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Publication Date: 12/01/2023

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02 Impact Report 2022
03 Impact Report 2022 TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword 04 About CyberKid Vietnam 06 Our team 08 The journey of 2 years 10 Impact progress 12 CyberSchool 14 CyberClass 16 CyberHotline 18 CyberHome 20 Brand update 22 Media 26 CyberKid in Ho Chi Minh City 28 Distinguished talent development programs 30 Our partners 32 Our plan until 2023 34 Contact information 36

CyberKid Vietnam enters its third year of operation, and I have the third-time honor to write a foreword for the CyberKid Impact Report 2022. First of all, on this special occasion, I would like to wish everyone and their families a safe, happy and prosperous new year!

“Young age do small work, in accordance with your strength”President Ho Chi Minh

Founded in September 2020, in the first year of operation, we have directly addressed incidents of Children being attacked in cyberspace, launched educational programs to equip students with Internet safety skills, all the while taught and vocationally guided gifted students in cybersecurity for 3,527 Children in Hanoi city. So far, the aforementioned number has increased 14 times, with 49,351 Children in 24 provinces and cities around the country primarily benefiting from CyberKid Vietnam's solutions. What I am most proud of is that all of CyberKid's skills-based programs are delivered directly to each classroom, rather than via traditional workshops or school-wide activities that are usually applied to extracurricular


04 Impact Report 2022

extracurricular programs. This smallclass-size strategy allows us to ensure that students are more engaged with the lessons, hence, increasing their learning efficiency. Furthermore, in July 2022, CyberKid officially launched the second branch office in Ho Chi Minh City to facilitate the delivery of programs to Children in the South.

All of these accomplishments are the result of 211 employees working at CyberKid Vietnam, with an average age of 20. These are undergraduates who, despite their young age, have quickly acquired a sense of social responsibility, devoting their discretionary talent and energy to the goal of developing a generation of responsible and talented digital citizens for a sustainable and powerful Vietnam in the digital transformation era. These young individuals are not only passionate about social activities, but also achieve excellent academic results. Many of them have achieved high ranks in student startup and business competitions, earned good to excellent grades in universities, or received academic scholarships from prominent corporations in the region while still actively engaging in CyberKid activities. I am incredibly delighted to have a chance to join them, thereby establishing a healthy playground for Vietnamese youth to practice and improve their skills while nourishing and engaging compassion, love, and national responsibility, as our beloved Uncle Ho has taught us.

In essence, CyberKid has established two primary targets for the year 2023:

Firstly, we will begin planning, developing, and implementing digital competence enhancement programs for Vietnamese students, as well as maintaining cyber safety

safety skill training programs for these target populations. In addition to Internet safety skills, a digital citizen must also acquire digital thinking and skills in order to actively engage in studying and working in the future digital economy and society system.

Secondly, we will concentrate on ensuring the sustainable operation of the CyberKid office in Ho Chi Minh City, allowing this branch to quickly catch up with the progress of the Hanoi branch. From there, we plan to focus our resources on opening a third office in Da Nang city by the end of 2023, fulfilling the short-term goal of expanding CyberKid's impact across the country before moving on to the aim of opening the first office outside the territory of Vietnam in Southeast Asia by 2025.

In the upcoming 2023, CyberKid members will continue to inherit and promote the longestablished, good traditions of Vietnamese youth. We are committed to contributing to the implementation of the National Digital Transformation Programme and the goal of transforming Vietnam into a developed, high-income country by 2045 through realizing our vision: to train and develop a generation of digital citizens capable of taking ownership of the country in the future.

CyberKid hopes to continue receiving support from community, firms, press association, especially administration agencies and departments, so that we have more motivation to continue achieving the goals established.

Happy New Year!


05 Impact Report 2022


Our Vision

To inspire a responsible, talented, and healthy generation of digital citizens to take ownership of their own future and devote themselves to society.

Our Mission

To enhance Internet safety awareness and skills as well as to equip digital competence for Children and Young Adults to ensure their digital readiness.

06 Impact Report 2022


Our Action

1. Equip Children and Young Adults with essential skills to identify, prevent and cope with cyber threats;


2. Develop digital competence for Children and Young Adults to confidently approach and engage in future learning and working opportunities in the digital economy and society.

Impact Report 2022



CyberKid Vietnam’s Board of Advisors includes experts in many fields: cybersecurity, legality, education, and policy to consult our long and short-term strategies and guarantee CyberKid’s effective operation.

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Information and Communications

Director of Institute for Educational Research Development of Human Potential

Chief of the Office, Authority of Information Security

Director, VinCSS Cyber Security Services Co., Ltd

Chairman Of The Board, Media Ventures Vietnam (MVV Group)

Director, Bui Dinh Ung Law Office

Director of Vietnam Cyber Security Co.,Jsc ( VSEC)

Key founder & Advisor, Cloud Security Alliance (#CSAVietnam)

Cybersecurity Specialist, National Cyber Security Center

Lecturer, RMIT University in Australia

Lecturer, Investing Police Department, T32 Police Academy

08 Impact Report 2022
Mr. Dung Nguyen-Huy Mr. Anh Ky Nguyen-Vo Mr. Ung Bui-Dinh Mrs. Huong Thu Nguyen-Thi Mr. Son Dang-Hai Mr. Son Nguyen-Thanh Mr. Luong Truong-Duc Mr. Philip Hung Cao Mr. Hieu Ngo-Minh Mr. Vinh Thai Mr. Duong Truong-Van

Board of directors & executives


Anh Luu-Thuy





09 Impact Report 2022
Quynh Nguyen-Nhu Thu Ha Nguyen-Thi Founder Chief Executive Officer Co-founder Research & Development Director My Nguyen-Tra Co-founder Talent Management Director CyberSchool & CyberHotline Director Marketing Director CyberClass Director Anh Nguyen-Khac Co-founder Finance & Legality Director Giang Dao-Huong Vice Head of Partnership Development Nhi Yen Nguyen-Thi Head of Finance & Legality Phuong Mai Nguyen-Thi Head of Research & Development Trang Nguyen-Phuong Branch Director Trung Nguyen-Ngoc Head of CyberClass Minh Nguyen-Anh Branch Director Phuong Nguyen-Lam Head of CyberHome Nhi Vu-Yen Head of Marketing Phuong Nguyen-Minh Vice Head of Marketing Trang Nguyen-Mai Head of CyberSchool & CyberHotline Ha Thu Nguyen-Thi Vice Head of Marketing Trang Nguyen-Thuy Head of CyberSchool Le Thu Nguyen-Truong Head of Partnership Development Head of Talent Management

The journey of 2 years

Important Milestones

Social Enterprise Cyber Vietnam Kid

CyberKid obtained official legal status as CyberKid Vietnam Social Joint Stock Company. At the same time, CyberKid launched the first solution for Schools - CyberSchool.

CyberKid launched 2 solutions for Children and Cyber Victims, respectively - CyberClass and CyberHotline.

CyberKid appeared for the first time on National TV news program and was mentioned as the “pioneering organization to protect children in cyberspace”.

CyberKid launched the “Nationwide Internet safety classes” project in 5 Northern mountainous provinces.

10 Impact Report 2022 09

CyberKid launched the “Internet safety classes” project in the Southern region.

CyberKid officially established a new branch in Ho Chi Minh City.

CyberKid was mentioned on the National TV news programs named “Protecting Children’s Safety in CyberSpace” and “Cultural story: Social media behaviors”.

CyberKid collaborated with Meta Platforms, Inc. to organize Safety Café Vietnam with the purpose to enhance cyber safety awareness for Vietnamese users, especially Young Adults.

CyberKid officially announced the brand update with the aim of raising awareness and providing Vietnamese Children and Young Adults with essential cyber safety skills, as well as equipping them with digital competence and ensuring digital readiness.

The journey of 2 years

11 Impact Report 2022
04 2022 07 2022 08 2022 12 2022 10 2022
Important Milestones
12 Impact Report 2022 CyberKid has supported and protected Children in 24 CITIES AND PROVINCES Ha o Ho C i Mi Cit Ha Gia T ai e Cao Ba a o e Bi D o a i a a T a Ho H Ye 13. Ca T o 14. P T o 15. Vi P c 16. Kie Gia g 17. Bac i h 18. T e a g 19. Da a g 20. T a T ie H e 21. Gia g 22. K a Hoa 23. Do ai 24. am Do OUR PROGRESS The number of Children participated in OUR solutions C ildre In 2022, the number of Children participated in CyberKid solutions increased by 202.88% compared to 2021, and increased by 1,229.23% compared to 2020. 3,527 16,294 49,351 C ildre C ildre C ildre 2021 2022 2020
13 Impact Report 2022 47,551 Children participated in CyberKid’s not-for-profit solutions (CyberSchool, CyberClass, CyberHotline) 72.05% Percentage of Children able to identify 7 cyber threats after each class CHILDREN 638 Volunteers participated in delivering CyberKid solutions to Children 64 Schools cooperated with CyberKid to deploy our solutions 1,055 “Internet Safety” classes delivered at schools SCHOOLS VOLUNTEERS 91 Cases of Children attacked in cyberspace were reported 89.2% Percentage of cases were solved VICTIMS 101 Parents participated in CyberHome classes to improve digital knowledge and skills PARENTS * According to CyberKid Vietnam, 07 cyber threats include: 1) Internet fraud; 2) Identity theft; 3) Sexual abuse; 4) Human trafficking; 5) Game addiction; 6) Access to prohibited content; 7) Cyberbullying.

Vaccines for Children in Cyberspace


CyberSchool is a solution for Schools, providing free 45 to 90-minute “Internet Safety" classes for primary schools, middle schools, and high schools to enhance Children’s knowledge and ability to utilize the Internet effectively.


In 2022, we continued executing the strategy of implementing the "Nationwide Internet Safety classes" project. Having achieved success in the Northern provinces and Hanoi, CyberSchool was officially launched in Ho Chi Minh City in April 2022. Besides bringing “Internet Safety” classes to primary, secondary, and high schools, CyberSchool in Ho Chi Minh city also spread valuable knowledge about how to utilize Internet safely to unfortunate children in orphanages such as SOS Children's Villages, Mai Am Anh Sang, and Mai Am Tre Xanh.


(1) There is a high level of volunteer student interaction since lessons are organized in small sized classrooms, with interesting curricula content, thereby increasing student's knowledge acquisition;

(2) Not only children, who are the beneficiaries of the solution, but also other social sectors, such as schools, teachers, project coordinators, and project volunteers, are impacted by the solution.


Children participated in “Internet Safety” classes 1,025

“Internet Safety” classes delivered at schools

Volunteers participated in delivered “Internet Safety” classes

59 Schools cooperated with CyberSchool 603 187%

Percentage of Children impacted compared to 2021

14 Impact Report 2022

CyberSchool's journey not only makes beneficial consequence on Children but also inspires and creates a dynamic environment for University students to develop soft skills. By approaching top domestic universities to recruit talented students such as University of Languages and International Studies – Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, and Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, CyberSchool has been developing a nationwide network of high-quality volunteers.

This year, we also focused on improving the quality of our classes by organizing training programs of pedagogical skills and carefully evaluating the teaching ability of the volunteers. In addition, we continuously developed new interactive activities between students and volunteers and updated lesson plans that include new, in-depth, and practical content.

In 2023, CyberSchool has 03 main goals:

Equipping Children and Young Adults with digital competencies besides digital safety knowledge so that they will be confident when seizing future learning and working opportunities of the digital economy - society;

Delivering the “Internet Safety” classes to high schools in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to ensure that students at all ages are equipped with useful knowledge and skills on how to utilize the Internet safely;

Launching the Global Digital Citizen Summer Camp 2023 which aims at opening up a meaningful space for students to develop themselves. With the form of a day-boarding summer camp, the Global Digital Citizen Summer Camp 2023 will provide basic knowledge and skills for Children about how to create content on digital platforms. Furthermore, it also brings opportunities for students to meet, exchange and listen to speakers who are influential in many fields such as communication, technology, education, and social activism.


“The Administration is very grateful to CyberKid for bringing the “Internet Safety” classes to the students of Ngo Si Lien Secondary School. Both teachers and students have given positive feedback about the lesson. In particular, besides theoretical knowledge, the lesson was integrated with real-life stories and situations, which gave students chances to interact and grasp knowledge better. I hope that, in the future, CyberKid Vietnam and our school will have more cooperation opportunities when there are other suitable programs.”

CyberSchool s volunteer journey has helped me improve my public speaking and problemsolving skills. Additionally, I felt energi zed when the pupils were joyful and excited about my lessons. I m truly grateful to CyberKid for providing me with the chance to have such experiences. As for me, that journey is really beautiful and unforgettable.” Mr. Hoan Nguyen-Trong, Volunteer of CyberSchool in Hanoi Q4/2022

After taking part in CyberSchool s class, I have learned a lot of useful lessons about protecting myself from attacks and temptations in cyberspace. In addition, this is also an opportunity for me to be equipped with skills to utilize Internet resources in learning and entertainment effectively. All students were given a space to e xpress their opinions on this topic thanks to an interesting class and friendly volunteers. These lessons from CyberSchool are meaningful to us - the generations of the digital era and the nation s pride.

Mr. Son Dao-Ngọc, Student in grade 9 at Ngo Si Lien Secondary School - Hanoi


The launching pad for early cybersecurity talents in Vietnam



In 2022, CyberClass continuously improved the quality and intensiveness of the curriculum. Not only did CyberClass provide knowledge base, we also added practical lessons so that students can apply their knowledge to their personal projects or cybersecurity competitions. Before being officially launched, each course is carefully evaluated by the curriculum editors and lecturers. These innovations in curriculum expertise helped CyberClass courses not only deliver a solid knowledge base to students but also bring excitement to students.

We always strive to be a close companion to our students. Students are heard, cared for and assisted by the CyberClass team promptly from the registration to the end of the course. During the third-quarter course, 90% of the participating students held firm to their learning motivation and felt satisfied with the learning and interactive experience at CyberClass.

In addition, in order to find and recruit early talents in the field of Cybersecurity more effectively, CyberClass promotes cooperation with gifted high schools across Vietnam, such as Hung Vuong High School for the Gifted, Bien Hoa High School for the Gifted, Nguyen Hue High School in Ha Noi, High School for Gifted Student - Hanoi National University of Education, etc. Through a network of gifted schools and high-quality schools across 24 provinces, the input quality of students has been improved, thereby helping CyberClass focus on in-depth training content and carry out the right task to discover potential young talents in this field.


(1) Students' competence is constantly assessed throughout the courses by experts;

(2) Students with great potential have their information sent to schools, related educational centers, and institutions for further talent nurturing in the field of Cybersecurity from an early age.


CyberClass is a solution for Children, providing 100% free online courses to discover and foster talents in Cybersecurity.
16 Impact Report 2022 6 20 196 87
Cybersecurity courses were organized Talents passed the final tests Students participated in cybersecurity courses Experts collaborated with CyberClass

Especially in the coming July, CyberClass is going to hold a Capture The Flag (CTF - Capture the Flag) contest which is completely a new version compared to the version in previous years. We expect this event to be the first playground not only for Vietnamese students but also for students from other countries in Southeast Asia to practice in the cyber arena, to compete and affirm their abilities with international friends. The contest will also help countries in Southeast Asia to find, nurture, orient and activate talents and passions about Cybersecurity for talented students from a young age. At the same time, the contest is also a solution to develop and leverage the information security human resource, turning Vietnam step by step into a cybersecurity powerhouse.

In 2023, we will continue to : 1

Improving the quality and expertise of the curriculum; Connecting students with experts through competitions and career events on Cybersecurity; 2

Fostering promotion activities with high schools to reach more early talents in Cybersecurity. 3


“I think CyberClass is very meaningful after becoming a lecturer of Linux Operating System course. CyberClass has opened up opportunities for students to better access to cybersecurity knowledge and receive early career guidance so that they are more motivated. It will be much better if this model is widely spread and improved in the future”

“Up to now, I have attended 2 consecutive courses organized by CyberClass and all the courses were well-designed. The lecturers in the class are also very proficient, they always answered all my questions right after finishing the classes. CyberClass's staff are very lovely, they always help and support me whenever I face difficulties. I'm really grateful because they have supported and inspired me to continue this challenging passion."

"CyberClass is a friendly and dynamic learning environment where I can connect with lecturers who always support us with all their best. I enjoy every lecture of CyberClass because they are all interesting and insightful. Besides, thanks to CyberClass, I was able to make friends with several wonderful students. CyberClass' staff are also very kind. After taking the course, my admiration for them was continuously increasing. I also wanted to continue spreading the knowledge and helping them to develop the right path for early talents who were having trouble like myself before, so I applied to become an official member of CyberClass. And my wish has come true!"

Mr. Tin Ngo-Hong, Security Analyst, Axon CompanyLecturer of Linux Operating System course Dung Hoang-Ngoc, Le Quy Don High School for the Gifted, Khanh Hoa, student of the course “Networking” and “Linux Operating System”
Duy Hua-Minh, member of Content Development Unit at CyberClass, student of the course “Networking” and “Linux Operating System”

Listening with all our hearts


CyberHotline is a solution for Victims, providing free psychological counseling, support, and first aid services to Children and Young Adults who are Victims of cyber threats.


In 2022, CyberHotline focused on improving the quality of crisis response by enhancing the expertise of our consultants and building a crisis response process to provide practical, timely, and effective solutions in the context of millions of Children facing risks in cyberspace with higher complexity levels. When receiving cyberattack cases, CyberHotline assumes the role of "psychological first aid" in order to firstly maintain Victims’ mental stability. For serious cases, especially when signs of crime are recorded, we will guide or assist Victims to contact competent authorities.

Furthermore, CyberHotline promoted numerous marketing campaigns to increase our solution’s recognition among the community, therefore encouraging Victims to speak up and seek help when encountering maltreatment in cyberspace. In particular, a campaign titled "One story, One change" was launched in primary and secondary schools in Hanoi with the aim of approaching Children and listening to their stories in cyberspace via direct consultation.


Cases of Children attacked in cyberspace were reported

20.7 90.2%

The average hours CyberHotline solves per case

Cases of Children attacked in cyberspace were solved

The maximum number of cases CyberHotline can solve per day


(1) Providing measures that are adaptable to the unique circumstances of each Victim;

(2) Highly effective assisting techniques for Victims and witnesses, including one to three months of post-counseling assistance to ensure Victims are not alone in their journey toward self-protection.

18 Impact Report 2022



With the view to providing suitable remedies for each Victim reported along with reducing crisis response time, we focused on connecting with leading experts and organizations in many fields, especially psychology, legality, and cybersecurity. In order to establish the Union of Protecting Children and Young Adults in cyberspace, since October 2022, CyberHotline has collaborated with psychological, legal, and technological organizations, such as: Touching Soul Center, Ann Therapy, etc.

We operate with two main goals:

100% of cases contacting Union Member’s hotlines are supported promptly and effectively;

100% of cases contacting Union Member’s hotlines are received with sincerity, respect and willingness to listen.


"I felt comfortable when sharing my story with CyberHotline. All of the counselors are really friendly. In difficult times, knowing that someone is there to listen to me and understand my stories really makes me feel happier and safer.”

P.V - Victim of cyberbullying

“Absolutely 5/5 points! CyberHotline was very supportive and enthusiastic. Thanks to CyberHotline's companionship, I have solved the difficulties I encountered as well as feel more secure when using the Internet."

T.H.H - Victim of identity theft

19 Impact Report 2022

Enhance digital capabilities and strengthen Vietnamese families’ connection


CyberHome is a solution for Families, providing educational content about digital competence enhancement via the diversity of formats with the flexible combination between education and entertainment with the aim to assist Vietnamese Families to get ready in the digital transformation era.

What makes CyberHome different?

We are pioneering in building content, giving knowledge about digital competence improvement to the Family which aligns with the current digital trend in Vietnam and worldwide;

The educational content is developed from a combination of the perspectives of modern young people and experts in the fields of parenting and cybersecurity;

Product forms are diversified and flexibly combined educational and entertainment factors to transmit knowledge in an interesting and receptive way to family members.


100+ Parents and Children participated

20 Impact Report 2022


CyberHome is the leading pioneer in providing basic digital knowledge and skills to help millions of Vietnamese families adapt to the changes of the digital transformation era as well as utilize technology to connect families in a modern and civilized way. We realize that, nowadays, Vietnamese families are facing several risks stemming from the explosion of technology without knowing how to use the Internet safely.

With that in mind, CyberHome strives to:

Build tools, learning materials and interactive spaces to equip families with basic knowledge about digital competence and optimize the use of the Internet.

Orient civilized parenting in the digital transformation era to erase the generation gap between Parents and Children, serving as a foundation for connection, protection and companionship with Children in cyberspace.

In order to make a great impact on the community, especially Parents and teachers - who have a significant and direct influence on the development of Children, CyberHome deploys our solutions with a variety form of products, including:

Training workshop for teachers: Equip digital competence and online child protection methods to help teachers accompany students in the 4.0 era;

Conference for Parents: Organize educational activities for Parents on Internet safety and support them to protect and sympathize with their Children in modern society;

Educational gift box: Provide educational products that are harmoniously combined with entertaining elements aimed at students from elementary school to high school with a view to enhancing Children s necessary digital competence and self-oriented skills in the future. In addition, this will also be an effective tool to help family members get closer through interesting interactive activities.

21 Impact Report 2022


the journey

of 2 years

After 2 years actively working on protecting and supporting Children in cyberspace, CyberKid has made impact on 49,351 Children in over 20 Vietnamese cities and provinces. During this time, we realized the following problems:


Only focusing on raising awareness and enhancing skills on Internet safety for Children is not enough. Along with being educated to recognize, avoid and cope with cyber threats, Children also need to be equipped with various digital skills to actively engage in the future learning and working opportunities of the digital economy and digital society.

2 3

Besides Children under 16 years old, Vietnamese Young Adults, who are the future workforce, need to be protected in cyberspace and equipped with digital competence.

Finally, CyberKid’s mission needs to be more aligned and relevant to the National Digital Citizen and Digital Workforce Development Programs and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Entering into the 3rd year of operation, CyberKid decided to conduct 3 main changes to solve these problems, including:

Expanding our solutions’ beneficiaries from Children under 16 years old to Children and Young Adults under 23 years old;


Researching and developing new curricula on digital competence for Vietnamese Children and Young Adults, along with continuing to deliver Internet safety knowledge to these populations;

Ensuring that all future CyberKid activities are relevant to and aligned with the National Digital Citizen and Digital Workforce Development objectives and 17 UN’s Sustainable Development

Goals (SDGs). To be more specific, we focus on SDG 4 on Quality Education and SDG 8 on Decent Work and Economic Growth. We believe that when young people are e quipped with the necessary digital skills, they can take advantage of Internet and technology in general to learn and enhance their creativity anywhere at any time, therefore meeting the requirements of the digital economy and society, which ensures that no one is left behind.

22 Impact Report 2022

Training and improving members' awareness about brand update and digital competence

In addition to marketing activities to the community about brand update and the keyword "Digital Competence", CyberKid pays attention to the internal transmission and training to the current members. In particular, Talent Management Department conducted a variety of internal communication activities to raise members’ awareness about brand update and organized a Training Camp to provide over 100 members in both branches with the first digital skills. The Training Camp offered some different sessions including: How to Become a Data-Master, Detox your digital life, How to become a productive superman, and How to actualize virtual communication. Therefore, our members can accumulate sufficient knowledge as well as skills to get ready for organizational change.

ResearcHING and developING educational digital competence content

One of the main activities of CyberKid brand update strategy is conducting researches and developing educational content on digital competence for Children and Young Adults. For CyberKid, the educational content should be entirely created by the Vietnamese and for the Vietnamese. In 0 , CyberKid identified that the majority of Vietnamese youth had not been properly introduced to and acquired comprehensive educational content on digital competence, which had broadened the gap between the employment requirements of the digital economy and society, and execution ability of the labor force. Hence, Research and Development Department from CyberKid has been carrying out number of activities with the goal of improving young people's digital capabilities so that they can adapt to the changing demands of the country,Conductingincludingin-depth study on the existing state of digital competence among Vietnamese Children and Young Adults using digital competence framework created and implemented in other countries Building digital competence content suitable for Vietnamese students. To be more specific, educational materials will be prepared to be fulfilled with appropriate knowledge and skills related to digital competence and produced on the basis of educational stages and geography of the teaching region.

CyberKid has conducted a series of communication activities to announce the update of our organization, as well as raise public awareness about the importance of equipping Vietnamese Children and Young Adults with digital competence. Specifically, the series of activities consists of 3 main events: 1) #GrowwithCyberKid content series; )

webinars about enhancing digital competence;

Brand update press conference. At the end of the campaign, CyberKid has achieved

following: REMARKABLE marketing campaigns 900 20 90 158,904 233,710 Attendants Reaches on Facebook Views on Facebook Posts on fanpages and community groups News agencies attended


Ms. Adele Doan

Sales Manager at JobHopin - the first company in Vietnam providing recruitment services using artificial intelligence (AI); Blog owner and podcast creator of "Adele Doan" Channel on Spotify; Co-Founder of TechScene - a non-profit organization for IT professionals.

MR. Sun Hung

Head of Design at ViiVue Design Agency, Lecturer at DAS (Design Anthropology School - a Graphic Design Teaching Center); Collaborated with several large worldwide corporations such as RMIT, Fossil Group, Unilever, HSBC, Romano, etc.


Our team implemented a new topic called #GrowthwithCyberKid for Children and Young Adults with the purpose of e quipping them with effective learning and self-development approaches via digital competence application. In particular, CyberKid invited 11 guests, who have excellent academic backgrounds or are experts in their field, to share their application of digital competence in real life. Receiving positive responses from the young, Cyber Kid is increasingly determined to deliver more valuable content in the future.

Webinar 01: Personal branding in digital era

Webinar 02: Optimizing digital platform in freelancing job research

Webinar 03: Digital Footprint: Control Your Online Activities

Ms. Yen Nguyen-Hai

Chief Human Resource Officer at OpenCommerce Group - a leading technology company that provides ecommerce solutions.


Zero Trust Strategist and Technology Solutions Architect with 21 years of ICT/ Cybersecurity experience in various fields and positions; Collaborator, educator, and numerous prestigious certifications holder.

Cybersecurity Expert at the National Cybersecurity Center of Vietnam, Founder of - a non-profit organization protecting Internet users from fa ke websites containing malicious code and negative content.

"Your digital footprint is recorded each time you access the Internet. Even using incognito tabs does not guarantee the privacy of your information. Websites that you accessed through incognito tabs may still record your email and IP address. It can only clear data and cookies when you log out."


CyberKid Vietnam's Brand Update Announcement

With the goal of informing partners about the organization's transition and publicly introducing the concept and value of digital competence to Young Adults, on December 14th, 2022, CyberKid welcomed over 20 news agencies and more than 500 attendees to the CyberKid Brand Update Announcement. The event was divided into two main parts:

Part 1: Brand update ceremony

Part 2: Talk show "The role of digital competence in the self-development of Young Adults," with the purpose of raising their awareness on developing digital skills.

At the same time, CyberKid also changed our brand identity by launching a new logo to reflect our new development orientation.

Representing CyberKid, Ms. Luu Thuy Anh - Master of Positive Psychology, CyberKid Vietnam's cofounder shared in the press conference as follows: "CyberKid will focus on fulfilling the mission of inspiring a responsible, talented, and healthy generation of digital citizens to take ownership of their future and devote themselves to the society. Simultaneously, CyberKid strives to raise awareness and provide essential cyber safety skills, as well as prepare Children with digital competencies and ensure digital readiness for Children and Young Adults.

The new logo has a youthful, dynamic, and groundbreaking nuance with three primary changes: the winking expression indicates the human aspect in tandem with technological advancement, the "intermittent" design represents CyberKid's attitude of eagerness to learn new things and improve. Furthermore, the letter C on the left and the wink symbol indicating the letter K in "CyberKid'' are craftily combined. The new logo aims to convey the lively and youthful energy of CyberKid's target audience and members, children and young adults.

The talk show "The role of digital competence in self-development of Young Adults" follows the first segment of the Brand update ceremony. The talk show took place with the attendance of Ms. Linh Thuy Nguyen-Phan, Founder of Nguoc social organization, Mr. Hoang Nguyen-Trong, Employer Branding Director Solutions at The Trainee Club, and Ms. Ha Chu, Founder of Cooked - a provider of advanced Marketing and Business Development courses, and over 500 online attendants.

The brand update ceremony marked the CyberKid evolution from an organization focused on Internet safety for Children in cyberspace to one that equips Children and Young Adults with digital competence. We hope to continue receiving Young Adults' support and to be a trustworthy companion of Vietnamese Youth on their journey to become talented digital citizens in the future.

Old logo New logo


The year 2022 of CyberKid ended with remarkable success in media activities. In total, we reached over 500,000 Children and Young Adults and gained more than 24,000 followers on our Facebook fanpage. We also organized numerous media events and campaigns on social platforms. The Brand Update Campaign was the highlight among our activities, marking the maturity of CyberKid as well as changing our focus from Internet Safety to the Digital Competence field. Not only did we try to improve the quality of our contents, but we also strove to spread CyberKid's message to the community through social media, national TV channels, newspapers, and influencers. Through our communication activities in 2022, we received impressive figures and reactions from our target audience, which greatly motivated us to constantly upgrade our content’s quality in the upcoming year.

2 80 News broadcasts on

VTV1 Digital news 5,000 Participants


6 Seminars

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR 6 Events 520,000 Reaches on Facebook

CyberKid Vietnam appeared on VTV1 News Program with the topic of cultural behavior in cyberspace

CyberKid Vietnam's activities were broadcasted on the "Cultural stories: Criticism on social network" program on August 25th and 23h News Program of VTV1 channel, national television broadcaster of Vietnam, on August 27th, with the aim to improve online cultural behaviors and data collection skills for Children according to the decision of the Prime Minister. These programs not only provided a variety of practical information for Children and Young Adults but also assisted in spreading CyberKid's image and solutions to society, bringing the organization closer to the goal of inspiring a generation of talented, responsible, and healthy digital citizens in the digital transformation era.

26 Impact Report 2022

CyberKid Fanpage received a blue verification badge on Facebook

On August 18th, 2022, CyberKid Vietnam Facebook fanpage was officially verified by Meta Platforms. The blue verification badge is a great encouragement for the our Marketing Team to continue developing, generating valuable content for our followers, and establishing the CyberKid Vietnam Fanpage as an informative and reliable platform for Children and Young Adults.

CyberKid Vietnam organized an online webinar Cyber bystander: Who am I on the online violence boundaries ?”

On May 21st, 2022, CyberKid Vietnam hosted an online webinar titled "Cyber bystander: Who am I on the online violence boundaries ?" with the participation of Associate Professor, Dr. Bui Thi Hong Thai Lecturer in Counseling Psychology and Ms. Suong Mai Editor. The webinar aimed at providing an overview to Children in grades 7 to 10 about the character Cyber bystander”, who is an easy target of cyberbullies. It drew over 2 50 Children and young people aged 1 3 to 20 to participate and discuss, with media support from numerous social media personalities .

*According to UNICEF, a cyber-bystander, also known as a cyberbullying bystander, is someone who sees or witnesses others' threats, harassment, or intentional harm over the internet.

CyberKid Vietnam accompanied the program “Green Summer Volunteer Campaign 2022” organized by the Communist Youth Union of Ministry of Information and Communications

On June 18th and 19th 2022, CyberKid Vietnam accompanied the Ministry of Information and Communications in collaboration with the Communist Youth Union of the Department of Information and Communications of Yen Bai to organize "Green Summer Volunteer Campaign 2022”. Our CyberKid team launched a "Safety in Cyberspace" class at Phan Thanh Secondary School in Luc Yen, Yen Bai, with the goal of teaching students skills to use digital devices safely and healthily.

27 Impact Report 2022


The establishment of the second office in Ho Chi Minh City

The establishment of the CyberKid office in Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most three important strategies in our three-year plan 2020 - 2023. In July of 2022, the CyberKid branch in Ho Chi Minh City was officially launched with the first 3 members of Board of Executives who are highly eager to contribute their talents to the benefits of society. After 5 months, the new office is currently operating with 20 members studying at prestige domestic universities such as Foreign Trade University, University of Law, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Science and Technology, Fulbright University Vietnam, and others in Ho Chi Minh National University, etc.

Our first step and growth journey

CyberSchool is the first solution to be implemented in Ho Chi Minh City. After 6 months, despite countless difficulties, CyberSchool successfully implemented “Internet Safety” classes in 7 Schools and 7 Orphanages, approaching 3,274 Children in Ho Chi Minh City and An Giang Province.

At the beginning of 2023, we will introduce the second solution of CyberKid at the Southern branch: the educational and entertaining gift boxes CyberHome, which aims to enhance digital competencies and strengthen Vietnamese families' connections in digital transformation era. We ensure that all activities will follow the organization’s orientation and 5 core values include: Knowledge - Kindness - Courage - OwnershipCollaboration.

Our commitment

Building the branch’s culture according to CyberKid’s 5 values

Creating a dynamic and professional environment and ensuring 100% of members gain practical e perience and valuable self-development opportunities ccompanying CyberKid in Ha oi branch, we effectively convey the organization's message and solutions to chools, Parents, Young dults, and Children.

28 Impact Report 2022


“CyberKid has brought many opportunities for me to learn and experience, as well as has given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone. My team members at CyberSchool always stand by me whenever I encounter difficulties and give me constructive feedback for my mistakes. Also, I am really happy and delighted to work with the local volunteers to deliver “Internet Safety” classes to many Children in Ho Chi Minh City.” Ngoc Minh Do-Hoang, Project Management Executive, CyberSchool Department in Ho Chi Minh City

“In December 2022, I had the chance to work with members of Ho Chi Minh branch at TechFest 2022 organized in Binh Duong. During the 3-day event, I can see how professional and friendly they are. I have confidence that our team in Ho Chi Minh City can spread CyberKid impacts to more Children and Young Adults in Vietnam and will soon have significant development in the future. I wish that CyberKid's branch team in Ho Chi Minh City would achieve great success in the coming new year 2023.” Anh Luu-Thuy, Co-founder of CyberKid

“After 3 months of working with members in CyberKid Ho Chi Minh branch, I was amazed by the diverse personalities and culture of the branch. They are very energetic, enthusiastic, eager to learn, and willing to collaborate. The spirit of members in Ho Chi Minh branch impressed me, and I felt delighted to work with them.” Trang Nguyen-Mai, Head of CyberSchool and CyberHotline in Ha Noi

29 Impact Report 2022

Distinguished talent development

Following the success of 2021, CyberKid has continued to focus on talent development activities in 2022, with the goal of becoming a high-quality human resource incubator for the Vietnamese government, businesses, and respected nongovernmental and non-profit organizations. Embracing the “Knowledge” value in the 5 values of CyberKid, we hope for our members to accumulate crucial knowledge, professional skills, as well as diverse experiences to pursue their careers in the future.

Specifically, learning from big corporations, we quarterly organize internal training sessions with different scales and topics, from organizational training with basic knowledge to department training with specialized skills. Furthermore, one-toone counseling and personal training sessions are also available occasionally according to members’ requests. All members can schedule a consultation with the Managers or Head of their department for timely support.

As 2022 comes to an end, CyberKid has one more year to be proud of our generations of members, as well as to appreciate their significant contributions to the organization’s development. They are the alumni who have become talented employees and interns in prestige enterprises. They are also our current members who are dedicating themselves day and night to the community, all the while receiving outstanding prizes and scholarships as university students.

30 Impact Report 2022
MEMBERSHIP insight 90.9% Members’
Members’ retention rate
UNIVERSITy GENDER AGE Total number of CyberKid members from 2020 to now: 211 Above 23 Between 21 - 23 % % % Below 20 Male Female National Economics University Hanoi Law University Academy of Finance Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam Foreign Trade University Other Universities
satisfaction and engagement
in 2022
after the first quarter of term 22.23

development programs

Thu Ha Nguyen-Thi, Co-founder, Research & Development Director

The Vingroup Science & Technology Scholarship Program For erseas Study for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees For Academic Years 2023-2024 and 2024-202

International Achie ement Scholarship, Portland State Uni ersity, the US (2020-2022

Schnitzer Art & Design Scholarship, School of Arts, Portland State Uni ersity, the US (2021-2022

International Student Retention Scholarship (2021-2022

Dean's list, Portland State Uni ersity, the US (Fall 2020, Fall 2021

President's List, Portland State Uni ersity, the US (Spring 2021)

Le Thu Truong-Nguyen, Head of Talent Management & Partnership Development in Ho Chi Minh City

A-class scholarship in 2022 with 3.85 GP

Student of 5 merits at the Uni ersity of Economics and Law, Vietnam ational Uni ersity, Ho Chi Minh Cit Students with good achie ement in the Green Summer Volunteer Campaign of the Uni ersity of Economics and Law 202

Awarded the title " utstanding Ho Chi Minh City's Youth in following Uncle Ho's teachings" in 2022

Anh Nguyen-Nhat, Legality Manager

Participated in writing articles at the Scientific Conference of Law students 21.22, organized by the Faculty of Law - Foreign Trade Uni ersity

1st prize of SPIRIT F LAWS competition 2021, held by Faculty of Law - Banking Academ

Top 6 projects in Vietnam “#MySummerStartup” competitio

Top 5 best projects in Students and Youth illage, TechFest 2021

Ha Thu Nguyen-Thi, Vice Head of Marketing

Winner of IC Master competition 2022, held by Faculty of International Communications, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam

Khang Truong-Minh, Project Management Executive of CyberSchool in Ho Chi Minh City

Full scholarship of Uni ersity of Economics , Ho Chi Minh City


Hoang Khong-Duc, Project Management Executive of CyberSchool in Hanoi

A-class scholarship in 2022 with 3.71 GPA, Foreign Trade Uni ersity

Thu Phan-Anh, Project Management Executive of CyberSchool in Ho Chi Minh City

Student of 5 merits at the Uni ersity of Economics and Law, Vietnam ational Uni ersity, Ho Chi Minh City

Phuong Lan Nguyen-Thi , Alumni of Research & Development Department

1st Runner-up Medical Techno ation Startup competition in Techfest 2022

Top 3 Young Social Entrepreneurs Contest 202

Top 5 at the Forum for Grassroots Inno ators in Southeast Asia - India 202

Full Scholarship for ational Uni ersity of Singapore US Summer Program in Entrepreneurship in 202

4-year direct admission scholarship to International School - Vietnam ational Uni ersit Scholarship of the itori Scholarship Foundation, Japan for the academic year 2022 - 202

Full scholarship to participate in online cultural e xchange program at gee Ann Polytechnic, Singapor

Full scholarship to participate in the cultural exchange program and sustainable entrepreneurship "#Con erge 2022 - LatinAmerica" of the Uni ersity of Social Sciences Singapore, SUSS

Duc Do-Minh, Alumni of Partnership Development Department

1st Runner-up in 2021 Start-up with Kawai competitio 2nd Runner-up in 2021 Leadership Talent competitio Management Trainee at Central Retail Vietnam

Khang Chu-Manh, Alumni of CyberClass Department

Penetrate Tester Intern at Viettel Cyber Security



Meta Platforms, Inc.

PwC Vietnam Ltd.

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. VNG Corporation

Young IT Technology and Human Resource Development Co., Ltd.


CyberKid collaborated with the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Department of Education and Training of Hau Giang province, and PwC Vietnam to launch the “New world. New skills” program.

“New world. New skills” program is a global initiative by PwC global network that aims to help millions of people around the world improve their understanding, skills and knowledge for the digital world, thereby bridging the digital gap. In Vietnam, this is the first time that “New world. New skills” has been organized to raise information security awareness for teachers, as well as provide them with technology access to promote upskilling opportunities.

As a province that always focuses on fostering and improving digital skills for local teachers in particular and the local workforce in general, Hau Giang has become the pioneer to cooperate with PwC Vietnam and CyberKid to implement the initiative. This program includes 02 main activities: 1) Training session about “Enhancing online teaching skills and security awareness” for 50 high school teachers; 2) Computer donation ceremony to local schools.

32 Impact Report 2022
Vietnamese Security Network Jsc. CyberJutsu Jsc. Vietnam Psycho –Pedagogical Association Vietnam Airlines

CyberKid collaborated with Meta Platforms, Inc. and Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) to organize Safety Café Vietnam.

From October 07 to October 09, 2022, Meta Platforms, CyberKid Vietnam, and Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) organized Safety Café Vietnam at Hanoi. This event aimed at enhancing Internet safety awareness and essential skills for Internet users, especially young people, which incentivized users’ creativity in the digital environment and utilized cyberspace in a safe and effective way.

The Safety Café Vietnam’s launching event attracted the participation of more than 50 media guests and 100 students from 4 secondary schools in Ha Noi. During the 3-day event, CyberKid successfully held 5 Internet Safety workshops and received positive feedback from 1, 00 participants.

CyberKid Vietnam became a Co-head of Cyber Security Technology Village at Techfest Vietnam 2022

Techfest is the biggest annual event for innovative start-ups in Vietnam, guided by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam, The Ministry of Diplomacy of Vietnam, and organized by The National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATECH). In 2022, CyberKid Vietnam was selected to become the Co-head of Cyber Security Village, in collaboration with Vietnamese Security Network J.S.C and Nessar Vietnam Technologies J.S.C to organize a variety of activities, aiming at building up human, technological, social resources and creating motivation for sustainable development of Vietnam's Information Security ecosystem.


Cyber Security Village successfully organized “Cyber Security Training in Vietnam” conference with the participation of 200 undergraduate students. Through this event, participants had the chance to learn about the Cyber Security Industry in Vietnam and career paths to enter this industry.

The Village successfully held the "IT Outsourcing and Upcoming” conference with the participation of more than 50 leading managers and experts in the information security industry in Vietnam.


CyberKid set up an information booth at the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Festival (Techfest Vietnam). It took place in Binh Duong Province and attracted more than 200 participants including enterprises, news agencies, education and technology enthusiasts. Especially, on December 02, 2022, Ms. Anh Luu Thuy Co founder of CyberKid Vietnam delivered a speech titled “Developing a talented and responsible digital citizens generation” at the "Cyber security in Vietnam A billionaire industry" conference organized by Cybersecurity Technology Village.

02/12/2022 - 04/12/2022

33 Impact Report 2022

By the end of 2023, CyberKid aims to successfully educate 5 million Vietnamese Children and Young Adults to be able to recognize and protect themselves from 7 cyber threats. In addition, we strive to:



Email: Facebook: CyberKid Vietnam Website: Address: 4th Floor, No. 87, Vuong Thua Vu Street, Khuong Mai Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Ha Noi, Vietnam

36 Impact Report 2022

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