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Management Letter


May 2011

RAINBOW HOME It is on 28th May 2010 the Home was started in Driver’s Colony. Mr. Khaja Husain, an eminent Social Activist has come forward to give his building in Driver’s Colony, on a rent free basis, to start this home. His nobleness has helped the Management to establish this home with the support of _____, and to successfully complete the first anniversary. a Like its name suggests it is adding the colors of happiness, wisdom, love and brotherhood among each child in the Home.

E F F O R T S T O F I N D O U T A S U I TA B L E S C H O O L B U I L D I N G Once the children are placed in this temporary but secure building, the Management of Rainbow Home has started its efforts to identify a suitable school building to accommodate the children as per the guidelines of _____. The task turned cumbersome due to the non-cooperation non cooperation of officials at different levels. A team of social workers of Crescent Rural Development Society visited visited almost all the schools in the town and in the adjacent rural colonies to take note of government schools having availability of rooms to accommodate the children of CRH. Out of the several buildings building identified, three schools were found to be suitable, suitabl i.e., (1) Bharatha Matha UP School, Lakshmi Nagar, Anantapur, (2) Nehru UP School, Court Road, Anantapur, and (3) DPEP UP School Nayak Nagar, Anantapur.

PROBLEMS CONFRONTED IN GETTING THE SANCTION A letter requesting ing the Municipal Commissioner to allocate any one of these schools to RCH was submitted in the month of June 2010. However, the procedural things like the Commissioner seeking permission from the District Collector and the subsequent process has took more than 3 months to the District Administration to get a conclusion about the situation of these schools. At this stage,, a District Level meeting on Right to Education Act and Saakshar Bharathi, was organized at Anantapur on 24th September, mber, 2010. 2010 Mrs. Chandana Khan, IAS Officer and the Principal Secretary (Primary Edn. & SSA) Mr. Mohd. Ali Rafath, State Project Director, Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), visited Anantapur. During this meeting held with all the district officials, officials including the District Collector; Collector Project Director, SSA; DEO; ZP Chairperson; ZP CEO; Project Director, DWMA; DWMA Mrs. Ambika, Aman Vedika, Hyderabad; Hyderabad and Mr. Saddam Basha, President – CRDS;; Mrs.. Ambika explained the concept of Rainbow Home started in Anantapur by CRDS. She requested the distinguished persons attending the meeting to allocate a school building to place all the 35 girl children taken care by CRDS Rainbow Home. The Principal Secretary, SSA acted positively to this requested and requested the District Collector Collector to look into the matter and allocate a suitable building. Responding to this the District Collector has requested the Management of RCH to notify whether there are any children with HIV/AIDS in the group proposed to be boarded in these schools. This Th correspondence and subsequent queries took another 3 months. The process got delayed yet as the administration was in consultations among themselves as to how to tackle the issue if other NGOs working in the district too approach them to provide accommodation accommodation basing on the sanctioning of school building to the CRH.

SHIFTING INTO THE NEW PREMISES At last, with the instructions received from the PD, SSA from Hyderabad, the Commissioner, Anantapur has submitted his willingness to allocate Bharatha Matha UP School to CRSD for accommodating the children of the CRH. The District Collector issued the orders in this regard.


On ___ CRSD has initiated the process of cleaning the school premises, which was full of thorny bushes, undulations all over the playground. During their visit to CRH at this period of time, Ms. Anuradha and Mr. Michael also visited the school building. Finally, on ___ the children were shifted to this school from the temporary shelter home at Drivers’ Colony.

PROBLEMS CONFRONTED REGARDING THE BULDING Bharatha Matha UP School is located in a spacious building with adequate playground etc. However, the situation of sanitation is very poor. There are no bathrooms, toilets or drinking water facility for the children. The compound was undulated with lots of thorny bushes. Children used to attend their calls of nature in the shades of these bushes. Drinking water was purchased from outside. The matter was taken to the notice of the Project Director, Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), Anantapur, but they paid a deaf ear to all our representations. Under Right to Information Act CRH has collected information about the funds available for the development of the school. However, the department did not show any interest to spend the money for the infrastructural development. The management of CRSD has finally taken a decision to take up all these works through its own resources. The major repair works like mending the cracks to the ceiling of the building, providing railing to the stair case, construction of toilets and bathrooms has started. CRDS has also taken a tap connection to the school and fitted it with motor to pump the water to the over-head tank. Thus, the building is now brought to a ‘acceptable to live’ status.

MEETING WITH THE NEIGHBOURS OF THE SCHOOL The immediate step taken by CRSD soon after shifting was to organize a meeting with the local communities residing near the school. The meeting with the local women, IKP members, and other SHG members has helped us to make them understand that the presence of children is not going to disturb them in any way, but also to take care of the building during the wee hours. The women also expressed their support as the spacious building was mis-utilized by a few anti-social elements during the night hours. Thus, CRH and the children could build good rapport with the local communities during its first interactive meeting itself.

PROBLEMS WITH THE CHILDREN The children staying with us in the CRH come from different lifestyles from various parts of Anantapur District. CRH has taken every step to make them feel-at-home. However, on ____ about 5 children of the Home, Chi. Lakshmi, Balamma, Neelavathi, Bhavani and Subbamma, who come from families adopted to begging profession, escaped from the Home. The Social Mobilizer of CRSD and the Home Management took all efforts to trace the children and they finaly found them begging on the streets along with their parents. We have had another round of counseling with the parents of these children and brought them back. It is worthy to mention now that these children are learning skills in tailoring along with their regular school.

VISITORS Among the elite visitors during the reporting period are Ms. Anuradha, Mr. Michael, Mrs. Ambika, Mr. Krishna Reddy, PO, Rajiv Vidya Mission, a team from Aman Biradari Trust, Bangalore and Mr. Maris. Mr. Chin Chang, Chief In-charge, NHAI, is one among the regular visitors to the Home. Members of Inner Wheel Club, Teachers, Members of Teachers’ Unions are some of the regular visitors to the Home. They are kind enough to bring toffees and fruits to the children and to sit and eat along with them.

DO N AT I O N S A few service-minded visitors from Anantapur town have visited the CRH and interacted with the children in the home. They were kind enough to donate Colour Television, a Washing Machine, a few members from Sai Madhuri Bhajan & Seva Trust have donated toys and play material for the children.


Ml may 2011  
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