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Published by CAPPELEN DAMM AS Layout: CAPPELEN DAMM AS Print: Livonia Print, Latvia 2019 ISBN: 978-82-02-65119-0 Illustration on the back from The Man Who Loved Siberia by Roy Jacobsen and Anneliese Pitz. Illustration by c Fritz Dõrries edited by Randi Carelius Krogsveen and Bente Carelius Julo. © CAPPELEN DAMM AS 2019

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CAPPELEN DAMM AGENCY Cappelen Damm is Norway's largest publishing house, publishing approximately 1000 titles a year within the genres of fiction, non-fiction, educational books and children's books. Cappelen Damm is owned jointly by Bonnier and Egmont. Cappelen Damm Agency represents the rights of all of the authors in this catalogue. This includes titles from Flamme forlag, an imprint of Cappelen Damm AS. The Agency is responsible for all foreign book rights, as well as rights for TV, film, radio, anthologies, electronic media etc. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the authors and the sales of foreign rights. We attend the major international book fairs, and look forward to talking to you there!

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Roy Jacobsen and Anneliese Pitz

THE MAN WHO LOVED SIBERIA A butterfly collector's memories of East Siberia

Fritz Dõrries (1852–1953) lived a life that few of us can grasp today. During his 22 years of adventurous travelling in Siberia, he collected tigers, deer, eagles, plants, and butterflies. He was a mixture of Ed Stafford and Carl von Linnaeus travelling alone in a sled across Siberia. Cold, beauty, and suffering. This novel is based on his memoirs – an incredible story about nature, travel and discovery.

Mannen som elsket Sibir En sommerfuglsamlers erindringer fra Øst-Sibir 130x205 mm / 288 pages

Roy Jacobsen (b. 1954) has, since his literary debut in 1982 with the short story collection Prison Life, evolved into an original, strong and analytical writer with a special interest in the underlying psychology at play in human relationships and actions. Roy Jacobsen is a wonderful storyteller with obvious political engagement. He has twice been nominated for the Nordic Council's Literary Award: for The Conquerors in 1991, and Frost in 2003. He was short-listed for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 2009 for his novel The Burnt-Out Town of Miracles. In 2017 he was shortlisted for The Man Booker International Prize for The Unseen – as the first Norwegian writer ever. And in 2018 nominated for The Dublin International Literature Prize. His books have been published in 36 territories. Born and raised in Belgium, Anneliese Pitz came to Norway in 1974. She has a PhD in linguistics from Trondheim, has been teaching for 24 years at Oslo ­University, researches grammar and also speaks Russian.


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Roy Jacobsen



This novel is set in the first half of the 20th Century on the island Barrøy. The island is small, there is only space for Ingrid’s family. Life on the island is difficult and the Barrøy family is poor, but certainly not without guts and skills. They live off of their small land, they have some livestock, they fish in the sea and make use of whatever the waves wash ashore.

De usynlige 130x205 mm / 256 pages

The dramatic ocean and the seasonal changes make for a plot in itself. Roy’s descriptions of man and nature are breath taking. The family’s love for their environment is brilliantly communicated. A life somewhere else is unthinkable to them. This is their paradise on Earth. The Barrøy family is depicted with great wisdom, sensitivity and narrative skill. Roy turns their practical knowledge into little gems of stories with metaphorical and existential depth. FULL ENGLISH TRANSLATION AVAILABLE. RIGHTS SOLD TO 30 TERRITORIES ‘... as blunt as it is subtle and is ­easily among the best books I have ever read. ... There is a unique universality about The Unseen. Jacobsen's prose is beautiful, clean, poised and plain speaking, but there are interludes of Shakespearean grandeur in the dazzling descriptions of storms.’ THE IRISH TIMES

Rights sold to: Azerbaijan (Qanun Publishing House) | Bulgaria (Aviana) | Catalonia (Biblioasis) | China (Writers Publishing House) | Czech Republic (Pistorius & Olšanská) | Denmark (Rosinante & Co) | Estonia (Eesti Raamat) | Faroe Islands (Sprotin Forlag) | France (Éditions Gallimard) | Germany (C. H. Beck) | Greece | Hungary (Scolar Kiado) | Iceland (Forlagið) | Israel (Keter Books) | Italy (Bompiani) | Lithuania (Lithuanian Writers’ Union Publishing House) | Macedonia (Shkupi) | Netherlands (Uitgeverij De Bezige Bij) | (Hålogaland teater) | Poland (Wydawnictwo Poznanskie sp. z o.o.) | Portugal (Relógio D’Água Editores) | Republic Of Korea (Fiftyone K. Inc. Zhan publishing) | Slovenia (VBZ) | Spain (Alianza Editorial, S.A.) | Sweden (Norstedts) | Syrian Arab Republic (Mamdouh) | Turkey (Yapi Kredi Kültür Sanat Yay. Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S.) | United Kingdom (MacLehose Press)


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Roy Jacobsen (b. 1954) is regarded as one of the most influential contemporary authors in Norway, and has since his sensational debut in 1982, with the short story collection Prison Life, which won him the prestigious Tarjei Vesaas’ Debutant Prize, developed into an original and daring author with a special interest in the underlying psychological interplay in human relationships. He has been nominated three times for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, and twice for the Nordic Council Literature Prize. In 2017 he was shortlisted for both the Man Booker International Prize, as the first Norwegian author ever, and the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, for The Unseen. In 2013 Jacobsen’s authorship reached a new milestone with the publication of The Unseen, book one in his now completed Barrøy trilogy. It is set in the first half of the 20th century on an island on the North-Western coast of Norway, and is a monument over human courage and life-saving practical and social knowledge. White Shadow followed in 2015, and The Eyes of Rigel was published in 2017. The Barrøy trilogy became an immediate critically acclaimed sales success, it has been translated into 28 languages, and has sold nearly 500.000 copies in Norway alone. In total, Jacobsen has been translated into 36 languages.

Reviews for White Ocean: ‘He is the master of the coastal folk, Roy Jacobsen, a virtuoso, poetic portrayer of coastal culture – with its fish, boat crews and practical ­activities. … The novel is safe in the hands of a novelist who commands a wonderfully beautiful language and has a poetic power. The dialogue and the powerful expressions in local dialect create authenticity. The chapters and scene after scene are rounded off with elegance and finesse. Roy Jacobsen masters the short format. A joy for heart and soul.’ VG  ‘Roy Jacobsen is a true storyteller; with his capacity to give the reader both overview and detail in the same image – without losing perspective. … In White Ocean, life is portrayed with both beauty and brutality.’ BERGENS TIDENDE  Reviews for The Eyes of Rigel: ‘Roy Jacobsen’s third novel about Ingrid Barrøy is a beautiful, poetic and at times brutal story. The entire little but great novel gives a tantalizing picture of life after the Great War, life after the catastrophe, life after love. Read it yourself, this exceptionally beautiful voyage from the ocean to the wooded inlands and back, amongst people with visible and invisible scars, war within peace.’ VG  ‘Jacobsen’s images of a society in rapid development, is as sharp and ­detailed as his pictures of nature, woods, bird song and the absence of the ocean – in what becomes Ingrid Barrøy´s peculiar journey. This book is a highlight!’ NRK ‘When I close the book I think – like I always do with Jacobsen; Damned, how good he is!’ DAGBLADET

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Ingvar Ambjørnsen



Elling is finally back, as vulnerable and funny as ever. He has moved into a basement apartment in Oslo, renting from the widow Annelore Frimann-Clausen. This is Ingvar Ambjørnsen´s fifth book about Elling, and it coninues to build on the strong narrative from the previous books. The new book is a beautiful and gripping story about a lonely human being, a story that many can relate to. ‘What a comeback! The Echoe of a Friend is a genuinely funny book, offering a lovely row of Ekko av en venn shining comic episodes. But just under the cheerful surface there is a tender nerve of something different. For The Echoe of a Friend is maybe first and foremost a novel about great and bottomless loneliness. Even if Ambjørnsen manages to add a feeling of redemption to the story, there is no doubt that this story is quite terrible. And terribly good, as well.’ VG  ‘Of course this is a real Elling novel. But the backdrop that Ambjørnsen has drawn up for us also contains deep and striking comments on society of ­today – you can by all means call it humoristic satire – but The Echoe of a Friend has a deeper and more serious undertone, describing some of the most pronounced contemporary features of our time.’ DAGBLADET  Ingvar Ambjørnsen (b. 1956) is considered to be one of the greatest storytellers of contemporary Norwegian literature. Since his literary début in 1981, Ambjørnsen has written a number of novels as well as three collections of short stories, essay collections and books for children and young reders. He has won a number of awards, including the Riverton Prize, the Brage Award, the Booksellers’ Award and the Riksmål Prize. ­Several of his books have been adapted into films with great success. The movie Elling, based on Ambjørnsen’s novels The Bird Dance and Bloodbrothers, was nominated to an Oscar in 2001, and Elling the theatre play has appeared on stage in several theatres around Europe to great acclaim. Rights sold to: Germany (Nautilus)


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Sold to: Germany, Bulgaria, South Korea, Finland, Sweden, The ­Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland, Poland, Lithuania, France, Italy, Spain, Romania and The Czech Rep.

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Lars Saabye Christensen



Lars Saabye Christensen has put his ear to the conch of the city and listened to the sound within. With finely tuned sensitivity he listens to every detail. He sees the light casting a shadow one way as the sun is setting over the city that was, and the other way over a city waking up to a new time. Inevitably the question arises: Whom are we who are living in this city, this country and this time - and who will we become?

Byens spor – Skyggeboken

At the centre of the third part of Echoes of the City we find Maj Kristoffersen. Her destiny is intimately interwoven with Oslo and its streets; but not as much as the ­people she shares the city with. First and foremost her children Jesper and Stine, as well as her fellow women of the Red Cross, the invisible social backbone of Fagerborg borough.

The children are grown up and times are changing. Hopes and dreams are challenged by a world no longer on track. The pains of growing are visible in them all as new doors open and the old are closing. This is the riveting, grand and thought provoking final of the trilogy Echoes of the City. ‘One of Scandinavia’s greatest authors, and a narrator with a God gifted talent’ INFORMATION, DENMARK ‘A portrait formulated with the poetic melancholy, so typical to Saabye Christensen when he is at his best.’ DAGBLADET  ‘In the references, but maybe foremost in the loaded dialogue between the people in the book, echoes a certain lingual musicality delivered by one of our foremost literary impressionists.’ VG 


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Lars Saabye Christensen

ECHOES OF THE CITY - MAJ This is the first part of the Echoes of the City trilogy. In this book Maj – and not least her struggle to bring up her children, Signe and Jesper – is in focus. Jesper and his best friend, Jostein the butcher’s son, grow from children into young men in each their own way. Lars Saabye Christensen (1953–) has published a number of novels, poetry and short story collections since his literary debut in 1976 with The Story of Gly (Historien om Gly). His breakthrough came with Beatles (1984), one of the greatest literary sales successes in Norway that, over the years, new generations continue to hold close to their hearts. The author received the Nordic Council Literature Prize for The Half Brother (Halvbroren) in 2001. Byens spor – Maj

He has also received the Riverton Prize, the Critics’ Prize, the Brage Prize, the Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize, the Dobloug Prize and the N ­ orwegian Reader’s Prize. The author has been published in 36 countries. Rights sold to: Denmark (Grif) | Poland (Literackie) | UK (MacLehose Press) | Czech Rep. (Kniha Zlin) | Germany (BTB Luchterhand)

Lars Saabye Christensen

ECHOES OF THE CITY – EWALD AND MAJ This is the second part of the Echoes of the City trilogy. We’ve all stood on a street corner and let the city’s lights and sounds pass by. What do we hear when we listen to the sounds of the city? What traces do they leave in us? Who is at the other end of the line when the phone rings? What story can we deduce from the ­protocols from Fagerborg’s branch of the Red Cross in the post-war years? How do the stories all connect? When someone loses something, someone else finds something different. The city and the streets are the same as before, but the people who emerge in Echoes of the City have never been seen before.

Byens Spor – Ewald og Maj

At the center are Ewald and Maj Kristoffersen, but their fates are closely interwoven with the city and the streets they live on. FULL ENGLISH TRANSLATION AVAILABLE. 13

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Beate Grimsrud

I SUGGEST THAT WE WAKE UP A white envelope flies through the air and lands in Vilde Berg's letterbox. She is at a midpoint in her life, and has everything she needs. But the envelope contains a message that will turn her life upside down – she is seriously ill. Exuberant and curious, Vilde has always asked questions about herself and the world, and she has never taken the answers to these questions lightly. When your own life – something you take so for granted – can come to an end, what questions do you ask then?

Jeg foreslår at vi våkner 130x205 mm

Time now seems both in short ­supply and drawn out – how long will she have to wait for answers, to hope and to recover? Does she have to hurry and use her time as best she can?

Parallel to Vilde's story about wanting to live, are all the stories about Vilde's childhood in the fabled Dovre mountains, where she stole a golden pen from grandfather. From this pen spring tales of a wistful and playful rat longing to be noticed and loved by the fox with the beautiful tail. I Suggest That We Wake Up is a new milestone in Beate Grimsrud's career, trembling with raw nerve and wild hopefulness, combined with the author's stubborn energy and distinct sense of humor.

Beate Grimsrud (b. 1963) is a creative and versatile writer. She made her début with the short story c­ ollection There are limits to what I do not understand in 1990, and in 1998 she was nominated for the Nordic Council Literary Award for her novel Sneaking past an axe. Her international break-through came in 2010 with the novel A Fool Free. It earned her the Norwegian Critics' Prize 2010, the Swedish Radio's Listeners' Award 2010, and a nomination by both Norway and Sweden to the Nordic Council's Literature Prize 2010.


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Beate Grimsrud


Eli lives alone. But she shares her life with Espen, Erik and Emil – or, rather, their voices, which have been with her since childhood. Periodically, she is cared for in mental hospital and treated either with sympathy, or with gross insensitivity. Eli's will to live and be creative is strong, but the voices keep rowing and ruining things for her. Still, she carries on writing books and making films. In this novel, Beate Grimsrud opens the door to a world that is alien to most people; in that world, you can at times feel vulnerable and powerless, but it has its own fascination and pathos. WINNER OF THE NORWEGIAN CRITICS' PRIZE 2010. WINNER OF SWEDISH RADIO'S LISTENERS' AWARD 2010.

En dåre fri 134x213 mm / 512 pages

NOMINATED BY BOTH NORWAY AND SWEDEN TO THE NORDIC COUNCIL'S LITERATURE PRIZE. ‘A Fool Free is a based on an exceptionally brutal and beautifully lyrical narrative drawn from the inner life of a mentally ill artist.’ DAGSAVISEN ‘... a disturbing and up, close and personal story about a mind in the crossing between enormous power and enormous, vulnerable lonliness.’ VG ‘Suffice it to say that the literature Beate Grimsrud creates is unique, and that windows toward completely different dimensions are opened when you read her.’ GÖTEBORGPOSTEN, SWEDEN ‘It invades your body and your mind, it becomes a voice that stays with you and which demands attention.’ EXPRESSEN, SWEDEN Rights sold to: Bulgaria (DA Poetry Publishing) | Czech Republic (Doplnek) | Denmark (Gyldendal) | Finland (Like) | France (Actes Sud) | Germany (btb) | Iceland (Salka) | Russia (Corpus) | Serbia (Carobna) | United Kingdom (Head of Zeus)


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Vigdis Hjorth

WILL AND TESTAMENT Vigdis Hjorth's new novel starts as a classic story of inheritance, centred on two summer cabins on Hvaler. Two children have been looking after the place and their parents for many years. They are due to inherit the cabins. But there are two other children, who have partly broken away from the family. How do they fit into the inheritance dispute? During the inheritance discussions another story emerges which brings violent forces into play. It's all about family history. Will and Testament is a powerful novel, which certainly created great debate when it was first published in 2016.

Arv og miljø 130x205 mm / 352 pages


FULL ENGLISH TRANSLATION AVAILABLE. ‘Only Vigdis Hjorth is able to handle a serious topic in such a strong, intelligent and poetic way.’ DAGBLADET ‘The way Vigdis Hjorth writes takes us straight into the lives and life-choices that most people recognize around us and within us.’ VG ‘Vigdis Hjorth’s new novel is furious and wise, trembling and stringent.’ NRK


Rights sold to: Azerbaijan (Qanun Publishing House) | Bulgaria (Aviana) | Croatia (Ljevak) | Denmark (Turbine) | Estonia (Eesti Raamat) | Faroe Islands (Sprotin Forlag) | Finland (Schildts & Söderströms) | France (Actes Sud) | Hungary (Polar Egyesület) | Italy (Fazi Editore) | Lithuania (Alma Littera) | Netherlands (Ambo Anthos) | (Den Nationale Scene A) | Poland | Russia (EKSMO) | Spain (Nórdica Libros) | Sweden (Natur & Kultur) | Turkey (Siren Yayinlari) | United Kingdom (Verso) | United States (Verso Books)


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Vigdis Hjorth

Lotte Bøk teaches at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She is passionate about Brecht, whose work she describes with great empathy to her drama students. One day senior student Tage Bast asks to film some of the teachers at work, but also outside of the academy. He wants to visit them at home to find out whether there is any correlation between their lives and their teaching. What happens when you feel terribly exposed? When you see yourself through someone else's merciless gaze? The Teacher's Song is a novel about self- understanding being challenged. FULL ENGLISH TRANSLATION AVAILABLE.

Lærerinnens sang 130x205 mm / 240 pages

Excerpt from The Teacher’s Song: On 10 April 2016, Lotte Bøk left her old house by the Aker River and went to work at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, not knowing how her life would change over the next few weeks due to what others might consider chance. She walked down Blåmanngata, the sun high in the blue April sky. She was wearing overalls, a choice some people might think was (overly) brave for a woman of 57. But she bore her age well. She was light on her feet and sound of body, something she thought had to be more important than whether there were any lines on her forehead.

Vigdis Hjorth (b. 1959) has made an exciting literary career and has written many popular books for both children and adults. Today she is an awardwinning author and one of Norway's most interesting, contemporary writers. She has won a number of prizes and awards, amongst them: The Gyldendal Prize in 2011, the Critics Award in 2012, The Honorary Brage Award and the Amalie Skram Award in 2014, The Aschehoug Award in 2015 and the Booksellers Prize in 2016. Rights sold to: Denmark (Turbine) | Hungary (Polar Egyesület) | Poland (Wydawnictwo Literackie) | ­Russia (EKSMO) | Sweden (Natur & Kultur)


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Erlend Loe

HELL Newly divorced Rakel has moved from her villa into a smaller town house, and she has custody of her children every other week. She has plenty of time on her hands the weeks she spends alone. One day she decides to take on her small patch of ­garden with a rusty shovel she finds in an old shed. Just as she starts digging, she stumbles upon a doorway that happens to lead straight to Hell. This journey to the heart of darkness comes with typical Erlend Loe absurdism and lots of dark humour. Illustrated by Kim Hiorthøy. Helvete 120x180 mm / 136 pages


FULL ENGLISH TRANSLATION AVAILABLE. ‘Yours truly had the greatest of times with this book! Loe does not make a batter bigger than what he can beat, but what hell of a cake he is baking! The naïve lines in the illustrations by Kim Hiorthøy suits this absurd and delightful novel that also has a very surprising end.’ ADRESSEAVISEN  ‘Loe is witty and satirical. Childish and wise at the same time. He messes around with stereotypes, standardized language and human weaknesses. Hell can be read as an allegory of life and what happens in the tension between the highs and the (cellar) lows. The book touches the modern feeling of vigour and doubt. Even the Devil – who´s sister is God, who has become so hard to handle that she is "the main problem for evil" – trembles and longs. He is "full of longing" and doubting the whole system. Quite human. Maybe that is why it is so easy to like the novels by Loe. They are fun stories about doubt, weak moments, crisis and contra productive life strategies. The are about life, a topic that matters to most of us.’ DAGBLADET 


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Erlend Loe

BIG FIVE Five individuals – a dentist, a biologist, a film editor, an author and a police detective – feel attractions and inclinations without knowing where these come from. ‘A splendid satire over misguided idealism and everyday life in the society of today. Erlend Loe is something as rare as a genuine humorist. Like all comical talents of this level, he builds his slapstick on a foundation of serious engagement. In his surrealist ingenuity, he sprinkles thought provoking points all around.’ DAGBLADET  ‘I have not laughed as much through three hundred pages – since the last book by Erlend Loe!’ ADRESSEAVISA 

Dyrene i Afrika 130x205 mm / 336 pages

‘Loe´s humour and original way to look at human characteristics are very much present in this novel.’ NRK

Erlend Loe (b. 1969) is one of Norway's bestselling authors. His work has been published in 41 territories so far. He made his literary debut with Captured by the Woman in 1993. His breakthrough both in Norway and internationally came with the publication of his second novel Naiv. Super in 1996. His 2004 novel Doppler was critically acclaimed for its depiction of the modern man and has become an international sucess. Erlend Loe also writes books for children and has had great success with the Kurt series. Rights sold to: Denmark (Gyldendal DK) | Netherlands (De Geus) | Serbia (Geopoetika) | Sweden (Alfabeta)


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WORKS BY STIG SÆTERBAKKEN: Stig Sæterbakken (19662012) was one of Norway's most critically acclaimed authors. His books have been compared to works by artists such as Beckett, Bernhard and Polanski. Sæterbakken's novels often explore the inner life and morality of human beings. A darkness looms in his stories, and yet they are written in a brilliant language.

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Works by Stig Sæterbakken has been sold to: Denmark | Finland | Russia | Slovakia | Spain | ­Sweden | The Czech Rep. | Turkey | Germany | The US

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Ingvild Schade

THE MANNEQUIN ­MURDER The Mannequin Murder is a fascinating and dramatic account from the literary talent Ingvild Schade. It is a beautiful and painful, burlesque and grotesque novel with unexpected twists and turns. Reviewers have compared Schade with Kurt Vonnegut and Mikhail Bulgakov. Karsten is a meticulous and gaping young boy living in a normal family. All objects and events, big or small are subject to Karsten’s intense interest and exploration. Suddenly one morning Karsten’s father asks him to say goodbye to his childhood home. An overnight bag is packed, and his father says they are leaving for a trip – and everything is set into motion. Bergverket 130x205 mm / 128 pages

‘Ingvild Schade is in the process of creating her own literary subgenre.’ MORGENBLADET ‘The protagonist of Ingvild Schade’s delirious new novel has a lot in common with both Patrick Bateman and Holden Caufield. … With The Mannequin ­Murder she confirms her role as a writer who seems totally independent from the ­current beat and tone of Norwegian literature.’ DAGENS NÆRINGSLIV ‘To master style in this way is unusual and sorely needed … This is a prose cornucopia, a linguistic calorie bomb. You have to read Ingvild Schade. And she needs to write more. Just a friendly suggestion.’ KLASSEKAMPEN ‘… Ingvild Schade appears as a daring and energetic storyteller.’ AFTENPOSTEN Ingvild Schade (b. 1987) received rave reviews for her debut novel Drammen Book of Records (2014). Schade has attended the Hordaland Art Academy of Creative Writing, and writes both novels and plays.


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Gro Dahle

DOUBLE DUVET Solar flares have caused a power outage, and a mother and her teenage son are sequestered in a flat. The son barely speakes, and the mother has something to hide. In the texts she writes she tries to get closer to her son. But what will happen when they have to wash in the same little pond every day, when they run out of food and when they freeze? Double Duvet is a loaded and exciting novel about what we keep to outselves. Dobbel dyne 130x205 mm / 192 pages

Gro Dahle (b. 1962) writes for both children and adults. As a children's book writer she is known for her poetic books on themes that are often given little attention. She has also published novels and short stories.

Thomas Lundbo

THE SOUND OF A LIFE Johann W. Brummel could have been mentioned in the same breath as Sigmund Freud. Brummel had great interest in sound – music and hearing being the starting point for his deep dive into the human psyche. And so does the author of this book. When episodes from the writer's life appear in the narrative, their two stories come together. Lundbo has written a funny and thought-provoking novel about one of psychology's lesser-known pioneers in Vienna at the turn of the 20th Century. Thomas Lundbo (b. 1971) is an author and translator. His first work was the highly acclaimed What remains, 2006. In 2009 he was awarded the prize for the best translated book for young adults by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

Lyden av et liv 130x205 mm


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Britt Karin Larsen

FINNSKOGEN 1-3 Come back in time with us, and meet the cast out bear hunter Taneli and the survivor Lina, in a story you will never forget. In the borderlands between Norwegian Hedmark and Swedish Värmland in the 19th century, we meet the ethnic minority of the Wood-Finns. Lina is wandering the woods with a new-born baby in her arms. She meets Taneli, a loner feared by society because of a murder he ­supposedly has committed. Together they try to build a life.

Finnskogen 1-3 130x205 mm / 768 pages

We also get to know the other Finns in the area, like the drunkard Oluf, the witch Kaisa and the beautiful Hilda. In a ravishing, raw, tender and at times deeply moving way, Britt Karin Larsen tell the tale about the fight to survive and the bonds to nature that Lina, Taneli and the others collect strength and life from. The author gives the Forrest Finn-­ culture a voice, and she does it with tender intensity and great respect.

This edition contains: There is a Tree Growing in Mostamägg, The Forrest of the Sky Bear and As the Stone Shines. This collected edition of the 3 first books in the series has had a print run of over 15.000 copies in Norway.

Britt Karin Larsen (b. 1945) has written poetry, books for children, documentary books and novels. Her first published work was the 1978 collection of poetry 5 mg blues and other poems. She is renowned for her Gypsy trilogy, and her historic novels about the life of people in the wooded area of Finnskogen in Norway. Her books are critically acclaimed both in Norway and internationally. Rights sold to: Sweden (Heidruns Förlag) | Denmark (Gyldendal DK) | Finland (Minerva Kustannus)


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Eivind Hofstad Evjemo

WE WELCOME YOU How to grieve in the shadow of a national grief? In We Welcome You meet Arild and Sella, who each in their own way are coming to terms with having lost a son in a ferry accident. That was eight years ago, but after 22nd July 2011 their grief is reawakened. We Welcome You is a novel about the people on the fringes of the national catastrophe who are still drawn into its emotional undercurrent. It is also a love story about two people compelled to make the choices which keep them alive. ‘Evjemo’s writing is brilliant, unpretentious, precise and nuanced. He describes the space between people. The distance. The silent sorrow. The loneliness. The despair. And he has the unique ability to do this subtly, using props with which we are all familiar ... But he also writes about love, unity and a sense of belonging. It's real. It’s important. And it is penned by an author who would appear to be one of the best that Norwegian contemporary literature has to offer.’ ADRESSEAVISEN

Velkommen til oss 130x205 mm / 240 pages

Eivind Hofstad Evjemo (b. 1983) studied writing at Litterær Gestaltning in Gothenburg, Sweden. For his debut novel Wake me if I fall asleep from 2009 he won the Tarjei Vesaas’ First Writers Award, the most prestigious Norwegian Debut Prize. For his second novel, The last You will see is a face of Love from 2012 he recieved The Young Critics Prize, the U ­ T-award and Writer of the year from Trøndelag County. The novel Welcome to Us from 2014 received wonderful reviews. Hofstad Evjemo is also the editor of the yearly debut anthology SIGNALER. In 2015 he was listed as one of the ten best norwegian authors under 35, by weekly newspaper Morgenbladet and Norsk Litteraturfestival. Rights to his books have been sold to Denmark, France and Austria. Rights sold to: France (Grasset) | Austria (Luftschacht)


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Kine Jeanette Solberg

TELL ME MORE ABOUT YOURSELF IN A GOOD WAY Inga loses her elder brother, quits her job and becomes inadvertently responsible for the death of a cat. Inga's brother could call her and say that he was sick, and that she was not allowed to contact the doctor, that no one else understood. Now she is left with a freedom of sorts. She walks into the local pub Creutz, orders a beer, and some plaice. Tell Me more about Yourself in a Good Way is a mournful and reckless novel. Fortell om deg selv med hell 130x205 mm

Kine Jeanette Solberg (b. 1984) has grown up in Kirkenær and lives in Oslo. Tell About Yourself With Luck, is Solberg's first novel.

Naja Søtje-Thomsen

WE LIVED YESTERDAY "You should prepare yourself for your father to die young." Mom has told me that several times.

Vi levde i går 130x205 mm / 288 pages

She is an intern at an ad agency in Copenhagen and shares a tiny apartment with Sara, a student her age. One afternoon, her mother calls and tells her that her father is dead, and that she is his closest relative. When growing up, she visited him during the summers and sent him letters during the rest of the year. As a young adult, she didn't have much contact with him. Now, she's traveling to Skagen to clean up after him, bury him, and look for things or signs of who he was – and who father and daughter were to one another. Naja Søtje-Thomsen was born in 1987 in Denmark and lives in ­Norway. We Lived Yesterday is her first book.


Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 26

20.08.2019 19:18


Line Nyborg

DOWNWARD DOG Siv has taken her son Adam, and left both her home and husband. Now Adam sits in his bedroom playing on his computer, while Siv attempts to make a new start. She meets two men who pull her in different directions. Is it possible to meet someone new without bringing the past with you? And what does opening up to someone really mean? Downward Dog is a novel about teenagers and their parents, about yoga and passion, and about reaching for something. Line Merethe Nyborg (b. 1969) was born in Narvik. She is trained at the Westerdals School of Communication and has studied Nordic Languages at the University of Oslo. Her day job is working in Tønsberg on communication issues. Only Mother who is God (2010) was her first book, and she has since written the novels You do not know who I am in 2012 and For you, for you alone in 2014.

Hund som ser ned 130x205 mm / 192 pages

Petter Brevik

ACROSS THE ROAD Across the Road is a three-part novel. The book starts with its narrator and protagonist – a resourceful young man from the Westside of Oslo – being diagnosed with a serious genetic illness, and his subsequent attempts to meet with family and friends in a half-hearted attempt to escape his condition.

Over veien 130x205 mm / 176 pages

Petter Brevik (b. 1994) now living in Oslo. He made his fiction debut with a contribution in the debutant's anthology Signaler in 2017.


Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 27

20.08.2019 19:18


Knut Ødegård

BIRD LANGUAGE Claus is the son of a front-line soldier now growing up in post-war Molde. His father's thesis on the origins of The Heimskringla was lost during the bombing of Leipzig. The large house on the hillside falls slowly into disrepair, while apathy and illness spreads throughout the family. A Polish violinist escapes to Molde, where a preacher from Fiji and a German prince also come. Claus talks to birds while the city's war heroes are killed in mysterious circumstances.

Fuglespråk 130x205 mm / 368 pages

Knut Ødegård (b. 1945) was born in Molde. His first collection ­Drøymaren, vandraren og kjelda was published in 1967. Since then he has published many collections of poetry, translated foreign poetry, as well as written children's books and plays. He was one of the founders of the Bjørnson Festival and served as president for the festival for ten years.

Hedda H Robertsen

CUT PIECE Three stories, one novel: A young woman travels to France following the breakdown of a relationship. Lydia, an artist, is preparing for her first exhibition and falls in love with a married art critic. Consuela gets breast cancer and decides to seek out her former lover. These stories are woven together in an essay-like, personal and poetic investigation of the body's limits, and the cost of letting go of someone close to you.

Cut Piece 130x205 mm / 224 pages

Hedda H Robertsen (b. 1987) made her debut with the novel Shot to ribbons by Mads Mikkelsen in 2008. She graduated from Warwick ­University in England and the University of Oslo. Cut Piece is her third novel.


Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 28

20.08.2019 19:18


Kjersti Halvorsen

IDA TAKES CHARGE Ida's greatest fear is terror. This doesn't get any better when she meets Aksel at University; a lone wolf with dubious interest in weapons. Aksel has become an outsider, and Ida needs to take drastic measures: How can she save Axel – and the world? Perhaps equally important: How can she save herself? Ida Takes Charge is a dark and funny debut novel about overcoming fear and finding your calling in life. ‘Sparkling language, precise and ­observant ... The novel explores, among other things, what can ­create a breeding ground for loneliness and xenophobia in young boys, which ­allows them to end up as misogynists, despisers of society – or school ­shooters. It is well portrayed, and you have to confront yourself with it while ­reading.’ DAG OG TID

Ida tar ansvar 130x205 mm / 224 pages

Kjersti Halvorsen (b. 1993) grew up in Lier. She took author-studies at the college in Bø, and is now ­studying psychology at Oslo University. Ida Takes Responsibility is her first book.


Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 29

20.08.2019 19:18


Linn Strømsborg

NEVER, EVER, EVER «I am 35 years old. I do not want children. It’s not something I talk to other people about. It is something that I am ashamed of, a topic I avoid; take long verbal detours around. When my friends talk about having kids, I change the topic. I do not want to be to certain or unbending, because I might suddenly wake up one day and find that I have become one of them, an ordinary woman in her thirthies wanting to get pregnant, wanting a family, wanting to expand my life, my body and my heart to make room for more than myself. You are allowed to change your mind.» The main character in Linn Strømsborg´s novel Never, ever, ever has never wanted children. She has been living with Philip for eight years, and they have agreed to not have children – up Aldri, aldri, aldri until now. Because maybe Philip might 130x205 mm / 224 pages want to become a dad after all? And while her two best friends are expecting their first child, and her mother is constantly nagging about grandchildren, and her everyday life is full of parents with toddlers and births and the struggle of others to have enough time for it all, she is firm in her life and her choice about not having children. Never, ever, ever is a novel about why we have children, and why we do not have children. It is the story about choosing something other than what is expected of you, but at the same time wanting a normal life. ‘Strømsborg explore motherhood through the relation the narrator holds to her own mother, her grandparents and her mothers relationship to her parents. She has interesting perspectives on Motherhood vs. Fatherhood, writes beautifully about growing up and how friendships change once someone has kids. The book is never introverted, but has a narrative driven by good dialogues and storyline. The story is elegantly composed, at times cinematic. Strømsborg has written rare and energized prose about a timely and somewhat taboo topic.’ VG  Linn Strømsborg (b. 1986) made her debut 2009 with the novel Roskilde, the story of a group of young people at a music festival, and followed up with the chap book The Øya Festival in the same year. She has since written two novels about the main character Eva; Furuset in 2012 and You're not gonna die in 2016. She is one of the most interesting young voices in contemporary Norwegian fiction today.


Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 30

20.08.2019 19:18


Reviews for Suburbia: ‘A moving and beautiful tale of adulthood that didn’t come when it was supposed to. … Every decade, every place needs its young Werther or its young Eva from Furuset.’ NRK Reviews for You’re not Dying: ‘... a hopeful book about anxiety.’ KLASSEKAMPEN ‘Maybe one could say that Strømsborgs authorship is moving in a more serious direction with this book, but there is still something unmistakably Strømsborgesque with this novel that portrays the circumstances of a no longer quite so young, anxious woman in an essentially questioning and wondering way, with a hint of misery, melancholy, a sense of lost time, life passing you by, while you’re sitting alone in an empty room, like Demi Moore in St. Elmos Fire, just being scared.’ STAVANGER AFTENBLAD ‘... a strong, beautiful and vivid novel.’ VÅRT LAND

Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 31

20.08.2019 19:18


Lotta Elstad

I REFUSE TO THINK I Refuse to Think has much of the same sharp and smart humour as Lotta Elstad's earlier books. We meet Hedda Møller after a traumatic plane landing and hazardous journey back to Oslo, through a Europe in crisis, on buses and trains, dirty hostel rooms and a one-night stand in Berlin that will not stop sending her messages in CAPS LOCK. Back home she discovers that she is unwantedly pregnant. That should be an easily solved problem. It´s not. I Refuse to Think is a dark, feministic contemporary comedy about ­politics, love – and an abyss that is getting ­dangerously closer.

Jeg nekter å tenke 130x205 mm / 240 pages

‘A feminist direct hit!’ STAVANGER AFTENBLAD 

‘Lotta Elstads energy, wittiness and precision makes I Refuse to Think to one of this years most enjoyable reads. Within it´s comical genre, it is absolutely perfect; stimulating, exciting, funny, sharp – and somewhat dark.’ FÆDRELANDSVENNEN  ‘Lotta Elstad has written a novel that is funny, even if it is political. Elstad writes with energy and good timing. The suspense lasts until the last chapter.’ DAGSAVISEN ‘Lotta Elstad creates observing and fresh comedy out of the unwanted pregnancy of a freelancer. There has not been a lot of room for the easy going in Norwegian contemporary literature. Lotta Elstad clears the space for this kind of writing. That is why it is so easy to let yourself be excited by her novels.’ MORGENBLADET ‘I refuse to think is a Sareptas Jar of a book; energetic, cheeky and daring. But under the cheekiness there are thoughts about work-life, housing, health and the difference between Norway and the rest of Europe.’ KLASSEKAMPEN Rights sold to: Denmark (Hoff & Poulsen) | France (Marabout) | Germany (Kiepenheuer & Witsch) | Netherlands (Uitgeverij Prometheus)


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Lotta Elstad

A ROOM OF ONES OWN Anna Louisa Millisdotter has her own room and a bank account full of money – what more could a 70-year-old want? Anna Louisa is ripped from her quiet retirement by an article in the country's second biggest newspaper. The author is the same woman who once persuaded her to go into public exile. The woman who claimed to have been lured into prostitution by her academic supervisor. Former student Catherine Wolf, now a professor in Anna Louisa's old faculty. And suddenly the game is on for Anna Louisa. She decides to show her face in public again – for the first time in 20 years. A Room of Ones Own is feminist satire, a chamber play with room for both bitcoins and saloon guns. Et eget rom 130x205 mm / 208 pages

‘Lotta Elstad writes like a love child of Dag Solstad and Vigdis Hjorth: ­Intellectual, engaged and witty.’ DAG OG TID ‘In light, satirical style and with a ­precise depiction of distinctly Norwegian s­ ocietal structures, Elstad explores the need to find a place in the world and give life meaning, and how banal the outcome of this struggle can be no matter how strong the fighting spirit once was.’ KLASSEKAMPEN

Lotta Elstad (b. 1982) is a writer, journalist, historian and non-fiction editor. She has since her debut in 2008 published several acclaimed books, both narrative non-fiction and novels. Rights sold to: France (Marabout)


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20.08.2019 19:18


Tiril Broch Aakre

MOTHERS AND ­DAUGHTERS This is a story about loss. And about troubled love. And about mental health. And about the darkest darkness and brightest light. And about one of the 593 suicides in ­Norway in 2017. And bout being mothers and daughters. But it is also a story about laughter. In 2017 Tiril Broch Aakre looses her mother, who has chosen to end her life after struggling with mental illness for a long time.

Mødre og døtre 130x205 mm

The daughter is going through her mother’s things, and through writing try to paint a portrait of a mother that will not be caught up by neither diagnosis nor what a traditional mother should be like.

Through looking at her mother’s things, reading her books and letters, looking at pictures and digging through memory, the daughter tries to find the truth about who her mother was. The mothers voice is also heard through letters and text she has written and sentences underlined in books. In this way the mother draws up the way she sees the world, and the way she sees her daughter. And through this work the daughter has to ask herself: What is actually love? Mothers and Daughters is a novel about love and compassion, about mourning and mental illness. But most of all it is a story about being a mother and being a daughter.

Tiril Broch Aakre (b. 1976) is a writer, editor, translator and consultant. She made her debut in 2013 with the poetry collection Lace. In 2015, her first novel Save the Children received excellent reviews. She has since written the book Fjällräven Yellow, and is currently writing on the follow up to Save the Children. Tiril Brock Aakre is one of NORLAs New Voices-Program.


Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 34

20.08.2019 19:18


Tiril Broch Aakre

FJÄLLRÄVEN YELLOW Fjällräven Yellow is a coming-of-age novel. We meet eighteen year old Sjur Tangen in the aftermath of a s­ erious traffic accident in which a girlfriend died. His best friend, Frede, is still in hospital and has given Sjur the responsibility for delivering a yellow back-pack with secret contents to various places in Hakadal, where he lives. ‘Tiril Broch Aakre is a remarkable storyteller.’ DAGBLADET ‘Tiril Broch Aakre has a sense of language that make her texts a necessity to read. Fjällräven Yellow is both important and well composed.’ NRK

Fjällräven Gul

‘Broch Aakre often makes linguistic images so good that is makes my brain sparkle and pop.’ VG

Tiril Broch Aakre

SAVE THE CHILDREN Tanja has moved to Hakadal outside of Oslo with her husband and two children. Here she tries to build a home, make packed lunches, keep the driveway clear of snow, teach her children the difference between right and wrong – and put the past behind her. This proves more difficult than she initially imagined. Save the Children is a warm, powerful novel about sorrow, fear and everday Sisyphean labour. ‘It is well done to write such a rich novel about such hard and big questions in life, in so few words.’ STAVANGER AFTENBLAD

Redd barna


Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 35

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Magne Hovden

CIRCUS Funny, elegant and entertaining novel about a traveling circus and a woman's fateful choice. A cynical, self-centered businesswoman inherits a circus and sets out on a journey that introduces her to a world of traditions, dedication and camaraderie that gradually causes her to reevaluate how she'll spend the rest of her life.


‘Hovden has succeeded in writing a colourful, satirical and catchy novel.’ DAGBLADET Send in the Clowns! ‘"I would rather shovel Elephant muck!" seems to be the moral of this cross over between Jonas Jonasson’s The Hundred Year Old Who Climed out the Window and Wall Street. In other words likeable and well written entertainment.’ STAVANGER AFTENBLAD

Magne Hovden (b. 1974) is from Ålesund and lives in Kirkenes. He had his breakthrough with the novel Sámi Land (2010), which received sparkling reviews and was sold to several countries. The author also writes for film and television. Rights sold to: Estonia (Tänapäev) | France (Seuil) | Germany (Droemer Knaur) | Italy (Fabbri Editore)


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They circled the tent, slipped under the front entry guy lines, and walked in. The sloped stands loomed over them and the passage along the tent was cast in shadow. Lise followed Fillip past empty popcorn and cotton candy stands. Some light from the spotlights that hung over the ring reached the narrow stairs to the stands, but they past them in a semicircle to the other side of the tent. As a child Lise had always wondered what it looked like in there. Behind the curtain that all the clowns, acrobats and elephants entered through. Now she was there. Around them were different kinds of gear. Coils of rope, boxes of cones, and flat-packed trampolines. The back entrance to the tent was closed. Fillip stopped by the curtain and turned to her. “Those people in there…” He searched for the right words. “They’ve just lost someone they love. And they’re worried about their future. The will that’s being read could mean a new beginning for them as circus performers. Or the end. This is all they’ve got, and… We keep two hundred year old traditions alive. We put our pride into this. Every day. This isn’t a profession, it’s …a way of life. And those people in there don’t know any other way of living. They don’t know anything else. This is their life.” He met her eyes. “What I’m trying to say is, I hope you’ll respect that when we go in there, and try to…” “Relax; I’m not socially challenged just because I don’t cry at sappy YouTube videos.” “Fine.” He pulled one end of the curtain and stepped inside.

Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 37

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Gøril Emilie Hellen

THE PORTER RESIDENCE Ten year old Svanhild thinks she lives in the safest place in the world: the porter residence by the city hospital, where her father Johan has a post as a porter. She idolizes her brother Einar, almost ten years her elder, even though the adults say that his imagination has run wild. Svanhild is going to Girl Scout camp, but she misses her brother, who's been admitted to the psychiatric hospital. The day Svanhild comes home from camp, tragedy strikes. The Porter Residence is a poignant and poetic novel about a family that falls victim to the post-war healthcare system and treatment methods of that time.

Portnerboligen 130x205 mm / 304 pages

Gøril Emilie Hellen (b. 1966) grew up in Trondheim but now lives in Sandefjord. She has a minor in drama, film and theater from NTNU and extensive experience as a freelance journalist. Her debut The Road Across the Cliffs was published in 2014.


Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 38

20.08.2019 19:18


Gunn Marit Nisja

AFTER US The year is 1967. After an exciting – and cataclysmic – year at folk high school, four girls go their own ways. They were going to be friends for life. Forty years later, Ingrid is alone after her husband Arvid suddenly passes away. Even though many years have passed, she summons up the courage to call one of her old friends. Both love and conflict soon come back to life. Perhaps it isn't too late for them after all. After us is a tender and warm novel about friendship, love, and the meaning of life.

Etter oss 130x205 mm / 272 pages

Gunn Marit Nisja (b. 1978) debuted in 2011 with the novel Naked in Hijab, which was nominated for the Booksellers' Prize and sold over 20,000 copies. Readers have also thoroughly enjoyed The Porcelain Girl (2013) and The Olive Stone (2014).


Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 39

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Torkil Damhaug

LOOK THE OTHER WAY Two destitute brothers, Karol and Marek, make a living from robbing people in downtown Budapest. One day they suddenly come across a valuable and deadly catch. Marlen, a Norwegian anatomy student, is studying in the Hungarian capital during her first year. She meets Marek by chance, and is quickly swept up in a nightmarish maelstrom. Is it a coincidence that the people around her are dying, one after the other, in quick succession? Look The Other Way is a psychological thriller from the beautiful and brutal side of autumnal Budapest. Se en annen vei 130x205 mm / 368 pages


Torkil Damhaug (b. 1958) has a degree in medicine with a specialization in psychiatry. His debut novel, Flee, Moon caused a great stir when it appeared in 1996. His Norwegian and international breakthrough came with the psychological thriller Death by Water in 2009. The novel has since been optioned for a movie. For the novel Fireraiser, Damhaug was awarded the prestigious Riverton Prize for best Norwegian crime ­fiction novel in 2011. He was again awarded the Riverton Prize 2016 for his crime novel A Fifth Season. Rights sold to: Denmark (Modtryk)


Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 40

20.08.2019 19:18

PRAISE FOR A FIFTH SEASON: ‘Torkil Damhaug is a crime writer who is unusually assured in his form; I am unaware of any other writer who can invoke the way in which desperation lies in wait in the most everyday situations in quite the way that he does.’ VG ‘Damhaug is a fantastic story­teller, who painstakingly unravels his well­ composed narrative. Through dialogue, shifts in perspective and a broad spectrum of minor figures, his characters are depicted as a consequence of suppression, conflict and failure. The book is structured as a crime novel, but is also a masterfully constructed study of young people’s environment in the most precariously emotional time of anyone’s life, where anything can happen, for better or (in this case) worse. This book could be described as rural Norwegian crime writing with a high degree of literary ambition.’ DAGBLADET

PRAISE FOR GLASS HEART: ‘The personal voice is one of the strengths of Damhaug as a writer. His way of writing makes him a magnificent example of a true literary crime writer.’ DAGBLADET ‘With the sharp portrayal of a nouveau riche, multicultural Norway – where the lines of conflict are criss­crossing in confusing patterns and where the ambigu­ ous solutions are only found on Facebook – Heart of Glass is experienced as a rarely relevant crime. No Norwegian crime writer has done it better in a long time, maybe not since Damhaugs own Fire starter from 2011.’ AFTENPOSTEN

Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 41

20.08.2019 19:18


Hans Olav Lahlum

CLOSURE One August night, in 2010, twenty-yearold Vegard receives a dramatic message. His father has been run over on a forest road outside Hamar. Vegard rushes to the hospital, but doesn't get there in time. The police treats the incident as a crime, and Vegard suddenly finds himself having to find answers to two important things in his life: Who was his father really, and what happended to him on that forest road?

Avklaringene 130x205 mm

Hans Olav Lahlum (b. 1973) is a writer and historian. He made his literary debut with the critically acclaimed biography Oscar Torp in 2007. He has since published a number of crime novels and non-fiction books. His crime novels have become bestsellers in Norway, and are available in English, Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian, ­Danish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian and Korean.


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Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 43

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Sigbjørn Mostue

THE HEAVENS SHALL WEEP BLOOD The heavens shall weep blood is a one-ofa-kind thriller journey. Even Stubberud is a soldier in the Special Forces. But now he has fallen sick with cancer. Before he leaves the force he takes on one last mission: A simple escort of a terrorist to Somalia. The plane from Oslo is hijacked, and the terrorist is set free. The only one who can save the 245 passengers from certain death is an unarmed man, sick with cancer, with no knowledge about planes. Sigbjørn Mostue has written a fast paced story that also touches our hearts. At times you might have to loose it all to win what is most important. Himmelen skal gråte blod 130x205 mm / 384 pages


‘In this thriller he effectively make a spin on that tiny bit of discomfort that we all feel when we fasten the seat belt and get ready for take off.’ AFTENPOSTEN

Sigbjørn Mostue (b. 1969) has a degree in the History of Ideas, and has been working as an editor. He is now a full time awriter, having written a number of bestselling books for young readers. He also writes crime novels for adults together with Johnny Brenna. He has been both nominated to and won the UPRISEN award, won the ARK-Childrens book prize and been nominated to the BRAGE PRIZE.


Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 44

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“The lock opens 30 seconds after I’ve input the code,” Nina said suddenly. I could have screamed in desperation. For 30 long seconds, we would have to drown out the alarm – in what felt like a free fall into a massive dam. Would there be enough time, before we were disintegrated amid fire and molten metal and smeared across the concrete? I indicated to her that I had understood regardless. Nina bent down, tapped in the combination and gave us the thumbs-up. “Go!” Like a bobsled team, we took aim and sprinted forward. The trolley was wayward as a puppy, but the men were strong and we managed to hold it more or less on course. We struck the door with full force. My belly smashed into the trolley, making me groan out loud, but I couldn’t let myself be distracted by the pain. “Back – quickly!” I howled. “Then forward again, immediately!” Once more, the trolley smashed into the door. The pain was intense: Somebody might just as well have stood there kicking me in the midriff with all their strength, and for a brief second I pictured the cancer cells inside me exploding out of the tumour and scattering through my body. But we continued. Drinks and snacks sprayed around us and as we hauled the trolley back, Nina hammered on the door with all her might. I counted under my breath. 10 seconds. For the fourth time, we dashed forward. The trolley had become warped and the wheels moved more slowly.


Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 45

20.08.2019 19:18


Karin Fossum

THE DARKENING A married couple check into a hotel with their 15-month-old son. The next morning, the boy falls from the sixth-floor balcony and dies instantly. His parents' explanations differ substantially. Both of them have something to hide. Who has the right to have a child? How could a child die in such a way? This time, Konrad Sejer knows it is extremely important to find out the truth. The Darkening is a masterful crime novel and a dangerous marital drama.

Formørkelsen 130x205 mm / 336 pages

‘Karin Fossum is a N E W CRI M E crime writer like FROM BEST­ no other. She takes more interest in SELLER K A RI N the people than the FOSSU M crime itself. That makes her more ­exciting to follow than any other Norwegian crime writer. In this book Karin Fossum once more shows us how masterful she is.’ «««««« STAVANGER AFTENBLAD

‘Karin Fossum once again shows herself a magnificent writer, with a strong ability of trying to understand life. And death.’ DAGBLADET ‘It is word against word in this case, and very special crime novel. Really, Karin Fossum is the most foremost of Norwegian crime writers.’ ADRESSEAVISEN Karin Fossum (b. 1954) made her literary debut in 1974 with the poetry collection Maybe Tomorrow, for which she won the Vesaas First Writer's Award. She has published books in several genres, but is best known for her crime fiction series about Inspector Konrad Sejer. Several of her books have been filmed for the screen and TV. She has received a number of prestigious awards, including an LA Times Book Award and The Brage Prize for her novel The Indian Bride. In 2017 The Riverton Club named her Best Norwegian Crime Writer through the times! Karin Fossum's books are translated into 34 languages. Rights sold to: Netherlands (Meulenhoff) | Sweden (Forum)


Skjønnlitteratur_H19_Book.indb 46

20.08.2019 19:18


Karin Fossum

THE WHISPERER Konrad Sejer #13

Ragna Riegel works at Europris and lives alone in her childhood home. Her parents have died and her only son has moved to Berlin, and they have no contact other than occasional Christmas and birthday cards. Ragna lives within close confines. She likes her job because it is full of routine, she likes to sit on the same seat on the bus every day and she likes to buy the same things at the local shop each day. She must have order in her life. And she does, until one day she finds a letter in her mailbox with her name on the envelope and a clear threat written in block capitals on the sheet inside. The letter reinforces a nightmare where Ragna Riegel's life is threatened by an unknown enemy and she realises that she must use all means possible to defend herself.

Hviskeren 130x205 mm / 336 pages

The novel takes the form of Konrad Sejer's interrogation of Ragna Riegel after the worst has happened; after it is too late. A powerful narrative from one of the strongest voices in Norwegian crime literature. The Whisperer is a novel that measures up to any literature, crime or otherwise.’ DAGBLADET ‘It is her ability to make average, often wounded human psyches crackle and glow in all the colours of the rainbow that is Fossum's forte as a writer. She has an exceptional eye for fragility and vulnerability, and the complexity and dark humour of these states of mind.’ AFTENPOSTEN

Rights sold to: Denmark (Gyldendal DK) | Germany (Piper Verlag) | Netherlands | Romania (Crime Scene) | Sweden (Forum) | United Kingdom (Harvill Secker)


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Eystein Hanssen

THE SHORT FOREVER A brutal and spectacular crimewave hits Norway. The professionalism of the crimes and the lack of evidence make it almost impossible for the police to pursue the culprits. Detective Elli Rathke needs to use all of her wits and eventually finds a connection to the Yugoslav civil war and a feared war criminal. Elli and her colleagues have to travel to present-day Sarajevo, a city where the wounds of the past are still wide open.

En kort evighet 130x205 mm / 368 pages

Eystein Hanssen (b. 1965) portions out his time between writing books, working on film projects and PR tasks. His first work of fiction Those Not Missed came out in 2010 and his next book Poison Surge the following year. Both books were nominated for the Booksellers’ Prize. He has so far written a total of seven books about his female protagonist, Police Detective Elli Rathke.


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Øistein Borge

I AM NUMBER 13 In his dark rage, murder is art – Now he wants to sign his masterpiece In September 2017, a Norwegian exchange student is found murdered in a park outside Amsterdam, taken out with a bolt pistol. Criminal investigator Bogart Bull is sent to Amsterdam on the first flight. In the Dutch capital, there is a man who calls himself Rezník and regards himself as a groundbreaking artist. And Rezník has only just begun. A new murder takes place, this time with a weapon that bewilders the police.

Jeg er nummer 13 130x205 mm / 304 pages

‘Øystein Borge is a writer who masters the craftmanship of crime writing to perfection.’ VG

Øistein Borge (b. 1958) has a background in film and advertising, where he has worked as a director, text writer and creative leader. In 2016 he made his crime debut with the first book about Bogart Bull – The Seventh Demon. Both this book and its follow up What Never Dies were well-received by Norwegian critics, and he was nominated for the Mauritz Hansen Prize in 2017. Both of the books have been sold to successful German publisher Droemer-Knaur. Rights sold to: Germany (Droemer Knaur)


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Øistein Borge

THE SEVENTH DEMON When the Norwegian realty magnate Axel Krogh is found brutaly murdered in his home in the French ­Riviera, investigator Bogart Bull is sent from Oslo to help with the investigation. The motive for the murder is unclear. The walls of Kroghs mansion is covered with art worth millions, but the murderer has just stolen one picture. A small, seemingly insignificant painting, signed with the number seven. ‘Intensity all the way through!’ TRØNDER-AVISA «««««¶ ‘Diverse and genuinly exciting debut.’ AFTENPOSTEN

Den syvende demonen en kriminalroman 216x146 mm / 313 pages

Rights sold to: Germany (Droemer Knaur)

Øistein Borge

WHAT NEVER DIES Bogart Bull, the crime investigator that we first met in Øistein Borge´s critically acclaimed debut The Seventh Demon, is this time in Northern Irland. Shifting between two different timelines in the past and present, we follow Bull as he is hunting the guilty from Belfast to the island Rathlin in the north and all the way south to Armagh, known as the bandit country.

Det som aldri dør en Bogart Bull-krim 216x143 mm / 295 pages

Rights sold to: Germany (Droemer Knaur)


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Terje Bjøranger

BARCODE A young woman is found brutally murdered near Sognsvann. She is dressed in police uniform and has an unmistakable tattoo on her chest. The next day, a top politician from the Labour Party jumps in front of a train at Lillestrøm station. As Police Detective Charlie Robertson dives into these cases, he sees connections no one else is willing to see. Robertson and his team get entangled in a pitchblack Oslo in which drugs, prostitution and human trafficking operate freely.

Barcode 130x205 mm / 384 pages

‘With his second novel, Terje Bjøranger come out as a fullblooded police ­novelist’ DAGBLADET ‘A solid and surprisingly good Norwegian police crime that may very well end up as one of this year´s best crime fiction novels.’ ADRESSEAVISEN ‘Scary, gloomy and credible.’ ROMERIKES BLAD ‘Barcode is a terrifically good crime story. Here there is no lingering or unnec­ essary pauses in the action. It is straight forward, and every time you turn to a new page there is action and new surprises.’ KULTURSPEILET

Rights sold to: Finland (Like)


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Terje Bjøranger

BUSINESS Business is a riveting and realistic crime novel by Kripos police prosecutor Terje Bjøranger. A man comes into a flower shop in Aker Brygge, takes out a pistol and shoots the woman working at the register. The man deliberately leaves fingerprints and waves to the security camera. Nonetheless, the police are unable to identify the killer. For police investigator Charlie R ­ obertsen, this becomes a journey into a dark world in which human trafficking is "big ­business".

Business 130x205 mm / 320 pages

Terje Bjøranger (b. 1959) lives in Lørenskog and works as a police prosecutor for Kripos. He debuted in 2012 with The Third Sister. In 2017, he published the critically acclaimed Barcode. Bjøranger has also worked with the Norwegian UDI for several years in areas such as forced marriages and honor crimes.


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Monika N. Yndestad

SMOLDERING FIRE A bus stands totally ablaze in a tunnel in Bergen. Alice Bratt, a journalist at Bergens Tidende, quickly realizes that this is no ordinary road accident. What's hidden within the burned-out wreck? The matter ends up deeply personal for Alice. One of her good friends, Hassan, was on the bus; and while Hassan lies critically injured in hospital Alice starts receiving emails. And in nine days the city's new mayor will be elected

Ulmebrann 130x205 mm / 352 pages

Monika N. Yndestad (b. 1964) has extensive experience in news and as a crime journalist for BA, and is a renowned journalist and author. In 2013, she received the Nytt Blod – Maurits Hansen award for her crime debut The Girls from the Ballet. The Grave is the third book in the series about BA journalist Alice Bratt.


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