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June – November 2011

The period under reporting is one among the most progressive one with regard to Home Administration, Development, and Child Progress. The present strength of the children at home th th is 71. The children are studying between Pre-school Pre to 7 Class. All the children upto 5 class are in Bharath Matha School, whereas th th children of 6 and 7 Class are studying in Sharada Municipal High School. Continued efforts to cope up with the problems confronted in the new shift-over over building have given positive results.

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BEAUTIFICATION OF THE BUILDING The school building which was in an unusable condition was the first priority. Through construction of toilets the children were given the ease to get ready for the school tension free. The damaged building which was looking insecure with the roof top peeling down concrete lumps and the floor undulated were given the very next priority by taking up maintenance and repairs. The new look that the building attained after repairs and rainbow coloured painting really made the Home look like Rainbow with the smiling faces of the children lighting up the brightness.

EFFORTS TO GIVE MAXIMUM CHILDHOOD … Childhood means ‘the freedom to express, learn, enjoy, get protected and cared’. Meeting this definition, CRH has focused in establishing play items in the Home which gives the children the mental relaxation and physical physica fitness exercises after the school. Similarly, the discipline of study hours during late evening in the supervision of the teachers and home mother is a continued effort to develop the educational standards, and the extra-curricular extra activities at regularr intervals are made. Outing of the children, participation in several events like “Celebrating Childhood”, “National Education Day” (by Rajiv Vidya Mission) etc., are boosters for the children to improve themselves and energize their spirit.

PROBLEMS CONFRONTED WITH THE CHILDREN The children were continuously and regularly educated on health, hygiene, sincerity and honesty. Several minor health problems like scabies, puss-wounds, puss itching etc., were the common problems that we have noticed among the children. These issues we are slowly overcoming through ascertaining daily bath, washing face, hands and legs soon after the come from school, after playing etc. The case of young Suguna is a different ifferent one which led to tension among everyone. She suddenly fell unconscious at around 2:30 a.m. in the mid night. The alert Home-mother Home mother along with the teachers admitted her in the Govt. General Hospital where the doctors pronounced the condition as critical critical till the actual problem is diagnosed. After spending a tension 48 hours and two different Scannings, the problem was diagnosed as T.B. Tumours in the brain. The doctors declared her out of danger but the treatment and recovery depends on the child’s chil response to medicines. The child is discharged after 15 days in the hospital and now she is under medication. The tense movements that the entire Home had is a live example for all of us that the staff should be ever-ready ever to meet any eventuality and to respond spontaneously.

MAINTENANCE ASPECTS Inadequate Supply of water by the Anantapur Municipal M nicipal Corporation is one of the major problems faced by the Home these days and it is going to be more severe as summer is in sight. Presently the Home is purchasing water from outside. One of the means to tackle with this problem is to construct a water storage sump and preserve water, which can be pumped and utilized during the lean days.

Ml jun 12 to nov 2011