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Proclaiming Christ as Lord and demonstrating His love through health care.

Finding a Safe Place

Your support helps families find answers


rianne was at the end of her rope when her son’s guidance counselor called to say Jacob was acting out at school… again. Being a parent is tough, but being a single mom can make things even harder. Brianne knows her son is loving, caring and smart. However, she didn’t have access to the resources or medical care Jacob needed to thrive.

She can finally open up and trust someone, and I can get the help I need.

Jacob’s Medicaid was cancelled last summer with no explanation. Without insurance, Brianne couldn’t afford therapist visits for Jacob. She knew he wasn’t a bad kid, but wasn’t able to find the right diagnosis. Jacob’s guidance counselor suggested Brianne call Christ Community Health.

Brianne explains, “I called the clinic and we got in right away. I’ve been trying to get help for Jacob for years. He’s been on several different medications but things only got worse. When I described his issues to Julie Kappes (the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner), she knew exactly what was wrong and drew up a treatment plan for me to take to his teachers.”

Now that she has answers to Jacob’s struggles, Brianne can work with his teachers to help them recognize what’s going on. “Jacob is doing so much better,” said Brianne, “and I haven’t gotten one phone call from the school since visiting Christ Community Health.” Jacob, the intuitive 11-year-old, chimed in, “I’m so glad my mom found a safe place to talk about her problems so she can help me. It’s good for her and for me. She can finally open up and trust someone and I can get the help I need.” Because of your support, families like Brianne and Jacob get the help they need. Children like Jacob can finally thrive at school. Early Interventions pg. 2

The Gospel Transforms pg. 3

Season of Giving pg. 4 DECEMBER 2018

Early Intervention for Addiction

Your support helps patients overcome addiction


arly intervention is one of the most effective ways to beat alcohol and substance use addictions. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), from 1999 to 2016, more than 630,000 people in the United States died from drug overdose. At Christ Community Health, we have the resources to recognize the signs of alcohol and substance abuse early, and can provide immediate help. Zach Cooper, a Licensed Master Social Worker with a certification in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, joined Christ Community in October. Zach works with our medical providers to offer addiction counseling and treatment. “Just like everyone needs primary care, everyone also needs behavioral and mental care.” explains Zach. “Christ Community cares about the whole person. Providing behavioral health enables us to respond to those holistic needs.” Patients are more likely to seek treatment if they get early intervention at their doctor’s office. “I like to remind patients that their brain is connected to their body. We have to take everything into account. We must address their physical needs, psychological needs, social needs and spiritual needs.” said Zach. For now, Christ Community will focus on alcohol and substance use with plans to include other behavioral and mental health issues in the future. Your support helps us stand with our patients in the battle against addiction and restore them to complete health.

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Go and Tell John

The Gospel transforms communities

Russ Ayers, MD

W hen my family and I moved to downtown Augusta, I became very busy at Christ Community Health and in the hospital. I discipled students

and tried help those in need. As time went on, I became overwhelmed by the needs around me.

In the midst of this busy season, I went on a mission trip to the Amazon Jungle with a group of medical students. After days of visiting clinics along the Amazon River, they all began to look the same. They were located in overgrown villages with poorly maintained huts, litter everywhere, neglected schools and malnourished farm animals. The patients had medical problems related to their living conditions. However, the last village we visited was different. As our boat pulled up to the bank, there was a noticeable lack of litter. Two fat cows grazed nearby and you could tell that people took care of the vegetation. As we walked through the village, we saw a school with displays of children’s artwork and lessons. We saw dogs with hair and chickens with feathers. In the clinic, the patients’ problems were minor.

The village was healthy because of it’s church. Once the Gospel took root, the community began to transform.

Why was this village was so much healthier than all the others? My translator’s answer surprised me. The village was healthy because of it’s church! The church in this village was very strong. Once the Gospel took root, the community began to transform.

I was blown away by the power of the Gospel in this village. God gave me a clear vision that He could do this in downtown Augusta. I returned and shared this revelation with others. I continued to work with the hope of Gospel transformation. Now, eight years later, I can report that God is faithful. Person by person, heart by heart, the Gospel is advancing. Christ Community Health is growing and patient health is improving. Homes and lawns are well maintained. A vacant school was renovated and is now a Christian school. Stray dogs have been replaced by friendly neighbors walking their pets.

God uses your support to bring Gospel transformation to this city. Thank you! “Go and tell John what you have seen and heard: the blind receive sight, and lame walk, lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear; the dead are raised up, and poor have good news preached to them.” -Matthew 11:4-5 PAGE 3



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The Season of Giving


Providing affordable gifts for families


t Christmas, we are reminded of God’s gift to us salvation through the birth of His Son, Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect life and died on the cross for our sins. When we put our trust in Him, we become a part of God’s family. Giving gifts is a wonderful celebration of our gift from God. However, this tradition can make some parents feel insecure, because they can’t afford presents for their children. Christ Community held it’s Second Annual Christmas Toy Store in December. The Toy Store provides affordable Christmas gifts for struggling families. Donations from patients, staff and the community fill the Toy Store. Parents can shop for gifts they know their kids will love and never pay more than $50. All money that was raised will be used for next year’s Toy Store. On their way out, parents have the option to get their gifts wrapped and are given a Bible and Gospel tract reminding them of the true reason for the season. Our Mission: To proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and to demonstrate His love by providing affordable, quality primary health and dental care to the underserved. ©2018 Christ Community Health Services Augusta, Inc.

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