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Dec 2012 - May 2013

The process of identifying the children who need special care and protection in the HOME is a challenge. The Social Workers exert heartfelt commitment in the entire process of convincing the caretakers of such needy children, and bring them to the Home, and get them settled. In several STRUGGLES & cases, the caretakers come to Home within a couple of days and take them ACHIEVEMENTS away or the children run away creating panic among the staff of CRH. CRH has now brought in a policy that the Social Mobilizers share a case study of the identified cases during the weekly meeting of the Home. There will be discussions among all the team regarding the genuinely needy child and the final decision is taken before the child is taken and enrolled into the Home. The children taken care by CRH include single parent children, children in difficult circumstances who are not aware of the importance of schooling and literacy. The major problem that has been faced over and over again is the regular and repeated disturbance of the caretakers/parent(s) who come Home to meet the children, demanding the Management to send them home saying that there is a function, or a village celebration etc. The children so taken are MOTIVATIONAL not sent back on time or even they are sent back to their old profession of ASPECTS begging or labour work. This is adversely affecting the performance of the children at school as well as disturbing other children’s concentration too. The management of the Home has taken this matter as a serious issue. Counselling to the parents, advise to the children and regular meetings with the parents at their households have been taken up to discourage these practices, and to ensure that the children stay at CRH and continue their education without unwanted absenteeism. Visitors are now allowed on Sunday only, unless it is an Emergency. Crescent Rainbow Home is located in a spacious school building, and has always been a challenge with regard to the safety measures. Considerable work is being taken up by CRDS to make the Home and its surrounding are amicable for the children and are safe in all aspects. Several developmental aspects and safety measures have been taken during the period under reporting. The Home is equipped with Fire Extinguishers! The Home Mothers have organized demonstrations for the children with regard to fire-break and how to bring it under control. DEVELOPMENTAL WORKS

Another importantdevelopmental work carried out during this period is the fixing of grills in the corridor which was otherwise unsafe for the children. With this, now the entire building is secure prohibiting any entry from the outside or accidental falling down of children from these openings.

Beautification of the Home compound in the form of cleaning and plantation of floral and other croton plants is also taken up during this period. The Management of CRDS has yet another worth-mention achievement as the Chief Functionary of CRDS was awarded with “National Status Award for Intellectual Development” Award for his Individual Contribution for Social and Economic Growth, by the “Intellectual People and Economic Growth Association”, New Delhi. Mr. Saddam Basha was awarded with the certificate for his RECOGNITION OF Excellent Performance and Outstanding Contribution for the WORK Progress of the Nation. This award his increased the responsibilities further in the cause of welfare of the needy, especially for the welfare of the Children and Women who are the prime target groups of the organization. The credit of this goes to one and all, and exclusively to Balyamitra Network/ Partnership Foundation, for their staunch support for the past several years to CRDS for running the CRH.

Ml dec 12 to may 2013