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What students need to know to print, scan and copy on campus


You can access the DPrint top-up page three ways. Log in with your Concordia netname and password and choose the top-up amount you want.

• concordia.ca/dprintfunds

• Concordia App under “My Account”

• Student hub “My CU account” under “Printing & scanning” TO START USING DPRINT SERVICES

1. Have a valid Concordia student ID card and or a Concordia netname and password.

2. Add funds to your account.

** You must have a valid Concordia student ID card for at least 24 hours before you can use DPrint.


Black and White

Letter Simplex: $0.10

Letter Duplex: $0.19

Legal Simplex: $0.10

Legal Duplex: $0.19

Ledger Simplex: $0.17

Ledger Duplex: $0.33

Scanning: $0.03 per page Colour

Letter Simplex: $0.35

Letter Duplex: $0.69

Legal Simplex: $0.40

Legal Duplex: $0.79

Ledger Simplex: $0.55

Ledger Duplex: $1.07

Scanning: $0.03 per page

Duplaine buzzistheword@outlook.com ADD FUNDS TO YOUR ACCOUNT ONLINE

1. You’ll need to upload the document you want to print at webprint.concordia.ca.

2.Once you’ve uploaded your document. You can release your job at a printer on campus.

Did you know?

When using a lab or library computer, You have direct access to print. In this case, you don’t need to use webprint.concordia.ca.


To get your printed copies walk over to any DPrint device on campus. (Look for the black & white and colour devices identification).

1. Swipe your Concordia ID at the device or enter your netname and password on the screen.

2. Press the “print” button to release your job.

3. To log out press on your netname at the top left.




1. Press ‘Copy’ on the touch screen

2. Select the required copying features

3. Enter copy quantity

4. Press ‘Start’ Swipe your Concordia ID card or enter your netname and password at the


Your scan will be sent to your email address as set in your CU account

Place document face down on the glass, left corner arrow Press the ‘Home’ button on the right Load the documents face up

Use your web browser to upload and print a document to one of the supported campus DPrint printers

Print/release your document by pressing the “Print” button

Press your netname, select and press log out

1. Press ‘E-Mail’ on the touch screen 2. Press ‘Start’
PRINTING webprint.concordia.ca WEBPRINT

With over 40 self-serve devices on both campuses.DPrint is your on-campus solution to print, copy and scan. You will find DPrint devices in the library, and in all major buildings.

For questions about DPrint email us at dprint@concordia.ca > VISIT CONCORDIA.CA/IT
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How do I send a print job to a DPrint device ?

Print jobs can be submitted from library and lab computers or by using WebPrint from your personal laptop.

How do I select the correct DPrint device for printing ?

You can choose from two different printer options:

1) For black and white printing, select the ‘Mono’ print option from the computer

2) For colour printing, choose ‘WC_Colour’ print option from the computer

If you send a print job to a black and white device, it will not appear on a colour device, and vice versa.

Note: if you send a print job using the Mono print option, you can only print in black and white. If you send a print job using the WC_ Colour print option, you can choose to print in colour or black and white by selecting the ‘Force Monochrome’ box on the touch screen.

How can I tell which DPrint devices print colour (WC_Colour) and which devices print black and white (Mono) ?

A sign on the top of each device identifies them as COLOUR or BLACK AND WHITE. A full list of DPrint self-serve devices can be found online at concordiastores.ca

I sent print jobs to the DPrint device, but they are not listed in my print queue. What do I do ?

It is likely that you are trying to retrieve your print job from a type of device that does not match the printing option that you selected (colour vs. black and white). Check both types of machines to locate the file you wish to print.

For WebPrint, there is a 2-step approval process; once when you submit the file, and once to approve the file. If you have missed one of the approvals, your job will not appear in your queue.

I selected my job to print but it still won’t print, what do I do ?

Make sure that you have sufficient funds for the print request. When you select a print job, the page count and total cost will appear in the window on the top right of the touch screen. If the cost of your job exceeds your account balance, the job will not print. This will be displayed as a cost of $0.00

*** If you’ve sent a print job in a paper size that is not Letter (8.5’x11’), Legal (8.5’x14’), or Ledger (11’x17’) then the print job will be held with an error message stating ‘Job held. Needs resources’. You will need to resend the job and select one of the accepted paper sizes.

--- The file/drivers may be corrupt. Delete the job from your queue and resend it from a different computer.

dprint@concordia.ca FAQ

My job printed, but all the pages were blank/blacked out

Sometimes printing directly from a webpage will appear as a blank page. Save the webpage as a PDF and then send that document to print.

Protected PDFs sometimes print blank pages. There is not always a way around this. Sometimes you can save the webpage as a PDF, or save as regular PDF, and print.

There is a setting in Acrobat for PDFs to “replace colour with black”. So when you print a document with colour photos to a Black and White printer, all the photos appear as black boxes. Turn this off in Acrobat and send the job again. If all the above fails, please send an email to dprint@concordia.ca

Long delays between print jobs

Currently, when printing multiple jobs at once, there is a 10-15 second delay between each job. This is to avoid errors on the accounting server. This is the fastest we can make it. We apologize for the delay.

My job printed but my account balance did not change

The balance won’t change until you log out and log back in.

Sometimes there is a communication delay with the accounting server. Once communication is re-established the account balance will be updated accordingly.

My print job is still in the queue after 24 hours

It is because you selected “Print and Save”, which resets the time to another 24 hours.

Webprint failed

Webprints are limited to HTML, office suites and PDFs. Other file types such as Secure PDFs, proprietary file formats, etc. will not be recognized by Webprint.


Why do I get blank pages when I copy from the glass ?

It is likely that you have your original on the wrong corner of the glass. Always orient your original to the corner of the glass with the green arrow.

How do I copy odd sized originals, ID cards, or delicate paper ?

Place the original face down on the glass (corner with green arrow) and cover it with a sheet of blank paper. The devices will automatically detect the original size to be the same as the cover sheet.


Why do I get blank pages when I scan from the glass ?

It is likely that you have your original on the wrong corner of the glass. Always orient your original to the corner of the glass with the green arrow.


dprint@concordia.ca concordia.ca/dprint


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