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“Artist Who Are In Io Win”

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Kit Grv Climbimg the ladder

DJ Puddee

Saen The Mad Man

His name is Jimmy He’s got that swag


She’s in her cup

artist break records 13 Adero 14 Jakell 15 Da Mind 16 Tiffani Song Bird 17 Fashion 18 JSelf

19 DJ Ad 20 The Radio Corner This magazine is written, Published and inspiried by Catherine Matsuura

Da Mind



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Atlanta has produced a number of great artists and she’s no where near finished. Daryl Saen Richards is a rapper ready to raise the bar in Hip Hop. Saen, being an acronym for “Survive and End naturally”, was born and raised in this diverse city and has seen more negativity than he had hoped to. By the age of 13 he began to write poems which eventually turned into rhymes. Growing up on artists such as KRS-1, Nas and the legendary Tupac Shakur, Saen’s skills were being sharpened with every beat. While in school, one of his teachers took notice and asked to hear more from the young MC. The teacher was so impressed with Saen’s delivery he arranged for him to go into a recording studio for the first time. He recorded his first song titled “I Don’t Feel That God Owes Me” and he hasn’t looked back since. He jumped at every chance to record and began performing at local talent shows to perfect his craft. Saen’s music has even taken him overseas to the Philippines where he had an experience like no other. The culture is very different but it’s amazing how their love for Hip Hop is parallel to ours. With his undeniable Page 3

talent, knowledge of the business and faithful fans, his career is limitless. No matter if he has pennies or millions, Saen will continue to create the music he believes in.

Page 4's epitome of Psychedelic Soul, Dexter Kendrick brings novel energy to the category of soul music. Minutes spent listening will seduce the free spirited and at the same time comfort the weary lover‌.his sound relaxes you, tempts you and leaves you vulnerable.

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His budding music career started while attending The University of Hartford in Connecticut. Performing with his first band, Royal Ink, he impressed the Hartford college community very quickly; generating a fan base that would later book him copious gigs throughout the city of

Hartford, New York and his hometown Harrisburg, PA., his experimental sound was creating a buzz. 2003 marked the release of his debut album Saturn’s Moon presents…Janus. This project made his music tangible, reaching ears beyond his campus. Performances including; University of Connecticut’s Spring Fling Showcases, Connecticut’s Hip Hop Summit, B.E.R.T.T. Family Presents…Expect The Unexpected, Black Unity Showcases, appearances for Muscular Dystrophy Benefits, performances at Soul Café and The Sugar Bar in NYC, The Millennium Music Conference and the Levitt Pavilion in Harrisburg, PA proving his legit musical aesthetic skills. . Music is his livelihood; raison d’être. With a foundation solid in his church, Kendrick started his singing career as a member of Voices of Unity in Steelton, PA. With a voice that most would agree came natural; Kendrick nurtured the encouragement and birthed a new sound, unlike what’s being classified as neo-soul today. His music is the story accounting the process from being the son of an amazing singer to an established artist that composes, writes and arranges music. Now available on is his much anticipated project "Galaxy: A Memoir". Since its release in October 2010, Galaxy has been received with open arms by his fans and the media. He has been a feature on 'The Briggs Report' on Jota FM radio, Supreme Entertainment's online radio Artist Spotlight, Mami Magazine,'s 'Thorough Thursdays', Vigor online, Neo2Soul Promotions UK, and He also has been recognized as the epitome of the genre Psychedelic soul by His music has been spun on multiple radio stations to include 92.5 KYHY FM, BBS Radio, and Smooth Jazz Beach radio in California; WDEP radio, MN; Old Grumpy Network, TX; WNYU Radio, NY; Slamin Fat Beatz radio, OR; Punto Radio Bologna, IT; Star point Radio, Rhymes and Baselines/ Hot 96.3, The Hurst Selection/ 91.9 FM WCLK, and Radio Meltdown / ALLFM 96.9 in the UK. He is currently on a promotional tour of the U.S. bringing psychedelic soul to a city near you! In his words…”The soulful movement contained in my music and lyrics are filled with over nine years of life's lessons, love, and most of all hope.” Page 6


I had the opportunity to interview Flawless from Brooklyn, NY this lady on a mission; she is positive, bright and has a great personality. Her new single “I’m in my cup “deals with her as a woman, about her business going out to chill letting the brothers know she is perfectly self-assured. In our interview Flawless spoke about her grind as a female artist the industry. She said, “I want to be an example for women”. Flawless knows it is very difficult in a male dominated field but she carries herself like a “Queen earning her respect in the Industry. Flawless released a second track giving props to women and taking it back to the old school’s model. You can find Flawless in the clubs in Brooklyn, her mix tape, YouTube and on Sound Click.

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Portland Oregon is located in the Pacific Northwest in between California and Seattle, Washington. Many people don’t a realize Oregon is part of the west coast. It’s funny that so many people will visit California but not the Northwest. It does rain a lot, however; we get more sun than Seattle, Washington. When spring and summer arrives to this multi -cultural state it is like paradise. When I moved to the Pacific Northwest I found myself very depressed because it was a complete culture shock! One rainy afternoon I was shopping at a furniture store, I asked the gentleman who was assisting me, “Does it rain all the time”? He chuckled and said, I’ll tell you If you can stand the winters, the spring and summers here are breath taking”! He was right so here I am nineteen years later. It has been said over and over again that Oregon and Washington State are the best secrets for its diversity, socialism beauty, economic stability, night life, events, food and micro brews. Every summer by the water front Portland, host the “Blues Festival.” People come from all over to listen to local blues artist, as well as big name artist from coast to coast. A lot of proceeds go to local food banks and charities so you see we are a city, a State that takes care of its own. The event is covered by mass media covering the artist as well as attendees having fun under the Sun.

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Kit Grv, born Dionel Ketchens has had his share of hard knocks. Born and raised in Victoria, Texas with his great aunt and uncle until age eleven. One day his biological mother showed up and it was off to the projects inLong Beach, California. Kit found this to be a whole new world from Victoria, the stability he had with his aunt and uncle was no longer there. Kit’s next stop was the projects in Kansas City, Missouri where everything seemed to be nothing short of insanity. From there Kit found himself in the projects of Denver, Colorado. After five years of living with his mother and going through so much havoc kit ran away from home. Most kids would have turned to crime but Kit turned to music as his salvation. After five years of tribulation the artist/producer was born. He is now the owner of Facelift Media Productions and Dream Life Studios. 2011 marks fourteen years in the

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Adero Neely, Chicago's teen singing sensation, is on the move. He started 2011 off with a bang as he joined Kool & the Gang by signing a record deal with Expat Records. Next, he was featured by Fuse on Demand TV as a block of his music videos premiered from December 2010 through February 2011. Music Choice gave Adero a lot of exposure by placing his song Knight Crawler in rotation. Additionally, if you plan to fly US Airways, just plug in your earphones and listen to Adero's songs on Satellite Radio on either its national and international flights with a potential of more than 600,000 listeners. Adero is planning to shoot three new music videos for three of his album's singles this summer. His new album "Knight Crawler" is scheduled for release July 19, 2011; and hundreds of Chicago teens and suburbanites are planning to attend Adero's Six Flags Great America Album Release Party on Friday July 22, 2011. Adero also plans to host an 18 year old and over Birthday Bash the weekend of September 7, 2011. Adero will end the year with his Third Annual New Year's Eve Bash. While Adero is in the process of considering which shows he will perform in this summer, this 17 year old teen has his plate full as he auditions for featured films, commercials and prepares for college entrance exams.

Visit Adero at,

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When you think of Mississippi and it's Star Studded Music Artists names like David Banner, Faith Hill And the Legendary B.B. King immediately come to mind. well there is a new Star on the rise hailing , From Mississippi R&B singing sensation JKELL. Born and raised in West point, Mississippi being the oldest of three children he got his start singing In the various Churches and Singing Groups around the Mississippi area. At the age of 13 JKELL lost his Grandmother whom he was very close to and one of his Biggest Supporters and led him to write his first song “Angel”. For the last Ten years he has been writing and performing his original Music in clubs and Venues Around the world in Places like Italy, The United States, and Japan. It was at one of those performances he had the Good Fortune to share the stage with one of Hip-Hop's Greatest Rappers, M.C. Shan. In 2007 JKELL was nominated for the Best New Male R&B Artist in North Carolina's Prestigious Underground Music Awards. At that point he knew he had to take his Music Career to the Next Level, Releasing his Debut Hit single “Scream” that has already garnered over 100,000 Downloads. In a recent interview he was quoted as saying “ Music is a Powerful Art Form that's not being Done to its Full Potential by many today and with my Passion for Music I'm going to do my part To make the kind of music with my Soulful Harmonies that was Loved by so many “Back in the Day”. With an ever growing Fan Base eager to hear more from Him He considers himself to be a Trendsetter Hopefully setting a trend for others to follow. His Motto “Live to Dream but don't Ever stop Dreaming to Live”, which means you should always Keep striving to reach your Goals. Currently featured on Coast2Coast Top Indie Mix tape Vol.12

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Tifanii Songbird

This young lady has been living out her passion of singing since she was 5 years old. Her friends and family know her as Dav’rielle (pronounced Dah-vree-el) “Dee-Dee” Smith. Her fans and supporters know and love her as TIFANII SONGBIRD. The years before and since has brought TIFANII a host of opportunities ranging from Showtime at the Apollo, BET’s 106 and Park, MTVs Diddy’s Making the Band 3, beating out 800 local hopefuls for the spot. Tiffany (now TIFANII) was unable to compete after injuring her hip during training, thus left the show. Page 15

She has also had a host of other performances at various venues and locations including being the musical highlight at the Southwestern Athletic Conference Championship (SWAC) games (2008); landing features on a host of mix tapes, which includes being one of two R&B artists on the otherwise hip-hop BET’s Spring Bling Mix tape. TIFANII has had the pleasure to be in the presence of mega producers like Brian Michael Cox, Swizz Beatz and a host of others and constantly recording new music for the new sound of TIFANII SONGBIRD! Since then, TIFANII SONGBIRD has stayed focus to emerge on the scene as a Total Entertainment Industry Package acing the abilities to sing, dance, model, act and write her own music. With the soulful sound of a seasoned songstress, this young lady has performed many places and amongst some of the greats, young & Old such as: Vivica Fox, Morris Chesnut, Clifton Davis, Clipse, Monique, Chris Brown, Jasmine Sullivan and starred in a theatrical play featuring Thelma (from Good Times) Howard Hewitt, Sammi and Dave Hollister. Now 19, this young lady is majoring in Mass Communication at Norfolk State University and will surprise the music industry just like she did her opponents from “Making the Band”, viewers across the country and world, as well as fans and supporters. She recently graced the stage of BET’s 106 and Park where many of her MTB3 supporters got reacquainted to only flood the social networking pages of TIFANII. Opening for Trey Songz will be a good highlight as she continues to record, perform and perfect her passion, this thing called singing. TIFANII has also been nominated for Best R&B Artist and Song of the Year this year so far. FOR MANAGEMENT AND BOOKING: Jay Allen - FOR MARKETING, PROMOTIONS AND PR: Desiree -

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JaySelf is from Chicago’s south side in what's known as "The Wild Hundreds”. His unexplained connection with women increased his love of hosting parties, club events, & television commercials. Trying to escape tragedy, humiliation & turmoil, JaySelf grabbed the microphone when an act he booked couldn’t perform. He went on stage and began to freestyle to live drums totally shocking his audience & himself. JaySelf entered a contest to test his skills against other big named local celebrities. The trophy now sits in his studio, which he calls “The Kitchen”. Page 18

JaySelf owns his own label called Trump Records. He has two albums two mix-tapes in his repertoire. He's toured with and opened shows for, Busta Rhymes, Mystical, Elephant Man, Eve, Jay Z after party and many others to come. He has many plays on Radio wave monitoring through online, college, & soon terrestrial radio. JaySelf will perform at every venue in the Midwest. Eastern, & southern regions, creating a massive movement that will promote the forthcoming album making his release highly anticipated! Work ethic, confidence, versatility, looks, winning attitude, and music that can easily be sold to millions, is what gives JaySelf the highest success rate of earning his place in the hearts, minds, and pockets of the music business around the world. He believes be ready for ANYTHING, & sometimes you have to do EVERYTHING, Just so SOMETHING will happen! They say- "Preachers kids are the worst" and yes JaySelf turned to the streets or did he?

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Most artist are not aware of what goes on in the industry, it is nice to get airplay but what next? I have seen artist time after time pay for huge campaigns and receive nothing. There are many who claim to help, however; their motives are only to make money off of you, notice I said make money off of you, and not provide you with quality service. When you take your car in for repair you have an idea of what is going but you still ask questions. Any time you hire or contract anyone to handle your career, asks questions like how much experience do you have? How will I be able tack my progress? And what are the measures of the work you’re doing for me. If the consultant cannot give you an intelligent answer, move on Indie! Do your research time is money and money is time. You don’t have time waste on something that doesn’t benefit you. It is wise to get help promoting your project but beware! Advertise your business with a business size magazine ad or advertise with radio spots. We also have package deals. Get exposed today! Mail us at or call us at 503 505 9376

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