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September 2020


Your gift helped Chandra get life-saving medications Like many other Christ Community patients, Chandra didn’t have health insurance. In December of 2017, Chandra had a brain aneurysm, and then three months later she had two mini-strokes. “I’m on a lot of medicine,” explained Chandra. “To tell you the truth, I don’t know where I would be without Christ Community because, they’ve been working with me and I got approved for my Medicare.” Because of your gift, Chandra got the life-saving medications she needed.

“I’m glad people donate to help others that can’t get insurance,” said Chandra.

Thank you for helping Chandra and others, who depend on Christ Community for their medical care. “Thank you, thank you for giving me an opportunity to come to Christ Community, which provided a way for me to get the care that I needed.”


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Community Corner

Learn how your donation impacted the CSRA during the COVID-19 pandemic

Over 1,200 people tested

16 locations screened

4 CSRA-wide screenings with EMA and DPH

I hope they stay open ‘til Jesus comes.

Your donation helped Rosemary get the medical care and specialist referrals she needed to live a healthy life. Referred by a friend, Rosemary has been a medical and dental patient since 2018. “I had something on my back most recently that I’ve had for about two or three years, and it wouldn’t get well. They froze it off and said it was nothing to worry about,” said Rosemary. “It’s always good to hear.” “All the appointments have been nice, and I’ve been treated well,” said Rosemary. “It’s nice to have Christians to deal with.” You can help patients like Rosemary get access to quality care with a donation today!

“I’m thankful for Christ’s Community,” explained Rosemary. “I hope they stay open ‘til Jesus comes.”

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Your donation supports telehealth and COVID-19 mobile testing With your support during the COVID-19 crisis, Christ Community has continued to see some patients through telemedicine visits. Telehealth is a great option for patients who don’t have dependable transportation. It’s also a useful screening tool. We also provided free community COVID-19 testing in partnership with the Department of Public Health (DPH) to approximately 700 individuals in the CSRA.

One of the key pioneers in making community testing a reality is Christ Community Nurse Manager, Christine Coxwell. “One reason for mobile test sites is to accommodate people that do not have regular transportation or live in group settings,” explained Coxwell.

In April, May and June, Christ Community provided personal protective equipment (PPE), staffing and performed COVID-19 testing at five Augusta Housing Authority senior residential complexes. With your donation, residents at Hope House, Richmond Summit, St. John Towers, the Augusta Rescue Mission, and Bon Air apartments were also tested.

Thanks to your contribution, Christ Community helped provide COVID-19 testing at large community screening events throughout the CSRA in partnership with the DPH and the Augusta Fire Department/EMA Services.

“It has been an amazing opportunity serving the community in this way. The Lord has provided every time we have needed something,” said Coxwell. “Thank you so much for your donation during this COVID-19 crisis.”

Welcome Dr. Patrick Cook Thanks to your support we’re able to expand our dental staff!

My path to Christ Community was initiated in dental school by meeting our Dental Director, Dr. Chad Brantley, at the Medical Campus Outreach (MCO) winter retreat. I was attracted to Christ Community by the genuine love everyone had for their neighbor and the dedication to bring the Gospel to our patients. My senior rotation was at Christ Community, and I learned that through prayer and healthcare support, I could make a lasting impact on my patients. My desire to go into the world on missions fueled my calling into dentistry, sharing the Gospel of Christ and having an excuse to do it. The Gospel is all about Jesus. By honoring him and putting him first in my life, I was led to Christ Community in a way God could only orchestrate. Thank you for joining forces with us with your prayers and financial giving. We couldn’t do this without you!

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You make affordable health care more accessible In September 2012, George had a heart attack. “When I went to the hospital, I was coding, and was in a coma for a while,” explained George. “I was in the hospital for a long time.”

University Hospital recommended that George come to Christ Community due to his loss of income.

If Christ Community wasn’t here, “I would have had to try to find a primary care physician that would accept Medicare,” explained George.

“I would have tried to find something I could actually afford to do, and as a result, I probably would have been to less appointments and had less care.”

Your donation helps patients like George who experience health emergencies get the medical care they need.

Christ Community “is absolutely necessary that serving many people, offering services that would be practically inaccessible to a lot of us - I couldn’t imagine this being done any better than it’s being done.”

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Providing Care, Renewing Lives | September 2020  

Our mission is to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and to demonstrate His love by providing affordable, quality primary health care to the unde...


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