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November 2015 to May 2016

CRDS Rainbow Home Started in the year 2010 with the strength of 7 children and now grew up to 112 children over 6 years. The period of this reporting is full of good and bad events. After 6 years of tie up with RFI and running of Rainbow home, the organization is entering into adolescent stage with the growing number of adolescent children. This stage is little difficult than the previous stages more challenges are to be faced in the form of needs of children and their self-reliance. Still after the bifurcation of state, things have not settled down in the state of Andhra Pradesh and not much of support is coming from the side of Government. We felt happy seeing the scent percent result in both SSC and Intermediate public exams and these achievements give us energy to work for them with more enthusiasm. This year 2 girls appeared for SSC exam and both passed with first class and their grades are Kalpana 7.8 Geetha 6.6.In Intermediate first year, two girls namely D. Sucharita got C grade by getting 250 marks. Another child S. Laxmi got 259 marks passing in C grade. We are maintaining Cordial relations with the School management and teachers of school. As a result, we are enjoying all the benefits of the school as we our self keep the key of the few class room which are used for the study and doing homework by our children not disturbing the rooms in the upstairs where our children live. We have risk free terras which are being for drying of cloths usage by the children. Though we are accommodating around 110 children, which is more than the allotted strength of 100, many more children are seen on the roads and streets who are roaming without proper care and protection, probably due to the severe drought conditions this year which has more its affect in Anatapuramu district. With not much of support from Govt or civil society, it is becoming difficult to admit more children into our overcrowded home. Though our neighborhood may not provide much of material support, but they provide us with a lot of moral support appreciating our work. Finding quality staff and retaining them is also becoming problematic with limited honorarium being provided to them than in the competitive market offering. This year we did the repatriation of 20 children and around 15 new admissions are taken. Few grown up children are admitted into the Government hostels .In parents meeting, we could convince the affordable parents whose economic condition improved to take back their children and few parents responded positively allowing the vacancy and accommodation of new children in the home. We are gearing up for the coming academic year 2016 -17 gathering all the New Year material. Our children are privileged in their respective schools with better facilities and having items like shoes and bags compared their fellow children. I thank RFI, state office for their moral support towards me when I fell sick with a life threatening health emergency when I collapsed on 20th May at 9.30 pm in CRDS home due to massive chest pain which was diagnosed as heart blockage .I was treated for 2 days in Anantapuramu and shifted to Puttaparthi and kept for 4 days and was discharged on 24th May. I believe it is all because of the blessings of the children and prayers of well wishers Gods wish to allow me to do more service probably could saved my life. Though it is a big crisis for me and for my family, emotionally, financially, with support of friends and relatives could overcome it now after nearly 10 days of my discharge, I am recovering well. I appreciate my staff who continued their quality services to the children in my hospitalized days. I thank all in RFI, State office and Partnership Foundation for giving required cooperation and guidance in turning CRD Rainbow home efficiently. I look forward to similar support in future.

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20160606 ml nov 2015 to may 2016