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Global Operational Expenditure 2018 : Breakdown by Area of Action Global Operational Expenditure 2018 : Breakdown by Continent Global Operational Expenditure 2018 : Breakdown by Country

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Monaco Red Cross No Finish Line Ecoute Cancer Réconfort IPCC Scholarships on Climate Change Monaco Disease Power Scholarship - Clara Froget Sainte Dévote Rugby Challenge Princess Grace Dance Academy

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Support to Indian Schools Scholarships in Tamil Nadu, South India Roshan Susairaj and his family New School Compound for Mambakkam, South India

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Fryderyk Chopin Cultural Association Scholarship - Awa Gueye Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo (CCPC) Groupement Zeine Project Dizénidani Association Scholarships for Film Students - EICTV

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APPENDIX : 20 Years of Actions


Annual Report 2018

Maria Elena Cuomo, President of the Cuomo Foundation and Dr. Sia Wata Camanor, Chief Medical Officer of the JFK Medical Centre, Monrovia, Liberia along with cardiac children and their parents at the Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo (CCPC) - Dakar, October 2018

‘‘Our numerous projects, scattered around the world, continue to be closely supervised by the Foundation. Amongst all these demanding initiatives, three major actions remain particularly important currently: 1) The partnership with the Associazione Culturale «Fryderyk Chopin» in Rome which is dear to us because its aims are excellence in music. 2) Our ongoing educational projects in India, Tamil Nadu, epitomized by the new high school in Mambakkam. It is the first rural school in the region to receive the Indian Green Building Council Platinum label for its excellence in eco-friendly practices. It will be officially inaugurated in June 2019. 3) Dakar’s Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo, which is a unique cardiac facility serving the whole of West Africa. Despite some operational difficulties, which has required further additional engagement from the stakeholders than originally anticipated, the Centre continues to save hundreds of children’s lives. The project, in fact, requires a close collaboration of both local and international partners, and in particular, with the Government of Senegal.’’ Maria Elena Cuomo

President, Cuomo Foundation -5-

Annual Report 2018

Francisco A. Diaz Lison delivering a speech at the Philanthropy Academy organised by the Compagnie Monégasque de Banque (CMB) Monaco - January 2018

2018 will go down as a year of questioning for the Foundation: questions, however, that did not keep us from continuing actions worldwide which are instrumental in strengthening the links between the protagonists of the exciting adventure which represents the life of the Cuomo Foundation.

The prudence is the keyword when it comes to measuring the degree of maturity of a particular request or a solicitation we receive. The examination of such proposals asks for an approach that must combine emotion and clarity—both essential to the understanding of issues, expectations and— ultimately—results.

The organisers and participants of an Academy for Philanthropy once asked us how one became a philanthropist. We shared with them the experiences, fears and doubts that we had encountered as a philanthropic organisation. During the discussion, we stressed above all the need to act. One can, of course, use a scientific method and rigorous tools to manage a philanthropic action. Yet, once faced with a multitude of needs, areas to improve, obstacles, doubts and questionings, the only potent remedy remains ‘action’.

In 2018, we were able to officially open the Cuomo Center in Dakar. Over 300 children have already been operated on since the commencement of its medical actions.

In addition to the financial support we provide, we also contribute our commitment and varied skills abilities, resulting from our teams’ diverse backgrounds, yet maintaining always a high respect for the values and knowledge of our partners. We are more than mere sponsors; we are stakeholders in our own right constantly committed, capable and responsible. Therefore, collaborations and unions with associations like ours can allow and permit greater actions of co-operation and participation. -7-

The construction work of the new Mambakkam High School in India has been completed. 800 students will be able to benefit from these innovative infrastructures. Furthermore, its architectural excellence has been awarded the Indian Green Building Council’s (IGBC) Platinum Certification. Several thousand people, living in a hostile environment in the region of Gorom Gorom, Burkina Faso, now have access to safe drinking water, due to a local initiative supported by the Foundation. These are only a few examples of practical actions undertaken by our operational teams that we can be really proud of. Francisco A. Diaz Lison CEO, Cuomo Foundation

Pondicherry : Students under a statue of the Mahatma Gandhi Photo by Alfredo Cuomo, excerpt from his book « I love My India », 2001

Annual Report 2018

Charles Kulandai, Representative & Project Manager - Kovalam, South India

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because Today, the Foundation has stepped in to educate the children not only via regular someone planted a tree long time ago.” studies but also try to instil in the hearts of - Warren Buffett. children to give importance to save nature It is true in the journey of Cuomo Foundation (Ecology). As a follow up of this, we have built in India. It all started twenty years back with a green school in Mambakkam which will be a great mission of empowering the poor a model school for all the other schools in children through Education. Until today Tamil Nadu. The world today needs a better thousands of children have benefitted place to live in as we face irregularities of through collective education. The seasons especially in India. Foundation also has provided sponsorships to the hundreds of individuals to pursue This year needs to be carved in the life stone of Cuomo Foundation. The diocese their higher studies. of Chingleput in gratitude to all the works We feel really proud today when we look back rendered by the Foundation has changed at the achievements of Foundation that we the name of the school as “Alfredo Cuomo have transformed their family life in terms Higher Secondary School”. of self empowerment. Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful My well thought out aspiration would be weapon which you can use to transform Cuomo Foundation should spread its wings the world and the Foundation executes that in the coming years throughout Tamil Nadu especially by providing climate education ideology. and not only to teach the children climate I am fortunate to serve in this reputed challenges but to combat against the philanthropic organization since 2006, first ecological imbalances on our mother earth. under the capable leadership and guidance Charles Kulandai of Mr Alfredo Cuomo, then of Mrs Elena Representative & Project Manager - India Cuomo. “The highest education is that which does not merely give information but makes our life in harmony with all existence ” – Rabindranath Tagore. -9-

Fondation Cuomo

Annual Report 2018


Art & Culture € 329,338.66 20 %

Education & Research € 782,612.60 46 %

Socio-economic Development € 570,940.85 34 %

- 11 -

Cuomo Foundation


South America € 66,666.66 3.96%

Europe € 611,170.98 36.32%

Africa € 463,638.62 27.55%

Asia € 541,415.85 32.17%

- 12 -

Annual Report 2018



Cuba € 66,666.66 3.96 % Monaco € 472,380.32 28.07 % India € 541,415.85 32.17 %

Italy € 138,790.66 8.25 %

Burkina Faso € 158,042 9.39 %

Senegal € 305,596.62 18.16 %

- 13 -

Cuomo Foundation

Testimonial by Pierre-Elie Leschiera, fellow of the Monaco Red Cross Scholarship Programme

A l’aube de mes 25 ans, je m’apprête à réaliser un stage de fin d’études aux services du Premier Ministre français, plus précisément aux affaires maritimes. Le destin a voulu que j’apprenne le même jour ma sélection pour cette expérience professionnelle et l’attribution d’une bourse d’études de la part de la Fondation Cuomo. J’aime voir dans cette coïncidence la preuve de l’efficacité des bourses d’études. Lorsqu’une bourse comme celle de la Fondation Cuomo est attribuée, l’étudiant se sent immédiatement investi d’une mission, celle de mériter la confiance qui a été placée en lui. Boursier sur critères sociaux depuis ma première année d’université, c’est avec cette motivation que j’ai pu être major de promotion trois années de rang afin de valider ma licence d’Histoire et de Géopolitique.J’ai ensuite intégré Sciences Po Lyon au niveau Master par le biais du concours national. J’ai concrétisé ce cursus avec un mémoire sur les enjeux économiques des territoires ultramarins, puis avec un projet réel sur la réduction des pollutions accidentelles par hydrocarbures en Méditerranée. A aucun moment ma conscience de boursier ne m’a quitté, car elle est pour moi une force et une fierté. Sans votre confiance et votre aide, mon expérience aux services du Premier Ministre n’aurait pas pu couronner mon cursus académique car mes finances ne le permettaient pas. Pour ce soutien, je tiens à vous témoigner toute ma reconnaissance et vous transmettre de sincères remerciements. - Pierre-Elie Leschiera

- 14 -

Annual Report 2018



MONACO RED CROSS The Foundation has supported the Monaco Red Cross Scholarship Programme since 2001. The annual scholarship enables less advantaged pupils and university students from Monaco and the surrounding municipalities to benefit and be supported in their studies. Due to this support, 41 students were able to continue their studies in 2018.

18 years of partnership

â‚Ź 743,609.54 of fundings

431 scholarships

- 15 -


Cuomo Foundation

Socio-economic Development

Sonia Lutterotti, Roldano Marzorati and Fausto Parigi at the NFL Monaco Event November 10th, 2018


NO FINISH LINE MONACO 9 years of partnership

â‚Ź 242,64.78 of fundings

Since 2009 the Cuomo Foundation has been one of the main sponsors of the annual NFL held in Monaco. Open to all ages and abilities, this amateur marathon event raises over â‚Ź350,000 each year. All proceeds go to the Association Children & Future, a Monaco-based non-profit organisation, which aims to provide assistance and support through specific projects for underprivileged and sick children around the world. Each year the Foundation recruits a team of employees, friends and supporters who take part in this fun and worthwhile event. In 2018, Sonia Lutterotti and Roldano Marzorati, a couple from Dro (Italy) helped the Team Cuomo shine during the humanitarian race. Thanks to them and to the effort of their team-mate Daniele Juan Alimonti, the Team Cuomo secured final positions of 2nd,3rd and 6th in the 2018 rankings. - 16 -

Annual Report 2018

Testimonial by Sonia Lutterotti and Roldano Marzorati of the Team Cuomo Foundation

(...) io e Sonia proveniamo dalla regione Trentino Alto Adige situata nel nord Italia e precisamente abitiamo a Dro, una piccola comunità a 12 km dalle rive del più grande lago d’Italia : il lago di Garda. Io, ora in pensione dal novembre 2017, ho lavorato come radiologo nell’ospedale di Arco. Sonia, tuttora in servizio, lavora sempre nel medesimo ospedale come Operatore Socio Sanitario. Io da sempre ho fatto sport spaziando dalla corsa al triathlon (tre ironman) giungendo negli ultimi dieci anni a dedicarmi ad ultratrail, ultramaratona e gare multidays. Sonia non ha un passato sportivo di rilievo ma dieci anni fa ha incominciato a correre con la maratona ed ha subito avuto riscontri positivi allungando sempre più le distanze. Il culmine della sua carriera sportiva è stata conquistare la convocazione con la squadra Nazionale Italiana femminile specialità 24 h e correre i mondiali Torino nel 2015. Wea love travelling and running and both give us great opportunities to see the world. Entrambi nel mondo dell’ultramaratona vantiamo un discreto numero di gare vinte e piazzamenti. Le motivazioni che ci portano correre lerace gareevents, endurance e multidays sono molteplici We lovea running because during these collective , per esempio fare nuove conoscenze, abbiamo amici sonoand italiani ma anche tanti europei. occasions, you non interact socialize with the other participants.

We are competitive with ourselves and also enjoy competing with Amiamo viaggiare eother la corsa é un ottimoyetmotivo nuovi luoghi. ultra-runners we doperasvedere such always within the spirit and camaraderie of the sport. Amiamo le competizioni in circuito , in questo modo si arriva a conoscere tutti i partecipanti e a socializzare con loro. piace competere contro life noi and stessikeeps e contro gli altri WeCirun because it stretches the body fit ultrarunner although ma sempre nello spirito sportivo prima tutto. that extraordinary endurances like 8-day races should wediconcede only be attempted with much care and consideration. Corriamo perché farlo allunga la vita e mantiene il nostro corpo in forma ( anche se ammettiamo che gare estreme come la 8ggWith vadano tantaand attenzione non sono passeggiata ). ourfatte owncon actions thoughts,perché we want to be una a motivation Con le nostre azioniand e pensieri amiamo essere ispirazione perwish altretopersone che vogliono avvicinarsi al inspiration for other individuals who be acquainted mondo dell’ultramaratona non è soltanto corsa ma è unarunning. filosofia For di vita, with thecheuniverse of ultra-long distance us, itè correre is not in contemplazione di se e fuori di se. only a race but also a life philosophy... Per certi aspetti amo definire la corsa endurance e multidays un approccio Zen alla vita di tutti i giorni. Sonia In questi ultimi anni- Roldano abbiamo& unito a questa filosofia anche una alimentazione priva di carne, pesce e derivati animali perché convinti che sia più sostenibile per vivere su madre terra e non arrechi sofferenza e crudeltà al mondo animale : il nostro esempio è tangibile, corriamo e siamo in forma nonostante non mangiamo prodotti di origine animale né derivati.

Sempre su questo solco, laddove c’è possibilità, ci piace impegnarsi con la nostra passione per aiutare associazioni, fondazioni e quant’altro non a fini di lucro per raccogliere fondi o farsi conoscere. A tal proposito perché non diventare ambasciatori in Italia, Europa e resto del mondo per la Fondazione Cuomo 365 giorni l’anno ? Grazie per la possibilità che ci avete dato. - Roldano & Sonia - 17 -

Cuomo Foundation

Socio-economic Development

‘Espace Mieux-être’ run by Ecoute Cancer Réconfort Association, Monaco


ECOUTE CANCER RECONFORT 8 years of partnership

€ 105,000 of fundings

Ecoute Cancer Réconfort is a Monaco-based association whose mission is to provide help and comfort to people suffering from cancer. The association’s actions include hospital visits to patients, maintenance of a special unit facility for palliative care and various social activities designed to uplift the daily life of the cancer sufferer. Since 2011, the Cuomo Foundation has provided funding annually.

- 18 -

Annual Report 2018

SCHOLARSHIPS RESEARCH ON CLIMATE CHANGE The Intergovernmental panel for Climate Change (IPCC) was established in 1988 in order to build capacity to understand and address climate change. Its advisory body consists of a group of independent and international scientists.

6 years of partnership

€ 359,273.72 of fundings

The IPCC was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for its efforts to “build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change”. After receiving the award, it decided to create, with the accompanying financial prize, a scholarship programme to invest in PhD students from developing countries for research that advances the understanding of the scientific basis of risks of climate change in their own regions.

11 theses supported

The first IPCC awards were granted in 2011 in collaboration with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2). In 2013, the Cuomo Foundation joined the scholarship programme and funded 5 of the PhD students selected. In 2017, the fourth round of the IPPC scholarships were awarded. The Foundation has now supported 11 research students since its involvement as a partner. In June 2018, the 4 newly selected research students attended the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Awards in Monaco during which they were officially granted their scholarships.

- 19 -

Education & Recherche

Fondation Cuomo

Ei Phyu Win sur le site de sa recherche, rĂŠgion de Mandalaya, Myanmar Education & Research

2017-2019 fellows at the FPA2 Foundation Awards Ceremony - June 22nd, 2018

2017-2019 CLASS

Htwe Min THANT | Myanmar Research subject: Phylogenetic relationships and screening of drought tolerance of Myanmar eggplant genotypes AĂŻssatou FAYE | Senegal Research subject: West African Monsoon dynamics and sensibility, estimation of present and future coastal cities extension impacts on local and regional climate, urban heat island effect, downscaling of regional climate model and the evaluation of regional climate model performance Suranjith Bandara KORALEGEDARA | Sri Lanka Research subject: The role of urban heat island effect and influence of future climate change in mesoscale extreme rainfall events in urban cities Mokria Mulugeta GEMI | Ethiopia - continued from the previous class Research subject: Dendroclimatological Potential of Afromontane Tree Species and Reconstruct Multi-century Hydro-climatic Information for The Upper Blue Nile River Basin, Using Tree Ring as A Proxy

Annual Report 2018

Testimonial by Tran Anh Duong, Foundation Fellow between 2013 - 2017

After completion of my PhD program at Technical University of Munich, I come back Vietnam and work for Vietnamese - German University, Ho Chi Minh city starting from this month, 2019. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Cuomo Foundation for the big and valuable support me to finish this difficult mission. I also want to thank all staffs at Cuomo Foundation especially Mrs. Elena - President of Foundation for facilitating all procedures to help me during last 5 years. All my works and papers include the name of Cuomo Foundation at acknowledge part as a manner to thank and appreciate to Foundation (please some papers as attached below). In near future, I would like to keep in touch with you and have further cooperation with Foundation in education and training program. I would cordially invite you to visit Vietnamese-Germany University in some occasions. Again thank you so much for your big financial support. Dr.-Ing. Tran Anh Duong Research Coordinator of Artificial Intelligence and Water Resources Engineering Research Group. Vietnamese German University (VGU) - Thủ Dầu Một, Vietnam

- 21 -

Cuomo Foundation

Socio-economic Development

Muriel Natali-Laure, President Monaco Diseaser Power and HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco along with Peter Hungerbuhler and Francisco A. Diaz Lison of the Cuomo Foundation at the opening ceremony of ‘La Maison des Copains’, the new extension of ‘La Maison d’Amélie’ - October 20th, 2018



€ 560,076.96 of fundings

In 2013, La Maison d’Amélie officially opened in Annot located in the French region of ProvenceAlpes-Côte d’Azur. The residential respite holiday home, run by the Monaco Disease Power association, is equipped to accommodate up to 20 disabled children and adults along with their families to enable them to rest and relax in a peaceful and appropriately adapted environment. The Cuomo Foundation, along with other partners, supported and funded the development and construction of this innovative project for the Monaco Disease Power Association. In October 2018, a new extension to the existing facility, La Maison des copains, was declared open.

Maria Elena Cuomo with Roshan Susairaj, Cuomo Foundation fellow, at the Monaco Disease Power Gala Night 2019 - April 23rd, 2019

The Foundation remains involved in the maintenance and running of this exciting project. - 22 -

Annual Report 2018

Education & Research

Clara Froget at the Cuomo Foundation Headquarters, July 2018


SCHOLARSHIP CLARA FROGET Clara Froget is a young French tennis player from Nice, France who won the 2014 Junior French Championship in her age category.

5 years of partnership

Between 2014 - 2018, the Foundation assisted funding of her academic schooling. This scholarship allowed her to follow a tailor-made course, particularly adapted to the specific needs required by her sporting career.

€ 87,110 of fundings

After completing her secondary school studies, she has now started her higher studies while continuing to pursue her tennis career.

...C’est une chance de faire partie de cette famille Cuomo ; on se sent soutenus, on se sent à l’écoute... Si vous avez la chance de faire partie de cette famille, continuez à vous battre pour vos rêves et représentez la Fondation comme il se doit ! - Clara Froget - 23 -

Cuomo Foundation

Education & Research

Luca Masala, Director of the Academy surrounded by his young students


PRINCESS GRACE DANCE ACADEMY 5 years of partnership

€ 780,638 of fundings

75 scholarships

Directed since 2009 by renowned dancer and teacher Luca Masala, the Princess Grace Dance Academy is known around the world for its high teaching standards and the level of talent, commitment and professionalism of its graduates. Since 2014, the Foundation’s funding has allowed 75 scholarships to be awarded to young pupils from around the world. This funding also helped the institute strengthen its academic offer through the renewal of a pianist position and securing teachers’ salaries.

- 24 -

Annual Report 2018

Socio-economic Development

Challenge Sainte Dévote at Louis II Stadium- Monaco


CHALLENGE S A I N T E D E VOT E Since 2013 the Cuomo Foundation has been one of the sponsors of the Sainte-Dévote Tournament organized by the Fédération Monégasque de Rugby and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation.

6 years of partnership

€ 55,040 of fundings

This annual event promotes the idea of ‘Rugby for All’. Young teams from all over the world participate together and special training practice programmes are designed for the differently abled. The event is open to boys and girls aged under 12 years.

- 25 -

Cuomo Foundation

Young pupils from the Mambakkam School, South India

Education & Research



KOVALAM, SENDIVAKKAM, K.G.KANDIGAI MAMBAKKAM & CHENNAI In 2001 and in partnership with the Roman Catholic Church, the Cuomo Foundation launched a school development programme in Tamil Nadu, India. The objective of this vast project was to encourage the schooling of children and their basic education. This initiative goal was reached through construction of schools, renovation of existing buildings, granting operating costs and scholarships.

In 2018, the renovation works and financial support for the administration continued to ensure pupils a quality education in good conditions.

Initiated in the town of Kovalam, the programme extended to other regions in Tamil Nadu such as Sendivakkam, K.G. Kandigai, Mambakkam and to schools in the city of Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.

- 26 -

Annual Report 2018

Education & Research

Maria Elena Cuomo with the Foundation Fellows, Jancy Rani and Shabana Asmin - Kovalam, South India




Alfredo Cuomo Fellowship

Elena Cuomo Fellowship

The ‘AC Scholarship Programme’ was founded by Alfredo Cuomo in 2004 in Kovalam to assist young gifted students from Cuomo Foundation schools through College and University.

In 2015, the Elena Cuomo Scholarship was created to award specifically female only final year school pupils. Selected at the end of the 10th standard academic year and based on academic merit, the female benefits from school fees support for the final 11th and 12th standard years and a further 3 to 5 years’ full funding for higher Education at college or university.

Each year, some 45 students are awarded scholarship funding which open them doors for higher education.

Currently there are 4 young women benefiting from the full scholarship. In 2018, the three youngest students continued into their university studies in the fields of Pharmaceutical Science and Engineering. The eldest and first EC scholarship recipient entered into her final year of university studies in Aeronautical Engineering. - 27 -

Cuomo Foundation INDIA

ROSHAN AND THE SUSAIRAJ FAMILY In 2008, as a very young boy Roshan Susairaj suffered the loss of his lower limb. The extent of the amputation and a badly ill fitting prosthetic leg further added to his health complications. When he was 10 years old the Foundation was introduced to Roshan and began contributing to the young boy’s recovery and rehabilitation. He was fitted with a correct femoral prosthesis in 2013 and provided with appropriate physiotherapy. The Foundations support initially focused only on Roshan’s primary medical needs but has gradually been extended to cover all aspects of his well- being, from his quality of education, schooling and extra-curricular activities to his extensive health procedures. This all-encompassing approach has contributed positively to improving both Roshan’s physical and mental health and his own sense of achievement during his formative adolescence.

college course is conducted in English and ultimately will contribute to her success and confidence in the competitive job market. Roshan and Jenifer’s mother Sujatha has also benefited by a programme of vocational retraining and funding that has allowed her to regain a sense of self worth and also support her family. After selecting to train as a qualified seamstress, she has opened her own Sari boutique and workshop in the Mylapore district of Chennai, close to her home. She is boosted not only by the financial independence she has created but also by the social life it makes possible. Today, Sujatha approaches her future with confidence and her two children are undoubtedly the direct beneficiaries of the optimism that now prevails in their family.

This successful process of empowerment could not have been fully realised without also strengthening and enabling his entire family unit. Thus, over the last two years, a more comprehensive overall approach has been adopted. Roshan’s older sister, Jenifer, was awarded a scholarship that enabled her to enter graduate school in Chennai. She is now in her third and last year of studying Business Management with hopes of a career in the banking industry. In addition, the scholarship supports Jenifer’s attendance to the English courses held at the British Council in Chennai, which Roshan also attends. Fluency in English is crucial, as her

6 years of guidance

€ 52,363.77 of fundings

- 28 -

Education & Research

His Holiness Pape Francis blessing Roshoan accompanied by Maria Elena Cuomo Vatican City - May 17th, 2017

Cuomo Foundation

Education & Research

Atrium space of the new Mambakkam ‘Green’ School


NEW SCHOOL COMPOUND MAMBAKKAM 4 years of engineering

€ 1,547,5112.03 of fundings

In 2015, a large-scale school construction project was initiated in the rural village of Mambakkam in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. The new Amala Annai High school replaces the distressed rundown original school buildings on a new site with a capacity for 800 pupils from 11 to 18 years old. Built adhering to strict green ecological guidelines and regulations, the school was awarded in March 2018 the IGBC Platinum Rating by the Indian Green Build Council. The IGBC is India’s leading body for green certification. The school obtained this recognition in particular for its use of sustainable materials, methods and practice during construction and for the originality of its curriculum focused on green education and recycling. In 2018, the construction works were completed. The inauguration is scheduled in June 2019. - 30 -

Rapport d’ActivitÊs 2017

Education & Recherche


Tree sapling and lawn spreads to control erosion

Reuse of stockpiled soil for landscaping

A comprehensive water drainage system across the compound

Sustainable Water Practices

Water-efficient plumbing fixtures capable of saving 26% of annual water use

Water-efficient landscaping covering a surface of 7 475 m2, with priority given to native and draught tolerant tree species

Certified Wood

Eco-friendly certified wood has been used for up to 32% of total wood requirements

Recycled glass, steel and aluminium account for 32% of raw-materials

Waste Segregation

Organic waste collected through coloured bin is sent to the vermicompost facility located in the school campus

Compost will be recycled as fertiliser and soil amendment

Sustainable Energy High rate of openable areas guarantees air-flow & daylight supply

20% of the energy resources required by the compound is provided by renewable sources

Cuomo Foundation

Cuomo Foundation’s Actions in Tamil Nadu, South India

18 years of partnership

€ 2,772,072.49 of fundings

7 school compounds built

530 scholarships

- 32 -

Annual Report 2018

Testimonial by Most Rev. Dr. A. Neethinathan, Bishop of Chingleput, Tamil Nadu, South India

- 33 -

Cuomo Foundation

Art & Culture

Maestro Marcella Crudeli greeting Maria Elena Cuomo during the 2018 Winners’ Concert


ASSOCIATION FRYDERYK CHOPIN 15 years of partnership

€ 753,857 of fundings

The Cuomo Foundation is the main sponsor of Fryderyk Chopin Cultural Association (AFC), founded by Italian Maestro Marcella Crudeli, the renowned classical concert pianist. The association organises concerts and music events all year, but their main programme is the prestigious ‘Roma’ International Piano Competition, held annually since 1990 in the Italian capital. Its main objective is to pay particular attention to the cultural and professional skills of young pianists and to give them the exposure necessary to launch their international careers. In 2018, the Cuomo Foundation continued its support as the main sponsor of the ‘Roma’ event. In addition, the Foundation co-hosted with the AFC the 2018 annual meeting of the Chopin Societies which took place in Rome.

- 34 -

Annual Report 2018

Testimonial by Maestro Marcella Crudeli, Founder / President of Fryderyk Chopin Cultural Association, Cavaliere al Merito della Repubblica Italiana, Commendatore della Repubblica Italiana

- 35 -

Cuomo Foundation

Nel corso degli anni, la Fondazione Cuomo, da Lei presieduta, ha avuto modo di constatare l’assoluta presenza di tutte queste finalità e il loro effettivo perseguimento. Ciò si è concretizzato in un Vostro sostegno all’iniziativa crescente nel tempo, fino al raggiungimento, da circa dieci anni, di un’incidenza decisiva a livello di risorse, non solo economiche ma anche organizzative, dimostrando notevole sensibilità e coerenza con i reciproci obbiettivi. Oltre all’istituzione di premi destinati ai pianisti più meritevoli, la Fondazione Cuomo offre il proprio contributo all’attività organizzativa. Questa è costituita da innumerevoli aspetti: dalla comunicazione in tutto il mondo, alle varie forme di ospitalità, alla disponibilità delle attrezzature e delle locations, quali i prestigiosi teatri sede del concerto dei vincitori e della cerimonia di premiazione. Reputiamo che non sia un caso che, proprio a partire da una decina di anni fa, le testate giornalistiche di tutti i principali telegiornali nazionali, si siano costantemente interessate all’iniziativa in un settore, quale quello della musica classica, non certo al centro dei riflettori dei media. Maestro Marcella Crudeli Founder / President of Fryderyk Chopin Cultural Association

- 36 -

Annual Report 2018

Education & Research

Awa Gueye at the Foundation Headquarters, Monaco


SCHOLARSHIP AWA GUEYE In late 2012, a humanitarian mission by the Cuomo Foundation, in partnership with La Chaîne de l’Espoir, enabled lifesaving cardiac surgery to be successfully performed on 16-yearold Awa Gueye in Dakar, Senegal. Suffering from rheumatic mitral insufficiency, she has now fully recovered to lead a normal healthy life.

2 years of partnership

€ 2,256 of fundings

The successful opening of the Centre CardioPédiatrique Cuomo has enabled Awa to easily have access and benefit from continued on site monitoring. In 2017, the Foundation awarded Awa a full scholarship to study Biology and Chemistry at University. Currently in her second year of under-graduate studies, she hopes to pursue a research career in Molecular Science.

- 37 -


2013 - 14

Feasibility study


Beginning of the retraining programme of the CCPC personnel

June 2015

Signing of the Partnership Agreement

2015 - 2016

Construction & Equipment

November 2016

Beginning of the Medical Visits

2015 - 2016

Beginning of the Heart Surgeries

February 2018

Official Inauguration of the CCPC

Annual Report 2018

Socio-economic Development

Main entrance of the Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo, Dakar



C E N T R E C A R D I O - P E D I AT R I Q U E C U O M O The Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo, located in the Fann National University Hospital Centre, is the only public hospital in West Africa, equipped to perform cardio paediatric surgery. Prior to the opening of this life-saving centre, very few ill children survived in this region due to lack of appropriate medical care. The CCPC, whose construction and equipment have been fully funded by the Cuomo Foundation for a sum of six million Euros, is a reference in the field of cardiac interventions for children for the region. The Centre, in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Senegal, CHNU Fann and La Chaîne de l’Espoir, has obtained the accreditation of the Plan Sénégal Emergent, the benchmark for the country’s economic and social policy. The CCPC commenced its surgical procedures in January 2017. They are carried out by Senegalese personnel trained locally. In addition, international medical teams visit the Centre to support and perform procedures to further enhance the skills of the CCPC staff. - 39 -

The official inauguration of the CCPC took place on February 2nd, 2018, with the participation of the First Lady of Senegal, Marème Faye Sall, her Guest of Honour, Brigitte Macron and Maria Elena Cuomo, President of the Cuomo Foundation. During 2018, the amount of children undergoing successful cardio surgeries reached 173. This represents a 20% increase on numbers of young patients treated in comparison to 2017.

6 years of partnership

€ 6,190,690 of fundings

323 children operated

Cuomo Foundation

Socio-economic Development

A beneficiary of the 2018 welfare actions - Tin-Akoff


ZEINE COLLECTIVE PROJECT 8 years of partnership

â‚Ź 382,300 of fundings

In 2010, local community leaders set up the Zeine Collective project in the market town of Gorom- Gorom, the capital of the Oudalan Province in northern Burkina Faso. In this drought-stricken region, the Ziene Collective project successfully drilled and constructed several water wells, providing safe drinking supplies for the local communities. These actions enabled the farmers and their livestock to benefit and thrive despite the challenging climate conditions. In addition, the Collective also set up the Alpha project, which runs adult literacy and numeracy classes in Gorom-Gorom and in the nearby village of Tin-Akoff. The Foundation supported these projects between 2012-2015. In 2018, the Foundation’s support helped to drill 5 wells, renovate 6 others and to endorse 250 families with livestock, while helping 26 pupils from remote areas to be placed in foster families for their school studies. - 40 -

Annual Report 2018

Testimonial by Hamidou Idrissa Massa, Civil Officer, Oudalan Province, addressed to the commitment of the Zeine Association upheld by the Cuomo Foundation

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Cuomo Foundation

Socio-economic Development

A female team participating in the football tournament


ASSOCIATION DIZÉNIDANI (ADPET) The ‘Association Dizénidani pour la Promotion Educative de Tiebele’ (ADPET) was founded in 2010 in the ancient historical region of Tiebele, home to the Kassena people amongst the oldest ethnic tribes in southern Burkina Faso. Created to promote health and environmental protection awareness for its youth through physical and educative activities. Since 2014, the Cuomo Foundation has been the main sponsor of their annual football tournament open to all secondary schools.

“Dora” painting contest, the other big annual event, sees the girls from nearby schools, participating in the safeguard of the traditional Kassena mural paintings. It is a technique used in Tiebele’s famed Royal Court, a heritage site showcasing the richness of Gourunasi architecture. The competition is a moment of sharing and transmitting traditional values, where the elders pass by their oral knowledge to the youth. This annual event supports a valuable tradition’s continued existence.

In 2018, the Foundation assured its continued As part of their activities, the Dizénidani Cup support to the actions of the Association. football tournament is held annually. This contest, where the most advanced school teams of the region encounter their rivals, aims to convey, through football, the universal values of 8 years of partnership sport— solidarity on the top of it. € 52,009.28 of fundings

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Annual Report 2018

Education & Research

A student conducting a practical session at the EICTV


SCHOLARSHIPS EICTV In 2016 a partnership was formed with the Escuela Internacional de Cine y TelevisiĂłn (EICTV) to establish scholarships for students in need of funding. This special collaboration heralds a new chapter for this Cuban educational institution and reflects a real commitment to the future of its Arts and youth. Founded in 1986, the EICTV is a project of the Foundation of New Latin American Cinema, which has its headquarters in Cuba. Its initial aim was to support the development of national audio-visual industries in countries that lacked the infrastructure or resources to train their own professionals. It began by providing free courses to students from Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. In 2006, economic hardships imposed a fee- paying structure for all international students except Cuban attendees who remain exempt from any charges. - 43 -

Currently there are 120 students from over 50 countries attending the internationally recognised 3-year degree courses. 40 students are selected annually. EICTV attracts renowned international filmmakers as visiting teachers for master classes and workshops. The 2017-2020 scholarships were awarded to 8 film students from the nations of Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago.

3 years of partnership

â‚Ź 199,242.86 of fundings

Cuomo Foundation

Testimonial by José Homer Mora, student in Sound Engineering at the EICTV and Cuomo Foundation Fellow



Por su labor de mejorar vidas y de romper las cadenas del Subdesarrollo; Fomentando la formación cultural y artística. José Homer Mora SONIDISTA

HONDURAS es un país en estado de emergencia, con necesidad urgente de apoyo internacional. La educación y la Salud Pública son inexistentes, la corrupción nos ha robado hasta el aire puro; Entonces el deseo de salir adelante se convierte en nuestro oxígeno que nos ayuda a cumplir con dignidad y con valor esa dura tarea que es vivir, en la Honduras de Hoy.! SE PUEDE SALIR ADELANTE, NO ESTAMOS SOLOS. Es fácil decirlo y escribirlo, pero se que no es fácil hacerlo, peor cuando la realidad nos ciega y ensordece hasta el punto que nos cuesta creer que las cosas son posibles. Podemos cambiar el sentido de emergencia, por EMERGENCIA “de estar emergiéndose” de ese modo con trabajo y dedicación podemos ir cambiando poco a poco nuestra realidad.!

! ! !

Palmyra - Syria © 2000 Cuomo Foundation - 44 -

Annual Report 2018

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Cuomo Foundation

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Cuomo Green Team - Amala Annai Higher Secondary School, Mambakkam - South India

20 Years of Dedication 20 years of Education 1999

First encounter with the church schools of Kovalam S. INDIA


Cuomo Foundation legally established by the Sovereign Ordinance N.1487 MONACO Construction of St Joseph’s High School Kovalam S. INDIA ongoing project


Scholarships in partnership with Monaco Red Cross MONACO ongoing project Support for Mission Enfance Association MONACO Construction of Boys & Girls School Boarding Homes Kovalam S. INDIA ongoing project Support for John D’Monte Primary School Kovalam INDIA


Student Aid Scholarships for Colleges Tamil Nadu S. INDIA ongoing project Support for the Mercy Home care hostel for the elderly Chennai S. INDIA ceased 2014 Support for Hobart Method for diversely-abled Rimini ITALY ceased 2016 Support for Roma International Piano Competition ‘Rome’ Rome ITALY ongoing project


Construction of RC High School Sendivakkam INDIA ongoing project Construction of Boys School Boarding Home KG Kandigai INDIA ongoing project Professional Medical Scholarship to Dr. Abdoul Touré Niamey NIGER


Construction of Cathedral Free Primary School Chennai INDIA ongoing project Construction of Boys & Girls School Boarding Homes Sendivakkam INDIA ongoing project Support for St. Anthony’s Primary School Chennai INDIA ongoing project


Support for village school Soudoure NIGER Support for young adults professional training centre Bamako MALI ceased 2015


Sene’Gala event- an art competition for Senegalese painters MONACO Support for artisanal dairy farm Gorom-Gorom BURKINA FASO ongoing project


Pathology Medical-Lab Equipment for Princess Grace Hospital MONACO Support for No Finish Line MONACO ongoing project


Support for Operation Smile programme - Prof. J.-M. Servant & Dr. D.Cataldo Niamey NIGER Support for Destination Ecole programme Panjshir AFGHANISTAN ceased 2011 Donated a social service van providing meals to disabled and elderly within municipality MONACO Support for ABChildren Association MONACO Construction of Girls School Boarding Home KG Kandigai INDIA ongoing project


Support for ‘A Riturnela’ day-care nursery in municipality MONACO Support for ‘Ecoute Cancer Réconfort’ association in municipality MONACO ongoing project Entrepreneurship competition of Junior Chamber International MONACO ceased 2013 Female Entrepreneurships in Senegal competition held by AFCM MONACO Support for Princess Stéphanie Youth Centre MONACO Support for Zeine Farmers Collective Gorom-Gorom BURKINA FASO ongoing project Vocational training programme for former street kids Rio de Janeiro BRASIL ceased 2013 Support for ‘Destination Ecole’ programme Mornes HAITI

20 Years of Dedication 20 years of Education 2012

Support for Espace Snoezelen for senior citizens in municipality MONACO Support for JATALV Training programme for social workers in MONACO ongoing project Support for Monaco Disease Power Association MONACO ongoing project Support for ‘Toutes à l’école’ Phnom Penh CAMBODIA ceased 2013 Support for Children’s Heart Pavilion centre Phnom Penh CAMBODIA ceased 2013


Support for Sainte Dévote Rugby Tournament MONACO ongoing project Support for Susairaj Family Chennai INDIA ongoing project IPCC Research scholarships on Climate Change GLOBAL ongoing project Support for Plant for The Planet initiative GLOBAL Centre Cardio-Pédiatrique Cuomo (CCPC) Dakar SENEGAL ongoing project


Student Scholarships for Princess Grace Dance Academy MONACO ongoing project Research Scholarship for Mr Benoît Pasquier MONACO ceased 2015 Pathology Medical-Lab Equipment for Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG) MONACO Female Scholarship programme for gifted students Tamil Nadu INDIA ongoing project Scholarship for junior tennis player Ms Clara Froget Nice FRANCE ceased 2018 Support for Dizénidani Association Tiébélé BURKINA FASO ongoing project


Amala Annai Higher Sec. School Mambakkam INDIA ongoing project


Multimedia room for Thuyloi University Hanoi VIETNAM Scholarships - Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV S.A. de Los Baños CUBA ongoing project Research for renewable energies for communities Las Tunas CUBA ongoing project Signatory of Green Alliance of China–European Foundations GLOBAL ongoing project Support for Mr Maurice Sagna’s micro-enterprise Dakar SENEGAL Support for Café Culturel Tiébélé BURKINA FASO


Student Aid Scholarship for Ms Awa Gueye Dakar SENEGAL ongoing project Opening of Amala Annai Primary School Mambakkam INDIA ongoing project


Annual Meeting of International Federation of Chopin Societies Rome ITALY IPCC outreach event at the COP24 Katowice POLAND


Annual dance competition of the Accademia Nazionale Danza Rome ITALY Opening of the Foundation’s 7th school compound Mambakkam INDIA

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Cuomo Foundation's Annual Report 2018  

Cuomo Foundation's Annual Report 2018