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Volunteer highlight: Beautiful life—beautiful spaces Activities like no other


Cedar Community is pleased to announce a new senior living option coming to our Cedar Lake Campus in West Bend. Independent living plus will offer the benefits of living in an active and engaged community, while providing the security and peace of mind that comes with the ability to get a little extra help when needed. This new lifestyle option includes amenities like weekly housekeeping, meal plans, on-site pharmacy with free delivery, and the peace of mind that comes from on-site staff 24 hours a day. Enjoy restaurant-quality meals in our dining rooms or take advantage of our cafés and bistros. Whatever your tastes, you can enjoy the benefit of well-balanced meals in the company of family and friends—without having to do the dishes! Enjoy a variety of activities and programs designed to engage your mind, body, and spirit. Nestled on our beautiful Cedar Lake Campus, you can enjoy the outdoors in a variety of ways, including our walking trails, bird watching, and conservation activities. You can also participate in exercise activities, play cards, join a book club, or just enjoy your neighbors’ company. Or, find your niche and volunteer to make a difference in the lives of others. There are endless opportunities! Balancing freedom, comfort, and security, our independent living plus lifestyle allows you to actively and safely age in place—adding extra support only when you need it.

To learn more, contact Michelle Walsh at 262.306.4299.

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Congrats! CEO Nicole Pretre named to LeadingAge Wisconsin Board of Directors | 4 Gratitude From our CEO | 5 Embrace the beauty around you Message from our vice president of spiritual care and wellbeing | 7 Resident profile Meet June Schroeder and Mike McCormick | 8–9 News you can use Read all about it | 10–13 Beautiful life—beautiful spaces A passion for creativity continues | 14–17 Welcome home Hurry! Cedar Ridge Homes are going fast! | 18–19 Volunteer supports families behind the scenes Meet Kris Dobbeck | 20

Enjoy, explore, and embrace your best life! Live More is published for the neighbors of Cedar Community. If you would like to add a neighbor’s name to our mailing list, please contact us at 262.338.2819. To view Live More online, visit cedarcommunity.org/ live-more-magazine/. EXECUTIVE EDITOR Sarah Malchow MANAGING EDITOR Carrie Sturn CREATIVE DIRECTOR Cyndi Frohmader

ON THE COVER Dave and Linda McFadden enjoy spending time together at home with their dog, Rudy.

Spiritual wellbeing and you Explore one of the seven dimensions of wellbeing | 21 Celebrating outstanding team members Meet Barb Bartz and Damon Peña | 22–23 Time, talents, and treasures Residents and team members use talents to benefit others | 24–25 Get creative at Cedar Valley A message from Cedar Valley UCCI | 26 Butterfly Release benefits Partners In Caring™ Message from our vice president of development | 27

OUR MISSION To model Christ’s love for humanity by creating life-enhancing relationships, services, and environments.

CONGRATS! Congratulations to Cedar Community’s CEO, Nicole Pretre, for recently being named to the LeadingAge Wisconsin Board of Directors! A leader in senior advocacy, education, and formulation of collaborative strategies, LeadingAge Wisconsin works to advance the fields of long-term care, assisted living, and retirement living. Their efforts focus on developing a continuum of senior care and comprehensive services that encourage maximum independence and enhance quality of life. As part of a larger network of affiliates focused on expanding the world of possibilities for the aging, LeadingAge members and affiliates touch the lives of millions of individuals, families, team members, and volunteers every day. The LeadingAge community includes 6,000 notfor-profit organizations in the United States; 39 state partners; hundreds of businesses, research partners, consumer organizations, foundations; and a broad global network of aging services organizations that reach over 30 countries. “Nicole is a passionate and visionary chief executive,” stated Joe Carlson, president of Cedar Community’s Board of Directors. “Her experience in providing exemplary leadership and best-inclass services for our residents and clients, team members, and the greater community will be a great blessing to LeadingAge Wisconsin. She is a focused, disciplined, and strategic leader who will bring both a business lens and a mission focus to the work.” Nicole’s creative vision and strategic acumen, combined with her broad industry experience, has been invaluable to Cedar Community and will make her an impactful director. Building on a celebrated career in journalism, media, and marketing, Nicole has spent the last 20 years in the healthcare and senior living sector. Prior to her elevation to CEO in 2021, Nicole led Cedar Community’s sales, marketing, and philanthropy teams responsible for driving sales and service revenue, occupancy rates, and fundraising goals. In her role as a LeadingAge Wisconsin director, Nicole will help guide the strategic direction, advocacy efforts, and operational goals of the statewide membership organization.

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| SUMMER 2022 SPRING 2022

Nicole Pretre Chief Executive Officer


Gratitude As I write this article, I have just completed my first year serving as Cedar Community’s CEO. As I reflect on the past 12 months, the emotion I feel most is gratitude. I am thankful for many things that I have experienced so far on this journey. When I stepped into this role, I received a much-appreciated letter from someone that many of you know— Steve Jaberg—Cedar Community’s second CEO (I’m only the fourth in our nearly 70-year history!). Steve began with kind words of congratulations, and then he shared some sage advice with me: “There will always be more to do. You are in a marathon, not a sprint.” I am so grateful for Steve’s words of wisdom. Yet that is only the beginning. I have unending gratitude for the Cedar Community team members across all of our campuses and within all our programs. They have faced personal and professional challenges over this past year (and throughout the pandemic) and they have done so with pride, compassion, resilience, and even humor! They bring joy to our residents and to each other—and that keeps everyone smiling. I am deeply thankful for the residents and families of Cedar Community. They have persevered through the many hardships brought on by the pandemic and have given their grace to me—and to all our team members—this past year. We have had to continue to make changes, postponements, and endure some inconceivable situations. And now, we face the challenges of workforce shortages, supply chain issues, and the fatigue of the past two years. We have had a LOT on our plates these past 12 months, and we have made tremendous progress. But we have so much more to do! I’m not always the most patient person in the world (just ask my kids), but I do know that to make smart progress, you have to be thoughtful, transparent, and communicate—a lot—with everyone involved. Yes—it is a marathon and I will work hard to be patient. Our team will stay focused on our mission. We will live within our budget. And we will meet the needs of our residents and team members. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings—but I do know that I’ll probably need a new pair of running shoes!


SUMMER 2022 |


Our team members are the champions of our community.

Join our Cedar Community family! Our team members are the champions and heart of our community! We offer more than a paycheck; we offer opportunities for growth and development, while making a difference in someone’s life—every day!

Be a champion!

We offer excellent benefits, including: · Competitive wages · Annual wage increases · Recognition and rewards programs

Contact Sossié Yorot, talent acquisition and retention specialist, to learn more or request a job shadow at 262.306.2123!

· Tuition reimbursement · Advancement opportunities · Team building, leadership, and training programs · Flexible schedules

To apply online, visit our careers page at cedarcommunity.org.

· Shift differentials · 401k plan/match · Referral bonuses · On-site clinic for team members and their family members · On-site pharmacy


Learn more about our career growth opportunities and discover your unlimited potential. cedarcommunity.org | SUMMER 2022

Embrace the beauty around you “You taught me to sing beauty to this crazy, hurting world…”

Julie Jennings Vice President of Spiritual Care and Wellbeing

This is one of the opening lines in a song I wrote about my father, as he lived with the losses brought on by the progression of his Alzheimer’s disease. My father was a choral conductor and a voice teacher. Even when he had no more words, when he could not remember how to use everyday objects or perform everyday tasks, his eyes still shone, his smile broadened, and his arm lifted at the sound of music. He continued to navigate the time signatures, crescendos and diminuendos, adagios and fermatas, as he directed the music that flowed through his ears and heart and spirit. Even in his decline, there was transcendence. Even in the chaos of his dementia, there was joy. Even in the ravages of disease, there was beauty. There is always beauty.

There is beauty in creation—certainly in this season of warmth and flowering, of cultivation and growth, but also in the steeliness of winter and the stalwart resistance of so many living things. There is beauty in art and music, in movements graceful and strong, in the wild and in the tame. There is beauty in prose and poetry, in skilled oration and spontaneous ovation, in sound and in silence. Beauty comes to us in many ways. We sense it as much as we see it. It visits us when purpose and passion align and when unexpected turns lead us to where we feel we are meant to be. It rises in holy and sacred ways when we allow ourselves to be seen as our authentic selves, and when others gift us with that same vulnerability. It shines through bonds of friendship and shimmers in acts of tender kindness. Cedar Community is steeped in beauty—from natural settings to creative expressions, purposeful living to compassionate care, and joyful welcoming to dignified departing. Even as our lives change, as illness and pain arrive and abate, as abilities increase and decrease, as events unfold that challenge or inspire—there is always beauty to be seen and sensed, received and shared. May each of us notice the beauty within, between, and around us. And may we find our own ways to amplify it.


SUMMER 2022 |


Resident profile: June Schroeder and Mike McCormick BY: Gladys Sachse Resident, Cedar Community Independent Living

A winding road brought June Schroeder and Mike McCormick together in life and love, and ultimately, to Cedar Community. Mike and his younger sister were born into a military family in Kansas City, Missouri. As most military families, they moved many times and lived in places including Alaska, Illinois, Florida, Kansas, and Texas. Mike remembers going to kindergarten in Fairbanks, Alaska, and recalls the Northern Lights, driving across the frozen tundra, and temperatures consistently being 60 degrees below zero. Mike’s father spent his career in the U.S. Air Force and was a crew chief on C-47s in Burma during World War II. When Mike was two years old, his dad put him in the seat of a C-47 plane—and a pilot was born! When he was 12 years old he joined the Civil Air Patrol, eventually enlisting in the Army and attending West Point Preparatory School. But Mike wanted, more than anything, to be a helicopter pilot. In 1968 he was sent to Vietnam, where he logged 1,030 flight hours. He believes the way he flew is what kept him alive—flying about 50 feet or less above the ground between openings in the trees. His helicopter

took fire twice, but happily, he safely emerged both times. Eventually he was commissioned as an officer and went on to finish his college degree. Mike served in the Army for a total of 21 years, with duty stations in Europe and the United States. During his time as a helicopter pilot he was decorated—receiving a total of 19 medals. Later, while serving at Fort Sheridan, a shipment of new computers arrived, which he unboxed, studied, set up, and taught others to use. After discharge he did computer networking and programming for various businesses, and was also a commercial helicopter pilot. In his spare time, he hosted a website for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. On November 6, 2021, the anniversary of his enlistment in 1966, Mike was privileged to participate in an Honor Flight. It had been scheduled twice previously, but cancelled due to COVID. He was also awarded a Quilt of Valor. Our country owes him a debt of gratitude for his faithful and brave service.

June was born in Milwaukee and has one younger brother. As a child she loved math and science, and when her father died while she was in high school, she helped to supplement the family income, working a variety of jobs. During this time she discovered that caregiving was her lifelong calling. She earned her nursing degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1969 and went on to serve in the spinal cord injury unit at the Milwaukee VA Medical Center. She discovered she enjoyed working with older adults, and eventually went on to become a supervisor at the Milwaukee Rehabilitation Nursing Home. Her natural leadership skills provided her the opportunity to become director of economic security for the Wisconsin Nurses Association. She gave speeches, negotiated contracts, and addressed grievances. June welcomed the challenges, continuously assessed her skills, explored non-traditional roles, and took risks to use her God-given talents. In 1978, June attended a seminar presented by financial planner, Tom Wargin, which opened her eyes to the great need for financial wellness— especially for women. June became a Certified Financial Planner™ and went into business with Tom. In 1981, they founded Women’s Financial Services, a fee-only financial planning firm—which later became Liberty Financial Group. She just recently sold her half of the business to her protégé and long-time employee, but she continues to serve a few of her clients. Over the years she helped many individuals achieve financial independence—including nurses, women, seniors, and many others. June hosted her own radio show, wrote for various publications, and often appeared as a guest on television.


Cedar Community quite often!) June was pleased with the first-class service her mother received.

Fun fact—June also owned two Workout Express Fitness Clubs for six years! Appropriately, June met Mike at the airport when he was giving her secretary a helicopter ride. After constant urging from her secretary, they finally agreed to a date. Both divorced, neither was particularly interested in dating, but they enjoyed a margarita, dinner, and a movie together. The very next day Mike surprised her with a golden margarita delivered by a taxi driver to her workplace. That got her attention! They dated for a year and were married June 22, 1991. June considered her mother her best friend, and in her mother’s later years, June took care of her at her apartment in West Bend—helping every morning, after work, and at bedtime. When she needed more care, her mother moved to Cedar Community’s assisted living. Her mother thrived with the additional care, loved it, and realized she should have moved earlier. (Something we hear at

Later in his working life Mike took a part-time job with the post office as a letter carrier. His route was delivering mail to Cedar Community’s Cedar Lake Campus and the “homes nestled in the trees.” He and June became interested in this hidden gem, took a tour, picked out several floor plans they liked, and said, “Call us in five years.” One year later they got the call that a home was available. In June of 2019 they hired a senior moving manager, sold their home on Silver Lake, and got rid of 30 years of “stuff.” They made the move for one another, sharing, “If anything should happen to either one of us, the other would not have to make the move alone and would be taken care of.” They enjoy the friendship and caring of Cedar Community team members and residents, the beauty of the walking trails, and keeping active in the fitness centers at the Cedar Lodge and Cedar Ridge Campus. June continues to work part time as a financial planner. She serves on several boards, including the West Bend Children’s Theatre. She is also involved with the Washington County Humane Society, in addition to her church. Mike keeps busy on his three flight simulators. He is also an avid reader and enjoys researching his genealogy. Their dog, Fritz, a mixed breed wire-haired dachshund and basset hound, keeps them amused and laughing. I can imagine when all is said and done, as they arrive at heaven’s gates, they’ll come sliding in, brush off the dust, and say, “Whew! That was an adventure!”

SUMMER 2022 |


Woodworking shop teams up with pharmacy to increase efficiencies Residents and patients admitted to Cedar Community’s rehabilitation, assisted living, or skilled nursing care, on a medication regimen, receive their medications from blister packaging. In blister packaging, Cedar Lake Pharmacy portions and packs the prescribed drugs according to weekdays and times of day, sorted into individual transparent packages (blisters). This type of packaging versus pill bottles, allows team members to closely track residents’ medication regimen—when medications are scheduled to be administered and whether all tablets have been taken as planned. Blister packs help team member efficiencies by removing the need to retrieve medication from multiple prescription containers and help reduce medication errors by clearly stating days and times when medications should be taken. All medications scheduled for a specific dosage time can be conveniently packaged into a single blister. When medication is no longer needed or there has been a change to the medication, the remaining pills in the blister pack must be destroyed according to federal regulations. Previously, the blister packs were returned to the pharmacy and team members would use

a popper machine to dispense the remaining pills for proper disposal. The pharmacy owned one popper and oftentimes team members were removing pills manually by pushing them through the blister pack one at a time—a time consuming and sometimes painful task. Today, nursing team members are responsible for the medication disposal. In order to increase efficiencies and save valuable nursing time, Jamie Pagelsdorf, pharmacy technician, reached out to Cedar Community’s Woodwork Shop and asked for help. Carl Holter, independent living resident, design engineer by trade, and woodshop member, took on the task of designing and creating a popper machine out of wood and screws. In February, Carl created detailed design drawings and then enlisted the help of Pete Biletzsky, woodshop chair, to build six popper machines for skilled nursing, rehabilitation, assisted living, and pharmacy. There are two different styles of blister packs and each popper was designed to accommodate both. The cost for each was about $100, saving Cedar Community $6,000— the cost of purchasing six of them from a catalog. The woodshop graciously donated the machines in April.

Cedar community’s marketing team wins two 2022 national aster awards Cedar Community is pleased to announce that its marketing team members are the recipients of two national Aster Awards for healthcare marketing and advertising for 2022. “Cedar Community is honored to be recognized nationally in marketing and advertising among our long-term healthcare peers. It is truly a testament to our marketing champions who support the mission of the organization every day— providing talent, expertise, and a passion for what they do,” says Sarah Malchow, vice president of development. This year’s awards announcement marks the fourth Aster Award for Cedar Community’s Live More magazine. The 2022 Bronze award recognized the publication as the only national winner in the magazine publication category in long-term healthcare. Live More is published quarterly, and is written, edited, and designed by Managing Editor Carrie Sturn, Creative Director Cyndi Frohmader, and Executive Editor Sarah Malchow, along with other contributing authors. Cedar Community was also the only national winner of an award in the longterm care Special Video Production category, bringing home a Gold award for last year’s Butterfly Release video. The Aster Awards is one of the largest and most respected national/ international competitions of its kind. This elite program has recognized outstanding healthcare professionals for excellence in their advertising and marketing efforts for over 20 years.


| SUMMER 2022

Cedar Community welcomes Home Instead “The amount of nursing time these poppers saves allows our team members to focus on treating our residents and patients. This is just one of the many projects the woodshop has done for Cedar Community, and we are extremely grateful for their services. This talented team of individuals is always willing to help out and their ingenuity and skills are amazing,” says Kelli DeRuyter, LNHA, RN, vice president of clinical services and nursing home administrator. According to FDA guidelines and regulations, medications must be in their original, unopened tamperevident packaging to be donated. If not, the remaining drugs must be destroyed when no longer being used by the resident/patient.

The 2022 Aster Awards received entries from across the entire United States as well as abroad. All entries are reviewed by a panel of industry experts and are scored on multiple criteria with a possibility of 100 percent. Participants’ entries compete against similar-sized organizations in their specific groups and categories. Cedar Community’s marketing team has won a total of eight national Aster Awards for marketing and advertising over the past five years. All awards were issued for entries that received top marks from judges, placing them in the top 16 percent of the nation for advertising excellence. Judging criteria included creativity, layout and design, functionality, message effectiveness, production quality, and overall appeal and execution. “Many agencies and organizations continued to step up and offered incredible communications that were both informative and creative. We’ve all had COVID touch our lives and are looking forward to a much brighter future together. Our hats are off to everyone for amazing entries,” said Melinda Lucas, Aster Awards program coordinator.

Cedar Community recently partnered with Home Instead to provide residents with additional in-home, supportive services. Home Instead has been serving communities in Wisconsin for more than 25 years. Their care professionals can accommodate visits ranging from one hour to 24/7 service with care plans that are customized for each client. “Cedar Community is pleased to partner with Home Instead, allowing our residents the perfect balance of independent living with direct access to additional supportive services they may need in the comfort of their own homes,” says Amy Meyer, LNHA, RN, vice president of operations. The services offered by Home Instead complement the services currently being provided within our care settings or through Cedar Community Home Health and Hospice. Home Instead will offer one-on-one assistance with supportive and non-clinical tasks not currently provided by Cedar Community. Some of the services Home Instead offers include meal preparation, driving and errands, laundry and linens, pet care—including walking and feeding, and more. Services provided through Home Instead are considered out-of-pocket expenses and are not covered by Medicaid, T19, or Family Care. “Cedar Community and Home Instead’s mutual goals—to help residents live life to the fullest and access quality care in an amazing setting—make this a beautiful relationship. By launching a Home Instead satellite office onsite, we can deliver more immediate care, provide answers faster, and help educate those who might not know what support is available. Cedar Community has the entire package for a continuum care community, and we are excited to join forces to help residents live more!” says Jason Hiles, executive vice president. Their office is located at our Cedar Ridge Campus and serves Cedar Community residents at all our West Bend locations. Home Instead has office hours at the Cedar Ridge Campus Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to noon. Hours of service will expand as needs grow. For rates and services or to schedule a free care consultation, call 262.546.0026 and let them know you are a Cedar Community resident when calling.

Cedar Community to participate in American Heart Association collaboration, improving life for patients with heart failure Cedar Community is pleased to announce participation in IMPLEMENT-HF, a new initiative from the American Heart Association to improve the lives of people living with heart failure, also known as HF. IMPLEMENT-HF is a collaboration featuring multiple inpatient and outpatient healthcare settings across seven communities nationwide, including: · Chicago, Illinois · East Central North Carolina · Kansas City, Missouri · Milwaukee, Wisconsin

· New Jersey · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · St. Louis, Missouri

Convened by the American Heart Association—the leading voluntary health organization devoted to a world of longer, healthier lives for all—the health centers are working toward a shared goal of achieving optimal care for patients with heart failure, while improving their quality of life at home and reducing death from the disease. Despite the name, HF doesn’t mean that the heart has stopped working, but that it’s having a hard time pumping blood and oxygen throughout the body. When the heart doesn’t pump blood properly, fluid may build up in the body, and the organs may not get the blood they need. Over time, symptoms of heart failure may develop, which include: · shortness of breath · tiredness from doing simple daily tasks · prolonged coughing

· swelling in the feet, ankles, legs, or belly, and · rapid heartbeat

While there’s no cure for HF, people with the disease can live a quality life by working with their doctor and the entire health care team on a healthy lifestyle plan, which includes taking prescribed medications, monitoring and reporting HF symptoms, staying active, maintaining an ideal weight, and eating healthfully. Resources to support the goals of IMPLEMENT-HF are made possible with funding through the American Heart Association’s national IMPLEMENT-HF initiative, supported generously by founding sponsor Novartis and national sponsor Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company. Quality improvement programs like IMPLEMENT-HF can help healthcare professionals apply the latest care guidelines, with the hope of achieving better health outcomes for those patients impacted with the condition. “Cedar Community is proud to participate in the American Heart Association’s IMPLEMENT-HF initiative to improve outcomes and quality of life for HF residents in our care. Being the first skilled nursing facility to participate in the Skilled Nursing Facility Heart Failure Certification in the greater Metro Milwaukee area, we are honored to be a part of this initiative, which acknowledges our efforts to provide high-quality patient care, while improving outcomes and reducing hospital readmissions for our HF patients,” says Heather Suarez Del Real, RN, director of nursing.

Rehab patients share their expressions of thanks and appreciation.

“I never feel any judgment about needing help. I would give everyone here 15 out of 10 stars.”

“The staff care about my well-being outside of my health. Someone is always popping in to see how I’m doing, and they always get to know a little bit more about my life while they are in. If I weren’t so excited to go home, I would love to stay here with the staff.”

U.S. News & World Report names Cedar Community a 2022-23 Best Independent Living Cedar Community is one of the senior living communities recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a best independent living community. U.S. News awards the designation of Best Senior Living only to those communities that satisfy U.S. News’s objective, statistical assessment of each senior living community’s performance from consumer satisfaction surveys administered between March 2021 and February 2022. “Cedar Community offers a variety of independent living options for residents who want to enjoy, explore, and embrace their best life. We are proud to be recognized as an outstanding organization offering retirement living at its finest. We are proud of our team members who provide exemplary service each and every day,” says Amy Meyer, RN, LNHA, vice president of operations. The inaugural U.S. News Best Senior Living ratings and profiles offer comprehensive information and exclusive analysis of consumer satisfaction data—evaluating such factors as community and activity, food and dining, caregiving, and management, and staff for nearly 2,500 communities in the continental U.S. and Hawaii. Cedar Community was one of 1,200 organizations achieving a Best Senior Living designation. For more than 30 years, U.S. News has served the American public as an unbiased arbiter of quality across a variety of important choices. “Until now, families have had limited information when comparing providers of independent living, assisted living, memory care, or continuing care,” said Ben Harder, managing editor and chief of health analysis at U.S. News. “The Best Senior Living ratings fill this informational gap with comprehensive and transparent data to help older consumers and their families identify high-quality senior living communities that meet their needs and preferences.”


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Third Tuesday of the month | 6–8 p.m.

(Project Angel Hugs Butterfly Release)

Generations’ Patio, 1500 Douglas Drive

(Rain or shine)

Pic-A-Deli brat fry | Dancing | 50/50 raffle and more!


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Bring drawing paper and art supplies for Growing Generations.




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Bring men/women’s deodorant and body lotion, women’s shaving cream and razors, sunscreen, and after-sun care for Safe Harbor.

cover story

Beautiful life—beautiful spaces


| SUMMER 2022

It all began with a dinner party. Now, 62 years of marriage, 11 homes, and two states later, Dave and Linda McFadden reside in Cedar Community’s independent living with their dog, Rudy. And although they live in a “retirement” community—they are far from retired! Their love story crosses oceans. Linda was born in Estonia and was seven years old when her family fled to Germany during WWII. They lived there for five years until a sponsor family in Texas took them in and helped her parents find employment. Soon after, they learned of a community of Estonians in Rockfield, Wisconsin, and they moved north. Linda eventually attended high school in West Bend and went on to Milwaukee-Downer College to study home economics. She earned her bachelor’s degree and taught home economics at Cumberland School in Milwaukee for two years. Dave grew up in New Jersey and earned a mechanical engineering degree from Notre Dame in 1957. After graduation, he accepted a job at Allis-Chalmers in Milwaukee. As a new graduate in a new town with a new job—Dave was happy to receive an invitation to a dinner party. The hostess was an admissions officer at Milwaukee-Downer College and a distant relative of one of his coworkers. She invited four men from Allis-Chalmers and four women from Milwaukee-Downer College to dinner and Bridge at her home. That night, “I told my roommates that I met the girl I am going to marry,” says Dave. He was right. The McFaddens were married in 1959 and built a home in the Cedar Lake Hills subdivision with access to Big Cedar Lake. It was a perfect location for Dave, who enjoyed sailing. However, days at the lake were not long for the McFaddens, as his job took them to Geneva, Illinois, where they lived for 45 years. After retiring Dave needed to figure out what was next—and inspiration was not far away. Dave and Linda had a neighbor who wanted an English-style kitchen (spoiler alert—the English kitchen was only available in England and she couldn’t afford it). With Dave’s background in mechanical design, she asked him if he could help her accomplish the same look—locally. And their next chapter began. Dave established a small design shop in Geneva and hired a cabinet maker. “There was a new demand for a more furniture-like look in kitchens such as making islands also serve as tables. Because of that change, it was possible for someone like me who knew nothing about kitchen design to learn and move into the industry,” says Dave.

SUMMER 2022 |


Linda’s story of entrepreneurship began years earlier. She loved collecting home décor and making discoveries in unlikely places—rummage and barn sales, as well as antique auctions. The things she collected were gathering dust in their garage when Dave told her she needed to clean up her act. “We had a single car garage and it was going to be winter soon so the motivation was, ‘Let’s get the car in the garage,’” laughs Dave. Linda agreed and said, “Fine. I will open a store.” And Past Basket was born. Carrying mostly folk art and antiques, Linda also engaged a basket weaver to give lessons on the art of basket weaving. Past Basket’s first home more than 44 years ago was in a small bookstore in St. Charles, Illinois. It carried those namesake baskets, folk-art décor, and local artisan-made items. Linda would attend fairs and markets all over the region, looking for things people had made with their hands. “If you have twigs, you bend them into a chair. If you have fabric, you make a quilt,” says Linda. After five years in that small space, she realized she could buy a building for the same amount of money she was paying in rent—so she did. Shortly after, Dave and Linda bought the space next door and eventually connected her business with his kitchen design business. Both businesses operated under the Past Basket name. “I got some traction in the business because I had the same name as Linda’s business. People would talk to me about their kitchens and tell me that since I was Linda’s husband I must know something about what I am doing,” laughs Dave. Today, their design business is known as PB Design. The McFaddens’ son, Dan, joined the business after graduating from college. He suggested they stop crafting the cabinets and focus on the design—which was their strength. In time, they were approached by the Shops at Woodlake in Kohler, Wisconsin, to open stores in their mini-merchandise mart. After 10 years partnering with Kohler, they had an opportunity to expand into the Milwaukee market—so they did. Linda opened a store in Fox Point and their customers followed. Five years later, Linda and Dave made the decision to close both their businesses in Kohler, focus the retail side of Past Basket in the Milwaukee market, and keep PB Design based in its original Geneva, location. When thinking about his story, Dave reflects, “When you think about it, I have had two full careers—29 years in engineering and now 25+ in kitchen design.” Today, son Dan is managing the kitchen design business—with support of Dave—who works about 10 to 20 hours a week remotely, and makes the two hour and 15-minute trip to Geneva once every week or two to meet with clients. Linda still manages her Fox Point store and is usually there every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. She still personally curates the retail offerings by attending gift shows, markets, and fairs, looking for the


| SUMMER 2022


unusual. Past Basket’s product line remains focused on fine table linens, place settings, and high-quality décor. “It’s amazing for a small brick and mortar store to be financially strong in the age of online buying. This is a tribute to Linda’s merchandise selection and display skills,” compliments Dave. “She buys things for the store that appeal to her and she is always looking for something unusual. She will comb through the gift shows for something in the corner someplace that others have missed or is new to market.” Providing bespoke merchandise and textiles is a priority for Linda. “With the current trends, you still have to sell white plates—but I also offer that unique ‘something’ to make it pop,” she remarks. True to the roots of the business, she still brings antique items into the store and continues to visit her favorite locations, vendors, and artisans—looking for the perfect item. Dave enjoys the marriage of problem-solving and technical design that are inherent in kitchen design—harkening back to his mechanical engineering training. “I am not as aesthetically creative as Linda, but I enjoy it,” says Dave. He also enjoys that feeling when you have completed a kitchen for a client and they hand you a check. But more important—is that they are smiling. Linda agrees, “Making a sale is one thing but making the customer happy is the completion of the sale.” Living at Cedar Community affords the McFaddens the opportunity to continue their careers without the worry of home maintenance and up-keep. They were familiar with Cedar Community from the early days when Linda’s mother would come out with her church group from Rockfield and volunteer. They also know it from their days on Big Cedar Lake, and talking with Pastor Paul from St. John’s Lutheran Church in Jackson, who say of all the places he visits, Cedar Community is tops. The McFaddens moved into an independent living home in 2019. Together, they enjoy the many walking and hiking trails as well as the natural beauty that the campus has to offer. “Cedar Community is extremely well organized and run. It’s a very forwardthinking retirement community. It’s affordable, and when we ask for something like a grab bar in the shower—it’s done,” complimented Linda. When Dave is not working he is learning to make bowls at the woodworking shop, participating in the golf league, or helping on the resident council. Linda enjoys helping with Heritage House—the original preserved home of William Koehl, Cedar Community’s benefactor. At the end of the day, Dave and Linda greatly enjoy this chapter of their story—going down to Big Cedar Lake to watch the sunset or walking in the prairie. Rudy does, too.


Welcome Home

We invite you to explore all that the beautiful Kettle Moraine has to offer. Conveniently located just minutes north of Milwaukee, the award-winning Cedar Community is pleased to offer a carefree and active lifestyle for those 55 and better in our new Cedar Ridge Homes. Nestled on 50 acres surrounded by trees, lakes, waterways, and hiking trails, you are still close to shopping, golf, West Bend’s award-winning farmer’s market, the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA), dining, and more. And, if you are an artisan or you aspire to be one, take advantage of our woodworking shop, stained glass and pottery studios, and more.

Features: · Nearly 1,900 square feet · Two bed/Two bath · Two-car garage · Basement · Upgraded finishes

Don’t delay! Only a few of these newly constructed homes are still available. And for a limited time, it is our pleasure to offer a $1,000 moving expense reimbursement for late summer and early fall move-ins.

· Fitness and pool amenities

To learn more or to schedule a personal tour, call Cathy at 262.338.4615 or Abby at 262.338.4617 today. We would love to welcome you home.

· And so much more!

· Restaurant dining options · Lake and trails access

Cedar Ridge Campus | 113 Cedar Ridge Drive, West Bend | cedarcommunity.org

Volunteer supports families behind the scenes Once a month you will find Kris Dobbeck in the volunteer office hand-addressing bereavement support mailings. A nurse by training, Kris has worked in the neonatal intensive care unit, pediatrics triage, case management, and even as a teacher’s aide while her two boys were in school. She retired in 2016 and has enjoyed volunteer opportunities at The Hub, shelving books at the library, community Thanksgiving, Museum of Wisconsin Art’s Chalk Fest, and the Full Shelf Food Pantry. She found all these wonderful opportunities through the Washington County Volunteer Center website, along with her current volunteer job at Cedar Community. Each month, Kris puts together informational booklets for families who are receiving bereavement mailings as part of Cedar Community’s hospice program. “I hope these bereavement booklets provide comfort for the family during the grieving process. There are always so many waves of emotions when we lose someone. I hope it’s comforting for families to know we are here to support them and that we are thinking about them,” says Kris. The flexibility of the volunteer position is a perfect fit for Kris, who likes to spend time with her five grandchildren—three in the area and two on the East Coast—and her two boys, two daughters-in-law, and husband of 36 years. “I can pick the day and time I want to volunteer,” says Kris. When she is not busy volunteering, Kris enjoys reading, baking with her grandkids, walking a couple of miles every day, yoga, and spending time with family—which is the center of everything she does. “My husband will be retiring in about two years and we look forward to being able to travel more,” says Kris. “This volunteer opportunity allows me to help, but also works around my schedule.”

CONTACT US! To learn more about Cedar Community’s volunteer program, contact Bonnie Amerling, volunteer coordinator, at 262.306.4218. 20

| SUMMER 2022

“Kris is such a vital part of our hospice team, quietly going about her volunteer responsibility, and respecting the confidentiality of the position. She is very kind and compassionate and always willing to lend a helping hand whenever she can,” says Bonnie Amerling, volunteer coordinator.


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When talking about wellbeing, there is more to the topic than just physical activity and healthy eating. At Cedar Community, we strive to support the seven core areas of wellbeing: emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational. We will explore these seven areas through education, programs, and resources.

al Vocational


Spiritual wellbeing and you Spirituality can be a difficult concept for many people. At its core, spirituality is deeply personal—you, and only you, define the role it has in your life. A simple way to define spiritual wellbeing is by being connected to something greater than yourself and holding a set of values, principles, and beliefs that provide a sense of purpose and meaning to your life. Tips to enhance your spiritual wellbeing: Personal reflection Just as your physical and emotional health changes and you experience ups and downs throughout your life, your spiritual life may, too. As you embark, re-embark, or continue on your emotional journey—take the opportunity to stop and reflect on what matters to you and the values that guide your life. Consider: · What gives my life meaning and purpose? · Which values do I live by, and how do I reflect them in my thoughts and actions? · Do I find spiritual energy in a community or as an individual? · How do I navigate challenges, and what sustains me in times of difficulty? · What brings me inner peace and comfort? · How do I make an effort to understand those from other backgrounds? · What would I like to accomplish in this life? Prayer and meditation The benefits of prayer and meditation for your overall wellbeing—including stress reduction, improved emotional health, boosted self-awareness, and more—are well-known. If you have not tried meditation before, here are some tips: · Find a comfortable, seated position in a quiet, distraction-free space.

· Set a timer for five minutes. · Begin by focusing on your breathing. Count to five on your inhale, and five on your exhale. Focus on the feeling of the breath as it enters and exits your body. · If your mind wanders, that’s okay! You’re doing an exercise with mental muscles you’ve never used before—it’s normal to find it difficult. Just bring your mind back, gently, to your breath. Forgiveness Approach others and yourself with grace and kindness. Grudges, anger, and regret hurt no one but you. Seek out positive and spiritual content If you dedicate a particular amount of time daily for reading, listening to music, or scrolling through social media, why not add some positive messages? Try listening to a spiritual podcast or music while you’re on a walk or before you go to bed. Seek out books and authors whose messages are enlightening and positive. And, if you’re active on social media, you can follow positive influencers or pages that deepen your reflection. Mixing this type of content in your daily life is a perfect way to improve your spiritual wellbeing. Summer can be a busy time, but if you try to incorporate some of these spiritual wellbeing tips into your daily life, you may find more peace and less stress.

Wishing you all more spiritual wellbeing this summer! cedarcommunity.org

Source: nih.gov

SUMMER 2022 |


Celebrating outstanding team members

Every quarter, Cedar Community recognizes team members who go above and beyond their everyday tasks for our residents, families, volunteers, and their fellow team members. Cedar Community is proud to announce our Team Members of the Quarter award winners: Barb Bartz, head cook, and Damon Peña, customer relations associate

“Barb goes above and beyond her everyday responsibilities.” “Barb makes sure everything runs smoothly and even extended her retirement date to help out in the kitchen!” When she could have retired in 2013, Barb Bartz joined the dining team at Cedar Community’s assisted living. She was hired as a dining assistant and was transferred to the main kitchen as an assistant to the cook. Barb was soon head cook when the position became available. Five years later, on June 10, 2022, Barb officially retired. As a cook, Barb made sure each resident’s meal was prepared with love, and to their specific dietary needs—serving residents in skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and assisted living. Following a fiveweek rotating menu, she worked part time, 30 hours per week, making dinner meals during the 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. shift. “I made everything from the soup, the main meal, alternate meal option, as well as ground and pureed food—always careful to follow each resident’s needs and restrictions,” says Barb. “With current staffing and manpower challenges, and pandemic stresses, Barb has gone out of her way to ensure that our residents come first, covering shifts and filling in when needed,” says Jerry Chmielewski, director of culinary operations. Barb enjoyed the camaraderie with her kitchen coworkers but is looking forward to spending more time with her two children and four grandchildren. “My kids really wanted me to retire. I ended up staying at Cedar Community a little longer than I expected, but I am definitely looking forward to visiting with friends, traveling, golfing, and just relaxing,” says Barb. She realizes how precious life and time are after recently losing a sister, and wants to be sure to stay connected and spend time with those close to her. Congratulations, Barb! We wish you all the best in your retirement. We will miss you!

To learn more about the rewarding opportunities available at Cedar Community, visit our careers page at cedarcommunity.org. 22

| SUMMER 2022


Damon Peña is the smiling face you will see sitting behind the customer relations desk at our Cedar Lake Campus. He has been a member of the Cedar Community team for four years and enjoys every moment—greeting guests and helping any way he can to make each person’s visit a pleasant one. Damon wasn’t even looking for a job at the time, but his parents (who live in Cedar Community’s independent living homes) knew they needed help at the customer relations desk. “My mom encouraged me to apply, and I can’t say no to my mom,” laughs Damon. However, you won’t see much of Damon during the baseball season. When the Milwaukee Brewers are playing at home, you will find him at the stadium, where he has worked for 22 years. He answered an ad in the paper and started as an usher—working for eight years before moving into guest relations. Damon is certainly a people-person and enjoyed the interaction with fans. Today, Damon has moved up the ranks and is a supervisor—overseeing the ushers, dealing with unruly fans, and “fielding” complaints. He has definitely experienced the gamut of fan conduct, including swearing, smoking, fights, and drunken behavior. “I enjoy being able to rectify and control a situation. Oftentimes, people look at me like I am security because I carry a radio. That makes me look pretty official. I also roll up my sleeves and show them my big guns,” laughs Damon. He also says his deep, loud voice helps in these situations. Milwaukee Brewers’ season has Damon working five to six hours on game days, and when he’s not there he helps his parents with whatever they need. Damon’s parents, Otto and Kay Peña, raised eight adopted children and one biological child. Damon was adopted at four years old from Vietnam and came to the United States deaf and with polio. He is grateful to his parents for all they have done for him. When he was seven years old, he had two artificial ear drums implanted and over the years he had other medical procedures to improve his health. At 32 years old, Damon was able to visit the orphanage in Vietnam to learn more about where his life started. He enjoys golfing, fishing, and working out what he lovingly calls his “big guns.” You would also be challenged to find a day that Damon does not have a smile on his face. His coworkers all concur—commenting how awesome he is. “Damon treats everyone he encounters like family. There is nothing he won’t do to help someone, and if he can’t he will find a solution. He is kind and generous and is always willing to do anything for the team,” says Michelle Stehlik-Hurst, customer relations supervisor. Go Brewers! Go Damon!


SUMMER 2022 |


TIME, TALENTS, AND TREASURES Remembering where you come from Sossié Yorot, talent acquisition and retention specialist, was born and raised on the southern portion of West Africa’s Ivory Coast. His father began visiting other family members in Wisconsin in the year 2000, and wanting a better education and opportunities for their sons, Sossié’s parents and younger brother made the permanent move to Milwaukee in 2003. Sossié was 16 years old. Sossié attended the University of WisconsinMilwaukee, where he met his future wife, Cailin. Together, they traveled to Ivory Coast for the wedding of his sister. While there, Cailin learned of a school for the deaf and suggested they visit. As a sign language interpreter, she was interested in learning more. “The individuals I met were welcoming and eager to show me around. However, I soon realized that the rights of deaf students in Africa were far from what I was accustomed to. Their


| SUMMER 2022

Residents and team members at Cedar Community can enjoy, explore, and embrace their best life through many life-enriching opportunities. In addition to the many amenities we offer, there are also a variety of ways to use your time, talents, and treasures to help others and enrich your own life. We hope they inspire you to Live More!

sign language is not recognized as a legitimate language, there are no laws protecting their rights, and deaf education lacks basic necessities,” shares Cailin. Upon their return to the States, Cailin and Sossié created the Sign Language Coalition, a nonprofit that raises funds for the deaf and hard of hearing in Ivory Coast. Now, 10 years later, Sossié is making the trip again to visit the school and donate items and funds they have collected. The project has been on hold for several years as a busy family life with two sons took precedence.

The school has come a long way since Sossié’s first visit. They now have a trade school that provides the students the opportunity to learn more about sewing, carpentry, baking, and other skills to help them succeed in life. Sossié hopes to make the trip more often and is currently building a home in Ivory Coast along with his parents so they have a place to call home when they visit. “This is my country and I want to help. Getting more involved in the healthcare of the community and creating a clinic or hospital someday is my dream,” says Sossié. Feeling that connection to their community and sense of commitment to where they came from has been instilled in Sossié. His mother collects donations of clothing for an orphanage and ships them to Ivory Coast or his father will take what he can when he visits. Someday, Sossié hopes to travel back with his two sons so they can see where their father grew up. Until then he shares his native language with them and often speaks to the boys, ages two and four, in French.

Get creative at Cedar Valley When discussing art, too often someone will say, “I am not creative; I could never do that.” But the truth is, you are creative. We all are! The trick is to completely set aside judgment and enjoy the process. Plus, creativity is good for your soul. Through art, we find new ways to express ourselves and tap into a sense of wonder and delight. Time spent in creative endeavors can also connect us to our authentic nature and help us discover the healing power of the arts. Classes offered at Cedar Valley are small, relaxed, and inviting—welcoming all levels of experience. Materials and supplies are included in the registration cost. Classes are a fantastic way to taste-test a new medium or new project. Our instructors are very skilled at leading you through each step of the process and providing one-on-one guidance. You will also make new friends that share your interest in making art.

Weekend workshops offer commuter rates, and several classes are just a morning or afternoon session that will fit nicely into your schedule. Here is a list of some summer and fall events: Developing Artistry in Oils with Susan Ploughe June 24–26 | 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Hone your observational and painting abilities, producing animal paintings that are fresh and original. Develop your own personal expression as you choose dynamic points of view, use color to promote interest, vary brushwork and backgrounds for different effects, and capture the essence of your subject. A variety of painting approaches are demonstrated and discussed each day.

Watercolor Excitement with Joyce Eesley Workshop #1: July 15–17 | 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Workshop #2: November 11–13 | 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Learn to layer your washes, until you have the right value, creating contrast. Understand the essentials of value, color theory, and composition. Some previous experience is helpful, but not required.

Register online at ucci.org or call us at 262.629.9202. You can also email us with any questions at cedarvalley@ucci.org. We look forward to seeing you! Cedar Valley, a property owned by Cedar Community, is managed by United Church Camps, Inc. (UCCI). UCCI hosts camps, retreats, and events at three sites: Cedar Valley, Daycholah Center (on Green Lake), and Moon Beach (near St. Germain). Browse events and register online at ucci.org. These sacred places are for your enjoyment and spiritual renewal.

Summer is the perfect season to stop in for a visit! The grounds and trails at Cedar Valley are open for your enjoyment all year long. The trails vary in length, with the longest loop covering 1.3 miles. The terrain is flat or gently rolling and the scenery will inspire you. Stop out at any time during daylight hours and check in at the front desk. If you have any requests that will make your visit more enjoyable, please call or email ahead of time.

Butterfly Release 2022

In reflecting on all of the amazing stories, people, and programs that weave the beautiful tapestry of Cedar Community, I am grateful for the role I am blessed to play here and for the incredible people I am fortunate to serve. Along with the work of our sales, marketing, and volunteer teams, our efforts to assist your friends and neighbors through philanthropy is critical to our mission. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be great fun. Here at Cedar Community we put the love in philanthropy and the fun in fundraising!

Sarah J. Malchow, CFRE Vice President of Development

To that end, our residents will enjoy the annual Butterfly Release and Celebration of Life again this year in August. The event will take place in person for our residents and virtually for our friends and neighbors in the community. Cedar Community residents will enjoy activities and crafts with our life enrichment team, snap a photo with our life-sized butterfly wings (courtesy of our friends at Horicon Bank), honor their loved ones on an interactive memorial wall, and enjoy an uplifting and encouraging celebration of life message from our ministry team. And, oh yes, there is also food and fellowship! Resident events will take place on campus the last week of August. Our virtual event will take place Saturday, September 10 at 10:30 a.m. with the posting of our event video and links to our virtual butterfly memorial garden online. However, it’s not all just fun and games. Proceeds from event sponsorships support Cedar Community’s Partners In Caring™ campaign. For over 40 years, our Partners In Caring annual campaign has helped provide dignified, compassionate, and best-in-class care for all of our residents—even if their financial resources dwindle. Your support makes this possible. This year we are pleased to welcome Wetterau Homestead—the Troy and Laurie Wetterau Family, as our presenting sponsor. We are also happy to announce that our friends at Home Instead are also joining us as an early sponsor. Thank you! If you are interested in helping to make this year’s event possible through a sponsorship gift, please contact Sarah Malchow, vice president of development, at smalchow@cedarcommunity.org or 262.306.2104.

To learn more or enjoy last year’s video, visit cedarcommunity.org/butterfly-release/.


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