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Edition 12 Jan & Feb 2022

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Meet your host for the GDBA 2022 Sally Phillips

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Serviced Offices at Roffey Park Institute Fully equipped, private office space with great facilities, we look after everything to ensure you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Our Innovation Hub is designed to become a thriving community for businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs: • 20 offices for 1 to 5 people • Equipped with office furniture and superfast broadband • Free parking and fully-staffed Reception Service • Free access to leisure facilities • One monthly fee for all the essentials Whether you simply need a great place to work or the opportunity to facilitate new connections and spark collaboration - there’s a place for you at The Hub.



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Telephone 01293 851644 or Email venue@roffeypark.com

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Jeff’s Message Happy New Year and welcome to your first edition of Diamond for 2022! What better way to get into the swing of things after a well-earned break than the Gatwick Diamond Re-Energise Conference on 20th January at the splendid Stanhill Court Hotel? And you can follow that on the 28th at the equally splendid Denbies Wine Estate in the company of Harwoods Jaguar Land Rover for your January Members Meeting. The bonus is that the Denbies event also marks the re-launch of the popular Educational Seminars programme. This first one explores the highly topical subject of ‘Your Journey to Net Zero’ with presentations by Phil Ager, MD of Control Energy Costs Ltd, Christopher White, CEO of Denbies Wine Estate Ltd, and Mike Harris, Head of Fleet Sales at Harwoods. With that line-up you can be assured of being enthralled by the challenges and opportunities of achieving Net Zero for your business with real examples of what that takes. Events such as these provide the networking and knowledge-sharing opportunity that are at the heart of what the Gatwick Diamond business community is all about. But through 2022 you will also see the further development of our member-to-member support programmes. There are two great examples in this edition.

First, we have the launch of the second Diamond Leaders for Growth peer group headed by Steve Jebson – see pages 22 & 23 for full details of how to get involved. The quotes from members of the established DLG group, led by Jeff Downs, are testimony to what well-structured and professionally facilitated peer groups have to offer ambitious business people. Second, we are pleased to offer a brand-new programme as an extension of our Diamond Experts initiative. This is ‘6 Steps to Re-Energising Your Business in 2022’ bringing together the expertise of gdb members Lucidity and Business Doctors with a support offer exclusive to other gdb members. Further details at pages 14 & 15. To cap it all, the climax of Gatwick Diamond Business Awards 2022 is now approaching fast. We are delighted with the response we have received from sponsors, entrants and table-bookers. In fact, we have had a record number of entrants from across the 17 award categories and we expect a sell-out for the Awards Dinner & Ceremony at the Grand Hotel, Brighton on 17th March, hosted by our front cover star – Sally Phillips. As ever, a special thanks to all our sponsors and delivery partners who make such an ambitious Awards programme possible. This year our headline sponsors are:

So, a huge amount to look forward to in 2022 and more opportunities than ever to benefit from, and contribute to, the success of the Gatwick Diamond business community! My thanks as usual to Creative Pod for the design of Diamond and to all of you who have shared your inspiring stories and advice.

Jeff Alexander, Chief Executive of Gatwick Diamond Business

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What was agreed at COP26? As the most anticipated summit of 2021e, it is hoped that life changing decisions and agreements have been made for the betterment of our planet. All things climate change were discussed at COP26 and a series of pledges have been made by world leaders to bolster emissions-cutting targets for 2030. One of the key commitments agreed was for countries to submit more elaborate carbon cutting plans by the end of 2022. It has also been agreed that climate finance needs to be increased and exceed $100bn a year as this will help poorer nations deal with climate change. Coal and fossil fuels are two of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions in the atmosphere and at least 23

nations have agreed to phase out coal power completely. Singapore, Poland and Vietnam are among countries that have agreed to this move. Deforestation was reviewed, with more than 100 world leaders promising to reverse and end deforestation by 2030. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated; "We have to stop the devastating loss of our forests. End the role of

humanity as nature's conqueror, and instead become nature's custodian". The pledge to support this includes almost £14bn of private and public funds. Methane emissions, another contributor to climate change, is to be cut by 30% by 2030 and has been agreed by more than 100 countries. To summarise, parties have collectively agreed to look for ways to increase actions continuously with the overall objective to reach net zero. COP26 was a step in the right direction but in the eyes of many falls a long way short of where we need to be. https://cec.uk.com/

How the Digital Accelerator is supporting young people to overcome barriers into the tech sector Digital and tech roles now account for more than a fifth of all jobs in the UK, while 60% of employers report a technical skills gap as the biggest barrier to achieving their business objectives over the next three years. Further to this, a recent study in the Harvard Business Review found that there is a real gap between the skills students have and the relevant skills they need. This means that graduates entering the employment market are unprepared for today’s quickly changing demands. As we shift to a digital economy, digital skills are becoming more and more important for everyone to master, especially people just beginning their careers. Time and time again the leading employers that Creative Process work with tell us that candidates are just not equipped with the commercial and digital skills that they expect them to have. The Digital Accelerator programme was designed to address this challenge by providing high quality, industry relevant digital skills training via a


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collaborative learning approach that delivers a digital skills diploma and moves students closer to landing their dream digital job. The Digital Accelerator is also helping to tackle under-representation and diversity in the fast-growing tech sector. Just 17% of people working in tech are females, and only 2% are from ethnic minority backgrounds. Effective outreach and recruitment ensures that the programme reaches underrepresented individuals, enabling them to gain access to the skills required to

move into employment and thrive in the digital economy. The Digital Accelerator is a free digital skills diploma, worth £2600, delivered by Creative Process. Could your employees benefit from learning new digital skills? Enrol them into the Digital Accelerator and give your business a rocket powered digital boost. www.freedigitalskills.co.uk https://creativeprocessdigital.com/

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Creative Pod Raise an incredible £450 for the Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity with a Rubik’s Cube Creative Pod, an award-winning, Sussex-based marketing agency, raised an incredible £450 for the Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity with a Rubik’s cube at one of the Best of British events. As headline sponsors, Creative Pod's CEO, Matt Turner, had the privilege of inviting his son, Tyler, to the fundraising event as Tyler is currently completing his bronze award entry for the Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE). Alongside fulfilling the volunteer module of his DofE award entry, Tyler showed off his incredible skills with a Rubik's cube. Tyler went head-to-head with special guest speaker Tessa Sanderson, CBE, Olympic Gold Medallist, attempting to complete one Rubik's cube, whilst Tyler completed four simultaneously. To raise money for the chosen charity, a few other brave attendees challenged Tyler throughout the night, and if they beat him, they would double their mon-

ey back. Tyler was undefeated, and to celebrate his success, people received a certificate to say a 14-year-old beat them at the Rubik's cube. Matt Turner, the CEO, said: "After a challenging year for the Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity, it was wonderful to see local businesses coming together to challenge Tyler and support the charity whilst having some fun in the process. I know Tyler was excited to go up against an Olympic Gold Medallist as well.” Hosted by Aaron James, the event took place on the 5th of November at the Crowne Plaza Felbridge. Corporate groups, local businesses gathered together for a three-course lunch, charity raffle and auction, and together they helped raise over £16,500 for The Dame Vera Lynn Children's Charity.

It was wonderful to see local businesses coming together to challenge Tyler and support the charity


Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate Negotiation is a critical skill to develop throughout our careers, be it in business or in our personal lives, especially in uncertain times such as these. Whether it is negotiating a salary raise with an employer or the best deal with suppliers, through to buying a home or getting the most competitive rate for our car and home insurance renewals, most of us will have negotiated at some point in our lives. In business, negotiation can help

workers settle disputes, deal with customer complaints, and resolve workplace grievances and conflicts. Being able to negotiate well can help you grow your business or advance your career. So, what makes a successful negotiator? A quick review of top tips from effective negotiators shows several common factors: 1. A clear goal – entering a negotiation with a clear outcome in mind. 2. Be assertive – not being afraid to ask for what you want in a non-threatening way. 3. A good listener – being able to listen and ask open-ended questions to fully understand the issues the other party is facing. 4. Patience – working towards a final agreement can take time, especially if it is a complex set of negotiations. 5. Diplomacy – often the best nego-

tiated agreements are ones where both sides are winners. Honesty, diplomacy, and tact will forge positive relationships and business outcomes. However, a successful negotiator will also understand their own negotiating style and the role of psychology, language, communication and interpersonal skills, culture, and gender in negotiations. Dr Benjamin Everly, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, at the University of Sussex Business School is launching a short practical course in ‘Developing Negotiation Skills’ aimed at both individuals and businesses, with or without previous negotiation experience. The short course is due to start in early 2022. To register your interest, email: ext.eng@sussex.ac.uk




Young people take to the skies with Virgin Atlantic’s Passport to Change Many young people around the world aspire to careers in aviation. The aviation industry provides a total of 87.7 million jobs worldwide1 and contributes more than $686bn2 to the global economy every year. We all deserve the chance to turn our dreams into reality. But sadly, some young people still face much more significant barriers to realising their dreams than others. In autumn 2021, youth social mobility charity Speakers for Schools partnered with Virgin Atlantic to launch Passport to Change – a pioneering global initiative designed to improve global access to the aviation industry, regardless of a young person’s background. As part of Passport to Change, 350 disadvantaged 12 –15-year-olds from schools in Swansea, Crawley and Atlanta, USA will enjoy 12,000 hours of dedicated learning time with Virgin Atlantic. Throughout the year-long experience, the lucky participants will gain first-hand insights into how airports work, what STEM-related (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers look like, meet experts from various de-

partments at Virgin Atlantic and build their confidence and skills. Students will also work closely with volunteer mentors to learn all about aspects of running and working for an airline. By taking part in such a ground-breaking initiative, it is hoped that these young people will develop their understanding of the range of careers available in the aviation industry and gain vital experience and contacts to make future opportunities more accessible to them

when they leave school. To find out more about the charity Speakers for Schools and their work with young people and employers from across the UK, please visit: www.speakersforschools.org To find out more about Passport to Change, please visit: https://corporate.virginatlantic.com/ global/en/business-for-good/community. html

Guaranteed Ways to Make Claiming R & D Tax Credits Easier for You Investing in science and research that will deliver economic growth and societal benefits to the UK for decades to come is at the heart of the government's vision for R&D: to become a science superpower and lay the foundations for new industries for decades to come. The unprecedented commitment made at the Budget was to increase public investment in R&D to £22 billion by 2024-2025. For a more sustainable, healthier, and resilient UK, R&D will be essential to a swift recovery from COVID-19's impacts. The UK needs to further strengthen science, research, and innovation to tackle the major challenges we are facing, including attaining net zero carbon emissions, building resilience to climate change, closing the


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productivity gap and harnessing new technologies to improve quality of life. Everything we see in our everyday lives can be considered a product of innovation. Computers, telephones, televisions, airplanes, toasters, cars, medicines, and even the ballpoint pen – all the products of past human innovation. Innovation is not limited to physical products: software, designs, art, and a wide range of other less tangible innovations are all part of the

modern economy. The only way to survive these days is by innovating. Companies can create exciting new products and services to meet the needs of their customers by enhancing their efficiency and competing in the market. Many popular products that are highly valued today, like smart phones or television streaming services, were conceived less than two decades ago. Businesses that embrace innovation grow twice as quickly as those that do not. The Government is keen to reward companies that are innovating in the form of Research and Development tax credits which are your reward for trying to “Build back Better”. www.innovativepartners.co.uk

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Bluelite Graphics are ready for the challenges of 2022 Burgess Hill based Bluelite Graphics Group has been at the forefront of vehicle livery design and application for 30 years, partnering with police, fire and ambulance services – and other frontline and commercial fleets - across the UK. The company has successfully overcome the challenges brought on by the pandemic over the past 18 months, as Managing Director, Lorraine Avery explains: “It’s been a very difficult time for everyone – businesses and employees - and we are proud to have remained open throughout the various lockdowns over the last 18 months, supporting our clients by getting their orders distributed within the confirmed delivery period. We have also accepted vehicles into our premises for application, which has kept our applicators very busy over the last 18 months.” Bluelite is now looking forward to 2022 and building on their impressive growth to date. The company is dominant in the market place, meeting the livery needs of emergency services authorities and commercial fleets across Britain and Northern Ireland, applying rigorous quality standards underpinned by internationally recognised accreditations. For example, Bluelite was instrumental in the development and specification of the ‘battenberg’ livery that is now the adopted standards for all emergency services. The company’s continuous investment in people and technology over many years positions the business as the best-resourced independent vehicle livery specialists in the country, operating from modern, secure 5,000 sq ft premises with a 4,000 sq ft yard. This enables the company to handle every size of project inhouse, onsite and under cover – from motor bikes to fire appliances. Bluelite Group’s other business divisions include Chevronshop - an online e-commerce website enabling the ordering

Bluelite was instrumental in the development and specification of the ‘battenberg’ livery that is now the adopted standards for all emergency services

of compliant high visibility vehicle markings and graphics for commercial works fleets; and DoubleDot – a digital print service supplying promotional graphics and signage to businesses across the South East. In each of these market areas, Bluelite Group is focused on being a leader in sustainable operations, determined to prove that smaller companies can also be at the forefront of a low carbon future. The company is accredited to ISO9001 quality management standards, ISO14001 environmental management standards and it is also Cyber Essential accredited. Bluelite implements a rigorous approach to mitigating its impact on the environment. This includes generating around half of its electricity demand through solar power and implementing waste and recycling policies that have led to the complete elimination of bubble-wrap in its operations. As part of its continuous improvement commitment in this area, Bluelite is also investigating and trialling a new generation vehicle livery material that offers environmental benefits over traditional vinyls. https://www.Bluelitegraphics.com




Pentagon Plastics win at the Plastic Industry Awards The Pentagon team are delighted to receive the award for Best Training and Development programme at last night’s Plastic Industry Awards. This prestigious award was sponsored by Scottish Plastics and Rubber Association. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Plastic Industry Awards and was held at The Waldorf Hilton, London. It was a joy to see five hundred guests come together at this beautiful venue to celebrate the achievements of the plastics industry. Pentagon were finalists in four of the seventeen award categories, Best Business Initiative, Best Training and Development Programme, COVID-19 Business Hero, and Processor of the Year. Having made the finals in previous years, this is the first industry award that the group has won and is a true accolade to the efforts of the company over the last 18 months. Staff wellbeing became a strong focus for Pentagon’s company culture throughout the pandemic. The programme of educating staff on relatable and relevant forms of self-care, mindfulness and physical and mental wellbeing has been rewarded in not only a thriving workforce but also by this award.

Paul Edwards, Managing Director of Pentagon says; "The event was up to its usual high standard, and it was a pleasure to see so many familiar faces celebrating the industries achievements. It is a great accolade to be amongst the winners on the night and great to share

with our dedicated team. Our staff are the back bone of the business and their wellbeing is paramount especially at difficult times." www.pentagonplastics.co.uk

Making a Difference! During a gdb online event, Suzanne Davis (St. Catherine's Hospice) and Joe Cheal (Imaginarium Learning & Development) were discussing wellbeing and mental health. Then came an offer that couldn’t be refused! Under his ‘An Hour, A Day’ pledge, Joe delivers an hour of voluntary work for every day booked by his clients, and so he offered to run some pro bono workshops for the teams at St Catherine’s. They ran three online sessions under the banner of the Wellbeing Toolkit, including: Bouncing Back, Plugging into Purpose and then Riding the Waves


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of Change. Joe, who specialises in leadership and business culture, has been working in the business psychology field for nearly thirty years. “Truly understanding and utilising resilience is key to

both the mental health of individuals and to the ongoing success of the organisation.” Suzanne, Corporate Fundraiser, said: “The sessions were timed perfectly and went down really well. Even our chief exec attended! Joe provided loads of tools, tips, and models that we could use. I’d recommend any charity to take the Imaginarium up on their offer of ‘An Hour, A Day!’” Find out more at: www.imaginariumdev. com and visit St Catherine’s website at www.stch.org.uk

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A Grand Achievement as Jane Bateup awarded Revenue Manager of the year The Grand Brighton and Richmond Hill Hotel are celebrating an award-winning team this month, as Revenue Manager, Jane Bateup, has won Revenue Manager of the Year at the Hotel Catey awards. Hosted by The Caterer, the awards celebrate the most successful hotels, hoteliers and hotel employees across the UK and recognise those individuals and teams that work tirelessly to make sure their business delivers an exceptional guest experience, day in, day out. Having joined the team 7 years ago, Jane has dedicated herself to helping create an experience at The Grand Brighton and Richmond Hill Hotel that makes memories for a lifetime, for all guests. Jane said: “I’m honoured to have been recognised with this award, but I

couldn’t be prouder of the team around me that make what I do so much easier. “Our teams at The Grand and Richmond Hill work incredibly hard to create an experience for our guests that is second to none, and I’m very grateful that our hard work has been recognised. Charlotte Alldis, Director of Marketing at The Grand Brighton and Richmond Hill, said: “Jane is an asset to our teams and thoroughly deserves this award. “She brings forward thinking and an innovative approach to her work alongside a positive attitude and makes both The Grand and Richmond Hill Hotel a better place to be and work for colleagues and guests alike. “We’re delighted for her. It’s the excellent team members we have at The

Jane Bateup Grand and Richmond Hill Hotel that allow us to deliver unforgettable experiences for our guests and we wouldn’t be where we are without them.” https://www.grandbrighton.co.uk/

Richard Place Dobson Wrap Up 2021 with Employee Promotions, Work Milestones and the Launch of a Brand New Website! Richard Place Dobson (RPD), Crawley based Chartered Accountants, and Business Advisors wrap up a busy 2021 with a wildly anticipated new website launch, incredible work anniversaries and team member promotions. PracticeWeb, a marketing agency, designed and built the new website, ensuring that the whole team at RPD were happy with the new look and feel whilst still encompassing their brand. The website is modern, user friendly and

in keeping with RPD’s ethos and values. You can visit RPD’s new website here: www.placedobson.co.uk. It’s also been a great year of work anniversaries and celebrations at RPD. Director, Karen Corduff, celebrated 10 years with the firm, Director Phil Hayden celebrated 45 years, Tax & Business Advisory Manager Karl Carraher celebrated 20 years, and Financial Administrator Maggie Reid celebrated her 60th anniversary working for RPD - an incredible achievement.

Matthew Tyson, Managing Director at RPD, commented: “It’s been a hectic year for us at the firm, which is great. I’m pleased to see the new website launch, and it’s been a pleasure to celebrate and recognise work anniversaries. We look forward to what 2022 has in store for us!”. Over the year the Firm has also celebrated several team member promotions; Sue Chinn was promoted to Client Director, Kamilah Elmellas was promoted to Client Manager and Lucy Catt to Accounts Supervisor to name but a few. Matt added: "I'd like to say well done to Sue, Kamilah and Lucy, for their promotions and to Karen, Phil, Karl and Maggie, who have dedicated so much of their career to our firm. We are incredibly grateful." And that’s a wrap for 2021! Next year, RPD starts by hosting their annual quiz night to raise money for their chosen charity St Catherine’s Hospice on Thursday, 17th February. www.placedobson.co.uk



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The importance of your supply chain You may think Net Zero is not important or relevant to you, but your clients who are on the path to ‘going green’ may not feel the same way. In fact, they could start putting pressure on your business sooner than you think. For a company, optimising your supply chain for Net Zero can increase efficiency, decrease costs and enhance customer service. It builds your reputation among customers and employees who have rising expectations for sustainable business. It also wins funding support from investors who increasingly demand strong environmental, social and corporate governance. What is Net Zero? Net Zero refers to the balance between the volume of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. This balance – Net Zero – will happen when the carbon added to the atmosphere is no more than the amount removed. Net Zero is the best way to tackle climate change by reducing global warming. Achieving a Net Zero, or close to Net Zero, target is necessary to arrest global warming at 1.5 Celsius. The UK set a target to achieve Net Zero by 2050, which is looking increasingly over-ambitious unless businesses act immediately. What are scopes 1, 2 and 3 of carbon emissions? The Greenhouse Gas Protocol is the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standard, with three scopes.

Net Zero is the best way to tackle climate change by reducing global warming


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Scope 1 covers direct emissions and Scopes 2 and 3 are indirect emissions. Achieving carbon neutral status only covers Scopes 1 and 2. Scope 1 Scope 1 emissions are direct emissions deriving from company-controlled resources. Emissions are as a direct result of activities such as heating an office, a manufacturing process, or running vehicles. Scope 1 includes all fuels that produce greenhouse gas emissions. Scope 2 Scope 2 emissions are the indirect emissions created in the production of the energy used by your business, which could be from renewable or fossil fuel-based sources, or a mixture. Scope 2 emissions can be zero if supplied 100% from renewables. Scope 3 Scope 3 emissions are generally the largest part of an organisation’s carbon footprint as they cover a much wider remit within a supply chain, where your business does not own

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What may seem overwhelming can be broken down into strategic and controllable steps, starting with analytics, then solutions, and finally implementing change.

or control those activities. These indirect emissions might include transport, distribution, waste, leased assets, business travel, commuting, purchased goods and services through your supply chain, and water consumption. Calculating scope 3 emissions can be a complex and detailed task, because of the numerous parties and processes involved, and the results may surprise you. It may be suppliers that have a comparatively minimal financial impact on your business are having the biggest impact on carbon footprint. Addressing Scope 3 emissions is crucial for achieving supply chain decarbonisation. The supply chain Larger companies will start (if they have not already) to put pressure on their whole supply chain to move to Net Zero. This is likely to include a requirement for suppliers to source sustainable energy, be sustainable with water use and find innovative alternatives for raw materials and other inputs. Your business’s scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions make up part of scope 3 emissions for any business that is upstream within your supply chain. They will want to know what actions you

are taking and, if they don’t like what they hear, may consider alternative suppliers. Ignoring Net Zero will end up costing you customers and that could happen sooner than you think. From a smaller business perspective, it is easier to deal with your own challenges but more difficult to convince others within your supply chain to follow suit and help you get to Net Zero, as you cannot put the same pressures on them that a larger business can. We are running supply chain assessments to determine where to switch to alternative suppliers aligned with our Net Zero goal, using certified carbon offsets to bring us to being carbon neutral whilst we work through these challenges. The key is to do your research. Achieving Net Zero requires coordinated action touching on many parts of an organisation. What may seem overwhelming can be broken down into strategic and controllable steps, starting with analytics, then solutions, and finally implementing change. Achieving Net Zero requires investment and buy-in from all areas of a business and thought needs to go into finding the right ways to achieve it. https://cec.uk.com/




Bird control team grows naturally with latest hatching


For feathered friends Luna and Reg it was love at first flight. Their relationship has flourished and now they are proud parents to little Jimmy. Since mum Luna joined Cleankill Pest Control in 2018, the falconry service has grown significantly in response to demand for environmentally friendly ways of dealing with nuisance birds such as pigeons, gulls and parakeets. Cleankill’s first full-time, trained bird handler Alan Day has now been joined by Richard Quartley and between them they look after six adult Harris hawks – Luna, Reg, Rooster, Heidi, Elvis and H. Alongside flying birds of prey as a deterrent, the bird control team is busy checking properties for damaged netting and making sure any netting is as secure as possible to cope with the blustery autumn and winter weather. This is when you should call a professional pest control company like Cleankill to check your netting and repair any damage.

Commenting on the birth of little Jimmy, Managing Director Paul Bates said: “We welcome baby Jimmy to the family. When Alan started with Luna, we knew there was a gap in the market for a green pest control solution that could deal with pigeons and gulls in and around London. What we couldn’t have imagined is how much demand there would be. “What has really impressed us is their effectiveness. Once the hawks are regularly flown at a site, pigeons and gulls soon learn that it’s not a safe place to roost and choose to go elsewhere. The hawks don’t attack the birds, their presence is all that is needed.” All birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, although exceptions can be made for certain listed species including feral pigeons. Contact Cleankill info@cleankill.co.uk, www.cleankill.co.uk

Tired of searching through documents? “The average employee spends between 30 and 40% of their time looking through email, paper documents, shared hard disks and filing cabinets trying to find information they need to their tasks.” SMEs typically have complex document workflows that involve seemingly endless hours of scanning, mailing, saving, approving, collating, archiving and filing documents, in both paper and digital forms. Processes as diverse as setting up and maintaining customer and client records, producing quotations, placing orders, making deliveries, and issuing invoices all generate huge amounts of paperwork. Intelligent Document Management Systems (DMS) are electronic systems that have been specifically developed to help organisations improve workflows and optimise internal processes to meet their own specific


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needs. DMS deal easily and efficiently with e-mail attachments, invoices, bills of materials and virtually any other type of document, transforming them into valuable assets that are all securely stored in the same place – the central document pool. Benefits of a Document Management System: 1. Reduce costs 2. Automation of labour-intensive processes 3. Ensure your documents remain in safe hands 4. Remain compliant and adhere to the latest data protection legislation 5. Access documents anytime, anywhere 6. Reduce the need for costly IT infrastructure 7. Reduce errors and improve accuracy 8. Free up manpower

The potential rewards of a DMS are enormous. Content, processes, and procedures are transformed to create a valuable resource that allows businesses to increase the efficiency of its operations. According to the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), 46% of companies that adopt an enterprise content management strategy report positive ROI within 12 months, and two thirds do so within 18 months. If you need help with your print, document and IT challenges then we’re here to help, please contact us - 0207 101 0096. www.itdocumentsolutions.com

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Regrouping with resilience: Insights from SMEs In the Autumn of 2020 SME business owners from across the country shared their challenges and thoughts with us as they faced one of the most difficult environments we've ever experienced. A year on, and once again we've spoken to SME business owners and leadership teams across the UK to see how they are doing as we all navigate the 'new normal'. Across the board, our 2021 SME survey results show that confidence and optimism among business owners is generally high. Many believe that the worst of the shockwaves caused by the global Covid-19 crisis have passed and they are now looking toward a period of post-pandemic recovery. Of course, only

time will tell if the recent Omicron variant has shaken this confidence once more. A significant proportion of the businesses we surveyed report that they have adapted their strategy for the coming year, sought the advice and support of external business and/or financial expertise, and even launched new products and services in recent months. Many are reporting ‘business as usual’ trading conditions and even performance that’s exceeding targets in some quarters. Elsewhere though, the outlook isn’t so overtly positive. Damage limitation is the name of game for many businesses that are simply devoting the coming months to trying to re-establish their

footing. Others remain distinctly pessimistic about what the future might hold, while a worrying number of SME owners admit to still being uncertain about where their business stands and not having a firm hand on their numbers. To find out more about the challenges facing your peers and what actions you should be taking right now to keep your business on track, download the full report at yourrighthand.co.uk/blog

How to make your website faster

Slow website speeds is a bugbear for many businesses. As well as giving a poor user experience, it will also count against you when Google assesses your website’s “page experience” and your resulting ranking position. But what causes websites to be slow? It can be one or several of the following factors… Huge image file sizes This is the most common culprit. Each image on your website should be optimised (i.e., compressed) to keep the file size as small as possible without impacting the visual quality. Hosting Quite a few elements of your website’s hosting set up can cause slowness. For

example, if your website is on an overly crowded server, if the server’s specification isn’t high enough for your site or if your server doesn’t have facilities such as caching or CDN. Bulky coding All websites are written using thousands of lines of code. “Minifying” the code removes any unnecessary characters (e.g., spaces) to make it more compact and therefore faster to transmit. Video If implemented poorly, videos can have a hugely negative impact on website speed. This particularly happens when you try to host the video on your website server, as most aren’t geared up to stream videos efficiently. Hosting them

on a third party, such as YouTube, is often a better approach. Website builders Website builders, such as Wix or Squarespace, can help you create a website on a minimal budget. However, the lack of flexibility in their infrastructure, and your lack of access to the underpinning website code, means that you have very few options to optimise the speed. Read our full article to discover: • Ways to check your website’s speed. • How slow is too slow. • More advice on how to make it faster. www.tomango.co.uk/blog/how-tomake-your-website-faster



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Re-Energise your Business for Success in 2022 Have you spent most of 2021 reacting to the world around you, working ‘in’ your business and not ‘on’ your business? We’ve all worked though one of the most challenging times for businesses, navigating significant head winds that seem to change all too frequently. Every business has had to adapt to uncertainty in the current economic & business environment. This uncertainty is likely to continue and without clarity on where to focus and a solid plan to support that, you are likely to be blown off course. January is an important time to reflect and set the destination and direction for your business in 2022. Businesses need to consider the following questions: • Do you want to make things happen or have them happen to you? • Do you want your business strategy to take advantage of the opportunities ahead? • Do you want to improve the execution of your strategy and your plans? If you answer YES to any of those questions, you should complete our 6 Steps to Re-Energising Your Business in 2022. Regardless of size, sector or business maturity, this program will help you to re-examine your strategy, position your organisation for success and re-energise your business & team. And it’s completely free and without obligation! Over 6 weeks the program will help you understand your business in more detail and develop a strategy and plan for 2022, with each step using simple tools, case studies and helpful tips. Each week you will be able to download the ‘workbook’ which helps you, step by step, to build a robust plan that can be successfully executed. As an additional service to Gatwick Diamond Members we’ll also provide weekly webinar surgeries for you to join for tips, insights, Q&A and discussion on key points. After 6 weeks you will have all the steps complete, be armed with your strategy, and you & your team will be ready to press ahead in 2022.


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The Re-Energise Programme will cover: Step 1 Strategic Position Where is your business headed? What are your targets and objectives for 2022 and beyond? What’s in it for you? Step 2 Understanding your Business How has your business performed before and during the pandemic? Where are your Strengths, Vulnerabilities and Opportunities? What skills & resources do you need in your business in 2022 and beyond?

After 6 weeks you will have all the steps complete, be armed with your strategy, and you & your team will be ready to press ahead in 2022.

Step 3 Understand your Market Put yourself in your customers shoes, how are they feeling? How attractive are the markets you are operating in? How has your competition performed through 2020 & 2021? Step 4 Understand your Opportunities What is your Customer Value Proposition? Who are your ideal customers? Why? What problems do you really solve? Step 5 Strategic Focus Make your choices – what is your strategy to succeed? What actions are needed to really support the strategy? How do you need to structure your business to deliver this? Step 6 Making it Happen How do you build momentum? What are the key performance measures? How do you maintain momentum? This programme is brought to you exclusively by Business Doctors, Lucidity and Gatwick Diamond Business. Business Doctors & Lucidity have a proven track record in helping many businesses re-energise their strategy and get results delivered. Watch out for the launch of the programme around 20th January. Contacts: steve.jebson@businessdoctors.co.uk tom@getlucidity.com




Workplace Wellbeing in Winter The mornings are dark. The afternoons are dark. It’s, cold, windy and wet if you’re particularly unlucky. It’s a time when we seek comfort sometimes in friends and family, often in food and drink. We spend more time at parties, again, often with food and drink. We eat more, we drink more, we tend to deprive the body of the nutrients it needs to stay well and healthy and ward off colds and flu amongst other unpleasantness. This time of year it is easy to put on that extra weight, get into bad habits which can be difficult to break come New Year, come Easter and beyond. It is important to enjoy yourself, but it is equally important to be mindful and aware of how you look after yourself, not always reaching for short term pleasure which can cause long term pain. Crawley Wellbeing can help you,

support you and keep you in a good place to maintain your health and good spirits. We can come to you via our Workplace Health Offer where you can spend 30 minutes seeking advice on Weight Management, Emotional Wellbeing, Sleep and Relaxation or guidance on physical activity with a trained Wellbeing Advisor. We can also support with Smoking Cessation and reducing Alcohol. We have recently worked with Air Partner based in Manor Royal; ‘I would highly recommend any business to use the excellent Crawley Wellbeing Service. The fact that they come to you and each appointment is

only 30 minutes means that it is both efficient but also highly informative for any member of staff who attends. Our people found the experience very useful indeed and have made positive lifestyle changes as a result.’ If you would like Crawley Wellbeing to support your business please contact wellbeing@crawley.gov.uk

Your next opportunity awaits with Prevista! Prevista are excited to be working with Coast to Capital on two new projects part funded by ESF. Both programmes are individually beneficial for those employed seeking new training and those actively seeking employment in the coast to capital region. Future Skills 360 is an innovative project that aims to address the future skills, needs and challenges of employed people in the Coast to Capital region. Prevista are offering short (and free!) CPD training courses through this programme and invite you to join in, do something for you and upskill today. There are many courses available from L3 & L5 Diploma in Management to L2 (Digital Accounting) Diploma in IT User Skills - all of which provide leadership and management-based skills training which can lead to further opportunities, for example a promotion or a higher paid salary in the future.


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highest growing areas including Horticulture, Viticulture, Tourism, Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing and high employing sectors such as Health & Care, Construction and Financial & Professional Services. With many courses to investigate, this programme ultimately aims to improve your employability with expert guidance in the field and increase your confidence and wellbeing along the way. Course options include: L1 (Data Management & Analysis) in IT User Skills, L2 Health & Safety, L3 & L4 Diploma in Business Administration, and many more! On the other hand, Reignite is a programme that aims to support the unemployed into work across a range of high growth sectors during and up to a 10-week course. Prevista will give you the tools and skills to gain employment in some of

To be eligible for a CPD training course you must live and work in the coast to capital region. For more information please visit: www.prevista.co.uk/c2c or contact us at c2c@prevista.co.uk

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EMW Gatwick are having a growth spurt! We’ve been busy at EMW’s Gatwick office, welcoming new team members and hosting our late-summer party. A lovely evening, seeing new and familiar faces, and introducing them to our new arrivals. Our strategy: to offer industry-leading legal advice for businesses and entrepreneurs helps us expand our presence showing businesses in the south that there is a top quality alternatives to London firms. Caroline Watkins, Principal provides construction advice and documentation for development sectors such as housing, healthcare, education, commercial, retail, industrial and renewables. With experience working with global brands in Financial Services, Media and Technology sectors, Principal Aiden Dunning advises on commercial deals and compliance for owner-managed and private-equity backed companies and global corporates. Property Litigation Principal Adrian McClinton, protects clients’ interests in property and land to maximise their returns. Working with landowners, landlords and high net worth individuals. Legal Directors Gemma Lawrence, Victoria Bevis, Ian Sharrock and Associate

Tariq Sayfoo complete our legal line-up. Victoria advises on employment and HR matters for employers that includes TUPE, redundancies, restructuring, discrimination and whistleblowing. Gemma deals with many different types of properties, specialising in development work acting for both developers and landowners in acquiring or selling sites with all stages of sales and lettings. Ian advises on banking and finance work including corporate acquisitions, working capital facilities and real estate finance; both investment and development. Completing the team, Tariq specialis-

es in IP/IT and technology, with a particular expertise in IP development and exploitation, outsourcing, software and data licensing, e-commerce and data protection. As working remotely continues, we can offer collaborative working at our Gatwick office with comfortable seating and connectable screens which we encourage our clients to use. To book our space, contact Jayne, our Office Manager on 0345 074 2393 or jayne.bryant@ emwllp.com. www.emwllp.com

gdb Author Donating Books to Local School Libraries During the pandemic, Joe Cheal (Imaginarium Learning & Development) took a break from writing business books and embarked on a ‘Compelling Distraction’. In a fit of nostalgia, he wrote and published two different ‘pick your own path’ interactive gamebooks.

He has now decided to donate some copies to local school libraries. “These types of books helped to get me reading when I was young and so it made sense to offer some free copies to local school libraries. It’s a fun way to read a book where you decide the outcomes… and it’s also a great bit of escapism from the stresses of everyday life!” The first book “The Shadowbound Lands” would suit a reader who might enjoy the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. It is like an open world video game in book form where you are the hero who explores a fantasy world.

The second book “Alice and the Painting Adventure” would suit readers who enjoy the Alice in Wonderland books. It is written in the style of Lewis Carrol with beautiful illustrations… and here you get to guide Alice on a quest and tell her what she should do next! If you are connected to a local school and wish to take Joe up on this offer, please contact him: joe@imaginariumdev.com. Alternatively, the books are available through all good bookshops!



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Windows 365 will change your world again- Extech Cloud explores how it affects your business Whether another work from home order is on the horizon or not, many businesses are still looking for a reliable and secure IT System to support workers in the office and at home. Andrew Hookway, Director of Sussex based Extech Cloud, shares three ways Windows 365 benefits hybrid working. Andrew Hookway

Around the world and across every industry sector, we have had to adapt to new ways of working. It seems hybrid working is here to stay and the challenge for many businesses is ensuring that their IT Systems can support their day-to-day operations, enabling collaborative working, and appropriate levels of security. The timely release of Windows 365 (not to be confused with the Microsoft 365 or Office 365) earlier this year is what most Sussex and southern based businesses should now be looking for. Here are just three of the ways it can help a business. 1. What is Windows 365 and what does it do? It helps to facilitate efficient and secure hybrid working. Windows 365 is Microsoft’s complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, that streams a personalised Windows expe-

Operating in the Cloud also offers the benefits of workers being able to collaborate in real time with colleagues and clients


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rience, including apps, content, and settings, to any device. Windows 365 is built for remote and hybrid working, enabling the user ‘anywhere access’ to their personalised Windows desktop, or Cloud PC, across multiple devices. This means that a worker could begin a task on their office PC, continue it on an Android tablet, and finish on a home Mac computer. They can pick up where they left off on any device, for seamless hybrid working no matter what size and type of file the user is working on. Operating in the Cloud also offers the benefits of workers being able to collaborate in real time with colleagues and clients, and it comes with Microsoft's security Defender software built-in. Everybody can be secure in the knowledge that Cloud IT Systems tend to rely on more robust cybersecurity measures, continually developing to keep a step ahead of ever-evolving cybercrime methods. 2. What is the return on Windows 365? It enables significantly reduced hardware costs. With Windows 365, the entire IT System is hosted in the Cloud, resulting in little to no cost outlay when it comes to hardware. You don’t need a server and the associated cabling, for instance, which can be very costly. With the incorporation of

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With Windows 365, the entire IT System is hosted in the Cloud, resulting in little to no cost outlay when it comes to hardware.

voice calling as well, it means there is no need to purchase expensive telephone systems either. Another benefit of having everything stored in the Cloud is that the hardware that does need to be purchased (computers or tablets for example), can have a far lower spec than previously, as the amount of memory and power required will be minimal. The user simply needs the device to connect to WiFi, and everything they need to work on is stored and accessed on the Cloud. 3. What value and experience can Windows 365 bring to your business? It easily accommodates change. Businesses can go through changes rapidly and a tricky IT System should not be a reason to hold up developments in the organisation. Whether it is expanding or streamlining, the pay per user, per month cost model makes it easy to accommodate more or fewer workers at any point in time, allowing business owners to scale confidently. It is also useful to be able to quickly recover in the event that any damage is caused to a machine (which is arguably

more likely in a hybrid work situation). As well as purchasing low-cost models, if they need to be replaced, Windows 365 gives you the power to buy, provision, and deploy in minutes, with automated OS updates, so the worker can pick up where they left off immediately. If you’re thinking about making the transition to Windows 365, talk to Extech Cloud today. Extech Cloud is an award-winning IT services specialist, supporting businesses in Sussex and the South East in the transformation of their IT Systems to the Cloud. A team of strategic IT consultants, project managers and certified engineers provides day to day support to small and medium-sized businesses. Visit www.extechcloud.com.




Xpress Group 30th Anniversary At Xpress Group we took some time out on 16 November to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. Started in November 1991, Xpress provides large and small format digital print solutions to clients across Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and London. Managing Director Graham Knight has operated the successful business from the same premises on the Manor Royal Business District in Crawley throughout its history. Graham stated, ‘I am delighted to be celebrating our 30th year in business today with our dedicated team. The business has grown since we started here in 1991 and we have seen many changes and challenges. We are grateful to have come through the pandemic and have

in fact grown during the last 18 months.’ He added ‘We are in as strong a position as ever, as we enter 2022 and our fourth decade in business. Print very much has a place in modern business and we constantly look at ways keep our business sustainable and relevant’. At the office and production facility on Newton Road, Crawley, the company consults, creates, designs, and produces print solutions to help clients promote their business. Xpress Group pride themselves in responsive service, delivering products quickly but with no drop in quality. https://www.xpressgroup.eu/

Kreston Reeves promotes two new partners Accountants, business, and financial advisers Kreston Reeves have announced the promotion of two new partners. Simon Levine is promoted to Partner in the Legal Services and Private Client team, and Robert Beasley is promoted to Partner in the Accounts and Outsourcing team. Nigel Fright, Managing Partner, Kreston Reeves said: “We recognise that it is our people that make our firm, and we continue to invest and support our people at all levels of their career making Kreston Reeves the employer of choice. I would like to extend my congratulations to Simon and Robert on their well-deserved promotion.” Andrew Griggs, Senior Partner, Kreston Reeves adds: “Simon’s promotion strengthens our legal service offering and reflects the growth in demand for our services to high-net-worth individuals and private clients. “It is incredibly important for businesses to have access to real-time financial information and Robert is passionate about delivering this for our


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Robert Beasley clients. Both promotions demonstrate our commitment to guiding our clients to a brighter future.” Simon Levine joined Kreston Reeves in November 2020. He has a strong and widely recognised track record in advising wealthy individuals and their families on all aspects of Wills and probate, inheritance tax planning, trusts and powers of attorney. He has over 30 years’ experience as a solicitor and is

Simon Levine a member of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP). Robert Beasley is one of Kreston Reeves’ home-grown talents, joining the firm from college. He advises owner-managed businesses on all aspects of their accounts and finance and is a recognised online accounting expert. https://www.krestonreeves.com/

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College Group to Offer New T Level Qualifications East Surrey College in Redhill and John Ruskin College in Croydon (Orbital South Colleges) are excited to be offering new T Level qualifications from September 2022! The College Group will be offering T Levels in Engineering, Construction, Digital and Childcare, providing progression routes for students currently on Level 2 courses, as well as for school leavers in the local area. These Level 3 courses combine classroom learning and a significant industry placement, giving students the opportunity to gain key sector skills essential for employment. The Colleges have been awarded funding to invest in additional resources for T Level delivery, including a substantial suite of bespoke digital

and technical training facilities. This will supplement the College Group’s own investment in facilities and complements the existing industry-standard facilities at both Colleges. ESC and JRC are excited to continue their work with employer contacts on securing a range of industry placements for T Level students. This work reinforces the Colleges’ existing strong links with employers, developed through Apprenticeship programmes, careers events and student work experience. To find out more about the T Levels offered and to apply for September, visit www.esc.ac.uk for T Levels in Redhill and www.johnruskin.ac.uk for Croydon.

Employers wishing to be involved in providing industrial work placements or wanting to find out more should contact our Employer Services team on 01737 788316 or employerservices@esc.ac.uk.

Improving employee experience and engagement for business success Employee experience and engagement is at the heart of business success today for any organisation. These two metrics provide valuable insight into how the business is doing internally and whether this is creating the output objectives that have been defined for your enterprise. Learning to work with employee experience and engagement can be transformative for any business. The traditional measures that come into play for assessing employee engagement can be limited to a specific moment in time and may also focus purely on factors such as productivity. However, if your organisation is also integrating more work on employee experience, you’re likely to see constant improvements, not just to business outcomes but also how workers feel within the business as human beings.

1. Qualify every internal decision with the question ‘how will this affect employees’ - an employee-centric strategy like this is naturally plugged into improving experience. 2. Make sure you’re thinking about employee experience before people even join the company - recruitment is just as key a stage and should be as focused on experience as any other part of the journey. 3. Include leaders and management. It’s vital that those in key positions within the business know how to lead, motivate, inspire and listen to employees or this could negatively

affect experience. 4. Integrate more transparency and communication. An open-door policy and a culture where communication is valued are the foundations of positive employee experience - and a crucial channel for identifying if there is a problem and what that might be. Creating a better employee experience will improve employee engagement in your business and is an investment well worth making. Contact Volt: Enquiries@VoltInternational.com

Tips to improve your employee experience This has become a theme to improve engagement to increase retention, overcome talent shortages and increase the impact that a business can have as a brand, among many other goals. There are several different ways to do this, including:




Are you a potential Diamond Leader? It is now 18 months since we set up the first gdb Peer- to-Peer group under our Diamond Leaders for Growth programme. Through a challenging period, under the chairmanship of Jeff Downs, this group has been a big success, with the leaders coming together to support each other, work as a team to share, learn, grow, and build their knowledge and skills. So, we are now very pleased to announce the launch of the second Diamond Leaders for Growth group. It will be chaired by gdb member, Steve Jebson of Business Doctors. Steve brings the experience of being a member of the established group as well as years of knowledge in FMCG, Manufacturing, Retailing and more recently with local businesses aiming to scale and grow. Diamond Leaders for Growth is a high-value premium service for selected members. It gives participants targeted opportunity to meet with their peers to share experience, knowledge, and ideas to help grow their businesses with expert facilitation and input from an expert speaker. The groups are open, on a personal basis, to representatives of gdb member businesses who have a leadership role within their organisation, including as owner, director, and senior executive. Each group has no more than 10 members, and the membership is fixed so that each group can develop as a team in a sharing, but challenging, environment characterised by trust and confidentiality. The groups meet bi-monthly and follow a proven formula of inspirational speakers, shared content, alternative perspectives, and discussions on key issues facing group members. If you are interested in joining the new Diamond Leaders for Growth group, please get in touch with Steve Jebson (Steve. Jebson@BusinessDoctors.co.uk . The target launch date for Steve’s group is February/March 2022 and, with a maximum of 10 spaces, places are limited. Diamond Leaders for Growth, along with Diamond Experts and Diamond Mentors, is part of gdb’s member support programme drawing on our business community’s huge and varied experience, and willingness to share. For more information on this wider programme, contact Jeff Alexander (jeff@gatwickdiamondbusiness.com).


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Steve Jebson

The great thing about peer groups is, rather than just getting one consultant, the group gives you access to about 10 experienced business people around the table who can give you inputs without an ‘axe to grind’ or sales pitch but at the same time hold you accountable for your actions. Jeff Downs, Quantum Sales

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This is what members of the established Diamond Leaders group have to say:

Initially, I was a little sceptical about the process, but am delighted to say how wrong I was. I find the sessions enjoyable, very beneficial and to have the opinion of a valued group of peers is priceless.

Nothing beats being able to share your challenges with like-minded peers, and that is what the DLG delivers for me; support, advice and insights. Jon Trigg, Freedom Works

Eddie Finch, Chapter Three Consulting

I have really enjoyed being a member of group. The more time that has passed the more the group has opened up with issues and it is this, as much as airing one’s own challenges and opportunities, that I find really useful. Sometimes it’s just nice to know other businesses are facing the same challenges as you are and having a day to openly explore these things is so useful. It’s something you would not (or could not) normally do with your own contacts, employees, friends, or business partners without having to censure yourself somewhat! The power comes from it being a meeting with a strong agenda with a group that has no agenda!

I have found that the feedback from the group in response to issues we were experiencing was very helpful and constructive. We are already seeing the benefits of implementing that advice. Claire Scaramanga FCIM MBA, Scaramanga Agency

Diamond Leaders is educational, very good speakers; supportive, great to share problems; and the bonus is that we are now trading with four of the member companies who are experts in their field and totally trustworthy.” Piers Cooke, Commtel Ltd

Zahid Naqvi, Custodian Insurance

I feel privileged to be a member of a Diamond Leaders for Growth group and it wasn’t until I joined that I realised how many similar issues different businesses face. For me, DLG is a great way to share experiences and work through problems with a group of people I have come to trust and respect.

From my point of view the idea of the small group is a fantastic way to find potential resolutions to issues that every company goes through helped by likeminded business leaders from varied industries without being judgemental; and it’s a great way to gain additional Knowledge to help us all in the running of our individual businesses.

Phil Ager, Control Energy Costs Ltd

Joe Concheiro, Regency Grove Communications Ltd




gdb Members come together at the South of England Event Centre The South of England Event Centre hosted the last Gatwick Diamond Business Members Meeting of 2021, supported by the Event Centre and Mid Sussex District Council. The very well attended event was standing room only and provided an opportunity for many new members to meet their membership community in person. After such a long time with almost no face-to-face meetings, there was a great atmosphere in the room from everyone being together again.

The Event Centre’s Norfolk Pavilion made a superb setting for the event with it’s view out over the South of England Showground. The attendees were also treated to an incredible display of rainbows as they left thanks to some very changeable weather! If you’d like to speak to the team at the South of England Event Centre about hiring their venue, contact them on 01444 892078 or email eventcentre@ seas.org.uk

FASTSIGNS award winning end to the year

Melanie & Jose Martinez, Alan White and Mark Jameson Local signage and visual communications specialist, FASTSIGNS Crawley, has won the top prize at this year’s FASTSIGNS UK annual convention and awards ceremony, alongside two other accolades. Melanie Martinez one of owners said: “2021 was certainly a challenging year for us in many ways. It started off in January with a move to new premises spending the first couple of months trying to manufacture whilst the building work as literally going on around us. Alongside us all still try to adapt to working with the ongoing pandemic we knew it was going to be a tough year therefore ending it on such a high winning three awards is


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something we are extremely proud of.” The First Award was for mentoring another FASTSIGNS centre in their first year, which the team found to be extremely rewarding. Alongside Franchisee of the Year, FASTSIGNS Crawley also came first in the Comprehensive Solution of the Year category for its work with Chichester College Group. As part of a large-scale branding project on a number of local education buildings, the centre produced a customised package including acrylic wall signs, multiple large wall graphics, built up lettering and flags. Melanie said: “It was an absolute pleasure to work on such an incredible project with the team

at Chichester College, so we were thrilled to bits to win the award for this work.” Melanie reflected on the final award: “It was the icing on the cake. Although we are independently owned and run having the backup of the fellow franchisees and UK support team is the reason, we love being a FASTSIGNS so hearing our names called out for this one was incredible. After what can only be described as the strangest a couple of years for us but finishing off 2021 with this recognition could not mean more to us and we are extremely excited for 2022.” www.fastsigns.com/854

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New year, new attacks on your business Getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas break can be challenging but also inspiring as it’s a chance for a fresh start. You may want to brainstorm some new ideas for your business this year. All of this is great, only if the security and safety of your business are guaranteed. There are so many different types of malware that can plunder your business and steal your data. Malware can easily be unleashed on your business – all it takes is one bad click in a dodgy email. These days, it’s harder and harder to spot these fake emails. One-click and then boom, just like that, you’re locked out of your business accounts. Once a hacker has access to your network and information, they can pretend to be you. What they will do is send an email out to your clients pretending to be you and will attach an invoice, as you normally would, but they would change the bank detail numbers. Without the client fully inspecting the invoice, they would never know and transfer a pay-

ment straight to the hacker. So, not only would this cyber attack affect you, but your clients would get scammed. To prevent an attack from happening, you need to have some cybersecurity protection in place. Do you know how secure your business is? Don’t worry, we have made a checklist, so you can check yourself (no email is needed to download the guide). As an IT

service provider, we know how troubling cyberattacks are and want to make sure all businesses like yours are safe. In the checklist, you can score yourself out of 10, 1 meaning your business is not safe at all and 10 meaning your business is as secure as it can be. Check how secure your business is now. www.ingeniotech.co.uk

Intelligent Office Cleaning a Perfect Hybrid Fit What exactly is intelligent office cleaning? You may well ask. Is it cleaners listening to In Our Time on the radio or a Brian Cox podcast as they clean? ‘I’m more of a Top Gear person myself.’ Laughs Dean Clark, Managing Director of Greenstar Cleaners. Unsurprisingly, it’s not any of these things. Greenstar’s Intelligent Cleaning is an approach to cleaning where they look at clients’ premises and understand their requirements. They then work with them to create a schedule that maximises the budget. ‘This method has come into its own with the advent of hybrid working. Where premises are not being used as they were pre-covid; there may be a reduced workforce each day or offices are not open five days a week, we have been able to easily adjust our cleaning to fit this new way of working.’

‘We have been cleaning offices for 46 years and this has of course been one of the most challenging times. Never have we seen so much change and adaptation in such a short space of time.’ Says, Dean. At the very start of the pandemic Greenstar realised there was an urgent requirement for premises to be sanitised so adapted to bring in ULV Fogging. This is a quick and efficient method of sanitising premises. Dean reflects, ‘We decided to take the jump and invest in fogging machines and training our staff, it is something that definitely paid off. We have a number of companies who now incorporate this into their cleaning regime.’ ‘We are waiting with trepidation to see what new challenges 2022 might bring but we are in an excellent position to meet them head on. Although we

Nicki Hesketh & Dean Clark are really hoping it might be a far more straight forward year: I’ve got Top Gear to catch up on!’. Greenstar Cleaners Ltd is a commercial cleaning company who provide sustainable cleaning services throughout the Southeast. www.greenstarcleaners.co.uk




Scaramanga agency is delighted to welcome our newest account manager, Jessica Delannoy to the marketing team

Jessica Delannoy

Jessica is our newest team member who has extensive experience within the digital marketing and creative industry. Within her work history, she also has over 3 years of project management experience where she would solely handle complex client projects or marketing campaigns from its infancy through to completion. Jessica’s daily responsibilities at Scaramanga include everything from handling our clients marketing strategies, creating content, composing articles and handling other media related content. Separately from her working life, Jes-

sica enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures and landscapes. Well-travelled, she has visited: Turkey, Dubai, USA, Portugal and Qatar to name a few. However, when she’s not 30,000 feet high in the air on her next adventure, Jessica is most likely keeping up with her health at the gym or reading self-help books by the likes of Anthony Robbins. Self-awareness and personal development are important to her and this reflects through the variation of books in her very own mini library. https://scaramanga.agency/

Sustainability Within Business The UK has a target to cut emissions reach climate neutrality (net-zero) by 2050, it will require all parts of our society to reduce their energy consumption and to limit the impact on the environment, now with the tide of popular opinion firmly on the side of working towards this goal it will become ever more crucial for a business to incorporate sustainability into their commercial operations. As an architectural photographer, I wanted to get involved and use my specialist skill set to tell the story of how businesses are stepping up and working towards reaching net-zero. This is in the form of a photo-documentary series that explores how businesses are now adapting to reach this important goal. Forming part of this project, the Adelphi Group of Companies kindly allowed access to Olympus House to photograph the changes they have implemented on their way to achieving net-zero. Over the past 5 years, Adelphi has implemented several measures at Olympus House to reduce the consumption of energy from the grid and reduce demand for treated mains water, the series of photographs I created of Olympus House was able to show the following structural improve-


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ments made by Adelphi. • Rainwater Harvesting • Solar Panels • Air source heat pump • Evaporative cooling system This is just the beginning, as we all work towards achieving net-zero, how we transform the spaces and buildings we use are going to be paramount to reaching this vital milestone. I believe it

is vital we capture this change to let the world see the positive steps businesses are making. If you’ve got a business that is adapting to become more sustainable to reach net-zero and want to take part in this project, please do get in touch with James at james@jamesmorris.uk

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Make it count – aligning sustainability and profitability Aligning sustainability and profitability agendas will be key to driving the behavioural changes required to preserve our environment, and our wellbeing, in the longer term. So, what can be done to drive the sustainability agenda without driving down profits? 1. Align your goals Business owners should review sustainability policies alongside business objectives, ensuring not only compliance with applicable legislation but, wherever possible, convergence with overarching strategy, for example: • considering cost savings in respect of minimising waste, water or paper consumption • considering available tax breaks for energy saving solutions • ensuring good quality financial information and careful cashflow management for optimal resource utilisation It is also important to consider other less tangible benefits, such as employee

engagement and customer satisfaction. 2. Engage your people A Gallup meta-analysis showed that highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability, and purpose is considered a major driver of engagement. Therefore, where employees feel they are contributing to something that matters to them, this can be a real driver of growth and may also help attract top talent in very competitive current markets. 3. Drive your business value In its simplest terms, business value is driven by increasing profits and decreasing risk. A critical factor in reducing risk is the switch towards a greener economy, decreasing the risk of dependence on unsustainable resources. Reducing risk may also involve strategies to retain key people and create a diverse and ethical business model which promotes employee wellbeing. Wellbeing itself is largely dependent on the quality of our environment and

Laura Madeley in turn drives effectiveness and productivity. In this way sustainability and profitability really do go hand-in-hand and businesses should look to harness opportunities by aligning these two critical agendas. For more information on how Menzies can help please contact lmadeley@ menzies.co.uk

gdb has great strength and a vast array of experience in its membership and the Diamond Experts, Diamond Mentors & Diamond Training will support your business growth




How I started Wings Wellbeing My first career was aviation; I spent 16 years working in the airlines at Gatwick, but it came to an unplanned end in 2005 as I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It hadn’t been diagnosed at that stage, but my employers understandably didn’t like me falling asleep at my desk most days and they terminated my employment on grounds of ill health. The next few years were spent trying ‘everything’, from pharmaceuticals, various diets, osteopathy, CBT, herbs, breathing exercises, homeopathy and many more, in a desperate attempt to regain my energy and health. Eventually, after 10 years of illness, I came across a mind-body brain training programme called the Lightning Process that shows you how to reset your nervous system for normal functioning, thus switching off symptoms like headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and an array of others! It was amazingly

simple to do, and within a few days I was feeling dramatically better. I was on the road to a full recovery! I wanted a new career but initially I had no idea what. But I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to get well in the end, and I realised that if I’d known the things I’d learnt previously, I’d never have got ill in the first place. I wanted to help other people avoid what I went through so I trained to become a Licenced Practitioner of the Lightning Process® to be able to help other people find a way out of chronic illness and created my own Stress Management workshop to help people reduce the likelihood of becoming ill in the first place! I’m also a Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, so I have a wide range of tools to help people achieve their optimum health! Jo Sawkins helps individuals and staff

stay or become well, physically and mentally. Helping to reduce sickness related absence and retaining staff who would have lost their job through illness. www.wingswellbeing.co.uk

Custodian MD raises £1,400 walking barefoot across hot coals for Challengers charity Zahid Naqvi, Founder and Managing Director of Custodian Insurance, has raised £1,400 walking barefoot across hot coals as part of the ‘Firewalk challenge’ in aid of Challengers. Based in Cranleigh, Custodian Insurance provides professional indemnity insurance for SMEs, Insurance Brokers, HR Consultants and Employment Lawyers. The Firewalk event was the first time Zahid had done anything like this, and they were thrilled to have smashed their original fundraising target of £1000. The Firewalk event, hosted by Challengers, saw volunteers walking across 500oC coals to raise vital funds for the many children and young people with disabilities across Sussex. Challengers provide a unique environment staffed by great people who commit to ensuring that every child is welcomed, included


Diamond Magazine

and feels comfortable. Currently, there is a woeful shortage of such facilities, and with fundings cut, Challengers relies heavily on fundraising to deliver its excellent service. Zahid Naqvi, Founder and Managing Director of Custodian Insurance, said: “When I first saw this event, I thought it would be a lovely way to help Challengers and an opportunity to try something completely different! It was certainly a fun challenge to take part in and walking over 500oC coals is an experience I won’t forget. Thank you to everyone who donated and supported us along the way. I'm thrilled we have exceeded our original fundraising target and am looking forward to continuing our fundraising efforts in 2022.” www.custodianinsurance.co.uk

Featured Article

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Name: Paul Bates | Business name: Cleankill Pest Control Member since: 2014 Description: Award-winning Cleankill Pest Control offers eradication and preventive services throughout London, Surrey, Sussex, the Home Counties, Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset for public health pests. Cleankill is a registered waste carrier.

"Gatwick Diamond has been an integral part of our networking and marketing strategy for nearly 8 years during which time it has helped us grow through developing both business relationships and friendships, and has helped the name of Cleankill become established within the region as the first choice for pest control." 1. What appealed to you about joining gdb? We recognised the business opportunities south of the M25 from Crawley down to Brighton after Jonathan, one of our directors, moved to Seaford, and we were looking for good B2B networking groups. GDB had been mentioned a couple of times and 2 of us attended a meeting of potential new members, which was fun and relaxed, and without the high-pressure networking of some of the other groups. 2. What was the thing that surprised you about gdb? How good the networking lunches were! Moving from table to table between courses and having time to introduce yourself to 9 different people between each course! 3. What’s the biggest single thing you’ve got from being a member of gdb? Recognition that we are a successful and

growing company that can and does provide a quality service offering value well above the industry norm! 4. What difference has being a member of gdb made to your business? In pest control the industry is dominated by one name – in the GDB community we have been able to establish our name as a viable alternative in the forefront of many businesses. We are now a well-established firm with 26 years of experience behind us and are continuing to grow both in the GDB area and beyond. 5. gdb puts on lots of different types of events - what’s your favourite? Besides the lunches previously mentioned, the Awards are the best that we attend. As well as allowing us to take our staff for a good night out, the entry process enables us each year to assess where we are against other firms by having the judges actually attend our offices to test and verify the entry application.

If we win, then it confirms that we are heading in the right direction and that our achievements are recognised by people outside of the company. If we lose, with the feedback from the judges, we can look at the winners and make improvements in the company. 6. What’s different about gdb compared to other networking you do? Over the years we have built up ‘no pressure’ friendships with many of the attendees to the lunches and other events – the events are generally always well attended, relaxed and fun…which has always been an important part of the growth of our company! 7. What’s your top tip for getting the most out of networking? Attend the events! 8. Besides the events, what else do you get out of your gdb membership? Drunk...

Unlock a world of business opportunities with Gatwick Diamond Business For more information email mandi@gatwickdiamondbusiness.com




CELEBRATING BUSINESS EXCELLENCE The Gatwick Diamond Business Awards - 17th March 2022 The 2022 winners of the prestigious Gatwick Diamond Business Awards will be announced on the 17th March, in the Empress Suite of The Grand Hotel, Brighton. Join us for a pre-dinner drinks reception, before taking your seat for a sumptuous three course dinner and wine, with our celebrity host, Sally Phillips. Sally Phillips is an award-winning actor, writer, and comedian-presenter. Listed in The Observer as one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy (2003), she is instantly recognisable and one of the forces behind Channel 4’s award-winning comedy sketch show, Smack the Pony. From I’m Alan Partridge to Hippies, Green Wing, Miranda, Parents and Veep, Sally has been a near-constant comic presence on British television. She has also starred in three Bridget Jones films and The Decoy Bride, which she co-wrote, and most recently, she became the host of Sunday Morning Live, co-presenting with Sean Fletcher. Having graduated from New College Oxford, where she read Italian, with a First Class Honours degree, Sally’s intelligence, talent, and razor-sharp wit make her perfect for hosting the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards. This Black Tie event will see the very best of the Gatwick Diamond Business community come together to celebrate the achievements of World-Class businesses in this WorldClass region. Now in their 14th year, the Awards are a well-established highlight of the business calendar. They celebrate the achievements of individual businesses and business people across a wide range of categories. Importantly, they also showcase the success of the Gatwick Diamond economic area as major driver of the regional and national economies.


Evening starts with the Pre-Dinner Reception


Take your seats for Dinner


Sally Phillips


Presentation of the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards


After-Show Celebration and photographs



For more information and to download the booking form, visit:


Diamond Magazine


Diamond Magazine

Upcoming Events www.gatwickdiamondbusiness.com/events Networking Thursday 13th Jan: 08.30 - 10.00

Friday 28th Jan: 12:00 - 14:30

Thursday 17th Feb: 12.00 - 14.30

The gdb Business Breakfast

gdb January Members Meeting at Denbies Wine Estate with Harwoods Jaguar Land Rover Crawley

gdb Networking at Ease at The Old Ship Hotel

• Brought to you in partnership with Crawley College, this monthly breakfast will provide a friendly, relaxed, and informative environment for local businesses to network. • £15 + VAT for gdb Members • £17.50 + VAT for Non-Members

Thursday 20th Jan: 08.30 - 14.30

gdb Re-Energise Conference at Stanhill Court Hotel • Join fellow business owners, directors and managers for the prestigious gdb Conference and a morning filled with infectious motivation.

Friday 28th Jan: 11.00 - 12.00

gdb Educational Seminar • We are delighted to re-introduce the gdb Educational Seminar programme, and invite you to join us at this first seminar of 2022. • Your Journey to Net Zero - An Introduction • Presenters: Phil Ager, Managing Director of Control Energy Costs Ltd. Christopher White, Chief Executive of Denbies Wine Estate Ltd. Mike Harris, Head of Fleet Sales at Harwoods Jaguar Land Rover.

• Stay connected with the gdb Team and your fellow Members • Free for gdb Members • £25 + VAT for Non-Members Tuesday 1st Feb: 10.30 - 11.30

gdb Virtual Elevenses & Networking • Stay connected with the gdb Team and your fellow Members • Free of Charge – gdb Members Only

• Network and build a range of business contacts, whilst enjoying a delicious three course lunch at this seafront hotel. • £37.50 + VAT for gdb Members • £47.50 + VAT for Non-Members Friday 25th Feb: 12:00 - 14:30

gdb February Members Meeting at Hartsfield Manor • Stay connected with the gdb Team and your fellow Members • Free for gdb Members • £25 + VAT for Non-Members

Thursday 10th Feb: 08.30 - 10.00

The gdb Business Breakfast • Brought to you in partnership with Crawley College, join us for a morning of networking and hear from a guest speaker whist enjoying a delicious full English breakfast. • £15 + VAT for gdb Members • £17.50 + VAT for Non-Members

gdb has great strength and a vast array of experience in its membership and the Diamond Experts, Diamond Mentors & Diamond Training will support your business growth




gdb welcomes new members Membership of gdb will help you raise your organisation’s profile within the Gatwick Diamond and build your business connections. AVPlacements


AVPlacements provides bespoke aviation recruitment services to UK businesses. Our consultants are aviation recruitment specialists who use years of experience gained working in the aviation sector to provide innovative search and selection methodologies. Founded in 2020, AVPlacements was created to bridge a recruitment divide and enable candidates to develop their

careers and broaden their skillsets in aviation and other related sectors. Having worked in the aviation sector themselves, our consultants have firsthand sector knowledge that gives both candidates and clients the assurance that we understand their needs and aspirations to support future growth. AVPlacements is recognised and respected for its outstanding service by clients and candidates alike.

Claire Turner


Claire Turner is a Success Coach, the Founder of Claire Turner – EFT and the author of How To Tap Into Your Happy. Her number one aim in life is to help business owners get breakthrough after breakthrough so they meet their goals faster and without all the struggle, mistakes and getting stuck. Without all the

frustrating stops and starts that drive success-focused people crazy! She does this by helping them to solve urgent, painful, expensive problems so they can reach their goals and avoid the mistakes, pitfalls and stuck places that slow things down, waste time and drain energy.



We provide membership-specific Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, delivered by an experienced team of Microsoft-certified consultants. We simplify the technology adoption

journey, and support membership bodies throughout all stages including; Design, Build, Data Migration, Testing, Training and post-project support (including unlimited ad-hoc training).

Need to Put Your Company In the Spotlight? Contact us for excellent advertising rates! diamondmag@gatwickdiamondbusiness.com


Diamond Magazine

Diamond Magazine



We love to build! Websites, apps, digital platforms, you name it, we’ve probably done it! Whether you’re a start-up looking to scaleup or an established enterprise, we’re ready to help you expand your horizons. From humble beginnings back in 2002,

we have grown as an international brand, reaching all corners of the globe. We’re proud to offer an end-to-end digital design and development service. From Fintech, Healthcare, Retail, Travel and so many more, the chances are we know your industry already.

Innovative Partners


R&D (research and development) tax credits are a government incentive designed to reward UK companies for investing in innovation. They are a valuable source of cash for businesses. Many use the money to invest in hiring new staff entering new

markets and ultimately growing. You could be developing new products, processes or services or maybe adapting or updating existing ones. If you’re spending time and money on furthering your sector either scientifically or technologically you could have a claim.

JKS London Ltd


Set up in 2004, JKS services the facilities management and development needs of high profile organisations such as airports and retirement villages. In addition, we work with public sector and other commercial organisations. We can help you with M&E, Building and

Fabric and Electrical Maintenance and Testing, also major refurbishments and installations to short term needs. Our business is to understand the regulations, procedures and legislative requirements that you need to address.



Established in 1972 and now into the 3rd generation of family ownership, Kelgray are the UK’s leading barcode solutions company. We streamline business operations, making them more profitable, through implementation of our unique mobile software and hardware barcode solutions. Our solutions encompass barcode scanners, mobile computers and label

printers, right through to complex, fully automated labelling systems for some of the world’s largest companies. We also specialise in the manufacture of self-adhesive labels from our facility in Crawley, West Sussex. We have developed an enviable client base, spanning SMEs, right through to major blue-chip organisations.




Marks Recoveries & Legal Services


Marks Recoveries & Legal Services, based in the Brighton area are experienced debt recovery specialists providing collection, credit control solutions and legal support for hundreds of business clients throughout the UK. We operate on a strict no recovery/

no fee basis so if we do not recover the debt, we do not charge a fee. Our standard recovery charge is 10% of monies recovered and to offset that fee, in many cases we are able to recover late payment interest and charges on behalf of our clients.



Martlets is your local charity, providing terminally ill people in Brighton and Hove, and surrounding areas, the very best care and support. Our expert team helps people do the things they love with the time they have. We want everyone affected by terminal illness to know they can still feel

hope, purpose and possibility. Most people receive care from us in their own homes. Outpatients also visit Martlets for pain relief, physiotherapy, counselling, welfare advice and social activities. Others choose to spend their final days here, or to stay with us as inpatients for respite care or symptom management.



Prevista is almost a quarter of a century old and has served its communities, across London and the Southeast, over this period; assisting tens of thousands of young people & adults on their learning journey towards employment and self-employment and enabling them to progress in work, grow their businesses and improve their prospects. As a leading provider of government funded Apprenticeships, Traineeships,

employment, and youth programmes, Prevista operates an innovative 100% ownership model via an Employee Ownership Trust overseen by a Board of Trustees. This model allows employees a direct say in the destiny of the business resulting in increased employee participation and ensures Prevista continues to build on its values and successes.

Strategic Management Partners



Diamond Magazine

Since 1990 Clive’s business Strategic Management Partners has been helping local enterprises in all sizes and sectors improve business continuity. His partnerships with Brighton University Green Growth Platform and Clean Growth UK have enabled several hundred firms to receive fully funded advice and support. This includes free workshops on ac-

cess to grants and equity finance, intellectual property trademark and design protection, and major account sales development. The latter includes advice on how micro businesses and small enterprises can obtain low-cost social value certification to accelerate growth by winning open tenders with public bodies and PLC’s. All initial consultations are free of charge.

Diamond Magazine

Xpress Group


Started in 1991, Xpress Group provides large and small format digital print solutions to clients across Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and London. At their facility on Manor Royal in Crawley, the company consults, creates, designs, and delivers projects to help clients promote their business. Our team also installs around the clock

Though Xpress design and print business cards, pull up banners, signs and exhibition stands we can also create one-off and short run items from your ideas or ours. Xpress pride themselves in responsive service, delivering products quickly but with no drop in quality, often in just 2-3 days or less.

Referrals #goodpeopleknowgoodpeople We would like to thank the following members for referring gdb to their business contacts: • Tim Fifield from Britweb for referring Oak Insurance Brokers • Simon Bland from Reigate & Banstead Borough Council for referring Detail Design Consultancy • Jeremy Taylor from The Company Connector for referring DISCprofiles.UK • Steve Jebson from Business Doctors for referring Lucidity • Bluelite Graphics for referring Quality Management Projects Ltd • Jeff Downs from Quantum Sales for referring XA Digital • Ed Chinn from EY Breakthrough Funding for referring Restore your Body Now

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Diamond Listing Directory Welcome to your Diamond Listing Directory The gdb member companies listed below have a Diamond Listing in the online gdb Members Directory. For a full list of gdb members please go to www.gatwickdiamondbusiness.com/68-diamond-listing.html And contact us to find out how to enhance your listing and raise your profile in PINK!

Accounting / Financial Services

Airport / Airline Services

Brewin Dolphin https://www.brewin.co.uk/ individuals/our-offices/gatwick paul.cannons@brewin.co.uk 01293 661323

Gatwick Airport https://www.gatwickairport.com/ richard.lennard@gatwickairport.com 0844 335 1802

Carpenter Box https://www.carpenterbox.com/ info@carpenterbox.com 01293 227670 Kreston Reeves https://www.krestonreeves.com/ tracy.morrison@krestonreeves.com 01293 776152 mnAI https://www.mnai.tech/ sales@mnai.tech 020 31516624


Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd https://www.virginatlantic.com/ 01293 747747 Architectural / Construction / Maintenance Bill Solutions Ltd http://bill-solutions.co.uk/ enquiries@bill-solutions.co.uk 01293 553221 Banking

Servo Private Wealth https://www.servoprivatewealth.com/ info@servoprivatewealth.com 01444 715200

HSBC https://www.hsbc.co.uk/ sarah.k.milligan@hsbc.com 07717 690813

Your Right Hand Finance Team Limited https://yourrighthand.co.uk/ hello@yourrighthand.co.uk 01252 820002

NatWest https://personal.natwest.com/ personal.html Andrew.Kettle@natwest.com 01293 643096

Diamond Magazine

Diamond Magazine

Environmental Services

IT Services / IT Support

Cleankill Pest Control https://www.cleankill.co.uk/ enquiries@cleankill.co.uk 0208 668 5477

Cloud9 Insight Ltd https://www.cloud9insight.com/ accounts@cloud9insight.com 01273 921510

Food & Drink Love Water https://www.lovewater.com/ nick.swan@lovewater.com 0345 5200820 Nestle UK Ltd https://www.nestle.co.uk/en-gb 020 8686 3333

Hotels / Venues / Events Ashdown Park Hotel https://www.ashdownpark.com/ conference@ashdownpark.com 01342 824988 Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Plc https://www.millenniumhotels.com/ torsten.puck@millenniumhotels.com 01342 348800 The Grand Brighton https://www.grandbrighton.co.uk/ info@grandbrighton.co.uk 01273 224300

Insurance / Risk Services / Compliance First Central https://www.1stcentralinsurance.com/ jo.harrison@1stcentral.co.uk 0333 043 2066 Plan Insurance Brokers https://www.planinsurance.co.uk/ marketing@planinsurance.co.uk 0203 004 5572

E-mpower IT https://e-mpower.it/ sales@empower.IT 01444 250404 Extech Cloud https://extechcloud.com/ info@extech.co.uk 01444 443200 Lucidity https://www.getlucidity.com hello@getlucidity.com 01273 830011 Red River http://www.river.red/ info@river.red 0844 8802357 Legal Services DMH Stallard LLP https://www.dmhstallard.com/ enquiries@dmhstallard.com 01293 605000 HCB Legal Limited https://www.hcbgroup.com/ victoriahazell@hcbgroup.com 01293 602892 Irwin Mitchell https://www.irwinmitchell.com/ Lee.Harding@irwinmitchell.com 01293 742700 Loch Employment Law Ltd https://www.lochassociates.co.uk marketing@lochassociates.co.uk 0203 667 5400 Mayo Wynne Baxter https://www.mayowynnebaxter.co.uk/ info@mayowynnebaxter.co.uk 01273 477071




Local Government / Public Sector

Medical / Health / Wellbeing

Crawley Borough Council https://crawley.gov.uk/ 01293 438000

Elekta https://www.elekta.com/ Crawley.Accounts@elekta.com 01293 654378

Logistics / Travel Services Cubic Transportation Systems https://www.cubic.com/transportation krishna.desai@cubic.com 01737 782200 DNA https://www.dna2b.com/ info@dna2b.com 0333 335 8585 Gatwick Express https://www.gatwickexpress.com/ Angie.Doll@gtrailway.com 0345 850 1530 ILG https://www.ilguk.com/ info@ilguk.com 0844 264 8000 Interparcel https://uk.interparcel.com gatwickdbusiness@interparcel.com 0333 3000 700 Metrobus https://www.metrobus.co.uk/ kevin.carey@metrobus.co.uk 01293 449191 Manufacturing / Engineering Commtel https://commtel-uk.com/ sales@telguard.co.uk 01306 710120 Pentagon Plastics Ltd www.pentagonplastics.co.uk sales@pentagonplasitcs.co.uk 01403 264397


Diamond Magazine

Varian https://www.varian.com/ steve.pullen@varian.com 01293 601200 Welland Medical https://wellandmedical.com/ SamJackson@WellandMedical.com 01293 615455

Motoring / Vehicles Bluelite Graphics Ltd https://bluelite.co.uk/ info@bluelitegraphics.com 01444 232366

Office Services Global 4 Communications https://www.global4.co.uk/ sales@global4.co.uk 01403 272910 IT Document Solutions Ltd https://itdocumentsolutions.com/ jermaine.weeden@ itdocumentsolutions.com 0207 101 0096 Regency Grove Communications http://www.rgcltd.co.uk/ enquiries@rgcltd.co.uk 03300 022222

Diamond Magazine

Property / Planning Services


Thakeham Group https://thakeham.com/ info@thakeham.com 01403 787300

Control Energy Cost https://cec.uk.com/ sales@cec.uk.com 01737 556631

Recruitment / HR

Southern Water https://www.southernwater.co.uk/ 01903 272776

Mekeda HR Limited https://www.mekeda.co.uk meryl@mekeda.co.uk 07710 998291 Volt https://www.volt.eu.com/ Charlotte.Gurney@volt.eu.com 01737 774100 Training / Education Chichester College Group https://www.chichestercollegegroup.ac.uk/ info@chichester.ac.uk 01243 786321 East Surrey College https://www.esc.ac.uk/ employerservices@esc.ac.uk 01737 788316

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Rewards Training https://www.rewardstraining.co.uk/ enquiries@rewardstraining.co.uk 01293 562651 Roffey Park http://www.roffeypark.com/ enquiries@roffeypark.ac.uk 01293 854020 University of Brighton https://www.brighton.ac.uk/businessservices/index.aspx enterprise@brighton.ac.uk 01273 641039

Go to the Events Page on the gdb website for full details on our upcoming events

University of Sussex https://www.sussex.ac.uk/ information@sussex.ac.uk 01273 606755



It's time to get your marketing into shape now it's 2022. Outsource it and kickstart your marketing today. Chat with one of the team today to find out how we can become your fully outsourced marketing team for a fixed monthly fee. Get in touch at hello@creativepod.net

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Re-Energise Conference

Gatwick Diamond Business Re-Energise 2022

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Come and join fellow business owners, directors & managers for this prestigious gdb ReEnergise Conference and a morning filled with infections motivation. Be captivated by the inspiration and insight of our outstanding speakers. Take away the positive & powerful messages from the event, to inspire you, your team and your business.

Thursday 20 January 2022 Stanhill Court Hotel www.gatwickdiamondbusiness.com/gdbreenergiseconference