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Issued Date: 30/01/2024
CyberKid Vietnam
cyberkid vietnam impact report2023
M. 01 01 FOREWORD CyberKid's President’s New Year messages for 2024 M. 02 03 ABOUT CyberKid Vietnam Our vision, our mission, our actions, and operating model M. 03 05 OUR TEAM Board of Advisors, Board of Directors, and Board of Managers M. 04 07 3- YEAR A JOURNEY Remarkable events Impact progress Network of schools and educational institutions partners Outstanding achievements M. 05 11 CyberSchool Solution Our differences, Impact, and Rewind 2023 M. 06 13 Cyberclass Solution Our differences, Impact, and Rewind 2023 M. 07 15 CyberHOTLINE Solution Our differences, Impact, and Rewind 2023 M. 08 17 CyberHome Solution Our differences, Impact, and Rewind 2023 M. 09 19 Our member & volunteer network Honoring exceptional achievement of CyberKid’s members M. 10 21 Our partners Enterprises and organizations accompanied with CyberKid M. 11 23 The future generation of digital citizens CyberKid's commitment to contributing to the National Digital Transformation Program M. 12 25 Strategic goals by 2025 3 strategic development goals of CyberKid in the next 2 years Impact report 2023
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As CyberKid enters its fourth year of operation, once again, I am again honored to write the foreword for the 2023 Impact Report. With the arrival of the Lunar New Year 2024, I extend peaceful wishes, good fortune, and heartfelt New Year's greetings to everyone and their families.

In September 2020, CyberKid Vietnam officially introduced itself to the community with a mission to nurture a generation of responsible digital citizens, contributing talents for a sustainable and robust Vietnam in the era of digital transformation. Now in its fourth year on this extensive journey, CyberKid has witnessed remarkable growth in both its scope of activities and the impact it has achieved.

We have evolved into a leading non-profit social organization, specializing in equipping digital literacy for Children and Youth in Vietnam. Making our mark on the global stage, we proudly joined GLIDES on May 14, 2023 (Global League of Internet and Digital Security Organizations), becoming the sole representative from Vietnam, directly participating in dialogues and exchanges between social organizations and leaders of G20 nations.

In 2023, CyberKid witnessed numerous significant achievements that surpassed our planned milestones. We successfully implemented the "Internet Safety" classes for students ranging from grade 3 to grade 9 in over 100 schools nationwide, equipping a total of 74,799 Children with knowledge and skills to protect themselves in the online environment. Regarding the cybersecurity young talents, in addition to offering courses, we refined the program content by reducing academic complexity, incorporating practical demonstration and career-oriented programs, which benefit 1,598 students and help them easily grasp knowledge while gaining a comprehensive understanding of the cybersecurity industry. This, in turn, facilitated their informed decision-making regarding pursuing a specialization in cybersecurity. For parents, we acknowledged the positive contributions from the parents of our students, seeking their feedback to develop solutions that encourage families to collectively learn and apply self-protection knowledge in the online environment. After 9 months of exploration and research, we proudly introduced the "Universe of Cyber Exploration" box – the first product in Vietnam that combines entertainment and education on the theme of digital literacy.


All these outcomes were achieved through the efforts of nearly 1,000 dedicated permanent members and volunteers who are outstanding students from universities across the country. Dynamic, talented, passionate, and proactive, the CyberKid team consists of young individuals with bright minds, a cultural mindset, a scientific-oriented work ethic, and a continuous learning commitment to contribute to the mission of "Nurturing the future generation of digital citizens" and the development of a sustainable and resilient Vietnam. It is truly an honor for me to be a part of this journey with all CyberKid members, and to create an environment that fosters healthy skill development for the youth of Vietnam while instilling in them a sense of responsibility and patriotism.

In the next three years, we have outlined two strategic goals as follows:

Firstly, in the area of equipping digital literacy for Children and Youth, we will continue to expand our implementation network across all 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Particularly, by the end of 2023, the Ho Chi Minh City branch has operated smoothly and stably, which makes us more confident to establish a representative office in Da Nang, and eventually, expand to mountainous and island areas. By the end of 2025, our aim is to assist 5 million Vietnamese Children in benefiting from CyberKid's non-profit solutions.

Secondly, we aspire to become the leading ASEAN "Make in Vietnam" social organization dedicated to training, developing, and protecting citizens by investing in national human capital development to directly contribute to Vietnam's National Digital Transformation Strategy. By 2025, CyberKid aims to have its first branch office in Malaysia – the Southeast Asian region to initiate the deployment of online safety solutions for Children and Youth beyond Vietnam's borders.

Entering the Tiger Lunar New Year 2024, we commit to continue to promote the spirit of Vietnamese youth who are diligent, creative, and enthusiastic for a developed Vietnamese digital citizen generation in accordance with the teachings of the beloved President Ho Chi Minh: "Nothing is impossible, as long as you have the will."

Simultaneously, CyberKid hopes to receive continued support from the community, and media organizations, especially government agencies, departments, and businesses to provide us with additional motivation and confidence to fulfill our mission of nurturing responsible and talented digital citizens for a resilient Vietnam in the era of digital transformation.

In conclusion, as the Tiger Lunar New Year 2024 approaches, I extend my wishes for health, peace, happiness, and success to everyone and their families.

Happy New Year!

President of CyberKid, Quynh Nguyen-Nhu.


about Cyberkid Vietnam

“Cultivate the future generation of digital citizens”
impact report 2023 03

Our Vision

To inspire a responsible, talented, and healthy generation of digital citizens to take ownership of their own future and devote themselves to society.

Our Mission

To enhance Internet safety awareness and skills as well as to equip digital competence for Children and Yoth to ensure their digital readiness.

Our Action

Equip Children and Youth with essential skills to identify, prevent and cope with online  threats

Develop digital competence for Children and Youth to confidently approach and engage in future learning and working opportunities in the digital economy and society.

Operating Model

children and youth

Selected and trained to deploy solutions under the guidance and management of the operations team


Contribute youth, enthusiasm and multi-purpose soft skills to directly operate the Solutions

Build and finalize solutions, promote solutions to the community, manage solution quality, connect experts and voluteers to execute projects, etc.

Accompany in developing lesson plans, assessment plans, rapid response scenarios, human resource training, etc.,

Create strategies for developing and deploying solutions and mobilizing different resources from society

Contribute experience and expertise to the improvement of solutions and programs.

N et w or k of 700+ V olunteers T he tea m o p erates 4 m ain solutions of C yber K id B oard of A d v isors 04

our team

Board of Advisors

CyberKid Vietnam’s Board of Advisors includes experts in many fields: cybersecurity, legality, education, and policy to consult our long and short-term strategies and guarantee CyberKid’s effective operation.

Mr. Dung Nguyen-Huy

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Information and Communications Vice President of the Vietnam Youth Union

Mr. Ung Bui-Dinh Director, Bui Dinh Ung Law Office

Mrs. Hoa Hoang-Thi

Former Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly's Committee on Culture, Education, Youth, Adolescents and Children Former President of the Vietnam-Egypt Parliamentary Friendship Group

Mr. Anh Ky Nguyen-Vo Director of Institute for Educational Research Development of Human Potential

Mrs. Huong Thu Nguyen-Thi

Former Chief of the Office, Authority of Information Security
 Founder of CyberKid Vietnam

Mr. Vinh Thai Lecturer, RMIT University in Australia

Mr. Son Dang-Hai

High-ranking expert, VinCSS Cyber Security Services Co., Ltd

Mr. Philip Hung Cao Former Deputy CEO of VinCSS Cyber Security Services Co., Ltd

Mr. Son Nguyen-Thanh Chairman Of The Board, Media Ventures Vietnam (MVV Group) Mr. Luong Truong-Duc Chairman of Vietnam Cyber Security Co.,Jsc (VSEC) Mr. Hieu Ngo-Minh Cybersecurity Specialist, National Cyber Security Center

Board of Directors & Board of Managers

Founder, Chief Executive Officer Master of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

My Nguyen-Tra

Co-founder Marketing Director CyberClass Director

Co-founder Research & Development Director Master of Computer Science, Australian National University

Co-founder Finance & Legality Director Master of Laws, University of Beihang

Co-founder CyberSchool & CyberHotline Director Master of Positive Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University

Anh Luu-Thuy Quynh Nguyen-Nhu Thu Ha Nguyen-Thi Thu Anh Nguyen-Khac Trang Nguyen - Phuong Partnership Development Director Anh Dang-Hai CyberClass Manager Linh Pham - Mai Finance & Legality Manager Quynh Nguyen - Truc Research & Development Manager Chi Nguyen - Mai Talent Management Manager Phuong HoangMai Thi Branch Manager Anh Nguyen - Hai CyberSchool & CyberHotline Manager Le Thu Nguyen Truong Branch Manager Ngoc Vo Thanh Truc CyberSchool Solution Manager Thuy Vu - An Partnership Development Manager Khanh Pham - Quynh Talent Management Manager

3 years in review

Remarkable events

11/2020 9/2020

Social Enterprise CyberKid Vietnam was founded

CyberKid launched the first solution for SchoolsCyberSchool.


CyberKid launched 2 solutions for Children and Cyber Victims, respectivelyCyberClass and CyberHotline.

other Outstanding achievements


Followers on social media

729,000+ 91+

Social media engagements Articles from news outlets such as Vietnamnet,,



CyberKid appeared for the first time on National TV news program and was mentioned as the “pioneering organization to protect children in cyberspace”.


CyberKid officially established a new branch in Ho Chi Minh City.

12/2022 4/2023

CyberKid officially announced the brand update with the aim of raising awareness and providing Vietnamese Children and Young Adults with essential cyber safety skills, as well as equipping them with digital competence and ensuring digital readiness.

7 5/2023

Appearances on VTV1 and VTV3 news broadcasts

CyberKid launched CyberHome solution with CyberHome Discovery Universe Box product that combines education and entertainment for families.

CyberKid was honored to become an Enacted Member of GLIDES - the Global Alliance of Social Organizations for Internet Governance, Digital Empowerment, and Cybersecurity. CyberKid is the only representative from Vietnam to participate in dialogue sessions between social organizations and G20 leaders (the group of 20 leading economies in the world).

2 consecutive years

CyberKid Vietnam, as Co-Chair of the Cyber Security Technology VillageTechfest Vietnam , has worked with cybersecurity companies to implement several activities aimed at building human, technological, and social foundations and creating a driving force for the sustainable development of Vietnam s cybersecurity technology ecosystem.



Children participated in CyberKid’s not-for-profit solutions.


Schools cooperated with CyberKid to deploy our solutions.


Young talents in the ages of junior high school and high school were directly guided and trained in-depth by Vietnamese cybersecurity experts in the field of cybersecurity.


Percentage of Children able to identify 7 cyber threats after each class.


Provinces and cities implemented CyberKid solutions.


“Internet Safety” classes delivered at schools.

165 Parents graduated from training courses on protecting, supporting, and accompanying their Children in the online space.


Cases of Children in danger in the online space timely  rescued and accompanied to resolve the root of the problem.


Members & volunteers participated in delivering our solutions to Children.

Impact progress

Network of schools and educational institutions partners

Vinh L c A Midd e Sch

D ng Den Midd e Sch

Bach Dang E e entary Sch

Na My TS Sch

TH Sch H a Lac

Na Tu Lie Midd e Sch

Vinsch Thang L ng E e entary Sch

A sterda Midd e Sch

Vinsch the Har ny Midd e Sch

Vinsch Metr p is E e entary Sch

Vinsch the Har ny E e entary Sch

Ng i sa Ha N i E e entary Sch

Tay Ha N i Internati na Sch

F reign Language Specia ized Midd e Sch

My Dinh 1 Midd e Sch

Han i Ade aide HAS) Sch

Viet c HCM Sch

Nguyen Trai A Midd e Sch

Khu ng Ha Internati na Sch

Ng c H a Midd e Sch

Viet c E e entary Sch

Tan Minh Midd e Sch

Chu Van An Midd e Sch

Le Quy D n Internati na Sch

Nguyen Trai Midd e Sch

Vict ry Experi enta Educati n Syste

Nghie Xuyen Midd e Sch

Lai Thu ng Midd e Sch

Nguyen Du Midd e Sch

Ly Tu Tr ng Midd e Sch

Mai Pha E e entary Sch

H ang D ng E e entary Sch

De Tha Midd e Sch

Ly Thai T Midd e Sch

F reign Language Midd e Sch

D ng Da Midd e Sch

Tu Lien Midd e Sch

Phu Thu ng Midd e Sch

Den Lu Midd e Sch

Ng c Vien D ng Midd e Sch -High Sch

Pha Ngu La Midd e Sch -High Sch

iSch Na Sai G n Internati na Sch

Nguyen Van Lich E e entary Sch

Anh Sang Orphanag

Tre Xanh Orphanag

L ng H a Orphanag

Mais n Chance H use Luc

SOS Chi dren's Vi ag

Th ng Nhat Midd e Sch

Yen S Midd e Sch

Nguyen Sieu Internati na Sch

Tien Ph ng Midd e Sch

Ng Si Lien Midd e Sch

Lu ng The Vinh Midd e Sch C s

Th ng Nhat Midd e Sch

Vinh Ha Midd e Sch

Tran Ca Van Midd e Sch

Thai Thi B i E e entary Sch

Nguyen Cu Trinh Midd e Sch

Viet Na Singap re Internati na Sch

T n Duc Thang E e entary Sch

Nguyen C ng Tru Midd e Sch

Dien H ng E e entary Sch

Dang Thai Mai Midd e Sch

Nguyen Nhu Hanh E e entary Sch

Ong Ich Du ng E e entary Sch

Tran Quy Cap Midd e Sch

Newt n Vinh Phuc Private Sch

Vinsch Green Bay E e entary Sch

Nguyen Van Linh Midd e Sch

Nguyen Thien Thuat Midd e Sch

Binh Minh E e entary Sch

Lang Ha Midd e Sch

H ng Van Midd e Sch

Phenikaa Private Sch

D an Thi Die E e entary Sch

SOS Chi dren's Vi age Hai Ph n

Hai Ba Trung E e entary Sch Midd e Sch

High Sch

Huu Bang E e entary Sch

Vinsch S artCity E e entary Sch

Vinh Quang Midd e Sch Hai Ph ng

Thanh Quan Midd e Sch

A aska E e entary Sch

Nguyen C ng Tru Midd e Sch

Phan Chu Trinh Midd e Sch

T Vinh Dien Midd e Sch

Ban Mai Midd e Sch

Maya Sch

Le L i Midd e Sch

QSI Internati na Sch Haiph n

V Van Van Midd e Sch

Dieu Giac Orphanag

SNA Marianap is D ng Nai

Nguyen Duc Canh E e entary Sch

Le Minh Xuan Midd e Sch

Tran Phu E e entary Sch D ng Nai)


“Vaccines for Children in cyberspace”

CyberSchool is a solution for Schools, providing free 45 to 90-minute “Internet Safety" classes for primary schools, middle schools, and high schools to raise awareness and skills of using the Internet safely and effectively and equip digital literacy, ensuring digital readiness for Children and Youth.


our differences

High level of in erac ion be ween s uden s and he curriculum and volun eers due o he small class size, hereby increasing he abili y of s uden s o absorb nowledge Acquiring a robus dissemina ion s ra egy, charac erized by dep h, bread h, and age appropria e engagemen wi hin he communi y. I ex ends beyond i s core beneficiary group of school aged Children by ac ively mobilizing diverse s a eholders, including schools, educa ors, projec coordina ors, and volun eers.





Children par icipa ed in "In erne Safe y" classes

Classes on “In erne Safe y” have been organized

Schools par nered wi h

CyberSchool o hos In erne Safe y classes

Volun eers were involved in eaching In erne Safe y classes


highlights of 2023

CyberKid collaborated with the Hai Phong Youth Union in the event " ourney of Books" to bring the lesson on "Internet Safety" to nearly 800 students at Tam Hưng Secondary School in Thủy Nguyên district, Vinh Quang Secondary School in Vĩnh Bảo district, and Nguyễn Chuyên Mỹ Secondary School in An Lão district.

CyberKid successfully coordinated with the Hanoi Adelaide School for a series of experiential activities titled "School Heroes in the CyberSpace," involving 277 elementary school students.

"Our school was aware of the project in the second quarter of 2022. At that time, our school implemented it for the first time and observed that this program was meticulously invested in both form and curriculum content. The volunteer instructors shared knowledge in an easily understandable manner, which created an engaging classroom atmosphere. Therefore, by the fourth quarter of 2023, our school decided to reorganize the program for students who had not yet participated, to increase awareness among students about the potential dangers in the online space and opportunities for personal development in the digital age."

Te sti m o n i a ls

Engaging with CyberSchool as a volunteer, I always aspire to find ways to create meaningful value for the community. The topic of Internet Safety that CyberSchool is currently implementing is an area that I find particularly intriguing and engaging. The teaching experience has provided me with the opportunity to learn many new things. Collaborating with CyberSchool has given me the chance to meet, share, and connect with many talented and enthusiastic young individuals dedicated to contributing to society.”

In 2023, a significant milestone was reached by the CyberSchool team as we successfully implemented the "Internet Safety" classes across all grades, from 3rd to 9th, in the first 100 schools nationwide. This achievement stands as evidence of the dedicated efforts of our team members and the network of nearly 1,000 volunteers across the country over the past three years. During the past year, we were honored to collaborate with the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in Hai Phong City, Da Nang City, and Dong Nai Province to implement awareness-raising programs and equip local students with Internet safety skills. This collaborative model has facilitated the expansion of CyberKid and enhanced the quality of selected volunteers from the outstanding and dynamic youth union members in various provinces and cities.

Adhering to our commitment to prioritize quality education, our Research and Development team has continuously improved the curriculum content to cater to each student group. We ensure not only comprehensive knowledge but also an approach that is easy to absorb for different age groups, cognitive levels, and diverse geographical areas.

Simultaneously, we have completed the research and development of a detailed Digital Literacy curriculum, the first of its kind in Vietnam, set to be widely implemented in schools in 2024. Especially in the past year, we have innovatively introduced supplementary activities alongside the "Internet Safety” class to provide students with practical space and application of learned knowledge through engaging extracurricular programs that are both educational and enjoyable

Stepping into 2024, we continue our mission of disseminating "Internet Safety" knowledge through the annual implementation of classes in schools in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as short-term projects in other provinces and cities. Simultaneously, our focus will be on

Piloting and expanding the Digital Literacy training program for Primary and Secondary schools in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Extending collaborations with the Youth Union in various provinces and cities to leverage local resources in spreading "Cyber Safety" knowledge to students

Organizing classes in mountainous and island areas to ensure that no one is left behind in the digital era.

Mr. Vu Hai Long, student at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

our differences

S uden s’ compe ence is assessed hroughou he learning process b C berClass eam and ins ruc ors including op c bersecuri exper s, who are Vie namese professionals curren l working, s ud ing, and conduc ing research a high-le el go ernmen agencies, corpora ions, and uni ersi ies, par icipa ing in he e alua ion 100% program's con en and ac i i ies are de eloped and rigorousl re iewed b an experienced eam of c bersecuri exper s wi h exper ise in bo h echnical and managerial aspec s.

T es t i m oni al s

216 oung alen s par icipa ed in he course



ou s anding alen s passing he end-of-course exams

s uden s par icipa ing in ac i i ies

25 exper s direc l par icipa e in eaching and guiding s uden s

"This is m firs ime par icipa ing in C berClass ac i i ies. Al hough he Ne working course las ed onl a mon h, I was able o grasp he concep s qui e well and e en build a simple projec following he guidance of he ins ruc ors. Pre iousl , I alwa s hough ha informa ion echnolog was an ex remel challenging field, bu hanks o a well-organized and s s ema ic program ha focuses on fundamen als, as well as he wholehear ed suppor and care from he C berClass eam, I had a highl beneficial learning experience. I gained a deeper unders anding of he field I am passiona e abou , connec ed wi h men ors and peers who share he same passion. I apprecia e he C berClass eam for pro iding addi ional mo i a ion for me o perse ere on m journe o pursue m dreams."

Ms. Anh Kim Do - Thi, 12th-grade student at Nguyen Cong Tru High School - Ho Chi Minh City

"Wha impresses me he mos abou C berClass is he ins ruc ors' en husiasm in each lec ure, and he friendl , suppor i e a i ude of he eam. The exper ins ruc ors explain concep s in an easil unders andable manner and guide s uden s in hands-on prac ices, which I grea l apprecia e."

Mr. Thai Nguyen - Quang, 11th-grade student at Nguyen Hue Specialized High School - Hanoi

"I alwa s aspire o do meaningful work for he c bersecuri communi in Vie nam. Therefore, when in i ed o collabora e wi h C berClass, I was deligh ed and read o par icipa e immedia el . C berClass has rul pla ed a role in helping oung indi iduals ge ini ial exposure o knowledge in he c bersecuri and informa ion securi fields, as well as assis ing hem in making ini ial career direc ions. I belie e ha C berClass will con inue o grow and con ribu e significan l o Vie nam's informa ion securi sec or.”

Mr. Tuan G iang-Nguyen, I n formation Security Off icer at the Department o I n formation and Communication o f B ac Ninh P rov ince, and curriculum de velopment e x pert for the Cy b erClass solution.


CyberClass is a solution for Children, providing 100% free training short and long-term programs, integrating three aspects:

(1) Fundamental knowledge of cybersecurity; (2) University selection guidance; and (3) Practical business insights to identify young talents in the cybersecurity field to ignite passion and motivate school-aged individuals to explore and excel in this area.

CyberClass “The launching pad for early cybersecurity talents in Vietnam”

In 2023, alongside the implementation of fundamental classes aimed at equipping students with cybersecurity knowledge, CyberClass has intensified various activities to ignite the interest and passion of young cybersecurity talents. Simultaneously, it provides timely career guidance for these students. A notable event is the "Launchpad for Information Security Careers," held at five schools, including Nguyen Sieu High School (Hanoi), Le Quy Don High School (Ho Chi Minh City), Cao Ba Quat High School (Hanoi), Nguyen Cong Tru High School (Ho Chi Minh City), and Xuan Dinh High School (Hanoi). This event attracted over 1,400 students currently studying in specialized Computer Science and Mathematics classes. urthermore, following the success of the Capture The lag (CT ) competition in 2021, CT 2023 has returned as a creative and beneficial platform for passionate students in the field of cybersecurity to interact with peers, learn from experts, and engage in realworld cybersecurity challenges. This year's competition received enthusiastic participation and support from 200 talented students nationwide

Over the past year, our team of experts has collaborated to revise and update the curriculum, aiming to reduce academic complexity and the program's technical focus. We have incorporated practical illustrations and additional content on career guidance, soft skills development, etc., making it easier for students to grasp knowledge and gain a comprehensive understanding of the cybersecurity industry from various perspectives. This approach helps students make informed choices regarding their pursuit of a cybersecurity specialization

Stepping into 2024, our focus will continue to be

Strengthening collaboration with schools and diversifying career orientation activities to provide students with easy access to credible and accurate information about the cybersecurity industry

Enhancing the quality of training and continuously improving the curriculum to ensure a balance between specialization and accessibility for students, while staying up-to-date with modern knowledge

Intensifying partnerships with businesses, universities, and experts to establish high-quality outcomes for talented students after completing CyberClass courses.


our differences

Conc n ra ing on h lping onlin a ack d indi iduals by off ring solu ions, and ackling issu s r la d o In rn saf y and onlin harms, onlin hr a s

Focusing on pro iding ini ial psychological suppor and s abilizing h m n al w ll-b ing of h ic ims - an ss n ial s ar for carrying ou fur h r assis anc s ps in an ff c i and appropria mann r. Th n, adop ing adap abl m asur s ha sui h incid n 's circums anc s and h si ua ion of h ic im

High l l of ff c i n ss is main ain d hrough con inuous coop ra ion and follow-up wi h h ic im for 1-3 mon hs during h couns ling proc ss, nsuring ic ims ar no alon on h ir journ y



20.7 hours

Cas s of Vic ims a ack d in cyb rspac r por d

Vic im sa isfac ion ra af r couns ling

A rag hours for a sol d cas

highlights of 2023

S ri s of Ar icl s on Digi al Psychology aim d o rais communi y awar n ss abou m n al h al h on h onlin n ironm n

In rac i ac i i i s "Onlin Armor wi h Cyb rHo lin " w r organiz d a Luong

Th Vinh Primary School and S condary School, Hanoi.



“The counselors at CyberHotline are very enthusiastic, friendly, and offer helpful advice.”

"I was very scared and panicked at first when I was threatened on Facebook. Thanks to the continuous support of the counselors at CyberHotline for nearly two weeks, I was able to calm down and worry less about the problem, and I no longer received threatening messages from the bully."

N.P.T - Victim of online violence

CyberHotline is a solution for Victims, providing free psychological counseling, support, and first aid services to Children and Youth who are Victims of online harms and threats.

Cyberhotline “Listening with all our hearts”

CyberHotline specializes in rescuing victims of online attacks, addressing various forms of online threats such as online scams, cyberbullying, online sexual exploitation, and more. Victims, under the guidance of CyberHotline, are ensured absolute security and receive continuous support from the moment we receive the case until three months after the victim stabilizes mentally. CyberHotline provides psychological first aid in the initial stages, helping victims remain calm and comfortable to share their stories while being alert enough to make decisions for themselves. Once aware of the victim's story and desires, CyberHotline plans to support the victim and coordinate with relevant authorities to resolve the case, depending on the victim's requests. CyberHotline only stops assistance when the victim is satisfied with the results or no longer wishes to continue receiving additional support, maintaining communication to ensure the victim's stability for about one to three months thereafter.

In addition to supporting victims facing dangers on the Internet, we also extend counseling to cases involving Children and adolescents experiencing mental health issues in the online environment. CyberHotline has pioneered the introduction of a series of articles on Digital Psychology on its social media platform, supervised and consulted by Ms. Luu Thuy Anh, a Positive Psychology Master and CoFounder of CyberKid Vietnam. These contents aim to provide a fresh, multidimensional perspective on the psychology and behavior of young individuals on digital platforms, drawing useful lessons on effective digital tool usage. In 2024, we will continue multi-platform communication targeting a broad audience of Children and adolescents and intensify collaboration with schools nationwide to bring the CyberHotline closer to the community, enhancing public awareness on how to protect oneself when facing dangers in cyberspace.


our differences

Pi neering in c n en crea i n, pr viding Vie namese families wi h pr duc s and s lu i ns equip hem wi h kn wledge enhance digi al li eracy in line wi h Vie nam s and he w rld s curren digi al ransf rma i n rends.

Educa i nal c n en is devel ped hr ugh he c lla ra i n f m dern y u h perspec ives and exper s in s a e g vernance, cy ersecuri y, educa i n, psych l gy, law, paren ing, e c

The pr duc f rms are diverse, flexi ly c m ining educa i nal and en er ainmen elemen s c nvey kn wledge in an in eres ing, na ural, and friendly manner family mem ers.

Paren s gradua ed fr m raining c urses n pr ec ing, supp r ing, and acc mpanying heir Children in he nline space.

"Enhance digital capabilities and strengthen Vietnamese families’ connection"

Cy erH me is a s lu i n f r Families, pr viding diverse educa i nal c n en enhance digi al skills hr ugh flexi le c m ina i ns f educa i nal and en er aining f rma s, aiming help Vie namese families prepare f r he digi al ransf rma i n era.



"As s n as I received he gif x, I was very impressed wi h he eau iful design and he me icul usness f each pr duc . My child l ves i s much, he f en akes he gif x u play wi h his fa her and r her. B h educa i nal and family nding, his is ruly a w nderful pr duc ."

Mrs. Nhi Hoang, Hanoi

"My fav ri e k is " S elf Direc i n in he Digi al Age". I helped me learn a u many fu ure careers and he skills needed e a gl al digi al ci i z en."

Duc Ng uye n Van, Stude n t in Ho C hi Minh C i ty

"My child really likes he k "Gr wing Up in he Digi al Age". Af er finishing he k, he immedia ely drew a schedule f r using elec r nic devices during he day and was very exci ed a u i . In he evening, my hus and and I als spend ime playing ard games wi h him. I s a grea way nd wi h ur family, learn new hings, and m s imp r an ly, n ne is dis rac ed y heir ph nes. We can all f cus n each her."

Ms. Th uy D ao-Thi, Na m D inh

“I give he Cy erH me Disc very Universe Gif B x a 9 u f 10. The design, c l rs, ma erials, and c n en are all w nderful.”

Mrs. Anh Mai Ta-Thi, Hanoi


After more than 1 year of maintaining the form of online courses for parents on the topic of accompanying their Children online, we have received many shares from parents about their desire for an effective tool for the whole family to learn and apply knowledge to protect themselves in the online environment. Grasping the concerns of families, combined with our goal of helping millions of Vietnamese families be safe online, the CyberKid team spent more than 9 months exploring, researching and developing the CyberHome Discovery Universe Gift Box - a product introduced to the community as part of the first collection of entertainment and educational products on the topic of Digital Literacy in Vietnam. The product is for students from elementary to high school to equip them with the necessary knowledge of digital skills and self-development orientation in the digital age. At the same time, the CyberHome Discovery Universe Box is also a useful tool for parents to connect with their Children through interactive activities.

The CyberHome Discovery Universe Box includes:

The book Growing up in the digital age focuses on nurturing digital safety skills in the context of the technological age that is closely linked to the development of Children from elementary to high school. The book integrates educational content on digital literacy and cybersecurity through the vibrant and familiar theme of the multiverse of the network, thereby contributing to stimulating the curiosity, imagination, and thirst for learning of Children

The CyberPlay boardgame of online safety opens up a space for sharing, listening, and connecting between parents and Children when playing together. The content of knowledge is presented in a concise way through vivid, eye-catching images that help stimulate Children's memory and creative thinking.

The online course for parents Conquering the digital space - Be friends with your loved ones provides modern parenting methods in the digital age with the participation of experienced lecturers in the field of parenting and cybersecurity.

A direct consultation session with a counseling psychologist to help parents answer questions when accompanying their Children in the online environment.

In the coming year, in addition to continuing to research new learning tools, we will focus on implementing communication and sales strategies to bring the Discovery Box closer to families, becoming a companion for parents and Children on their journey to conquer the digital space. From there, CyberHome can become a sustainable solution that brings a stable source of profit to help CyberKid maintain and develop activities for Children and Youth.


CyberKid strives to become a national incubator, nurturing young, high-quality human resources who can work for the government, corporations, reputable international NPOs (non-profit organizations) and NGOs (non-government organizations) in Vietnam. While equipping children and youth throughout the country with digital skills, we focus on talent development strategies to cultivate both CyberKid members and volunteers, who are passionate, energetic, bright minds between 18 and 23, currently enrolled in multiple universities and colleges throughout the country. We empower each CyberKid member with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindsets to become global digital citizens, from which they can confidently embrace new opportunities and become beneficial to our country.


Short-term volunteers participated in the implementation of CyberKid solutions since September 2020


Permanent staff members participated in coordinating CyberKid solutions since September 2020

The distribution ratio of CyberKid human resources and volunteers who are university sudents.

National E conomics University

Foreign Trade University ( H anoi and H o Chi Minh City campuses)

Diplomatic Academy

University of Technology ( H anoi and H o Chi Minh City campuses)


Hall of fame 202 3

Anh Thu Nguyen-Khac

Co-founder Director of Finance and Legality

Full Government Scholarship for Master of Laws, Beihang University

Chi Nguyen-Mai Manager of Talent Management in Hanoi branch

Outstanding student in the academic year 2022 2023, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Hanoi National University Excellence scholarship for academic performance in 2023, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Hanoi National University

Quynh Pham-Khanh Manager of Talent Management in Ho Chi Minh City branch

Scholarship for academic performance in 2023, Foreign Trade University Scholarship for academic performance for Special programs in 2023, Foreign Trade University

Learning & Development Alumni of Talent Management in Hanoi branch

Champion of Kawaii 2023 Startup Competition

Champion of HUST TECHFAST The Technology Startup Competition 2023 First runner-up of Product Management Challenge 2023 Second runner-up of Young Startup Competition 2023 First prize of Startup Launchpad 2023


Content Executive Alumni of CyberClass

PhD Scholarship in Computer Science, Arizona State University, USA

Manager of CyberSchool and CyberHotline in Hanoi branch

Excellence scholarship for academic performance in 2021 2022, 2022 2023, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam Outstanding students for achievements in student union and student movement activities in 2022

Top 9 Best presentation, Best respondent memorandum, Spirit of Lawasia Award at the 18th LAWASIA Asian Moot Court Competition in India Representative of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam to participate in Vis East Moot 2024

Anh Nguyen-Minh Anh Nguyen-Hai

Our member & volunteer network

I chose to stay with CyberKid because of ...

Talented and Open-minded People

CyberKid brings together a team of members who are students from top universities across the country. Being at CyberKid not only helps me to have the opportunity to experience hands-on marketing work but also allows me to learn from my talented friends, which has laid a strong foundation for my future growth in the marketing field. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Thank you CyberKid for being there with me on this journey!

Mr Lam Dao-Tung, Public Relations Executive at CyberKid in Hanoi, is currently enrolled at the National Economics University

New, Dynamic, and Courageous Environment

Every moment I spend with CyberKid opens up a new perspective, a new experience. The dynamic and enthusiastic environment at CyberKid is truly an ideal place for me to learn and improve my knowledge and skills, to help me go further. CyberKid will always be a special "home" for me!

Ms. Nguyet Que Nguyen-Chu, Project Management Executive at CyberKid in Ho Chi Minh City, is currently enrolled at University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

Knowledge, Ownership, and Empowerment

M y experience at CyberKid has been an ama z ing growth journey for me. Every day brings new challenges, pushing me to constantly improve myself, explore, and expand my knowledge. L earning at CyberKid is an ongoing journey with no stopover, where each member is encouraged to freely explore. CyberKid empowers me to not only confidently do what I want and fulfill my expected roles, but also be responsible for the work, to make mistakes, and to learn from them.

Ms. Mai Phuong Hoang-Thi, B ranch Manager at CyberKid in Hanoi, is currently enrolled at the National Economics University


Our partners

CyberKid does not accept any form of sponsorship from individuals, businesses, or organizations in and outside of Vietnam to ensure that all our missions, goals, and activities are 100% for the benefit of Vietnamese children and youth. We act as an implementing partner, coordinating with organizations and businesses to implement digital skills education programs for children and youth aligning with the organization's or business's sustainable development orientation.

Vietnam Airlines is always a dynamic and modern international airline, especially focusing on supporting social organizations to create an impact on the community through each flight. Vietnam Airlines has been partnering with CyberKid for the past 2 years, contributing significantly to the dissemination of "Internet Safety" classes to nearly 30 provinces.

Chongluadao is a social enterprise that brings together over 30 top technology and security specialists from Vietnam and abroad to develop products and projects to protect Vietnamese users from online fraud risks. CyberKid partnered with Chongluadao in implementing new initiatives to raise awareness of information security for the community, especially vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Young IT Corporation aims to develop  the Information Technology human resources in Vietnam. Young IT directly equips CyberKid with cybersecurity professional knowledge, builds, designs, and manages system security as well as provides 100% free technological infrastructure management services for CyberKid.

Vietnam C yb er S e c urit y Compan y ( V SE C ) is a company with over 20 years e x perience in the field of cybersecurity. As a member of the organizing committee of "Cybersecurity Technology Village" at N ational Startup and Innovation D ay", VS E C co organized with CyberKid to curate impactful events within the framework of the Village.


Vietnam Association of Education and Psychology plays a pivotal role in assessing and evaluating the educational content of programs and curriculum of CyberSchool, as well as effective pedagogical approaches for children of school age. Vietnam Association of Education and Psychology also participates in training and guiding the CyberHotline team in understanding and grasping the psychology of children through their behavior in the digital world.

VNG has a mission to create technology and develop people for Vietnam to become a global player. The cooperation between CyberKid and VNG is an important beginning for the wider presence of the CyberKid Vietnam brand on digital platforms, including the Zalo platform of VNG Corporation.

Geo C om p ly is a leading company in the field of fraud prevention geolocation technology. GeoComply has collaborated with over 14 social organizations around the world to create pro j ects that have a positive impact on the community. In September 2023, GeoComply ( Geo Tech Hub Vietnam) officially partnered with CyberKid Vietnam to implement the Improving Internet Safety for Children program with the first destination in the province of Dong Nai.

Palo Alto Networks specializes in providing global cybersecurity solutions, with a mission to become the leading cybersecurity partner to safeguard digital lives of society, by using cloud technology to change the way people and organizations operate in the future.

Meta Platforms, partnered with CyberKid Vietnam, and Vietnam Internet Association for the first time, to organize the Safety Café Vietnam event in Hanoi in October 2022 with the aim of popularizing online safety knowledge and skills for social media users, especially Vietnamese teenagers.

GLIDES is Global Internet Governance, Digital Empowerment and Security Alliance Digital Empowerment, and Security. On May 14, 2023, CyberKid became a Statutory Member of GLIDES, as the sole representative from Vietnam to participate in dialogues and exchanges with civil society organizations and leaders of G20 countries (the group of 20 leading economies in the world).


The future generation of Vietnamese digital citizens

Our beloved president Ho Chi Minh once said: "Plant trees for the sake of ten years, cultivate people for the sake of a hundred years." This underscores that individuals, especially Children and Youth, are the primary driving force for societal and national change. Therefore, as we strive to implement the National Digital Transformation Strategy by 2030 for a resilient Vietnam, investing in people is crucial and fundamental. Recognizing this, in the past three years of carrying out our mission to "Nurture the future generation of digital citizens", CyberKid has focused on implementing solutions to develop digital literacies for Children and Youth, empowering them to confidently engage in future opportunities in the digital economy and society.

National Digital Transformation Decision

In Vietnam, discussions around digital transformation started gaining traction around 2018 and became a significant topic when the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 749/QD-TTg approving the "National Digital Transformation Program until 2025, with a vision to 2030." By 2030, Vietnam aims to be among the top 30 countries globally in the digital transformation index, becoming a digital nation with a sustainable digital economy.

Specifically, Decision No. 749/QD-TTg outlines the National Digital Transformation strategy, including three main components: (1) digital transformation in state activities for developing a digital government, (2) digital transformation in business activities for developing a digital economy, and (3) digital transformation in citizen activities for developing a digital society.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung emphasized: "Digital transformation is a national revolution. Only when every citizen becomes a digital citizen can digital transformation succeed. Digital transformation creates opportunities for people in remote, border, and island areas to access online services fairly, equitably, and comprehensively, leaving no one behind." However, to fully harness the benefits of digital technology and become digital citizens, individuals need to be equipped with essential digital skills, ranging from basic skills such as using computers and the internet to advanced skills like information exploration and information security. Therefore, training programs for digital skills for citizens, especially the young generation in Vietnam, are crucial in the roadmap of developing the nation's digital capabilities.

The future generation of Vietnamese digital citizens


As a not- or-pro it social organization leading in the ield o providing digital capabilities or Children and Youth in Vietnam, we recognize our clear mission in the National Digital Trans ormation Strategy CyberKid is committed to directly contributing to two main pillars based on the List o Tasks, key solutions implementing the national strategy or digital economic and social development by 2025, aiming towards 2030 as outlined in Decision 411/QD-TTg in 2022:

Pillar 6 - Digital Human Resources: We seek, guide, and train young talents with aptitude in In ormation Technology to become a high-quality cybersecurity work orce or the country's security

Pillar 7 - Digital Skills, Digital Citizenship, and Digital Culture: We ocus on the comprehensive development o necessary digital skills and appropriate behavioral culture in a digital environment or Children and Youth

To achieve these goals, over the past 3 years, we have continually updated our solutions to ensure that every Child, every Youth bene iting rom CyberKid's solutions is equipped with the skills, capabilities, and qualities needed to become use ul digital citizens Speci ically, CyberKid has undertaken two main activities

Firstly, establishing a research department to research and develop training programs, and digital literacy education suitable or the needs and level o Vietnamese Children and Youth In the past year, the research and development department has

Completed the construction and development of a detailed curriculum on Digital Literacy to provide students with comprehensive knowledge in basic technology areas, helping students develop essential digital skills in li e

Added extracurricular activities alongside the "Internet Safety" class to give students practical space and apply the knowledge learned in practice

Secondly, continuing to organize communication activities to raise awareness o the importance o digital skills   In the past year, we have Produce content about digital literacy in various forms. Content designed vividly, attractively, easy to understand, suitable or Children and Youth Participated in events, and workshops on digital skills education to share knowledge and experience in training and equipping digital skills to the community This includes events shared in collaboration with the Youth Union at the local

Commitment of CyberKid to promote National Digital Transformation

In the future, CyberKid commits to further enhancing education and training activities on digital literacy and Internet Safety for Children and Youth, contributing a small effort to the "revolution" of National Digital Transformation. By 2025, we expect to equip 5 million Vietnamese Children and Youth with basic digital skills, thereby contributing to the national goal of having over 70% of the working-age population trained in basic digital skills; continue to focus on training young talents in the field of information security to increase the ratio of information technology human

Strategic Goals by 2025



Equip 5 million Vietnamese Children with online safety skills and digital literacy, including Children from ethnic minority areas, mountainous and island regions. Expand the network of representative offices in 5 central cities including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Da Nang, and Can Tho.

Open a representative office in Malaysia - become a leading organization in the field of protecting Children and Youth online and equipping digital literacy in Southeast Asia.

03 25

Contact information

Công ty Cổ phần Xã hội CyberKid


Phone: +84 969 108 230

Facebook: CyberKid Vietnam


Address: No. 18, Alley 394/16, My Dinh Street, My Dinh 1 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

cyberkid vietnam

CyberKid Vietnam

2023 Impact Report

Issued date: 30/01/2024

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