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March 2020


You helped care for micro-preemie children Without your support, Shaqwona says, “I really don’t know where my kids and I would be.”

Shaqwona’s daughters were born micropreemies, a special designation for babies weighing less than 1 lb, 12 ounces at birth or before 26 weeks gestation. Many of these extra special infants grow up to have ongoing health issues. But that’s not the case for these sweet girls! “Even though my kids were born micropreemies —in the last two years— they haven’t been sick at all!”

And thanks to your gift to our pediatric books and medical supplies program, Shaqwona says, “We get counseled here, our kids’ needs are met, and we get a free book every visit!” “When we first came, this building was much smaller and older. I’m very pleased with the renovations that have been done! There is more parking, better seating in the lobby, and a separate waiting space for the children. It’s much more beautiful and spacious now!”

I wouldn’t want my kids going anywhere else!

Because of your donation, Shaqwona’s children are well and have access to quality health care in a renovated medical facility. Your support helped premature infants grow up big and strong!

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Community Corner

Your donations provided 7,400 neighbors with affordable health care in 2019




have no insurance in the CSRA

qualify for Medicare and Medicaid

Richmond County ranks 124th out of 159 Georgia counties for Health Outcomes

You helped multi-generational families get medical care Yvonne and all her grandchildren have been patients at Christ Community for over a year. “I would describe the care here at Christ Community as being beyond the norm. My grandchildren truly love it here!” Yvonne discovered Christ Community through a pastor friend who knew pediatric provider, Julie Kappes, PNP. “What can’t Ms. Julie do?! She is able to refer us to the right kind of specialist we need and get us in quickly,” said Yvonne.

Your donation brought quality providers like Julie to our community and helped our families in need.

“It is a one-stop-shop for us. It’s Christ-centered as well, so that is always a big perk. It’s my prayer that Christ Community continues to grow, even beyond Augusta. What they do at Christ Community is needed everywhere.”

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Without your help, Joel might have no teeth. Joel is a single dad with two kids. Your gifts have helped him receive dental and medical care for four years.

“My dental health was awful when I first started coming. There was so much work. I went to a regular dentist, and they said I needed $14,000 worth of work done. And I knew there was no way I could afford that,” said Joel.

“It took about two years to fully restore everything back to normal. Once they got it restored, I just wanted to keep it up. This past year I’ve only had to come in for cleanings and few little things.”

I can take care of myself, so I can take care of my kids.

Your donation took care of Joel and other patients like him. You can help more patients like Joel get access to excellent dental care with a donation today.

Welcome Dr. Charles Scarborough Thanks to your support we’re able to expand our pediatric staff!

In October 2019, I started working two days a week at Christ Community. My family and I recently left Peru after serving for two and a half years with Mission to the World (MTW). Before we left for Peru, I practiced in South Augusta for about three years. We really wanted to serve Spanishspeaking people and had no idea how many live in the CSRA. The beautiful thing is, Christ Community had a core group of Latino staff already serving our Spanish-speaking patients. God had already put the infrastructure in place here to develop a more intentional ministry to serve Latino patients. Thanks to you we are able to provide this care to families who have no other options in the CSRA! Your support has given us the ability to provide excellent pediatric care to patients without insurance and with limited resources.

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I have no idea what we would do!

You helped Cassie get medical care for her whole family!

Cassie and her family have been patients at Christ Community since her oldest son was born.

“I would describe Christ Community as being very family-oriented,” said Cassie. “It’s very close knit.”

Cassie and her family are just one example of how your support helped provide comprehensive adult and pediatric care.

“A lot of people who can’t afford regular medical care can get great care here!”

Because your donation helps offset the cost of medical supplies and services, patients can pay based on a sliding scale. “If Christ Community wasn’t here, I have no idea what we would do. Thankfully, I don’t have to figure it out!”

P.O. Box 2344 Augusta, GA 30903 (706) 922-0600 www.cchsaugusta.org | contact@cchsaugusta.org

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