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Management Letter May - November 2015

We are happy to share that we entered into the 6th year of our journey of the Rainbow Home. It has been a good journey; mix of ups and downs, at times a smoother path and tough terrain sometimes. Matching of our ideology with the exponents of RFI and getting together with them made our journey a smoother, easier, faster and effective. Parents of old children who got sensitized with our program and vulnerability scale are referring other genuine children for admission into our home. we want the parents to continue the same bond as parent by sharing some responsibility of the child and have the same bondage of the parent though the child is staying with us. But they expect us to take the total responsibility of the child and demand our accountability as matter of right.We want to sensitize parents on this aspect.

THE SHADOW OF BIFURCATION OF THE STATE OF ANDHRA PRADESH IS HAUNTING US The shadow of bifurcation of the state of Andhra Pradesh is haunting us. We thought things would settle down after division of state but problems are continuing even after one and half year of bifurcation. All the head offices are located in Hyderabad and few are on the way to shifting to VIjayawada the new capital of our nascent state. Officials are dilli dallying in decision taking decisions playing the blame game. Our Chief Minisiter is sending signals that state is in deficit budget and acts like construction of capital city and shifting of Government machinery to Viajayawada are the top priorities than spending on welfare measures. After being battered severely during samaikhyandhra agitation and after bifurcation of the state, we thought, things would settled down after bifurcation and we can have a smoother journey. But still there is no support from the government, few head offices are still located in Hyderabad and few in the process of shifting to Vijayawada, the new capital of our state Andhra Pradesh and the District officials are dilli dallying to take any decision engaging in blame game. Our state Government also prepared us mentally not We have overall good relationship with teachers and Home school management. After school hours, class spaces are being used by the children for studying and doing home work thereby not mixing the residential space with the study place. This helps in better study and not disturbing of orderly placing placing of things.

ANANTAPURAMU IS A SMALL TOWN WITH 2 LAKH POPULATION Anatapuramu is a small town with 2 lakh population. We can’t expect much support from civil society here on the lines of metropolis like Hyderabad. Few people in the guise of donors come give a pittance take all the pictures and shots wasting a lot of time . Flow of Volunteers also is not so good. We need to create more visibility for our organization and for RFI so as to gather support. We the staff and our children miss out all the exposure and advantages of being in Hyderabad like Bodhguru teaching, Perspective building, talent mentoring and other useful trainings. Still we are trying our best to give the best to our children. Another major challenge and dilemma is to deal with the adolescent children who are growing big and becoming independent and also forming self opinions. Their energies need to be channeled positively for their career growth through proper counseling and a constant watch besides respecting their independent opinions. This is the challenge as to how to nurture the adolescent girls and the management needs to provide them with better counseling and stronger orientation about they becoming self reliant. We and our team are happy for giving time and services to the children and feel good seeing them growing bigger and becoming self reliant. Their little, small achievements make us feel great. We feel proud if they achieve some prize in a small competition or on their good academic performance.

QUILIFIED STAFF IS ALSO HARD TO FIND OUT HERE Qualified Staff is also hard to find out here . Existing good ones spend time with us serving children take all the inputs and if comes across good opportunity, they simply leave us taking away all their rich inputs and making our efforts of training in vain. Anatapuramu being proximate to Bangalore, all the elite and talented workforce migrate there for better opportunities and pay which leaves our search for qualified persons difficult. We all know the journey ahead is going to be tougher and tougher with more challenges as the girls becoming elder and requirements grow more. We wish every passing out child should become self reliant and a contributing citizen and become good role models and brand ambassadors for our Rainbow Homes.

Ml may to nov 2015  
Ml may to nov 2015