APLL’s

methods.” Of course, APLL can mainly advise, but they can also

needs are more bespoke:

pack and plan in order to reduce the impact of their customers’

“Where we really put our intellectual property is in our back-

choices as much as possible: for example, if a customer wishes to

office operation systems, and how we interface with our customers.

airdrop a delivery, “we make sure it is full, and we ensure not to use

Customers often interface in different ways depending on their

excess packaging.”

particular needs. So, we mix our understanding of the global supply

Jens highlights that many couriers are also working together

change with our recognised standard software, but we also tailor-

to share deliveries and bring separate packages together in

make and adapt the interfaces to work for our customers, whether

one vehicle, and of course, companies such as Amazon are also

that is apps, web browsers or EDI interfaces.”

experimenting in new initiatives such as drones. However, given

IT innovation is ongoing, and Jens has also begun to implement

the speed with which our reliance on convenience and digital living

other changes in the EMEA region in cooperation with APLL

increases, the shifting trend towards ecommerce doesn’t seem

global strategy. The company is shifting its focus on to its key accounts, which it plans to closely develop products around and in conjunction with. In particular, the company plans to focus on its end2end services: “We’ve had a lot of our customers for many years, and you have to constantly evolve. Obviously, logistics is a global network, so it’s not like we can do whatever we like in EMEA and it will automatically fit APLL across the rest of the world nor its customers for that matter. Much as IT is the fasted-developing tool in logistics, the demands upon the industry from its customers are changing swiftly, and have transformed drastically since the birth of the internet. We can’t talk about changes in logistics without talking about the changing trends in the way we shop, and therefore in the way companies ship and deliver. In this evolving post-internet landscape, we asked Jens how logistics had adapted to the shifting trends: “You and I have decided to start shopping via the internet: we buy three things and return two. That has had a big impact on the international supply chain. It used to be more predictable: companies used to order big bulk shipments, and these would then flood the market. Now, it’s all about last minute demand fulfilment; it’s much more IT integrated, and it’s about picking up those consumer shopping signals to trigger transportation. All the orders are becoming smaller and much more frequent, not just in Europe and America, but in also Africa and the Middle East. The only exception is Dubai, which has overtaken London as one of the biggest store shopping centres of the world thanks to its supermalls.

18 | Endeavour Magazine

like it will slow down any time soon. We asked Jens to describe

supply chain,” suggests Jens. “Then, there is 3D printing. Instead

his predictions for the world of logistics in five to ten years, as it

of holding finished goods, warehouses would hold raw materials

continues to adapt to these demands

and massive 3D printers, which will cater for a lot of personalized

“I think there will be more consolidation within the ocean liner

design and production of goods.”

industry. There’s already been a lot of consolidation there, but the

3D printer warehouses and facilities would not only answer

industry needs more. The whole concept around integrating and

the need for near-sourcing and therefore reduce in shipping, but

digitising the international supply chain will also have taken full

it would also cut down on storage and waste. Perhaps 3D printers

effect, which will save customs officials time that they currently

will even become a household norm someday, but for a transitional

spend checking endless documents coming in and out of the

period at least, Jens feels that the number of raw materials needed


will limit this trend to people focused on crafting specific items.

“Then, I think we will see that quite a lot of the freight forwarders or logistics companies are gone; there will be a big

Instead, this vision of 3D printer warehouses or facilities might be the answer to a faster yet more sustainable logistics world.

consolidation in the market, because a lot of companies today live

Whatever the future holds, APLL are paying close attention,

by being the local hero. This need will diminish as the supply chain

poised and ready with a combination of software, infrastructure,

becomes more reliable, predictable and fast. Business to consumer

strong global partnerships and, mostly importantly, their priorities

(b2c) will still thrive, and the international supply chains will trend

focused on their customers. With that, APLL also put a lot of

more towards one to one: you say ‘I would like to buy these jeans’,

emphasis on hiring and educating the best logistics professionals

they are produced and sent.”

and teams globally. As the world shifts, APLL are prepared to move

This level of increased small shipments sounds like a logistical

with it, following their customers; changing expectations and ever

nightmare, or at the very least, costly and hard to sustain, unless the

adapting, to make sure that they are a leading logistics company

industry changes to rise to this increasing challenge. “More near-

not only today, but for tomorrow and the day after as well.

sourcing and near-production would speed up the international

APL LOGISTICS’ DEMAND SENSING SOLUTION • Reduce your demand forecast error by up to 50% • Increase your inventory performance by 20% • Optimize your supply chain: the right product in the right geography locations, and in the right quantities.


Endeavour Magazine | 19

SGS GHANA LTD WWW.SGS-GHANA.COM // 233 302 77 39 94

MEASURING UP On the 140th Anniversary of SGS, we spoke with Thelma Botes, Laboratory Manager of SGS Minerals services in Tarkwa, Ghana, to get a glimpse of how this large company is keeping an educated eye on the minute details. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


In industry, you can never be too careful. Employee and

customer safety, environmental fallout, heavy or volatile machines and materials, partner investment and profit margins; one is taking a gamble with materials, money and health whenever one embarks on an industrial venture. Of course, the word “gamble” is too haphazard – because of the inherent risks and variables, companies do all they can from the planning stages onwards to ensure efficiency, integrity and safety at every step of their operations.


018 marks the 140-year anniversary of the SGS Group. This means 140 years of providing trust, safety and best practises for our clients. The SGS Group is the world’s leading

organisation for inspection, verification, testing and certification and has become a household name, in the fields of Agriculture & Food, Construction, Consumer Goods and Retail, Energy, Industrial Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Mining, Oil & Gas, as well as in the Public Sector and Transportation. To celebrate the anniversary, we hooked up with Thelma Botes, Laboratory Manager of Tarkwa, Minerals Division, which focuses on our Geochem services.

Afrique Atlantic Services (Gh) Ltd P. O. Box TD 1182 Takoradi - Ghana Location: Chemical House Apowa - Takoradi Mob: +233 24 485 9784 Tel: +233 50 126 4796 +233 31 229 2126 / 7 22 | Endeavour Magazine

Afrique Atlantic Services (Gh) Limited is a mining supporting company located at Apowa, Takoardi and our main business are: •

To import chemicals

To warehouse them

To supply the Mines/ Labs within and outside Ghana

To offer Warehousing Services

We learned from her that SGS began operations in Ghana as SGS Ghana Limited in August 1960, and since then has grown by 3 additional companies, namely SGS Laboratory Services Ghana Limited, SGS Inspection & Testing Services Ghana Limited and SGS Soluserv Limited, the JV Company who supports the local content requirement of our Oil, Gas & Chemical Sector. Like their global operations, SGS’s presence in Ghana is equipped to tackle diverse services across a wide range of industries. “Our reputation is built on integrity and trust,” explains Thelma. “As an independent third party, we are able to provide our services with complete impartiality.”

Endeavour Magazine | 23

SGS GHANA LTD “With regards to its Mineral activities in Ghana, SGS delivers

Thelma told us that on the whole, we provide “Exploration grade

quality analytical services to meet each individual client’s need as a

analyses (a large-scale exploration program, generating rock or soil

technical advisor and strategic partner.” Thelma explained that SGS

samples with low metal contents), ore grade analyses (producing

Minerals Services in Ghana manage three on-site mine laboratories

rock or core samples with which to analyse medium to high grade

for Ahafo Newmont, Akyem Newmont and Damang Goldfields.

minerals) and control grade analyses (a large-scale exploration

They also run a commercial facility located in Tarkwa, which was

program, generating rock or soil samples with low metal contents).”

established in 1993 and was ISO17025 accredited in September 2015.

She also explained that SGS Minerals services not only delivers analytical services to local clients, but also extends its expertise

To break their operations down even further, Thelma took us

to clients from the West Africa region, specifically, Nigeria, Liberia,

through the different tests offered at the Tarkwa commercial facility

Sierra Leone, Cote d’ Ivoire, Mali, Burkina Faso and Cameroon. This

such as the determination of gold by fire assay, screen fire assay,

is made possible by drawing expertise and experience from its

aqua-regia and various bottle roll techniques including; total sulphur

global network when needed, giving clients the benefit of a local

and carbon by LECO; gold in solution and in carbon; base metals

company with a global reach. With more than 95,000 employees,

by aqua-regia digest; specific gravity and bulk density; determining

SGS operates a network of over 2,400 offices and laboratories

the percentage of gold in bullion; carbon activity; moisture content,

around the world.

and other special test work as requested by clients. That’s a long list

The company’s presence in Ghana is also heavy on the ground,

to take in! To non- metal-heads, the important lesson to take away

allowing detailed operations and support on a local level: they

is that these tests are thorough, clinical, and expertly carried out –

have offices and laboratories throughout the country, including

and this is just one niche of the industry-spanning range of services

Accra, Tema, Takoradi, Tarkwa, Damang, Ahafo, Akyem and Obuasi,

that SGS carry out.

making us easily accessible.


FOR MINING AND EXPLORATION AMIS is an ISO17043 accredited producer of mineral certified reference materials (CRMs). CRMs are used in routine mineral laboratory QA/QC programs, analytical method validation and calibration of analytical equipment. All our products are matrix matched and custom made from naturally occurring materials. In addition we run a free laboratory proficiency testing scheme with its participants being some of the best and well known laboratories in the world. Please have a look at our offerings on the AMIS website, and remember there is No Analysis Without An AMIS.

CONTACTS AT AMIS Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss our services in more detail. Alternatively, have a look at our website, if you would like more information on purchasing or custom making CRMs, or if you want your laboratory to participate in the free AMIS PT scheme.

24 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine | 25

SGS GHANA LTD According to Thelma, “we are constantly faced with the

These developments within the SGS Minerals sector in Ghana,

challenges that are inherent to maintaining our reputation; to

are just some of the many expansions for this truly global company.

reliably test the operations of others, we must test ourselves

As they work to grow and improve across the board, they expand

against those same standards. Challenges will always be part of

their ability to help others to do so as well: be it through accurate

our business. Sustainability and running a commercial facility is

data, proper adherence to safety or expert consultation on

about managing a long-term profitable business whilst taking into

environmental preservation, SGS is here to raise and protect the

account the positive and negative effects we have on society, the


economy and environment.” The objectives and goals of SGS Minerals in Ghana for the coming year are to continue to grow the business and maintain improvement strategies “with passion, integrity and innovative spirit.” They have recently won an on-site contract with Newmont Ahafo, and their Tarkwa facility has secured an analytical services contract from Nzema Mine. Work continues to expand the services available at this facility, and “we are also awaiting delivery of a MP- AES (Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy) instrument, which will be a new addition to the market and the first in West Africa.”

TRUSTED GEOCHEMISTRY EXPERTISE IN AFRICA At SGS, we deliver trusted geochemistry expertise that provides quality data for your project. Our experts have access to an extensive global network and leading-edge technology to help you meet your technical milestones and effectively achieve your goals. With over 60 commercial and dedicated on-site mine laboratories across Africa, SGS’s strong footprint has the ability and presence to provide you with a broad spectrum of independent quality and quantification services. Whether you are at the exploration stage, developing project resources, or heading into operation, trust SGS to help you manage the risks, enhance the value and get to market faster. SGS IS THE WORLD’S LEADING INSPECTION, VERIFICATION, TESTING AND CERTIFICATION COMPANY


T: + 233 (0) 31 232 0212 MINERALS@SGS.COM WWW.SGS.COM/MINING 26Trusted | Endeavour Magazine Geochemistry Expertise in Africa.indd


31/07/2018 4:04:11 PM




s the holiday season is well underway,

the Leucochloridium paradoxum (also known

there, the larva metamorphoses into a

many of us will have already booked

as the ‘green-banded broodsac’, if your Latin

‘sporocyst’ – look them up online; they are



is a little rusty). This tricky customer, often

truly sinister in appearance – and begins

country, city or town we have chosen to

found in the forests of Europe and North

to assume control of the snail’s body. After

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effectively turning the snail into a mindless

and they all cater to a wide variety of visitors,

any salubrious establishment it happens to

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who will have different tastes, requirements

wander into. Why? Because this particular

paradoxum begins turning the unfortunate

and budgets. A hotel, motel, villa, hostel, or

worm is a parasite and it doesn’t treat its

snail’s body into a fantastic, pulsating display

AirBnB – no matter where you’re staying,

hosts hospitably.

of rippling colours. Slithering to the high



the rules are always the same: take care of

Hiding in the vegetation most often

surface of a plant, resembling the floor of

the furnishings, don’t steal the towels, and

frequented by their favourite slithering

a ‘70’s discotheque, the snail now perfectly

treat the premises with the same respect as

abode, snails, L. paradoxum eggs await the

resembles a large caterpillar or grub; the

you would your own house.

approach of their unsuspecting prey. Having

very meal of choice for any birds in the area.

Bearing these sacred rules in mind, I draw

been consumed by the snail, the parasitic

These, it turns out, are the parasite’s real

your attention to a certain flatworm called

larva travels to its digestive system. Once


28 | Endeavour Magazine

This is the parasite’s game-plan: the

aspects of nature. The mind-control and

title like ‘zombie snails’ has surely got to be

snail, turned into a psychedelic puppet,

colourful pyrotechnics that it displays in

worth investigating?).

displays itself proudly to the avian threats

its hosts are called ‘aggressive mimicry’ by

In ancient Greece, hospitality – ξενία

surrounding it and sooner or later is

biologists – the parasite effectively takes on

(xenia) - was one of the highest virtues and

consumed. Once inside the stomach of a bird,

the character of its desired host’s favourite

Zeus, the king of the gods, was its patron.

the parasite’s journey it almost complete: it

food in order to infiltrate it. This is quite

The Greeks believed that anyone they met

lays its eggs, which are promptly delivered

different to similar tricks in the animal world,

could be a god disguised as a mortal, so they

vertically downward by the bird and then lay

where it is far more common for a predator

endeavoured to treat strangers with respect

in waiting for the next unfortunate snail to

to assume the form of its prey’s food and

and generosity on all occasions. Evidently

innocently cross its path.

then eat the prey directly.

the L. paradoxum never got the memo, but

A far cry from the harmonious natural phenomenon




The whole life-cycle of the L. paradoxum

at least we in the human world have learned


is a highly fascinating one, and there exist

to treat our surroundings, our dwellings

narrated by Morgan Freeman over footage

many videos online which allow us to

and the people we meet with a little

of marching penguins, L. paradoxum is

glimpse the surreal effect that the parasite

more respect.

a striking example of the more cunning

can produce in its targets (any video with a Endeavour Magazine | 29


READY FOR NEW OPPORTUNITIES Last year began with an economychanging discovery for Guyana when the small coastal country was suddenly confirmed as sitting on vast oil deposits. We spoke with Liz Wyatt, General Manager of Sol Guyana Inc., about the impact that this discovery is set to have on country, and the ways that companies like Sol are already responding. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


Founded in 2005, The Sol Group of companies was

formed through the acquisition of Shell’s business in the Eastern Caribbean, Guyana, Suriname and Belize. After expanding into Puerto Rico through further acquisitions in 2006, the energy group strengthened its presence in Guyana the following year through the acquisition of assets belonging to Exxon in the country, as well as similar purchases in Suriname and Haiti.


he Caribbean-based group describe their mission today as

includes tight working bonds with some of Sol Guyana’s affiliated

the same one that inspired them then: to power the region

companies, including the group’s supply and logistics company with

reliably and safely. Named after the Spanish word for “sun”,

a fleet of dedicated marine vessels, which works closely with Sol

the group says of itself, “Our name and our sunburst logo are direct

Guyana in providing reliable, quality products to meet the needs of

representations of our team’s energy and commitment to being a

its customers and partners.

central element of all aspects of life in the Caribbean. The Sol visual brand reflects the vibrancy of the Caribbean.”


Ten years after Sol solidified its involvement in Guyana, the

However, one of Sol Guyana’s key attributes is its reputation for

country that was long predicted rich oil deposits finally made a

health & safety and a sturdy environment management system. “I

discovery that should change the course of its fortunes: in January

can’t stress enough how much emphasis we place on safe practices,

2017, both Exxon Mobil and Hess announced that explorative

training and protocols. We are acutely aware of the importance of

deep-water drilling had discovered one of the richest oil and gas

health, safety, security and the environment in our industry.” Sol’s

deposits to be found in decades, just off of the country’s coast.

track record for safety allows them to stand out in this sector: “We

As a small nation with low power requirements, Guyana would be

are very proud of our safety record and we are confident that this

able to export most of the oil and gas it retrieved from its deposits,

will help present and future partners to look favorably upon us.”

which could mean a revolution for the country economically.

Sol Guyana is aware that these safety measures do not just

As major oil industry players start to take an interest in the

protect oil interests, but protect Guyana’s environment and thus,

country in the wake of this discovery, Sol Guyana is in a strong

both its residents and its other industries. “It’s not just all about oil

position to catch their eye and form a partnership on the project:

– we must not forget about the mining, the agriculture, the fishing

“We’re fortunate as we have a lot of experience in the oil industry

- these are very important industries.” Through its safe practices,

which strategically positions Sol in the market.” Liz explains with

Sol Guyana supports these essential industries, and in turn, the

confidence. “We are ideally situated alongside the shoreline here in

country’s future as the oil industry expands.

Guyana, and we have excellent relationships with a lot of the new

“Sol’s dedication to safe practices is being demonstrated through

companies coming in because of our existing associations.” This

upgrades of retail sites with state-of-the-art technology to ensure

32 | Endeavour Magazine

we continue to meet industry standards and prevent environmental impact. We have an active programme of replacing all single wall steel underground storage tanks and pipelines with double walled tanks and pipelines. These replacements are coupled with installation of electronic monitoring for the fuel system. Our pier at the depot in Rome is also being upgraded to improve its capacity and capabilities. The new pier will be outfitted with state-of-the-art technology, pumping systems and pipelines to adequately meet the future demands of the market. We continuously invest in human resources through training, an example of this is the recently held Oil Spill Emergency Response Training with Exxon Mobil. In addition, we continuously monitor our bulk storage tanks conducting tank inspections every 10 years as per industry standard ensuring to make the necessary upgrades. These are just some of the ways that we live our commitment to safety and the environment in every single community in which we operate.” It must be noted that Sol Guyana has strategically located depots to sufficiently supply the entire country. This definitely adds to the company’s competitive advantage.


DELIVERING BIG AND DRIVING EASY Put simply, the FREIGHTLINER M2 112 is designed to drive profitability. Balancing toughness with efficiency, Freightliner’s engineers have designed the M2 112 to get results. While this versatile vehicle is lighter than other trucks, it delivers the power and fuel efficiency to run a profitable business. The M2 112 is your trucking solution to maximize productivity.

As well as being careful with its own practices and infrastructure, Sol Guyana also acts on its commitment to environmental safety

Endeavour Magazine | 33

SOL GUYANA through a variety of social initiatives, to encourage the country’s

ensure that Guyana implements global standards as it adapts to its

population to join their efforts in protecting its natural resources.

exciting future.

For example, on World Oceans Day this year, the company led a beach cleanup – an event close to the heart of ocean-loving Liz.


They also use this opportunity to promote awareness on ocean

“I think Guyana is going to go through a massive transformation.

conservation: “This country of course is a land of many waters, and

That’s a given. I concur with the country’s vision in regards to

we’re trying to get people thinking about not throwing their plastic

the green economy relying on technology. The country has an

bottles into the water. Basically, we have lubricants that go into the

opportunity now to catch up on a digital-technology based

boat engine, and people would just chuck the bottle over the side,

platform. The initiatives that are being built now, which oil revenue

so we started an initiative at our jetties that collects the bottles and

will allow, will revolutionize how people interact with banking

dispose of them properly.”

systems and multiple other transactions that would influence the

The Guyanese population is not the only group that Sol Guyana

individual, corporate and government daily interactions. Ultimately,

has been appealing to and sharing ideas with: to truly make a

I think Guyana is now getting and extraordinary opportunity

difference on environmental safety in the wake of the oil revolution,

to implement the best and most innovative technology-

the company has also been speaking with the government and

based platforms.

overseas entities. “Following the launch of the American Chamber

Although Guyana is celebrating its oil as a game-changing

of Commerce, we’re going to be actively working with governments

breakthrough, Sol is conscious about the need to pursue alternative

and the US Embassy here to promote safety, and to exchange ideas

fuels and renewable energy solutions. We are aware of the

and share expertise on matters like the petroleum legislation or the

country’s growing focus for some time now on renewable energy.

sovereign wealth fund.” The company is becoming deeply involved

Sol Guyana is far from short sighted: “Industries are dynamic and,

in conversations with both government channels and NGOs to

while we foresee significant growth in our sector for years to come,

36 Sussex Street, Georgetown, Guyana, South America +592 223 8233, +592 225 1896,

Over 40 Years in Business Piping and Tank Fabrication and Installation Repairs & Testing (thickness and pressure) for Pipes and Tanks Cleaning and Maintenance for Pipes and Tanks 34 | Endeavour Magazine

we are also aware other players might take roles on this business such as: natural gas, solar, and hydroelectric power. The dynamics of the business are not new to Sol, therefore, we’ve already actively tendered on the natural gas plant and would continue to assess any reasonable opportunity that would support to our objective of providing energy solutions. Sol Guyana is aware of the promising years ahead; those are likely to be crucial and profitable for the country. “The next couple of years are a stimulating time for Sol Guyana, as they respond to this historical time and try to anticipate its ever-changing factors. Our Sol Team is no exception, every Monday morning, the team discusses topics that they might have read over the weekend – we drill down to get a deeper understanding in many cases. It’s very exciting. As the exact plans for action settle across the country, the run up to 2020 and beyond is sure to only get more exciting still: we look forward to seeing what the future holds, both for The Sol Group and for Guyana as an economy.”

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VIRAJ PROFILES WWW.VIRAJ.COM // 0091 22 3006 4000

ONE VISION, MANY WORLDS Based in India, Viraj Profiles Ltd. Is ranked second in the world in stainless steel long products, and is one of the highest exporters in India. Now, as industry booms in India, they are looking at expanding their domestic market, at the same time as continuing their growth overseas. We spoke with Mrs Pooja Mehra, Executive Director of Viraj Profiles, and Mrs Renu Kochhar, the company’s Managing Director, to find out why their product is one to look out for. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


Viraj Profiles was founded in 1990 with a small team of

150. A year later, they opened their first melting shop; two decades later, its team is 9000 strong, supporting a flourishing stainless steel export business that sells to 90 countries around the globe.


rs Mehra, Executive Director at Viraj, told us a little of their

transportations etc.” With this demand rising, Viraj are taking a

history: “In 1995, we started manufacturing stainless steel.

second look at their domestic operations with the plan to expand

In the same year we commissioned our flanges division and

– especially as this new demand shows no sign of dropping off any

bright bar division and started exporting bright bars. Amongst our

time soon. “What is very encouraging is the fact that government

products were what is known as “profiles”. Profiles are complex

institutions have realised the long-term benefits of using stainless

structural steel, which are designed in various shapes such as

steel.” Stainless steel has faced difficulties in India due to a

I-beams, equal and un-equal angles, flat, tapered channels and

reluctance to pay the high initial cost for the material, but with

non-tapered channels. 99% of the total profiles products that we

the government’s acknowledgement of its long-term benefits, the

manufactured were being exported. As demand grew, in 2000, we

material is now being used in bus shelters, railways and building

established our Profiles division that would predominantly cater to

construction. Most excitingly, the recent announcement that the

overseas clients.”

country intends to build 20 smart cities will greatly boost the need

Profiles are used because of their durability, strength, non-

for the materials’ production.

corrosive properties, longevity, strength and stainless property.

Protectionist measures from the Indian government have also

It was through these that Viraj Profiles first found their success:

recently imposed countervailing duty (CVD) on certain stainless

today, the company has a diverse range of products, including

steel products from China, which has also helped to boost the

stainless steel wire, wire rods, fasteners, flanges, and, of course,

local market. On top of this, India is now globally ranked the

bright bars and profiles in various sizes and grades.

second-highest produced of stainless steel after China. “The

From its foundation onwards, Viraj has focused primarily on

potential growth of stainless steel in India is huge,” predicts Mehra,

the export market, with around 90% of their products exported

“Considering that per capita consumption at 1.9 kg is much lower

to more than 90 countries. However, according to recent reports,

than the global average of 4.85 kg”.

it seems that the consumption of stainless steel in India has

Despite growing demand, many factors still pose challenges

impressively grown almost ten times in last 20 years! In particular,

to India’s domestic steel industry. For example, the price of

India’s economy has grown significantly in recent years, and with

nickel remains highly volatile. However, thanks to the country’s

this growth has come a greater demand on the domestic market:

recent diversification into more complex projects and sectors, it

“Domestic consumption of stainless steel has grown manifold

is predicted by the Harvard University’s Center for International

over the past couple of years. Important growth sectors in India

Development that India will be the fastest growing economy in the

include infrastructural and architectural applications such as

coming decade, with an annual GDP growth rate of 7.9%.

the modernization of airports, metro railways, modernized bus

On a broader scale, global demand for stainless steel is on the

shelters, stainless steel wall cladding, household applications,

rise both because of ambitious industrial projects, and also a rising

38 | Endeavour Magazine

VIRAJ PROFILES focus on environmental issues. As a 100% recyclable material that

First of all, the company’s manufacturing facilities utilise a high

is long lasting, stainless steel not only allows companies to uphold

level of automation, with this technology regularly upgraded to

their commitments to greener practises, but is also cost effective

make sure that the standard of their production and their time and

in the long-term. As Viraj told us, “Even developing countries are

power efficiency are all up to date. A Material Tracking System in all

becoming aware of this fact and have started adopting this wonder

of their plants also eases the process of tracking the status of order

material in big way.”

delivery on a real time basis, and the upgrades they are making

Ready to meet this growing need, Viraj have developed a reputation for the high quality of their products. “We do not mind taking an extra step in order to provide an unmatchable quality product.

to their SAP system (SAP S4 HANA) will give them flexibility and reduce the time of several internal operations. Logistics management – In order to smoothen the process of delivering the goods on time, Viraj has recently set up its own

“All our manufacturing facilities have a well-equipped quality

Container Freight Station (CFS) and Inland Container Depot. CFS

team for doing various checks on the products before they

spread over around 10 acres of land and with handling capacity

are shipped to the customers. It is with this ethos that we have

of 5000 TEUs per month is strategically located very close to the

obtained more than 90 product certifications and approvals from

JNPT port. Having in-house logistics facility enables the company

different national and international bodies. All our products undergo

to deliver the products at assured delivery time to its client base

several stages of quality checks before getting delivered to the

which is spread across the globe.

clients or partners.”

International presence through sales offices – In order to further set up sales offices in different countries and have also appointed

areas include technological upgrades and automation, logistics

its representatives in several regions. Having our own team there

management, an international presence through sales offices, and

helps in resolving the concern of the clients and in addressing the

participation in leading trade shows.

concerns in timely and in an efficient manner.

40 | Endeavour Magazine

Mrs Renu Kochhar

bolster our effort of gaining more of international market, Viraj has

Mrs Pooja Mehra, Executive Director

This reputation for quality products is one of the key elements that Viraj feels makes up the “DNA” of its work culture. Other key

Participation in leading trade shows – Viraj has been actively participating in all the leading trade shows and exhibitions which are held overseas. These exhibitions serve as a perfect platform to not meet up with your existing clients rather also provide an opportunity to meet up new prospects and understand their requirements. All of these areas are seeing Viraj grow not only locally, but are the reasons for their success on the global market. As well as expanding in India, their eyes are always on global regions where they could take their products further. For example, the Middle East is a current area of focus that holds great potential for the company. Mrs Renu Kochhar, Managing Director, Viraj Profiles Ltd, told us more: “On the international front, the Middle East market holds much potential for us, due to the inherent applications for our products in the oil & gas industry. Similarly, the construction industry is extremely active in that region. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are highly promising considering the fast rate of architectural and construction activities happening in that region. Together with tremendously large-scale oil & gas projects that are being realised in the area, we feel confident that we are fully equipped for offering a product portfolio as per the requirements of Middle Eastern

Provider of Top Quality Products and Excellent Services We can help you with your fastener needs. GoldPlus Technology is a ISO 9001 TUV certified for fastener related tooling, equipment and product company. We deliver superb products and services to companies around the world, including Viraj Profiles Ltd. Visit us at and send your inquiries to


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VIRAJ PROFILES With this sort of growth on the horizon, it is essential for Viraj to

This came true in the Viraj Shri Ram Centennial School; the school

be confident in their staff. The company currently employs around

was awarded ‘One of The Top Emerging Schools’ in Mumbai from

9000 people, with a variety of skills and ethnic backgrounds, to

the Times of India newspaper for the year 2015 and 2016, an in its

produce a strong and vibrant team who are able to combine their

short four-year life it has already carved out a niche for itself.

talents for the tasks ahead. “Passion, ownership and transparency

As well as running CSR initiatives such as this, the company is

are the backbone of our work culture,” the company states.

also dedicated to its responsibility to operate in as eco-friendly a

Continuous on-the-job training and mentoring is an essential

way as possible. As Mrs Mehra told us; “We recognize that use of

element of keeping this work culture alive, and in empowering

recycled scrap of supports waste management, conserves natural

staff to grow their careers within the company. “We believe in

resources and reduces energy usage. Without compromising

empowering every individual, no matter at what level, which is why

on quality, we use waste exchange extensively where the waste

we value innovation, integrity and initiative. We therefore hold

product of one process becomes the raw material for another

regular workshops and training sessions to ensure our employees

process. The main area where we contribute with recycled material

are equipped to add value to their own careers, as well as to the

is in our melt shop, wherein we import industrial and domestic

progress of the organization as a whole.”

recycled scrap from various countries in order to produce quality

As well as looking out for their many staff, Viraj are also

stainless steel material.”

conscious to look out for the country around them. They have

Green in its production and green in its end result, stainless

invested money in CSR initiatives across an array of causes, both

steel is undoubtedly an essential resource, and the way forwards

social, economic and environmental. Perhaps their proudest

for the an industrially exploding India. If Viraj can achieve even a

achievement is the founding of Viraj Shri Ram Centennial School

fraction of their overseas success in their domestic market, the

- a project that had been a personal dream for Mrs. Kochhar. As

future will be an exciting time for the stainless steel company.

well as serving as Viraj’s MD, Kochhar heads the company’s CSR

Seizing the opportunity ahead of them, only time will tell how far

wing, and she was keen to provide world-class education in Boisar.

this expansion could go in the years ahead.

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91 22 2580 8401 + 91 9820 5787 13 Thane West � home




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A TASTE OF EVERYTHING Creative Eateries brings the world of dining to Singapore. Famously an island that imports all of its ingredients, with no agricultural industry of its own to speak of, Singapore is (excuse the pun) a hungry market for good food. We spoke with Bonnie Wong, COO of Creative Eateries, to see how this company has managed to bring so many nations’ styles and flavours to one island. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


Founded by Mr Anthony Wong in 1992, Creative Eateries

began with just one premises – the Hot Stones Steak and Seafood Restaurant. The 1990s saw a popular trend for hotel restaurant dining in Singapore, and Wong’s restaurant stood as an alternative choice. This desire to stand apart from the crowd lives on in the spirit of Creative Eateries, which seeks to fill any and all gaps in the market with its wide array of cuisine options.


e spoke with Bonnie Wong, COO of Creative Eateries,

seeks to deliver the best experience possible to all of its restaurant

who along with her sister Bernadette is passionately

guests and clients.” However, despite the variation between each

continuing the family business. She explained that the

location, there is also a continuity in their quality, as each one is

company is defined by its “multi-brand strategy”, which allows it to

connected under the ideals and overall guidance of the Creative

provide restaurants that specialise in Western, Thai, Japanese and

Eateries umbrella.

Chinese cuisine, separately, with appropriate branding for each.

In total, Creative Eateries represents 47 outlets. Of these 47,

“Our mission is to spread joy and delight to everyone’s taste buds

34 are based in Singapore, ten in Malaysia, two in Taiwan and

through creative concepts and fulfilling customer experiences,”

one is opening in Cambodia next month. “By using the multi-

Bonnie explained.

brand strategy,” Bonnie explains, “The Group saturates the food

To better cater to everyone, these restaurant divisions are also

and beverages (F&B) market by filling price and quality gaps,

split into tiers (such as premium or mass market), thus allowing

increasing the visibility of the Group as a whole, and providing

Creative Eateries to reach customers at every consumer level. With

more alternatives to consumers. As a result, the Group is better

so many levels and divisions, the list of restaurants represented

positioned in capturing greater market share and providing

by Creative Eateries is unsurprisingly long, including Hot Stones,

opportunity for growth in the highly competitive and saturated

Fremantle Seafood Market, Vineyard, Barossa, TongKong Riverboat

F&B industry, which would otherwise be limited if we only had

Dining, Patara Fine Thai Cuisine, Talay Thai, Siam Kitchen, Bangkok

one or two brands.”

Jam, Tajimaya Yakiniku, Shabuya, ROCKU Yakiniku, KURO Izakaya,

Expansion plans for the company are currently focused on

Eat at Taipei and the newly established brands Flaming Don and

opening more outlets in Cambodia and Malaysia, in order to

Typhoon Café. That’s a mouth full! Every one of these restaurants

strengthen Creative Eateries’ presence in those markets. However,

is designed with care, combining their menus with skilled interior

they also plan to venture further into franchising by branching out

design to create a fitting atmosphere and deliver an immersive

to countries in South East Asia such as the Philippines and Vietnam.

experience: “These concepts identify and fill gaps in the markets.

On top of all of this, the company hasn’t forgotten where they

With variety, dedication and expertise as its hallmarks, the Group

come from or where the backbone of their company lies; they are

46 | Endeavour Magazine

CREATIVE EATERIES also planning to open new outlets in Singapore, as well as to re-visit

is halal certified and operates out of a 12,000 square feet central

and refresh those already in place.

kitchen, which “gives the Group a competitive advantage, as our

This may all sound busy enough, but for Creative Eateries, it is

ability to cater to the halal community in large-scale quantity allows

only half the story. Alongside its restaurants, the Group’s catering

us to support international events like the Singapore Airshow

division has established itself as one of Singapore’s premier caterers.


“With a variety of cuisines on demand, end-to-end capabilities

Given its unique approach to both sides of the business, we

such as décor, equipment, rental and staffing, and a knack for

asked Bonnie what truly set Creative Eateries apart from its rivals.

customization, Creative Eateries Catering prides itself on its ability

She felt that it was in using these two halves in combination that

to create unforgettable events centred on outstanding food.” If you

the company best showed its strength: “Being a multi-concept and

want proof that this division is as good as it claims, it’s got it: firstly,

cuisine Group, we can’t peg competitors on a macro level. We rival

it is the official caterer of Singapore staples such as The Esplanade,

on a brand level. However, as a Group we have the capability to

Singapore Expo, The Star Theatre, CHIJMES, and even the Arts

offer different services and menus for a different occasion to the

House and National Art Gallery. Secondly, it has also catered

exact same customer– e.g. for corporate catering we can do events

many prestigious events, such as Food Hotel Asia, the Singapore

at our restaurants or one of the many venues we’re official caterers

Grand Prix, Singapore Dance Theatre Gala, People Association and

of. Therefore, we keep regular customers excited with our new

countless others, including events attended by Prime Minister Lee

products, and challenge ourselves to improve and innovate.”

Hsien Loong and President Halimah Yacob.

This constant innovation is crucial in a market as fast-moving

On top of successfully running a catering division worthy

and demanding and Singapore’s, where trends are variable and

of these accolades, the company even manages to run a second

competitors are many. “While food cost is largely well maintained,

catering wing, called Shiok! Kitchen Catering. This second wing

the same cannot be said for customers’ preferences. These ever-

48 | Endeavour Magazine

changing demands and needs are why we constantly come up with new brands - to meet consumer needs and fill gaps in the market.” Another challenge that the vast, many-facetted company faces is


employee numbers – a significant challenge when you run as many restaurants as they do. “Manpower remains a constant challenge for the F&B industry, hampered by changing foreign worker

Our Track Record

employment policies. We are now actively getting involved with

• Established in 1992

hospitality schools to groom young local Singaporeans through

• 2017 Enterprise 50 Award Winner

vocational training and restaurant excursions that give students a

• Influential Brands 2016 & Outstanding Brand

glimpse of what a career in F&B looks like. We feel that fuelling their passion for F&B will help the industry in the long run.” Creative Eateries currently employs 320 members of staff full

• Leading F&B establishment in Singapore

time, with around 600 employed part-time. Given that finding

Our Commitment and Support

staff is currently a challenge, the company makes sure to make the most of the talent that they find: “We make it a point to recognise

• Intensive initial and opening training

and incentivise staff for their excellent service through the STAR Award (internal service awards), and we also believe in promoting

• Constant support and review after opening

from within.”

• On-going sharing of new products and business system

Moving forwards, with their popular concepts, strong business model and well-cared-for team, the future looks positive for CE_Endeavour Magazine July Edition (Half Page) FA.pdf


• Marketing and PR support



す きさ ん













Grow your F&B portfolio in your city today. Leverage on our quality brands and good business models for a successful and rewarding venture. e: t: +65 6411 4990 (Michelle) Endeavour Magazine | 49

CREATIVE EATERIES the ever-ambitious Creative Eateries. One development on

promising in the Southeast Asian region, so we plan to continue

the company’s horizon is a transition over to a new Business

our growth there, using Singapore as a showcase for our concepts.”

Intelligence tool, which will enable the company to be more data-

Whatever style and flavour of dining you prefer, Creative

driven and to gain better customer insight – a useful ability when

Eateries seems to have your needs covered! With an array of

keeping up with such fast-changing trends! This transition should

international menus, a range of service tiers and even event

be complete by 2019. Another programme that the company

catering, the Wong family company seeks to share their passion

relies on is cloud-based procurement platform EzyProcure: as the

for food with everyone, whatever they are looking for. If you visit

business expands, managing a larger orders and inventory becomes

or live in Singapore, the chances are that you might walk in to one

inevitably complex, and the use of technology such as EzyProcure

of these many restaurants – give them a try, and experience what

becomes key to increasing efficiency and, indirectly, reducing costs.

makes Creative Eateries so successful for yourself!

In terms of expansion and physical development, Creative Eaters opens its first franchise in Cambodia next month and is also planning to re-design and rejuvenate some of its existing restaurant brands. It also has several new outlets planned for Singapore that should open in Q3/Q4, including Eat at Taipei and Suki-Ya in the SAFRA Toa Payoh. “We plan to penetrate the region with winning concepts through franchising and like-minded partners, to meet the growing demands of the middle market. We believe that growth is necessary to ensure the longevity of the Group; growth rates seem more A 51 Ubi Avenue 1 #05-23 Singapore 408933 M +65 9146 0879 E 50 | Endeavour Magazine




nce again, it has been a very hot month across the globe. Heat waves have spread throughout Europe, Asia, Africa

and the Americas. The weather may have meant that you were able to get a lovely tan, but these extreme weather fronts haven’t been without consequence - wildfires have been widespread across the globe, especially in areas where they are less common, such as the U.K., Sweden and Greece. These freak fires are usually caused by humans or lightning and are mostly found in the more hostile areas of the world to live in, such as Australia. However, it has come to our attention that there is another twisted fire starter in the land down under, and it is one that you would not have expected… Firehawks. You may not be familiar with this term, but these birds are a group of raptors that supposedly possess the ability to spread wildfires. The firehawks are more well known as the Black Kite, Whistling Kite, and Brown Falcon. They are all natives of the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia, where this behaviour has been documented. These birds of prey, according to eye witnesses, are able to take burning sticks or debris from wildfires that are already ablaze, transport these with the talons or beaks then drop them into an untainted area of bush or woodland,




blaze. This is either done individually or as a group, and is repeated until a successful blaze






Ornithologist, states in a 2016 interview

it in a fresh patch of dry grass half a mile

on the land. In the NT, the people known

that, “It’s a feeding frenzy, because out of

away, then wait with its mates for the mad

as the Dalabon, the Rembarrnga and the

these grasslands come small birds, lizards,

exodus of scorched and frightened rodents

Mayili still populate the region today. They

insects, everything fleeing the front of the

and reptiles.” From this observation, we can

have been more than familiar with firehawks

fire.” In his 1964 autobiography compiled

ascertain that this isn’t a recent behaviour

throughout their history and have their own

by Douglas Lockwood, Waipuldanya Phillip

attributed to the firehawks.

name for the birds of prey: “Karrkanj’, which

Roberts, a member of the Alawa people




before settlers


in their language means “Troublemaker”.

from the NT said, “I have seen a hawk pick



The Indigenous people have been aware

up a smoldering stick in its claws and drop

Australia, Aboriginal communities thrived

of the birds’ behaviour for a long time.

52 | Endeavour Magazine



of a bird spreading fire from one place to

sources for historical and scientific accuracy,

another. This are known as the ‘Dreaming

as they tend to use the oral tradition to pass

Fire Ceremony’. The Karrkanj is so important

information through their communities. This

to the people of the region that the Mimal

‘discovery’ will affirm that the people of the

Land Management company, that looks

NT have been right about the Karrkanj’s

after the land and assists with putting out

ingenuity this whole time, and that they are

wildfires within the Arnhem region of the

entitled to the relevant credit and respect.

NT, have incorporated a raptor carrying a

Awareness of firehawks could obviously also

fire stick into their logo.

help tell us to better understand and deal

There is much significance to the

with the spread of wildfires within Australia

discovery of firehawk activity for Western

- with knowledge that the birds of prey may

academia. This is the first known example

be spreading the fires further, firefighters

of fire usage by non-human animals:

will be able to manage this easier in the

although they are not starting a fire from

future. The findings within the NT even have

scratch, the birds successful utilise the

some academics questioning humanity’s

natural resource for their own benefit and

early interactions with fire, suggesting that

survival. Intelligence in animals is famously

these raptors could have been utilising it


long before us.



From interviews conducted with these

history, and if video evidence of firehawks

Hopefully we will be able to see video

communities, documented sightings, and

in action can be gathered, then this will truly

evidence of the Karrkanj in action in the near

rituals practised by the people of the NT,

be revolutionary and completely change the

future - a thrilling yet chilling sight of the

it is strongly suggested that the firehawks

world of Ornithology. It is also a momentous

cunning of birds smoking out their prey from

have been displaying their fire handling

time for Indigenous communities across

the woodlands and bush lands. Humans

skills for well over a century. Gosford has

the globe; after centuries of Colonialism,

have underestimated their fellow inhabitants

observed rituals in the territory by the

Indigenous groups still strive for recognition

of the Earth for too long now. Next time you

Lorrkon and Yabuduruwa people (also from

on a local and a global level. Many Western

call someone a bird brain, think twice - you

the NT) that consist of the reenactment

academics are reluctant to rely on Indigenous

may be paying them a compliment! Endeavour Magazine | 53


WWW.SIRAJPOWER.COM // 00971 4 883 1972

SirajPower: O&M engineer cleaning a Solar Roof Top System

GOING FOR GREEN It’s no secret that businesses are coming under increasing pressure to embrace green initiatives, but those in the UAE can breathe a sigh of relief, as SirajPower offers easy access to environmentally friendly technologies that will bring them in line with eco mandates. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


It’s starting to seem as though it’s impossible to do anything without coming under environmental scrutiny, and businesses have it worse than most. Thanks to industrialisation being widely blamed for the current state of the planet, there has been a serious surge in the number of companies looking to branch out into more ecologically considerate methodologies, so as to right the wrongs of years past. Deciding where to start can be a difficult task, but operations in the UAE have it a little simpler than most, thanks to SirajPower (SP).


nderstanding the grave importance of making renewable

fact, the two arms of the partnership have such an impressive level

energy solutions more mainstream, SirajPower has taken a

of combined knowledge and experience that the growth of the

unique tack:

company has been incredibly significant;

“SirajPower is a company offering fully financed solar rooftop

“Whilst the partners have been operating in the field for a

solutions to commercial and industrial clients, under a leasing

number of years and across multiple geographies, SirajPower

model. No upfront investment is required from the clients, who can

officially launched its operations in Dubai in January 2016. Since

then enjoy cleaner and cheaper electricity produced within their

then, it has secured a number of large and prestigious projects, all

own premises.”

with blue chip names in the region.”

If there’s one thing that almost guarantees client uptake,

Having become the clear solar rooftop market leader in just two

it’s a necessity that requires little or no upfront investment.

short years is nothing to be sniffed at, and given how fast-moving

Green initiatives are essential, but have the reputation for being

the renewable energy sector is, it’s worth noting that it must be

exceptionally expensive to integrate into existing operations, so by

exceptionally tricky to maintain such an advantageous position.

taking the fiscal sting out of eco stewardship, SirajPower is paving the way for a better world.

With increasing political pressure to ‘go green’, not to mention a continuous need to drive down operational costs, businesses in the

Though SirajPower currently only operates in the UAE,

UAE are turning to SirajPower for help, meaning that the energy

regulatory frameworks are being put in place to allow for expansion,

sector is more than just buoyant. While a demand for products is

and there is plenty of behind-the-scenes support in place to ensure

exciting, a stable industry attracts the attention of potential new

that consistent growth is guaranteed:

operations looking to cash in on a trend, but SirajPower isn’t worried,

“SirajPower was born out of a partnership between Corys Environment, the environmental investment arm of Green Coast

as there are numerous identifiable factors that help it to maintain a competitive edge:

Enterprises and Akuo Energy, a leading French independent

“Over the last 18 months, we have set up a company and got

renewable energy power producer. The Dubai-based joint venture

licensed to be a DEWA certified contractor and to enter into leasing

is devoted to net metering and provides comprehensive turnkey

activities, defined an attractive value proposition for the commercial

net metering solutions on solar rooftops in the UAE.”

and industrial sectors in the Dubai and the UAE and signed the first

Rest assured that this is no attempt to hop on the green

solar lease agreements, built and put into operation several solar

bandwagon before proving commercial viability or expertise. In

rooftop systems in Dubai. We have built a very significant pipeline

56 | Endeavour Magazine

SirajPower O&M engineer monitoring the performance of a Solar Roof Top System

SIRAJ POWER of projects and made significant steps in securing the financing of

It’s not often that such passion is injected into a discussion

our pipeline through a dedicated Private Equity Fund incorporated

about the people on the ground floor, but that’s exactly what makes

in the DIFC. We have built an organisation of experienced and

SP different. Far from only being concerned with the stewardship of

highly qualified people.”

the planet and offering businesses a simple way to lower operational

Here at Endeavour Magazine, we’ve spoken to a plethora of businesses, large and small, but it’s always those that value their

costs and increase eco credentials, the two directors actually care about each and every person that works with them.

team members that seem to be able to weather any storm and

David Auriau and Laurent Longuet have co-managed SirajPower

enjoy long-term success. Working to promote greener alternatives,

for two years, both bringing extensive infrastructure and energy

it came as no surprise that SP has an intrinsic admiration for

experience with them in order to help the company grow. Speaking

every member of staff, as well as a heartfelt commitment

about his leadership philosophy, David revealed:

to diversity,

“Effective leadership needs to have a vision and the conviction

“The staff are key to the success of our company. In a fast-moving

to see it through. This requires usual leadership qualities such as

industry, we value the entrepreneurial spirit of each and every

creating positive and collaborative working environments, removing

one of our team, to create a fast-growing company. We currently

organizational obstacles, providing the tools that employees need

have 35 staff members, of multiple nationalities and backgrounds,

to perform their jobs, and effectively building trust among your

forming a fully-fledged organisation. To date, our capabilities range

peers, team members and clients. The growth of our business and

from engineering, procurement, project management, operation &

organisation is the only visible sign that we have succeeded in

maintenance and business development, through to financing.

finding the right ingredients.”

individuals and shareholders. This makes SirajPower a vibrant

been well and truly found, and will be further tweaked as new

learning environment and a great place to work.”

projects get underway. With contracts in place to supply solar

58 | Endeavour Magazine

Laurent Longuet

Going by this, it seems clear that the recipe for success has

David Auriau

Our staff are heavily supported by highly experienced

rooftop solutions to a number of laudable companies in the UAE, most notably the Landmark Group, Al Abbar Aluminium and RSA Logistics, the future is looking as bright as the sun SP relies on. Looking ahead, there is no indication that David and Laurent will allow things to slow down. Quite the opposite, in fact: “SirajPower has the primary objective to become the regional leader in distributed generation. Firstly, through the deployment of a large portfolio of rooftop solar systems on commercial and industrial buildings but, in addition, by proposing and implementing innovative hybrid solutions combining solar and storage. To achieve this objective, SirajPower will continue to build on its strong local the region where decentralised electricity production by solar can bring significant value to customers. SirajPower, alongside its shareholders, will continue investing in the development of solar rooftop and solar and storage solutions.” In terms of observing these fantastic developments, our sunglasses are at the ready, as we don’t want to miss a thing.

Kee Line

SirajPower’s maintenance fleet

presence in the UAE, while expanding into the other countries in


Safety at the highest level

tion: forma n i e r Mo eesaf k . w ww

Safety is Kee When you need to protect people from hazards

Kee Safety, LLC Dubai Investment Park • PO Box 18448 • Dubai T (+971) 4 885 9066 • F (+971) 4 885 9065 E •


MAXIMISING AFRICA’S POTENTIAL Broll Ghana is a leading light in terms of African commercial property services, thanks to a unique approach and a steely determination to never let standards slip. Endeavour Magazine was delighted to find out more. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


Though the Broll Property Group has been in existence

since 1975, Broll Ghana is a little greener, founded in 2006. Brought into being with a vision of utilising a far more formalised style of property management, it has developed significantly in just 12 years.

oday, we offer services which include: commercial and


Broll is clearly a company that doesn’t simply seek put the

residential broking, corporate real estate services,

easiest option, but instead, looks for innovative ways to actually

facilities management, property and project management,

make a difference. This approach is mirrored in the customer

retail leasing and consulting, residential estate management,

service charter that unequivocally demonstrates why Broll Ghana

shopping centre management and valuation and advisory services.”

is the only reasonable choice for property management:

This is no small portfolio of services, yet Broll Ghana maintains

“We always put the client’s needs first, seek out collaboration

consistent standards and is always looking for opportunities to

across markets and service lines and encourage focussed teamwork,

build on existing knowledge. This is managed, in part, thanks to an

innovative thinking and acting practically. We have created a

affiliation with CBRE, a globally respected real estate organisation

research-led environment to ensure a competitive advantage,

that is always cognisant as to best practices and cutting edge

employ ‘hands-on’ senior management and executives and we do

developments within the sector. Joseph Amo-Mensah, a key figure

not accept any assignment that we do not feel comfortable about

at Broll Ghana, explained more,


“CBRE is the largest property services company in the world,

Add to this an ISO rating for both property management and

with over 300 offices spread across all continents. Through their

facilities management services and you can start to get a real

network they are able to source and refer various investment and

picture of the levels of professionalism being offered by Broll

business opportunities to Ghana from prospective investors. CBRE

Ghana. In turn, there can be little question as to why so many

is a world known brand that operates with international standard

clients choose to take advantage of the expertise and boldness that

and our affiliation with CBRE helps to build the brand image of

the team resonates.

Broll as a company which also operates with international best practices.” Ranked 120 out of 190 on the ‘ease of doing business’ scale,

Offering far more than just client satisfaction, team members at Broll Ghana are able to develop their skills and grow alongside the company that they love, thanks to the progressive Broll Academy.

which is calculated in accordance with economic rankings, Ghana

Founded in 2002 with a mandate to offer in-house training for all

might not seem like a natural choice for a new office location, but it

employees, the Broll Academy empowers staff through knowledge

made perfect sense to Jospeh:

and allows them to take control of their own productivity, which in

“Ghana had been a politically stable country over the past 20

turn, creates an intrinsic long-term relationship with their employer.

years. In an economy with many natural resources like gold, timber,

Rewards and opportunities beget loyalty in today’s commercial

bauxite and cocoa, it had a lot of potential for growth and to attract

world and Broll Ghana certainly hasn’t overlooked the value of

many foreign investors. The property related services industry as

happy and productive staff,

at mid-2000s was not well developed; nonetheless there were

“Our goal continues to be lifelong learning for our employees.

commercial, residential and industrial properties springing up

Broll Academy is associated with accredited education training

rapidly. Broll Property Group therefore took advantage, to provide

providers who offer long and short courses. These include,

these services in Ghana.”

Introduction to Property Principles, Property Management

62 | Endeavour Magazine


Perfect Solution Providers

Post: E-mail:

Fire Management

P.O. Box KB 932, Korle Bu. Accra

Electronic Security

Mobile: Tel: Web:

+233 (0) 244 140529 / 0264140529 +233 (0) 302 714 794 / (0) 302 937438

Printing & Office Supplies

BROLL GHANA Programme, Certificate in Shopping Centre Management, Advanced

Naturally, the CSR endeavours will continue to benefit local

Certificate in Shopping Centre Management and soft-skills courses

communities, through the work of the Broll Foundation and

including time management and report writing for example. As part

of course, young graduates will be able to enjoy the benefits of

of our efforts to improve the skills of our employees and develop

comprehensive training and development, through the Broll

candidates within the property industry, we’ve introduced two new

Academy, but what else is on the horizon? With such a diverse

training programmes – internships and learnerships.”

portfolio of services on offer, new innovations, plans and even

Internships are no mystery, as promising university graduates

regulations must be springing up almost daily, so what is the Broll

are chosen to take up exciting positions within the company, to fast

Ghana team most focused on, in the coming year? Joseph revealed

track their potential, but what exactly are learnerships?

some details:

“Broll Ghana Limited is a professional oriented company with

“What excites us are the numerous enquiries and market

learnerships in Valuation, Facilities Management, Marketing,

research requests by investors, both local and overseas,

Engineering, Accounting and Human Resources. These learnership

who are prospecting in the real estate industry in Ghana. It

practices have up-skilled staff and broadened their horizons.

gives an indication of possible investment in the sector in

It has enabled the company to be able to meet the basic profile

the year 2018 and beyond. Broll is already negotiating new

requirement of investors that seek the services of Broll in country.”

management contracts with some new entrants in the real

With the security of a successful affiliation in place and a

estate industry.”

seemingly never ending resource of hungry new employees

Having identified a gap in the market for formalised property

to choose from, Broll Ghana is all but guaranteed to continue

management services, Broll Ghana has flourished under its own

enjoying significant levels of success, but this is not time to rest

steam and it’s certainly going to be worth watching the company

up and bank on a phenomenal reputation to do all the hard work

closely, as it seeks out new ways to further maximise Africa’s

from here on out.


64 | Endeavour Magazine


GSM Intruder Alarm

Fire Fighting Systems

Electrical Contractors

Computer & Accessories

Emergency Lighting

Vehicle Inspection Mirror

Electric Fencing

Gate Automation

Hand-held Metal Detector

Fire Alarm Equipments

Security Alarm Equipments

CCTV Equipments

Full-Height Turnstile

Walkthrough Metal Detector

Access Control Equipments

Sound Image Engineering Services Limited B13 Ga Mantse Palace Street P. 0_ Box GP 18292 Accra

Tel: (+233) 302 226017 Fax: (+233) 302 226019 Mob: (+233) 0244505774/0244676144 Email: Office loc: opp mothers inn (near kaneshie polyclinic) accra


MADE OF STRONGER STUFF Before progress can be made, infrastructure needs to be improved, which heralds a necessity for reliable machinery and equipment. This is where Liebherr-Africa comes into its own. 60 years after they were founded, we stopped by to celebrate the company’s anniversary. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


Part of the Liebherr International Group, the Africa-

specific arm has long been supported by a seriously impressive parent company reputation, not to mention industry expertise. Celebrating 60 years of faultless operations, Liebherr always has and always will represent a higher standard of engineering understanding, alongside the provision of high quality machinery and transportation systems.


he Liebherr International Group has a fascinating history

Perhaps most exciting is the way that the product portfolio has

that offers a little insight into how the company has grown

diversified. Back in the beginning, the company was focussed on

and developed, which will bring us to the Africa-specific

the manufacture and provision of tower cranes, concrete mixers

branch shortly:

and speciality cranes, but nothing more. This changed as soon as

“In post-war Germany, many parts of the country needed to be

more evolved commercial needs became apparent and today, the

rebuilt. Hans Liebherr managed his parents’ building firm in South

offerings are varied, to say the least. For construction operations

Germany and recognised the need for tools and machinery for the

that need to buy new machines or have their existing ones

building industry and domestic construction. Together with design

maintained, Liebherr-Africa is the number one choice. In addition,

engineers and tradesmen, he developed the first mobile tower

thanks to a progressive attitude towards diversification, the mining

crane in 1949. As successor models followed, crane production

and material handling industries are lining up to work with the team

at Liebherr picked up pace and the construction company instead

as well.

turned into a manufacturer of construction machines.”

A central location is, as any successful company will tell you, key

You might think that expansion for Liebherr would be relatively

to be being able to offer a reliable and easy-to-access contingent

slow, or at least localised, but in fact, the Liebherr-Africa interest

of needed services, and Liebherr-Africa has more than simply

was founded just nine short years later, in 1958. This set a real

addressed this issue. In line with fantastic rates of growth, multiple

precedent, as it was one of the first interests opened by the

operational offices have been opened:

company outside of the native Germany. Of course, there was method behind the bold move:

“The head office of Liebherr-Africa (Pty) Ltd is located in Springs, Gauteng. Five more branches are operating in Cape

“In the 1960s, the new location had the purpose of bridging

Town, Durban, Richards Bay, Brits and Middelburg as well

the very expensive transport routes between Europe and Africa.

as various agencies, depots and mine sites in other regions

In addition to South Africa itself, the neighbouring countries were

of the country and the neighbouring states. Liebherr-Africa

also to be supplied.”

(Pty) Ltd has been serving the needs of the local construction,

This ability to spot a niche or a gap in the market is what

civil engineering and mining industries since 1958. The South

has allowed Liebher-Africa to grow at such an impressive rate.

African branches are fully equipped to provide local back-up

68 | Endeavour Magazine

LIEBHERR AFRICA (PTY) LTD service and spare parts for Liebherr machines and equipment,

This brings us neatly to the ways in which Liebherr-Africa seeks

with extended support immediately available from the Springs

to offer not only good value at the point of purchase, but also peace

head office.”

of mind into the future:

There’s the crux of the matter: far from simply offering

“Liebherr is an acknowledged supplier of products and services

machinery for sale and then leaving customers to fend for

in numerous fields that are technologically innovative and user-

themselves, Liebherr-Africa has sought out opportunities to be on-

orientated. Liebherr-Africa’s direct links with various operations

hand and available for immediate help and support. This business-

overseas offer the benefit of accessing Europe’s leading technical

critical response is just one of the things that has helped to set the

experts for customising equipment, specific applications and

company above and beyond its nearest competitors – that, and an

solving technical problems. The company offers service and support

intuitive catalogue of products and services.

for mining and earthmoving equipment, mobile and crawler cranes,

Imagine for a moment that you need heavy-duty machinery

construction cranes, mixing technology and port equipment. Our

that can withstand any amount of use. Now add into the equation

service workshops are structured to respond quickly and effectively,

a desire for industry-leading after-sales care. For operations in

and our fully qualified staff are trained technical specialists who

South Africa that identify with these specific parameters, Liebherr-

received factory and field-based training.”

Africa is a reliable and well-known provider, and the Liebherr team know it too:

By always being vigilant to identifying potential ways to improve the experience for any and all customers, the service schedule

“For more than 60 years, Liebherr’s range of products and

and repair offerings by Liebherr-Africa really are second to none.

services has been broad and sophisticated. Its design and

Aiming to not only maximise client satisfaction but also machinery

technology are orientated around practical deployment scenarios

lifespan, there is a level of after-sales support suitable for everyone:

throughout the world, continually growing innovative strength and an uncompromising commitment to quality.”

70 | Endeavour Magazine

“Liebherr service means experience, reliability, maximum availability of machines, higher production and reduced operation

and maintenance costs. Our services range between immediate spare parts supply, on-site repairs or major overhauls in our workshops, to remanufacturing of parts as well as a painting plant.” Having attained the ultimate commercial trifecta of providing a needed service, for competitive rates and with amazing aftersales support included, Liebherr-Africa is as strong as the cranes that it has built its name on. It therefore stands to reason that the construction and mining sectors in South Africa can look forward to reliable growth, alongside a partner that can be trusted to always shoulder the load.

Field Service Toolbox Canopies for the following sectors: Mining Sector • Transport Companies • Second hand truck and bus dealers • Auto electrical contractors • Truck and bus manufacturers • Earth-moving industry • Installation Companies • Construction Industry • Security Industry • SAPS and Metro

  11 Lake Ave, Benoni, 1501  P.O.Box 12713, Benoryn, 1504

 +27 (0)10 592 7307  +27 (0)11 422 6577  Endeavour Magazine | 71


A DRIVING FORCE Enjoying a premier reputation in the automotive industry, ANSA McAL offers the perfect combination of quality vehicle provision, expert advice and after sales care to a multitude of customers. Endeavour Magazine spoke with sector head, Jerome Borde, to find out more. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


Operating throughout Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and

Guyana, ANSA McAL has risen through the ranks to become not only a well-known but also highly respected automotive provider.


nderstanding that purchasing a new vehicle can be fraught

Of course, not all misfortunes can be sidestepped, as industry

with personal concerns, the team continuously strives to offer

buoyancy has a huge role to play and it’s no secret that the

peace of mind and customer satisfaction, as Jerome Borde,

automotive sector has struggled globally for some time now. While

sector head of the automotive division, explained: “We are viewed as automotive providers, but we do not build

a stable period from 2012-2015 showed promise, things have taken a turn since, as Jerome elaborated:

vehicles. Therefore, we are essentially in the service providing

“The market has declined significantly since then. We are now

business. We believe that our products are not vehicles but

in our third year of decline. All the main global competitors are

products of convenience. Therefore, everything we focus on is

robustly represented in our market, fighting for a shrinking market

geared towards creating a place where consumers feel comfortable

share while being constrained by very limited access to foreign

transacting business for their mobility.”

exchange currency to purchase vehicles.”

Offering a unique insight into the mindset of the team as a

ANSA McAL, despite the troubling turbulence, has weathered

whole, the notion of vehicle provision being intrinsically linked

the storm with admirable ease and aplomb, but never complacency.

to life-critical mobility really amplifies why ANSA takes its role so

Understanding that a satisfied customer base is a loyal one, Jerome

seriously. In addition, Jerome brings a steadfast understanding of

credits returning and large clients for the continued growth that

the sector to his management position:

ANSA McAL is enjoying;

“After school, I began my career in McEnearney Business

“Some of our largest and more loyal customers have remained

Machines (MBM) in the ANSA McAL group as a Sales Representative.

with and supported us for decades, which provided the basis for

I have remained within the group since and worked my way through

our growth. To mention a few; Amalgamated Security, Central

the ranks to Sector Head of Automotive. Although I did short stints

Equipment Limited, Furness Rentals and Dumore Enterprises.”

within other Group companies, I have been in the automotive sector for the majority of my time at the Group.”

So what exactly is it about ANSA McAL that encourages such customer loyalty? For starters, an impressive selection of vehicles

Bringing personal passion and interest to the role, Jerome has

to choose from. We all know that one car most certainly does not

been able to instil a sense of personal responsibility and ownership

fit all, which is why the fleet comprises of Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW,

in each of his team members, and seeks to embellish these traits

MINI, Honda, Mitsubishi, Ford, FUSO, Freightliner, JINBEI, Golden

through engagement, enrolment and, most importantly, trust:

Dragon, New Holland, Hyster, UTILEV and Bush Hog. Mazda, Kia,

“My philosophy for success is focussed around ownership.

Volkswagen, Hino and Daihatsu are also on offer. By demonstrating

When things do not go right, own the mistake and conversely, I

an inherent understanding of the importance of choice, ANSA McAL

celebrate team members’ successes.”

is able to appeal to not just niche interests, but everyone who is in

74 | Endeavour Magazine

ANSA AUTOMOTIVE LTD the market for a new vehicle. The provider-customer relationship

“In the last three years, we’ve opened new facilities in central

does not end when the keys are handed over, either - in fact, that’s

Trinidad and Guyana. We also upgraded our south operation,

really where it begins in earnest:

Honda Business in north Trinidad and the Barbados operation.

“Top brand international performance records, exceptional

While we don’t want to divulge too much about our upcoming

after sales service, employment of the latest vehicle maintenance

plans, so as to maintain our competitive edge, we can confirm that

technologies and a formidable reputation backed by the ANSA

we are expanding regionally and looking internationally as well.”

McAL name ensure a competitive advantage in our markets of

There can be no question that ANSA McAL looks set to continue

operation. All the dealerships under ANSA Motors are covered

on an upward trajectory, while never compromising on customer

with a convenient and affordable three-year warranty on parts

satisfaction, but Jerome added an extra piece of information that

or 100,000 kilometres, service and insurance once financed by

hints at the future direction of the automotive sector:

ANSA Merchant Bank. This gives the customer a full service value

“As a Pioneer in CNG conversions, we are leading the way in

upon purchase, making the cost of vehicle ownership with this

transforming a greener environment for the citizens of Trinidad

group the lowest and best possible decision for new vehicle

& Tobago by making available nearly 4000 CNG ready vehicles

purchases nationwide.”

in 2018.”

With a vast bank of satisfied customers in place, Jerome’s

High quality vehicle provisions with industry leading after sales

attention is naturally turning to the future, and that means only

and a proactive approach to greener technology are all indicative

one thing: growth. It would be easy to simply rest on a fantastic

of a forward thinking company with the drive and experience to

reputation, but the key to continued success is the ability to identify

succeed, regardless of any unexpected bumps in the road.

and explore new opportunities; two things that ANSA McAL excels at. Significant inroads have already been made to allow for new developments, as Jerome explained:

76 | Endeavour Magazine

 Corner Evans & Harris Streets, St Augustine  645-CARE (2273)  Ultimate Car Care Centre

Endeavour Magazine | 77

EOH AFRICA WWW.EOH.CO.ZA // 27 11 607 8100

A DEVELOPING WORLD We live in an online age of instant connectivity and extreme convenience. The expectations placed upon businesses to deliver seamless services is higher than it has ever been. To keep up with competitors and to meet customers’ demands, businesses need a technological helping hand: in Africa, they can speak to EOH. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


With 134 locations in South Africa and over 50 more

within Africa & internationally, EOH Africa is the continent’s largest technology service provider. They have not only the software, but the skills and experience to provide high value, end-to-end technology solutions to customers across the industrial sectors, allowing them to utilise all that IT now has to offer in an organised, efficiency-boosting way.


o much is possible today that knowing where to begin to bring

the business. This system also helps to keep track of customer,

your business up to speed can be overwhelming. Fortunately,

supplier and partner information.

the expert consultants at EOH Africa are there to help. Using the

A key tool in this connectivity and smart data sharing is, of

Internet of Things, EOH will transform how your company operates,

course, cloud technology. EOH offer cloud frameworks that not

both in its interactions with customers and in its behind-the-scenes

only integrate every system that a company uses, but supply all

processes and organisation. Analytics for data processing, cloud

of the information required from this data in an easy and intuitive

systems for connectivity – EOH can create an across-the-board

way. For example, their SAP HANA Cloud Platform is a fully scalable

change that operates smoothly and intuitively, without their clients

and secure private cloud system that provides a managed cloud

going through the headache of making a successful, fully integrated

environment. The EOH SMART Platform, another system, offers a

switch themselves. As their website explains, “to keep up with the

similar system in a more customisable format, to meet the specific

pace of change, individual technology improvements have been

and changing needs of their customers.

replaced with transformational improvements.” These overall,

Real-time analytics reduce on needless mistakes caused by

system-changing initiatives allow the full extent of what could be

human error or an overlooked piece of information, providing all

possible for your company to become possible.

of the relevant data, and important conclusions, at employees’

One of the clearest ways in which EOH can speed up your

fingertips. This massively cuts out the risks of interdepartmental

operations and efficiency is through their comprehensive data

miscommunication, lost files and similar mistakes that have no

and analytics software, which they describe as offering “easy to

place in our modern world.

understand, intelligent data”. As they say of the service, “Today’s

This fast and accurate system allows a better customer

connected world is generating information at a rapid pace,

experience through a smooth service delivery that remembers all

producing astronomical amounts of data. Your organisation will be

of the details of a customer’s account, and makes your customer

able to garner truly valuable insights to ensure that your decision-

feel remembered, valued and in good hands. It also allows market

making processes are not just informed, but also successful.” These

trends, preferences and needs to be recorded and studied, thus

services can help your company keep a track of customer trends

allowing companies to offer what they customers actually want.

and feedback, and will also allow a more up to speed and in-depth

With over 5000 clients and 12,500 members of staff, EOH is no

management of sales, operations and finances, not only recording

small software company, and their offerings don’t stop at company

this data but using it in smart analysis when assessing options for

solutions. Impressively, the technology, services and initiatives

80 | Endeavour Magazine

that they offer can also be applied to the tools that run a city’s infrastructure. As they describe, “Cities are becoming smarter and more responsive to connected citizens than ever before, making cities the engine room for economic prosperity. The infrastructure supporting our countries and cities is constantly challenged to deliver smarter, more efficient services. The Internet of Things, augmented reality and cloud, to only name a few, provide new and exciting opportunities.” Speeding up efficiency, reducing risks and cutting costs are all benefits offered by the right use of these abilities. Another innovation, this one securing the company the 2018 SAP Innovation Award, is the EOH International EnerClever Smart Waste Management Solution. This software is a creative and crucial addition to the company’s work with city infrastructures. Like EOH’s other offerings, the system is an end-to-end Internet of Things business solution, this time designed to allow a city to efficiently plan and carry out proper waste management. It achieves this through real-time monitoring of waste as it builds up, including an intuitive dashboard that allows the coordination of collections in order to avoid partial collection, overspill or inefficient route planning. This cuts down on waste of employee time, fuel use and the city’s carbon footprint. Other urban infrastructure solutions

EOH AFRICA allow the coordination of resources such as street lighting, again to

imbalances, to create a work environment that promotes equal

cut costs and pollution.

opportunities for all, and to ensure that the future environment

Whilst EOH is based in Africa, it is constantly expanding its global presence to better assist African companies that work on an

within which we work reflects the demographics of South African society.”

international scale. In particular, they focus on emerging markets,

Their CSR efforts take this further, with the creation of

following these trends to make sure that new or rising businesses

initiatives such as the EOH Youth Job Creation Initiative and the

are able to access their support. Describing themselves as a

CSI Maths Centre, both created to add to the opportunities and the

company “for a developing world”, they currently deliver services to

education available to South Africa’s young people. “At EOH, we

customers in over 30 countries, with a plan to increase that number.

want to share our learning about work experience and job creation,

“With organisations increasingly operating in multiple territories...

and to talk about the importance of being responsible citizens of

we remain entrepreneurial, complementing our existing services

South Africa. We embrace our role in creating opportunities within

with strategic acquisitions in emerging markets whilst continuing

our workplaces for those that need it most. We also realise that

to develop new solutions, enhancing our industry-specific focus

we cannot do it alone and therefore, we continue to challenge

and expanding our service offerings into new territories. We’re

corporate South Africa to get involved.”

increasingly becoming a multi-national company as we continue to expand our international footprint.”

Overall, EOH Africa and EOH International are putting the systems and structures forward to make a better Africa, and from

Another ongoing focus for EOH is the empowerment of its

there, to contribute to a better world. If cities and businesses can

workforce. Through both CSR and their employment practises, the

cut their costs, time waste, physical waste and carbon emissions,

company seeks to empower those who have been economically

as well as delivering smoother experiences and more accurate

marginalised, as well as to fight discrimination. As a part of this

services, then the application of EOH’s services is a win-win

commitment, the company has achieved the BBBEE status of a

situation for their clients, their clients’ clients and the planet at

Large Enterprise Level 1 contributor, with 156% BEE procurement

large. You can’t ask for better than that!

recognition. “We aim to eradicate all forms of discrimination and

In association with Oracle

BUILDING A PARTNERSHIP WITH EOH YOUR TOMORROW TODAY IN AFRICA “In the era of the digital intelligent economy, Africa has a unique window of opportunity to become the next economic leader of the 21st Century. The massive opportunity offered by new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and more, all powered with the speed of the Cloud, provide unprecedented competitive advantage whether you’re just starting, growing, or an established enterprise. Oracle has been committed for many years to help African enterprises, private and public, across industries with differentiating business innovations. Partnering with EOH has provided Oracle with the intellectual platform to drive forward business innovation across the continent and beyond. EOH’s partnership has been critical as it offers the knowledge, skills and critical support to enterprises that have chosen the path to success with Cloud solutions. Let us partner together to create your tomorrow today.

82 | Endeavour Magazine

Modern ERP Cloud Complete Financials, Procurement, Projects, EPM & Value Chain Global 23 Languages, Localized for 50+ Countries Real-Time Analytics & Social Collaboration Enterprise Performance & Security Ready or call 0027 011 319 4550 Copyright Š 2018, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.


HEALTHY GROWTH From weather to soil conditions to disease, agriculture is an industry fraught with risks and narrow profit margins. Any and all help is an essential game-changer: in South Africa, Laeveld Agrochem are more than rising to this challenge, removing challenges with a combination of reliable, traditional methods and creative new innovations. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


Laeveld Agrochem is a South Africa based company in the

business of bettering and protecting crops. They have been in operation since 1991, expanding from simple products outward to combine biological, chemical and even technological products that give farmers the very best chance at a healthy and profitable yield come harvest time – year on year.

s the company declares, “The modern businessman


“Laeveld Agrochem is committed to the care that we provide

understands the importance of profit, but he also understands

through our large range of top quality crop protection products,”

the value of sustainability.” Laeveld Agrochem are a responsible

states the company. “Our extensive network traders and branches

and sustainable provider of crop protection, knowing that this year’s

are maintained by a team of highly qualified crop protection

crops are not worth the risk to next year’s fields; their solutions


achieve results, but not at the expense of the environment or the farmer’s long-term crops. Under these parameters, Laeveld Agrochem offer a wide range of top quality crop

Describing themselves as a “partner who walks with you every step of the way” and “who stands by you with every challenge and triumph”, Laeveld Agrochem truly are dedicated to the longterm success of their clients. They claim that they measure their

protection products in a variety of categories, striving to make

own success by their clients’ success, and given the nature of

sure that they have the perfect solution for every customer. With

their products, this is both sensible and extremely reassuring.

over 1,500 satisfied customers, 77 loyal suppliers and 12 associated

Not stopping at products and set services alone, the company

companies, they must be doing something right!

is also open with its advice on the preventatives it sells, offering

To give an overview, the company offers several categories

consultations over the various types of products available to make

of products and services: first and foremost, they offer weed

sure that their clients the one that is right for them. Again, given the

and insecticides designed to protect crops whilst avoiding harm

nature of their products, this is essential. For example, in choosing

to the fields, consumers and wider environment. In fact, they

a pesticide, one faces many options: some products are created

produce integrated crop solutions for both crop protection and

to be safe outside, whilst others are suitable for the home; some

crop optimization, so that farmers can get the very best from

have long-term effects, whilst others are short-term solutions.

their harvest. At the same time, they work with farmers who

Products must be bought carefully to ensure that they are right for

are struggling with fungicides or diseases affecting their fields,

the task at hand and the environment it is in. Pests are a rising issue

offering advice, products and hands-on assistance to tackle

threatening South African crops and homes, making this an even

and prevent these crises. They also deal in biological products

more crucial area to understand and receive the correct advice for.

such as fertiliser, and are a leading South African company in

“Laeveld Agrochem is a leading pesticide supplier in South

developing ever-better ways to prevent and cure health issues

Africa, and we have a team of experts that can guide you in finding

in livestock.

the perfect product for your unique needs. We can give you helpful

86 | Endeavour Magazine

LAEVELD AGROCHEM tips and advice on safety and proper usage, which will help you to effectively manage your pest challenges.”

How exactly does it do this? Already in existence in the grain industry is a piece of technology called “poaching cards”. These

So far, we have looked at Laeveld Agrochem’s more traditional

cards collect data from different spots within a farmers’ field,

products, but there is another branch of the business that

connected to GPS points, and this is then used to create spatial

approaches farming and crop protection from a completely

analysis charts of the land.

different direction: software. Agri Technovation is a branch of

MyFarmWeb ™ allows farmers to interact with this data in a

Laeveld Agrochem that focuses on IT solutions to biological

more intuitive and useful way, and does a lot more besides. The

and environmental situations. The latest and perhaps greatest

platform allows easy access of all such spatial analysis data, past

development from Agri Technovation is the recently launched

and present, allowing farmers to see trends over time and to

cloud-based platform, MyFarmWeb ™.

analyse this vast amount of data without effort. The software

As Willem Eigenhuis, Chief Agricultural Officer of Agri

therefore allows farmers to see information such as areas on their

Technovation, writes in his press release for MyFarmWeb ™,

land where crops have grown consistently poorly, which empowers

“Farmers constantly need new and better technology to maintain

them to identify, resolve and avoid these risks in the future and

sustainable production, and South Africa’s agricultural industry

greatly protect their profitability. Genetic testing also allows this

is dependent on good research to stay competitive on an

software to search between mapped out results from these genetic

international level.”

tests vs the results for ground fertility, allowing farmers to search

MyFarmWeb ™ takes this need for data delivery to new heights.

between the two for correlations.

Implementing cloud technology and the Internet of Things, the

This easy visualisation and navigation of otherwise extremely

software has been designed to allow farmers to make intelligent

dense information places Agri Technovation is at the forefront

decisions based on detailed results from previous years’ crops, thus

of processing ‘big data’. The software also allows farmers to

enabling them to avoid waste and maximise their crops’ potential.

experiment with hypotheticals, entering fictional input costs and

Agri Technovation believes technology and innovation is the formula for the future.

As both a manufacturer of tailored agricultural products and a provider of specialised services, our passion for precision farming guides everything we do. With extensive experience in agronomy, horticulture, soil science, microbiology, geographic information systems, chemistry, process and production engineering, our specialists bring profitable, sustainable solutions to producers.

Agri Business Park, 5 Louw Street, Wellington Industrial Area, 7654 +27 21 300 0543 |

Page Advert.indd 1 88AT_Endevour_Halp | Endeavour Magazine

2018/07/16 2:33:04 PM

grain prices etc to predict their potential spend and profit for the season. By highlighting issues such as recurring poor areas to plant in, and identifying which genetics correlate with which patches of terrain, this software makes smart farming easier than it has ever been before, giving farmer the edge they need to stay viable. As Willem Eigenhuis writes, “With Agri Technovation’s new data analysis methodology, producers no longer have to rely on outdated guidelines established years ago. New opportunities can now be identified without guessing and wondering who to believe. Ultimately, for the first time in agricultural history, it is possible to give real insight into potential risk hedging and future profitability.” The application of this sort of software in the risk-filled agricultural industry will make more differences to farmers’ lives than any weed killer. However, this combined with Laeveld Agrochem’s full range of products marks them out as true paladins of farming, protecting crops from every threat and allowing farmers to be several steps ahead, instead of keeping up.

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esla’s attempt to present an electrical vehicle (EV) that could offer a genuine alternative to the reigning twin supremo

of diesel and petrol vehicles appears to have (surprisingly) actually become an actuality. I was very sceptical when I picked up this month’s test car, a Tesla Model 100D, simply because I am and always have been a petrol-head! As a current owner of a Range Rover Vogue and a Ferrari 360 F1 Modena, I fancied myself to be in a unique position to judge both high end luxury quality and sport performance. My initial expectations from the Model S were of a dull and unexciting vehicle that was not going to light any fires different modes of charging, the use of the

the road speed limit) and looking at the

How wrong I was!

deceleration to brake the car and the surreal

amazed looks on Porsche and BMW drivers

From the time I got behind the wheel

sense of extremely quick acceleration within

when they eventually caught up with me:

of the Model S 100D, there was a subtle

a cocoon of relative silence. Comparing

unless you are aware of the performance of

sense of refinement, power and willingness

this to the Ferrari 360 Modena, which is

a Tesla, it comes as a complete surprise.

to obey any command given without fuss.

always a screaming song and dance when

(There is a faster version of this car, called

The initial orientation from the sales staff at

accelerating, I (surprisingly) got used to this

the Model S P100D, which gets from 0 to

the Tesla Chiswick was very informative and

silent ‘ninja’ style acceleration and found that

60 in under three seconds. The “D” means

straightforward, so it was easy for me to get

it brings its own kind of adrenalin buzz. The

that there are two electric motors, front and

going and enjoy what this car has to offer.

0-60 speed is more or less the same between

rear, giving the “all wheel” drive capability).

of passion.

The main points of difference from a

the Ferrari 360 and the particular Model S

I do not want to talk about the technical

petrol/diesel car (I am reluctant to use the

100D, which is around four seconds, but the

specification of the Model S in this review.

term “normal car” to describe petrol/diesel

way both these cars archive this appears to

The full tech-spec can be viewed if you

cars, as based on the current empirical

be different. The acceleration in the Tesla

click on the link at the bottom of the article.

evidence and direction, the EV is soon

feels more confident. I got repeated kicks

Instead, I am excited to talk about the car

going to be the “normal” choice) are the four

from accelerating off at traffic lights (within

from the everyday driving prospective,

90 | Endeavour Magazine

which includes the impressive performance, and a host of technological assistance. From a luxury point of view, I will go as far as to say that the Model S will easily compare to any top end marque currently on the market. Due to features such as air suspension and intelligent road mapping (which enables the car to remember all of the bumps and dips on a road that you have previously driven over, and adjust the suspension to accommodate it), the overall driving experience is uniquely satisfying. These refinements become obvious in the feel and the drive of the car. Even small details like the car recognising the proximity of the

key owner,


automatically Endeavour Magazine | 91

unlocking the door and extending the door handle out, makes a driver feel like there is a dialog with his/her vehicle. This same luxury/expensive feel is prevalent in almost all aspects of the vehicle. I drove the car from London to Suffolk, where I live - a distance of 125 miles. I found that the controls for all the driving functions identical to any other luxury car and very ergonomically laid out. When I got out at my home, I was as refreshed as I would have been in my Range Rover Vogue. I found that I got used to driving style of the Model S very quickly. My teenage children also thought that it was a perfect car to be seen in by their contemporaries, which I found refreshingly surprising (again)! One of the bugbears of all EV vehicles is the charging. On one end, you can charge the Tesla using a normal three pin plug at home. On the other end, there is a network of Tesla Supercharges around the country. In between, you can either have a dedicated “home charger” (which costs about £1500) or the commercial Tesla chargers that you can find at a number of public places such as hotels, restaurants etc. My personal experience of charging the Model S was interesting. At the end of my drive to Suffolk, the battery showed a reading of 15%. I charged it overnight using a threepin plug for about ten hours. This increased the battery capacity to 28%. I then drove to a hotel about ten miles away. When I got there the battery reading was down to 16%. I hooked the car to the charger at the hotel (not a supercharger) for 1 hour 10 minutes.

car. On a full 100% charge, I managed to get

The cost of the Tesla Model S differs,

In the one hour the battery capacity

299 miles. The issue of sufficient charging

depending on the options that you choose,

increased to 32%. I then drove another 12

points is a problem that is faced not just by

from the paint, wheel size, battery capacity

miles to another hotel near Thetford, where

Tesla, but all EV manufacturers. However,

and internal fit etc. This cost varies from

I hooked the car to a Tesla SuperCharger for

Tesla appears to be committed to increasing

round £70,000 to £150,000 or more.

1 hour 20 minutes. At the end of that time,

the number of charging points for their cars.

Over all, I was extremely pleasantly

the battery was reading 93%. On a full 100%

Furthermore, it will become increasingly

surprised by my experience with the Tesla

charge, the expected range is circa 350

possible to charge all EV vehicles using other

Model S 100D, and I might even be a

miles. In reality (as with any petrol/diesel

manufacturer’s charging points - in fact,

convert. I personally will consider buying

cars) the actual available mileage will be

Tesla already has the capability of charging

a Model S when it is time to change my

lower, depending on the way you drive the

using other non-Tesla charge points.

Range Rover!

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KEEPING INTERCONNECTED Formed in 1981, the Gulf Cooperation Council is an attempt to form unbreakable bonds between six nations. Such endeavours are never without their challenges, and yet from them can arise bountiful developments on both an industrial and social level. As the world waits to see whether the division between Qatar and the rest of the GCC can be resolved, we spoke with one of the companies that seek to hold this arrangement of nations together. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf,

originally and still known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a regional, intergovernmental political and economic union made up of most of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. In total, its members are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.


he Council as a whole has existed since its charter was signed in

that supports high levels of coordination and institutional

May 1981, and whilst inter-relationships haven’t always been

involvement in all aspects of operations and planning of grid and

harmonious, their principles and goals remain inspirational.

market operations between member states. Within this, we focus

In fact, the Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority

on innovative and creative approaches to finding solutions and

(GCCIA)’s principles are directly inspired by this agreement and the

sharing knowledge between the member countries, while at the

ideals behind it: to encourage more cooperation and to foster links

same time maintaining optimal and efficient operations.”

between the nations, to allow better travel and trade. With both come tighter bonds, and a harmonious GCC for the future.

It’s a challenging and involved task, and to pull it off, GCCIA needs a talented task force. There are about 90 staff members

One notable symbolic industrial undertaking between the

working for the group, ranging from direct full-time employees to

GCC member nations is the vast railway system that they are

part-time outsourced staff. This number is small, but in keeping it

collectively developing. Known simply as the Gulf Railway or GCC

this way, the company keeps their operations elite: “The number

Railway, this development aims to link trade and travel between

of staff is relatively low due to the fact that GCCIA is adopting

the countries in a very real and practical sense; already partially

the ‘Informed Client’ model,” explains Ahmed, “Outsourcing all of

built, the total project will cost an estimated US$ 250 billion and

its maintenance and services to highly qualified service providers,

is scheduled to be completed by 2021. The GCC Interconnection

while maintaining core operations through its own staff.” This

Authority oversees a similarly vast and defining entity; the group

outsourcing again plays in to the aim to create more communication

is the owner and transmission operator of a 400kV Super Power

and trade between the GCC nations, and also allows the GCCIA to

Grid that links the power systems of the six GCC member states.

focus on keeping their own staff highly trained and well cared for.

As such, it is their responsibility to deliver emergency support

“As one of its strategic objectives, GCCIA puts much emphasis on

service to the energy sectors of these nations, as well as being able

attracting, retaining and developing highly talented and experienced

to offer commercial opportunities through exchange and trade of

professionals. We provide employees with ‘above the market level’

electricity on the Interconnector, serving the six GCC countries’

benefits, whilst running elaborate annual training programs and

electricity authorities and power procurement companies.

career development plans for staff, to support internal growth and

We spoke with Ahmed Ali Al-Ebrahim , GCCIA’s CEO, about


what makes the group’s set-up so special: “GCCIA has a unique

Ahmed himself rose through GCCIA’s senior ranks: joining

model of interconnection between countries, with a framework

the company in April 2007 as Director of System Operations, he

96 | Endeavour Magazine

GCC INTERCONNECTION AUTHORITY became the Chief Operating Officer in 2011, and in December

A profitable part of this secondary business is the company’s

2014 he become the Chief Executive Officer. However, he cut his

telecommunications. As Ahmed told us; “GCCIA is commercializing

teeth in the industry elsewhere: “I worked my way up through the

spare links of its extensive fibre optic telecommunications network

ranks, starting my work as an operation engineer in the control

to avail reliable Carrier-Carrier telecom services to all GCC licenced

centre of Bahrain Power grid, then as Senior Engineer, then Head

telecom operators.” Having this additional feather in its cap only

of Operations and finally the Manager of Operations and Control

furthers how deeply ingrained GCCIA is in the industrial needs of

of Bahrain Power grid. Later, I moved to the private sector as the

the nations it works with. It is from this strong grounding that the

Technical Director for Sintegro International in charge of developing

group is now looking to expand, both of its grid and its operations,

large scale infrastructure.” It was from here that he finally joined

to beyond the GCC region.

GCCIA, where he has been able to apply his knowledge to both the company’s day to day, and its ambitions for growth.

However, operation within the GCC is not without its challenges. “With growing populations and rapid expansion in economies, the

The very nature of GCCIA also means that the organization

demand for electricity has been increasing annually at an average

has developed various essential links and partnerships, both

of 6-8% per annum. With concerns regarding the adequacy of

within and outside of the GCC nations. For example, in its early

fossil fuel resources to support future energy needs, there is a

days, before entering its operational phase, GCCIA worked closely

drive for diversified energy resources and energy efficiencies

with a consortium of European Grid operators and consultants

strategies. Accordingly, GCC countries have set aggressive plans

- namely RTE (France), Elia (Belgium) and Tractebel (Belgium).

for development of renewable energy sources, especially solar,

This collaboration allowed GCCIA to build up the operational

wind and nuclear power.“

procedures and processes needed to ensure a safe and reliable

Partly in response to these challenges, GCCIA began its study

start of operations. Since then, the organisation has continued to

into the possible expansion of the interconnection beyond the GCC

forge partnerships and collaboration frameworks for various parts

region. This includes neighbouring countries such as Jordan, Yemen,

of both its core and secondary business.

Ethiopia, Egypt, India, Iraq and even Europe. The most immediate

Telephone Fax Email Website 98 | Endeavour Magazine

+966 13 663 6000 +966 13 882 6678

of these plans would see the expansion of the interconnection to Iraq via Kuwait, the expansion of GCCIA’s fibre optic network to Oman, and also involvement in an off-shore energy storage project in Dubai. However, even this isn’t the full extent of GCCIA’s ambition and plans for the future. On top of these studies and finalising details for a grid expansion, they also plan to launch the ‘GCC Power Exchange’ between now and 2019. According to Ahmed, they also plan to “review and revise the GCCIA commercial model to ensure sustainability, as well as reviewing the telecom business model and expanding the service offering.” As the future of the GCC hangs in the balance in hearings over the Qatar blockade, this product of the GCC is at least thriving. With influence over two essential industries between six major nations, the GCCIA has a great deal of responsibility, but with that, a great deal of opportunity to play with. We look forward to seeing where they take it, in what we hope will be a GCC that is more connected than ever.

Founded in 2010, CENTRAL POWER & PROCESS SYSTEMS CO. W.L.L. (CPPS) was formed to address the pressing needs of organizations to enhance productivity and achieve new levels of performance. CPPS have provided organizations, such as GCCIA, EWA, ALBA, and others, with innovative solutions that generate savings to Power, Process and Utility Monitoring, Automation, Protection, and Quality.

Generating savings to Power, Process and Utility Monitoring, Automation, Protection, and Quality

Central Power + Process Systems Co. W.L.L. 5th Floor, Bldg. 2304, Road 2830, Block 428, Seef Area, PO Box 2259 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. T: +973 17552292 | F: +973 17910395 Email: Web Site:

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FIRST-WORLD SUPPORT Based in Ghana and serving the wider West African region, the HARLEQUIN Group deals in fabrication and mechanical & hydraulic engineering. This market-leading group prides itself on its incredible track record from 20 years of business, which it continues to uphold with unwavering commitment. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


As the Group proudly announces, “HARLEQUIN’s

guarantee and reputation of superior workmanship, quality and support translates to getting what you pay for. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and doing a job right, the first time.”


ARLEQUIN describes its services as ‘first-world support’,

Breaking it down even further, we looked closer at some of

which it provides throughout West Africa to bring the very

the specific areas of expertise that HARLEQUIN offers. Firstly, we

smoothest experience to its customers and clients. Their

started at its Engineering Center, which covers its manufacture and

vision is to “be the preferred engineering service provider in the

repair operations using end-to-end capabilities such as mechanical

region.” According to the Group, “this vision directs our business

engineering, CAD services, reverse and precision engineering.

activities and is the catalyst for our unwavering commitment to

Then, its Hydraulics Repair Centre focuses specifically on its

expand our scope of expertise, and maintain a course of continuous

signature item: pumps, motors, cylinders, pneumatic equipment –

growth and improvement.”

the facilities are able to strip, assess, repair, assemble and test any

The Group’s ‘first world support’ is provided through a range of

and all things hydraulic.

services, including subsea operations, hydraulic repairs, engineering,

On top of these two centres, HARLEQUIN also run a welding

fabrication, brush plating, sandblasting, mobile services and NDT

and fabrication workshop. Besides welding and fabricating, the

testing, as well as the sales, maintenance and rentals of Linde

workshop also offers shot blasting (including painting) and on-

material handling equipment. It also offers industrial tooling and

site line boring with the latest Sir Meccanica equipment. This

equipment, including high pressure hydraulics systems. All in all, it

workshop is ready to take on projects of all sizes, and employs a

has West Africa’s industrial needs covered.

range of welding procedures developed specially by HARLEQUIN,

To better investigate how HARLEQUIN is making a difference in

for both high and low carbon steel. These processes are used for

West Africa’s construction and business worlds, it is best to break

both general and structural fabrication; the workshop also covers

down some of the companies that its umbrella covers. HARLEQUIN

procedures for welding pressure containing pipe work and pipe

INTERNATIONAL GHANA LTD (HIT), established in 1998, is the

spools, Inconel and stainless steel.

country’s market leader for general, mechanical and hydraulic

Under another branch, Harlequin Riser Services offers

engineering services. Supporting mining, ports and harbours

inspection, transportation, maintenance and repair services to

and the agricultural sector, its hydraulic products and committed

HARLEQUIN’S clients, as well as storage facilities for marine drilling

maintenance solutions help companies to reduce long term costs

risers and equipment. Riser Services’ site is top-quality, offering

whilst increasing their productivity. Meanwhile, HARLEQUIN OIL

servicing, inspection and repair services for risers in-country and

& GAS LTD focuses, as the name implies, on the oil and gas sector,

thus removing the need to look abroad for the same services. This

taking on both subsea and topside jobs.

greatly reduces its clients’ costs. Combined with excellent ongoing

102 | Endeavour Magazine

HARLEQUIN INTERNATIONAL (GHANA) LTD aftermarket support, this allows the company to keep helping its

that they can be, and in part, it is through responsibly communicating

clients no matter what their environment or situation.

with its clients, and not taking on a job that the team cannot fulfil.

Apart from engineering and turn-key solutions, HARLEQUIN

“No project will be undertaken unless we are 100% confident that

holds numerous prestigious distribution and agency agreements.

we can complete the project in-house, to first world standards of

HARLEQUIN promotes these groups by using their products

quality, excellence, zero defect and on-time delivery.” That said, this

themselves; some such agreements are held with Linde Material

company tackles jobs of every size, and there is little that seems to

Handling Equipment, Lincoln Electric welding machines and

be slowing it down. In fact, HARLEQUIN is not only excelling at the

consumables, Parker hydraulic and pneumatic technologies,

jobs it takes on; it is continuing to actively expand its capabilities:

Enerpac high pressure hydraulic tools, Gedore and Ridgid quality

“Focused attention to detail, pride in the work that we

tools, Kalmar cargo handling solutions, Hyva hydraulic components

deliver and a relentless drive to remain the preferred provider

and Krost racking and shelving solutions.

of engineering excellence compels HARLEQUIN to continue

“Suppliers are critical to our success,” explains HARLEQUIN,

on a course of extensive investment into the expansion of our

“And every HARLEQUIN vendor is meticulously selected and vetted

capabilities. We achieve this through the acquisition of machinery

to comply with our high demands on quality. Our contribution to

and equipment, as well as the training and development of our

local content is a high priority and HARLEQUIN is committed to

dedicated personnel.”

support Ghanaian suppliers and service providers that share our values on quality, standards and business ethics.”

As HARLEQUIN continues to grow, the Group’s reach will spread further across West Africa, allowing a rising number of

“We pride ourselves on relentless efforts to deliver projects that

projects to benefit from these superior services and this stable

conform to the highest international industry standards of quality

support. As this support spreads, it should have a positive impact

and workmanship.” In part, HARLEQUIN upholds this high standard

on not only the HARLEQUIN team, but all of those fortunate to

of results by making sure its equipment and personal are the best

work with these experts in action.

1st Floor Dennis House, Plot 15 Harbour Rd. P.O. Box CO 2673, Tema Ghana

Tel: +233 303 200 749 Fax: +233 303 203 619

Fast, Safe, Simple… The BAJ Way!

Customs Brokerage 104 | Endeavour Magazine

Ship Agency


Freight Forwarding


MORE THAN A FLEETING VICTORY Sometimes, to move forwards, you have to take a step back again. Sometimes, that can mean cutting right back to the bones; it’s a risky move, and one that can seem too daunting to undertake, but when it’s needed, it can mean the difference between your business and soaring success. Eqstra Fleet’s Murray Price took this step - it led to a long road of hard work that took eight years to bear fruit, but now that fruit is flourishing. We took a look back at our conversation with Murray and what we can expect from Eqstra Fleet in the future. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


The 2008 financial crisis hit the whole world hard. In fact, as most

of us know all too well, it was the greatest economic suckerpunch since the Great Depression of 1929. Strong and fragile economies alike were shaken, and South Africa was no exception. 2008 was also the year that Eqstra Fleet unbundled from their original owners, the Imperial Group, one of the largest list groups in SA The collision of these two events put Eqstra in a precarious position, and one where they faced a choice: scale down, keep operating as they always have and try to live out the storm, or change.


f you were to take a view on our company originally,” explains

competitor, or you’ll never be able to compete effectively, and in

Murray Price, Managing Director of Eqstra Fleet, “we were

order to do that, we needed to automate.

pretty much a leasing business, focused predominantly on

This software was new territory, and whilst Eqstra planned

vehicle leasing with a bit of maintenance and accident management

the endeavour, they didn’t fully know what they were letting

on the side, at best. With the events of 2008, we realised very

themselves in for – an eight-year process that is still ongoing, even

quickly that we weren’t going to be able to compete on price going

as they seem to be clearing the woods. “There were many times

forward, and made the decision to diversify.”

we questioned it. We’d get feedback from some fleet managers

Adaptation, it’s often said, is the key to survival: Eqstra

we know in the UK and they’d say ‘Oh, you’re insane.’ We were

Fleet decided that in order to compete and keep their business

agreeing with them at one point! What kept me going was that the

sustainable, they needed to transform into a full fleet management

requirement had not disappeared and that achieving our objective

company. Not only this – they needed to be a management

would deliver measurable value to our wide base of customers.

company with a difference, bringing something new to the table

“We have always believed that what we’re selling to our

that would out-do their competitors. The road to creating this new,

customers is the system. We don’t really make the car, we’ve never

cutting-edge element was an organic part of their service growth,

towed, maintained or repaired one – we arrange for it to happen,

but ‘organic’ by no means implies easy.

and that all comes down to the system.”

In diversifying, Eqstra introduced numerous new services: fuel

So what exactly does Quest offer that has makes it unique to

cards, integrated tracking services, in-house roadside assistance,

fleet management (and has made it so difficult to produce)? Price

service and maintenance plans, and the administrative selling of

breaks the services down for us:

not only their packages, but those of other groups as well. In total,

“The system was built on Microsoft AX 2012, but we did a lot

they now offer over 60 services. Arranging and providing such

of dev on top of it. I think for me, the main differentiator is that you

a range of products created new problems for Eqstra to solve,

have a single point of access to the full range of fleet solutions.”

the main one being organization. To manage their operations

Quest offers fully comprehensive fleet management data, analysed

effectively, they needed to streamline their data – this need

and easily accessible from one reference point. As well as recording

prompted the birth of what would eventually become Quest, a new

the entire fleet lifecycle, from procurement to licencing to fines,

software system that monitors, organizes and reports on every

short term rentals and complete maintenance information, the

layer of fleet management and activity through one interface. It

system also allows access to data on vehicle insurance, vehicle

has been a daunting undertaking to produce, but the result is like

tracking and fuel consumption. However, the true difference comes

no other fleet management service out there: “The view for us was,

in its stream-lined organization:

if you want to play in this market, you’ve got to be the lowest cost 108 | Endeavour Magazine

“For everything we do, we can create a case, and a case can

EQSTRA FLEET MANAGEMENT have multiple services linked to it. For example, on an accident

you expect to do something great and not take a lot of pain, you’re

case, I might have 15 services: I may tow it, I may assess it,

missing the truth of it.”

whatever I need to do. This allows me to run a mini project, with

Whilst changes are constantly being made, and Price feels it

all the services against one case, so that when we’ve finished it, we

will be a couple of months before they can truly sit back and let

can produce the customer one invoice for all of the repairs for one

the profit of their efforts roll in, Quest is already receiving keen

incident, not in pieces.”

feedback: “Global fleet directors have said they haven’t seen

More than invoicing, this system allows both Eqstra Fleet and

anything like it – not in the States, not in Europe.” Even competitors

their client to keep track of exactly what is happening during a

have started admitting that Quest represents the way forward,

case. “What this system’s also doing is giving a detailed history, so

and some are looking to start adding similar services to their own

we can see exactly who’s done what. It keeps careful notes, and


we track all conversations, outbound and inbound, so we and the

“I would say 90% of fleet management companies are facing a

customer have a common clear view of what’s really going on.”

legacy problem in terms of system. Everyone’s going to have to do

This level of record keeping avoids many of the bumps that occur

it at a point, and in fact the more mature markets have got more

between customers and support services: it removes issues caused

legacy problems than the emerging markets, whose technologies

by departments not talking to each other, customers having to re-

have jumped over the older stuff.

state their case to new personnel, and protects both parties from

“2008 felt like the worst thing that could happen to us, but it

false claims about what has been said or taken place. All in all, the

forced us to get moving, and thank goodness we moved, because

system allows transparency, efficiency and certainty.

the world around us is changing so quickly now.”

This all-inclusive system also allows Eqstra Fleet to manage

With data and automated software more important and

personalised services for their clients without unnecessary

advanced than ever before, Eqstra Fleet are well positioned to play

administration. Eqstra alter their 60+ products depending on their

with the big boys, whilst their competitors are going to have to start

clients’ individual needs, and this creates a headache of data – or

the arduous journey they’ve just emerged from. Now that the battle

it would, without Quest’s Product Masters keeping track. Finally, Quest reduces both human error and carbon footprints by operating on a paperless system. The system has 350 in-built outbound documents that are generated automatically by the system, whilst optical character recognition allows it to automatically process incoming documents. “We’ve processed about 300,000 or 400,000 documents since we’ve gone live, coming and going through without human hands.” Automation indeed – every element of Quest sets Eqstra Fleet up to operate in the future fast-lane of industry, where data is king and hands-on-paper is kept to a slick minimum. Like any new venture, there have been many hurdles along the way; Eqstra’s main challenge was converting reams of data over from a less organized system into another, highly organized one in an entirely different format. Price confesses that they underestimate the sheer effort and time this would take: “The system took us eight years to build. It’s been live in Africa for three, and nearly a year in South Africa. Of the three years it has been live in Africa, it took us two to convert all the 175, 000 vehicles on our system from one platform to the other.” With doubts being cast by customers and other fleet companies, and the work ever more challenging and time consuming than they expected, some companies would have backed out of the project, but Price kept looking at the long-term. Adaptation needed to happen, and once it did, he was convinced, it would put Eqstra ahead of the crowd: “The thing that kept us going in was ‘We don’t have to convert again’. We needed to do this because it was about sustainability for our business. Whoever did it, it was going to be a challenge. If 110 | Endeavour Magazine

is over, like any ambitious business, they are already looking at new horizons by considering Quest’s potential on a global market:

no matter what your business, you can KeeP on trucKinG.

“If you look at fleet anywhere in the world, the intricacies change, but the principles don’t. The core flow of what happens is pretty standard, so we think there might also be a global

10012049JB HINO Brand Ad A5.indd 1

opportunity for the system.” To start, they are looking at testing

10012049JB HINO Brand Ad A5.indd 1

Quest in the UK, because of the countries’ shared language and

close time zones. “It’ll be interesting. We’ve got the right person to take the lead in the UK. Obviously, it’s about who you put in and whether they know the market. We can’t pre-suppose the market from here.” From there, Price is looking to enable local parties across Africa to use and distribute the software – a more cost-effective solution than boots on ground, and one which will allow Quest to take off at its own speed. After a slow birth, this could be the beginning of a rapid global adventure for Eqstra, and a game-changer for those looking to keep up. Either way, Eqstra’s story is a testament to innovation in crisis: instead of battening down in the storm, Price let it force the company forwards, to what is now the edge of a potential booming future for the company and fleet management services as a whole.

no matter what your business, you can KeeP on trucKinG.

Hino South Africa, proud to be a partner of Eqstra Fleet Management 10012049JB HINO Brand Ad A5.indd 1

Endeavour Magazine | 111


WHAT A SITE We know that a lot of engineering companies claim to be able to deliver projects from inception through to completion, but in the case of Island Site Development Bahamas (ISD Bahamas), that is no mere pretension. A premier civil engineering and roadwork development operation, ISD Bahamas is significantly improving the Bahamian landscape, so Endeavour Magazine took a closer look to find out how. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve

encountered engineering companies that claim to be able to take all projects, small and vast, from inception through to design and completion. The trouble is, most end up outsourcing certain aspects, but that’s not how ISD Bahamas works, and it’s the company’s inherent sense of pride that drives this one-stop professional shop.


n the company’s own words:

business plan - BMC Underground Services Co. Additional projects

“ISD Bahamas is extremely proud to be Bahamian owned and

were pursued by the group and the decision was made to proceed

operated. We believe in a sense of community patriotism and are

with a new company, which became Island Site Development. The

dedicated to providing employment to local nationals.”

assets of the shareholders for the venture were very substantial

Such a prevailing sense of locality has led to ISD Bahamas

– more than enough to support the business plan of ISD. ISD

creating a team of incredibly talented and committed in-house

independently supports its own working capital, plant requirements,

professionals. This is essential, given that they need to be able to

bonding and insurance. It is also an approved contractor for the

proficiently tackle both public and private sector projects, alongside

Water and Sewerage Corporation.”

community development initiatives. When you start to boil it down,

It’s hard to know where to begin, but let’s take a moment to

ISD Bahamas is clearly an organisation that is operating far beyond

fully appreciate the rarity of a large operation being formed thanks

anticipated mandates.

to self-funding. Whilst that’s impressive as a standalone fact, it

While the talents and ethics of ISD Bahamas are notable,

becomes even more critical when you realise that it ensures client

and for good reason, the sheer diversity of the projects that the

peace of mind. At no point can ISD Bahamas fail, as it will mean

team undertakes is guaranteed to stagger even the most hard-to-

ruin for known shareholders, and not just a faceless bank. This

please clients. The professional services offered include civil and

is something of a unique reassurance for everybody involved, as

infrastructure works, water and sewer improvements, electrical

they known that ISD Bahamas will prioritize its sustainability, and

works, design and construction, ports and airports, hardscaping,

purports to the ‘if you build it, they will come’ school of thought as

decorative water features and even industrial metal building

well. Essentially, what has happened here is an ‘invest your money

frameworks. If you can think it, ISD Bahamas are more than likely

and it will be successful’ approach and we applaud the tenacity

to be able to design and create it for you, which is why their clients

and assuredness that was needed behind it. Such confidence is

keep coming back for more. That, and the impressive legacy of

certainly inspiring, especially in a time period that has been witness

growth that the company can demonstrate;

to serious financial instability throughout every industry, the

“In 2009, Bahamas Marine Construction (BMC) ventured into

world over.

site development work, including services on the Albany project,

The vision for ISD Bahamas is somewhat simple, but maybe

and a joint venture was formed to determine their possible future

that’s the secret to success, as there are no false promises to live

114 | Endeavour Magazine

up to or unattainable standards set in stone. ISD Bahamas state

into the fold, they are genuinely considered to be a part of the ISD

that they want; “To provide our clients with quality services and

Bahamas family, an approach that contributes to low staff turnover,

products within a safe work environment, as well as developing

higher reliability and in turn, improved project competency. It’s

local talent and skills to contribute to the economic stability of the

true what they say, the staffing body really is the backbone of

Bahamas. To work with our clients to achieve their stated goals

any successful enterprise and ISD Bahamas is one of a handful of

while improving the work environment and working morally and

operations that seems to really understand that.

ethically to earn the privilege of being contractor of choice.”

With a number of multi-million-dollar projects already

They plan to manage this by managing beneficial and

completed, ISD Bahamas looks set to welcome many more into the

genuine relationships whilst acting as steadfast stewards for the

portfolio in the coming years and with former clients pledging to

environment. That’s a tricky balance to maintain, but ISD Bahamas

return, the order book must be filling up nicely. After all, anyone

know that the secret is to portion out separate concerns. To this

can have a PR team spin a good yarn as to how professional and

end, client expectations are managed outside of employee support,

respected a company is, but you can’t fake rave reviews like this;

while environmental issues are subject to their own policies as well

“We have found ISD to be willing to work as a team to

and yet, everybody remains happy. Speaking of employee support,

ensure that the work is completed satisfactorily in a timely and

ISD Bahamas takes a different approach to team harmony;

professional manner. Based on our experience with ISD, they are

“We encourage our employees to seek training to improve the level of quality of work and efficiency of delivery, while creating a family atmosphere that encourages longevity.”

unquestionably an exceptional company and we do not hesitate to recommend them for any size project.” Just one of many glowing testimonials, this should give you an

This isn’t just lip service, as ISD Bahamas is fully committed to

idea of just how cherished ISD Bahamas is, as a one-stop resource

sourcing all talent from the Bahamian population, in a bid to give

in the Bahamas and we hope to report back in the future about its

back to the region that elevated the company to such impressive

continued success.

levels of success to begin with. Once team members are welcomed

Endeavour Magazine | 115


WHAT’S MINE IS BOTSWANA’S Protecting the interests of a profitable industry is vital for the continued success and livelihood of any region, and the Botswana Chamber of Mines takes this responsibility exceptionally seriously. We took a look back at our conversation with Charles Siwawa, Chief Executive Officer, to understand exactly how the organisation seeks to support Botswana’s local mining interests. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


You might think that the mining industry can regulate

itself, but you would be overlooking a few key factors. The competitive nature of the industry itself needs to be taken into account, but even more important is the constant education of those employed within the sector, as well as a stringent adherence to any and all legislation, both old and new.


t would have been a difficult task for individual operations

grass-roots level, and the Chamber of Mines is on hand to ensure a

to make sure they were at the forefront of any and all new

seamless understanding and acceptance of them all.

developments, which is why a number of minerals exploration

Naturally, we all know that periods of extended financial

and mining companies collaborated to form the Botswana Chamber

turbulence in recent years have had far and wide repercussions for

of Mines. CEO, Charles Siwawa, explained further;

almost every industry, and mining is no different. Charles expanded;

“The Botswana Chamber of Mines is an organisation set up

“The current state of the industry is rather subdued, as a result

by the minerals exploration and mining companies with the sole

of the depressed commodities market that affected worldwide

mandate to represent the interests and needs of those companies.

prices. However, there are indications that the market is improving,

It also has the mandate to influence policy decisions and strategic

and this will eventually lead to a growth in the industry. The

intents within the government, non-governmental organisations

challenges that we currently face are infrastructure development,

and related bodies.”

skills development and sustainability of the current cycle of the

He went on to elaborate as to the day-to-day business of the Chamber;

commodities market.” This succinct overview of the current troubles being faced

“The organisation carries out its mandate locally through

by the mining industry shows just why the Chamber is so vital.

engagement with entities within Botswana. We also participate

By installing one organisation to oversee everything, potential

in regional matters through Southern African Development

shortfalls such as skills gaps and outdated infrastructure can be

Community (SADC) by way of engagement through the Mining

identified quickly and accounted for. Thanks to a cordial, respectful

Industry Association of Southern Africa (MIASA). The BCM

and mutually beneficial relationship with the government, the

participates through the International Council on Mining and

Botswana Chamber of Mines is able to make bold strides forward in

Metals (ICMM) to assist in formulating policies and strategies for

its mandate to remain at the cutting edge of industry developments.

mining related issues at an international level.”

It doesn’t overlook key Chamber staff in the process though:

Mineral exploration and mining is far from just being a regional

“The Botswana Chamber of Mines has a staffing body of

interest area, as international policies have a role to play at a more

about 30, inclusive of the training unit. It is our belief that the

118 | Endeavour Magazine

staff should be motivated sufficiently to perform their duties. In this light, we commit a certain percentage of our budget to staff development. We do not necessarily sit in the upper quarter of the emolument curve within the country, but believe our staff to be motivated sufficiently to undertake their functions effectively. In our endeavour, career progression will be encouraged from within the organisation and we only import skills we cannot attain from within.” Refreshing, no? Despite being in place for the benefit of a definitive industry, the staffing body of the Chamber is not overlooked, with incentives firmly in place to reward those that strive for better. This is a direct reflection of Charles’ management style, which he developed whilst employed by one of the Chamber’s member companies; “I built up my leadership credentials in one of the member companies, Debswana Diamond Company, where I spent over a quarter of a century developing my skills. One has to lead by example and ensure that you drive the right principles within the organisation. It has to be what is right, irrespective of going against the tide at the time of implementation, provided the long-term strategy is achieved.” Having been in position since the Chamber’s inception in 2010, Charles was ready for the role, yet consistently attributes

KHOEMACAU COPPER PROJECT CREATING SHARED VALUE Our vision is to design, build and operate a safe, reliable and highly mechanised mine that provides appropriate returns to our shareholders and creates value for all stakeholders. By implementing our strategy and managing the project timeline, we intend to achieve better long-term outcomes through:

Optimising the starter project

Strengthening project execution

Enabling the project strategy

The improved, fit-for-purpose and sustainable execution plan will: Provide a safe and healthy work environment with the lowest possible technical and financial risk

Efficiently resource the project and operations based on mechanised mining principles

Nurture the right culture, capabilities and systems, developing a world class team in Botswana

All of which will benefit our stakeholders and contribute to developing a world class, modern underground mining operation in Botswana.

Unlocking the full potential of the Kalahari Copper Belt

Endeavour Magazine | 119

BOTSWANA CHAMBER OF MINES the success of the operation to the members that formed and

plausible strategies for achieving this. In addition, the Chamber is

continued to support it. It’s this open, inclusive and modest

looking at Foreign Direct Investment as a vehicle to diversify the

approach that makes Charles’ business philosophy of “Sticking to

economy through utilising the combined purchasing power of the

the basic principles” so understandable and applaudable.

mining industry. In essence, the industry would like to encourage

So, what does the future hold for the Botswana Chamber of Mines? With green initiatives and eco-concerns being something of a pandemic in the business world, Charles and his team are already making efforts to get on board with new ideas, as he divulged;

manufacturing processes within the country to support the mining industry achieve its sustainability efforts.” Plus, there’s that skills gap to fill as well, which has led to “a tripartite arrangement between the Government of Botswana,

“Botswana, through its international engagements, was the

GIZ and Botswana Chamber of mines/ Vocational skills are being

third country in the world, outside Canada, to adopt the Towards

developed that will be deployed in the industry to ensure the right

Sustainable Mining (TSM) principle in 2016, which looks at the

quality skills are available for mining.”

Safety and Health of its employees and the environment in which it operates.”

It’s all very well celebrating current successes, but the truly business-savvy organisations are always looking to the future.

A fantastic start, no doubt, but Charles didn’t stop there. Along

The Botswana Chamber of Mines has a purpose and we know that

with TSM principles and reduced commodity prices necessitating

Charles and his team won’t deviate from it, which is why we look

a look at how to maintain the sustainability of the industry, the

forward to reporting on the inevitable serious upturn in mining

Botswana Chamber of Mines has some fantastic innovations on the

profitability in the region in the near future.

horizon; “In collaboration with the Government of Botswana, the Chamber is looking at base metals beneficiation within the country. Some progress has been made in terms of drawing up

120 | Endeavour Magazine


MOVIE MAGIC MovieTowne – in Trinidad and Tobago, it is a name synonymous with cinema magic and a worldclass entertainment experience. MovieTowne is the epitome of a picture-perfect company that is always looking for ways to build both its business and its local communities. This remarkable chain would not have been possible without the remarkable man who built it - Derek Chin. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


With its wealth of incredible natural gifts, Trinidad &

Tobago has long been a magnet for holidaymakers from all over the world, and is one of the region’s premier tourism hubs. Thankfully for the island, country’s government has been conscious of the effects of tourism, and has worked tirelessly to implement the diversification schemes and policies needed to re-orientate the country away from its traditional reliance on the industry. Instead, they set in place the foundations upon which a more complex and prosperous national economy could be built.


f the many industries that have been rebuilt and reborn over

Trinidad and Tobago was on its knees before MovieTowne came

recent years, the entertainment sector is perhaps the country’s

into being. People preferred DVD’s, VHS and Betamax at home

biggest success story. This is largely down to the efforts of one

to going to the cinema, and considering the conditions of the old

man - a man who stepped up to the plate and transformed a failing

auditoriums, it was no surprise. There was little or no variety in

cinema industry into one that is the envy of much of the world.

choice, the bathroom facilities were deplorable and it was a dowdy

That man was Derek Chin.

and intimidating experience. Customer service was also far from

Derek is something of an eccentric, but he is certainly not a man


to be underestimated; it is only as a result of his vision and bloody-

Highly regarded as the premier Cineplex, shopping and

minded determination to make Trinidad & Tobago a world-leader in

entertainment complex in the region, MovieTowne was a breath of

entertainment that the region has come so far, and been propelled

fresh air for Trinidad and Tobago when it opened in 2002. It offered

forward so quickly.

high-end, family-friendly entertainment at an affordable price,

Having completed a business administration degree at the

and in a desirable setting. It also appears to have singlehandedly

University of Western Ontario in Canada and a stint as an auditor

reinvigorated the country’s passion for seeing the biggest, most

with KPMG, Chin returned to Trinidad in 1981 with one goal - to

exciting new releases on the silver screen. By offering state-of-the-

revolutionise the entertainment industry. Boy, did he accomplish

art facilities, up-to-the-minute sound quality and superior customer


service, MovieTowne quickly became the go-to destination rather

The experience Derek gained after his return as a key figure in both the Trinidad Commercial Development Company Ltd. and

than an idea that was, initially, heralded as something of an unnecessary flourish of modernisation.

Dachin Enterprises, coupled with his desire to push local business

“I wanted to bring the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood to

development, gave him unique insight into what consumers want,

movie fans here on the islands and give people a real experience.

and what it takes to do business successfully on the islands. This is

Also, I wanted to introduce people to a far higher level of customer

how, when he saw a cinema industry that was a national disaster,

service than they were accustomed to. MovieTowne was ahead

he was able to spot the opportunity this presented and take the

of its time and I believe we have really opened people’s eyes and

steps to lead the sector into the 21st century.

changed their expectations.”

Speaking about the cinema industry in the region, Derek is

Given its success, Derek didn’t want to stop at just one

candid about its humble beginnings; “The cinematic industry in

complex: in the years that followed the opening of Movietowne’s

124 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine | 125

MOVIETOWNE initial location, expansion was rapid and impressive. A further

“We promote and fund youth education through film and we

two complexes were opened that, like their predecessor, were

founded the Secondary Schools Short Film competition, which

not limited to simple cinema chains. Instead, these incredible

enables film students to not only get specialist support and tutoring

complexes offered a multitude of shopping centres, restaurants

but win scholarships into higher education courses. We also engage

and entertainment suites as well. However, it’s the small details

in much charitable work while investing in communities.”

that make the difference: “Our Cineplexes are themed along the lines of Hollywood, with notable examples being a back-drop of Jurassic Park with all the

What an incredible way to ensure that emerging talent is noticed and nurtured as soon as possible, which Derek sees as the key to continued success for the region.

dinosaurs as an attraction. We also have various life-sized models

Whilst you might think this has all been something of a fairy-

of Batman, Chewbacca, the Joker, Gollum and Shrek…and these are

tale for Derek, the success he enjoys has come as the result of years

just a part of our growing museum of film characters.”

of training and dedication to bringing premier entertainment back

What’s really interesting to note is that people aren’t simply

to Trinidad and Tobago. Watching films could, on the surface, seem

attending these cathedrals of modern entertainment; they are

like a frivolous pastime, but Derek understands that they have a

sitting up and taking notice of the man behind the brand, with

much deeper purpose; to bring people together.

Derek becoming something of a local hero and a figurehead

He may not have realised it at the start, but he has brought a

who represents what young people growing up in Trinidad and

whole nation together now and we can’t wait to see how he mixes

Tobago can accomplish with hard work. That’s because this isn’t

things up again in the future with his contagious enthusiasm for

just a business enterprise for Derek - it’s a way of life, and offers a

progress and community.

tangible way to give back to the local community. “MovieTowne is more than a business – it is a cultural, educational and charitable institution on the islands.

126 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine August 2018  
Endeavour Magazine August 2018