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When it comes to your facility’s service needs, you want a partner who has experienced it all. You want a partner that knows what is wrong and can fix it fast. TEAM Industrial Services provides the resources that can respond promptly with a comprehensive solution in any situation. Whether you are dealing with an emergency pipe repair or scheduled inspections, you can count on us to service your equipment quickly, safely, accurately and at the high level of quality people have come to expect from TEAM. With comprehensive service offerings and more than 100 U.S. and international locations, we’ll be there when and where you need us. Team experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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he Asia-Pacific is one of the most varied regions in the world, and that makes it one of our most exciting magazines! In East Asia alone, from Japan to China, one could fill an entire publication with the latest automobile, IT and green technologies, not to mention impressive urban construction. Add to this South Asia’s rich history and varied news, from oil & gas in Pakistan to some of the world’s largest solar farms spreading across India, to name but a couple of the countries and rich industries we can explore in the South. Meanwhile, Southeast, we’re spoilt for choice as we speak with countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore. Add in the many islands of Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, and we have more than enough to cover here at Endeavour. Yet, on top of all this, we will also keep you up to speed with the heavy industrial developments in Australasia. From shipping to agriculture, software to heavy engineering, Asian-Pacific companies have been known to excel to world-wide success. Every quarter, we speak with a cross-section of these companies, bringing you the latest from industry leaders to promising up-and-comers across the region’s booming sectors. This quarter, we speak with a broad range of experts, including several deliciously talented companies such as Baker Pacific and Shoon Fatt, confectionary providers based in Hong Kong, and Malaysia respectively, and Indoguna, dealing in produce for high-quality restaurants throughout Singapore. Once those have whet your appetite, we also take a look at industrial companies such as several steady names in oil and gas, construction, and the family-owned Eilbeck Cranes, who have provided reliable equipment to Australia for generations/ Alice Instone-Brewer

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Maersk Line

FEATURES Leaving Nothing To Chance 7 Blast Movement Technologies BMT 16

A Fast-Track To Gold Tietto Minerals Limited


Adaptation And Evolution Maersk Line

Keeping Singapore Moving 29 Land Transport & Authority Singapore

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Redefining Hospitality Ormond Group


Dominating The Market Hindustan Zinc


Jack Of Many Trades Indiabulls Group


Global Brands, Local Favourites Mewah Group

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LEAVING NOTHING TO CHANCE Blast Movement Technologies BMT chevron-square-right phone-square 0061 7 3376 6611

With the level of time and funds paid into a mining endeavour, it makes sense to do everything one can to utilise a deposit as much as possible once operations begin. We spoke with Jeff Loeb, Global Consulting Manager at Blast Movement Technologies (BMT), about BMT’s high-tech blast monitoring system and the way it can significantly increase a mine’s profits.

Written by Alice Instone-Brewer

Open-pit mines spend millions of dollars and have entire departments dedicated to accurately delineating various ore classifications and waste,” Jeff explained to us. “Then, when the ore is blasted with explosives to fracture the rock for digging, the ore moves and if the movement is not accurately accounted for, the mine could lose significant revenue.” Digging in the wrong places for ore can waste mine time and funds, and dilute the end product. Fortunately, BMT utilises the mines in situ ore body data, which they have already invested in to obtain, and maximises this data’s accuracy though-out the blasting process and into production. How is this done? The company has devised the Blast Movement Monitoring (BMM) System, with which it provides consulting services that enable mines to maximise their ore recovery. Jeff told us more about what this resource-saving system provides: “The BMM System is comprised of a suite of products that allow our customers to accurately measure three-dimensional blast movement so that displacement of high-value ore can Endeavour Magazine | 7


be accounted for before digging. In short, the BMM system provides valuable information to show where the ore is located after the blast.” In essence, the BMM is a form of blast-proof transmitter that is activated automatically when it senses a blast. The system then uses a highly precise inbuilt GPS detector to identify the location of this transmitter after the blast. Tracking the travel of these transmitters allows BMT to create a vector field of rock mass movement. This data is transmitted wirelessly to the mine offices, and calculated by BMT’s ‘BMM Explorer’ software. Using this system, the additional ore that a mine is able to collect can, depending on the mine in question, range from tens of thousands of dollars’ to millions of dollars’ per week. The annual cost of the system, including the hardware, software and support services, is generally made back again after two to three blasts.

8 | Endeavour Magazine

This sort of boost to profits makes the BMM System sound like an essential solution to any open-pit mine: given the amount of time, money and effort invested into the lengthy process of deposit exploration, testing and finally mine operation, it seems foolish for any mine to be without this additional tool that can help maximise their yield. Given this, we weren’t surprised to hear that business for BMT is healthy and growing well: “BMT has had a steady increase in growth for the past ten years, but has accelerated its growth dramatically in the past three years. This is due to the ‘digitisation’ of the mining industry the industry push to mine smarter and more efficiently - and of course, the clear value proposition that BMT brings.” When an idea this good hits the market, competition and copycats tend to rise up, but currently, BMT have no high-tech competitors in the sub-surface blast movement measurement space. This gives them an incredible edge, with time and freedom to firmly establish themselves as the name in this technology, upon which they can continue to improve in case any competitors should later arise. This is not to say that they are the only solution on the market, of course, but current alternatives are what Jeff described as “low-tech”, and when held up against the BMM System, Jeff feels that these methods are no comparison: “There are low-tech alternatives such as modelling or installed PVC piping on the surface of blasts. These methods are less accurate, and therefore, there is a significant financial penalty associated with them. BMT is always happy to compare these low-tech methods to actual BMM measurements. I have personally seen many instances where the mine loses more money employing one of these lowtech methods, compared to doing nothing at all.” Given this and the fact that, on average, the BMM system will pay for itself after two to three blasts, BMT’s solution seems like an obvious choice. It is this accuracy that Jeff cites as one of the qualities that sets BMT apart as a company, as well as its support and customer relations.


With their team of experts, they offer 24/7 support to their customers, anywhere in the world. Founded in 2005, BMT is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, and has offices in Perth, but it also maintains a global presence with offices in Ghana, Chile and the USA. In total, the company currently has 112 customers in 37 countries, allowing the company to offer its support services to all time zones. “We provide 24/7 support with a presence spanning across all time zones, as well as industry-leading consulting for improvements on blasting and grade control practices to minimise ore loss, dilution and misclassification, making every ore blast more profitable.” This expertise, and BMT’s technology, have been applied to a range of mining sectors, including gold, silver, nickel, lithium, platinum, iron ore, copper and zinc, and will soon begin operations in coal. “We already have our first coal trial lined up for this month and some of the technology in our R&D pipeline will be pivotal in this market,

10 | Endeavour Magazine

with the potential to expand into underground mining in just a couple of years.” As well as expanding into underground mining, the company is also looking to develop its reach in its current markets. “We want to further expand our customer base in gold and copper in Central Africa, South America and Russia. Despite having several iron ore customers already, we are also looking to expand immensely in this commodity across all regions.” Russia, in particular, is a focus for this push, as the country is one of the leading global consumers of METS products and services, and the company is already seeing promising growth in this country. Innovation is one of BMT’s five Core Values (the other four being customer focus, valuing people, honesty and creating value). Through this dedication to innovation, the company aims to continue to find ways to help the mining industry maximise on its potential resources and profits. The latest of these innovations


was introduced in May this year, when BMT unveiled an application of drone technology in its Flight-Enabled Detector. In essence, this development has fitted drones with BMT’s detection equipment, so that after a blast, BMMs can be located remotely. This solution aims to remove the need for personnel to go to the muckpile after a blast, as these sites can be unsafe. “There are some Tier 1 companies that have global policies against accessing the muckpile, and in recognising this, we set out to develop and invest in this product.” This new piece of technology was first introduced on May 22nd at the AustMine Expo in Brisbane, Australia, and according to Jeff, has already won BMT a contract with one of the world’s largest mining companies. Other developments include a new 3D Software visualisation tool, of which BMT will announce the full details in the near future. This, and a whole slate of other hardware and software solutions, are soon to be disclosed,

PS Pocket Solutions Ltd “Productivity through Mobile Technology”



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but all BMT could tell us in their teasing of this news is that they have produced many of these new solutions through development partners: “With the customers demanding products with shorter lead times than ever before, BMT decided to partner with experts rather than to reinvent the wheel to meet the market demands.” Apart from this information, we will have to wait to see what these new tools will be. Whilst its technology is a clear strength for BMT, this of course wouldn’t exist without its other strength – its people. Appreciating people is one of the company’s core values, and this goes for those within and outside of the company. It is through this respect that the company has forged strong partnerships, such as those contributing to their latest developments, and it is also how BMT has inspired and fostered a healthy company culture for its staff. “People are our most valuable resource, and we respect each other,

12 | Endeavour Magazine

our diversity and every individual’s potential. We support every individual’s professional and personal development. Being a niche business, we promote from within, and everyone has the potential to grow as our global footprint expands exponentially.” Jeff studied undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Applied Science in Canada, then moved to Australia and joined BMT in 2013, as only the fifth employee at the time. “I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing many hats in this business over the past 6+ years with exposure to R&D, business development, sales, technical consulting and account management. It has been a very exciting ride seeing our customer base triple and seeing the team grow from five to 42.” Jeff worked his way up to Principal Consultant, and from there, to Global Consulting Manager. “I still retain the principal consultant role as the ‘guru’ of the BMM system and blast movement, but my official title is now Global Consulting Manager, where I am responsible


for managing 11 consultants across the globe and BMT’s recurring revenue from our existing customer base.” “Regardless of our official titles, we all wear many hats at BMT, and promote a culture of initiative, teamwork, respect and treating your daily tasks as if you were the business owner or group manager, which enables endless success for the entire business.” The team of 42 may be relatively small for now, but it continues to grow, and it already covers a broad global customer base. Operating with these widespread offices makes communication key, allowing the company to preserve the community of a small team even with such distance between them. “We utilize tools like Microsoft Teams to collaborate and communicate on a daily basis. We also get together once a year for our ‘BMT Conference’ which is held in a different location every year. This year we are headed to Peru, which everyone is very excited about. These kinds of events

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are critical to professional development, idea sharing, and team building. It is so important to get to know the person behind the face that you see on Skype every week.” Through this strong communication and collaboration, the team at BMT are able to continue to pursue their other core values, providing reliable and money-saving products to their clients and striving to keep innovating as technology continues to open potential doors. With the use of their new drone-mounted detection system, Blast Movement Monitoring has never been safer, more effective, or more worth the investment.


A FAST-TRACK TO GOLD Tietto Minerals is a junior exploration company operating out of West Africa that bills itself as focusing on “fast-tracking the development of gold”. We spoke with Caigen Wang, company Founder and Managing Director, to see how they attempt to achieve this goal. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


Tietto Minerals was founded in 2010, when Australia-based

Caigen decided to turn his academic involvement with the mining sector into the practical kind. The junior exploration company was originally intended to operate in Western Australia, where Caigen had working in the sector for ten years, following a career in education where he specialised in mining technology.


amiliar with the Australian mining world both through

“We really enjoy working in Côte d’Ivoire. They have very

experience and study, Caigen assessed his options, but

good infrastructure and logistical supplies. Finding spare parts

eventually concluded that the industry was bloated, and that

for machinery can sometimes be a challenge, but the country’s

it was too dominated by established names to provide fruitful

Ministry of Mines is very efficient, so we really don’t encounter

opportunities for his new company. So, he turned his attention to

many challenges.” It is partly these working conditions, but largely

the rest of the globe, and soon settled on West Africa. If one was

the promising explorative data, that has prompted Tietto to put

willing to invest the time and the funds, Caigen saw the potential

most of its eggs in the Côte d’Ivoire basket. That said, their projects

in West Africa to yield far greater success; it would be more of a

in Liberia are also starting to explore in earnest.

challenge, but the rewards would be a less glutted market to operate within, and the space to find promising prospects to explore.

“At this stage, we are focusing on resource growth, so will not be rushing towards a mine development at this stage. However, we

Nine years later, Caigen is continuing to apply what he learnt

have a major resource update this month, and another at the end

in Australia, but has also become well-acquainted with his new

of the year. After these, we will then begin to look properly at the

environment. The company started out with a licence in Liberia in

mine development side of operations.”

2010; it now has two projects in the Republic of Liberia, in Dube

“I think it’s going to be a slow growth moving forwards. However,

South and Cestos, and it has also expanded into Côte d’Ivoire.

we’re expecting the transition from exploration to production to be

Despite not entering Côte d’Ivoire until 2012, two years after their

a smooth transition, as we have the support of the community, and

first project began, this has become the most advanced, and is now

of the government as well..”

treated as Tietto’s main focus.

At their Côte d’Ivoire project, Tietto currently employs between

This jewel of their portfolio is still only 5% explored, but they

70-120 people, with the addition of many part-time locals. In their

have high hopes for its prospects. Multiple sections of gold veins

Liberia projects, as well, a full-time team of both local and expat

have been exposed by artisanal mining. All illegal miners have now

employees in complimented by part-time local labourers. In all

been removed from the area by the government, and the company

three areas, this allows Tietto to give back to the local economies in

has set out 11 key areas that it plans to drill. Of these, it has so far

a direct way, as well as helping to address the issue of the artisanal

drilled four. “We are currently working towards a resource update

mining that its operations have replaced. In fact, expats are only

at the end of this month,” Caigen informs us, “And we are expecting

hired in specific cases, where a particular skill cannot be found

to have a mature increase of this resource.”

locally, but the company makes it a priority to hire locally as much

18 | Endeavour Magazine

TIETTO MINERALS LIMITED as is possible. “Working in the community is our main principle.

As well as being careful not the disrupt the local people. Tietto is

We also work to bring awareness of our operations to these

careful not to disrupt the local environment. The two are essentially

communities, to make sure they understand what we are doing.

one and the same, because any damage to the environment has a

So, that cooperation has been quite successful.” This open back

direct impact on the people living in and around it, and in many

and forth has allowed Tietto to navigate local feeling and avoid

cases, relying on it. Currently, there is little fallout to watch out

causing a clash with or damage to the community, which is always

for, but Tietto is still being mindful of it: “At this stage, as we are

an essential focus and concern for a mining company, whether

still in the exploration stage, our impact to the environment is at a

explorational or operational.

minimum, particularly as in West Africa, you have so much rainfall

Tietto’s exceptions to hiring locally are reserved for roles such

that if you cut some grass, say, it is soon back to normal.”

as technical experts, who are brought it to work closely with these

“In Côte d’Ivoire, we did need to cut down a few trees to make

local managers. Both technical knowledge and an understanding

an access road, but we did this is a careful manner. We have experts

of the land and community are essential for overseeing projects

working on an assessment of the cost of the tree – how much it

such as these, and so these two groups are asked to work together

would cost to replace – so that we could prepare the funds and

and combine this knowledge. Sometimes, sourcing technical

deliver them through government officials to the farmers and land

experts has involved Tietto taking on students, offering them the

owners who were affected.” This carefully assessment, combined

opportunity to put their talents into action, whilst providing the

with an open communication with said land owners, has proven

company with the talents it needs. These students assist in the

successful in allowing Tietto to stay accountable for any impact

implementation of the most modern exploration technologies,

they make, and to make this minimal impact whilst maintaining a

combining geophysics and geochemistry. However, this is only a

positive relationship with the community.

handful of staff, compared to the many locals that Tietto employ, from labourers to team supervisors well-versed in the land.

20 | Endeavour Magazine

From working as a university lecturer on the topic to working his way through the sector itself, Caigen feels that the only successful


Fast D

way for an exploration company to operate is to balance its perspective between a geologist’s mindset, and a mine engineer’s. Whilst exploration is a geological undertaking, a project must have

 0086-13666235996  rockz

a potential commercial value that justifies the amount of work and investment going into it. Exploration is, essentially, an informed gamble, and when appealing to investors, this gamble must seem as limited as possible. “It is quite hard to find the right project, but the money is there. You have to make sure that your investors understand the industry and the real value of the project. If that can be presented to them, then everything will be fine.” A gamble will always be involved, and you can’t win every time, but through a careful approach and the right level of expert analysis, Tietto does its best to minimise its investors risks and maximise a speedy return on their investment – at least, as ‘speedy’ as anything can be in the world of mining!

PROFESSIONAL, EARNED THE TRUSTWORTHY. With A NOCK600 drill rig, Tiebaya Gold SA has achieved an average 1655m/month drilling progression in its Abuja Project, Cote D’Ivoire. Its 2nd drill rig of NOCK800 has just appeared at the same site, at where the rig is expectable to be much better performance.

NOCK MAN-PORTABLE DRILL RIGS MANUFACTURED FOR Fast Drilling ○ Quick Moving ○ Reliable Running  0086-13666235996 Endeavour Magazine | 21

22 | Endeavour Magazine

ADAPTATION AND EVOLUTION Maersk Line chevron-square-right phone-square 0044 844 264 1263

A.P. Møller - Mærsk (Maersk) is one of the largest transport and logistics companies in the world, and its vast operations are getting more digitalised by the day. We took a closer look at the Danish conglomerate to see what its latest steps were in embracing the future and keeping its extensive operations ahead of the curve.

Written by Alice Instone-Brewer


ounded in 1904, a remarkable 115 years ago, Maersk has learnt how to stay current. In 1996, it claimed the title of the world’s largest container shipping and supply vessel operation: today, it has served 343 ports in 121 countries, with over 76,000 employees to its name. It has two main branches - logistics, which we looked at this month, and also energy. Both entities are so large that we focused in on logistics and transportation, but remember that even these huge undertakings are only half of the story for Maersk. Primarily a shipping company, Maersk ships over 12 million containers a year, and that’s by ocean transport alone - it also transports inland by barge, road or rail, as well as sending cargo by air. It deals in goods from all industries, from fresh food to chemicals and pharmaceuticals, all of which need precise and specific care taken to preserve and safely move them. As the company claims, “Regardless of your industry, your commodity, or your key markets, Maersk has solutions that offer both small and large businesses the opportunity to grow. We serve our customers with frequent departures on all major trade lanes and inland services for a true end-to-end experience.” Endeavour Magazine | 23

MAERSK LINE As well as being able to handle this cargo, the company also offers cargo and finance services to its clients: “As experts in global integrated logistics, we can bundle Trade Finance, Customs House Brokerage and Value Protect with our transportation solutions to meet your end to end supply chain needs.” Add in freight forwarding by ocean, air or rail, and supply chain services such as management, development and warehousing, Maersk has a great number of plates to keep spinning, and they need to be spun with accuracy. With such a staggeringly large global operation to run, how does the Copenhagen-based company keep track of so much information? It makes sure to embrace the best of modern technology to keep its network smooth and in check. Working digitally goes two ways: it allows Maersk to offer clients a digital platform through which to communicate with them, track their cargo etc, and it also allows Maersk to monitor and organise itself in-house. The latter is essential for any logistics company who wants

24 | Endeavour Magazine

to compete in the modern world and to save itself from needless stress and error, so it’s of no surprise that it is implemented by the world’s largest container shipper. However, the digital customer service it offers is less compulsory; Maersk had the foresight to provide this for its clients, and therefore, the benefits it adds shine all the brighter. “We all buy goods, track deliveries and pay online - shipping with Maersk is no different. Our tailored online services take the complexity out of shipping by letting you instantly book, manage and track shipments, submit Verified Gross Mass information and much more.” This includes an online finance service, and a website and app that allow you to track and manage your shipments, as well as to live chat to Maersk with any issues. It also includes areas of specific support, enabling the smooth execution of every part of the shipping and logistics process and any needs a client could have within this sector. The company describes its ongoing game as to “simplify its customers’ increasingly complex supply

Empty Container Depots (All Major Indian Ports) Container Maintenance and Repairs (Dry & Reefers) Container Freight Stations Customs Housing Agency Freight Forwarding Warehousing & Transportation Stevedoring & Steamer Agency

Mobile/WhatsApp: +919246613013


chains”, and the latest development on this front has been the introduction of a new piece of warehousing software by JDA Software Inc. The use of JDA’s cloud-based Warehouse Management System will add to Maersk’s endto-end logistics services by allowing its clients detailed and flexible input into its warehousing processes when it comes to their cargo. Maersk has a network of well-positioned warehouses that allow their customers to experience efficient shipping at a low cost, but the use of this new software should improve their experience even further, as well as further lowering inventory cost.“‘Digital’ is no longer just a buzzword, today it is unlocking tremendous value for our logistics and warehouse customers in terms of simplification and better performance,” Henning Goldman, Global Head of Maersk’s Warehousing and Distribution, said in a press release. “JDA’s deep expertise and leading innovation are already creating competitive advantages for its customers. The addition of these exciting solutions to

Equipped with good infrastructure empty depots across port locations and the hinterland, Unicon Marine Services LLP delivers service excellence to its prime customer Maersk Line, the world’s biggest container shipping company. Unicon Marine Services LLP possesses expertise in both, dry as well as reefer container management, in addition to high standards of service in body repair. Unicon Marine Services LLP has its depots located at the below locations pan India: • Dadri, Garhi, Patli & Sonipat in the North • Vizag in the East • Nhava Sheva, Mundra & Hazira in the West • Chennai & Mangalore in the South

26 | Endeavour Magazine

our portfolio is going to help Maersk continue offering our customers truly unique, end-toend solutions.” JDA itself expands on this in its own statement about the software: “With innovation shifts, such as robotics, driverless forklifts, wearable technology and other artificial intelligence (AI), the warehouse you see today will change drastically in the near future to a more digital environment. JDA Warehouse Management is positioned to facilitate that transition through current functionality, empowering automation, leveraging an extensibility framework focused on configurability and encouraging experimentation and innovation. “Through real-time transaction processing, optimised storage and selection strategies, directed task management and integrated labour standards, JDA provides a best-in-class platform to maximise your labour utilisation, reduce obsolescence and leverage available capacities while driving best in class customer service levels.”

Unicon Marine Services LLP provides facilities such as storage, handling and repairs of containers (dry & reefer) of Maersk Line, to include reefer data download facility in case of reefer malfunctions, and fixed and mobile reefer plug points. Apart from this, Unicon Marine Services LLP with a fleet of 35 trailers is also a proud service partner of the Maersk Line in providing trucking solutions (Store Door) to the end customer, thereby giving them seamless access to a wider range of logistics and service offerings such as container equipment maintenance and repair, and transportation.


Maersk will initially deploy JDA Warehouse Management in Europe (Gothenburg) and the U.S. (Newark and Santa Fe) in Q4 2019, and will use these sites to build a template for a global rollout across all other Maersk warehouse facilities. This piece of software is just the latest in a long line of digital innovations, which in turn come at the end of a 115-year history of striving to not only grow to the impressive size Maersk now is, but to never grow complacent with the old way of doing things. Maersk has achieved its long-lived success by paying attention to the market and the direction it’s moving in, and making sure that it is always ready to embrace the new stage of its own evolution. Adaptation is the key to survival, and Maersk is a lesson to all of us who ever longed to stay stuck in our ways; 1904’s world of logistics is unrecognisable from the one of today, proving through Maersk that strength is not in rigidity, but the ability to be as flexible as the services it now offers its customers.

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KEEPING SINGAPORE MOVING Land Transport & Authority (LTA) Singapore chevron-square-right phone-square +65 62255 582 Singapore is world-famous thanks to its bustling business and stunning architecture, but as well as that, it is the brilliance with which its layout has been designed. The island country is unique in that it is fully urbanised, which raised challenges in its construction, such as how to make sure the city was pleasant to live in rather than overwhelming.

Written by Alice Instone-Brewer


his challenge was carefully addressed in its design; it was planned and constructed with the aim to arrange the city in a series of self-contained neighbourhoods, so that it is rarely necessary to travel far across the island for amenities. This connected series of units makes sure that Singapore feels warm and community-led, with residents knowing their neighbours and feeling situated within their local areas, instead of lost amongst a vast and unfeeling metropolis. The design also greatly reduces traffic, and as a result, public transport is the leading method of travel across the country. Responsible for managing this necessity is Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA), a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport. LTA is responsible for all land-based transport within the city, including the planning, design, building and maintaining of all infrastructure and systems. The body’s aim is to not only maintain efficient transportation around the city, but to make its transportation as green and inclusive as possible. “We leverage technology to strengthen our rail and bus infrastructure and provide exciting options for future land transport, complemented by convenient options to walk and cycle.” Endeavour Magazine | 29


The LTA is constantly busy developing, maintaining, expanding and updating Singapore’s many transport systems. We looked at the organisation’s current slate of projects, both ongoing and set for the near future, and there was a multitude. Firstly, it has a number of projects seeking to make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to travel from town to town. For example, the 21.5km North-South Expressway has been redesigned to support this greener travel, with cycling trunk routes that link up to Singapore’s wider cycling path networks, and also continuous bus lanes. Once completed, it will be the first of Singapore’s integrated transport corridors to feature these. Construction for the project began in 2017, and work is expected to conclude in 2026. Then, there are numerous projects focused on the country’s rail system, both above ground and subterranean. These subterranean rail works are particularly challenging to achieve, as we have highlighted before when speaking with companies who specialise in this below-ground construction within Singapore; it is such an densely urbanised area that those working below ground must be careful not to interfere with pipes, electrics or the foundation of other buildings, and must leave the earth

30 | Endeavour Magazine

around it structurally sound. Perhaps the most challenging of its pending rail projects is Singapore’s Cross Island Line (CRL), a 50km line that will link major hubs throughout Singapore such as Jurong Lake District, Punggol Digital District and Changi region. The Cross Island Line will be fully subterranean (LTA’s longest underground line, in fact) and will be the country’s eighth MRT line. LTA described the project thus: “When fully completed, it will serve existing and future developments in the eastern, western, and north-eastern corridors. The projected daily ridership of the entire CRL is more than 600,000 in the initial years, increasing to over one million in the longer term.” The lengthy build has been broken down into three phases, with the first phase expected to begin in 2020 and be completed by 2029. This first phase will be 29 kilometres long, with 12 stations, and will benefit over 100,000 households, as well as reaching public spaces such as Changi Beach Park and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. “The CRL will be an important part of our MRT network, providing a faster commute between the east and the west. It will connect all of our existing radial MRT lines with close to half of the CRL stations being interchange stations. Besides relieving the load on several of the existing MRT lines, the CRL will also provide commuters with many more travel routes to get to their destinations, bring about greater comfort to commuters and shorten journey times.” Another line expansion is planned for the Jurong Region Line (JRL), which will add 24 stations to the existing rail network. Like the CRL, the new line will open in three stages, the first opening in 2026, with the latter two opening over the following two years. This expansion will add to the number of destinations the rail network can reach, and will also improve its efficiency by providing an alternate route to many areas that were already accessible, therefore allowing commuters to pick the faster and more efficient route for them, and spreading out the demand on each line.


A key achievement for speed and efficiency will also be achieved with the Circle Line 6, a final project to complete the circuit on Singapore’s Circle Line. Truly a loop, the line will become an extremely easy method of travel for commuters moving between key areas of Singapore, such as the Pasir Panjang, Kent Ridge and key employment areas. “Expanding our rail network to areas such as the southern edge of Singapore’s existing Central Area, CCL6 will support direct east-west travel.” The 4km missing piece to the Circle Line is set for completion in 2015, and will bring the line’s station total up to 33, including 12 interchange stations with other MRT lines. These are just a few examples of multiple such projects, but perhaps the most interesting of all is LTA’s work on a rail line that will travel beyond Singapore; the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR). This project is a collaborative effort between the governments of Malaysia and Singapore, aiming to create a seamless and easy way to travel between the two capital

32 | Endeavour Magazine

cities, from Kuala Lumpur’s Bandar Malaysia station and Singapore’s Jurong East. This sort of link would be a huge boon to both business and personal travel. To complete this construction project, the LTA has formed a subsidiary called SG HSR Pte. Ltd. The subsidiary is wholly owned by LTA but will coordinate between the two countries, working alongside Malaysia’s MyHSR Corp. Construction on this project was suspended by the Malaysian government in September 2018, and is set to continue again in May 2020. Once complete, it is predicted that the line will reduce the travel time between the capitals of these two countries to 90 minutes. Transport systems are the veins of a country, carrying the life force of its residents. The better the network, the more efficient and easier the flow, and the cleaner the impact, the healthier a city is, and LTA are tireless in preserving and ever-improving the health of one of the world’s smoothest and most efficient urban spaces.

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PROACTIVE PROTECTION Generali Global Corporate & Commercial Asia chevron-square-right phone-square 00852 3971 2732 The world around us is changing quickly, and with it, the insurance industry is changing too. We spoke with Axel Roesner, head of Generali Global Corporate & Commercial Asia, to learn more about Generali Global Corporate & Commercial (GC&C) and the way they, and the industry at large, are adapting to respond to the risks our world now faces.

Written by Alice Instone-Brewer


enerali Global Corporate & Commercial (GC&C) is a division of the Generali Group, a major player in the global insurance industry. GC&C offers complete insurance solutions and related services, catering to medium to large companies and brokers in over 160 countries. In particular, the division has offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas, from which the company’s entire client base is reached. We spoke with Axel Roesner, Head of GC&C Asia, in charge of ensuring the fulfilment of the Generali Group Strategy in the corporate and commercial segment in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, China and India. Whether there is an office in a client’s region or not, GC&C guarantees them the same level of assistance and protection all over the world, thanks to its global experts in multinational programs, claims and loss prevention. The services that supplement its insurance policies are, to Axel, what makes GC&C stand apart. “Historically, insurance has been associated with a product or contract between a customer and the insurance company to transfer certain risks. In stark contrast, we believe we should go the extra mile to deliver a value-added proposition with a serviceorientated experience for our customers, Endeavour Magazine | 35


adding value beyond the policy. We focus on providing service-led propositions that position us to respond to customers’ needs as a lifetime partner, rather than only providing them an insurance policy or a product. Our focus is on being agile, flexible and adaptable so we can meet the specific needs of our clients.” These added services include processes to make it easier and smoother for clients to notify claims and have these claims fulfilled, and most of them relate to the concept of risk assessment, protection and prevention. Nowadays there is an increasing focus on the main common objectives that benefits both clients and insurer alike, e.g. working together to reduce and prevent the likelihood of such incidents occurring. To this end, GC&C in Asia, and worldwide, is putting increasing focus onto conducting risk management assessments and claims analytics for its clients, taking advantage of the results to establish and support both preventative and emergency procedures in order to reduce the

36 | Endeavour Magazine

number of incidents a company faces and the amount of fallout should an incident occur. This might not sound like the traditional role for an insurer, but it makes so much sense – it benefits everyone and means a client gets much more from GC&C than just a policy. This way clients also gain a relationship – as Axel put it, a life-time partner. GC&C’s motto is ‘What’s keeping you awake at night?’, and this is how they work with their clients; “Companies’ priorities vary depending on the industry type and their risk manager. We take care of those worries - we look at the risks, the current protection, and advise how best to manage it.” GC&C serves clients in a wide range of industries across the following lines of business: property, casualty, engineering, specialty risks, marine and aviation. GC&C’s professionals conduct risk assessments regarding the procedures and measures the companies already have in place, and look at areas in which they could improve. The same applies to ensuring that data from


losses and accidents is being used, e.g. by the use of analytics. One of the partners that helps GC&C with this is Crawford, offering loss adjustment support with expert insights across various sectors. Because of how quickly the nature of the potential issues can change, a specialised and particularly challenging service that GC&C offers is cyber insurance. “Clients have quite a key concern regarding how quickly a brand can be damaged by any reputation accident and they are also worried about the losses if data leakage occurs.” In analysing risks and putting preventive measures in place, GC&C brings in experts within this fields to give their clients the best advice and support possible. Another threat that seems to be on the rise, and one that has had a heavy impact on the insurance industry (as well as the world) has been the rise of natural disasters. “The Insurance industry has suffered from higher than average natural catastrophe events in the past years, which resulted in large losses.” In Asia, one of

the most notable weather changes was an increase in windstorms. “We had typhoons across Asia with major impacts in 2017 and in 2018, with an increasing frequency that was not expected from observatories and insurers” Climate change related concerns also raised serious questions for insurers who are increasing risk management measures, adjusting policies taking this trend into account, updating the terms of coverage in order to remain profitable and sustainable. “Many international insurers have therefore recently restructured their portfolios and are stricter in their selection, including a tighter scrutiny of underwriting practices” This, more than anything else, has pushed GC&C and many of its competitors towards their more preventative, less reactive new approach to insurance. The company readdressed its portfolio a little, making sure to further diversified it geographically and across business lines, in order to balance out high-risks. However, for the clients who are in

Expertise for any type of loss. Any time. Anywhere.

Loss Adjusting

Third Party Administration

Managed Repair

Medical Management

On-Demand Services

Catastrophe Response

9,000 employees | 50,000 field resources | 70 countries | $14B annual claims payments Key Contact: Mike Campbell-Pitt, President, Asia | T: +852 2526 5137 | E: Learn more at

Endeavour Magazine | 37


areas of risk, the company got pro-active in assisting them. “We worked with our clients and the brokers to ensure that we improved on any risk management measures. After the first typhoon, a lot of our key clients improved their risk management, and so the 2018 impact was in comparison far lower.” “At the end of July, we announced a new organizational structure within Generali Global Business Lines to further boost the development of the corporate business. A Strategy & Business Development function has been created under the leadership of Sergio Di Caro, who brings with him a broad array of international experience. As per GC&C, starting from September 1st we had a change at the helm of our unit, with the appointment of Manlio Lostuzzi as new CEO of Global Corporate & Commercial. Manlio is former CEO of Genertel and GenertelLife and has an extensive international experience, having been responsible for the Life, Non-Life and Reinsurance businesses of the Group.”

38 | Endeavour Magazine

Looking at the future, we can say attitudes towards insurance vary wildly across the Asian region. In more mature economically developed countries, GC&C finds that there is a high market penetration. In emerging regions, this penetration and awareness is lower. “Now across Asia, there is a very high untapped potential due to this low awareness. One of the core role of the insurer is to help individuals, as well as corporations and understand the risk they’re taking on a daily level. We want to aim for prevention, which should be the common objective insured and insurers. There’s still a way to go, but it’s an exciting journey.”






Specialist Builder of Structural Steelworks Leading Manufacturer of Bolts, Nuts, and Tunnel & Rail Systems | 18 Tuas Street, Singapore 638455 Tel: (+65) 62650550 / Fax: (+65) 6262 0550 | Email:

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REDEFINING HOSPITALITY Ormond Group chevron-square-right envelope-square

Forget what you think you know about the competitive world of hospitality - the Ormond Group, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, is taking a hyperlocal route to global hospitality. We spoke with Julian Wong, Chief Technology Officer for the Group, to learn more about its latest properties.

Written by Amy Buxton


t’s no secret that the hospitality trade is a speciality that’s hard to crack. Demanding clients, ever-evolving social media tools and online reviews all mean that hoteliers are increasingly exposed to real-time reviews that can make or break. The Ormond Group is a new hospitality group going global in this digital age, and is facing that challenge head-on with a commitment to great design, great service, great guest experience at a great price point. The group’s portfolio includes legacy brand Tune Hotels and will shortly welcome two new brands – Ormond Hotels and MoMo’s. “Tune Hotels is a brand known for its combination of great value and practicality, located at transit hubs, for global travellers who value comfort, convenience and fun, while MoMo’s is our social hotel brand with micro-rooms that celebrate playfulness and spontaneity for the socially connected, generation Z travellers. Finally, we have Ormond Hotels, which is a collection of individually designed boutique properties for the contemporary traveller who appreciates design, culture and simplified luxury.” By identifying key demographics for their brands, the group has made light work of offering tailored accommodation and experiences for each, playing to its strengths as an adaptive Endeavour Magazine | 43


and multifaceted brand owner. Rather than trying to be something to everyone, the group has chosen to focus on providing a great guest experience to their target demographic. “For now we are headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where most of our current properties are,” Julian told us. “We will debut our new brands Ormond Hotels and MoMo’s this December with The Chow Kit – An Ormond Hotel and MoMo’s Kuala Lumpur, and will be expanding into Europe with our second Ormond Hotel in Dublin, Ireland in 2021. This will be followed by our Melbourne site, which will host both a MoMo’s and Ormond when it opens in 2022.” Given that both the travel and hospitality industries are showing signs of growth, and with it, growing competition, there is no point in thinking small. In fact, now is absolutely the time for big ideas and a creative presence, as social media has made it easier than ever before to reach new audiences and potential

44 | Endeavour Magazine

customers. By recognising that social media is now a key platform where travellers discover and engage with new brands – these platforms are an important part of how Ormond Group engages with future guests and build a fan base of guests who will return. Digital tools and technology remain an important part of Ormond’s growth and guest experience strategy. “Being in Asia,” Julian explained, “A big challenge is the of costs of systems originating out of the US or Europe, as the exchange rate makes it cost prohibitive for us. For example, we’ve been engaging with several self check-in kiosk vendors, but could never get it over the line because the costs, once converted, were too high for deployment in our hotels. Therefore, we have embarked on a project to develop our own self checkin kiosks locally and we aim to have them rolled out in out properties in the first quarter of 2020.”


Due to the highly competitive nature of the hospitality industry, those groups that manage to soar above the others only do so because they actively seek to go not just the extra mile, but an extra ten miles. Julian knows that the perfect combination of focussing on guests and providing unrivalled IT infrastructure is crucial to providing the best guest experience: “We have a guest-comes-first approach to everything we do. Every decision we make from interior design to guest experience and technology is always centred around how we can make our guests’ stay more comfortable, more engaging and ever more special. The team is very much focused on delivering great design, great experience and great service at a great price point. Our technology strategy is focused on implementing best-in-class IT infrastructure to provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi for our guests.” Their mission is anchored by a people-first strategy, and the group is focused on securing

and developing talent. With little more than 50 people keeping headquarters running smoothly and another 100 plus at the various hotel properties, the Ormond Group takes a quality over quantity approach to people. Management fully vets and assesses the potential of every prospective new team member, and there are management training programmes available to new and existing hires. This has created an inclusive and supportive company community, where hard work is rewarded with progression and there’s plenty of opportunity for growth. “Recognising, training and keeping talent is a core strategy of growing the team. We always look internally first to fill new roles within our existing and new properties; we’re a growing company so there is a lot of upward momentum for our existing team. That being said, we also actively recruit senior talent to strengthen the team, and work with a local and international team of partners and vendors.”

�� globe � Wellington: +64 (0)4 384 6906 Sydney: +61 (0)2 9098 8413

Online Check In Is Available Contact




Regardless of booking source, our powerful platform gathers all data and communicates directly with guests.

Supporting the best environmental practices, guests are invited to complete a full online check-in process before arriving at your property.

This information is supplied back to you at the property to streamline and improve front desk process.

With the guest’s true information including email address. You can now provide value to the guest such as upselling extras.

Endeavour Magazine | 45


Ormond Group’s design partners include design firms Studio Tack, Akin Atelier and AvroKO who are designing their Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne and Dublin properties. Julian goes on to note that the Group’s IT partners, have also contributed to improved guest experiences across the board, “We have partnered with major IT vendors such as Oracle Hospitality for our Property Management System (PMS), Sabre Hospitality for our Central Reservations, Cendyn for our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Agilysys for our Point of Sales (POS) as our core IT systems. On top of that we also utilise Guest Traction for our online pre-check in which allows guests to pre-check in 48 hours before their arrival to speed up the arrival experience at our hotels. For our infrastructure, we deploy best in class IT hardware such as Ruckus for our wireless Internet and network systems.” “We hope to grow from 2000 to 3000 keys by 2022. This December, we will debut both

the Ormond and MoMo’s brand on a dual brand site in Kuala Lumpur. The Chow Kit, an Ormond Hotel, will be a 113-room boutique hotel designed by Brooklyn-based Studio Tack, while MoMo’s Kuala Lumpur will be a 99 microroom social hotel. We will also have flagship developments completing in 2020. The first will be our namesake, The Ormond Hotel, which will be a 120-key hotel, on a historically significant site in the heart of Dublin. This will be followed by the opening of Ormond Melbourne and MoMo’s Melbourne, on a 2-tower site on Flinder’s Street in Melbourne, in 2022.” With fast changing travel trends, Ormond Group believes that one thing will always remain: the desire for great service and great design at an affordable price point. The Ormond Group is here to stay and so are its guests, in droves.

Modernise the Guest Experience...

...with consistent point-of-sale performance whether on fixed terminals or mobile tablets.

Agilysys is proud to partner with Ormond Group to optimse food & beverage operations with a flexible, enterprise class point-of-sale system.

Talk With Agilysys Today: +65.6632.0670 or +60.3.2776.0379 | 46 | Endeavour Magazine

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DOMINATING THE MARKET Hindustan Zinc chevron-square-right v phone-square +91 294-6604000-02

A subsidiary of Vedanta Limited, a global natural resources company, Hindustan Zinc is one of the world’s leading zinc producers. We took a look at the company’s impressive portfolio, and the ways in which it is aiding and safeguarding the communities and environment it operates in.

Written by Alice Instone-Brewer


industan Zinc has a lot of claims to fame: amongst others, it operates the second largest zinc mine in the world, and the largest in India. Not only this, its operations are ranked globally as the 5th most sustainable in the field of metals and mining, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. As a company, it has been in operation for over 50 years, and in that time the Vedanta Limited subsidiary has evidently risen to the top of its field, both in output and in clean conduct. Despite its name, Zinc is not the only resource that Hindustan mines. It also deals in silver, lead and sulphuric acid, and it is excelling in some of these areas, too. For example, the company is amongst the world’s top 10 silver producers, with an annual capacity of 600 MT. In total, it currently operates five live mines, all located in Rajasthan, northwest India: all five of these focus on zinc, but also mine and deal with the other metals and mineral resources that are found, hence its presence in these other markets. Currently, its collective reserves for these resources sit at 305.6 million MT. However, zinc is its main pride and joy. In total across its five mines, the company has a reserve base of 105.7 million MT of the metal, with an average zinc-lead grade of 10.5%. This Endeavour Magazine | 49


collection of sites has a predicted mine-life of over 25 years, which is fantastic news for the country’s zinc market, as the company holds an incredible 78% market share of this industry within India. What does India use its zinc for? 70% of it is used for galvanizing steel. Galvanized steel makes it far hardier and able to withstand the elements, including moderately corrosive environments, which means this form of steel is used in car production, and this use is on the rise in the country. It is also used in industrial alloys and die cast alloys – a use which is again on the rise, thanks to new IS277 coating standards. Between these two uses, zinc has been key in the government-supported construction push happening in Indian infrastructure right now, including projects such as the recent investment in metro rails, Smart Cities and Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan (the Clean India Mission). Lastly, zinc has many uses within India’s pharmaceutical sector, providing a range of benefits that means it is used to treat poor eyesight, respiratory infections, acne, agerelated diseases and even the common cold. As for Hindustan’s other products, as well as coins, jewellery and cutlery/crockery, silver has industrial applications, too. Its highest use is in

50 | Endeavour Magazine

industrial fabrication, and it is also essential in technology such as solar power, which makes it an essential metal as India, and the world, moves deeper into the use of renewable energy. It is also used in the construction on engines, batteries, some detergents, 3D Printing and vehicle construction. Lead, too, is used in the automotive industry (in the batteries), is used in construction for roofing and cladding, and can even been used as a coolant for nuclear reactors! Finally, sulphuric acid is also industryessential, this time in the production of other chemicals. Any metal you could mine has a plethora of uses, but Hindustan has many resources available to it, and also extremely useful in a country that is pushing and growing its construction and industrial output. The India IT industry is on the rise, as is its construction of renewable energy plants, public transport and green cities. So, with such a solid and healthy slate of reserves, and a market such as this, Hindustan is sitting in a very enviable position indeed. As well as its five lead-focused mines, Hindustan’s operations also include one rock phosphate mine, four hydrometallurgical zinc smelters, two lead smelters, one pyro metallurgical lead-zinc smelter, and a number of sulphuric acid and captive power plants. All of this is based in Rajasthan, in Rampura Agucha, Chanderiya, Dariba, Kayad and Zawar, apart from one zinc-lead refinery and a silver refinery at Pantnagar, Uttarakhand. In total, all of this gives Hindustan a production capacity of 834,000 MT for zinc and 201,000 MT for lead. In total, of its combined metals, Hindustan currently produces around 1.2 million MT per annum. Over the course of 2020, the company aims to raise this total to 1.35 million MT, whilst it aims to raise its ore production capacity from 17.7 million MT to 20.4 million MT. Over the years, Hindustan’s operations have transitioned from being predominantly above ground, in open cast mines, to now being completely underground. In 2018, the company completed and closed


its operations at its Rampura Agucha open cast mine, which was its final above ground operation. Transitioning from above ground work to fully underground work is a challenging shift – one that requires attention to detail, the correct expertise on the team and the wisdom to see gaps in this expertise that need filling, and the careful training and support of all staff. However, as we all know, it isn’t just internal support that is essential from a mining company – outward support to the local community is also extremely important. Hindustan’s CSR programmes reach out to over 500,000 rural and tribal people throughout Rajasthan. These programmes include investment into education, health, water and sanitation, security, sports and culture, women’s empowerment and the establishing of sustainable livelihoods for after the mines close. This outreach isn’t just going to one or two communities – there are an incredible 184 villages around Hindustan’s operations. Through its programmes,

52 | Endeavour Magazine

Hindustan attempts to facilitate cooperation between these groups and local businesses, government, NGOs and academic institutions to work together towards a better future for these communities. The environment is also a cause for careful practices. In Hindustan Zinc’s words, “With more than 50 years of operational experience, we give highest priority to the safety of our people and the conservation of scarce natural resources through technology and innovation.” Working closely with its partners, stakeholders and shareholders, Hindustan, and even more predominantly, its parent company Vedanta, has numerous policies in place to manage its water, waste, energy, air emissions and the protection of local biodiversity.A strong example of this in action is Hindustan’s investment into renewable power: as well as solar power and green waste, it has invested heavily in wind power, to the point where Vedanta, a globally diversified natural resources company, is one of


the leading wind power producers in India. In total, it has established 273.5 MW wind farms across five states: 88.8MW in Gujarat, 49.4 MW in Karnataka, 88.8 MW in Rajasthan, 25.5 MW in Maharashtra and 21 MW in Tamil Nadu. Hindustan Zinc sits in an extremely secure position in its market, with a rich series of operational mines and a market that has many uses for all of the resources they yield. Given this position, it is good to see both Hindustan and Vedanta putting effort towards sustainability and care for the communities the mines affect – impact that will continue on long after the mines themselves are no more. Mineral resources are finite, but the impact of mining them lives on, whether positive or negative, so it is uplifting to see mines like Hindustan taking care to create positivity in their communities, mitigate the damage they do, and invest in other technologies that will help the world work towards a cleaner future.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of mining equipment as well as digital solutions to drive efficiency and productivity for our customers. Products like Certiq, Mobilaris, Teleremote operation and battery products are already market leading in the global market and helps our customers increase their safety and profitability. We have now gone one step further launching 6th Sense services to optimize system integration and connect processes, people and equipment for optimum productivity.

Endeavour Magazine | 53

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JACK OF MANY TRADES Indiabulls Group chevron-square-right phone-square 022-6189-1155

The Indiabulls Group is a diversified financial services group with its fingers in many pies. It is involved in numerous areas of finance, including housing finance, consumer finance and personal savings, and it doesn’t stop there: the group has also branched out into many other more physical areas, including real estate, lighting technology and even pharmaceuticals. We took a closer look at the group to break down everything it covers.

Written by Alice Instone-Brewer


ounded and chaired by Sameer Gehlaut, the Indiabulls Group is a large operation with companies in strong positions across a range of areas, though its central focus remains in the finance sector, where it all began. This journey was started by Indiabulls Housing Finance, the group’s flagship company, and it is still going strong today. The Group slogan is ‘On for tomorrow’, and this attitude is one that inspires and encourages all of Indiabulls’ companies to always think forwards, keeping their operations innovated, whilst on a more personal level, assisting their customers in creating a better tomorrow for themselves. This duel emphasis on technology and the needs of the customer is a throughline that runs through the core of every part of Indiabulls, no matter the industry sector. In the group’s own words, all of its products and services “are designed and created to ensure that convenience and simplicity is the primary experience for customers”. Whilst there is a group synchronicity between companies, each one is run independently, and all are listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. We took a look at each company, to get a better overall picture of what it is the Indiabulls Group is up to. Endeavour Magazine | 55


Firstly, as it is the flagship, we started by looking at Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. Indiabulls started on a strong foot; this company is now the second largest of its kind in India, and is rated ‘AAA’ by leading rating agencies (CRISIL and ICRA). Dealing primarily in home loans, the company focuses around the affordable housing segment; it is a loan company for the everyday person, seeking to offer competitive rates to help people purchase that first house or to move to that dream family home. Since it was founded in 1999, the company has helped over 1 million customers, and loaned over ₹ 2.15 trillion. The oldest of Indiabulls’ companies, it continues to practise the mantra of “On for tomorrow” by looking at how evolving technology can ease customer experiences and enhance what it offers, which it is currently successfully exploring through its offer of eHome Loans – a completely online way to apply for, receive and repay a home loan. EHome Loans are a first for India, and given

56 | Endeavour Magazine

how remote some people’s homes are, it is an excellent innovation that opens up access to this service to more people than ever. With Indiabulls leading the way, it is sure to catch on within the market. On the subject of housing, Indiabulls expanded from finance to also involve itself with Real Estate, handling the bricks and mortar of homes instead of just the loans to purchase them. Like Indiabulls Housing Finance, Indiabulls Real Estate is one of the largest companies in India in its sector. It has developed over 13.4 million sq ft of space, and has an office rental portfolio of 4.9 mn. sq ft., and a joint venture portfolio of 4.1 mn sq ft office space. The company handles both residential and commercial properties, and unlike Indiabulls Housing Finance, it doesn’t limit itself to the mid-income space, instead also dealing with premium and even ‘super luxury’ buildings. It also isn’t limiting itself to India: instead, the company is now starting to look at developing property in other countries, with its first area of interest being central London in the UK. As the UK’s capital, this can of course be a highly profitable market, making it an ambitious but exciting new frontier for the company. Getting even more deeply involved in the physical side of architecture, Indiabulls now even has a construction and infrastructure equipment rental company! Indiabulls Store One offers over 650 world-class machines and pieces of equipment to support and enable others’ construction efforts. All equipment is up to date, well cared for and meets Indiabulls’ high safety standards, and with a wide range of stock, it seeks to provide the specific pieces of equipment to meet whatever their customers’ projects need. From house financing to real estate development to equipment hire, the group really has every level of this market covered. However, most of Indiabulls’ focus and expertise has remained in finance – this is where it began, and this is where it shines, through companies such as Indiabulls Ventures and Indiabulls Consumer Finance. Indiabulls Ventures focuses on consumer lending, asset


reconstruction and capital market business, and Indiabulls Consumer Finance is a subsidiary of this arm of the group. The two work together to provide personal loans, with Indiabulls Consumer Finance serving as the middle-man that processes and issues Ventures’ loans. The companies have offices in 124 cities, and on top of this, like Housing Finance, their offerings are accessible online. In this case, this has been made possible through the development of an app called Indiabulls Dhani – one of the top three downloaded apps in Indian’s financial services sector. The progression from Indiabulls’ flapship company into these other operations all seems extremely organic, with efforts essentially branching off into two directions – the further exploration of what is possible in the financial sector, and the further exploration of housing and real estate. However, its final two companies seem a little bit like wild cards. First, there’s Indiabulls LED, which offers LED lighting products, and then there’s

Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals, which represents a recent expansion from the group into the medical sector. Indiabulls LED is a leading LED provider in India that designs and manufactures these lights in a series of advanced manufacturing facilities, in Mumbai, Daman, Baddi and Bangalore, manned and overseen by experienced lighting engineers and designers. These lights are all made at an industrial level, created for homes, offices, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities, roadways and outdoor city spaces, rather than the smaller LED lights used in products. This company is an extremely new member of the Indiabulls family, only founded in 2017, with the aim to change up the sector with the most effective and sustainable solutions, and as yet another example of Indiabulls’ forwardthinking approach to business. Founded in 2016, Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals is also new, and is the biggest anomaly of Indiabulls’ companies. That said, it is also a fantastic example of the company’s two focus



Lending Analytics

Retail Lending

Lending Mobility


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areas – technology and customer needs – coming together. As the company states, “Our pharmaceuticals business’ aspiration is to be a leading patient and physician centric, best in class, healthcare company.” Like the rest of the group’s operations, Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals covers a range of areas: it offers medical services as well as products, and the products themselves are the focus of much R&D investment and effort. “With a firm commitment to product development and research, our 350+ products bring many formulations and devices that are a first-time in India.” The company seeks to “address patient’s unmet needs”, and it isn’t doing so slowly – its large offering of products was developed and manufactured in 35 facilities. This many facilities is a huge investment, but Indiabulls feels that Indian healthcare is exactly the sector to throw resources at at the moment. The Indian pharmaceutical market currently represents around USD 27 billion, but this is

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predicted to almost double by 2021, to USD 55 billion. If this comes to pass, it would lift this market to the top five of its kind in the world. This projected growth is due to many factors, including rising incomes and an improving economy through much of the country, as well as a growing investment in medical infrastructure as part of the government’s push to improve its cities’ resources. This makes it an extremely exciting and potentially profitable sector for Indiabulls, and whilst it seems a world away from where the company started out, it is a perfect example of its forward-thinking approach to business, which seeks to constantly improve customer experience, as well as to improve what is possible in the sectors it participates in. This could be the perfect challenge for a group that has already proven itself more than capable, and most excitingly of all, in this sector, improvements to what the sector offers can very directly improve and save lives.


GLOBAL BRANDS, LOCAL FAVOURITES When preparing the perfect meal, every ingredient counts. Whether cooking at home or working in a restaurant, love and attention to detail shines through and elevates any dish. If we look for this care everywhere else, then we surely look for it in our store-bought meals as well. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


When producing signature dishes for their customers,

a consumables company is looking for that same perfection in every step and ingredient; that’s why Mewah’s products are an industry go-to.


he Mewah Group is an agribusiness company that focuses primarily on the processing of agricultural products into gastronomy essentials such as butters, margarines and oils.

Key ingredients in any meal preparation, these products affect not only the health of a finished meal, but also their flavour, shelf life and overall quality. No matter how good a recipe, if the wrong oil or spread is used, the intended experience will never make its way from the pan to the plate of the consumer; Mewah take this role seriously, and work closely with every client to find the perfect solution for their product. We spoke with Yew Wai Phang, Mewah’s VP in Consumer Pack Business. He explained that roughly 80% of Mewah’s products are sold business to business (b2b), and that their Premium Quality status means that their reputation precedes them. “People recognise us by the solutions we can give to them. I’m giving them a solution, and I’m giving them a solution that is tailor made to them and their requirements.” Founded in the 1950s, Mewah has a vast portfolio of existing products to meet their customers’ needs. However, short of simply offering this range up and leaving the client to evaluate their options alone, the company holds close consultations to establish exactly what each company aims to produce, and what requirements they have to reach their goal. Phang spoke us through the process. “The market is getting more sophisticated, in the sense that, it’s not just basic oil that people are buying – they’re buying processed

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SMC has been a leader in the automated material handling industry, specifically

Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) for over three decades now. We provide full-service, turnkey solutions with superior software capabilities and flexibilities. With a wealth of accumulated experiences, SMC strives to identify your long-term plans; understand your current production and storage patterns; analyze key processes to tailor make the right AS/RS technology that maximizes your storage space and reduces your operating costs.

SMC specializes in designing and building AS/RS that can be installed in an

existing facility or designed into a new facility. Systems can go up to 40 meters high as rack supported buildings and some can be installed in buildings as low as 15 meters high. Typically, 40 percent more pallets can be gained with an AS/RS over a conventional warehouse in the same space.�

SMC takes pride in its excellent reputation over the years for providing a

consistently high standard of uninterrupted after-sales support, maintenance and spare parts delivery to all our clients globally.

SMC’s equipment and systems are user-friendly and very easy to troubleshoot and maintain. Thus, SMC has an unbeatable reputation in the industry with a long list of repeat customers. We are proud to count The Mewah Group as one such customer.

PET plant, India

Washing machine plant, Turkey

Finnish pulp & paper mill, China


Petrochemical plant, Brazil

Food & beverage plant, Indonesia

Contact us:

Swedish furniture distribution center, China

CROWN CELEBRATES 40 YEARS OF MATERIAL HANDLING EXCELLENCE IN SOUTHEAST / NORTH ASIA Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, is celebrating 40 years as a leading provider in the Asian market. With the region rapidly rising to become a manufacturing and logistics powerhouse, Crown is helping its customers manage market demands and meet industry challenges through its flexible product range and innovative, customised solutions. Pallet management is one of the major issues for emerging distribution companies and small to mediumsized enterprises lacking the knowledge to deal with the challenge. Within Asia, the two most popular pallet sizes are the square 1,100mm x 1,100mm pallet and the 1,200mm x 1,000mm pallet. The U.S., Europe, and Australia, however, use different International Organization for Standardization (ISO) approved pallet sizes, and these diverse pallet types can create challenging problems if not handled correctly. Crown’s global approach to research, design, engineering and manufacturing means that it produces a range of lift trucks that offer the best fit to the pallets relevant to the warehouse facilities in multiple regions globally. While the company builds a range of lift trucks to cover all aspects of material handling work, from the dock to the top space of a high bay rack, Crown also customises its standard designs to help solve specific problems, such as modifying the width and position of the legs so that it would work effectively according to the required pallet size. With a focus on providing end-to-end material handling solutions, Crown can also identify other areas of the warehouse that can add efficiency when dealing with a range of pallet sizes. Crown consultation includes a detailed review of customers’ operations to help decide the most appropriate material handling equipment and provide inputs to improve productivity, such as enhancing warehouse design and safety culture. “When you work with Crown, you are working with people in possession of great product knowledge and a thorough understanding of warehouse supply chain

requirements. Knowledge is a major factor that separates Crown from the competition in the Asia Pacific region and the ability to provide customers with an end to end total material handling solution partnership,” said Steven Hill, the Managing Director of Crown Equipment for Southeast Asia. Crown set up operations in Southeast Asia in 1978 with the Southeast Asia regional headquarters now located in Singapore. The Asia Pacific region is serviced through an extensive retail branch network, which includes locations across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and China. Crown has recently launched in a number of new locations with branches in the growth hubs of Johor, Malaysia; Rayong, Thailand; Clark, the Philippines; Incheon, South Korea; and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. For more information, please go to Crown is one of the world’s largest material handling companies with a reputation for awardwinning product design, advanced engineering and technology, and superior after-sale service. Crown’s business philosophy utilizes vertically integrated processes to design, manufacture and distribute forward-thinking, innovative solutions that improve customers’ productivity and operating efficiency. Crown produces a broad range of forklifts as well as automation and fleet management technologies. The company’s global headquarters is located in New Bremen, Ohio, USA, with regional headquarters in Munich, Germany; Sydney, Australia; Suzhou, China and Singapore. Its employees number more than 15,000 worldwide. Crown operates a service and distribution network that exceeds 500 retail locations in over 80 countries. To learn more about Crown’s ideas for helping customers advance the productivity of their operations, visit

Let’s face it. Most operations have gotten used to the limitations associated with today’s reach trucks. But warehouse managers want more - trucks that go higher and can handle more weight at any height. The exclusive MonoLift™ mast offers the best in operator performance and visibility. A clear window of visibility at height, eye and ground level allows operators to move loads efficiently while reducing the risk of damage to product, racks and trucks.

Contact Crown today to book your free demonstration of the Crown RM Series. Email:

MEWAH GROUP meals. People are not just buying a bottle of oil at the supermarket

demand also comes increased supply from competing companies,

so they can fry their own food at home – they want so-called

and with growing affluence come rising expectations. Amongst

‘convenience food’. So, we are working with these customers to

these expectations are, of course, health standards, which Mewah

use the right type of oils, so that they can cook the meal and, when

must, like all other consumables companies, constantly keep up

it is microwaved later on, it will still have the same flavour profile as

with their product list. “One of the hot topics right now is trans fats.

if it had been freshly fried.”

The consumer does not want, or has a low tolerance for, trans fats.

“So, for example, a customer might say that they need their

The other hot topic is hydrogenation.” Mewah’s job is to provide

best-seller casserole to be microwavable. We will propose a

companies with products that match these requirements without

product, and then we may need to go backwards and forwards over

sacrificing on quality or taste. Their awareness of these standards

time. Taste is one factor that we look at, and another aspect is the

must also go beyond their own borders and laws: “Our products are

shelf life. For example, they may tell us that they want the shelf life

sold around the world, from South America to Eastern Europe to

for their product to be three months or six months etc., and so once

China and Australia, and so on.”

the initial taste has been approved, we will perform a full shelf-life

However, whilst this b2b process accounts for 80% of their

test.” These tests require waiting for the full shelf life of the product

operations, it isn’t Mewah’s only business. 20% of their products

and testing its quality again, to make sure that its quality has been

are sold business to consumer (b2c) on the retail market, including

maintained. Mewah participates in this back-and-forth until their

cooking oils, margarines and spreads, condensed milk, and so on.

customer is satisfied, and it is this attention to detail that makes

Whilst this is an area that they would like to expand, b2b seems

them a reliable partner in any production process – especially in an

set to remain their focus: “B2b is our bread and butter. Our scale

increasingly competitive market.

of production is big, and we are in demand from our customers;

As the population has risen and grown more affluent, demand

they come back to us and say that they like that we’re doing, and

for food products has naturally risen. However, with increased

know that they can use our solutions to produce a finer product.

Food and Beverage Solutions JBT develops and delivers innovative food, beverage and dairy systems to multi-national and regional food processors. From single machines to complete processing lines, we enhance product value and safety. JBT equipment captures the quality, nutrition and taste of your product at the lowest cost per unit produced.

Continuous Rotary Pressure Sterilizer Since1921, more than 7,500 JBT Continuous Rotary Pressure Sterilizers have been placed into production around the world and are processing over half the world’s canned foods. Year-by-year JBT has advanced the rotary sterilizer technology to offer high, consistent product quality at the lowest cost per unit produced. Today’s rotary pressure sterilizer technology allows processors to handle traditional and modern, stackable, lightweight and easy open-end cans. There simply is no better way to sterilize high volumes of convection type foods in cylindrical metal containers.


Australia : phone : +61 7 3896 6100 Philippines : phone : +63 2 830 2085 China : phone : +86 21 3339 1588

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We’re with you, right down the line.TM

Singapore : phone : +65 6542 9255 India : phone : +91 77 2202 9071/72 Thailand : phone : +66 2 257 4000

Japan : phone : +81 3 3660 5550 Vietnam : phone : +84 8 54 161 838 Malaysia : phone : +60 3 2166 7898

Whether it be construction, consultation, plantation or rental of machinery, Orient Arotek Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd have all your needs covered.

The group continues to move forwards through adaptation and creativity, offering an array of services along the journey. Director of Orient Arotek, Dato’ Dr. Joseph Lee has been at the helm since the company’s humble beginnings in 2002, and recently won the outstanding category in the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2018. The Group’s new slogan, “Never give up & fight to the end”, shows their company spirit as they continue onto their 16th year in business. Orient Arotek Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd is part of the OAE Builder Group of companies which also consist of the following subsidiaries: • Cat Flooring Specialists Sdn Bhd • DNR Machinery Sdn Bhd • Dynamic Nature Engineering & Hardware Sdn Bhd • Dynamic Nature Agro Sdn Bhd • Dynamic Nature Metal Sdn Bhd • Dynamic Nature Plantation Sdn Bhd • SBN Sport Resources Sdn Bhd The OAE Group’s core businesses are steel structures, piping, vessels, storage tanks and civil works. However, OAE is full of variety, as they also provide the rental of construction machinery and equipment, as well as the collection of scrap metal. PU & Silicon PU Flooring Works add more feathers to the Group’s quiver, whilst also supplying and selling a wide array of building materials, hardware items, tools and steels products.

Tel: 03 – 4024 1182, Fax: 03 – 40243193

Recent and ongoing projects have included the demolition and re-build of factories in Shah Alam and the fabrications of mild steel storage tanks in Pulau Indah, Klang. In addition, the Group operates in the development and management of palm oil plantations and the selling of quality palm oil seed. This division currently manages the palm oil plantations in Bintulu, Sarawak. The OAE Group received a certificate of registration to the ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System (QMS) in 2012 and, recently, the company successfully completed the transition onto the new ISO 9001:2015 Standard. This award attests to the company’s efforts in developing internal procedures and improving customer services, in addition to the development of the quality objectives and policies in a manner conducive to higher value for partners and all related parties. Orient Arotek Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd are currently well positioned in the marketplace and are in a period of great expansion, aimed at broadening and intensifying their position in carefully selected investment areas throughout their journey. They continue to move forwards to create value and become a leading group of companies in Malaysia.


Orient Arotek Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd 8-5-1, 5th Floor, Diamond Square Commercial Centre, Jalan Semarak Api 3, Off Jalan Gombak, 53000 Kuala Lumpur.

The company is well positioned in the market place and is in a period of expansion aimed at broadening and intensifying positions in carefully selected investment areas.

The Group continues to move forward to create value and make a difference and become a leading group of companies in Malaysia.

With a well-defined direction in place, the Group’s mission serves as the framework for the group’s roadmap.

Tel: 03 – 4024 1182, Fax: 03 – 40243193

MEWAH GROUP Additionally, b2c is a slower business to grow: it’s a little trickier, in

enough, I felt that a quicker decision-making process would be

that you need to do more marketing, brand positioning and brand

more beneficial, especially out here in Asia. If you take too long,

awareness. We are developing it, but the gestation period will be

you may miss the window of opportunity, and competitors move

much longer - especially globally.”

quickly. The owners of Mewah are here on the ground, they see the

The process may take longer, but across the board, Mewah are dedicated to growth. To this end, a new factory is under

competitors moving, and if there’s any need, they say, “Ok, this is where we want to go – go.” Bang. There we are.”

construction in North China. “We believe that this will be one of

Previous to joining Mewah, Phang had been in the oils and fats

our major focuses in the coming years, as we grow this part of

industry for 20 years. The company knew him by reputation before

the market. We are growing our footprint in China. It’s a massive

they spoke, and they were quick to find a mutual understanding

market out there, so we are definitely moving in that direction, and

over what Mewah needed as a company, and how Phang could

want to be on the ground. We started construction in April last

provide it.

year, and we should be starting it up in the later part of next year.”

Given his passion for growth and his support of Mewah’s style

This expansion is just one manifestation of a deeper company

of operations, we asked Phang what his advice was for business

attitude, and what drew Phang to the company two years ago.

partners: “I tell those who work with me, ‘The company wants

“What appealed to me about Mewah was that they have a passion

to grow. You bring in the ideas, you bring in the customers.’ Just

to grow. Decision making happens quickly, in the sense that the

bring it, you know? We’ll have a discussion, and if it seems worth

owners are here, and I work with them directly. When I worked

doing, we’ll try it. It might just be a small step, but we’ll give it a

at my previous company, decision making would take longer; you

try, and if it’s successful, we’ll grow it out more.” Allowing staff the

had to approach different stakeholders and different project teams,

same sense of involvement in the company’s progress that Phang

to get all of them on board. There was nothing wrong with that

values himself has been successful in igniting motivation in the

– it’s just a different style – but after being in the business long

workplace. With this fire under them, the launch of the company’s 70 | Endeavour Magazine

new factory will be the first step of many innovations and leaps

time when they choose to do this. These works have included

forward to come.

support of blood drives and local orphanages, and perhaps most

As well as this belief in empowering their own people, Mewah

notably, disaster relief efforts.

also believe in empowering their community. As the company

With this sort of drive in their staff, both for their community

states, “In every place that we operate, Mewah partners with the

and for the company itself, fostered by a culture of support from

local communities to support their particular needs. We contribute

Mewah that breeds a loyal enthusiasm from their employees in

regularly to local charities, and our people organise and participate

turn, it is no wonder that the company is growing. As he continues

in social events to support and bring joy to the less fortunate in our

in his new position, with fast decision-making enabling rapid

local areas. Our goal is to enrich the lives of the people around the

change, it will be exciting to see where Mewah takes itself in the

touchpoints that we have established.”

years to come.

Mewah’s outreach initiatives include a range of fund-raising activities to support charitable organizations that look after children in their areas. As they explain, “We believe that every child deserves a chance at a life filled with love, laughter, friends and family. Every year, a number of fund-raising activities will be held internally and externally to distribute funds, groceries and stationeries to children via charitable organisation. Our efforts are not only directed at alleviating the disablement of the less fortune children but also at giving those children a hope for the future.” As well as raising funds, many of Mewah’s staff actively volunteer with local organisations, and the company supports their

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