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“Hasn’t really sunk in yet”

Lunch ials at Spec

- Ralph Veenhuis

Drumheller men survive overboard ordeal off B.C. coast Darren Walker (back, first from left), Ralph Veenhuis, and Jeff Finley, with the Coast Guard crew that rescued them. The three Drumheller men survived 40 minutes in the Pacific Ocean after their boat was hit by a series of large swells and sank. For the complete story, see Page 2 of this edition inSide Drumheller. photo submitted

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Promising night with the Stars

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2 - Friday, September 13, 2013

The World’s Largest Dinosaur, one of Drumheller’s most iconic landmarks, is getting a face lift, so inSide Drumheller asks: “How should the dinosaur be repainted?�

Parker Knibb “This might be wild, but paint it like an actual dinosaur.�

Kael Patron “I think they should keep it the same colours.�

Kourtney Giffin and Elizabeth Hartman “Bright neon green and white.�

OPINION Drumheller trio survive boat sinking o west coast Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

Three Drumheller men are safe at home after a harrowing adventure o the coast of Vancouver Island last week.



inSide Drumheller |

“In three minutes we went from being in trouble to abandoning ship.� Ralph Veenhuis

Ralph Veenhuis, Je Finley, and Darren Walker were ďŹ shing near ToďŹ no on Veenhuis’s craft, the Aquaholic, when suddenly they had to ďŹ ght for their lives as an abnormal series of swells caused the boat to start sinking. The three had been peacefully ďŹ shing for roughly three hours when the ďŹ rst large swell hit the stern of the Aquaholic and ooded the engine. Veenhuis believes the swells were caused by a large cruise ship passing through the area. “Basically we had four or ďŹ ve large consecutive swells hit the back of the boat shortly after a large cruise ship passed by on our stern. They (the cruise ship) have as much right to be out there as we do. It was

Darren Walker (left), Ralph Veenhuis, and Jeff Finley on the bow of the Coast Guard ship that rescued them after surviving 40 minutes stranded off the west coast after their boat sank last week. A series of

just a freak situation,â€? said Veenhuis. “The ďŹ rst swell went over the back of the boat and ooded the engine room.â€? The engine stalled, preventing Veenhuis from turning the bow towards the subsequent swells. Several more swells ooded over the stern and the Aquaholic began to sink. The three men didn’t



Emily Martin “Stripes!�

photo submitted

panic and sprung into action. “We started to sink, so we got on the radio and contacted the coast guard and gave them a location, so they could do search and rescue. We pumped up the inatable (raft) as fast as we could,â€? said Veenhuis. “In three minutes we went from being in trouble to abandoning ship. We did everything we needed to do in min-

utes and that’s why we’re alive.â€? They were then left stranded in the ocean, held aoat only by their life jackets, a half-inated raft, and a nearly empty cooler, meant for any ďŹ sh they caught. “Even in the water we didn’t panic. If one person was getting too cold, we’d pull them up on the raft and get them warmed up,â€? said Veenhuis.


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Annika Lassen “Paint it purple.�

unusually large swells flooded the stern of Veenhuis’s boat, the Aquaholic, and stalled the engine. They are safe and back home in Alberta.

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“After 20 minutes, the search and rescue plane went by, but we weren’t sure if it saw us. We all went quiet for a few minutes, then Je looked over and said, ‘hey man, did anybody bring Wilson?’ When the big cruise ship turned around then the two guys started singing the Love Boat theme. That kept us going.â€? The search and rescue plane returned and circled over the three men. After 40 minutes in the water, a Sea King Helicopter and Coast Guard boat arrived. The men were taken aboard the Coast Guard ship and treated for hypothermia. However, their injuries could have been worse, considering the local wildlife. “We had hypothermia, so they got us inside and helped us. Apparently the area was heavily infested with blue sharks, but luckily none showed up,â€? said Veenhuis. Veenhuis has been boating for 30 years and had spent the prior 40 days boating o the west coast on the Aquaholic, which he purchased three years ago. “It’s an ex-Coast Guard boat from Washington, Coast Guard certiďŹ ed, and everything was working properly. It was just an unfortunate situation. We were out there ďŹ shing for three hours before the incident. There were swells, but nothing the ship couldn’t handle,â€? said Veenhuis. Now, the three are back home. “It still hasn’t completely sunk in yet,â€? said Veenhuis. ‘It’s surreal what transpired there.â€? Go for the


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drumheller d h ll

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inSide Drumheller |

Friday, September 13, 2013 - 3

Drumheller region unemployment second lowest in province Michael James| inSide Drumheller

The Drumheller area is once again leading the province in employment according to the most recent statistics from the Government of Canada. In the month of July, the Drumheller-Camrose economic region, which extends east to the Saskatchewan border, had an unemployment rate of 3.7 per cent, the second lowest in Alberta. The lowest was Grande Prairie-Athabasca-Peace River with 3.3 per cent. “The most current unemployment figures, as of July, are at 3.7 per cent, which is the second lowest in the province, but over the past year, we’ve had the lowest rate most of the time. The province was at (an unemployment rate of ) 4.5,” said Rob Lunman, business and industry lead with Alberta Works. The low unemployment market has left the area brimming with employment opportunities. “There are a lot of opportunities in our area. There’s agriculture, labour positions, oil and gas servicing, and really just jobs of all kinds. Even after the tourist season, there are always positions available. There are jobs across the whole gamut, from entry-level jobs to professional positions, and from unskilled labour to trades. There are opportunities across the board,” said Lunman. However, the low rate creates challenges. Most positions cannot be filled, especially when considering the population drain faced by rural areas. “Communities are struggling to find people to fill jobs. As businesses and companies grow, I don’t know if the population is necessarily growing along with it,” said Lunman. In addition, employers are being hard pressed to fill positions, with some remaining vacant for months. Lunman suggested employers take a look at how they attempt to hire new employees. “The market has changed, so you have to sell that position and your business. With such a low unem-

ployment rate, people have so many choices. Many of the people you might want to come work for you, probably already work somewhere else. If you’re going to try to attract people to your business, you have to let them know the benefits,” said Lunman. “Another key is to keep the staff you currently have. If you can keep them happy and working for you, then it reduces your need to go out and find new staff. If you try to make a positive work environment, not only will it make your existing staff happy, then it will be easier to find new staff when you need to.”



The Drumheller-Camrose economic region is booming and has the second lowest unemployment rate in the province as of July at 3.7 per cent. However, such a low rate creates challenges for employers, who are having trouble filling vacancies. Alberta Works suggests employers create a positive work environment to attract and retain staff.

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703 - 2 AVENUE WEST • DRUMHELLER, ALBERTA T0J 0Y3 Phone 403-823-6300 Fax 403-823-7739

The Town of Drumheller Offices have moved. Our new location is the Civic Centre 224 Centre Street T0J 0Y0 Phone: 403-823-6300 Thank you for your patience while we relocated to our new location. DEVELOPMENT PERMITS Take notice that the following development permits for the proposed uses listed below have been issued in accordance with Land Use Bylaw 10-08 of the Town of Drumheller. 1. Development Permit T00016-13S; Numberz Accounting; Plan 4317CQ; Block 1; Lots 24-25; 59 Bridge Street, Drumheller – DEVELOPMENT PERMIT – Placement of Freestanding Sign – Classification Highway Commercial “Hwy-C” District Further information regarding these decisions may be obtained from the Development/Planning Department, Town Hall, 703 2nd Avenue West, Drumheller, Alberta T0J 0Y3 (403) 823-1310 or e-mail Any person wishing to appeal these decisions may do so by submitting Form F and/or a written notice of appeal to the Secretary of the Sub-division & Development Appeal Board at 703 - 2nd Avenue West, Drumheller, Alberta, T0J 0Y3. A nonrefundable fee of $120.00 must accompany the appeal. The “Notice of Appeal” and accompanying fee must be received no later than 4:30 p.m., September 27, 2013 Cindy Woods, Development Officer, Town of Drumheller


Free Movie Night Under the Stars Friday, Sept. 20th Canadian Badlands Passion Play Site 6:30pm - Live Music Concession Available (cash only – no debit on site) 8:00ish – FREE Movie “The Croods” (time may change depending on sunset time)

To pre-register call Cora at 403-823-1765 FREE popcorn for those who pre-register

Please bring a cushion, flashlight and a blanket. In case of inclement weather, the movie night will be postponed.

Drumheller Aquaplex will be on fall hours starting September 3, 2013 check hours For additional information please call the Drumheller Aquaplex – 403-823-1322 or 403-823-1321

Board Vacancies

A Vacancy exists on one of our boards: Municipal Planning Commission – please contact Linda at 403 823-1339 if you are interested to serve in this capacity.  Thank you

PUBLIC SALE OF FORMER TOWN HALL FURNITURE The Town of Drumheller is intending to sell furniture located at the former Town Hall located at 703 2nd Avenue West on SEPTEMBER 28, 2013. Items for sale will be marked with an identifier. Interested individuals are invited to inspect the furniture at this location at 10:00 AM – Noon on September 28, 2013 and submit individual sealed bids including the furniture identifier, your name and contact information to Ryan Siefried – Municipal Projects Coordinator at the former Town Hall (703 – 2nd Avenue West) no later than noon local time on September 28, 2013. Bids will be reviewed and opened and the successful bidder will be posted at 1:00 PM on September 28, 2013 at 703 2nd Avenue West. If you are the high bidder, you are expected to dismantle (if required) and remove the furniture on this same date by 4:00 PM unless other arrangements can be made. Terms of sale: cash only.

Introduction to Pickleball

Monday, September 16 • 7:30 pm at the Badlands Community Facility Pickleball players of Drumheller are inviting any interested adults to check out this fun sport and great exercise activity on September 16. BCF has generously agreed to waive daily user fees for this invitation. Our Fall/Winter Schedule will be Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9:00 am and Monday nights at 7:30 pm. We currently have players from ages 22 to 78 enjoying this sport on a regular basis. No equipment needed, just bring gym clothes and shoes. Want more info? Contact Bob Friesen 403-823-4407, bfriesen@gmail. com or Ian Jones, 403-823-4256,

Drumheller Public Library Upcoming Events Fall/Winter Schedule 2013 starts: Alphasaurus Preschool – Fridays 10-11:00am, Sept. 13 to Dec. 13, children ages 3-5, no preregistration, FREE stories, crafts, activities, games, and fun 4 Tales Family Storytime – stories, and songs – Tuesdays 2-2:30pm, Sept. 10 to Dec. 10, no preregistration, FREE September’s exhibit in the Art Gallery will be: a show by two Alberta Photographers Kelly J. Mason and Christina Bethlehem. Come in and see their photographs of Alberta’s dramatic landscapes and big skies. This show will run until the end of September in the Badlands Community Facility. Upcoming Travel Night Presentation: Featured will be South America with Mexico, Costa Rica, & Panama. Join Marlin Travel, Trafalgar and the Drumheller Public Library on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013 in the Large Meeting Room at the Library at 7:00pm. Come see and hear a guided tour presented by Trafalgar - “Trafalgar invites you on a journey to see the world from the inside.” Drumheller Public Library 403-823-1371 Find us on Facebook, there’s a link on our web site

Town of Drumheller Key Phone Numbers Town Hall – 403-823-6300 Badlands Community Facility – 403-823-1370 Public Library – 403-823-1371 Recreational Bookings – 403-823-1324 Regional Recycling – 403-823-1343 Aquaplex – 403-823-1322 Regional Landfill – 403-823-1345 Memorial Arena – 403-823-1328 Bylaw Enforcement – 403-823-7590 Seniors Services – 403-823-1317 Municipal Airport -403-823-3000

4 - Friday, September 13, 2013

inSide Drumheller |



Catalyst Paper is hiring!


In the article “Drumheller nurses march over AHS policies,” which appeared in the September 11 edition of The Drumheller Mail, a quote was incorrectly attributed to Janice Williford, president of the Alberta Local 74. In addition, Williford wishes to clarify the purpose of the walk. On Wednesday, September 18, nurses will hold an information session to help educate the public, not a protest demonstration as reported. The Drumheller Mail/inSide Drumheller wishes to apologize for any confusion caused by the error and to Janice Williford.

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Please include any previous election experience, your civic address, mailing address, e-mail address, and daytime and evening telephone numbers.

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Applications may be mailed or delivered to the Returning Officer at:

Major Responsibilities Incl: Acc’ts Payable / Receivable, Reception, Payroll and Statistics.

Town Hall, 224 Centre Street, Drumheller, Alberta T0J 0Y4 Byron Nagazina Returning Officer


Position is 20hrs./week Submit Resumes by Sept. 16, 2013 to: f35c37b


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inSide Drumheller |

Friday, September 13, 2013 - 5

Kalon Sykes announces intention to run for Town Council Michael James | inSide Drumheller

New playground now open A new playground in Drumheller officially opened on Monday, September 9, on the grounds of the old Central School, much to the enjoyment of kids in Drumheller. The playground, which cost roughly $125,000, was made possible through a number of generous donations by Wanda McCann in memory of her husband, Dan, Boston Pizza, Kinsmen, Drumheller Co-

op, and more. Over 40 volunteers helped assemble the playground and lay down sod. Below: Pastor Dan Dannhauer, Jill Martin, on behalf of her mom Wanda, Mayor Terry Yemen, and Nola Wallace, with Little Explorers cut the ribbon on the playground. Everyone is welcome to use the playground. inSide photos by Michael James

commercial base to the Valley, so there are more jobs throughout the year and Another Drumheller resident is an- the Town would get needed tax innouncing plans to run for election in come,” said Sykes. Sykes also hopes to October. Kalon Sykes bring more attention will be seeking a spot as to outlying neighboura Town Councillor next hoods. election. “Many of the people There are a few projin those areas do not ects Sykes feels need to have Town water, nearbe done, including focusby recreation, proper ing on recreation, transsidewalks, and are being portation, and industry. taxed, but not receiving “I would like to see the attention they dethe communities of the serve,” said Sykes. Valley joined by a single Sykes is the youngest walking trail and a transit potential candidate to system of some kind, so step forward so far. He people who cannot drive was born in 1992 and can still get around durmoved to Drumheller in ing the colder months,” Kalon Sykes... 2001 with his family. He said Sykes. Intends to run for graduated from DVSS in “I would also like to election as Town 2011 and is currently ensee the town focus on rolled in the University Councillor in October upgrading and maintainof Athabasca. ing town systems such as Sykes feels his age is an advantage. the pool, arena, town parks, and town “I think some may be happy to see walkways.” a younger person who has a different However, the most pressing issue for Sykes is bringing more business to point of view and full of ambition involved in the operation of the Town,” Drumheller. “I would really like to see the Town said Sykes. For more about his campaign, visit work at bringing a larger industrial and his Facebook page, Kalon Ryan Sykes.

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ABC 83110 2013/09




6 - Friday, September 13, 2013

inSide Drumheller |

Claude Lemieux added to Evening of the Stars Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

The Drumheller Dragons have invited some of the brightest and toughest names in hockey for

its second annual Evening of the Stars. The team has invited Hall of Famer Bryan Trottier and legendary tough guy Marty McSorley. Dave Semenko was

NOTICE OF NOMINATION DAY Local Authorities Election Act (section26) Local Jurisdiction: TOWN OF DRUMHELLER, PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Notice is hereby given that nomination day is September 23, 2013 and that nominations for the following offices will be received at the local jurisdiction office set out below between the hours of 10:00 AM and 12:00 Noon on nomination day. Office Mayor Councillor

Number of Vacancies 1 6

Location (Address) of Local Jurisdiction Office: Returning Officer Town of Drumheller 224 Centre Street Drumheller, Alberta T0J 0Y4 Candidate Information Packages including the nomination form are available at Town Hall. Dated at the Town of Drumheller in the Province of Alberta this 10th day of September 2013. Byron Nagazina Returning Officer


originally slated to appear but was unable to attend. In his stead, Claude Lemieux, one of only 10 players in history to win a Stanley Cup with three teams, will be appearing. Former hockey player– turned broadcaster, Jim Ralph, fills out the bill for a night of fond hockey talk from some of the game’s best. “The biggest thing is these guys are a little bit removed from the game, but they are still very popular, and still do a lot in smaller communities. I think people in our generation will love to hear the stories they can tell,” said Dragons coach Brian Curran. Trottier had a legendary career. The Saskatchewan native hit the NHL with a storm and was Rookie of the Year, playing for the Islanders during the 1975-76 season. He has six championship rings as a player and one as an assistant coach. Four of these were with the Islanders between 19801983. He played in New York until 1990, when he was moved to Pittsburgh.



Claude Lemieux

There, he was part of two more championship teams. He retired in 1994, at the time he was ranked sixth in NHL point totals. “Bryan Trottier is a Hall of Fame hockey player, and that stands for itself,” said Curran. While Trottier had six rings, Lemieux had four, his first being with the Canadiens in 1986. In 1990, he was traded to the Devils and earned his second ring in 1995. The next season he was traded to the Avalanche and won ring number three. In 1999, he was sent back to New Jersey and in 2000 won his fourth championship. He retired with 80 playoff goals, ninth in NHL history. Marty McSorley was an important part of two Stanley Cup winning Edmonton Oilers squads, but scoring was not typically his first responsibility. He made his NHL debut with the Penguins, but it was with Edmonton that he became household name, joining the hockey dynasty alongside Gretzky, Messier and Kurri. In 1988, he was part

Marty McSorley

Bryan Trottier

of “the trade” and was sent to Los Angles with Gretzky. He was with the Kings until 1993, when he was traded to Pittsburgh. This didn’t last long and he was back in LA to assist Gretzky break the all-time scoring record. In 1999, his NHL career ended with the Bruins. Curran played at the same time as McSorley and it stands to reason the two may have went toe-to-toe at one time or another. All of that is left on ice. “One thing people have to realize that most guys I knew and fought with are some of the greatest guys you’ll ever meet. You just played a role. But Marty played a significant role as a player, he was much more developed than I was for sure,” said Curran. The Evening of the Stars is a great chance to hear stories from some of the game’s greats and support the team. Throughout the evening there will be a dinner, silent auction, live auction and draw prizes. Some of the silent auction items are incredibly rare pieces of sports memorabilia, including dozens of autographed jerseys, and even a Montréal Forum

seat. The live auction items are unique travel experiences. There is everything from luxury salmon fishing excursions to the opportunity to judge a World Tropic Bikini Contest in Las Vegas. While the evening is in support of the team, Curran said the experience for the Dragons will be just as important for them as individuals. He said they are inviting at least one of the featured guests to come and address the players in the locker room. “When you have players that are as well known as these guys, the team will look to them like there is no tomorrow. They will inspire them to be better. And it could have a big impact on them learning what it takes to be a pro. There are a lot of tough roads and a lot of learning,” said Curran. The Evening of the Stars is on Friday, September 20 at the Badlands Community Facility at 5 p.m. For more information or tickets, contact the Dragons office at 403823-2022, or email pam@ f37c38b




ON ! ! W O N

% off


Drumheller Home and Agro Centre HOURS: Monday to Saturday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Sunday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Notice of Nomination Day Local Authorities Election Act (Section 26)

LOCAL JURISDICTION: The Christ the Redeemer Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 3, PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Notice is hereby given that Nomination Day is September 23, 2013, and that nominations for the election of candidates for the following offices will be received at the location of the local jurisdiction office set out below between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 Noon on Nomination Day.

on selected items from the Garden Centre, Seasonal Merchandise and other assorted merchandise from Agro, Hardware and Lumber that will not be remerchandised back into the new shelving.

Highway 10 East, Drumheller 403•823•5555

Form 2

Office (s)

Number of Vacancies

Ward or Electoral Division Number (if applicable)


One (1)

Assumption Ward No. 1


One (1)

St. Anthony’s-Drumheller-Strathmore Ward No. 2 Electoral Subdivision No. 1 (Drumheller)


One (1)

St. Anthony’s-Drumheller-Strathmore Ward No. 2 Electoral Subdivision No. 2 (Strathmore)


One (1)

St. Thomas Aquinas-Foothills Ward No. 3 Electoral Subdivision No. 1 (Brooks)


One (1)

St. Thomas Aquinas-Foothills Ward No. 3 Electoral Subdivision No. 2 (Foothills)


One (1)

St. Thomas Aquinas-Foothills Ward No. 3 Electoral Subdivision No. 3 (Okotoks)


One (1)

St. Thomas Aquinas-Foothills Ward No.3 Electoral Subdivision No. 4 (High River)


One (1)

St. Thomas Aquinas-Foothills Ward No. 3 Electoral Subdivision No. 5 (Canmore-Bow Valley)

Location (Address) of Local Jurisdiction Office: 1 McRae Street, Okotoks, Alberta T1S 1B3 DATED at the Town of Okotoks, in the Province of Alberta, this day 28th day of August, 2013. Michael Kilcommons, Returning Officer f37cb

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Friday, September 13, 2013 - 7



Jailbreak! Q91 morning show host Cody Glydon (right) attempts a jailbreak at the annual Caged for Kennels on Wednesday, September 11. The event helps raise money for the Drumheller and District Humane Society. Joining Gyldon on the canine team (the gents) were Terry Kuhl of Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Ray Ainscough of Riverside Value Drug Mart, and Bob Brown of 99.5 Drum FM. On the feline team (the ladies), were Tara McMillan of Bits and Pieces Quilting, Penny Dekeyser, Patsy Stokalko of Chinook Credit Union, and substitute Todd Ginger. In total, the event raised $8,000 and counting for the Humane Society. inSide photo by Michael James

TRISH ROBB Western Canada Tour SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 • 3 PM TO 6 PM Ever yone

Great Music - Great Food GREAT TIMES! 403.823.9189

Welco me



Los estamos invitado a un Servicio en Espanol En la Iglesia del Nazareno Miercoles 18 de Septiembre 2013

a las 7:00 p.m.

are WHO you? Tyler Kerner Age: 20. Occupation: Forward, Drumheller Dragons. What’s next after this season? Hopefully get into school and play for a college team or go overseas and play. What do you like most about playing hockey? How I feel on the ice is like no other feeling. It’s like being at home. Best hockey memory: Winning gold at provincials with my atom team at home in front of everyone. Where are you from? Taber. What do you like most about Drumheller? It’s a small town, everyone knows everyone else, and people say hi on the street. Any travel destinations on your bucket list? Hungary. My grandpa is from there.

Any hobbies? Hunting, fishing, and being outdoors. I played baseball up to bantam as well. One thing you could eat for the rest of your life? Soft ice cream. What would be your theme song? “T.N.T.� What’s on your playlist? Everything, but mostly country. What future technology would you want now? Hover car. Play any other sports? Badminton, fastball, and a little football. Favourite team: Calgary Flames. What superpower would you want? Super speed. Any words of wisdom? Never give up on your dreams, stay determined, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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After School Program Kindergarten to incl Gr. 5-6

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Wednesdays, 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm Starting Sept. 18!

Registration $20 for the year. All children welcome! Have fun with Games, Snacks, Music, Bible Based Stories, Crafts, Friends & more fun!






ALL JAZZED UP Sunday, Sept 15 • 2:00 pm Main Theatre Door

6-8 Adults, 20-30 Children. Dancing and non-dancing roles 1 speaking role Questions? Contact Carol Todor 403-823-4377 or


Playing at The Napier Theatre... Pacific Rim, Friday, September 13 Thursday, September 20, 7:30 pm - 131 min., rated PG. Saturday, September 14, Drumheller: IMCA Races at Dinosaur Downs. 6:00 p.m. under floodlights. Saturday, September 14, Drumheller: Legion Annual Golf Tournament. Bus leaving at 8 a.m. $45/person - includes golf and steak dinner. 403-823-5611. Saturday, September 14, Drumheller: A Fall Rummage Sale at St. Magloires Anglican Church, 176 2 Street (basement). 8 am to Noon. Saturday, September 14: Meat Draw at the Legion. Courtney Morse entertaining. Sunday, September 15, Drumheller: Nacmine Pancake Breakfast. 9 am to 1 pm, Nacmine Community Hall. Sunday, September 15, Wayne: Trish Robb playing at the Last Chance Saloon. 3-6 pm. Sunday, September 15, Drumheller: IMCA Races at Dinosaur Downs. 2:00 p.m. Sunday, September 15, Drumheller: The Nutcracker All Jazzed Up auditions. 2:00 p.m. Kaleidoscope Theatre (Main Theatre door). Friday, September 20, Drumheller: FREE MOVIE at the Badlands Passion Play Site. “The Croods�. Pre-register by calling Cora at 403823-1765. Live music 6:30 p.m. (concession available - cash only). Movie starts at 8:00 ‘ish’. See out ad on this page. Saturday, September 21, Drumheller: Fundraising Party at The Old Grouch’s. Music by “HooDoo�. Doors open at 6 p.m. - tickets only. Call 403-823-5755. Proceeds to “High River Family Flood Relief� fund. Saturday, September 28, Drumheller: Oktoberfest at the Badlands Community Facility. Doors open at 7 p.m. Monday evenings, Nacmine: Community Bingo, Nacmine Hall. Doors open 6 p.m. Bingo starts at 7:30 p.m.

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$50 per member $40 - ordinary members 65 yrs & over Join us Saturday evening for our meat draws. Stay and enjoy the music of COURTNEY MORSE

Drumheller Legion! 295 Centre Street Downtown Drumheller 403-823-5611


8 - Friday, September 13, 2013



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Solutions for Stressed Out Skin The Power of Science in Perfect Harmony with Nature!

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Here’s how it works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, the week ahead is looking pretty good, as you will find people are more sensitive to your needs. Work with those willing to work with you. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, your visions of how things should be might differ from how things really are. Work toward improving those things that need some work, and things will turn out just fine. GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Some surprises come your way this week, Gemini. But things will soon begin to fall into place. Just be patient before you make important decisions. CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Things may seem a bit strained this week, Cancer. But all it takes is a little cooperation and an increased focus on teamwork, and things will quickly return to normal.

1. Former NBA player Bison __ 5. Rabbit __, Updike novel 10. Rectangular groove 14. Formally declare 15. A citizen of Oman 16. Dull in color 17. Pace of movement 18. Athletic saucers 19. Not crazy 20. -__, denotes past 21. 17th Greek letter 22. “__, chihuahua” 23. Sight, smell and touch 27. Ribbon belts 30. Products of human creativity 31. Behave in a certain manner 32. Breathing out 37. First St. Louis bridge 41. No variation 42. 1/1000 of an ampere 43. Palladium 44. Cain and __ 45. Small stone coffin-like box 46. Failed 2012 candidate 49. Point midway between

E and SE 51. Turns into noun 52. Temper or anger 54. Atomic #56 56. Negligible amounts 59. Wuthering Heights author’s initials 60. The cry made by sheep 61. Exclamation of surprise 62. Basics 65. Wife of Mohammed 67. Wing-like structures 69. Smaller amount 70. Lesion 71. Transfer property 72. Indian groom 73. Round stone 74. Sums up CLUES DOWN 1. Challenges 2. Hedge 3. Lease 4. Before 5. Singer Stewart 6. Islamic prince 7. African shirt 8. Unusually (Scot.) 9. Twelve 10. Tooth caregiver 11. Macaws 12. Mother of Perseus

13. Does as told 24. Canonized 25. Stray 26. Speak haltingly 27. __ Dee, actress 28. Air cooling machine 29. Stanley’s automobile 32. Old world, new 33. 16 34. Foot (Latin) 35. A citizen of Thailand 36. Select 38. Airborne (abbr.) 39. River in NE Scotland 40. Skilled in deception 47. Hot condiment 48. Not divisible by two 50. Point midway between S and E 52. Apportions cards 53. Ruled by an abbess 55. Expressed pleasure 57. Bleated 58. Storage buildings 60. Stored in the gallbladder 63. Reciprocal of a sine 64. Point midway between S and SE 65. 8th Month (abbr.) 66. They __ 67. Dental group 68. Conducted

Word Scramble Rearrange the letters in the word to spell something pertaining to cleaning

Answer: Mildew


Answers Last Week's Crossword Sudoku Solution

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, stay prepared and well organized and this week should fly by without a hitch. Feel free to try some things that go against the grain. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, don’t feel badly about the things over which you have little control. Go out and have a good time this week, and eventually things will run their course.

Kids Crossword

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, it may prove challenging to sit still the next few days. People may be pulling at you from many different directions, and you will not know which way to lean. SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, try not to be overly protective of your secrets this week. A friend or family member is offering their help and guidance, and such insight will prove invaluable. SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, a seemingly insurmountable obstacle presents itself this week. Some creativity and quick thinking will be necessary, but you will enjoy the challenge. CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Keep your feet on the ground this week, Capricorn. Even if you prefer to have your head in the clouds, keeping your cool will pay dividends in the long run. AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, enjoy some quiet time so you can regroup after a hectic couple of weeks. You earned some rest and relaxation, and this time away will recharge your batteries. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, you have a lot of good ideas, and it’s time to share those ideas at the office. Your star will soon start to rise.

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Kloot continues undefeated streak Michael James | inSide Drumheller

Friday, September 13, 2013 - 9

“He didn’t want to stand and trade blows with me, so he tried It was the toughest to take me down. He match of his career, spent the whole fight but trying to mixed wrestle martial me to artists the Andrew ground. Kloot, a Lucknative of ily I was Drumtrained heller, a lot came in take away down with his defence, fourth so I was straight able to win on avoid Andrew Kloot... Friday being Remains undefeated night. taken after four MMA fights Kloot down a remains lot. He undefeated, with a 4-0 kept me on the fence, record. but I managed to stay In previous fights, on top and work little Kloot dominated his shots from there,” said foes, barely exceeding Kloot. “He’s a strong two minutes of fight guy and was relentless time in three matches. in trying to take me However, on Friday down. He never gave Kloot and opponent up or let go of the legs.” Liam “The Mac Truck” Now that the fight is McGowan went for over, Kloot will take it a full three rounds. easy and continue his In the end, Kloot was training. So far, he awarded the win in a has no other fights split decision. scheduled.



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10 - Friday, September 13, 2013

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Dragons defend den in home opener Michael James | inSide Drumheller

The Drumheller Dragons are preparing for their home opener on Saturday, September 14, at the Drumheller Memorial Arena. The Dragons began the regular season with two wins last weekend and

the Dragons will be looking to keep the momentum building when they face the Brooks Bandits tonight and the Camrose Kodiaks on Saturday. inSide photo by Michael James

Hockey fans have cause to celebrate this weekend. On Saturday, September 14, the Drumheller Dragons will make their first regular season appearance at home. The puck drops at 7 p.m. at the Drumheller Memorial Arena. There are a number of fresh faces on the roster this year, but fans will recognized quite a few veteran Dragons, including Ryan Suchorab, Mitchell Cook, Tyler Kerner, Colton Vannucci, Hunter Mills, Tyler Poskus, and Dakota Zaharichuk. Drumheller’s very own Shayne Gwinner will take to the ice in the orange and black as well. The Dragons started the regular season last weekend with two wins, 5-1 over the Canmore Eagles and 3-1 over the Camrose Kodiaks. The home opener on Saturday will feature a rematch between the Dragons and Kodiaks. Everyone is welcome to attend and cheer on the Dragons as they embark on another roaring season in Drumheller.


Was your home damaged by the summer floods? It’s up to you to apply for help to rebuild. 13092DG1

Thousands of Albertans who could qualify for provincial support have not yet applied for the Disaster Recovery Funding they need to rebuild and recover. Financial assistance is available for homeowners, small businesses and farms – but it’s up to you to apply if you have uninsurable damage. We’re rebuilding communities together. To find out where – and how – you can apply, visit or call 310-4455 toll-free.

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Friday, September 13, 2013 - 11


Titans crush Strathmore Spartans 68-0


The Drumheller Senior Titans were unstoppable on Friday, September 6, against the Strathmore Spartans. The Titans, coming off a 20-19 loss against the Crescent Heights Vikings, out of Calgary, dominated the Spartans 68-0 on the Drumheller Valley Secondary School field. The Titans are back at home on Saturday to take on the George McDougall Mustangs, who are visiting from Airdrie.

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inSide photo by Michael James

Michael James | inSide Drumheller


Titans fans had plenty to cheer about last Friday when the senior team took to the ďŹ eld and utterly demolished the competition.

“Last week we challenged the guys to step up and fill their roles better and they did. This is what happens when you have everyone playing as a team.� Ken Fournier Head Coach

The Titans defeated the Strathmore Spartans by a colossal 68-0. The game was only the second in the Titans’ regular season schedule. “Last week we challenged the guys to step up and ďŹ ll their roles better and they did. This is what happens when you have everyone playing as a team,â€? said head coach Ken Fournier. The Titans were in control the entire game. On oence, the team was able to capitalize on big passes and the running game. Conversely, the SparGo for the

Red Box

tans oence couldn’t gain any traction against the Titans defence, who generated a number of key tackles, sacks, and turnovers to keep the Spartans scoreless. “There were tackles coming from all over the defence. On oence, there were seven dierent guys who scored,â€? said Fournier. The win comes after a narrow 20-19 defeat for the Titans at the hands of the Crescent Heights

Vikings, out of Calgary. “We had a couple tough games right o the bat. Getting this win is great, but a ‘W’ is a ‘W,’â€? said Fournier. The Titans were scheduled to play again this weekend, but their game against the George McDougall Mustangs, out of Airdrie, has been cancelled. The Titans’ next game is an away game on September 20.

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12 - Friday, September 13, 2013

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Terrapins make home debut tonight

Pet of the Week Drumheller & District Humane Society Hi, my name is Arby. I am a shy 5 year old orange tabby. I really hate being in a kennel and would love a home of my own to explore. I hope that I will be loved once again by a caring family. Please come and see me and take me to my forever home.


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The Drumheller Terrapins debuted last Saturday versus Cochrane. The team’s

Computer Services Inc.

1-855-823-3086 258 Centre Street, Drumheller k37cb

photo submitted

Watch the game tonight at 7 p.m. DVSS field. 36tfcb


1-877-356-5666 1004 Highway 9 South, Drumheller, AB


Jason Tessier Sales







Ryan Tessier

General Sales Manager

Jason Tessier Sales

Jamie Worman Sales


2009 DODGE RAM 1500


Scott Schinnour Donna Kruse-Tessier Sales


home opener is tonight at DVSS field, game time 7 p.m.

Jane Graham )\ZPULZZ6MÄJL



Patrick Kolafa | inSide Drumheller

The Drumheller Terrapins took to the field for the first time, and what the scoreboard didn’t show, was it was a victory in itself. The dream of a peewee football team in Drumheller has been a long time coming, and it was realized this year. Last Saturday they were in Cochrane to line up on the grid iron. “It was great, we got out there and we got to play,” said coach Cory Miles of the soggy Saturday game. “Everyone out there had a big smile on their face, because it was pouring rain and they were all muddy… the new jerseys got broken in.” Coach Miles explained they were in tough shape going in to the game. He had heard from Cochrane’s coach before the game and learned they did not have enough players. They agreed to staging the game with Cochrane using a few bantam players, so long as the action on the field remained safe. “It was a very good experience,” said Miles. “We were loud and proud.” While Cochrane ran away with a 36-0 win, Miles says the team was not disheartened. “I didn’t let on we were

playing bantam players until about the third quarter. I told them that actually no peewees scored any points on them,” said Miles. Throughout the game the Terrapins continued to improve and learn their roles on the field. “They started out a little shaky, a few players forgot their positions, but by the third quarter we were looking a like a good football team out there,” said Miles adding they were missing about six of their 25 players

due to other commitments. The team is hosting its home opener tonight (Friday, September 13) under Friday night lights at 7 p.m. They are playing the Red Deer Steelers, another strong team. “We’re going to be in a battle again, but we should have our whole team which should help,” said Miles. This season the Terrapins are were not able to join a league, so the will be playing in exhibition matches.

on the

run by Michael James

I’m turning over a new leaf in regards to my health and have pledged to run the Dinosaur Valley Half Marathon. Every two weeks I’ll write about my training and what I’ve learned. It has been quite a journey, but on Sunday I ran the Dinosaur Valley Half Marathon and survived. I didn’t exactly set a blistering pace, far from it. I finished with a time of 2:36:12:52, which is around what I wanted leading up to the race. Most importantly, I’m happy I did the Half Marathon and pushed

myself out of my comfort zone, despite my legs barely working the next day. However, now that I’m done, I can’t sit back and relax. I’ll continue running and trying to get fit. I’m hoping next year to do the Drumheller Triathlon and get a better time in the Half Marathon. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my journey and I hope it has inspired more people to push themselves out of their comfort zones and be more active.

inSide Drumheller Sept 13, 2013  

inSide Drumheller Sept 13, 2013

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