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SMC MEETINGS The mandatory SMC meetings have become formality in many schools due to several reasons, including lack of awareness and interest among the parents. CRDS has taken the initiative to meet parents and educate them on the importance of SMCs which resulted in the regularity of SMC meetings in Bharathamatha Elementary School. Crescent Home staff also participating in these meetings as representatives of our children who are attending the school. Local anganwadi workers are also attending these meetings.

Management Letter June - November 2013

Major points of discussion include (1) Standards of Education at the school, (2) Personality Development of the children in the school; (3) the problems regarding toilets in the school which need repairs, and (4) enrolment of under-age children into Anganwadis. As a result of these meetings, the Anganwadi workers have agreed to enroll the under-age children in our Home into the local anganwadicentre. The issue of taking up of repairs to toilets and compound wall were represented to the RVM (SSA), Anantapur with a request to initiate the repairs.

DEVELOPMENTAL WORKS Protection of the children in the Home is a very tensious as well as prime issues of the Home. During the SMC Meetings it is represented that the existing compound wall on one side of the Home is not up to the mark. CRDS has taken up this as an issue of urgency and reported to RVM. As not action was taken up by the Department for the past several months, the partially damaged compound wall was repaired thereby ensuring safety of the girls in the Home. Staff, parents and Children of the Home participated in this construction work as Shramadanam. The bathrooms in the school premises were not under use as they needed minor repairs. Keeping in view the requests of the parents and the need for bringing them into use repairs were completed to them and they were brought into use. A water tub is also constructed for the use by the students of the school, and steps were taken to see that good sanitation is maintained in the school compound. The staff, children and parents participated in this developmental work also.

PARENTS’ MEETINGS Several issues related to parents of the children residing in the Home were explained in the previous Management Letter. As a part of educating the parents about their responsibilities and disciplines related to Home and children, a meeting was organized at the Home. The grievances from both the sides were sorted out and issues chalked out.During the meeting,the importance of their child’s education, not to come and disturb the children during the working days, visiting days and visiting hours (Sundays and National Holidays) were explained to them. The parents agreed to visit the Home during holidays only and not to disturb the children during the working days.

RAINBOW HOME ONLINE REPORTING The Ministry of Women Development and Child Welfare has made “Rainbow Home Online Reporting” as mandatory. CRDS has completed the online registration and uploaded the data of all the children presently in the Home. Further communication from the Department is awaited.

OTHER ISSUES The support we used to receive from RVM is stopped during the present academic year in spite of continuous efforts and advocacy taken up. They are not in a position to assure any support during this year which is creating financial problems to the Home. Non-Cooperation of the government teachers with the children of the Home in schooling aspects is also a cause of problem. The educational backwardness and behavioral attitudes of the children are not positively taken up by the teachers. However, we are carefully handling the situation and are trying to set the things right from both the ends. The responsibility of cleaning of the compound etc., are attributed to the Home Watchman and the government school management is not taking up any responsibility in the premises cleaning up.

Ml jun 13 to nov 2013  
Ml jun 13 to nov 2013